Half Life 2




Introduction to UVW Unwraping

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Buggys' Hlss Help Guide

buggys_hlss_setup_guide.zip | 325.56 KB

Goldwave And The Converter Too, Install Hlss Here On The File [*]Run Hlss And Go To Options(You Didn't Miss Anything Yet Don't Be Afraid) When Your At Options Go To Game Directory And If Its A Mod Its Either Source Sdk Base Or 2007, I Dunno, It Depends On Witch Game [*]Alright Now Away From Basics,Go To The + And Add Things,Then Go To Your Converter and Make It A WAV File, Read Number 7 Of This [*]Add Your Music Then Hit Thumbs Up,Your Ready,Launch Your Game And In Your Console. Type The Following -> bind del "togglewav" [*]Hit Your Music And Play It, Hit You Binds And Hit Del For Another To Play, If Its Too Crappy, Go To Your Goldwave And Open Your Music File Then Go To Effect, Filer, and finally Equalizer. See The Bar Lower It A Little Bit. [*]Your Ready,Launch Up The Game And With Thumbs Up,Play Music Without Crappyness [*]Copy This Autoexec Too Into Your Folder In Cfg Whatever Mod You Do [*]Have Fun! [/list=1] Hope this tutorial helps.

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