Half Life 2




Half-Life 2: Garry's Mod Combine Finger poseable Models Addon

combine_fingerposable.zip | 1.1 MB

will be handy for "combine" orientated comics e.g. It will make the metro police look like he is actually holding his stun stick while beating up a group of citizens for the fun of it. It has alot of work put into it and this will be very handy for the gmod community. [i] This is only for the mod Garry's Mod NOT HL2 SP![/i]




Garry's Mod: FAKEFACTORY Hi-Res Character Pack

gmod_hd_spinoff_v2.7z | 403.18 MB

as impressive; but the screens really do the talking. Keep in mind it's a 170+MB download, and you'll need a .7z extractor. It's also encountered a few facial animation problems when using Garry's Mod 9, so to get the full potential of the pack, you'll need v10.

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