Half Life




Half-Life: Tour of Duty Patch

tourofduty_121patch.exe | 5.08 MB

spec_mode or follownext while alive. - Changing teams to spectator now kills you, if you were alive. - Changing teams will give you a death if it killed you. This prevents players changing teams in order to 'gain health'. - Dead players can't select voice commands from the command menu (or scripts). - Added correct version of cf_supply - Fixed 'unable to precache: fvox_zero.wav' error - Added per map specific .cfg file parsing. - Accuracy degrade returns to normal faster, and moves faster at the edges of the screen. - Fixed the overflooding of clients in maps with entities like choppers hud seems to display correctly, even when server is overworked. - Escape gameplay fixes and enchancements: - when 50% or more of the escaping team escapes, round ends IMMEDIATELY - works properly with other fixes to 1.1 gameplay (non-escaping team doesnt get a free win) - when either team is eliminated, the other team wins - this should make this gameplay much more fast paced and interesting - Stikifinga's new binoculars skin and model




Half-Life: Tour of Duty

tourofduty_120.exe | 107.36 MB

either for the United States Marine Corps (USMC) or the Viet Cong (VC)/North Vietnamese Army (NVA). When you begin your tour of duty, you will be asked which side you would like to fight for. You will be given the following options; USMC - United States Marine Corps VC/NVA - Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army Tour of Duty is a class based game with many different gameplay types that vary depending on the map. Both teams are well balanced and each class has it's strengths and weaknesses. It is only through teamwork that a team can succeed.

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