Half Life




Half-Life: Wasteland

whlbeta2_win.exe | 43.15 MB

features:[/b] -6 Characters -A total of 28 usable 'weapons' -Full combat system -Completely new sound scheme -Massively expanded animations -Customizable, full color HUD- animatable too. -12 maps -Completely rebuilt code from beta 1 -Lag compensation & compliance code -Our own additional anti-lag adjustments, from parsing to delivery, to help ensure an equal battleground among all combatants. -Completely redone skins & models -Advanced player animations including visible pain and reloading, as well as character-based styles of combat -New weapons from beta 1: FN Fal, Beretta, Spears, Pipe bomb -Beautifully done massive texture work -One touch Mixed Akimbo system -Adjustments to the acclaimed damage model -Quadrupled capacity for ricochet; no more generic sounds! -Tripled material types of the half-life engine -Versatile weapons: Pistol whip, aim, and much more! -Progressive zooming, smooth and effective. -Some of the most immersive firefights you'll ever experience -Fine tuned balancing: Practice with a weapon, and continue to prosper with it -Hear equipment rattle, players breath, screaming players plummeting to their death, footsteps for every occasion- four times the original capacity of the half-life engine, and more! -Client Side Dynamic lighting and bullet effects during firefights! -Rewarding recognition: Learning the maps can make a difference with far more impact then knowing where the gear is located. -Intricate animations: No more swinging everything as if it were a crowbar; smash foes with a powerful two handed swing of the sledgehammer, slice into them with a skillful twirl of the katana, or send them in the air with a hearty thrust of the spear. -With limited ammo, combatants make every shot count -War across the apocalyptic landscapes, from the Bronx of a ruined city, to the desert of a plane's crash site and beyond.

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