Half Life




Sex Drugs & Beer-Can (SDBC) Beta v3.0

sdbc.exe | 32.21 MB

Drugs & Beer-Can (SDBC) Beta v3.0 If you have played previous Betas forget it , Beta 3 is a total system revamp we have scrapped the sloggish SP mode in favour for a whole new cooperative based game. Beta 3 lets you pick your character from a team of 4 (Beer can, Killer Bean, Red or Ultra leek). You then must work co-operativly to slaughter all in sight before proceeding to the next map. Your tools come in the form of around 10 weapons (inc . Banana launcher, fish bomb and killer rats) some specialist to certain characters. New features in beta 3 range from the simple yet complicated walljump to the whole new bike system .. yes in beta 3 you get your OWN bike custom to you. Beta 3's map system allows you to create your own monsters by allowing you to overwrite ones ingame , For example you may do a prehistoric map so want dinosaurs .. all you need to do is either create your own models including the basic ACT_ anims or use the sdk to model you monster around the biped given and use the current anims to create your own monster.

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