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Half-Life Xpadder profile for the Xbox 360 Controller

halflife_xpadder_profile.zip | 81.32 KB

years ago, Half-Life 2 and its Episodes were given a massive update, allowing them to have native support for controllers (Xbox 360 in particular). However, Half-Life 1 still continues to lack this feature (well, it does have a kind Joystick configuration, but it\'s quite buggy). In the view of this situation, I decided to make an \"Xpadder\" profile compatible with the Xbox 360 controller for Windows. This file is aimed at those gamers who like to sit on a comfortable couch, connect their PCs/Laptops to an HDTV and enjoy their favorite games on a big screen. ============= Requirements: ============= - Half-Life 1 Gold Source (May work with Half-Life: Source as well) - Xbox 360 Controller for Windows (Wired and Wireless) - Xpadder version 5.7 or newer (May NOT work with Xpadder v 5.3 and earlier versions) NOTE: Make sure to read the \"README!\" file for detailed information.





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have recorded in the game/mod. It also gives you plenty of Information about the Demo before you start the playback. More information (Frequently Asked Questions) can be found here: http://www.demofreak.com/index.php?pid=5 [b]Features:[/b] [*] Free Software! [*] Shows used HL modification, Version, played Map, Network information, Demo Duration... [*] CS 1.6 demo support [*] Complete information about the server the demo was recorded on, Name, Maxplayers, Game, Mapcycle ... [*] Console output trace, shows everything you would see in the console window while watching the demo [*] Shows all players, their nickchanges as well as their used netsettings and commands in the demo [*] Fully supports HLTV demos and reads demos correctly in the way HL does [*] Customized command line setup [*] Displays Steam ID of players in demofile [*] Supports regular HL startdemo/playdemo/timedemo playmodes to start one or multiple demos at once [*] Shows all talk and ingame say/teamsay/messages/radiocommands/statusinformation/menu usage... all Gamemessages! [*] Ability to organise demo files in folders and browse them using an easy treeview [*] Export in-demo chat to textfiles [*] Detects corrupt demos and errors




Half-Life IRC Tool V1.31

hlitv131.exe | 261.5 KB




Half-Life IRC Tool V1.30

hlitv130.exe | 262 KB

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