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Jedi Knight Academy Patch 1.01

jkacademy1_01.exe | 11.09 MB

below. ~AmosMagee




TGA to JPG Converter | 86.81 KB

can’t be used in Paint. While this is great and cool and fantastic, it needs to be realized that quite frankly, if you can’t convert files normally on your own, be it lack of a program or lack of skill, your skins probably won’t be accepted by the general public anyway. You can be a Maddox at paint, but that stuff just doesn’t come across well for skins. This is the sort of program that you might wind up using out of game, however. For instance, if you need to make a signature using an image from JK2, or JK3, or whatever game, you can use this if the file is in a .tga. So while this file doesn’t hold its direct purpose, it might still come in handy. ~Wassup1444465




bloodPLUS Gore/Dismemberment Mod | 3.46 MB

here. v1.5 - the earlier release - features more of a "splat" variant, which while more moderate than the latter, is a tad more cartoony. I'll give the new sounds one thing to their credit - they sure are squicky. v3.1 differs from v1.5 in that it's more of a 'spurt' effect. Think GTA Vice City after blowing someone's limbs off, and you're not far wrong. Obviously, as with any mod that comes in two versions, only install one at a time. Other than that if you want a bit of 'realism' - or you're just one seriously sick puppy - this one may interest you. It's definitely more vicious than other blood mods I've used. ~ Kouen




JA+ Mod 2.3 | 24.97 MB

name a few ... with the JA+ mod you can have multiple duels at once, even full force duels, and all of those duels can be isolated so there's no duel interference, there's clan tag protection, option of having multiple taunts, lots of new emotes, a profanity filter, model size scaling system, new items including a grapple hook (perfect if you've just downloaded the new Spiderman skin) and a ton of other features. The newest features for the mod include a Mac patch so that Mac users (are there any out there? If so, freakin' email me ... I have a map I need you to test) can start a JA+ server, a JA+ server tracker, the clan tag protection I already mentioned, and Slider improved some of the already present features. This is an incredible mod that I would definitely be using because it's so configurable if I still ran a JA mod. Great work here. But I wonder, will it ever be done? ;) ~AmosMagee[/quote] It seems to be spread on almost every server this mod. Whats so special about this version? Well I'm not going to list everything, since it would take years of scrolling, but these are a few of them: [b]New Player Animations:[/b] There are hundreds of interesting things here, you can now catch and hang onto ledges, to avoid falling. An extremely good thing for the movie makers out there. The new moves are cool, melee and saber moves. Holstering your saber, when you switch to melee your saber goes to your belt, and if it's a sword it'll go in a holster on your back. It makes the game feel much more 'Jedi-Like'. Excellent for all you Role Players out there. Amkiss, some people hate getting kissed by amkiss spammers, so there's an option to slap them by pressing the push key. [b]JA+ Sabers:[/b] There are a wide range of high quality saber models included with the mod, including the recent File of the week, Dragon's Wing v2, by hatrus. [b]JK2-like moves:[/b] There is an option that you can enable, that makes the moves and physics more like JK2, (Red DFA for example) [b]Gender Support for missing skins:[/b] What this is, is if you dont have a female skin, you will see someone who is wearing that skin as Jan, not Kyle [b]Dimensions[/b] This is somthing that might bring the FFA players and the Honor players together. In JA+ 2.3, there are 'dimensions', you type /amaltdim and you go to an alternate dimension (a no rules one) where there's no grapple hook, and you cant use admin commands on someone (except /amkick) there's no god-chat either there. This is an amazing feature which I'm sure will improve JA+'s status with FFA players. [b]Ampunish and Amslay removed[/b] Two commands that can be abused to hell have been removed [b]Bug Fixes[/b] A large number of bug fixes from the previous version are all here, check out the readme and stuff to see the list. That's just some of it, there's quite a bit here. Everything else is still there too, besides ampunish and amslay. Update your servers and enjoy the new features. -Rink [b]If you just want the client plugin go[/b] [url=;41256]here[/url]




The Force Unleashed Pack | 675.12 KB

I'll leave the accuracy up to you, but I find the design to be spot on. The saber half of this mod is definitely a keeper. Normal and backhand versions are available. Oh, and did I mention the animation changes to the backhander? :P [b]Effects[/b] From clashes, to lightning, to saber blades, the overall quality of the effects half is rather good. Personally, I find the saber blades to be the best part, but that's a matter of opinion, unfortunately. :P Overall, a nice little mod, and worth the download if you like that saber! ~Crazy [i]Ah, nothing like a nice and short review, eh?[/i]




Dark Origins Total Conversion | 106.78 MB

The story has been rewritten, the voices are all new and the dialogue in the cut scenes has been changed. Much to my entertainment when I reached that one scene with the bartender. *giggle* The only other file that obijon1138 has released was a skin pack of Mandalorians. I wasn't too impressed with that, but that was a long time ago. And this SP mod/TC almost never saw the light of day. I'm glad you released it though, John. It's a great mod that breathes new life into an overplayed and essentially dead SP game. I mean, this is worth the download simply to watch the cut scenes and stuff. The voice acting was decent and the story was intriguing. Sure, it's a little buggy, but it wasn't anything too bad. Yes, this file is big. Yes, I'm way late getting this file on our site. I'm kinda glad I'm late though. Maybe this will make File of the Week. Who knows? Download it, play it and then rate it. If you rate it based on the screenshots, I will hunt you down and ... give you a noogie or something. And I've got to applaud you John for giving credit to all those you borrowed from. I don't think one name was left off of your readme. Great job! I hope to see maybe some original SP campaigns from you. That would be awesome. ~AmosMagee




Movie Battles II V0.0.2 - Full | 1.1 GB

never anything on this level. I present to you, Movie Battles II, the product of untold hours of work from some of the best and brightest skinners, mappers, coders and modder's ever to play Jedi Knight. I have to say a massive thank you right now to the Movie Battles II team, not only for allowing me to review their gargantuan mod, but also for allowing us to host the file here on JKFiles, where it will join the ranks of the most famous Jedi Knight mods of all time, here in our Great Library of Jedi Knight-exandria. ;) This is going to be a biiiigg review! Whew, where to start?! Well, firstly I have to say that although I really love the mod and think it is great how it has become so popular, popular enough indeed to have its own community within the wider JKA community, I cant help but feel a little worried. Why? Well, I cant help but feel that in order to produce a mod of such grand scope and fantastic quality, they have poached some of the best talent from JKA in general. For example, many of the incredible skins, weapons and even maps are only available for MB2, which is kind of a loss for the JKA community in generally, unless you are somewhat sneaky and take a skin out of the MB2 assets and pack it up for personal use in JKA. Ehm, not that I am endorsing that at all... muahaha... ;) Personally I would really love to see more of the MB2 assets available to base JKA players in general, since that would help keep [i]both[/i] communities strong and provide us with a long stream of excellent files to review! But that is of course up to the MB2 team and the individual authors. Since this is the latest version of Movie Battles II, what improvements does it include? Well, for a more comprehensive list you can see the changelog, but to highlight some of the major ones; [*] Multiple new maps, including the Emperors Spire and Malachor V [*] Updates to various existing maps, such as Duel of the Fates and Tatooine. [*] Fantastic mini-maps for most of the maps, which give you a detailed overview of your location in the map and the location of others, you can also enable a larger overview map from the Movie Battles II options. This is one of my personal favourite features! [*] Lots of new bug fixes. [*] Lots of new gameplay tweaks and improvements, including the abilities purchases using the points system (again, see the more detailed changelog for details!). [*] Some new weapon sounds and various improved effects. [*] Too many more to mention right here! So what kind of features does this gigantic mod have? Weellll... [b][u]Models and Skins[/u][/b] For starters, there is a vast selection of models and skins there are available to choose from, out of each class that you can choose from ingame, there are several, sometimes even a dozen or so, different skins or models you can choose from. For instance, the Sith Class features, among others; Darth Traya, Count Dooku, Jerec, several versions of Darth Maul, Darth Malak and even Darth Talon! And that is only one [i]class[/i]! Along with that there are yet more skins/models available in Full Authentic mode that are not available in Open mode, including, but not limited to; Darth Revan, Bastila, numerous Clone Trooper skins and other equally cool characters! (PLEASE MB2 guys, release that Revan skin for Base JKA, that would be an instant hit!). Bear in mind that these are all made by top notch modelers and skinners, and so all are fantastic quality. Most of the custom models/skins also have custom sounds to go with them, rounding them off nicely. Multiply this by the several classes that there are to choose from, both on the light and dark team sides and you get a he amount of skins and models, the work that must have gone into the skins and models along must have been huge. [b][u]Weapons and Effects[/u][/b] Then there are the new weapons and the effects that go with them. For instance, there is the Westar M5 and BlasTech A280 Blaster Rifles, (I happen to own a very nice A280 in Star Wars Galaxies ;)) as well as the Fallann Hyper Rifle as used by Zam Wesell in Episode II. Various weapons also have additional features which can be unlocked by purchasing points in the relative categories in the points screen, For instance if you fully upgrade the A280, not only do you get the ability to rapid fire, but also a sniper scope too, further increasing the weapons potency. That's not to mention the rocket launchers and various pistols and carbines, all modeled in high quality and with custom effects and sounds! Then there are several different kinds of grenades as well, which are available to particular classes (once you have spent the points to get them of course). While I am on the subject of effects, I should mention that you definitely need to play ingame to see how good they are, since no screenshots could do them justice. The way lumps of debris fly out of an explosion with a trail of dust and other such things are much more realistic than the Base JKA effects and definitely add to the combat. There are also two different levels of effects, normal; which is, well, normal, and high; which is more graphically intensive but also looks much better. Obviously if you have a powerful computer, you will want to use the full fat 'high' mode. But its good that there is also a lower setting so that people with older computers aren't shut out. The lightsaber blades and trails though are something pretty special. Unlike the base JKA saber blades and trails that we are all used to, when you swing a lightsaber in MB2, the trail actually looks like like the sharp blur (oxymoron's FTW!) of a moving lightsaber as you see in the films, rather than just a fuzzy trail out behind the blade like they are in Base JKA. The only other mod to my knowledge that has this impressive effect is the Open Jedi Project. PLEASE somebody make a mod which gives us these kind of movie realistic blades and saber trails in Base JKA! [b][u]Maps[/u][/b] Well, I already mentioned that this latest version of MB2 adds the Emperor's Spire and Malachor V, among others to MB2's already impressive repertoire or maps. Some of the other movie themed maps include, but are not limited to: Mustafar, Tatooine, Mygeeto, a Trade Federation Battleship (as seen at the start of Episode I), The Star Forge, The Valley of the Jedi, Kamino, Utapau, the Tantive IV and many, many more! The maps are the only area where I feel some improvements could be made, since some of them date to way back and aren't up to the same kind of standards of detailing and such that the newer maps are. That isn't to say older maps such as Lunar Base aren't great too, in fact gameplay wise they are just as good as the newer ones, I just feel they could do with a bit of a sprucing up detail wise. Speaking of Lunar Base, I just love that window which, when broken, sucks people out into space! In this new version, it also amazingly registers kills and team kills! Some of the best mappers around have made maps for Movie Battles II, and no doubt as more updates are released more maps and locations will be added. What is my favourite map? Well, that is a touch choice! So many of the maps are beautiful to look at (gotta love that Mustafar Skybox!) and feel alive and interactive. I did very much like the Malachor V Trayus Core duel map, since good KotOR 2 themed maps seem to be lacking from JKA, but I also liked Lunar Base because of its excellent layout and gameplay. But then Comm Tower is also a great map, and it reminds me of the original Jedi Knight and JK2 as well. Well, I guess I cant pick a favourite myself, not without spending a lot more time playing MB2 to find out all the ins and outs of each map anyways. As I mentioned earlier, many of the maps now also have mini maps which are displayed in the HUD, this is one of my favourite features as it actually shows a map, with [i]walls[/i], unlike the Base JKA radar map, which only shows objectives and such. This makes it much easier to tell where your team mates, objectives and enemies are in relation to the structure and layout of the map. That brings me nicely onto... [b][u]The HUD and Menu's[/u][/b] As well as having a nice new mini map, the entire HUD has been revamped with new graphics. There are two new indicators on each side of the screen for your health, shields, ammo, force and saber style, which look much better and sleeker than the base JKA ones. I personally would love to see these parts of this HUD used for a Base JKA HUD mod, if any of the MB2 guys would care to make one for us *nudge nudge*. ;) There is an options menu section dedicated to MB2 options, including setting keys for your class special actions (such as being able to sprint faster for a limited period etc.) and also a media section for setting your screenshot key, and the ability to set a key to record a Demo movie! Whilst I personally prefer to use Fraps, this is definitely a much needed option in JKA and one that I am sure people will find useful. The menu's overall are easy to navigate and look good, the main menu, with that picture of the sun bursting over the horizon of Coruscant is very nice, although I think it would be even better if there was a set of screenshots or images that the main menu background cycled through, just to add a bit more movement to it (since it seems a little still compared to the Base JKA menu, with its little video set in the middle). [b][u]General Gameplay[/u][/b] The main complaint that I have always had with Movie Battles II was that you can die quite quickly, and you don't respawn. That is unless you have spent points in the section which allows your particular class to respawn, 'reinforcements' I think it is called. This complaint has most likely come from being someone who has played and enjoyed a lot of Siege, a gametype in which the gameplay is fast and furious because people are constantly dying, respawning and running like headless chickens to get back into the action, making for some insanely frantic battles. Indeed on Siege Hoth, if you are a Rebel tech, its not uncommon to put up a shield on the bridge (to stop the AT-ST advancing) and then simply throw yourself into the chasm so you can die, respawn, and put down another shield. Since you often only get one life, maybe a few if you have spent points in 'reinforcements', in MB2 it stops this kind of insane gameplay, and thus it seemed a bit slow to me at first, since I died and then that was it. However, as I have played MB2 more, I have come to appreciate the delicately balanced game mechanics which go into it, and once I got used to it, the dying issue didn't bother me so much, though I still personally prefer the ferocious gameplay of a 16 vs 16 Siege game, but that's just me! :P The features I have mentioned above, such as the vast variety of weapons, skins/models and maps, along with different gametype's makes this pretty much a game in of itself and I can see who it has become so amazingly popular. The points system does take a little getting used to and you have to be quick when you start to spend those points where you want them before the round starts. The class system, and the abilities and weapons available to each can also be bewildering at first, but with a bit of practice you will soon get used to it! One nice new feature for this version is that you can now continue to move while using voice chat, which makes the process both quicker and less hazardous to your health. After all stopping in the middle of a fight to open up the voice options and find the button for 'roger!' is likely to get you killed! This latest version of MB2 is full of neat little features like that, and I am sure more of the same will be added in future versions so further enhance gameplay. [b][u]Conclusion[/u][/b] All in all a monumental mod, more of an entirely new game in itself to be honest. If you want to know more about what is new for this version, then you should check out the changelog which is in the readme section below. The full readme for the mod can be found in the .zip. The only downside with downloading this is the sheer insane size of it. In fact it is very close to the size of Base JKA itself! This is definitely worth a download, and you guys had better make sure this gets to the top of our download charts, since the MB2 team is paying me 2 Millio... uhh, did I say that out loud?! Umm, cookies, that's it, yeah they are giving me cookies to review this. They aren't bribing me with millions of dollars to give them a good review, not at all. Complete nonsense! Don't forget to view the videos below! ;) ~Nozyspy~ Subaru is awesome. There you go, I actually put that in here! View the video below to get a taster of what Movie Battles II is like: And here, for your viewing pleasure, a preview of things to come!




JediMod Official | 5.44 MB

JediMod Main Features: New stuff in 1.2: -Amazing new hilt pack made by |:|ReMaRk|:| specially for JediMod v1.2 with 45 new hilts. (be sure to read saber_readme.txt) -22 new emotes! For a total of 31 emotes! -Multiple Taunt Sounds! (you can hear yoda go weeeeehehehewhoohehe) -New move for orange style if your using only one saber -mod_cheatprotection variable that makes it so players can't change models if they are close to other players. -bots can now use hilts. -no more file size limit on tckmodel.cfg[/quote] And ofcourse everything else that was in v1.0 and v1.1. This is the entire mod in one package, so you [u]don't need[/u] the older versions to run JediMod. There is an FAQ also included inside the zip, so if you're new to the mod or still unsure how to get things working, make sure you check that file out. Along with that is also a file called "cvar.txt" which contains the new commands added by JediMod. Fantastic mod, makes MP so much fun!! :D




Star Wars Movie Duels

md2_full.exe | 875.49 MB

now, regardless of whether or not you play SP mods. In fact, download it now even if you don't have the game. Go buy the game while you wait. :p Now, I know some of you may look at the file size and freak out - the installer is 875 MB. But it's worth every KB! I don't play SP mods very often, and I just couldn't stop playing. So, let's begin! First off, those menus are excellent. They are easy to navigate and they look nice. Two thumbs up for that alone. :thumbsup: One of the unique things about this mod is that you can play on the good or evil side in most of the scenarios. Taking the side that is supposed to lose usually has some creative storyline fact, it's quite fun for those people who just love being extraordinarily evil for no reason. Like the first version, the only movie-based duels available are the prequels. I guess it would be rather difficult to create duels based on the original trilogy, what with them being less epic and all. Episode I [b]Short Negotiations[/b] covers the very first fight sequence in Episode I, where Qui-Gon-Jinn and Obi-Wan are sent as ambassadors to Naboo to resolve the trade dispute. There are many embellishments here, but overall, it's true enough to the original story. [b]Outskirts of Tatooine[/b] is the duel between Qui-Gon and Darth Maul right before they depart for Coruscant. This one was mostly true to the story, the only thing it was missing was the bike at the beginning (unless I somehow missed it). [b]Duel of the Fates[/b] - Wowie! Very well done. Beginning in the hangar bay and moving into the purply-white-lightning-tube section, this one had it all. It seemed like every little detail was checked with a fine-tooth comb. Everything worked wonderfully, with one exception - when I took over as Obi-Wan and the force fields released, I ran backwards and was locked out. After a very long, patient wait, I decided it was time to noclip back in and finish the job. The ending cutscene did not disappoint, either. Episode II [b]Escape Jengo Fett[/b] is a recreation of the fight between Obi-Wan and Jango on one of Kamino's landing pads. I didn't play the winning side, so I can't say whether or not the fight is entirely accurate. When I played as Obi-Wan, the fight consisted of Boba flying around shooting while Obi-wan tried to slash him up. After enough damage was dealt, a fistfight ensued. [b]Tusken Camp[/b] should be pretty obvious by the name. Anakin is looking for his mother, and he has found the Tusken camp. The mission is simply to break into the tent from the back and discover your mother is dead. Then all tuskens must be destroyed. On paper, it's short, but in-game, it's a little longer than that. [b]Geonosis Arena[/b] begins with Windu's appearance during Obi-Wan, Anakin and Padme's execution. I had some serious problems while testing this one...when the battle began and I jumped into the arena, the game lagged terribly. I assume this is because of all the AI calculations happening at once - but still, I'm running a 2 GHz core 2 duo - I shouldn't have any problems with that. Immediately afterward, I was looking for the path to travel on next, and I stumbled on a door that could be force pushed. On opening it, I was able to walk outside the map and see the void in many areas. It was obvious I was on the wrong I turned back and found the correct one. After rescuing Shaak Ti, Jango Fett jumped onto the field. He was the final boss. [b]Battle of Geonosis[/b] was probably the least accurate. A large part of this is due to limitations of the engine and the lack of SP source code, so I'm not going to make a big deal out of it. I just expected "all forward positions are advancing" to mean that somebody, somewhere, was actually advancing. :p [b]Count Dooku's Escape[/b] is the long duel sequence at the end of Episode II with Count Dooku. Everything seemed accurate here, and I didn't see anything wrong. I think the force battle between Yoda and Dooku could have been elongated, but that would have detracted from the play time. Episode III [b]Rescue Over Coruscant[/b] - Defeat Count Dooku. Anakin and Obi-wan fight at first, then you go solo as Anakin. Not much else to say here. [b]Engage General Grievous[/b] includes the original confrontation on Utapau and the ending on the landing pad, where Obi shoots Grievous' insides out. It was a little short, but c'mon, did you really expect to see the entire chase scene recreated as well? [b]Arrest the Chancellor[/b] was probably the best one, aside from Duel of the Fates. Windu and his three Jedi accomplices walk into Palpatine's office to arrest him, and he fights back, saber in hand. Eventually you, as Windu, force palpatine to beg in the corner of the window, then Anakin shows up. From there, your destiny is in your own hands. [b]Attack on the Jedi Temple[/b] was hard. Only a few scenes from here were shown in the movie, like the killing of the younglings. But now, instead of the camera cutting away after your lightsaber comes on, you get to kill them yourself. On top of that, you have a lot of jedi to slice through on your way to the center of the temple. [b]Assassination on Mustafar[/b] involves only one faction - Anakin. You are sent to Mustafar to "take care of" Viceroy Gunray and the other separatist leaders. I was unable to complete the mission without noclip, however - I couldn't figure out how to turn off the force field. Otherwise, well done. [b]Retaking the Jedi Temple[/b] - Obi-Wan and Yoda have already fought through the clones outside, and now they need to clear out the inside of the jedi temple. Clones are everywhere, and some of them have more than just guns. This was pretty fun - I loved running around as little Yoda, dodging shots and jumping into someone's face. [b]Masters of the Force[/b] was the epic duel between Yoda and Palpatine, beginning in the room below the senate chambers and then moving up into the chamber itself for an extremely difficult end...the lightning that Yoda and Palpatine were supposed to shoot back and forth didn't seem to work right, though. [b]Battle of the Heroes[/b] recreates the most intense master/apprentice duel ever in Star Wars. Anakin and Obi-Wan go head-to-head on Mustafar, from the landing pad to the inside of the building, and even across the pipes and onto the equipment hanging over the lava. There was a bug here where Anakin disappeared during a jump sequence...but really, that's easy to overlook when you consider how epic the rest of the duel is. The Rise of the Empire [b]An Old Enemy[/b] - Obi-Wan is hunted down by an old enemy that he thought he defeated long ago. It's Darth Maul - refitted with robots legs. Now you have to finish him off...on a rainy tatooine. Yeah, that was a major eye-popper. Rain on tatooine. But the duel was very interesting. [b]Darth Vader's Redemption[/b] - to become a powerful sith lord, Vader must face his former self and defeat it for good. If he loses, Palpatine dukes it out with the good anakin. [b]A New Hope[/b] was a neat surprise. For you TFU fans, here you go - a mission with Starkiller in it. I don't care for TFU at all, but if you do, I'm sure you'd be happy to play this one. Challenge Mode And if all that wasn't enough, you can play in challenge mode, which takes you from duel to duel with all the major characters. You can customize the character you play as. According to the readme, there are 15 stages. I didn't get very far...I think I should brush up on those lightsaber skills. Along the way, I did spot many small graphical glitches and some areas I felt could use improvement. But I'm going to omit most of that - honestly, the vast amount of work that was put into this mod is incredible. Anyone with the commitment and patience to produce something on this scale deserves a huge pat on the back (at least) from everyone. There was one glitch on the menus that's worthy of note, though - Battle of the Heroes' missing description is incorrect until you start loading the level. One last thing I'll mention - at first, I had difficulty testing this out, because none of the maps would start. Instead, I would be kicked out to the main menu with no error message and no way to quit the game except ctrl+alt+del. After several hours of checking installations and making new isolated copies of the game, I remembered to insert the game disc. From then on, it was smooth sailing. You may commence jeering laughter at me. But remember - if you get an error while loading a map, you will get no error screen and instead will have to ctrl+alt+del your way out of the game. It's not a bug - it's an engine limitation, and it's just a minor side effect of having an awesome menu setup. If you still haven't started the download, do so, and play it when you get a little free time. You won't be disappointed. ~Dretzel




Ultimate Jedi Academy v3 | 94.06 MB

are a fan of hollywood_g1\'s previous work we have a treat for you today! The Ultimate Jedi Academy Mod is a huge pack of skins containing several of hollywood_g1\'s previous packs like his Ultimate Expanded Universe, amazing Reborn Reskins and such. If you are a fan of his previous work, you now have pretty much all of his best skins all in once place! I have seen quite a few of the authors skins and how he has improved his skills over time, and I have to say there are some really fantastic skins in this pack. The Alora reskins in particular I think are outstanding, the [url=]Darth Talon[/url]-esque tattoos really give Alora a whole new and more fearsome look. Apart from full skins there are a vast amount of body parts to use via the customisation menu, including heads, torsos and legs of various kinds. My favourites out of the customisation options are the armoured Jedi options, seriously, if you are going to duel someone with a glowy stick than can cut you in half, doesn’t it make sense to wear some armour?! Of course, you could always use the Armoured Reborn too! ;) Multiple other skins have also been given new shaders; Shadowtroopers now have shiny armour and the Artusian crystal on their chest glows on and off as if it is beating like a heart. The skin texture on the Transoshan model has also been made to look rougher and more scaly, though the eyes also look like that have a texture, which seems a little weird. And in the case of Boba Fett, he has been given a complete makeover with new shaders and some nice higher resolution textures. If Boba isn’t to your liking, then there are other Mandalorian themed skins to choose from too. Apart from the skins there is also a new splash screen for when the game is loading, the ability to choose a red lightsaber blade in singleplayer and some new menu music as well. But it doesn’t end there! There are also a couple of new lightsaber hilts included courtesy of HOUOU such as his Rahm Kota and Galen Marek hilts. As far as guns go there have been some colour adjustments to make them look a little more movie accurate, though for full movie accuracy the bowcaster should really shoot red bolts, rather than green. It would take forever to cover all the skins and features on this mod, and though there is a brief list in the readme this is something that you really need to download to discover all the the cool stuff that is in here. Of course a mod of this size os not without a few bugs. Two of the team variations of the Rockettrooper skin throw up an error along the lines of \'you are trying to load an unsupported model\' and then something to do with \'missing bones\', which sounds quite disturbing and brings to mind an image of a jelly like person flopping around. Still, other Rockettrooper skins included in this mod do work, so I am sure it can be fixed. Also, I noticed that the last set of \'Jaden legs\' appear as invisible on the model once selected and makes Jaden look like he has had a terrible accident. Apart from these bugs, some improvements I would suggest for any future versions of this pack are things like adding some customisation options for the female characters, perhaps making some parts similar to the Tavion and Alora skins for people to use for a customised female skin. I also think the Jaden heads could do with some more variety, perhaps with some more different kinds of facial hair, or even lopping Kyles head off and allowing us to mash up Kyle\'s epic beard with the Jaden bodies. All in all though this is a really superb mod that is a lot of fun to use, especially if you prefer customising your characters. Keep up the excellent work hollywood_g1, I would love to see more of these packs in the future! :) ~Nozyspy~[/quote] So what do we have new this time around? Well the broken Rocket Trooper skin that I mentioned in my previous review has now been fixed, so you now have more variation to choose from. On the texture side of things, the \'gloved hand\' look has been replaced with a fleshed hand look (although it would also be cool if there were gloved hand options as well, as gloves can look cool), and the Thermal Detonator has been given a rub with a polishing cloth to make it more shiny and has had some new blinking lights added. There are also a couple of new \'chromed\' textures made and added to all the metal textures in the game to give a more Force Unleashed kind of look, although it would be cool if this was an optional .pk3 that you could install as not everyone might prefer the new look. Also, all the current weapons have also been given this new \'chrome effect\' shader to polish them up too. Lastly in addition to the base JKA hilts the author has also added Luke Skywalker\'s hilt to the selection menu for even more variety! All in all a nice little update to a cool mod here, I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us in the future hollywood_g1! :) ~Nozyspy~




Yep, another Reborn Skin | 17.68 MB

much - the title helped me get over my initial stroke of Rebornophobia. [quote]This is my first skin ever (...) it has a little colour issues at the pants (...) It has NPC support (...) It includes Bot support (...) I haven't added sounds, so it has regular Reborn sounds, but I will add them on a future version.[/quote] So, a Reborn with NPC support, and it doesn't overwrite the old Reborn. It also comes with a variety of NPCs, and as said, has a fancy file title. So far, so good, right? Unfortunately, that's where the good part ends. I'm afraid I have to say most of these skin themselves made me think it was once a nefarious Reborn, but had been under attack by a five years old using a variety of crayons as weapon. The exception to this is the gold model (screenshot #3), which seems to have a little more effort put into it, but still has a bit of an MS Paint look. While honestly, there's far, far worse out there than this skin, I can't say it looks all that good, as closer inspection of the screenshots might also explain. Still, it's the author's first skin, so it could definitely be worse. In future, try to use less large surfaces of a single colour though, helps against the MS Paint look. Also, you might not want to include the ./Models/Players/_humanoid folder in future unless really necessary, as it causes issues with certain mods (for instance when uploaded to a Japlus server). ;) In short - this file is exactly what it advertises: another Reborn skin. [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yep [b]NPC Support:[/b] Yep [b]New Sounds:[/b] Nope [b]Team Support:[/b] Yep -Caelum




Kejim Audio Piece

kejim.mp3 | 1.44 MB




JA Unlimited | 1.09 MB

no visible limits on how many sabers you could actually have, but I guess I may have been wrong or I simply never had that many sabers. Even if you were under the limits, though, only twenty or so appeared on the list and the console was necessary for the others. With JA Unlimited, virtually all sabers will appear on the menu (obviously it's not really unlimited, but it may as well be) and there ceiling limit on how many you can have has been turned into the roof limit - 'tis much higher. Higher than I was able to reach with every lightsaber, sword, baseball bat, axe, halberd, polearm, voulge and God-only-knows-what-else I could procure from JKFiles. Since saber switching via /saber only appears to work in JA+, this is great for anyone not using these mods, since you no longer need to know the .sab designations to load your sabers. - Maps Again, you can usually have as many maps as you'll need, but now they'll all show on the menu so that you don't need to open pk3s in Pakscape/PakRat (shout-out for you Maccies out there ;) ), find the bsp name and use /devmap to load your maps. Great improvement in my book, helpful for those who don't check map pk3s by default, or don't know how to. - NPCs Now, this one you did have a limit on, and that limit is basically kaput. You can now have as many NPCs as you'll need - again, I'm figuring 65535 being the ceiling limit, but you'll probably never reach that many - without that pesky ".npc extensions are too large!" error in multiplayer. Score one for no annoyances! - Vehicles Oh yeah. Now we're talkin'. If you're like me and enjoy going to town with some serious vehicular manslaughter, again, this is the mod for you. No more .veh extensions errors, and the error with .vwp files (which were still at factory limits in the last release) is now fixed, so you can have as much firepower as you need in the base folder. - Models / Skins Considering the game can hold as many models/skins as you can use, I always found it kinda dopey that there was a limit on the amount of icons, but that limit is now gone. - Species Selections The limit was previously 32. Now, it's... what is it again? 65535 or something like that? Ain't that quite a resume? [b]Disclaimers[/b] ► This will [b]not[/b] work in the singleplayer game - source code for the SP DLLs was never released. Strictly MP only, sorry folks. ► Naturally, SP won't work at all if you're over any limits, so basically, my advice: don't put mods in base, make a seperate mod folder for this and dump your files in there, then launch this mod via .bat file. That way you can have as much as you need in MP, without shafting SP. ► Limits are there for reasons, as Kat Angel quite rightly states in the readme. Even though this mod means the game won't object to extreme amounts of mods, please try and factor in how much the iD Tech 3 engine can handle, and how much your computer can handle. If you have too much in your base folder, your game will take ages to load. The more you have, the slower it gets. The less RAM your computer has, the slower load times pass. The slower your CPU, the slower load times will be. You also risk your computer randomly shutting down, restarting, or random crashes by having more than the computer can handle. So, basically, if you never use it, don't keep it, 'cuz the more you got the more strain your system takes. Right, safety warnings and summaries out of the way, I think we're done here. Overall, great mod for you "pakrats" (no pun intended). If you play baseJA and like to use a lot of add-ons, this is a sure-fire winner. ClanMod version and OJP Basic / OJP Enhanced versions in the queue, uploadin' em as we speak (type? speak?). No JAE yet, sadly, so there's Kat Angel's next homework assignment. :p Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to go equip my game with every fighter, bomber, assault walker and tank I can get my hands on. World War III ain't gonna fight itself! :o Erm. Well. Nuts. I need a catchphrase. ~ Kouen




The Star Destroyer | 8.28 MB

the hangar would be large enough for a good free for all, but there's also a second area, which looks something like a 'command deck', with some power ups and such. There were a couple of things I didn't like about this map, so let me hit those first. First of all, there was a missing texture. From the error message, I'm guessing it's a shader boo-boo. I also found the lifts to be incredibly slow. Maybe I'm just impatient, but they took an awful long time to get up to the top. One of the lifts even crushed me when I got on. Seems like it went up a wee bit too far. Now for the music. It's the Imperial March, but for those of you hard-core Star Wars gamers, you'll recognize it as the Imperial March from Force Commander. Now honestly I don't think it fits the map very well, but it's not the worst choice of music either. After a while you kind of just forget about it being there. I should also warn you, along with the lift thing, not to try and walk on the hangar entrance. It's not like in other maps where it's a solid force field. You will fall straight through. However that's handy, because when you spawn the TIEs you can go out and get shot by the Star Destroyer's guns ;) Overall I liked this map. It has its bugs, but it looks like it'd be fun to play around in, either inside the ship or outside in a little furball. Maybe we could get some bot support next time, though. New Textures: No New Models: No New Music: Yes Bot Support: No ~Inyri




Escape: Yavin IV | 109.39 MB

models, new cutscenes, animations, etc. All of this is new and it's all done quite well. It was a bit of a challenge for me and I didn't even come close to finishing it (mostly because of a time restraint). If you've been bored with the SP game from Jedi Academy, you might want to check out Escape: Yavin IV. The only things I was disappointed in are significant, but don't make or break this game. The size, of course, is a factor. It's over 100MB in size, so it's going to take a while to download for quite a few of you. Second complaint would be the voice acting. It was all done by one person. And I'm not quite sure why the Queen's voice had a tinny sound to it. That didn't make any sense. Anyway, try getting more people to help voice act for your levels - there are quite a few out there who are willing. Several guys I know out there who'd be interested. And there are fewer women available, but I'm one of them! :D [/shamelessplug] Aaaaaaanyway, if you can tolerate the download - check this total conversion out! ~AmosMagee Ps. There's a walkthrough included! Okay, totally going to cheat and play this all the way through later. :D




Singleplayer Vader | 2.17 MB

Vader\'s saber, and all force powers. That\'s it. There ya go. Nothing more to say here. ~AmosMagee





ÐescendingÆ | 459.96 KB

now... ;) But in any case, this is a very cool looking skin. :) It is pretty much the personal skin that ÐescendingÆngel is intending on using ingame. It has a radical color scheme and the face has been covered with a Sub-Zero like (Actually it is taken from a Sub-Zero skin) mask and with glowing eyes. Overall, I think the skin looks extremely cool. The only problem I have with it is there is no bot support or team colors. This is a strictly FFA skin. ;) -TiM [b]Bot Support[/b] - No [b]Team Colors[/b] - No [b]New Sounds[/b] - No




ForceMod II - The Mercs Strike Back | 3.16 MB

with the review of ForceMod II - The Mercs Strike Back. :) For those who liked the first ForceMod, I think you guys are going to love this one. Between the grappling hook, jetpack, flame gauntlet, cloaking for Mercs (like Mindtrick), Optic Radar (like Seeing), dual pistols (!!!) and dozens of other features, this mod has something for everyone. So much, in fact, that I can't list everything here. But that's what the readme is for! I should also note that this has to be one of the most user-friendly mods I've seen yet. Every setting has been worked into the menus and makes it pretty much idiot-proof. ;) Force powers are combinable now, so you can have Light and Dark force powers and there are 4 levels of Force. There are 4 classes for Jedi and 5 classes for Merc. Model scaling has been included and many emotes and admin commands. I can see this quickly turning into many players' favorite mod. :) Good work Azymn and all the others who put so much work into making this incredible mod! ~AmosMagee




JA Log Filter | 8.81 KB

.txt file and makes a filtered version in folder in which .jar program file is placed. User may: -chose part of logs to filter (like 30%-59% of the file) -chose what to filter (like making a file with just "say" parts) -filter color tags (tags like ^1, ^5, ^8 will be deleted, but its optional)[/quote] Tested. It works. You'll know if y'need it. - Averus Retruthan




Star Wars Movie Duels 2 - Demo | 94.15 MB

and coming in Movie Duels 2.0. Obviously, it will be quite limited, but I think it's a good teaser of the mod to come. The main feature of this demo is Palpatine's Arrest, the duel between Mace Windu and Palpatine. You can play as either Mace Windu or Chancellor Palpatine. Many of the saber moves have been changed. I was able to quickly adapt to the new setup...perhaps it is similar to the setup in JO? In any case, I think the attacks were [i]much[/i] better than the base JA ones - less delicate swinging, and a lot more hard hits and pokes. I haven't seen Episode III in a long time, so I can't really say anything about how accurate (or inaccurate) the map may be, but it looks very nice to me, and it's the perfect size for a duel. I can't say much for the character models for the same reason, but again, they do the job well. I daresay the Palpatine model is spot on. There are cutscenes between the different stages of the duel as well. Here's one thing I think should be improved, if at all possible...the characters walk down the hallway just doing a simple overhead swing unless their sabers hit. Needs to be a little more...epic, methinks. Some minor choreography would be just the thing. The final cutscene of the duel is done pretty well for JA...again, I think it could be better, but it is good for Quake III. Palpatine is forced to the edge of the windowsill, and Anakin enters the room. After Palpatine is done blaming Windu for him zapping himself, you take control of Anakin, and you get to choose who dies. I very happily killed Palpatine. Twice. I had to suck it up for the third time just so I could see what happened when I killed Windu instead... XD And I wasn't disappointed in what followed. After you've played Palpatine's Arrest once, there's still a little surprise for you! A make believe scenario has been created where Anakin chooses to fight Palpatine after he has revealed his sith identity. Palpatine pulls out his saber and the two have it out. Once you've run his health down, another cutscene plays...Palpatine pulls a little something out of somewhere. It makes sense that he'd have one hidden in his office, when you think about it. Great twist, I enjoyed it much. So, what are you waiting for? Get it downloading! I'm not a fan of SP mods, but I'll have to keep an eye on this one for sure. ~Dretzel




Whiteless Saber | 1.74 MB

the white saber core was ruining the beautiful saber trails, so he removed them. Yes, that's right, now all you get is the color glow. No core! It looks a little funky, but just by removing the core it makes your typical run-of-the-mill lightsaber look completely different. Give it a try if you're looking for something new![/quote]Version two brings us further from the standard saber, this time removing the blurred effect altogether from the blade. Now they look... well, like those foam batons people duel with. You know what I'm talking about? I find it to be a really amusing look because that's what it reminds me of. Now we just need a pedestle for people to whack each other off of... American Gladiators, anyone? Anyway, this particular mod does not make your saber a padded stick, as my previous comment may have suggested. It is still just as deadly as before, but perhaps with a far more unique look. ~Inyri




Sith Council | 30.79 MB

the Sith Council map. [/quote] Incidentally, the version one of this map has had over 40,000 downloads, and comparing the screens between the two versions, I can't see how this one has gotten worse, but then again, not having played the first, I can't say much more about that. What did I think about it? Well, for starters, it's big. Really big. Not as in huge terrains or giant FFA areas, but there's a lot of small, localised areas within the map, as well as a fairly spacious outdoor area with a few trees and a pretty, (albiet very square and unatural-looking) waterfall. I'm gonna start with the music used, as I think it combines with the outdoor atmosphere and the rain particularly well, even though I believe it's from the bit in Episode 6 where Vader dies, but meh, whatever. Every time i died, I spawned back in the main room. That's not to say there might not be other spawns elsewhere, and I hope I was just unlucky, as having all the spawns in the same room would be a bit boring. I'd have to say my favourite area was the cafe, as it reminded me a great deal of a typical university cafe, and I'm all for real-life stuff. I didn't have time to explore all the secrets, but I did work out that a great deal of the main room can become destroyed, leaving a giant lava pit in it e.t.c. Lots of the rooms are very well detailed and made, but of course, there's always a gripe. Some rooms kind of look like they've been slapped on, and obviously haven't had as much effort put into them, plus some are far too dark, most noticeably the bedroom areas, which are pitch black even when they have windows... (Plus I couldn't find the lightswitches, bah!) :( There's also a few missing textures on the toilet handles and stuff in here, and looking out of a few windows you can see bits of map which you shouldn't be able to see. It's an easy error to fix using the system/antiportal texture, or a decent vis blocker, and it's unfortunate this error is here, as it does spoil the views somewhat. Oh, there's also a skin called Kahn in here, wonder where that name came from.. *cough* ;) Anyway, it's a fairly decent skin (based on the Quinlan-vos model, although the hair clips through his shoulders and the textures used on the hair seem a little odd. Aside from that it looks okay, although not very sith-like, as you'd expect with this map. It's also good to see Kahn has taken onboard some suggestions from Amy's previous review: [quote]You press a button and get a weapon or ammo. It's perfect except for one thing - you can't tell what you're getting until you press the button. It would've been nice to have seen some clear labels over each button.[/quote] Now, there's clear identifiable labels over each button, so kudos to you for fixing this. Underground, theres a lot of small, torch-lit rooms for dueling and there's also a scary-looking, but easy to complete jumping room, which leads you to a suspended dueling pad, which was nice. I guess the area which was most lacking in detail was the church/choir singing section. (At least thats what it looked a little like) This area looks just, bland and the lighting was a little nasty, with no viable sources. Naturally, there's also the water bug which isn't really avoidable (with water flowing sideways) and a few other small errors with light-shafts e.t.c but I think they're all very small and localised. To top it off, there's also bot support, and some new models made for quake3. The paths are a little strange due to this, but it shouldn't effect gameplay :) New Sounds: Yes New Textures: Yes Bot Support: Yes ~Szico VII~




Force Mod III Classic Edition v1.5

forcemodiii_1.5.txt | 161 B

the download link only!*** It has been almost an entire year since I reviewed the last version of the famous Force Mod III Classic Edition. That was v1.3A, somewhere along the line we must have missed out on 1.4, but now Venomous^Heart and Pitchest^Heart bring is v1.5, which includes lots of new features! Firstly, I will paste in my previous review, as that covers most of the main features, and then we shall proceed on to the updates! [quote]For those of you unfamiliar with the mod, it is a massive and far reaching project which changes many aspects of gameplay, from saber selection and combat, character classes and some fantastic little features available via the ingame menu, which I will come to later. All you need to do is look at the saber selection menu and the incredible amount of detail which has gone into it, with melee damage charts for the various types of weapons. Add to that new saber colours and a whole new saber selection interface and it makes for an amazing change, though the complicated looking damage tables will not appeal to everyone. Check out the screenies below for an example. There have also been some changes to the force power menu, with several force powers now having a \'level 4\', or turning the force up to 11 you could say. Force jump in particular on power level 4 now allows you to jump huge distances. These level 4 powers obviously cost a large amount of points to purchase however! As for character selection, as in Movie Battles II there is a wide variety of different characters to choose from ranging across several different classes, such as Jedi, Sith, Mercenary, Droid and more, with models and skins made by top notch modders. Now onto the features that I was the most impressed with; take a look at the ingame menu and you will see a variety of new options, one of my favourites being the Music menu, which allows you to choose from a variety of Star Wars music, depending on your mood or what you may be doing; using something more dramatic if you are having a duel for example, or perhaps if you don’t like the music used on a particular map you are on, you can pick from this list something which you would prefer to listen to whilst exploring or playing, or maybe just as a bit of ambience. Other features include a bonus button menu, which allows you to hide or show things like your FPS, the HUD, whether or not you want to render the weapon models, etc. which is great for taking good screenshots. I wish there was a mod like this for base JKA, it would save a load of faffing around using the /cg_draw2d and /cg_drawgun commands all the time to get good screenies! XD Another cool feature which is great for both taking screenshots and adjusting your view ingame is the aptly named Views menu, which lets you adjust things like your field of view, and also rotating the camera around your player using slider bars, another cool feature for taking screenshots, especially of skins, like the bonus button menu, this would actually be a great feature for helping the process of taking screenshots of skins for when I am reviewing them. Rather than having to use the modelview.cfg method, which although it works fine, it would still be nice to have a graphical user interface to change the camera position. Then there’s the Optimization menu, which allows you to either choose from a selection of pre-sets, or adjust settings via slider bars to help you optimize your connection and squeeze better ping, and thus less lag out of the game whilst playing online. These are some absolutely fantastic features, and I would love to see these made into separate mods for base JKA, if they haven’t been already, and if they have, please tell me where to get them! There are of course many more features to discover and much more depth to this mod than I have been able to cover here, but I hoped I have managed to touch on some of the most interesting and unique ones. This mod is definitely worth a download for those of you interested in a fantastic Multiplayer mod with loads of great features and a distinguished history, keep up the good work Venomous^Heart! ~Nozyspy~[/quote] As with last time, there are some great features here that I only wish someone would make as separate mods for Base JKA as well! I particularly liked the saber blades, very crisp and sharp, just like a blade of pure energy should look like, rather than the softer, less dangerous looking base JKA saber blades. The saber trails also looked much better; while not quite movie accurate like the OJP saber trails (some fancy coding/texture magic used there perhaps?) they looked much better than the default smudge that JKA uses! And that was just the default blade style... you can actually pick from various different blade effects, including the styles used in each of the movies along with various colours and even a colour changing blade! I also noticed that there are a huge amount of new models and skins included which really adds some variation to choose from in the different classes and alignments, not to mention some of the unique weapons they can use. I was thrilled to see the inclusion of Exar Kun and especially a [i]proper[/i] Marka Ragnos skin, one that actually has legs, not the \'Sith Spirit\' version as seen in the game! I love to see characters that usually only appear in 2D in comics and pictures made into proper, usable 3D characters, though I think Ragnos could have done with slightly darker red skin, he seems a little pale for a member of the [url=]Sith Species[/url]. Whoever made these skins, please release them for Base JKA too, I would desperately love to review Ragnos and Exar Kun individually! I do have a few grumbles though. I found the lightsaber type and style selection menu to be a little confusing. Apparently most of the Jedi/Sith classes can only use the basic Blue, Yellow and Red forms as already found in Base JKA, but certain classes can put force points in a 4th box in the lightsaber section of the force powers menu, this allows them to use Dual and Staff sabers, as well as the ability to choose between different lightsaber forms, such as Juyo, Shii-Cho and Soresu among others. This may be my fault, down to the fact that I did not have time to properly read through the readme. However I think a help menu in game that explains the basics of how to choose a class and also how to spend force points would be a great help! Overall this is a big and very impressive update to Force Mod III Classic Edition, I would recommend giving it a try if you haven’t already! :) ~Nozyspy~ And now, for a full list of the updates, straight from the author: [quote][u]New Additions and Model Changes[/u] - Juyo Form improved with completely new updated animations. - Two new Saber Styles added; Luminara Unduli (Soresu) and Marka Ragnos (Shii-Cho). - “Wookie Pike” weapon added to staff selection. This weapon will kill an enraged Wookie in a few strikes but makes for an extremely poor melee weapon. - Models re-organized to fit the classes. - Additional models added (see readme folder for credits). - Added the Xtra small (XS) model size and assigned some models to this catagory. - Ancient Sith skin now comes in 2 versions; the standard medium size for Sith saber classes and Extra Tiny (XT) for the Dark Sage class to compete with Jedi Ancient\'s shapeshifting ability. [u]Combat Balances: Adjustments and Improvements[/u] - Melee modifications throughout for improved balance (see ingame Melee charts for reference). - Red/Purple forms given shortened duration JKA base yellow kata. - Blue Lunging kata removed, replaced with fast forward slash attack. - Butterfly kata returned to staff. - Vong defense vs guns increased. [u]Bug Fixes [/u] - NPC\'s fixed with modified models (players using only default fm3 will be crashed by them). - Twin saber flying kata replaced with tornado saber kata due to animation glitch with the first one. - Bots edited to move better, use abilities better and fix bugs. - Vong, Tusken, Noghri and Royal Guards no longer make saber sounds. - Vong, Tusken, Noghri no longer have force adept taunts and have been given bonus martial arts moves. - Royal Guards weapon glitch fixed and now have 2 forms with bonus martial arts, weapon sounds and a force adept taunt. -Movement speed bonuses on melee weapons removed due to glitches. -Power restrict removed from Grievous sabers and electro staff due to glitch.[/quote] ***Please note that due to the size of this file, we could not upload it to JKFiles directly. Please download it from here! The main download link at the bottom of the page contains a dummy file with the download link only!***




New Force Sounds | 1.5 MB

good an idea. Here we have a small mod made by Modman, which replaces several of the force power sound effects ingame, including; Force Push, Pull Sense and Speed. Personally I think all the new sounds are better than the old ones, although I especially liked the new force speed sound effects. I would really love to see this mod expanded to cover all the force power sound effects, like lightning and heal, etc. :D I think though that the sounds could have been a little stronger, especially the force speed sound effects. I was hoping for more of a powerful gust kind of sound, so it feels like you are breaking the sound barrier. But then again, that is just my preference! Overall this is a cool little mod here, and I hope it will be expanded upon in the future. For now, if you guys like the sound of this (pun intended), then be sure to give it a download! ~Nozyspy~




Terminative 3 Home | 21.72 MB

JKFiles record that has been broken today! ;) It’s good though that the author chose to show as much of the map as possible, because this is a pretty incredible map! This is basically one huge training map, designed to hone your skills ingame. Though this was obviously designed for the Term!native 3 community, this is definitely a map that I would recommend to any clan or gaming community. The logos and references to the Term!native 3 community are pretty unintrusive and I think the training features in this map would be a fantastic asset for any clan. So, what kind of facilities does this map have? Well, one of my favourite features was the huge static training room, which features one of those rotating ‘jump & duck’ bars (though be careful not to get hit by it or you will be killed!) and various targets raging in size to test your aiming skills. It also has an area with two concentric circles, a small one inside of a larger one, with a button that spawns a Kyle in the center. The idea I think is that you have to use your saber skills to kill the Kyle bot without leaving the circles thus honing your close quarters combat skills. This is just one room though, which is accessed off a corridor, which is in turn accessed off the central hub, which leads to all the different areas. Other features include a duel room, two bot training rooms and a jump training area where you can spawn Kyle bot’s which fly around the room in various ways, helping you to practice your jumping attacks. There is an area that has three corridors filled with that I presume to be water. In these corridors are platforms spaced at regular intervals, with the spacing getting wider in the next corridor along. This area is I presume a place to practice your jumping techniques and accuracy. If you fall short of the platforms however and land in the water, you will be teleported back to the beginning! Yet another room is the interestingly named ‘Mysterious Pit’ room. Basically this features a big pit that opens up in the floor and, via the use of multiple buttons on the wall, you can customise with platforms and walkways that extend out into the pit to create a tailor-made duelling area! There is also kind of secret ‘council room’ type area. This last area has a very nifty method for accessing it… it has a combination lock! Outside of the doors to the ‘restricted area’ is a giant combination lock where you have to change the numbers to the correct code to open the doors. This I think, is a fantastic idea. It looks good and is a very nifty little feature that helps set this maps ‘council room’ apart from those of other clan themed maps. One other small, but clever idea are the little signs on the floor in various places instructing you not to stand there. Why? Well, because they are teleporter pads! When you use a teleporter (of which there are quite a few in the map) you will land on one of these pads, obviously you don’t want someone else to be stood there when you teleport in, otherwise you will crush them, sending them to an untimely demise. These notices are a clever little feature which should prevent people from being killed unnecessarily whilst on this map! (Health and Safety for the win!…) There are quite a few other features here as well, but it would take too long to mention them all, besides I want to leave something for you guys to discover for yourselves! ;) As for improvements, well to be honest there isn’t much I can think of that could be improved here. I would suggest though, if there is ever another version made of this map, that you add some more duel rooms, because one really isn’t enough to be honest. Other than that, I did notice a few missing textures, but these were few and far between and weren’t that noticeable anyway. Overall then an excellent map here, one that I wish had been around when I was in a clan; we could have used this kind of map for clan rank trials and such! If you are a clan leader looking for a new map or just like the look of this map, then be sure to give it a download! [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA ~Nozyspy~ [b]For a sneak peek, why not check out the trailer below?[/b]




JEDI Costumization PLUS | 49.25 MB

skins. There are at least 49 new styles of heads, and 3 to 4 different versions of the same style, so there is at least 147 new heads for the Anakin model in this pack. There are at least 21 different torso styles, with about 3 versions per style (robed, unrobed, or hooded), and at least 21 new legs to match. Altogether, there are over 125000, unless my math is off, and I am fairly certain that it isn't. (129024 according to the readme... :p) Needless to say, this is split up into a lot of different species in the SP customization menu. There is far too much to have all in one menu. But it is split up and put together in a way that allows you to choose the combination that you want to have. Now onto the skins themselves... Each one is of very high quality, like the Aviar Lord skins were (Acutally, the Aviar Lord skins are included in this too :p), and the heads are pretty much all original. The clothes, though, aren't quite as original as the heads. But that is not the author's fault. There is only so much you can do with the clothes on the Anakin model, and I think that almost everything that can be realistically done to them has been done. I'd go more in depth about what they all look like if it weren't for the fact that it would pretty much be impossible to do so, so I will instead leave it up to the screenshots to tell you. I honestly couldn't find very much to complain about for this pack with one exception: This caused some problems with the default JA stuff. I popped it into my base folder and went to play SP a bit, and found that stormtroopers no longer spawned. Of course, that could be because I have so much other crap in my base folder as well. And, that shouldn't bug too many of you, since not many seem to play SP much these days, and I found no problems in MP. Anyway, this is a huge file, but I found every single byte of it to be worth it. I highly recommend this pack for people to download. Bot Support: Yes Team Support: No Npc Support: Yes New Sounds: No




Titanic Song Death Music | 4.2 MB

(like t2_trip). However upon testing in other levels, I discovered it does indeed work as it's supposed to. It is quite a bit amusing, though I think perhaps I would have cut it down so an even more amusing part of the song plays immediately, rather than the very slow and quiet beginning. So yeah, when you die in single-player you get to listen to Celine Dion sing that classic (and somewhat annoying) song from Titanic: My Heart Will Go On. If you've got the right kind of sense of humor, download it now and have a few chuckles. Otherwise you may find yourself annoyed a bit. ~Inyri




Republic Commando Duel Music | 12.35 MB

game, I know some of them. And yeah, I can really imagine listening to them in a fast-paced duel. I\'m not much of a dueler anymore, I\'m an RPer, so I went to a random server and tried a few of them out (thanks for the duels guys!). I found out that, apart from the fact that I\'m a horrible dueler, they\'re really nice and fit in. Well, most of them do, \"They Must Be Asleep\" was... sleepy. I\'ll definately keep Vode An (that\'s one of the tracks) in my base folder, and there\'s a decent chance that you\'ll do the same if you grew tired of the standard duel atmosphere - definately worth a try. PS: I hope the author doesn\'t mind that I merged 2 of his music packs together, they were called part 1 and 2, so I assumed it\'ll be fine. Arthenik




Improved Saber Sounds Frequency Mod | 2.29 MB

clearly said it in the readme, but the practicality of adding more sounds to lower the frequency at which each individual sound is played is a but odd. It seems something that belongs in a much larger mod. And it\'s not even entirely a sound mod, as the screenshots tell you. It\'s just a pack of randomly selected changes. The saber sounds which have been modified don\'t quite sound all that good. There is nothing wrong with adding all sorts of new sounds, but not when the integrity of the sounds is sacrificed—quality not quantity is a significant problem with the mod. I liked the author\'s choices for sounds, but the movie rips are not of high quality, and I can often hear part of the movie in the sound. I, once or twice, could even identify the [i]Star Wars[/i] film from which the sound had been ripped, which isn\'t a good sign. It\'s not a good sign for the mod because the sounds need to be independent from the films, indistinguishable and beautiful, and it\'s also not a good sign for me if I can identify a one second sound from a film. Also changed were some of the clash effects, which I actually liked. They were irrelevant to the mod and had nothing to do with it, but alone, they were still likable. They looked far more accurate to the films, in their largeness and sudden flashes of brightness. They consisted of the saber flare when sabers collide and changing the sparks, which I liked a lot better than the default, for they looked more natural. These would be more recommendable, however, if they were included within a much larger mod or within a small saber effects mod, but with a sound mod? I can\'t recommend sounds that really don\'t sound good, and aren\'t edited well, and they just lack purpose or direction. Sounds need to take you somewhere, to make the game more enjoyable because you are hearing different, more film-canon sounds. The saber swing sounds sound more like just moving a saber, which gives this mod a lazy feeling—a lazy Jedi is unheard of. These sounds never really some together and make an experience, and then effects are thrown in… it\'s a bit of a mess. —Ra-Kom




M.C. Hammer Duel Music | 4.82 MB

though, it just isn\'t loud enough for me. If you think you could duel to it or if you just want some fun new duel music to download check this out!. -Rink




MJC Music Mod | 36.97 MB

to a techno flavored instrumental piece. It\'s a nice variety and I recommend the download. You\'re likely to find something you like here. ~AmosMagee




Evanescence Duel Music | 4.94 MB

duel to it over and over and over and over and over again. But for those who can - enjoy! ~AmosMagee




Koriban Palace Two | 4.88 MB

hallway on the other. you can break the windows and go outside. if you do, you can see how big this palace is. I couldn’t capture it all on a screen shot :P. If you decide to go through the hallway, there is a statue of Ragnos in there. The lights flicker, adding to the overall effect. The author used the textures very well. Everything just look wonderful. There is even stuff to break! I found some jars around the place. The ceiling has a lot of miniature domes, which looks very nice. Oh, I almost forgot, there is music as well. I think its from Pirates Of The Caribbean. Im not 100% sure though, since the name of the file is mp_ffa2. I was able to get a good FPS on this map, but I have a very fast computer, with a high graphics card, so I don’t know if you will get the FPS I got. It’s a real nice map, just be careful outside, I wouldn’t want anyone to fall off the edge. (Unless your fighting against me :) ) This map also includes Bot Support, so you can use it when there is no one else to play. Keep up the good work! Bot Support: Yes! New Textures: Yes! New Music: Yes! Game Types: Duel, Power Duel -Airm




Survival Mod 2: Revenge Of The Droids | 31.32 MB

2: Revenge of the Droids. I'll admit that I cheated while playing this and I still didn't get past like, the second room (when I played as Immy). The enemies just keep coming! You can play as four seperate characters and it looks like each one of them has a different map that you play through. I only tested Immy and the Clonetrooper. I don't know how long it took IZaNaGI to make this mod, but he put an incredible amount of work into this. Yes it's a large download. Stop whining and download it. If you enjoy single player stuff, then you're going to love this. If you don't cheat, then it is quite a challenge. I will probably play through this when I have more time. :) That's two great SP maps/mods that I've reviewed this week. :D ~AmosMagee




True Rodian Voice | 1.2 KB

from the rodian skin, and puts them onto the kedi rodian to make him sound like a rodian. This mod is nothing special, but there are some who may find it useful :) Personally i prefer the change, but it's not like it has bothered me that much. ~Szico VII~




The Last Hope Mod (v0.1.1) | 3.21 MB

closer look at this mod. One of the features that many people have requested in a mod would be the ability to scale your model. You\'ll find that in this mod. I can\'t say that I\'m all that familiar with NPC\'s and their behaviour, but the new commands in this mod for NPC\'s sounds very cool. You can make the NPC\'s follow you, attack wherever you\'re looking or have the NPC\'s defend your position. The author plans to add a command that will allow you to toggle dual weapons, but it\'s not in this version. Some other features include RGB sabers, several classes such as Shadowtrooper, Boba Fett and Emperor (though that one still has some bugs, according to the author). Vehicle weapons have apparently been fixed and vehicles limit has been set to 64. There are a bunch of other features - too many to list. Try this mod out and be sure to give feedback to the author. I\'m sure there will be many updates to improve upon this mod by SuperDindon. [/quote] Well, SuperDindon has updated this mod and now you can wield two weapons at one time! Probably something many of you have been looking forward to. The other features that seemed to be a big hit with everyone are still there, and improved upon. If you notice any bugs, feel free to post here to let the author know, but don\'t just say \"OMG fix teh bugs!\" Let the author know exactly what kind of bug it is, how you found it, etc. Oh, and be sure to read all of the documentation included with the mod before running to the author and telling him his mod sucks and that it doesn\'t work. :) I\'m sure we\'ll see more updates to this mod. ~AmosMagee




Enyak's Mutilator (Saber-cutoff limbs) | 4.92 KB

dice! [b]Instructions:[/b] Unzip the "enyak_mutilate.pk3" file into your GameData/base directory and you're all set! [b]Notes:[/b] - Works in Single Player only - Doesn't always cut off limbs etc. but it does every so often




The Force Unleashed 2 Starkiller Pack | 10.25 MB

that any work that he sends in is simply spectacular. 5 regular, 2 team skins, and all of them up to DarthPhae's usual standard of work, which is in itself, quite impressive. I still use his DF2 Yun to this day, just because of how excellent it is. He really can turn the jedi_HM model into something potent. So, speaking of, this is yet another Jedi_HM reskin pack, and as I said before, a very potent one. Wielding his mighty digital artistic tools, DP has turned Jaden into Galen Merak in his own unique manner, sketching up 4 of the outfits that you apparently see him in the upcoming TFU2. These are, from what I'm guessing: A kamino clone outfit, a utilitarian suit, a ripped jacketed suit, and a jedi-ish robe of sorts. But wait, what's the 5th? Apparently, a mutated/incomplete clone will be featured as an enemy in TFU2, and has been skinned into such. It looks quite malevolent, and thankfully, he doesn't have red eyes! WOOOT. So, anything wrong with these skins? Not really, there's no graphical oddities with DP's work. I guess my only QQ would be the obnoxious cinematic lines that were included as taunts. However, that's just personal opinion, and should in no way impact your judgement on these skins. DP whipped up a set of modified Jaden Male sounds to help compliment the rest of his Merak clips, which go along rather peacibly. I'd say we've got a complete package here. With all this in mind, I'd say this pack is the answer to any rabid desire to be Starkiller that anyone may have. I'm tempted to keep this pack in in anticipation of all the fanboys who will inevitably come to my server ;_; with this pack in. It's going to be a looong week. Bot Support:Aye NPC Support:Aye New Sounds:Aye Team Support:Aye - Averus Retruthan




Lugormod Building Utility v3.0.5

lugormod_building_utility.rar | 19.18 MB

much myself. But it's not a bad mod at all. Hunter122 Hacky1432 brings us an updated version of his [file="111841"]Lugormod Building utility[/file]. Considering I've never built anything in Lugormod (shame on me, I know), I'll just get straight on to the details. [quote]This is my Building Utility v3.0.5 Its still got some problems with the MainCoreInjector but just ignore the Unknown command strings... - Anti Decompile Protect ^_^ - Removed /textures Command - Added !search command to search effects, textures or models - Added !player command (trace the Player) - Fixxed under Basic 2 times Lmd_remap - Added Target_Level_Change under Basics - Added Target_Position under Basics - Added Target_Push under Basics - Added Target_Powerup under Basics - Added Target_Remove_Powerups under Basics - Added Target_Teleporter under Basics - Added Target_Delay under Basics - Added Target_Speaker under Basics - Added Target_Print under Basics - Added Target_Score under Basics - Added Target_Kill under Basics - Added Target_Random under Basics - Added Target_Counter under Basics - Added Target_Relay under Basics - Added Target_Scriptrunner under Basics[/quote] Now, one thing you should know: you will need a Windows machine with .NET Framework 3.5+ for this to work. [quote]If the JKA Running shows as runtime error, install this: 32 Bit 64 Bit If the utility wont start you need to install Net Framework 3.5 [/quote] Regardless, Lugormod builders, rejoice. -Caelum Note: once again, this requires a Windows machine running .net framework 3.5 or later.




Jedi Council GCX - 2010 | 34.7 MB

done major improvements to several parts of the level. Redoing some areas was a noticeable effect on many of the 'stages'. What I personally noticed the most were those sounds in the Medical Room. Besides the improvements to FPS and the (Amagawd thank you) enabled locking of the Bot Spawn Room, I can't really say much. It's the same map in a way, and that's what still makes it have that glow. At least for me, that is. You decide if the glow is yours! New Textures - Yes New Music - Yes Bot Support - Yes ~The Denariax




Taris RP | 56.5 MB

maps". It's a nice coincidence that this Taris RP map is being released while the Taris mapping contest is going on. Some of you probably remember Cydon (Ki_Adi_Mundi) for his Yalara roleplaying map which was a very nicely made map for roleplaying but was really lacking in the visuals, something that really turned some people off the map. He returns now after having "set out to do better, even if only slightly" with a map based on Taris, and I've got to say that he succeeded. [b]Accuracy:[/b] I want to start off by first of all saying that this isn't a map that was built to replicate the KotOR version of Taris. Everyone who's played Knights of the Old Republic knows that Taris got the $*#@ blown out of it by Malak's sith fleet, and so seeing as this is set over 4,000 years after that we can guess that the city was rebuilt and obviously the passage of time has changed some things as well. With that said, there's no mistaking that this is definitely Taris. Everything from the architecture to the sky, lighting, and of course the KotOR music just screams 'TARIS!' I was confused how the author calls Taris' lower levels the 'Undercity' when the undercity was ACTUALLY that dark and scary place on the floor of the planet that housed horrible monsters like Rakghouls and Igear. [b]Content:[/b] To say this map is a [i]large[/i] map for roleplaying is an understatement - this map is massive. You start off near one of two ships, either on the upper levels by a Republic dropship or in a lower-level hangar outside a familiar Nabooan ship which, by the way, is enterable and features all you'd expect from a ship including a briefing room, crew bunks, bridge, refrigerator, and more (I couldn't find a bathroom though... WHY DOESN'T ANYONE IN STAR WARS EVER HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM?!) If you start in the upper level then you can go down one of those suspended walkways that Taris is so famous for and visit a number of locations. You've got a nice upper brow cantina; a government building complete with senate room and military base (Which in and of itself has a ton of content, including a shooting range, armory, and prison); and various other rooms for different government or military purposes (Who knows half of what those crazy feds do?) There's also a Jedi Temple with some really cool things like a display of floating rocks in the center of the entrance area, a nice library, a council room, and basically everything you'd expect from your average Jedi Temple. Also on the upper level is a door that leads to a nice lift-area that takes you to the lower levels, specifically a starport area (The area that houses the other spawnpoint at the Naboo shuttle). This then leads out to a dark and grimy lower area with a bunch of doors as you walk down. The doors lead to a bank (Which I thought was kind of odd to have on the lower level rather than the upper level); a cantina akin to the one in KotOR complete with crime lord throne, singing lounge, and combat arena, however the arena isn't even close to the complexity of the KotOR arena which was like an actual gladiator pit - this one is just a small sand box in the floor. Then you, of course, have the sewers which KotOR made so famous. In short, there's a lot to do on this map. [b]Visuals[/b] Yalara had potential to look great but the lack of appropriate lighting, some weird terrain bugs and too simple architecture, and a really bad choice of textures in some areas just destroyed that potential. The author took just about all they they did wrong in the last map and did it [i]right[/i] in this one - probably for the better because Taris is cooler than Yalara anyway. The very first thing I can say is that this looks like Taris. The architecture fits and the lighting is great in almost every area, from the Taris sky to the grimy lower level. There are a few places that look worse than the others due to what I guess would just be low-quality architecture and/or textures, such as in the senate room which looks too blocky. There are other areas, however, where the quality of the map really shines, such as in the main chamber in the Jedi temple or the entire outside plaza of the upper levels. Something that caught my eye was how the author makes use of a lot of sprites to make it look like air traffic is busy all over Taris, and it works really, really well on the upper levels as you look at the criss-crossing lanes of traffic in the sky. Unfortunately when this is attempted in the lower levels outside a window, the effect doesn't look nearly as good; just looks like 2D toy ships flying 3 feet away. The lighting is very well done, more more so than in the Yalara map and makes a wide use of shadows and actual light sources rather than just blanket lighting. It makes the map look so nice. [b]Conclusion[/b] All in all this is a very nice map and definitely an improvement in quality over Cydon's last project. ~Laam'inui




CloneWars Mod - Sounds and Effects | 5.3 MB

:S Basically what we have here is a great deal of the sound effects work produced by the Clone Wars mod team that has unfortunately disbanded due to inactivity. We have however been left which quite a large library of new sound effects here which include things like weapons fire, walking sounds, new spawning sounds, new health and shield pickup sounds and more. Third (AKA Bluestormtrooper) explains more about the ill-fated mod and the excellent work that has been released here in his readme. All the sounds that I listened to were good quality recordings and were made by people who obviously new something about the art of [url=]foley[/url] (the art of making such sound effects) and some of them sound as good as the base JKA sound effects I think! A bonus is that this file also includes some .efx files to actually change the visual effects ingame! It’s unfortunate for any mod to die, especially one that never saw a proper release, but unfortunately that happens. What is good though is that some of this mod team’s hard work has been preserved here for the rest of the community. Since this is not a mod in itself the file does not contain a .pk3, but rather all the individual sound files. Hopefully the people in the community will make good use of these new assets, just remember to properly credit the original authors for their hard work here! Personally I would love to see these sounds taken and made into a proper sound effects mod, I think that would be a worthy use for this work and I’m sure people would enjoy it! So, if you fancy taking such a challenge up, then why not give this file a download? :) ~Nozyspy~




Order Of The Jedi -- Yoda Demo | 80.11 MB

Featuring several new features in 2 new levels based from the movies. Play as Jedi Master Yoda and save your fellow Jedi Allies against the evil Count Dooku. Find the password and unlock it on the Password menu, to unlock a secret level.[/quote] Like it says, you play as Jedi Master Yoda and you fight Count Dooku to save your Jedi Allies (Obi-Wan and Anakin) When you begin the mission 'An Old Friend' it starts off with a 2-3 second movie of a republic gunship flying through geonosis. I had only two dislikes about this: 1) There was no sound. (2) It was a very low quality movie. But, it was only 2-3 seconds and so it doesn't matter too much. You then run through the landing platform and hear one of the two jedi dying. Count Dooku is there standing and you fight one another. After you kill him a short movie plays of him running into his ship. Then, you see him die on the floor in front of you (o_O) I then didn't know what to do. I started looking around trying to find out what happens next. I still had no luck and so I ran back to where I started from and saw a clone trooper and a republic gunship outside the platform. When you approach the clone trooper he tells you the password for the next level. I won't say what happens in the next level, as it is a secret :) I don't know what happens after you complete the secret level because I died every time. Also, there is a BLOCK command you can do with the saber, which seems to work.. sort of. You can parry their attacks by holding the BLOCK button and moving into the direction of their attack. It didn't work too well for me with Yoda, likely because of his height :P Cheats also seem to be disabled in the last level ( :( ) So, if you are interested in this modification or just want to recreate the battle of Episode II, give it a download! - Dommie




Minities | 8.7 MB

The screenshots shall speak the colors for me, as I'm massively lazy to list out colors that people can figure out for themselves(We can do that, correct? ⌐_⌐) I think my only suggestion for another version would be to try and compact your file. There were a couple instances, namely in the .veh and .npc extensions that I believed you could have just smashed together and made the file that less messy, and I'm more than certain you could have applied a custom skin as opposed to making each vehicle a separate addition. Whilst I can't remember how to do it to save m'life, I'm sure one of our more versed community members in the forums or the comments will help you out on that front =_=. Overall, a decent toy to play with =_= engage... - Averus Retruthan




Meditate States

meditate.rar | 15.75 MB

second being for a Teras Kasi character from [i]Star Wars Galaxies[/i]. Can't honestly say either are in my recollection, but whatever, you can see the screenshots and judge for yourselves. However, I should point out what appears to be a fatal flaw. The stances aren't integrated into the meditate sequence, and are just single frames. This means that off the bat they probably won't work without modifying a model's animation.cfg to pick the new 'sequence' in lieu of the default one, and even when that is done there'll be no transition - you'll just skip from one frame to the next. Still, for someone who has the knowledge to perform the integration properly, this may be worth getting. For the average gamer, well. It doesn't work without doing some modding, basically. ~ Kouen




Troopers Voices Mod | 4.15 MB

character sounds which have been changed most, are those of everybody’s favourite cannon fodder...Stormtroopers! Stormtroopers, along with Gran, Trandoshan’s, and lots of other characters have received new sound sets, from taunts to death sounds and everything in-between! It is worth pointing out now, that it seems the main benefit of this mod will be felt in Singleplayer most of all. This mod also works in Multiplayer. But since Multiplayer characters only seem to have one taunt sound, and the other necessary sounds (death, pain etc.) the mod obviously cant replace the same kind of range of sounds that you hear the characters using in Single Player (such as humorous remarks like; “I could sure go for a death stick right now…”). Another set of new sounds is also included for the Trandoshan’s. Many of these sounds seem to be taken from Republic Commando, which as you may remember featured Trandoshan’s as one of the main ‘bad guys’. Again the sounds have been well used here, and they make the Trando’s sound more scary than ever! Also added as the death sounds for several characters is the famous [url=]Wilhelm Scream[/url] (check that Wikipedia link out for an explanation of what the Wilhelm Scream is), which I thought was a very clever idea! :) All in all then a good mod here, players might find it more useful in Singleplayer because of the large range of new sounds, but it is also cool in Multiplayer since it also replaces some of the taunts and other sounds. Also, on an important note: [b]This mod works for BOTH JK2 and JKA![/b] So if you guys like the sound of this mod (no pun intended :P), then give it a download! ~Nozyspy~




TP Link Sounds | 1.32 MB

for me to consider them worth using, but I'm not you, am I? Give 'em a download if you want, just don't expect a whole lot. The game's background music and other ambient sound effects will likely drown these out entirely, which is a shame, really, because beyond the static it sounds like this would be a decent soundset for Link. ~Kouen




Phantom | 34.89 MB

feature pertaining to the Duel of the Fates, including the eponymous composition that drives me nuts now. Suffice to say, this mp3 could have used a little polishing, as it sounds like it was recorded almost. Very mediocre quality. The map itself, however, is superb. The hangar consists of the typical hangar, fitted with the N-1\'s we all recognize so well. The two rear doors open, revealing...WINDOWS WITH SCENERY OUTSIDE. Yes, there were actual buildings outside! Buildings I could use to commit arson! Buildings that...well, you couldn\'t reach, but they were alright to look at anyway. I will say I didn\'t like the grass, as it had a fake feel to it, but I won\'t go farther. Moving on, we traverse briefly down the halls to find a health and armor dispenser. Rather interesting =_=. Next, we can exit our divine hallway, and return to the hangar. First off, behold, as the large doors release their dead bolts =_,= and open forth. My attention was drawn actually to the right corridor. Adorned with marvelous pillars, marble flooring, and delightful windows revealing more scenery, the T-bone crossing of this particular corridor is a marvel to see. Next, going across from this corridor, is the typical Theed reactor area. I guess a separating factor here is that there are fewer catwalks, and that there\'s a set of them WAAAY down below. Follow the long path to the PIT OF FATE =_O It\'s worth noting here that the laser barriers were excellently scripted and equipped with much better sounds than previous version. The pit looks...pitty. Looks all good to me there. Overall, this map is very solid. Everything seems to be there that anyone would want. Best of all, the fun doesn\'t stop there. Included is an overscaled version (phantom_o) AND a small bonus map known basically as the \"Hyper\" map. It\'s a semi-UT play style of map, with spheres that you can bounce across the map\'s bounds with and activate a particular devious sphere that invokes my wrath =_,=. Good for rough basic gameplay. Bandwidth is commanded of you, as you will die without this map. Yes, now that it is released, the death timer has begun. Submit bandwidth now, if you want to live =_,= New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Episode 3 - Mustafar

episode_3_mustafar.rar | 31.41 MB

or whatever. Here we got a map which the author made basing it on what we saw in the movie, nothing more nothing less. We got the landing platform where Padme\'s ship is docked, we got the bridge on which Anakin and Obi start out fighting leading to the control room which also has the conference room, finally we got the balcony on which our two jedi fight and ultimately leap down to the giant metal arm that collapses near the end of the brawl. All these spaces look very good and I must say it\'s the most accurate in proportion in my opinion. Some other maps are either way too big in some areas or way too small, this one feels more like you\'re on a very nice replica of the set. The only thing here is that the bot routes are not defined. The music is the battle music from the movie instead of just the Battle of the Heroes, which is good. Overall a nice map, not very big for a big fight but good enough for some roleplaying or just hanging out and fighting the big fight. Download this now! :D [i]Ayane Yamazaki[/i]




Bloody Dismemberment | 137.72 KB

ties up some potentially issue-causing loose ends. In particular, the NPC files that don\'t exist in JK2. The original mod, made by Dark Maul, was converted by J_B_ for use in JK2 without any of the added baggage that isn\'t necessary. I assume it\'s otherwise unmodified, or any modifications are very subtle. However, as with the original, you will be able to partake of \"copious amounts of blood\" and because JK2 is so much cooler than JK3 in the dismemberment department, you can scatter stormtrooper bits everywhere along with gallons of blood! Sound disgusting and gorey? Excellent. Naturally if you don\'t [i]want[/i] your game to be disgusting and gorey, you\'re more than welcome to skip over this mod. Those of you who aren\'t bothered by a little unrealistically over-the-top gore (that\'s the way we like it, right?!) will be very pleased at the new addition for Outcast! Make sure you take a look, or grab the original if you\'re looking for the JK3 variant! ~Inyri




Father and Son (Duel Music) | 3.02 MB

– a little too fast paced in my opinion. I like my music kind of slow and dramatic , not really fast. But if this is your cup of tea, feel free to download it. ~Zach




Na Tian Wan Sang Yi Jian Ni | 1.34 MB

the previous mods, so here are some reviews of the previous versions. Love Path (v.11) review and Glory of the Sith (v.16) review All I\'m going to do is tell you what changes have been wrought in this version, quoted from the readme. [quote] 1. Author Note about DFM v.24 This project were too big as i working alone, i was planned to stop the update after v.23 but there is some bug i need to remove with this update. Okay here is list of bug fixed by this update : -Fixed bug that disallow activating cloak device (inventory item) -Fixed bug that makes corpse talking when being pushed (with force push) -Fixed bug that not giving you a free sentry gun (while other inventory gotten directly when spawn) -Fixed force lightning electrocuted death-throw effect (duel master windu vs palpatine style effect) -Updated previous feature, please read the feature description for details. Again, hopefully this will be the dark force mod last update, im tired, it just a game anyway, right? Thanks for using dark force mod.[/quote] So if you liked the Dark Force mod, then download this! ~Zach




Ultra Grievous | 769.36 KB

Grievous\' metal body wasn\'t working for this guy, so he took all the color out of it, except for a red section on his torso. It also has some burn marks, but otherwise stays true to the original texturing. Sounds have not been included, so if you want to hear Grievous\' voice you will need to have the original Grievous model in your base folder. No bot support has been included either, and team skins are bugged, so if you\'re interested in another variation on Grievous then give it a look. [b]Team Support[/b]: Yes (broken) [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]NPC Support[/b]: No [b]New Sounds[/b]: No ~Inyri




Jedi Teacher | 832.81 KB

historian/teacher. Let's look at the skin, shall we? This uses the Sean Connery head that Rogue Agent recently released, and I must say, that I'm not used to seeing Sean Connery without a beard. But this isn't about Sean Connery. In my opinion, a teacher/historian should look more old and wizened. So in this case, it would have been better if the author had used the older Sean Connery face.But it still doesn't look bad, maybe it's just a novice Jedi Teacher? Ooh! That's it! He's a [i]student[/i] Jedi Teacher! Other than the face not being what I think it should be, it still looks good. The robes are nicely done, and overall, this is a pretty nice skin. Bot Support: No Team Support: No New Sounds: Yes Npc Support: No ~Zach




Neodämmerung Duel Music | 5.38 MB

dueling, and some pretty nice duels, the sheer length of it is the entire song is almost six minutes long. Why not cut your losses, and cut down the size of the file, do some music editing, and get an even better mix of music? Certainly, there are parts in this that wouldn't go good with a duel, and should be removed. But anyways, if you like the matrix, or like just plain good music like this, then give it a download. :) ~Zach




Dark Jaden | 186.09 KB

just overrides parts of the Human Male in the singleplayer menu. The skin itself is very simple. Just a darkened face, yellow eyes (I don't see how that matters, because you can't really see them), and black clothes. Not nicely skinned black clothes. Solid black. No effort whatsoever. This definitely could have used a lot more time and effort. Now, if you had made it so that you could [i]choose[/i] the color of the clothing, like you can with the edging of the skin, then it [i]might[/i] have been better. New sounds: No Npc Support: No Bot Support: No Team Support: No ~Zach




Escape: Yavin IV - The Lost Maps | 306.41 MB

conversion. Well, saying it\'s a sequel may not be completely accurate. It\'s really something of a replacement - a totally new story, twenty-five new levels, and plenty of new content to choose from. As it\'s very [i]very[/i] long, I tested the first level fully, and will leave the rest to you. However even just from the first level I can tell the quality is way up there. The puzzles are difficult, the levels, even on the easiest setting, are challenging, and the cutscenes are very good. The voice acting could have used a little work, mostly in just the sound quality area (a lot of the voice actors just seemed a smidge too close to their microphones), but the feeling of the characters comes across well enough. The author recommends you remove all custom PK3s from your base folder in order for this mod to work. The main reason behind this seems to be the incredibly high number of NPCs in the mod - if you have extra NPCs in your base folder your extensions will be too long and you won\'t be able to play, so keep that in mind. However the mod comes with enough customization on its own that you probably won\'t feel the need to have extra mods when you play it. I\'m not going to get too detailed on the features of this mod, but I will re-iterate a few things Darrow mentions in his read-me (which I strongly recommend you read). First of all, as I said, it has 25 brand new levels that were not included in the original EY4. Secondly, the interface of the game is new, including a \"chapters\" menu for easy level selection and a new saber menu (you can steal dropped sabers! yay!). It seems like after each level you can customize your sabers based on ones you acquired during the previous missions. So it\'s kind of like an \"unlocking\" system, from what I can gather. The TC also sports three, count \'em [b]three[/b], ending sequences, which is sure to keep you busy trying to get each one. So if you\'re one of those types who loves single-player but whines and moans about how bad the single-player campaign Raven included is, here\'s your chance to try something a little bit more involved. However be warned - you\'re not ridding yourself of Rosh Penin! ~Inyri




Better Saber Clash Effect | 30.25 KB

maybe if there was a mod which had all different kinds of saber clash effects that would be cool…unless there is already. :S Anyways, I couldn’t see much difference with this mod, to be honest the saber clash effects go so quickly after you have actually clashed the sabers, that I couldn’t tell the difference. I took tons of screen shots to try and see, but I could never get one at just the right time to see the sabers clash. :( From the picture of the flare in the .pk3 though, this does look pretty cool, so if you fancy having a change from the normal saber clash effect, why not give this a download? ;) ~Nozyspy~




Republic Commando Duel Music 2 | 6.24 MB

perfectly adequate for duels. They also sound a little bit like the style of the Matrix soundtrack, with some final fantasy thrown in. My main criticism of these songs is that some of them have some rather long drawn-out sections within them, where there\'s no real action in the music, and consequently doesn\'t have the desired effect when In a duel. I also get the impression that these could get old to listen to very quickly, considering many sections of them sound similar - there are not many focal or catchy sections. Still, maybe that\'s what people look for in their duel music. ~Szico VII~




Saber Selection | 4.89 KB

does just that. Think of it - Jaden with a saber staff during training... Okay, maybe it\'s not [i]that[/i] appealing, but maybe it\'ll spice up single-player a bit. Either way, a useful little utility to have, in case you\'re one of those who still plays single-player from time to time. ~Inyri




Final Fantasy VII: One Winged Angel Full Symphony | 4 MB

despite not liking this song at all, likely due to peer pressure. Hey, even I crack! What makes this version better is it's not strictly what you remember as One Winged Angel. It goes off on a little tangent for a while, which is nice. Then of course you get back to your typical chanting, but the orchestral backing of it just makes it so much cooler. I still, however, consider this Uematsu's big failing in FF7's music. But I know a lot of people can't get enough of it, and if you're one of those people, download this for sure. Now if someone [i]really[/i] wants to add One Winged Angel music that would make good duel music, try the Advent Children version. The hard guitars would really fit into a duel atmosphere, better than an orchestral piece ;) ~Inyri




One Winged Angel - Duel Music | 4.84 MB

cool Kingdom Hearts version of Sephiroth. I mean, he was just so much cooler than FF7 Sephiroth, as long as you tried to forget that Lance Bass voiced him. But it's not like he said anything but "SIN HARVEST!" anyway. If you're a Kingdom Hearts fan or a Sephiroth fan (and I know 75% of you at least are one or the other) you should snap this up. It makes decent duel music, and while I find the music sounding a little too midi-ish to be considered good quality (for Pete's sake, the music was for a PS2 game! Put a little effort into it, devs!) it certainly holds the aura of what One Winged Angel should sound like. ~Inyri




Stained Glass Sabers | 1.59 MB

unique effect to your sabers and saber swings. It doesn't always seem to look like stained glass, but I think that the effect even if inaccurate still looks unique and well-done. The problem with the mod is not in its technicalities, but in taste. It's creative, but the result isn't always beautiful and is sometimes even a bit tacky. When you're using a blade color that does not match with the stained glass color that you chose, the result is a blend, and the blend sometimes looked good and a few other times looked undesirably awkward. It's really a matter of what you like and what you don't. The stained glass effect is nicely done, but it doesn't seem to really work when you put it on a lightsaber. I actually liked best when the blade color is blue, because it looks different from the others; the effect was toned down a bit to something more subtle. I liked green blade the least because the effect, I felt, was overdone here. However, I still would like you to check out the screenshots so that you can see for yourself if you'll like this. The author did a good job no matter what you or I think, but it just doesn't come together. —Ra-Kom Note to developer: Due to database errors and the existence of another developer (for Half-Life) named Topaz, I had to make your Developer nick/username be your email username; sorry for the inconvenience.




Mortal Kombat Duel Music | 3.05 MB

If you like Mortal Kombat, or are a fan of techno style music, this would be a nice pk3 to drop in your base. If not... well.. you know the answer to that. This probably took the author all of 10 minutes to make, or should have, but its the little things in life ya know? One can never have to much music to choose from. ~LK~




La Marseillaise Duel Music | 1.76 MB

on your French, that's the French national anthem. French or not, if you don't recognize at least the beginning of this song you definitely need to get out and about more. I can just picture a duel to the this song... I don't imagine I'd get very far with the duel amidst all my laughing, however. It's good for Frenchmen, fans of good music, or folks who need a laugh and want to duel to France's national anthem. ~Inyri




Killer's Weapons Pack | 3.88 MB

to test this baby out. I'll admit that it's been so long that I don't recognize some of the weapon names from the original, but they're plenty of fun even if you don't recognize them. Jukebox of Doom, Weapon of Mass Destruction, Thunderbolt... all in good fun. Some technical specs: KWP features unlimited ammunition, making killing your opponent a bit harder, since you can't rely on someone running out of ammo. There is also a grappling hook. I didn't have the pleasure of testing that, but instructions on its use are in the read-me file. With the grapple hook comes no falling damage. Many parts of JO which were not in JK have been removed, such as several weapons, pickups, and some aspects of Force push. Now for my gripes. Surprisingly I found despite these gripes I liked the mod well enough. My main gripe is the skinning of the weapons. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad or anything, it just could have been better. This is true with a lot of weapon mods. The models themselves were pretty good. With the skins I found that, for my tastes, the skinner had over-emphasized the chrome look to the point where, for me, it didn't look as realistic. Other than that there really wasn't much I could find wrong with it. Oh, a note to all: be careful where you fire some of these weapons. A few of them have huge splash damage, and the Weapon of Mass Destruction... what a recoil! ~Inyri [b]NOTE: Make sure to read the read-me thoroughly for more information, as well as important installation instructions.[/b]




Anakin vs Obiwan Duel Music | 10.68 MB




Sephiroth duel music(FF7) | 2.85 MB

his word for it not being a fan of the FF series. The music itself to me, was slow and somewhat depressing lol. Maybe it fits then when dueling. If your an FF7 fan, here you go! -Lizardking




Clone Wars Saber Sounds V2 | 1.8 MB

(maybe i just need to go get my hearing tested), but there are various differences between them. Download them, take a peak..err.. a listen, and see what ya think. Not much more to write.. I could try to make the sounds for you.. **weeeeessshhh\".. but doesnt have the same effect i think. -Lizardking




Admin Commands | 3.13 KB

For all you lightning fast JK2 admins out there, this is for you. -Rink




Dismemberment Mod | 431.78 KB

Then download this mini-mod. It will satisfy that need you have for dismemberment. ~AmosMagee




TLA Music Mod | 14.45 MB

little new. ~AmosMagee




Classic Sabers | 1.18 MB

that! These sabers are nostaligic of Dark Forces 2 and the sounds are there too! So if you\'ve been missing Dark Forces 2, but still play JA, now you can have the sabers and sounds in JA that you\'ve been craving. New Sounds: Yes ~AmosMagee




Star Wars Saga Saber Sounds | 1.74 MB

too loud and don\'t feel like they fit in the game very well. There were some saber block sounds like in the \"Sith\" pack that also grated on my nerves. Other than that, they sound ... exactly ... the ... same. Only way for you to find out though, is to download this and try it yourself. ~AmosMagee




Duel of the Fates Dueling Music | 3.83 MB

to regular old stuff. Still, if you enjoy something new while you are fighting, I suppose you should get this. ~Wassup1444465




SP Saber Handle and Model Switcher | 2.42 MB

saber choice).[/quote] A nice little SP pack that lets you pick your own saber and your own skin. You can become Desann, Luke, a reborn or a shadowtrooper. This version also includes sound changes which will fit your model appropriately. [b]Note:[/b] Only extract 1 saber and 1 model changer at one time. You cannot have 2 saber .pk3's working at the same time :)




NetRadiant JKA Fix (Mac OSX) | 351.19 KB

over the years. Apparently though Net Radiant does not work properly on Mac\'s (which are also evil), so The One and Only has released this fix which should enable Mac users out there to use Net Radiant for JKA properly! :D He has also included a copy of the excellent Q3Map2 GUI for OSX made by Eridan for ease of compiling. Unfortunately though this only includes the necessary files for JKA, so it seems like making maps for JK2 using Net Radiant on a Mac may still not be possible. Maybe that is something to include for next time? Other than that there isn’t much more I can say about this, so if you are a Mac user and want a fix to let you work with Net Radiant, then this should be of help to you! ~Nozyspy~




FlufMod Patch 0.9.5-0.9.6 | 2.44 MB

is pretty minor, but even so, yay for bug fixes. Here's what was fixed: [quote]- SP: Force Power Menu / Weapon Select / Bonus Style Selection Glitch: this was causing an issue when trying to select force powers and weapon selections when the user increased their saber offense. I have reworked the sequence which now forces the Bonus Style Selection to occur immediately after Force Power Selection. -SP: Mission Video Glitch: repaired the issue where Luke or Kyle start speaking immediately after a mission is complete. Now the Mission Complete screen pops up and they only start speaking once OKAY is pressed.[/quote] Considering the 1000+ downloads on the last release, this should make a fair amount of people happy. Go forth and enjoy. One note: you will need 0.9.5 installed prior to installing this. This package contains only the update; the actual mod is not included in here. -Caelum




Jaden Brown Facial Hair | 9.88 MB

If so, today is your lucky day, because that's exactly what this file adds to Jaden: [quote]Various facial hair combinations for Brown haired Jaden. Includes: Full Beard, Moustache, Goatee, Mutton Chops, Abe Lincoln's Chin Strap Beard, and Hugh Jackman's Wolverine facial hair.[/quote] It doesn't overwrite anything, and it works like a charm. My only possible gripe with this file is the way it only adds facial hair for a single human male Jaden head. I'd love to see it working for all of the human male ones. ...A thought occurs: Rodians with beards. Bottom-line: does exactly what it says on the tin. Download your own facial hair today and increase your pun factor by atleast 100 percent. -Caelum

Jaden Brown Facial Hair - Screenshots   Screenshots:




FlufMod 0.9.5 Beta | 73.32 MB

variety of custom player models and skins for [i]both[/i] multiplayer and singleplayer! First of all, lets have a look at the changes to the singleplayer side of the game. [b]Singleplayer[/b] First off it is worth noting that this mod adds a huge number of excellent custom player models and skins made by a variety of authors, for you to choose from when you start a new game. Not only that but there are also customization menu options for many of these, allowing you to refine you character even further. If you want to play as a Shadowtrooper with blue, red and black armour, then you can! ;) If you want more detailed information, then be sure to check out the readme. There is also a cool little robe toggle thing, which allows you to put on or take off your outer robes on the fly, should you decide that you would rather use your robe with the hood up for a bit of sneaking around, or maybe take it off completely when battling a bunch of Cultists. This feature is available for both SP and MP. Next up we have a revamped force points system and some adjusted force powers. The author has included two very detailed though rather long, readme\'s which outline the many changes, so rather than trying to describe them myself, I may as well let the author do it: [quote] ================================= - SinglePlayer Force Point System ================================= At the moment it is quite a HACK, but it works, and that\'s the point. Through the use of the menu system and external CVARS, I created a \"different\" (far be it for me to claim \"better\") system for the distribution of forcepoints. -Force Sense I find that the Force Sense ability is supposedly innate to what a Jedi is. \"Seeing things before they happen giving them god-like reflexes\". If it were up to me, i would code in force Sense as being the most powerful ability, instead of a simple \"item and secret finder\" that the single player game makes it, or the \"bypass mindtrick\" ability that multiplayer makes it. Thus, I have taken it out of the equation somewhat, due to my current lack of modifying ability for the Single Player Game. It is still incrementable like all other abilities, but it starts the game at level 2. -Saber Throw I don\'t like saber throw. It\'s cheap, and impracticle. (Obi Wan: \"This weapon is your life!\") The jedi should never knowingly chuck their saber around the room. Our lightsaber is all we got. (I prefer to try to play and beat the Jedi Knight games without ever using any other weapons, however the placement of disrupter rifle snipers often forces me to play sniper wars *grr*). Anyway, Darth Vader(EP6) & Yoda(EP3) are the only Jedi to have been witnessed throwing their saber, and it wasn\'t with any real \"boomerang\" control, it was simply an agressive attack against Luke and a Clone Trooper. Thus, I revamped how Saber Throw is given in the game. With the default SaberPack all sabers are generically the same: all with default values. The MOD alters this play to give each saber specific combat capabilities and limitations, some of which include the inability to throw the saber. Kicks are available to those sabers that aren\'t throwable. However, since some sabers are throwable and others are not, Saber throw starts the game at 0, and it is up to you to increase it wisely. -Initial Forces: Pull: 1 //Because of the ID-10-T error, some maps require you //to be able to Pull/push objects. Also, it should be //innate for a Jedi to be able to \"pull\" items //(ie saber) to them. Sense: 2 Saber Offense: 1 Saber Defense; 1 -Tier 1: Game Start: 6 pts Missions: 1 pt (2 if All Secrets found) Total Points: 10 to 12 Possible Pts -Tier 2: First Mission: 3 pts (5 if Saber Favorite Weapon) Missions: 1 pt (2 if All Secrets found) Total Points: 7 to 12 Possible Pts -Tier 3: First Mission: 3 pts (5 if All Secrets found) Missions: 1 pts (2 if All Secrets found) Total Points: 7 to 13 Possible Pts Total Points In Game: 24 to 37 Possible Pts As you can see I did a little tweaking with the per mission point system. If you find all of the secrets on a mission (eg: Post-mission menu shows \"Secrets Found: # of #\") then, the next mission you recieve extra force points for spending. This is remaniscent of DFII:JK. However it isn\'t perfect, as some missions have secrets, but do not actually consider them as Secrets in the \"post-mission debrief\". So, basically if after the mission it displays a \"Secrets Found\" entry, and you have found ALL of the secrets for that level, you will recieve the extra point. [/quote] Next up we have some heavy modding to the saber combat system. This is where it gets even more in depth; from what I can tell you are able to choose from a variety of saber hilts, each with unique abilities and styles associated with them. For more information, be sure to read the FlufMod_Saber_Info.txt which contains a lengthy and very detailed explanation of the attributes and damages associated with each saber. [quote] =========================== - SinglePlayer Saber System =========================== -Select any Hilt, Any Style at start of game. Sabers: Dual, Staff, Single Stances: Medium, Strong, Fast, Tavion, Desann Colors: Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Red. Hilts: (See: FlufMod_Saber_Info.txt) -New Style selection system based on increasing Saber Offense If you increase your Saber Offense you will recieve the option to add an additional style of your choice. This happens at the Weapon Selection Screen. If you choose not to add a style at this moment, select NONE and you will recieve no bonus style. After Hoth and Vjun you still recieve the default new style as per the game, however at this point you can as well select NONE and choose to retain only the styles you currently posess. This acts now to make SaberOffense a tad bit more important, not just style-wise, but also as your attack base. You can have only one style, but a level 3 saber offense, so you are really powerful offensively, even though you only use one style of saber combat. Finally, this does not affect the MOD oriented hilt limitations. You still retain ALL styles you gain in the game, even if a specific HILT does not allow you to use it, so be careful about which saber hilt you pick and what styles you pick for it. Especially after VJun, where you can \"build\" a new saber hilt, so this may or may not affect styles learned throughout the course of the game. Also, after the VJun mission, where you str able to select a new saber hilt, this has been altered to prevent changing saber types. You must stick with whatever type of saber you began the game with. I personally like this better, because as the game progresses, you are \"practicing\" saber techniques with one type of saber. \"Obi-Wan: If only you\'d spend as much time practicing your saber techniques as you do flying, and you\'d rival Master Yoda as a swordsman.\" Hence, you don\'t really alternate between the saber types, you focus on ONE type and get really good at it. With this as well, I believe wholeheartedly in the role-play aspects, and thus if you increase your SaberOffense with one type of saber, you should have to start from Level 1 again for a different type of saber combat. Which, since I could not code this effect with the limited resources available for Single Player mods, I simply eliminitated the option.[/quote] As the author states in his readme, and as you can see from the amount of time and detail he has put into this mod, he is attempting to add some more RPG and choice related aspects to JKA, which while it allows you more freedom in gameplay than JK2, is still pretty linear gameplay wise. I would really like to go into this mod in more depth, but the very fact of its complexity makes it difficult to test for a review since we generally don’t have that much time, especially for huge mods like this. For the full effect, I would definitely recommend downloading this and starting a new game! Now, that’s the major points of the singleplayer side of the mod dealt with, so what about the multiplayer aspects? [b]Multiplayer[/b] AS in singleplayer, there have been some significant changes to the saber system, as outlined below: [quote] ================================= - Saber Style Selection... ================================= Yes, I think it is rather pointless, and annoying, for Raven to have coded in 7 total saber styles, and yet you can only use at best 3 at a time. Sabering is more than just 3 distinct methods, hell its more than the mere 7 animations they\'ve included, and since I\'m not a modeller we\'ll just have to make do. Instead, I basically opened up all the styles, Tavion, Fast, Medium, Strong, Desann, Dual, and Staff, as a point based system using your Saber Offense Level. Level 1 - 1 Point Level 2 - 3 Points Level 3 - 5 Points This works out, because Dual and Staff cost 3 points as opposed to all other styles 1 point. In addition to the Saber file scripts, you can configure the sabers to bonus you with styles or limit others. Like Anakin\'s EP2 saber, is normal, but his EP3 saber and Darth Vader\'s saber both have Desann learned, so you don\'t have to buy it. On the server side, you can effect styles available with a server CVAR, listed below. As well, Bot JKB files can use the same method of saber style flags in their force power string. Using the same bit flag addition values as you would for the g_SaberStyleDisable CVAR listed below (but only for the Styles not the disable flags) you would append that value to the bot\'s personality\'s forcepower string as follows: Example: 7-1-222222202020003333-104 The -104 gives the bot the use of Tavion, Strong, and Dual styles, I think. Not too good on the whole AI section of the source code, but they all use the same parsing engine as it does for the player, so for now I believe it works, and I\'ll keep testing for later revisions.[/quote] To be honest, I really have to agree with the author here, considering that Raven used different saber styles and attacks for Tavion and Desann its quite annoying that they only included 3 styles for the single saber and 1 for the dual and staff sabers each. Its a shame that we have to resort to modding to include extra styles like Tavion\'s and Desann\'s, when I think Raven should have included these and maybe more styles to begin with so that we would have more variety in gameplay. Along with this there have been many changes to the way force powers work, from the use of force points and force regen times, to adjustments of the various force powers, such as having to hold down the force speed (now called force dash) button in order to continue using it, which makes sense, as like the author says in his readme, Jedi don’t just \'turn it on and off\'. There have also been some adjustments to saber throw, meaning the saber now flies in a strait line, a la Yoda in Episode III, and you now have to go and pick your saber up afterwards, as it no longer returns automatically to your hand. There are many more adjustments which are explained in greater detail in the readme, which I wont paste in here since those alone are about three pages long! For more info be sure to read the readme! So what does the author have planned for future versions of this mod? [quote] ================================= - Future Plans ================================= First let me note that help is ALWAYS appreciated, especially from the fine folks at the forums and elsewhere on the \'Net who help point out certain things and help me seek the location for things as well as offering advice, pointers, and general answering of foolish questions modders like me sometimes need. So anyway, in the end, this section is just a list of things I would \"like\" to do in the future, but can\'t because I suck. - Update Saber Deflections of standard Blaster attacks. I\'d like to change it so that it would deflect some on its own, but if you actively hold a key to \"contribute\" extra attention, your deflection rate skyrockets. Very rarely did you see powerful Jedi affected by blasters, especially when they were concentrating on deflecting the missles. I\'d like to add the Concentration. - Update a \"Sense\" radar. I dunno how exactly I\'d do this but I\'d like to make some sort of radar that would indicate hostile intention in a specific direction, for those rare moments when that 2D screen is just to limiting on the peripheral vision it would be nice to have the force work for us, point out where that last shot came (or is coming) from. [/quote] Personally I think both of these ideas are excellent. The idea for the saber deflection modifications reminds me of the Star Wars Episode I Game, where you actually had to use the attack button to deflect blaster bolts, which I have to say was much more satisfying than just having it done for you! I also like the \'sense radar\' idea, this would be very useful in FFA\'s and it could also be quite useful on singleplayer, when you see the beam of a disruptor rifle graze your shields and want to know where the shot came from. All in all a [i]very[/i] in depth and complex mod here. This wont appeal to everyone of course, but I am sure some people will absolutely love it! Just a note to the author for next time around though, I think it would be a good idea to include a simplified readme with a briefer outline of the features to make it easier for newbies to get started with the mod and also for the benefit of us reviewers to be able to quickly see what the mod features without having to do a lot of reading or hours of play-testing. ;) Keep up the good work JaedenRuiner, your modding skills are impressive, most impressive! ;) ~Nozyspy~




Jedi Council GCX - 2010 | 37.22 MB

remember our server using it JedicouncilGC ad nausea. Erstok, in whatever enterprising mood struck him that day that he began, has decided to "update" JedicouncilGCX in an effort to breathe new life into the map. His plan? Rebuild the entire thing from scratch and make his desired changes. Now, before I begin, let me elaborate on the basic premises of JedicouncilGCX. This map was essentially the headquarters of the {O} clan back in the early 2000's. Somehow, someway, this map got leaked into the public, and was never officially released, per se. Since then, it has served as a grounds for Roleplay in a Jedi Temple setting, or a general hangout map for Jedi-oriented clans. In an effort to show you all just how the old and the new differ from each other, I will be describing each individually as I walk you through the map. We'll start in... -=The Lobby=- Old: This was always my least favorite room as it was always big and empty, and didn't have much appeal to me with the white marble. This room consisted of a large arched hallway with massive cylindrical pillars and red carpet leading up the stairs and around them. A lot of benches and plants were dotted about the general area, and there were many doorways that led to various training rooms, though a select few led to special or transitional areas within the temple. New: The function and architecture of this area hasn't changed much. From what I've been told, the pillars appear to be slightly different in construction, though I cannot say for certain if this is true. The red carpet originally did not lead to the NPC training room or the dark room(covered later,) but now there are paths to these rooms. Lighting has been altered in this area, including sunbeams peaking through the windows, which is definitely a neat touch. The statues, which were originally JK2, are now JK3 Rift statues. Door placement has not changed, however. -=The Dark, NPC, Dojo, and Water training Rooms=- Old:GCX was quite infamous for possessing a motley assortment of dueling/training areas. First, a dark room with minimal lighting and four turret positions at every corner of the room. Second, a japanese style dojo with some display cases in the room. Third, a glass dueling room with a pit of water below. Finally, a half-circle NPC training room, with a slew of default NPCs to train your battle skills upon, and a hidden observation room for teachers. New: The Dark Room now features a monochrome lighting scheme versus the red/blue scheme that the original possessed. The Japanese Dojo has endured no changes, which is sort of a shame, since there's no sourced lighting in this room. The glass dueling room has undergone a major change, with the glass catwalks now leading to TWO exits. The water is also much more shallow than the previous, making it easier to get back into the fight. Finally, the NPC training room has now undergone a full spherical overhaul, and the observation deck is much more visible. -=Archives=- Old: The archives in GCX were massive, almost intimidating. There were two doors that led into the archives, though for some reason, both led to only one section of the archives, with an additional section branching out to another section. Both sections had large grand staircases that led up to the second level, and equally massive windows to provide sunlight. The bookcases were also...just insanely massive, and on the outside of each shelf on the first floor were display cases full of saber hilts. New: This place was pretty much rebuilt entirely. The place is a lot less colossal, and a lot more plausible. The archives are a lot tighter now, which means less travel time, and the stairs are now near the doors, which now lead to individual sections of the archives instead of the same. There's also glass guards so you can't just walk off the second floor and hit the floor. The workstations are all on the first floor, so no random tables on the second floor. Windows are smaller, and the hilts are still there. -=The Hangar, Bar, and Prison=- Old: GCX featured a "Master Windu's Bar and Grill" in the middle of a hangar full of Jedi Starfighters created by Aaron Smith, along with an X-wing and YT-1300. On the upper floor, there was a detention block where people could be imprisoned. New: This update doesn't change much in the hangar. The bar has a bit darker lighting scheme, and now features a switch that toggles some lounge music. Very nice touch. The prison and the hangar hasn't gotten much overhaul other than the lighting, though the wire catwalk is now glass. Alright, this could go on forever... I think I'll do two more areas, and let you guys explore the rest XD! -=The Hallways=- Old: GCX, despite being a great map, had very bland and lifeless hallways. They were pretty much simplistic rectangular transitions. New: The new hallways are FAR more decorative. Complete with a brighter lighting, these hallways now have more ornate architecture with banners at set intervals. SOOO much better than the original. -=The Upper Rooms=- Old: Four elevators led up to an upper floor that led to two bedchamber wings, a meditation chamber, and a council chamber. This room was notorious for having concealed buttons in the council and the bedrooms. New: Wow, this place got a nice overhaul. First off, the bed chamber wings got shorter transitionary wings, filled with benches, a fountain structure in the middle of the room to fill it out better, and similar architecture to the hallways to fill it in moreso. The secret buttons? Visible now. Sorta sad, but sorta nice too. No biggy. The council room and meditation room are generally the same, though the sizes are a little different. Whew...alright, so, as you can see, this map already had a lot to offer back in GCX, and now GCX '10 offers even more. This version actually added the classic space council room from the JK2 JedicouncilGC, which was a pretty neat idea. Along with the new additions, I neglected to mention the new admin room to lock down some of the rooms, as well as the overhauled garden, but honestly, it's worth a look. Now...methinks this needs a 2.1, and lemme tell ya why! 1.) That pillar in the middle of the council room just has to go. It just seems so obstructive, and it makes no sense to place a stone pillar where a human could stand in the center in the middle of inquiries, and council members can't address people across the room without looking around it. 2.) You basically made the same mistake GC did, including enough of the vehicle information to make it semi-playable and displayable, but some of the shaders aren't there. Go beyond the book, and include the full set so people can use it without having to download the thing off of Lucasfiles!(hint, hint.) 3.)See if you can alter the bacta tanks so that a player can enter them. Trust me, seems stupid, but you'd please oh so many people. Seriously, if you include those things, this map would outclass it's inspired work in totality. I say go for it, Erstok. You've pulled a wise move, facelifting this map. Looking forward to see any future versions like crazy. =_,= New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan[/quote] Right, so what's new?! Quite a bit, really. We have a huge textural overhaul. A prime example I noticed is that the training room is now darker and has a HORDE of training damage. The carpet overhauls look pretty nice as well. Now, some additional changes: The hangar has now been completely overhauled, with the starfighters completely removed and in their place, stacks of boxes and a better floor. The bar has gotten an aesthetic overhaul, as did the detention center. Much better security, I'd say. In the medical bay...well remember when I asked if he could make the bacta tanks usable? Turns out, he made new ones and they're quite awesome =_= and they are fully interactive. And finally, the Jedi Council, the hallmark of the entire map, has been touched up, with an Atlantica style halo lamp and the removal of that blasted pillar. Rest well, Erstok, for you have done a great service to the JedicouncilGCX map's legacy. The temple is now much more lived in, and has greatly benefited from your handiwork. I declare this map to be in a far better(and far more RPable!) state than it used to be. Let all rejoice, and make merry... New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




Duel Taris | 15.65 MB

Good choice of music for a duel themed map. [*] Multiple levels of platforms for duelling. [*] Blue fog creates a moody atmosphere. [*] Good architectural detail on the landing pads. [b]Cons:[/b] [*] Skybox doesn't fit with the colour theme of the map and shows through fog. [*] Exterior buildings architecturally simple. [*] Map feels somewhat empty. Note: This map has been given a generalised review to avoid any biasing of the voters. All maps submitted for the contest will be fully re-reviewed after the contest has finished.




TFU Backhand Saber Animations | 25.17 MB

care! :) Sylver has swapped around a good deal of animation strings to match the backhanded lightsaber stance that Galak uses from TFU. He has also done this with single-player and MP bots in mind, and has also changed the animations for every other NPC that comes with the game. Thats a fair amount of work to his credit, but it didn't come out quite as polished as you might like. There are several clipping issues with the models, and don't expect to watch the SP cut scenes with any sort of sobriety (hey, I thought it looked funny okay?) Overall, a decent attempt at the backhand stance. Not the best I have seen so far, but good if you like seeing all the NPC's use that stance. -Sared Overall rating: three out of ten biscuits. New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes New Effects: Yes




Black and White | 2.34 MB

map is fiendishly simple and effective; make a sniping map that is just flat black and flat white and provide a flat black skin to go with it. The result? The ultimate test of your sniper abilities! Obviously you wont be able to see a flat black skin against a flat black background, making finding and tracking your opponents incredibly hard, unless of course they stray into the flat white area, in which case they stick out like a sore thumb! This map is of a medium size; big enough for a medium FFA, although it is probably better suited to a small FFA to make finding your opponents more difficult. It has numerous ramps and walkways and different types of cover. Importantly no force powers are needed for this map, since the only areas which require you to jump, have jump pads for that purpose. I must also compliment the choice of music (which sounds like something from the Bourne films), since it fits perfectly with the theme of this map! The only bug I encountered was related to these jump pads; on one of the jump pads that catapult you from one side of the map to the other (right at the top of the walkways) there seemed to be a miscalculation in the path of the jump. Meaning that it shot you into the side of the opposite jump pad, bouncing you right back off and into a nasty fall, rather than catapulting you onto the opposite walkway. Apart from that small but somewhat annoying glitch, this map is a fantastic example of an original idea come good. If sniping is your thing, then you will like this map! I hope to see this map on servers soon! :D [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA ~Nozyspy~




Eve of Redemption | 45.84 MB

is, but I have several guesses. I probably missed something, so don't mind me. In this mod, you play as a reborn. You are out to get revenge and also to make a place for yourself in the galaxy, neither of which can be done at the same time. The plot wasn't bad, actually - I expected a bit less at first. The visuals are well done - in fact, I saw several things that just took the cake. First off, the atmosphere in the sewer system was something I have never seen in JA before. Second, the skybox on the coruscant map enticed me so much that I literally fell off the balcony admiring it. Great work! The cutscenes were well-done. The voices are somewhat quiet, but they are there. For non-professional material, they are actually high quality. I admit, I was impressed by the voice of the main character and the imperial officer. No horrible artifacts, no clipping, and good pronounciation. Good work here as well. The [i]only[/i] gripe I have is that the game was short. Very short. Now, I do understand that a [i]lot[/i] of work went into this, and I am very appreciative of what has been given - it's one of the best single player mods, to be sure. If there is ever a future version, though, it would certainly be nice to see another level, There you have it. Look at the screenshots while the file downloads - I'm sure you'll like what you see. ~Dretzel




JamyzGenius First Choice Animations | 8.23 MB

animate characters. Due to this the animations we have are no where near as realistic as what they can do these days, so it’s always good when someone goes and makes an animations mod to spruce up our game a bit. Here Jesus Fernandez Garcia brings us his latest animation compilation mod, which includes a multitude of new animations. As well as a new stances and animations for each of the saber styles, there are also new animations for; force push, force grip, force lightning, rolls, jumps and quite a few more besides! Personally I liked the new roll and jump animations, although they seemed a little too slow in their speed, the animations themselves looked more natural I think. Especially impressive though were the new saber stance animations, particularly the ones for the yellow stance, which was based off Count Dooku’s sword salute as seen in Episode 2 just before be duels Yoda. The animation here looks really cool and it has been well done and it is great to see as opposed to the somewhat more sedate default animations. This animation is also the authors favourite, and I can see why! I imagine this will be the favoured animation and saber style of many players now! There is also a new ‘death from above’ attack animation for the yellow stance and also for the blue stance. Among the new force power animations, the new force lightning animation was probably my favourite, since it now looks like it is taking some effort to shoot those bolts of lightning from your fingertips! There are still some things to be improved though. As I said before, I feel the jump and roll animations are a little too slow and could do with speeding up a little. Also, if you jump a long distance, the somersault animation continues to loop whilst you are in mid air rather than stopping after the initial jump, which looks somewhat unrealistic. Other than that I think some of the animations could do with a little more tweaking, but nothing major. All in all a great animation mod here, one, which I hope, will get a lot of use from the community. So, if you guys like the look of this, be sure to give it a download! :D ~Nozyspy~




The Sand Man - Spiderman 3 | 575.52 KB

trilogies. We already have a Spiderman skin or two on the site, as well as a Venom skin too I think. Now we have a Sandman skin to add to the collection! :D I’m not sure exactly what model has been re-skinned, I would have said the shadow trooper at first glance, but from what the author says in the readme, it seems like this might be a custom model instead. Personally I think a smoother model should have been used, since this one looks like it has some armour modelled on which gives the skin some lumps and bumps. This skin looks pretty good, although it doesn’t quite have the look of sand in my opinion. That is one of the things I think could be improved; I think a texture should be used which is more granular and grainy, rather than the flatter texture with the cracks used at the moment. Also, the colour needs to be made somewhat more brown or beige since it is a bit too bright yellow to look like sand. Lastly, I think that a different model needs to be use, because for one this model doesn’t have a nose! :P Probably one of the Jedi Trainer or Jedi Master models, which are more smooth and plain in appearance and don’t have any lumps and bumps, would be a good choice. Also, don’t forget to make some team support, as that always adds a lot to a skin! All in all not a bad skin here, though I definitely think it needs some more work. If you guys are Spiderman fans, or like the look of this skin, then be sure to give it a download! And don’t forget to leave some helpful tips in the comments so the author knows where he can improve for next time, especially if you are a fellow skinner! :) [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]Team Support:[/b] No ~Nozyspy~




Fart-ghri | 5.32 MB

fart joke. It changes the sounds of the Noghri and their weapons to various (and humorous) noises of flatulence. The end result is a whole bunch of gas-obsessed Noghri breaking wind and cracking jokes even in the heat of battle.[/quote] Here's what it really is: Basically this is one weak fart joke. It changes the sounds of the Noghri and their weapons to cliche juvenile, wholly unfunny noises of flatulence made solely through the author's mouth. The end result is a whole bunch of gas-obsessed Noghri with mixed youth/Noghri voices breaking wind and cracking stupid jokes even in the heat of battle. ⌐_⌐ I think I know why everyone avoided this file. I myself knew it couldn't be that great. I wasn't expecting THIS weak though. If you're going to try and be funny, you're seriously going to have to put a little more effort and not make all the noises yourself. Trust me, this wasn't a totally bad idea, as the Noghri's weaponry does seem reminiscent of ass-gas, but juvenile humor such as this requires precision and practice to make it be funny. I've already said too much =_= you want to hear what I'm talking about, look. It's PC/Mac compatible - Averus Retruthan




SM Cool Saber Effects | 123.68 KB

minutes was wasted, though. I did notice a minor difference in the colors of the sabers while testing - they seemed a little more saturated. But what I thought looked good was the new saber trail. The trails are much more transparent - much nicer than the old white one. Now, I know there's a pretty good chance a mod like this has been done before. However, it's not a bad mod at all. Have a look at the screenshot, and if it tickles your fancy, have at it! ~Dretzel




Harvey Two-Face and Extra | 5.3 MB

immediately that there was no hard division between the two faces, a true-to-life factor. The eye looks a little weird to me, but I guess that must mean the job was done =_,=. The suit here looks a lot more realistic, definitely suggesting some corroding. Unfortunately, I can't vouch for accuracy here, so I"ll leave that to you all.*didn't bother seeing the movie* The team skins represent Dent in his stay at Arkham(I'll assume that's an asylum or prison by the color of his attire,) whilst the red team attempts to portray the comic book version of Two-face. The only bug here was a mentioned one that carried on from the Smith model used, namely the left ear is normal when it shouldn't be. There's apparently an extra here that changes the stormtrooper into a SWAT Team member. Unfortunately, it just seems to be a desaturated stormtrooper with an icon and a not so great attempt to make the eye slits look like one large visor. Wouldn't say it's the best icing on the cake, but heck, maybe you'll enjoy it. Eat. Judge. Destroy. Bot Support:Aye NPC Support:Aye New Sounds: Aye Team Support:Aye - Averus Retruthan




Taspir Power Complex V3 | 51.02 MB

Seriously! The insides of the three towers around the map all look the same, and I could never tell where I was or which floor I was on. Mind you, I did get lost in [i]my own map[/i] once... Errm, perhaps I shouldn't have said that. Ehem, anyway, on with the review! Well, we have a big treat for you here today. Fans of the previous two versions of the Taspir Power Complex map will be drooling to get their hands on the latest version no doubt. Never fear, for your download is near (well just at the bottom of this review actually)! I think people who have never heard of this map, or perhaps didn’t like the previous two versions will be won over by the latest maps incredible features. Since this is such an [i]epic[/i] map, this is going to be quite a lengthy review, even then I will have to cut bits out, since there are such a huge amount of features in this map, I would have to write a book to cover them all! If you have been waiting for this map, my nice long review will be a good thing for you, since it will take you marginally longer to scroll down the page to get to the download button, thanks to its length. Hopefully this will build up the suspense and excitement just a little bit more. :P Anyway, where do I start? This is such a HUGE map that there is a lot to cover here. In fact the main map could really be two maps in one (I shall come to that later). Although I should really call this a map pack, since there are actually a number of maps included in the .pk3 here, including a night time version of the main map, and also a CTF map and a couple of duel maps! Since there is so much here, I will concentrate mostly on the main FFA map of the files title. First of all lets have a look at the: [b]Architecture[/b] The architecture of the original Taspir map was pretty simple, yet at the same time distinctive. The author here has improved the architecture for the original areas of the map; however, the real challenge comes when you start adding new areas to the original one. The thing is, to make the transition between old and new as seamless as possible, you have to build your new areas in the same style of architecture as the old areas. This makes the map seem more of a whole, rather than an obvious mixture between the original parts, and the new additions. Trust me when I say that this is a difficult thing to do! The author has done an excellent job here, merging the original Taspir areas with his new additions. In some areas, I honestly couldn’t tell where the old map ended, and where the new additions began, they were that well blended together. That is a difficult thing to do, so well done there mate! :) [b]Additions[/b] Well, where do I start?! There are so many new areas to explore here, I could spend all day writing about them! One of my favourite areas was the ‘clan bedrooms’ area. This seems to be a feature on quite a lot of clan oriented maps, such as Sith Council v2, however, I think the bedroom area in this map is the best I have ever seen in any clan themed map. It is well laid out, there is lots of space and the furniture is much more realistic than I’ve seen in other maps. Importantly though, the furniture here is also properly sized, so no gigantic desks or chairs, they are the right proportion to the player character! We also have new areas added to the top of the towers in the main part of the map. There are some landing pads with spawnable ships, gun turrets, and even what looks to be an air traffic control tower! There are also many other features up here, however, another one of my favourite areas was down below… Going through a door in the mountain side down at the bottom near the lava takes you into what must be the reason for the maps name; the Power Complex. This is a large area inside a huge cave, with power generators, lots of walkways with girders, pipes, and all manner of industrial looking apparatus filling the area. Also most impressive is how the lava is down below, lighting the cavernous space with its fiery red glow. On a side note, I also want to say how much I was impressed with the new lava texture, it is a vast improvement over the original Base JKA lava texture! The most colossal addition to this map (in fact, it could be a whole map in itself) is the massive space area, filled with asteroids! There is a space station with spawnable ships, masses of asteroids and other features, and my favourite part) a huge asteroid in the middle much like the one seen in Episode 2 during the dogfight between Jango and Obi Wan. It has several holes in it, and a sizeable area inside, so you can test your piloting skills out trying to fly through it! ;) Even more clever, the way to get to this space area is simply to get one of the spawnable ships and fly it up into the sky…you are then teleported straight to the space sector! If you want to go back to the planet’s surface, then all you need to do is fly towards the planet in the skybox in space. A very clever system for moving between the two areas that I haven’t seen done before. Even after all that, there is still a huge amount of new features and areas to explore on this map, you can keep coming back day after day and keep finding new things! [b]Interactivity[/b] Once again, I could write a book with the amount of interactive features there are on this map! As I have already said, there are spawnable ships in various areas of the map for flying around in, as well as many new areas which have interactive features. This map has a total of [b]56[/b] scripts which control and enable certain things to happen around the map. Now that probably won’t mean a lot to most people unless you are a mapper. But let me say that most maps have [i]no[/i] scripts at all! And the ones that do have scripts, generally speaking don’t have that many. In that light that 56 scripts in a single map, is a huge amount and must have taken a lot of work! There is one particular secret, which probably involves a fair few of those scripts, which will make your eyes pop out with the incredible changes it actually makes to the map, however that is a secret, so I shall say no more. :P Perhaps the best interactive feature of this map is the ability to customise it for your own clan. I know on some clan-oriented maps, various different clans that use the map will replace the original clan’s textures (logos and such) in the .pk3, with their own textures and logos. Thus when they play the map, the original clan’s logos and textures have been replaced with their own, thus customising it for their own use. This map is very special however, in that this is the first map I have ever come across that has this ability [i]built into the design of the map[/i] which means the map was meant to have certain textures replaced so clans can customise it for themselves! [b] ***Full instructions on how to do this are on the authors website, you can find the address in the readme below.***[/b] As well as that, there are a huge amount of teleporters hidden throughout the map which take you to various secret places. Including secret observation rooms, rooms with lots o’ buttons that do various things throughout the map (including changing the music), excellent sniping positions, secret areas for duelling in and so on. A nifty feature in the hidden duel rooms is the auto return feature, so if you are defeated in the duel, or die any other way, you are automatically teleported back into the duel room you were in before. To leave the room or disable this feature all you need to do is just walk to the exit sign, and you are teleported back into the main map. [b]Extras[/b] In reality, this isn’t just one map, but actually [b]six[/b] maps! First of all we have the main FFA map, which comes in two flavours, both a day and a night version! The night version gives a whole different feel to the map, and is very well done. Then we have a CTF version of the main map, which has had several areas changed, including the main platform in the middle of the map, which has been made dramatically smaller. It also new moves up and down, and deploys a small ramp to get onto it, all by using the console near it. This was very well made, and could be useful for all kinds of things, especially duels and such. The layout of other areas is also slightly different, but still similar to the main FFA map. The red and blue flags are housed at the top of the towers, which are lit by red and blue lights respectively on the outside. Moving on, we then have another tree Duel maps! Two of them are the same, being the main platform area from the original map, once again coming in night and day versions. A really cool (and somewhat scary) feature of these maps is that the lava down below the platform starts to rise every so often, accompanied by a small earthquake…until the lava engulfs the two lower platforms / areas leaving just the main platform up to! So if you are duelling down below, and the earthquakes start, you know that’s your que to move to the upper platforms, or get engulfed by rising lava! The other duel map, is another area from the new main map, the underground cavern where the power plant is. This makes a fantastic place to duel because of the numerous walkways and the deadly lava down below! ;) [b]Conclusion[/b] All in all this is an absolutely epic map, and I’m really not exaggerating when I say that. It really is [i]that[/i] good! It has endless secrets to explore, new areas to discover, incredible interactivity and on top of all of that, it has been tailored to also suit the needs of clans. As far as interactive clan themed maps go, I really do believe that this map sets the new [b]gold standard[/b] in terms of the huge amount of features it offers, and the overall consistent excellent build quality. And if you are wondering about low FPS, the author also included another .pk3 in the .zip file (Tpcv3_low_fps_fix.pk3) which disables certain features which may slow older computer systems, thus making the map even more accessible to people. This is an absolute [i]must download[/i] as far as I am concerned, I haven’t seen a map with this many things to do, secrets to discover and new areas to explore for longer than I can remember! Come on guys, give this map a download, you know you want to! ;) [b]Main Map:[/b] [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]New Scripts:[/b] Yes (TONS of them!) [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA CTF [b]CTF Map:[/b] [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]New Scripts:[/b] Yes [b]Game Types:[/b] CTF [b]Duel Maps:[/b] [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Game Types:[/b] Duel, Power Duel ~Nozyspy~




Black Sun Jan Pack | 22.84 MB

include the _humanoid folder unless thine file implementeth custom animations. 2) When multiple skins are based on the same model, thou can have them all in the same folder by merely adding extra .skin files. For example, you could easily have not included any models at all, and had all these reskins use the default Jan model, by creating in the Jan folder, and typing \"/model jan/bsred\" - violá! And that works wonders if you\'re reskinnng a base model because you don\'t need to include the model files, since everyone has the model already. Nifty, eh? Okay, mini-tutorial on how to decrease filesizes is over and done with. That was mostly just padding, because there\'s not much to say about the file itself. Contrary to filename this skin pack has nothing to do with [i]the[/i] Black Sun, but Black Sun does in fact refer to a clan by that name. Which would make their tag BS? Oh, my. *ahem* Jan is basically pulling a Joseph and going technicolor. There are five recolors, cyan, blue, yellow, red and green, all with colors pretty vivid for fabric (may want to make them a little more faint for a future release), and there\'s a camo version. No War On Terror jokes, please, we\'ve all heard the \"Afghanistan Jan\" line before. Each color, as well as having extremely vivid fabrics, also has a different color of lipstick, which isn\'t as drastically vivid. Jan has also been adorned with a rather well-done tattoo that Pauley Perrette would absolutely adore. For a recolor pack, these have been recolored without buggering up the texture underneath, which is a nice change. I can\'t say the same for the camo version, since no image manipulation has been done to actually imprint the camo on the texture underneath, it\'s just slathered over. Only real gripe? The colors are too vivid and the text isn\'t blended, which always looks dodgy. Fix those and this is probably the better pack of clan skins I\'ve seen on account of the fact they aren\'t textured up as ridiculously mutated teletubbies with giant logos slathered everywhere. Style in moderation, yupyup. ~Kouen [b]Bot Profiles:[/b] No [b]NPC Profiles:[/b] No [b]Team Colors:[/b] No [b]Custom Sounds:[/b] No




Frozen Temple {RGD} | 40.43 MB

of it, and I spent a good long time looking around. What I really noticed most of all, though, is that there is no overall theme to this map and that the style is inconsistent from room to room. This may perhaps be what the clan requested, but to me it simply make the map seem fractured. My first thought on this map was \"frozen temple... but there\'s lava and palm trees!\" Potentially a moot point, but only a small portion of the map seems to have anything to do with the name. Most of the architecture seems sound, varied, and interesting, but I found myself not liking most of the texturing. None of it seemed to flow -- especially from area to area where the style often did a complete 180 -- and the doors especially bothered me. All the doors in this map look like walls until you bump into them and they open! This makes it very hard to move around until you get used to the door texture scheme. I also felt the lighting in certain areas was below average, such as in the throne room with the Marka Ragnos statue. There no source for the big light splotches on the wall which wasn\'t something I expected to see from a well-versed mapper. Individually I\'d say each room definitely has its strengths, but for some reason putting them altogether just seems not to make much sense and there doesn\'t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. As far as gameplay goes you better bring a lot of friends or you\'ll never have anyone to fight. The map is so big that apparently the author reached the brush limit and had to stop. It seems designed okay for gameplay, although there were some areas that I thought were a little bit confusing to maneuver through. Overall not a bad map visually, I just got a disconnected feeling from it. It\'s still very interesting and well constructed so if you don\'t mind that no two rooms are alike then feel free to give it a download! There are only a couple of references to the clan that requested it so it may not be a big problem for non-clan members. [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: Yes [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




Enhanced Saber Realism | 8.75 MB

version 2 of the original mod. Panda expressly told the author [i]not[/i] to refer to it as such, but he seemed to feel the need to anyway, so just keep in mind that this is nothing more than an unofficial fix/update and that pandapop999 is already planning a [i]real[/i] version 2 himself. [i][b]Anyway...[/i][/b] This changes a few things from the original, mainly being that speed has been increased, boss NPC stats have been normalized, and dismemberment has been added. This should appease those people who felt that the mod moved much too slowly. Certainly an improvement over the original in some areas, but you'll have to decide for yourself whether or not you want to replace the original with this one. ~Inyri




Hercules and Xena Skins | 100.4 MB

that it adds/replaces a whole bunch of skins with their Xena or Hercules counterparts. Don't ask me why Luke=Hercules or why the rebel pilot is now a Mon Mothma reskin that still has a man's voice... these details are beyond me. What I do know is that I apparently didn't watch Xena long enough to know who all these characters are, or what they're supposed to look like. I do know what Xena and Hercules are supposed to look like, though, and I can tell you right off the bat that no base assets model is going to be able to capture either of them... and I wasn't too far off. Most of the skins here actually are a little off, mostly because the faces are one notch down from blasphemy. It's like the author put a lot of effort into adding all this stuff, but very little into refining it. Most of the faces are not quite lined up -- a lot of the mouths don't match the mouth on the model, so when they talk they look silly -- and a lot of skin tones between meshes don't match. And don't even ask me why you would skin an arm texture over a poofy sleeve. That one I can't begin to fathom. Long story short, this needs a lot of work and a lot more attention before it's playable in an enjoyable fashion. As a big Xena fan myself, I'd love to see a great Xena skin. The one here only has a passing resemblance to Lucy Lawless, which is for me at least a big disappointment for what could be a very interesting mod, if the author would take the extra time, work out the kinks, and really place the appropriate emphasis on the details. The big picture is all good and fine, but without the details it's more of a sketch than a portrait. ~Inyri[/quote] Now let’s start by saying that this looked interesting to me and though I was no fan of Hercules and Xena I do like however Greek mythology. First we’ll talk about all the goodies in this mod. There are sabers, hilts, tons of skins to mix and match, weapon reskins, hotkeys assigned for both cheats and npcs. Also you have a very handy button for changing skins on the fly. And many npcs. Now let’s discuss the material. Some of the skins look decent but the textures don’t seem that great to me I don’t know why but there is something funky about them. The clothes don’t really look natural up close and the faces seem to have a bit of skin tone mismatch. The sabers were good but not really all that impressive. It comes with a few hilts and while some look good some just look like they were rushed and not fully completed. Now this pack also replaces the menus and loading screens with a collage of pictures from the characters of the shows but the menus just have a small pig with a red cape which doesn’t really make any sense at all but ok. The Single player campaign was completely changed with the skins on this pack. There were some bugs, at the end there was this bug that maybe only happened to me, but when Tavion is possessed by Ragnos her body is changed to this untextured reborn looking thing. And the same happens when you kill her. Also at the end Kyle’s replacement gets swallowed into the ground and Hercules which replaces Luke is also swallowed only to his hip so you see your character walking next to a legless Hercules and Kyle seems to be talking from under the concrete. Oh and the Mon Mothma reskin is still acting as a pilot which freaks you out when you hear such manly voice, but I guess it's funny though. The MP element is just standard, but with all the skins available including the Ragnos reskin which in my opinion is one of the best looking reskins in the pack, adds a bit of variety. Overall it’s an original idea that fans will love given the options to select either mortals, gods, and demigods. It provides a great selection of outfits and for the male audience there are some provocative outfits included here. The one skin that I would say definitely needs it’s own model is Medusa as the Twi’lek female doesn’t really make justice to this specific character. I hope that the V3 is better, this is an improvement don’t get me wrong I saw V1 but it still needs a lot more work, maybe some more texturing and make the skin tones match, and use shaders to help you out. So if you like Xena and Hercules or just Ancient Greek Mythology then this pack is for you just don't get your hopes up too much. [i]Lady_Trinity[/i]




E3M8 Duel Music | 2.81 MB

to [i]me[/i] I can see how people would heartily disagree with me. The name of the song is Spider Mastermind, and you can find the original version [url=\"\"]here[/url]. I do hate duel music mods, though, because it\'s impossible to review them. People will either like it or they won\'t like it, and there\'s not much to say about its compilation... since it\'s just an MP3. Ryojin [i]did[/i] apparently modify it so it loops a little nicer, so that\'s a pleasant surprise. Give it a try if you\'re a fan of the Doom series. ~Inyri




New Stance Mod | 8.39 MB

isn\'t significantly different from the default yellow stance, in my opinion), and red stance is supposed to be... well, nothing in particular, it seems. Remember that if you download this mod, you can only use one stance mod at a time, so if you can\'t get these stances to work try clearing out your base folder. ~Inyri




Night Scout | 5.64 MB

all, someone has to go down there! Biggest problem with the execution of this skin is it's trying to make an environmental effect on a flat texture. The entire reason there are environmental shaders are for this purpose - reflections [i]move[/i], and because they don't on this skin it looks more like someone heated up his plastic armor and swirled it around a bit, then let it cool and harden. An environmental shader would go immense lengths here to make this reflected look actually work for the model. In this version we have also been graced with team skins, which basically turn the black underlying cloth bits blue or red, depending on which team you use. Sounds are included, but once again do not function because the sounds.cfg file is pointing to the wrong folder. NPC and bot support have also been included, but the bot support was created using bots.txt so it is very likely to screw up the rest of your bots. Keep in mind for the future that bots should be done using a .bot file and a .jkb personality file, not a .jkb and bots.txt. Overall some good improvement, but to really pull off the look this author is looking for he will need to delve a bit farther into the land of shaders. [b]Team Support[/b]: Yes [b]NPC Support[/b]: Yes [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Sounds[/b]: Non-Functional ~Inyri




Sirhc\'s CTF Map | 12.61 MB

staircase, which in my opinion could have been a bit shorter. But it adds some interesting things into the game. Okay, so you’re out of the dungeon, what now? Well, you open up to a castle courtyard complete with a couple buildings and a bridge. I was kind of disappointed at how Spartan the castle area was. I wanted to go up into the castle corridors and do some fragging! I didn’t feel like just shooting someone from the top of a house. I wanted to be behind a wall sniping! Oh well. Making an interior castle wall would be a lot more complicated, but it would be really fun. Anyways, this could be a fun little map to play on. Just remember to not jump straight down while bringing back the flag. There is an easier way to the flag, but I’m not going to tell you about it, because I’m sneaky. Bot Support: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes New Models: No Gametypes: FFA, CTF ~Zach




Duel_Martyr | 3.38 MB

ledges of various heights. A few new textures have been included, but 75% of them are advertisements so it still has a very \"stock\" feel to it. The various stock textures are combined well, however. The lighting is pretty good, and the layout is perfect for a duel without the duelists having to be cramped. Because it is a duel map no bot support has been included, but it\'s not really necessary in a duel map. [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




Tekken Jin | 2.67 MB

any. If there are any missing, make them!) (>ZemmurkTrooper




Tru Othora | 1.18 MB

has lots of Gothic make-up and has lots of black clothes, but it looks good. The other parts of the skin don\'t look too bad in conjunction with other parts of the Jedi Female model. Although...I don\'t like how the author has the neck be a part of the head, so if you try to have the Goth torso and a regular head, it just doesn\'t look too good. The other thing is that this overwrites one of the Jaden skins. I don\'t see why the author couldn\'t make it a separate skin (albeit still in the jedi_hf folder). But besides that, there are a few small and almost insignificant things that could be called \'wrong\' with this skin, although I see no point in saying what they are since they\'re almost unnoticable, and you wouldn\'t be able to see them in-game anyways. I do like this skin. It\'s a very nice, and different skin. And best of all, it\'s well made! Bot Support: No Team Support: No Npc Support: No New Sounds: No ~Zach




Kelia Leenat | 3.73 MB

models to look. This model includes 22 leg variants, 6 torso variants, and 5 head variants. Yet another wonderful female model for everyone to play with, and with plenty of options to choose from, everyone in a server could be using it and could still look different! This model includes single-player support, making finding the perfect combination all that easier. It does not, however, feature new sounds. Jaden makes an appearance here in the soundset. However despite the lack of extras, the model promises to be a must-have for roleplayers, females, or males who like looking at pretty female models (and with the latexy shader, it'll be a good view, trust me). This puppy is staying in my base folder for sure, and I'd recommend it to all of you as well. [b]Team Support[/b]: No [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]NPC Support[/b]: No [b]New Sounds[/b]: No ~Inyri




Bail Akrase | 1.17 MB

submission was an author's roleplay skin. In general, it is very basic, with a toned down gray and the removal of any imperial symbols. It's nothing incredibly impressive, but I enjoyed its conservative look. I never really expected people in RP life to have 300 glowing sparkles on their suits. Not that I've actually seen this phenomenon, but it's basically a comparison to the overflare of some RP skins. Anyway, there's not much done to the skin. There are team skins, but they're basically just a red or blue outline on the torsos. The soundset was pleasant, although I've no clue where they came from. I assume the KOTOR series, though I've never played it and refuse to play it. Call me a heretic or what you will, I will still remain triumphant! *clasps hands together and grins* By the way, note to you David, no .bmp...I was courteous enough to grant you a jpg pic, but next time I will not be so forgiving... Bot Support: Nay Team Skin: Aye NPC Support: Nay New Sounds: Aye - Averus Retruthan




MA5B Assault Rifle | 1.06 MB

and the fact that the first person view stinks as it\'s all in the upper-right hand corner of your screen. Mainly because this isn\'t just the model. It\'s just a reskin of the model. So with that said, I don\'t really see any major difference. I think that I\'m just going to stay silent about what I think of this and let you people decide. But I will tell you that this does mess with your bryar blaster effects. Whenever I shot or charged the blaster pistol I got a purple square around the shot. ~Zach




Attack Cruiser | 10.98 MB

extras, including a pilot\'s lounge. I noticed the lounge had a few missing texture issues, but I didn\'t include screenshots, feeling that the ones the author sent in were good enough. Just for future notice, if you send in a map, you don\'t have to send in screenshots. We\'ll generally take screenshots for you. The hanger hit me a a recreation of a Battlefront II hangar, which isn\'t a bad thing. There were about three ships to choose from: a jedi starfighter, a X-Wing or a Z-95. I was under the impression that this was an Imperial vessel. Where are the TIE fighters and bombers? Well that doesn\'t matter. One of my big dislikes in this map is the actual ship itself. It doesn\'t look like a good attack cruiser. The author has the vertical outline of a star destroyer done pretty good, but it\'s just not big enough. You have a huge hangar and the rest of the ship looks like it was made to hold the hangar, and it looks like it\'s straining to do so. Also, I found a bug. If you go down towards the tip of the cruiser and land your fighter, you can get out and walk around. neat, huh? Yes, but it takes away some realism. So my biggest buff against this map is the ship design. Big deal, most of you probably won\'t care. I have one other thing. The lighting. There looks to be next to none. With this in mind, I could barely see anything unless I increased the brightness of my screen. Yes, it\'s that dark. I could barely see anything in the map. It needs at least [i]some[/i] light to see by. This map needs a lot of improvement, but if the author does improve it, I think it could become a very fun map. Oh, and one thing, if this is an attack cruiser, put some turbolasers on the bottom of the ship. ;) Bot Support: No New Models: No New Textures: No New Music: Yes Gametypes: FFA, TFFA ~Zach




Smiley Saber | 133.71 KB

somewhat amusing, it's sure to either bring a smile to yourface or drive you out of your mind. If that silly part in you is waiting to jump out, give this mod a try. At least it's not depressing! ~Inyri




AC Cloud & Sephiroth Sounds | 2.61 MB

won't be able to hear them clearly, especially if you have music playing. Well, either way, at least it's better than nothing, so if you've got 2.60Mb you're willing to spare to add this on to the models, go for it. ~ Kouen [b]Required Files:[/b] [file="49670"]AC Cloud[/file] [file="43367"]AC Sephiroth[/file]




Tarn | 509.99 KB

some spots on the shoulders. That's about all there is to this skin. Suggestions: First, [b][i][u]DO NOT INCLUDE THE _humaniod.gla IN YOUR .pk3!!!!![/i]/[/u][/b]. It only wastes space. Second, try actually skinning. I say this all the time, if only someone would actually listen.... get tutorials. Get advice. We have forums. Use them, please. This goes for everyone: If you sign up on the forums, and get some feedback before you release a skin, contact me, and I will personally say something nice about you (example: [Your name here] has pretty eyes). Team Support: No Bot/NPC Support: No New Sounds: No -Red EDIT: Also, to take screenshots, press the button near F10 (at least on my keyboard) that says "Print Scrn". Then open Paint, CTRL+V, resize, save, bing, you got it. Ask on the forums for info on taking off the HUD, rotating camera, etc.




Main Menu Title Video (KotOR) | 12.56 MB

Knights of the Old Republic. The grid is still present, the dimensions of the footage are slightly distorted, the filesize is a bit large for a video you\'ll see three seconds of, and the videos just don\'t feel right without the proper sound - the same symptoms as the other instalments had. But, hey, I\'m not gonna nitpick... that\'s Inyri\'s job. :p If you like KotOR and want a new menu video, then give this a shot. If not, well, your choice. This file is mostly just a little novelty. ~ Kouen




FF White Magic CURE | 82.61 KB

pretty cool. -Red




Reborn Jedi | 1.24 MB

coloring is dark, which suits me fine. The idea behind it was to make a simple reskin that would stand out. I think that the author has achieved this. While the author has tried to include reborn sounds for this instead of kyle sounds, it didn't work out. For you lovers of both the jedi and reborn skins, this could be for you! New Sounds: No Bot Support: No Npc Support: No Team Support: No ~Zach




Main Menu Title Video (This Weapon is Your Life) | 7.16 MB

lightsabers, some blasters, and other weapons. This was supposed to present the differing weapons of different cultures. I don\'t know about that, but it is certainly an nice change to the normal video. If this interests you, or if you just bored with the normal video, give this a download. ~Zach




DS-Online Clientside | 5.7 MB

in the field so I can\'t tell you whether it\'s good or not. It has many features that should sound familiar: emotes like amsit, amsleep, amsurrender. It has admin commands, such as amkick, amslap, and ampunish. It also has additional rcon support. In addition to these emotes and commands, the mod contains two types of \"lame protection\": a timer, which begins upon holstering your saber, and a system based on attacking vs. not attacking. The second system also puts restrictions on the \"protected\" character - they can not obtain pickups or harm others with kicks. In the first system they can harm with kicks, however this will cause the protected player to once again become vulnerable to others. Also included, which I think is a nifty tool, is a word filter. Tired of being called a n00b? Filter it out and never see it again! Of course this can also be used if you\'re tired of seeing little kids practicing every swear word they\'re not allowed to speak at home. There\'s more to this mod than I\'ve described here, so if you\'re interested give it a download and check out the various read-mes for whatever information suits your fancy. ~Inyri




Comic Effects | 490.21 KB

it\'d say \"POW!\" next to it. We\'ve got bang, boom, and I was waiting for that thwack, but maybe next time. Some of them, however, only work in single-player, so make sure to read the read-me before you use it. ~Inyri




Main Menu Title Music (Angus Dei) | 6.69 MB

would want to hear this particular song in their MP in-game starting menu. Personally I don\'t like this arrangement at all, and I [i]am[/i] a fan of Latin church music. The words are indestinguishible, the harmonies are weak, and the melody is just boring. I\'ve heard far better arrangements of Agnus Dei. This sounds more like a Gregorian chant. But to each his (or her) own. For those of you unfamiliar with Agnus Dei (which I imagine is most of you), and you\'re curious what the words are, they should be something like this: Agnus dei quitolis pecata mundi miserere nobis dona nobis pacem. Latin church songs really are quite simple. They just repeat two or three sentences over and over again. For Americans especially, who are pretty much isolated from the countries in Europe which speak the romantic languages (France, Italy, etc), we don\'t have a clue what the words mean anyway, so the fact that you can\'t even make them [i]out[/i] in this arrangement probably won\'t matter. Whether or not you like the tune will really be the question here, so you\'ll have to check it out to find out. But if you know you really don\'t like church music or music similar to church music, don\'t bother downloading it. For those of you who play single-player, this will conflict with some single-player level music. It would really be nice if, for once, this author would take that into consideration and remove such conflicts, considering it\'s as easy as opening up notepad and making a small change. ~Inyri




No Grid Mod | 5.42 MB

he separated it into two PK3s. The first PK3, \"only no grid.pk3\", does what you might expect - just takes away the grind. The second, \"not only no grid.pk3\", adds a bunch of little tiny stuff that I can\'t imagine anyone would care about. There\'s something of a starburst added to the main menu, the env map on the Star Wars text has been altered (wow, would you ever even notice that?), and the EAX logo in one of the menus has been changed (would you notice [i]that[/i] either?). The most random changes... personally I just prefer the original menu better. I figure if you\'re going to make changes, go all the way. ~Inyri




Sith Lords Start-Up Screen | 1.51 MB

Spicing it up, or choosing a more action-packed image really would've made this better, in my opinion. The buttons look okay, though they are really just recolored from the original launcher. There are a couple of new things that make it really neat, however. The sounds are pretty good, and match the launcher very well. I'll let you guys figure out what they are, though ;). The button text has also been changed, as you'll notice from the screenshots. This is a neat idea, though if you haven't been paying good attention to your launcher you may forget which button does what. Altogether a cool concept, with a little more effort than a normal launcher, but lacking a bit of pizzazz. However if this author makes another launcher, I expect it will be rather good, and I'm sure even with the somewhat dull image here there are plenty who will like it. ~Inyri




Japanese Mod | 47.8 MB

basically telling you is that the computer I playtested this mod on is a beast - very high-end. So you can imagine my horror when i loaded this map up and got 17 frames per second. That's completely unplayable, and I'd hate to think what people with lesser computers will do on this map. For this reason, and this reason only, I don't like this mod. The fact is, even with all the cool stuff in it, you can't play it. :( Of course, it's a mod, not just a map, and comes with a whole load of new models/skins, of samurai warriors and katana blades. They mostly looks pretty snazzy, except for some of the faces and logos, which are pretty bad. They are all though, fantastic quality, especially the ninja... hes just so darned cool! There's also a ton of new swords to play with; far too many for me to go into them all, but trust me, they're fun to use, and most of them look pretty good as well :) Especially the first serrated blade one. There are new sounds with these too - some sound very familiar (from the advent children weapon mod?) but I'm not sure about this. Furthermore, your loading screens and main menu have been altered to fit the Japanese style. :) Which brings me back to the map, which is probably the focal point of the mod. Architecturally, and lighting wise, its extremely nice, especially the terrain and trees. I also loved those little lamps, very nice stuff. However, there's a few lighting bugs inside the tents (pitch black walls) and some Z-fighting in areas along the fences. As I mentioned previously though, its so difficult to play on this map due to the lag, if you want to use this mod, you'll probably be better off just using the awesome models and weapons. Oh yeah, and the music is incredibly annoying, bad choice! :( New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Partial Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes ~Szico VII~




Final Fantasy X: Otherworld Duel Music | 5.72 MB

I'm sure some would disagree). Grab this one. ~Nexus




Megasaber | 1.72 KB

saberlock. While I can\'t imagine any servers supporting a saber like this, for personal use - or for a gag - it should come in handy. If you\'re into weird stuff like this, I\'d recommend it for a download. ~Inyri




Imperial March Duel Music (Rage Remix) | 2.78 MB

identical though, so I'll just paste in my review of his Leviathan Remix mod. [quote]Okay, now as a remix of the imperial march, I quite like this song, very tecnho, but not too heavy and certainly keeps the original theme in there. So, as a listen-to song, :thumbsup: However, as a dueling tune....well let's just say it doesn't really do it for me. It's a march right? Not a fighting tune. It just doesn't inspire the adrenaline a really good beat can when you're dueling someone. Still, if it's your taste, that's why we host it for you to download :) Oh yeah, there's also a small autoexec.cfg file in here so you can play the music whenever you want... but it might conflict with other autoexec.cfg files so watch out for that.[/quote] ~Szico VII~




**AJO** Luke | 988.13 KB

the default luke icon with **AJO** Luke on it. From the readme it sounds like this is the author's first skin so I suppose it makes sense that it's this simple and I would like to see him put more effort into his next one but its not a horrible start. Bot Support: No Team Support: No (default Luke) New Sounds: No (default Luke) NPC Support: No ~Nexus




Carrack Light Class Cruiser | 66.98 MB

structural/detail brushes could easily have fixed this problem. Still, there's always the ability to make a v2 right? The map itself, lag aside, looks very nice. You lose the atmopshere a little in some of the crew's quaters, with very out-of-place posters, including one of what 'appeared' to be an imperial officer with a moustache... very odd. There's not just the cruiser either, you can teleport down to a planet which is shrouded in red fog. Don't ask me how to teleport back, I couldn't find out how.. I wasn't too keen on the red fog personally, and theres a few errors with it, it doesn't always envelop obejcts properly and you can sometimes see random bits of skybox. The gun turrets here which aim and shoot at your are very cool though! :thumbsup: The skybox itself also looks very well-made, works fairly well with the environment. The best sections are by far on the ship, although the top of it in space where that laser-cannon is needs to be edited so the textures don't repeat as much. I enjoyed the hanger, although it was a pity you couldn't fly the ships, instead being teleported to a cockpit, which you can't actually use :( Nice idea though. There's also some controllable droids which although fun at first, quickly become kinda pointless, plus they take up a lot of your vehicle limit. Overall the map has a good design, but is severly flawed by lag and doesn't flow particularly well, as you'll find when having to travel by slow lifts and long corridors, with no bot support! Tut tut ;) New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: No ~Szico VII~




JA Default Model Tauntpak | 5 MB

are quite a few sounds here, so I'll try to be brief but complete at the same time. The author aimed to fill in the gaps left by the Raven team when bringing some of the Jedi Outcast models to Jedi Academy, such as Desann and Lando, neither of which had the correct soundsets. At first I didn't realize Desann didn't have his soundset, as I never play that model, but lo and behold I checked and he's set on Cultist1. Whose bright idea was that? Anyway, the author brought all of the sounds from Jedi Outcast and gave them back to Desann so now he can sound like his old self again. Lando has also received his sounds, as well as the Chiss and Galak. Some other tweaks were made to some soundsets, including rearranged taunt/anger sounds, and some specialized sounds for the different single-player species classes. The author has given the rodian male the rodian soundset, and the Kel Dor male the gran soundset. The Twi'lek female has been given Jan's soundset, and the Zabrak has been given some soundset I don't recognize, but immediately knew I would enjoy. Very edgey. The author did give credit to the voice actress, though I do find myself wondering where these sounds came from as I don't recognize them in the slightest. There are a bunch of other goodies here, but I'll leave it to you guys to look them up in the read-me. This pack is designed to enhance normal gameplay by putting sounds where they should be and were left out. Personally I'm all for it, as there has been no real strange rearrangement here. I'd suggest this download to anyone who uses these models which were shafted on their sounds, as you can now fully enjoy them with the appropriate sounds. ~Inyri




EP 2 Saber Sounds | 481.18 KB

same . if you are a fan of ep2 this one is for you elros




Atomic Division Station I-13 | 2.94 MB

errors - It wouldn't let me fall into the lava-typed material :( And I always test that if there's lava in a map ;) Anyhow, there's also some cool effects in the base areas and central section, consisting of laser-beams and floating objects held in forcefields. I couldn't work out exactly what it was that was floating and spinning, but I guess it isn't that important. There's two main levels of getting through the map, although once you reach the middle section they all kinda meet - I wish there'd been more options here, instead of always having to meet your enemies in the middle. The architecture and lighting were very adept, with the expected base-colourings and a style that reflected the ambiance. The music choice was fitting for the map, although I would have liked some more-prominent ambient sounds on top of that, to give the machinery and stuff a better feel to it. :( Don't ask me what an 'Atomic Division Station' actually is lol, It kinda baffled me, but I think it should still be a great map to play and test your skills on. Well done for including bot-routes - they're not perfect, but I had a look and for the most part the bots act as cleverly as can be expected from a JKA bot, traversing the paths, but they did tend to fall into the gaping bottomless holes lol. Seems a bit perilous to have giant holes in the floor of a plant with no guardrails but heh, what the heck. ;) New Textures: No New Sounds: No Bot Support: Yes ~Szico VII~




The Prince Of Persia | 2.26 MB

does not go down well with the model and the clothes could be improved a bit too, new sounds from the game are added and they are excellent bot support : no team support :yes new sounds: yes




Vespa | 1.53 MB

well enough. The only gripe I have with the coloring job is that he didn't color the gloves. Having all that black and green, but then light grey gloves, looks rather off in my opinion. What I like best about this skin is that the red team skin isn't red, it's more of an orange. It's still easy to tell that it belongs to the red team, but the author got himself out of the box on this one and picked what I consider to be a more interesting color for his team skin. The blue team skin, however, is still blue. Included with all the skins is a specular shader, giving the armor a good shine. No bot or NPC support this time around. Looking for a good Mandalorian skin, or need a female Mandalorian for an RPG? This may be a good skin to turn to, as it gives a bit of variety to the pre-existing model. Bot Support: No Team Support: Yes New Sounds: No NPC Support: No ~Inyri




Acrition City Duel | 2.17 MB

polished.[/quote] Polished? Thats somewhat of an understatement. Everything... absolutely everything in this map shines, with the exception of the skybox. Not that that's a bad thing, it really depends how well your eyes can cope with a glare like that, but personally I think it's a little overdone, however that's not really a focal point of this map, so let's see what IS the focal point of this map. :) The name, Acrition City is a little exagerrated, as the map is only a small duel map with a city looking skyportal around it, and I didn't see a cathedral anywhere lol ;) Just kidding, but for a city it is a very small map, even with the skyportal it's a little small. Which brings me to my next point. When you look over the edge, you get the oh-so-nice view of an orange floor which sharply at 90 degrees joins into the desert skybox - not a very nice sight. Something needs to be done here, maybe a fog or something, as that is really not very nice to look at. Additionally, the textures used on the skyportal surroundings were too large and misaligned in quite a few places, but that's not to say it all was, just some of it. :( The actual dueling section in the middle isn't bad however, theres a few nice patch uses and a little bit of nature in a technological chasm, in the form of a tree. Sure it's a tree, but I think it's quite effective there. There was also some kind of pads which looked like they might've been some kind of hover vehicles, which you could have a moving duel on, but they turned out to be static and that was a little disappointing, unless I've missed a switch somewhere. The second gripe is the lighting - In the middle of the daytime in a desert surroundings, why have so many windows got their lights on maximum glow? Apart from this though, this is a fairly average duel map, with some nice features but is spoiled by some nasty visual errors. The music used can fit with the map or not, depending on how you invisige the area. Personally, I don't think it fits too well, it's very lively and loud, wheras the environment isn't really busy e.t.c. New Textures: No New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes ~Szico VII~ EDIT: Sorry, there was bot support... my apologies.




Battle of the Heroes Duel Music | 3.37 MB

think I can explain it any better than that, because if you don't know it.. then we have a problem. **claps hands** thanks for putting this together. -Lizardking




Clone Wars Saber Sounds | 1.82 MB

to get a bit boring after a while lol. The only thing that bothered me was that sometimes the different sounds sounded a bit strange when you did several swings in a row, as it might go from a small hum, to a powerful hum on different swings, but still, a really cool mod, one that I will be keeping ;) Nice job mate. ~Nozyspy~




CTF Outcast | 2.6 MB

to match it for me. For some of you, CTF for JA has been just as fun. But maybe you miss something about JK2. This map, CTF Outcast may be that something you\'ve been missing. The layout, the flow, the design all is reminescent of JK2 CTF maps. My only complaints would be that there\'s no bot support and the lighting seems to be a bit harsh in some areas, while there are too many shadows in others. Regardless, it\'s a CTF map and you should download it simply for that reason. :P Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: CTF, FFA, TFFA ~AmosMagee




Mini NPC\'s | 1.73 MB

proper sized?) is probably the coolest, especially when your dueling him :) They are also really, really, freaky, especially the mini Jawas, and the super mini Rancor. Those Jawas are scary especially when they’re running towards you with a saber that’s like a zillion times bigger than they are, they’re like…tiny, and they run sooo fast, really creepy :P This is a really fun mod to play around with, making squads of mini stormtroopers to use as target practice is fun >: ) hehe, well worth a download :) ~Nozyspy~




Rocky Duel Music ( Eye Of The Tiger ) | 3.5 MB

to a good dueling song which gives you some of that fighting spirit. -Rink




Movie Star Siege | 7.27 MB

a look at the models in multiplayer. If you\'ve lost me, don\'t worry. This is, as the name suggests, a Siege mod which basically replaces old siege classes/characters with more prominent ones such as darth vader. Whilst the models/skins are not on review here, as they are from other author\'s, the mod itself has proved extremely hard to get a good look at, so I\'m going to direct you to the readme for any indepth information. However from what I did manage to try, this mod seems to work perfectly fine, and although it\'s not particularly inspiring, if you wanted to play as Darth in Siege, well, this is for you. The Han Solo models/skins aren\'t as high quality as the Darth Vader, by Mars Marshall, but it has the general appearence of him. So yeah, If you\'re a siege player (which I confess I have only played once ) and you want a new character, have a look. Oh, all the skins/models here are available in multiplayer as well as siege, so If you have the individual pk3 files for these models, you will need to remove them :) ~Szico VII~




Blitzkrieg Duel Music | 5.76 MB

guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen. It has exactly what you need to have a good fast duel. The fact that it is called \"Blitzkrieg\" makes it even more fitting for duel music. :P Enjoy![/quote] I judge duel music on how upbeat and good it is for a duel and this hits all the expectations here, the music never quiets down or stops being fast. This is a great piece of guitar, if you think you\'ll like it, download it and check it out! -Rink




Imperial Base | 6.88 MB

a control room that allows someone to open the gate for the Rancor, turn the shield above on or off, etc. 2. This looks like an enormous parking garage. Hmm. One would expect to find swoops here, huh? Yeah, no. It\'s just a huge thing with levels that you climb to the top. 3. See that thing in the middle? It\'s kinda cool, I have to admit. But, it\'d be nice if it had some purpose in this map. It doesn\'t really. You ride the elevator up, you see a bunch of computers and stuff, and then go back down. *shrug* Everything else you see is for decoration only as well, though it\'s not well decorated. 4. AGAIN with the cargo boxes. Blah. And see that little open box with the hazard strips around it? Ride that elevator down and you\'ll find yourself in the map DS Clan Ultimate. No, I\'m not kidding. A map within a map. That\'s probably the coolest thing about this map. 5. This is inside ... something. I have no idea what. I was able to teleport into it once only. After that, if I tried, I simply died. What sucks is, I found that when I respawned, I\'d often respawn in the Rancor arena. *sigh* Problem with that? Well, if the big blue shield is on, you can\'t get out - unless someone\'s in the control room. I\'m thinking someone didn\'t plan this out very well. 6. That\'s just a close up of the interior of whatever I\'m inside in screenshot 5. Bottom line: Keep trying. Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: FFA ~AmosMagee




Movie Stances 2.0 | 2.57 MB

weird. In fact, they seem fairly hmmm ... what\'s the word I\'m looking for ... intuitive. To really gain an appreciation for this mod, you need to download it and play it yourself. More than just stances have been changed. There\'s a list of all the changes in the readme. Check it out. I\'m thinking you won\'t be disappointed. [/quote] The stances have been changed to include a stance from Episode III and a melee stance has been included as well. You\'ll find that some force stances have been changed also to make them more accurate to the movie. I\'m still quite impressed with this mod. And there are probably several of you out there who are such pure Star Wars fans that you\'d prefer the saber stances here versus the ones in Jedi Academy. ~AmosMagee




Hellsing Startup Screen | 4.84 MB

Hellsing theme. Enjoy! ~AmosMagee




Korriban Citadel | 15.75 MB

but since I\'ve done so many reviews, I cannot recall whether I admitted this yet or not. I have not finished the single player game for Jedi Academy. *gasp* I know, I know. Feel free to string me up by my toes and tar and feather me - but not until I finish 100 reviews, k? So how much of this map is the author\'s and how much is Raven\'s? Gosh, I have no idea. All I know is, I like this map for multiplayer. Except for one thing. If you know me, you\'ll know what that is. Yup. There\'s a Rancor. There\'s a door with a picture of a Rancor on it. And the Rancor totally growled at me before I even got to the door. Scared the living crap out of me. I got up enough courage to open the door, but I pressed my use key one too many times and the door opened, then promptly closed. I decided that everything happens for a reason and I wasn\'t meant to play with the Rancor. I moved onto a safer area in the map. Statues of Ragnos are EVERYWHERE in this map. Like, almost a shrine kinda thing. There\'s a nice little lake of lava below one platform and there are some pieces of stone that can be pushed or pulled. That got a bit frustrating and I died immediately. I took that as a hint to move on and look at other stuff in the map. I love the lighting in this map and there are many places to duel or FFA in this map. There are apparently some secrets here and there, but I found none of them. Frankly, the Rancor scared me off. Nevertheless, this is a map worth your time to download and explore. And would be a good staple for your basic saber-only FFA server. Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA ~AmosMagee




LotR Duel Music | 5.58 MB

new duel music. Like this piece that has been taken from Lord of the Rings. It\'s great for dueling. It\'s exciting, but not too fast paced. Enjoy! ~AmosMagee




NOT Theme Song | 6.96 MB

seamless transitions from one theme to the next. That alone is impressive. Not an easy thing to do. Anyway, this is nothing more than an mp3 of themes spliced together and then adopted by the NOT clan as their theme. ~AmosMagee




Anthem For Saving The Galaxy | 3.54 MB

heard it, I though it sounded kind of like an Irish dance. I never played Halo before, so I wouldn\'t be too familiar with it. It takes “Truth And Reconciliation Suite” and “Rock Anthem For Saving The World”, and combines them into 1 file. Both pieces were composed by Martin O\'Donnell/Michael Salvatori. This file has excellent quality, and lasts for 3 minutes, 52 seconds. I can’t wait to see the Halo 2 duel music mods that will come out. This author has a sense of humor, in his readme: [quote] Size: 3,722,889 bytes. (Too big for you? Byte me.) [/quote] Its always nice to know someone has a sense of humor. :) If you want, you can listen to this music without needing to go into a duel by typing in the console: /music music/mp/duel.mp3 Nice job! Title: Truth And Reconciliation Suite & Rock Anthem For Saving The World Composer: Martin O\'Donnell/Michael Salvatori Soundtrack: Halo Original Soundtrack Length: 3:52 (3 minutes, 52 seconds) -Airm




Pakscape | 103.69 KB

Pakscape is a pk3 editing program. Any modder/mapper e.t.c who wants to release a file for any quake3 based game - .pk, .pk3, .zip file formats e.t.c, needs this file to organise their file structure. This is probably the best one around, but as far as i know it doesnt support Doom3 as of yet. ~Szico VII~




The Loser | 230.21 KB

wierd smile and crossed eyes, with a \"Kick me I\'m stupid\" sign on its back to top it all off. This skin was obiously done in the sport of fun and funny, which excuses the paint job. Bot Support: No Team Support: No New Sounds: No -Shahadi




Some Guy\'s Sound Mod | 2.34 MB

Some sound a bit more primitive than what I\'m used to hearing - like, less refined or something. Some of the sounds though, I really like. Not enough to keep this in my base folder, but check it out, you might like \'em. ~AmosMagee




JKA Tron | 32.44 MB

it himself. Asty\'s skin is included with the map. So it\'s like, a complete Tron thingy. But what would really make it complete is if the author could\'ve somehow skinned a ship to make it look like one of those things ... y\'know, I forget the name of them ... those weird claw things in Tron. Anyway, this is not a map for those who have a weak system. And by that I mean, you need to have a decent video card and enough RAM to handle this map. My FPS was fine, though it was choppy in some areas. I can\'t imagine playing with 15 others on a server, but I might be able to handle it if I dropped my resolution and stuff. I simply cannot express how beautiful this level is. I really felt like I was thrust into the world of Tron. There\'s an arena that\'s perfect for dueling, ships on two different pads so you can fly around the map (which is huge) to check it out, or y\'know, kill stuff. Oh, and then there\'s like, this tram that goes all around the map. I didn\'t notice if it stopped at certain places or not, but it does take you to a bar on the other side of the map. Speaking of the bar, I did notice one itty, bitty, tiny little error. One of the walls at the bar you can walk through. :/ Anyhow, the bar is just lovely. Everything is. I just love the textures used for this map. The whole map has this faint glow about it. If you\'re looking at the screenshots and you\'re just confused because you have no idea what Tron is - leave your computer right now, go rent the movie and watch it. Sure, it\'s dated. But it\'s a wonderful movie. It was the first of its kind. Great job on this map ... I can\'t wait to see more from you guys. :D Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA ~AmosMagee




Rust | 2.92 MB

leading upto metal grid walkways, always nice for a migrating duel up the stairs then off the end. So yeah, the map is a fairly dark one, although I think that sets the mood of it. The music of the map is from Vjun and seems to be quite fast paced, again very suitable to the map. Another thing I liked was the piston/pump/machinery that rotated underneath the middle of the walkway, I watched it for a while expecting it to do something like open a door or something :P, then again it is a duel map. Okay well I\'m not all that well so I\'ll finish the review here, find the rest out for yourselves! Map Stats Custom Textures: No New Music: No (Vjun) Bot Support: Yes -Mithran-




Anchorhead Slums (v2.0) | 2.23 MB

wanted just that ... a really big Tatooine map. My screenshots are a bit darker than what the map really is. There are so many areas to explore here. The most frustrating thing about this map though, is that very few of the doors open. But you have to try them all, because you never know which ones will open. This is a very curvy map. I really like it because the curves of some of the walls and paths really break up the monotony of the same textures all over this map. My favorite place in the map is the bar. Hmm. I say that a bit too often, don\'t I? The bar is almost always my favorite place. LOL Anyway ... I love the lighting and the tables in here. The layout is interesting too. And I just love the look of the actual bar. There are some very cute posters on the wall here and there. This seems to be a perfect map for RPing. There are weapons here and there, but they\'re sparse. Which is a good thing, I think. I saw a few instances of z-fighting here and there, but they were minor. Overall, it\'s a decent map, but it would be best for a large FFA. Cause, yeah, this map is huge. [/quote] Nothing seems to have really changed. If you want to see the screenshots of the map, go here: I didn\'t really take any screenshots of this second version because, well ... nothing seems to have really changed. CTF works. So I tried that out. Oh, I also am including a screenshot of where I spawned when I switched to the red team. Yikes. That should probably be fixed. (I couldn\'t move. :/) Anyway, so yeah ... this is the second version. I\'m trying to think of what else to say ... but ... um ... I have more reviews to do. So ... download this map and stuff, k? Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA, Duel, CTF ~AmosMagee




Fearis Incident | 9.08 MB

Bespin Streets is equally satisfying ... but I digress. I love it when mappers create levels that lend themselves well to a migrating duel. This is one of those maps. Don\'t quote me on this, but I do believe this is mslaf\'s first map ever and it won first place in the duel map contest he entered this into. Nice job. Outside, there is a landing pad and a path into a building that\'s been situated inside of a mountain. There are several rooms to explore and be sure to have a little force enabled, otherwise you might not get to see everything. Use push and pull on lots of objects. This is a very interactive map. And it really makes for some interesting duels. Some may not be happy with the textures. They are quite stark, but they\'re very clean and tech-y. And I love that look. It\'s quite lovely and I had fun playing this map. I can\'t wait to see what else you make, mslaf. Please keep mapping! Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: Duel, Powerduel ~AmosMagee




Laser Hilts | 2.21 KB

looks just like the actual lightsaber itself. Unfortunately it doesn\'t look quite right , especially with the sharp edge along the bottom, which normal for a hilt, looks odd in a glowing ball. Apart from that though my skins all look that much cooler ;) They come for all types of lightsaber, staff, single and dual, so whatever style you play with, you can use this mod. I\'m not sure if it works in single player, but I think it should. Secondly, look at the screenshots if that description doesn\'t work for you. I especially like the hilts when the lightsaber is turned off, as the character kinda looks like he\'s holding some kind of energy vial, but I realise that this may not be for everyone, as for some the detail and asthetics of these hilts don\'t match up with some of the other lightsaber gilts there are around. On the plus side its an extremely small file as it uses only textures and effects that come with JKA, and on the bad is the same reason. Because it doesn\'t have a model for the hilt, it doesn\'t seem quite as natural as it could, and upon a close look the edges don\'t seem as\'lasery\' as they could. Perhaps a new model for the hilt next time? Even a ball would look better than the flat edge we have right now. :( ~Szico VII~




Bloody Dismemberment | 167.38 KB

dismemberment in SP because it was write protected (or was this just a case of using the command line?) Anyway this mod makes it so everyone is dismemberable, everyone spews out blood AND you get the gore sounds too. This is not for the faint of heart or for those who distain from blood in video games - some people love the realism, some people find it very bad...then they go off on a tangent of blaming kids behaviour on it...but anyway! Actually on that note, let me quote the readme as it makes a valid point -Its a game. In the immortal words of Bart Simpson: Don't have a cow, man! -If you have an argument against blood, don't download this file. Talk about in the forums, please don't jam up the comments with arguments. See that? "please don't jam up the comments with arguments"...we don't like that here anyway so head the readme! It actually works really well! The blood looks very much like blood does in most games where it's there by default, clear puddles on the floor with splashes around it and a spray when you first strike someone, it's definately one of the better blood mods out there. Even down to the spot on color and transparency, all nicely done. I have to say thanks to the added noises too; they really make it stand out! -WadeV1589- [file="81937"]Check here for a JK2 version of this mod![/file]




JA Menu Conversion | 3.9 MB

work re-coding parts of the game or creating a new character and so on, now modders include those with an artistic flare in the menu sense. Yes, this is a menu mod, one of those mods that require no C++ but can make the game appear very different. So what gets replaced this time? Various menu graphics changed to be in line with the second Star Wars movie. I liked the load-up screen, replaces that bloody annoying copyright pertaining to LucasArts. WE KNOW YOU OWN THE GAME DON\'T REMIND US! So yeah it\'s not gone but it\'s replaced :) The main menu screen is interesting, nice to see the manipulation of the central movie viewer - you see it through the roman numerals II now, very nice: however who\'s the green dude? Don\'t say Yoda otherwise he\'s looking pretty damn ill; looks like he has a severe case of bloatitis! The console also has an Episode II flashing background. As you get onto the \'Starting up\' screen you\'re greeted with another new screen; just my luck to forget this dudes name! I must get more caffeine today... There is also an included folder that changes that start-up screen, you know the one \"Install JA\", \"Play JA\" and so on. This also follows the second movie theme. -WadeV1589-




George Lucas | 2.52 MB

wants to play as good old lucas will LOVE this skin. Personally, I really dont like it, but thats just me. I dont like playing as old men. Anyone who does though, will enjoy. [/quote] Now it\'s not often i dispute a fellow reviewers\' opinion, but this Geroge Lucas really doesn\'t look like the real thing. He has blond hair crying out loud! Geroge Lucas doesnt have blond hair, nor a blond moustache for that matter :r But after saying all that about the face really not looking much like George, The clothes look very \'super-rich film director\' stuff, or maybe its just cuz thats what he is wearing in his icon. Either way the clothes are very nice and casual :) I am not sure exactly how this is different from the previous version, because i haven\'t tried it, but I would guess maybe some sounds perhaps? Oh and while I\'m talking about the sounds..... they are from Georges mouth, but some of them dont exactly match with what he would be doing ingame. Like when he\'s supposed to be choking, he\'s talking about something. :( On another plus side there is Bot Support and Team Support, so I\'m kind of stuck between whether I like this or not. It\'s a good skin, but just not that accurate to George Lucas. So have a look at the screenshots if you were gonna download this to play as George Lucas and see whether you think he\'s accurate enough for you. It\'s just not all there for me. Oh, one last thing. Apparently it\'s compatible with JKA and JK2, which I can\'t say anything bad about :) New Sounds: Yes Team Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes ~Szico VII~




Trilogy Sabers Episode 5 | 2.06 MB

chickens here. This is just a bunch of saber sounds from the most popular Star Wars movie. :D Surprisingly, I found that the sounds weren\'t as tinny (I\'m still not sure if that\'s a real word or not) as other saber sound mods I\'ve reviewed in the past. This little mod can be used for JK2 or JA. There are five different saber hums and it just sounds like the tones are varied. Y\'know, like each goes down or up a note or two. I won\'t be keeping this mod myself, but that\'s simply because I don\'t use saber sounds mods. So, I wonder if we\'re going to see a saber sound mod for each movie? Probably. Anyway, good work. :) ~AmosMagee




Dark Streets FINAL | 21.29 MB

aesthetics, and succeeds at really bringing this map to life. The custom textures are great and a lot of fun! Most texture problems from Version 1 have been addressed here, and the map really comes together in feel and graphical flow. Perhaps where this map falters somewhat is at a raw gameplay level. There isn’t much height variation in the main fighting areas. Most areas are relatively flat compared to each other. This is of course due to the ‘street’ nature of this city based map but it certainly would be nice to see some variation there. On the other end of the coin, Darkforces Streets does feature some great weapon placement and some ‘omg this looks so cool let’s duel here’ areas. As a solid first effort for a multi-player map, this is a must-download. P.S. (note to mappers): Stop using those purple crystals in your maps! I mean really… what’s the point?[/quote] Hmmm. Where do I begin? Y'know, I think I'll start with the music of all things. I am so rarely impressed by the choice of music for maps, and the five minute mp3 included for this map works fairly well. I also just really like the music. :D It has a very dark, like, detective feel to it. I was tempted to hide in the shadows cast on the brick walls surrounding the map and sneak around the perimeter, humming along with the mysterious music. In fact, the music alone made me long for a good detective-like map. Y'know, like, a 40's noir kinda thing - complete with a detective's office high up in a building, with rain pouring down, a desk littered with cigarette butts, an old phone and an empty bottle of whiskey. A bare lightbulb burning overhead and a dented file cabinet in the corner. Okay, you get my point. :) Fortunately, this map lived up to my expectations when I first heard the music and spawned in a dark street with several empty wooden boxes around me, although I guess 15 frames per second isn't a great way to start off. My FPS did improve in other areas of the map, but not in the areas that I would've wanted to duel. Szico included several speeders and a short street raceway that was really a satisfying jaunt. I suppose the most impressive room was the bedroom, though everything seems a bit oversized (Easy for fighting though). The same can be said for the bar and barstools in the McDonald's down the street, and the picnic tables outside. It seemed that everywhere I turned, there was a scrolling neon sign with clan tags and names. The bar in the Pizza Express was way too high and the chairs and tables are only there for decoration - you can't really sit in a chair. The clan room, for lack of a better term, was nice. I did like the lockdown feature - but I was most grateful for turning off that darn alarm thing. Rawr. I am glad that Szico didn't make an office for each member of the clan - that is a pet peeve of mine. :) The best place, in my opinion, for a good duel is the area below the clan room. So I guess this is one of those maps that you just kinda hang out on. I can't imagine a good FFA on this map simply because of the FPS I got on it (although it is probably due to my Graphics card.) Szico claims this is the final version of this map and he added quite a bit to this version, including new textures, better bot support and more secret areas. So for those of you who are a fan of the previous versions, you should download this final map. And for those of you who haven't seen this map before, it is worth a look. Pretty darn impressive for a first map. I can't wait to see what Szico designs next! :) Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, Duel, CTF, JKR ~AmosMagee~




Melee Mod Music Only | 35.82 MB

WinAmp/Windows Media Player, you save time and hard drive space when you get the main file. Nine songs are packed up in the .pk3. For a little under 40 MB, it's not that expensive to download. (averages about 3.5 MB per song) :) And the songs are an excellent choice. Personally, I'd take the extra time to donwload this. I agree with the author's that the musical selection is "really totally appropriate." All we need to really make this a great series is some maps and a storyline to go with it. *Coughhinthintcough* Maybe some of our resident mappers will provide us with such. :D [quote]0ne thing: don't use this pk3 and the original ladder_music.pk3 in the same directory because they'll conflict (and the original one will probably win).[/quote] Technical Data: Pros: 1. Great tunes to hack and slash to. ;) Cons: 1. Large download size. Rating: 9/10 JEDIofONE :mepimp:




JKA Saber Hilt Pack (v2.0) | 4.77 MB

for you to choose from. If you played JK2 then most of these sabers here will seem a tad familiar. I'll just give a few words on each saber. I will be listing them in order of the screenshots. Desann: We should all recognize this saber, carried by the most lethal lizard/dragon Dark Jedi thing. Enjoyed by many in JK2 and now available for JKA! Stinger: Can't say I've seen this saber before, but I'm not one to download many sabers to replace the default ones ... so ... yeah. It came with the Desann one, but I'm not sure who credit goes to for it. Seems like a fairly plain saber. *shrug* Strider_Fellowship: No info included on who the author of this saber is. It's a good lookin' hilt and will look better as a sword without the saber glow thing. Luke: This is a saber hilt from a pack by a guy who did none of the saber hilts either. Yeah. I'm thinkin' this is just Luke's saber. Then again, I don't pay much attention to the hilts. Oniwan: Before you even start, I know that looks like a typo, but it's not one by me! HA! That's what whoever made this hilt called it. It's his typo! Decent hilt. Dooku: From the same guy who gave us the Luke and Oniwan hilts, here's the Dooku hilt. Wildly popular, I saw this hilt everywhere in JK2. While it looks like good craftsmanship, I can't stand this hilt. Maybe because it's curved like that, I dunno. Personal preference, I guess. Yoda: The final hilt from the pack that included the last three hilts, this one is called Yoda. Though, I think it looks a tad too big for Yoda. Very plain hilt. Nazgul: And now onto the Lord of the Rings (LOTR) hilts. This first one looks like the kind of sword the Black Riders would carry. Dark in color, sharp at the points. Looks like it could inflict pain on someone no matter which end you swung with. Morgul: A dark city in Mordor, Morgul (actually Minas Morgul) had this hilt made with its namesake and I think it fits its name nicely. Small and unassuming. Glamdring: Ah, Gandalf's sword. It's large and regal and it just really has a presence about it. Nice lookin' hilt. Sting: This helpful little sword was given to Frodo by Bilbo. I do like this LOTR hilt. It has more personality and character than the other hilts I've seen so far. Strider: Strider's sword is big and shiny and quite masculine. Mmm ... Strider. Oh, right, back to the hilt. This is a nice hilt, and seems to be consistant with the other LOTR sabers. Ranger: I'm assuming this sword is fashioned after one that Strider/Aragorn carried, or belonging to one of his kin. It's a great looking hilt and is well worth the download just for this one, I think. Ring_Wraith: Another great LOTR hilt, made with the Ring Wraith in mind. The detail on this sword is lovely, but would be lost in gameplay. Morgul_Sword: Again we see another hilt with Morgul in mind, and its style is very much the same as the first one we looked at. Not much more to say about it. Black Widow: Oops. I kinda cut off part of the hilt there at the front. Well, trust me, this is a great looking hilt. One I may consider keeping myself. It's very evil looking. Yun: Some may prefer the simpler saber hilts and for those, I suggest Yun. It's a nice hilt, decent size, not too big or small, all chrome. It has a solid look about it - if that makes sense. Fierce Deity: And finally, the sword that was included with the Link model. This thing is huge. I mean, seriously. Use this sword and people will question what you're compensating for. No one needs a sword that big! And there you have it. One download ... 18 saber hilts. Is it worth the download? Sure, if you like variety. I would take too long deciding which hilt to use, so I'll stick to the base hilts. [/quote] So what can you expect in version 2? Some typo fixes, more hilts, and all hilts are now in one pk3. WOOHOO! *ahem* Okay then ... here are descriptions and screenshots of the new hilts: Ultimate: Frankly, I can't see why this hilt was named "Ultimate". The word implies something grand and perfect and for some reason, to me, big. It's a thin, small hilt and I do like it, though it's a bit plain. SaeseeTiin: I have no idea what the name of this hilt means, but it's a decent design. Nothing all that unusual about it, but it has a balanced look to it. Kenobi: A lovely saber that's just the right size for anyone. Very simple in its design. Silverbone: This hilt's appeal, for me, is in its clean lines, and smooth silver surface. It's a good size and has buttons. I like buttons. 3dberkoll: I remember seeing this saber and liking it. I'm unsure if it's what it appears to be - glass. I like the design and the concept of a glass hilt. 3dberko: This hilt has a shader on it that makes it seem to glow red from the inside. Love the idea of this hilt. Caladien: For those who believe size matters ... the Caladien hilt. Personally, I just don't like this saber - too big and unwieldy. It's a good looking hilt - just too much for me to handle. Guardian: Darn it. I cut off part of this one in the screenshot. Well, take my word for it, this is a nice looking, average-sized hilt. Love the silver and black. Diago: Grrr. Ran outta room for this hilt too. It's a great looking polished black metal hilt that keeps its design very simple and sleek. With 9 more hilts to choose from in this pack, why would you ever download the old pack? ;) Get this update for more hilts and a few bugs fixed (I think). Good work! ~AmosMagee




Original Duel Music | 2.54 MB

those long duels that you and your opponent cant get a good hit. The music has an interesting feel to it, its not fully classical there is a lot of drumming in the background and it sounds sort of like a harp playing the melody. The best is the climax of the song where a lot is happening. I personally don\'t think you need custom duel music even though it makes your duels sound better :). One thing I liked about the music was its very calm for a long time. All I can really say about the duel music is that the beginning’ quality didn’t sound too good, but it might just have been my speakers. I don’t really think that duel music will help how you fight because when I tried this one and then the default duel music I actually won the same amount of wins and losses. Overall this is pretty good music to listen to while playing unless you hate duel music and just pop winamp up and listen to your winamp while playing. Chrono did a good job making this duel music it is perfectly done. Personally I wouldn\'t download this duel music because it is not really that spectacular, but I will say this, it is a great song to have in general. Well good job Chrono keep up the good work. -XgamerX




JOC Jedi Room | 1.21 MB

Eric. -Worr Sonn




Jedi Knight 2 Patch 1.04

jkiiup104.exe | 9.08 MB

up and down properly when using the backstab move in light saber stance. [*] Corrected bug allowing players to pivot while executing backstab moves in all stances. Players may no longer pivot when executing these moves. [*] Fixed bug causing force pull to be unblockable by people with equal or greater pull rank. [*] Adjusted ammo usage of the Imperial repeater alt-fire. [*] Fixed bug allowing inventory items to be used in FFA saber challenges. [*] Corrected an exploit which allowed players to fall from large heights at a slow rate. [*] Corrected issue which caused pain sounds not to play properly when hit by opponents. Pain sounds should now be relative to the amount of damage taken.[/list]And more!! Be sure to download this patch and check out the very much improved JK2!




Episode 3: A Jedi's Worst Fear | 12.18 MB

Yoda Jeditrainer- Mace Windu (fixed head and face) Morgan- Obi Wan Kenobi robed Stormtroopers-battledroids (diffrent colors) Stormpilots-Battledroid pilots ImperialCommaners- commaner battledroids Bespin Cop- clonetrooper (yellow) Rebel- clonetrooper (red and/or white) Jedi Female- Yin *new saber sounds (prequel sounds) *new menu *new start up screen *the brayr pistol has ben changed to red beams, *the bowcaster beams have also been changes to red beams, *the battledroids have custom combat sounds and health has been reduced to 1 (more realistic) *DOOKU HAS CUSTOM COMBAT SOUNDS TOO, SO DOES YODA *the lightsaber cores have been reduced ( to be more like the ones in the movies) *new opening credits *new hud and lightsaber icons *new saberhilts anakins, dooku's and yoda's *some new loading pics[/quote] A whole lota work Quigon007 put into this mod. It might seem easy enough to just replace characters with others but there's more to it and frankly, it's almost like a Total Conversion! You need no extra files for this mod except the Dooku and Padme models which you can get here: Count Dooku - Padme -




The Ladder: Dragon Remix | 8.56 MB

Reborn/Dark Jedi have been altered in several ways. [v1.5 Updates] - Different swords for characters. Reborn/Tavion now have \'ninja\' swords, Kyle has a Bokken and Desann has a big-assed Shadow Blade. - Skin updates/changes. More dragons everywhere. Modified Luke into a beta \'Covax\' skin. Katana now a \'purpleheart bokken\'. - Bryar pistol replaced with a throwing knife. - Current versions of Jedi Moves and Blood mods added. [/quote]Great Mod for sword fighting. Tons of fun to play with the moves and swords and blood. All together a great combination of skins and mods. :cool:




Hydroball | 8.19 MB

gameplay mode: Hydroball. Compete against other players in an underwater game. Fists will be your only weapon while in the arena, and alt fire while holding a direction will allow you to tackle or side-burst. While in the arena, your health will always be full - when you take damage, use force power, do a special move (including tackles), or move while carrying the ball, your stamina will drain. While in posession of the ball you cannot use tackle moves, and primary fire will charge the ball to throw (the longer the charge, the further it goes, up to 4 seconds) instead of punching. Great music included.[/quote] Bots don't play very well, so you have to play with other people (trust me, much more fun when you play with other people, you should try it ;)) The readme also gives instructions on how you can create your own Hydroball maps! [b]Important[/b]: Make sure you download the patch! : [b]Note:[/b] If your installation was successful, all the files in this .zip should be in this folder: "GameData/Hydroball"




Renaissance Academy | 53.6 MB

particular, feels like a combination of a Jedi academy, a prison complex, and a hotel, all nicely rolled into one. There is quite a lot to do here, if you like pushing door panels and such! :p One thing I like most about this, is the great level of interconnectivity in this map, without any major strain on the map itself. Sure, it's a beta, but I didn't notice any major problems on my exploration of it. I'm especially intrigued by the restricted access door. That tells me, that something very interesting lies beyond it, but we won't know until the next version. *Intense curiousity mode: activated* Something that would've made this map perfect though, in my opinion, would've been bot routes. Another issue, is that it can't be loaded from the normal map select menu. Has to be done via console. To open the in-game console, press the following sequence of keys at the same time: Right shift AND ¬ Console commands: map r_day map r_night [b]Gametypes:[/b] FFA, Team FFA, Duel, Power Duel [b]Multiple versions:[/b] Yes. Day and night mode [b]New Models:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Music:[/b] No [b]NPC Support:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Support:[/b] No -SuperSmeg




Dark Forces 2 CTF Map Pack | 11.48 MB

everything right; textures, sounds, atmosphere, you name it, it's got it. I'm not sure how much I could go into short of you playing it and deciding for yourself, and I highly recommend you do if you're a fan of the original Dark Forces games. Our first map, Arena of Darkness and Light, is a CTF map that should provide you with a reasonable amount of entertainment, and as I said before the author did a great job on the textures, you even get the original elevator buttons and forcefields. But enough about textures, the map itself is particularly great in that it makes for a great CTF match and gives you a feeling of nostalgia. The second map, The Duel, is our dueling map, naturally =p This one is obviously smaller than the CTF map, but it's no less entertaining. The Duel is a straightforward light-saber fight, but it does have room to breathe, which is something I think Dueling maps might have lost in JO but was made up for in JA. Overall, I would really recommend downloading and playing for yourself, these maps are a great homage to the Jedi Knight maps upon which they're based, and the creativity and attention to detail is really refreshing. [b]~Computernerd[/b] [b]Game types supported : FFA, TFFA, CTF. New Textures : Yes. Bot support : Yes. Secret areas: Yes[/b] [quote]This mod contains two maps that originally come from LucasArt's "Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight" game from 1997. I was checking out the multiplayer maps (haven't played any MP in DF2 though) and I was pretty new to mapping, and I decided to try to remake these maps for the newer Jedi Academy for fun. The maps in this pk3: 1) The Duel 2) The Arena of Dark and Light The console commands are: /devmap df2_theduel /devmap df2_aodl Game types supported : FFA, TFFA, CTF. New Textures : Yes. Bot support : Yes. Secret areas: Yes.[/quote]




DooM.pk3 | 108.58 MB

because I honestly don\'t know. It\'s essentially a large base on Mars. Almost every room is exploreable, though useable is another matter. There are a lot of control panels around that don\'t do anything, but at least they all look like they have a function. I didn\'t see any issues when playing around on this map. Some music wouldn\'t go unapreciated though. (I also noticed a lack of the BFG 9000. But then again, walking around with a gun with power equal to a tactical nuke wouldn\'t be fair.) [b]New Textures: Yep New Sounds: Yep New Music: No (as in no music, at all) Bot Routes: Yep Game Types: FFA, Team FFA[/b] -SuperSmeg




Labyrinth Maze | 6.8 MB

things have been kept simple and practical. Of course you [i]will[/i] get lost and that will probably be frustrating after a few times, but look out for the pictures displayed on dead ends, they\'re freaking hilarious and will make your exploration a bit more fun! Though unfortunately there isn’t any [url=]Minotaur[/url]... Personally I found it a bit lonely wandering around on my own here, so I would suggest playing this map with friends or with your clan mates so you can help each other out and have some fun on the way! ;) [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA ~Nozyspy~




Troll\'s Den Station | 20.44 MB

is, but something about this map just really grabs me. Maybe it is because I like the idea of locations like space stations, where so many different species build there own little enclaves and there are lots of nooks and crannies to hide a way in and so many different layers to explore. I really think this map has captured that spirit. This map strongly reminds me of Omega from Mass Effect 2, and after hearing the music playing in the club, which I am absolutely sure is the same music playing in the Afterlife club on Omega, I am wondering whether that is where the author got his inspiration! As you would expect from such a locale, the map is nice and grubby with rusting metal worn carpets and garishly coloured ads festooning the buildings. There is an apartment complex, a market, a med center and the aforementioned club, with features a stage with strobe lights and red lightning, which is either intended to \'energise\' the dancers or electrocute them if they are just terrible dancers. These coloured lights and the electric bolts can be individually turned off from panels on the wall though, as can the music which can be turned off behind the bar, if you are after something more sedate! Cleverly, the spawn points are actually in the \'cloning centers\' à la Star Wars Galaxies, which means that when you die you respawn in the cloning machines, a very clever alternative to having the spawn points just spread out everywhere, though the downside is that it makes this map unsuitable for an FFA, but then again that is not what it is designed for! With a training \'dojo\' and its own stadium, this map is perfectly set up for clan or guild use and I think it is one of the best such maps I have seen for a while! The map does lack some textural and architectural detail in places, and the layout is a little confusing, but these things aren’t really significant drawbacks. If anything, a slightly confusing layout makes the map feel more organic and chaotic, though I do think some more signs here and there would be useful! All in all a very cool theme and very good execution, though I would love to see a bigger version of the map! ;) Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA ~Nozyspy~




Krayt Canyon CTF | 2.05 MB

[url=;41203]Vertigo[/url]! Like that map this is also a CTF map, one that reminds me greatly of some of the levels from Dark Forces II or JK2 both in terms of architecture and the colour pallete of the textures. This should be a great map for strategy as there are multiple walkways on various levels between the two bases, providing plenty of room for jumping from walkway to walkway to escape your pursuers once you have pinched their flag. In the middle is a small control room and a missile which looks like it is ready for launch, though I have to say, the control panels in the control room were way too large! The map is very open and has a fairly simple layout and so is great for fast and furious CTF matches, though of course you always want to be cautious of not falling to your doom from the walkways in the middle of an adrenaline pumping match, that would be just a bit annoying/facepalm\'ing! One thing that is annoying for a whole different reason though is the hissing sound that the steam/jump vents make (I.e. you walk onto them and get catapulted up to the next level), is is loud and really starts to get on your nerves after a while. I remember a while ago I was making a map and needed a hissing steam sound for it and I think I probably used this very soundset, but after a while it started to drive me nuts! I ended up using a sound editor to make it quieter and softer. All in all though I think this is a genuinely great map for a CTF match, though it is missing music. Then again, as with duel maps, I guess people will often be playing their own music in the background to get themselves pumped for the match. Keep up the fine work on your CTF maps Cuko! :) [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] CTF ~Nozyspy~




Tron Legacy Theme | 3.53 MB

is out I still haven’t got it. I am afraid I do procrastinate sometimes! Anyway, this little mod changes the main start-up and map loading screens and gives the main menu a makeover, with a new animation in the center area which features a rotating wire frame character, which looks suitably Tron-y. Overall I think this is a cool little mod, especially if you are a fan of Tron Legacy. I do feel there are a few areas which can be improved upon though. My main gripe is that the images, especially on the main start-up screen are rather low resolution and show a lot of compression artifacts; those little blocky squares you often find on .jpgs which have been compressed to make the file size smaller at the cost of image quality. Other that that, I think it would be cool to replace the main menu music with something from the Tron Legacy soundtrack. Anyways, keep up the good work Zicmak, I hope to see more mods from you soon! :) ~Nozyspy~




Out Side The Old Rebel Base | 15.16 MB

stuff. So for whatever reason, either this was an interpretation of the Hoth base, or it must have been important enough for the Imperials to lead a vehicle-based assault on, because the hills outside the complex are littered with dead mecha, AT-AT and AT-ST alike. I can see why, too, since the outskirts of this terrain are so steep, any thing would slip and fall on that slope. The terrain inside the map is rather hilly, so whoever commanded this attack is probably either mopping floors now or has a snapped neck. Among the hills is a gunnery housing for a twin cannon that has...a TV dish on it? Huh. Works for me. Anyway, you can go inside the gunnery housing, not exactly super fancy, but then again, wasn't the intent. The terrain, sans the fog and the snow, is actually sort of dull. Repetitive textures on the hillsides and in other areas just sorta don't inspire the mind, and the general emptiness(for the most part,there were details flecked here and there,) beyond the battlefield, while appropriate, left little to really want to stay on the map. While I can't imagine a full-blooded FFA brewing on this map right now, I believe it can be saved. Dial back on that mountainy texture that makes the cliffsides look like they have freckles, and already we're on a good track. The skybox could stand to be lifted up a bit more, because I can see this actually being an amusing spaceship FFA arena, though that'd also mean the fog might need to be dialed back on. Finally, expand that box of a rebel base, make it look like less of a box. I can't make any specific suggestions, I'd rely on your peers for this'n. Other than that, it's definitely a good start. The terrain could stand to be roughened up a bit, but it's not totally implausible. Hope to see future versions of this craft, or else fire. New Textures: Aye New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




The Matrix Unleashed - SubMetro | 57.81 MB

from Szico VII. Yes, after quite a times away, it appears Szico has released another product, this time hailing strangely from the Matrix. Yes, the Matrix Unleashed, a now defunct project, presumably had quite a few maps like this one. Though the original map rights were held by SmoKE_89, Szico has rebuilt and destroyed planets to form a scene from "The Matrix Reloaded." I'll be honest, it's been several years since I even laid eyes on the cover of a Matrix film, so in terms of any accuracy to a recreation is gonna have to be up to someone else's judgement. I'm just gonna attack it from the naive perspective. I started out inside a sewers-ish area. Already there's a LOT of stuff that can be broken. A random pipe(requires a gun higher than pistol, and no saber,) a table in the midst of the tunel, and plenty of wooden boarding covering multiple entrances to this area. Already I was so anxious I didn't know where to begin XD. Inevitably, I chose to use one of Szico's Famous Scripted Doors That Swing Open(TM) and skip the boarded up elevator. Walking around, you can really get a feel for the subdued atmosphere just by drinking in the textures. Surprisingly, the underground area was rather will lit, which I suppose is fair in this day and age. Stepping outside, I was treated to the full power of just how run-down this side of town really was. With the beauteous skyscrapers of metropolis staring down at me mockingly from the skybox, I was forced to trod the streets alone. Looking down, I actually could see a rain puddle that hadn't evaporated, with a very vague image of the cityscape reflected in its surface. A very nice touch, indeed. Suddenly, there came the part I was dreading: Matrix code. Yeah, can't be in the matrix unless you see the code, eh? Both sides of a particular street terminated in a tunnel with matrix code blocking it. A crying shame too, because it just sorta kicked me out of my mood and reminded me I was reviewing a map. Desperate to get away, I made my way to a cracked-up building and blew out the boarding covering a tunnel. After crossing a makeshift bridge over an aquaduct, I took an elevator and....came full circle back to where I started. Huh, that was fast... So, as you can probably guess from above, this isn't exactly the biggest map known to mankind. Granted, it's spacious, but it may leave one hungry for more exploration,(though that could just be because Szico makes these things so tantalizing to explore.) After a brisk noclip throughout the entire map, I did find something I wouldn't have noticed before: The main street has room for battle damage! Yeah, just shoot around and you'll find a few surprises in certain parts. Pretty entertaining aspect to add to a firefight, I'll say. Well, there weren't many technical flaws that I had noticed from an average playthrough. I did notice that the puddles texture did have a visible seam around the edges, but it was faint enough that your everday player wouldn't really notice or care about it. I'd say the only thing that was actually a true bug was the global setting on the door sounds. You could hear them from like any part of the map, or even outside it. Kinda like a big "HEY, COMIN THROUGH HERE!" exclamation to the whole world. Everything else is soundly constructed as usual. Music is thematically matrix-y, has bot support if y'still play with those, and it supports almost every gametype except siege. Welp, guess that's it for now. Hopefully this isn't the last we'll see of ya, Szico. We can always use a good map to help inspire the community at large, and far as I'm concerned, yours are always ones to treasure. ....Kbuh-bye. New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan ***The main download link at the botom of the page is currently not working! Please download from here instead!***




LFPack Modification | 3.64 MB

could call it. I'm going to take up the author's offer and just quote what all he did, 'cause explaining in my own words...well, pointless! [quote]Changes: * Game Loading Screen: It changes the image that appears when the game begins to load. * Menu music: It changes to the Rebuilt Jedi Enclave song you can hear while playing KotOR II: The Sith Lords (hope this is not taken as Spam or something :P). * Console background image: Gave it a bit of blue tone but principalle more brightness. * Menu Background image: I played a bit with Constrast and Brightness :P. Also made the Circle in the center black and changed some arrows to a brighter blue. * Button color background: Made it brighter * Game Cursor: Changed it for the one you have in Jk2, and changed the "blade" from blue to red. * Server connection/ Initializing Screne: Changed the whole image. * Game Hud: Changed the hud to a one with our Clan Logo, made the hud grey, made the Health, Armor, Ammo and Force bars brighter also. * Saber Core: Althought I made it brighter, I'm not very sure that this change can be easily noted. * Lightning: I gave both the Flash and the lightning itself a blue color. * Scope: Gave it a tone of Red, changed the circle that spins when looking further, turn the power charging bar to black, and made a "cross" in the center of the scope. * Menu and scoretable: When you are inside the game, and press "Esc" the menu bar that appears on the top, well that bar was given a darker blue tone, and also to the one from the score table.[/quote] So, there y'have it. The screenshots'll tell a better story than I will at this point, so peek n' download. I command it. - Averus Retruthan




Garden of Eden V2 | 26.68 MB

with the letter S. [quote]What's new: Woah! sorry guys for the unspeakable water fog glitch. It's now solved and working. Repaired some missing textures and overlappings here and there but some of these problems were way too puzzleing for me to solve and for that I apologize. Moreover I added a quite simple bot support; and since some of you (thanks Insecure for the advice)would have liked a way more lively and sunny version I also added this; it's called eden_day.bsp[/quote] So, basically, problem solving and a new, sunny version. Rejoice. [b]New Textures:[/b] Yep [b]New Sounds:[/b] Nay [b]New Music:[/b] Yep [b]Bot Routes:[/b] Yep -Caelum

Garden of Eden - Screenshots Screenshots:




The Force Unleashed Duel Music | 1.24 MB

loop, and makes it the duel music.[/quote] We're good here. There's a youtube link in the readme to the track for you to preview it, so if y'wannit, it's yours. - Averus Retruthan




Kit Fisto Shirtless

shirtless_fisto.rar | 1.34 MB

not sure if I should be ashamed or proud of the fact that I haven't so much as taken a look at the Clone Wars cartoon series. Yay for Google images, though. There's two skins in here: -A Kit fisto skin -A grayscaled version of the above, which I dare say does not need any further description. Accuracy-wise, there's nothing to complain about here. Besides, the base model is already a Kit Fisto model - one can't go wrong. Texture-wise, again, nothing to complain about. I would've liked to see some glow, such as in the original model, but that's just me. It's just fine without said glow too. Sounds-wise, it has default sounds, which I personally find annoying on a squid from outer space, but which is understandable. Here's my main problem with this skin: the model is less than ideal. There are atleast two areas where it doesn't align properly, leading to parts of the model being very slightly detached here and there. Additionally, there seems to be a minor problem with the texturing on the head that makes it look slightly strange. Most of this isn't the author's fault though; it's not like there are a lot of good alien squid models out there. Still, for ye green alien & squid lovers alike, this should be worth a look ;) [b]Bot Support:[/b] Nope [b]NPC Support:[/b] Nope [b]New Sounds:[/b] Nope [b]Team Support:[/b] Nope -Caelum




TOR Hilt Pack | 3.71 MB

the last six years now, and while the development team at SOE have added lots of great new content and have made great strides in improving the game after the ludicrous debacle that the \'New game Enhancements\' were, that whole episode has unfortunately stained SWG in many peoples minds, and it remains a \'what if\' in terms of the massive potential that the game had that has been wasted. Bioware, I am sure, will not make the same mistake! Anyways, while we wait in anticipation of what could be one of the greatest Star Wars games (if not one of the greatest MMO\'s, period) of all time, our old staffer Jose Carlos has popped up with an excellent pack of hilts, three of which are based on concept art for the game, one based on Ven Zallow\'s lightsaber hilt, and one based on Darth Malgus\' hilt also. As with Jose\'s other mods, the quality of these hilts is quite excellent, and there are staff and single hilt versions for the discerning Jedi to choose from. Or Sith, as the case may be. One of my favourites has to be the \'Centurion\' staff hilt, its nice and shiny (I like shiny things as well as glowy things :P) and those spikes look pretty scary too. Even more deadly looking though is Darth Malgus\' hilt, which looks like it has two axe blades on either side, as if a super hot beam of pure energy wasn’t dangerous enough! All in all an excellent hilt pack here, accurate too, from the reference pictures I was able to find. The only real complaint I have is that Ven Zallows hilt looks just a bit [i]too[/i] shiny. Keep up the good work Jose, I hope you will make some more TOR themed hilts once we have more info on what they will look like ingame! [b]New Models:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Effects:[/b] No ~Nozyspy~




Ultimate Kyle

ultimate_kyle.rar | 14.69 MB

:P This mod actually does a few things, namely it replaces all of Jaden\'s cinematic dialogue and heal sounds with appropriate dialogue from Kyle, which has some pretty hilarious results. But that’s not all, as we also have a new, younger looking, Kyle skin though the difference is only quite small, with the grey patches in his hair and beard having been toned down by making them a little more brown. It does take a few years off him though! Unfortunately though, this replaces the default Kyle. I’m not a big fan of when skins replace existing base skins, so in any future versions I would prefer to see this skin as a separate one. More impressive though are the Kyle skins available from the customization menu, which I think look really good and are certainly a change from the somewhat boring old Kyle. The textures are good quality and there are several variants to choose from for torsos and legs, though only one head unfortunately. That said, there seems to be a bug with the leg selection menu, as whatever you select only changes the look of the boots and not the trousers as well, the trouser texture being set by which ever torso you choose, which limits customizability. If that bug could be fixed we would have a really nice selection of customizable Kyle parts to choose from! Wait... that sounded so wrong, almost like going into a shop and asking “can I have one of Kyles legs please?” “Yep, that well be 5000 credits please!” Rounding off the mod nicely are some new splash screens for when the game starts up and for when you are loading a map and a new main menu video with a cutscene from JK2 featuring the Ravens Claw approaching a planet. The author has also replaced the main menu music with the main menu music from JK2, which brings back some memories! Overall this is a clever mod, I especially liked the Kyle customizations and the way that Jaden\'s dialogue has been replaced with Kyles voice, though you will have to replay the game to get the full effect. Keep up the good work Jedi_hm2! ~Nozyspy~




Alternate Title Menu Video | 5.2 MB

years. What MagSul\'s mod does is replace the old video that appears in the center of the main menu for both singleplayer and multiplayer, with a brand spanking new one featuring Kel Dor Jaden battling a Rodian Jaden (paradox anyone?) using the animations from the Jaden Vs Alora final battle on Taspir III. Not only that but it removes the pesky grid over the video so now you can see it better too. Personally I think that fight sequence at the end of the Taspir level is one of the best looking and best animated in Jedi Academy, and its great to see a little snippet of it displayed on the main menu. The only complaint I have is that the video is quite pixellated, however I don’t know what kind of limitations there were on video size and quality, so it may be that this is the best that can be used in the main menu area. Nevertheless, this is a very cool little mod, be sure to give it a download if you like the look of it! :D ~Nozyspy~




Royal Guard Pack v2 | 12.3 MB

dog95\'s bot support for said skins and bringing them over to JKA. Now dog95 is back with an update which adds an interesting Single Player mod. I should point out that you should only use one of the .pk3 files included here, as one of them is just the compilation mod from last time and the other; RoyalGuardWithDarkside.pk3 is the one that mods the singleplayer side of the game. What the SP mod does is switch round the characters in singleplayer, so that Luke becomes a Shadowtrooper, Kyle becomes Carnor Jax, Stormtroopers become Rebels and Cultists become Jedi. I suppose you could say it makes it like you are at an Imperial or Dark Side academy as opposed to Luke\'s Jedi Academy! Well, that’s it for the updates, so below I will paste in my original review from last time around about the original mod! ~Nozyspy~ [quote]Ever fancied pitting your wits against some Royal guard bots, maybe even spawning an army of them to fight? Well now is your chance! What this mod here does is take Eric Landreneau\'s classic JK2 Royal Guard/Carnor Jax/Kir Kanos skins and breathes new life into them by not only making them available for JKA but also adding bot support to them as well! If you want to use these skins in singleplayer there are console commands included in the readme that you can use to change your playermodel in SP. Not only that but dog95 has also added HOUOU\'s Katana Pack for that extra dose of realism! Even though this is mostly only a compilation pack, it is nice to see these classic skins in JKA and enhanced with bot support! Be sure to give this pack a download if you like the look of it! ;) [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]Team Support:[/b] Yes ~Nozyspy~[/quote]




Black Rebel

black_rebel.rar | 2.06 MB

the rebel is skinned O_O;; so right out of the gate I was like: "Oh wow, nice!" It's great to see someone actually noticed how depressingly few black characters made/make an appearance in the Star Wars universe, even less on JA. This smart little mod fixes that, applying a modified lando face and hand texture to the default rebel. Best of all, he included it in the rebel directory, so those who don't have it won't see Kyle. However, Jedi HM2 kinda missed out on a little detail. In trying to add the commander versions(made by DocPhil) of the rebel skin, he ended up inadvertantly misspelling the name of the image where the accessories came in XD! This resulted in no vest OR helmet showing up, and leaving a huge hole in the rebel. Fatal, no less. Might wanna patch that up :B Other than that, very nice little package. Included are a set of NPCs to make your rebels more than E-11 toting dummies. I really like that you're giving the Rebel Alliance a little diversity in the human department. Thanks a hundred, and uh... _> see if y'can squeeze in some time to fix that little bug, eh? Bot Support: Nay NPC Support: Aye New Sounds: Aye(JK2 Ones) Team Support:Aye - Averus Retruthan




JKA_Flatgrass | 3.73 MB

funny thing is, it\'s really not that complex. It\'s literally just a singular platform in the middle of a huge plain of grass. It\'s mostly meant for mods like Lugor and Maker mod. Y\'know, mods that involve creatin\' crap, since this map was inspired by a Garry\'s Mod map, which the mod itself was made for buildin\'. Guess there\'s not much else to say here. As with every other file, you\'ll know if you want it. New Textures: Aye New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Illidan\'s Stance Mod

illidan_stances.rar | 7.88 MB

doesn\'t love them? I, for one, don\'t, but then, I guess I\'m just too used to the default animations :p [quote]A simple mod which changes the medium, dual and staff saber stance to three custom made stances. The stances look more steady and don\'t resemble combat stances that much.Next time i will make them a bit smoother and add a meele, strong and fast stance too.[/quote] Basically, my job has been done for me here - new medium, dual and staff stances, my main problem with which is the fact that they don\'t look like combat stances that much. Honestly, they\'re too rigid in my opinion, making one look like a plank instead of a fighter. There might be those who disagree though. On the bright side, Illidan has promised to make them smoother and add more in a next version ;) If you want them, go get them. -Caelum




Jhey's Mansion | 8.2 MB

an uncompleted map of a mansion situated on an island. The map has a small maze under the main building, and features a small dock also.[/quote] Now, before moving on, it has to be said - I like the idea of this map. Islands are always nice, and the screenshots do make this map look pretty neat. First off, the good. [b]The good[/b] This map has a very stable FPS, some very nice shapes (the glass domes for instance) and some very nice use of textures. The atmosphere here is very nice, though I would welcome a change of background music ;) I also quite liked what you did with both the dock and the beach in general. [b]The bad[/b] Unfortunately, in the author's own words... [quote]there are quite a few mistakes, mainly because I have given up on this map, and consider it quite an achievement and wanted to share with the community. [/quote] There are several things I'd love to see changed in a second version: -Water (outside). The water used in the ocean overlaps, flows randomly into a variety of equally illogical directions, and has several glitchy patches that just look awkward. I'd suggest using a different sort of water altogether there :P -The water inside annoys me too, not so much because there's something wrong with it, but because it does not move. At all. It does not bob up and down, and it does not move from side to side, leaving me to wonder whether or not I'm standing on a surface of vanilla disguised as water. -There are several VERY large gaps in the map. Mostly underwater, but not exclusively. -There are several textures that just don't match each other correctly. Just look at the inside of one of the windows and you'll see what I mean. This isn't very major though. -A new skybox might be worth a shot. Right now, you have all sides of the map covered in an ocean that mysteriously morphs into a jungle skybox. [b]In all[/b] Both the idea and the execution aren't bad at all here. My main gripe is the fact that this map could be so much better. Don't get me wrong, it's a valid attempt, and not at all bad for a second submitted map, but there are lots of things that could be done to make it atleast a dozen times more awesome. ;) Would like to see a second version. [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No -Caelum




JK2 Multiplayer Maps | 64.57 MB

certain things will not function. This includes: - Door opening sounds - The NS Hideout Trap doors do not open immediately(y\'gotta back up afterwards and then they\'ll open.) - Some lifts may take some time to work. Other than that, the music is included, the traps on the FFA_Deathstar are fully functional, bot routes are intact, and textures are there. [b]*poof*[/b] - Averus Retruthan




SJC Coruscant Adventures Pack (Night and Day) | 75.25 MB least once a year, SJC has valiantly produced at least one map each year, each one's impact being the equivilant of getting a shotgun blast of awesome straight to your face, leaving a crater of glory in the aftermath. Now normally Nozyspy handles SJC's maps, but...Caelum and I wish to punish him for his sloth and impertinence >:B so we are going to double-team this map in our own collective fashion, and the Hive will celebrate as our efforts result in the explosive joy of everyone's celebratory dances and offering tribute to this map. [b]Exteriors:[/b] ----------------- Right, so, when it comes to the outside, this thing is big and pretty, in short. First of all, I should probobably note that the outside feels a bit like a maze, especially at first. This isn't at all bad though, considering coruscant is supposed to be a confusing, massive, global city. There were some very minor lightning problems here and there, but both the day and the night version had an awesome atmosphere to it. Tons of fancy details help with that - advertisement banners (screenshot #4), an awesome skybox, appropriate music and more. Outside, we find a maze of corridors, going all the way down from the upper parts (screenshot #2) to the lower parts of Coruscant (screenshot #4) and eventually the undercity, where even the sunlight doesn't reach according to SW lore. There's entrances to a variety of areas, as well as a considerable race track/highway-like course (complete with swoops - yes, you can use this map for all your racing needs), along the path of which are various bars and night clubs. More about inside areas from Averus though. [b]Interiors:[/b] ----------------- The interiors can pretty much be divided into two major classes: Beds and Bars. Sounds pretty sleezy, but hey, this is the entertainment district, what do you expect? Now, there are pretty much two main bars in the map. The first bar is the famous Outlander Club that was featured most prominently in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, in which Obi-Wan Kenobi mindtricked Elan Sel'Sabagno into effectively rethinking his life, a feat which, to my knowledge, did him little good. It's scary to look at its ingame carnation, because it's just so...empty, save for the bar itself. Most of the few tables that are available are just pushed off to the side, near the Holonet receivers, where there's a couple nice lil' sporting events, namely the swoop race and the ...wheelchair football match? I 'unno.. The second level access can be reached by a strange little force lift of sorts. Not much to discuss up there except where the doors go. One of the doors leads to a hall that will inevitably take you to some mini-bedrooms with 1-2 beds, depending on the room. This is where I started noticing that the doors in this map have a bit of a impatient streak in them. No wait function on most of them, but thankfully, if you hold use long enough, they decide to give you space to walk through. The rooms are pretty modest, not much to offer, but they definitely get the job done. Mostly chairs and beds, the occasional portrait, but otherwise nothing special worth noting about these rooms. The next major interior is yet another bar, although this one is a bit more spacious and is a bit darker than its Outlander counterpart. This one appears to have a little bit more in the way of seating and even features a stage where a holographic dancer is....wait a that from....[b]IMVU?!? WAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!![/b] [b]-=Averus explodes into a fine ashen powder. Another Averus steps in.=-[/b] Anywho, the bar also has two levels, though the method of getting up there is slightly peculiar: A jump pad. Nothing we're used to, but I can just imagine any character wearing a skirt freaking out at the prospect of ascending these pads. Other than the host of seating, the atmosphere(see: music) is pretty much the same. Nothing much to elaborate on, other than I really like the atmosphere here. The slew of posters, the less colorful bar, the...suggestive holo-images. Really feels like a Star-Warsy downtown bar. ONWARD, to the...apartment complexes. Here, a most devious set of interiors await thee. Most of the apartments here feature pretty barebones furnishings, mostly a desk with a terminal and a bed, with the only decor being some wall posters. Amusingly enough, one of the apartments has a malfunctioning door. Privacy, you has it not. The most fortunate of the apartments is one that(I'm assuming, here, since I've never watched the animations,) belonged to Cad Bane. This one is most fortunate in its furnishings, as it holds desks, bed, WINDOWS, and...some holographic droid of sorts. Not sure what it's deal is, but SJC loves him some holograms. Winding the base here, it's time to finish off and mention the roadside "underground" bar, which is the most unorthodox of the taverns. This one features a large critter underneath the floorboards. Guess what it is? A RANCOR?! OF COURSE! Most of the actual seating for this den is actually strewn in a side alcove. The main area is mostly an arena strewn with laser turrets and a control panel to unleasha deh rannycor(nice tough with the sound clip, by the way XD) Couple TVs, some more holo-decor, and you've got the underground den pretty much laid out. It's a shame there wasn't much seating in this one, maybe behind a two-way mirror, where the betters can see who wins and who gets eaten. Dunno, just a thought :D [b]Closing Thoughts:[/b] ------------------------ Part of me was surprised at just how small the map was in comparison to the file size, but considering the MASSIVE amount of custom textures and shaders that went into this map, I can understand just how easily that stuff can add up. Overall, a magnificent map, and it's projects like these that make me feel ever so grateful for the master server's resurrection. En Taro Tassadar...really? That's how I'm gonna end it? *sighs*....Okay. Back to you, Caelum. Now, quality-wise. Sufficed to say, this is SJC quality. There were some areas where the FPS of my less-than-modern machine struggled a little, but in all, this map seems stable & looks awesome. I also have to say those 3D image thingies (like the road blocking droid & the female dancer) are very fancy. There is one thingy I would like to see in a future version - an expanded interior for that landed ship (see screenshots #1 & #3). Yeah, I'm a sucker for ship interiors ;) Worth getting, though? Well, obviously! :P New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Aye -=Cosmos Duality - Averus & Caelum=-




Bramble Gambol 2 | 19.06 MB

was basically the inside of a hollow thorn bush, with ten jumping-based challenges with varying difficulty. I decided to check out the older version before trying the new one. Suffice to say, these courses are HARD. Like, intensely hard. I've played old video games easier than these. Is this a bad thing? Hell no, it ain't. Why? [quote] - All courses were tested thoroughly and proven possible over and over again. No course is luck, or randomly timed based. All can be done 100% of the time if your skill is up to the challenge.[/quote] Hiddenspy was prepared for skeptics, it seems. I can understand. This second version contains some whole new courses and a couple "reimagined classics," that translated from the first map. Each of them is pretty potent and very challenging. Basically, be prepared to die A LOT. Much like Authuran, I was able to completely like, one or two courses, and the rest I just epicfailed on. Basically, to complete these courses, read through the readme for tips, and tone your reflexes and reaction time. You're gonna need all of these. Good luck. New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Nay(Why would there be?) - Averus Retruthan




Jedi Outcast Sounds & stuff

jk2_sounds_bonus.rar | 18.64 MB

anything, but if you want them to replace the JA sounds, well then comment or e-mail me or something, and I\'ll make them replace the JA sounds. This also brings back the Galak_Mech model, and the ol\' Minemonster model from JK2. It\'s a bummer that you can\'t play either one of them in MP, but I guess you can still have fun in SP! This is a mod for the sounds from Jedi Outcast, + the Galak_mech and Mine monster models. [/quote] However, the Galak Mech will more than likely be missing his antenna and force field, since Jedi_HM2 did not include the materials for them. Everything else is pretty much just a full out swipe from the assets pk3s. You\'ll know if you want it. - Averus Retruthan




Ancient Egyptian Catacombs | 3.71 MB

here and there, this could turn out very nicely. The basic theme here is that you\'re in an egyptian underground complex, with many tight corridors and a balanced weapons placement schemata. It\'s very well made for a classic Q3-Style guns-only FFA. Now, let\'s see what exactly needs to be tweaked here. [b]1.) Atmosphere:[/b] Lighting is definitely going to improve this map ten-fold, because as it stands, it\'s just too bright to be a catacombs. Catacombs are usually dark, and lighting is very sparse, but you can still add enough light to make it navigable without spoiling the mood. Definitely get to experimenting with lighting as soon as you get your hands on a good tutorial, and don\'t be afraid to try adding in some music to suit the mood. [b]2.) Technical Tweaks:[/b] Alright, so I can see as a mapper you\'re off to a good start. You\'ve shown proficiency in making standard brushes, ramps, curves, and had adequate practice using textures and even some map objects. Now you gotta do some tweaks. I noticed one particular corridor had two mismatching walls, which seemed a little off, and the random \"Yavin\" room was VERY awkward. One of the textures for your wall awasn\'t included(It\'s JK2 texture,) and resulted in a missing texture error, and your grass(?) texture was tiled as opposed to stretched out over the area, which made it look quite weird. Actually, the whole Yavin room seemed rather out of place in conjunction with the rest of the architecture, so maybe next version might be wise to change that until you have a better mastery of nature design. [b]3.) Tactical Tweaks:[/b] Alright, so while I said the weapons placement was balanced, I meant the weapon selection. The placement of the weapons and the items themselves is a tad systematical, but the health and shield pickups suffer the most here. The health and the shields were all confined to one room, one room for shields, the other for health. They were a fair distance apart, but already I can see this being a problem, as people may begin to camp at these locations to try and hold monopoly on these pickups, which may make gameplay slightly irritating. I\'d recommend placing more of these pickups around the map, so you can avoid that detrimental scenario. Otherwise, nice job placing the weapons. So with all that in mind, I can only imagine what awesome that this map could hold in the future. I gotta say I\'m rather impressed by this creation. You\'ve really put some gumption into this piece, and I would so very much like to see a cleaned up version 2 of this, man. No kiddin\' Even for a first map, this is definitely worth a look, lads n\' lasses. Give \'er a peek if you\'re after something a little close quarters, \'cause this\'ll definitely get the job done. New Textures: Nay New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




Mayan Temple | 7.92 MB

with a few structures and a pyramid in one corner. I am disappointed to say though that for the most part the map isn’t very Mayan themed, the pyramid being the only structure that resembles real life Mayan buildings. The map is also very dark, which, although it goes with the gloomy sky and rain (reminds me of the good old British weather!), is a bit [i]too[/i] dark really, making it difficult to see the map. There are plenty of nice touches which could make this a good 4-6 player FFA map though, including the walkway across the map, which would make an excellent sniper position, and the walls and pillars to duck behind. The terrain is also pretty good, although I think you need to put some kind of stone or dirt texture in the pools, since water straight on top of grass doesn’t look quite right. One other thing that bugs me a bit is that one end of the map is completely open, so you can walk right to the edge of the map and see the skybox, this doesn’t look quite right either. Perhaps enclosing the map completely, or making the terrain larger and simply putting some noclip around the edge of the map to stop the player from going to far would be good. Something like that would help the map to feel like it is part of a larger world. Overall though this is a decent map. Perhaps if you make a v2 you could make that pyramid bigger and put it in the middle of the map. You could maybe even add a hidden tomb. And mummies, definitely add mummies to guard the tomb. Everyone loves mummies! ;) [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, Team FFA ~Nozyspy~




JK2 MP Character Sound Restorer | 3.57 MB

never had sounds to begin with.) What\'s that mean exactly? Well, now your old classic JK2 characters that were carried into JK3 no longer have to worry about screaming \"TAKE THAT!\" in typical boring fashion. More specifically: -Bespin Cop -Chiss -Desann(FINALLY...) -Galak -Jan -Jedi Trainer -Lando -Mon Mothma -Morgan -Rebel All those characters now have their voices back, although Galak seems to have his Exosuit voice rather than the regular voice. Sad, but since there wasn\'t much to work with, it happened. Unfortunately, this does not restore international voice sets. Sorry, gents :( Anyway, if you\'re like me, and want some JK2 pumped back into your game, you know what to do. - Averus Retruthan




The (JAWA) Temple | 25.8 MB

version of the authors\' description. [quote]It\'s centered around (or more precisely within) a speeder bike track, although for obvious reasons the spawn points are all away from the track itself. The main area of the map includes a large council building with a three-doored lobby, featuring some greenery and the clan emblem, a couple of elevators to the bar, and of course the waiting room and council chamber. Other areas in the main portion of the map include the \"Shrine of the Founders\", near the bar, which has statues of clan founders Matt and Iniowe, as well as Link, who\'s led the clan since 2005. Continuing along from the Shrine of the Founders is a bridge over the main area of the map to the target range. This features targets that actually do something when shot. Outside there\'s also an elevator down to the main level of the map, with room for several people. Near the elevator on the main level is a large arena with galleries for observers. Other areas outside include a small park near the \"Great Gate of the Jawas,\" a large park partly under the speeder track (check out the skylights on the track itself), which kept growing more elaborate throughout the development of the map, a small arena for training, also with working health dispensers, a swimming pool (try the diving board!), and a couple of false doors to buildings that couldn\'t really have finished interiors due to the complexity of the map. One of them is where regular clan members live, and I haven\'t come up with a story for the smaller building... Opposite the swimming pool is the door to the council members\' private apartments. There are several on each level, and all feature lockable doors that can\'t be triggered from the outside. The map comes with a number of droid NPC\'s which can be safely spawned on any server with this map installed. I\'ll probably submit a separate pack consisting of the droids alone. People who don\'t have the droids can still see untextured R2 and R5 models, so there shouldn\'t be any crashing. There\'s a complete list of them in the readme. This map supports FFA, TFFA, Duel, and Power Duel, although due to FPS issues I wouldn\'t really recommend it for TFFA. I did add botroutes to it before finishing, and it has appropriate weapons, ammo, and Force pickups in various locations, as well as spawn points for team play. I\'ll be glad to answer any questions that you have about the map or anything in it! Helena Revan[/quote] -------- Whoa. First off, I\'d like to say this map actually rivals BDC Racing Club as my favorite racing map. The architecture present in this map is well done, though there are a couple of areas that could be improved. Everything is clear-cut and straight, as should be expected with stonework. The texturing is also well done, and really adds to the architecture. Add in the lighting, and you get a superb map that fits the \'newly built yavin\' theme quite well. Of course, the yavin theme doesn\'t end there. Outside, you can hear wildlife, and where there\'s water, there\'s watery sounds. +1 for ambiance. This map includes numerous features, including duel rooms, a firing range, a council room, and more, but most importantly: [b]A race track.[/b] Well, that\'s obvious, considering what I said above regarding BDC... :P The entire temple complex is situated in the middle of the track, with access provided through the race control room. The track itself is nice, being detailed and twisty, but unfortunately, it\'s very short. With the swoops provided, I could complete a lap in a little under 45 seconds. (About 55 seconds without turbo) That\'s depressingly short. Sadly, this map has another downside besides the short track... There are a number of custom vehicles included (which are nice), but these were packaged in the same pk3 as the map, meaning people who aren\'t running a mod such as Japlus will have to be careful about what custom vehicles they have installed. In all my looking, I found three secrets (Lugormod REALLY helps with that, given its ability to show entity info in-game.), and one bug: The toggleable ramp for the track covers some of the see-through-floor seconds, but it isn\'t textured on the bottom. In all, a very nice map, and well worth the download. Oh, and find the secrets yourself. New Sounds: No New Textures: Yes New Shaders: Yes Botrouting: Yes Gametypes: FFA, TFFA, Duel, Powerduel -------- I have some suggestions for the authors. You don\'t have to follow these, but I recommend you do anyway. :P -Longer Track I\'d say one lap should take 2 to 4 minutes with turbo. You could also convert the track\'s \"shortcut\" to be a 1 to 2 minute track, thus letting people choose between a short race and a long race. -Improved Buttons The func_usable button setup used could be done more efficiently. You can save entities, brushes, and triangles by using only one func_usable, and making a couple anim-map shaders. If you need help with this, don\'t hesitate to ask. -Vehicles Seriously, move them to a separate pk3. Also, if you want vehicles to remain available, I can help you there with a script or two that will let server owners pick between custom and base vehicles. That\'s all. Again: Worth the download. ~Crazy




Wilford Brimley with hair! | 5.81 MB

but most of us remember his classic accent, reinventing the word die-uh-bee-tees, into die-uh-bee-tuss. Since those commercials aired, all sorts of parodies and memes have surfaced on the interwebs, and now Wilford has made his way to JK3, in the shape of a Rax Joris reskin. Now naturally, the one thing that everyone\'s gonna whine about is: \"WILFORD BRIMLEY\'S BALDING, HE DUN HAB HAIR Q_Q.\" Yes, TK is aware that, this is a hypothetical where he has hair. The scary part is, he actually does bear a decent resemblance to the real thing. Like, somehow, I can SEE Wilford in the skin...I \'unno, hard to explain when you get one of these nebulous feelings. So we have three skins. The default is him in a typical texan style suit but no cowboy hat. Looks nice and plain, but elegant at the same time. The red version looks a little iffier, since it\'s Wilford in an all black suit with a red shirt. The tie looks a little sloppy, but otherwise, no complaints. The blue version is actually probably the most classic of them. Wilford Brimley in his classic blue sweater vest has been captured QUITE well. I didn\'t know that the sleeves could be surfed off successfully, but LEARNED SOMETHING I HAVE! There\'s only one thing that must be worked on aside from the possibility of the hair: sounds. Without the classic sounds to top it off, he\'ll still be Rax Joris! ;_; Other than that, a superb job on the skinwork. YOU WIN. Bot Support:Aye NPC Support:Nay New Sounds:Nay Team Support:Aye - Averus Retruthan




His Holy Noodliness: The Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) | 1.75 MB

skyboxes. -------- There isn't a whole lot to review here, other than the fact that the chosen FSM image could have been better. Sure, the quality is good, but I think this would be better with something more, um... [i]2D[/i] This mod affects the skyboxes used in 4 of the 5 FFA maps. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, for fans of FSM), this affects more than just the FFA maps, as the baseJKA skyboxes are shared a lot. Not only among the base maps, but custom ones too, since skyboxes are often hard to make. But no worries. It's still an interesting mod, to say the least. And Caelum, for boasting that you were in my reviewmobile in the (pre-review) description box, I sentence you to 20 lashes... ...And a version 2. :P ~Crazy




Darker Lightsaber Blades + Core | 1.08 MB

cores to be closer to the blade color than actual white. It achieves this by making the very center of the core (but not the edges) transparent. [b]Review:[/b] When I opened the pk3, I saw what I thought was a bad job of a good idea. But when I tested it in-game, I was surprised to see that, as simple as the image editing was, it got the job done, and you couldn\'t tell the difference. No joke. This could have been (and probably was) done in paint bucket, but you\'d never know. +1 for that. There\'s not much else I can say. It does as advertised, no bugs, just stylized saber cores. Who knows? This could be just the file YOU want. ~Crazy




Strike on Nar Shaddaa | 21.11 MB

can make excellent sandbox (Lugormod or Makermod, your pick) maps due to their being so large. Sadly, this map has proven to be a disappointment in that department, being a little too small for my taste. As a siege map, however... I can\'t really speak for what the actual gameplay will be like here, having no way to gather up testers within a reasonable amount of time. At the same time though, the author has stated that gameplay was the main focus here, so it should be up there in quality. The texturing, while a little simplistic, is effective. You can easily tell if you are inside or outside (even when ignoring the outside \'vistas\'), you aren\'t blinded by horrid texturing, and doors/paths are obvious. (Helped somewhat by the arrows on the floor.) The geometry is also simplistic, but less so than the texturing. Though it is, for the most part, gameplay oriented, there\'s still room for improvement. (Particularly around the interior doors that have no door frames.) There are numerous crates all over the place, offering points of cover from enemy fire. While not very geometry intensive, it\'s a good way to create easy points of cover fast. But at the same time, you shouldn\'t go overboard with these unless you\'re making a warehouse map. Also, I noticed a fair amount of geometry that was borrowed from Hoth Attack (mp/siege_hoth). While not a bad thing, it does help to avoid borrowing too much. (Before anybody panics, the siege_hoth source was released, and can be downloaded from here.) The lighting in each area is pretty uniform, with only slight hints of shadows near the light sources. While not phenomenal, it does get the job done for this map. I don\'t think there\'s any real room for improvement here, so we\'ll move on. In all, it\'s an ok map, but I have some suggestions for the author. -Wider variety of areas. As it is, most of the map rests on the same level, with very few areas that are above or below said level. Not only that, but most of the areas are the same. While this does promote a theme, it doesn\'t fit Nar Shaddaa\'s proper theme. Look at [file=\"105657\"]this[/file] map. (Ignoring that I helped make it.




Death Star Hangar Duel JKA

death_star_hangar_duel.rar | 6.95 MB

the hangar wall, and a door. Nothing too ornate, but it\'s actually pretty nice lookin. Methinks a service lift woulda helped this place look a little more authentic, and that missing JK2 texture coulda been thrown in as well. Otherwise, not a bad product. A-zooooom. New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




Kyle Wan Episodes - Duel Pyramid

the_duel_pyramid_kyle_wan_history_.rar | 7.4 MB

rather symmetrical(to a point,) and features something I like to call a \"shaved ziggurat.\" Essentially it\'s supposed to be a pyramid, but it just doesn\'t look like one. There are two MASSIVE staircases that lead to the summit, where there are four armories, one in each of the top structures. In the center is what I suppose is either an antenna or a beam shooting up into the skybox. Well, there\'s only two main things that hurt this map: 1.) There\'s JK2 textures in here that aren\'t included. 2.) No rain ambient noise. Other than that, it\'s an okay map. The structure is pretty simplistic, but since this was intended for a large FFA massacre, this plays pretty well, as my FPS remained pretty stable all around, so hopefully the same applies to y\'all =_=. New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




The Duel Arena's | 8.99 MB

maps are very similar although one of which is set in a fairly large city while the other is set in more of a desert type environment, however that being said both maps are for the most part identical with the exception of different textures. The third map which is a FFA map is a lot bigger in size but also includes at least 5 different duelling areas on three different levels which are fighter landing pads (I.e. for the Z95 or what ever fighters you have installed). The FFA map does have a lot of playability where you can use it for almost everything (well except for Capture the flag) including Fighters, Dueling or simple free for all so, many possibilities there although you will need to spawn the fighters onto the launch pads however (yes there are fighters in the hanger, it would probably be a lot easier to spawn them directly). Although it should be mentioned that this map does have one fairly large flaw where there is a band around the whole map which does affect the scenery of the sand a little bit really. The two duel maps as mentioned above are for the most part very similar to one another and for the most part I would personally say simple but effective that's because it does what its designed for - duelling. The first map of the two which is mainly based upon a desert type map with a sand background that makes it look like its in a desert very effectively although I think that the sand itself could be improved a little bit to make it slightly more realistic however. As for a duel map its about the correct size as it would need to be and does work perfectly as a small floating platform however whilst a little minor it is missing the dust storms that you would normally see in a desert. The second duel map is very similar to the first although this one as mentioned in the first paragraph is set in a large city. The map however is practically identical to that of the desert map, although the only real difference is the cityscape background and the more metallic textures of the duel area. However that being said whilst it is perfect for being a duel map (i.e. small and fairly effective and has a fairly decent background), I feel that the background buildings could be improved a little by being a little closer to the duelling area mainly because this way it would seem more like a busier city. Overall all three maps are fairly simple maps and are very well suited to the map types that they use, while these aren't the best maps they can still be fairly fun to try (the FFA map can be fun too although probably a little on the small side for any large dog fights between fighters though) New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: No Bot Routes: Yes Game Types: FFA, Duel, Power Duel ~Danny~





Obscura (awesome game)...but I digress. For those who have no idea what I'm babbling about, here's what Wikipedia says: [quote]The term denotes works set in an era or world where steam power is still widely used (...) but with prominent elements of either science fiction or fantasy[/quote] This [i]teaser[/i] pack contains a steampunkified weapon and a steampunkified skin. [b]Steamtrooper[/b] As you can see on screenshot #1, a very spiffy looking, slightly rusty, steampunkified snowtrooper. It's a separate skin, so it doesn't overwrite anything. Not to mention it has team support. My only possible gripe is the lack of stormtrooper sounds. Nice job though ;) [b]Starzapper[/b] As you can see on screenshot #2, this is a steampunk E-11 reskin. It comes with some very neat sounds & effects, and gives me a tendency to run off to the first server with guns enabled I can find. My only gripe? StarZapper.pk3 makes the Bryar blaster pistol go textureless; presumably a bug. Now go download if you like the way these look, or I shall be forced to smack you with a spoon. -Caelum




Star Wars Episode III: Jedi Temple - Cin Drallig Duel

jedi_temple_cin_drallig_duel.rar | 11.18 MB

Troopers when Bail Organa lands at the Jedi Temple in Episode 3? He was called Zett Jukasa, and was played by Jett Lucas, George Lucas' son. Cin Drallig is, in fact, Nick Gillard backwards, minus the K. Nick Gillard was the sword master and stunt coordinator for the prequel trilogy, and choreographed all the lightsaber battles you see therein. This method of using a persons real name (usually a fiend of the author or creator) to make a name for a fictional character is called [url=]Tuckerization[/url]. Anyway, this map we have here is based off the level from the Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith game, and is where Cin Drallig has his fateful duel with Anakin Skywalker (now Darth Vader) as he invades the Jedi Temple with the 501st Legion. You see a short clip of this duel in the film itself, where Obi-Wan checks the holo recordings and sees Anakin fighting a couple of Jedi, the one with the long hair being Cin Drallig. I have never played the Episode 3 game, since I don't own an Xbox or Play Station, being a PC Gamer and viewing all consoles as the work of the devil! The map itself would be perfect for guild/clan trials or duels, because of its setting in the Jedi temple and its wide open space. There is a door at one end of the map, which will teleport you to an observation area above the main arena, so you can watch any duels or ceremonies. The texturing and architecture are very nice, and the choice of skybox was excellent and really adds to the feel of the map. The music is also very atmospheric, though its more dark and gloomy and perhaps doesn't lend itself to a frantic lightsaber battle. As for improvements, I'm not really that fond of teleporters being used where more logical methods would be better. Since there is a door there (where the teleporter is) and the observation area is straight above, why not use an elevator? I think this might add a bit more to the quality of the map, since improperly used teleporters often strike me as cutting corners when transporting the player. The other thing is the windows, since brushes have been used to give the impression of a curved window, you need to put either noclip or caulk on the face of the brush where it connects to the brush next to it, because as it is now, you can see the seams in between the brushes. Alternately you you could also use a patch mesh to get an even nicer rounded window. Overall though a nice little map here, keep up the good work JamyzGenius! :) [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routes:[/b] Yes [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, Duel, Power Fuel ~Nozyspy~




Sniper Oasis | 10.39 MB

down on the couch of reasonable comfort and proceeded to furiously pound away at his keyboard to come up with Shakespeare. ...Then again, maybe just a review. :P I'm deeply ashamed to say I've never heard of this map until now, but let's hope somebody remembers [file="82376"]Sniper War v2[/file]. [quote]A small ffa map designed around a lake. Towers, catwalks, and numerous hiding places make this map perfect for sniping. Includes other weapons if you don't like sniping. This is the final version of my map Sniper War and since then I have implemented several improvements. The water is now clear and far less repetitive than the previous texture, I used Szico's "skybox blending" to reduce the sense of discontinuity between the terrain and the skybox, and I added a deadly laser beam that shoots down a long tube and can be activated from a nearby building to surreptitiously vaporize your opponents. There are also numerous minor texture and architectural changes throughout the map.[/quote] There you have it; improved water, skybox blending, texture and architectural changes and lazors to fire. To quote Averus' previous review, MALEVOLENCE. Quite honestly, my only gripe here is the complete lack of music. I know most of yas play without sounds on, but even so, some sort of music would be nice. ...That is, I play without sounds. Don't argue with the great Raisuli. Regardless, like bow ties and fezes, this map is cool. ;) Definitely worth a look, especially for the sniper-lovers amongst us. [b]New Textures:[/b] Yeah [b]New Sounds:[/b] Ni [b]New Music:[/b] Ni [b]Bot Routes:[/b] Ni -Caelum




Giant Playable Piano | 44.98 MB

collision with a metronome? For that, playing piano, and more, you've come to the right place. Remember [file="114735"]The Giant Piano[/file]? BlueNinja returns with a second version, ready to blow your mind. [quote]Version 1 was a small room, but this time I have mapped the upstairs section of a house I used to live in, using a video for precise reference. The house is gigantic, and is really meant for long range sniper battles. There is a lot more to do and see in this map than in V1![/quote] Did I mention there's [b]a lot[/b] more to do and see in this map than in V1? ;) Probably the most important change is in the piano. Each of the 88 keys of the piano can now be played using the use button, which is, naturally, completely awesome. Additionally, as said, the map no longer consists of a single room, but of an entire floor, complete with vehicles you can use and a toilet you can swim into. As you can see on the screenshots, there's more to explore in these rooms than I could possibly summarize in a single paragraph. Sufficed to say, I'm positively amazed at this map. The only thing that did irk me was the fact that the max visibility gets exceeded by this map (which means if you're on one side of the largest room and look at the other side, that part isn't visible until you get closer). This isn't the author's fault though; blame the id Tech 3 engine. All in all, this map's a must-see. Protip: don't use grapple or jetpack if you fancy a challenge. [b]New Textures:[/b] Yus [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yus [b]New Music:[/b] Yus [b]Bot Routes:[/b] Yus -Caelum




ForceMod III: Classic Edition | 118.24 MB

glorious ForceMod III: Return of the Sith. This mod would come to prove insanely popular during its age, and its class-based combat had a little something for everybody: Gamers and RPers alike would fawn over this game for years. Then, overtime, it faded into obscurity.... until now... Introducing ForceMod III: Classic Edition, an expanded version of ForceMod III. As stated by the author: [quote]ForceMod III Classic Edition picks up where the orginal ForceMod III left off. With Azymns permission to continue the series we have incorporated many new changes in this version. This includes new animations, new menus, a completely overhauled saber form and melee selections.[/quote] Sounds like a sweet deal, doesn't it? Well, it just so happens that this deal is a bit raw, unfortunately. Here's about the only thing that makes a difference: - The menus. That's about it. It turns out the new animations came from a BETA version of the Open Jedi Project, and thus he basically got the placeholder animations. There are, in fact, new and superior animations, but looks like this new guy didn't get 'em. Basically, what this means is that every gun you fire looks like you're firing a pistol, and lemme tell ya, it looks highly undesirable, thus making the mercenary classes less appealing, which sucks, since that's half the classes there. The saber form and melee overhauls are almost purely aesthetic, taking the animations for the OJP saber system and essentially applying them with few of the additional mechanics. End result? Eh, some of the saber forms from OJP remain intact, chainability included, but honestly it was probably still better fit for OJP. There seemed a little too much work gone into prettying up the saber and form menus, which, given their design, doesn't seem to really allow much of saber selection. You're either stuck with what's on the menu, or you'll have to shoehorn your custom saber in through the console(assuming it's even possible.) As for the melee, nothing much else to speak on. The menus? can read about them in the readme below. I guess wiht all the cute little additions it could possibly call people back to the mod for a little bit longer, but I'd fix the following: - Droideka Shield shader - Get the newer gun animations. - If the options open, get a saber menu that permits selection of custom sabers. Get those fixed, n' methinks you may yet save this. Otherwise, it just seems like adding a spoiler to a car: Makes the product prettier, but that's about it. Y'all are welcome to give it a shot. It might inspire a bit of interest in FM3 once more. - Averus Retruthan




Cartoon World | 4.56 MB

toast. So, Delta 135 has bore unto us a map depicting a world from a bright and colorful animated world. No one world in particular, just a world. The main area is a wide open plain, which dominated by a bright green texture that you would see in an old Atari game. Spread out upon this plain is a large dual-tower structure for sniping, a treewalk with some shielding items along the path, a small little pond, a nearby ridge, and a dwelling that looks like it could be a wacky scientist's home. Like any custom creation, there's always a way to make it better, so here be some bugs and or graphical suggestions: 1.) Unifying your theme - Definitely see if you can make or acquire some cartoon tree and grass blade textures/models. Also, I believe a more colorful rebellion decal would suit those sniper towers much more(though they're good as they stand.) 2.) The Pond - I believe the cartoon water texture as is looks a little too patterned, and gives me the impression that a scaly film is upon the water. You could easily just go with a solid light blue texture there, and it'd look great. 3.) The Rocks/Ridge: Like with the pond, I believe a solid texture would benefit these more than the patterned texture you have here. 4.)The House - Upstairs on the bed you have some texture-fighting between the bed and the covers. There is one other bug that is horribly weird, but not necessarily in need of attention: Firing a DEMP2 alt blast at the windows of the house causes texture fighting between the decal and the window. Oh, the joys of randomly firing weapons everywhere... So other than the JA trees and grass haunting the area, I'd say this map is well on its way to becoming quite the amusing craftwork. I would also recommend increasing the skybox's boundary so that ships may be flown about, as there is quite a bit of space, more than enough to fly in. Well, I'm done. What say you? New Textures: Aye New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




The Council of Light | 1.91 MB

shrine located on a large floating rock, with smaller chunks of earth orbiting it. The shrine itself is probably the smartest use of the Korriban textures I've ever seen in a map lately. A small dome encloses the majority of the ragnos symbol on the floor, supported by four pillars, CoL banners hanging high above. Coming out of all four cardinal directions are stone walkways, two of which sport either a dead end or another tribute, in the form of a darth maul statue dedicated to a "T. Maath," and a CoL memorial plague of sorts. I won't lie, I like this map quite a bit. I feel as if it has a sort of "Olympian" vibe to it, if that makes sense to anyone. It makes a modest and likeable hangout map, and the expanded skybox allows for some dogfighting if the mood strikes one. I'm tempted to keep this just for the hell of it. A fitting tribute, I say! Now...let there be merriment. [b]*raises goblet*[/b] New Textures: Aye New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




Alora2 SP Fix | 1.52 KB

always pondered why they'd bother to negate the other Alora model, other than because of the deformation hole in the back. Then again, that didn't stop the cultist from debuting, did it? Anyway, Vemarkis, a newcomer, has taken the initiative and finally fixed the issue, having the Taspir Alora utilize the other, previously unused alora model. It was instantaneously refreshing. IN-STANT-TANE-EE-USS. I checked in SP to ensure it had the intended effect, and everything works perfectly. So little effort, yet such a big difference. Why this hasn't been done publicly before is beyond me, but no more. I'm definitely going to keep this around, as I personally appreciate the change, however minuscule it may seem. Acquire this if you use Alora at all, be it an NPC or if you play SP profusely. - Averus Retruthan




The Duels Zone | 11.55 MB

Unfortunately, the comb that was run over this map wasn't nearly fine enough. Let's get down to the grit. This map is an FFA map that has been divided up into a series of duel maps. Seven different areas are available, but it's hard to put a name on each of them. They vary from a maze to a roman fighting arena to a tomb on korriban. Players seem to spawn in random places, and each one has a teleporter to a "master" room of sorts. From this "master" room, you can go to any of the other rooms. It would seem that there are NPCs in most of the rooms, and if I'm not mistaken, some of them respawn when they are killed. The idea behind this is great, but it needs a lot of work. The visuals in each area are okay for the most part, but other areas really need some work. Two such places are the hallway with the destroyable walls. They can be destroyed in such a way that other parts of the wall are left floating. This is fixable (and quite easily), and really needs to be. The whole room is also quite bare triangle-wise, though...there isn't much stuff in it. It needs some variation as well. A few other areas were plagued by problems. The "master" room has a couple of very repetitive textures on it. And I mean *very* repetitive textures. Also, the pictures that represented each dueling area were very low-res. They definitely needed enhancement - I'd say quadruple the resolution on each texture. Grainy rooms don't look very appealing, especially when you have to walk into them to move from area to area. One last area that I had issues with. I think it's the one the author referred to as the "Rome Duel". By far, this had the most issues. First off, get ready for some FPS drop if you have a lower end machine, because the outer walls are made of patch meshes (and I still can't figure out why). This is a big waste of triangles - you could save a [i]few hundred[/i] triangles by changing those to brushes. If you're using patches because you need a one-way-wall effect, you can use nonsolid brushwork for the visuals and patches for the physics. Either way, it's a big waste of triangles and really has to go. Second, the archways that teleport you back to the "master" room...they need tops on them. How on earth can you have an arch with an invisible top but a visible bottom? My last gripe, although minor, is that the water doesn't meet the walls. This isn't really a problem, but it gives the room a sloppy feel. The other areas seemed all right to me. The visuals aren't the most enticing things on earth, but they do their job. FPS was good overall, but that's more because of a lack of detail than anything else. Great for low-end computers. My favorite area was the one with the water and sparks under the platform. Those poor reborn never stood a chance... :p Overall, the whole thing screams new mapper. I don't want to discourage you, especially with a useful idea like this - but this comes off as sloppy in many ways. You need to give things some more time and branch out some more. You've got the basics of Radiant down - now it's time to straighten up and treat your creations with care. New sounds: [b]No[/b] New models: [b]No[/b] New textures: [b]Yes[/b] New music: [b]Yes[/b] ~Dretzel




Pads Duel | 3.14 MB

room to move around. That being said, this duel maps works perfectly for me! Based on Tatooine, this duel map contains a few buildings in a valley of sand and rock. In the center is what appears to be a small landing pad of some sort. It's large enough for more than just a duel, but small enough to be able to quickly meet your opponent in a duel situation, a perfect combination if you ask me. The textures are well placed, with the exception of what appears to be a missing texture on one of the buildings. I'd suggest giving this map a download if you're a dueler, or if you just like Tatooine. Game Types: Duel, Power Duel New textures: Yes New sounds: No New music: No New models: No




Battle on Theed (FFA) | 40.85 MB

instilled fear into us all... ...This map is [b]HUGE![/b] O_o; Seriously, getting lost almost seemed like a mandatory part of playing this map. There's so much to drink in. When you think you're done seeing the whole map, you see yet another thing you missed! However, there was virtually NOTHING I found that I wasn't impressed by. So, Theed. The city that lasted a single Episode, and yet, it's remarkable beauty impacted us for years on end. It's a shame it played little to no part in the rest of the prequels. So, Quite a lot of exterior, really. There's not much interior to be found, but there is enough. This map was designed with upcoming siege objectives in mind(Yes, that includes MB2,) though it is also to be featured in the JKA Siege Mappack as well when it graces our altars. There are 3 major exterior regions, each one crowned with teal marble domes and fuchsia marble roofs on the majority of the buildings. The streets are paved with bricks and almost everywhere you turn, there's a stairway leading somewhere deeper into the map. The streets are adorned with neatly trimmed bushes,[b]*snicker[/b] strategically planted trees, and traces of ivy cling to the various structures in the area. Yep, the author painted one hell of a picture. Better yet, there's barely anything wrong with this map. The texture choices were nothing short of exquisite, and the custom skybox fit so well I actually thought there was more to the map than met the eye. Architecturally speaking, this is probably one of the most complex maps I've seen in a while. It felt like there was over 100 ways to reach another part of the map, and this maps predominant use of arches looks like it took quite some time to get all just right. The lighting seemed near-perfect. There was one area I noticed seemed a bit unsourced in natural lighting, but other than that there was hardly a place that seemed out of place in that department. Now, I did say there's BARELY anything wrong, so let's see what plagues it: [b]1.)Doors:[/b] Alright, so I must admit it's very difficult to put in sci-fi doors into an environment that has a late renaissance feel to it. However, while most of the smaller doors fit in perfectly, some of the larger doors appeared to clash with their environments. Basically picturing a large black industrial-looking door in the midst of all the grace, it just dudn't fit. [b]2.)Ambient Atmosphere:[/b] This was probably the most disappointing department to me, as there was hardly ANY ambient background in this map at all, and I honestly think it really could have benefited from some. Once the music is turned off in your game, all you hear is almost dead silence. The only ambient noise comes from the various fountains sprinkled about the map, and you have to get pretty close to them to hear anything. The exteriors really could have used maybe some birds singing in the background, maybe a few church bells tolling every so often. The stream direly needed some noise, as it appeared it was flowing too quickly to be that quiet. The interiors could have used some noise emitting from some of the computer consoles, and that large column that looked like a reactor wouldn't have hurt to have had some humming coming from it. As this currently stands, this is quite a product here. I would definitely suggest the masses ingest this file, even if just to take a quick look at it. One can only wonder what malevolence is being adding to it, to make this map a true force among forces. I shall remain on the lookout for future versions of this map =_= as I am most curious as to what you've in store for us, Lord J3rk. New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




Sylar's Spacewalk | 15.53 MB

overlapping textures, some shaders that don't really seem to fit in, and some deathtraps here and there! The catwalks are bright and slightly transparent, making them a little difficult to see then there are many of them around. To be completely honest, I have seen some JK1 maps that are more visually appealing than this map. That being said, this map's true value is in the gameplay. Wide open areas and thin catwalks for you gunners, wide platforms for all you duelers, etc. If you don't mind the graphics that much, this map can actually be quite fun, and I can imagine it being challenging in a large scale free for all. It isn't so great for small groups and the jumping/landing-impaired, though. I would love to see another version of this map with some improvements, especially if one improvement is changing how those catwalks look... But anyway, enough of my yapping! Give it a download if ya like it! Game Types: FFA, TFFA New textures: Yes New sounds: No New music: No New models: No




Bespin Duel | 5 MB

harm him in the end? Oh well, doesn't matter, MAYP REEVYEWING TIEMZIG! This one's actually...well, there's not much to be seen, actually. The major factor to notice is that this map bears a striking resemblance to MP/duel1 of the default Raven maps. Some of the main differences include: - Much more space - Brighter lighting - New Music - A small additional area where some more cloud cars are parked in the air. Comparing from Raven's and this one, I actually think I would prefer using this duel map over Raven's. There is one tiny bug though...two, technically: - Your window bears the black touch of the void, so looking at it is a tad disorienting. I'd rectify that particular issue ASAP. - Your brush geometry on the car lot elevator seems to be incomplete. Big ol' seam dividing the front brush from it's buddies. With those being said, however, I don't think this should stop anyone from really using this map at all. Verdict? ACQUISITION MOST RECOMMENDED. *points finger threateningly at the download button* =_v New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




(>XT | 89.03 MB

out on it's own in many ways - Some good, some bad. All in all, it probably breaks even. Let's start with a brief description. The author says the map is in the middle of a city. While I fail to see the "city" side of things, I do see a secluded campus-like facility. There are two main areas here - the area where you start, which contains the housing areas (dorms?), and the large building which serves as a container for some more interesting activities. At the top is the mapper's office. There are many secrets listed in the map, but due to time constraints, I was unable to find any. The other area is an outdoor arena dotted with trees. As far as looks go, I'd say it's on a basic skill level. Most of the brushes seem to have a single texture on them on all faces - this is not necessary. It is possible to select a single face at a time and choose a different texture for each face. Bugs...well, first off, even though it isn't a bug, most of the map could be areaportaled with no side effects whatsoever - increased framerate is always a good plus to have. Second, there was at least one missing texture and the X-wing model was missing. Other bugs included unclipped stairs, triggered doors without waits on the trigger, unteamed doors and...I think that's about it. Well, there you that you know what you're doing, MutantRuki, let's hone those skills and get some awesome entity work. :) New textures: [b]Yes[/b] New sounds: [b]Yes[/b] New music: [b]Yes (but not ambient)[/b] New models: [b]Yes[/b] ~Dretzel




Open Fire | 6.41 MB

launcher against those infuriating mercs who chase you around the Zonju level in JKA? Well Eezstreet here brings us a mod which allows you to do just that! Not only does this mod allow the use of all weapons whilst you are riding a Tauntaun or a Swoop, but it also increases JKA's vehicle limit (which has always been a pain in the backside for people wanting to add lots of new vehicles to JKA). Overall this is a very clever and original mod, and looks like it will be a lot of fun! So if you fancy firing off a few rockets or disruptor shots whilst riding your Swoop or Tauntaun, then be sure to give this mod a try! :) ~Nozyspy~




JKA Nogri Staff Lightsaber | 2.3 MB

I gotta admit, it makes for an interesting weapon! It's default style is staff, but if you try to change styles, you will end up with a single blade using Desann's style. There's really not much more to say about it... Give it a download if ya like it.




SJC The Palace of Jabba the Hutt - Map Pack | 71.03 MB

being masterpieces of mapping design. Yes there are mappers that are technically more skilled with the fancy aspects of mapping like ridiculously complex scripting and the like, but Sith J has been here right from the start, the granddaddy of em all and he has released may maps over that time. So, let's have a look at his latest creation; Jabba's Crib! As I said above, this map comes in both Daytime and Sunset versions, each with a different mood and atmosphere. Personally my favourite is the daytime version, primarily because it obviously looks and feels like the more traditional Tatooine map. There are a few small issues with the sunset version though, but I will come to those later. This map is pretty huge, it features a large outdoors area among the dunes infront of the palace entrance and the interior of the palace itself, which is an incredible maze like structure. Walking among the dunes outside was highly entertaining, especially for me as I absolutely love a good outdoors map. You should watch out for the Sand People though, as they are, as usual, in a foul mood (though who wouldn't be with that lumpy mask glued to your face for your entire life?). This is one of those little features which really adds to a map, just that little extra something that isn't really necessary, buts adds that extra depth. Wander around a little more and you will stumble upon the Sarlacc pit, although hopefully not too literally eh? :P I must admit I would have liked to see a little more movement out of the Sarlacc's tentacles (which are flat transparent textures rather than being three dimensional), which I am guessing some adjustment in the shader for the tentacle texture could do. Making the image a sprite as well (if it is possible to have a vertex deforming sprite image) may have been a good idea, since the tentacles are flat textures, as you move around them they disappear momentarily. For those who don't know what a sprite texture is, a sprite texture always faces you no matter where you are even though they are just flat textures. Moving on, you will also come across the ribcage of some once huge beast and nearby you will also find an archway, which looks impressively similar to the ones from the original Ralph McQuarrie concept art. The roof of this archway and also of the palace itself has a fantastic shader on it, which gives it a purply metallic shine. Just ahead of this archway is one of the entrances to Jabba's Palace, this one running underground. The main entrance of course is right at the front, and that famous door which R2 and 3PO stand before at the beginning of Return of the Jedi looks nicely authentic, right down to the sand piled up in the recesses of the door. Also worth noting is the specular shader on the stucco like walls of the palace, which when viewed from a certain angle gives the walls a nice sheen in the sunlight. Inside the palace is huge, and maze like, it is very easy to actually get lost, there are just sop many rooms, corridors and levels! I have a feeling quite a bit of the inside layout is based on the 'Inside the Worlds of Star Wars' location cross section book, which itself has a very nicely detailed illustration of the innards of Jabba's Palace. For those of you who like feeding your defeated enemies to a Rancor... yes the Rancor pit is here, complete with Rancor. ;) The texturing throughout the map is excellent as always, accurate too, even all the little patterns on the borders look accurate to all the reference pictures I could find, so a big thumbs up there! During your wanderings through the palace you may also occasionally come across a B'omarr monk, although unfortunately these are only map objects and so don't do anything other than add a little more atmosphere to the place. Personally I think it would be cool if someone could make a B'omarr monk NPC model, since having a few of the disembodied brains-in-jars-with-legs wandering around would be very cool indeed! To be honest there is so much inside the palace to see that I could write several pages about it, but then again that would spoil the adventure of exploring the map for you guys wouldn't it? With a map like this that is both huge and great to look at, exploring is a big part of it! ;) Now I said earlier that there are two versions of this map, Daytime and Sunset, the daytime being my favourite mainly because it is traditional Tatooine. However I also said that there were a few issues with the sunset version, and now I shall elaborate. Basically my main gripe with this version is that the insides of the palace are just [i]too dark[/i]! Its difficult to see all the great detail that went into the interior of the map, and the lights just don't seem to light up the interiors as much as they should do. The outside area isn't too bad though, although there are a few rather dark spots in the shadows. The sunset skybox, with the twin suns setting in the distance, is one of the most amazing skyboxes I have ever seen and is quite beautiful. Overall this is a fantastic map and I am once again glad to see Sith J Cull return to us with a new creation! I do think the lighting in the sunset version could have been tweaked a little more to make the light levels more comfortable, but you can always turn your gamma up a bit higher ingame if you have to. Keep up the excellent work Sith J, the community really appreciates that talented mappers still stick around and produce amazing work like this, even after all these many years. I look forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve for us next! :D [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routes:[/b] Yes [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA ~Nozyspy~ [b][Edit][/b] Shockingly, I forgot to mention that you should look out for Han in carbonite, because... well it isn't Han. Could the face on this frozen carbonite man be the visage of the great man himself?!




Clone Wars Stances and Effects Mod | 24.76 MB

honest, some attacks make a shiver run up my spine. Not only that, but there is also added effects, such as, and I quote; New lightning effects, saber blades, and clashing effects. Not to mention new sounds for each of these! Lets start with the Blue stance. I'm not really sure how I'm supposed to describe this, but it seems to be a cross between the art of Fencing and the art of Stabbing at the Ground. As confusing as this sounds, the stance is actually really well done, with a unique spin to it. Literally! The usual Blue Uppercut has been switched around to, what I saw, a series of three spins, all attacking in front of you. This looks slightly silly in the middle of battle, not to mention it doesn't hit everyone around you. That is, unless my calculations were entirely off and I actually did hit that ninja that ran after me... The second portion of the stances involves the 'fabled' Yellow stance. Now, this looks like an honorable position, however is extremely dangerous if put into a real life situation. In short, you hold the saber at a vertical position, what seems to be inches from your nose. Oh, don't get me wrong, the stance looks awesome. It just doesn't seem... practical.... Oh right, the attacks. Most of the swings have been changed, but none so much as the awesome Yellow DFA. Jumping into the air, cutting at the opponents below you, and breaking into a roll has never looked this amazing. Ah, the last of the Single stances. This one is the combination between an axe murderer and a ballet dancer. This stance is possibly my favorite of the three, with an attack that literally caused me goosebumps. You remember the first attack Chancellor Sidi- I mean Palpatine did against those Jedi? Yeah, the one where he spun in a circle, while jumping. Wasn't that cool? I thought it was, which is probably the reason I love Red Stance. The Red DFA has been turned into what I like to call SuperSidious. Now that we're done with the Single stance, lets move on to the speed demon Dual stance. This looks like something out of Soul Calibur, which makes me a very happy person. Alas, that happiness turned into confusion when I pulled up the Dual 'Uppercut'. It seems the player has a tendency to spin their wrists to the point where they would fall off, and they keep going. That confusion turned into happiness again at the end of the first part of the attack, where the user would repeatidly stab the opponent. And it looks awesome. The Dual DFA was harder to pull off, as I was constantly low on my Force power after defeating Raiden, God of Thund- oh, right, review. The user constantly swipes horizontally with both sabers, ending with something I... don't actually remember. I think I was electrocuted right before I did it... Ah, the Staff. Quite an impressive device. Not only can you stab someone in front of you, you can either stab the guy behind you... or even yourself! Jokes aside, the staff has been changed. To my recollection, I remember the stance has been turned into a more docile, calm stance. The Staff 'Uppercut' has been turned into what seems to be a Lightsaber Helicopter. No, you can't fly. It ends with a repeated spinning stab move. The Staff DFA is similar, just without the Helicopter move. This time, the entire body spins in midair, attacking all directions. Whew! So, the saber stances are over and done with, right? Nope! The stances also involve a new walk, which looks amazing if you're into the whole sword-at-side vengeful samurai 'you killed my father' stereotype. The run is the same for each Single stance, which beforementioned samurai can explain, but the Dual makes you run with your arms behind you, and Staff makes you run with the saber in a Bo-staff position. Melee stance has been changed, although it would be extremely useful if the hands were at your side in melee, instead of in front of you. Kinda like idle-saber. To be entirely honest, I never actually used the Force powers, but I did see some difference in the saber. I believe it's brighter, with a more realistic feel to it. The clash effects are gorgeous, especially when I accidently Yellow DFA and decapitate my opponent throught their saber. Yes, I did that on accident... The only few qualms I have are actually quite fixable. First, some attacks look entirely strange, meaning the spinhand in particular. The second one is that melee stance, also fixable with the right coding which I know Hirman has. Finally, the part that this is not an OJP modification like the last ones. I know it's stressful, and I know I don't play OJP, but other people might enjoy this on it. Installation has been provided in the Readme (PLEASE read the readme, it's there for a reason. We can't just random generate these things, you know!), and most modifications are acceptable with things such as Movie Battles II and Jedi Academy Plus. -FILE- New Sounds - Yes New Animations - Yes New Overall - Yes -Denariax-




Force Storm | 3.15 MB

that strike down lightning on your enemy, that is! It might be a very simple mod, but it's a great one, if you ask me. I would highly suggest giving it a download if you're a lightning lover. Even if you're not, it's still worth it!




Hanziness' Loading Screens | 1.1 MB

writing on a black screen, number two has a large blue lens flare in the center and number three is sort of cloudy or foggy. My personal favourite is the second one, since I think it fits best with the style of the JKA menu's and colour scheme. All have the title: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy and a disclaimer at the bottom followed by a link to the Dead Reefs Mod Network site. Needless to say you should only put [b]one[/b] of the included .pk3s in your base folder at a time, otherwise they wont work! Overall not bad work here, although I think it would be cool if there was a bit more to look at on these loading screens, as they are a little plain, and the font used for the writing isn't really very 'Star Wars-y'. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future Hanziness! :) ~Nozyspy~




Disturbed Hood Guy v2 | 1.22 MB

DISTURBED! So who cares?! This is version 2 of [file="104307"]Disturbed Hood Guy[/file], more commonly known as "The Guy", who is the mascot for the band Disturbed. Pretty obvious. Of course, this is skinned off of a jawa, and since the real mascot is a bulging, muscly, ripped-shirt guy, the jawa model won't do such justice for him. It's close, though. A good idea. Good innovation. The 2 texture changes in this model are the hands and the face. The hands have been given the color of flesh, which means bye bye gloves! It's more fun to get your bare hands dirty. Also, the face, which previously were two creepy yellow jawa dots, are now the face of The Guy. That's not a new change, though. The real change in this file was the sounds. The previous reviewer complained of a lack of new sounds... so that has been fixed! Taunts, getting hurt, and dying are now sound clips taken from Down With The Sickness. Enjoy. [i]Authuran[/i]




Labyrinth -Halloween Special- JKA EDITION | 16.36 MB

Since this map was just converted from Jedi Outcast, I will just provide all of you with the original review of [url=";7261"]The Labyrinth by Claxon[/url]: [quote]Description: From the Author: The Labyrinth is a large maze where players must find the best way to navigate their way around and defeat their opponents. Is it best to run along the tops of walls in plain sight, or inside the labyrinth to avoid detection until the time is right? In the center of the Labyrinth is a tower which can be entered to give players access to several sniper spots, but beware...whilst they give you a good view of the maze below, can be easily spotted. There are several small dueling areas, but almost the entire map is good for wall walks and fast, furious saber fights. ---------------- This map has many hidden features so there is always more to find. Oh and did I mention that it is haunted? Couldn't have said it better myself. :D Fun map, many little death traps set around and I love the spooky sounds! The inside of that tower looks amazing too! Good job on the rocky surfaces, they came out well too, especially the bridge thing! Now THIS is what I call a labyrinth. :D[/quote] Do you know what I've noticed? All of the reviews from years ago were [i]so[/i] short and seemed like they had little effort put into them. I don't know, maybe that's just me. Anyways, nothing really changed in the conversion process. I saw no major bugs and/or glitches. Usually you see them after a map conversion, but I didn't happen to notice any. If anybody finds any, feel free to list your findings in the comment section. I'd like to say that there was a lot of good memories on this map. I remember years ago, on Halloween, I played on this map [i]all[/i] night long. Ah, the memories.. >_> Overall, this turned out to be a great conversion. I'd like to thank the original author, Claxon, for a fantastic and scary map! Also, thanks to Azenin for the physical conversion. Once again, I'd like to apologize for not reviewing this in time! Nevertheless, this is a fantastic map. This is definitely worth a download if you played the JK2 version, or want to play an awesome Halloween map! :D [b]New Models:[/b] Aye [b]New Music:[/b] Aye [b]New Textures:[/b] Aye [b]Bot Support:[/b] Aye [b]Gamemodes:[/b] FFA / CTF / TFFA ~Syyrax




Eurocorp Syndicate Airship | 85.32 MB

within the hangar area itself we have the Eurocorp Syndicate Airship made by DLegion. I am presuming this Eurocorp Syndicate is some kind of clan, especially since the airship itself has all the things you would expect from a clan map, although I could be wrong! RunAmock's Hanger T-31 map is a fantastic map, and it wouldn't be fair of me to review that map here since that is a separate map my a different author and will soon have its own review when I can get around to getting all the contest entries re-reviewed! Although more than half of the map is made up of RunAmock's map, the main subject of this file is the airship contained within the hanger and the other additions made by DLegion, so that is what I will be looking at. The airship itself is very reminiscent of something from Star Trek... and indeed the interior contains several references to Star Trek, including technical deck plans of the USS Voyager, a few instances of Federation Symbols and other Trek related textures. Heck, the ship even has what appears to be warp nacelles on each side (which incidentally you can enter from the inside!) albeit green ones instead of the normal Trek Red and Blue. Inside the airship are several decks to explore, including a flight deck/hangar complete with small fighter type craft and some kind of huge mech suit. The interior of the ship looks very comfortable and looks like the perfect place for a clan to meet. The one major problem with the interior though is that the ceilings are just [i]too low[/i] which makes it difficult to find your way around, since your normal perception of space is a bit skewed due to the cramped surroundings. Nevertheless though, it is nicely decorated, with several different areas, including a library, a small pool, areas to lounge out in and even a few toilets! ;) Not to mention multiple maintenance and storage type areas and tunnels including the engine areas. Now, onto the other additions to RunAmock's map. One addition, accessible via the elevator at the back of the hangar is an office like area right at the top of the skyscraper. The architecture of this area, along with the somewhat creepy music definitely reminds me of something from one of the Final Fantasy series of games. The second area is the outside area of the DLegion Monolith, the full map of which you can find [file=92869]here[/file]. This area can be accessed via the 'holodeck' room in the Airship itself, so you could say it is a holodeck simulation! There might be other areas, but I wasn't able to find any, this is a pretty large and sprawling map though so I would be surprised if there are some more secrets to be found! As for improvements, I think for next time around, the ceilings of the decks on the airship should definitely be made a fair bit higher, since at the moment the whole ship feels very cramped due to the low ceilings. I would also like to see a bit more exterior detailing on the Airship, like some pipes and other such things, just to make it look a little less flat. Other than that I think the texturing needs a little more work inside, perhaps using more similar textures to tie the interior of the ship together as a whole. Overall this is a cool combination of maps, although adding more features to the RunAmock Hangar T-31 (which already has quite low framerate in some areas) does lead to some very low framerates in certain areas of the map. Nevertheless I think its cool to see this kind of co-operation between different mappers and indeed, different maps. I look forward to seeing any future versions of the Eurocorp Syndicate Airship! :) [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA, Duel ~Nozyspy~




Disturbed Hood Guy | 370.75 KB

answer! Apparently it is some kind of mascot for a band named 'Disturbed'. What we have here is a skin of that mascot, the 'Disturbed Hood Guy' as this file is named. This is a reskin of the Jawa model, and surprisingly doesn't shout out "I'm a Jawa!" as soon as you see it. Considering the Jawa model is pretty unique its hard to actually make it look like something else, but the author has done a good job of doing just that here. This is a pretty creepy skin, what with these teeth and red eyes, I was a bit disappointed however that the eyes don't glow. Glowing eyes are always a sure sign of an evil character, especially glowing red eyes. Other improvements I think would be good include adding a little more texture to the clothing (since it looks rather flat) and maybe getting a better resolution image for use on the face. Besides those things though I think this is a well made skin, certainly a creepy one, that's for sure. :eek: Overall good work here, though try and work on including team skins or custom sounds for next time! :) If any of you guys are fans of 'Disturbed' or just like the look of this creepy skin, be sure to give it a download! [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]Team Support:[/b] No ~Nozyspy~




Starkiller Ultima Pack | 8.67 MB

allow context to interfere. The first change promoted is force power effects and animations, with lightning being the most noticeable. Electrical spaghetti.... of both the purple and blue varieties at your discretion! It all looks good.... provided you've got lightning level 3. Below that, you're going to be hitting enemies with a string of particle-accelerated black squares. Push 3 also gets a new animation, though it looks more like a quick Power Rangers muscle flex IMO... but it does remove the tacky bubble thing. Drain 3 now has your character striking a rather lethargic pose which I'm assured is related to Darth Vader's grip stance, but I don't see the correlation to be honest. Still on the subject of animations, the lightsaber and acrobatics departments got a little something too. The fast style has now been switched out with Tavion's one-handed style from Jedi Outcast. The idle stance for both fast and strong styles have been changed too (Twilek and Desann can be seen below modelling both styles respectively), both new idle stances are fine and dandy though the one attached to the fast style will throw up a lot of sparks from constantly grazing the floor. The same is also true of the new idle stance for the dual-bladed saber. They're not bad choices of idle stance, they just require some tweaking to remove their constant floor contact. A new roll sequence is in place, though it seems it's more of a dive-roll now, and the backflip is no longer Jaden Korr's patented Fetal Cannonball Special but is in fact a stylized backflip which you can see executed gracefully by just about any magical girl or Matrix character. The next few contents in this file are basically dependent on other mods, so unless you have those too you'll get limited results. An updated .sab file for AshuraDX's Galen saber and NPC support for Schrodinger/Unsunghero's Galen Marek model are both supplied. However, you will need to download both the saber and playermodel seperately. Rebels and stormtroopers are given the acrobatic abilities of the Reborns, which does at least give them a bit more longevity (all of three seconds), and the final pk3 file of note attempts to make the stormtrooper AI smarter by boosting it's reaction, intelligence, aim, move, evasion and aggression stats to 5... which doesn't actually make them smarter, it just makes them cheat like a Las Vegas casino owner. Eh. Can't possibly be more disappointing than the base AI so whatever. As a side note, the Dragon animation files have also been provided for the animators to have fun with. Definitive opinions on this file are impossible to form. With each individual component you're going to love it or hate it, because each component has been garnished with Marmite and then wrapped up in Marmite-flavoured duct tape. One thing that can be definitively said in this file's defense is that Mr Pwner-san has gone to the lengths of keeping things simple and letting people take their pick of the components as far as reasonably possible. It's definitely worth a look at least. -Mikouen




Ceretus TFU Stance | 9.34 MB

this accurate? Ehhh... sort of. I've seen pictures of what it looks like ingame and this resembles it a little bit, but the position is slanted forwards, his body should be straight. That's about it, I guess. No real description here, since it's just another stance mod. Enjoy. ~Authuran




Hidden Beach | 5.16 MB

standards for both, I guess. The "look, don't touch" type of maps I mentioned, have their standards, a map which serves purpose only to enhance the visuals and look a certain way that our brain would be delighted in. So, you could say art? That would mean that mapping is an art, which it completely is. But, as is most visual art, there is exceptions. Did M.C. Escher make his drawings look beautiful? Yes, but they were more than a waterfall, or a staircase. They had an extra value to them, which this map contains within its pee kay three. This map serves more than a map just to look at. The duel, one of the most practiced forms of combat since the beginning of combat itself. A beautiful form of expression, to inflict pain upon one's enemy. The expression of getting within the control of your surroundings, to take advantage of the mind itself and strike the opponent with a fierce, deadly instrument of pain. Which in this case is a lightsaber. And by duel, I mean jumping around bashing the left click on your mouse. Which is what most duels are in this game. It is understandable, however. The Quake 3 engine does not allow for facial expressions to match the controller, nor does it allow personal feelings to be expressed on your character's body, may it be sadness, injury, shame, contempt, you name it. But on the bright side, this Quake 3 engine has a good combat system implemented by the spiritual entity commonly known as Raven Software. In this combat system, you can take advantage of the perfect strikes of the lightsaber, in a duel mode to face off against your common opponent, much like the known Kumite *HIYA*. What is a Kumite *HIYA* you ask? Well, according to The Boondocks, that is a death match held on a far away island. Which is similar to our JKA duel gametype pixel things.. But that's enough talk about dueling. On to the actual map. This map is set in a small cliffy area, complete with a beach, river, and bar. The beach is peaceful and quiet, set upon the open water, which is not really so open considering you can go so far and then be stopped by an invisible wall. But it is hidden, in a small little zone, so there is the comfortableness factor. It is shadowed by a... staircase! :0 But it's what the staircase leads to. A raised cliff area, containing a bar and a river, which is quite loud concerning its size. The map, although not the best, is one heck of a piece of eye candy. The beach is serene with a dock containing small torches, adding a touch of ambience to the hideaway. The wood texture is used nicely, making some sort of a rickety old staircase which perfectly matches the theme of nature. The river runs curved along the outer edge, leading into the cliff, which features holes that line shines through to the area. There is also a bar put in, randomly I suppose, I can't imagine who would want to maintain a bar in the middle of nowhere. The door is locked by the way, so don't expect to be going out (or in olol). In conclusion, this map is a nice, serene area, perfect place for a duel in which there is no distractions, and plenty of environment to hold your stand against your enemy. Enjoy. ~Authuran




4Glory Gun Re-vamp | 10.17 MB

is so annoying, and the blaster pistol can barely hurt a fly. Not to mention the repeater looks like its shooting molten apples out of the tiny little barrel of it. Unfortunately, you will have to deal with that because the models haven't been changed in this mod. Instead they have been reskinned! Yes, some are more green, some more orange, red, name any color. The skinning quality is hard to explain. There's not really any enormous changes when recoloring a gun. I mean what am I supposed to say? "All the bumps and scratches that were there before are still there but in orange." Really all I can say is that the author did a fantastic job with the recoloring. I didn't see any weird lines or colors splotching over into the next part. But wait! That's not all, is what Bill Mays would say if he were a JKfiles reviewer. The author has also put in.... *drumroll*.... new gun effects! Some of the guns will now shoot green (eggs and ham) lasers at your enemies, or teammates if you are that kind of person. Really, like before it's also hard to explain. The quality is good for... weapon effects.... and the coloring is really hard to see because, well, I don't have to explain it! It's common sense lasers in Star Wars fly at intense speeds! But judging by the screenshots the coloring looks fine, nice, however you describe laser coloring. Mmmm download if you hate the way the weapons look, and are looking for a nice quality replacement. Enjoy. ~Authuran




Jedi Academy BETA Siege Map Pack | 31.15 MB

[b]two[/b], count 'em two, siege maps to play with in the meantime. In the meantime, you say? Yeah, dats right fool, because this is only a BETA. 5 more maps to come. In the words of Borat, Wow wow wee wa! [b]Base Assault II[/b] Hmm, how can I describe this map... well I'll say that it's sort of a mixture of Japan-style architecture with Star Wars-style warehouses and machinery. You get what I mean because I probably don't make much sense. Each team spawns at a different side of the town, and must blast their way through it to get to the objectives, which is steal the power mod and restore power to the outside doors, reach the courtyard of the estate grounds, use codes contained in droids to disable the estate locks, and once inside the estate, disable the containment core shield which is busy containing the head of legendary pops. By all means this is a greatly executed idea, which includes sneaking around underground, behind buildings, etcetera. Only complaints I have is that in the FFA versions, it is literally impossible to escape the interior warehouse type rooms, due to the doors being locked. Anyways, you're going to have to discover the rest of what's in this map, and maybe a little more :P [b]Korriball[/b] Anyone remember Droidball? Well this is similar. Okay, well if you don't remember what Droidball is... anyone watch or follow American football? This is pretty much the same idea here. Except star wars style. Which makes it even more cooler. Instead of a pigskin, or 'football' here, we have the green crystal! So in all it is like football. Now on to what you actually do. You grab the green crystal, but Authuran? How do you kick a crystal in Jedi Academy? No need to worry about that my dear split personallity, there is jump pads to rocket you into the goal, which is abit small this time, only like a sort of portal or teleporter, which if you get the crystal in it you win! No, you have to get 7 points, so if you get the crystal in 7 times you win! After you get the crystal in, you're teleported back to the playing field, which as you can figure out by the name, is in Korriban. So you have your Sith statues and sharp-edged rock formations. Very fun map. All in all, this is a great mappack, and more to come o.O so watchout for that in the future. Also I should mention this comes with a Tardis or something ; if I can gather what little information I know about the SyFy channel, it's from Dr. Who, and I think he uses it to fly around, or go back and forth in time or so. These are betas, too, so they might have a bit o' problems here and there. Keep it up, p1ng! ~Authuran




RPG Carida Academy | 14.9 MB

whatnot. On the landing pad is the much beloved Republic Gunship, but this is no ordinary gunship brush. When walk into the gunship's hatch it teleports you to another landing pad with the same gunship and a very different looking planet. The first is swampy and this is sandy, but each is tied together with the gunship. The use of the gunship to travel back and forth between two parts of the map is a really neat mechanic and makes you feel like you're being dropped off for a mission or were just ferried back to base. The two parts of the map are a military base and a scary warehouse that looks perfect for urban combat. The warehouse has very nice lighting and a really dark atmosphere, but something I noticed was that while the lighting was good, it was still not coming from a source. Try adding some lamps into your next update. The warehouse contains a bunch of old boxes and shelves and the occasional prefab-barrier that looks like it was set up as a defense. It's pretty easy to imagine going in with a squad of soldiers and storming the building. The other half of the map is the military base and it is a pretty nice looking base. It has everything from lobbies to offices to firing ranges. There's even a firing range for normal weapons and then a firing range for long ranged (Sniper rifle) weapons. Every officer's office looks very nice and a few of them even have lobbies outside of them. The barracks might be my favorite part of the map with long rows of bunks with cool cyan lights shining at their heads; there's even a door that leads to a shower room, though there's no toilets anywhere which confuses me. There's also a medbay and several conference rooms as well as a storage room with plenty of weapons to pick up. The base layout was a bit confusing, though, so it would be nice to have maybe some holographic signs or something to point people toward the room they want to go to. The map makes extensive use of Inyri's KotOR models and not only does it add an air of familiarity to the map, but it also makes it just look so much nicer and more varied instead of JK3 boxes. The music on the map is the track "Prologue" from the Republic Commando soundtrack, which I love; "Prologue" is my favorite track from any Star Wars game by far. It fits perfectly with the map as it feels militaristic and has both ups and downs to it.[/quote] This second version is quite an improvement over the previous version in some areas, but a few new things have come to my attention. Let's start with the good things. First off, there are holographic signs in the actual base that tell you what is what, so no more wandering around running through each door one at a time trying to find a specific room. Second off, the map no longer only consists of the base and the warehouse! The base now contains an outer door which will lead you to the main entry way which is confined, sandy area complete with defensive trenches, barricades, and turrets. This then leads to [i]another[/i] giant door which will teleport you to the town that the author has created. This town is what you expect out of a town in Jedi Knight 3; it has a cantina, a medical center, a house, a gun/tool shop, etc. Continue on through the town and you reach a door which teleports you to a stone hollow somewhere, probably in the mountains. It was a bit jarring to turn around and look at where I came from and see [i]a drop off the face of the earth.[/i] My advice, rather than just having an empty hole where you came in, have the teleport in the same place but in the background map in a stone path that winds around out of sight so it looks like you climbed up here or down here or wherever here is. Enter the cave and you'll find a very appropriately lit, dark, gloomy stone cave. With a rancor in it. There are a few atmospheric touches such as a flickering light or some bones on the ground but other than that the cave is largely empty. The warehouse also has some additions which basically include a very linear path to a generator room of some sort. Not much to say about it, though it is interesting to find. The warehouse did have lights this time around, however, rather than just eerie lights popping out of nowhere. A good improvement. Now on to the bad and the suggestions. First off, there were a few brushing (Caulking? I don't know this crazy terminology) errors around the map which were a bit jarring. However, I came to realize something as I ran through this whole area. Yes, it is an Imperial military base and no, it doesn't look bad, but... it doesn't look [i]good[/i] either. While nothing looks bad or hurts the eye, there is nothing special about the graphical presentation of this map either. The architecture, once you get to looking at it, is very blocky. Everything is blocky, from benches to desks, walkways to walls, rooftops to dirt on the ground. Aside from that, the map uses the same selection of gray, blocky, metallic textures everywhere. Even the caves are gray stone. Again, it doesn't look bad but it doesn't look good either; it simply feels like it's there. Try to rough out and round out the edges and throw in some more colors and more detailed, varying textures to make the world look lived in and real. Also, think about doing more with the skyboxes. As of now they are just the sky, nothing more, which seems a bit odd. Wouldn't you see the military base in the distance, or the city in the distance, or [i]something[/i] other than sky? Or outside the cave, wouldn't you see mountains or trees or something? Now that brings me to my next point: the map feels cramped. Everywhere you go you are boxed in whether it's by the walls of a room, giant metal walls around a whole area, or stone walls. Nothing is open, which can feel odd. Open up some areas! Have a couple stone paths going out from the cave area that lead to cliffs or something; make the defensive trench area spread out all around the walls of the base - have an electric fence separate the entryway from the outer walls but make it so you can see out. Take away the claustrophobic feel from every single area in the map! Overall though a worthy endeavor; even if much more was opened to my eyes to be improved this time around, that doesn't mean it's a bad map. In fact this should be pretty fun to roleplay on. ~Laam'inui




The Phantom Menace Episode 1 Duel of the Fates | 20.25 MB

but atleast several problems came to me the second I spawned in the hangar. But we'll deal with that later. Duel of the Fates, perhaps one of the greatest lightsaber duels in the Star Wars movies. When I spawned I donned my Maul model, and then realized that this map is boring to test out by myself. So I added an Obi Wan Kenobi bot to fight with while I was looking around. Needless to say he owned me a couple of times with the dreaded force push, foreseeing my lovely splatter at the bottom of the generator room -_-. Then I retaliated! Using force grip to hold him over the edge of one of the platforms, making him suffer! *Ahem*. Back to the review. After exploring the rather large generator room, I then went through the blast doors up through the hallways, discovering multiple round platforms most likely used for discussing that guy Sio Bibble's ridiculous beard. So after that I went back into the hangar and discovered another room, with a statue of... ragnos? What the heck is he doing there? Unfortunately, that's the good part. The screenshots can certainly tell you this is a first map. When I spawned, I immediately recognized there was no light at all in this map (AKA no shadows, means that the map generates its own brightness). The author used many repetitive textures that looked phony and unnatural, and hurt my eyes. I also saw that the author totally misused the caulk shader, it's even viewable in the map. Also, the doors need to be linked up together. AKA, when I go through the rather *large* doors, only one of them opens, and I have to walk over to the other one to get it to open. When I entered the generator room, I noticed that there was an excess of bridges and platforms that were not there in the movie, creating unnecessary fps. After that I went into the hallways, noticing the way he poorly used textures and the largely undetailed corridors. There are also unnecessary ledges with models that are not even clipped down. Here's some tips for the author: STRETCH YOUR TEXTURES. I don't want to be rude but that's a very important statement. the ones that are not stretched look very repetitive and ruin visuals. Also, study up on the architecture of this place in order to create an accurate representation. And most importantly, when you compile make sure you have light. You will know when you see shadows and patches of light where you placed your source. Trust me, the map will look a lot better. Also, when you use the physics_clip shader on the models, make sure you have it placed accurately. When I tried jumping up on the ragnos statues There was a HUGE invisible box around it. Also, make it so when you fall off edges (the balconies, etc.) you die, instead of just falling on the skybox. In the generator room this will come in handy. Overall, this map is quite a doozy. One thing I certainly liked was the clear audio of the music, very good and not fuzzy or chopped at all. Download if you like. ~Authuran




Asteroid: H5 | 20.3 MB

bottom of the pile. Sorry about that man![/b] Asteroids get a pretty bad rap unfortunately, generally being the harbingers of destruction and usually hitting the earth and ending the world. That is not completely fair however, since asteroids can be pretty cool too, afterall they make great heavily defended bases in space and also harbour giant space slugs which can swallow a starship! :eek: This particular asteroid however, you can live in! It has a bar, a racetrack a garden and more. And yes it is clan themed, but don’t worry because the clan references aren’t too in your face and really I think that this would be great for any clan to use. I have always had a soft spot for clan maps, perhaps because I remember the fun I used to have with clan maps years back when I was actually in a clan. This map in particular is one that I can see a lot of people using, it has tons of stuff to do and would keep a clan happy for ages! Basically this is an inhabitable asteroid and there is a little back-story displayed on the loading screen which explains a bit about it and its history, which I think is a neat idea. The whole asteroid has been excavated and built up so that it contains stuff like caves full of plants and spiders and some creepy spiders webs (but thankfully no spiders :P) a council room right on top of the asteroid, a bar (with a garden!) a racetrack and loads of other places crammed into nooks and crannies. One of my favourite places was the main cavern, which has a waterfall, a rope bridge and lots of rooms leading off. For clan purposes, there is a huge main hall with some holograms of the asteroid and plenty of space to meet and also a place that looks oddly like a theatre or something which I presume is used for clan meetings. There is also the aforementioned clan council room right at the top of the asteroid. I really like this map, it just has so much crammed into it and you could go of exploring for ages with your friends into all the little caves and nooks and still not find everything! It’s also fun, since it has a pretty cool (although slightly short) racetrack going around and through the asteroid. And yes, you can also [b]fly[/b] outside of the asteroid, there are a couple of hangars with TIE Fighters at either side of the racetracks grandstand. The area you can fly in is pretty huge as well, and has lots of smaller asteroid chunks floating out there, just be sure not to crash into them! Graphics wise, the skybox is fantastic, with that large planet looming in the sky with the blue corona of its atmosphere outlining the dark side of the planet. Combined with the music the whole map feels very peaceful. As for the map itself, I do think there is room for improvement, mainly in the actual construction of the asteroid, which is very angular in places and need to be smoothed out and made to look more natural and rock like. To be honest though, the map allows you to have so much fun that this may not be an issue really for the people who will get most use out of it. I also think some kind of sign system for the main areas of the map would be good, as the complexity of the map does mean that you can get lost! Overall though, this is a really fun map, and I would definitely recommend it to any clans out there. I really hope to see this map being played on some servers! :D [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA ~Nozyspy~




Lava Sanctuary Final

lavasanctuary_final.rar | 75.88 MB

‘Lava Sanctuary’ I was expecting lots of the hot glowy stuff, and I wasn’t disappointed! This seems to be a sort of clan themed map for the RJA clan, who have released quite a lot of mod’s over the years. I didn’t notice any clan logos or anything like that, so this map should be suitable for any clan to use. This map includes numerous areas, one of my favourite of which was the incredibly tall room with lava falls gushing from the top far down to the lava lake below. Numerous little platforms hovering around the room at different levels provide a really cool (or should that be hot?) environment in which to have a duel. There is also a large outdoor area which is lit by dark blue lighting that contrasts very strongly with the lava rooms and giving this area a somewhat spooky feeling, which is appropriate since there appears to be some sort of graveyard in this area! There is also some pretty spooky map music, which I think fits really well! :eek: This map still needs some work though, as there are a few areas that are full of missing textures, including a few rooms and also a few long corridors. This is a shame really, because the rest of the map looks pretty good. Missing textures are a mapper’s worst nightmare and I definitely think you should make a v2 of this map and make sure you include those textures. Other than that I feel the map could do with a few tweaks here and there, like perhaps some more detailing, since some of the rooms seem a little bare. Also, the outside area lit with blue lights was a bit too dark so I feel that you should increase the light a bit in that area so it is easier to find your way around. Overall though a decent map, but it’s a big shame about the missing textures. Take a look at the screenshots, and if you guys like the look of this map, then give it a download! :) [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA ~Nozyspy~




Felix | 4.18 MB

than one field of modding, but it definitely looks like Pande is one of those modders. If you read the Readme however, you will notice something rather odd: [quote] The armour was made in GtkRadiant 1.5 and NetRadiant, as totally black textured surfaces. I zoomed in with the camera, took multiple close up screenshots, and merged them in GIMP. I then applied the beveled effects and texture.[/quote] I am rather puzzled at this, the armour was made in a mapping program and then turned into a texture? O.o Well whatever method used to make it, it certainly looks good. The texture of the armour combined with the selective env mapping looks really cool and I think the Jedi Trainer model was a good choice for this skin. In fact I also agree with Pande when he says that the Jedi Trainer model is not modded or re-skinned often enough, as it does have a lot of potential. A notable feature of this skin is that you can change it to a custom colour using a console command: [quote] 1. use the default model from the player select menu (/model merc_jedi/default) 2. bring up the console (Shift + ~) and type /char_color_blue, /char_color_red, or /char_color_green. The default values for all 3 is 255. A value lower than that will reduce saturation of that color. So for example, if you want a green character you would set _blue and _red to 0, leaving _green at 255. Colors come out darker when this is used... therefore they can also serve as an alternative to the team skins (red and blue) by having darker red and blue skins (may be more appealing to some). [/quote] Personally I think this is a great idea, and along with the team support, bot support and even some new custom recorded taunts this makes for a well rounded and well polished skin that is well worth a download! :) As with all mod’s though, there are a few things which I feel could still be improved upon. The main part I am thinking of is the face, which looks a little too low resolution when compared with the rest of the skin, I definitely think some extra detail, or a higher resolution texture would be good here. Also, I feel that the boots looked a little too plain. Again this is an area where I think a bit extra detail might look cool, like some straps or buckles or maybe some mud or scuff marks to make them look more worn. All in all though this is a very impressive skin here from Pande. And a special shout out goes to Yami_Ryou as well for making the excellent custom sounds! :D If you guy’s like the look of it, then be sure to give it a download! [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]Team Support:[/b] Yes ~Nozyspy~




Makermod Naruto Script | 4.01 KB

author. [quote]1) Substitution Jutsu - Pretty much turns you into a piece of wood 2) Chidori - Lightning stuff comes out of your hand that can be released. I recommend releasing it near your target. 3) Rasengan - You conjure an energy ball in your hand. Works same with Chidori 4) Grand Fireball - Shoots a huge fireball at ~500 meters in front of you 5) Katon, Housen no Jutsu - I'm pretty sure this is the small fireballs 6) Clones - Nasty Clones of you in Ninja suits (Cultists duh) 7) Mass Clone Jutsu - More nasty clones of you in ninja suits 8) Sharingan - Lets you see farther back... very useful for looking around 9) Byakugan - Lets you see farther back AND (important part) lets you see THROUGH OBJECTS!!!! 10) Konoha Sempuu - Some martial arts move from naruto 11) 64 Strikes - Just you flining your arms around and damaging all enemies near you 12) Hakke Shou Kaiten - You should use this A LOT awesome ability 13) Kugutsu - A failed experiment of mine... don't use this 14) Mikazumi no Mai - I think this works... it gets you to attack and stuff while a clone attacks with you 15) Suiton Juijinheki - Water-type blast 16) Genjutsu - Immobilizes your target and damages him over time. 17) Orioke no Jutsu - This is the "seduce" jutsu, just something to make the npcs not hit you... cause we all know cultists are sexist 18) Forbidden Jutsu - Resurrects players just incase they forgot how to respawn 19) Summon Huge Rancor Jutsu - Summons a rideable rancor 20) Oodami Rasengan - Red version of the Rasengan. Works the same as the normal Rasengan 21) Mangekyu Chidori - Black version of the Chidori. Works the same as the normal Chidori 22) Raikiri - Lightning melee attack Known Bugs: The kugutsu ability doesn't work properly and sometimes if you lag some of the abilities screw up because of the /wait command.[/quote] RP'ers rejoice, scripties rejoice, Makermod lovers rejoice, etc. rejoice. Use at your own risk. Management not responsible for broken or missing brains. ~Crazy




Meeting Room Prefab | 2.21 MB

not choose to employ when engaging in the art of tri-dimensional cartography. [/quazi-smarty] :P Unfortunately, while the concept was good, the execution was poor. A room such as this shouldn't be more than 40 brushes for the layout, but somehow, the author managed to create this room with more than double that. In addition, there is no clear sign of -proper- texture selection. Unseen walls aren't caulked, the sky isn't actually a sky shader, and every brush has exactly one texture, meaning that the elevated section of the room uses exactly one texture. And trust me, the texture being used there isn't meant to be used for floors. So overall, it's close, but no cigar. I suggest lots of practice, and seeking advice from 'da boys' over [url=]Map-Craft[/url]. [i](They would be listed as an affiliate to the right, but Darth G, the head admin over there, has been inactive lately...[/i] ~Crazy A




Green Lantern Corp | 2.16 MB

to the skin (although relatively minor ones) to make this suitable for the GLC clans use. One of the most noticeable of course is the big GLC logo on the back of the skin, which I think would probably look better in a different font and with a little more embellishment, since as it is now it does look slightly plain. Maybe you could add the Green Lantern logo like you have on the character image. You could also add the Green Lantern logo in-between the Ragnos horns on the front of the skin, I think it would fit quite well there. Also changed is the colour of the markings on the skin, which are now green and white and very, very glowy, much more so than the glow used on the original skin. As you might already know, I love glowy things, so I really like the increased glow effect here! Other than that though there haven’t been any other changes that I could spot. For next time I would definitely suggest making the GLC logo on the back a little better and also adding team support, since this skin lacks that pretty important feature. Other than that though, decent work here, and I hope to see a v2 of this skin! :) [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]Team Support:[/b] No ~Nozyspy~




Hoth Duel | 9.34 MB

landing platform in it. It's just the right size for a duel. There are two versions - a day version and a night version. I've always liked nighttime maps - the contrast looks great and the lightsabers cast a bright glow about them. :) Architecturally, these maps are just a little bland. Most of the brushwork is square shaped in essence. The landing pad could definitely use a little work, but otherwise, it's not bad. For a Hoth map, it's about what I expected. Take a look at the screenies, and make your decision! New textures: No New sounds: No New music: Yes New models: No New scripts: No ~Dretzel




True Mandalorian Clan Map | 22.78 MB

Modders, add "Mandalorian" to the title of your mod even if it has nothing to do with them; it will get them reviewed faster!) Kidding of course. >_> Apart from the title, though, this map bears really no similarity to Mandalorians and probably just references them because that is what the clan that this map was made for is named. A bit disappointing to a die-hard Mando fan like me, but I'll continue on... somehow. ='( _> Right. I'll actually review it now. The map is a good attempt but falls short in a number of areas which honestly make it too difficult to play or enjoy. First off the map is very poorly constructed. Every single area is confusing and hard to get around, and they aren't really worth getting around anyway. The map is riddled with bugs such as crackling fires that can be heard across the map at an even volume and lifts with confusing triggers. These problems are only compounded by the fact that for a large portion of the map you can barely see where you're going. The actual "Valley" is so dark that I had to crank my brightness up just to see what was there, which wasn't much. The architecture and texturing is repetitive, blocky, and not very interesting to look at. There are a lot of areas present, from the valley to some sort of space station to a weird dojo-ey area. What you do to get to the space station I thought was pretty neat: you have to hop into this big speeder-ship and press a button, and then voila! You appear in the hangar of the station in said ship, almost as if you flew. The other parts of the map are not so easy to get to, unfortunately. The only way I found the majority of the map, aside from the valley and Space station, was by noclipping around. People generally like to be able to find their way while playing. >_> All the areas do have some nice parts though, such as bars, bedrooms, and bathrooms (the bathroom had the cool feature of being able to close the bathroom door while you're in there). This map could have redeemed itself by [i]not hurting my eyes[/i]. Yes. This map actually made me shut my eyes and look away multiple times. The reason for this? Horrible, horrible FPS. I can play Crysis on High settings and yet I join this map and my usual 70 FPS drops to 10 or 16. The horrendously low FPS just kills any playability that it could have had. I don't know how other large maps keep their FPS at a steady, even rate but you should try doing what they do. Whatever that is. =_= There is one saving grace, however, which comes in the form of the music. The map features several tracks from, correct me if I'm wrong, the Halo 2 soundtrack. Martin O'Donnell is an amazing composer and his music adds back some of what was taken away by all the problems in the design and implementation. In short this map had a good idea behind it but the execution was really botched up. My advice to the author is to try making a new map but focus on the quality and optimization aspects instead of the "I wonder how much stuff I can cram in here!" aspect. ~Laam'inui




RPG Carida Academy | 9.81 MB

their characterization, and the actions succeed or fail according to a formal system of rules and guidelines. Within the rules, players have the freedom to improvise; their choices shape the direction and outcome of the game.[/quote] In case any of you were wondering what an RPG is. >_> Roleplaying maps are my favorite type because, well, I'm a roleplayer! How about that? I've reviewed a few RP maps in the past and most of them were somewhat lacking in the... pretty department. It seems that roleplaying mappers just find a map and shove in as much RP content as possible without trying to make it look all that pretty; fortunately that's not the case in this map and the mapper has managed to make a military base, something that COULD have been a bunch of ugly gray boxes everywhere, into something pleasing. You start off in a courtyard of sorts with a landing pad and various consoles and whatnot. On the landing pad is the much beloved Republic Gunship, but this is no ordinary gunship brush. When walk into the gunship's hatch it teleports you to [i]another[/i] landing pad with the same gunship and a very different looking planet. The first is swampy and this is sandy, but each is tied together with the gunship. The use of the gunship to travel back and forth between two parts of the map is a really neat mechanic and makes you feel like you're being dropped off for a mission or were just ferried back to base. The two parts of the map are a military base and a scary warehouse that looks perfect for urban combat. The warehouse has very nice lighting and a really dark atmosphere, but something I noticed was that while the lighting was good, it was still not coming from a source. Try adding some lamps into your next update. The warehouse contains a bunch of old boxes and shelves and the occasional prefab-barrier that looks like it was set up as a defense. It's pretty easy to imagine going in with a squad of soldiers and storming the building. The other half of the map is the military base and it is a pretty nice looking base. It has everything from lobbies to offices to firing ranges. There's even a firing range for normal weapons and then a firing range for long ranged (Sniper rifle) weapons. Every officer's office looks very nice and a few of them even have lobbies outside of them. The barracks might be my favorite part of the map with long rows of bunks with cool cyan lights shining at their heads; there's even a door that leads to a shower room, though there's no toilets anywhere which confuses me. There's also a medbay and several conference rooms as well as a storage room with plenty of weapons to pick up. The base layout was a bit confusing, though, so it would be nice to have maybe some holographic signs or something to point people toward the room they want to go to. The map makes extensive use of Inyri's KotOR models and not only does it add an air of familiarity to the map, but it also makes it just look so much nicer and more varied instead of JK3 boxes. The music on the map is the track "Prologue" from the Republic Commando soundtrack, which I love; "Prologue" is my favorite track from any Star Wars game by far. It fits perfectly with the map as it feels militaristic and has both ups and downs to it. A few improvements could probably be made in the next version, though, such as fixing a few misaligned brushes (I saw one on the sand-planet-landing courtyard place. In the wall.) and fixing up a bit of the lighting. The base's lighting just seemed too boring and bland. I also think a bit of interactivity could be added now that the main structure has been added and maybe a bit more eye candy could be thrown in to make it even prettier. Overall though this is a very solid map and I recommend it to anyone who needs a good roleplaying map. ~Laam'inui




Star Wars - Masters Of The Force Stances | 8.23 MB

that that the makers of JKA didn’t make the animations more lifelike. Especially considering the improvements modders have been able to make. But, of course, Raven had time and monetary constraints that modders don’t have, so I guess there is a good reason! Here Jesus Fernandez Garcia brings us a mod, which brings together many new improvements to the lightsaber stances and other animations (including the jump animations and force power animations) for JKA. A full list of the changes to the animations can be found in the readme. So what are these new animations like? Well, very good I would say! The jumping animations for one look more natural I think, especially the speed at which the jumps are performed. The roll animations also look more natural, though I think the distance covered when you roll is a bit too much. All the saber stances have been changed and I think they look cool, especially the new stance for the staff saber which looks very sweeping and dramatic. There do seem to be a few bugs when transitioning between certain animations, but these aren’t serious and aren’t that noticeable either and overall I think all the new saber stance animations look very cool. After many years of playing with Base JKA animations, these are a refreshing change! :) There are also changes to the force power animations, including push, pull and grip among others. I think these too are a good improvement over the default JKA animations although the changes are a bit subtler than with the saber stances. For improvements I would suggest working on making the transition between animations a bit smoother, they do look a little jerky sometimes. I don’t know whether this is possible, but I think it would be cool to make some new animations for the Kata attacks too because I think that would be a refreshing change to the lightsaber combat in JKA. All in all a cool mod here which brings a lot of nice changes to the game. I definitely think this is worth a download for anyone who would like to see some more natural player animations in Jedi Academy! ~Nozyspy~




Imperial Assassin v2 | 8.56 MB

Assassin! :) The main changes for this version are that the red markings on the skin now glow, which looks really great! The glowiness definitely adds a great deal to the look of the skin. Though the markings on the boots don’t glow, so that needs to be fixed, but apart from that, this guy is now nice and glowy! The eyeballs don’t glow though unfortunately and I don’t really know if there is anything that can be done about that. But if it is possible to make the eyes glowy, I would strongly recommend trying it, as that would make this guy look even more evil! For the next version I think it would be cool to add in some custom sounds and also add team support, though the default skin has red markings and the red team skin would also need red markings. I suppose you could just use the default skin as the red team skin also, and maybe for the blue team skin have blue glowy markings. I would also recommend not putting the .psd image files in the .pk3 next time unless absolutely necessary, as it adds [i]a lot[/i] to the size of the file. :eek: Overall a nice improvement over the last version here, if you guys like the look of this skin then be sure to give it a download! [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]Team Support:[/b] No ~Nozyspy~




JK2 Jedi Customization Pack | 38.13 MB

the game. JK2 of course never had this, because afterall you were playing as Kyle Katarn! Now, being able to create your own custom character is no longer a feature exclusive to JKA for now we have this fantastic mod made by LukeSkillz, Raziel2121! Whilst this mod may seem rather complicated at first when you read the instructions in the readme, it is actually pretty simple. You can customise a character by choosing different heads, torsos and legs, just like you do in JKA. However because there is no means of doing this actually in-game, what you need to do is follow the instructions and then when you are ready, select a character and then select the different heads, torsos and legs for that character that you want. When you have chosen them you put them in the folder that you will have created whilst reading the readme, and then load the mod in –game and voila! Now the first character icon in the selection screen in-game will be the character that you created earlier! Of course, you can only use the parts from a single character, meaning that you can’t mix a Shadowtrooper’s head with Luke’s body and Kyle’s legs, since they are different models. :P Also included are several new custom lightsaber hilts made by different authors, and lightsaber blade mod’s – my favourite of which is the one that makes the blades look like they do in the Dark Forces games. There are also some .pk3’s and .cfg files which allow you to change the colour of the lightsaber in singleplayer too. That leads me onto the ‘icing on the cake’ for this mod, so to speak. A huge bonus is that this mod works in both singleplayer and multiplayer! So now you can have your own custom Jedi, along with custom lightsaber hilt, blades and colours in singleplayer instead of boring old Kyle (no, we all love good old Kyle really!). The readme also states that this mod should work for JKA as well which is cool, although I didn’t have time to test this in JKA. As for bugs and improvements; well I didn’t encounter any bugs while I was testing this, although it is a [b]big[/b] mod so there may be some. Improvement wise, all I can think of is adding more variations and more models that can be customised (although bare in mind that this is only a Beta version). Overall I found this mod to be of the highest quality so I don’t think there really is much that could be improved upon! Overall a fantastic mod here, original and well executed. I am sure people will be very pleased to finally be able to customise their player characters in JK2 as well as JKA. I definitely recommend downloading this! [b]I must say though, that it is VERY IMPORTANT you read the readme thoroughly so you know where to put the files, because this mod doesn’t follow quite the usual rule of just putting .pk3’s in your base folder. Don’t worry though, it might look complicated, but as long as you read the readme properly, you will find it to be very simple! :)[/b] [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes, lots! [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]Team Support:[/b] No (almost impossible for a mod of this type I should imagine) ~Nozyspy~




Winter's Stances | 8.45 MB

them. [b]Blue:[/b] Ass-scratching Stance [b]Yellow:[/b] Yoshimitsu Pimpsmack Stance. [b]Red:[/b] Scissor Wedgie Removal Stance [b]Dual:[/b] Scratch-your-ass-with-saber Stance [b]Staff:[/b] I didn't change at all Stance Seriously, I'm not sure HOW the author thought these were even remotely cool or imposing. I mean yeah, the yellow stance looks kinda cool in a gentlemanly fashion but honestly, that doesn't save this stance pack from its hilarious fate. Insert Quarter and Try Again, or, submit bandwidth. Either works. - Averus Retruthan




Mustafar | 34.3 MB

Star Wars fans waited thirty years to see, since there have been rumours and legends about the fiery volcanic planet where Vader gets roasted ever since the Original Trilogy was made. It is also perhaps one of the most difficult locations to make a map of, because of its distinct character. I think though that Plasma has pretty much nailed it here though! There are two maps in this pack, an FFA version and a Duel version. The duel version of course is a little smaller and also features Padme’s starship, which isn’t in the FFA version. The most important part of Mustafar is of course the [b]lava[/b] and good looking lava is surprisingly difficult to make. I am pleased to say that the lava in this map does indeed look very gloopy, hot and ‘lava-ry’, perfect for roasting Anakin! ;) I was particularly impressed with the lava falls and the lava bursts which jet out of the lava streams occasionally, which looked great. All the main movie areas are here bar one. That’s the outside of the facility where the collection arms are. However the collection arm is still featured, but in another part of the map. What is more, when you destroy the control panel in the control room, disabling the shields, the arm will eventually break off and float down the lava river, just like in the movie – including the bit where an eruption dumps a load of molten lava onto the collection arm! Other areas include the conference room, plenty of corridors, walkways over the lava and some storage rooms, as well as the main control room, which I mentioned above. The FFA map is a perfect size for a medium to large FFA, though I did feel that the Duel version was a little large for a duel map. Really I think the duel version could have done with being somewhat smaller, perhaps concentrating on just a couple of main areas. I also would have like to have seen a full realisation of the cliff area on which the mining facility is perched as well as all the collection arms. Lastly, I think Padme’s starship in the duel version could have done with a little more work, as it looked a bit out of proportion. Apart from those issues though, this is an excellent map, which once again displays Plasma’s impressive mapping skills. This is definitely one of the best Mustafar maps I have seen and I would recommend a download, especially to anyone who is a fan of Episode 3! :thumbsup: [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routes:[/b] Yes [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA, Duel, Power Duel ~Nozyspy~




Juno Eclipse skin | 1.87 MB

Kapphahn. Juno Eclipse is one of the main characters in the TFU, a skilled pilot of a starship called Rogue Shadow, that belonged to Starkiller, Vader's secret apprentice. She would later fall in love with the dark Jedi and join the Rebel Alliance. I believe, it's unfair, that we have so many Starkillers around here, and none of his companions.[/quote] Eh... I think it's unfair that TFU content has been monopolizing JK3files the past few months. Shrug. I dislike Juno Eclipse just as much as Starkiller and let me tell you why. She's so blatently... unrealistic. Now I know I'm going to have people commenting with things like 'All of starwars is unrealistic! Don't cry about realism.' Now yes, I realize that Star Wars is science fiction but even it has it's standards, and I was unaware the Empire let pilots run around with their jackets unbuttoned and a low cut shirt showing their cleavage. She's a character whose main purpose was to fill the role of 'Sex object' that every fanboy seems to requires in a game now-days. That's once again besides the point though. This skin doesn't even have her in her unprofessional Imperial barhopping chick outfit! She's in an actual military uniform! Huzzah! The skin is fairly well done - it's what you expect from a military officer. However I have some pressing concerns about the skin that I think could be fixed in a version 2: - Her eyes look awkward with all the eyeliner around them and there's some flat gray space in the eyes. - The collar rising up from the uniform looks unrealistic and sticks out. - The gloves on the thumb side look really weird. I just think the skin-showing area should be narrower and only stay on the back of her hand and not wrap around to the thumb. - Her complexion is very... strange. It's kind of pasty and mottled and it just makes her face look odd, especially when compared to her smooth, tan neck. Also, the teamskins are only the uniform dyed entirely blue or red - even the boots. I think you could put a bit more work into the teamskins and come out with something cooler even if it's just leaving the boots and center of the uniform black while making the arms and legs colored or something. I dunno. Mix it up. Overall a rather nice skin for a dumb character, though those details (Mainly the ones regarding the face) take away from the whole. Team Skins: Ja Bot Support: Ja NPC Support: Nej New Sounds: Nej ~Laam'inui




Christmas Cheer! | 16.79 MB

read it yourself! HA! So, since MooMoo has been gracious enough to include it in his readme, I'll bring the changes out here and ROAR violently. Included: --------------------------------------------------------- Skins: Prince of the Ice, Leonard - The white in the clothes here is pretty undetailed, but otherwise an alright reskin of what I think is th eEp 2 Obi wan. Averus Claus - Some dumbass in a mask and santa robe. Oh well, from the look of it, doesn't look like he volunteered for that picture, or even present, for that matter.. The Snow Gypsy - A skin based off his Ayamei Firas skin, reskinned into a wintry theme. Looks pretty good. Santa Claws - Apparently a demon hellbent on dominating the North Pole. A rather crude coloration of the ewok but eh, all in good fun. The Elf Soldier - An elven wretch offering servitude to the above demon. Looks alright from what he's got =_= Weapons: The Prince's Rapier (Leonard's weapon against the hords of evil elves of Santa Claws' armies) Santa Claws' Rapier (a red/white rapier of Claws' evil little three-fingered hand) The above two weapons are pretty decently skinned BUT I'm still questioning as to the strange grip stance of the weapons themselves. A rapier is not a greatsword XD The Elven Sword (the standard sword for the Elf Soldiers) opposed to this weapon, which is, so kudos there. Also a couple changes to base weapons, too small to really notice, save for the blaster rifle's blast fire. True that, white muzzle blast on the E-11 Various edits: HUD (now a high tech candy cane interface that still carries the JA theme) COnsole (now a snowy backround with snowflakes falling softly in front) Startup Loading Screen (now a festive picture with a friendly message) Loading Screen (now showing a snowboarder getting extreme air in front of a sunset) Player's Personal Shield (instead of it just being green, it's now red with snowflakes) Red saber colour now has a peppermint theme with red and white Green saber colour now has a spearmint theme with green and white Blue saber colour is now a strange looking snowflake theme that didn't and will never, as long as JA remains itself, come out working correctly =_= Yep, those all function. Sucks to see that this mod was regrettably released so very late and without completion. Ah well, always next year, eh? Overall, not a bad little set. If the spirit is still within you, inject bandwidth in here and take a look. Alternatively, you can wait till the end of 2009 and submit bandwidth here again. TAKE YOUR PICK =_= - Averus Retruthan




Zombree | 2.43 MB

from the dead! BREEEEEEEE! He has come to take an evil vengeance on all those who have tried to kill him. In case you couldn't decrypt that, this skin is a Rosh zombie. I find the concept highly amusing, even though I'm sure it has been done before. However, this one takes the lie. I mean, the cake. BREEEEEEE! Rosh is now covered in blood and wounds everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE. There's a nice ripped open scar on his cheek, and his entire left side is covered in open wounds. This being a first skin, they don't look perfect and it looks a little like red smears down around his waist, but his face alone communicates the idea very well. BREEEEEE! Now for the best part...all-new sounds are included. And man, they are scary. Most of them are a hissing pig squeal sound (hence the BREEEEE)...believe it or not, they are recorded by a [i]human voice[/i]. I found them highly entertaining, and creepy at the same time. Bot and NPC support are included, so now you can beat up on poor Rosh before and after his death. If you want a neat rosh zombie, have a go. I had quite a few laughs from this one! BREEEEEEEEE! New sounds: Yes (BREEEEEE!) Team support: No Bot support: Yes NPC Support: Yes ~Dretzel




SJC - Mos Kreetle | 114.94 MB

return of a legend after a long period of absence. I saw this map when Sith J started production on it many, many aeons ago, and when Sith J mysteriously vanished due to real life work commitments I feared we would never see this map. But, he hasn’t disappointed us, as with excellent timing the finished map is delivered to our doorstep! And believe me we have a treat for you here today! Before starting off the review though, it is best that I first mention the mod which this map is largely based around. This is the JKA Galaxies Mod, a mod that aims to replicate the MMORPG feeling of Star Wars Galaxies using Jedi Academy. Here is what I think is a good summary of the main aims of the mod and this map from the readme: [quote] This map will eventually form a player world in the upcoming mod JKA Galaxies, the map act as a preview to that mod. I have included instructions throughout the map given by protocol droids that are standing near shuttle ports, and banking terminals and other key areas, the will inform you that you cannot do carry out a particular function at the moment, these actions are a part of the Galaxies Mod so thats something to look forward to in the new year. The map stands as a completely playable FFA map however with plenty of areas to explore and also lends itself well to the RPGEr as there are living quarters and underground bars to name a few.[/quote] The droids mentioned are spread throughout the map and are easy to find, they really do give you instructions too when you press the use button on them, a very nice little touch there on the interactivity side there! Now lets have a good look at this very large map. In true Star Wars Galaxies style, this is laid out just as the towns are in SWG, there is an entrance and exit point, that in SWG would lead to the outside world. However of course you cannot go past these areas in this map as it would be physically impossible to replicate the completely open world that Star Wars Galaxies features. The town itself is within some low walls, which allow you to look over and see some scenery beyond, which helps prevent the map from feeling too enclosed. The buildings, and indeed the whole town has a lot of SWG references, such as the droid sounds from SWG used for the many R2 units wandering around, and also the occasional electrical hum and other such noise. All of these are an excellent touch, which adds greatly to the ambience of the map. Buildings to explore include a Medical Center, a few small shuttle ports, between which a small platform flies, transporting you to various parts of the map. There is also a droid / junk shop, some houses (including an outskirts ‘mud-house’ type area), a garage and a bar, all of which are enterable. And I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet! The best (at least in my opinion) and also the biggest part of the map is the shuttle port area. Now, you all remember Sith J’s Millennium Falcon map don’t you? Well the Falcon (a fully enterable one too!) is back for this map, docked in one of the docking bays of the spaceport. But wait, there is more! One legendary, fully enterable ship wasn’t enough to put in this space port, there is another famous fully enterable ship docked here… [b]The Ebon Hawk![/b] Yes that’s right, Sith J has turned his multitude of talents towards providing us with what I think is the definitive rendition of the Ebon Hawk ever see in a JKA map. There have been several maps which feature the Ebon Hawk, both enterable and non-enterable versions, so what sets this apart? Well for one, the attention to detail is incredible. This is definitely the best replication of the Ebon Hawk that I have ever seen. The shape and textures are spot on, though the ship itself is somewhat oversized I think (as is the Falcon) but that is necessary to make all the inside areas fit in, so it isn’t too much of a problem. All the areas we remember from KotOR are here, the bedroom areas, the storage rooms, the bridge, the central room and more. One particularly special feature that caught my eye in the central room was the holo-projector, which has hovering above it a display of a system of planes and asteroids rotating around the Binary Star System of Tatooine’s two suns. Moving back out into the map in general more features that caught my eye was the huge wrecked ship crashed into the middle of the town (very similar to the Dowager Queen that rests in the middle of Mos Eisley) and also the maps textures. The textures are of note because they seem to use some form of bump mapping, which I can’t figure out. The effect looks great, and fits nicely with the rough, grimy appearance of Tatooine in general. Another textural feature of note is the special ENV maps that certain textures have - the ones where only certain parts of the texture are made shiny, whereas the rest remain matt. I forget what this type of shader is called now, but it is a difficult effect to actually make, so well done there Sith J mate. ;) I could go on for much longer with this review, but I think my fingers might fall off with too much typing. :P To sum it up, the layout of this map is very reminiscent of the Star Wars Galaxies locations without being just a copy. The textures are excellent and have been well used, as is the lighting, especially in the underground passageways of the spaceport. These areas look very cinematic, which their low lighting and slight haze in the air. Sith J Cull is always very impressive when it comes to hunting down and getting rid of bugs and errors, however I did notice a small few that managed to slip through. These though are mostly just small areas where a texture is misaligned or not scaled correctly, and in a map this big you wont notice little things like that unless you are looking for them pretty hard. Other than that, I would say that the terrain doesn’t look quite natural and smooth enough in a few areas, but again, that doesn’t spoil the overall excellent quality and workmanship displayed in this map. Overall then a fantastic map here and a magnificent return by Sith J Cull! As far as legends go, he might not be might not be ‘The Man in the Hat’, but he certainly is back! :D [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routes:[/b] Yes [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA ~Nozyspy~




Platinum Edition | 6.23 MB

changes not just the main menu, but rather a lot of other things too. Rather than me trying to explain every one, it is probably better if I just paste in the list from the author’s readme, as I think that sums up the changes very well. [quote] Changes Main Menu screen to a rather cool looking view of space (lotsa stars hehe) Changes Main Menu & Dueling music to a cool techno Duel of the Fates Remix Changes the color of the lightsaber cursor Changes all lightsaber colors to more neon-looking colors Changes colors of the deployable sheilds Changes the darkness of the Trip Mines (not the laser, but the mine itself) Changes the default loading screen (to a similar pic as the main menu) Changes the color of the sheild (the spawn protection thing) Changes the color of the personal shield (when you get hit) Changes the Console to a neat star pic (also similar to the main menu) [/quote] I must say that I do really like the new main menu screen, the background of stars looks cool, and the black and white seems to compliment the red and blue of the lightsaber blades on the left side of the screen very well. Another noticeable change is to the lightsaber blades and colours. The colours are much brighter and as said above are more ‘neon’ looking. The core of the blades is also much thinner now, as opposed to the thicker white beam of the default blades. Another big change of course is the music, which is now a techno version of everyone’s favourite Duel of the Fates music from Episode 1. Personally this was not really to my taste, but that is just my personal preference. If you like techno or dance music, then I think you will definitely like this. :) All in all then an interesting and far ranging mix of different changes made to JK2 here although I think that the overall effect does look good. If you guys fancy a change from the default look and feel of JK2 both ingame and on the menu screen, then give this a download! ;) [b]***NOTE*** In response to the authors question (at the end of the readme) about taking screenshots without the console:[/b] What you need to do is bind the screenshot command to a key on your keyboard. So open the console and simply type /bind x screenshot and then press enter. X can be replaced with whatever key you fancy, then all you have to do is press that key to take screenshots. Don’t forget to remove the HUD though by typing /cgdraw2d 0 in the console. Once you want the HUD back, just put a 1 on the end instead of a 0 and press enter to change it back. You can also do the same thing to get rid of the gun in first person view, just type /cg_drawgun 0 to get rid of it and replace the 0 with a 1 to get the gun model back on again. I hope that helps! ~Nozyspy~




Hill Valley 1955 Source Files | 9.71 MB

the courthouse and several surrounding buildings. The author has stated that they have lost interest and it would seem they don't mind someone taking over and finishing it up. That being the case, I'll be a little more technical, so that if someone takes this on, they have a good place to start: The textures are repetitive in many places. It would be better to have much higher resolution textures on everything, that way the repeats aren't as obvious and things won't be as fuzzy. The trim should be added to the courthouse roof. It would look much more like the building from the movie. The roadway that ran beside the courthouse was way too short, it needs to be much longer. If I remember right, what's-his-face drove a car down that road to reach 55 MPh. Well, there's not [i]quite[/i] enough room for that here. I'll mention the bushes as well. The bushes are simply rectangles with a leaf texture on them. I think it needs some real bushes there, even if they're just sprites. Last, the skybox extends beyond the map. I was able to walk off the edge, and when I landed on the skybox below, I crouched and walked under the map. I find stuff like that very amusing. This does need a lot of work, but it's a start. There are plenty of things I didn't mention, mainly because any mapper can see them and know what to do about it. I can't really think of a way to close out the review, so... ''That's all, folks!'' ~Dretzel




Bearded Heads | 9.71 MB

pack offers a bearded version of each of the three heads available with the Human-Male Jaden. [b]Head 1: White, with brown hair.[/b] This one offers a brownish-gray mini-goatee with a downward handlebar-looking mustache. The overall quality is decent, but there is room for improvement. [b]Head 2: White, with blonde hair.[/b] This face offers a full chin with a bit of mustache, all seemingly close-cut. The hair color appears to be blonde, but it's hard to tell. The overall quality could be improved. [b]Head 3: Black, with matching hair.[/b] This one is the most simplistic of the group. There's a hint of stubble under the nose, and a small spike on the chin. This one has the best quality, in my opinion. Well, there you have it. Decent quality and a good idea, but there is one little problem: The author decided to include the entire Human-Male Jaden folder, when only the faces were really necessary. ~Crazy




Throwable Stuff | 1.18 MB

had to point that out. But yunz are here for the file review, no doubt. I found this file quite amusing. The concept is neat - throwable objects. But what made it amusing was Jose's [i]choice[/i] of objects. They range from several crates and a table, to a stone statue and even the Millenium Falcon! That one was the most fun. Better still, according to the readme, you mappers out there can use these in your maps. This is really neat for a map with a hangar bay or cargo area - now you can add more realism! Now, on the downside...As Jose mentioned in the readme, due to time contraints, some of the objetcs (like the Millenium Falcon) aren't properly clipped, so you can walk through the model. I was fine with that, although there was one other thing that bothered me. Apparently, these objects aren't meant to be destroyed, because when I threw them into pits, they just disappeared without exploding. If you do a version 2, definitely see what you can do about that. Well, there you have it. If you like playing solo and want things to throw around, or you want to make videos, or you want to have the coolest hangar bay map ever, download this! ~Dretzel




Emperor Kisu | 4.55 MB

which this skin is based on, Emperor Kisu. As the author has pointed out, this skin was done using original images of the character, rather than creating the graphics from scratch himself. After taking a closer look at the character, I can understand why. The clothes are covered in intricate patterns from top to bottom, which would take sometime to recreate. Whilst the graphics were not done from scratch, the author has still done a great job in implementing them, and the skin is indeed a good re-creation of Emperor Kisu for JKA. Unfortunately, graphics quality is a problem, the patterns down the clothes have become blurred. Re-creating these patterns, or finding a way to make them clearer on the skin is something I would recommend. I also noticed that the head-piece needs some adjusting, most of the time you will see the chin come through the head-piece, and according to the images I found, it should also come up more towards the mouth. All in all, you have done a good job, but I do think that if the pattern quality was increased and the head-piece adjusted it would make the skin a lot better. When It comes to sounds, you mentioned that the character never spoke that you knew of, even so, I would still have liked custom sounds.. or perhaps even replaced with no sound? rather than just taunts from other jka characters which in my opinion didn't fit the character. However, I do like this skin and I hope you can put together a v2 taking my advice under consideration. I definately recommend a download, I'm sure this will be a favourite for you GW fans out there! - AmonRa




Star_Wars_Stances_Animated | 1.53 MB

stand a lot straighter, kind of military style actually... I was expecting him to salute at any moment! personally I would prefer the standard stance, but this would be good if you were perhaps doing some kind of military rpg with some friends. The next one that I noticed was jumping, standing on the spot and jumping in the air has now been giving the 'rolling' jump animation that you would usually get when jumping forward, and now when jumping forward the animation seems to go faster than usual. He has also included two-hand lightning whilst weilding weapons, which I found to be a nice inclusion. The force push and pull also have been slightly edited, and new sounds added. However, whilst there is a few nice things in this pack, there is also an abundance of bugs in regards to the weapon stances, for example, with single saber blue style you dont even swing the saber at the enemies, it just jolts around your body as if your character is frozen, and when standing still it looks like your character has been frozen still whilst running. To be honest, most of the saber stances seem to be bugged and need work done on them, the only real thing I liked with them would be the spinning upper-cut in single red and yellow, which to be honest does look quite good. Most of the gun animations are the same, I noticed that the blaster pistol has been changed so your holding it more like a rifle now. As I said there are a few nice saber stances, for example the upper-cut attack, dual sabers standing animation, but work is definately needed on most of it. If your able to fix these bugs then I think I would be a nice pack indeed. I think the key is testing, make sure you do plenty of testing, and get some friends to check it to, that way all bugs can be fixed BEFORE the release. I'm unsure if this is your first attempt at stances, but if it is, then nice work for a first go, and I hope you can put together a v2. If you like what you see, then click ye ole' download link. - AmonRa




Helectic Cores | 20.66 KB

this means that the solid white beam at the center of the saber blade has been replaced with something more interesting to look at. In this case we have three new saber cores to try out. [b]Just make sure you only put one .pk3 in your base folder at a time though, and also make sure you don’t have any other saber blade modifications in there, otherwise this might not work.[/b] The first core we have is called Hectic. This is a kind of ‘perforated’ looking core. Its difficult to describe…perhaps something similar looking to the perforated holes you get at the top of a notebook where the paper is placed on the wire rings. The second core is called Genetic, and as the name suggests, this has sort of a ‘genetic’ look to it, like the double helix of DNA strands. Although it looks more stretched out and thinner than a real double helix. Lastly we have a core named Electric. The name here is a dead give-away, as you have probably guessed, this core is meant to look like electricity! The blade core this time is all jaggedy, sort of like a miniature lightning bolt. Overall this is a nice pack of new lightsaber blade cores. I really cant think of anything that could be improved upon here, since the mod is simple to begin with and has also been executed very well. For next time I would say that I would like to see even more different styles of blade cores! If you are tired of the plain old solid lightsaber blade core, then give this file a download! :) ~Nozyspy~




Yavin IV: Jedi Academy Trainingroom | 3.26 MB

one hand I would prefer some more detailing, although some people may find a simpler duel map to be better, afterall there is less to distract you from duelling! The map is small, but is plenty spacious enough for a good duel, with a duel pad in the middle and a few columns. I really think this map needs some more detail though, and perhaps be made a little bigger. Some ledges or walkways similar to the ones you can see in the JK2 and JKA Singleplayer Yavin maps would be cool I think. Also I think some light rays coming through the windows would add a nice effect too. All in all though a decent map here, though I feel it needs some more polish to make it even better. Keep up the mapping mate! :) [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes (from Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast) [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes (from Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast) [b]Game Types:[/b] Duel ~Nozyspy~




Chronicles Total Conversion - Demo

chronicles.rar | 72.98 MB

rival MovieBattles II in terms of the scope of the mod. To explain a little further I think I should paste in a snippet from the readme, as I think it explains the mod’s purpose very well. [quote] Star Wars Chronicles is a Jedi Academy Modification that is being developed by the Chronicles Team since August 17th 2007. The idea is creating singleplayer missions that resembles to the six movies of the saga, something that many dreamt and couldn't do so far. We count with a huge number of members that are working to provide you the best quality and pleasure. MovieBattles Team, responsible for creating the famous MovieBattles II modification is supporting us.[/quote] Well, like I said, this is going to be one beast of a mod! Basically recreating the Star Wars sage in Jedi Academy! The demo they have presented to us here is just a taster of the good things to come. The demo features the beginning of Episode I: The Phantom Menace, with a faithful recreation of the Trade Federation ship. In fact, when I played this, especially the bit where Obi and Qui-Gon break out of the conference room, it reminded me of the old Episode 1 game. Man that brought back good memories! :D Obviously being a demo, some things aren’t fully realised yet, but that’s ok because what is in this demo gives you an excellent taster of the gameplay. The mod features a new HUD which is clean and simple and looks great and I was especially impressed with the start menu (the one that pops up when you click the mod’s icon on your desktop). From there you can choose to play either the default JKA single or multiplayer as well as the mod. But buttons are also there which will take you straight to the credits, or the teams Moddb page, Official Website or Official Forums! I personally thought this was a very nice touch, allowing you to jump to whichever site you want to see very quickly and straight from the mod’s start-up menu screen on your desktop. The menu screens ingame have also been given a good going over, with a new background and graphics and some great new music playing too. One particular aspect which I must commend the team on was the cut-scenes, which are very close to the films actual scenes, and also include the films dialogue too, which helps with the cinematic feel. Though this is a demo and doesn’t represent the completed mod, there are a couple of things I would suggest working on. For one I think the textures in the Trade Federation ship could do with a bit more texture and detail to them, since they looked a little flat in places. Also in one area Qui-Gon (you play as Obi) got stuck, and I had to try and continue alone. Unfortunately because of this I wasn’t able to play the demo right until the end, but I feel I got a good taste of what this mod can offer. All in all this is a fantastic demo and I look forward with great anticipation to the full release of this mod. I definitely recommend a download here, you won’t be disappointed! :) ~Nozyspy~




Infinity Duel | 2.78 MB

you, the player, be sucked into it, falling forever, battling your also falling opponents at a horrendously frightening speed. A shame that he couldn't have just made you fall permanently, but I'm guessing that's because JA can't support such concepts. Man, this reminds me of Peter Schilling's remix of Major Tom. Eaaarth beelooow uss. Driifffting, faaalling. Floooating weeeightless. Coooming coooming hooooome! Oh yeah, and download this map. You'll seriously love it =_= New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




Mystic Mod | 1.04 MB

head out with my T-21. Now, aside from my violent tendencies when it comes to magical mystical fantasticalness, we have a rather unique mod here. I can almost guarantee that no other mod does everything this mod does, and that may be good or it may be bad. First off: we have brighter sabers, as you can see from the screenshots. To be honest they seem way [i]too[/i] bright to me, and they come off as squarish and ugly. It just looks bad. Second off: It makes the console 'sublimely awesome'; MYSTICAL FANTASTICAL PYRAMIDS AND RUNES in your console, stealin' ur cheetz. You can see in the screenshots. Next, it makes 'loading screens mystical'. What this essentially means is that your splash screen and loading screens will be replaced with garish, pixelated screens rife with pyramids and runes. At least make the image quality enough to not have giant pixels staring out at me and laughing (Specifically on the text). Next it 'makes your shields burn'. I have no idea what this means considering that the shields in JA+ confuse me already. I can only think that touching shields burns. All in all, if you want a mystical, fantastical mod of miscellaneous effects, download this. ~Laam'inui




Unreal JKA Interface Reskin | 6.98 MB

This is also connected it to a Lugormod clan called Unreal. As soon as you start up the game you notice the differences, the splash screen right after the game starts to load has been changed, and so has the main menu. The main menu now looks very simple and clean, and is in a nice shade of red. Personally I think it looks great, although the Unreal symbol that keeps quickly moving across the center part of the menu does get a little annoying because it goes so fast! The menu also slowly fades to darker and then lighter shades, which I felt was a nice touch. The console background has also been changed, so it now features the Unreal logo and similarly the HUD has been changed to feature this logo too, all in that great shade of red. One small thing that I particularly liked though was the chat icon that appears above your characters head when you are typing. It now has two sabers crossed and says in big letters ‘stop’. Now if only the developers of JKA had put something like that in the game to start with, perhaps we wouldn’t have so many of those very annoying chat kills! Another little think that I noticed which I thought was a cool feature was the cursor, which now has a mostly transparent version of the cursor graphic rotating around the actual cursor. It’s a bit complicated to explain, but once you get ingame you will see what I mean. I just thought that was a cool idea because it adds that bit extra movement to the menu screens. Little details like that can make all the difference when you add them up! :) Lastly we also have some new menu music, Linkin Park’s One Step Closer. Now this isn’t exactly the kind of music I like, its rather too heavy for me, but it does fit well with the theme of the mod. Now, things to be improved upon. Mainly I would say that the parts of the menu you see when you co into the controls options, and the graphics options screens, y’know the blue boxes? Well they’re still blue, which doesn’t look quite right since they really should be red (by that I mean the ones in the main menu screen, not the ones you see when your playing). Also that Unreal logo that moves around very fast in the center of the main menu screen gets a bit annoying after a bit... it just moves too fast! All in all though a well made mod here. If you are a fan of the Unreal games, or are on the Unreal Lugormod clan that this mod is for you! :) ~Nozyspy~




Jedi Academy Unleashed | 1.81 MB

Stormtroopers have Force powers. Nothing much to say about this particular mod apart from the necessaries. Most jedi/sith have FULL lvl 3 force powers on every power. and the Stormtrooper now push me away with force push :/ ~Rets




{VG} light skins | 3.17 MB

couple places for the hell of it. Does it look good? Yes. Does it take any real effort at all? No. My estimate on the total time it took to make this mod is about... 10 minutes; maybe 15. Oh, and there's no bot support, team skins, or new sounds at all. If you ever plan on doing a version two (Though I doubt it since these are clan skins) try to add those in as it really enhances the entire package. ~Laam'inui




Atlantica | 143.97 MB

with this map in hands, I can effectively say I've been compensated for mah troubles >_> Forst, background. Conceived for the ::JEDI:: clan by Szico VII, this map, set on planet Mon Calamari, is a soul-harvesting, child-eating, and corn worshiping power house of script, design, and sexy. Seriously, feel free to take a look at the screenshots before reading on if you don't believe me. This map has effectively stamped out all of Szico's predecessors in virtually every aspect. Enough pole-jocking, I say! Let us proceed to a small walkthrough, shall we? To preface, I must note to you all that there are [b]TWO[/b] versions of this map, but both contain the same essential items, save for a couple features. Now then, to start us off on our grand journey, we shall begin with the broad exterior. Starting from an empty landing pad, one can take in and grasp the true beauty of the architecture of the exterior and texture work of the water and skybox. Szico REALLY went all out on this one. It felt like I was really in the middle of Mon Calamari/The Antarctic. The water was crisp, clear, and looked damningly cold. It also blends incredibly smoothly with the skybox, making the map feel very realistic. The skybox suggests that we're sequestered in a valley of sorts, and quite exquisitely, at that. Moving on from the background, we find ourselves staring at a monstrous dome of sorts, with a tower atop it, along with several other jutting extremities coming from outside the dome. This empty pad contains an interesting little device, but I shall save it for later. LETS PROCEED INTO THE DOME. The dome is massive, and made almost completely out of glass. It's quite an excellent observation area. The inside of the dome is what I like to call "rage city," as it has enough destructibles to almost completely wreck up the place. The overhanging lights can be pulled down on top of your opponents and kill them, you can kill the lights to the stairs, the main halo light,knock a monument down, and pretty much own every tree there is with your saber. It's beastly, without a doubt. Looking forth at the other extremities, we'll just glance over at the delicious shuttle that takes off and lands every few minutes, and proceed to the strange little spiral staircase. Inside? A room, with a familiar object of chaos...go ahead and pull the switch, I dares you =_>. I daren't say more, so let us return to the surface! Returning back to our empty pad, we'll finally discuss one of the scripted specialty features: dynamic elevators. Ah, yes, this one's a doozy. What sets this one apart from others other than the earth-shaking scripting? Simple: It's a BEAM-LINE elevator. As the elevator is hailed, you can see the beam path the elevator pad glides along with great ease. It is, without a doubt, quite awesome to behold. Granted, in some angles it looks very 2D, but it can be overlooked for the greater good, here. From this pad, we can either choose to go to the shuttle's landing pad, or to the command tower. Let's go command things, shall we? Once we hit the tower, one must circle around to the next elevator to get to the peak of the tower. Now to call down the next--WHAT?!? WARNING: LIFT RESTRICTION?! CURSE YOU DIRTY AND GLUTTONOUS STAFF. Force users at this point will have to manually climb up the tower(or just respawn there,) and push the crate off the elevator. Foulness, indeed. Afterwards, the elevator works. At the top of the tower is the admin room, a simple room that has more practical value in the RPG version, which will be explained later. Activate the console with the code provided in the readme, and all shall be revealed. See below at the end of the review, as the code here IS customizable. Now, it's time to FINALLY go inside, having left a few unturned stones for you to discover out there later. Retreating to a particular extremity adjacent to the dome, we shall be entering by a contact-triggered elevator. Quite stylish, I know. Step on the arrow as you walk in, and our journey shall begin. Landing in the awesome nexus, there are a huge plethora of doors. Eenie, meany, MINEY, MO! Well, wouldja look at that? A BAR. Hasn't anyone heard of an actual restaurant in this community? I mean you could include a bar IN IT, but RPG'ers needa eat @_@. Moving on, this bar is eloquently designed in the oval structure, allowing for more movement of the bartender. In the corner is a window to one of the most awesome skyboxes I've seen. It makes you feel like you're actually underwater >_> seriously. Anyway, evading subjective fits of rage, lets bail out for the next door into the detention center. Now THIS is what I call a detention center. Forcefields, steel doors, and controlled gun turrets make great security measures, and hurt many feelings. Now granted, it woulda been nice if he installed like, poopers, so people can poop, but hardly anybody lets forth a corn log in RP anymore(at least, in serious RP >_> it's too cool for them.) Anyway, let us take flight from this deliciously miserable place. Oh yes, by the way, please scorn and laugh at Szico for not being able to properly read and spell my name in that screenshot. Whilst that screenshot with my "name" in it was doctored(so I don't have a private cell), I just want to make him feel retarded anyway XD Let's GO TO TEH PARK! WOOT. Moving swiftly on, we come across a deliciously designed underwater park, complete with streetlights, and, in the basic version, NPCS that wander about. Honestly, whatever I say here would be a waste of breath, as it's just miles better to just inhale the visuals for yourself. Trust me, you shall be awe struck, methinks. Now we can finally attack the meat and potatoes of this compound. Moving down a corridor, we can stop by and see there's two...pits? Yes, Szico found it more entertaining to have the players leap down and be carried up in this particular area, instead of actual elevators. Not exactly the most PRACTICAL of ideas, but he at least designed the shaft to be quite entertaining to behold. Dropping down to a soft landing, we come upon a lobby with a malevolent TV screaming and hawking ::JEDI:: and the map. In my initial beta testing of this map, I attacked it in a childish rage, scorning its existance. Suffice to say, It breaks, and >_> can be fixed, although I will explain that later as well. Man, I have a lot of explaining to do -_-; So then, there's a nice lil protocol desk droid waiting for you, his function also being covered later. Heading left, we'll prod and poke the "west wing" of the compound. Walking along the scenic hallway, we arrive at the stairway nexus which leads to the deliciously scripted infirmary, VR stealth training room, and laser dodging training area. Definitely worth a personal investigation, as my words alone cannot recreate the experiences extracted from them. A long stairway across the infirmary leads down to meditation and prep rooms, one of the combat prep rooms housing Szico's pride and joy: Hexagonal Honeycomb windows. I must admit, these are thoroughly awesome, and as such, warrant a soul harvest. The annex here is definitely also worth a look at, as it was beautifully crafted, and features a nice fountain here, along with the vaulted glass ceiling, which is quite priceless. Alright, finally, we'll hit the East wing, which contains the archives, dormitories, and the council rooms. Archives contains something that will be explained later >_> NOW, the council is built like your average council room, save for the laser security and the RPG function that will ALSO be mentioned later. The dormitories are quite awesome, although the beds are ENORMOUS, even the bunk beds. Downsize much? Whew...seriously. and now,intermission.... [b]-=Averus goes to go eat=-[/b] Ahh, most delicious. Now that I can focus on the map rather than eating, it's time to hit some of the more technical aspects. First off, if it isn't obvious enough, this file/map is HUGE, and as such, may annihilate lower end PCs, so beware. Map loading time was like...well, longer than most maps, so I'd suggest finding something to amuse yourself within that time frame >_> Bugs: There's some. I'll just note them in list format. Granted, whilst we had MaceCrusherMadunsus in the server at the time pointing out bugs, truth be told I wasn't listening so XD here's what *I* found/recorded(whichever came first): - Elevator/Annex area: You can jump through the unclipped rock and step into the void. - Some doors may get stuck, depending on how you handle them. - You can see brushes and map objects in certain windows/ceiling windows depending on what area of the map you're in. - (one time deal, but still possible) The beam elevator's console brush disconnected from the pad. - A few hardly noticeable clipping issues with curves. - Certain sounds can be heard globally when they were meant to be local, an issue Szico cannot fix. - There is no mess hall, despite Szico's texture >_> - Doors can kill you >_> rather easily if you're not careful. - Doorway leading to lobby has a few clipping/textural issues(not too noticeable, really.) That's just a few. (I was told there was some z-fighting somewhere although I never personally spotted it.) So now I can finally attack the stuff I've been meaning to save for the final parts of this review, which has taken way too long because of distractions and general fun XD. There are two versions, as I'm sure I've mentioned before, or thought I did...who cares, DEATH TO ALL. [b]Atlantica - Basic[/b]: This is where RP can commence more smoothly, in my opinion. This area is void of most of the following features that will be covered in the RPG Version of the map, and features an expanded bound so you can fly ships within distance of the dome station. Now, to actually hit the cream. [b]Atlantica - RPG[/b]: This is the map where most of the fun is stored, for the most part. You must VENTURE FORTH and gain credits(respawning objects easily attainable in certain areas,) or complete certain missions to gain credits to buy your way up the clearance ladder! Missions include simple tasks like clearing out a hall way to completing VR training missions successfully. Also, whilst you're out and about, you can get the toolbox and boredly repair the broken TV and lamp posts in the park. Here, in a nut shell, is where clearance can be reached: Lvl 1: Freebie granted in the drop shafts. Lvl 2: 50 Credits, purchase at the desk droid Lvl 3: 300 Credits, Purchase in archives Lvl 4: 400 Credits, plus a 10 switch console hunt is in order to activate the console itself. Lvl 5: Admin Control Tower Also, a couple other functions require paying of credits, I.E. the infirmary bacta tank. The last other difference I recall between the RPG version and basic is that now the RPG version has an x-wing in the once empty pad, and the bridge to it can be destroyed. Okay, I've typed far enough




The Tidal Tower | 24.33 MB

author informed me of his lack of intent to make the map visually appealing, and whilst it shows a bit in architecture and texturing, the map makes up for its interactivity, definitely. So basically, I think what I'll do is hit what I believe will be the more popular rooms for now,. - Entry area: The spawn point is actually pretty nice to look at, despite its lack of ambient noise. Moving through the silent door, one arrives within...guess what? A BAR. Yes, go figure. This area, along with some adjacent ones, is the primary "RP" area included within the map. This section, along with a lot of other areas, seems to make use of JK2 textures, so if you lack them, they'll be missing. There are bedrooms here, along with a stage of sorts that you can open/close, and reach a back area with. - Upper levels: Once you find the stairs, you can make your way to the good chunks of the map. As you ascend, you'll run into a couple duel rooms, some rooms which I PRESUMED, were NPC spawn rooms(albeit the button in there did nothing,) a pool room(or two,) and a karaoke room with the Dark Lord Rick Astley himself on the machine. Alright, time to move onto the fun >_> - Quiz Room: This was the first room I noticed and made me realize; this may be the first map EVER to feature one of these O_o. I don't know this for sure, but it's the first one in my experience, most definitely. Excellent use of toggle able spotlights, I must say. I would have thought you could have made the quizmaster's stand a little more lit, but that can be overlooked. So then, quite simple, the contestants are given three buttons. To answer, you must attack one of the buttons briefly, and your answer will display to the quizmaster and the audience. Quite a clever set up. Quick note though: Once that question's over, you must hit the button again to erase your answer. - Taun Taun Races: Spawn your tauntaun and race through the maze of EVILE =_O. This room was the most plagued by lacking textures, as the entire maze used the same texture, save for a couple obstacles. Whilst I ran through it on foot, it'd definitely be more challenging on tauntauns, I'm sure. - Hedge Maze: Holy crap, I almost missed it initially. It wasn't exactly well marked, but it's there. So yes, just your typical hedge maze, albeit very narrow, and difficult to discern the true path =_= good luck, as I didn't bother finding it =_,= - Shooting range: yeah ._. ...there wasn't anything to shoot. - Mario Party Room: Subjective statement imminent: this is definitely the best room of the map, both texturally, architecturally, and interactively. Basically, it's one huge board game, complete with a randomized dice system and bonus squares! The rules are simple, really: Shoot the blue square mounted high on the wall(hard to reach on the first square, but still shootable,) to roll the dice. After which, a panel will reveal a number 1-5, and you move that many squares. Roll on a yellow tile and hold use, and you can "hack" the tile so you will be shot forward a number of tiles(number varies from tile to tile.) Roll and hack a red, and you receive either a bonus or deficit of "throw again" or "move back 3 spaces." These bonuses are also randomized, so you'll never have the same gameplay again. First one to reach the finish square is teh winrar! Overall, whilst I was skeptical at first, this map proved to be quite fun, particularly in that one room of awesome where I versed myself and won many times =_,=. Whilst I'm hoping the author could provide the public who doesn't own JK2 with textures to supplement their experience, I'd definitely advise taking this map for a test drive anyway, as you may like it regardless. ARROWS AWAY! [b]UPDATE: I think one of the files I was reviewing is conflicting with my npc file database, so the shooting range and NPC rooms might be working after all[/b] New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




D-Legion Monolith | 46.08 MB

and everyone's an evil, corrupt bastard. Anyone with any moral fiber would be sickened by the attitudes portrayed by WH40K, [i]especially[/i] the Space Marines, who along with the rest of the Imperium are the aforementioned Nazis - and yet they're the most popular. Man, there's a scary thought. The Necrons are essentially the zombies of WH40K. Big... metal... zombies. Yeah. Now that I've broken the minds of half our audience (I knew there was a reason I liked WH40K despite it's representations of the worst humanity has to offer :p ), I'll point out the 'Monolith' part of things - the Monolith is a Necron fortress, which serves as a headquarters and... fortress. Upon entering the map, you'll start in a misty alcove. You'll notice that individual elements are overall rather primitive, but they tie together elaborately and when looking at the bigger picture, "primitive" is going to be the last thing on your mind. First, cross that finely-constructed wooden bridge, then turn 180 degrees and look up. Yeah. If only that were to scale, y'all would be too busy drooling to spam the comments for a week. First thing's first, get up that mountain trail and above the fogbank. Wait, wha- you're asking [i]why[/i]? C'mon, haven't you ever read the Stephen King short story, 'The Mist'? No? Okay, well here's another great reason to get up that trail: [b]MOVE IT OR I'LL CUT YOU OPEN![/b] Ahh, that always works. As you get up to the top, you'll see another nicely-done wooden bridge leading into the Monolith, and a side path to a landing pad. Shuttle, some guns and supplies, and a turret. Load up then head across the bridge. Now, personally, I think someone's been watching too much [i]Doctor Who[/i], because the Monolith is bigger on the inside. Open the gate, you'll figure out how, and proceed through the trans-dimensional rift in space and time to enter the Monolith. (Okay, so I didn't want to say "magic door". Sue me.) [b]Area 1: Or should that be Area [i]51[/i]?[/b] You'll be spewed out teetering on the precipice of a doom pit. If you fall in, then stop with the drunk gaming, it's embarassing. You see those faces carved out in the rock walls? Oooh. How very Necron. Both WH40K and the last boss of FFIX. Aside from fighting over the name, those guys would get along. This is all very cyberpunk to the tune sang by Quake III Revolution, but hey. Points of interest on the first floor, aside from the marvellous blending of several themes, would be the statues. The job done on texturing is essentially flawless, the whole area's construction is nothing less than appealing, the lighting can be a bit psychedelic at times though. Second floor, we've got the throne room. If you haven't realised by now, it should be fairly obvious that this Monolith has undergone some customization. The Lord and Master's throne and control panel, as well as control systems for his left-hand and right-hand men, plenty of 40k/Star Wars themed portraits and statues, as well as a few Q3 homages. If I had to guess, I'd say that book contained the tenets of the Na- er, [i]Space Marines[/i], sorry. The construction is as solid as the lower floor, even if the visual theme doesn't work so well. There's a third floor above contains a few more portals, and a couple of impressive classical style textures. Overall the area is flawed like the lower floor, but the construction is fairly solid if not the most attractive. The skylight is probably the highlight of the room, so be sure to look up. Let's check the portals next. [b]Portal 1: Barren Lands[/b] To reach this area, return to the first floor entrance. Head to the back-left corner. The portal is surrounded by two green illuminated walls, and is a dark shot of a rocky landscape with green crystals. This area carries off the shattered world theme brilliantly. The mostly-buried statue will attract your notice no doubt. Nice touch. Terrain isn't this engine's strongest point, but it's been pushed pretty far here and doesn't suffer too much because of it. From the top of the head you can see two green crystals - the one on the right will warp you to this area's secondary entrance in the pit room - the one beside the Unnamed Havok statue. The one on the left dumps you near the Dan statue, where you came in. Ahead you notice a red toothy structure - still not sure what they're called - but I'm fairly sure structures of this nature are of Chaos origin, not Necron. If I may direct your attention ninety degrees clockwise, you'll see another warp crystal in an archway. Let's hop over there, not an easy task. [b]Portal 2: The Tank[/b] Yes, tank. As in, a Space Marines Land Raider tank. Fully stocked with armory, engine rooms, crew room, medbay, and control room. And turrets. Not much to say except it's as accurate to the real deal as it's going to get without a crapload of concept art which isn't available to the public. Coming from the crystal warp point, you'll be thrust into a sniper nest way above the tank. It's pretty dark this far up, even with the brightness cranked up, so watch your footing. This area is mostly just rock walls overlooking the tank, so it's relatively pointless. There's a doorway embedded in a ledge above the tank, leading back to the portal room. This also reveals the portal to the tank's location from said main area: second floor, just east of the throne. Which brings us to our next portal, on the other side of the wall immediately to your left after returning from the tank room. [b]Portal 3: Lara Croft Would Have A Field Day[/b] Yes, this is the kind of room you'd expect to find the new, 'badass' Lara Croft hanging around in. Come to think of it, wasn't there a museum level in the [i]TR: Angel of Darkness[/i] demo that had a similar theme to this room (minus the glass floor and Vjun skybox)? This is basically a one-room personal gallery. A few photos, couple of game screenshots and some illustrations. The room is well-constructed and I do like the understated museum theme with a touch of futuristic trans-dimensional styling, though I'm not sure the choice of decorations does it any favours. The next portal is straight ahead from this one upon returning, so let's go there next. [b]Portal 4: Looks Just Like Relic Entertainment's Offices![/b] After the critical reception Soulstorm got - don't see why, it wasn't that bad, albeit a little underwhelming - many Dawn of War fans will appreciate that reference. There's a hellish theme on one side, the Yavin skybox on the other. Major clash there. Lava wall, skewered corpses, skeletal conference table, a mirror, two gargoyles and some Space Marines concept art. One thing I'll never get is the Space Marine hero worship. Funny thing is a lot of Warhammer fans claim to have a distinct anti-Nazi stance if you were to ask them, but the Space Marines have and promote ideals which make the Nazis seem like fluffy puppies - okay, sure, they're fictional, but still, said ideals are rather disgusting nevertheless. Ah, I digress. Not the time nor the place. This room is fairly standard, you can get what you need from the screenshots. As with the tank room, the next portal is directly to the left after exiting, right on the other side of the wall. [b]Portal 5: Well, ONE Of You Is Spartacus![/b] Old-fashioned colosseum, eh? You can use this as a duel arena or an NPC training room - which again is a redundant concept, but to each their own - however if you plan on using it as the former, I'd either force other players into spectator mode, or remove the NPC files from the server. There's a lot of spawn buttons up there. It's a basic room, so not much for me to rattle on about. Upon exiting this room, turn ninety degrees counter-clockwise. See that Space Marine painting? That's where we want to be. [b]Portal 6: Facing Worlds?[/b] You'll be thrown off on the side of a large pyramind. Climb to the top, you'll see another one at the opposite end - accessed through the portal opposite the one you just entered. Each pyramid works as a duel arena, I suppose they'd work as teleport points for a team FFA match too. Construction is basic enough, but for something like this you hardly need unparalleled complexity. For anyone not getting the title reference, play more [i]Unreal Tournament[/i]. Namely the first one, and the CTF-Face map. The thematic likeness is most uncanny. [b]Portal 7: Mario Kart Takes To The Skies[/b] The next portal is right above the last portal you entered. It'll drop you on top of the Monolith in the first area, where you can spawn and fly Mini TIEs. I've already said my piece on this area, so on we go! Note the Scepter of Ragnos cased beside the portal? [b]Portal 8: More [i]Portal[/i]s Than Source Engine![/b] The next portal is - yep, you guessed it - in the same place as #7, only at the other end of the room. It's a boxing ring and gym. Be careful of the Shadowtrooper if you didn't run a killall when the map loaded. Yeah, annoying, ain't it? Exiting back to the main chamber, that archway just ahead holds another portal, this one showing a lush, grassy area. [b]Portal 9: In The Garden Of Eden, Honey....[/b] Yeah, it's a garden. You've got some grassy areas, bit of a hill, a waterfall, a lake and a veranda. The veranda contains a wardrobe, a Dawn Of War victory screenshot, another piece of Space Marine concept art and a Tavion spawn button. One more portal, and it's opposite the garden. [b]Portal 10: [i]Halo[/i] Should Sue Your Ass Off[/b] So, let's see what- wait. Long bridge over a large abyss. Holographic projection of a planet dead ahead. Now either I'm getting deja vu, buddy, or I had bad shrimp for lunch. And I didn't have shrimp for lunch. So yes, that bit is very reminiscent of [i]Halo[/i], and probably half a dozen other sci-fis. I suppose the conference room either belongs to Dr Evil or Matt Damon, one of the two. Having the statue actually [i]holding[/i] the conference room was a nice touch indeed. The statues on either side of the bridge, the gargoyles over the two visible portals, and the giant statue add a brilliantly sinister effect to this room. The iD Tech 3 engine may not handle these types of environments as good as other engines, but damn if you can't pull it off anyway. The portals at the back take you to a five-story base inside the tower. Reception lounge, library, veranda room, conference room, and roof. Slight bug on the roof, in that the back of the statue is untextured. [b]Area 11 - The Awesome that Kouen Forgot{Skull Castle Edit by Averus}[/b] As a gesture of good will, Averus is making an addendum to this review at the author's request in a previous sector. There was an excellently crafted section that I can see why the author was so eager to have it known to the public. As reference, I posted a new screenshot below featuring this castle's gate. Suffice to say, it's the most awesome gate I've seen in a while now. A giant skull opens its gaping maw, sticking its tongue out as a bridge for you to cross =_,= Oh man that rules. I'm so adding that to the tower... Now then, once inside, there's quite a bit to see. On your left is a small roman shrine with a statue of what I presume to be Zeus, lit by two....unshaded light sources? The two light sources here weren't functioning too well, and I noticed a couple other bugs: Sounds did not play UNLESS your saber was on whilst in this shrine's presence, and I do mean just your saber. Another odd bug was that the statue disappeared when you jumped high enough o_O. Across from the shrine is a small garden with a crystal in it. It's nice looking, save for the obnoxiously repeating bird noise. I'd at least switch it up, eh? The spires of the castle contained a couple interesting areas, IE a conference room, a den of sorts, among other routes to the outside of the castle, where atop is an awesome circular shrine of sorts. A bug I noted: the balcony of the spire facing the garden/throne room has some mal-fitted brushes, leaving a nice visible hole. And now, we make our approach to the throne. Whilst it looks basically like the other thrones in the area, it's still pretty awesome to behold, especially on the way. The vaulted ceiling is most impressive to behold, and I definitely liked the use of flying buttresses outside the castle. Going behind the throne, one can force push the glass and open it to reveal a nice observation area. Moving back inside...hey' whassadhis? A tunnel? Indeed, and guess where it leads to? If you guessed vaulted interior with a rancor in it, then you win. A shame this place doesn't allow sound, as even the rancor can't angrily eat you...It'd be a quiet dinner v_v there's also a tunnel breaking off to your right as you enter that leads to another observation area. That should at the very least hit the bigger chunks of the map for now. There are still some demonic surprises in store, but for now, back to ye, Kouen =_= [b]{/addendum}[/b] Well that's possibly the longest review the site has ever seen, and I suspect I may have left a few stones unturned but enough is enough - two hours is a ridiculous review period. This may easily be the largest and most epic map we've had, and while it's not perfect - and the personalisations will hurt it's appeal to the general populace - you won't run out of ideas, especially not if you're into roleplaying. One important bug you should be informed of - bots are not compatible with this map. Also, I wouldn't advise spawning anything either. Keep it strictly for humans, unless you want instantaneous server crash. Obviously there's the issue of pre-spawned NPCs, but whatever. People are going to keep using them despite the inherent flaws in the system, I guess everyone will just have to deal with it. The construction as a whole is brilliantly handled, there's a few errors and one or two minor performance downgrades but nothing that will hurt too much. Not a bad end result and no doubt a lot of work went into this. There is room for improvement, though, as well as maybe redoing certain details to make the map more suitable for public use. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Routing:[/b] No [b]Custom Meshes:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Textures:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Audio:[/b] Yes [b]Review Statistics[/b] [b]Characters:[/b] 11904 [b]Time Taken:[/b] 117 Minutes




OJP Enhanced | 23.61 MB

a new review, as screwing around with said mod a little more allows for more beef. We'll attack some general features first, that will affect all players. [b]General Features[/b] XP System: No longer are points just for strutting around like a chicken whilst you hawk how good you are whilst you secretly cry inside realizing you have nothing better to do than bully kids in a video game =_O Now you have to earn some kills, and gain power =_= each time you join an OJP server, you will have a minimum set of experience points that you can allocate to gain a number of weapons, gadgets, saber stances, and force powers. I screwed around in the Abregado Casino map and gambled for points, and I found that you have to actually kill either a bot or an actual player to gain experience points. General ratio seems to be 3 kills = 1 XP. There are in fact some XP allocation rules(these being but a few): - At certain XP levels, certain stances are locked from the player. - Force Jumpers cannot invest in Jetpack, and vice versa - A player must have 1 point in sense minimum to be a force user. - Certain levels of force user can only invest in one level of gun usage to prevent that "god character" factor. A good thing to note is that if you're in a hurry to get to the real fun, you can skip the whole "Kill, kill KILL, KILL, KILL" and avoid having to stack up all those kills just to get that toy you really want by adjusting the minimum XP count in the advanced server settings. One could also lock certain powers and weapons from here as well, as well as adjust a setting on this: - Timer System: Have trouble with people killing themselves constantly? Chill them out by making them have to wait with a modified siege timer that prolongs spawning until it runs out. Whilst it can be very annoying, it's also very useful for setting points in between bouts of madness and violence. Don't like the timer on your server? Just set 'er to 0 and you can jump right back in. - Holster System: Gunnery is now a more important aspect in this mod(more on that later,) and as such, the team found it appropriate to make things more realistic by coding in a nice system to holster your guns on your character whilst you are not using them. Only irk I found was that saber holstering really doesn't look good strapped to the front of your thigh, nor does it look comfortable. Yes, I'm guessing it's probably the whole "belt" thing, but on most models, it doesn't seem very applicable. - Improved Bots and NPCs: There are some of us out there that don't have the expensive equipment to fight all the time against other players on the internet. Never fear, as the bots have been tweaked to use the OJP saber and gun systems accordingly. Experiment around, as some bots are inclined to use guns, whilst some use sabers. NPCs are now no longer psycho sugar addicts like they were in JA+, and now fight normally. Even the force using cultists do something instead of standing there punching the air idly! A lot of the old functions in JASP work as well. The howler now lives up to its eponymous name(although it doesn't seem to hurt yet.)The assassin droid returns and now effectively has a working forcefield.Even more interesting is that, should you fall to the new NPC AI, most of the time it will actually register as a kill as if you were slain by a player. Example being this most recent one: "Averus Retruthan was blasted by Boba Fett" That was me deciding to let an NPC kill me =_,=. Naturally not all the AI is up to absolute snuff, and there are still bugs to be worked out (I.E. some of the non-human NPC's guns are in the wrong places still,) but it's definitely a 1-up on the older MP AI. - Dodge, Force, and Mishap Meter: One of the more critical elements of gameplay now relies on these three meters. These will control how long you will in essence "live," forcify, and still remain accurate, respectively referring to the above order. More will be applied as the necessary sections arrive. - New Animations: A plethora of new animations from ledge grabbing to a proverbial backhand attack lie in wait for you. Take a look around and see what you can spot =_o! - New First Person view: Gunners and saber users alike can experience battle now from the eyes of their player. Gunners will notice almost immediately that the gun is no longer at like..chest height. You can now look down and see where your gun is, and not feel like a total chode when -CO-OP Mode: Haven't had a chance to try it, but now you can try SP in Cooperative mode =_=! and finally.. - Vehicles: An older, not-as-remembered feature of OJP was that it was going to amplify vehicle functions in some respects. Unfortunately, there's not many functions to speak of on that part, as it seems to have been lost in the quest for saber research, but some vehicles now have some new alternate functions usable only in OJP. The only examples I can think of at this time are: - The droideka can now rotate in place instead of having to back up and go forward like a cheap RC car. (Found in -;31144)) - The [file="53196"]Tie-Phantom[/file] vehicle now has an active cloaking function on it. Interestingly enough, some of the vehicles seem to attack on their own if not possessed by a player. These are just but a few of the new general functions, I'm sure, but hopefully enough to have kept you going up until this point =_= now we shall attack the gun and force user aspects, in that order. [b]Mercenaries and gunnery[/b] Guns have finally returned as a force to be reckoned with. Guns are no longer dwarfed by saber using force users now. Cunning can be used effectively now, with the new gun effects. General features of the weapons include: - Ammo Clips/Reloading: every weapon now has less ammo on the count. Out of ammo? Good, reload =_= - DEMP2, Trip Mines, Concussion Rifle? Locked out unless you use cheats. - As forementioned, all guns are now no longer in your first person view by default. It's now more realistic =_>. - Thermal Detonators now can be thrown with a new bind, so you no longer have to actually select the thermal and chuck it. Range is limited though,so don't try and throw it too far. - Gun accuracy is decided by your level of XP in that slot and mishap meter. High mishap = start missing, even if aimed properly. In some cases, if you're not careful, you can be knocked down as well. Dodge will help you evade some of the more lethal attacks whenever necessary. Now, I'll report the effects of each weapon: - Blaster Pistol: Much more powerful shot. At level 3, you get a second pistol at your disposal, and your alt fire is activated, doing mishap damage to enemies, usually knocking them down if you power it enough. Suggestion: Allow the second gun to be an alternate upgrade, like the speed and ammo upgrades for the later guns. - Melee: Effective and useful when outta ammo. - Blaster: Good balanced weapon with an available rate of fire upgrade. - Disruptor: Power seems to vary now with charging in scoped mode. - Bowcaster: An effective powerhouse, now with available scope function at level 3 and a chargeable bolt (doesn't multiply.) - Repeater: Converted into a DC-15 clone rifle. At level 3, an available ammo count upgrade can be made, and the blob can be now fired at the cost entire clip. Quite effective, as the blob now induces knockdown and acts as an explosive(which will be covered later.) - Flechette: Converted into a T-21 Rifle. Rate of fire controled by your tapping power. Damage is a little weak and sparse, in my opinion. - Rocket Launcher, Thermal Detonator, Detpacks: Weapons of the explosive kind don't seem to actually do immediate damage. If your dodge is high enough, and depending on where you are on the blast radius, you will be knocked pretty far. There's sadly no shrapnel or misc. damage, assuming you aren't knocked high enough where the fall will immediately kill you(a good percentage of the time.) If your dodge is low...well then, your body will be BLOWN TO PIECES AND ANNIHILATED. Now, onto the gadgets: - Bacta: Level 1 earns you small bacta, level 2 gives you big bacta - Jetpack: The jetpack has been reinvented with a new dynamic animation system. Lot more heights can be reached with this jetpack, and quite quick. Runs on fuel, of course. - Cloaking: Not much change. Still runs on fuel. - Flamethrower: huge flamethrower effect that runs on fuel. Quite impressive to behold. - Seeker Droid: Now fires stun charges, and if you hit the Use Item button, your Seeker will detach away from your perimeter and actively seek you out. - Sentry Gun: Setup time required, but is a lot more durable and reliable. - Forcefield: Now lasts longer, takes more impact, and even knocks 'tards who run into it down to the ground. This covers the basics of mercenary combat. Now... [b]EPIC FORCE USER COMBAT[/b] Considered to be the proverbial "gem" of the entire mod by the makers, saber combat has been completely redone, and converted into a powerhouse of cinematically epic system of clashing, pwnination, and strategy. Mishap, Force, and Dodge Points now are tested to their limit. Force controls force attacks, including saber swinging. Low FP = slower swings,less force ability. Low Mishap can result in a slowbounce, stagger, knockdown, or even disarming your opponent of his saber! Also, you have to be a lot more careful in watching you and your opponents movements, as you won't simply just swing and hope it hits. You can now engage your opponent with Shii-cho, Djem-So, Soresu, Ataru, Nimen, Juyo, and Makashi(




Rodian Spy

rodian_spy.rar | 1.06 MB

opposed to "underworld smuggler". Gotta admit that while this Rodian reskin pack isn't quite as high tech as the rest of the SW universe, it's definitely much more smuggler. Likes are severalfold. The camo shirts, very well-made, no visible seaming in the texture, and so very appropriate for the character. Notice how the utility belt is more rustic and more like Kyle's, which is a very nice touch indeed. Overcoat, love the overcoat, it's very John Wayne and got a good guffaw out of me - it's very gunslinger. :p Dislikes, well. I'm not mad about the pants. Most likely because there's a whopping big seam in the texture. And because the pants and boots combo overall reminds me of the undead from World of Warcraft. Anything that reminds me of WoW is bad, but anything that reminds me of the Undead Warlock I had during my three-week playing stint is very bad. Erm, yeah, right, the file. Sorry. All the usual extras would have been nice, but there's really not a whole lot to complain about here. It's not the most complex release, but it's a good one. Especially if you're a fan of Rodians. Which I am. Yay for Rodian Powah! ~ Kouen [b]Bot Profiles:[/b] No [b]NPC Profiles:[/b] No [b]Custom Audio:[/b] No [b]Team Support:[/b] Yes




Desert NPCs | 1.39 KB

actors. The last three in the file are basically stormtroopers, with half as much health as the player and boosts to their AI settings. Not much else to say, is there? ~ Kouen




UltimateWeapons | 14.52 MB

Version[/file][/b] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well here it is finally! The Ultimate Weapons mod v1.3! I reviewed the trailer for this a few weeks back and was deeply impressed with what I saw. Realistic explosion physics and effects, better weapons sounds and better weapons effects too, I was eagerly awaiting the release of this mod, and now…here it is! And it certainly doesn’t disappoint! What we have here is a very comprehensive collection of both some of the author’s own work, and the best of other modder’s work too, all compiled into one all encompassing mod! There’s simply too much for me to describe here, so I will get right to the best bits! [b]New Sounds[/b] As far as I could see (or should I say heard?) it seems like every weapons sound sets have been replaced with movie accurate sounds. One of the most noticeable is the sounds for the E-11 Blaster rifle. To be honest I wasn’t that fond of the default JKA sounds for the E-11, they seemed a bit too high pitched. Thankfully this mod completely changes the sounds to ones that are much more like those you actually here in the films (like the detention center breakout from A New Hope). I also liked the change of sounds for the Flechette launcher and Bryar pistol too. All in all a vast improvement over the default JKA sounds, and that goes for all the weapons! Also included are new lightsaber sounds, which sound more like the ones from the Original Films and also the original Jedi Knight games, along with new sounds for force powers and melee attacks too. I liked the change of the force power sounds, they now sound much more discreet and realistic compared to the rather loud default JKA ones. [b]New Weapons [/b] Here the mod gets even better. Not only does it have completely new sounds, there are also four new weapons or should I say, replacement weapons included. Three are the Bryar pistol, E-11 Blaster rifle and Thermal Detonator from the JKA Dark Forces 2 mod (which replace their respective default weapons), and the other is the DC-15A more commonly known as the Clone Trooper blaster rifle, from the Movie Battles II mod. The new improved repeater rifle, with new shot effects and sounds looks much better than the original, but if you want a change from that, just put the optional DC-15A .pk3 in your base folder and the repeater is replaced with the clone rifle. The Wookiee Bowcaster has also been given a good polish up, as have some of the other weapons. [b]New Weapon Effects[/b] Along with new sounds and some replacement weapons this mod also has new weapon effects. For example, new muzzle flashes and blaster bolts. The projectiles for the repeater rifle have been changed to look bluish and the secondary fire has been changed as well, which I think looks great. Its pretty similar with the rest of the weapons, the E-11 blaster bolts have been changed, and now look much better, as have the firing effects for other weapons. The lightsaber has also received an upgrade with new blades made by D'halaine to look more like the saber blades seen in Episode 3 One interesting case is the Bowcaster. We all know that in the JK Games thus far (at least Mysteries of the Sith, JK2 and JKA) the Bowcaster bolts have traditionally been green. However, if you look at the original films, the Bowcaster bolts are actually red. This mod changes the green bolts to red, thus making it more realistic to the films. If though, you don’t like the red, there is an extra .pk3 you can put in your Base folder, which will change them back green again. But not only does it change the colour, it also improves the green Bowcaster bolt effects, so it is now much improved. [b]New Particle Effects[/b] This was one area I was super happy with! It seems to be an unusual (mostly male) characteristic that we like watching things explode and blow up. Whilst women on the other hand like nice quiet romantic stories…well give me a few explosions any day! :P Well I am very happy to say that the explosions and particle effects have been [b]massively[/b] improved over the default JKA ones. The explosions now actually look like powerful the explosions that you would expect to get from Thermal Detonators or Rocket Launchers. Along with that are all the little chunks of things and sparks and shrapnel that fly everywhere (very realistically). Along with the explosions is the new blaster hit effects. Instead of just a black blob on the wall (or indeed another player!) when you hit it with a blaster bolt, you now get what looks like a proper hole that’s been blasted out. Along with that you also get little glowy bits in the middle, and even a small tongue of flame (also like we saw in the movies when a Stormie blasts a chunk out of a wall). [b]Extras[/b] On top of all of that, as I have already said, there are some replacement weapons, and a handy .pk3 file for changing the Bowcaster bolt colours around from red to green and back again. Then there is also another couple of optional .pk3 files, which you can choose to use. One is a .pk3 file, which is called; ‘zzz_UltimateWeapons_LQEffects.pk3’. As the name suggests if you find that your computer is running slowly with the full-on-super-high-quality effects, you can put that .pk3 in your base folder and it makes the effects simpler and less taxing on your systems resources, which is great if you have a slower computer. I really think that was a nice thing to add in there, as it makes the mod even more accessible to people. :) Lastly we have another optional .pk3 which disables the blood effects in the mod. Personally I’m not that fond of blood effects, since laser bolts and lightsaber blades would in reality cauterise the wound and should stop it from bleeding…there goes my geek side again! :P The blood effects are on as default in the mod, but if you don’t want them to appear, you can put the ‘zzz_UltimateWeapons_NoBlood.pk3’ in your base folder and this will remove the blood splatter effects. [b]Conclusion[/b] All in all then an absolutely fantastic mod here, and what is more, it works in Single Player too! Though there is the possibility that this mod will conflict with other weapons mod’s and such, but that is to be expected considering how many things this changes. So if you want to know more about that, take a look in the files readme for more information. To be honest, this compilation is as close as I think it is possible to get to a perfect all round weapons mod for Jedi Academy, it truly recreates the movie feel in the game. And personally I think that this really breathes some fresh life into JKA when you play it. Fantastic work here D'halaine! I [i]very[/i] strongly recommend a download here, you wont be disappointed! :D ~Nozyspy~




Cyber Trooper and sword | 3.1 MB

Behold, for it is a human merc reskin to envision a strange new trooper of some sort. The concept itself is interesting, but it sort of lost me. Suffice to say, however, the skinning is excellent, as per usual. Even the skin texture on the previously covered arms looks pretty good. The thing that pretty much lost my favor is the team skins and basically one aspect of the skin. First off, the team skins are pretty much just recolors, which is not usually in Tobe's style, so that was a slight, but not crippling disappointment. The thing that did it for me was the word "Cyber" on the back. "But Averus, it's just a word!" Yes, but it basically ruined the feel of the skin. Usually less skilled skinners do things like this, and I could have thought of several theme appropriate things(Say like" Special Forces Division 100110101 Alpha Squadron, or unit #blah) to put on there other than the word "Cyber." The weapon was also a little disappointing, mostly in the sound department. Visually speaking, it's great. A great model by Seancsnm. The tag needs some adjusting to make the weapon look like it's facing the right way, but it truly has a cybernetic visual feel to it. However, as I said, the sound department feels really awkward. The activation/deactivation and idle sounds were fine, but the swinging sounds and spin sounds were just too "soft" to feel like you were swinging a weapon. People could argue that these sounds are theme-appropriate, but logic compels me to argue otherwise in the name of user entertainment. Regardless of what I may have conveyed in the upper paragraphs, I still think you gents did a fine job. I just personally can't say it's awesome because of my clashes with some aspects @_@. For those of you who don't care, BY ALL MEANS, ENGAGE BANDWIDTH TO MAX SPEED Bot Support:Aye NPC Support:Aye New Sounds: Aye Team Support:Aye - Averus Retruthan




Clone Wars Stances and Effects Mod | 25.38 MB

JA+, MBII, and OJP support. Now, about the stances themselves. I like the blue stance, which is basically the normal standing position, but with the saber pointed off to the side. Walking uses the same basic stance, but with the legs moving. Yellow holds the saber close, and red looks like it is trying to imitate a certain stance in Episode 2. Dual stance holds one saber forward and one up above, and finally, the staff stance holds the saber back behind the body. Walking stance for the staff looks like the upper half of the body uses the staff walking animation, but the legs use the duals walking animation. Walking stance for duals holds both sabers back, and learning forward, which I think is perfect for duals while running, but doesn't work so well while just walking... If that isn't enough for you, there's also an option to add in some new swings. I personally don't like these much, simply because while they looks kinda cool (though they suffer from the typical animation mod flaw of it not flowing like it should), they cause less hits to get in. However, I liked being able to do that spin attack that Palpatine uses. :p I'm not going to go into the specifics of the changes, but I will say that pretty much every attack is changed. The best way to tell how is to download it and try it yourselves! All in all, this is a good stance/animation mod. It could use a little work, but still worth at least trying out. I suggest giving it a download! Oh yeah, this mod also overwrites the base sabers also, so if you don't want the default ones changed, you'll need to edit the pk3 yourselves...




Clone Commander Keller | 4.29 MB

Wow, can't even fit three of them in the dev name slot, let alone all four. Oh my. To my understanding, Keller is a character from the [i]Star Wars Republic[/i] comic series - never heard of that particular series, but there's a lot of things we don't get in Britain (and you American's can keep them, we have our own crap floating about and don't need yours :o). Keller commanded the Republic forces on Toola. Say, how many SW comics are there, anyway? Still, I shouldn't be surprised. People are even producing [i]Heroes[/i] and [i]Doctor Who[/i] comics, for the love of.... Ahem. Right, since half a review is wasted, here's the niggles. The black robes, little too dark to see the detail, but that's because it's always hard to see detailing on black textures. This doesn't impact the quality of the texturing, however it does make it look more basic than it is at a distance, so sometimes it may not get the credit deserved. Personally, I'm thinkin' gray should be used instead of black, in the 40% to 60% range (with 0% being white and 100% being black) - brighten it up just a smidge. The textures don't line up seamlessly in all places, but they'll seam in at least one place on a model no matter what you do - why does this get a mention? Were the seams avoidable? No, they're unavoidable in this case, but they're hidden so damn well I didn't see them until looking at the extra texture files, and no way would 3DS Max ever be smart enough to flawlessy hide seams automatically - so a shout of kudos goes out to our triumvirate of creators for UVW map manipulation. Naturally, be warned that since this guy a) has a cloak and b) is wearing robes over armor, you'll get clipping. That's unavoidable in a technical sense, because Raven's animations leave a good deal to be desired. So it's not really a flaw, more an unavoidable circumstance. But if you don't like models that clip, not only are you too fussy but you also have fair warning that this model will have clipping issues. Nothing up there that can really be avoided, and the rest of the model is certainly more than par. Good work to Mars, Haps, and =Someone=, and on behalf of the Clonetrooper fans out there, thanks go out to Axl for going through the red tape to covert this for the base'rs. So. If you want a new guy to lead your Clonetroopers into battle, get this dude in ur base. Just watch 'im closely. He might start killin' ur d00ds. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Profiles:[/b] No [b]NPC Profiles:[/b] No [b]Team Colors:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Sounds: Yes




HipTrip | 24.79 MB

upon what this did to T2_trip. Some of you might like this mess, but to me, it\'s just ugly. Have a go if you feel like subjecting yourself to a sad excuse for an acid trip. - Jose




Alternate Link Sounds | 2.38 MB

recorded from SSBB. They\'re all either far too quiet, far too distorted, or generally just far too low-quality for me to consider them worth using, but I\'m not you, am I? Give \'em a download if you want, just don\'t expect a whole lot. The game\'s background music and other ambient sound effects will likely drown these out entirely, which is a shame, really, because beyond the static it sounds like this would be a decent soundset for Link.[/quote]Also included with this version is a Wind Waker soundpack for the Young Link model. I wish I could say the quality is any better, but I can\'t. Most of the sound files are over-ridden by some \'pop\' sound, and the ones that aren\'t are awfully static and grind away at your eardrums. Actually, they sound kinda like they were recorded in a similar manner to me holding my 2-in-1 USB memory stick/MP3 player in front of the TV. Again, download if you want some new sounds for Link. Just be warned they may not be up to the spec you\'re hoping for. ~Kouen




Dark HUD | 213.23 KB

parts to a darker color, the background for the counter bars to a red, and the counter bars themselves white. Simple? Yes. Effective? Yes. Give it a download if you like it.





hostile npcs with jawas. And all of a sudden we have a mod that does just that. Every single hostile humanoid you'll ever meet on your jedi path (with the exception of Rosh) is now a jawa. There is, however, a bug that I found. Since the zip contains a readme for the jawa pack, I'm assuming that some npcs will show up as big white jawa-shaped blobs if you don't have it. Heck, if you find that massacring jawas for kicks is something for you, download it and enjoy. - Jose




Train battle | 6.15 MB

since I am an admitted MegaMan know-nothing. But then the author said it was only based on MegaMan, so I figured I was safe. This map, as you may have guessed, involves a train. Not just one trains, as luck would have it, but two, and they\'re moving. Well, not really... but it certainly looks like they are. Don\'t fall off if you don\'t want to ruin the illusion! So what do you get when you have two trains, moving side by side, with insta-kill ground below them? One heck of an interesting duel, I\'m sure. Combine that with a fierce snowstorm and you\'re set! I must admit that I found this map very intriguing. The ambiance of it is wonderful, and despite its small size it feels very much complete. I wouldn\'t try having a good-sized free for all on this map, though. It seems like anything more than two or three people would really ruin what this map has going for it. My one complaint here is the texturing, which could be a lot better. Also, the train cars are a little bit bland and could stand to be a little bit more interesting. After all, only trains these days are perfectly flat, and even then you occasionally get some cars with glass panels or timber or something. These trains are not only short, but are carrying nothing but blocks. A little variation would certainly spice up a duel. As it is I don\'t see that there would be a whole lot of challenge jumping between these trains -- unless you have no finesse![/quote] A few things have improved along the way. First off, you can now enter all the wagons. Granted, there\'s not much there, some weapons on one train and heaters on the other, but it\'s something. Also, one train has been replaced by a diesel engine. No more are two steamies racing side-by-side. And when you fall off, there\'s no jumping quick enough to save you from having a horribly painful fall. They also seem to be screaming down the rails a bit faster. And both trains have horns. Which is really quite awesome. Still, there are a few issues. As I already mentioned, the wagons are pretty much empty. They\'re small, not enough for two to run side-by-side, so it\'s understandable, but the point still stands. Also, I\'m assuming the gray thing on the wagon behind the steam engine is coal. It doesn\'t look much like coal. The music loops noticeably, but that might not be a problem in the middle of a fight. - Jose [b]Bot support:[/b] Nope [b]New music:[/b] Yup [b]New textures:[/b] Aye [b]Gametypes:[/b] FFA, Duel




Antioch | 26.68 MB

brief synopsis of how this map relates to the Christian Crusades in Europe. If you\'re not religious or a history enthusiast don\'t fear, however. From what I\'ve heard this map was heavily inspired by the new hit game [b]Assassin\'s Creed[/b]. See, there\'s something for everyone! I liked this map before I ever saw it, back when Ayala came to me asking to borrow some of my work for use in it which I was happy to allow her to do. You see I like any map which is unique, and typically a middle-eastern flavored map set during a very unhappy time in history is not every mapper\'s first idea for a new map. Especially since a lot of mappers aren\'t [i]familiar[/i] with a lot of history. No no, not your fault. Blame modern education... I love history, though, and so I appreciate the story hidden behind the stone walls of this map. But I know that\'s not really what you care about, so let\'s move on to the details, which are what I think really gives this map its strength. It is a walled city, made of grey stone, and it features a lot of details that would otherwise make a somewhat empty, barren, and bland map a real jewel. Anybody can make buildings, but it\'s the rugs, the merchant stalls, the props, and even the NPCs that gives this map the great aura and ambiance that it has. Green tiled roofs, tropical trees, and brightly-colored ornate rugs hanging from the building walls break up the monotonous stone to give the map a bit of color and livelihood. Truth be told, my favorite bits of the map are the hanging rugs. They\'re small and trivial, I know, but these are the kinds of things any normal mapper probably would not consider (and might perhaps consider to be more effort than they\'re worth) but I really find they add a whole new dimension to the map. Also if you\'re looking for a more role-playish atmosphere there is a button near the entry doors that will spawn some NPCs to keep you company (non-aggressive by default, it seems). If you would rather not have the NPCs then simply don\'t spawn them. Overall a great map, and something new style-wise to add to our collection. Make sure to check it out if you\'re looking for a new map to try out, and check out those swaying trees... if I changed the music to something a little more tropical -- Jimmy Buffet maybe? -- it\'d be a great summer getaway. [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: Yes [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: Yes [b]Game Modes[/b]: ffa, duel ~Inyri




Spacefighter Factory: Project Shadow Streak | 21.41 MB

space ships\" is moderately accurate. Not entirely, as the majority of the map is not a hangar. So let me cut to the chase and explain what we\'ve got. The first bit I saw was the factory. It\'s actually a very large and long room full of ships -- some of them in pieces -- being assembled. This is probably one of the coolest things I\'ve ever seen in a map. One ship is getting a wing welded on, while another is getting the cockpit ready for assembly. As you explore further into the complex you\'ll see various other ships. There\'s one that seems to be on display, and it\'s bristling with weaponry (included some pretty wicked-looking rockets). In another room there are several ships being fueled, and in yet another room there\'s a ship hovering as if ready to take off. I hope it doesn\'t, though, because it\'s faced the wrong way! There are at least three distinct designs portrayed in this map, and what I find most impressive is that all these ships seem to be made of brushes! I\'ve seen impressive brushwork in the past but I think this probably takes the cake. They remind me a bit of the Nubian... on steroids. The Nubian didn\'t have any weapons, after all. The map itself also uses all custom textures. Yeah, [i]all[/i]. The strength of this map, beyond the very unique concept, is in the detail. From the detailed starships to the spinning ceiling fans to the scaffolding holding up the not yet attached wings of the ships. These are the kinds of details that make a good map a great map, and I\'d say they really do their job here. Great map overall, and fairly big! Should keep players very interested. [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




Clan Atlantis Map II | 11.42 MB

message body at all, be wary. Of course most authors pity us a little bit more than that and actually describe the file for us before we download it which, by the way, we really appreciate. But anyway, the point I was making is that we have our stereotypes. Someone says reborn, we picture a recolored version of the classic. Someone says clan map, we picture maps with awful lighting, lots of neon colors, and clan tags and silly pictures everywhere. Some files are the exception to the rule, however. I was a little surprised when it came to this map. The author was honest outright and said there [i]are[/i] clan tags in this map. I tested it a couple of days ago before I got swamped and I don't remember them, so either I wasn't able to find them or they were in an out of the way location and were tastefully included. So if you were worried about this being one of those clan maps that was made specifically for the clan's use and is rendered useless to everyone else, don't be. The map itself has a pretty nice design, though I don't really know how to describe it. Mix a castle/temple theme with an outdoor theme -- yep, the outdoors are indoors! Kinda backwards, eh? It really works here, though. I really love most of the architecture, which is simple yet complex. Backwards again, I know. You'll know what I mean when you see it, though. It's got a lot of great areas and is big enough for a fairly large-scale free for all. The rooms are connected by round teleporter pads. There is one room I absolutely [i]hate[/i], because it's both silly and ugly. It's ugly mainly because it's a conglomeration of oddly-cut brushes where the touching edges aren't caulked and the textures on these platforms are semi-transparent, so it just looks nasty. The idea is to find your way to the top and hit the teleporter pad to send you back out to where you came from. It must be for that forceball thing he talks about in his read-me, so if you're just using baseJKA I'd recommend avoiding the room altogether as it serves no purpose. In any case, I do like the [i]rest[/i] of the map quite a bit, so I'm just going to pretend that room doesn't exist. It has a great ambiance and the environment is interestingly varied and it should provide for some pretty good gameplay (grab those gun pickups!). My one recommendation -- to the community in general -- is to get a better bar texture. And for god's sake put some Sam Adam's on tap. [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Models[/b]: Yes [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




Stinger | 971 B

author had added a new saber file to allow you to use this hilt. No other alterations to the hilt have been included. ~Inyri




Realistic Weapon Speed Mod | 7.64 KB

Firing Speed - No ammo wasting. Honestly, I wouldn\'t mind the first one, but the second one just takes the fun out of the experience for me. However, there may be some who may find great fun in this. =_= If so, SUBMIT BANDWIDTH. THIS WORKS FOR JK2 AND JK3 AS WELL. (Two PK3s for the choice) - Averus Retruthan




Gully of the Mist | 10.61 MB

notice about the map -- after you realize how [i]green[/i] it is! -- is that it's positively [i]huge[/i]. The drawback to this, though, is that it's immensely large but doesn't have the extra detail to back up the space. The result is a lot of random terrain with very little detail. It's almost as if the terrain is supposed to be the focal point of the map which I don't think makes a whole lot of sense. Besides the less than rolling hills and valleys this map sports various trees, most of which have been turned into structures. This design (and the map name) really made me think of Fern Gully the whole time I was watching it (I'll be pleased if none of you have seen that movie). It's like you're a little person in a giant forest. Unfortunately foliage is kept to a minimum which kind of ruins the 'forest' feel for me. From a gameplay perspective I can't see this map really bringing much to the table. It's possible to get stuck in some of the deeper crevasses, and even if you don't get stuck it'll take you god knows how long to find another person to fight. As an exercise in terrain it's alright. As a playable map... I'd say optimize it a bit for gameplay. There's something to be said for some more [i]subtle[/i] terrain. [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Sounds[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: Yes [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]Game Modes[/b]: ffa, ctf[/quote]This archive contains the texture fix for the last version as well as the map. The fix is included as a separate PK3, so if you already have the map you can simply use the new PK3 along with the old one to fix the missing texture. ~Inyri




Jedi Academy Empire | 1.5 MB

and tears he's put into this mod on our behalf. For those of you who have never experienced JAE, I shall leave a short description, written by the author: [i]This mod was created initially for the Jedi Academy. The JAE Mod is a server-side only modification designed administrate a server with ease. It is loaded with Admin Commands, Client Commands, Server Options and cVars; Extremely modified to meet any clans and admins expectations. This is truly the only mod you will ever need to get that doesn't alter the normal game play of Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy®.[/i] All the features and commands are listed in the lengthy HTML read-me, so I won't go into detail on those. I will, however, list the changelog for you: [b]Version 1.02[/b]: [list][*]New CVar g_mAdminLoginControl allows specific settings for restricting the clients that are authorized to enter your server without the hassle of altering passwords all the time. Great for clan servers. [*]New Saber Damage Amplifier CVars - to fully adjust your saber combat to the extent it needs should you prefer a different feel to your server. [*]@ allows you to do admin chat directly from any chat mode. [*]Time can now be tracked during private duels.[/list] [b]Version 1.01[/b]: [list][*]Refactored some code having to do with the saber damage cvars. [*]Linux Makefile has been revamped to mirror the one originally created by Raven Software. Raven Makefile is also included with the source code. [*]Project has been upgraded to compile in Visual Studio 2005. VS 2002 and 2003 projects still exist. [*]Over 10 new bugfixes applied from authors in LucasForums. Author credit is commented in the code. [*]New emsit4, emsit5, and emsit6 emotes so you can sit proper in those chairs. That is a total of 20 emotes in all. [*]New g_mPSayMode CVar to control the location of the private chat messages. [*]New warning system based on the idea introduced by MultiPlayer Xtra mod. [*]Re-added g_mSaberDMGIdle and g_mSaberDMGThrow CVars to better control the saber system should it deviate from basejk. [*]New CVars g_mDuelTimer and g_mDuelTimerWait to control the waiting period a client needs to wait between another private duel. [*]New Cvar g_mBanFile to signify the name of the file you want to save the banned IP addresses in.[/list] [b]Version 1.00[/b]: [list][*]Source Code available via Subversion [*]Built off of the Jedi Academy Mod for Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast. [*]New documentation rewritten and verified in XHTML 1.0 [*]Rank name automatically appended to names for chatting. [*]Admin levels use shared command names. [*]All new emotes [*]Custom chat colors [*]Fixed buffer overflow in amsay. [*]Completely refactored code base to increase speed and overall optimizations. [*]New commands !about, !license to view the terms of the software. [*]Fixed security issue with viewing the rconPassword using the mvstr command. [*]Windows binaries and Linux shared objects are packaged together.[/list] Lots of good features and updates for a mod that's already proven its worth in the community. Hopefully this will indeed be the last needed update for the Jedi Academy Empire mod! ~Inyri




New Force Lightning Pack 2 | 6.46 MB

effects to the table, there\'s no chance that there isn\'t something available for you to drool over. The following new Force lightning variations are available in this pack:[list][*]Force Ifrit[*]Force Ifrit 2[*]Force Shiva[*]Force Shiva 2[*]Force Bat[*]Force Bird[*]Force Ivy[*]Force Death[*]Force BeamZ[*]Force Ice[*]Force ElectBlue3[*]Force ElectRed3[/list]Some of these are really cool. My favorites are the Shiva pair, Force Ice, and Force Bat. Each variation features its own sounds that really polish off the effect. And if you want the whole nine yards, make sure to grab the skins that go with each Force lightning variant (for instance Dracula goes quite well with Force Bat). Not a bad compilation, if I do say so myself, and not something we get a chance to see modified to such an extent very often. Well, never actually! So good work to Tobe, yet again. ~Inyri




Endor Assault | 29.59 MB

TFFA, and CTF. Suffice to say, the map wasn\'t intended for much else, I would surmise. There is both a small exterior and a medium-sized interior of the bunker that held the shield generator. Outside, if you look up, you can see your friend the Death Star staring down at you. What confused me was why it was pointing downward, but I will not question this decision. The interior felt somewhat empty, filled with boxes and corridors, and occasionally some generator related items. Otherwise, didn\'t feel inhabitable. However, I realize this was made for strict gameplay and not for realism XD The outside was beautiful, the grass plush and green, and I must say the water was quite malevolent. I daresay you completed the look of a forest moon, albeit I don\'t remember Endor being that deep of a green, but that\'s just me again XD. Overall, I daresay that you could use this for a number of reasons. Very lovely map, human =_= you have appeased the Camel god..for now. BANDWIDTH IS TO BE DEMANDED, of get downloading. =_= New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




The Tenth Doctor | 9.12 MB

based off of his main costume. This is Jedi_Master_Vox\'s first time at skining and releasing so it says in the readme, and for a first time skin, its pretty good. The textures on the torso, arms, legs all seem 80 percent accurate to me, though the author has made multiple errors around the shoulders, under the arms and around the waste, which can be seen via the screenshots. Facial wise to me this doesnt look much like David Tennant. I think an attempt has been made which is good to see, but I\'m not sure its the best of models to use for a Doctor Who re-skin head wise. But I could be wrong. Im trying to find a resemblance in the face but I couldn\'t really spot one:(. Now to my favourite part of this skin, the shoes. I always liked the fact the latest Doctor Who wore converses, gave him that kinda old school feel. Though I never remember seeing him wearing blue ones but rather white, I can let that pass though ;). There not perfectly in-line with the model but still a good attempt in this area and im glad the author didn\'t miss them out. For a first skin this is definitely not bad at all. Improvement wise, I suggest working on your face textures and getting rid of those skinning errors on the clothing, if you plan on releasing a V2. -|Sho\'Hen|- Bot Support: Nope Team Support: Nope Npc Support: Nope New Sounds: Nope




Superman Mod | 1.05 KB

'iknowkungfu' command(melee) - you turn into luke and back(so you get a crap load of force) - alters timescale and your speed The result? A favorable bullet time script, really. This time, you're not as painfully slow in the timescale. Personally, I don't see any good use for it, as I don't play SP. However, perhaps you may enjoy it, if you play SP often. THE BANDWIDTH SUBMISSION IS PROPORTIONATE TO APPEAL. - Averus Retruthan




Clan Mod | 17.76 MB

detail =_,= To begin, this is naturally an administration mod, definitely most powerful and most malevolent. [b]Here are some features you can do as a player:[/b] - Jetpack: Pretty basic stuff. Can be rid of as well - Every admin function you could do in JA+, minus telemark (that will most likely mean something to JA+ users..) - Grapple: While you won't be able to swing around and keep hung around like you could in JA+, I will say that this version of Grapple could be comparable to a Spiderman webslinging type of grapple. T'was quite fun to shoot across the map in such grace. - Multiple and pretty nice emotes - Drop your weapons(huzzah =_=) - Engage in four types of duels: Force Duel, Melee Duel (200 HP/fists), training duel(the only duel you can choose to end), and the regular old duel. - Change your chat color with /chatcolor /ignore people and more =_=! [b]Admins will get to do this:[/b] - Teleport - Slay - My favorite, Insult Silence: =_,= instead of being silenced, one gets to insult themselves, in whatever manner the server pre-defines. - Adding weather effects, map objects, and visual effects to the map in real time. and quite a lot more =_= Hopefully that list will have whetted your appetite slightly. If not, the roar clan has an online wiki manual that can be reached in the tools section of the clanmod folder. Overall, this mod is not one to be passed up. It has so much one could do, and there's virtually no competition between this and JA+. I would say that this mod will undoubtedly become a hit, should anyone choose to make the change. The power is nothing short of malevolent, and honestly, if my rambling hasn't convinced you, perhaps the screenshots will. SUBMIT BANDWIDTH IMMEDIATELY! =_= *destroys planets* - Averus Retruthan




Hercules & Xena Skin Pack | 51.42 MB

adds/replaces a whole bunch of skins with their Xena or Hercules counterparts. Don't ask me why Luke=Hercules or why the rebel pilot is now a Mon Mothma reskin that still has a man's voice... these details are beyond me. What I do know is that I apparently didn't watch Xena long enough to know who all these characters are, or what they're supposed to look like. I do know what Xena and Hercules are supposed to look like, though, and I can tell you right off the bat that no base assets model is going to be able to capture either of them... and I wasn't too far off. Most of the skins here actually are a little off, mostly because the faces are one notch down from blasphemy. It's like the author put a [i]lot[/i] of effort into [i]adding[/i] all this stuff, but very little into [i]refining[/i] it. Most of the faces are not quite lined up -- a lot of the mouths don't match the mouth on the model, so when they talk they look silly -- and a lot of skin tones between meshes don't match. And don't even ask me why you would skin an arm texture over a poofy sleeve. [i]That[/i] one I can't begin to fathom. Long story short, this needs a lot of work and a lot more attention before it's playable in an enjoyable fashion. As a big Xena fan myself, I'd love to see a great Xena skin. The one here only has a passing resemblance to Lucy Lawless, which is for me at least a big disappointment for what could be a very interesting mod, if the author would take the extra time, work out the kinks, and really place the appropriate emphasis on the details. The big picture is all good and fine, but without the details it's more of a sketch than a portrait. ~Inyri




Makermod Platforms | 1.69 KB

[file=\"72984\"]Makermod[/file]. It includes two scripts, one for a \"boy\" platform and one for a \"girl\" platform. No, one isn\'t wearing a skirt. They are decorated differently... I think. From what I can tell of the script for the girl platform (which contains guitars... not my idea of stereotypical girl...) if you don\'t have those models already in your base folder, you\'re not going to see them here, as they\'re not included. Check the read-me for other pertinent information, such as instructions. As with the last platform script, non-Makermod players need not insert witty comment below. ~Inyri




Jedi Temple | 22.95 MB

areas portrayed in this map simply weren\'t shown in detail. Most of this is either an educated guess or an artistic liberty, portraying a version of the temple the author likely visualized using confirmed details as starting points. To put it simply: the whole thing strikes me as a kind of improvised dealio. With that said, though, the map is still a jolly good, epic little hangout. It has all the features one would expect. Hangar, council chamber, grand hall, another grand hall (this one with a skylight), a medical room, the archives, a briefing room, and one hell of a lot of bloody passageways. Everything has been properly textured and shadered, however unlike it\'s most recent rival in the high-end mapping scene (The Enclave), very few base resources have been used here. Dynamic glow has been utilised for good effect in shader lighting, which is a nice touch. Possibly the thing which impressed me most, however, is the skybox. They\'re certainly not easy things to create, I assure you. Every minor detail seems to have been covered, including the Gunships in the hangar (you can even sit inside them!) and the lights on the walls. I\'m also glad to report that there are no visible errors for me to draw attention to. However, there is a lot of wasted space. The map is far bigger than it needs to be, and it\'s just so empty. This will cause problems for those with low-end rigs. My GeForce FX5200 was pushed to the limit, and in benchmarks this card even held it\'s own against a GeForce 7600GS. God only knows what you\'re letting yourself in for if your computer uses any GeForce older than mine, or any pre-2005 Radeon card. Your FPS [b]will[/b] die in quiet a few places due to the size and emptiness. Low-performance systems with low vid settings will also encounter the Hall Of Mirrors effect. The map may not have any errors, but expect some hardware homicide. Either way, what we have here is a finely-crafted, epic map which is a pretty decent representation of what the full Jedi Temple may well have looked like. Wander around, marvel at it\'s size and architecture, etc etc. Just don\'t expect it to run as fast as, say, Jedi Council GCX or Academy v2. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Routing:[/b] No [b]Custom Textures:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Music:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Models:[/b] Yes




Ship and Planet Start-up Screen | 867.91 KB

that. So what is it? Well, the best way to tell would be to look at the screenshot. Almost everything fits the menu. The only thing that I did not completely like about it was that the text on the buttons were a bit hard to read, especially the \'Help\' button when highlighted. There are new sounds to the menu as well as a new background image. The hover sound is a computer kind of sound effect, but it seems a tiny bit too long, to be honest. The click sound is an explosion, which I thought did not fit in all that well, but it\'s better than nothing. The back sound is a sort of buzzing sound that I can\'t quite place... Not the best sound, but it could have been worse. Overall, I think this is a good startup screen. I\'d suggest a download to anyone looking for a new startup screen.




Empire Sith | 1.53 MB

looking at it, I kept thinking of Mario due to the moustache and red color scheme. Granted, there\'s not a single remote likeness after that, but BLASPHEMY AND ILL WILL TO ALL WHO OPPOSE MY THOUGHTS. Basically, we have a photoshop recolor along with a couple additions here and there. There\'s an E on the back, and a weird symbol on the front. Otherwise, it\'s not that eye-capturing. On the bright side, it\'s not a paintbucket masterpiece. Regardless, it\'s an adequate debut. I would suggest going onto the forums that I hate and roar at the Master Sticky. I\'m sure many a folk will easily lead you there. ._. Oh and next time submit your screenshot in jpg format, if you would be so kind =_= Bot Support:Nay NPC Support:Nay New Sounds:Nay Team Support:Nay - Averus Retruthan




Medieval Times: Melee Redux | 26.35 MB

Claymore, Shortsword, Aribeth\'s Longsword, Aribeth\'s Shortsword, Achilles\' Sword, Falchion, Aldred\'s Blade, Halberd, Spear, Quarterstaff, Dwarven War Axe, and Morningstar; 11 shields: Round Shield (Slat Shield), Buckler, Greek Buckler, Kite Shield, Barbarossa Shield, Elven Shield, French Kite Shield, Tower Shield, Dented Tower Shield, Roman Shield, and French Shield; and 4 player skins: Crusader, Moor, Viking, and Hoplite; you can be sure you will have some excellent Medieval fun :). The models in this pack are incredible. They are well detailed and have some very stylish shaders on them :p. If the models don\'t strike you as impressive, then the player skins sure will. They are extremely high quality (If I didn\'t know any better I\'d say the Hoplite skin was a model lol), and are pretty historically accurate. Inyri had a little help making this mod possible, like the blood effects were taken from the Slice, Dice & Mince - Melee Mod, and some of the shield skins and even one of the swords were donated by various members of the JA community (including me ;)). All the authors of those things were fully credited in the readme. The only downside to this mod IMO is that there are so many swords, but a only a very small amount of axe and club type weapons. I\'d like to see more in a v2 if there is one. Also, I\'d like to see some type of reformed engine to help with the damages, and make the shields actually act like shields ;). Bottom Line: If thou hath been waiting for a mod such as this, then thee must download thy file immediately. All thy player skins have Bot an NPC support. None of thy player skins have Team Colors. Glorious new sounds hath been taken from NeverWinter Nights. ~ Innocent Hawk




Electric HUD | 1.42 MB

also a console image mod. I load up my game, open the console, and see the normal JA console. I then realize that I forgot to put the mod in my base folder, and immediately felt stupid. :p Once things were in place, I found that the console was indeed different. The background looked good enough, but the moving image in the front bugged me. Why? The edges of the image didn't blend together, so it had a hard line scrolling around the console. But, it did fit the electric theme, so it is not that bad. As for the hud itself... The part behind the bars that show the various amounts (such as health, ammo, armor, etc) seems to be little (if any) different. The bars themselves seem like they have had a pattern blended into em, and possibly a slight color change.The rest of it looks similar to a red and black hud I once saw (Might be one of the two that the author based their hud on.) but it is a blue color, like almost everything else, and of course resembles electricity. So my final thoughts on it? I thought it was all decently done, though the moving image in the console bugged me. If it weren't for that and the fact that I do not really care for the shade of blue that is used in a lot of it, I might have kept this hud. But don't let that stop you guys from enjoying it. Give it a download if this is your thing.




/TR/ Clan Skin

tr.rar | 401.69 KB

on the Force Crystal and helmet. That's all this skin is. Due to the fact that little was done, there's little to say about it. The only suggestions I can make are that the author next time do more to the skin, and mebbe add in a bit more to the readme. :p Bot Support: No Team Support: No Npc Support: No New Sounds: No




Highspeed Melee 3 | 484.9 KB

you must put [japlus_gla_anims.pk3] with JA+ Mod. (Means you MUST have JA+ installed. Something I will NOT do) One more, a balance wasn\'t appropriate with multi-player. Therefore, some are being adjusted. Because a problem was found, fast stance was changed to new stance. Then, even a single-player can use a new saber stances. 1.Melee motions The number of frames of meleemotion and a speed were revised. Former back running was deleted, and the left kick and front get up were amended with multi-player. One back flip was changed with single-player. 2.Saber stances Saber stance of medium and dual was added newly, and fast was amended. 3.Melee effects Melee effects with single-player were amended. 4.Melee sounds Melee sounds were amended.[/quote] And here’s the previous review: [quote] Well, first off, this is a melee and animation mod, so it changes a bunch of animations! It has a MP and an SP version. It changes melee animations, and gives an optional saber stance change. However, the file size has been vastly increased with the fact that you can choose which things to have, be it just the saber stance, everything, everything but the saber stance, and what-not. So, we trade file size of customization. I\'m just going to start off with the new saber stance. It changes the stances for Strong and Fast styles, as well as Staff. It doesn\'t change the stances for Dual sabers, or Medium style. It does change the walk back animations, however, but only for fast and strong styles. Although with the way your players head moves to look at people, your head looks like it\'s going to twist off. Also, on ledges if you position yourself just right while using the fast stance, your character goes wild and you start to go into something that resembles a loop. But, you can get out of it by just going over the ledge. The run back animation looks...funny to say the least. It looks like the character\'s on a wheeled chair and is going all over the place. He really looks like he\'s sitting down. Now for the melee part. This does change the melee animations in JA+. For better or for worse, that really for you to decide. I did notice a small thing with the left and right roundhouse kicks (Hey, it\'s what I call the kicks when you do alt attack + W+ A/D). Anyways, the animation would have a brief pause after doing it, so your character would stop for a split second. One kick, I did like was the regular alt attack kick that was modified. I was disappointed that this didn\'t have more changed animations. This overwrites JA+\'s animations, so I\'m not sure if this will work on a basejka server. Now, for the SP version. From what I can tell, it has most of the features of the MP version, except for melee is sped up, and there\'s no saber stance changes. But, there is an added effect to the kick. It looks like a small explosion. Yay, now everyone seems to have either explosives or bags of blue stuff hidden in your shoes. This certainly took some time, so if you like it, download it.[/quote] ~Zach




Divine Reborn | 1018.43 KB

can see. Some parts on it were changed to a blue color, and the eyes turned blue on the outside and white in the middle. The face has what is supposed to be ancient tribal markings in the form of a bunch of blue lines. Besides that, I couldn't find any other changes. The ones that have been made were well done, not just a paintbucketed reskin like some people tend to make. Next time I'd suggest mainly doing more to it. Try to create something new, instead of just changing what is already there a little bit. Trust me, work pays off. Bot Support: No NPC Support: No New Sounds: No Team Support: No




Jedi Academy Empire Mod | 1.5 MB

watching* [img][/img] [b]ITWASN'TMEIDIDN'TDOITNOBODYSAWMEDOITYOUCAN'TPROVEANYTHING![/b] Well, anyway, as you've probably guessed, this is an update for JAE. It adds several new features, most of which serve to drag this mod even further ahead of the other mods. New features in this upgrade, as well as my opinions on them: * Refactored some code having to do with the saber damage cvars. I'm not entirely sure what changes have been done with this, but no one, I repeat, [i]no one[/i] should really be messing with saber damages anyway. It does far more harm than good. * Linux Makefile has been revamped to mirror the one originally created by Raven Software. Raven Makefile is also included with the source code. To be honest, I have never had any problems with the last version of the mod that I could blame on the Makefile, but it's nice to know that it's more in-line with the original stuff. * Project has been upgraded to compile in Visual Studio 2005. VS 2002 and 2003 projects still exist. This really won't matter to the average gamer, but I've experimented with the source a little bit, and let me tell you, it was a pain in the butt compiling it. For all you mod developers out there who've used JAE's source, and who use VS2005 exclusively, this will be a BIG help to you. * Over 10 new bugfixes applied from authors in LucasForums. Author credit is commented in the code. Sadly, there are no details on what these bugfixes are, and to be honest I haven't the time nor capability to raid the source and find out right now. * New emsit4, emsit5, and emsit6 emotes so you can sit proper in those chairs. That is a total of 20 emotes in all. Now, this is something that always used to bug me when taking screenshots or doing movies - you could never sit in the damn chairs! Now, you can. Woot. JAE's collection of emotes is increasing, but thankfully there are no more emotes than necessary. * New g_mPSayMode CVar to control the location of the private chat messages. * New Cvar g_mBanFile to signify the name of the file you want to save the banned IP addresses in. Now, you may be asking why I pasted these two together. The reason for this is that if you [i]ever[/i] needed a reason to get JAE, these would be the icing on the cake. People who run busy servers and organise events will know that it's a pain banning someone from just one certain event, because they would be banned from all the others, too. Now, it's much easier to manage your banlists without having to play around with renaming and FTP. The private chat messages is very useful for server admins, since the chat buffer is so small and it's so easy to miss /tell messages - now, however, you can split it so that the usually uninteresting public chat is in one location, and the potentially important /tell messages are somewhere more noticable. Two [i]very[/i] helpful CVARs for server admins - I know I certainly needed these at various points in the past. * New CVars g_mDuelTimer and g_mDuelTimerWait to control the waiting period a client needs to wait between another private duel. Now, personally, I'd have no use for this, but I can think of scenarios where it would come in extremely useful (tournaments being the first one). * Re-added g_mSaberDMGIdle and g_mSaberDMGThrow CVars to better control the saber system should it deviate from basejk. I'm neutral on this. Sure, it has some good uses, but most likely some irresponsible people will just use it to nerf the game down. There are good points, there are bad points. Make your own minds up. * New warning system based on the idea introduced by MultiPlayer Xtra mod. I remember MultiPlayer Xtra, and the only warning systems I ever saw in it were the clan tag ones, but still, it's very nifty and it allows admins to concentrate on enjoying the game rather than yelling at people. Well, there's the new features and fixes. Details were kinda sketchy in the readme, and like I said, I couldn't raid through the code for various reasons. Still, this mod is a far better alternative to JA+, on account of the fact that it preserves the gameplay of Jedi Academy (albeit with the bugs ironed out) - meaning it's a perfect choice for people who run a server and want to play Jedi Academy, instead of "Sesame Street with Lightsabers". For you server owners out there, this is a recommended mod, and I highly suggest that you give it a try. Should you refuse, then just remember.... Elmo knows where you live! ~ Kouen




Warrior Clan Skin

warrior_clan_skin.rar | 3.72 MB

contents are 2 male skins and 1 female skin. There are two jaden (male/female) reskins that are very simple and looks almost paintbucketed. In fact, they virtually are. Almost the entire outfit is pitch black, leaving only a little detail for the lava texture lining. The only thing that looks like it took a little effort was the W clan logo, and even that was simple. The most amusing, however, had to be the kyle reskin. Kyle became a flesh golem. =_,= His entire \"exposed\" skin was horridly patchy and mismatched. It looks like Kyle sewed himself back together using parts of his fallen comrades that I slew. *takes squirrel off spike* Curse him =_=. Equipped with pitch black paintbucket clothing with a couple clan logos, Kyle embarasses himself pitifully. Overall, I would not claim these to be works of art. However, clan skinners are hard to come by, and I suppose they must take what they get. *Throws squirrel into the trees below* Bot Support:Nay NPC Support:Nay New Sounds:Nay Team Support:Nay - Averus Retruthan




Final Fantasy VII - Midgar | 4.35 MB

with it out of the way. First off, it took forever to load. The load time is right up there with some of the load times for HL2, and those take forever. Another problem was that I didnt have the best framerate out there while on this map. However, that could be easily fixed if I lowered the graphics settings a bit instead of running em on the highest settings. There are many new models included, such as brand new chocobos, the motorcycles from Advent Children, the Turks, Tifa, and Yuffie. While the models were well done, I thought that the skinning on them could have been a bit better, especially on Rufus. There is also two additional pk3s, one being the One Wing Jetpack, which contains a new jetpack and teleport effects, and one being the First Sword pack, which includes Cloud's swords from Advent Children and a holster for all you JA+ users. Now onto the map itself. It is a very well made map, if you ask me. It has everything that I would like in a map, and more. The first place I visited was where I spawned, in the Highwind. Well made map, and true to the ship from the game, with the exception of the stairs that took you outside in the game took you to a teleporter room here. While wanering around the ship, I ran into Yuffie. Being the person I am, I shot her, and proceeded to get attacked by her... :/ Anyway, I took care of her and ran up to the teleporter room. I was given four choices: Chocobo Farm, Battle Square, Shinra HQ, and Sector 7. I decided to hit Battle Square first. Once there, I noticed that the text on the floor in the circle had been changed to fit what was said in FF7. I hopped up, and pressed the button to spawn the bots. I do a series of battles with various characters, including some Turks, and Sephiroth at the end. Once I amused myself by throwing them all into the deadly surrounding liquid, I took off back to the teleport room on the Highwind. This time I take a turn to Sector 7. I hop down, look around, and head to where anyone would head: 7th Heaven Bar. Who should I find there, but Tifa herself? Once I check out the bar, I head up to the pillar that was blown up in FF7 to bring down the plate. Nothing particularly amazing here, besides how close to the original game it is. Wandering around more, going through the Train Graveyard and sewers, I eventually wind up at Shinra HQ. While it only has the top levels, it is still a great place. At the top is the presidental room, where I found Rufus, and at the bottom is a garage filled with motorcycles from Advent Children, along with a passage leading out to the highway in Midgar. After getting lost many times, not to mention crashed into and killed by passing vehicles, I wound up in the Chocobo Farm, where I found the brand new chocobos, which I immediately fell in love with. I also found the Zolom that Sephiroth killed by a cave that leads to where a golden chocobo is locked into. I'll leave it up to you players to figure out how to unlock it. :p Somewhere along the way I found myself in Aerith's church. I was half expecting myself to find Aerith in there, but only slightly disappointed by her absence. Well, I think that covers the main areas in the map. Each of the areas were done to near perfection, all of which are as true to FF7 as you can get while still having a playable map. Now then, go download this map. Even if you do not like FF7, I would still suggest giving this map a download, because it is so well made. Enjoy! New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Models: Yes New Scripts: Yes Bot Support: Yes Gametypes: FFA,TFFA,Duel,Powerduel




Shadows Of The Sith(SOTS) Darth Maul(DM) | 46.75 MB

everything that Darth Maul did in the movie, with the exception that you invade Theed, where in the movie you were already in it, and in this you win. There are several missions in this mod, and I must say that the win/lose menu really confused me. It was the same message whether you died or won, and the menu was exactly the same. You could choose any mission to start with, so you could kill Qui Gon and then go fight him again. What kind of sense does that make? It doesn’t matter, I’d just like it more if you were forced to do the missions in a linear fashion. The maps were simple, but the author does point out that he did most, if not all of putting this together by himself. The cinematics were simple, but at least there were cinematics for this. But in the majority this was a pretty fun total conversion, and is part of a series that is yet to be finished. So download it and try it out! ~Zach




More Shields | 136.5 KB

different.... okay, it\'s a [i]little[/i] different. This particular mod contains a few shields you may not find in others, for what should be obvious demographic reasons. This mod contains four shield options: black, white, pink, and pink with flowers. Pink with flowers!? Yes, I heard one of you say it! We all have a sense of humor, right? We\'re all secure men and we can handle flowers, right? Er, well, I don\'t speak for myself obviously, but you get the idea! While perhaps not a serious mod, I found the flowers shield to be quite amusing, and I probably like pink flowers about as much as you guys. But even I have to admit... there\'s something funny about seeing flowers after you\'ve stepped on a trip mine. Keep in mind you can only use one shield at a time, and that the \"black\" shield is actually equivalent to seeing no shield. Give it a whirl if you need something new! ~Inyri




IR Clan Map | 1.21 MB

empty base folder, so it’s not a texture conflict. What I suggest the author do to find the missing textures is to clear out his base folder of everything but the map (create a new folder and move everything into it). That’s how I test maps. Anyways, old review still applies, so here. [quote] This clan map, as clan maps run, is very average. For a first time map, though, it does have a lot of interesting features. And, of course, its share of errors and bugs. The map itself needs a major aesthetic overhaul. The texture combinations are not only strange in many places, but ugly in many others. I'm not trying to be mean here, because the texturing here is by far not as bad as so many maps I've seen in the past, but a lot of the textures simply clash and don't go together. With a little bit of interior decoration this map could be twice as easy on the eyes as it is now. Whilst the texturing may be slightly ugly, the more important things to note are the actual map bugs. In at least one place I saw a missing texture, and in at least one other I saw a misplaced texture on the edge of a door. Also, many textures seemed to be used on all sides of an object, being inadvertently stretched very badly on the shorter sides. It may be worth the author's time to go back and change those particular faces to something a little more fitting. Also, there was a lot of z-fighting around the edges of brushes. I almost couldn't turn without seeing it. A lot of brushes need to be trimmed down to fit appropriately with the rest of the map so there aren't competing textures all over the place. On thing I liked (and disliked at the same time, when I ran into it!) was the lava columns. However I'd like to make a couple of suggestions on those. A lot of people would be irritated when they walked into that column and realized "Hey, it's a liquid!" The column should probably at the very least flow a bit, like real lava. Also, you might want to consider making those columns cylinders instead of rectangles. I just think it might look a little nicer, but they're fine in the shape they are. For some reason I also enjoy the immensely oversized floating chairs (though the texturing on them is a little wacky - what's up with that particular texture all over the place? Reminds me of Tron or something!). If I were this author, I'd do a couple of things to really drastically spruce up this map. I'd go over the texturing and make it more thematic (or at least matching), I'd fix the z-fighting, I'd add some fitting music, and I'd add some appropriate lighting. Try one (or more) of those things and I think your next version will be a grand improvement. Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Music: No [/quote] ~Zach




PurePwnage soundpack | 1.43 MB

are repeated. But the sounds that are there are amusing, I just wish there were more sounds so none would be repeated. So if you like PurePwnage, or just want a laugh, then download this. ~Zach




Revan | 1.62 MB

done to it. This reborn was pretty much turned green, with a white hood, and white flame-like designs put onto it. The original designs and textures appear to be the same as the original reborn, only changed colors in the shape of a flame design. Also, the name Revan was put onto the right arm in green text. Some custom sounds were included, but I was not able to get them to work for me... All in all, not that bad a reskin, but something more than just a recolor would be nice. Team Support: Yes, but the same as the main skin. Bot Support: No NPC Support: No New Sounds: Yes, but I was unable to get them to work.




Sub-Bespin | 9.56 MB

But don\'t worry! Your weather is coming our way! Soon we\'ll all be able to enjoy the snowflaky-goodness of this map. If anybody remembers the original version of Sub-Bespin, this version is basically a normal, run-of-the-mill version two... with a twist. SNOW! Now I love snow, and I think it really adds a new dimension to this map. I really can\'t say I\'ve ever seen a snowy Bespin map, at the very least. Now frankly if you want to get really technical, the idea of snow on Bespin is kind of silly because it\'s a gas giant and probably doesn\'t have those kinds of weather patterns... well I don\'t know about you, but I don\'t really care for meteorology, so let\'s just enjoy its uniqueness for now, shall we? I personally like the snow. The added ice-skating rink also adds to the wintery feel... and the bar in the middle certainly couldn\'t hurt! As with the original map, this map still has several gun pickups, a bit of repetative texturing (especially on the exteriors of some of the larger buildings) and I\'m pretty sure I even saw some z-fighting, but in spite of all that I still really like this map. It\'s been expanded significantly, and while a lot of the expansion simply adds open space, several new buildings have been added, and some previously inaccessible buildings now have interiors. I especially liked the building with the fire you could turn on and off. Must be a gas fireplace. Oh yes, and that AFK section still strikes me as incredibly cruel. All it would take is one little push... :p Overall I think this map would be a great addition to any server, especially a role-play server for the winter season. The minor errors here and there won\'t really affect game play, or be very noticible, really, and how can someone resist a map with a hidden rancor in it? Oh yeah, you heard me... now go find it! [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: No [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: No ~Inyri




Dark Force Mod | 1.33 MB

review here, since it just adds on to previous versions of this mod, so here is a previous review: [url=;65839]Glory of the Sith (v.16) review[/url]. All I am going to do is tell you the changed from the previous version, quoted from the readme: [quote]a. Gibs (Gratuitous dismemberment) mode enabled -> This mode was designed for siege but not implemented. -> This mode causing all weapon can do dismemberment (cutting off body like saber) -> Now everytime you take down enemy, your weapon will do the special dismemberment. b. Two handed force drain enabled Like force lightning, you can do two-handed drain by selecting weapon melee or turn off your saber. Two handed force attack (either lightning or drain) are doing twice damage power than normal. c. Smile face animation enabled. The idea is coming from singleplayer game where our player model can make smile face rather than frown You might not considered from back, just use command "cg_thirdpersonangle 180" to rotate the camera, and type "reset cg_thirdpersonangle" to restore back. Not a usefull feature for a combat game like jedi academy, but slightly nice seeing the smile. d. Faster rocket lock -> Only need 1 second to lock on your enemy with rocket launcher, also longer target-lock range too. e. Fast disruptor zoom lock -> Cap off the zoom time with disruptor as faster as singleplayer game. f. Fixed bug : corpse being tortured by elevator Dark force mod enable corpse torturing, but when the torture is coming from the world entities like elevator, it just wasting memory, so the corpse will then be disintegrated rather than looping the elevator crush damage. g. Quad Mode gravity People in quad mode are more lighter their weight rather than normal, they have low gravity (50%) They can jump in air while normal people must jump from surface. h. Fixed some minor bug.[/quote] So, if you enjoyed the previous versions of this mod, give this a download, and enjoy the updated version.




MultiPlayer Xtra + Source Code | 30.89 MB

built off the SDK. Sadly, there's no features list, and as much as I'd love to test it and list everything I find, I've just come out of a fresh Windows XP reinstall and don't want to try anything unstable. Sorry, but other than what the screenshots show, I don't know much about what this one does. From the areas of the code that I read through, the code seems solid enough, and I could find no instantly recognisable security threats. Take care, when installing the pre-compiled mod into the gamedata folder, to make sure that you [b]ONLY[/b] copy the folder and files listed in the installation.txt. The most important thing about this file is that as well as a pre-installed version, this abandonware project also contains the source code, which is free for anyone to use as long as full credit is given to XharocK. Well, what more can I really say? Have fun! ~ Kouen (I'd like to take this time to apologise for the delay in getting this up. There's really no excuse other than simple human error, so you have my sincere apologies.) Side note: Does anyone else find it stupid that using HTML to change the font color to "lightred" creates a [u]blue[/u] font? :rolleyes:




Original Saber Sounds Pack | 79.55 KB

do come from the movie.The sounds are high enough quality, and I didn\'t catch any deterring factors. How can one say anymore about this pack? They sound like every other pack I\'ve come across, so if you intend to get this one, now is the time to offer your bandwidth up and giggle like a little girl. Upon which time, I shall promptly answer your download request with an upload of scythe blade to your skull, in which you will then scream in pain and I shall dance about in a fashion that desert nomads do. - Averus Retruthan




Factory1201 | 12.49 MB

and it\'s not hard on the eyes. In fact it\'s rather nice looking, with quite a few features, good architecture, good lighting, and enough points of interest to keep you from getting bored. This map, on the whole is very dark. I don\'t mean it\'s not lit, I just mean that it makes use of darker texturing, instead of the bright, steely grey Imperial textures we\'re all used to. It also has quite a strong red component, adding a little splash of color, and a bit of blue lighting here and there adds yet another bit of interest. With breakable glass, glass-lined hallways and rooms, and industial-looking scenery, the map is perfectly set for the suggested gameplay. However it is also suitable for lightsaber dueling, with several rooms featuring towering ceilings, giving plenty of room to hop around with your light stick. The nice thing here is that not all the rooms are body. Some are certainly, but that comes with the map being a building. Buildings are designed on square. But many of the rooms feature additional brushes or objects that detract from the naturally square shapes, making the architecture seem far less repetative. Overall it has a good look to it and should make for some interesting gun matches. [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




NJO_stormtrooper | 1.69 MB

the typical TK armor, and blue on other parts of the basic armor pieces. As a way for clan to differentiate themselves in a familiar manner it works well, for general usage…well if it appeals to you, go for it. As for spawns and team colors of this skin, no credit will go to the author as they are the base spawns and team colors of Raven’s stormtrooper included in the game. Re-coloring: Yes Team Support: Yes…but default Raven stormtrooper Bot/NPC: Base Raven stormtrooper --------------- Gweth




Teleporter Tutorial | 990 B you go! ~Zach




Tighty-Whitey Rodian | 2.09 MB

there was a "WTF?" category under Skins. Because this, like a few other files, is something I find hard to classify as anything else. The idea is crazy beyond craziness, and frankly is a little disturbing. O_O So, it's a Rodian. In his underwear and scarf. Not exactly the most appetising thing to think about, is it? I'm just going to get on with it because the temptation to make a childish remark is being pushed into my head by my inner child, and it's awfully powerful temptation. The skin is well-made all over (...), although certain parts of it don't look quite right. The way the texture overlays the legs makes it look somewhat odd, and especially over the arms, which are usually clothed, the texture looks out of place. The full detail of the body has been skinned on to good effect, although out little friend is a bit over-buffed. And... he must be awfully cold... Suggestions for the author? The only thing I can think of to tell BigPapaJ is to work on the texturing, but considering the limited source material, I'd say it's done very well. This is meant as something of a joke skin. It's ironic that one of the more well-made files we've had in a while is actually meant as a joke, but life is irony. What's more ironic is that I can now truthfully say that I've inspected a near-naked Rodian... Just another unorthodox day at the office. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]Custom Sounds:[/b] No [b]Team Colors:[/b] Believe it or not, [i]yes[/i].... [b]NPC Support:[/b] No




Raltharan | 6.61 MB

master he\'s obviously got to be a cool guy, right? GabrielCanderous seems to have thought he was cool enough to devote a skin to him. To be honest, I\'ve only got one big beef with this skin, and that is that it recycles Jaden\'s head. If you use one of the two other heads, maybe you don\'t connect this head with Jaden, but for me all three heads are very much Jaden, so to see it used on a skin that is supposed to be someone else bothers me. Nevermind the fact that Raven did it... :p. In any case, the fact that this is almost a straight recolor doesn\'t bother me in the least. I don\'t know why... The colorations are actually very tasteful. And apparently Raltharan is an expert at color coordination. Each of his outfits - six altogether, if you count the team skins - is color coordinated, and as you can see from the screenshots the author even coordinated the lightsaber colors. \"New\" sounds are included, but they seem to all have been included with the game, and Jaden\'s \"Take that!\" taunt remains (unfortunately). Bot and NPC support have both been included, however, as well as a slight reskin of one of the default lightsaber hilts. [b]Team Support[/b]: Yes [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]NPC Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Sounds[/b]: No ~Inyri




Fps_Doug | 1.28 MB

although I\'m reviewing this from a distance because frankly, it\'s going to be viewed from a distance while in-game. Anyways, the skin looked nice, I even noticed the lighting under the arms. However, there was no lighting on the head, so the head and arms didn\'t match, which made me mildly-but-not-enough-to-cry sad. Then there were the things on the wrist of the skin that quite frankly confused me. I\'ll just say that they\'re part of Dougs\' costume from PurePwnage. Other than that, I have no clue what those are. Maybe the author should remove them, unless doug has two gray armband thingies on his wrists. :p Bot Support: No Team Support: Yes Npc Support: No New Sounds: Yes ~Zach




Cables Cultist | 5.99 MB

No! They were not paint bucketed! Okay, all points aside, I think that this looks cool! Maybe I\'m going soft (Wait, was I ever tough? You decide), but this just looks uber. Anyways, the author has made the wrists of the skin look metal, and has done some nice cosmetic changes on the torso and legs. But the thing that makes me LOVE this skin is the head. The face and mask have both been totally redone, so it\'s more doom 3-ish. I personally like how it looks, because I don\'t like the cultist\'s face. :p Oh, this also comes with all the goodies! Bot Support, npc Support, Team skins, and sound! I do have one suggestion for the author, and that\'s make the cabel and cable skins in this pack the same. The only difference between the two skins is the color, and you can have the new skin without overwriting the other one. Simply have its skin file named model_default_cabel, and the icon named icon_default_cabel. Anyways, these skins do look good! Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes Npc Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes ~Zach ~~I felt like being nice, so I took screenshots!




Über NPC Mod Pack | 888.29 KB

textures. That\'s basically it. The changes in this are best described in the readme. (From the readme) [quote]This mod basically changes Kyle to have a medallion type thing, and a couple more belts. It also gives luke bright green hair, just for the heck of it. The JK2 version of Tavion now wields a purple saber, and moves at about two-hundred miles per hour, which believe it or not, looks pretty neat in-game. Luke now uses a green saber-staff instead of his usual saber. Luke, Kyle and Rosh now have force protect / heal turned off so they can\'t just sit there and take all your hits any more. Instead, they now have roughly five times the hit points as before, making for, in my opinion, much better saber duels. Rosh and the basic Reborns now have pure burberry woven into their clothing.All stock npc\'s are now fully chop-to-bits-able, and I\'ve also added some new blood effects for good measure. Lastly, Jawas now wield a red lightsaber each, and instead of being neutral will attack you, and those mean ol\' tusken raiders![/quote] So that\'s about it. There is a blood mod included, but from the looks of the textures it\'s rudimentary, but that doesn\'t matter. This mod was made for personal use, so let\'s just let that be known. If it was me making a mod, I\'d want to make something a bit more....grand...but that doesn\'t matter, since I\'m not making one! stick out tongue But basically all the tweaks are mentioned, so if you like what you see, download this. ~Zach [/quote] Here are the changes (quoted from the readme): [quote]Tuskens now carry iether their stupid staff thing, or a heavy repeator. Just about all of the boss battles in SP have been made a lot more difficult, especially the end game tavion, and Kyle. Alora\'s been upgraded also, to wield a stylish red saber staff in place of her old saber. Desann is now twice his normal hieght, and his saber\'s been enlarged too. [/quote] Looks like a a couple of simple npc tweaks. Simple, but if it floats your boat, then download it. ~Zach




FunJumping RELOADED | 7.9 MB

The map is still as unconventional as ever, so no worries on that count. You\'ll likely want to know what\'s changed and what hasn\'t, right? Well, the good ol\' tele-jump is still in there, provided you aim it right. The dojo remains, with some minor changes (the music button has been switched out and replaced with NPC controls). The music room seems to have been replaced with a lounge of sorts. The rancor room remains as it was, however the lag when running towards it has been smoothed slightly. Also, an extra level has been added in there. Now for the new areas. There\'s a slide chute at the top of the main shaft, which will drop you right back down. There\'s a new mini-game room called Jawa Bounce. Check that out for yourselves. A jump room has been added. While it is relatively simple, it\'s still fun, although I do have to question the interior design instincts of the author ;) . The other noticeably new area is the garden. Advice for the author: don\'t ever use that water shader again. It\'s possibly the most horrible of the game\'s liquid shaders, and it gives that awful blue aura to anything nearby. You\'ll find a secret somewhere in the garden, but I\'m not telling where. There are also plenty of secrets, and a few semi-secrets too. Overall, my gripes remain largely the same as before. The texturing, while better, still follows a somewhat conformative setup. It doesn\'t look bad, but really, a little creativity never goes amiss. The lighting is, again, uniform, but it\'s fairly obvious by now that looks aren\'t what this map is made for. I assume the author has fixed the areaportalling on the doors, but I went through them with first-person noclip to get screenies this time, so I wouldn\'t know for sure. Oh, be sure to turn your music volume down a bit in the game\'s options, especially if you use a headset. Either that, or keep some aspirin nearby. :p Overall, it\'s a fun map. Could be more in the aesthetics, but the mini-game potential more than makes up for it. Recommended for a download if you just like messing around - you\'ll have plenty of goofing off to do here. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Routing:[/b] No [b]Custom Model(s):[/b] Yes [b]Custom Texture(s):[/b] Yes [b]Custom Music:[/b] Yes




Nina - Genesis | 31.1 MB

advances. However, it didn\'t quite tickle me that much. I will start by saying that this was a well-developed SP mod, and it shows given the conviction of the team responsible for it. The voice actors were decent. I only played a little fraction of it, given time constrictions, and from what I\'ve gathered, the cutscenes were voice-acted. On terms of the actors, most were decent. I say decent because most didn\'t seem to emote enough. I felt as if I were trapped within a world of teenagers, rather than a HORDE OF PEOPLE THAT ARE OLDER AND HAVE BEARDS! Now, the storyline revolves around a secret abandoned imperial project that \"Nova Unit\" has been assigned to. Nova Unit, in turn, assigns it to our protagonist. I believe the unit was mentioned in the previous chapters, so play the previous to understand their malevolence! On a theatrical note, allow me to say this: I wasn\'t pleased with the sudden plot-twist so early. Granted it\'s an important one, but it seems WAY too early to just bring that in. It would have seemed appropriate at a more key location instead of an apartment. Also, what was the point of the stormtroopers? Random people just attacked, seemingly guarding no one important. I don\'t know, perhaps just for target practice...*SCYTHES a stromboli trooper* I just didn\'t see the point at that time in the story. Overall, I suggest you all offer a prayer to the download god so that it may grant you this SP mod. This mod was rather entertaining. It also reminded me that the SP AI is much more smarter than I remembered... Download if you hate humans or if you want to kill time in SP. - Averus Retruthan




Selene | 4.59 MB

looks like. This, while it\'s a good effort, certainly isn\'t Selene. Part of this is because the model simply doesn\'t fit, and the other part is due to a lack of important detail in the skin. Those who have seen Underworld will probably remember Selene\'s very shiny and very tight leather outfit. This outfit has been partially brought to this skin. The front and back sections seem to be photosourced, then they are placed on top of Leela Civilian\'s default shirt texture (black of course). This really doesn\'t work. The collar and neckline are wrong, the arm guards are missing, the zipper on the front section is missing, and the included shader simply doesn\'t give an appropriate effect for this kind of material. Not only this, but only the front and back of the leather bustier have been added. The sides have been ignored completely. The legs are much the same story. In fact I don\'t see that, other than color possibly, the leg textures have been modified at all. The face, while I decent effort, simply doesn\'t look like Kate Beckinsale (which is unfortunate). All in all it\'s a decent attempt to capture the vampiress, however a lot of detail has been skipped over and as such I can\'t really say this is a good likeness of Selene, but rather more like Leela in one of those cheap Halloween costumes you buy at the supermarket. Oh, did I mention the sounds are incomplete? Don\'t taunt (or die!) with this skin unless you want to hear Male Jaden\'s voice. More attention to detail next time, please! [b]Team Support[/b]: No [b]NPC Support[/b]: Yes [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Sounds[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




Barret Wallace | 1.92 MB

model, though, it\'s not half-bad of a resemblance. In fact, the aforementioned resemblance close enough to [i]da man[/i] to qualify for the Celebrities category - something which isn\'t easy to do when you have high-standard reviewers and no suitable model to skin into the desired celeb. Who\'s not familiar with Barret? Anyone? Well, I\'m sure there\'s someone, so here\'s a brief (and barely coherent ;) ) synopsis. Arm busted up, replaced with gun. Bossy S.O.B. who likes taking charge, but has a lighter side to him as well, most notably his affection towards his adopted daughter, Marlene. He\'s reckless and a bit of a klutz (as seen in FF7:AC), and is mostly present in a lot of scenes for comic relief. He\'s always going to be remembered for his line spoken to Cloud in an AC fan sub - \"You\'re late, b****!\". The first thing you\'ll notice about this skin, is that the model used is not bulky enough to be Barret. This is acknowledged by the author too, so we can overlook this fact. I managed to spot a few downsides to the skinning job done. Most notably, the flesh doesn\'t look too fleshy. The texturing on the jacket for the \"AC\" version looks somewhat flat, as if it\'s had a satin layer or specular shader added, and the pants look like they\'ve been made using the same technique. It\'s a decent enough technique, but doesn\'t work so well for modern-era clothing. The vest also shouldn\'t flow below the belt - it just looks funky. The arm itself looks pretty off due to the way it\'s been textured. The texturing is very visibly seamed. It\'s also a bit too long. The blue outfit has the same troubles with the vest, and like the default version, the jacket looks too sequined. Now onto the face and hair. Comparing the face to an AC shot, it\'s not essentially Barret. It\'s close enough, though. The model is really no excuse, as I\'ve seen skinners completely transform models in the past, but those skinners are generally very experienced - as such, one can be forgiven for not working to that standard. Good detail work can make more of a difference than tweaking the model mesh in a lot of cases. Similarly, the hair is the wrong style, but it does match the outdated style from FF7, so the author gets off on a technicality. Don\'t misunderstand me - I\'m not saying the skin is bad, merely that it could use a little extra work. Overall, it\'s a fine piece of work, and there\'s nothing to stop people from using it. If you\'re looking to fill the niche created by the lack of tough-guy models/skins, this one should suit you just fine. So... enjoy! ~ Kouen [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]NPC Support:[/b] No [b]Team Support:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Sounds:[/b] No




Moon Represents My Heart | 1.4 MB

previous mods, so here are some reviews of the previous versions. Love Path (v.11) review and Glory of the Sith (v.16) review All I'm going to do is tell you what changes have been wrought in this version, quoted from the readme. [quote]-------------------------------------------------------- New Feature in version 20th -------------------------------------------------------- 1. Fixed force protect If you pay attention to how this force work, it seems not work as its described in force rules. This force sometimes did not reduce the damage what it should be. Now we fix it already!! Force protect update : rules : protect against damage from physical and energy and projectile based attacks, but NOT from force based attacks. duration : 20 seconds for all level -level 1, 40% Damage blocked, but not from Force based attacks -level 2, 50% Damage blocked, but not from Force based attacks -level 3, 60% Damage blocked, but not from Force based attacks -level 4, 70% Damage blocked, but not from Force based attacks NOTE : force based attack (grip, drain, lightning) can only neutralized using force absorb 2. Singleplayer Undying mode This mode works just like SP, now its giving you 999 health, 999 armor and 999 force NOTE : the amount of force meter might not shown 999, this bug is unresolveable yet, however the force meter does not affect the actual amount of 999 force powers you have. 3. Default human health, armor and force is return to 255 Previously we using command g_forceregentime to decide how many health and power we had when spawn, this seemed like a good idea, but apparently it confuses people. So we just return it again to previous dark force mod version, defaulted to 255. 4. Do not underestimate cheap weapon Never underestimate your blaster pistol just like you never underestimate the power of the force. Alt fire power of these weapon are truly deadly in precious accuracy. These alt-fire power also aplicable for other cheap weapon, the tusken rifle. 5. Miscellanous update Fixed tusken rifle and noghri stick alt-charge effect Fixed force animation when using non saber Fixed force heal smoke effect Etc...see old features update below![/quote] While some might find this mod fun, others may not like it. When I reviewed Love Path I found it to be fun, but that was me. Download if you liked the other versions. :) ~Zach





so I am happy to say that this particular author felt kind enough to grace us with a comparison shot between his skin, the original, and what he has dubbed a "common" reskin (although I've never noticed this model to be commonly reskinned!). The comparison is actually very important, as it shows some of the important differences. And there [i]is[/i] a difference. A big one. My first thought was "Wow, he actually did something noticible!", something I'm not entirely used to. But this reskin, I have to say, looks leaps and bounds better than the original, and quite a bit better than his "common" reskin example too. I only have two complaints, actually. Maybe three, if you count the team colors being the same as the default. Complaint 1: I would have preferred a happy medium between the helmet shader on the "common reskin" version and this version. It just doesn't seem shiny enough, but the other seems a bit too shiny. Complaint 2: The cape looks awfully flat. NPC, team, and bot support have all been included, as well as the Vader sounds you have come to expect from such skins. Would I recommend this skin? You betcha. It's realistic, it's got all the goodies, and it just looks awesome. Any RotS fan who passes this skin up should be forced to do pushups. [b]Team Support[/b]: Yes [b]NPC Support[/b]: Yes [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Sounds[/b]: Original Model ~Inyri




Sam Fisher | 822.53 KB

have no real idea what it takes to reskin something, but judging from how scared I get when I try skinning I bet it\'s not so easy. So kudos on that part. Here we have Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell. Once again, I have not played this game. But once again it looks to be a good job of actually reskinning a model. There are several versions, and I don\'t really know waht they\'re all called, but one of them is a prisoner, and I have a small issue with the prisoner version, and that is that the opening of the vest...thing...should be a bit more distinct. I think that if the author does that it\'ll look great. It looks good now, but I think it could look better. For a reskin, this is good. I would recommend that you download it. Once again, this could be helped by having custom sounds. Bot Support: No Team Support: Yes Npc Support: No New Sounds: No ~Zach




Victor | 584.31 KB

Underworld, I want to. This is supposed to be one of the characters from that movie.But that\'s not really the point. I can\'t really find things wrong with this skin except to say that the unborn version looks kind of wierd, but that\'s about it. I like this skin. I would download this, but I already did! :p Okay, I lied. There is something that I can complain about. And that\'s the lack of full team support (there\'s only the blue skin), and the lack of sounds. But other than that, this is a great skin. Bot Support: No Team Support: Yes and No. There\'s only blue team. Npc Support: No New Sounds: No ~Zach




New Sabers | 165.03 KB

liked it. The one I tried was the Curvy Sabers pk3, which makes your saber into a '8' shape. While the blade itself didn't look to great, the thing that made me like it was the saber trail. Looked like a saw blade, and I thought it was cool. :cool: There are several saber blades to choose from, so take your pic and enjoy. A nice little pack. I just wish there was more variation in it. ~Zach




Cheese Trip Mines | 538.17 KB

mines look... yummy, I suppose. Definitely something unusual, and possibly just the silly, quirky mod you\'ve been looking for. Give it a try if you\'re a cheese fan. ~Inyri




Gm Bespin Place | 2.07 MB

architecture, such as the grooves in the ground and the arching mesh over the light posts, as well as some very typical spike designs and some of those statues we've all become very familiar with. It also contains two rooms, one on each side, with a health powerup. There are some unfortunate negatives with this map. The first negative is that there are no botroutes. I would have really loved to see botrouting in this map, as it would be relatively simple to construct and, as a FFA map that's so open, it strikes me as an ideal map for a bot match with some friends. I also found a couple of missing textures, namely the statues themselves, and a texture in the two side rooms. A fix for that in an updated version with some botroutes would really whet my whistle on this otherwise nice-looking, nicely playable map. ~Inyri




Clan Mod | 8.77 MB

Clan Mod! Since there's really no point in reviewing the entire thing all over again, I'm just going to post the change log, and the first review. [quote]||==|| CHANGE LOG ||==|| ==++ VERSION 1.04 (BETA) ++== fixed backslash fixed /scale, can now /scale (scale) or /scale (client) (scale) fixed yellow DFA, more accurate now fixed duel sounds fixed melee duel fixed grapple string now shows all the time fixed buffer-overflow glitch fixed /protect glitch changed /admintele to /teleport or /tele changed /grantadmin, can now /grantadmin (client) (level) changed g_slowmoduelend, FFA is no longer included changed powerduel icons now shrink if too many people are on changed custom model used on grapple changed scoreboard shows more then 20 people changed cursor doesn't show on map load ==++ VERSION 1.03 (BETA) ++== fixed a crash exploit (in most mods) fixed a few small bugs & glitches fixed /endduel fixed MOTD fixed /scale fixed terminator & human duel over glitches fixed chat protect + empower fixed bryar pistol give back on duel over fixed jetpack on change to empower glitch fixed seeker drone takeaway after unterminator added /freezemotd and !freezemotd added jump to get out of emotes added compatability with Visual Studio 2005 added terminators can now remove jetpacks added gun_monk added gun_slay added cm_rolltypes added cm_BotFakePings added terminators now have force jump if g_forcePowerDisable allows added monks (humans) now force jump if g_forcePowerDisable allows added monks (humans) heal over time. 1 second = +1 hp added +all and -all suffix commands to /terminator /empower /monk /silence /freeze /protect added server cvars for the new -all and +all suffixes added /help (COMMAND) option changed /human to /monk changed servers can now speak like normal people changed autoprotect cannot be done on duelists changed chat protection cannot be done in duels changed monks and empowered cannot pick up weapons changed made more bitrate calculators changed made installer install to startmenu instead of desktop changed makefile for linux to compile in Debug instead of Final optimized duels, terminator, empower, monk ==++ VERSION 1.02 (BETA) ++== added cm_enable_ledgegrab cvar demigod'd people cant be push or pulled forcekickflip made with more reliable times players auto-scaled to 100 at duel begin Fixed Yellow DFA JK2 style Changed cm_jk2_style_yellow_dfa cvar to cm_JK2yellowDFA fixed emote holstering sabers fixed /slay without (client) added emote bitrates fixed wall runs added /human all languages added fixed duels with weapons ==++ VERSION 1.01 (BETA) ++== admin bitrates fixed /RenameClan now has a custom saying /Scale now has a custom saying /AdminTele now has a custom saying roar_ prefix changed to cm_ added +button12 to commands list “Admin password incorrect” no longer announces ClanPassword incorrect saying added freeze_gun changed to gun_freeze silence_gun changed to gun_silence insult_gun changed to gun_insult kick_gun changed to gun_kick empower_gun changed to gun_empower terminator_gun changed to gun_terminator splat_gun changed to gun_splat c_Clanpassword fixed /splat fixed added ledgegrab[/quote] And for the old review: [quote] Description: Finally, we have a good administration mod that isn't JA+ or lugormod. Presenting, Clan Mod! The new, and improved Jedi Academy administration mod. For Clan Mod, the goal is security, and as such, it differs from those other mods slightly. I will first point out the things that this has fixed that JA+ doesn't have. First off, it has flood protection on by default! Mind you, this is not the regular This means that nobody can make you crash by spamming you with messages. But, you can crash yourself. So have fun with that. There is also improved chat protection! This was actually one of the first things that I tested. While in JA+ you can kill someone who is in chat and has absorb, or another light side power, you cannot do that in this mod. Chat protection is much better in this mod. It even applies in duels! So no more chatkilling! Then, there's the reworked grapple. Sure, it doesn't have it's own custom model, but it's much better. First off, there is actually an animation that is played when you throw the grapple ''hook''. And secondly, there's actually a rope sound that plays when you're throwing it! And, also, you would think that when you grapple onto someone that you would follow them, correct? In JA+, it doesn't do that. In Clan Mod, it does! Sure, there is no swinging like you're able to do in JA+, but that might come in a later release. Moving onto the next thing, Admin! now, brace yourselves, there are five levels of admin. That's right, FIVE! And they're all customisable with a nifty bitvalue generator that is included with the mod. So yay, five levels of admin to use! I know that gives clans a little more freedom with admin, so you might like that facet of this mod. Now, there aren't as many admin commands as in JA+, but I can say that they are just a potent! First off is freeze, which literally freezes your character in mid-air! There are a few commands, such as scale, which let you change the size of your model! Hm, let me think...There is also splat, which in essence slaps you into the air and then you fall and die. There's a rather funny thing that goes along with this. If you put chat up, you bounce! But you can't do anything but bounce. Another commands is /lockname, which keeps a player from changing their name. There's silence, as well as /insultsilence, where if a player tries to speak, a random, pre-set, customizable message pops up instead. Quite funny, actually. There is a command to grant admin, as well. But as far as I could tell you're only able to grant the lowest level of admin. There are emotes, but there aren't as many as in JA+, thankfully. The few that there are just taken from regualr Jedi Academy. Oh! One of the things that a lot of you people will LOVE is the auto chat color option. What does this mean, you ask? You set a color, and all your chat comes out in that color! And among other things in this mod, you have a black saber, which isn't really black, it has a white core and a black edge. I think it looks cool. There is also the pimp saber from the OJP project, which goes through all of the saber colors, which is cool. There is also RGB saber and character support! Okay, now onto the actual clan part of the clan mod. So know how people always have their clan information in the message of the day? Well, this mod gives another outlet for that. There's a clan section for the mod, that takes up a spot on the menu bar. It contains the clans name, initials, recruiting status, whether they lame or not, as well as other information, so you can start putting different stuff in the message of the day! Also, now you don't have to wear those cumbersome clan tags! Clan mod has a slot just for your clan! So your name can go without the clan tags now! There's also a clan member login! However, there currently isn't clan tag protection, but we can look forward to it in the next version! Am I done? No. There are now four, count them, FOUR, duel types. There is melee dueling, full force dueling, training duels, and regular duels. Melee duels are just what you think, melee duels, you get 200 health and your fists. Can anyone say: ''Boxing match?''. I'm sure you all know what a full force duel is. So I won't explain what that is. The next one is the training duel. You take no damage in this duel type. None. It's meant for training. But, you can end it whenever you want. And now for the best part, this mod is server side! You don't need it to play on a server that has it! However, most of the things, such as the clan menu, you can't see without the add-on. And fortunately, It's included in the download! Both server and client versions for this mod are included in the download! And wait, that's not all! The Linux version is also included! I hope that this mod comes to replace JA+, or at least be put up onto many servers. I have had a couple of people come onto a server that I hosted, and they all liked the mod! I would just like to say that this is an excellent mod. ~Zach[/quote]




Ninja-Killer-Assassin | 1.24 MB

original, in any way, shape, or form. The author has included the Kyle soundset, and why he didn\'t just edit the sounds.cfg file to point to the Kyle folder I don\'t know. So, basically all you\'re getting is a ninja model with one thing turned off with a symbol on its back. The author could have been much more creative with this file. Bot Support: No Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Not really, just kyle sounds Npc Support: No ~Zach




Ord Mantell Oasis Temple | 16.31 MB

Mantell to get rid of some weapons caches. But the author in this case, has expanded on that, and made an entirely different map! The end product: a big map that's great for FFA's of all types. On to the map itself. It's big, for one thing. And let me start off by saying that the music is excellent for FFA's, meaning that it's fast paced, and fights will go well with it. The weapons in this map are scattered around, Making getting them somewhat of a tedious task, and this can improve gameplay, provided that the guy that grabs the rocket launcher doesn't always use it. I found the architecture to be superb, and the lighting suits the map. While some people might think it to be too dark, it adds suspense to the map. I was impressed with how the lighting around the fires in the map flickered, so yay for detail. There is a waterfall in this map, and that's where just about my only gripe is. My gripe is that the waterfall just goes straight down, and if you move away from it, you can see that it just starts straight down and goes straight down. It doesn't look like it's going over a cliff or anything. I will say one thing. I love the maps that have been coming from the mapping contest that Ockniel is hosting. As for this map, it's wonderful, and I recommend that you download it. New Models: No New Textures: No New Music: Yes Bot Support: Yes Gametypes: FFA, TFFA, Duel, Power Duel ~Zach




Siege Models Replacement | 4 MB

aren\'t base models. I know I\'m suppose to review this file, but I feel like I\'d be wasting my time telling you which models are replaced by which, when the screenshots do that for you. And, that\'s A LOT of typing. So let\'s have a little chit chat. .. How are you doing? Me? I\'m doing fine.. Ok, I can see myself being fired in two seconds, so let\'s wrap this up. Well, I personally like my siege models, so this one isn\'t for me. But it may be for you! If you want your current siege models replaced with the ones in the screenshots below, then download this mod. -Linky.




Wolverine | 440.02 KB

is to not photosource, but if you have to, then keep it to the bare minimum. Okay, the basic synopsis of this is that the author took the jedi skin, made the torso black, then pasted a bunch of photosourced objects onto it. The result is a hastily made, pixelated skin that doesn\'t look good at all. Take some time, and actually skin the things that you wanted on your skin by hand. It might be really hard, and it might take a while, but you\'ll be much more satisfied at the end. Oh, if you\'re trying to do hair, like you did on the hands, black lines doesn\'t cut it. You need to actually take some time, and make it look like hair, and not a black line. And if I remember correctly, the areas where Wolverine\'s blades came out of his wrists were not black. They were the color of normal flesh. Another thing, abrupt changes like those done on the beard are not good things. It looks like you took a picture of a guy with a full beard, then took away the part around the chin. Another thing, the jedi model is not suited at all for Wolverine. A different model would serve him much better. One last thing before I wrap this up. If you\'re going to photosource for an icon, actually make it look reasonable. A picture of wolverine with a red background, with white surrounding wolverine\'s head just doesn\'t look good. Bot Support: No Team Support: No Npc Support: No New Sounds: No ~Zach




Spy Katarn Clan Version | 807.24 KB

torso is desaturated. While the torso is desaturated, and frankly doesn\'t look good. This is supplemented with a plain white \"OMNI\", which is plastered onto the back of the torso. There is no attempt at blending whatsoever. Here are a few suggestions for this skin. First of all, get rid of the regular Kyle torso. Make one from scratch. Not only will it improve your skill in skinning, but it won\'t look bad like most desaturated skins do. And secondly, don\'t put a clan tag, or name on the back of a skin without blending. It looks like someone made a crude sticker and put it onto Kyle\'s back. If you blend in the name, it can actually look like it\'s meant to be there. Oh, and other thing, try having your skin be in a folder that\'s not named testskin. It\'s really not that hard to create a new folder and then edit the skin files in notepad, now is it? Team Support: Yes Bot Support: No Npc Support: No New Sounds: No ~Zach




Hud n' Gunz | 695.88 KB

green bars where your force and health is? Well, now they're white bars! And somehow the author managed to misalign them, so the different chunks now like, overlap each other. Also in this pack is suppossedly a gun HUD icon modification. Now, The only thing i thought was different (and I may not even be right about this) was that the icons now have a little orange line around them. Or maybe I'm just blind. Well, that's about it. If you want a white, misaligned HUD with a really really small picture of Boba Fett in the corner, then this is for you. In the the extremely more likely event that you don't like this, well, you're not obliged to download now are you? ;) ~Szico VII~




Revan | 1.3 MB

shall we? Firstly, the face isn\'t an ashen gray color. And secondly, the author has make the cracks a lot smaller. However they could use some more work. They still look painted on, so the author might want to either blend in the edges, or put a little bit of gray around the sides, so that it looks like it\'s blended in. The torso. Let\'s just say it\'s [i]not[/i] a blood-red overlay. Underneath the robes, it actually looks like there\'s armor. And the majority of the red overlay has been taken away, and replaced with a rather tasteful red trim. Sure, it doesn\'t stand out that much, but it\'s there. The arms look to be solid black, but with the color scheme it doesn\'t look that bad. The legs look armored, and don\'t look bad either. All in all, a very nice improvement from your previous skin. But I still have a few comments. It\'s nice that there is now bot and npc support, but my issue is with the sounds. He used the cultist sounds, which isn\'t bad in itself, but he included the cultist soundset, which is not needed. Why? Because it\'s all in Jedi Academy already. All you need to do is have the sounds.cfg file point to the cultist sounds. Adding the cultist soundset just adds to your file\'s size without doing anything. Bot Support: Yes Team Support: No Npc Support: Yes New Sounds: No ~Zach




Ancient Reborn | 834.49 KB

is. A greyscale reborn, with a faint sepia tone on the front torso, and green eyes which aren't even visible because of the hood's shadow. Nothing more, nothing less. According to the readme there is more, but I don't see anything on the texture, even at full zoom in Photoshop. Apparently, this was inspired by accidentally downloading Bael's skinning tutorial. One of the rules of modding, is that you don't do something after accidentally stumbling on it. In order to mod, you need to put an effort in, which sadly hasn't been done with this skin. Selecting an image and firing off the desaturate tool does not make a skin. Skinning involves creating a texture or heavily modifying a pre-existing texture to make it different. Not clicking one menu option in Photoshop, pressing CTRL+S, and saying "Wa-hey I made a skin!". For any future would-be skinners, please don't start off like this. Whether it's just adding a pattern to a Raven model's skin, or taking your time, going through lots of tutorials and making something classy, please, just don't click one button and say it's a skin. Make something that takes effort, and not something that takes less than 10 seconds and has literally hundreds of duplicates on the internet already. Anyway, if you like the looks of this, and you don't already have one of the legions of skins exactly like it, the link awaits. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]NPC Support:[/b] No [b]Team Support:[/b] No (default Reborn_New skins) [b]New Sounds:[/b] No




RTCW Menu | 3.48 MB

that I didn\'t like was the secondary menu strip that activates when you click on, say, Profile. A strip above the skin selection is the same as original. I think it would\'ve been alot better with some metal bars or something. Make it look more WWII-ish. However, I liked the \"Ja\" and \"Nein\" bit on the Quite Game screen. A nice touch. This is a matter of personal preferrence, download if you like the screens or don\'t. The skin is done well, but it might not suit everyone. Arthenik




Tusken Startups | 1.69 MB

for each option has also been changed. Three problems plague both of them. First, the buttons. They\'re very difficult to see.Secondly, The text is quite hard to read on both. The sounds are third - they\'re just plain annoying. Just a little note to the author, last time I checked, launchers didn\'t need to be put in pk3 files. Mere zips would have done, or even just plain folders inside the zip attached to the email. Neither of them are bad launchers, not by any means, but it\'s a bit of a \"seen it all before\" kind of thing - there\'s only so much you can do with launchers. Still, if they\'re your cup of tea, give them a download. Just remember to backup your install folder before overwriting any files. ~ Kouen




Training_SP | 4.85 KB

tougher, and specialised, NPCs to help you with various forms of saber combat. None of them will use Force powers, except from Jump and occasionally Protect, so for best effect, you should avoid using them too. There are two tiers of NPC - Standard, and Specialist. Standard NPCs are more difficult renditions of what Jedi Academy throws at you in singleplayer, and Specialist are much more efficient foes comparable to humans. All in all, both tiers provide a good challenge for the unprepared player. Also included is a small script which utilises various keys to control the spawning, freezing/unfreezing, and killing of the NPCs. I don\'t think I need to tell you that you need cheats activated in order to use this, due to the codes used. The keys this script will hijack, are: / - Freeze/unfreeze . - Select opponent , - Kill all NPCs = - Spawn selected unit This kind of training is offset by the fact that most servers have mods, which use different damages and hit detections than baseJKA, but still, if you want to practice on something with a bit more guts than your average Reborn Master, give this a shot. ~ Kouen




Tahiri Veila | 2.57 MB

had been \"shaped\" - mutiliated and \"enhanced\" by the Yuuzhan Vong. This also gave her a second persona, one of a Yuuzhan Vong. This is a very interesting skin, because... It\'s not a Reborn, nor a Jawa :P I\'m not arrogant enough to think that it was my doing that blessed me with such a change, though I\'d like it to be so. Anyway, you are looking upon a Mara Jade reskin, if I\'m not mistaken. Two versions are included and they are NOT essentially the same skins! The first skin is a normal Tahiri, although she has no shoes (ouch). And... her face is not that of Mara! Woo Yay! I am not too fond of the hair, but the skin is new and I appreciate that. The second one is the Vong version of Tahiri Veila, sporting a Vonduun crab armor (I think I\'m right) and a... tattoo! She also has a special, Yuuzhan Vong version of a lightsaber, which looks like one of the stock hilts reskinned but my, does it look convincing! And the conclusion? Pretty much positive, but, just so you know, the skin isn\'t perfect. It is original, however, and that\'s AT LEAST as good! So, keep it up ;) Arthenik Team Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes New Sounds: No




Sith Ghoul Update | 1.48 MB




Clan Mod | 5.62 MB

differs from those other mods slightly. I will first point out the things that this has fixed that JA+ doesn't have. First off, it has flood protection on by default! Mind you, this is not the regular This means that nobody can make you crash by spamming you with messages. But, you can crash yourself. So have fun with that. There is also improved chat protection! This was actually one of the first things that I tested. While in JA+ you can kill someone who is in chat and has absorb, or another light side power, you cannot do that in this mod. Chat protection is much better in this mod. It even applies in duels! So no more chatkilling! Then, there's the reworked grapple. Sure, it doesn't have it's own custom model, but it's much better. First off, there is actually an animation that is played when you throw the grapple ''hook''. And secondly, there's actually a rope sound that plays when you're throwing it! And, also, you would think that when you grapple onto someone that you would follow them, correct? In JA+, it doesn't do that. In Clan Mod, it does! Sure, there is no swinging like you're able to do in JA+, but that might come in a later release. Moving onto the next thing, Admin! now, brace yourselves, there are five levels of admin. That's right, FIVE! And they're all customisable with a nifty bitvalue generator that is included with the mod. So yay, five levels of admin to use! I know that gives clans a little more freedom with admin, so you might like that facet of this mod. Now, there aren't as many admin commands as in JA+, but I can say that they are just a potent! First off is freeze, which literally freezes your character in mid-air! There are a few commands, such as scale, which let you change the size of your model! Hm, let me think...There is also splat, which in essence slaps you into the air and then you fall and die. There's a rather funny thing that goes along with this. If you put chat up, you bounce! But you can't do anything but bounce. Another commands is /lockname, which keeps a player from changing their name. There's silence, as well as /insultsilence, where if a player tries to speak, a random, pre-set, customizable message pops up instead. Quite funny, actually. There is a command to grant admin, as well. But as far as I could tell you're only able to grant the lowest level of admin. There are emotes, but there aren't as many as in JA+, thankfully. The few that there are just taken from regualr Jedi Academy. Oh! One of the things that a lot of you people will LOVE is the auto chat color option. What does this mean, you ask? You set a color, and all your chat comes out in that color! And among other things in this mod, you have a black saber, which isn't really black, it has a white core and a black edge. I think it looks cool. There is also the pimp saber from the OJP project, which goes through all of the saber colors, which is cool. There is also RGB saber and character support! Okay, now onto the actual clan part of the clan mod. So know how people always have their clan information in the message of the day? Well, this mod gives another outlet for that. There's a clan section for the mod, that takes up a spot on the menu bar. It contains the clans name, initials, recruiting status, whether they lame or not, as well as other information, so you can start putting different stuff in the message of the day! Also, now you don't have to wear those cumbersome clan tags! Clan mod has a slot just for your clan! So your name can go without the clan tags now! There's also a clan member login! However, there currently isn't clan tag protection, but we can look forward to it in the next version! Am I done? No. There are now four, count them, FOUR, duel types. There is melee dueling, full force dueling, training duels, and regular duels. Melee duels are just what you think, melee duels, you get 200 health and your fists. Can anyone say: ''Boxing match?''. I'm sure you all know what a full force duel is. So I won't explain what that is. The next one is the training duel. You take no damage in this duel type. None. It's meant for training. But, you can end it whenever you want. And now for the best part, this mod is server side! You don't need it to play on a server that has it! However, most of the things, such as the clan menu, you can't see without the add-on. And fortunately, It's included in the download! Both server and client versions for this mod are included in the download! And wait, that's not all! The Linux version is also included! I hope that this mod comes to replace JA+, or at least be put up onto many servers. I have had a couple of people come onto a server that I hosted, and they all liked the mod! I would just like to say that this is an excellent mod. ~Zach The author has also provided MAC support separately, it has not been tested, so it is not clear if it will work or not. You can download the mac version [url=]here.[/url]




Lightning Mod | 1.83 MB

accurate to JK2's lightning. It *may* have been simply copied over, but I can't prove it either way, so I'm not going to go down that road. The second style is red lightning. This one actually reminds me more of drain than lightning,but it's definitely not the same effect as drain uses. Style #3 combines the red lightning with a bluer version of JK2's lightning. It looks pretty cool, despite not looking very much like a lightning storm. Next up is the red lightning again, only this time with no flash effects. And, finally, we have a blue and purple lightning effect which also has a purple flash effect and a deep blue glow. Check the screenshots out, and if you like any of these, download the pack and try them out. Just be aware that you can [b]only have one of these pk3s[/b] in the base folder at any one time. ~ Kouen




Episode 2 Obi-Wan | 6.38 MB

that good to look at. A lot more difinition is needed, although I do understand the effort that it takes to do a complete reskin, You should put in a lot more effort. I'm sorry if I insult anyone, but this is very blurry. But, it is a nice thing that the author put in bot support, new sounds, npc support, team skins, AND MovieBattles support. I just hope that the next version is a lot better. Oh wait, this is the final version. Well, I hope a different final version is made. Bot Support: Yes Npc Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes MovieBattles Support: Yes ~Zach




England Supporter Rosh | 670.71 KB

this skin. Sorry, but there just isn't. (That's an opinion, by the way. Feel free to disagree. ;) ) On to the bad parts. The majority of the torso and arms consists of just the original Rosh skin paintbucketed white. Yes, you heard me correctly. Add in a few photosourced England flags and the Umbro logo, none of which seem to have been placed with much consideration, and it's a typical quick-job skin. The legs, although in different colors, are still flat-colored, most likely paintbucketed too. The shoes also are... You get the picture. I'm not going to go on and on, I think I've made my point. Skins paintbucketed in various colors with a few lines and photosourced logos slapped on here and there, really don't make the grade. Sorry, but that's the harsh reality of it. Kudos to the author for trying a unique, and somewhat appropriate idea given the timing. At least you're not afraid to play around with ideas.... Now, you just need to work on your skinning techniques. If you like this skin, then go ahead and use it. If not - don't. The decision's in your hands. ~ Kouen [b]Team Skins:[/b] No [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]NPC Support:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No




{JAO} Clan Sith Reborn v2 | 3.15 MB

cares if this shade was never coupled with the other one. People want original, or original-like things, not a skin done 50 times before. I am sad to say that this is a yet another Reborn, dark grey and an another shade of grey, or red or blue. Nothing more. Recolors are dull, and if this wasn\'t a recolor then I\'m sorry, but I don\'t see the difference. I have to say that I do like the color combination, but please use it on something that has been used less and try to support the colors with new, appealing textures that make the model into a different character. Something, that will make people scream at a glance: \"Hey, I know that skin! It\'s my favourite!\" Not: \"An another Reborn? Which of the n million reskins is it?\" And that, dear friends, is what I hope to review next time. A skin worth remembering. Not an another Reborn. Please. Arthenik




Duragon's Bail Organa | 1.62 MB

like Jimmy Smits, the actor who portrayed Bail Organa in the films. The face itself has not been altered at all, so it is simply Jaden with a brand-new goatee which just happens not to be quite right when compared to the actor. This model probably just isn't right for this skin, though without having a reference image of the exact outfit he was wearing (and unable to find one) I really can't comment very much on outfit accuracy. However I find the face to be a real let down. Bail Organa with a monkey suit on is still Bail Organa, however Jaden Korr with a Bail Organa suit on is still Jaden Korr. Bot Support: Yes Team Support: No New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: Yes ~Inyri




toggleRcon Script | 4.14 KB

server. Note that you have to be logged into RCON before you execute the script, or when you try using a command such as map change, you'll be tactly informed that your password is incorrect. This is a basic WYSIWYG file - What You See Is What You Get. One nice touch is that the script triggers an activation sound when executed, and plays a switch sound every time you use the toggle function. There's not much else I can say about this - if you'd like a little script that makes it easier to switch your maps and kick troublesome players via RCON, then this is for you. ~ Kouen




BaseJKA | 1.22 MB

it should be. To quote the changes listed in the read-me: [quote]- Fixed /say command buffer overflow. - Fixed server command buffer overflow. - Fixed problems while voting in TFFA. - Fixed the black name, now ^0 makes your nick black, no more need to ^^0. - Fixed big messages color replacement bug. - Fixed the sliding while standing on top of someone. - Now taunts are allowed in all gametypes. - While dueling you can't collide with anyone outside the duel. - Multiple FFA Private Duels. - Private Duels in TFFA Allowed. - Added /announce command to enable admins to print big messages in the center of player's screens. - Added the possibility to have taunts in all gametypes.[/quote]This mod also adds several new admin cvars, in case you don't like one or more of these changes and would like to turn them off. Sounds like it could be handy for those server admins who find that mods like JA+ just change too much for their tastes. ~Inyri




Star Menu Mod | 7.77 MB

of the rest of the start up screen but just looks as if it had been randomly placed there, it could use some kind of design at least. Same goes for the blue rotating part. However, it does add a nice new and cool video at the start up of a short space battle, granted I can't remember which since I'm not the hugest star wars fan but yeah it's a nice video. It also adds a lightsaber cursor which is a nice change from the default one used. The console has also been modified slightly, it now thanks you for downloading the mod. So, if you like big yellow stars, download this. ~Elegos




Shadows of the Empire Escape from Echo Base | 5.84 MB

different, the mapping styles probably aren't all that different. This map just seems... bland. And I haven't even gotten into the technical problems, of which there are many. Why don't we cover those first? First of all: missing textures. There are quite a few, which you'll notice as you go along. Secondly, z-fighting. Quite a bit of that, as well, in various places. There are also misaligned brushes, holes in the map, and I didn't see a light that had a source [i]anywhere[/i] in the map. Older games didn't worry about light sources, but with a newer engine (in comparison) that ought to be taken into account as a factor. Nobody said you couldn't spruce up an old concept by adding new detail when you have the power. There are quite a few problems that are unrelated to the mapping as well. First of all the music doesn't work, mainly because the author didn't bother to include it in the PK3. As a single-player level it's also a bit difficult to get loaded - you have to load it as a mod, then load it up in the console as well. Having a batch file to do this for us would have been a heck of a lot simpler. Also Force has not been disabled, and you don't play as Dash Rendar (which is kind of a disappointment). This means you're basically a Jedi running around with a blaster on Hoth and no lightsaber. Then, to end off the level... nothing happens. You beat the end guy and you just sit there. You can go back and kill some stormtroopers if you want, because the level won't end itself. Personally for something like this I would have suggested a crew of a few more people, or I would at least suggest the author gains a bit more knowledge about single-player mapping so he can get the level working 100% correctly. Having a SP map come out only half done is really kind of a bummer, especially when it's something as cool as Shadows of the Empire. [b]Note[/b]: Should you decide you want to play it, the read-me is incorrect in its play instructions. The map name is [b]sote_echo_base1[/b], not sote_echo_base. New Textures: No New Models: No New Music: No Bot Support: N/A ~Inyri




Disco Lando | 1006.42 KB

something[/i]? The author has taken the Lando skin, which I never liked, and made it even more unlikable. He made it all flat white (excpet the hands, boots, and head), added a flat purple spot, and a flat yellow "necklace". Then he put yellow dots on Lando's ears, and a yellow line on his finger. The sounds are just clips from different disco songs. Suggestions to the author: See that program "Paint" never use it. Ever again. [u]EVAR[/u] (unless it's something super easy and small like a resize, or conversion). Get the Gimp. Use that. Find some tutorials. Look on the Filefront Forums. Before releasing, get someone who's not family, and not a close friend to say that it is good. Again, forums. Get feedback there. This way, you won't release a horrible skin and get a horrible review. Bot Support: Yes Team Skins: Yes New Sounds: Yes (Didn't work for me) -Red




"V" | 1.37 MB

Portman), but the only real similarily I see between this skin and the masked guy is the mask and the wearing of black. The game and hat really make the character who he is, and without them it's more like some guy dressed in black wearing the mask. That'd be like Indiana Jones without [i]his[/i] hat. Then he'd just be... Han Solo! We do get extras with this skin, but the author made at least one boo boo. He edited bots.txt. This is a no no. When you edit bots.txt you prevent any new bots from being added - .bot files, please! They go in the scripts folder and are set up just like bots.txt. NPC support has also been included. No new sounds, unfortunatly, and it seems like the skin currently uses Luke sounds. Wouldn't have been [i]my[/i] first choice, but... There's also a little surprise included in the zip, but I'll leave you to read the read-me on that one. Bot Support: Yes Team Support: No New Sounds: No NPC Support: Yes ~Inyri




CloneCody SP | 2.61 MB

there is one problem with it. The author left the original sounds.cfg file in it but didn\'t include the actual sounds, so if you don\'t have the original model you\'re going to hear stunning silence when using this guy in-game. However I think most of the people who would download this probably already have the original, so it may not be much of a problem.[/quote]The sound issue has been corrected so you won\'t be the amazing silent clone anymore. However the shader issue has not been corrected, so the visor still won\'t work. However the sound fix definitely make this mod better, so if you downloaded the original make sure you download this one now to fix that bug! ~Inyri




Temple of Time | 3.45 MB

taken a little bit longer making objects for the map. The detail for the Door of Time has just been textured on, and I would have loved to see the detail actually modeled on. The pedestal for the three Spiritual Stones just seemed very small, because in the game it took up a lot of space in front of the stairs, and in this it just seems...small... The room with the Master Sword in it doesn't actually have the Master Sword in it, which I thought was a bummer. But, when you get close to the pedestal it opens up, and when you go into the hole created you go into the room with the pedestal's of the Seven Sages! The pedestals are simple, and if you fall off them while trying to get to the top one and get out, you die. The author has also included Zelda's Garden! You know...the spot where you first meet Princess Zelda...Well anyways the garden in the middle is photosourced in, meaning that all the flowers and bushes are all very small. The author definitely could have taken the time to make the flowers and bushes. The water on the sides isn't that deep, but there is no place to get up! Meaning that once you're in, you can't get back out! The author should have thought of that little detail. The lighting on this map was dark, and this map also interfered with the sky texture for Taspir. Meaning that while you are using this, you only get a nice gray grid while using Taspir. The music also seemed of low quality. And the map was small enough that I think that it would have been better suited for dueling, instead of Free For All. But if you're a Zelda fan you might like this! New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Bot Support: No ~Zach




All Enemies Are Sith

all_enemies_are_sith.rar | 14.2 MB

with sith characters. Using the added on skins and models, this mod also replaces some of the other characters. Tavion, for instance, is now Palpatine. Other are replaced as well. I didn't take the time to test this fully, but it looks very fun, and a bit more challenging than usual. Try protecting rosh from two sith that should be howlers. :p If you like SP mods, or if you want something more challenging, give this a download. ~Zach




The Lost Enclave | 3.89 MB

inhabited by the long dead Methusans. On to the map. First off, as I said before, it's huge. The author says that it's just about three times the size of a normal FFA map. It's believable. Now, I liked to mood that the music gave the map. It's slow, and it's violins, giving it a sad, sombre mood, which is fitting because it's in the ''memory'' of a long dead race. I also found the lighting to be very fitting for the environment in which the map is set. It's mostly dark, with the exception of a few light beacons, supplemented with lighting coming from wall structues pointing down (I don't know what they're called, I wish I did. :( ) Then there was the way it seemed natural. Then there was the crystal room. That, in my opinion, was the centerpiece of the map. A big, revolving, glowing green crystal, really adds a nice touch. Especially seeing as the Methusans were experimenting with other types of fuel and energy. The author has also tried to put in some Knights of the Old Republic elements into the map, since he liked the sith on korriban so much. The way he has tried to do this was by putting statues around the map. Although they are blocky, hey also add to the archeological air of the map. On to the main area of the map. It was very open, with what looks like an air speeder parked on the ground. I went up to it, got on it, and tried to find the button that makes it fly. But it doesn't! Oh well, it stil looks very nice. The author also put in a nice chasm. Make sure you don't fall off the edge when you're in the main area, it's a long way down! ;) Now on to a few things that I found wierd, or may be bugs. In the main area, there were two small places that looked like there may be lights, I only saw grey pads, maybe it was just me. And for the second thing, when I would fall down and hit the bottom, and it'd be a few seconds before I'd die, although I couldn't move. I really did like this map, and I can see this being a map used for RPG's, or just regular FFA. I definitely think that this is worth downloading. Kudos to Lord Yoset for making such a nice map! New Sounds: No New Music: Yes New Textures: No Bot Support: Yes ~Zach




Super Lightning | 28.64 KB

lightning! There isn\'t very much left to say. Lots of lightning. For you lightning lovers, enjoy. ~Zach




Jedi\'s Hideout | 20.43 MB

that. Let\'s immediately jump into the map, then, shall we? I\'ll start out with what I liked. First of all I liked the fact that it wasn\'t all one color. It was predominantly grey, but each room had a splash of color, ranging from dark green trim to bright red floor decorations to full red carpet. Architecturally each room was interesting - while most of the rooms were boxy, they each had features that made them unique, such as curved pillars or strange light fixtures. The map itself is quite large and seems well-suited for some saber dueling, especially given the fact that there are health and shield packs scattered around the map to make things more interesting. I can see this map being useful for a multitude of purposes. Now on to what could use work. The texturing was okay, but it could have been better. In many areas the textures on the brushes were a bit plain and it seems the author thought to work around this by adding features. The lighting was also wacky. In certain areas it was great, but in others it was either very bright or very dark. You can walk from a very dimly lit hallway to a room with 3000 light entities in it that scream \"SURFACE OF THE SUN!\". Okay, so maybe I\'m exaggerating a little. A happy medium would be good, though - neither style is really awful, but to mix them up so randomly within one map leaves the eyes a bit sore as they try to adjust from room to room. Also there\'s no bot support, which was really a bummer. In terms of what the map offers, I\'d say it\'s probably leaning more toward the \"good\" side with a few issues the author still needs to work on. I definitely like the outdoor section, which seems to have been adequately brightened from version one. It definitely looks like a great place to have a full-out battle with a bunch of your buddies, complete with emplaced weapons. It definitely offers a lot of areas to play around in, so if you were a fan of the first version or like big maps definitely give it a look. Despite the problems I think it\'s definitely worth the download. New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Music: Yes Bot Support: No ~Inyri




Improved Cultist | 517.48 KB

that the cultist's clothes were reskinned to be what I consider a nice grey-black scheme. The arms look like they are incompletely done because of the green spatters on some parts of them, but I may be wrong. He has also changed the border around the face to a different shade of green. One of the thinks that I thought was wierd was the green circle on his head that looks like it was spray painted on. I think it should be just a bit bigger. I'll say it again, it's this guy's first skin. I think it's pretty modest. Could use a little bit of work, as the icon didn't work. Bot Support: No Team Support: No NPC Suppot: No New Sounds: No ~Zach




Qui-gon's Noble End Duel Music | 5.14 MB

not over-the-top tune which fits a duel atmosphere. However this style ends at about the 1:20 mark where it gets very quiet and slow, almost coming to a halt at a point. At this point it really doesn't seem like perfect duel music, as it's almost inaudible, so there are strengths and weaknesses with this piece as a duel music selection. ~Inyri




FFVIII -The Man with the Machine Gun | 4.86 MB

Mages. OF course, he composed the original music too, but this version of the song is more rock and guitar than before. Which is usually a good thing, as it brings variation to, in what is my opinion, a slightly tired tune now. For duels of course, this totally owns - its a battle theme, and it\'s Final Fantasy. And now this version has extra beat and drums. What\'s not to like? If you don\'t download this well, your big loss ;) In my evidently non-biased opinion, obviously ;) ~Szico VII~




JK2 : Gold Edition | 6.31 MB

should have noticed, this is a JK2 mod. Most of the material that was "borrowed" is from JK3, so this author is simply bringing his favorite bits over into JK2, while including some of his own work. So let's have a taste of what we get here. First, you can either play with a katana or some better sabers. Each have their own special effects, so check out the readme for what's compatible/incompatible. The spawn bubble is now red, and the menu has been changed a bit. This author even made his own opening logos ROQ video! There are also some new stances included, which are definitely different than anything I've seen. I love the red stance - looks like a baseball bat stance ;). Definitey some effort in this file, and the new menu and splash screens just look cool in my opinion. But if you're a JK2 player, decide for yourself! ~Inyri




freakinweirdo's poorly made saberblades | 377.98 KB

complaining about the lack of effort involved he made a catchy title calling attention to just that. Well... I wasn't going to complain :p These blades are incredibly simple in their creation - basically a rectangle and a triangle point composes the core of the blade, and it has no visible glow. So the blades look more like colored pointy lines. I've seen mods like this before, but not colored, so I'm sure it'll suit somebody's fancy. I actually find it kind of fun to play around with. The only thing I'd really change about it would be to remove the saber hum. Somehow without a fluctuating aura around it it doesn't seem to me like it should hum. But hey, what do I know? ~Inyri




Flipip's Mando Start Up | 1.17 MB

find it a little busy, and the buttons having the blue lines around them still makes it much harder to appreciate the background. While some of the sounds are different, many are not, and none feature the typical "clone" voice which some of us have come to love from the prequels. Even so, it's definitely one of the better launchers I've seen, and definitely good for all those who love the mandalorian bounty hunters. Give it a download and see for yourself! ~Inyri




Darth Revan vs. Darth Malak Duel Music | 1.26 MB

readme file and who the song was composed by, or what film you'd associate it with, I guarantee many of you would immediately guess at Star Wars....or possibly the Matrix Reloaded. Anyway, the author says he 'loves' the music of Knights of the old Republic (the game from which this music was taken.) I, after hearing this song, have decided that I do not love the music. I do think it's a fairly decent duel piece though. It just seems to lack the upbeat tempo that I'd want to use when fighting someone - it's more like invasion - "OMG the imperials are invading lets run away" as opposed to "Let's kick some ass." Still, as I have said on multiple occasions, anything beats the default music. ;) ~Szico VII~




Genius | 701.41 KB

good recolors. There's no unifying theme to this skin. It's teal, basically, with lettering in green and yellow. The eyes are also yellow and say "ACDC" on them, though you can only see AC if you could even see the eyes in that much detail at all, so I don't see the point. You might like this skin if you're a fan of Napoleon Dynamite, as it features some sounds from that film. So basically this is the guy's personalized clan skin, so why anyone else want to use it when it has his name and clan tag on it I don't know. What I do know is that it seems like a jumble of different features, none of which lead me to believe the author had anything concrete in mind. Maybe he just likes teal... Bot Support: Yes Team Support: No New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: Yes ~Inyri




t2_trip Egypt Re-texture | 9.83 MB

but goes a little bit further. This mod not only edits the textures, but also edits the background music and removes the buggy decals from the map in multiplayer mode. It also removes the working ones in single-player mode, but I can live with that, seeing as I never play single-player. (No prizes for guessing why.) ;) And all this comes together to create an 'Egyptian' theme. Now, I won't deny that it does look kind of Egyptian, but there's something missing that makes it fall short of its desired target. I can't say for sure whether the rocks need to be sandier, or the brick texture doesn't work, or whether the music doesn't quite sound Egyptian enough, or maybe even that the design of the map simply wasn't created to look like something from Egypt. Whatever it is, the mod is missing something. Overall, the new style is slightly better than the original, but this is purely due to the boredom people have suffered from looking at the old one. If nobody had ever seen either version before, I think I would still choose the original over this. ~Szico VII~




FF6 - DancingMad Duel: Final Part | 7.58 MB

those pieces. :( For a black mages remix, I was quite surprised at how lacking this was. I'm not saying you can't use it as a duel music - Hell, anything is better than the default track, but it just seems very.... empty. There's a tune and a beat, but it's not filled up with anything inbetween, and the tune itself isn't memorable at all. I'm not sure whether that means the original was much worse, but this version certainly isn't what I'm used to from Final Fantasy. ~Szico VII~




()Academy | 10.05 MB

one map, and consequently, it doesn't flow very well - each area doesn't merge with the next, almost seeming random at times. There's also the problem with the framerate. Whilst some areas are okay, a great portion of the main fife areas have a framerate that is less than brilliant. This could be solved with a more solid design and linkage between areas, using structural brushes and than areaportalling off each area. The lighting is for the most part, very nice - sometimes it can be a bit vivid, but most things have a source and the lighting is appropriate for the scenario. There are exceptions however - some corridors are far too bright and the outside sections are far far too dark. The patchwork in this map comes in sporadic sections of excellence - the biological-looking room being an example. That room is creepy, I swear, so I didn't like getting locked in there too much. Creepy, but very well-made. The rest of the map also shows better than average design work, with models and brushwork combining to create some nice ambience. There were parts I didn't like though - many of the doors and switches were silent, causing confusion as to whether they had been activated or not, and whilst the author attempted a portal sky, the terrain just looks far too fake - the texture repetition on them really lets it down, despite the nice clouds he's added into it. The music also has its up and down points - the beginning is nice, but then it degenerates into a soulless rhythm. The many clan logos and star wars pictures posted around the place also spoil the setting, pulling you out of the otherwise believable world that ZidZabre has created here. There is also a small bug created by the sky portal in one area, but fortunately this is the only area it appears to be affecting - whereby giant black 'curtains' appear across the corridor. There's a lot more I could say about each and every area of this map, but it would simply take far too long, and if you like the look of it it's best if you simply try it yourself. I enjoyed exploring it, both through beta and this final stage, and whilst I am disappointed the author didn't fix some of the errors I pointed out to him at that time, he should be proud of what he's managed to create here. Except for the fact that he didn't include botroutes. Bad Zidzabre! *slap* ;) New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: No ~Szico VII~




Desert Duel | 2.68 MB

Interesting, and effective...kinda. As the name tells you, this is a \'Desert Duel.\' It\'s not actually a duel in the desert though, as you might expect. It\'s actually a duel in some kind of building which is suspended above a desert. A very small building I might add. It looks nice and solid, and the orange windows with the sun are very atmospheric. However, even for a duel map this is just too darn small. It\'s one room, and the actual duelling space is reduced further by steps in the middle and a small walkway around the outside. As I mentioned previously, the brushwork and patch geometry is nice, but the texturing on some of the curves is over-stretched, and the floor texture for the walkway doesn\'t fit at all in my opinion. Basically, it\'s a good looker, but doesn\'t play well. Bot support is present, as is a nice new music track. It doesn\'t fit perfectly with the map - the feel I got was that it was kind of secluded, but the music is very action-packed. Good for duelling, but not quite the kind of track which works with the ambiance created by the map. Conclusion? If you can duel on 5 meters of floor space, then go ahead and try it. If you can\'t, or find it frustrating (as most of you probably will,) then this is probably not the kind of map you are looking for. New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes ~Szico VII~




Darth Wookiee | 859.67 KB

\"wookiee\" (with two Es). I once spelled it with one E, and someone in the comments had to correct me, and I swore to myself never to make such an error again and to help others when they too fail to be free with their Es. DarthWookie\'s second skin is, without much surprise, \"Darth Wookiee.\" Wookiees come from a lush, desnely forested planet on which I would like to live -- if I were more athletic -- called Kashyyyk, where the number of vowels you use in a word is irrelevant in wooookieee-schooool. Okay, we all know that they are big, hairy, walking carpets and that everybody loves Chewy. I love him too. I have, however, never seen wookiees emblazoning what the author calls \"ritualistic tattoos and wounds.\" I don\'t want to cheat and look it up like I usually do, so I\'ll just assume that this skin is pure fiction. From that standpoint, it\'s better than it would have been from a technical standpoint, since there are no points for accuracy, but from an ethical standpoint it seems strange. To assume that anything dark and hairy is evil (\"Darth\") and that it will thus have horrific tattoos and cuttings is a bit ... well, there are different cultures, and I don\'t think the author succeeded at creating a new kind of culture with this red-tinted, tattoo-studded \"Darth Wookiee.\" It seems borrowed. Now, from the technical view, it appears effective to achieve its goal. The ritualistic symbols on the wookiee do not look bad with normal usage, but to say that it looks good is still an overstatement; it looks as if a bright, but mostly unskilled boy artistically drew all over the wookiee. This did not even, however, seem to make him angry enough. The wookiee\'s fur is red, but it isn\'t obvious enough, but I\'m sure if you try to imagine it as any more obvious it would look bad. The solution is to make the wookiee clearly quite red, but a much deeper red, ingrained to the sole of its fur. One obvious problem with the skin is the off-white clips of whatever that line Darth Wookiee. If the author had mentioned that these were intentional, to appear as sharp cutting objects, I might only say that they were placed in impractical locations, where he is not likely to find a use for them slicing and dicing. Without any explanation, I can only look to his files where he created the skin, and saw that a similar off-white color appeared as the backgrounds of a couple images that get plastered onto the wookiee. Usually, these areas are black, to signify to the engine that they are nonexistent spaces separating each part. If you don\'t know about what I\'m talking, it\'s okay. Just know that I believe this is an obvious skinning mistake, and if the author corrects me in the comments, I\'ll go with my original view, that they\'re not placed very well and it\'s certainly not obvious what those white things are. DarthWookie -- the author, not the skin -- still has plenty of room to improve as a skinner. I\'m sure many of the technical issues with this skin could be found by using friends as bug-testers. And also, I might recommend to the author, to be a bit more creative in terms of how you decide to make characters appear darker, more associated with the Sith or the Dark Side. \"Darth Wookiee\" just seems ... too human. --Ra-Kom




Sound2Vision: Dark Force Mod (9.0) | 1.16 MB

Oh maan, that gun so owns. And the new sounds work with it as's as If I'd gone to heaven. Seriously, using it is [b]that[/b] good. Although, to put a lid on my enthusiasm, the primary fire needs some upgraded sounds as well. Anyway, the rest of the mod. You can read the readme file below for the full list of features, and there are a lot of them. I'm sure I didn't have time to try them all out, but what I found was goood. Aside from one thing. I played with a bot called Kate_Walker, and I'll be damned If I could kill her/it. I swear she's invincible. And to top that off, she runs around the level with cool glow trails and energy sparks whizzing around her. How is that fair? I wanted a cool energy aura too! :( Well, I suppose my player's default size being doubled does have its merits, such as 225HP and a hell of a lot of Force Power, but it also makes you a lot easier to hit. There are several new models/skins included also. Well, they're really only edited versions of default skins, but they look nicer, if more revealing, especially on the twilek model. Still, if that's your kind of thing. I'd rather be blasting them all with my pseudo-rocket launcher, personally, but hey, we can't have everything. The new grab move in Melee attack is also so so nice....although unfortunately the sounds don't quite fit with it. Furthermore, the dismemberments are somewhat more gruesome now. I think I sliced off Rosh's head at one point, which was extremely satisfying. Also included aside from the new weapons and 1st person view for your lightsaber are pumped-up force powers, which now extend to level 5. Basically, they’re all stronger, cooler, and with better range. I personally enjoyed the upgrades to the drain power the most. Now when you drain people, they actually lose health. That really made my day. ;) Sure, it's manic and some will inevitably look on this as 'plain stupid,' but I say to heck with them. This mod is fun, fun and more fun. Oh, and its fun. ~Szico VII~




EPII Coruscant Chase Duel Music | 8.18 MB

If you leave it long enough.... *eek* So, the song. Well, it\'s classic John Williams really. I personally think it\'s one of his weaker pieces from Episode 2, but to each his own I guess, and it does fit the \'pumped-up and ready to fight\' theme. Download it If you\'re interested. If not, well, don\'t. ;) ~Szico VII~




ffa_corellia | 23.19 MB

error. This is Corellia. It's a very metropolitan take on Corellia, featuring many of the high-flying aspects of Coruscant. It's basically three skyscrapers jutting out of the sky of Corellia, each holding their own secrets to discover. I use the word "secrets" lightly, so don't take it literally. There were so many areas to explore, but I'll narrow it down to a few. First I'll start with the outside. Basically the outside is what it sounds like - the area outside of the towers. It features landing platforms, bridges between the towers (lest you fall to an unpleasant death), as well as various signs and displays. Quite possibly the coolest thing about these maps is that very little of the detail is static. Things blink and rotate, adding quite heavily to the metropolitan feel of the map. It is very reminiscent of Coruscant from Episode II. Inside the towers is plenty to explore. For instance I managed to find several vehicles (so to speak). Inside one of the towers was some kind of small ground vehicle, though unusable, and outside the towers were a cloakshape fighter and what looked like a T-16 skyhopper. That part was cool, because you can actually go [i]inside[/i] of it from within one of the towers. Finding your way around these towers is no easy task, though. Just when I thought I'd seen everything, I'd find out that the elevators went [i]down[/i] too! This is one of those maps that just seems ideal for an RP server. It's huge, has plenty of areas, as well as many things to "claim" as your own, including rooms, cantinas, and even what seemed like a black market stash of weapons, hidden behind some breakable glass. The one thing I found kind of distracting was that the atmosphere in certain areas seemed a little "misty", foggy even, though perhaps it's just my eyes. Still, ane excellent map, and certainly worth a download from anyone who considers themselves a map connoisseur. New Textures: Yes New Models: Yes New Music: No Bot Support: Yes ~Inyri




FDC Skin | 423.53 KB

[b](FDC)[/b] in big red letters. The eyes have also been made red. It's your typical newbie skinner skin, and hopefully in time this author will learn that nobody really likes these kinds of skins... No team skins or extras. Look for a more original and unique concept for your next skin! Bot Support: No Team Support: No New Sounds: No NPC Support: No ~Inyri




Pyro-m4ni4c Detpack | 1006.25 KB

It\'s an interesting effect, but an effect I would imagine would be better suited to a much larger explosion. The new sounds, however, fit quite well with the new effect. The textures on the det pack have also been darkened, but as the author mentioned in his read-me, this is hardly noticible. ~Inyri




Coruscant Heights 2 | 20.09 MB

If you've ever played JK2 Nar Shaddaa Streets. (My favourite level of the game) You'll instantly recognise the style used in this map. It actually looks like the author has directly used some of Raven's original map for jk2 to create this one, which whilst not that challenging, still looks good ;) And of course now it's Coruscant-texture themed, and not Nar Shaddaa. Of course, it does have a few small flaws, as well as a few not-so-small ones. Most obviously, especially from some of the screenshots, is the missing floor texture. Now, if this has been on a crate or something, I'd probably have overlooked it. However, when the entire floor of one half of the map is an ugly grey and white texture, you tend to notice it ;) Furthermore, the framerate can get a bit choppy sometimes, although it isn't in general bad. However, I can tell without looking at the included .map file that the author has failed to caulk many of his hidden surfaces, which immediately lets me know the framerate could have been so much better! :( I'm actually more amazed at the scope of this level, rather than the design. You'll need a Force 3 jump to get around most places, although there are a few trams and lifts which move you around as well. However, unless you're a full-force jump user, you won't be able to get around very easily. Oh yes, the doors. Very annoying. The author has forgotten to put a 'wait' key on his door triggers, and consequently when you press 'use', the door opens and closes too rapidly for you to get through. Overall though, the gameplay of this map is great - plenty of height variation and enough room for well over 32 players. I especially liked the fog-esque effect around the building bases. That just looks so good compared to a black drop-off that I will tip my hat to the author. Very nice. :D In conclusion, this map is very inspiring, although technically and visually there are some rather unpleasant flaws which absolutely MUST be fixed because as they are they're ruining the map. Oh yes, and there is no bot support, so I'm afraid the author gets a big black cross put by his name ;) Next time get them in there for Pete’s sake![/quote] So, here's the second version of the map, which, looking at the readme, has fixed a fair few bugs and other problems. Most importantly, is the texture problem which proved to be a fatal flaw in the original. As you'd expect, that issue has been fixed for this new version, so we can all get on and be happy. The map is essentially the same as the first version, there are no major design changes, although one of the cool cable cars has been removed, and there's a few new additions, including sounds for the doors and wait values. There were a couple of new errors I discovered this time around, and a few new things to comment on which I didn't notice originally. Firstly, there are now some caulked surfaces which that player can actually see, so what you get is basically an invisible wall in a few places (See screenshot 6). Secondly, is the texture usage. Now, I know that the author has prevented his textures from looking repetitive by breaking them up using other textures, but I think going a step further could give another visual boost to the map. Looking sideward, the textures are fine, but looking up and down, they repeat. Furthermore, when textures which are the same sit next to each other, and some of the windows have glows, it looks weird when the set of windows directly next to them has exactly the same set of glows. The new support sections and walkways are well created, but you need to create the flares properly, because, at the moment, they're 2D. Okay, all flares are 2D, but they're supposed to look 3D. This is done by making a light and giving it the following keys and values: [quote] key: _flareshader value: textures/flares/nameofflareshader[/quote] Furthermore, when looking into the crevices between some buildings, you can see half-cut window textures which really don’t fit. (Screenshot 2)There's also a small issue on that broken pane of glass in the building near the top of the level, where the author has not caulked the gaps where 2 pieces of glass meet, so it looks a little weird. Also, were those cars there before? I mean at the top of the level. They just don't look as good there as they do at the bottom. There are also a few uncaulked surfaces on the buildings, but I'm still loving that fog ;) Conclusion? It's a very nice map, which seems to capture the physique and scope of a cityscape very well. Gameplay-wise, it's also on a very level, with plenty of height variation and room to breathe. In order make this a brilliant map though, you'll need to really push your design ambition - don't just have square buildings, give them more detail, create some focal points and really bring it to life. Its a great design, but it can get quite monotonous after staring at it for a while. Make a focal point, and bring some more lighting contrasts into play to spice areas up a bit - some shadowed allies e.t.c. Overall though, a definite improvement over the first. Although, you're still getting slapped wrists for not including bot support. Honestly, it is such a good extra to have, and isn't particularly hard to implement! Oh yea, and is the inclusion of that custom skybox really a necessary addition - you can only see the top of it in game and there's plenty of JK3 skyboxes which would have worked just as well, if not better. New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No Bot Support: No ~Szico VII~




Matrix Soundtrack DUEL MUSIC | 6.66 MB

third or even half of it is slow piano or strings music. The rest is... well, I have difficulty describing it. It\'s still a little too slow to make effecting fighting music, though, so I don\'t see why [i]this[/i] particular song was chosen to use, other than the fact that most of the other good Matrix songs have already been turned into duel music. But I imagine there is someone out there who might appreciate it in this form, so enjoy. ~Inyri




The Legend of MAX Duel Music | 1.42 MB

video game music, mostly due to the strong underlying beat and rhythm that this music form has, by its very nature. That makes it somewhat... standable. This one\'s a little too perky for my tastes, but I can imagine for those of you who enjoy this type of music it will fit quite well in a duel atmosphere. The song itself is from a fan-made addition to Dance Dance Revolution called \"Stepmania\". I\'m not familiar with DDR, so maybe that has a deeper meaning for some of you than it does for me. At its very basic level, this duel music mod seems like it\'ll work pretty well, though as with all duel music mods it won\'t float for certain people. Good thing there\'s a plethora of duel music mods to choose from, should techno not be \"your thing\" ;). ~Inyri




Darth Katarn | 514.6 KB

about any skin released. Next, nothing was done to the shoulder pad, and brown looks really odd with black. It would\'ve been better if the author recolored this too or at the very least, surfed it off. Then the author didn\'t do anything at all to the face. This is probably the biggest problem considering that this is supposed to be a Sith Kyle, as the default Kyle face doesn\'t cut it for a Sith. Basically, this amounts to a Kyle in black robes with a brown stain on his shoulder. There\'s also npc support, bot support (except due to an error in naming one of the file extensions, it doesn\'t actually work), and a new hilt. The new hilt in here is basically a yellow recolor of the Katarn hilt. In theory, it sounds interesting as it was supposed to be a golden hilt. In practice, the value is wrong for a gold color and there isn\'t a proper shader to give it that \"shine\" gold has. In fact, the author said in his readme that he wouldn\'t blame us for getting rid of it. This brings into question into why he included it in the first place if he didn\'t like it. This skin doesn\'t stand out in the crowd of other Darth Katarn skins out there, mainly as there really isn\'t anything \"Darth\" about it. Bot Support: If you fix the extensions NPC Support: Yes Team Support: No New Sounds: No ~IfritZero~




Council Tatooine | 2.34 MB

any general FFA server could use it really :) One of the things I was greatly impressed with in Bayoon’s last map was the superb use of curves, and once again, there are plenty of curves in this map, again also used very well. I remember from my time in clans that the base JKA Tatooine map (mp/ffa3) was always very popular, as it had a good layout for clans. It was just a nice size, not too big and not too small, there was a nicely sized FFA or tournament area, plenty of room for dueling and also lets not forget a bar ;) Tatooine always seemed to be a location that people liked, and that map was also very practical, I suppose that’s why it was so popular with the clans I was in. Well, this is also a Tatooine map, and just like that base JKA map, there are plenty of practical features here for clans, plus plenty of nice looking architecture and some good texturing. Some of the features include; training rooms (what clan map would be complete without them?) and a large main area, filled with buildings and walkways, (which I personally think would make a great place for gun or FFA battles!) The best bit in my opinion though is a very large duel room, surrounded by stands and seating areas behind the walls. How are you going to see the action I hear you say? Well from inside the seating areas you can see through glass windows, on the duel arena side though, you just see a wall. One-way glass is great! ;) In the seating area where I presume the admins are supposed to sit (this area had comfy chairs instead of the normal stands :P) there are 3 switches. Each one enables or disables a feature in the dual arena, such as a large walkway in the middle that can retract, or narrow walkways that rise from the floor. There’s even a switch that makes the floor disappear, to make the duel that bit more dangerous…fall and they will never hear you scream… Ehmm anywayy, there are also one or two things that could be improved upon here. One thing that bugged me was that in some areas, the lighting didn’t seem to be coming from any light source, it looked like the lights were just floating there and not coming from any ceiling or wall lights (such as in the main duel arena). Overall though I must still say that the lighting was very good. One other thing would be that in the main outside area with all the buildings, some of the textures did get a little repetitive, as there was a lot of some kinds of texture, but that wasn’t too noticeable. Oh and the skybox used isn’t a Tatooine one, but I’m just picking straws there :P It still looks great anyway! Another great clan oriented map here from Bayoon, your clans lucky to have a mapper like you! ;) I cant wait to see more of your work! :) Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA ~Nozyspy~




Main Menu Title Video (Obi+Ani vs Mr D) | 19.39 MB

and I find it to be a great distraction. Secondly, the clip is much too long. If it were me, I would have just limited it to the saber duel and stopped it at Dooku\'s beheading. Thirdly, which is something that I didn\'t notice on his last submission of this type, is that this video replaces the first cutscene, when it doesn\'t need to had the author just tweaked one menu file. As a result, if you happen to play single-player you\'ll see this video instead of the shuttle descent video. Kind of obnoxious, considering to edit the menu file would take the replacing of probably one word to get it to be independent. Plus, to be honest, these videos are all fine and dandy, but they\'re just not the same without the sound and music. So is it worth it? I don\'t know. Almost 20 mb for something you\'ll ideally be looking at for 5 seconds at a time, unless you actually sit there and watch it before connecting to a server. You decide. ~Inyri




Sith-J Christmas Map FFA | 18.75 MB

this map exactly, but it sounds cool anyway ;) Onwards we go then. :D As you may have noticed, this is designed as a Christmas map, and I certainly can't argue that it doesn't do it's job there! Unfortunately, it's not the Christmas map it was once going to be. I believe Sith-J ran out of personal free time to create the map, so released what he'd done so far. This means the map is, whilst very pretty, also very small. You can still squeeze a small FFA on it, but there's not much to explore or do, and I thought the music could've been a bit more festive for the season! The lighting was very nice, especially the fluorescent mushrooms and little orange lamps, as was the general architecture - after what we have all come to expect from Sith-J, I'd expect no less. But, and there is a rather big BUT, there are a few annoying bugs/style issues. Firstly there’s a fudged up spawn point which leaves you stuck into an invisible clip wall, and secondly the terrain doesn't undulate very much, even in the small forest area. :( I also think the texture for the path looks a little weird in the way it blends into the snow, but that’s a personal issue. Oh yeah, there's also some caulk brushes visible on the undersides of the archways, but nothing really serious. Finally, there’s a small area with a snowman in a glass ball. Looks nice, but doesn't really serve any practical gameplay purpose. :( My verdict is that this is a smashing little themed-map for the season, but flawed due to the rush it was made in. Maybe just start a little earlier next year James. Or even better, finish this one off for next Christmas :D Loving that Santa flying through the sky though ;) New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes ~Szico VII~




Siege Endor Mappack | 47.77 MB

maps, its just a shame they are Siege only and not FFA’s too. First of all, the Ewok Village Map; Let me start off with the size. I wouldn’t say this map is too big or too small, infact, I find it…just right really. There’s plenty of space to have a good battle here, whether it’s in the treetops or on the ground. That brings me onto the ground. There’s some excellent terrain here! I don’t know what you used to do it (it seems too good for easygen) but it looks great! Just like a forest floor. There’s plenty of stuff on the ground to explore, all the ditches and trenches, and even hollow logs that you can walk through. Now lets move up into the trees. This map really does recreate the Ewok village feel brilliantly! I absolutely love the texture used for the wooden floor, the idea of using a flat texture with see-through bits around the edges of the wooden planks is very clever. It sort of makes it look 3D without it having to be made out of many parts, which would lower the framerate. The same method of using 2d textures is used again with the trees around the edge of the map. Just a flat see-through texture, but with trees on it. Put a couple of layers of that together and hey presto, it looks like a proper forest! Another great thing is the skybox, which works really well to give the map that forest feel. Unfortunately this map is only for Siege, that’s a shame because I think it would have made a brilliant FFA map too. There has been some clever things done with the Siege gametype though. When you come to choose which team you will be on, there is an actual proper map at the side, displaying the objectives, which is really cool. That makes it feel much more professional. Another thing that is quite nifty is the blue and red rings of light that look sorta like the command posts out of Starwars Battlefront. These are apparently the objectives, and there’s a clever way of capturing them…you need to hold down the use key on the objective, until it changes to your teams colour, which I think is a really cool idea ;) Also another great feature is that as you complete one map, depending on who wins, the game automatically loads up the next map in the series! There are some things that could be improved upon, but like it says in the readme this map is still in Beta Testing. One would be that on both the trees around the edge of the map, and on all the objectives, just at the top of each one, there is a small line, where it looks like the texture used is about to start repeating. So the texture could do with stretching just a little to get rid of that line. Also the big trees to which the structures are attached could do with some foliage adding to them, but the author tells me that he’s working on that, so that’s cool :) All in all though an excellent, and professional looking siege map here, good job m8! Right, next up is the Battle of Endor map. Really this map is very similar in looks to the Endor Village map, except this one is in the daytime. This is also the map that leads into the Shield Generator Complex. As with the Ewok Village map there are plenty of big trees, and some Ewok huts scattered around them. This is probably the largest map in the pack, if my senses are correct. There are a few cool features in this map which include: Log traps (remember all the log traps the Ewoks used in the final battle, like the two logs that swing together to crush the ATST’s head? Well they’re here ;)) There is a catapult too, which if you fire it when an ATST is just in the right position, if will fling a boulder at the ATST that will destroy it. Once again the terrain and lighting look excellent. Probably the main thing that could be improved upon here is the fog. The fog looks kinda weird, because you can see the skybox clearly through it, but all the trees and ground are fogged up. So when you look straight ahead, the fogged up trees really stand out against the crystal clear skybox, and so the trees kinda look like big bluish blobs :/ All I could suggest to try to fix this would be to enlarge the skybox a lot, and then make sure you have a really big fog brush that extends well beyond the playable borders of the map. I seem to remember this worked for me on one of my maps once. I dunno whether it was a fluke though :S To be honest though this map might look better without the fog. Also this map doesn’t have a level shot either. But besides that, another good map here! Now, onto the Endor Shield Generator Map; This map is much much smaller, but still looks brilliant. Once again the 2D tree textures are put to good use to give depth to the map. The terrain is once again excellent and the big pine trees here also look really cool, the dappled shade they create is very nice ;) There are a lot more buildings in this map than there were in the other two, and these are all the Imperial type ones. This would make a great place for a battle weaving your way in and out of the buildings, and pipes. Inside is also great, and very detailed. Probably my favourite part inside was what I presume is the generator room. You know, it’s the one where near the end of Return of the Jedi, when Han and the gang break into the bunker, they get ambushed by some Imperials, and Han chucks something at one of the Imperials and he goes flying over the railing into this big room, with all these pylons that have electricity sparking around them….well that part has been very well recreated here! There’s even a nifty little viewscreen thingy in the facilities control centre that allows you to see what is happening at one of the objectives in another room! And who can forget that insanely large dish outside that projects the shields up to the second Death Star…well that’s here too and its massive!. Things that could be improved upon here: not much really! Probably just the problem with the Objective, and Tree textures around the edge of the map that need stretching slightly again. Although this map also needs a level shot, because it hasn’t got one at the moment. You can also play all the maps with bots (but they don’t seem to work too well on the Battle of Endor map) with the siege gametype, this is what the readme says: [quote] If you are playing by yourself, you\'ll need to open the \"consol\" window and type /addbot nameofbot eg: /addbot rebel [/quote] Also although they are siege maps only from the main menu, there is a sneaky way that you can play them in FFA. Simply start up an FFA map as normal, then, once you get in type /devmap mp/siege_endor_village, /devmap mp/siege_endor_shieldgen or /devmap mp/siege_endor_bunker in the console. Then just spawn bots as normal from the menu :) They actually work pretty well! Unfortunately though the bots don’t work on the Battle of Endor map :/ Great maps here m8, I cant wait to see what other maps you make ;) Battle of Endor: Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes (There’s this guy who actually speaks when you capture an objective, hehe cool!) New Music: No Game Types: Siege Ewok Village: Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes (The guy who did the speaking in the last map is back again!) New Music: No Game Types: Siege Shield Generator: Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No (There didn’t appear to be any sounds on this one :( ) New Music: No Game Types: Siege ~Nozyspy~ Ohhh and by the way, don’t forget to check out the cool player models included in the .zip!




Open Jedi Project Basic | 2.65 MB

heard of it before. Unlike many of the others, the OJP is designed to be accessible by a variety of developers, so it is fully "tweakable" to suit an individual's particular needs. So, let's get on with it. What's new this time around? Seemingly the only [i]actual[/i] new feature in 0.0.9 is an OJP Client Plugin Detection feature, which will detect whether or not you are running it on your computer. There have been several fixes, however, including a fix to a true view issue with switching models, several fixes to holstered weapons, and a fix to RBG sabers to avoid conflicts with other saber hilt and blade mods, which is always nice. For more details on these changes/fixes, and those from previous versions, check OJP_changelog.txt. So if you play OJP, make sure to get this update! And remember, if you want to use the work of the OJP team that's fine, just read the information they have provided about crediting. ~Inyri




KOTF Clan Saber Hilts Pack | 2.4 MB

this pack contains some unusual and pretty unique saber hilts. Sure we have all seen saber hilts with maybe an extra saber or two added on. I saw one once that was like an X with a saber blade extending out of each arm of the X! I’m sure it would be interesting trying NOT to slice your legs off whilst fighting with that…ehmm anyway…These saber hilts are actually letters! There are five hilts here, one normal hilt, and four ‘letter’ hilts which spell out the initials of the Knights of the Force clan, or KOTF. What I think is great about these is the way the extra saber blades have been added. There’s smaller ones on each edge of the letter, and then the full size central beam that goes straight up like normal. For instance, with the letter O hilt, there are six little beams that make up the O, and then a seventh beam which goes straight up like normal. Here I am blathering on trying to describe it in words! It’s probably just easier to look at the screenshots below! ;) Anyway…a very cool little mod here. I know people sometimes don’t like clan-related files. But this really is a unique (as far as I know anyway) and quite unusual saber mod. Give it a download if you like what you see! :) ~Nozyspy~




Stab Attack Mod | 159.74 KB

days just how much people whined about this... but anyway, if for some reason you\'ve never liked that lunge attack, or just want to try something different, this mod replaces the lunge animation with a nifty stab animation. I believe this is just another animation from the default gla, so you\'ve probably seen it before, but it still might be a nifty change. I might keep it around a bit just for fun. The only drawback here is how the author went about changing this animation. Instead of changing the animations.cfg, he went into the .sab files and changed the particular attack. However the problem therein is that this new stab will only work for default sabers, and not for custom sabers. Learning how to use animations.cfg would be a good idea in the future, however, for anyone trying to learn animation modding. ~Inyri




Dark Angel Reborn | 1.39 MB

assuming you'd ever see the mouth open while dueling. The black and green coloring is very sloppy. The black parts of the reborn's decals looks choppy, almost like it was drawn in crayon. If you look closely enough, there are sections - which almost look like individual pixels, if I didn't know any better - that are still orange. Other than that it's just a typical recolor. Tastefully done... but still incredibly typical and somewhat boring. All I can say is at least the color combination is cool-looking. That will give it some playability points. Bot Support: No Team Support: No New Sounds: No NPC Support: No ~Inyri




The 'Ultimate' Duel Music Pack | 101.18 MB

moving onto the other songs in this pack ;) The author should just be glad there isn't an 'originality' rating - I've seen so many music packs recently lol! [quote]Okay, I officially love FFAC music - you know why? Simply because it just owns everything else. Including you That also means sending in an FFAC music pack will probably get you a very biased review, if i get to review it anyway. Okay, so in this pack there are four songs, one of which I've heard before, wheras the other three are new to me. Okay, the first song (The one I've met before) was definitely my least favourite of the three, and here's the review of the duel music pack with the same song in: Anyone here seen FFVII:Advent Children yet? Anyone? Well.. if you have you can either read japanese or know someone who can. Music-wise, I've been looking forward to what it is going to offer, as for me, and no, I'm not ashamed to say this - The FFVII soundtrack and OC Remixes' are the best in the world. Period. Soo what do I think of this as a piece of duel music? Well, being called 'Battle in the Forgotten City' I'd assumed it would be similar to the ancient city music from FF7... boy was I wrong. For dueling its really down to personal taste whether you like this or not - for me I was quite disappointed, but its very techno/heavy style has grown on me... a bit. Still, if this gets your funk going in a duel, so be it. Oh, and sorry to the author, FileOps won't accept your name as it's too long, so I had to shorten it a little. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The other three are in my opinion, far far better - probably because unlike the first, they're all essentially remixes of FF7 tracks, one is 'Still more Fighting,' the other is 'J.E.N.O.V.A,' and the other is 'One Winged Angel.' If you've ever heard the Black Mages remixes they're quite similar to those, except better One Winged Angel is simply briliant. I admit, before I never actually liked it, but this version really does blow you away after the first 20seconds The still more Fighting song is good, but a little heavy for the most part. Jenova is another good song, keeping very faithful to the original melody. You know what's even better? That they all work as duel music! Yes I know the effort to make one of these isn't the biggest thing in existance, but I'm still glad it has been done. [/quote] Well, in this pack there are all the afformentioned songs.... plus a few others, such as Duel of the Fates, a remix of the standard FF7 battle theme, and what sounds like a remix of the Shinra building background music ;) I have to say, I love all of them, except for the Blitzball duel....that's the one single piece of Final Fantasy music I can't stand! What's really good about this pack though, is that ALL the songs work as duel themes. The author already knows he'll have got a good score for including FF music, so I'll just finish the review here and let you all listen to the songs for yourselfs...provided you have enough bandwidth to download it that is ;) ~Szico VII~




FF7- Advent Children Duel Music Pack | 39.74 MB

review, if i get to review it anyway. :D Okay, so in this pack there are four songs, one of which I've heard before, wheras the other three are new to me. Okay, *rubs hands* the first song (The one I've met before) was definitely my least favourite of the three, and here's the review of the duel music pack with the same song in: [quote]Anyone here seen FFVII:Advent Children yet? Anyone? Well.. if you have you can either read japanese or know someone who can. Music-wise, I've been looking forward to what it is going to offer, as for me, and no, I'm not ashamed to say this - The FFVII soundtrack and OC Remixes' are the best in the world. Period. Soo what do I think of this as a piece of duel music? Well, being called 'Battle in the Forgotten City' I'd assumed it would be similar to the ancient city music from FF7... boy was I wrong. For dueling its really down to personal taste whether you like this or not - for me I was quite disappointed, but its very techno/heavy style has grown on me... a bit. Still, if this gets your funk going in a duel, so be it. Oh, and sorry to the author, FileOps won't accept your name as it's too long, so I had to shorten it a little.[/quote] The other three are in my opinion, far far better - probably because unlike the first, they're all essentially remixes of FF7 tracks, one is 'Still more Fighting,' the other is 'J.E.N.O.V.A,' and the other is 'One Winged Angel.' If you've ever heard the Black Mages remixes they're quite similar to those, except better :) One Winged Angel is simply briliant. I admit, before I never actually liked it, but this version really does blow you away after the first 20seconds :) The still more Fighting song is good, but a little heavy for the most part. Jenova is another good song, keeping very faithful to the original melody. You know what's even better? That they all work as duel music! Yes I know the effort to make one of these isn't the biggest thing in existance, but I'm still glad it has been done. ;) ~Szico VII~




Star Wars Episode III JKA Map Pack - Part 3 | 119.12 MB

one can say that they haven’t been waiting for at least one of these maps! The one I was most looking forward to was the Senate ;) Well, this is going to be an insanely long review lol, so I will give each map its own little (or not so little) section. Kashyyyk Battle: First lets start with Kashyyyk. Now, having bought the Ep3 DVD yesterday (October 31st mwahaha we in Britain get it a day before the Americans! Makes a change to get something first for once lol…anywayyy…) Probably one of my favourite battle scenes (of which there were many) was the Kashyyyk one. Giant furry people against robots? Who wouldn’t like to see such a match up ;) This map is truly MASSIVE, among some of the ace things included are many vehicles made by various other authors. Including the Hailfire Droid and the Clone Gunship. Now, I know how annoying it can be to try and fly around in a map that’s too small, and you keep banging into the skybox and blowing up…but thankfully this map has easily enough room for a dogfight in the sky ;) This would, I imagine, be a great map for gunbattles and TFFA’s because of all the vehicles and the massive amount of room. Not to mention all the walkways pads and cool features like barricades on the ground. Graphically this map is superb, there’s a little Republic Star Destroyer moving in the sky, also there is a bird that is actually flying round! That’s not the best bit though, what was really great was the fact that there were multiple rooms in the giant trees that you could actually go inside, and not only that the leaves on the trees, actually sway, so it looks like there is a slight breeze blowing! The water even looks like its lapping against the shore! Sometimes it’s the little things like that which really make a map more alive graphically. All in all a really good map here, if you like exploring or like having a battle, you will love this! Also this map reminds me of Naboo Hills By Darth Zappa, because of the vast amount of space and all the vehicles, so if you liked that map, you will love this! The Senate: Well this is the map that I most wanted to see in this pack :) Its probably a bit smaller than I expected, but like he said in the readme, it needed to be made smaller for obvious reasons! Kashyyyk was best in my opinion as a battle map, this however is probably better as a dueling map. That’s because there are lots of platforms and tricky areas to jump around, which is great whilst you are dueling! Its also good for exploring, as with all of Sith J’s maps there’s always plenty of places to explore! There’s even the little tunnel included that Yoda crawls through to escape at the end of the film. That’s not it though, this map contains a couple of extremely cool features, which I’m sure you will want to play around with…. One being a small control panel at the bottom of the senate area. If you press and hold the use button on it (similar to what you do when you are trying to hack the control panels on Hoth Siege), when the timer bar goes all the way down to the bottom, the entire map will change from being all perfect, to after Yoda and Palpatine have finished dueling, with Senate pods crashed all over the place and plenty of smoke! Another super cool feature is the Iris type thingy that opens to allow Palpatines Platform to rise up into the middle of the Senate arena. That must have been a difficult thing to make! If you have the Yoda and Palpatine models this would be a great place to re-enact their battle ;) There were only a couple of small things that bugged me here (a perfect map is impossible to get!) One would be that the Senate area itself is a bit small, but like he says in the readme, it would have been almost impossible to make it at its full size! The other would be the ordinary senate pods they are quite low detail compared to the better looking ones that are floating around, but again, if you made them too detailed it would drag the fps right down because there are so many of them. Nevertheless the overall look is very realistic, and as always this map is great fun to explore! This map is the one I was really looking forward to in this pack, and I can certainly say that it doesn’t disappoint! Now onto the last and smallest map in this pack, Vaders Reconstruction Chamber, where he dons that famous black suit! (mind you he’s pretty much crippled then so its probably actually the medical droids that don it for him, but that doesn’t sound as good…ehm anyway) Vaders Reconstruction Chamber: This map, according to the readme, is a teaser for a bigger map that will come later on. But its still brilliant! This map doesn’t appear to have bot support (although I’m sure the finished version will), but its too small to be played properly with bots anyway. This thing that really got me in this map is the atmosphere created, it is really just like what you see in the film, dark, heavy and gloomy. Its really got that evil atmosphere. Graphically it is also very good, there’s plenty of detailing to look at. What’s best of all though, is the bed that Vader is reconstructed on, press one of the 2 control panels near the entrance and the bed raises and lowers! This is another great map, and I look forward to seeing the full size version! Another excellent mappack here from Sith J, and as usual I found virtually no bugs, or things that I didn’t like, because his maps are such high quality! Battle of Kashyyyk: Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA The Senate: Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA Vaders Reconstruction Chamber: Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA ~Nozyspy~




Black Hole | 403.65 KB

supposed to be the high point of this skin, but I can't figure out why. It's as if the author took every cool sound he could find from JA and put them in the soundset - everything from the ion cannon sound to lightning. I don't get how any of them have anythin to do with a black hole either, except maybe the vacuum sounds, but even those are pushing it. Anyway, as I said, make your own judgements on this skin based on the screenshots. Bot Support: No Team Support: No New Sounds: No NPC Support: No ~Inyri




Hoth Siege Modified | 1.3 MB

been added either side of the big door, in the area where you start the game. It was already hard enough trying to get an AT-ST up to that door, so your going to need much better team co-ordination now to try and get it through those two extra turrets! And also in the area behind that door where you must get to the Bridge controls at the other end, there’s a new emplaced turret on top of the Bridge Control Room that you can get in. There’s another large difference, but this is more on the side of gameplay mechanics rather than actual physical changes to the map. The hack times on all the consoles have been reduced, which I’m sure the players on the Imperial team will like! I know how annoying it could be to try and hack those consoles, then you keep getting shot and have to go back and do it again when you respawn. One other thing is that the health on a lot of things (like the turrets for example) has been increased, so as well as having more turrets, they’re also a lot more difficult to kill! O.o Probably the one thing I didn’t like most of all was the fact that there was no proper lighting, the entire map was on full brightness, which, when you have lots of very white snow…can be a bit blinding lol. Really, this was quite an interesting idea, making a siege map more challenging, but I feel the author could have perhaps done a bit more with this. But anyway if you like Hoth Siege and want to play a more challenging version with some friends, then you might like this :) Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Music: No Game Types: Siege ~Nozyspy~




FFVII Advent Children Duel Music

ff_vii_advent_children_duel_music.rar | 4.65 MB

me, and no, I'm not ashamed to say this - The FFVII soundtrack and OC Remixes' are the best in the world. Period. ;) Soo what do I think of this as a piece of duel music? Well, being called 'Battle in the Forgotten City' I'd assumed it would be similar to the ancient city music from FF7... boy was I wrong. For dueling its really down to personal taste whether you like this or not - for me I was quite disappointed, but its very techno/heavy style has grown on me... a bit. Still, if this gets your funk going in a duel, so be it. Oh, and sorry to the author, FileOps won't accept your name as it's too long, so I had to shorten it a little. ~Szico VII~




Punisher Jedi | 928.87 KB

his left), the grey part of his torso has been recolored black so that no texture remains, and the punisher logo painted onto his back. The lower half of his body and his face seem unaltered. Are we graced with team support? Bot or npc support? No. The author has gone for the bare minimum here, in more ways than one. Perhaps if he did something to this skin other than changing the colors, or adding the punisher logo on the back, it would be better. Granted I haven't read the comics or seen the film, but I know the Punisher isn't a scrawny Jedi with an iron-on patch on his back. Bot Support: No Team Support: No New Sounds: No NPC Support: No ~Inyri




Taun Taun Joust | 2.8 MB

the other end, whilst swinging your saber, trying to slice your opponent in half. I feel a bit sorry for the poor TaunTaun though….:( Now, I’ve seen one of these before on another map, I can’t remember which one, but I do remember it was fun! As far as the look of the map goes, it looks pretty nice, there seems to be a frozen pond type thing at either end, with pond plants in, and frozen water coming half out some pipes above the ponds, which looks cool. There is some cool music here too, that fits well with the theme of the map I think. Being a duel map, and thus pretty small, there’s not really that many bugs you can find usually. The only thing that bugged me (forgive the pun :P) here, was that the lighting on the cliffs you could see outside the grates at either side of the map, looked a little strange, but I’m not really sure what would be needed to improve that. Besides that, another cool map here! Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Game Types: Duel, Power Duel ~Nozyspy~




Samurai Blade | 107.86 KB

don't agree. I find that it looks more like a saber without the colored glow. However you can decide for yourself. It does add the sword sounds that particular saber, and the trail seems a bit more pronounced. Personally, if you're really a sword fanatic I'd suggest just downloading sword models. ~Inyri




JA Enhanced Graphics | 219.15 KB

pretty though :) Basically, this mod takes almost everything in the game which is remotely natural looking (and even some player models) and gives them a super dynamic glow. You'll need a vid card which supports this function to use the mod, and you better have eyes which can take a lot of strain! I guess whilst some things look nicer with a glow, giving my stormtrooper SP model a big glow doesn't really work - and seeing glowing rock faces and grass doesn't really fit the bill either. Still, it is interesting to see how the game looks with the shader modifications, and if you like glows in general you'll love this :) ~Szico VII~




General Secura | 848.99 KB

important changes he has made to make her look much better. First of all, I like the clothes a lot better. Whether they\'re movie accurate or not, I have not the slightest clue, but the shading on them is much more realistic and makes it look more like real cloth. The face, from a distance, also fits the model better I think. However there should probably be a little bit more shading just above the top lip. One area I found lacking on both the original and this version was her right arm. There\'s no musculature skinned onto it at all. It looks kind of... plastic-y. This would have been something big Dark Cuillere could have fixed, but didn\'t. Oh well. Always room for improvement in any skin or mod ;). What this really comes down to is whether you like Mars\' outfit and face better, or Dark Cuillere\'s. Luckily if you like both, you can have both! This [i]does not[/i] overwrite, and has team support of its own. No bot or npc support, though. No new sounds either, though Jaden seems to work just fine in this instance. Not quite as impressive as General Kenobi, but still good work on its own. Bot Support: No Team Support: Yes New Sounds: No NPC Support: No ~Inyri




njo_gardens | 2.03 MB

create was really good. It gives you a sense of being in a lush tropical area. Maybe I'm going over board with that, but i liked it so sue me. The areas with the waterfalls and flowing waters looks fairly nice with it surrounded by trees etc. I also like the lighting used in this map. Ok, while aspects of the terrain were done well, some areas feel to blocky. The one thing that really bugged me was the waterfalls themselves. They look so nice, but my eye kept being drawn back to the edges at 90 degree angles. Most of the map seams to be lit by natural lighting, torches etc. But the author decided to use in specific places textures of light fixtures.. kinda doesnt fit. Some of the areas have objects with the "black effect", and there is at least one place were the caulk has no texture at all. Overall, this is a nice little map. The author did some things that make areas stand out. It looks like the author is on his/her way in mapping having learned some techniques. Keep it up... I think in a little more time