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leadership. Since then, the modification has changed completely and made huge progress. We find ourselves in a fictive reality, where fear and fright of new terrorist attacks cover the world. The reason is the "Army of Global Liberation", who try to destroy any kind of capitalism. They always try to hit the western civilization with bomb attacks and acts of sabotage to strengthen their position. But now they are facing a strong opposition. A team has been formed of international experts specialized in fighting terrorism, called the Task.Force, which task is to seize the AGL. Task.Force is a tactical teamplay-oriented First-Person-Shooter game which offers the player realistic environments, tactical equipment and the standard-weapons of actual anti-terror units around the world. That realism is not only produced by the damage and weapon system and authenthic missions, also by the high-detailed and affectionately developed models and levels. All that is supposed to give the player the opportunity to believe that he is actually in one of the warzones of the world fighting global terrorism. Realism means that all movements, like jumping or running and the weight of the equipment affect the players stamina and targeting abilities. Another special thing about Task.Force is the aiming system; you are not aiming with crosshairs like usual you are aiming with the ironsights of your weapon. You are able to choose one of the two fractions, the AGL or the Task.Force. Be a member of the Counter-Terrorist-Force or fight for your beliefs and join the terror-organization AGL. Through awards - not through frags - you can ascend in your group and attain fame and reputation. We offer every possibility of a mission, from rescuing hostagea and bomb defusions to reconnaisance missions. Everything is possible in Task.Force and graphically it gets supported by a complex particle-system, changing skies and a weather-system that can simulate snow and rain. For the completion of these complex missions, Task.Force offers a wide arsenal of equipment, such as a Leatherman tool, bomb detectors, explosives, gasmasks, and a lot more.

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