Jedi Knight II




JK2 Editing Tools

jk2editingtools2.exe | 9.98 MB

create Icarus scripts. IBIZE.exe - the Icarus script compiler (Note: the ICARUS compiler used in JK2 is the same as the Elite Force version, but the BehavEd.bhc file has changed.) roq.exe - tool to compile images into a RoQ video. and these Documents: bot_tutorialot_tutorial.txt - how to make bots for MP Bot waypoint tutorial.doc Guide to SOF2JK2 Vertigons.doc Guide to SOF2JK2 Weather.doc ICARUS Manual.doc JK2_Model_Tutorial_by_Tim_Appleby_JK2.doc Model Constuction Conventions.doc Using_EffectsEd.doc and - all the scripts from JK2 Single Player as reference. It will also extract the game source folders: Code - all the source code for the game VMs. (see CodeMakeAMod_readme.txt for more info) bin - the folder for code compiling ui - support folder to compile code Plus some more example maps and models to Base as well. ========================================== There are quite a few .maps included, ctf_ns_streets for example. There are also some more player models included. [b]Note:[/b] These tools are unsupported by Raven Software, Activision or LucasArts.




Software Development Kit (SDK) (Editing Tools) | 3.95 MB

"__QERPATHMP_entities.def"[/quote][/i]Well, one thumb down for the typo :) and 2 thumbs up for sending us the updated / fixed file! This official SDK includes the following: [b]JK2Radiant[/b] - the map editor. [b]MD3View[/b] - model viewer for .md3 format models [b]ModView[/b] - model viewer for .glm (Ghoul2) format model [b]ShaderEd2[/b] - the shader editor/viewer [b]sof2map[/b] - the map compiler, you will not be using this directly, JK2Radiant uses this. Enjoy and hit our modding / editing forums with questions and suggestions! [b]Note:[/b] These tools are released "as is" and are unsupported by Raven Software, Activision or LucasArts.

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