Half Life 2




Garry's Mod: Dismemberment Mod

dismemberment_mod_1.9_copy.zip | 1.02 MB

Version: Name speaks for itself... make body parts "disappear" If you don't read this description, a Yeti will come to your window at night... INSTRUCTIONS: Simply open the Dismemberment Mod folder, you will see several folders, Data, Lua etc... Highlight all of them, than right click, copy... than go to Program Files, click steam, than click steamapps, than click your name, than click garrysmod, than click garrysmod again than paste there... if it asks you to merge, click yes, if it asks you to replace, click yes [b]MOD WORKS FOR SINGLEPLAYER ONLY.[/b] ("goremod_enabled 1" for enable in console) ("goremod_enabled 0" for disable in console) MAKE SURE TO KEEP CORPSES ([i]Addons conflict with previous versions of this mod, so just use copy and paste, shown in this tutorial[/i]) NPCs ARE THE ONLY THINGS THAT CAN BE GIBBED. -GibSplat not compatible, I may merge the two together for I now have permission Video of this Modification: Facepunch Thread http://forums.facepunchstudios.com/showthread.php?t=576330 [b]NOTE: If the addon format doesn't work for you, resort to the old "copy & paste" routine[/b]




Half-Life 2: Garry\'s Mod Portal Mini-Mod

1031_gm_portal_challenge_package.zip | 3.98 MB

challenges, most of the stuff seen from the videos and more. This is an amazing little add-on for gmod and all of the stuff you need comes in this package. Enjoy :D [quote]Welcome to the Aperture Science Enrichment Center. Let\'s look at some of the challenges you\'ll face as a test participant: You may be required to perform simple tasks, such as locating an exit. These simple tasks may be supplimented with insurmountable obstacles.[/quote]




Garry's Mod: Wiremod Downloader

2010_03_14_wire_svn.zip | 967.9 KB

zip folder into your addons folder 2. Run wire_download.bat 2b. If it asks you to accept a security certificate choose to accept permanently 3. Wait for the download to finish 5. Remember to update frequently [*] [b]How To Update[/b] 1. Run wire_download.bat 2. Wait [*] [b]If It Requests an SVN Cleanup[/b] 1. Run wire_cleanup.bat 2. Wait 3. Goto How To Update [*] [b]If It Breaks[/b] 1. Delete the wire and wire model pack 1 folders 2. Go To How To Install




Garry's Mod: F-E-A-R Style HUD

fear_hud.zip | 45.59 KB




Half-Life 2: Garry's Mod 10 Plus

gmod_10_gmod_plus_v1.1.zip | 6.03 MB

Life 2, Half Life 2 Lost Coast, and Counter Strike Source. Some menus will be small only having about 15 props but you will also get very large spawn menus. Some of the spawn menus have a lot of gibs which is useful if posing an explosion or a destroyed area. The author will continue to update this mod with more props and combining spawn menus to make search for stuff more efficient. There are many new features in version 1.1. This includes 2 extra truck wheels for the wheel tool.Another new thing is that there are more thruster models now for the the thruster tool thanks to Janus. There is one new menu called intierors but other than that there aren't really any spawn menu updates in version 1.1 but the author will be updating them for version 1.11.




Half-Life 2: Garry's Mod CSS Finger poseable Models Addon

css_fingerposable_models.zip | 1.82 MB

the terrorist is actually firing his AK-47) and it allows you to modify the feet that will make the "characters" to look like they are actually running, which will make comics have a more realistic feel to them, nice work. [i] This is only for the mod Garry's Mod NOT CSS![/i]




Half-Life 2: E-Z Pose Mod for Garry's Mod

ezpose_v3.zip | 20.12 KB

EZPOSE.LUA IN THE CONSOLE It will be in the spawn menu place now, not the context menu place.[/quote] See below for the changelog: [quote] Rewrote LUA script from scratch Added new menu Added gun Fixed ALL bugs Doubled npc spawn time Added strider Added barnacle Added 500+ more poses[/quote] Great job! Extremely useful mod for Garry's Mod! Version 2 may be required. You can get it [url="http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/HalfLife_2_EZ_Pose_Mod_for_Garrys_Mod;71287"]HERE[/url]




Half-Life 2: E-Z Pose Mod for Garry's Mod

ezpose.zip | 11.63 KB

information. [quote] VERSION 2.0: Added icthyosaur Fixed bugs Added npc physgun ************************************* This is a menu for the "Build Your Own Scene" lua script done by Gmod4Ever. It doesn't include only 5 animations though. It includes a couple hundered animations, so you can pose lots of ways! If an animation doesn't work, it's probably because you're using the wrong NPC. For example, you can't make Alyx use the rappel animation, but you can make the Combine Soldier use it. This comes with Build Your Own Scene, so you don't have to download my menu and the lua script seperate. CREDITS... Gmod4Ever - Making "Build Your Own Scene" Schmoe222 - Making The Menu [b]INSTALLATION...[/b] Extract all to your gmod/mods directory [b]USEAGE...[/b] Click on the E-Z Pose button once you've started up gmod Load E-Z Pose Either spawn an npc through the npc spawn menu or through the position character submenu of E-Z Pose Look at the NPC and hit E Use the animation in the pose character submenu of E-Z Pose to pose your character. [b]Bugs[/b]: For some reason, the game crashes when you try to spawn an npc without using AI Disable, so before you spawn one, turn on AI Disable. Sometimes the script will stop working. Go to the E-Z Pose menu and the first button below "Pose Character" says reset. Press the reset button and viola![/quote]




Garry\'s Mod MuseX Media Player Addon

musex.zip | 310.84 KB

allows you to browse and play music from any directory, on any drive on your computer, with it\'s fully functional media browser.

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