Half Life




HLStats V1.30

hlstats1.30.zip | 1.42 MB

fixed but if you do find a new bug please post information in the HLstats support forums. We would also like to point out, some users have found HLstats to be compatible with Counter-Strike: Source. However, the HLstats team provides no official support yet but may try to help if asked. Changelog (since 1.3 Beta):- - New: MySQL 4.0 support added - Changed: If no public address port, live stats uses pivate address port - Changed: General optimisations/tweaks to live stats - Changed: User password encryption to MD5 - Fix: Timeleft worked incorrectly with AMX/CM - Fix: Include paths missed out of live stats - Fix: Player count with bots on server - Fix: Corrupt DMC images




Hlds_proc Beta 4.5

hldsprocbeta45.exe | 5.64 MB

constantly lock in a restart loop) and Hlds_proc_run now uses XP style controls if running on XP with it enabled. Theres other minor fixes/changes too.[/quote]

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