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Half-Life: Ragnarok Arena

ragarenabeta3full.exe | 106.75 MB

should have been since the beginning. Now, some people might like the laser sight, some might not. Some might like the crosshair while some might just want to see where they are aiming naturally via the player model. Luckily, every aspect of the crosshair can be toggled, along with the glow setting that quite a few didn't enjoy and detail textures. No more mucking around in the console. Other than that, three new maps come into play. First, RA_APathBeyond, made by yours truly. It's a medium sized map set in an seemingly abandoned Allied base in the middle of a forest clearing. However, this base is actually an advanced research station. On the menu today? New advances in the technology of vertically oriented warfare! The second map is RA_Trof2. A long time ago, this was the site of a great battle between two warring tribes of basic colors. Now it is simply a pile of dried wreckage... perfect for the Arena. And the third and final map for Beta 3 is RA_Hospital, designed by the all-talented RuMpel. You might recognize this location if you've played Afraid of Monsters. It not, go and play it and look at these screenshots again. Aside from that, two maps have received large overhauls. RA_Cliffhunger has been optimized and shrunk for smaller servers and RA_Somethingorother has received various upgrades and additions. And that's hardly all. We've got a massive list of changes that are being prepared for the next version that could very well change the way you play the game.




Half-Life: Ragnarok Arena Full Client

ragarenabeta2full.exe | 111.27 MB

With thirty weapons and twenty two maps and a wide cast of player models, Ragnarok Arena isn't just a CS Clone that got on the bandwagon about five years too late. Not too sure about downloading the mod? Then how about checking out the map first through a small movie? Half-Life: Ragnarok Arena Trailer




Half-Life: Ragnarok Arena Mod

rasetup.exe | 84.11 MB

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