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WH40K: Rival Species v1.1.2.3 beta update

rspecies1100to1123.zip | 13.89 MB

darkness of the far future of the 41st Millennium, where the Imperium of Man is besieged on all sides by rebels, aliens, and daemons from the chaotic alternate dimension of the Warp. Ten thousand years ago, the Emperor Of Mankind set out from Earth on the Great Crusade. Under the banner of the Imperium, his warriors cut great swathes through the galaxy. Today, the Imperium\'s future is on a knife edge, suffering a constant threat from enemies both within and without. War rages on battlefields across innumerable worlds, where anything from a well placed nuclear strike to a massive conflict involving gigantic war machines and millions of soldiers to a small but intense skirmish can decide the fate of a planet. In the current version of Rival Species you can play as a superhuman Space Marine, a Warp-influenced Chaos Space Marine, or a member of the ancient alien race, the Eldar, in such a skirmish. Humanity\'s triumph or downfall is in your hands.[/quote] This update updates your Rival Species client from version (or later) to the current version.

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