Jedi Knight III




!SoS! Underground | 9.64 MB

say it always fits the feel of the map, but it still looks pretty amazing (albeit impractical in some cases ;) ) I say impractical, because although the architecture is great, I do wonder why some of it is there - for example, in the red corridor (see second screenshot) why is there railings going up the wall? Strange. However that\'s not really a negative point at all, just a bit of an observement. The lighting in this map seems very Doom3 inspired, as does the rocky with lava theme. Of course this is all in line with a Sith-themed building, for the SOS clan. (Shadows of the Sith) Ah, I hear you cry, \"It\'s a nasty old clan map.\" No so - there is one little section with a picture of the clan and a \'coming soon\' picture which spoils that room, but aside from that you really wouldn\'t realise this is a clan map, and besides it\'s so well made I would have advised you to try it even if it had been plastered with clan logos. The ambient sounds, while used very well with the lava splash effects, seem just a little wrong for the sound of laval, and where the giant rumbling coems from is anyones guess, but the ambient music is fantastic for the style and setting of the map and both visuals and auditory effects come together really well. The map comes with full bot support, so no qualms here, and there\'s some very nice movers in this map as well - I liked the room with the giant cog - great work with the sounds here, and there\'s a nice feature on some of the duel rooms whereby this sign outside the room ligths up when people are inside dueling. This is a little buggy, as sometimes when people go in/out in twos and stuff the light somehow switches around (i.e its on when people aren\'t dueling and off when they are) However, this was mostly a very rare occurence. I advise you to take a look at this map, although as much as I am impressed by the map, it isn\'t my kind of atmosphere, it\'s too dark and \'indoors\' (lol :) ) but that\'s not to say it is in any way a bad map :D New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes ~Szico VII~




Giant Playable Piano | 44.98 MB

collision with a metronome? For that, playing piano, and more, you've come to the right place. Remember [file="114735"]The Giant Piano[/file]? BlueNinja returns with a second version, ready to blow your mind. [quote]Version 1 was a small room, but this time I have mapped the upstairs section of a house I used to live in, using a video for precise reference. The house is gigantic, and is really meant for long range sniper battles. There is a lot more to do and see in this map than in V1![/quote] Did I mention there's [b]a lot[/b] more to do and see in this map than in V1? ;) Probably the most important change is in the piano. Each of the 88 keys of the piano can now be played using the use button, which is, naturally, completely awesome. Additionally, as said, the map no longer consists of a single room, but of an entire floor, complete with vehicles you can use and a toilet you can swim into. As you can see on the screenshots, there's more to explore in these rooms than I could possibly summarize in a single paragraph. Sufficed to say, I'm positively amazed at this map. The only thing that did irk me was the fact that the max visibility gets exceeded by this map (which means if you're on one side of the largest room and look at the other side, that part isn't visible until you get closer). This isn't the author's fault though; blame the id Tech 3 engine. All in all, this map's a must-see. Protip: don't use grapple or jetpack if you fancy a challenge. [b]New Textures:[/b] Yus [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yus [b]New Music:[/b] Yus [b]Bot Routes:[/b] Yus -Caelum




Taris RP | 56.5 MB

maps". It's a nice coincidence that this Taris RP map is being released while the Taris mapping contest is going on. Some of you probably remember Cydon (Ki_Adi_Mundi) for his Yalara roleplaying map which was a very nicely made map for roleplaying but was really lacking in the visuals, something that really turned some people off the map. He returns now after having "set out to do better, even if only slightly" with a map based on Taris, and I've got to say that he succeeded. [b]Accuracy:[/b] I want to start off by first of all saying that this isn't a map that was built to replicate the KotOR version of Taris. Everyone who's played Knights of the Old Republic knows that Taris got the $*#@ blown out of it by Malak's sith fleet, and so seeing as this is set over 4,000 years after that we can guess that the city was rebuilt and obviously the passage of time has changed some things as well. With that said, there's no mistaking that this is definitely Taris. Everything from the architecture to the sky, lighting, and of course the KotOR music just screams 'TARIS!' I was confused how the author calls Taris' lower levels the 'Undercity' when the undercity was ACTUALLY that dark and scary place on the floor of the planet that housed horrible monsters like Rakghouls and Igear. [b]Content:[/b] To say this map is a [i]large[/i] map for roleplaying is an understatement - this map is massive. You start off near one of two ships, either on the upper levels by a Republic dropship or in a lower-level hangar outside a familiar Nabooan ship which, by the way, is enterable and features all you'd expect from a ship including a briefing room, crew bunks, bridge, refrigerator, and more (I couldn't find a bathroom though... WHY DOESN'T ANYONE IN STAR WARS EVER HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM?!) If you start in the upper level then you can go down one of those suspended walkways that Taris is so famous for and visit a number of locations. You've got a nice upper brow cantina; a government building complete with senate room and military base (Which in and of itself has a ton of content, including a shooting range, armory, and prison); and various other rooms for different government or military purposes (Who knows half of what those crazy feds do?) There's also a Jedi Temple with some really cool things like a display of floating rocks in the center of the entrance area, a nice library, a council room, and basically everything you'd expect from your average Jedi Temple. Also on the upper level is a door that leads to a nice lift-area that takes you to the lower levels, specifically a starport area (The area that houses the other spawnpoint at the Naboo shuttle). This then leads out to a dark and grimy lower area with a bunch of doors as you walk down. The doors lead to a bank (Which I thought was kind of odd to have on the lower level rather than the upper level); a cantina akin to the one in KotOR complete with crime lord throne, singing lounge, and combat arena, however the arena isn't even close to the complexity of the KotOR arena which was like an actual gladiator pit - this one is just a small sand box in the floor. Then you, of course, have the sewers which KotOR made so famous. In short, there's a lot to do on this map. [b]Visuals[/b] Yalara had potential to look great but the lack of appropriate lighting, some weird terrain bugs and too simple architecture, and a really bad choice of textures in some areas just destroyed that potential. The author took just about all they they did wrong in the last map and did it [i]right[/i] in this one - probably for the better because Taris is cooler than Yalara anyway. The very first thing I can say is that this looks like Taris. The architecture fits and the lighting is great in almost every area, from the Taris sky to the grimy lower level. There are a few places that look worse than the others due to what I guess would just be low-quality architecture and/or textures, such as in the senate room which looks too blocky. There are other areas, however, where the quality of the map really shines, such as in the main chamber in the Jedi temple or the entire outside plaza of the upper levels. Something that caught my eye was how the author makes use of a lot of sprites to make it look like air traffic is busy all over Taris, and it works really, really well on the upper levels as you look at the criss-crossing lanes of traffic in the sky. Unfortunately when this is attempted in the lower levels outside a window, the effect doesn't look nearly as good; just looks like 2D toy ships flying 3 feet away. The lighting is very well done, more more so than in the Yalara map and makes a wide use of shadows and actual light sources rather than just blanket lighting. It makes the map look so nice. [b]Conclusion[/b] All in all this is a very nice map and definitely an improvement in quality over Cydon's last project. ~Laam'inui




Onossia Jedi Academy | 24.36 MB

night-time one. Whilst only a few of the areas (namely the ones that are open to the sky) have different night-time lighting and sky textures, the difference in feeling between the two versions is quite noticeable. I have reviewed plenty of Academy themed maps whilst I’ve been around here, but I must say this one is rather unique out of all the ones I have seen. It does of course have all the necessary Academy features, such as a dorm / bedroom area, saber duelling rooms, large open communal areas and of course the ever present council room and secret areas that only those in the leadership of the clan traditionally know how to get to. The unique feature I am talking about is the actual texturing of the map. Generally speaking Academy themed maps tend to use a lot of Yavin textures, since the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin is the most well known ‘Jedi Academy’ probably followed closely from the Dantooine Academy from Knights of the Old Republic. This map has plenty of Yavin textures, but the unusual thing is that they seem to be mixed in with rather a lot of Bespin textures as well. I would never have thought of putting the two together since the old weathered Yavin stone textures wouldn’t seem to go very well with the relatively new, clean metallic Bespin textures. However whilst there are certain areas in this map where they didn’t fit together very well, on the whole I was quite surprised to find that they generally fit together pretty well in this map. The architecture is a similar mix between rounded structures, and the more traditional angular Yavin style architecture. Overall though, like the texturing, the two styles work pretty well together. One thing is for sure, this map is [b]huge[/b] and there are loads of places to explore, one of which I thought was a nice little nod to the Dantooine Academy out of KotOR. One ‘crossroads’ has a feature in the middle, with some basins full of water, and a tree at the top, with an open skylight above that. If I remember rightly this is exactly what was featured in some concept art for the Dantooine Jedi Enclave under level that featured in Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords. I cant remember whether that area made it into the final game, but I do remember that piece of concept art as it was one of my favourites. Also along the Dantooine Academy theme, this map features the music from the Dantooine Academy level of KotOR, which is another nice touch. Some other areas that are of particular note are the Council rooms (yes, there seems to be more than one council room!) an outside courtyard area and the expansive, secret, underground labyrinth. There are definitely some areas I feel could be improved upon though. One of the main ones was the scenery you can see outside some of the windows. The hills and such you can see through these windows are rather too angular and do not look natural enough, I definitely think these need to be softened a bit to make them look more natural and organic. Another less noticeable area that needs some tweaking are the stairs. Don’t forget to place a wedge shaped brush covered in the ‘noclip’ texture over the stars, so when you run up them, you go up smoothly, rather than bouncing up and down as you step up each step. Lastly I would suggest continuing working on texture combinations and architectural details to really polish this map up to a brilliant shine. ;) All in all though, good work here! What is more, I couldn’t find any clan logo’s or references in this map, so it should be suitable for all clans to use, which is always a bonus. If you guys like the look of it, give it a download! [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routes:[/b] Yes [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA ~Nozyspy~




Atlantica | 143.97 MB

with this map in hands, I can effectively say I've been compensated for mah troubles >_> Forst, background. Conceived for the ::JEDI:: clan by Szico VII, this map, set on planet Mon Calamari, is a soul-harvesting, child-eating, and corn worshiping power house of script, design, and sexy. Seriously, feel free to take a look at the screenshots before reading on if you don't believe me. This map has effectively stamped out all of Szico's predecessors in virtually every aspect. Enough pole-jocking, I say! Let us proceed to a small walkthrough, shall we? To preface, I must note to you all that there are [b]TWO[/b] versions of this map, but both contain the same essential items, save for a couple features. Now then, to start us off on our grand journey, we shall begin with the broad exterior. Starting from an empty landing pad, one can take in and grasp the true beauty of the architecture of the exterior and texture work of the water and skybox. Szico REALLY went all out on this one. It felt like I was really in the middle of Mon Calamari/The Antarctic. The water was crisp, clear, and looked damningly cold. It also blends incredibly smoothly with the skybox, making the map feel very realistic. The skybox suggests that we're sequestered in a valley of sorts, and quite exquisitely, at that. Moving on from the background, we find ourselves staring at a monstrous dome of sorts, with a tower atop it, along with several other jutting extremities coming from outside the dome. This empty pad contains an interesting little device, but I shall save it for later. LETS PROCEED INTO THE DOME. The dome is massive, and made almost completely out of glass. It's quite an excellent observation area. The inside of the dome is what I like to call "rage city," as it has enough destructibles to almost completely wreck up the place. The overhanging lights can be pulled down on top of your opponents and kill them, you can kill the lights to the stairs, the main halo light,knock a monument down, and pretty much own every tree there is with your saber. It's beastly, without a doubt. Looking forth at the other extremities, we'll just glance over at the delicious shuttle that takes off and lands every few minutes, and proceed to the strange little spiral staircase. Inside? A room, with a familiar object of chaos...go ahead and pull the switch, I dares you =_>. I daren't say more, so let us return to the surface! Returning back to our empty pad, we'll finally discuss one of the scripted specialty features: dynamic elevators. Ah, yes, this one's a doozy. What sets this one apart from others other than the earth-shaking scripting? Simple: It's a BEAM-LINE elevator. As the elevator is hailed, you can see the beam path the elevator pad glides along with great ease. It is, without a doubt, quite awesome to behold. Granted, in some angles it looks very 2D, but it can be overlooked for the greater good, here. From this pad, we can either choose to go to the shuttle's landing pad, or to the command tower. Let's go command things, shall we? Once we hit the tower, one must circle around to the next elevator to get to the peak of the tower. Now to call down the next--WHAT?!? WARNING: LIFT RESTRICTION?! CURSE YOU DIRTY AND GLUTTONOUS STAFF. Force users at this point will have to manually climb up the tower(or just respawn there,) and push the crate off the elevator. Foulness, indeed. Afterwards, the elevator works. At the top of the tower is the admin room, a simple room that has more practical value in the RPG version, which will be explained later. Activate the console with the code provided in the readme, and all shall be revealed. See below at the end of the review, as the code here IS customizable. Now, it's time to FINALLY go inside, having left a few unturned stones for you to discover out there later. Retreating to a particular extremity adjacent to the dome, we shall be entering by a contact-triggered elevator. Quite stylish, I know. Step on the arrow as you walk in, and our journey shall begin. Landing in the awesome nexus, there are a huge plethora of doors. Eenie, meany, MINEY, MO! Well, wouldja look at that? A BAR. Hasn't anyone heard of an actual restaurant in this community? I mean you could include a bar IN IT, but RPG'ers needa eat @_@. Moving on, this bar is eloquently designed in the oval structure, allowing for more movement of the bartender. In the corner is a window to one of the most awesome skyboxes I've seen. It makes you feel like you're actually underwater >_> seriously. Anyway, evading subjective fits of rage, lets bail out for the next door into the detention center. Now THIS is what I call a detention center. Forcefields, steel doors, and controlled gun turrets make great security measures, and hurt many feelings. Now granted, it woulda been nice if he installed like, poopers, so people can poop, but hardly anybody lets forth a corn log in RP anymore(at least, in serious RP >_> it's too cool for them.) Anyway, let us take flight from this deliciously miserable place. Oh yes, by the way, please scorn and laugh at Szico for not being able to properly read and spell my name in that screenshot. Whilst that screenshot with my "name" in it was doctored(so I don't have a private cell), I just want to make him feel retarded anyway XD Let's GO TO TEH PARK! WOOT. Moving swiftly on, we come across a deliciously designed underwater park, complete with streetlights, and, in the basic version, NPCS that wander about. Honestly, whatever I say here would be a waste of breath, as it's just miles better to just inhale the visuals for yourself. Trust me, you shall be awe struck, methinks. Now we can finally attack the meat and potatoes of this compound. Moving down a corridor, we can stop by and see there's two...pits? Yes, Szico found it more entertaining to have the players leap down and be carried up in this particular area, instead of actual elevators. Not exactly the most PRACTICAL of ideas, but he at least designed the shaft to be quite entertaining to behold. Dropping down to a soft landing, we come upon a lobby with a malevolent TV screaming and hawking ::JEDI:: and the map. In my initial beta testing of this map, I attacked it in a childish rage, scorning its existance. Suffice to say, It breaks, and >_> can be fixed, although I will explain that later as well. Man, I have a lot of explaining to do -_-; So then, there's a nice lil protocol desk droid waiting for you, his function also being covered later. Heading left, we'll prod and poke the "west wing" of the compound. Walking along the scenic hallway, we arrive at the stairway nexus which leads to the deliciously scripted infirmary, VR stealth training room, and laser dodging training area. Definitely worth a personal investigation, as my words alone cannot recreate the experiences extracted from them. A long stairway across the infirmary leads down to meditation and prep rooms, one of the combat prep rooms housing Szico's pride and joy: Hexagonal Honeycomb windows. I must admit, these are thoroughly awesome, and as such, warrant a soul harvest. The annex here is definitely also worth a look at, as it was beautifully crafted, and features a nice fountain here, along with the vaulted glass ceiling, which is quite priceless. Alright, finally, we'll hit the East wing, which contains the archives, dormitories, and the council rooms. Archives contains something that will be explained later >_> NOW, the council is built like your average council room, save for the laser security and the RPG function that will ALSO be mentioned later. The dormitories are quite awesome, although the beds are ENORMOUS, even the bunk beds. Downsize much? Whew...seriously. and now,intermission.... [b]-=Averus goes to go eat=-[/b] Ahh, most delicious. Now that I can focus on the map rather than eating, it's time to hit some of the more technical aspects. First off, if it isn't obvious enough, this file/map is HUGE, and as such, may annihilate lower end PCs, so beware. Map loading time was like...well, longer than most maps, so I'd suggest finding something to amuse yourself within that time frame >_> Bugs: There's some. I'll just note them in list format. Granted, whilst we had MaceCrusherMadunsus in the server at the time pointing out bugs, truth be told I wasn't listening so XD here's what *I* found/recorded(whichever came first): - Elevator/Annex area: You can jump through the unclipped rock and step into the void. - Some doors may get stuck, depending on how you handle them. - You can see brushes and map objects in certain windows/ceiling windows depending on what area of the map you're in. - (one time deal, but still possible) The beam elevator's console brush disconnected from the pad. - A few hardly noticeable clipping issues with curves. - Certain sounds can be heard globally when they were meant to be local, an issue Szico cannot fix. - There is no mess hall, despite Szico's texture >_> - Doors can kill you >_> rather easily if you're not careful. - Doorway leading to lobby has a few clipping/textural issues(not too noticeable, really.) That's just a few. (I was told there was some z-fighting somewhere although I never personally spotted it.) So now I can finally attack the stuff I've been meaning to save for the final parts of this review, which has taken way too long because of distractions and general fun XD. There are two versions, as I'm sure I've mentioned before, or thought I did...who cares, DEATH TO ALL. [b]Atlantica - Basic[/b]: This is where RP can commence more smoothly, in my opinion. This area is void of most of the following features that will be covered in the RPG Version of the map, and features an expanded bound so you can fly ships within distance of the dome station. Now, to actually hit the cream. [b]Atlantica - RPG[/b]: This is the map where most of the fun is stored, for the most part. You must VENTURE FORTH and gain credits(respawning objects easily attainable in certain areas,) or complete certain missions to gain credits to buy your way up the clearance ladder! Missions include simple tasks like clearing out a hall way to completing VR training missions successfully. Also, whilst you're out and about, you can get the toolbox and boredly repair the broken TV and lamp posts in the park. Here, in a nut shell, is where clearance can be reached: Lvl 1: Freebie granted in the drop shafts. Lvl 2: 50 Credits, purchase at the desk droid Lvl 3: 300 Credits, Purchase in archives Lvl 4: 400 Credits, plus a 10 switch console hunt is in order to activate the console itself. Lvl 5: Admin Control Tower Also, a couple other functions require paying of credits, I.E. the infirmary bacta tank. The last other difference I recall between the RPG version and basic is that now the RPG version has an x-wing in the once empty pad, and the bridge to it can be destroyed. Okay, I've typed far enough




Final Fantasy VII - Midgar | 4.35 MB

with it out of the way. First off, it took forever to load. The load time is right up there with some of the load times for HL2, and those take forever. Another problem was that I didnt have the best framerate out there while on this map. However, that could be easily fixed if I lowered the graphics settings a bit instead of running em on the highest settings. There are many new models included, such as brand new chocobos, the motorcycles from Advent Children, the Turks, Tifa, and Yuffie. While the models were well done, I thought that the skinning on them could have been a bit better, especially on Rufus. There is also two additional pk3s, one being the One Wing Jetpack, which contains a new jetpack and teleport effects, and one being the First Sword pack, which includes Cloud's swords from Advent Children and a holster for all you JA+ users. Now onto the map itself. It is a very well made map, if you ask me. It has everything that I would like in a map, and more. The first place I visited was where I spawned, in the Highwind. Well made map, and true to the ship from the game, with the exception of the stairs that took you outside in the game took you to a teleporter room here. While wanering around the ship, I ran into Yuffie. Being the person I am, I shot her, and proceeded to get attacked by her... :/ Anyway, I took care of her and ran up to the teleporter room. I was given four choices: Chocobo Farm, Battle Square, Shinra HQ, and Sector 7. I decided to hit Battle Square first. Once there, I noticed that the text on the floor in the circle had been changed to fit what was said in FF7. I hopped up, and pressed the button to spawn the bots. I do a series of battles with various characters, including some Turks, and Sephiroth at the end. Once I amused myself by throwing them all into the deadly surrounding liquid, I took off back to the teleport room on the Highwind. This time I take a turn to Sector 7. I hop down, look around, and head to where anyone would head: 7th Heaven Bar. Who should I find there, but Tifa herself? Once I check out the bar, I head up to the pillar that was blown up in FF7 to bring down the plate. Nothing particularly amazing here, besides how close to the original game it is. Wandering around more, going through the Train Graveyard and sewers, I eventually wind up at Shinra HQ. While it only has the top levels, it is still a great place. At the top is the presidental room, where I found Rufus, and at the bottom is a garage filled with motorcycles from Advent Children, along with a passage leading out to the highway in Midgar. After getting lost many times, not to mention crashed into and killed by passing vehicles, I wound up in the Chocobo Farm, where I found the brand new chocobos, which I immediately fell in love with. I also found the Zolom that Sephiroth killed by a cave that leads to where a golden chocobo is locked into. I'll leave it up to you players to figure out how to unlock it. :p Somewhere along the way I found myself in Aerith's church. I was half expecting myself to find Aerith in there, but only slightly disappointed by her absence. Well, I think that covers the main areas in the map. Each of the areas were done to near perfection, all of which are as true to FF7 as you can get while still having a playable map. Now then, go download this map. Even if you do not like FF7, I would still suggest giving this map a download, because it is so well made. Enjoy! New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Models: Yes New Scripts: Yes Bot Support: Yes Gametypes: FFA,TFFA,Duel,Powerduel




Deathstar Trench v2.0 | 10.58 MB

place, you can choose between the X-Wing, A-Wing, and Y-Wing. You then go through hyper space, and arrive at the Death Star. What could be better? Your opponents are waiting on the other side, that's what. The other team has access to all kind of Tie Fighters, even a real strange looking one. Look at the screen shots below, I’m sure you will be able to spot it. That one is my favorite. You can choose the vehicle you wish to have in the game, by going to one of the control panels. A name will appear on the screen, it tell you what it spawns. You can then spawn it, and start flying it around. Be careful if you choose a rebel vehicle. There are turrets on the Death Star, that would love to put a hole in you, if you know what I mean. ;) Don’t let your mind wander though, if you spawn in one of the hangers in the Death Star, make sure you are in a vehicle, when you exit the hanger. There is no air outside of the hanger, so you better be in a vehicle. Near the end of the trench, there is a hole on the ground. Aim at that and fire. You will see an explosion effect, and you get 25 points added to your score. I couldn’t really find any bugs in this map, which makes me very happy. I did though have trouble approaching the Y-Wing. Every time I got near, it shot me. :PThe author also included version 2 versions of this map. The first version just has the basic ships. The second has all the ships. The author also put the proper credits in his Readme, even giving credit to the vehicles. You need to unzip all the .PK3’s from the .zip. One is the map, the others are the vehicles that the maps uses. Great Job Dude! Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA -Airm




Matrix Reloaded FINAL | 31.84 MB

than I remember. The new textures are nice. The Blah Room is interesting. Thankfully, many of the teleports are labeled, so you know where you\'re going. There\'s a new nightclub added. And there are some great duel areas added. Now onto what I really was impressed by - the bonus maps. :D The Kill Bill map is lovely. Snow falls all around the place where that famous huge fight happened. The textures I just love, the lighting is great, and it seems fairly accurate. I adore this map. FFA Streets is also a great map and reminds me of a duel map I used to play on. I love that night city look. The neon lights, the buildings, all of it looks wonderful. Oh, and it totally has a ship, just like JK2\'s FFA map NS Streets. Don\'t judge this final version of the Matrix Reloaded by the screenshots, you need to download the map and play it to really get a feel for it. I love what Nathan\'s done with the swoops and the track. Great map! Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, Duel ~AmosMagee




RJ Sublime 3 | 8.31 MB

JKA and it surpasses my expectations. Nothing has really changed from the map for JK2. The glass platform is still quite breakable and it can be resurrected. The dueling rooms are still the same and the same secrets can be found in the same places. But there has been a ton added here. There are many, many tunnels to explore and they lead to several different areas. The author has included a Swoop Arena and a very, very clever way of giving you the swoops. There is a room at the top of the map that is restricted access to admins only. You have to teleport into the room and press a couple buttons to allow access to swoops. The same goes for Taun Tauns. This makes it so much easier to control a server. Fabulous idea. Bot support has been included and a ton of new textures (well, same as the ones that were in the JK2 map). I am quite impressed with the addons and the FPS is still wonderful. I can\'t wait to see what else Ruggiero makes for JKA. And I am most likely adding this map to my server. I can\'t recommend this map enough! :D Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, Duel ~AmosMagee




Antiquus Roma | 14.13 MB

thousands of years ago. :( Either way, it's a fairly good quality map. It looks nice too, but it has a few optical illusions. One being, that you can't get out of the village and go right up to the wall. There also seems to be invisible ceilings on-top of the arena barrier, but not on higher parts like the area with the single chair in it. Shame really, as you don't get a very good, unobstructed view of the map with these boundries. A few pieces of model clipping exist on the arena itself. Otherwise, the map itself is fairly good looking. It's functional, and multilayered (to a point, sort of), and it would probably make for a very good role playing map if the villas were accessible. All we need know is some Roman Centurion and soldier models, and it could be a very good, fully themed map. :) MP-wise, it meets most of the requirements (multiple gametypes, new textures and models, etc). Other than the few model nitpicks, I didn't really see anything wrong with it. Check it out for yourselves. [b]Gametypes:[/b] FFA, Team FFA, Duel, Power Duel [b]New Models:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Music: [/b]Yes [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes -SuperSmeg




Renaissance Academy | 53.6 MB

particular, feels like a combination of a Jedi academy, a prison complex, and a hotel, all nicely rolled into one. There is quite a lot to do here, if you like pushing door panels and such! :p One thing I like most about this, is the great level of interconnectivity in this map, without any major strain on the map itself. Sure, it's a beta, but I didn't notice any major problems on my exploration of it. I'm especially intrigued by the restricted access door. That tells me, that something very interesting lies beyond it, but we won't know until the next version. *Intense curiousity mode: activated* Something that would've made this map perfect though, in my opinion, would've been bot routes. Another issue, is that it can't be loaded from the normal map select menu. Has to be done via console. To open the in-game console, press the following sequence of keys at the same time: Right shift AND ¬ Console commands: map r_day map r_night [b]Gametypes:[/b] FFA, Team FFA, Duel, Power Duel [b]Multiple versions:[/b] Yes. Day and night mode [b]New Models:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Music:[/b] No [b]NPC Support:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Support:[/b] No -SuperSmeg




RK Oriental Virtue | 16.94 MB

is that the architecture and atmosphere of these sort of zen garden, wood panelled areas is relaxing and peaceful; ideal places to hang around or maybe do some sparring with friends! The peaceful music also adds nicely to this atmosphere. The main area is a long street featuring housing for each of the clans members, the Renegade Knights. However there are no obvious switches to open the doors, they are all hidden along the walls, which seems a little weird, though I suppose the idea is to make them private for each individual. More annoying though is that once you get inside, the lights are off, but there is no light switch on the wall, again it is \'hidden\' which seems rather weird to be honest. If I just got inside my darkened house, I would want to see where my light switch was! Again, the switches to open the doors from the inside are also hidden. Moving on from the main street, you come into a large open wood panelled area with a tree in the center enclosed in a glass box, which can be raised so you can get inside. I suppose this is what you might call a meditation spot? To be honest this area seemed far too bright, especially since there is no obvious light source, so that is something to look at maybe for next time. There is a hidden Dojo off to one side, though you should be able to find the door if you look carefully for the slight depression in the wall! ;) Also off from this main area is a bar/eating area with a nice swimming pool and a duel arena in the middle. There is also a room full of weapons off this area should you want to arm up for a fight that people can watch whilst having a drink at the bar of lazing in the pool. To be honest if I was swimming in a pool when a couple of people suddenly started having a live fire fight nearby, I would leave as promptly as possible! Anyway, this is a nice little clan map, though its audience is limited because it has been designed specifically for the Renegade Knights. Still I am a fan of clan maps and its always nice to see a new one! [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA ~Nozyspy~




GoldenEye Caverns

goldeneye_caverns.rar | 30.2 MB

announcement of a HD version of last year’s Wii letdown, GoldenEye 007, being released on Xbox 360 and PS3, staring Daniel Craig, meaning a lack of Pierce Brosnan (Brosnan single handedly made GoldenEye awesome!). Oh don\'t be fooled. GoldenEye 007 Reloaded was a complete shambles too, but at least Activision we\'re willing to try to bring the classic N64 game to us in some way, even though it had to be in the form of a shell of its former self. Don\'t worry though, as this mod is based on the excellent N64 original. I got a real sense of nostalgia when playing on this map, mostly because, my N64 isn\'t able to run any games anymore, which means a lack of GoldenEye 007. Kind of smells like burnt toast when trying to run a game on the old girl now. :( GoldenEye 007 N64 was not only famous for making FPS\'s on consoles successful, but also for its outstanding multiplayer mode. \"Complex\" was always my favourite map, but \"Caverns\" was a very close second also. And without ripping textures from the original game, this mod has turned out to be a rather good looking recreation of it. Also included in this package, is some original weapon sounds and music from the N64 game. I just wish that some guns could\'ve made an appearance aswell. Feels a bit odd to hear a blaster use Berretta 9MM sound effects! :) This would\'ve been the perfect opportunity to introduce Francisco Scaramanga\'s Golden Gun (The Man With The Golden Gun, 1974) into JKA, as it was included in the multiplayer for the original N64 game. But alas, it wasn\'t meant to be. Anyway, a new intro screen makes an appearance too, as well as original N64 menu sounds. Bot support would\'ve made it perfect though. [b]Bot Support: No New Textures: No, except for exploding barrels New Sounds: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA[/b] -SuperSmeg [/b](PS: The \"no route\" issue seems to be popping up again. Let me know in the comments if it happens here, and I\'ll go and fix it, aswell as all the latest files affected)[/b]




Space FFA | 1.11 MB

levels of platforms, to be exact. Now, it's marked as a beta, but the author said that, he thought he lost it when his computer tried to go to "Silicon Heaven (don't tell Kryten that it doesn't exist!)", but he was able to recover it, and make it playable. I would've liked to have seen more, but I'm not sure if that will be happening anytime soon. Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA, Duel -SuperSmeg




Temple of the Snakes

jungletempleffa.rar | 3.8 MB

something fanboy! :D So, what we have here is a real treat for you today. They say that "good things come in small packages". Well, that is exactly the case with this map. It's a small temple, out in the middle of a jungle somewhere (let's say Yavin). It has a really nice atmosphere to it. You literally feel like you have just woken up in the jungle after some kind of aerial vehicle crash (JKA or LOST fans, make of that, what you will! :D ). Now, there are a few missing textures here and there, but that doesn't distract from the overall coolness of this map, and for a first attempt, it's really rather well done. Bot support would've been a nice addition, but given the size, I can understand why it was not a part of the overall package. I really hope to see more from ZARBOMBA. I think, the JKA community just gained another top level modder! :) [b]Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA[/b] -SuperSmeg




DooM.pk3 | 108.58 MB

because I honestly don\'t know. It\'s essentially a large base on Mars. Almost every room is exploreable, though useable is another matter. There are a lot of control panels around that don\'t do anything, but at least they all look like they have a function. I didn\'t see any issues when playing around on this map. Some music wouldn\'t go unapreciated though. (I also noticed a lack of the BFG 9000. But then again, walking around with a gun with power equal to a tactical nuke wouldn\'t be fair.) [b]New Textures: Yep New Sounds: Yep New Music: No (as in no music, at all) Bot Routes: Yep Game Types: FFA, Team FFA[/b] -SuperSmeg




Labyrinth Maze | 6.8 MB

things have been kept simple and practical. Of course you [i]will[/i] get lost and that will probably be frustrating after a few times, but look out for the pictures displayed on dead ends, they\'re freaking hilarious and will make your exploration a bit more fun! Though unfortunately there isn’t any [url=]Minotaur[/url]... Personally I found it a bit lonely wandering around on my own here, so I would suggest playing this map with friends or with your clan mates so you can help each other out and have some fun on the way! ;) [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA ~Nozyspy~




Hangout | 28.1 MB

Trap Mos Eisley Backstreets The Academy v3 This map contains some textures from the above maps, however the author has not included them in the .pk3, so you will see a fair few missing textures if you don’t have them! I know that is somewhat of an inconvenience, and maps which use textures from other maps should always have them included in their own pk3's. However, lets not start on a downer, this does have the silver lining of encouraging you to download the above maps and give them a test as well! ;) First off I will let the author explain a little about the map in his own words and then we can take a look at the map itself: [quote]I created this map because it has been a life long dream of mine to become a level designer. As of the way the business is looking I would either want to design for Lucasarts, OR Bioware not just because of ToR but because of all the futuristic stuff they have done, including KotOR, and Mass Effect. I'm not sure if Nozy remembers me, but I used to go under a different alias, I had him added on MSN, and I chatted with him about the map he was working on (Mos Eisley Backstreets - I believe). He once showed me a picture of the map editor, and I was shocked that all of that ''blob'' of lines is what creates the 3d map. (I was 12). I then asked if he could teach me to map. He ended up sending me a long file saying the basics. I gave it a once over, and decided I wasn’t able to do it. Then I joined a clan called CoL, they have disbanded but they had a mapper who inspired me to re-open Nozy's file and focus on learning mapping. So with all the trial and error maps I have made I feel it is time to get my name at least out the door. I am one of those people who listens to what the players have to say. Since I have no other maps released, I turned to my clan < {DJE} > to help me out with ideas and other various things. So you could say this is a clan map with a good number of clan signs throughout the map, but don’t let that constrict the use of this map to only our clan. If you think it looks good then by all means give it a download. Now FINALLY onto the map. < {DJE} > stands for Dark Jedi Empire. So with that being said, you will notice much of the iconic themes of the star wars universe. Sith v.s. Jedi. But I tried to join them together as best I can and make them co-exist. Some areas are dark, with blue lighting, mixed with some red lighting. Giving you a feeling of a mixed society. In the hotel each floor is mixed with a light and dark side of the force. Floor 3 consists of Architecture from Yavin, and Architecture from Korriban. I decided to feature the map on Tatooine, as a sort of hidden academy for fallen Jedi. Tatooine is a perfect example of a place that is filled with back stabbers, and criminals. Most of the people on this planet are doing bad things. even though they feel it is for a good cause. So there is a lot of meaning behind the map. But don’t let that distract from the fun. There is a number of secrets to plunder, and a few fun things to do such as, dog fight over the beach, go down the water slide, diving boards, explore the yacht, a number of bars, tiki bar, RPG sections such as the Mandalorian hideout, and my re-creation of the EP 4 cantina (with a twist). And with that being said. Enjoy my first released map :) [/quote] I have to say, as a clan map, this features some great areas to chill out in, one that immediately springs to mind is the yacht and beach. One thing I would improve here is to add some hills around the outside of the lake, rather than just a wall, to make the area more natural, though I have to say I am quite impressed with the yacht itself. Yachts and beaches are always fun places to hang out! (If you are rich you might just be able to do this in real life!) There is also a Tatooine town themed area with its own cantina and even a garden surrounded by a very nice colonnade. There are plenty of other enterable buildings here too, perfect for RP'ing. Then there is the Yavin themed area, which contains the Academy elements you would expect in a clan map, including a nicely built grand hall, though this are was rather dark and I feel it could do with some lights, or fire stands. There are many more areas besides these, as well as a nice council room in space and I think that this is a good clan map overall. However the fact that certain custom textures from other maps were not included in the .pk3 is a disappointment. Otherwise, this is a solid start to your mapping career Polterninja, yes I do remember you, and I am glad to see you have started mapping and I hope to see more maps from you in the future! :) [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA ~Nozyspy~




Troll\'s Den Station | 20.44 MB

is, but something about this map just really grabs me. Maybe it is because I like the idea of locations like space stations, where so many different species build there own little enclaves and there are lots of nooks and crannies to hide a way in and so many different layers to explore. I really think this map has captured that spirit. This map strongly reminds me of Omega from Mass Effect 2, and after hearing the music playing in the club, which I am absolutely sure is the same music playing in the Afterlife club on Omega, I am wondering whether that is where the author got his inspiration! As you would expect from such a locale, the map is nice and grubby with rusting metal worn carpets and garishly coloured ads festooning the buildings. There is an apartment complex, a market, a med center and the aforementioned club, with features a stage with strobe lights and red lightning, which is either intended to \'energise\' the dancers or electrocute them if they are just terrible dancers. These coloured lights and the electric bolts can be individually turned off from panels on the wall though, as can the music which can be turned off behind the bar, if you are after something more sedate! Cleverly, the spawn points are actually in the \'cloning centers\' à la Star Wars Galaxies, which means that when you die you respawn in the cloning machines, a very clever alternative to having the spawn points just spread out everywhere, though the downside is that it makes this map unsuitable for an FFA, but then again that is not what it is designed for! With a training \'dojo\' and its own stadium, this map is perfectly set up for clan or guild use and I think it is one of the best such maps I have seen for a while! The map does lack some textural and architectural detail in places, and the layout is a little confusing, but these things aren’t really significant drawbacks. If anything, a slightly confusing layout makes the map feel more organic and chaotic, though I do think some more signs here and there would be useful! All in all a very cool theme and very good execution, though I would love to see a bigger version of the map! ;) Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA ~Nozyspy~




Temple of the Massassi | 43.78 MB

someone that was in fact made by another author after being converted over to Jedi Academy from a different game that it was originally made for, but here we have a very special exception. Some of you may be familiar with the Temple of the Massassi, or in its original guise, Pyramid of the Magician. The JKA map has been floating around the net for a long time now; it was originally converted by persons unknown from the Quake III Arena source files released by its original author, mapping genius [url=]Simon 'Sock' O'Callaghan[/url]. And when I say genius, I really do mean that. I know we have had amazing mappers like Darth Norman and Sith J Cull here over the years, but Sock's work is of a level which I do not think any map released here has ever been able to match. Seriously, go to the link above and check out his work (he also has some excellent tutorials on some more advanced mapping features)! Anyway, at first I was going to reject this map as per our rules, however it would be a shame to deny this map an 'official' presence on a JKA modding site, and so I emailed Sock to ask him what he wanted me to do with the map, and to my great surprise he said he was absolutely fine with it. That's extremely good of you Sock! So since the submitter did not make the map I think I should review this on its own merits as though it has had a few changes in the conversion over from its original source material, it is largely the same map. So, why is this map so incredible? Perhaps the stand out feature is the naturalness of the terrain and cavern systems. In more modern games we are spoiled with fantastic visuals made from high poly models and high resolution bump mapped textures, but getting natural looking terrain and caves in the older Q3 engine is not that easy and takes a lot of practice. Add to that the amazing dot2product terrain texture blending between the grass and the rock walls and other areas and this is just about the most realistic and natural looking terrain I think it is possible to get with the Q3 engine. The map itself is not massive, rather it is medium sized but seems much bigger because of the caves and multiple levels accessible via holes in the cave roof and jump pads below which provide an interesting form of vertical transportation! The sounds they produce are also quite amusing... doiinngg! That brings me onto the ambient sounds, or which there are many; birds and insects chirping and singing away in quite a cacophony. There is no music with this conversion unfortunately, I don’t know whether the original map had any music, but I think some music from the Indiana Jones films would fit right in with this map, especially when you come across the Temple/Pyramid itself. Though it is fairly small it fits snugly into the environment and blends in brilliantly. The only real complaint I have with the original map is that the textures are a little low resolution. Don’t get me wrong, they look still look good, but with a map who’s structure and construction is this good it seems a shame that the textures aren’t a little sharper in their detail. Unfortunately one of the things that didn’t convert across when the map was converted to work with JKA is the skybox, which is now the default Yavin one. That said it actually fits pretty well with the map as does its new name; Temple of the Massassi. In fact, this whole area looks just like Yavin IV anyway. Overall an absolutely amazing map, and it is great to finally, and legitimately have it up for download here on JKFiles. I want to say a big thank you to the submitter also; Jvins2289 for finding this map and putting it back in the spotlight! If there is only one map you download this week, I think this is well worth that download. ;) [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]New Music:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA, Duel ~Nozyspy~ ***The main download link at the bottom of the page is currently not working! Please download from here instead!*** [b]*Edit* Sock told me that he believes the original conversion to Jedi Academy was made by Salinga![/b]




TFFA Communist Map | 7.58 MB

amusing. So, honestly, as I view this map now, I'm sorta put off by it. Not because of the communist references thrown in there, but just because of how empty and boring the map really is. I mean, yes, it has plenty of sprinkles of detail, but overall it just doesn't really grab the attention. To top it all off, why is Sons of Anarchy, a TV series from capitalistic US, included as a poster in one of the areas? Sends a mixed message, in my opinion. What this map lacks in beauty, it makes up for in performance. The broad empty areas makes for plenty of dueling space, and the circuitous build of the map makes for an easy return to the battle front. I'd say this could actually make a functional clan map, if you felt comfortable being in the midst all of the Reddery. Well, that's about all that need be said about this. Enjoy. New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Out Side The Old Rebel Base | 15.16 MB

stuff. So for whatever reason, either this was an interpretation of the Hoth base, or it must have been important enough for the Imperials to lead a vehicle-based assault on, because the hills outside the complex are littered with dead mecha, AT-AT and AT-ST alike. I can see why, too, since the outskirts of this terrain are so steep, any thing would slip and fall on that slope. The terrain inside the map is rather hilly, so whoever commanded this attack is probably either mopping floors now or has a snapped neck. Among the hills is a gunnery housing for a twin cannon that has...a TV dish on it? Huh. Works for me. Anyway, you can go inside the gunnery housing, not exactly super fancy, but then again, wasn't the intent. The terrain, sans the fog and the snow, is actually sort of dull. Repetitive textures on the hillsides and in other areas just sorta don't inspire the mind, and the general emptiness(for the most part,there were details flecked here and there,) beyond the battlefield, while appropriate, left little to really want to stay on the map. While I can't imagine a full-blooded FFA brewing on this map right now, I believe it can be saved. Dial back on that mountainy texture that makes the cliffsides look like they have freckles, and already we're on a good track. The skybox could stand to be lifted up a bit more, because I can see this actually being an amusing spaceship FFA arena, though that'd also mean the fog might need to be dialed back on. Finally, expand that box of a rebel base, make it look like less of a box. I can't make any specific suggestions, I'd rely on your peers for this'n. Other than that, it's definitely a good start. The terrain could stand to be roughened up a bit, but it's not totally implausible. Hope to see future versions of this craft, or else fire. New Textures: Aye New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Old Rebel Base V3 | 12.39 MB

pre-uploading the screenshots for me so that I don't have to. Anyway, what's new, you ask? According to the author, this map: -Has better lightning -Is bigger -Contains two new hangars (one filled with x-wings, one empty) and a cargo storage room Personally, I'm still unsure about the lighting. It's fine in some places, but in many others (such as the hangars and the control room) it's still very bland. I'd love to see [i]even more[/i] contrast there. I also wouldn't mind some sort of outdoors area. Still, not a bad map at all, but would love to see another update ;) [b]New Textures:[/b] Yup [b]New Sounds:[/b] Nope [b]New Music:[/b] Nope [b]Bot Routes:[/b] Nope -Caelum




Garden of Eden V2 | 26.68 MB

with the letter S. [quote]What's new: Woah! sorry guys for the unspeakable water fog glitch. It's now solved and working. Repaired some missing textures and overlappings here and there but some of these problems were way too puzzleing for me to solve and for that I apologize. Moreover I added a quite simple bot support; and since some of you (thanks Insecure for the advice)would have liked a way more lively and sunny version I also added this; it's called eden_day.bsp[/quote] So, basically, problem solving and a new, sunny version. Rejoice. [b]New Textures:[/b] Yep [b]New Sounds:[/b] Nay [b]New Music:[/b] Yep [b]Bot Routes:[/b] Yep -Caelum

Garden of Eden - Screenshots Screenshots:




Taris Cantina | 7.33 MB

not. I can, however, critique the map itself. I spawned in a long, tall room with a table in the center. There was a door at the end of the hallway leading to a central hub of sorts that connected the four rooms that the map consists of. Each room joins at a 90 degree angle. The rooms are fairly simple overall, but they work. Lighting was nice, coming from many smaller lights distributed around the room or across a large space near the ceiling. There is a droppable floor in one of the rooms, as well as a force field over the bar in case things get out of hand. There is also an awesome R5 droid with a drink tray. Too bad I couldn't blow it up... =p I thought the center room was the best, overall - great use of curves and trim. Overall it is a very basic map - there's not exactly a lot of stuff to do, but it's sufficient. On the downside, I personally find it to be a little too basic. Well, basic isn't the word I'm looking for...perhaps simplistic fits better. The textures are mostly base JA textures, and are oversized so they are a tad grainy. For some of the textures that's all right, but for others it's not too great. Specifically I'm referring to the trim used in the room that I spawned in. The texture on the round tables probably could be changed, too. The biggest thing that bothered me was actually the oversized everything...the furniture, the tables, the rooms to a small degree...everything is made for giants. I always prefer being able to /amsit2 in a nonsolid chair than /amsit in an oversized chair that engulfs me. ;) The music was really a meh, but really, who even listens to map music any more? It was probably the most non-cliche music that base JA had to offer so it's all right. I also noclipped around and didn't see any secrets. :( So - somewhat simplistic, big furniture, cantina. Want a new cantina map to RP or just mess around with? Check it out. It's a pretty small download anyway. P.S. Inyri Forge is a girl. ~Dretzel

Bloody Desann - Screenshots Screenshots:




Garden of Eden | 18.57 MB

screwed ourselves over. So, all religious subtext packed in a fish barrel, presenting Somnus Nemuri's take on the Garden of Eden's appearance. Unlike the majority of depictions, this Eden is not only full of stone architecture that man would not have mastered for ages, but it's also floating WAAAY up. I can just imagine getting kicked out of there. My spine is already hissing in discomfort. The map construction is basically like a hollow circular pyramid, with levels of garden ascending into the sky. The levels are separated and supported by tall stone pillars, and the center of the map contains a set of elevators to help you get up or down. Waterfalls splatter down the sides to the lower levels. It's a pretty impressive scene, really. There are a couple aesthetic issues with the map, unfortunately. The first one is probably the roughest to fix. Y'know how water can sometimes turn your character blue in the presence of it? Well, that's pretty prevalent throughout the entire map. There's also a z-fighting issue on an archway on the first floor facing the statue. Couple that with some chunks missing out of the top level arches, and y'got a bit of work to fix. The only other thing I'd recommend is nature sounds, and then this map is mastercraft. So yeah, keep at it, and I'd say this map is victory. New Textures: Nay New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan

Garden of Eden - Screenshots Screenshots:




AoF Council | 17.21 MB

array of council chairs seated around a circular uh...carpet, sure, let's go with that. Nice lookin' icon on it, I'll say that much. But yeah, pretty simplistic design, and it gets the job done. Makes for a good meeting, or trial, or even a small quarters tournament or duel. The only thing I'd recommend doing if you update this thing is just cropping some of that lava field around the general area. Just could use a trim perimeter, and that would make it just perfect. A'right, no more barking, off y'go. New Textures: Aye New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




AoF Inferno Trial | 17.2 MB

to become a Knight in the clan and eventually Master and above; duelling the leader and needing to win a certain number of those duels to prove yourself worthy. Fun times, though they seem so long ago now! Now I don’t know what other clans do, but I’m pretty sure that all clans past and present have had some kind of trial that a member must go through to rank up, and this map is an ideal arena for such an event, created for the AoF (Angels of Fire) clan by Kalek Da'karr. Now you may be thinking 'ugh a clan map, it will surely have loads of clan logos and insignia plastered all over it!' but you would be wrong. Apart from two rather large logo's, one on the floor and the other on the ceiling, there are no other clan references, and the logo's themselves could simply be considered part of the artwork of the map if you so wished, as there is no writing on them to tie them to any particular clan, which is always helpful if you are in another clan but might like to use this yourself. The quality of the mapping is very nice; there are some good strong architectural features and the map has a nice atmosphere with the red lights, dark grey metal and stone walls and a dash of lava here and there for good measure. I think 'inferno' is a very apt name for the atmosphere of this map! That said, there are a couple of improvements that I feel could be made. Firstly, there is no music! Though as a clan trials map I can forgive that as I imagine the participants would probably be playing their own music to get them pumped. Secondly are the statues, the map features both the Sith torch bearer statues and the Jedi statues with the glowing crystals, but neither quite seem to fit. The Sith statues don’t quite fit because they have a brown sandstone type texture, which does not go with the dark grey texture theme of the rest of the map. On the other hand the Jedi statues are the right colour, but are holding light blue crystals, which doesn’t go with the red lighting theme of the map. Personally what I would suggest here is to get rid of the Sith statues and just use the Jedi statues, but to make a crystal shaped brush out of the red crystal texture, which I believe can be found in the textures/common folder and place that over the blue crystal the Jedi statues are holding, thus giving you the best of both worlds; the crystal will match the lighting scheme, and the statue will match the texture scheme! That’s just my suggestion anyway! Overall a nice little map here, the AoF clan is very lucky to have such a cool arena in which to hold its trials. Keep up the good work Kalek, I can see from our files queue that we have several more files from you to come yet! [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] No [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA ~Nozyspy~




Korriban Holdout | 4.94 MB

themed maps, probably because the texture set is well defined and has plenty of textures to choose from, and the architecture is fairly simple yet looks cool and you can get a nice eerie Sith atmosphere with the careful use of light and sound/music. While I don’t think the music for this map fits particularly well (its the MP main menu music) the author has done a good job with the sharp and angular Korriban themed architecture, which has improved nicely since his last Korriban themed duel map. Being an FFA map there is also quite a lot to explore here with the winding passageways and sets of stairs leading here and there giving the impression of a hive. I especially liked the cracked wall, which can be destroyed to reach the chamber beyond, though I was a little disappointed to find that I could have just walked into the chamber from the other side if I had just gone around the corner! Cracked and broken walls like that are best used to point the way to a secret area rather than an easily accessible one, but it was a fun little feature nonetheless! There are a few features which don’t fit with the Korriban theme however, one of these is the trees in the courtyard, Korriban is a volcanic desert wasteland, and as far as I know doesn’t have any trees. There is also a pool of water under a glass section in the floor in one of the rooms, to be honest I think any Sith Lord living here would much prefer lava instead! Lastly the statues with the blue crystals are Jedi styles statues and again the blue theme doesn’t really fit Korriban/Sith architecture which works much better with reds and yellows for the lighting. Overall though this map fits the Korriban theme very nicely and has some nice architectural features, though there are a few bugs that need squashing. One being in the porch entrance to the courtyard, if you look up though the skylight you can see the edges of the brushes which face the top of the porch entrance, since the backs are invisible, but the sides are textured! One other one is in the topmost room the cylindrical patch 'ring' which is meant to be the edge of the circular skylight is invisible, all you need to do though is go into GTK Radiant and go to curve → matrix → invert to make sure the textured face is the right way round! Apart from those and a few other very small niggled this is an excellent FFA map and TK-962's skills continue to improve at an impressive rate! I’m sure we will see more cool maps from him in the future! :) [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA ~Nozyspy~




GoldenEye Temple | 3.26 MB

has nothing to do with the film, but only ever played a little bit of GoldenEye on the N64 so I’m just guessing either the story was different, or this was just an unusual multiplayer map, considering the theme of the game. Anyway, just like his last map [file=118180]GoldenEye Facility[/file] this is a pretty accurate recreation of the original, from the reference screenshots I was able to find. Of course, BongoBob also made a GoldenEye Temple map many aeons ago, back in 2004 to be exact, but personally I think the texturing is more accurate in this new map. That said I do think that the lighting needs a fair bit more work. I would also recommend putting a delay key on the doors, since if you press the use key down just a little too long, the door \'jumps around\', opening and closing again almost instantly. As with the Omega Sigma\'s GoldenEye Facility map, being an authentic recreation of the original this map is very simple and is a good map for an all gins FFA, as indeed the original was designed to be back in 1997. Because of that it wont be to everyone’s tastes, but I think people that enjoy a simple good old gun battle will like this map. I do think that any future maps of this kind should have Team FFA support though, as this kind of map obviously lends itself well to team play. All in all a decent map here, the original GoldenEye music was a nice touch, though it could still do with some improvement in the lighting. Keep up the mapping Omega Sigma, I hope to see more GoldenEye themed maps from you! ;) [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA ~Nozyspy~




GoldenEye Facility | 21.4 MB

based on one of the more famous multiplayer maps from GoldenEye N64 and is supposed to be some kind of chemical weapons facility. Whilst I remember playing a bit of GoldenEye N64 all those years ago, I have no idea what levels we played on and I certainly cant remember what they were like, so I decided to have a look at some videos of this particular level on Youtube. And I have to say, from what I have seen, this level is pretty accurate, both in its layout and appearance, though having never actually played the original level (or maybe I did but just cant remember!) I cant vouch for the accuracy of every aspect of the map. The map itself is fairly simple, both in construction and lighting, however since this is comparable to the original map, I will presume it has been designed like this for the sake of reproducing the original accurately, as the author doesn’t specify whether or not this is the case in the readme. Otherwise I would make some suggestions on how the architecture and such can be improved, but if the map is meant to look just like the original, there isn’t really any point, as its architecture and texturing are simple on purpose! All in all this is a decent map for FFA\'s, though it is perhaps a little small for JKA standards (the dimensions of the original map perhaps do not translate well into the Q3 engine on which JKA is based). Otherwise, on the subject of textures, I would suggest working on them a little more to make them even more true to the textures used on the original map. One feature I especially liked though was that the author used a script to make the doors rotate and not just slide, which is something I don’t think we see enough in maps, so good work there! On the subject of sliding doors, though, don’t forget to put a slight delay on your sliding doors to stop them opening and closing instantly if you press the use button for a little too long. But wait, that’s not all! This mod also includes a second .pk3 file, which makes JKA a little more James Bond\'ish, adding some new splash screens and even a new intro movie in the form of the classic James Bond intro, which was a nice touch! This second .pk3 also replaces the menu sounds and weapon sounds, though it only contains the sounds for the weapons, not the weapons themselves as seen in the screenies below. Weapons and accessories sold separately. :P Keep up the mapping, I hope you will make some more GoldenEye N64 maps! [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA ~Nozyspy~ (Oh, and see if you can find the GoldenEye DVD/Video that’s been misplaced somewhere in the map, probably by a careless guard, Bond minions are usually on par with Stormtroopers... XD )




Sirens Enclave | 28.7 MB

would lure sailors with their song to shipwreck on the rocky coast of the island where they lived. In this map you can indeed find a shipwreck at the entrance to the fantastically huge cave, though I do think the ship could have done with a bit more detail, or used some more patches in order to get some rounded corners in there. The main cave itself, like I said, is huge with a great rock spire rising in the middle amid a shallow lake filled with rocks and waterfalls cascading down the walls of the cave. The waters reflections on the walls, or the [i]water caustics[/i] to use the correct term, look great and really contribute to the atmosphere of the area, though I have to say that they don’t quite look realistic. I cant quite put my finger on the reason though, but if I had to suggest something to help in this regards, I would suggest making the lighting in this main area a little more blue, I think that would help the water caustics reflecting on the walls fit in a little more. Nevertheless I still think they look really nice, good work there! Branching off from this main area are several tunnels leading to different areas of the map. Going through the largest entrance results in you being swept away by the rapid, eventually landing on a large rock at the head of a huge waterfall, which was quite a sight! This waterfall lands in a lake in another huge cavern, which is surrounded by more waterfalls which come from other areas of the map, whilst the sin floods in from a hole in the ceiling. The map all round is very atmospheric, with the sound of rushing water, the great caverns and the cramped tunnels filled with water, the sandy banks and the beautiful music, which I must say fits perfectly with the theme of the map. I can actually imagine this making a good clan map, since it is peaceful and relaxing, whilst still offering a variety of interesting locations to do battle in and a good deal of exploration and the fun of discovering the maps secrets, of which it has several. Be sure to look out for hidden entrances and piles of rocks which you may be able to destroy to reveal a new passageway. ;) No map is perfect however, and there are areas where I feel this map could be improved. As I mentioned, the wrecked ship could do with an overhaul, perhaps using more patches as it is very angular at the moment and lacks detail. Also, some of the rock walls in the tunnels need some more work, as there are areas where the brushes do not seem to fit together properly and you can see tiny gaps or \'sparklies\'. Try to use either brushes or patches for the tunnels as well if you can, since using a mixture of both doesn’t look quite right due to the rounded curves of the patches and the angular sides of the brushes, but still, good work overall. This is a cool map here and hopefully HiddenSpy will release more maps in the future. I would especially like to see some more mythology themed maps! ;) [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, Duel ~Nozyspy~




Jhey's Mansion | 8.2 MB

an uncompleted map of a mansion situated on an island. The map has a small maze under the main building, and features a small dock also.[/quote] Now, before moving on, it has to be said - I like the idea of this map. Islands are always nice, and the screenshots do make this map look pretty neat. First off, the good. [b]The good[/b] This map has a very stable FPS, some very nice shapes (the glass domes for instance) and some very nice use of textures. The atmosphere here is very nice, though I would welcome a change of background music ;) I also quite liked what you did with both the dock and the beach in general. [b]The bad[/b] Unfortunately, in the author's own words... [quote]there are quite a few mistakes, mainly because I have given up on this map, and consider it quite an achievement and wanted to share with the community. [/quote] There are several things I'd love to see changed in a second version: -Water (outside). The water used in the ocean overlaps, flows randomly into a variety of equally illogical directions, and has several glitchy patches that just look awkward. I'd suggest using a different sort of water altogether there :P -The water inside annoys me too, not so much because there's something wrong with it, but because it does not move. At all. It does not bob up and down, and it does not move from side to side, leaving me to wonder whether or not I'm standing on a surface of vanilla disguised as water. -There are several VERY large gaps in the map. Mostly underwater, but not exclusively. -There are several textures that just don't match each other correctly. Just look at the inside of one of the windows and you'll see what I mean. This isn't very major though. -A new skybox might be worth a shot. Right now, you have all sides of the map covered in an ocean that mysteriously morphs into a jungle skybox. [b]In all[/b] Both the idea and the execution aren't bad at all here. My main gripe is the fact that this map could be so much better. Don't get me wrong, it's a valid attempt, and not at all bad for a second submitted map, but there are lots of things that could be done to make it atleast a dozen times more awesome. ;) Would like to see a second version. [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No -Caelum




Temple of Everlasting Night | 6.17 MB

something I hope I can use more often. The Temple of Everlasting Night is a concept pretty much spun purely from imagination, using the Korriban texture set to predominantly set the stage: A small stone compound that houses three tombs of some form of force monastic, as there a small lecturn housing 3 lightsaber hilts. There\'s an interesting little arena on the other end of this room, with a two way barrier you can raise: You can\'t see spectators, but they can see you. Good for concentration, I reckon. The remainder of the map is mostly just a loop around the compound. There\'s a nice little X-wing landing pad , an area in which you can duel outside, and a nice little covered walkway as well. There is also one secret that can be found. \'Tis easy to seek, but I shall leave you with one small clue: [b]*QUACK QUACK*[/b] This map is quite clean and well-built for a first publication. It\'s nice and dimly lit, relying mostly on torchlight for your ambient lighting. The fire does hurt, by the way, so don\'t touch it...or do, I don\'t care. The architecture here is definitely a step or two up from most first maps, so its safe to say this gent had some practice with his radiant skills. Paid off too, I reckon, as it shows he can definitely apply his artistic skills well. I\'d say the only atmospheric defects this map even has is a hiccup or two in unsourced lighting, and they can easily be overlooked, and not even worth adjusting. This map is already a solid enough product that its good for release. Ya did good, Ravz, ya did good. Don\'t just sit there and look like an idjit =_o go submit, already. New Textures: Aye(3) New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Aye(1) Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Bramble Gambol 2 | 19.06 MB

was basically the inside of a hollow thorn bush, with ten jumping-based challenges with varying difficulty. I decided to check out the older version before trying the new one. Suffice to say, these courses are HARD. Like, intensely hard. I've played old video games easier than these. Is this a bad thing? Hell no, it ain't. Why? [quote] - All courses were tested thoroughly and proven possible over and over again. No course is luck, or randomly timed based. All can be done 100% of the time if your skill is up to the challenge.[/quote] Hiddenspy was prepared for skeptics, it seems. I can understand. This second version contains some whole new courses and a couple "reimagined classics," that translated from the first map. Each of them is pretty potent and very challenging. Basically, be prepared to die A LOT. Much like Authuran, I was able to completely like, one or two courses, and the rest I just epicfailed on. Basically, to complete these courses, read through the readme for tips, and tone your reflexes and reaction time. You're gonna need all of these. Good luck. New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Nay(Why would there be?) - Averus Retruthan




Ancient Egyptian Catacombs | 3.71 MB

here and there, this could turn out very nicely. The basic theme here is that you\'re in an egyptian underground complex, with many tight corridors and a balanced weapons placement schemata. It\'s very well made for a classic Q3-Style guns-only FFA. Now, let\'s see what exactly needs to be tweaked here. [b]1.) Atmosphere:[/b] Lighting is definitely going to improve this map ten-fold, because as it stands, it\'s just too bright to be a catacombs. Catacombs are usually dark, and lighting is very sparse, but you can still add enough light to make it navigable without spoiling the mood. Definitely get to experimenting with lighting as soon as you get your hands on a good tutorial, and don\'t be afraid to try adding in some music to suit the mood. [b]2.) Technical Tweaks:[/b] Alright, so I can see as a mapper you\'re off to a good start. You\'ve shown proficiency in making standard brushes, ramps, curves, and had adequate practice using textures and even some map objects. Now you gotta do some tweaks. I noticed one particular corridor had two mismatching walls, which seemed a little off, and the random \"Yavin\" room was VERY awkward. One of the textures for your wall awasn\'t included(It\'s JK2 texture,) and resulted in a missing texture error, and your grass(?) texture was tiled as opposed to stretched out over the area, which made it look quite weird. Actually, the whole Yavin room seemed rather out of place in conjunction with the rest of the architecture, so maybe next version might be wise to change that until you have a better mastery of nature design. [b]3.) Tactical Tweaks:[/b] Alright, so while I said the weapons placement was balanced, I meant the weapon selection. The placement of the weapons and the items themselves is a tad systematical, but the health and shield pickups suffer the most here. The health and the shields were all confined to one room, one room for shields, the other for health. They were a fair distance apart, but already I can see this being a problem, as people may begin to camp at these locations to try and hold monopoly on these pickups, which may make gameplay slightly irritating. I\'d recommend placing more of these pickups around the map, so you can avoid that detrimental scenario. Otherwise, nice job placing the weapons. So with all that in mind, I can only imagine what awesome that this map could hold in the future. I gotta say I\'m rather impressed by this creation. You\'ve really put some gumption into this piece, and I would so very much like to see a cleaned up version 2 of this, man. No kiddin\' Even for a first map, this is definitely worth a look, lads n\' lasses. Give \'er a peek if you\'re after something a little close quarters, \'cause this\'ll definitely get the job done. New Textures: Nay New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




Mayan Temple | 7.92 MB

with a few structures and a pyramid in one corner. I am disappointed to say though that for the most part the map isn’t very Mayan themed, the pyramid being the only structure that resembles real life Mayan buildings. The map is also very dark, which, although it goes with the gloomy sky and rain (reminds me of the good old British weather!), is a bit [i]too[/i] dark really, making it difficult to see the map. There are plenty of nice touches which could make this a good 4-6 player FFA map though, including the walkway across the map, which would make an excellent sniper position, and the walls and pillars to duck behind. The terrain is also pretty good, although I think you need to put some kind of stone or dirt texture in the pools, since water straight on top of grass doesn’t look quite right. One other thing that bugs me a bit is that one end of the map is completely open, so you can walk right to the edge of the map and see the skybox, this doesn’t look quite right either. Perhaps enclosing the map completely, or making the terrain larger and simply putting some noclip around the edge of the map to stop the player from going to far would be good. Something like that would help the map to feel like it is part of a larger world. Overall though this is a decent map. Perhaps if you make a v2 you could make that pyramid bigger and put it in the middle of the map. You could maybe even add a hidden tomb. And mummies, definitely add mummies to guard the tomb. Everyone loves mummies! ;) [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, Team FFA ~Nozyspy~




D SKULL airship | 133.18 MB

here goes:[/i] Once again, DLEGION unleashes a massive mortar of a map whose content shakes the FPS and makes you just go \"Wauuuuuggh @_@\" So, 133 MB, and whaddya get? A HUGE, pretty much luxurious cruiser. Quite RPable, although the ship is so incredibly expansive, it might confuse the hell out of you. At this point, I have little to no choice but to pretty much take it deck by deck.. [b]Deck 5 -----------[/b] Alright, so before I begin, each deck has a teleport that can warp the player to Decks 1, 2, 4, and 5. Deck 3 is only accessible from Deck 4, and there\'s no teleport from there. As you journey throughout the ships, expect a lot of NPC bikini gals about, as I guess the corporation that owns this ship likes to employ a lot of women. Deck 5 is essentially the pleasure deck, adorned with a bar, foozball table, hot tub, honeymoon bed, TV, and a holo-deck. The holo-deck takes you to two places: A beach, and and a ruined castle scape in the mountains. These places, I\'ll admit, are pretty neat, but a word of advice to JA+ users: [b]DO NOT GRAPPLE![/b] As soon as you hit \"use\" to disconnect, you\'ll exit the holograph immediately, as the entire room seems to hold one giant usable entity. [b]Deck 4 -----------[/b] Deck 4 is where the players spawn. Unfortunately, there\'s only two spawn points, so expect a bit of heavy spawn resistance if the map is restarted n\' what not. Behind the spawn points is a hatch that will allow you to exit the ship and drop into space(with no consequences.) I\'ll go in depth into this area later. Deck 4 has a bar, a conference table of sorts, several cryo-tubes, an infirmary, barracks, and what appears to be the bridge. I guess this serves as a bit of a multi-purpose deck. I noticed a rather odd entity in the bridge, where the triad of chairs in the front seem to have a set of cubes that expand and contract for some reason. All I can say is ._. ...neat. [b]Deck 3 -----------[/b] This deck, as said before, is reachable only via Deck 4 by stairs, and can be sealed off with the press of a button. This deck has a large swimming pool of sorts, a bar, bedrooms, all sorts of furniture(including a piano,) and two hatches that allow you to drop outside the ship like Deck 4. Not much else to say here, so moving on... [b]Deck 2 -----------[/b] Deck 2 seems to be where it\'s at, as there\'s a lot going on here. We have an Astrometrics(I think that\'s the right term,) room, a set of general machine assembly labs, an armory, mechanical cryo chambers(since they store droids,) engineering, and what appears to be a reactor room. The deeper you go into this area, the lower your FPS is going to drop. I myself sunk to about 22 FPS on my Geforce GTS 250. [b]Deck 1 -----------[/b] Deck 1, thankfully, has only one use: It\'s the hangar. This is where you can acquire one of Manquesa\'s splendid Episode 3 Starfighters and fly on out into space...this is also where you learn that there\'s a HYPER turbolaser that\'ll fire at you(not sure if there\'s a control button for that or not) at mach 5 and inevitably take you down. This place is very spacious, has very healthy FPS, and since it doesn\'t have the \"use\" trap that the holo decks possess, I\'d recommend this deck for any dueling you feel like partaking in. There is a static ship you can enter via the use button, but it\'d not exactly what you\'d call expansive, but I figured I\'d mention it anyway. [b]The Rest of the Map ------------------------[/b] As I\'ve been passing through these decks, I have consistently passed on mentioning that the skybox is pretty much visible here on every deck. Essentially, to answer any questions, it\'s the spacescape in Battle over Coruscant, which doesn\'t make much sense to me, but I guess it works. The flightspace outside the ship is somewhat confined, and the additional downside of the spastic turrets and the MASSIVE FPS drop when you turn your fighter towards the cruiser(went down to 15 for me,) makes it sort of useless to fight out here. Your best best will more than likely to fly downwards, which will take you into a condensed version of [file=\"111283\"]Eurocorp Citadel.[/file] This cityscape has plenty of space for you to fly your ships without fear of getting shot out by the lasers, and have a reasonably peaceful FPS. If you survive/get bored, you can just fly up into the sky to return to the ship. [b]The Map as a Whole ------------------------[/b] I\'ll confess, the first time I set eyes on this map, I really didn\'t like it. Over time, however, as I got more familiar with the map, i\'ve found it\'s not that bad. It\'s certainly an RPable map for those interested in roleplay, though practical applications for other players may be limited, as the ship is quite close quarters. Even as I write this review, I\'m still constantly discovering secrets and interactive objects that I have yet to see. Even more interesting is that he seems to have implemented some sort of \"noclip countermeasure\" throughout the ship, so you can\'t really noclip through it without being bounced around and disoriented. It\'s plain to see Punitore worked his ass off to make this map happen, and suffice to say, it\'s worth a look. Welp, quite the astounding piece of work y\'got there, chief. I can definitely say your work is improving. Hope to see what else you got in store for us. New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Platform Training 2010 | 21.06 MB

the map author. Whilst it is a small map it is perfect for duelling mainly although it does also work for FFAs. The map is fairly dark for the most part, although it does have small amounts of lighting covering the map and the main arena but then again there is always the Lava which of course provides more lighting (and obviously death if you fall in!). This map also includes a fairly interesting feature as mentioned before, a small cage that you can't get into without using the noclip function. The cage is mainly used again for duelling and with it being completely sealed in no one can interfere with or escape from a duel which makes it almost perfect in a small way. Although there is a small thing but not that noticeable where there is a light in the cage without a source but that doesn't really effect the game that much. To add to this there is a small observation platform above the main duelling area from which you can watch duels in this room, it does have a fairly good view of the area below although there is a bad point unfortunately to this, this is where the npcs seem to spawn if you wish to use bots that is. Overall I would say that this map would be perfect for Duelling, and with upto three areas for duels this map is fairly good although with the map being a little darker than most it adds that small touch of an evil Villain's secret base (especially with the lava!) New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: No Bot Routes: Yes Game Types: FFA, Duel ~Danny~




Yavin Retreat v2 | 3.81 MB

various elevated pads, presumably for jump training and the such, and a room with a raised glass platform for dueling also, à la the Yavin Academy map from JK2 single player. There is a small observation platform in the main hall from which you can watch duels in this room, although it could probably do with being enlarged a little so you can better see the action! The focal point however is probably the garden area with the waterfall and river, providing a nice open space to relax or gather in. This area does need some improvement though, mainly as with regards to the terrain, which is made out of various patch meshes. Patch meshes aren\'t really the best things to make terrain out of, except under special circumstances. I would suggest, for this map, trying some quadsoup, or trisoup terrain. What this is, is basically lots of square (or triangular brushes, e.g. a square cut diagonally across) which you then select and use the vertex tool (the V key by default in Radiant) and adjust the height of the corners to create terrain. This is worth a go in this area of the map, as I think it would help it to look much more natural. There is also some very nice, and relaxing KotOR music featured in the map, which although it is from KotOR, fits perfectly with the Yavin Academy theme of the map. Keep up the good work MagSul, I look forward to seeing more maps from you! :) [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, Duel ~Nozyspy~




Alzoc 3 Spaceport V2 | 8 MB

ReviewmobileTM gave me a warning about how great errors and mass hysteria would ensue if I were to unleash it upon JK3Files. I kid you not. It literally said mass hysteria. Buuuttttt after crawling through the ReviewmobileTM for ages, it should now work. Who remembers [file="81814"]Alzoc 3 Spaceport[/file]? A second version graces the site - and don't anyone dare start that mass hysteria I was warned about. [quote]The only major change since v1 is the different skybox. Instead of the base JA skybox, I used the same snowy mountainscape from my Alzoc 3 Capital map. The outdoor lighting is now closer to dusk than daytime, which frankly is more atmospheric than what I had done before. I also removed the useless Swoop bike. [/quote] If you'll compare the screenshots with those of the previous version, you'll easily see what an improvement the outdoor lightning is. Hats off for that one. ;) [b]New Textures:[/b] JA! [b]New Sounds:[/b] Nein [b]New Music:[/b] Nein [b]Bot Routes:[/b] Nein -Caelum




Sniper Oasis | 10.39 MB

down on the couch of reasonable comfort and proceeded to furiously pound away at his keyboard to come up with Shakespeare. ...Then again, maybe just a review. :P I'm deeply ashamed to say I've never heard of this map until now, but let's hope somebody remembers [file="82376"]Sniper War v2[/file]. [quote]A small ffa map designed around a lake. Towers, catwalks, and numerous hiding places make this map perfect for sniping. Includes other weapons if you don't like sniping. This is the final version of my map Sniper War and since then I have implemented several improvements. The water is now clear and far less repetitive than the previous texture, I used Szico's "skybox blending" to reduce the sense of discontinuity between the terrain and the skybox, and I added a deadly laser beam that shoots down a long tube and can be activated from a nearby building to surreptitiously vaporize your opponents. There are also numerous minor texture and architectural changes throughout the map.[/quote] There you have it; improved water, skybox blending, texture and architectural changes and lazors to fire. To quote Averus' previous review, MALEVOLENCE. Quite honestly, my only gripe here is the complete lack of music. I know most of yas play without sounds on, but even so, some sort of music would be nice. ...That is, I play without sounds. Don't argue with the great Raisuli. Regardless, like bow ties and fezes, this map is cool. ;) Definitely worth a look, especially for the sniper-lovers amongst us. [b]New Textures:[/b] Yeah [b]New Sounds:[/b] Ni [b]New Music:[/b] Ni [b]Bot Routes:[/b] Ni -Caelum




Jedi Council GCX - 2010 | 34.7 MB

done major improvements to several parts of the level. Redoing some areas was a noticeable effect on many of the 'stages'. What I personally noticed the most were those sounds in the Medical Room. Besides the improvements to FPS and the (Amagawd thank you) enabled locking of the Bot Spawn Room, I can't really say much. It's the same map in a way, and that's what still makes it have that glow. At least for me, that is. You decide if the glow is yours! New Textures - Yes New Music - Yes Bot Support - Yes ~The Denariax




Ringu - Ryuji's Apartment | 3.18 MB

novel. So anyway, this map is based off of a location in the Japanese version of the Ring series "Ringu," and recreates the apartment of "Ryuji Takayama," one of the protagonists and allegedly a victim of a malignant specter's curse. This place is VERY small, and for some reason, I don't know why, but Hydeist, the author, says he built this for single player, although a lot of evidence (multi spawn points, arena geared with FFA,) says otherwise. So, stepping in, as I said, this place is pretty small. It doesn't appear to be the entirety of the house, but it essentially covers the study area and the TV area of the house. I'm not going to lie, I, Averus Retruthan, dabbler in the black arts, was creeped out by this map. The area was very dimly lit, save for a little ambient light and the lamp shining on the desk. The music was so complimenting to the atmosphere, it felt ominous despite it's peaceful melody. All of this just made me feel like something was going to get me in that house...eesh




Sith Temple v2 | 14.78 MB

[file="98888"]Sith Temple[/file] map BlueNinja made? Roughly a year later, we have here a second, Caelum-approved version! [quote]This map is an ancient temple of the Sith, dating back to a time far before even the tombs at Korriban were built. It was constructed on a volcanic planet, thus the lava[/quote] Like Nozy previously pointed out, both the architecture and the use of textures is very impressive. There's also plenty of room to play, and it could even work for some roleplaying. I won't bother repeating Nozy's review here, basically, new since previous version: -Bot routes -Dungeon is now escapable -Slight increase of lightning -New music, which the author composed & produced himself (!) -Three new areas The music is fitting, the lightning looks fine to me the dungeon is evil and the botroutes are a plus. New areas-wise, firstly, there's now a very neat outdoor courtyard. As the author states, it really is a welcome relief to the dark and red tinged interior. It fits in the map just fine, though. As you can see on screenshots 1, 2 & 5, it looks quite good. My only gripe is the skybox - being the only place where you can really look at it, the skybox seems somewhat bland from the courtyard. Something more...lava-planet-y might be a good idea for a next version, perhaps? ;) Also new is a round duelling-platform up a long spiral staircase, as seen on screenshot 6. As duelling area, it works just fine. My main comment would be - don't forget to look up. The "ceiling" looks very fancy. Last but not least, is the corridor seen on screenshots 3 & 4 corridor with hovering and rotating platforms, each of which has electric-doughnut-things around them (hey, that's name the author gave them!). Very interesting to play on, except the electric-doughnut-things unfortunately are not fatal or even damaging (which I'm guessing is a bug). Still a neat area though. ...Did I just seriously write that wall of text? ... ... Right. Yeah. I'll stop now then. As I said, map's Caelum-approved :P [b]New Textures:[/b] Oui! [b]New Sounds:[/b] Non! [b]New Music:[/b] Oui! [b]Bot Routes:[/b] Oui! [b]Camembert:[/b] Oui! -Caelum




Hoth Cavern | 1.03 MB

The goal was to design and build a level in 11 days. This map is still in beta, and there are several issues, but it should still be playable. [/quote] While the concept of making a map in 11 days is interesting enough, the result, unfortunately, isn't. Don't get me wrong - I love caves, I love snow-covered planets, and I love any combination thereof, and the idea of this map definitely isn't bad. In fact, in some spots this map looked almost inside-a-glacier-ish. ...Some spots. Unfortunately... -This map seems to be mysteriously floating in space. -There are missing textures on the outside. -There are MANY instances of z-fighting and plain holes in the map (I fell out of the map several times). Honestly, while the concept is good, right now it needs [b]a lot[/b] of polishing and bug squashing. Improvements texture-wise would be good too. A polished and bug-sprayed v2 would be nice ;) [b]New Textures:[/b] Da [b]New Sounds:[/b] Njet [b]New Music:[/b] Njet [b]Bot Routes:[/b] Da -Caelum [i]Also, in future, you only need to include the .bsp in the 'maps' folder. The .map lets others edit it & the rest are unnecessary ;)[/i]




FFA3 - Yavin Edition | 3.21 MB

in mind that for the most part (with a few small additions, secrets and extra models), the actual structure of the map remains almost exactly the same as the default version, only it now has Yavin textures, instead of Tatooine textures! Oh and it also has some Yavin music, to fit with the new theme of course! There is also a hidden teleport which will take you to another small base JKA duel map which is also been made part of this map. As I mentioned, a few trees have been added around the upper part of the map to give the impression of a jungle beyond and there is now what appears to be a big screen TV in the main bar area (a broken big screen TV that is :P). Instead of being a Tatooine spaceport type map, it now feels more like a retrofitted ancient Yavin temple, which is pretty amazing considering the only major changes are the textures and trees! That stands as testament to just what you can do to revitalize even an old and oft played base JKA map like FFA3. There is a rather big drawback however I'm afraid. This is meant to be a server side map, so it is not selectable from the map menu in JKA because, it in effect, replaces the base JKA FFA3 map. If you load up FFA3 in JKA from the map menu it will load this Yavin version, but the author says that if you join a server which has the unaltered FFA3 it will instead load that. Not only that, but of you run this map on your server, anyone joining should not have to download and install this map, since all the textures and everything else is server side. So, it kinda replaces, and yet also doesn't replace the original FFA3, depending on the circumstances. :S Personally I think this is fat too over complicated, I would have much preferred to see a simple straight forward map, which can be selected and started up from the map menu, in [i]addition[/i] to the default FFA3, rather than having some kind of complicated system for replacing or not replacing the map depending on what server you join. I really liked this map, I think the Yavin theme actually fits this map much better than the Tatooine one it was designed with, but in my opinion though, not being able to play it in a straight forward manner like most other maps is a big drawback. That's just my opinion however! Of course, if you released this map in the normal sense, I would me most happy! :) Anyway, if you like the look of this map and think it will be useful for your server (I'm sure it would be excellent for clan servers, Yavin themed maps are always popular there!) then give it a download! [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes and No, original textures replaced with other default ones! [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes and No, same as above! [b]Bot Routes:[/b] Yes [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA ~Nozyspy~





tatooine_town.rar | 4.83 MB

plain block town on Tatooine. The houses are literally copy-pasta, with the same rooms and decor...which brings out the fact that every interior is practically bare and useless, save for tight quarters combat, and the whole atmosphere is monochrome, with barely any distinction between building and the sand around it. Did I mention not a single map object is clipped? Alright, Krisko, I know you're proud that you learned how to map, and you're excited to put yourself out into the public, but it's highly advised that you keep low until you have better control of your mapping capabilities. Communities like or even our own forums can help you develop your skills as you continue to map. Believe me, our community's great advice dwarfs a few lessons on youtube XD Sorry to have to hose ya down like that, but I'm just trying to save you from running away from mapping altogether XD New Textures: Aye New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Cosmos Home Base (Under Construction) | 15.11 MB

EVER: COSMOS! [b]*spits on the floor*[/b] If you couldn't tell, I was joking at a level III rate of sarcasm. Cosmos Boys are alright with me >_> and this clan map they've created is sorta neat. The exterior doesn't quite lend itself to one particular theme, but just sort of explores a bunch of themes, and it's blatantly obvious that these gents ain't finished yet...literally, there's scaffolding and building supplies strewn throughout the map, which I find quite amusing. Anyway, what's this map got so far? Well, we got: - Council Room - Bar - Several Duel/FFA Arenas - A makeshift swoop track for their monthly tournaments. - 3 Accessible secrets.(Technically 4 but one's accessible only through noclip, as the authors admit openly.) - And a...turret...duel room? It's not a bad start, so far. Definitely have all a clan would need to hang about on this map and have some fun. Now seeing as I've spoken with these guys personally, rather than list bugs out for them to read again, I'm going to let you, the masses, know of what's wrong and what they intend to fix. - Doors will have sound. - There is a part of the water that doesn't quite hug the building properly. This too, will be addressed. - There will be additions(cliffs) to make the map seem as if its not floating in the midst of the sky. - There will be cake. All in all, there's a lot in store for future versions of this map, and I'd definitely recommend one to download this, be it they have ties with Cosmos, you like hunting you some secrets, or if you're just for whatever reason crosses your mind. Or the mini-tie fighters... _> I've said too much. [b]*flee*[/b] New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




{ Taspir - $nake Division Version } | 4.65 MB

without any problems. Well, Snake Division didn't do that, but instead, sent their map here. Basically, what you got here is an expanded FFA5, with a few more rooms, some outward expansion to the map, with a volcano, swoop race track, and ship spawns. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying: "DO NOT WANT," but I think I should recommend you make this as an MP/FFA5 overwrite instead of a whole 'nother map, as it would help promote newcomers to your server without making them rage over having to download a custom map. See if you can make it happen, or ask around other clan servers, or even our own forums, how to make this happen. I'd hate to see a clan lose traffic just because they walled themselves in a custom map. Until then, Snake Division members/visitors, make your move. - Averus Retruthan




Rusty Bucket Bay v2 | 61.92 MB

awesomeness, Borm Kloon have utterly remade the powerfully fun and amusing Rusty Bucket Bay, from the game Banjo Kazooie, and whose predecessor I also had the pleasure of reviewing. This one, however, is MUCH more expanded. There's all sorts of areas from the game that you can find by smashing certain objects, or entering secret doorways. As with the last one, the architecture and textures closely resemble what little I've seen out of the old N64 game. There were only two issues I found with this map. The first one was a onesided brush on the puzzle piece cage. Not a big deal. The only other one was that in the small little boathouse, one could walk along the bottom of the water with impunity. Besides those two issues, y'can't lose with this map. It's just too fun to pass up. Whether you've played Banjo Kazooie or not, I invite you to give this map a play, and take a swim in the bay. Isn't the water beautiful?... New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




Cartoon World | 4.56 MB

toast. So, Delta 135 has bore unto us a map depicting a world from a bright and colorful animated world. No one world in particular, just a world. The main area is a wide open plain, which dominated by a bright green texture that you would see in an old Atari game. Spread out upon this plain is a large dual-tower structure for sniping, a treewalk with some shielding items along the path, a small little pond, a nearby ridge, and a dwelling that looks like it could be a wacky scientist's home. Like any custom creation, there's always a way to make it better, so here be some bugs and or graphical suggestions: 1.) Unifying your theme - Definitely see if you can make or acquire some cartoon tree and grass blade textures/models. Also, I believe a more colorful rebellion decal would suit those sniper towers much more(though they're good as they stand.) 2.) The Pond - I believe the cartoon water texture as is looks a little too patterned, and gives me the impression that a scaly film is upon the water. You could easily just go with a solid light blue texture there, and it'd look great. 3.) The Rocks/Ridge: Like with the pond, I believe a solid texture would benefit these more than the patterned texture you have here. 4.)The House - Upstairs on the bed you have some texture-fighting between the bed and the covers. There is one other bug that is horribly weird, but not necessarily in need of attention: Firing a DEMP2 alt blast at the windows of the house causes texture fighting between the decal and the window. Oh, the joys of randomly firing weapons everywhere... So other than the JA trees and grass haunting the area, I'd say this map is well on its way to becoming quite the amusing craftwork. I would also recommend increasing the skybox's boundary so that ships may be flown about, as there is quite a bit of space, more than enough to fly in. Well, I'm done. What say you? New Textures: Aye New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




World 1-1 | 5.95 MB

again I'm the one to review it. How ironic. WELL! For those of you in the loop about Mario, here's some of the features this map possesses: - Moving 2D cloud background and authentic texturing. - "?" blocks that generate either an authentic "mushroom sound" or a "coin sound" when you bump your head on them(AND they go blank!) - An interesting orchestral remix of the Mario 1-1 theme and the underground theme compacted into one MP3 - Destructible blocks - Pitfalls - A hidden block that I presume was in the game as well! - A tube can take you into a bonus area with 2D coins you can collect.(with sound included.) - A green skull flag you can bring down(though sadly you can't bring up the red star flag.) Alright, so a pretty good rendition if you ask me. The author definitely wanted to pay some serious homage, that much is certain. Now, a brief list of bugs: - Flag only seems to work once - Hidden block may "ensnare" you if you come at it from above or the side. - Castle is sorta boxed off so your feet float above it just a little. - Tubing is a tad bit difficult to enter, and may cause the "warp" to fire prematurely. Other than that, it's a pretty good rendition. IN terms of terrain, I can't speak for its accuracy, but you'll hear no complaints from me. A solid tribute to a classic vidjia game, and definitely worth a peek. New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Several Sided Sid's Mos Espa Slave Quarters - Cola-Hunt | 4.12 MB

days of spare time in between writing my books. For those of you familiar with the little cans of coke hidden in most of my maps for your searching pleasure, I thought it might be fun to move the cans to new locations and re-release the maps so you can search for them again! Nothing else here is changed (except a poster texture)... so please don't say you weren't warned. Think purely of the fun! There is ONE can hidden in this map. There wasn't a can previously in this map... so there ya go![/quote] You heard the man. Get hunting. - Averus Retruthan




Several Sided Sid's Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runner v2 | 6.58 MB

Tantive IV map! Since there are not many changes, let me quote the previous review: [quote]Here we have a new map from Several Sided Sid that I�m sure you will all love! This is the Rebel Blockade Runner, or Tantive IV, as it appears in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and Episode III Revenge of the Sith. Due to this map being a movie location not only is this map going to be popular, but it also must have been very difficult to make! The thing about maps made after movie locations is that unlike an ordinary map, where you create what you see in your head, a movie map has to look like the place it is meant to represent. Not only that but you must also get the scale of things correct to achieve that. For instance, you need to make sure that the things in your map, like the height of the ceilings, the size of the doorways and such is to a similar scale as what is portrayed in the film. It wouldn�t look right if the doorways in the map were twice as big as they looked in the movie would they? I am glad to say that Sssid has done a brilliant job of getting the scale and proportions in this map just right, not only that but the custom textures look superb too and make this feel like a really authentic portrayal of the Tantive IV! Now as for the size of it; it�s probably a medium to large sized map, but with all the winding corridors it makes it seem much bigger! Luckily in the conference room though (the one where Bail, Yoda and Obi are at the end of Episode 3) there is a map on the wall, which should give you a good idea of the layout. I hear Sssid�s been working on this map for a long time, well he has certainly produced a great map! Like I said before, he has got the proportions just right, the corridors and rooms really look like those out of the movies. One very clever thing I liked was that the white doors appear to have been made out of a base JKA texture from the Desert (Tatooine type textures) folder. There is plenty to explore in this map, and I would imagine with all these corridors that it would make a great guns FFA map. The spaces in this map are a little bit small for dueling though I would say. You could still have a duel in here, but you wouldn�t be able to jump much! All in all I think this is a very impressive representation of the Tantive IV. Its all here, from that famous corridor where the Stormtroopers break in, in the original Star Wars film, to the conference room featured near the end of Episode 3. The use of curves, and the way the textures have been used looks great, so well done there mate! big grin There are one or two things that could be improved upon perhaps though. The biggest bit would be the Star Destroyer outside of the Bridge windows. Its rotated at a bit of an odd angle, which skews some of the textures on it so that they look out of place in parts. I must admit it does look good at that angle � it looks like its coming right at you! � but maybe a bit of a simpler angle would be good so that it doesn�t skew the textures too much. Also in the more grubby engineering type areas (such as where Princess Leia puts the hologram in R2D2) the base JKA textures used there look a bit out of place (I think there�s a Bespin door texture in there somewhere :S). However, the way they are used still looks good smile One other thing would be that on some of the textures inside the ship, there is a small grey control panel type texture that has been placed ontop of the white wall texture. This small grey control panel looks very pixelated and thus stands out against the very nice, clean, crisp white walls. This is only a very very small thing, but I�m a perfectionist! wink Apart from that a brilliant professional quality map here! Nice work mate! ***NOTE*** By the way, apparently Sssid has dropped another can of Coke somewhere in this map (surely there must be bins somewhere on the Tantive IV! stick out tongue ). See if you can find it! Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA ~Nozyspy~[/quote] So what's new? Well, apparently very little. Coke Can locations have changed, some more walls explode, and there were a couple of texture touch-ups, according to the readme. Small updates, sure, but effective ones. If you liked the first version, or if you've never played on the first one, I highly suggest giving this a download! Game Types: FFA, TFFA New textures: Yes New sounds: No New music: No New models: No




JKR - Castlevania | 11.59 MB

steal men's souls and make them your slaves!"[/i] [b]"Perhaps the same could be said of all religions."[/b] [i]"Your words are as empty as your soul. Mankind ill needs a savior such as you."[/i] [b]"What is a man?! A miserable little pile of secrets! But enough talk, have at you!"[/b] Ah, one of my favorite game intros ever! For those who know it not, this is the conversation between Richter Belmont and Dracula at the start of the original english translation of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. And of course, I mention this because of my love for Castlevania, on which this map is loosely based. My first thought upon seeing the map in the list of files to be reviewed was, "Awesome, finally another CV map!" Unfortunately, while the castle can be seen, it can not really be explored. No, this map was made specifically for racing swoops around the outside of the castle, and only a corridor or two indoors. When I spawned, I immediately thought to myself that the surrounding trees look horrid. They are 2D, which is something that I wouldn't mind if they didn't look so stretched and blurry. I was surrounded by a number of swoops, which I immediately hopped on and started my race! Into the castle I sped, trying to take in as much of the scenery as possible without crashing. Right after the first turn inside the castle, I happened to notice that one of the candles was floating a bit in front of the wall, and it's glow showing only sometimes. Not too noticeable if you're racing along with other people, though. On my second turn, I found myself in a corridor with a bunch of paintings on the wall. Of course, I jumped off my swoop to examine them closely. "Pretty cool," I thought to myself. Then I turned around and saw the ugly 2D trees outside and decided to move on. The next turn led me outside to the graveyard. I tried to jump my swoop over it, but unfortunately, I hit an invisible wall. That disappointed me a little bit. After failing my attempt at a shortcut, I found myself at a bridge to jump. This is probably my favorite part of the entire map. Sadly, using the boost to get over it resulted in me hitting the ground a bit too hard, which slowed me to a near-stop. From there, it simply led back around to where the race started, with no real outstanding features. It's a rather short map. By the time I was starting to really get into the race, it was already over. I'd love to see another version with more to it. Also, the scenery could use some work. Trees don't ever form a flat sided acute angle. Hell, they never form a flat surface, ever. Also, at the top of that texture is a random line. You can't really notice while racing, but when you stop to look at it, it is painfully obvious. Bottom line: This map could use some work, but it is far from bad as it is. I'd definitely recommend a download to any fan of Castlevania, or racing! Game Types: FFA, TFFA New textures: Yes New sounds: No New music: Yes New models: No




Jaggers Birthday Map | 25.78 MB

marked...with a malevolent map. Upon entering, the familiar hymn of Oblivion's overworld music hit my ears. In fact, a lot of Elder Scrolls influence lurks in this map. From the black hand button(whose function still remains unclear to me,) to the Daedra concept art, to the large incredibly lit bridge that pays homage to Castle Skingrad's brazier-laden bridge, it seems someone was a big ol' fan of Oblivion. I don't blame you =_,= Well, since we're on the topic of the bridge, let's address one of the main issues that plagues this map: Particle overload. Upon entering the main area of the map, my immediate notice was that sounds were chopping up. Namely, my lightsaber activation and deactivation sounds were taking their sweet fat time to play, and some times not at all. I don't know what the exact particle limit is, but with your overload of flame braziers and that tower sparkle, methinks you went quite enough over the limit. It's a shame too, because the architecture and overall theme of the map was very enticing. The three main structures were very entertaining to explore, and seemed just as whimsical and majestic on the inside as they did on the outside. There was one other primary area worth mentioning that has a couple of bugs. This area is the large desert canyon used for vehicle combat. It would be here that two issues present themselves. Both are relatively ignorable, but do hinder the playability of this area a little. 1.) Skyline was far too low: The last thing any pilot wants to worry about is a limit on how high he can go. The highest you could go was only a few meters above the sand canyon. BLEH @_@; seriously, at least give the starfighters a little more breathing room. What you've got now makes me want to duck my head. 2.) There was bit of a portaling issue in this area. Depending on where you were, the canyon walls would disappear, redrawing when you got closer to them. This is just an aesthetic issue, though, so no hurry on really fixing that one. The only other issue I noticed off hand was the brush-fighting on the presents. Other than that, it's actually quite an intriguing map to hang out in. An excellent tribute, and certainly worth beholding, should you have the time to indulge it. If thou dost approve, maketh thine move. New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan





so far. This one is no exception. Calling back from his previous endeavors, D-Legion has returned with a map that sort of expands on his Euro Syndicate Airship concept, placing it within an expanded cityscape, along with a few other extras. I find myself having not much to say, as like I said earlier, a lot of this work seems to be rehashed from previous maps. The map itself is so big, yet it feels so empty at the same time. Most of the cityscape is dominated by unexplorable buildings. There is also a huge unexplorable cruiser as well. Actually, there's quite a bit that's not explorable this time o_O just stuff from his old maps. The only things that felt genuinely new were honestly just little splashes of detail, namely the large garden atop the skyscraper, the small plaza below it, and a few other things here and there. Everything else just feels like a "been there, done that, got this hat," sort of deal. D, I would strongly encourage you to start branching out and make something completely fresh. This in itself just feels like a D-Monolith v4 in a very distant sense. Keeping old relics in your maps just seems to foster a static level of lesser skill use when mapping is definitely one of those arts you'd want to encourage growth. Believe me, I share sentiments about losing all that hard work, but don't worry, cochise, it's safe here, really! To all those not familiar with D-Legion's work, I do apologize for witholding much of the detail of this map, but as I said before, a lot of it's just rehash. I encourage you to take a look at his older works so you too can understand why this map just seemed to fail to impress. New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




The Duels Zone | 11.55 MB

Unfortunately, the comb that was run over this map wasn't nearly fine enough. Let's get down to the grit. This map is an FFA map that has been divided up into a series of duel maps. Seven different areas are available, but it's hard to put a name on each of them. They vary from a maze to a roman fighting arena to a tomb on korriban. Players seem to spawn in random places, and each one has a teleporter to a "master" room of sorts. From this "master" room, you can go to any of the other rooms. It would seem that there are NPCs in most of the rooms, and if I'm not mistaken, some of them respawn when they are killed. The idea behind this is great, but it needs a lot of work. The visuals in each area are okay for the most part, but other areas really need some work. Two such places are the hallway with the destroyable walls. They can be destroyed in such a way that other parts of the wall are left floating. This is fixable (and quite easily), and really needs to be. The whole room is also quite bare triangle-wise, though...there isn't much stuff in it. It needs some variation as well. A few other areas were plagued by problems. The "master" room has a couple of very repetitive textures on it. And I mean *very* repetitive textures. Also, the pictures that represented each dueling area were very low-res. They definitely needed enhancement - I'd say quadruple the resolution on each texture. Grainy rooms don't look very appealing, especially when you have to walk into them to move from area to area. One last area that I had issues with. I think it's the one the author referred to as the "Rome Duel". By far, this had the most issues. First off, get ready for some FPS drop if you have a lower end machine, because the outer walls are made of patch meshes (and I still can't figure out why). This is a big waste of triangles - you could save a [i]few hundred[/i] triangles by changing those to brushes. If you're using patches because you need a one-way-wall effect, you can use nonsolid brushwork for the visuals and patches for the physics. Either way, it's a big waste of triangles and really has to go. Second, the archways that teleport you back to the "master" room...they need tops on them. How on earth can you have an arch with an invisible top but a visible bottom? My last gripe, although minor, is that the water doesn't meet the walls. This isn't really a problem, but it gives the room a sloppy feel. The other areas seemed all right to me. The visuals aren't the most enticing things on earth, but they do their job. FPS was good overall, but that's more because of a lack of detail than anything else. Great for low-end computers. My favorite area was the one with the water and sparks under the platform. Those poor reborn never stood a chance... :p Overall, the whole thing screams new mapper. I don't want to discourage you, especially with a useful idea like this - but this comes off as sloppy in many ways. You need to give things some more time and branch out some more. You've got the basics of Radiant down - now it's time to straighten up and treat your creations with care. New sounds: [b]No[/b] New models: [b]No[/b] New textures: [b]Yes[/b] New music: [b]Yes[/b] ~Dretzel




Star Wars Episode III Palpatine's Rooftop | 17.16 MB

curtain basically drops, and no one feels compelled to compete with that author's work...until today. Attempting to stand out from [file="42800"]SJC's Palpatine Complex[/file] map, the author JamyzGenius has attempted to turn SJC's materials against him and compiling his OWN version of the office complex where the fated corruption of everyone's favorite wooden crybaby took place. So, what makes it stand out? Hmm...well, we have: [b]- An assload of destructibles:[/b] I love destructible environments. It gives me an excuse to throw grenades enough to level a building. However, I was disappointed to find out that it only applied to the office control room, office, and the hallway connecting. Afterwards, there were no destructibles. [b]- An expanded section beyond the original areas:[/b] Yep, the author decided to branch out past the office, creating a series of corridors that connect to a huge pillar laden reception area that empties out into a small landing bay, where the Raven's Claw and a Lambda Shuttle doth sit. ...and really, that's about it. Were it not for those, one would think the author was attempting to emulate SJC. Not that one could be easily fooled, however, as there were quite a bit of errors and nitpicks that I could point out: [b]- Destructible Visual Issues:[/b] There were several projector bulbs in the office area that were destructible entirely, but most of them presented a hole in detail where you could see into the brush, revealing the one-sidedness of the brush. A bit sloppy, but it made a neat foxhole! :D I think there may have been a bit of overload on the destructibles. Half of the control room can be blown to bits, but I cannot bring myself to find this to a good thing. It may have been smarter to create some sort of "destroyed" version of the brush underneath some of these destructibles, ESPECIALLY in the control room, to account for all the battle damage, because all this seems to accomplish is blasting away the details. Additionally, I noticed you could see holes in the ruined chairs that also proved onesided, since you could see the floor below. [b]- Door sounds:[/b] There were a total of three doors in this map, and only one had sound. This I cannot abide by. Either have all or none. What you have now just proves a lax work ethic. [b]- Skybox window looks unreal:[/b]There is a window in the corridor nearest the pillared room where the skybox texture was just plastered behind the segmented window(another bad move.) This just didn't look good at all, nor did it make spatial sense, since right next door was the pillared room! [b]- Map transparency issues:[/b] I noticed that not only could you see the flat square that is the landing bay from the control room, you could see the fractured brushwork of the control room from the landing bay. This didn't even require a scout's eye to see, so I'd suggest patching that up or addressing that somehow. Overall, this is a very rough product. It's better than some of the author's past works, but it's still very unpolished. The lighting in this map is very splotchy, with light entities sprinkled about with little plausible sourcing. The cons seem to outweigh the pros, and with all that being said, I definitely must say that there's a lot left to be desired, but there is yet hope... New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




Battle on Theed (FFA) | 40.85 MB

instilled fear into us all... ...This map is [b]HUGE![/b] O_o; Seriously, getting lost almost seemed like a mandatory part of playing this map. There's so much to drink in. When you think you're done seeing the whole map, you see yet another thing you missed! However, there was virtually NOTHING I found that I wasn't impressed by. So, Theed. The city that lasted a single Episode, and yet, it's remarkable beauty impacted us for years on end. It's a shame it played little to no part in the rest of the prequels. So, Quite a lot of exterior, really. There's not much interior to be found, but there is enough. This map was designed with upcoming siege objectives in mind(Yes, that includes MB2,) though it is also to be featured in the JKA Siege Mappack as well when it graces our altars. There are 3 major exterior regions, each one crowned with teal marble domes and fuchsia marble roofs on the majority of the buildings. The streets are paved with bricks and almost everywhere you turn, there's a stairway leading somewhere deeper into the map. The streets are adorned with neatly trimmed bushes,[b]*snicker[/b] strategically planted trees, and traces of ivy cling to the various structures in the area. Yep, the author painted one hell of a picture. Better yet, there's barely anything wrong with this map. The texture choices were nothing short of exquisite, and the custom skybox fit so well I actually thought there was more to the map than met the eye. Architecturally speaking, this is probably one of the most complex maps I've seen in a while. It felt like there was over 100 ways to reach another part of the map, and this maps predominant use of arches looks like it took quite some time to get all just right. The lighting seemed near-perfect. There was one area I noticed seemed a bit unsourced in natural lighting, but other than that there was hardly a place that seemed out of place in that department. Now, I did say there's BARELY anything wrong, so let's see what plagues it: [b]1.)Doors:[/b] Alright, so I must admit it's very difficult to put in sci-fi doors into an environment that has a late renaissance feel to it. However, while most of the smaller doors fit in perfectly, some of the larger doors appeared to clash with their environments. Basically picturing a large black industrial-looking door in the midst of all the grace, it just dudn't fit. [b]2.)Ambient Atmosphere:[/b] This was probably the most disappointing department to me, as there was hardly ANY ambient background in this map at all, and I honestly think it really could have benefited from some. Once the music is turned off in your game, all you hear is almost dead silence. The only ambient noise comes from the various fountains sprinkled about the map, and you have to get pretty close to them to hear anything. The exteriors really could have used maybe some birds singing in the background, maybe a few church bells tolling every so often. The stream direly needed some noise, as it appeared it was flowing too quickly to be that quiet. The interiors could have used some noise emitting from some of the computer consoles, and that large column that looked like a reactor wouldn't have hurt to have had some humming coming from it. As this currently stands, this is quite a product here. I would definitely suggest the masses ingest this file, even if just to take a quick look at it. One can only wonder what malevolence is being adding to it, to make this map a true force among forces. I shall remain on the lookout for future versions of this map =_= as I am most curious as to what you've in store for us, Lord J3rk. New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




After Hours | 6.57 MB

thought. This is Cobrax's first released map and I must say it is pretty good for a first release! The map is actually a clan map, although it has some interesting aesthetic features that I will come to shortly. Like I said, there is the obligatory clan bar, with a few posters on the walls and privacy forcefield's. As I have said before, I have always liked clan maps, they have the feeling of a close community of friends having fun together, occasionally with the odd bit of clan intrigue or gossip. ;) The clan bar is kind of a distillation of that I think, a place to meet up and talk after having a sparring match or whatnot. There are also some large duelling areas and of particular note is the huge courtyard with the ziggurat at the center. This building, along with the overall architecture, textures, music and that bluish lighting evoke memories of the Dromund Kaas level of Mysteries of the Sith. This is what I was talking about when I mentioned the interesting aesthetic features earlier. I don't know whether anyone else agrees with me here, but it certainly brought back memories of exploring that creepy level! ;) One other interesting thing is that the author has used a stone texture and applied a glowing shader to it to use it as a light texture instead, which I thought was quite inventive and actually looked pretty good! A note on a slight technical issue though; firstly, the steps of the ziggurat are far to big, they need to be shrink to a more realistic size. This isn't a problem gameplay wise since there is a noclip wedge brush on the stairs allowing you to walk smoothly up them. It is however more of an aesthetics/detail issue, but not a big one. My main concern here though is that the noclip wedge brush doesn't go all the way down to the floor at the bottom of the steps, meaning that you have to jump over the first step before you can climb the stairs. Not a major issue, but still something that should be fixed. All in all a nice clan map here, certainly one I would enjoy playing in if I was part of this clan. Of course, the clan names and posters may put other people off from using it, but I certainly give the author two thumbs up for the excellent atmosphere he has created in the map! :thumbsup: Keep up the good work Cobrax, I look forward to seeing more from you! [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] No [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA, Duel ~Nozyspy~




Back to the Roots | 12 MB

doesn't mean they are bad. This one is actually very good overall. Lots of time has been spent on this creation, and it shows. Let's start with a basic overview. As I said above, the map is based on Yavin, and is built academy-style. There are many areas available to explore, including a large TFFA arena and two mission-style areas that I imagine are for training. The architecture is not classic yavin-style - instead, the author has branched out and created a smooth, but still stony appearance. I daresay it looks more like Korriban in places - that's ok, though, it looks good overall. So let's go over some positives. Each room is sized nicely, although I feel the first room (the one you spawn into) could use a little widening out. Still, that's trivial. Like I said before, the architecture is nice overall. Also, there are things to do if you join an empty server. The atmosphere is nice, and there's eye candy all over the place. There's also a TFFA arena off on one side, which made a really nice addition. It has an observation area on the top, and a large fighting area down below. The lighting is [i]very[/i] good - I'm sure that took a lot of time to work out. Texturing is very well done, I couldn't find any terrible seams or stretched ones anywhere. FPS was good overall as well. Now...that's not a very good list of positives; there's still more. But I don't want to ramble forever. As you'd expect, here comes a list of negatives as well. Some areas of the map should be clipped. By this I mean things like stairs - most of them are clipped, giving a smooth walk to the top. Others aren't so smooth and go bumpitty bump bump all the way to the top. Also, the elevator doors leading to the TFFA arena need clip added to them - it is possible to stand on the ledge of the door and get crushed against the ceiling when it tries to open. Another glitch is that when you walk through a door, all the visible entities and players disappear for an instant. This is due to incorrect areaportals - you're supposed to use system/skip on 5 sides of the brush and the system/areaportal texture for the sixth. ;) A few doors were missing sounds (maybe it was just my computer) and a few other things were glitchy here and there, but nothing too big. A few of the areas seemed like they were meant to be expanded but were not - I'd love to see more in a version 2. This map shows promise and it would be nice to see the full potential brought out. On that note, there are no scripts - add some! Scripts are the best thing that ever happened to JA maps. New sounds: [b]No[/b] New models: [b]No[/b] New textures: [b]Yes[/b] New music: [b]Yes[/b] ~Dretzel [i]P.S. - You don't need to include base game assets in your pk3, ever. They're already in the game. ;)[/i]




JKA Battle of Caretan | 3.97 MB

to find multiple reference screenshots via google and also a top down map shot. From these screenshots I can see that it is a pretty good replica of the CoD2 map, with both the textures and architecture being very close. Bit I was most impressed with the layout, that, bar a few differences, is very similar to the layout of the original CoD2 map. The one major difference is the entrance area which in the original was a kind of dirt road I think, whereas in this the same area is more of a walled off garden which definitely doesn't look as authentic to the original map or what the real life area would have been like. This map is fantastic for gun FFA players since it has some narrow winding streets and plenty of buildings to hide in, fight in and snipe from. There are a few demolished walls here and there and a nice semi-demolished house that must have been hit by a bomb or shell. The level of detail in the map is fairly simple, but that isnt really a bad thing in this case as that usually fits better with a hardcore guns FFA type map. A few suggestions I would make as to improvements though are the following: [*] Make some more natural looking terrain for the grassy areas, since they look a little too angular at the moment. [*] Don't forget to place a wedge shaped brush covered in the system/noclip texture over your stairs so you don't get that annoying bouncing up and down when you walk up them! Doing this will make walking up the stairs nice and smooth. [*] Work a little more on the lighting, perhaps using a sun entity as shown in this excellent tutorial. [*] Some custom WW2 themed music would be cool! [*] Bot support would be a big plus on a map like this. Overall though this is a cool map, and like I say, brilliant for all guns FFA's! If that is your kind of thing, or you were a fan of the original Call of Duty 2 map, then be sure to give this a download! :) [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] No [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA ~Nozyspy~




Expedition | 71.09 MB

and various activities. I have to admit, it's just getting better with every release. This version is much improved and expanded, and the visuals are improving as well. So, where do I start? Well, let's recap Nozyspy's summary from the last version: " The map is mainly based around an Academy theme, and it has plenty of areas which would be great for use by clans, such as a jump training area, a main hall and duelling areas. The additional, more unusual areas would also be fun for clan groups to tackle as well I think. " I didn't test out every single puzzle in the map - that would have taken me hours, which I do not have. However, just noclipping around revealed that there's a lot more to this map than meets the eye. I don't know if I missed seeing everything in the first version or if it was added since then, but it's nice. One of the puzzles that has been in the map since version 1 is the two vertical climbing puzzles where you jump up a huge vertical tower to get to the top. What's scary is that every time I thought I was at the top, I wasn't. I thought that halfway up...while noclipping. Does that give you an idea how huge these towers are? Also continued from the previous versions is a strafe jumping course, where players use a special jump technique to gain extra speed and jump across larger and larger distances. There are eight different sets of platforms, each one going in both directions. I'm not sure if the bar area was new or not, so I'll include it - there's a huge bar area added on the side of the spawning room. It features a dance floor off to the side (with music!), a cellar with the "special" drinks hidden inside, and an upper floor with more tables. Overall, I think the wood texture was a bit overused and there should be a railing on the second floor to prevent people from falling, but that's about it. There are even more areas and more puzzles left, but at the moment, I can't recall all of them and time prevents me from doing so. But let me just assure you...this map is big. You'll have to play it to truly appreciate it. The only criticisms I have are thus... I don't like the skybox for one reason - there is no down image! I think it looks really goofy to look down and see solid green underneath my feet. Also, the brick/mortar texture looks like it has been tweaked (unless my eyes decieve me), but it still needs a little more's not quite there yet [/quote] Yup. There you have it folks. A review inside a review inside a review. Anyways, a few things have changed, nothing huge however. 1) changed Maze Mountain 2) added banthas 3) added a new industrial area 4) added various details throughout the map If you enjoyed this in Jedi Outcast, have fun, you can now play in Jedi Academy! I'm sure this will up the downloads by a quite significant number as the majority of people on this website play JK3. Enjoy. ~Authuran




SJC The Palace of Jabba the Hutt - Map Pack | 71.03 MB

being masterpieces of mapping design. Yes there are mappers that are technically more skilled with the fancy aspects of mapping like ridiculously complex scripting and the like, but Sith J has been here right from the start, the granddaddy of em all and he has released may maps over that time. So, let's have a look at his latest creation; Jabba's Crib! As I said above, this map comes in both Daytime and Sunset versions, each with a different mood and atmosphere. Personally my favourite is the daytime version, primarily because it obviously looks and feels like the more traditional Tatooine map. There are a few small issues with the sunset version though, but I will come to those later. This map is pretty huge, it features a large outdoors area among the dunes infront of the palace entrance and the interior of the palace itself, which is an incredible maze like structure. Walking among the dunes outside was highly entertaining, especially for me as I absolutely love a good outdoors map. You should watch out for the Sand People though, as they are, as usual, in a foul mood (though who wouldn't be with that lumpy mask glued to your face for your entire life?). This is one of those little features which really adds to a map, just that little extra something that isn't really necessary, buts adds that extra depth. Wander around a little more and you will stumble upon the Sarlacc pit, although hopefully not too literally eh? :P I must admit I would have liked to see a little more movement out of the Sarlacc's tentacles (which are flat transparent textures rather than being three dimensional), which I am guessing some adjustment in the shader for the tentacle texture could do. Making the image a sprite as well (if it is possible to have a vertex deforming sprite image) may have been a good idea, since the tentacles are flat textures, as you move around them they disappear momentarily. For those who don't know what a sprite texture is, a sprite texture always faces you no matter where you are even though they are just flat textures. Moving on, you will also come across the ribcage of some once huge beast and nearby you will also find an archway, which looks impressively similar to the ones from the original Ralph McQuarrie concept art. The roof of this archway and also of the palace itself has a fantastic shader on it, which gives it a purply metallic shine. Just ahead of this archway is one of the entrances to Jabba's Palace, this one running underground. The main entrance of course is right at the front, and that famous door which R2 and 3PO stand before at the beginning of Return of the Jedi looks nicely authentic, right down to the sand piled up in the recesses of the door. Also worth noting is the specular shader on the stucco like walls of the palace, which when viewed from a certain angle gives the walls a nice sheen in the sunlight. Inside the palace is huge, and maze like, it is very easy to actually get lost, there are just sop many rooms, corridors and levels! I have a feeling quite a bit of the inside layout is based on the 'Inside the Worlds of Star Wars' location cross section book, which itself has a very nicely detailed illustration of the innards of Jabba's Palace. For those of you who like feeding your defeated enemies to a Rancor... yes the Rancor pit is here, complete with Rancor. ;) The texturing throughout the map is excellent as always, accurate too, even all the little patterns on the borders look accurate to all the reference pictures I could find, so a big thumbs up there! During your wanderings through the palace you may also occasionally come across a B'omarr monk, although unfortunately these are only map objects and so don't do anything other than add a little more atmosphere to the place. Personally I think it would be cool if someone could make a B'omarr monk NPC model, since having a few of the disembodied brains-in-jars-with-legs wandering around would be very cool indeed! To be honest there is so much inside the palace to see that I could write several pages about it, but then again that would spoil the adventure of exploring the map for you guys wouldn't it? With a map like this that is both huge and great to look at, exploring is a big part of it! ;) Now I said earlier that there are two versions of this map, Daytime and Sunset, the daytime being my favourite mainly because it is traditional Tatooine. However I also said that there were a few issues with the sunset version, and now I shall elaborate. Basically my main gripe with this version is that the insides of the palace are just [i]too dark[/i]! Its difficult to see all the great detail that went into the interior of the map, and the lights just don't seem to light up the interiors as much as they should do. The outside area isn't too bad though, although there are a few rather dark spots in the shadows. The sunset skybox, with the twin suns setting in the distance, is one of the most amazing skyboxes I have ever seen and is quite beautiful. Overall this is a fantastic map and I am once again glad to see Sith J Cull return to us with a new creation! I do think the lighting in the sunset version could have been tweaked a little more to make the light levels more comfortable, but you can always turn your gamma up a bit higher ingame if you have to. Keep up the excellent work Sith J, the community really appreciates that talented mappers still stick around and produce amazing work like this, even after all these many years. I look forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve for us next! :D [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routes:[/b] Yes [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA ~Nozyspy~ [b][Edit][/b] Shockingly, I forgot to mention that you should look out for Han in carbonite, because... well it isn't Han. Could the face on this frozen carbonite man be the visage of the great man himself?!




shaftduel | 15.95 MB

around the base of the beams and a hollow center so deep you can't even see the bottom, a center that will most certainly bring about your demise should you fall. And of course, all Bespin themed. That is this map. Normally I am not a huge fan of duel maps, but I love any map that promises death if you misstep. It looks well made, I found few issues with anything except for the fact that there is only one way to get to the duel pad at the top, one single air vent to blast you up. There's also the fact that contrary to what the level's name may imply, this level can not be selected in the duel modes, which is a bit disappointing, but not a huge deal. Either way, it's a great duel map! If ya like it, give it a download! Game Types: FFA, TFFA New textures: Yes New sounds: No New music: No New models: No




Midair 2 | 720.58 KB

Why, attacking opponents in midair, of course! Really fun to spawn a bot, and launch a bunch of homing rockets at it while it is flying up and down through the small level. Only a matter of time until one hits and the rest follow! Simple, yes. Effective, yes. Fun, yes. The only issue I had was the lack of new music, or any music at all, for that matter. Give it a download if ya wanna try a different way of gunning (Or sabering) your enemies! Game Types: FFA, TFFA, CTF New textures: No New sounds: No New music: No New models: No




Strafe Trainer 2 | 1.09 MB

jumping. So what's in it? It's a long, but thin map with a series of platforms in increasing distances. If you miss a platform, it teleports you right back to the starting point. Well, there was one little part where I didn't get teleported, but I was unable to replicate the experience... There's really nothing more to say about it. If you need a good map to learn strafe jumping in, give it a download.




Eurocorp Syndicate Airship | 85.32 MB

within the hangar area itself we have the Eurocorp Syndicate Airship made by DLegion. I am presuming this Eurocorp Syndicate is some kind of clan, especially since the airship itself has all the things you would expect from a clan map, although I could be wrong! RunAmock's Hanger T-31 map is a fantastic map, and it wouldn't be fair of me to review that map here since that is a separate map my a different author and will soon have its own review when I can get around to getting all the contest entries re-reviewed! Although more than half of the map is made up of RunAmock's map, the main subject of this file is the airship contained within the hanger and the other additions made by DLegion, so that is what I will be looking at. The airship itself is very reminiscent of something from Star Trek... and indeed the interior contains several references to Star Trek, including technical deck plans of the USS Voyager, a few instances of Federation Symbols and other Trek related textures. Heck, the ship even has what appears to be warp nacelles on each side (which incidentally you can enter from the inside!) albeit green ones instead of the normal Trek Red and Blue. Inside the airship are several decks to explore, including a flight deck/hangar complete with small fighter type craft and some kind of huge mech suit. The interior of the ship looks very comfortable and looks like the perfect place for a clan to meet. The one major problem with the interior though is that the ceilings are just [i]too low[/i] which makes it difficult to find your way around, since your normal perception of space is a bit skewed due to the cramped surroundings. Nevertheless though, it is nicely decorated, with several different areas, including a library, a small pool, areas to lounge out in and even a few toilets! ;) Not to mention multiple maintenance and storage type areas and tunnels including the engine areas. Now, onto the other additions to RunAmock's map. One addition, accessible via the elevator at the back of the hangar is an office like area right at the top of the skyscraper. The architecture of this area, along with the somewhat creepy music definitely reminds me of something from one of the Final Fantasy series of games. The second area is the outside area of the DLegion Monolith, the full map of which you can find [file=92869]here[/file]. This area can be accessed via the 'holodeck' room in the Airship itself, so you could say it is a holodeck simulation! There might be other areas, but I wasn't able to find any, this is a pretty large and sprawling map though so I would be surprised if there are some more secrets to be found! As for improvements, I think for next time around, the ceilings of the decks on the airship should definitely be made a fair bit higher, since at the moment the whole ship feels very cramped due to the low ceilings. I would also like to see a bit more exterior detailing on the Airship, like some pipes and other such things, just to make it look a little less flat. Other than that I think the texturing needs a little more work inside, perhaps using more similar textures to tie the interior of the ship together as a whole. Overall this is a cool combination of maps, although adding more features to the RunAmock Hangar T-31 (which already has quite low framerate in some areas) does lead to some very low framerates in certain areas of the map. Nevertheless I think its cool to see this kind of co-operation between different mappers and indeed, different maps. I look forward to seeing any future versions of the Eurocorp Syndicate Airship! :) [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA, Duel ~Nozyspy~




Merc War | 4.12 MB

the design is.. complicated. It's hard to explain. It's made of dirt, regarding the texture, so I wouldn't expect dirt to hold up so well against laser fire. But it does. The overall design of the map is bad. First of all, [b]there's no light[/b]. No excuse for not having light in a map, with [i]extremely[/i] little exceptions. Second of all there's many missing textures, which will unfortunately so appear as obnoxious grey and white tiles for the unaware. Third of all, some of the brushes don't even match up. That's right, some of them are just floating in midair, like if this was the force unleashed and I was gtkradiant using telekinesis on the all the staircase brushes simultaneously. The brush layout is not so good, the boxes with the turrets in them are made of a thin wall of dirt yet somehow manage to be invincible. Gameplay is very limited in this map. Other than taking some untextured tiny alleyways around the map, there's no way to get to the other side. It looks like that in the picture, yes. But for some unfathomable reason the blue ground in the middle kills you. Don't ask me why, it just does. It renders the areas for shooting the other team useless, as there is no way they can get across without jetpack or force jump. So you can't shoot incoming enemies. There's also no objectives really, there's two sides, and they both have little buildings filled with alcohol. Maybe that's the objective, look at they enemies alcohol since you can't really do anything with it. In conclusion, the idea of this map is unoriginal, the way the author planned out the architecture is original, the way the architecture is constructed is bad. I hope you improve upon this map in the future and release a v2. Enjoy. ~Authuran




SJC - Naboo Crystal Sanctuary | 44.18 MB

map which was converted to JKA as 'Pyramid of the Massassi'. Unfortunately though, it appears that we no longer have that map on the site, I don't know why, but it is a shame indeed. However, that famous map has heavily inspired Sith J's latest creation; Naboo Crystal Sanctuary! Anyone who has played on the Pyramid of the Magician/Massassi map will instantly recognise the features that have been inspired by that map. These include the jump pads in various locations, used to catapult you up to a higher level, the canyon like layout, dense foliage and other features. From what I understand, some textures have also been carried over from the original map by Sock, though these mostly appear to be the plant and leaf textures (which would be difficult to make from scratch, believe me, I've tried!). Some of the stone textures were really quite low resolution, which makes me thing that maybe these minor textures also came from the original map. The only other thing that has come over from the original map by Sock is a few sounds, which lend the whole map a nice ambience. That brings me onto the music, which is very unusual indeed. I haven't a clue where it is from, but it seems to combine elements of both the Star Wars themes and some Star Trek themes, oddly. Anywho, the music fits perfectly and nicely fits in with the rest of the audio ambience. Now, onto a rather big and impressive part of the map; the dot2product terrain blending! Dot2product is probably the most complicated way of creating a nice and natural blend of different textures for your terrain, however it is the best looking. Proof that you can learn new tricks no matter how long you have been mapping, Sith J has done an excellent job of using dot2product on this map to create a seamless and natural blend of textures for the varied terrain here. I must say though, despite the excellent job Sith J has done, it still doesn't quite match up to the truly masterful job that Sock did on his original Pyramid of the Magician map. There is some room for improvement as far as making sure all the textures are aligned around some of the rock walls, where the various lumps and bumps tend to through out texture alignment a little. The layout itself is quite complicated, even though this isn't a very large map, which means that you can spend plenty of time exploring and discovering things! Whilst I liked the outdoor areas with the small ruined Naboo style pavilion's and pillars, my favourite area had to be the caves. There is just something about caves in JKA, they are very hard to do right, but if you succeed they really are a great feature to add to a map. Sith J has done a top notch job of making the labyrinthine caves in this map, complete with hanging vines and mushrooms! Lets not forget what the title of the map is though, Naboo [b]Crystal[/b] Sanctuary. Also in the caves and other areas around the map are groups of crystals, which lend the map its name. I was a bit disappointed that there weren't more crystals to be honest, I would have liked to see a cave full of them, like the inside of a [url=]giant geode[/url]. Overall this is another very impressive map from Sith J Cull, although I do think there are a few areas that could be worked on and polished up a little more, especially those lower resolution stone textures which don't look too great close up. They are only used in a few places however and not on large areas, so that isn't too much of an issue. I also think it would be cool if the crystals were more 'glowy', not that crystals generally glow, but it just looks cool! ;) Once again this is another excellent release from Sith J, but I do think that the low resolution textures in certain areas let it down a little, apart from that though I highly recommend you download this map, I don't think you will be disappointed! :D [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routes:[/b] Yes [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA, CTF ~Nozyspy~




KYRPG | 13.66 MB

of detail in them often detracts from the general playability and efficiency of play in the map. It is maps like this one here however, that while they make the superb visuals of the very best maps, they make up for that in their playability. These kind of maps aren't fussy or packed with minute detail, and that makes them much more practical to play on and while I love to see a great looking map, I also love to see a great playing map, and this here is one of those maps. This is pretty huge, which necessary since it is an RPG themed map. Unfortunately though that does mean that there are no weapon spawns and such, which is a bit of a shame, because I think this would also make an excellent full scale FFA map. But the author and the clan he is in are obviously more geared towards the RPG side of things. There weren't any clan logo's or such that I could see though, so that means this map is suitable for anyone to use. There is a nice variety of different terrain here, with some open grassy spaces, rocky outcroppings, a large forest, a lake and even a series of desert canyons. The whole map is inhabited by a variety of deadly animals, such as Rancor's, Velociraptor's, Howlers and Sand Worms, which provide some danger to exploration and such. Personally I really enjoyed the variety of different places and the layout of the map and there are also a few secrets hidden around for you to find which can be used as quest material if you are into the RPG'ing. There is also a blacksmith type building hidden away in the forest and a few market tent like structures, which give the map a medieval flavour. One thing I think could be improved though is the lighting, since at the moment there isn't any! The whole map is just 'fullbright' (lacking a light compile), which while it doesn't look that bad in this case, it's always best to have proper lighting! One other issue is that the player character doesn't appear to be lit at all, or at least not properly, which is odd since the 'fullbright' should also light the character too. Definitely something to look into there. Overall though this is a very enjoyable map to explore and I hope it is expanded upon in the future! :) If any of you guys like RPG'ing and need a new map for your server, then this is an excellent candidate! If your not into RPG'ing then this map is still worth a download to enjoy the exploration, and trying to avoid the deadly critters roaming it. ;) [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] No [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA ~Nozyspy~




Old Rebel Base | 5.29 MB

they're not really rebelling against anything... anyways, no offense to the author, but this map is pretty bland. Yes, I understand you haven't been doing this since time existed but still, read a few tutorials, learn how to spice things up. Notably: [b]1. Lighting[/b] - thank god this map actually had some, but it was very bland, and one could mistake it for not having any at all. [b]2. Colors[/b] - the poor lighting combined with the dull, flat textures makes for one map visually unpleasurable for the retina. [b]3. Lack of detail[/b] - yeah, trust me, I know it seems like a pain making a brush out of every crease but trust me, in a small map like this it will be totally and completely worth it, instead of using a flat texture. [b]4. Music & weapons[/b] - I found neither. Both would be appreciated. Fix these and this level will stand above average. Other than that, download if you are interested. Enjoy. And I know there are no screenshots, but that just adds to the [i]mystery.[/i] ~Authuran




Hoth Temple | 21.92 MB

down the giant 'dogs'. Well, you're on it, and in an RP. Can I say this is good? It's... acceptable. I really didn't like it, but it's a first map. An RP is a hard thing to do for a first map. Ya gotta have your balance, your entertainment, your sleeping and living quarters, places to hang... all the stuff. This map does an ok job of it. You spawn in a valley (on Hoth) and there is a ship nearby. It's useless really, just there to show that you actually got there somehow instead of just magically atomizing there. Anyways, you walk or run or drive or fly or launch across the canyon and end up at some runway. Yeah, I don't know either. You go into the beginning of the runway and then you're teleported inside the Hoth Temple. Exploring through the hallways, you will come across your typical rooms such as bunks, library, training, etc. And... that's it. This is to play with your friends on, not spend 10 hours exploring. The whole thing just lacks detail. I'm sorry, but the only detailed part I liked was the canyon and the jungle training room. Others were just square walls and floor with an object here or there. I suggest adding things like pillars, and instead of just slapping textures on a surface try to do it in 3d. Meaning if you have something like a stone wall, instead of putting a stone wall texture on it actually.. build a bunch of stones that look cool and in 3d O.o Also make more rooms. I was seriously disappointed by the lack of things to do in this map. It would be grand to have more rooms, interactive features. A couple textures here and there are missing, might want to look into that. The doors open in a funny way. Also, try to have it make more sense. It's not really logical to just randomly spawn in the middle of the valley then teleport via signpost to a room, which you then have to walk into the actual part. Guns, too. I couldn't find any guns. So, download if you enjoy this! Huh... that's pretty obvious. Oh yeah, ENJOY, mortals. ~Authuran




Space Bound | 2.13 MB

combination of brushwork, shaders, effects and ambient audio is more elaborate than we'd usually see from a newer mapper. This demonstrates a degree of initiative, aptitude and non-lateral thinking which shows promise. Technique is easier to learn, creativity not so much. Unfortunately, we gotta move from praising that nice centerpiece of creaive expression, to pointing out (and troubleshooting) a small myriad of errors. The most obvious problem you'll notice when loading the map is that the wood texture used for the teepees and paths is missing. Unfortunately, that one wasn't a baseja texture. Now we've all forgotten a texture or two in the past, so let's not dwell on that fact. Okay klorrel, let's give you some troubleshooting tips. [b]A:[/b] To prevent fall damage on a surface (such as the floor in your pit escpae route), encase the brush inside another brush made out of the 'cushion' texture, located in the 'system' folder of Radiant's texture browser. [b]B:[/b] Caulk is a pink shader also found under 'system', which renders any surface it's applied to as invisible. It's good practice to caulk all surfaces that the player won't see; in fact, using this to prevent weird overlap on transparent surfaces is a must (example: the windows in this very map). [b]C:[/b] I found some small z-fighting in the map. Z-fighting is where two textures occupy the same space, and they flicker while 'fighting' to determine which is displayed. Avoiding this is simple, just make sure never to have two brush faces overlap each other. [b]D:[/b] Surface Inspector. This is a useful tool accessed within Radiant by selecting a single surface, and pressing the S key. The inspector can be used to precisely align and manipulate textures on a surface. There are a few spots in the map where this would have helped greatly, it's a good skill to learn. [b]E:[/b] Compiling. I notice that this map has been released only after a -meta compile, which is a mistake. -meta is a basic test compile that does not process any lighting data, which makes maps just bright and, I daresay, actually rather ugly. Your maps will be much improved if you take the time to add lighting and do proper compiles. These two tutorials may well be of interest to you - [url=""]Basic Lighting[/url] and [url=""]Compiling[/url]. [b]F:[/b] Skyboxes. I can tell with a glance that you created your sky simply by adding sky textures to surfaces, which has created this static "painted" sky. For a real sky, as you'd see in Raven's maps, instead select each surface which is intended as a sky panel and apply the skybox shader (that blue square with the word "SKY" written in it). As a personal gripe I'd like to note the inclusion of pre-spawned NPCs in the map as a critique. NPCs are horribly, horribly broken in JA MP, and pre-spawning them is not always the wisest of ideas as only so many NPCs can be spawned before a server crashes. Not only that but they get in the way of actually using the map. Well, if there was anything else to point out, it's slipped from memory. Here we have another sample of work which demonstrates the progression of a fairly new mapper - if anyone else has any feedback, I'm sure it would be much appreciated by klorrel. -Mikouen [b]Bot Support[/b]: Nope [b]Custom Audio:[/b] Unfortunately, yes. [b]Custom Textures:[/b] Used but not packed. [b]Supported Gametypes:[/b] FFA




Solarwind Carbon Mine | 26.63 MB

(haha fart joke) is quite dark. Infact so dark you can't even see the ground. So it's hard to make out details. There's some... junk scattered a bit around the raised area that I do not know is there for. Dueling? This is an FFA map. I guess it would be good for FFAs. This map comes with its own theme: [quote]Almost 1,000 years ago a great Sith Lord came to Bespin and conquered the last of the wastelands and built huge citadels on the barren deserts, and great temples and carbon mines to extract the crystal ore to power the Ion Generators. In this time we prospered and made great advances in science and use of the force. Then a dark time came to us. The Ancient Sith Lords grew strong and sent their armies to fight the few Neutralists who were left on this ravaged place to take our power and ore. We were weakened by our neutral power which had not been activated for nearly 5,000 years. We had no need, we could absorb the dark and light and use it to energize our race. Then, a final, and tragic battle ensued and our planet, located nearly 3,000 galactic pulses from Bespin, was destroyed. The few of us escaped in small stapods and ended up on an abandoned outer carbon mining facility called Solarwind. Here we have been, alone, without contact or help for so long ![/quote] A dark theme for a dark map, fitting. But this still doesn't explain.. what's that flying black orb?? Interesting map. The architecture serves the purpose of the map decently, although it is a bit blocky. This map comes with a few vehicles, and a rancor. That's it, really. Enjoy. ~Authuran




SNES Mario Kart Battle Arena | 1.22 MB

imagine going from city A to city B that's 2 miles away if you take the straight road, but taking that trip by a detour which makes it 10 miles. That's how accurate this map is, sadly. The skybox is the same as on Yavin IV, which doesn't go well with the map, while the map itself is just big, gray "texture" that is simply filled with gray painbucket and a few rectangular shaped bricks in different colors that are supposedly track lines. There are a few swoops spawned randomly here and there (In the place of Karts, I presume). Overall, it's well... a bad map. But if it's your first map OmegaSigma, then atleast you're learning how to make maps. I suggest getting more experiance with Radiant and when you feel you've got enough, then you could redo this map as a V2. Remember that you can't stay fully true to the original on the graphics side because people don't want SNES-like graphic on Quake 3 Engine (which JKA uses). Anyone who still thinks this map will have any use for him/her, then you can always submit your bandwidth. -Schrödinger




Bramble Gambol | 12.3 MB

the jumping is. I mean in real life if you jumped into a wall you wouldn't roll along with it, you would either smash right through it, or if said wall has bonus points you would probably die. But one neat feature is you can control where your character is flying through the air. And the fact that the game has that feature has inspired many jump-related challenges for your bunch of pixels to pixelate through. This map takes place inside a giant tree or rose bush, and features one main platform where you spawn, and then several protrusions that lead to the challenges, which are about 9 in total. They are marked by difficulty with stars. However they are all sort of difficult. I only finished one of them, and my score ended up in the negative fifties. Mostly consisting of jumping off platforms and jump pads, there are some things that make it unique. A very large root runs through some of the map, decently crafted and fun to run up and down. And, the round platforms you jump off of have a tendency to fall to oblivion if you stand on them for too long, which in turn will make your soul fall to the lowest layer of hell, the depths to which no man, not even Kirk, has gone before. I did notice several bugs up in this here map. There is no lighting. Generally I would give a "LIGHTING MAKES A MAP" speech but it's not necessary in this map, because lighting would probably make it harder to spot platforms. Maybe. Or maybe the author just didn't have lighting for whatever reason. Some of the objects didn't line up together right, causing creases and sparklies that look unnatural. I hope Hiddenspy makes a v2 of this great map in the future. Enjoy. ~Authuran




Black and White | 2.34 MB

map is fiendishly simple and effective; make a sniping map that is just flat black and flat white and provide a flat black skin to go with it. The result? The ultimate test of your sniper abilities! Obviously you wont be able to see a flat black skin against a flat black background, making finding and tracking your opponents incredibly hard, unless of course they stray into the flat white area, in which case they stick out like a sore thumb! This map is of a medium size; big enough for a medium FFA, although it is probably better suited to a small FFA to make finding your opponents more difficult. It has numerous ramps and walkways and different types of cover. Importantly no force powers are needed for this map, since the only areas which require you to jump, have jump pads for that purpose. I must also compliment the choice of music (which sounds like something from the Bourne films), since it fits perfectly with the theme of this map! The only bug I encountered was related to these jump pads; on one of the jump pads that catapult you from one side of the map to the other (right at the top of the walkways) there seemed to be a miscalculation in the path of the jump. Meaning that it shot you into the side of the opposite jump pad, bouncing you right back off and into a nasty fall, rather than catapulting you onto the opposite walkway. Apart from that small but somewhat annoying glitch, this map is a fantastic example of an original idea come good. If sniping is your thing, then you will like this map! I hope to see this map on servers soon! :D [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA ~Nozyspy~




Imperial Factory | 1.63 MB

introduction map with a few twists. Standard square room after square room, connected by less-than-square hallways and doors. Right off the bat I noticed non-collision objects (namely chairs and benches) which was in sharp contrast to the collision-enabled ships parked in the various hangers. I don't know if there was one reason or another, or if he simply forgot to tag those models before compiling. There are various and confusing doors placed in the level. One area has Push/Pull enabled doors, but another section/hallway has two doors both linked to the same toggle. Little confusing when you are trying to make it through the hallway quickly. Despite its simplicity, the hallways and rooms had just enough rooms that I think a healthy smattering of weapon placement would actually improved it quite a bit. I would hope to see a future version with some sprite effects (sparks/flames), some moving conveyor belts, and some correctly aligned textures. Keep batting! -Sared Overall rating: five out of ten tacos.




RPG Carida Academy | 14.9 MB

whatnot. On the landing pad is the much beloved Republic Gunship, but this is no ordinary gunship brush. When walk into the gunship's hatch it teleports you to another landing pad with the same gunship and a very different looking planet. The first is swampy and this is sandy, but each is tied together with the gunship. The use of the gunship to travel back and forth between two parts of the map is a really neat mechanic and makes you feel like you're being dropped off for a mission or were just ferried back to base. The two parts of the map are a military base and a scary warehouse that looks perfect for urban combat. The warehouse has very nice lighting and a really dark atmosphere, but something I noticed was that while the lighting was good, it was still not coming from a source. Try adding some lamps into your next update. The warehouse contains a bunch of old boxes and shelves and the occasional prefab-barrier that looks like it was set up as a defense. It's pretty easy to imagine going in with a squad of soldiers and storming the building. The other half of the map is the military base and it is a pretty nice looking base. It has everything from lobbies to offices to firing ranges. There's even a firing range for normal weapons and then a firing range for long ranged (Sniper rifle) weapons. Every officer's office looks very nice and a few of them even have lobbies outside of them. The barracks might be my favorite part of the map with long rows of bunks with cool cyan lights shining at their heads; there's even a door that leads to a shower room, though there's no toilets anywhere which confuses me. There's also a medbay and several conference rooms as well as a storage room with plenty of weapons to pick up. The base layout was a bit confusing, though, so it would be nice to have maybe some holographic signs or something to point people toward the room they want to go to. The map makes extensive use of Inyri's KotOR models and not only does it add an air of familiarity to the map, but it also makes it just look so much nicer and more varied instead of JK3 boxes. The music on the map is the track "Prologue" from the Republic Commando soundtrack, which I love; "Prologue" is my favorite track from any Star Wars game by far. It fits perfectly with the map as it feels militaristic and has both ups and downs to it.[/quote] This second version is quite an improvement over the previous version in some areas, but a few new things have come to my attention. Let's start with the good things. First off, there are holographic signs in the actual base that tell you what is what, so no more wandering around running through each door one at a time trying to find a specific room. Second off, the map no longer only consists of the base and the warehouse! The base now contains an outer door which will lead you to the main entry way which is confined, sandy area complete with defensive trenches, barricades, and turrets. This then leads to [i]another[/i] giant door which will teleport you to the town that the author has created. This town is what you expect out of a town in Jedi Knight 3; it has a cantina, a medical center, a house, a gun/tool shop, etc. Continue on through the town and you reach a door which teleports you to a stone hollow somewhere, probably in the mountains. It was a bit jarring to turn around and look at where I came from and see [i]a drop off the face of the earth.[/i] My advice, rather than just having an empty hole where you came in, have the teleport in the same place but in the background map in a stone path that winds around out of sight so it looks like you climbed up here or down here or wherever here is. Enter the cave and you'll find a very appropriately lit, dark, gloomy stone cave. With a rancor in it. There are a few atmospheric touches such as a flickering light or some bones on the ground but other than that the cave is largely empty. The warehouse also has some additions which basically include a very linear path to a generator room of some sort. Not much to say about it, though it is interesting to find. The warehouse did have lights this time around, however, rather than just eerie lights popping out of nowhere. A good improvement. Now on to the bad and the suggestions. First off, there were a few brushing (Caulking? I don't know this crazy terminology) errors around the map which were a bit jarring. However, I came to realize something as I ran through this whole area. Yes, it is an Imperial military base and no, it doesn't look bad, but... it doesn't look [i]good[/i] either. While nothing looks bad or hurts the eye, there is nothing special about the graphical presentation of this map either. The architecture, once you get to looking at it, is very blocky. Everything is blocky, from benches to desks, walkways to walls, rooftops to dirt on the ground. Aside from that, the map uses the same selection of gray, blocky, metallic textures everywhere. Even the caves are gray stone. Again, it doesn't look bad but it doesn't look good either; it simply feels like it's there. Try to rough out and round out the edges and throw in some more colors and more detailed, varying textures to make the world look lived in and real. Also, think about doing more with the skyboxes. As of now they are just the sky, nothing more, which seems a bit odd. Wouldn't you see the military base in the distance, or the city in the distance, or [i]something[/i] other than sky? Or outside the cave, wouldn't you see mountains or trees or something? Now that brings me to my next point: the map feels cramped. Everywhere you go you are boxed in whether it's by the walls of a room, giant metal walls around a whole area, or stone walls. Nothing is open, which can feel odd. Open up some areas! Have a couple stone paths going out from the cave area that lead to cliffs or something; make the defensive trench area spread out all around the walls of the base - have an electric fence separate the entryway from the outer walls but make it so you can see out. Take away the claustrophobic feel from every single area in the map! Overall though a worthy endeavor; even if much more was opened to my eyes to be improved this time around, that doesn't mean it's a bad map. In fact this should be pretty fun to roleplay on. ~Laam'inui




Hogwartsv2 | 19.34 MB

keep me for having mediocre expectations for a map based off of the idea. Sadly though, for my first returning review, I am here to report that this is, indeed, what a map should look mid-development. There are several buildings, all just boxes, mostly floating mysteriously above a box of water with no bottom. (Unless you count the skybox as 'the bottom'. Admittedly, the stairs and the room of paintings must have been tedious to arrange, but honest to god, even the addition of proper lighting would have been a huge improvement. I'm not going to tell you how to make a map, but I will say that this needs work. Lots of work. New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Bot Routes: No Game Types: FFA Overall rating: One out of ten hamburgers. -Sared




THUG Tampa Party Boat | 4.63 MB

off of one of the levels from the Tony Hawk’s Underground game. Basically this is a boat with some skating stuff on it; quaterpipes if I presume correctly and some speakers and such. A cool feature on this map is that if you run up to the ramps they will push you into the air. You can even do some tricks, minus the skateboard of course! Although the perspective is wrong, I was nevertheless quite impressed with the skybox, since it fits well with the map. If the perspective issues could be fixed and the water blended in with the skybox a bit, it would look even better. This was one of the main things that I think needs to be working on. Other than that I would like to see the boat, and the rest of the map made a bit larger, since it is rather cramped even if it is supposed to be a recreation of one of the levels from Tony Hawk’s Underground. I must admit I am rather surprised at the idea of having a skate park on a boat, what happens if you misjudge a trick and fly off into the water?! Well, I guess the landing would probably be a bit softer than concrete, so long as there are no sharks in the water of course. :P Overall a decent little map here. I look forward to seeing more from you mate! If you guys like skating, Tony Hawk’s Underground, or just like the look of this map, be sure to give it a download! [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA, Duel ~Nozyspy~




Abandoned Old Republic Factory | 278.23 KB

mainly due to the big room full of conveyor belts! What the factory makes however, is not revealed! That is left up to our imagination. This is a fairly small map, which I would say is suitable for a small to medium sized FFA of around 6 players. Although I also think it would make a good duel map due to its reasonably small side and multiple levels. Access to the conveyor belt level is gained through jumping through a glass section in the floor of the main room, which is apparently a throne room of some sort, judging by the throne on the far wall. For some reason smashing glass is one of my favourite things to do when playing a game; if there is glass in a level I feel the urge to shoot at it or otherwise throw something through it. Thankfully this doesn’t extend to the real world though! [b]*Evil chuckle*[/b] Obviously being a new mapper, the author is still learning and I hope with some more time and experience he will come back and make a v2 of this map using his improved mapping skills! Here are a few things I think could be improved or changed. [*]Try and add more detail to the map, as I always say, some pipes, control panels pillars and other bits and pieces really fill a map out and make it more realistic. [*]Since this is an FFA map, try and make it a bit larger, perhaps with some more rooms, like a power core room for example, which powers the factory. [*]Don’t forget to add some music to the map! Music makes a lot of difference to the feeling of the map. [*]If you need any mapping tips or help, don’t forget to check out our modding forums; accessable from the menu to the left under ‘The Community’. Or you can try the [url=]RichDiesal’s mapping tutorials[/url]! All in all not a bad map for someone who is new to mapping, keep up the good work mate, I look forward to seeing more from you! :) [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] No [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA, Duel, Power Duel ~Nozyspy~




Asteroid: H5 | 20.3 MB

bottom of the pile. Sorry about that man![/b] Asteroids get a pretty bad rap unfortunately, generally being the harbingers of destruction and usually hitting the earth and ending the world. That is not completely fair however, since asteroids can be pretty cool too, afterall they make great heavily defended bases in space and also harbour giant space slugs which can swallow a starship! :eek: This particular asteroid however, you can live in! It has a bar, a racetrack a garden and more. And yes it is clan themed, but don’t worry because the clan references aren’t too in your face and really I think that this would be great for any clan to use. I have always had a soft spot for clan maps, perhaps because I remember the fun I used to have with clan maps years back when I was actually in a clan. This map in particular is one that I can see a lot of people using, it has tons of stuff to do and would keep a clan happy for ages! Basically this is an inhabitable asteroid and there is a little back-story displayed on the loading screen which explains a bit about it and its history, which I think is a neat idea. The whole asteroid has been excavated and built up so that it contains stuff like caves full of plants and spiders and some creepy spiders webs (but thankfully no spiders :P) a council room right on top of the asteroid, a bar (with a garden!) a racetrack and loads of other places crammed into nooks and crannies. One of my favourite places was the main cavern, which has a waterfall, a rope bridge and lots of rooms leading off. For clan purposes, there is a huge main hall with some holograms of the asteroid and plenty of space to meet and also a place that looks oddly like a theatre or something which I presume is used for clan meetings. There is also the aforementioned clan council room right at the top of the asteroid. I really like this map, it just has so much crammed into it and you could go of exploring for ages with your friends into all the little caves and nooks and still not find everything! It’s also fun, since it has a pretty cool (although slightly short) racetrack going around and through the asteroid. And yes, you can also [b]fly[/b] outside of the asteroid, there are a couple of hangars with TIE Fighters at either side of the racetracks grandstand. The area you can fly in is pretty huge as well, and has lots of smaller asteroid chunks floating out there, just be sure not to crash into them! Graphics wise, the skybox is fantastic, with that large planet looming in the sky with the blue corona of its atmosphere outlining the dark side of the planet. Combined with the music the whole map feels very peaceful. As for the map itself, I do think there is room for improvement, mainly in the actual construction of the asteroid, which is very angular in places and need to be smoothed out and made to look more natural and rock like. To be honest though, the map allows you to have so much fun that this may not be an issue really for the people who will get most use out of it. I also think some kind of sign system for the main areas of the map would be good, as the complexity of the map does mean that you can get lost! Overall though, this is a really fun map, and I would definitely recommend it to any clans out there. I really hope to see this map being played on some servers! :D [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA ~Nozyspy~




Chalmun's Cantina | 42.92 MB

Trap map made by Sssid LivingDeadJedi and Sith J Cull a long while back. But this is the first map I have seen in which the author has attempted to make the look and layout as close as possible to the film and other sources. Most Star Wars fans are probably familiar with this location from the films, but how many of you knew that it was actually called [url=]Chalmun’s Cantina[/url]? The cantina is run by a Wookiee called Chalmun, hence the name! [b]Accuracy[/b] As the author says in his readme, he used the “Incredible Locations” cross-section book for the Original Trilogy in the construction of this map, and you can certainly tell! Whilst the accuracy is not 100% spot on, most likely due to the problems with actually building such an odd shaped structure in Radiant, it is very accurate to both the film and the pictures in the cross-section book. Even one of the obscure little details, the basement featuring skeletons buried in some alcoves at the far end! The layout of the interior of the cantina is very close to the diagrams, featuring even the correct placing of the stage from which the band plays. Particularly impressive though is the bar in the center, which features the best looking set of those crazy metal bottles and pipes that I have ever seen in any map! Im pretty sure these are models, since you cant get detail and shapes that good by using patches in Radiant. Either way, the center bar looks fantastic, especially when you have dynamic glow turned on. ;) Since the ‘Incredible Locations’ book doesn’t really show much of the area surrounding the cantina, I cant really comment on the accuracy of the rest of the map, although I did spot a few features that are just about included on the edge of the picture in the book. [b]Architecture[/b] The architecture is also accurate, and very well made considering the difficulty of working with patches in Radiant. I especially liked the ceiling of the cantina, with the beams running across it. Outside features typical Tatooine architecture with plenty of domed buildings and some nice little dome houses as well as a couple of large towers. Another enterable building besides the cantina is a small hanger which features a very accurate T-16 Skyhopper. Again the author used a book here, this time ‘The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels’ to get a very accurate look and dimensions for the ship. The ship is on a platform which you can raise up by pressing the console in the small control room, although don’t get stuck underneath the platform if it comes back down! Personally I think this little area under the platform would be a great place to have a small vent or hatch that you could open and crawl through to escape or take you to another part of the map, just for a bit extra fun! [b]Graphics[/b] The most fantastic part of this map though is the terrain, which I think utilises [url=]Szico’s ‘Horizon Blending’ technique. The results are absolutely fantastic, just take a look at the screenshots below. It actually looks like there is an infinite horizon rather than just a square of terrain surrounded by a skybox, it looks like you could just walk out into the desert... Seeing this map has definitely inspired me to try out this technique too! [b]Improvements[/b] I do feel that there could be some improvements made to the map though, afterall no map is perfect, right? I definitely think that the outside architecture needs some improvement, since it is a little plain. Its not bad, I just think it needs a bit more detail, that’s all. Perhaps a few more crumbling walls, a blaster mark on the wall here and there, rougher edges, etc. I also think that the buildings would look better in more of a brown colour, as opposed to the base JKA white coloured stucco used here. Other than that I think that the shadows need to be improved, perhaps by adding an ‘ambient 15’ command to the worldspawn in Radiant to make them a little less black and using the –filter option when you compile the map to smooth out the shadows a little. The only other thing is that there is no music in the map! Except for the cantina band music playing in the cantina. Although I guess map music would play over the cantina band music and spoil it a bit, it is rather too quiet outside, perhaps adding some sound effects, like some talking people, or a whistling breeze would be good. [b]Conclusion[/b] All in all though, this is a good map, it’s pièce de résistance being the cantina interior and that fantastic terrain horizon blending! An interesting addition is that this file actually contains two maps, one with the cantina and the rest of the surroundings, and one with only the cantina interior. The difference is that the map which has [i]only[/i] the cantina interior also has a blue mist throughout the map. Personally I think this looks more atmospheric that the normal cantina interior. I put this down the patrons smoking too many death sticks! Don’t do it kids, its bad for your health! Anyway, this map is definitely worth a download I think, and I look forward to seeing more of Krattle’s work! :D [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes (Yes, its that famous cantina band music!) [b]New Music:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA, Duel (for the interior only map) ~Nozyspy~




Lava Sanctuary Final

lavasanctuary_final.rar | 75.88 MB

‘Lava Sanctuary’ I was expecting lots of the hot glowy stuff, and I wasn’t disappointed! This seems to be a sort of clan themed map for the RJA clan, who have released quite a lot of mod’s over the years. I didn’t notice any clan logos or anything like that, so this map should be suitable for any clan to use. This map includes numerous areas, one of my favourite of which was the incredibly tall room with lava falls gushing from the top far down to the lava lake below. Numerous little platforms hovering around the room at different levels provide a really cool (or should that be hot?) environment in which to have a duel. There is also a large outdoor area which is lit by dark blue lighting that contrasts very strongly with the lava rooms and giving this area a somewhat spooky feeling, which is appropriate since there appears to be some sort of graveyard in this area! There is also some pretty spooky map music, which I think fits really well! :eek: This map still needs some work though, as there are a few areas that are full of missing textures, including a few rooms and also a few long corridors. This is a shame really, because the rest of the map looks pretty good. Missing textures are a mapper’s worst nightmare and I definitely think you should make a v2 of this map and make sure you include those textures. Other than that I feel the map could do with a few tweaks here and there, like perhaps some more detailing, since some of the rooms seem a little bare. Also, the outside area lit with blue lights was a bit too dark so I feel that you should increase the light a bit in that area so it is easier to find your way around. Overall though a decent map, but it’s a big shame about the missing textures. Take a look at the screenshots, and if you guys like the look of this map, then give it a download! :) [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA ~Nozyspy~




Multiplayer Role Player Level | 11.38 MB

chopping each other up with your lightsaber. But what happens when you mix the two together? Well, you get Role Play of course! Although I have never been into role-playing in JKA myself, I do know that it is very popular. Here we have a map that has been designed for multiplayer role-play / co-op gameplay. The aim is for you and your fellow players to work your way though the maps various traps and puzzles as a team. The readme suggests that this map is best for three players and also says that the record for one player completing this level stands at a whopping 12:30s! The map is evidently a decent size then, and contains plenty of enemies and other features to keep you occupied. I must say that in the time I spent playing on this map, I did have quite a bit of fun, fighting off Reborn’s and Stormtrooper’s and trying to figure out how to open the locked doors. So I imagine it will be even more fun for a group of friends! :) I do think that this map needs some more work though. My main concern is that it is very simple bare inside. I definitely think the map needs some more detail adding; as I often say, some pipes or pillars on the wall or some crates lying around go a long way to making the map more realistic and more fun to play in. Those are just some simple basic suggestions to start off with, but there are many other things that can be added to a map to give it more flavour that you can often only discover by playing around with different ideas yourself. As far as the mapping goes, you definitely need to make sure you caulk any faces of brushes that are not visible to the player. [b]You can select a single face of a brush to texture in Radiant by pressing CTRL, SHIFT and then clicking the left mouse button all together on the face you want to select in the 3D preview window.[/b] So, lets round up some pro’s and con’s: [b]Pro’s[/b] [*] Good size. [*] Plenty of enemies and other features to keep you occupied. [*] Good for role-play and co-op games. [b]Con’s[/b] [*] Needs more detailing as it feels a bit bare. [*] Needs a story to go along with the map, to make it more fun for RP’ing. [*] Some of the objectives need to be a little clearer, as some of them are easy to miss. Overall a decent map here, and I look forward to seeing more of your work mate! If you guys like role-playing or co-op games, then you might like this map. Oh and one more thing, [b]don’t forget to read the comments section in the readme where you will find some hints![/b] ;) [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] No [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA ~Nozyspy~




True Mandalorian Clan Map | 22.78 MB

Modders, add "Mandalorian" to the title of your mod even if it has nothing to do with them; it will get them reviewed faster!) Kidding of course. >_> Apart from the title, though, this map bears really no similarity to Mandalorians and probably just references them because that is what the clan that this map was made for is named. A bit disappointing to a die-hard Mando fan like me, but I'll continue on... somehow. ='( _> Right. I'll actually review it now. The map is a good attempt but falls short in a number of areas which honestly make it too difficult to play or enjoy. First off the map is very poorly constructed. Every single area is confusing and hard to get around, and they aren't really worth getting around anyway. The map is riddled with bugs such as crackling fires that can be heard across the map at an even volume and lifts with confusing triggers. These problems are only compounded by the fact that for a large portion of the map you can barely see where you're going. The actual "Valley" is so dark that I had to crank my brightness up just to see what was there, which wasn't much. The architecture and texturing is repetitive, blocky, and not very interesting to look at. There are a lot of areas present, from the valley to some sort of space station to a weird dojo-ey area. What you do to get to the space station I thought was pretty neat: you have to hop into this big speeder-ship and press a button, and then voila! You appear in the hangar of the station in said ship, almost as if you flew. The other parts of the map are not so easy to get to, unfortunately. The only way I found the majority of the map, aside from the valley and Space station, was by noclipping around. People generally like to be able to find their way while playing. >_> All the areas do have some nice parts though, such as bars, bedrooms, and bathrooms (the bathroom had the cool feature of being able to close the bathroom door while you're in there). This map could have redeemed itself by [i]not hurting my eyes[/i]. Yes. This map actually made me shut my eyes and look away multiple times. The reason for this? Horrible, horrible FPS. I can play Crysis on High settings and yet I join this map and my usual 70 FPS drops to 10 or 16. The horrendously low FPS just kills any playability that it could have had. I don't know how other large maps keep their FPS at a steady, even rate but you should try doing what they do. Whatever that is. =_= There is one saving grace, however, which comes in the form of the music. The map features several tracks from, correct me if I'm wrong, the Halo 2 soundtrack. Martin O'Donnell is an amazing composer and his music adds back some of what was taken away by all the problems in the design and implementation. In short this map had a good idea behind it but the execution was really botched up. My advice to the author is to try making a new map but focus on the quality and optimization aspects instead of the "I wonder how much stuff I can cram in here!" aspect. ~Laam'inui




T.I.M.O.N. Temple In Middle Of Nowhere II | 19.4 MB

almost as big as JediCouncilGCX or SithCouncil V3. Like I's big. There are many different areas to explore. There are many notable ones - the pool, the bedrooms, the council room, and my favorite, the big open hallway with the glass and the trees.[/quote] Well, this version is considerably smaller, but the rest still stands. As I recall, the FPS has been majorly improved, so that's a good change. Many locations have been revamped as well - I like the doors with the holographic writing, it looks really neat. I also liked the duel room doors because they let off a puff of steam when they are opened. I have never role played, but I assume there is a reasonable amount of RP value in this map, too. I'll attempt to give you a rough idea of what to expect inside...the map is a large council building in the middle of nowhere, as it's name states. There's quite a variety of stuff here, ranging from a bedroom and council area to a generator room and library. Everything is spaced out by hallways and teleporters. There's a cantina somewhere...I can't remember where. Most of the areas seem connected somewhat randomly, but after a few minutes, you can find your way around with ease. The overall look is very nice. Some of the lights and the water fountain could use some extra detail maybe, but it isn't bad at all. Oh, my personal favorite...there are now scripts in the map!! I'm so happy. Any map with scripts in it automatically stands out, so good going. :) Now, there are still a few issues with this version. Some of the doors are not teamed, so only the one you walk in front of will open. I assume this is not intentional. Also, just like with version 1, there is at least one elevator that is operated by a trigger with no wait value, meaning you have to press use very quickly to get it to operate. Also, the areaportals aren't quite done right, so there's a brief glitch every time you walk through a portaled door. There's also a few areas where the texturing should be improved, particularly with the computer console textures. Some of them are quite...stretched. This is much improved over version 1. If you liked the first one, I think you'll like this one even better. If you haven't seen either or these, check them out! There's a good bit of creativity here. I found inspiration for something out of this map already. Too bad I can't make good on it. :p Keep going, Luk, you're getting better! New textures: Yes New sounds: Yes New music: Yes New models: Yes New scripts: [b]Yes![/b] ~Dretzel




Inferno | 34.54 MB

very bloody well done. The map's name, Inferno, I'm assuming comes from the gigantic raging pit of fire in the center of the map. The map is big, I'll just say this for starters. It's not huge, and it's not BIG, but it's fairly large sized. Its actual size, however, is completely dwarfed by what the map [i]feels[/i] like. The distant buildings, the skybox, the smoke, and the misty clouds and black smoke passing overhead all make this map seem like it's just a small part of a behemoth industrial complex; in a way the gigantic structures and the ominous setting make it feel like the Citadel from Half-Life 2. I love it. My only complaint is that you couldn't go in any doors; it really was kind of a let down. This map would be twice as valuable to roleplayers as well as clans if there were just some rooms and hallways to go around in, plus it would make the map feel even bigger than it already feels. The graphics and visuals that this map employs to get its point across are stunning and are just about unrivaled in any other map. I have never seen a map with fire or smoke that looked this good, and all the architecture is superb; the textures and shapes all blend together seamlessly. The visual theme is that of grit and darkness and every texture shows that through little effects such as dirt, scratches, or burn marks. From rubble to pipes to distant towers, it just looks amazing, and this quality is just amplified by the lighting. I can say that quite a few maps which would have been very nice maps have been ruined due to crappy lighting, and also that a few maps that would have been mediocre at best have been made surprisingly nice by the use of proper lighting effects. This map takes what I've seen done with lighting in the past and blows it out of the water. The massive, roaring flames give off a perfect and frightening reddish glow that echos around the entire area while the sky, black with breaking clouds of mist and smoke, illuminates the majority of the ground aided by some extremely well done spot lights that remind me of the ones from Republic Commando. There are other little lights scattered around the map as well. Seriously, I love the lighting in here. The author says that there are some "weird lighting issues" but I didn't see a single one. It all looked fantastic. The sound components of the map are supplied completely through the music track, which consists of howling wind and other ambient effects which finish up the icing on the cake. There are a few problems with this, however. One is that the track doesn't loop perfectly and so there is a very noticeable gap between the loops which kind of makes me wince every time it happens. The other is that the massive inferno itself doesn't have any sound effects, so if you run up to it with music off the flames are completely silent. I would think that the fire should have [i]some[/i] sort of sound effects, considering that massive flames generally ROAARRRRRRRRR. The author has said that this is a bug, and he can't figure it out. Kind of sucks, since it takes away from the atmosphere. The author talks about TONS of bugs in the map, most of which I didn't even notice; I guess the creator knows his creation better than the observer, eh? At any rate, this is one of the coolest maps I have ever had the privilege to review on Jedi Knight 3 files. Good job, Jedi_Mediator, and I really hope you make a version two and add... maybe some more areas and expand it some, as well as try a bit more to fix some of those sound bugs. I think this map deserves it. ~Laam'inui




RPG Carida Academy | 9.81 MB

their characterization, and the actions succeed or fail according to a formal system of rules and guidelines. Within the rules, players have the freedom to improvise; their choices shape the direction and outcome of the game.[/quote] In case any of you were wondering what an RPG is. >_> Roleplaying maps are my favorite type because, well, I'm a roleplayer! How about that? I've reviewed a few RP maps in the past and most of them were somewhat lacking in the... pretty department. It seems that roleplaying mappers just find a map and shove in as much RP content as possible without trying to make it look all that pretty; fortunately that's not the case in this map and the mapper has managed to make a military base, something that COULD have been a bunch of ugly gray boxes everywhere, into something pleasing. You start off in a courtyard of sorts with a landing pad and various consoles and whatnot. On the landing pad is the much beloved Republic Gunship, but this is no ordinary gunship brush. When walk into the gunship's hatch it teleports you to [i]another[/i] landing pad with the same gunship and a very different looking planet. The first is swampy and this is sandy, but each is tied together with the gunship. The use of the gunship to travel back and forth between two parts of the map is a really neat mechanic and makes you feel like you're being dropped off for a mission or were just ferried back to base. The two parts of the map are a military base and a scary warehouse that looks perfect for urban combat. The warehouse has very nice lighting and a really dark atmosphere, but something I noticed was that while the lighting was good, it was still not coming from a source. Try adding some lamps into your next update. The warehouse contains a bunch of old boxes and shelves and the occasional prefab-barrier that looks like it was set up as a defense. It's pretty easy to imagine going in with a squad of soldiers and storming the building. The other half of the map is the military base and it is a pretty nice looking base. It has everything from lobbies to offices to firing ranges. There's even a firing range for normal weapons and then a firing range for long ranged (Sniper rifle) weapons. Every officer's office looks very nice and a few of them even have lobbies outside of them. The barracks might be my favorite part of the map with long rows of bunks with cool cyan lights shining at their heads; there's even a door that leads to a shower room, though there's no toilets anywhere which confuses me. There's also a medbay and several conference rooms as well as a storage room with plenty of weapons to pick up. The base layout was a bit confusing, though, so it would be nice to have maybe some holographic signs or something to point people toward the room they want to go to. The map makes extensive use of Inyri's KotOR models and not only does it add an air of familiarity to the map, but it also makes it just look so much nicer and more varied instead of JK3 boxes. The music on the map is the track "Prologue" from the Republic Commando soundtrack, which I love; "Prologue" is my favorite track from any Star Wars game by far. It fits perfectly with the map as it feels militaristic and has both ups and downs to it. A few improvements could probably be made in the next version, though, such as fixing a few misaligned brushes (I saw one on the sand-planet-landing courtyard place. In the wall.) and fixing up a bit of the lighting. The base's lighting just seemed too boring and bland. I also think a bit of interactivity could be added now that the main structure has been added and maybe a bit more eye candy could be thrown in to make it even prettier. Overall though this is a very solid map and I recommend it to anyone who needs a good roleplaying map. ~Laam'inui




Sith Temple | 9.82 MB

very unusual mix of both Sith, Gothic and slightly Fantasy themed architecture. I’m almost expecting Dracula to come sweeping down from the rafters as much as I am some Sith minion! Though the mix of different architectural styles is unusual, the author has managed to mesh them all together very nicely, so that nothing in the map looks completely out of place. I for one, loved those vaulted ceilings, very nicely made indeed! One other area that I particularly liked was the library room. It is very similar to the Jedi Archives, except of course, instead of being all nice and blue, glowy and modern, this is filled with leather bound books and burning torches. This map is a pretty decent size, so there is plenty of room for an FFA, though I would say that it isnt really suited so much to full time clan use because it doesn’t have the standard clan features like a council room, duel rooms etc. It would, however, make a good RP map I think, as it is very atmospheric and has plenty of interesting locations, like a prison area for example, where you can lock up and torture your Jedi prisoners, if you are so inclined! The texturing was also an interesting mix, with dark Sith-y Korriban textures and lighter Jedi Rift textures together. Although you would imagine the two wouldn’t go together at all, again the author has done a good job or meshing them together and preventing them from looking out of place. Another interesting mix was the music, which is a nice classical track, which kinda gave this map the flavour of a fantasy location, perhaps something out of Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter rather than Star Wars. That’s not a bad thing though, since I said above, the author has picked a track which also works for a Sith themed map, preventing it from feeling too out of place. There are some things I think need to be worked on though, as this map has huge potential and definitely deserves a v2 made. One big issue I found was that some areas are just too dark, especially around some of the staircases, which means it’s not easy to tell if you are going in the right direction! I think perhaps an ambient light value of 10 in the worldspawn would help lighten up those very deep shadows a bit. I would also like to see some more areas, perhaps some duel rooms and a council room or something similar to make it more usable by clans, because it has great potential for that kind of map. Lastly, I really think some bot routing would be good, although that might be difficult considering some of the features in this map (such as the fire jets, which propel you down one of the corridors!). All in all though, I like this map and I think it has a great deal of potential as both a clan themed map and an RP map, as well as being a generally fun map to explore, but I do think it needs a bit more work in places. Keep up the good work mate! :) [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA, Duel ~Nozyspy~




Shadow Moses Island | 4.48 MB

you would know... especially judging by Gamespot's 10/10 review of MGS4. =_= This map is based off a map from Metal Gear Solid, and even though I don't know the original map it's still easy to enjoy this one. It's a sort of pseudo-military industrial complex with boxes scattered everywhere in a snowy mountain island. There are a few flaws but overall it's a really solid map, and I'm really impressed since it's only the author's second map. I'll start with the texturing, which looks nice at a glance but upon closer examination reveals itself to be flat and cartoony. It works since the entire map uses these flat and cartoony textures, but I just can't help but thinking if the textures were realistic and had some depth to them then the map would look so much better. The only textures that aren't flat and cartoony are the snow and rock textures. The skybox also could have been a bit better. It looked good but it was just sky at every angle. If you're on an island, wouldn't there be water or land or [i]something[/i] around you other than sky? The architecture, on the other hand, is not cartoony and actually looks nice for the most part. The guard rails, mine shafts, and the general structure of the map is very well done, but it's little things that could be improved. The snow on top of the roof of the complex, for example, is blocky and polygonal when it should be smooth and rounded as snow actually is. I will say that I love the massive mech the author's included and how you can actually enter the cockpit of the mech. It's a cool feature. The lighting in the map works, but it could be better. For a complex at night with so few and such small lights, it's awfully bright. The lighting should be more localized I think and shadows should be more pronounced to give it atmosphere. If you made the whole map more like the hangar where the giant mech is that'd be a big leap forward. The one thing that annoyed me more than any other was the fact that... there are no doors. None. You get around the place by crawling through vents. Really? Why wouldn't there be any working doors? Are vents easier to defend or something? I also don't get the random spots of light in the vents when there [i]are[/i] no lights. The map could also be a bit bigger with more rooms but that's up to the author to decide if he wants to do since the current size already works. Bot routes aren't included but that's not too big of a problem. Know what the best news of all is? There's going to be a version 2. I'm looking forward to see what Borm comes up with for v2 and I'm impressed that he could pull this off for just his second map. ~Laam'inui




Jhey's Complex | 4 MB

author's first release, though probably not his first map. Good, he knows rule #1 about mapping: Don't release your first map. This map features two levels, with a large stairway in the center. The lower level features a few boutiques, a ground-level vista, bar (What map DOESN'T have one? :P), and a small lounge. The upper level features an entry way, a food-court-that's-not-really-a-food-court, a loungish area that's smaller than the lounge on the ground level, and a high-vaulted ceiling. Of all the features listed, I'd say the lounge and the vista were the best. The boutiques are built well, though the electronics one has a distinct lack of iPods. -.- In all honesty, this map is too small to be an FFA map, so I recommend playing it on duel. Bugs. Yep, this map too, I'm afraid. Fortunately, they're few and far between, so I'll just post a list. 1. The side windows in the vaulted ceiling are missing a few wall edges, so they lack the proper depth. 2. There was some z-fighting in the entry-way to the mini-lounge on the upper floor. 3. No weapon spawns! (I even checked my server config to make sure they weren't being disabled.) Yeah, short list. Now on to the improvements! 1. One word: INTERACTIVITY 2. This map is QUIET. No music, no ambient sounds, nothing. 3. Immersiveness. This map needs it. What do I mean by that? Simple: Cars on the street, voices on a PA, shopping bags forgotten by the couches, a few of the games in the narrow-gaming-options gaming boutique missing from the shelves (as if someone bought them), half-eaten food on tables near the food court, and lots more! In short: Things you would find in a real store in real life! (Seeing as this is supposed to BE real life.) Well, that's all. Download if you like it, don't flame the author if you don't. ~Crazy Bot Routing: No New Textures: Yes New Shaders: No New Music: No New Sounds: No Gametypes: FFA Mapname: jhey




Rusty Bucket Bay | 3.62 MB

a large rustic vessel whose cargo is stlil being loaded and/or unloaded. The ship glares at you with a vile gaze, truly hellbent on castrating all who walk her decks... So, Averus has never played Banjo Kazooie for more than 5 seconds, but he has played itenough to detect a good helping of accuracy. The textures pretty much seem to match the game's cartoonish style, yet the texturing is tolerable enough to actually be used by anyone, methinks. The music is probably straight from the game, and probably fits completely. So there are a couple of secrets here, all of which appear to be accessible in the same manner. They're all rather nice looking, so all in all, this map is a pretty nice little bugger. I daresay I might just...=_=; *gasp* Keep it? New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye? Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Council Building BB | 17.26 MB

planned for a council building. Everything branches out from the main hall in a simple, yet nice floor-plan. Improvements? Bigger. This map needs more places to go. [b]Brush-Work[/b] The brush-work on this map is detailed and simple at the same time. Something that can be rather difficult to do at times, so +1 to the Author for that. If a version 2 is made, I suggest adding a few more details, though. [b]Textures[/b] The texture-work here is particularly nice. One nice touch that I noticed was the carpet in the main hall. Take a look and you'll see what I mean. Improvements? None, really. [b]Lighting[/b] 'Tis a well-lit map, but there were one or two spots that could stand to have a few extra lights in it. [b]Gameplay[/b] Overall, this map is best enjoyed by the dueling, chataholic, racing, RP'ing, and Lugormod communities. And maybe movie groups as well. [b]Notable Features[/b] Racetrack: Bespin at night, in-depth background, twisting track, start/finish, swoops, and a barrier for the pre-start of the race. What more could you possible need? Council Room: Seats your leaders. All it needs is a secret or two. :P Obstacle Course: It's like dodging trip mines, but without the blowing up part. Nicely done. [b]Secrets[/b] THE SECRETS ARE AS FOLLOWS: Just kidding. I'm not THAT nice... Averus might be, but not me. :P Seriously though. It's clear that the author put some real effort into hiding the secrets. Bayoon, for making secrets that have proven difficult to find without cheats, you get a [b]cake[/b] ~Crazy New Textures: Yes Bot Routing: Yes New Shaders: Yes New Music: No Gametypes: FFA, TFFA




Grand Jedi Skills: Inner City Stories | 89.31 MB

out on some play time. If you don't want to play it, the source files are included, so this can help you with your own projects. So, here's my story. I spawned on a rooftop and had a look around. All I saw was a basketball court, a cool-looking water fountain, a fence, a bunch of surrounding buildings, the rest of the building above me, some other objects of interest and...a door. Once that door opened, there was no going back to it. I went down. And I went down. And I went down some more. Finally, I figured I'd just take the elevator. I took one look down the elevator shaft...and I my lower jaw crashed on the surface miles below. That's exaggerating it a lot, but that's certainly what it felt like, seeing it for the first time. By the way, this map is huge. There's a lot to explore here. There's a game room, a cafeteria, a bar, a pool, a shopping strip, a box shredder, a storage room and more...about the only thing I didn't see was bedrooms. Now, since all the spawns are on the rooftop, it takes a while to get to the lobby on the ground floor. But in a sense, that's a good thing because it makes the map [i]much[/i] less don't get spawned in random areas and have to find your way around. On a map this scale, that would be quite irritating. Did I mention the map is huge? Boddo is really good at shaders. From this map alone, I've seen shaders that impress me more than any other. The water shaders are the most impressive ones. The grass/fur shader is also really neat. One of the truly unique shaders is a clock that shows you how long you've been in the map. Neat idea. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell ya, the map is...loaded with stuff to do! Ha, you thought I was going to say huge...well, it's huge, too. And there's also stuff to do everywhere. There are several unlockable areas throughout the building, and if you make it down to the lobby, there's a bunch of unlockables there as well. Good'll need that and force jump 3, and in some cases, you'll also need force heal and a really fast forceregentime. The FPS was good for the most part. A few areas were semi-choppy, specifically in one of the bonus areas. I forget which could have been my video card, though. SCRIPTS! This map has scripts in it! A true rarity, although they're picking up of late. Boddo has added a bunch of scripts that enable the secret areas, and make sure they function correctly. I probably missed a bunch of other scripts, but I was impressed with what I saw in the secrets alone. The best secret is the awesome ice slope. There are four snowboarders you can hop onto and have a fun race to the bottom with your friends...if you can unlock it. There's also a remote control helicopter that will be available if you unlock everything. Now, I didn't have the pleasure of operating it, but I'm sure it's a lot of fun to use. I can only imagine all the mischief I could get into with that thing... >:] There are also several new weapons included. Check the screenshots - they look pretty sweet. I think I like the plunger and the mop. And the, forget picking favorites, I like them all! Now, as always, improvements...I can't be too critical, honestly. Some of the textures were somewhat stretched on the walls, and a few areas were a tad empty. There is also no music, but really, those are petty downsides, and that's the worst I could dig up. Maybe some minor VIS tweaking here and there couldn't hurt, either, but all in all, this is well refined and tested. So, this review covers...probably about half of the map's features. If you like what you see so far, download it and discover the rest for yourself - this one's a beast! Oh, and for a 90 MB map, it loads up [i]very[/i] quickly. I'm impressed. New textures: Yes New sounds: Yes New music: No New models: Yes New scripts: Yes! ~Dretzel




Apcotyl Temple | 43.42 MB

Apocalypse, it is in fact completely unrelated! Anyway… what is this map about then? Well it seems to be a sort of clan map, judging from what is included and how it is laid out. Even if clan maps aren’t your cup of tea, don’t leave just yet, because there are some really cool surprises to be found in this map! More on them later… First off let’s have a look at the layout of the map and the main areas it contains. Probably the biggest area is the outside area, which contains a waterfall and river on one side and a ‘lava-fall’ on the other. The center of this area has a nice little place to duel, and if the switch on one of the broken columns is pressed, a reborn is spawned to spar with. With the ambient noises of the waterfall and other natural sounds, combined with the beautiful music, this area is really very relaxing and would make a fantastic place for clan gatherings. The whole map is based around the principle of fire and water it seems, and most of the areas have a mixture of water and lava in various places, as well as red and blue lighting, which is a very effective combination. There are what seem to be a few duel rooms, which are quite large, and each one of them is different. The customary council rooms are of course included, beyond un-openable doors (un-openable at least to people who aren’t the clan leaders ;)), one of my favourite areas of the map was the council chambers themselves and the multicoloured glowing crystal statues, the likes of which I have never seen before! The best bit is yet to come though, well at least in my opinion anyway! Work your way through the map and you will eventually come to the hangar, where a very nice replica of the Republic shuttle out of the opening scenes of Episode 1 is docked. This is one of those nice surprises I talked about earlier. Apart from being [b]huge[/b] and looking great on the outside, the ship is fully enterable. In the center is a seating area, which passengers would occupy, whilst at the back end is a small bar, toilets (which flush!) and up some stairs, a medical center. Towards the front end is a lounge type area with big windows for admiring the view, and then above that is the bridge. If you use the consoles in the bridge, you can fire the left and right guns on the front of the ship, which is a cool interactive feature. Although unfortunately they only fire at the wall, rather than at anybody loitering below! It’s a real shame that you can’t actually take off in this ship, because it is really cool, but alas that is beyond JKA’s capabilities I’m afraid. Although saying that, I think it would have been nice if there was a version of the ship you could teleport to that was in space, perhaps with some moving stars and such. Now, lets move onto the architecture and build quality. I must say that overall, though there were a few areas where the build quality could have been improved a little, I think that the map was built very well. I couldn’t find any obvious bugs, and the whole map ran smoothly. The architecture is also well built, and follows the theme of water and fire, with some areas dark and rock like, and other areas light and using more wood textures. I do feel that some areas could have done with some more architectural detail. I also think the rock walls, particularly in the main outside area need to be smoothed a bit more, to look more organic because they look a little flat at the moment. I think those few things are the main areas that could be improved upon really. Apart from that I think the map just needs some more detail here and there and some improved architecture in a few places. All in all a very cool clan map here! I couldn’t see any obvious clan symbols or insignia either, so that is a big bonus as it means that this map is suitable for use by any clan. Personally I really loved this map, especially the huge hanger and the docked ship, that was quite a unique touch for a clan map I think. Excellent work here, and well worth a download I think! :D [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA ~Nozyspy~




Tatooine Outpost | 35.52 MB

author: [quote]This is a place where travelers going through the desert may stop for a drink, rest or other activities.[/quote] Eloquently said. Now what he didn't mention was how he made his atmosphere very well. I mean he's thought it out very well. From the ambient NPCs in the bar to the textures to the ambient droid parts strewn everywhere. This map works so very well in so many ways that you really can't lose with it. Bah, listen to me gushing. Enough with this, A BRIEF TEXTUAL PREVIEW I SAY! The exterior of the outpost actually looks like similar to the Skywalker homestead in Episode IV, save for some modifications here and there. Almost right from the get go you'll notice there are several control panels that can be activated. These activate a diverse medley of NPCs that you may have the pleasure of combatting. Once you enter inside via the dwelling, the exploration begins. Connected by hallways with machinery, wires, powerlines, and cracked surfaces, one can find the following: - Bar, complete with optional ambient NPCs(activated via panel outside entrance) - Prison Cells - Generator Room - Various machinery room(not sure what to call it XD) - Armory/Locker Room - Bedrooms - "Arena" with side bar. - Storage Chamber(s) All of these areas are so beautifully crafted I feel ashamed for condensing them. Now, onto some of the suggested areas for improvement: - The Music: Now first off, let me say that I have absolutely NO problem with the music, and that I honestly enjoy the fact that the author decided to actually go with crystal clear sound quality from a soundtrack versus using stock Raven sounds. In fact, I used to hate the cantina music, but now that I could hear it in a higher quality, I'm not so irked about it. What I AM irked about is that you chose to make the music a sound object versus actually making the background music. Why is this? Background music can be stopped with soundstop. Looping sounds, however, cannot. This proves to be quite a problem, as the only solution to fixing this would either be to delete the sound files in the pk3, or turn down your sound effects volume. Not a fun choice to make, especially since you have great music here. Now I understand what was being done here, and I can appreciate that from a certain viewpoint, but not everyone likes to listen to the map's music. In a V2, here is what I suggest happen: 1.) make the desert outpost music the primary background music. 2.) make the jukebox usable, and have the bar music toggleable. That way, you won't risk turning away players, not that I really foresee that being a problem. The only other problem I see: - Doors: Some doors lack ambient sound. Others don't open, and some SHOULD open. Well, by some, I mean the big cargo door could have been openable. As for the doors with nothing behind them, I suggest making them usable and have them play the locked sound when used. Either that or could put stuff behind them maybe? in a V2? Maybe? =_,o Other than that, those were the ONLY two improvements I noted, and even those were relatively minor in comparison to how malevolently magnificent this map is. I see a bright future and a lot of use coming out of this map, from many crowds, really. I needn't say anymore. The screenshots and Submit Unto Filefront button should do the rest of my job for me =_,= New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




Dojo X2 | 4.98 MB

same map with retextures. In general, the structure goes like this: "A large near-cube room with sunlight pouring through some window panels(the proper term eluding me at the moment.) The spawn points are located atop a stair-cased platform overlooking a large matted floor with a large wooden stand of sorts, a brazier poised before it. Atop the roof is a lamp that emits a flame...with no real assistance to lighting." That about covers it. The music enclosed is very ethnically appropriate, with percussion-heavy combat music, perfect for a "honorable" showdown. There are two versions: - Japanese Dojo: Appropriately themed/textured for the occasion. - 1000 A.B.Y. Dojo: The version you want to avoid since it appears to lack some textures. That's about all that's needed to say. I've tried to extort more information out of it, but honestly, only so much can be said. New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Kitchen | 1.43 MB

furnishings appear to be all white. The lighting is rather poor, as it just makes the entire room seem SEVERELY sterile. That and it sort of offends the eyes. However, those aside, the room looks great. It felt practically like a kitchen, save for a few things: - Appliances Sizes: I noticed the appliances had some rather strange sizes. The oven, dishwasher, and the washer/dryer set seemed a bit wider than necessary, and the fridge seemed a bit taller than needed. The counters however were at a good usable height. - Some things are a bit high: Yeah, shouldn't have to get up on a chair to fetch the phone. The overhead oven controls were also rather high, as were some of the cupboards. - Heads don't go in the microwave: I can't speak on the rancor baby in the toaster oven, but HEADS ARE NOT microwave-friendly. Believe me, I tried it once. They're best cooked in a pot or cauldron, so you can spoon out the hair and what not. However, this isn't home ec, so I'll leave it at that. Now, practical game playability is a bit hard to see. In a close quarters mod like [file="91118"]OJP[/file], maybe it'll work, but there's not enough space for a real duel to really happen in BaseJA/JA+ combat. Why? It's one tiny room. Not much maneuverability. A kata could cover a lot of ground here. Also, the following weapons are available: - E11 - Bowcaster - Dets, Detpack, Tripmines There are also health packs, shields, bacta, ammo, and a force field. Honestly, no matter how I think it, it's going to result in VERY short duel sessions. VERY short, indeed. All in all, however, this is a very nice display of skill. Perhaps the author may be tempted to expand it into a full house with surrounding yard. Now THAT I could see as a playable duel map. Death. New Textures: Aye New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Trade Federation Battleship | 26.54 MB

one and only Plasma! I remember a long time ago when The Phantom Menace was still pretty new, that I got the Episode 1 game. The first level you played on, was of course, the Trade Federation battleship. I still vividly remember playing through those levels, so that will serve me well when checking the accuracy of this map! So, without further ado, lets begin… The first bit that I wanted to mention and that also caught my attention quickly was the bridge. Unfortunately in the Episode 1 game, you couldn’t get into the bridge, which always frustrated me. Finally though, with this map I can wander in and out of the bridge area as I please, which brings a smile to my face as I remember the hours of frustration all those years ago, trying to figure out if there was a cheat, or a way in to the bridge in that old game. You will notice if you look outside the window that straight ahead is Naboo, as well as an awful lot of Trade Federation battleships. I think the skybox here looks fantastic! :D Two other big features are the hangars, one of which is filled with Droid Starfighter’s ready to deploy. The other seems to be more like a storage hangar, there are crates and tanks stacked around and also some Droid Tanks and a Droid Transport at one end. Whilst some of the doors do not open (indicated by the red light) many do open and the map is interconnected with passageways, which make this a good medium sized FFA map. Alas the room where the Trade Federation lays out some refreshing drinks for Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon, and then promptly tries to pump them full of poisoned gas isn’t included, which is a bit of a shame. That is one of the improvements I feel could be made for the next time around, adding that room into the map. Apart from that, the map is a good size and well built. I do feel some of the textures could do with some more detail on them though, as they look a little too flat and clean. Perhaps some scuff marks, or giving the textures some more detail and texture would be cool. Other than that though, this is an excellent map, which I enjoyed playing on. Its been a while since I have seen some good sized movie map reproductions, so I am pleased to have been able to review this! If you guys like the look of this map, or fancy adding a new movie map to your collection, then give this a download! :) [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routes:[/b] Yes [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA ~Nozyspy~ [b]***EDIT*** Much to my shame, I actually missed a couple of areas in this map when I write the above review! I stand corrected, the conference room area where the Trade Federation attempt to poison Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan IS in here, complete with little clouds of poisoned gas! Added to that there is also a Droideka storage room that was featured as part of the Trade Federation Battleship level for The Phantom menace PC game. I do apologise for missing these areas! To get to them you just have to go through the doors on the opposite side of the Droid Starfighter hangar. Alas I completely missed this part! :( [/b]




Project: Rocketlauncher | 21.9 MB

readme for instructions as to how to properly pwn in this mission. I ran through the mission and it worked quite perfectly. First off, design and architecture are EXCELLENT. Hands down. This map was very fluid in design, and can easily function as an autonomous FFA/RP Map, save for a few implausibilities in the missle shaft itself. To name them, I found it a little odd that stormtroopers were to be found on lone maintenance platforms with no actual method to get them to the elevator, and some sort of method to actually climb up and down onto the elevator from the floor of the outside base would have been nice. However, these are dwarfed in comparison to the rest of the map's functionality. The elevator here in the missle shaft is magnificent, and probably the most unique this community has seen in a while, if not ever. The rocket itself looks very imposing and well constructed, and the entire base itself is just to die for =_,= seriously, I should hijack it and aim it at your house. Now, the objectives in this map are pretty decently constructed. I found it a little odd that you were ordered to kill the commander of the base as he left the shuttle AFTER waiting 10 minutes for the boss to exit. 10 grueling minutes of killing swarms of reborns and stormtroopers...can't get much more entertaining than that XD. Overall, objective challenge was healthy. You weren't fighting gobs and gobs of super hard enemies all at once. With a little ingenuity and luck, you can make use of that laser turret and make things much easier. I found that I easily killed about 130 enemies before the 10 minute was over, and this is BEFORE entering the base. Seriously, if you haven't sated your sociopathic urges by the end of this map, seek medical attention =__=....Hmm >_> Overall, this is definitely a map worth using. As with his last map, there are both NPC-objective versions and then a no NPC explorable version for your using pleasure, so this map doesn't lose its charm. BANDWIDTH IS DEMANDED FROM EVERY PARTY, as you can't lose with this map. Now, if you'll excuse me, I do believe I have to go visit one of those wizards known as "psychotherapists." Which is stupid, because I'll probably kill her too.. New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Jedi Temple Lobby | 19.47 MB

map. Its a symmetrical lobby. Man, I wish I could think of something else to say about it other than its pretty much symmetrical XD. So far what we've got is great. The architecture and texture choices are pretty much spot on and it's a great start to what would have been an interesting competitor map to =Tom='s Jedi Temple map. It's just a bit disappointing that work appears to have been halted on it. I hope some form of inspiration hits you in the face and prompts you to at least try again. Well, with what you've got, I could see this being used as both a good duel map and a modest saber FFA map. Performance-wise, it won't fail you. Now, enough banter, GO YOU NOW TO FILEFRONT'S CHAMBER AND SEIZE YOUR BANDWIDTH BY THE GROIN AND HURL IT. New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




Christmas in Helix | 29.64 MB

Saturnali-- Christmas. So, according to our author, this is a representation of a certain town in....somewhere in the world. Naturally, a few creative liberties were exercised, as very few towns in the world have a catapulting ski-jump leaping through a hoop, save for perhaps the village near my tower, but that's more of a catapult into a Gorgon's rectum. So, as would be expected, there's a lot of houses, buildings, plenty of snow, and of course, some fun gadgets to mess around with. Seeing as the author gave it some reasonable effort and did what he could within his time restrictions, I'll let the rather geometric architecture slide...except for one area, namely the back of this one house marked by the missing back wall! C'mon now, I know there's no reason for us to be back there, but you could have at least put a brush there and covered up your proverbial handiwork. Oy, even as I write this review, I'm finding more lazy mistakes, but I'm just going to let them slide in the spirit of the holidays...for now =_=. Moving on to the missing textures, even though he mentioned them, they probably should have been addressed at the very least. That tree's missing texture is extremely detrimental to the seasonal immersion. =_o along with the train. I think the absolute best thing about the map was definitely the choice of music, but I guess that's just my personal opinion since it's one of my favorite Alvis Time songs. Oh, wait, I meant Christmas. Yeah, whatever ⌐_⌐ So honestly, looking from his description, I'm gonna have to say he did pretty decently. Granted, nothing seemed to work out as he planned, but it's good to see that he tried his best. Maybe next Christmas you'll have more time to make a better version, huh? So yeah, it's already 2009, but hell, I COMMAND YOU TO AT LEAST SEE THE FRUITS OF HIS WORK =_=..plox. New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




Hill Valley 1885

22rja_hillvalley1885.rar | 7.94 MB

all time favourite film series’. Unfortunately for this review however, one of the few that I haven’t got on DVD yet! Blast…must get on Amazon later… Anyway, since I cant go and check out the accuracy of this map versus what was in the film, I will have to try and remember what it was like from the last time I watched Back to the Future III, a looonngg time ago. What we have here is a re-creation of the town of Hill Valley in 1885 from Back to the Future III, y’know, the one where Doc makes a time machine out of a train right at the end… This is a reasonably sized map, with various buildings, including the bar and the famous Hill Valley Town Hall, still being constructed in this time period. The Town Hall was probably my favourite area in this map, since I think the author captured the half-constructed building pretty well. The clock face is still waiting to be put up, and you can see through the areas where the walls haven’t been completed into the superstructure inside. The maps music is from the film, which is definitely a plus point, since it adds to the feeling of the map. :thumbsup: There is rather a lot of work that still needs to be done however. Mainly I feel that the rest of the buildings in the map need a lot more work. They need to be made smaller and the roofs need to be made more in scale to the rest of the building. Also there should be more enterable buildings, since the bar and the Town Hall are the only buildings you can go inside. The doors to the bar need some tweaking too, since when you go up to them and press the use key, only the door you press the use key on actually opens whilst the other one stays shut (there are two). What you need to do to fix this is go into the entity window for the door entity in Radiant and put the word “team” in the key box (without the quotes) and then put a value like “bar_doors” (again without quotes) in the value box. Make sure you do this when you have both the doors selected. When you go ingame, the doors should both open together at the same time because they have now been made into a ‘team’. I hope that helps you and anyone else who is having the same problem! :) Lastly I would also work more on the detailing of the map, perhaps add some street lamps, crates or bushes around the map, just to fill it out a bit more and add in more detail. Overall, this is a decent map, but it does still need quite a bit of work. I am glad to see a Back to the Future map though, and I would definitely like to see a v2 of this map, so keep up the good work mate! :) Don’t forget to leave the author some helpful hints on where he can improve the map in the comments section! [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA, Duel ~Nozyspy~




SJC - Mos Kreetle | 114.94 MB

return of a legend after a long period of absence. I saw this map when Sith J started production on it many, many aeons ago, and when Sith J mysteriously vanished due to real life work commitments I feared we would never see this map. But, he hasn’t disappointed us, as with excellent timing the finished map is delivered to our doorstep! And believe me we have a treat for you here today! Before starting off the review though, it is best that I first mention the mod which this map is largely based around. This is the JKA Galaxies Mod, a mod that aims to replicate the MMORPG feeling of Star Wars Galaxies using Jedi Academy. Here is what I think is a good summary of the main aims of the mod and this map from the readme: [quote] This map will eventually form a player world in the upcoming mod JKA Galaxies, the map act as a preview to that mod. I have included instructions throughout the map given by protocol droids that are standing near shuttle ports, and banking terminals and other key areas, the will inform you that you cannot do carry out a particular function at the moment, these actions are a part of the Galaxies Mod so thats something to look forward to in the new year. The map stands as a completely playable FFA map however with plenty of areas to explore and also lends itself well to the RPGEr as there are living quarters and underground bars to name a few.[/quote] The droids mentioned are spread throughout the map and are easy to find, they really do give you instructions too when you press the use button on them, a very nice little touch there on the interactivity side there! Now lets have a good look at this very large map. In true Star Wars Galaxies style, this is laid out just as the towns are in SWG, there is an entrance and exit point, that in SWG would lead to the outside world. However of course you cannot go past these areas in this map as it would be physically impossible to replicate the completely open world that Star Wars Galaxies features. The town itself is within some low walls, which allow you to look over and see some scenery beyond, which helps prevent the map from feeling too enclosed. The buildings, and indeed the whole town has a lot of SWG references, such as the droid sounds from SWG used for the many R2 units wandering around, and also the occasional electrical hum and other such noise. All of these are an excellent touch, which adds greatly to the ambience of the map. Buildings to explore include a Medical Center, a few small shuttle ports, between which a small platform flies, transporting you to various parts of the map. There is also a droid / junk shop, some houses (including an outskirts ‘mud-house’ type area), a garage and a bar, all of which are enterable. And I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet! The best (at least in my opinion) and also the biggest part of the map is the shuttle port area. Now, you all remember Sith J’s Millennium Falcon map don’t you? Well the Falcon (a fully enterable one too!) is back for this map, docked in one of the docking bays of the spaceport. But wait, there is more! One legendary, fully enterable ship wasn’t enough to put in this space port, there is another famous fully enterable ship docked here… [b]The Ebon Hawk![/b] Yes that’s right, Sith J has turned his multitude of talents towards providing us with what I think is the definitive rendition of the Ebon Hawk ever see in a JKA map. There have been several maps which feature the Ebon Hawk, both enterable and non-enterable versions, so what sets this apart? Well for one, the attention to detail is incredible. This is definitely the best replication of the Ebon Hawk that I have ever seen. The shape and textures are spot on, though the ship itself is somewhat oversized I think (as is the Falcon) but that is necessary to make all the inside areas fit in, so it isn’t too much of a problem. All the areas we remember from KotOR are here, the bedroom areas, the storage rooms, the bridge, the central room and more. One particularly special feature that caught my eye in the central room was the holo-projector, which has hovering above it a display of a system of planes and asteroids rotating around the Binary Star System of Tatooine’s two suns. Moving back out into the map in general more features that caught my eye was the huge wrecked ship crashed into the middle of the town (very similar to the Dowager Queen that rests in the middle of Mos Eisley) and also the maps textures. The textures are of note because they seem to use some form of bump mapping, which I can’t figure out. The effect looks great, and fits nicely with the rough, grimy appearance of Tatooine in general. Another textural feature of note is the special ENV maps that certain textures have - the ones where only certain parts of the texture are made shiny, whereas the rest remain matt. I forget what this type of shader is called now, but it is a difficult effect to actually make, so well done there Sith J mate. ;) I could go on for much longer with this review, but I think my fingers might fall off with too much typing. :P To sum it up, the layout of this map is very reminiscent of the Star Wars Galaxies locations without being just a copy. The textures are excellent and have been well used, as is the lighting, especially in the underground passageways of the spaceport. These areas look very cinematic, which their low lighting and slight haze in the air. Sith J Cull is always very impressive when it comes to hunting down and getting rid of bugs and errors, however I did notice a small few that managed to slip through. These though are mostly just small areas where a texture is misaligned or not scaled correctly, and in a map this big you wont notice little things like that unless you are looking for them pretty hard. Other than that, I would say that the terrain doesn’t look quite natural and smooth enough in a few areas, but again, that doesn’t spoil the overall excellent quality and workmanship displayed in this map. Overall then a fantastic map here and a magnificent return by Sith J Cull! As far as legends go, he might not be might not be ‘The Man in the Hat’, but he certainly is back! :D [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routes:[/b] Yes [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA ~Nozyspy~




T.I.M.O.N. | 24.64 MB

I can spot that attest to this, but I'll go into those later. Positives first. This map is huge. I think it's almost as big as JediCouncilGCX or SithCouncil V3. Like I's big. There are many different areas to explore. There are many notable ones - the pool, the bedrooms, the council room, and my favorite, the big open hallway with the glass and the trees. Architecturally, this map is pretty stable. The FPS was actually pretty good on most of the map, which surprised me, since most first maps seem to have terrible FPS. I also found the choice of music fitting, even thought it's base JA music. The author has even made a good attempt at using entities very generously and actually has more interactivity here than most people do on their first project. Good job there. One thing that impressed me the most was the swimming pool. Apparently, the author noticed that pools are hard to get out of, so they made stairs on all four corners. You can climb out with ease. I don't see that in a lot of maps, so that was a nice change. Now, for improvements. I'm glad to hear that the author plans a V2, because this map can be so much more. First, I found a few bugs. One of the elevators has a trigger with no wait time, so when you try to make it move, half the time it will go nowhere. That could definitely use fixing. I'd also like to mention something about the doors found throughout the map - instead of making the two halves open separately, you should make use of the "team" key and force them to move in unison. FPS was a slight issue in a few areas, but rest assured, it's fixable. First off, make sure you're using a lot of caulking on the outside of the map. Secondly, instead of using teleporters on your doors, you can learn areaportaling and hinting. That way, the doors that teleport you can actually open into their respective rooms without any FPS drop. Not a bad start at all. I like the looks of it, and I would definitely love to see a V2 of this. Keep going, you're showing some promise! New textures: Yes New sounds: No New music: No New models: No New scripts: No ~Dretzel




White Odyssey | 17.57 MB

very impressive for that. I would like to congratulate the author on a speedy map that is actually [i]good[/i]. It's very easy to see how Blueice Twilight inspired this map. Where to begin... I'll start with the layout. There are three main areas. All of them are outdoors, and all of them are at least somewhat blue. One is a bridge over a chasm, another is a short road in a large ditch that opens up to a larger area, and the last one is the main area, containing a house and most of the goodies. All three had very nice terrain work. I can't say for sure how the terrain was made, but it looks very nice. Starting with the road in a ditch area. It's very small, but if you open up the door at the side, you'll have access to a nice, large, open area. At the far end, you'll find Santa's sleigh. I don't know if maybe his reindeer ran out of fuel and crashed and he left to get his insurance information, or if he's still loading up the presents, but in any case, they're scattered all over the ground. I wanted to open them so badly...too bad my lightsaber couldn't get through the outer shell. What ARE those things wrapped in? Next up is the bridge. There's a road crossing a chasm, and on the other side are plenty of trees. I didn't see any guardrails on the bridge. There's a balloon that floats around over the bridge and out over the chasm from which you can get a nice view of the place. There's not a whole lot to do here, though. The main area was the really nice part. One of the cool things is the slide up near the top. If you go down it, it throws you up in the air and lands you directly on the frozen pond. There's a tauntaun spawner behind the house, and a small graveyard. There are several huge presents piled up in one area, and there are many presents around trees elsewhere. There's also a fire pit in a small clearing. Now, on the side of improvements. Since this was a quick thrown-together project for Christmas, I highly doubt we'll see a version 2, but still, it's nice to give some points to improve. First off, the presents were all made with brushes. Because of this, they couldn't be rotated without misfitting the textures. I woud suggest converting them to ASE models and making good use of the autosolid option, that way they can be rotated or scaled any way you like. The piles would look so much more realistic. I would also suggest a higher-resolution texture on the bricks and crates, it would make everything look more clear and uniform. As a final note, a notice was passed on to me from Crazy, who got it from the author: they said that you can use their work, just give them credit for what you take. They forgot to include it in the readme, so it's up here in the review. Well, that's all I have to say. If you want a christmas map this year, this is it! New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes New Models: Yes New Scripts: No Bot Support: Yes Gametype: FFA ~Dretzel




Cirque Du Freak: Cavern of Retribution | 210.25 KB

the book the author wanted to recreate, but I don't see much happening here. It's a square room with a square raised platform, and a square pit underneath. There are two doors, but they are only decorations. I remember seeing a topic on the forum about missing spikes in a pit. I will assume this is the same file. Don't give up, because you have the concept down. But you need to cash in on a good idea and persist until it looks great. For this map, I think it should be made into something with a less [edit] square [/edit] environment, a lot of added eye candy and the spikes fixed. New textures: No New sounds: No New music: No New models: No ~Dretzel




{HR} Tournament Map | 7.62 MB

thing to have in maps, but not here. Even if you did have slowdown problems, you can simply remove a file and everything will become 'un-shiny.' I spawned into the entrance room, (with the mirrored floor) and grimaced at the music. Its kinda like a creepy church organ piece, sounds like something from Silent Hill. Not a great start. Now , theres a desk and 2 ways to go. One said visitors, and the other said Clan Members. Well, I wanted to go and see what the clan room was like first, and went in. Now, it became obvious by the size of the beer bottles behind the bar that the clan like their alcahol ;) and every member of the clan (at least i think it is all of em) has their own special poster displayed on the wall. Now, the visitors area is absically the same, except it doesn't have the posters. Both sides look onto another large room, which is probably the main duel area. It has two 'Shyboxes' for people to watch from, as well as the clan and visitor rooms. I also noticed that the walkways extending to this duel room (from the entrances) worked by the lifts that take you there. The idea is nice, but you can just jump it if you really want to :p That's about it. One last point. In the readme I have read that there is a secret room, with 'adult' material in it. I didn't find the room, but I'm giving you the warning anyway. Overall, the map is of basic design for a clan map, and there's nothing too special or wonderous, but it does its purpose well enough. And I did like the shaders used on the pillars of the duel area. Finally, can't compliment enough on the mirrors. How do you do it ? :) New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes ~Szico VII~




Sith Lodge | 274.31 KB

Missing textures, empty rooms, no interactivity. Of those three, it's the lack of interactivity that really gets me. On the plus side, there are a number of big, empty spaces for dueling. And if you "merc" yourself with that mod called Japlus, *shudder* you can have some gun battles here and there. Suggestions: This has every appearance of a first map, so I say practice, and try focusing work on a specific item. Kinda like that elevator I showed you the other day. Really, just sitting down and practicing by making small items for a map helps a lot. When you're ready, start over from scratch, taking into account layout, textures, lighting, and architecture. Since you're new to mapping, don't worry too much about interactivity. After all, if you use Lugormod, interactivity won't be a problem. :P ~Crazy Assassin New Textures: Missing New Sounds: No New Music: No Bot Routing: No Gametypes: FFA




Hutfield | 8.48 MB

needs a LOT of improvement, even from a cartoonish perspective. So first off, the basics. This is essentially an incredibly warped town @_@ it looks like it might have been even intended for some light role play, but not by much. What YOU the viewer will notice is that the map is horribly ugly. I can't even be gentle or soft on it. The textures he has used, whilst good for a cartoon perspective, have been abused to the point where they lose their value. Okay, I'm gonna get to the part to repair, save, and improve on this map now, since this was in fact your intent. - Diversify your textures: Definitely take your time on the next version. Not every wall, roof, floor, etc. must have the same texture! It was very difficult to locate the doors, which brings me to my next point. - SMALLER DOORS: Whilst Japanese doors are nice, I don't think even they have/had an entire wall that needed to be slid back. Don't forget to learn how to include ambient noises for your door operation! -Skybox, learn to make 'em: This entire "town" was inside a box, as opposed to having an open skybox that you could believe in. Half of the box was covered in a HUGE repetitive cloud texture, and looked very tacky. - NPC placement: Okay, so you had fun with the NPCs; time to put them away! Abstract NPC placement was evident in a couple areas, namely involving the R5's(and one bouncing on the others head o_O) and the haphazard placement of those stupid chiss bartenders XD speaking of the bar, I went to a bar last night, and last I checked, there weren't 5 bartenders behind the bar >_> hint hint. - Weapon placement: Okay, so I have the Ten Commandments of Mapping here *holds up datapad* nope, none of them say you have to include every weapon imaginable in the map! Yes, I know you were experimenting, but this is just for your improvement advice. Don't be afraid to rule out weapons you wouldn't give to your audience. Not every one needs to sport a rocket launcher. I noticed that yes, you had a rancor guarding it, but we can easily outrun it ⌐_⌐. Also, see if you can sport guns at strategic locations versus just in haphazard clumps around the map. - Map Layout: Whether for Role Play, FFA, or, hell, even hang out, you definitely gotta fix this layout -_-. Not every player, contrary to popular belief and evidence, is a force user. Not everyone can force jump their way to the Krusty Burger in the sky. Also, I would definitely work on more decoration once you've diversified your textures. You made a valiant start, but you'll need moar! Oh, and also, modern day towns and cities no longer require to have a fortified wall to defend from hordes of Barbaric tribes or that king you offended by stealing his peasants pigs and kidnapping his daughter even though she said she needed passage to Styx and I had the only boat that could go there... and finally.... - Don't clutter your PK3: You basically guaranteed your files lack of downloadability by unnecessarily jacking up the size. Either that, or I did by calling you out on it XD regardless, your file has a bunch of textured that, whilst you thankfully credited the author for, still take up a huge amount of space, and is also pretty bad form. Y'know, I think this is enough to lay on the platter for now. All that should probably keep you pretty busy as it is. Thus, version 1.1.0 is reviewed. I await your future attempts with glee. Good luck to you =_,= New Textures: Aye New Music: Nay Secrets to Plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Naboo Town | 13.64 MB

map as a whole would be: bare. "Averus you're crazy! There's plenty of detail lying around this map! Go to hell!" Wish granted, but this doesn't change the fact that there's still some key details missing here. First off, let's figure out what the hell I'm talking about by going over what IS in the map. The main setting of the map is primarily in some quarter of a naboo town of sorts, mimicking the Italian-inspired architecture rather decently, on the outside, with a few buildings here and there, some archways decorating the street, and a nice river flowing through the town with a grate to block off the exit. There are some streetlights along this river, some interior areas around the map, along with a set of huge banners on large structure with "Greedo




MMG-Hoth | 14.73 MB

Outside, you have a snowy valley with a functional Ion Cannon, the trademark hoth turret, and a a distant radar dish based off the ROTJ shield generator. Oh, and the shield generator itself >_> can't forget that. On the inside, of course, is actually a decently mapped out complex, that, whilst not faithfully accurate to the movies, is still a decent layout regardless. The hangar is decked with snowspeeders and the Millenium Falcon, and surrounding it are the primary base areas, of which contain: - armory/storage - Med bay - lounge/bedroom area(cease. hammer event: this particular area looked most out of place because of the different choice of texture, architecture, and giraffes. You'll see what I mean if you DL it -_-) - command center(with special treat) - generator room(or gunnery room, I'm not sure) - tauntaun barn - pilot prep room - and other fun prizes! The main factor that will probably set this map apart is its new script sequence. Along with having the vehicles and other supplies ready, this map contains a button located in the command center that will essentially allow you to recreate the battle of Hoth. Quite impressive actually. Starts with the probe droid, and then the drop ships come =_,= and then...mayhem...Sort of v_v unfortunately it's up to the players to fend off the invasion, with no NPC backup. Sorta ruins the experience when you ain't got any allies but hey, at least the generator can blow up =_,= Some relative bugs in the map include a couple unclipped objects in the generator room, and a strange shader error with the included vader model. I'm not sure what it is, but apparently the result is a very buggy cape that acts sort of amorphously. Not sure if that was to make the cape look like it naturally flutters or something, but it didn't work too well. Honestly, this is definitely one of those maps I'd suggest trying on your own rather than just reading my review. It's definitely not a bad experience, and I daresay there is some moderate RP potential within the map. Would need some tweaking but it could be done. New Textures: Aye New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




South Tower | 4.84 MB

saw this file I was puzzled as to what the name actually meant, after all a ‘south tower’ could be pretty much anything to do with ‘towers’ of any kind. However, upon testing the map out I found that it was very interestingly made. Firstly, the Cyrillic symbols scattered around must mean that this map has some relation to Russia / Eastern Europe; either the author lives there and speaks that language, or the map is based off an actual building in that region. Personally, considering the architecture of that map, I would say it is the latter. Although, it could be both! Anyway, before I start getting too deep into architecture and culture, lets have a better look at how the map is built. Basically what we have is a large courtyard – including some nice pond type areas – surrounding the main building. In the middle of the main building is…a large tower! This I presume is the reason for the map being called ‘South Tower’. The map is well laid out and would be excellent for an FFA of any kind, either with sabers or guns, since there is plenty of areas to hide in, and lots of cover too. Now onto the overall look of the map. Overall, the texturing is pretty simple, but I think it looks great! The buildings look realistically textured and the textures and colours all fit together nicely. I do think the map could so with some more custom textures here and there, but all in all the default JKA texture sets have been used to good effect. :) As far as improvements are concerned, personally I think there should be some more custom textures, and also bot routes. Bot routes are a small thing, but I really feel that add a lot to the overall polish of the map. All in all though a really good map here and the custom music used is absolutely fantastic! Good work Alice, I look forward to seeing more maps from you in the future! :) [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA ~Nozyspy~




Skijumping | 10.49 MB

course. Personally, I would scrap the skiing part and replace it with a human-cannonball sized missile launcher, but that's beside the point. There are two huts, one at the bottom of the hill, and one at the top. The lower one features a living room with a view, bathrooms, a room for... archaeology? Bleh. And lastly, there's a door to the ski lift. Up on top of the hill, is a somewhat smaller house. This one features a lounge with a fireplace, bar (what is it with maps and bars? It's like women and shoes!), and a case full of small momento-things. In a room to one side is the ski-jump itself, and a connecting door to the lifts. Moving back to the bottom, the gounds feature a frozen lake, the bottom end of the ski slope, and the edge of the whole flat world! :P And now for my gripes. 1. The thing is on an island in the sky. Baaaad. 2. The ice on the lake isn't textured underneath, so if you break only a small hole and fall in, you can see out from under the ice. 3. The couch in the lower lodge has some holes in it. 4. Not enough interactivity. 5. Needs more mappage to it: More areas, more details, more immersiveness. On the whole, a nice little map. When in one of the lodges, I get a sense of comfort that is achieved by being in a warm cottage with a view of the cold. Nice work there. :D ~Crazy Assassin New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Routing: Yes Gametypes: FFA, TFFA, Duel, CTF (With FFA being the primary mode)




Abandoned Academy | 5.67 MB

ages ago. Hell, I still managed to find the secrets! O_o (well, most of them.) So, the Abandoned Academy is pretty much utilitarian versus RPable, so sorry RPers :\ not good enough for it. It essentially contains mostly duel rooms and training courses. Ah, a true testament to its age: player -contact switches(as opposed to usable switches.) This map is definitely still amusing to play on, although now that I'm older and darker, I did notice quite a few bugs with it. Quoting my handy wordpad notes: - Grass poking through pavement: this was primarily in the spawning area. Instances also included clipping through the fountains as well. - Foliage clips into Fountain: a large bush clipped into one of the fountain. - Blue fog error: The presence of the water fog shaded some of the surrounding flora blue. - Ambient Noise missing on door(s) - Water efx only shows up at frontal angle. - Missing Texture on window frame: Visible in the room with the door facing the entryway. - Some unintentional parts of the map visible from same window. - boxy cavern tunnel: Mostly in a secret area, so might not be too problematic. - silent ambient fountain: the fountain with the frontal effects made no sound. - fire sound radius too large: I could hear the fires from one area two areas away O_o I would definitely love to see an expansion of such an old map if possible, although I'm sure Jenova has long since discarded the .map, so mebbe a redux or something would be awesome. Otherwise, I would definitely suggest taking a look at this map, regardless of its numerous errors. It's worth the look, I can assure you =_= New Textures: Nay New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




Nave Panda

navepanda1.1.rar | 5.4 MB

use of lighting, but there's an occasional splotch where there shouldn't be (remember, patches don't normally cast shadows, but brushes do!) -clipping where it's needed (pit and bug window) -stretched textures -bad areaportalling -only one side of the areaportal brush should have the areaportal shader, the others use skip!) -door that leads to outside the map (Run for your life!!!!) -a bar... what is it with clan maps and bars? -no sounds on door movement -SMALL: rail around floor window in main area has no visible means of support -no music -decent use of light 'cones' -should expand outwards more -clan reference! -grating in side room should have a grate-ish sound to it (no Q3map_material in the shader) -nice use of shadowing in hidden passage -passage has two visible doors, but only one actually works! (one is still structural brush) -doors open wrong! (the big ones should be in two halves that slide to each side, not one whole piece that slides down!) -side window thing can be used to get outside with ease! -lack of interactivity -no weapon or health pickups, despite what Tanu said in the readme (not good for free for all!) -author mentioned missing texture... where is it? (maybe i have it while he doesn't? o.O) -too small for a real ffa, more like a duel -only one spawn point! that's a baaad no-no! -easy to get through patches with japlus--try adding physics clip BRUSHES on the other side! -Tanu says there are NPCs to be found, where are they? Basically, what we have appears to be a clan map. It's a spaceship, but odly enough, it's not in orbit! Oh well, some ships DO enter atmo at times. This particular ship is rather small, with a main room, a side room, and a corridor that leads outside the map. There is a secret passage that can be accessed from the corridor, but it only leads to a fake door. There's some good use of light sources present, and good architecture. I noticed, while running around, that there was the high amount of patches being used to good purpose. That's a big plus for the author, especially since it's his first map. Unfortunately, there is some stretching of textures here and there... Bugs: There are quite a few present. Refer to my notes to see what I'm talking about. Also, the author didn't include a .arena file, so you have to use /map to get to it. And that's another thing, the map name is vt.bsp. I suggest renaming that to NavePanda.bsp or something. And next submission use .zip instead of .rar, to increase user friendlyness. At a glance, I wouldn't think this was a first map, but the first map rules aren't written in stone, so I'll let the author live. :P[/quote] Well, well... This IS an improvement. Apparently, Tanu uploaded the wrong file with the last one. I won't go into depth though. Changes: GREATLY improved layout and size, weapon spawns are present, NPCs in one or two areas, a proper .arena file, and music! More areas to explore now, from what appears to be a communications room to a prison, to air ducts. Bugs: There's a light that seems to float below the ceiling in one point, the white shader Tanu mentioned is there now (try looking at your shader), the door to the armory doesn't open, and there are still a few places where it's easy to get out of the map at. Oh, and when looking in the side window in the bridge, you can see other parts of the map. Bot Routing: No New Textures: Yes New Shaders: Yes New Music: Yes (warning: it's rather annoying!) Secrets: Yes (One) Gametype: FFA




Nave panda

navepanda.rar | 1.19 MB

patches -decent layout -good use of lighting, but there's an occasional splotch where there shouldn't be (remember, patches don't normally cast shadows, but brushes do!) -clipping where it's needed (pit and bug window) -stretched textures -bad areaportalling -only one side of the areaportal brush should have the areaportal shader, the others use skip!) -door that leads to outside the map (Run for your life!!!!) -a bar... what is it with clan maps and bars? -no sounds on door movement -SMALL: rail around floor window in main area has no visible means of support -no music -decent use of light 'cones' -should expand outwards more -clan reference! -grating in side room should have a grate-ish sound to it (no Q3map_material in the shader) -nice use of shadowing in hidden passage -passage has two visible doors, but only one actually works! (one is still structural brush) -doors open wrong! (the big ones should be in two halves that slide to each side, not one whole piece that slides down!) -side window thing can be used to get outside with ease! -lack of interactivity -no weapon or health pickups, despite what Tanu said in the readme (not good for free for all!) -author mentioned missing texture... where is it? (maybe i have it while he doesn't? o.O) -too small for a real ffa, more like a duel -only one spawn point! that's a baaad no-no! -easy to get through patches with japlus--try adding physics clip BRUSHES on the other side! -Tanu says there are NPCs to be found, where are they?[/i] Basically, what we have appears to be a clan map. It's a spaceship, but odly enough, it's not in orbit! Oh well, some ships DO enter atmo at times. This particular ship is rather small, with a main room, a side room, and a corridor that leads outside the map. There is a secret passage that can be accessed from the corridor, but it only leads to a fake door. There's some good use of light sources present, and good architecture. I noticed, while running around, that there was the high amount of patches being used to good purpose. That's a big plus for the author, especially since it's his first map. Unfortunately, there is some stretching of textures here and there... Bugs: There are quite a few present. Refer to my notes to see what I'm talking about. Also, the author didn't include a .arena file, so you have to use /map to get to it. And that's another thing, the map name is vt.bsp. I suggest renaming that to NavePanda.bsp or something. And next submission use .zip instead of .rar, to increase user friendlyness. At a glance, I wouldn't think this was a first map, but the first map rules aren't written in stone, so I'll let the author live. :P ~Crazy Assassin Bot Routing: No Secrets: Yes (only one) Gametype: FFA New Textures: Yes New Shaders: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: No




D-Legion Monolith | 48.38 MB

hard to find anything that was changed and/or new, so here's basically what I could find: - New Ambient Sounds: There were some screams and a new bridge creaking noise. Trouble is, I do mean "noise." It's looped repetitively to a point, and the screams basically come out of nowhere in a silent map. They really didn't add much atmosphere - New Arena down at the bottom of the chasmed conference room: A couple new teleporters will take you to a simple chain-held arena where an abyss once was. - New Skybox in Skull Castle Area: Sort of looks like Halo now, although in some ways it doesn't. (at least to me, seeing I've only played Halo 1) - Secret to ruining the game: Whilst I'm not sure if this was in the last version or not, I noted a very very very potent secret, which I normally wouldn't reveal, but seeing as it could mean the difference between staying and leaving the server, I'll speak'th it: Basically there's this one button in the map called the "Annihilation of the Universe" button. In essence, when pressed, EVERYONE(including the presser,) dies. What makes it worse is that everyone dies PERMANENTLY, in a matter of speaking. Every time you respawn, you automatically "fall to your death." It sucks horribly if you're in a crowded server and someone finds the button whilst you're having fun. - The rancor below the throne room is audible now. - There seems to be a new hatch on the giant tank: albeit I'm not sure how it can be opened from the outside. - The castle and monolith seem to be linked now, although whether that was in the other version remains to be seen. Overall, the changes here seem to be very minor to warrant a full 2.0, but ah well. My mind is too weary and battered to think of anything cunning or witty, so commence bandwidth destroying as you will -_-; New Textures: Aye New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Jedi Rift Enclave | 18.66 MB

an RP group that I actually used to belong to. In fact, I was actually part of this group during the initial release of this map to the server. As such, I actually know the backstory to this map, but I shan't shed that upon you for now. The basic concept of this map is a revamped T3_Rift map, converted into a large RP map. It includes basically everything an RPGer would need to run an underground Jedi Enclave, and I do mean EVERYTHING: - Fully Decked(at least in the latter,) for both students and higher ranks - Cantina - Archives - Sealed off Master Archives/Crypt(A feature rarely featured on RP maps) - Training facility - Briefing Room/Classroom - Meditation Chambers - Infirmary - Hydroponic Garden - Storage - Council Room - Detention Center - Starpad, with a hidden entrance to the enclave itself. This powerful RP Map is sadly not without powerful errors. I warned the author about them, but alas, he declined to fix any of them -_- Here's what I found: - Weird Unsourced Lighting in training room - Okay, so there were some very strange lights in the training room along the walls. They were outright unsourced, and I just found them to be a little unnecessary. Maybe ousting them would rule planets. - Linear - Okay, so revamping an SP map like this cannot prevent this outright, but a little rearrangement of the map could have been possible. In RP, most of the areas are cramped in the end of the canyon. The problem is, getting to the starpad takes FOREVER to get to. It's very irritating to get to, and could be fatal to those who totally get owned in combat and have to be wheeled to the medbay. A bit of a rearrangement could seriously pwn planets. - That invisible brush on the stairway - There is an invisible brush or barrier of some sort that blocks contact with the actual stairs and landing. This was actually the first error I noticed, as I noticed I was sort of hovering off the ground when I walked over it. It was most disconcerting =_= - Cylindrical water? - So there were two waterfall fountains of sorts near the entrance of the hydroponic garden. This water was VERY cylindrical and seems very odd. Ah well.. - Not the best sound choice next to the river - The hydroponic garden had a second error of sorts. The water shore is very loud. Horribly loud, at that. Perhaps something a little quieter. - Bad FPS in certain areas - Yeah, the large SP canyon setting makes the map a littl elaggy staring out into the canyon. - Missing Textures - This one sort of disappointed me, as I'm SURE the author would have fixed this. There were actually quite a few missing, primarily in the cantina and bedroom areas. The drawers are primarily missing a yavin texture, the couch in one room lacked texture, and the vegetation in one room lacks texture. Not exactly a great error. - Disappearing brushes - The antechamber in one of the dorms has a problem..if you move in just the right position, the brushes on the map seem to outright disappear. Another one seems to be viewable on the balcony of the dorms closer to the canyon face. It's pretty glaring there. - Unclipped chairs in sham enclave - Something I'm sure could have been fixed >_> really. - Seam on the cliff face near the tiny elevator shaft with that control panel - Seeing as there wasn't much change in the area it was after, I don't think this is the author's fault. - Torches don't damage - EVIL




Yalara Roleplay | 29.86 MB

heard any details on it (I haven't concerned myself with it; I'm too busy playing Mandalorian) so I resorted to Wookieepedia! It had this gold mine of information to share with me. >_> [quote]Yalara was a primitive planet. Jedi Master Broden Kel Verdox installed a cloaking device which kept the entire planet hidden. This was to protect the primitive civilization. Darth Vader, however, sent Noghri there, who wiped out the indigenous population. The Imperial Remnant, under the command of the Disciples of Ragnos, attempted to lay hands on the cloaking device. In order to avert this, Jedi Knight Jaden Korr destroyed the whole device. [/quote] WOW, THANKS FOR ALL THE INFORMATION. Uninformative jerks. =_= Anyway, on to the map. It is the author's first (Which impresses me) and last (Which saddens me) map. Fortunately the author has provided the source code for the map so if anyone else takes up the task of improving this work of art they have what they need. I'm also surprised at the quality of the map due to the relatively short time that it was created in. You start off in the spaceport, which is a wonderful area with two wonderful ships you can enter and run around in. They even have working laser cannons! My only qualm so far is the lack of spawning points. There is only one spawn point, so I can foresee many-a-spawn-kills on populated servers. Also in the starport you'll find a number of smaller ships and starfighters, some wonderful benches, vendor stalls, travel information, data terminals, and more. It is a very well-done depiction of a starport and it really gets you in the RP mood. Another great addition is the sound of a ship flying overhead or taking off every few seconds. Continue through the big imposing door that is so familiar in many maps and you enter an area that seems very familiar if you've ever been in an airport. It is the 'waiting area with travel information and departure times and computers for employees and lots of benches' room. Very well done, again. Continue through the next door and you're greeted with an amazing scene (Very realistic and, once again, gets you in the mood for RP). If another. You come out to a winding ramp down to a bridge that extends over a river to a town. On your left is a massive waterfall and a cliff, and on your right is another cliff. When we enter the town we come across a marketplace-type district with more vendor stalls, clothing hanging up, and TVs on display (A lovely touch is a sparking TV that has fallen off the table and broken) Continue through the streets and you are travelling through more vendor stalls, plants, pop machines, benches, and signs. The architecture and setting of this town very much reminds me of Antioch (Both the real Medieval setting and the JKA map based off of it.) In the town you'll come across a military base with all your essentials such as a prison, command room, armory, etc, a hotel, a cantina. Everything you'd expect and it is all very well done. My only problem is the lighting; rooms are very bright without any lighting source and it slightly dampens the immersion effect of the map. If you put in some lighting fixtures and added some shadows and whatnot, the rooms would be perfect. Also included is an old abandoned warehouse-type building that leads down to a dark room with sparse lighting, a bunch of crates, some wooden chairs, lots of weapons, and an entrance to the sewer. It's a perfectly done rebel/terrorist/criminal building. There's also a tram station, which is VERY well done and VERY well lit. It is quite possibly my favorite area of the map (My second favorite would be the criminal-warehouse. There are several areas where you can enter the sewers and crawl around and even get to this outdoor scenic-ruins area. The textures here are rather repetitive and I feel like some swaying grass and more trees should be added to it. There's lots of things to explore, such as some caves and a temple and whatnot. Overall this map is extremely successful at what it set out to accomplish - Be an immersive, complete map for RPers, and I can see that I'm going to love roleplaying on this map for a very long time. Another plus of it is that although it's such a complete, dense, and great map, it's not too big; it doesn't take forever to load like some maps (Cough Atlantica Cough) and thus will be able to be played on by many RPers. I didn't hear any music while I ran around the map but I checked in the PK3 file and there IS a music file, so the author tried to add some. The main problems of the map are the repetitive textures in some areas (Mainly the outdoors) and the poor lighting in some areas (Mainly indoors, such as in the hotel. Some areas however had spectacular lighting such as the Tram and the warehouse.) I STRONGLY suggest somebody to take up the task of improving this already spectacular map by improving the textures, lighting, and adding some music. I'd love to see a version two of this. ~Laam'inui




Arena-088 | 3.34 MB

mutiliate each other for his enjoyment. It's even more fun if the said arena is an interesting place. This arena is more than interesting; it's... in-in-in-INSANE! This is a very unique map from my experiences with arena maps, and it's quite enjoyable. It's very well put together and allows for plenty of amusing situations, what with all the platforms and rotating structure. I'm also surprised at how good it looks considering the author ONLY used base JA textures. The best way to describe it is as the author put it: [quote] Its a map that is a place that doesn't seem to have any purpose, and it dosn't other than to look cool, and have people kill each other mercilessly. :D Its an octagonal structure that rotates slowly. if you know where to stand yoou can get up to the top of the map. [/quote] Bravo. I had fun cutting Reborns to itty bitty pieces in here with my Mighty Mandalorian Powers. Unfortunately the lack of bot routes meant that killing the Reborns was woefully easy due to their tendency to run in place and try to push through the walls. >_> The map features new music that is fitting for the futuristic-death-match-for-fun theme: Techno! My main suggestions for a next version would be bot routes and possibly some new textures; maybe something sleek and white like Kamino. Kandosii, Jake, for such an original concept and a brilliant execution. ~Laam'inui




AoF Joust | 1.78 MB

in the map one thing that bother me a lot was the lighting. There was random dark spots every where, like along the walls the floor would be pure black yet the walls had light on them. That's just one thing that bothers me because it just makes the map looks odd. One thing you might notice right away are all the lights. Not only is there fire spreed around the map, there are "box's" of lava. Well all the box's of lava are actually lights, dunno if its supposed to give the illusion of fire or what, but it looks nice none the less. By the name of the map you might guess it has something to do with Jousting. Well it dose. If you have ever jousted in JA its rather fun, but takes for ever. With this map you can have 2 joust matches going on at once. To start them off you go down a hall way, and come to these odd looking rooms. Just go through the doors, and hit the button then blam a taun tauns appears. Jump on it light up your saber and joust!! One thing i noticed was some of the textures. On one set of what i would call council seats i saw the textures were backwards, and upside down. Reason why i know the logo is upside down is cus ive seen the normal one. And finally has a jouster you hate still alive? Ever wish there was a rancor around to eat him and make you happy. Why settle for a 1 rancor and a wish when you can toss him down in to the rancor pit with 2 rancor's. Well you can, just go find the random door in side of a stair case with noises coming out of it and kick him down the hole. [quote]Non-clan members may NOT use for other modifications or maps Clan members may ask for permission to use for other modifications[/quote] ~T89T Bot Support: nup New Textures: Clan Logos New Sounds: nup




JSP Dark Temple | 9.62 MB

indeed a dark temple. Dark temples please me; especially well built ones that truly feel frightening (To others, of course. I would 'never' feel scared in one.) Let's go on a field trip. We start off in a large hall flanked by two massive staircases. On either side of the hall are raised platforms where the ceiling is held up by pillars bearing an engraving of some type of ancient sith warlord or something. My only irk in this room would be a few spots where surfaces are glowing with red light that comes from nowhere. I mean, all light should have a source, right? When we head up either of the stairways we come face to face with what I think is the crowning glory of this room: the torch-bearing statues. Now yes yes I know these aren't of HIS making and that they were in the original game's maps, but what the author does with them is quite impressive. He has a red light fade in and out to accompany the flames which gives the statues a MUCH more ominous feel than they would by themselves. Continue through the massive 2 foot thick stone door in the wall and we enter a long hallway with more torch-bearing statues (Unfortunately these don't have the same lighting effect as the previous ones did. A pity; it would have made this hallway so much creepier). On each side is a small door and at the end of the hallway is another frighteningly large doorway (I wonder how they open... they're so big. o_o) Let's take the door on the right, shall we? We enter through a doorway covered with intimidating spikes (Perfect to shove people into, though they don't do damage sadly.) There's a grate in the middle of the room and a button to open the grate! OH NOES! WE FELL IN! We've fallen into a room filled with mysterious red light. There's a gateway (Oddly covered with technological buttons and gizmos. Might want to remove that and make it just simple stone, or even better... add the spikes that you have on doorways in other places) to a larger chamber housing a circular stone platform surrounding by spikes with one big spike in the center which sports a pair of skeletons! The skeletons are very nicely done and look like they're in sheer agony (Or at least their spirits are). I believe there's supposed to be a rancor in here but it didn't spawn for me. I have trouble spawning things in the first place so don't let that worry you. Now, let's respawn to get out of this nasty pit. Now that we're back in the hallway let's go into the door on the left. We enter what appears to be a dueling room with a large skylight. Nicely done but my main problem is the bright blue square in the center of the room; I suppose it's supposed to be the glow cast from the night sky but it should be toned down a bit to something more realistic. Let's continue down the long hallway to the other massive door. We enter a courtyard with broken stones and that same annoying bright blue square effect; you really need to tone the blue down. Anyway, there are 3 large doorways. Continue through them and we'll find ourselves in an equally blue-bathed hallway that continues all the way around the courtyard and connects all the doors. Along the hallway we find various doors leading to things such as the bottomless pit room where you jump from pillar to pillar, the 'grassy mossy temple duel room' (Which has that same bright blue square. I thought it was water when I first entered it. >_>) and the 'huge fireplace with lots of statues room'. Now at one end of the hallway we enter the training area, which is where it really gets fun. The main room is a large place with lots of big blocks hanging off of chains that you can slash at. One section even has 4 blocks that rotate around so you can practice hitting a moving target. Now this room features 3 doors that lead off into different training areas. The first is a very nicely done laser corridor; touch the lasers and you're dead. You have to hop, crouch, and dive to get through them. The next is a room the author calls the 'Dead Corridor room'. In short it is an obstacle course of blocks and spikes that smash you to pieces if you make a wrong move. I lost quite a few limbs in there. =_= The third is the 'water block room'. This is a room where you hop across the water on the pillars sticking up; as soon as you touch one of the pillars it shoots down into the water so you have to be quick and leap to another pillar as soon as you touch one. This room is the only one out of the three that isn't fatal! Yay! Safe and fun playtime in the water! :D This map features new music which fits VERY nicely with the atmosphere. It's the theme from the Emperor's Throne Room I believe. There are rather nice shaders, new textures, and there's a secret according to the author (Which I wasn't able to find unfortunately. Hopefully you guys can be luckier than me




Atlantica - Source Files | 10.92 MB

education, and guide to making the custom admin keycodes for use in your server. You naturally [b]must[/b] have this map in your base, and whilst I'm uncertain, minimum of GTK Radiant 1.4.0 is needed, although I can hardly see any reason why those brave 1.5 users can't use them. Then again I never played with 1.5.0 that long, because Szico whined and begged me to convert, like the wuss he is >_> XD I'm done here =_= *throws sticks* - Averus Retruthan




The Tidal Tower | 24.33 MB

author informed me of his lack of intent to make the map visually appealing, and whilst it shows a bit in architecture and texturing, the map makes up for its interactivity, definitely. So basically, I think what I'll do is hit what I believe will be the more popular rooms for now,. - Entry area: The spawn point is actually pretty nice to look at, despite its lack of ambient noise. Moving through the silent door, one arrives within...guess what? A BAR. Yes, go figure. This area, along with some adjacent ones, is the primary "RP" area included within the map. This section, along with a lot of other areas, seems to make use of JK2 textures, so if you lack them, they'll be missing. There are bedrooms here, along with a stage of sorts that you can open/close, and reach a back area with. - Upper levels: Once you find the stairs, you can make your way to the good chunks of the map. As you ascend, you'll run into a couple duel rooms, some rooms which I PRESUMED, were NPC spawn rooms(albeit the button in there did nothing,) a pool room(or two,) and a karaoke room with the Dark Lord Rick Astley himself on the machine. Alright, time to move onto the fun >_> - Quiz Room: This was the first room I noticed and made me realize; this may be the first map EVER to feature one of these O_o. I don't know this for sure, but it's the first one in my experience, most definitely. Excellent use of toggle able spotlights, I must say. I would have thought you could have made the quizmaster's stand a little more lit, but that can be overlooked. So then, quite simple, the contestants are given three buttons. To answer, you must attack one of the buttons briefly, and your answer will display to the quizmaster and the audience. Quite a clever set up. Quick note though: Once that question's over, you must hit the button again to erase your answer. - Taun Taun Races: Spawn your tauntaun and race through the maze of EVILE =_O. This room was the most plagued by lacking textures, as the entire maze used the same texture, save for a couple obstacles. Whilst I ran through it on foot, it'd definitely be more challenging on tauntauns, I'm sure. - Hedge Maze: Holy crap, I almost missed it initially. It wasn't exactly well marked, but it's there. So yes, just your typical hedge maze, albeit very narrow, and difficult to discern the true path =_= good luck, as I didn't bother finding it =_,= - Shooting range: yeah ._. ...there wasn't anything to shoot. - Mario Party Room: Subjective statement imminent: this is definitely the best room of the map, both texturally, architecturally, and interactively. Basically, it's one huge board game, complete with a randomized dice system and bonus squares! The rules are simple, really: Shoot the blue square mounted high on the wall(hard to reach on the first square, but still shootable,) to roll the dice. After which, a panel will reveal a number 1-5, and you move that many squares. Roll on a yellow tile and hold use, and you can "hack" the tile so you will be shot forward a number of tiles(number varies from tile to tile.) Roll and hack a red, and you receive either a bonus or deficit of "throw again" or "move back 3 spaces." These bonuses are also randomized, so you'll never have the same gameplay again. First one to reach the finish square is teh winrar! Overall, whilst I was skeptical at first, this map proved to be quite fun, particularly in that one room of awesome where I versed myself and won many times =_,=. Whilst I'm hoping the author could provide the public who doesn't own JK2 with textures to supplement their experience, I'd definitely advise taking this map for a test drive anyway, as you may like it regardless. ARROWS AWAY! [b]UPDATE: I think one of the files I was reviewing is conflicting with my npc file database, so the shooting range and NPC rooms might be working after all[/b] New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Strangest | 7.64 MB

fancy bells and whistles, super fine detail and zillions of features! But here is exactly one of those maps! X3no here brings us one very incredible looking map, like his previous Stranger and Stranger Lights maps, this map features dazzling use of strong colours, flashing lights, and unique architecture. I will start on the main feature of this map, which is of course, the incredible colour scheme. :D There are only two colours in this map, blue and red (while you do see a bit of purple here and there where they combine) and there is a very limited selection of textures to go along with that. That is of course the whole point of the map! However, that does not show any lack of skill on the part of the author, in fact it shows quite the opposite! Working with such a small palette of textures and coloured lights, X3no has done a fantastic job here in making such a large and interesting map. The contrast between the red and blue is a shock at first, but after a few minutes wandering around the map you begin to appreciate the time and effort that has gone into the precise placing of each of the lights in order to create the desired effect. The author puts it very well in his readme when he says; [quote] The overall purpose of this map is an experimentation in light, and its impact on the map itself. In Strangest, only three textures are used for a majority of the map. I instead defined areas of interest by using contrast between blue and red, which makes an interesting effect to behold.[/quote] As you walk around, you notice that the faces of the walls and other architecture change abruptly from blue to red and vice versa, and all this is done using coloured lights, not coloured textures! Occasionally you will come across an area where the two colours merge into one another creating a nice hue of purple. The architecture in this map has been very carefully designed to make full use of the coloured lights, with many unusual shapes and features. The main area contains some interestingly positioned walkways and unusually shaped pillars. Then down below surrounding the map is an area full of upright pillars, forming a sort of maze, all the while producing interesting effects with the light. As well as that, there are various pits in which there are red lights that flash slowly to counteract the blue lights that surround them. These produce a flash of red that illuminates the blue wall behind them, creating a great looking reddish-purple colour. Of course this is all in the large area at the bottom of the map, you actually start right at the top in a much smaller area. The way down? Jump right through the hole in the middle! A series of teleporters slow your descent, though the bottom one has been broken and looks like it is about to fall out of the air at any minute! You land with quite a thud, though thankfully there is a health pack there to take your health bar back up, a clever little design feature by the author there! ;) He explains this in a most amusing way in his readme; [quote] It's also worth mentioning that the last teleportation ring below the initial spawn was hit by a flying jawa, and is thus... broken. Please take care to use one of the provided medpacks(tm) before continuing in your FFA.[/quote] At each side of the bottom area there is a walkway that extends off ending with a teleporter. This takes you to the duel room, which features a brain-bending array of flashing and strobing blue and red lights! I’m sure it would be most interesting to have a duel in there! Lastly, the music choice for this map is very appropriate, it is a kind of techno-electronic type of music, and I personally quite like it and think it fits perfectly with this map. Now, things to be improved upon…well, I honestly don’t know what to say here. Since this map is more about artistic expression and experimentation, rather than a straight out FFA you cant apply the same rules to it. There are no weapon spawns, and also no bot-routs. They both have a good reason for their absence though, for the weapon spawns…well they would just mess up the look of the map! As for the bot routs, as the author explains in his readme; [quote] I DID NOT include bot routing on purpose, since the initial teleport won't allow me to bring the bots down to the main level.[/quote] All in all an absolutely incredible map here, it defies comparison with any other map due to its sheer uniqueness. This is a rare gem I think, because it concentrates more on the art of the map, rather than the gameplay. The whole map feels like one giant sculpture or art display! :) Good work here X3no! I do hope you continue making more maps, these kind of very artistic maps are a type of map I feel aren’t appreciated as much as they should be by the community! [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA ~Nozyspy~ [b]***NOTE*** The author has also included the source .map file for this map in the .zip, but please respect his wishes as explained in the readme; [quote] I give permission for derivatives to be made with the source from this map, but credit must be given to me for the original creation, and I would appreciate it if you emailed me about it! (I just like to know these sort of things)[/quote][/b]




NME Clan Teaser Map: Iorn Bar | 756.15 KB

point, this definitely needs work with atmosphere. Architecturally, it's relatively sound, and pretty decent to look at. Sound, however, is definitely a necessity. Music is a a minimum, but it could use other miscellaneous sounds. The other thing to complete the atmosphere would be a little more detail. I would suggest moving the stools slightly back so you have leg room. The kitchen needs utilities in there, definitely. Finally, this map needs some massively sourced lighting. Import or some sort of lamp or something, so the light doesn't seem spontaneously conjured from air. Overall, a good start. Keep up the good slave work =_= just make sure you enhance the map experience any way you can. Creativity encouraged. New Textures: Nay New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




]LJ[ Orbital Zone | 27.37 MB

changed since I've seen it. To preface, this map makes heavy use of vehicles. As such, the vehicles included in this pack make them [b]almost[/b] a necessity, although there are pads with which to spawn default vehicles. The primary area in this map is a large space area, composed of sporadic space pads, both a red and blue (obviously denoting its use for CTF,) pad with four vehicle spawns. The vehicles vary depending on which pad you pick. The pad designs, however, remain the same. Both red and blue stations contain a sublevel where presumably the flag is hidden, and where you can access a large number of turrets. This is probably where the first technical error would arguably be. The turrets are all on one low level, where nobody would really fly, in reality. Another oddity, this being a "Starfighter CTF," is that it's pretty much a short, straight shot to and from the bases. Whilst some may argue that's not exactly a bad thing, I'd think it is when you can pretty much zoom straight past the enemy, jump outta the ship, run for the flag, jump into another spawned ship and rush. Granted, I'm sure it'd be much harder to do that, but a few obstacles might make the CTF more entertaining. Speaking of ship jumping, I also noticed this area didn't have space triggers in it, so that might lead to a little bit of exploitation. However, it's not really necessary. Beyond the blue space pad is a "taxi station" of sorts, with a floating sign in spanish. The station itself is very irritating, as the same loud beeping noise cycling thorugh constantly. Not very cool @_@; combining that with the ever-irritating cantina music theeme that EVERYONE who has a remote knowledge of Star Wars has known. From here, we'll go down to this portal region that leads to a "starship." Overall, this area is pretty decently constructed, although the strangest error seems to lurk here. A large chunk of the (constantly beeping) bridge is sort of missing..the textures are invisible or something. Not sure what possible error conjures this result, but alas. The shuttle outside the taxi station works, although the door is virtually impossible to find at first glance. I actually went through an unclipped window to get in initially, but then I found it after a brief hunt. A brief console walk later, and I found myself warped into Coruscant(not counting the slighltly "hard to stop at" pitstop of the inbetween region.) The Coruscant region was incredibly busy with unnecessary noise, like the other regions. There wasn't much to offer, other than a diplomatic office and a hidden gym/house. Overall, the map has a few general caveats such as the hairpin use func triggers and unpleasantly looping noises, but for a starfighter CTF/FFA It's definitely a reasonable map to combat on. Submit bandwidth as you will =_o New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Sith Council Final | 22.35 MB

maps pretty closely over the years, being rather impressed with their strong RP value and general amusement. This version, being the final version, is basically a devil's deal in my book. The main term I'd like to emphasize in this review is [i]trade-off.[/i] Whilst there are good aesthetic changes and pretty decent content revamps, these same things could also be reversed into negatives, which is possible, although uncommon, especially in maps. To preface, I'll be tackling this review basically in a room-to-room fashion somewhat, in an effort to help emphasize the changes in the content. [i]Main Lobby/Darth Bar[/i] - The Main room has gotten a rather large overhaul in regards to texture, but in essence, it remains similar to the JedicouncilGC map as it was intended. The doors have been moved and removed as necessary in this revamp. The textures, I must say, aren't a great change. It must attempt a look at being wood, but in the end, they just look like the walls are covered in a very fine fur =_o. These textures plague a large majority of the map, and hurt its visual appeal. The wooden pillars now no longer fit in with the map, alienating themselves from the color scheme. Lighting seems to be much more noticeably unsourced than the last version. I think the only real good changes in my opinion would be the stairs and the use of daises to prelude the exit hall doorway. Darth Bar looks completely...dare I say repulsive? Nay, but it's definitely taken an aesthetic hit. The red furry looking texture has made the bar seem like some sort of cafe for failing abstract artists who think they're unique. The signs have been removed, and the actual bar itself seems realistically unservicable. [i]The "Side Rooms"[/i] - Now we shall branch out into the rooms on either side of the main hall. The "lava pit" has been revamped into an indoor cavernous area of sorts. A bland box of stone, with the worst lava texture I've seen out there. This lava texture is used in pretty much every lava area now, and looks so very ugly without a glow shader or what have you. Moving next door, we approach the armory. Like the main hall, it's received that horrible furry red texture. The appeasing trade off was the use of cubbies to store the weapon spawns. Otherwise, unappeasing. On the other balcony lies the Dojo from V2. No changes there(screenshot ) Moving down to the first floor, underneath the lava pit room, we find the acid pit room. Honestly, the new acid texture makes it look like...snot. It also doesn't look very liquid-esque when you look at the texture. Basically the same as the lava pit room now. Across the room, next to the bar, is the library. It was extracted from V2, and looks the same.(screenshot ) Next door is the old interrogation room. It didn't get a very decent revamp. Biggest change I noticed was the torture room's downsize. I was going to flesh this out a little more, but I didn't feel like it =_= [i]The Halls[/i]- The halls are probably the most impressive changes I noticed. The annex as you enter from the main lobby I liked with its sourced red hue. From there you can reach a couple halls. The upper halls are the most interesting, having a triangular architecture, and I find it quite tasteful. The lower basement halls, however, seemed overly broad, and unappealing. It had promise, albeit it was wasted. The biggest disappointment was that the "RP hall" was destroyed, ousting the classroom and cafeteria. [i]Med bay[/i]- Suffice to say, it looked like it was more based roughly on the Jedi's Home JL II map's med bay, although there it was a rough look. Otherwise, it retains the usual bacta tank functions, including the out of order one. [i]Cage Arena[/i]- Probably the best room to overhaul, although it wasn't 100% improved. The room did, however, get completely rebuilt. The arena retains its general shape, but there's no long as much wasted space. The stadium seating is now positioned in the corners of the rooms. The council observation area chairs look very baudy now, with a bright spectrum of colors. Also, the elevator looks very tacky, having a box texture that doesn't blend in with the scheme. [i]Bedrooms[/i] - All the bedrooms have been effectively ravaged, no longer retaining the simple appeal of the others. The size of the rooms have become monstrous, and the number of furnishings don't really compensate. A lot of the rooms contain camera portals of certain areas. Honestly, it feels like more was taken away than added. [i]Basement Areas[/i] - I mentioned the problem with the basement halls. I'll simply attack the rooms. The dungeon was my favorite revamp, having received a nice stone dungeon rehaul. There is now a control center with which to seal off the dungeon cells with a forcefield. There is also a very blatant secret exit route that leads out into the main halls. The council room looks slightly more like a council room in terms of chairs, but otherwise, the room now looks like some sort of angsty artist's creation, with the furry red texture and the odd shaped windows. The pillar room no longer has the battle platform, so now it's just for jumping around and... [i]Outside/Court Room[/i] - Now then =_= the outside has received both good and bad revamps. An aesthetically good revamp definitely was the footbridges and the path leading the the courtroom. The stone door to it could have at least gotten a better texture. The secret door factor was basically ruined with the path. Whilst the waterfall route was a lot better, the super smooth hill just didn't feel very realistic, and the loss of the chasm of death sort of ruined the sithese feel. Ah well.. The courthouse was a much better overhaul, it looks a lot more size appropriate and less oversized. The textures are thankfully quite pleasant, the pit is a lot more ominous. [i]Secrets[/i] - Some secrets are more obvious now, and some aren't. Sadly, some of the secret control areas don't have textures. Not a very good sign. Overall, this map was on a very different, and arguably lower, level than with its predecessor. Granted, this could be expected by conservative fans, but even from an objective point of view, viewing it as a stand alone, it doesn't quite earn the cigar. Granted, it's still [b]Good,[/b] but it could have been better. A shame this is the final version of the map, as it doesn't seem to leave behind the best legacy. My words mean nothing to many. SUBMIT BANDWIDTH, VIEW, AND JUDGE FOR YOURSELF. For some, it could still be a grand improvement. For myself, on the other hand, it leaves more to be desired. New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




D-Legion Monolith | 46.08 MB

and everyone's an evil, corrupt bastard. Anyone with any moral fiber would be sickened by the attitudes portrayed by WH40K, [i]especially[/i] the Space Marines, who along with the rest of the Imperium are the aforementioned Nazis - and yet they're the most popular. Man, there's a scary thought. The Necrons are essentially the zombies of WH40K. Big... metal... zombies. Yeah. Now that I've broken the minds of half our audience (I knew there was a reason I liked WH40K despite it's representations of the worst humanity has to offer :p ), I'll point out the 'Monolith' part of things - the Monolith is a Necron fortress, which serves as a headquarters and... fortress. Upon entering the map, you'll start in a misty alcove. You'll notice that individual elements are overall rather primitive, but they tie together elaborately and when looking at the bigger picture, "primitive" is going to be the last thing on your mind. First, cross that finely-constructed wooden bridge, then turn 180 degrees and look up. Yeah. If only that were to scale, y'all would be too busy drooling to spam the comments for a week. First thing's first, get up that mountain trail and above the fogbank. Wait, wha- you're asking [i]why[/i]? C'mon, haven't you ever read the Stephen King short story, 'The Mist'? No? Okay, well here's another great reason to get up that trail: [b]MOVE IT OR I'LL CUT YOU OPEN![/b] Ahh, that always works. As you get up to the top, you'll see another nicely-done wooden bridge leading into the Monolith, and a side path to a landing pad. Shuttle, some guns and supplies, and a turret. Load up then head across the bridge. Now, personally, I think someone's been watching too much [i]Doctor Who[/i], because the Monolith is bigger on the inside. Open the gate, you'll figure out how, and proceed through the trans-dimensional rift in space and time to enter the Monolith. (Okay, so I didn't want to say "magic door". Sue me.) [b]Area 1: Or should that be Area [i]51[/i]?[/b] You'll be spewed out teetering on the precipice of a doom pit. If you fall in, then stop with the drunk gaming, it's embarassing. You see those faces carved out in the rock walls? Oooh. How very Necron. Both WH40K and the last boss of FFIX. Aside from fighting over the name, those guys would get along. This is all very cyberpunk to the tune sang by Quake III Revolution, but hey. Points of interest on the first floor, aside from the marvellous blending of several themes, would be the statues. The job done on texturing is essentially flawless, the whole area's construction is nothing less than appealing, the lighting can be a bit psychedelic at times though. Second floor, we've got the throne room. If you haven't realised by now, it should be fairly obvious that this Monolith has undergone some customization. The Lord and Master's throne and control panel, as well as control systems for his left-hand and right-hand men, plenty of 40k/Star Wars themed portraits and statues, as well as a few Q3 homages. If I had to guess, I'd say that book contained the tenets of the Na- er, [i]Space Marines[/i], sorry. The construction is as solid as the lower floor, even if the visual theme doesn't work so well. There's a third floor above contains a few more portals, and a couple of impressive classical style textures. Overall the area is flawed like the lower floor, but the construction is fairly solid if not the most attractive. The skylight is probably the highlight of the room, so be sure to look up. Let's check the portals next. [b]Portal 1: Barren Lands[/b] To reach this area, return to the first floor entrance. Head to the back-left corner. The portal is surrounded by two green illuminated walls, and is a dark shot of a rocky landscape with green crystals. This area carries off the shattered world theme brilliantly. The mostly-buried statue will attract your notice no doubt. Nice touch. Terrain isn't this engine's strongest point, but it's been pushed pretty far here and doesn't suffer too much because of it. From the top of the head you can see two green crystals - the one on the right will warp you to this area's secondary entrance in the pit room - the one beside the Unnamed Havok statue. The one on the left dumps you near the Dan statue, where you came in. Ahead you notice a red toothy structure - still not sure what they're called - but I'm fairly sure structures of this nature are of Chaos origin, not Necron. If I may direct your attention ninety degrees clockwise, you'll see another warp crystal in an archway. Let's hop over there, not an easy task. [b]Portal 2: The Tank[/b] Yes, tank. As in, a Space Marines Land Raider tank. Fully stocked with armory, engine rooms, crew room, medbay, and control room. And turrets. Not much to say except it's as accurate to the real deal as it's going to get without a crapload of concept art which isn't available to the public. Coming from the crystal warp point, you'll be thrust into a sniper nest way above the tank. It's pretty dark this far up, even with the brightness cranked up, so watch your footing. This area is mostly just rock walls overlooking the tank, so it's relatively pointless. There's a doorway embedded in a ledge above the tank, leading back to the portal room. This also reveals the portal to the tank's location from said main area: second floor, just east of the throne. Which brings us to our next portal, on the other side of the wall immediately to your left after returning from the tank room. [b]Portal 3: Lara Croft Would Have A Field Day[/b] Yes, this is the kind of room you'd expect to find the new, 'badass' Lara Croft hanging around in. Come to think of it, wasn't there a museum level in the [i]TR: Angel of Darkness[/i] demo that had a similar theme to this room (minus the glass floor and Vjun skybox)? This is basically a one-room personal gallery. A few photos, couple of game screenshots and some illustrations. The room is well-constructed and I do like the understated museum theme with a touch of futuristic trans-dimensional styling, though I'm not sure the choice of decorations does it any favours. The next portal is straight ahead from this one upon returning, so let's go there next. [b]Portal 4: Looks Just Like Relic Entertainment's Offices![/b] After the critical reception Soulstorm got - don't see why, it wasn't that bad, albeit a little underwhelming - many Dawn of War fans will appreciate that reference. There's a hellish theme on one side, the Yavin skybox on the other. Major clash there. Lava wall, skewered corpses, skeletal conference table, a mirror, two gargoyles and some Space Marines concept art. One thing I'll never get is the Space Marine hero worship. Funny thing is a lot of Warhammer fans claim to have a distinct anti-Nazi stance if you were to ask them, but the Space Marines have and promote ideals which make the Nazis seem like fluffy puppies - okay, sure, they're fictional, but still, said ideals are rather disgusting nevertheless. Ah, I digress. Not the time nor the place. This room is fairly standard, you can get what you need from the screenshots. As with the tank room, the next portal is directly to the left after exiting, right on the other side of the wall. [b]Portal 5: Well, ONE Of You Is Spartacus![/b] Old-fashioned colosseum, eh? You can use this as a duel arena or an NPC training room - which again is a redundant concept, but to each their own - however if you plan on using it as the former, I'd either force other players into spectator mode, or remove the NPC files from the server. There's a lot of spawn buttons up there. It's a basic room, so not much for me to rattle on about. Upon exiting this room, turn ninety degrees counter-clockwise. See that Space Marine painting? That's where we want to be. [b]Portal 6: Facing Worlds?[/b] You'll be thrown off on the side of a large pyramind. Climb to the top, you'll see another one at the opposite end - accessed through the portal opposite the one you just entered. Each pyramid works as a duel arena, I suppose they'd work as teleport points for a team FFA match too. Construction is basic enough, but for something like this you hardly need unparalleled complexity. For anyone not getting the title reference, play more [i]Unreal Tournament[/i]. Namely the first one, and the CTF-Face map. The thematic likeness is most uncanny. [b]Portal 7: Mario Kart Takes To The Skies[/b] The next portal is right above the last portal you entered. It'll drop you on top of the Monolith in the first area, where you can spawn and fly Mini TIEs. I've already said my piece on this area, so on we go! Note the Scepter of Ragnos cased beside the portal? [b]Portal 8: More [i]Portal[/i]s Than Source Engine![/b] The next portal is - yep, you guessed it - in the same place as #7, only at the other end of the room. It's a boxing ring and gym. Be careful of the Shadowtrooper if you didn't run a killall when the map loaded. Yeah, annoying, ain't it? Exiting back to the main chamber, that archway just ahead holds another portal, this one showing a lush, grassy area. [b]Portal 9: In The Garden Of Eden, Honey....[/b] Yeah, it's a garden. You've got some grassy areas, bit of a hill, a waterfall, a lake and a veranda. The veranda contains a wardrobe, a Dawn Of War victory screenshot, another piece of Space Marine concept art and a Tavion spawn button. One more portal, and it's opposite the garden. [b]Portal 10: [i]Halo[/i] Should Sue Your Ass Off[/b] So, let's see what- wait. Long bridge over a large abyss. Holographic projection of a planet dead ahead. Now either I'm getting deja vu, buddy, or I had bad shrimp for lunch. And I didn't have shrimp for lunch. So yes, that bit is very reminiscent of [i]Halo[/i], and probably half a dozen other sci-fis. I suppose the conference room either belongs to Dr Evil or Matt Damon, one of the two. Having the statue actually [i]holding[/i] the conference room was a nice touch indeed. The statues on either side of the bridge, the gargoyles over the two visible portals, and the giant statue add a brilliantly sinister effect to this room. The iD Tech 3 engine may not handle these types of environments as good as other engines, but damn if you can't pull it off anyway. The portals at the back take you to a five-story base inside the tower. Reception lounge, library, veranda room, conference room, and roof. Slight bug on the roof, in that the back of the statue is untextured. [b]Area 11 - The Awesome that Kouen Forgot{Skull Castle Edit by Averus}[/b] As a gesture of good will, Averus is making an addendum to this review at the author's request in a previous sector. There was an excellently crafted section that I can see why the author was so eager to have it known to the public. As reference, I posted a new screenshot below featuring this castle's gate. Suffice to say, it's the most awesome gate I've seen in a while now. A giant skull opens its gaping maw, sticking its tongue out as a bridge for you to cross =_,= Oh man that rules. I'm so adding that to the tower... Now then, once inside, there's quite a bit to see. On your left is a small roman shrine with a statue of what I presume to be Zeus, lit by two....unshaded light sources? The two light sources here weren't functioning too well, and I noticed a couple other bugs: Sounds did not play UNLESS your saber was on whilst in this shrine's presence, and I do mean just your saber. Another odd bug was that the statue disappeared when you jumped high enough o_O. Across from the shrine is a small garden with a crystal in it. It's nice looking, save for the obnoxiously repeating bird noise. I'd at least switch it up, eh? The spires of the castle contained a couple interesting areas, IE a conference room, a den of sorts, among other routes to the outside of the castle, where atop is an awesome circular shrine of sorts. A bug I noted: the balcony of the spire facing the garden/throne room has some mal-fitted brushes, leaving a nice visible hole. And now, we make our approach to the throne. Whilst it looks basically like the other thrones in the area, it's still pretty awesome to behold, especially on the way. The vaulted ceiling is most impressive to behold, and I definitely liked the use of flying buttresses outside the castle. Going behind the throne, one can force push the glass and open it to reveal a nice observation area. Moving back inside...hey' whassadhis? A tunnel? Indeed, and guess where it leads to? If you guessed vaulted interior with a rancor in it, then you win. A shame this place doesn't allow sound, as even the rancor can't angrily eat you...It'd be a quiet dinner v_v there's also a tunnel breaking off to your right as you enter that leads to another observation area. That should at the very least hit the bigger chunks of the map for now. There are still some demonic surprises in store, but for now, back to ye, Kouen =_= [b]{/addendum}[/b] Well that's possibly the longest review the site has ever seen, and I suspect I may have left a few stones unturned but enough is enough - two hours is a ridiculous review period. This may easily be the largest and most epic map we've had, and while it's not perfect - and the personalisations will hurt it's appeal to the general populace - you won't run out of ideas, especially not if you're into roleplaying. One important bug you should be informed of - bots are not compatible with this map. Also, I wouldn't advise spawning anything either. Keep it strictly for humans, unless you want instantaneous server crash. Obviously there's the issue of pre-spawned NPCs, but whatever. People are going to keep using them despite the inherent flaws in the system, I guess everyone will just have to deal with it. The construction as a whole is brilliantly handled, there's a few errors and one or two minor performance downgrades but nothing that will hurt too much. Not a bad end result and no doubt a lot of work went into this. There is room for improvement, though, as well as maybe redoing certain details to make the map more suitable for public use. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Routing:[/b] No [b]Custom Meshes:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Textures:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Audio:[/b] Yes [b]Review Statistics[/b] [b]Characters:[/b] 11904 [b]Time Taken:[/b] 117 Minutes




Kadus' Temple | 9.05 MB

of his previous map, Rin Temple. The map is laid out as, and I presume is intended to be, a clan map. However, fear not, for there are no clan logos, insignia, or anything of the such that I could find, except for a small insignia in what seems to be the Admin chamber. This however appears to be the authors personal insignia, and not related to any clan. All the main features of a good clan map are here. There is a main hall area, for meetings, three duel rooms, each with a different theme (an aquatic one, one on multiple levels, and a plain simple one) a ‘Jedi Archive’ style room and also a large open battleground area. I said at the start that this was a most interesting map, and now I shall explain why. The maps architecture is, as most popular clan maps, based around the Yavin style of architecture. However, its not the pure Yavin style that you find on maps like ‘The Academy’ and others. Instead I would describe it as more of a ‘neo-Yavin’ style. This might not make much sense to some people, so let me explain. :P The maps architecture is very simple, with clean simple lines and good use of textures. It is based on the ‘Yavin’ style, and uses many Yavin textures, however, it is like a more modern style of ‘Yavin’. For example, the architecture is simpler, and so is the texture usage. The effect I feel is very nice. One area that was particularly interesting was the battleground area. There were many unusually shaped blocks placed around the area, which I think looked quite like some art-deco style work of art! :) As with all maps, there are some things I feel could be improved upon. Mainly, I think in some areas the architecture is a little [i]too[/i] simple. This is nothing major, but I feel areas such as the roof of the archives room needs some more detail, its just a bit too plain. Perhaps some extra texturing or architectural detail would look cool here. Another thing is bot routing. Now this isn’t that important for a clan ‘academy’ themed map, since it isn’t meant to be used as an FFA map, it is meant to have human players on it rather than bots. However, I always feel that putting bot routing in any map just adds that little bit extra polish to it. Lastly, and this is only a very minor thing that may very well just be down to my personal taste, is the maps music. It is nice music and is quite relaxing, the kind of thing you usually expect on an academy themed map. However, personally it just didn’t feel quite right with this map. However, that’s just me, so you may disagree! All in all though, a very nice map here. It is a good size and I am sure it will be vary useful to various clans. It is well made, and well textured, and I hope that the author may release another version in the future! :) [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA, TFFA ~Nozyspy~




etrdesign Academy Station | 1.25 MB

synapsis. The player is spawned in a large grassy plain area that is quite plain and boring, save for a few bits of foliage. Entering a small plain building, you can enter the pitch black slipgate into a a rather broad space station, with some ships docked here and there. First off, while I was exploring this map, I found myself taking a lot of notes, so I'll just post them here in their raw format, and explain them as necessary. - Missing texture on map object - There seems to be a fish tank of sorts that doesn't seem to have any texture. My suspicions is that it's a JK2 map object, but that changes nothing .-. still need that texture. - Lighting is way off - Some properly sourced lighting was definitely needed in this map. The grassland area looked like an eclipse was going, but there was no other suggestion as to such things. The station could also have used a little more proper lighting in some areas, preferably with some visible sources. - Odd error - I had to ask Kouen on this one, as I had not seen one of these peculiar errors before, or at least not in recorded memory. When either entering the small building on the grassland with the web encrusted doorway, the area would blacken, and two walls would vanish. I couldn't evaluate if it applied anywhere else during that experience, but one could theorize that it's possibly a shader error. - Dull textures - The majority of the space station itself was covered in probably the most boring and blasphemous of textures of metal. A different, possibly smoother metal texture would be nice (the dreadnaught texture would be sufficient.) Whilst I'm on the subject of textures.. - Out of place textures - Texture placement wasn't very uniform in this map. Most notable are the odd yavin brick and misc. stone textures that appear in some wings of the station itself. Another particular oddity was the blue grating texture that appeared in the one corridor containing the academy vessel dock, which contains something I will explain later. - No ambient Noise - Silence is oppressive in JA. None of the doors, consoles, or anything for that matter, made a lick of noise. FIX THAT IMMEDIATELY. - Doors could be set to open as two not one - Most of your doors' textures suggested a two part opening, but you made them open as one big chunk. Not very sexy =_o I know some would pull some questions such as the space walkway one, but I'm sure even then you could compensate for that. - I see a light? O_o - You had a set of quarters linked via teleport in this map. The exit was way too out of place, looking more like a rip in the time space continuum then a warp back. Cut that crap out O_o - Unclipped Console - A few objects above the bar were unclipped. - Airlock/Tube link to acad vessel? - Should you ever make future space docks, remember that humans do not breathe space. It's very toxic to them >_> as such, I would suggest either an airlock, some sort of tube connection, or a combination thereof. Bridge just wouldn't cut it. - Made blue goo liquidy? - I noticed you had some rather sensuous blue liquid lying simple texture form. Nothing worse than stepping on an injuring texture. Work on getting it into a liquid, rather than a solid. - Z-fighting - The bar/acad vessel corridor door had some noticeable z-fighting on the acad vessel side. - Texture combat - A number of incidents in the already tacky yavin area had a lot of texture fighting. - Fill some space O_o - Should you ever make a version two of this map(which I think you should, because it had a lot of potential,) ya really need to cut down on the empty space. Unlike grounded dwellings, space stations are not meant to have huge amounts of space. Gotta keep it big enough to sustain, biologically and financially. My suggestion? Lower the ceilings substantially, cut down the size of some of the rooms(namely those yavin rooms,) and fill what space you have left with necessary map object goodies. Those were the initial notes I took. Now, suggestions for improvement on the overall space station feel. A space station functions as a good resting place. Here are some suggestable areas that could go into the space station. - More landing areas - Mess Hall - Medical bay (for those with injuries) - Holding cells (I thought one of your areas functioned as one but you could make it a little more cell-like.) - Barracks/Quarters - Control areas for landing, life support, and station maintenance. - Maintenance ducts and I'm sure people in the comments could probably think of other areas that could be added. By all means, give some thought to making a version two now that you think you have more experience than you did when making this map. This map was a pretty decent attempt, despite all the errors. I would suggest that all members of the audience give it a look and help mr. author out =_= for those who don't listen to that, BANDWIDTH NOW. New Textures: Nay New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Narshadda Town Wall | 25.88 MB

what it's built on? Here's one idea. So, summary. Rocky basin with a small lake, the wall leading into the Nar Shaddaa undercity at one end, at the other end what looks like some 'outcast' base consisting of a sentry post, a few run-down buildings, what I can only guess is a tank hangar, and a few guns. Both places have what I assume are flag resting zones for CTF. There's also one secret room that's not much of a secret at all - that glass wall gave a kinda weird effect, almost 'hall of mirrors' like you get when looking into the void, but not quite. Okay, the good points. The level is wide and open, plenty of space for firefights but it's mostly going to come down to long-range combat. The closing distance for Jedi players is a bit of a pain. For that reason the map, for it's relative simplicity, is a gunner's dream. There's definitely a cyberpunk theme going on, even if it's not exactly Nar Shaddaa's style. Given the size of the map, performance is good, and there's no relatively glaring errors. Iffy things. That Z-95 up there should tilt forwards and fall. Luckily for whoever's sat in the cockpit, JA doesn't have a physics system, or they'd be strawberry jam. The lighting in some spots is dodgy, and the rapidly flashing lights in one area may harm the eyes of any mildly epileptic players, so be careful. Texture alignment is off in places but it's really not that bad and you won't particularly see it unless you look for it. Also, the Star Wars logos and Force Unleased character poster.... breaks the suspension of disbelief. :p And now onto the bad things. The entire map is very basic, and while that's not inherently bad, I feel more could have been done and can be done for other versions; and can still be done for future versions. No sign of the bottom of the 'megacity' in the skybox, which is a shame - it would have made a nice touch, but I can live without it I guess. Once destroyed, guns won't respawn until the map is reloaded, which obviously puts a dampener on the gameplay aspect as once they're down and out, your choices come to lightsaber or disruptor - and getting a Jedi in close might be troublesome if the other team's guns are still active. Not a bad map at all, though it could be better it's a very good start. I'll be keeping my eyes open for future versions. Definitely recommended for the CTF gametype, though - it's charm in other gametypes would be somewhat limited. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Routing:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Audio:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Textures:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Meshes[/b] No




GE-Rift-Clanmap | 30.14 MB

of clan maps, now's the time to retreat back to the main page. Yupyup. Before I begin, I'm going to leave a generalised message to game developers. Coding Rule #4: If it doesn't work, don't leave it in. The behaviour of JA's NPCs within the MP module is a joke, a perfect example of what happens when Rule #4 is ignored. Common sense dictates that if it's broken, you don't use it, and you don't leave in half a code module "just because" if you're not going to add the second half. There are two ways Raven should've handled MP NPCs: fix, or remove. That's why I pretty much point and laugh at clans using NPCs as a 'skill test'. Skill ain't a factor, folks, not against NPCs in MP. The code is too borked for them to behave anywhere close to how a human player would, which entirely defeats the point of AI entities. Ahem, onto the map. That aforementioned primal hatred? May be wise to supress it in this case, lest you miss out on a quality map. The architecture combines classic JA elements with unique twists, and on the whole it doesn't stay faithful to the Rift theme, but isn't particularly disruptive to it either. As far as layout goes, we have all the usual suspects. Recreational area, meeting hall, bar, duel rooms (with observation level, naturally), main arena, there's also a trap house lying around (clue - the entrance is an Indy-esque tight squeeze). All the typical clan facilities you'd usually see utilised on any roleplay and/or non-FFA server. Layout overall is nothing too fancy, and the level setup flows and works well enough. The bar itself is a nice work of construction with it's entity usage. I'll refrain from going into detail on the private clan areas, since I get the impression I wasn't supposed to go in there, but suffice to say they continue the standards set out by the rest of the map - exceeding them, in fact. The obligatory office room definitely exceeds the standards, and quite tastefully furnished too if I may say so. First time I've walked into a clan's 'offices' and not felt like I was walking right into page five of the IKEA catalogue. Resources, now this is the good part. Winsend has accomplished the task of constructing a map which deviates from a tried-and-true baseJA theme to something of a hybrid design, basically utilising only base resources. Sure, there's four or five custom textures knocking around in there, but not used in major parts of the map. However, in respect to the textures, I have to note that surface inspector wasn't implemented as much as it should have been. Ambient audio has also been used in place of music (for the most part), which probably does more for the map than any music would have. Just two things. 1) The flame sound doesn't play as you probably intended; I'd take a look at it's settings. 2) Audio entities have a volume setting. While there's feedback to be given and enhancements to be made, I'm not too happy about padding a review with those. 'tis why we have forums. The map is what it is. Something everyone will probably have a use for. By the way, kudos for the Ysalamiri. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Routing:[/b] [b]Custom Textures:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Audio:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Meshes:[/b] No (PS: If you use base assets, you don't need to include them in your pk3 - only custom assets need to be included. Could have easily chopped off a third of the filesize by leaving out unnecessary assets.)




House of Origin

houseoforiginv2.rar | 1.89 MB

off to a good start. In fact, there's a grand total of two panels with the clan's name written on, and that's about it for logos. What we have here is a sign of steady progression from Nurse's other maps. Not coming on in leaps and bounds, but definitely progressing at a careful rate. Each individual architectural element is basic to the point of pure simplicity, yet combined with what's around, more often than not the individual elements blend into something more elaborate. Again, everything is composed primarily of square or polygonal brushes, yet it ties together nicely in a minimalistic sense. In the ways of layout, you have what you'd expect from a clan map. Duel rooms, meeting room, bar, roleplay rooms and a hell of a lot of long, wide, open passageways. The map is quite empty and devoid of details aside from structure, so this map would be appropriate for Makermod users to decorate. The emptiness, however, is a blessing and a curse. I could easily see myself using this for a TFFA if only there were some pickups. Performance issues are a negative, solid 25-30 FPS throughout (which is as high as it gets with my frame limiter locked at 30). The passages do tend to be too long at times, and running down them does get tedious after a while. Also, the textures could be a bit more varied. Map felt a little monotone, because there's not much variation from one area to the next, y'see. Still, mostly personal preferences. There's no real bugs, and while the map's not all it could be, it's not entirely unreasonable to assume Nurse will end up coming back to it as the skill levels go up. Nurse is showing a good, steady rate of improvement, even if said rate could be faster. If you liked Nurse's other maps you'll like this one, it's a good contender, even if it is simple and empty. It's definitely appropriate for those who like sandbox maps. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Routing:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Textures:[/b] No [b]Custom Meshes:[/b] No [b]Custom Audio:[/b] No




Battlefront Bespin Platforms | 29.34 MB

just so happens to be one of my favourites! So I am glad to see that someone has brought it to JKA. I didn’t actually play the previous version of this map. I saw it, and was going to download it, but something must have interrupted me and I completely forgot, so I was rather pleased to see this in the JKFiles waiting list! :D [b]Let’s start of with the pro’s first of all.[/b] As the author explains in his readme, the amount of space to fly around in has been increased, which means more room for dogfights! The skybox also has a new texture, a re-coloured version of the original Bespin skybox, which I actually think looks rather good (although the original Bespin skybox was actually more accurate colour wise if I remember). He also says there are more ships to use and that the maps geometry has been improved over the last version. One of the most important parts is that there is actually two maps in here! One for the Clone Wars era, and another for the Galactic Civil War era, which I thought was a very nice touch! There is also new music, which goes well with the map, although the music in the Clone Wars era map didn’t sound very good quality. Overall, from what I can remember of the actual Battlefront map, the layout of this map is very accurate, and instantly reminded me of the Battlefront version, so well done there mate! [b]Now, let’s move onto the con’s.[/b] Although the layout of the map is good, the geometry and structures in the map could still do with quite a bit of work. For example the roof of the central platform doesn’t appear to be a proper conical shape, some of its sides are oddly cut and don’t line up properly. I think in examples like this, patches are the best things to use. If you are not a mapper, you probably wont have a clue what patches are, so basically think if it like a mesh rather than the normal solid blocks which you have to cut bits off of. Patches are slightly more advanced though, so I would advise reading up on any tutorials you can find first. The texturing could also do with some more variation, although I am pleased to see that the author has tried using custom textures! :) Also worth considering, is using a sun entity to light the map in a realistic fashion. A tutorial for that can be found [url=]here[/url]. All in all a well laid out map here, accurate to the layout of the original battlefront map, although I do believe it could do with more improvements overall. If you decide to do a v4 of this map I will be eagerly waiting here to download it! :) If you guy’s like the look of this map, then give it a download! [b]Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA[/b] ~Nozyspy~ [b]***NOTE*** If you get an error when loading the map because of the amount of vehicles in it (i think the error is something like ".veh extentions too large" or something) then you shold try the JA+Mod 2.3.[/b]




Lost Temple | 22.3 MB

has been well-crafted, both technically and creatively for the most part. Rather than going through every area, I\'m just going to hit the technical aspects. Architecturally speaking, it\'s magnificent. The courtyard reminds me faintly of a roman villa. Tastefully accented with vaulted roof, arches, fountains and a missing texture. Ouch, indeed =_o the roof texture seems to be apparently missing, as it\'s in fact a JK2 yavin texture, I believe. Unfortunately, what else is there to say? It needs replacin. Some other noteworthy texture bugs: - Stools in the delightful waterfall pit seem to lack texture - Statues in the waterwheel pit lacked texture. I also noticed that there were tufts of grass in the stone bunkers in the stone pyramid area. Otherwise, nothing I can note at this moment. The entirety of the place was also tastefully textured, using a nice range of base textures, but also branching out to use a couple custom ones. The map objects that dot the map make it even more interesting. One particular area is the large concave courtyard with the strange fountains and miscellany. Very exotic feel to it. The most interesting part for me personally, however, are the two secrets. To this point, I do not know how to activate them. They\'re not what you call gimmes =_=. The areas are concealed individually by a stone seal or a stone folding stairset, which, might I add, was excellently done, up to the switch that activates it from the inside =_,= Overall, a definitely good map to check out. My appraisal denoted that it also could possibly have a light RP potential, if used imaginatively. I would advise, no, I COMMAND you to engage in bandwidth submission. Failure to submit will result in being caned by 20 senior citizen barbarians. Fear =_= New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




KoH Trials Beta | 7.6 MB

the Knights of Honour Clan. The map is basically a duel arena, with a viewing platform up at one end so the clan masters or ‘higher ups’ can watch the trials of their student member’s progress down below. I must say, that I liked the inclusion of some custom models that were used for the teleporters, little touches like that really add to a map I think. The style of the architecture in this map is reminiscent of that in the Jedi’s Home maps, with the curvy ceilings, which I think looks good. There is a problem though in that one of the ‘cross-beams’ on top of the pillars (the one nearest the viewing platform) cuts across the line of sight of the viewing platform. This isn’t anything major, since you can still see all the action down below. But its just a little something to work on, maybe lower the viewing platform slightly so the crossbeam isn’t in your line of site, because it is quite distracting. The clan references in this map are confined to the center of the duel ring, where there is the KOH clan logo, but that’s it. And as the author says in his readme: [quote] I hope others (besides KoH) enjoy this map as well.[/quote] I know some clans wont like to use another clans map, but I agree with the author in that I hope this map will be used by other people besides the KoH clan. I think it is a map that might be quite useful to many clans, if they aren’t able to have their own map for such ‘clan trial’ type purposes. All in all a nice little map here, members of the KoH clan will like it especially, but I think that others will find it useful too. There’s only a few small issues to work on, but like the file name says, this map is still a Beta. I look forward to seeing how the next version of this map will turn out! :) So, if you are a member of KoH or just like the look of this map, give it a download! [b]Bot Support: Yes (though they only appear to spawn in the observation platform) New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA[/b] ~Nozyspy~




SLC Clan Map | 10.27 MB

for an FFA map or other gametype’s. Infact, a clan map really should have its own gametype! They are also unique to each clan, and offer a variety of features. Ok, I will stop saying how much I like clan maps now…lest some other mappers that I know decide to send assassins after me! Anywaaayyyy…lets move swiftly on with the review! ;) Here we have a small FFA clan map for the SLC clan. It’s basically like a small boxing stadium, with a boxing ring in the middle (which appears to be copiously blood soaked!), a grandstand at one end, and a bar at the other. One stand out feature that I liked about this map was that in the bar, there is a huge mirror. So you can sit there sipping your chosen beverage whilst looking at the FFA or duelling action going on in the ring behind you. Personally since this map doesn’t contain any other areas, I think it should have been rather a lot bigger. As it stands now, its only big enough for a duel, or a small FFA, but that’s just my opinion. I like the idea of this map, since it would be good for clan tournaments and such. However there are a few things that could be improved upon. Firstly, this map doesn’t have any music! Though I suppose that makes a certain amount of sense, since during clan tourneys and the like, the participants usually have their own music playing. There was also one missing texture, on the only door. Another thing, although not particularly important for a clan map, is that this map doesn’t have bot support. So a few minor things to work on there. All in all though a good style of map for clans, although it does have the SLC logo emblazoned on the walls, so some clans might not want to use it because of that. Also, just before I finish, I would like to mention that I was most impressed with the level shot. Though simple, it looks really cool, and adds a nice little touch when the map is loading. So if you like the look of this map, or are part of the SLC clan, why not give this map a download! [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] No [b]Game Types:[/b] FFA ~Nozyspy~




«Platform OF Guardians» | 2.6 MB

platform suspended in the sky, and as you can imagine will most likely appeal to those FFA’ers who prefer a bit of the ‘don’t fall off the edge into the abyss!’ kind of danger. You will need to keep your wits about you here, as some of the walkways are quite narrow, and its always easy to fall off when having a frantic FFA! Obviously when you are in an FFA you’re concentrating on that, and it’s easy to forget where the edge of the walkway was, especially when running around madly trying to avoid incoming gunfire or lightsaber swings! ;) Personally I think this has the makings of a fun FFA map. Although I do have some concerns, The main one is that it is very small for an FFA map, and wont be able to hold many players, another is that it is perhaps a bit too simple, and could do with some more detailing. Personally I think this would make a good and fun Duel map. I really think for an FFA map this needs to be substantially bigger and have more areas. However like I said this would make a good dual map, and does have the makings of a good FFA map, so good job there mate! All you need to do is make it a lot bigger and add in some more detail and hey presto! I hope that there will be a V2 of this map! Well, that’s about it, so if you like the look of this map, give it a download! Also, don’t forget to leave the author some feedback on the comments (constructive of course!) so he gets some pointers on where he can improve. :) Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA ~Nozyspy~




Battlefront-Bespin Platforms: Clone Wars + Galactic Civil War v2 | 26.56 MB

his previous effort. Now, its faults can be grouped together pretty nicely, since they're spread uniformly all over the map. The first thing I noticed is that there's a lot of geometry mismatching all over the place. The arches on the imperial/droid walkways and ramps on the bridges are the most noticeable. There are some places where the texturing goes terribly wonky, such as the aforementioned ramps. Some places show the missing texture grid (the same ramps, this time below them) and the walkway's alpha mapping is pretty shoddy. And as Double W Jedi already mentioned in his readme, you can see through some of the walls. Again, there is no lighting anywhere in the map, which is another thing that might want fixing. All in all, it's mediocre. For a beginner,it's not bad. Fix the geometry, add some lighting and it'll look tons better. - Jose [b]Bot support:[/b] Aye [b]New textures:[/b] Aye [b]New music:[/b] Aye [b]Gametypes:[/b] T/FFA




Jedi Daycare

jedidaycare_map.rar | 355.1 KB

has to do with daycare, but I do really like the idea and design of this map. It looks like some ruins with checkerboards all over (some together, some separate). It has that feeling that it\'s been abandoned for a long time and has just been re-discovered... or somesuch. As far as technical details go, it could certainly use some improvements. The lighting was a little lack-luster -- literally, as the whole map seemed very dark compared to the brightness of the skybox -- and could do with some improvement I think, especially near the edges of the map. The texturing I found surprisingly adequate, and the checkerboards break up the monotony of the browns quite nicely, so I don\'t think any changes are really necessary there. Some refinement of the general architecture might be worth considering, though -- just smooth out some of the rough edges and I\'d say this map is definitely worth trying out. [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




Circle Depths | 9.25 MB

accurate. Stepping on certain pieces of the floor launches you upward to another level. I noticed that the wall textures had some pretty bad seams in them, but otherwise, everything looked alright. There\'s really not a whole lot more to say about this. Give it a download if you\'re interested.




Requiem Sanctuary | 27.12 MB

I'll go through, room by room. You're likely to spawn in the garden, which I must say is exceptionally well decalified (Is that a real word? It is now!). Sprites have been used to excellent effect to give the garden a good variety of plant life without drastically decreasing the game's performance, and so long as you don't look too close they look great. They are just sprites, though, so don't expect them to look perfect. There's the usual Yavin trees, and a very nice palm tree, as well as four pwetty entryways each denoted by a symbol. First, let's go into the lightsaber section (marked by the crossed lightsabers icon). Upon entering this lovely hall, you'll notice the small water feature, which again is understated yet attractive. The three doors each lead to duel rooms which are quite stereotypical, but still fitting. Duel Room #1 is your typical Academy duel room, like the rest of the map it's finely crafted, but nothing particularly special. Your standard duel room for standard duels. Duel Room II is your standard Korriban room. Broken platforms over a precarious pit of lava, with all the architecture except said platforms carved out of the rock walls. Some minor flaws in this room, such as one or two texture alignments, but if you notice those, maybe you should pay less attention to the wall and more attention to the guy trying to cut your head off. This duel room is the only actual shared component from The Enclave to Requiem Sanctuary, it would appear. Those rooms are both unremarkable, though. Duel Room III, I like. A lot. It is by far the most elaborately crafted of the three, and has a much lighter, sanctuary theme to it. I get the feeling this is the "major" room, primarly for team duels and tournaments and such. The water features are perfectly implemented and look great compared to most waterfalls I've seen in this game - again, they're understated and clearly not meant to draw your eye but instead compliment the rest of the room. Water is a central feature, also implemented on the duel pad itself as a decal, and the finely-crafted pattering on the duel pad makes this a very stylish arena. Now, back to the garden and let's go to the rifle section (marked by rifle icons on both sides of the door).This passage was longer than the others, and I found myself involuntarily doubling back and looking for an elevator. What can I say, reflex from my times as a TJA student. Hehehe... This is a full-featured map-within-a-map. You could easily get away with putting this section out there on it's own as a 2-6 player FFA map without question. The shuttle is constructed entirely from brushes, and looks great despite the problems inherent to applying textures to irregular brush objects such as those fuel pods on the side. Great work on that, if I'd tried that it would've looked like a pile of bread dough. The Korriban temple acts as an armory, and is loaded with goodies on the inside. But, it's in the temple I found a glaring error! :o Yes, that's right, a wall textured with the "shader not found" grid. Okay, sure, so it's inside a wall and you'll never see it without noclip. Still, shoulda caulk'ed it. :p Roleplayers will love the control tower, fits the bill just fine, and the shuttle is explorable too (not much in there though). Back to the garden, and we shall explore the "Sun" room next. All I have to say about this lobby, is [i]damn[/i]. This is the kind of level design really reminiscent of a game I've played, but the name so horribly eludes me at this moment. It's nice, though. Major deja vu, however. If you take a left after entering the lobby, you'll come to a part-duel part-NPC training room. Nothing much to say, it's pretty, but relatively standard issue. Railings are a nice touch though, not many mappers take the time with such minor details. 'North' of here is the jump room, also standard issue. Totally disagree with the green rock texture used on the railing here though. 'South' of the jump room is the lounge, which is so "Oblivion meets Star Wars". Finely crafted, no visible errors, and the skybox pictures on the walls are a very nice touch. Back to the NPC room and right across the hall - ooh, samurai stuffs. Dojo! This'll be where you're taught ninja skills, eh? The Dojo, whilst most scenic, is disappointingly plain compared to the rest of the map. Ah well. Going through the sheltered door in the lobby takes you to a jump room very similar to the one in Academy v3. At the back is a lockable meeting room, which again is nice but understated. To the left and right are plain white and plain black duel rooms. No, I'm not screenshotting those. Use your imaginations! And finally, the rather impressive icon-less buildingfront to the north of the garden. One word: campus.Upon entering you will notice the great hall. Which is great. Very magnificent in scale and style. The door to the left will lead to the archive/library, where all the dynamic lights will make low-end graphics cards have a heart attack. To the right, is the bar. Frat party! :o Through the back of the great hall, we reach another long (and pwetty) hallway. First door on the left, medical facility. Nothing specific to highlight, it's standard issue. Second door on the left, prison block, which isn't so much. Averus would love this, it appears delectably evil. The walkway with lava pits on both sides? Lovely touch. Prison wardens desk? Nice minor detail. The door on the right, leads to another nice hallway, then to the council chamber. I adore the architecture in these rooms. Yavin-themed council chambers are rare, and when they do pop up they are almost never natural looking. This one is surprisingly close to achieving that status, though. Lovely patterning on the floor, the roof statue is beautifully crafted, it's all so elaborate yet so understated. And finally, right at the back. Another hall similar to the one preceding the council chamber (check out the gargoyle heads spitting the water - nice!). Beyond this hall is the final room, the grand meeting chamber. Again, understated, again, finely crafted. Error in here though - the large plus cut out of the southern wall allows you to see through the top of the hall roof. Bit of an oversight there. (Side note, I've seen an awful lot of those patchwork structures hanging from the ceiling, while playing [i]Guild Wars: Factions[/i]. I've spent the past hour trying to work out why those looked familiar!) See the screenshots for yourselves, don't rely on my half-arsed descriptions. You have to see it to truly know what's got me so praise-ful. You'll notice that during this review, I didn't really point out any flaws or errors. Why, you say? Because, they'd all been thoroughly searched for and fixed before submission, which is an extreme rarity and something which makes this job worth doing - not getting to review quality maps, but seeing first-hand that there are still people who go the extra mile to make them. This is the standard everyone else should work towards, and it's really not as hard as any of you think. I mean no offense to Xenon, but one thing I commonly hear, is people saying maps like this are in a seperate league to what they can produce. That is simply complete and utter crap. Everyone has the potential, the difference is that some - like Xenon, Szico, Virtue, Orbitius, to name just four of the many - work hard to reach that potential, whereas others just... give up. Look at how many maps Xenon has made - [i]two[/i], one of which was a collaboration - and you see that Xenon is the living proof. Work at it, and you'll soon find there's a lot more in your "league" than you think. Just because one cannot do something effortlessly, does not mean one is not capable of doing it. From what you see in-game to what's going on under the surface, I can honestly find no glaring flaws with this map that aren't either niggles, personal preference, or totally irrelevant. It's rare for so many themes to be mixed together, and obviously they don't look natural here, but still, they just... flow. The merging of said themes doesn't look artificial as such, it looks constructed. As in, "Yeah, we meant to do that when we built the place, it's part of the facility's design!" rather than "We randomly threw that in because we thought it looked cool!". The question I [b]know[/b] people are going to want the answer to: Is it an Academy v3 beater? That's a question I'm so very reluctant to answer. Both maps have their strong points, both maps have weak... Okay, yeah. Both maps have their strong points. I simply do not want to write off either Virtue [i]or[/i] Xenon, they've both created great works. However, if the two were to do a collab project... ;) This is a great map for multiplayer servers, be they clan, roleplay, training, or just chillaxing. It's functional, and it's heavy on the aesthetics, but the aesthetics could be a problem for those with lower end systems or for those who just want a functional map. Basically, it's all preference in the end. If you're into Academy maps, this is one you will definitely want in your rotation. Emphasis on [i]rotation[/i], because there are so many great maps out there now, anyone who can choose just one has some deep-seeded pathological issues. No kidding. A great follow-up to The Enclave, without question. ~Kouen [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Custom Meshes:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Textures:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Music:[/b] No




STAR WARS Episode 7 - Coruscant Zoo | 5.91 MB

say, this map needs some serious work. First off, I'll say this: A zoo in the star wars universe is heresy =_= Hell, any zoo is heresy. Why anyone, including Lucas, would allow rumors to leak out about a zoo in Coruscant, the metropolis of aforementioned Universe, is frightening to imagine. Secondly, we all know that there's like a whopping like 4 creatures total that could be humanely zoo'ed. This author decided that jawas and tuskens were too unhumanoid and put htem on display in their own caged habitat. The entirety of the zoo is rather poorly textured. Building-wise, he did pretty well, but I think more work should have been considered to make the place seem more Coruscant style. The next offender would definitely be the attempts at what I would assume to be bars. There's no walking space to get to the thing with all the tables and chairs blocking the way, lad! Seriously, I don't mind accidentally throwing tables and people overboard into the maws of creatures, but others just might =_o so increase walking space up there. A third option I would recommend for safety reasons would be to try to find a way to block the rancors off from possibly grabbing people and children that I accidentally trip and shove within range. After that, fixed some of those glass objects, add some sourced lighting, and switch the primary textures. Last I checked, public zoos weren't held in warehouses anymore =_=. Also, I would fix that FPS problem in a hurry. Also, some music that works would not hurt either. CDA's don't play in JA, I'm afraid. Try .wav or .mp3 instead. As I said, this map has a lot of work to be done on it, but it is certainly a decent first map. A good attempt indeed =_=. New Textures: Aye New Music: Nay(broken) Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




RPG Base attack (No NPC\'s) | 13.27 MB

floating in the rivers of time. One such tale follows the New Republic General lolwookiee in the final assault against the Dark Lord of the Morons, Desann. [[i]snipped[/i]] I\'ve seen many attempts at converting an Assault gametype (in the style of UT2004) across to iD Tech 3 games. [[i]snipped[/i]] By far the most impressive element, for me, was the ship you\'ll probably spawn in. [[i]snipped[/i]] Other high points would be the base layout [[i]snipped[/i]]. The surrounding terrain is up to par [[i]snipped[/i]] . On the technical side, there are a hella lot of NPCs running around, and eventually you\'ll run out of ghoul2 transform space. [[i]snipped[/i]] Still, an interesting take on the mapping scene [[i]snipped[/i]] A version without all the turrets, objectives and NPC spawners for just messing around [[i]snipped[/i]] would be a nice follow-up release. ~ Kouen[/quote] Toshik took his words to heart and removed the npc spawns and powered down the turrets, so you don\'t have to worry about getting blasted to Kingdom Come while minding yer own business. Should the other version, for some reason, be the worse option for ye, then thou might want to cast thine eye upon this one. - Jose




RPG Base attack | 13.33 MB

the Morons, Desann. [i]lolwookiee turned to the marines under his command, and with a growl, encouragingly assured his men that the hour of victory was at hand! As the Republic Gunship [i]Camaro[/i] inserted them into a canyon, they were beset by turrets. What were they to do? While lolwookiee bravely deflected the blaster bolts with his dual-bladed lightsaber, the marines bravely charged forward under the cover of their commanding officer. Upon bypassing the turrets, they approached the secured gate of Desann's fortress. "I know how to... [i]handle[/i] these things!" lolwookiee roared triumphantly, as he sliced the gate console. Moments later the marines fearlessly rushed in, and swarmed Desann's guard, who were cut down in moments. Slicing the inner doors while under the cover of his marines, lolwookiee slowly progressed to the power generator, which he then shut down with a mighty roar. Meanwhile, up in the control room, Desann said "Well, that's lucky. It's the middle of summer and we can't afford the heating bill!". Backtracking through the base, lolwookiee cut down more hapless moro- er, [i]guards[/i], and taking the elevator, proceeded to beat down Desann's elite guard. Confronting the Dark Lord, lolwookiee ignited his saber, and goaded the overgrown stuffed lizard. Desann, in response, growled "icanhazcheezeberger?" before igniting his lightsaber and rushing our wookiee hero. Blades clashed, Force powers were used, and as the battle raged in the control room the fighting minions below suddenly stopped to gaze, as each warrior became more and more fatigued. Sensing the upper hand, lolwookiee unleashed a flurry of katas and sweeps against Barney's adoptive son, before Desann could withstand no more. Having finally subdued the Dark Lord, lolwookiee fell to his knees, gasping for breath, relieved that the battle was over. Silently, he uttered a prayer to his gods, who had given him the strength to emerge triumphant.... "Oh, [url=""]sweet merciful Datel[/url], I thank thee for guiding my hand through these trials and tribulations!". The End[/i] I've seen many attempts at converting an Assault gametype (in the style of UT2004) across to iD Tech 3 games. Raven Software's attempt at a Siege mode, Splash Damage's free game [i]Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory[/i], and countless maps that have tried similar play styles. I can honestly say this one probably comes closer than any of them, for the reason that the map isn't static. By far the most impressive element, for me, was the ship you'll probably spawn in. The whole thing moves, and I use the term "whole" as in the context of "the entire thing moves together". This is the first time I've seen a mapper seamlessly combine movement of seperate structural elements, usually there'll be discrepancies which can be noticed by looking closely. None here, not noticeable ones, anyway. Other high points would be the base layout, it's fitting for a military base, and despite simple architecture (due to the high brush count, no doubt) it looks the part exceedingly well. The surrounding terrain is up to par, although the turrets are annoying. There's plenty of space on that canyon approach for an AT-TE, if you catch my drift. My only real complaint with the mission itself is that it's linear. Your objectives consist primarly of running to the next console and holding Use to slice it, and you have to restart if your crosshair moves so much as a pixel, which is a bummer ('specially on the first two consoles). I feel a little variety in objectives would have been good - although at least the player interacts with these objectives, which is more than can be said for UT2004, which consisted of either standing in a target area or blowing something up. On the technical side, there are a hella lot of NPCs running around, and eventually you'll run out of ghoul2 transform space. This is inevitable. Short of editing the .bsp in Notepad and hauling out all the entity spawners (if that's even remotely possible), there's no way to prevent the respawning of NPCs aside from the mission objectives which shut off some of the spawners. Still, an interesting take on the mapping scene, and worth checking out if you want to look at something different. However, you won't get much "standard" gameplay out of it due to the mission elements interfering. A version without all the turrets, objectives and NPC spawners for just messing around, Lugormod/Makermod, or making your own gameplay in SP with /npc spawn, would be a nice follow-up release. ~ Kouen





originclanmap.rar | 1.37 MB

trend. Okay, I\'m going to break it down into categories. [b]Architecture[/b] Simple, pretty much straight out of a tutorial. Nurse shows a good understanding of Radiant\'s tools and how to achieve various effects with brushes. An understanding of modified shapes is shown as well as manipulating brushes to give less of a clean-and-tidy appearance. I get the feeling Nurse is still at the \"read one, do one\" stage, though, which is all well and good for a newer developer, but there comes a time when any developer has to begin thinking outside the box and change their philosophy to \"have an idea, research the idea\". Nurse is almost ready to make that leap, since the basics appear to be nailed down pretty tight. [b]Design[/b] For a basic design, there\'s not much to find fault with, however one picky comment I could make is lack of texture variation. The map looks almost like it\'s monotoned. Don\'t be afraid to experiment with textures a little, sometimes the exotic combinations work out best. There\'s also a distinct lack of detail in how the map is crafted, which is a sure sign of an early map - but given that this is a second map, detail probably isn\'t a primary concern, so griping there would be unfair. [b]Layout[/b] Layout is one of the key factors in level design, and it\'s not a problem here. The layout is smooth, and it flows. The three rooms breaking off from the main area all lead to dead ends, though, so this is pretty much a duel map through and through and won\'t hold too much weight in traditional FFAs. The basic summary of the layout is thus. There\'s the central duel area with two tiers of raised platforms. The first tier is presumably seating, the second tier is the walkway leading to the upper rooms. Behind the duel area is an empty room with a fallen pillar. The two top rooms are thus. Number 1 is a zoo, with a Chiss, a Jawa, and a Wampa in cages. It\'s spacious enough to be an auxiliary duel room. Across from the zoo, you\'ll reach a passage leading to a spacious balcony with a block I\'m assuming is a bench. Miscellaneous points, aside from what\'s mentioned above, is to really do more with the map. Expand and build further until you\'re happy, make full use of available space etc. Hover around the forums for advice, I\'m sure the regulars there would happily play Changing Rooms and offer up pre-release critiques and ideas. And, of course, think outside the box. That\'s my personal numero uno. ;) If you\'re in this clan, you\'ll want this map. If you\'re not, then whether you download it or not depends on criteria. It\'s good for anyone wanting an open map that runs as smooth as a baby\'s bottom. Like most basic maps, performance really isn\'t an issue, so if your computer\'s ancient or your LAN/internet slow, then like other basic maps you might be able to play this in MP games without lagging all the way to Starbase 12, which definitely gives it merit. Not a bad start, Nurse... not a bad start at all. Keep at it. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Routing:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Textures:[/b] No [b]Custom Music:[/b] No [b]Custom Meshes:[/b] No {[b]NOTE:[/b] There\'s a few problems with the developer database. If this file is listed under the correct developer profile, cool, if not, I can\'t fix it right now. Sorry.}




Sitharena | 1.09 MB

dueling areas. I felt that the outdoor area was too small. There was an invisible ceiling that was far too low, and the 'walls' were too close together, making it seem like the area was little more than an open room. On the inside is a small room with halls that lead to a bigger dueling room. Though it has a number of guns in it, I felt that this map would not be a good choice for gun fights. There weren't any real places to take cover, leaving you a sitting duck. The areas besides the dueling room seemed a bit pointless, as they were too closed in for any decent combat, and offered little visually. The lighting could use some work, to make it seem more realistic. A few fires lit in holes in the walls shouldn't generate the amount and quality of light seen in this map. Last, but not least, the switches to open the doors to the duel room could be a bit more obvious. I missed them completely when I first ran down the hall to see where it led. It isn't that bad for a duel map, but it could use some work if it should become more than that. Give it a download if you like it! Bot Support: No New Models: No New Textures: No New Music: No




The Academy Of Tyrany | 1.75 MB

afford to miss =_,=. Alas, as I entered, I saw that the map was dull and boring. You enter to have three "doors" to choose from. All of which lead--via teleportation, a gaudy way to link rooms in my opinion =_= --to duel rooms. One room leads to a shrine to Marka Ragnos, which is connecting two duel rooms. Other than that, not much to celebrate over. Don't get me wrong, however. The map is neatly done. It would probably look better if there were actual doors, first off. Secondly, the lava in the one duel room could use some livening up. That particular texture just makes it look like crap soup, and deadens the already dreary atmosphere. My suggestion would probably be to fix those, and perhaps play around some more with some more atmospheric building items. Or maybe that's just my dungeonly mood kicking in. Whichever works for you =_,= Oh, and change the music -_- ain't nothin worse than hearing a peaceful academy tune in the middle of a dungeon. New Textures: Nay New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Ruins | 21.48 MB

area with some broken architecture and an angular halfpipe (an aqueduct, maybe?) supported by arches. There\'s also a little hole in a wall, lit by some glowing orbs. In that hole is another hole that drops you down into a subterranean tunnel, also lit by aforementioned orbs. As far as architecture goes, that\'s it. Now for the good, the bad and the undecided. On the plus side, it\'s got great music. This nice, slow track, suitable for the gloomy atmosphere. Which is another plus. On the bad side, it\'s awfully dark. Now, since this is a night map, it should be. But no map should be so dark that one has to bright up their screen to the point where all colors look washed out simply to see where they\'re going. As for the undecided, that\'s the architecture itself. It\'s got promise, lots of it, but needs some corrections. Isla admitted that he\'s gonna make it less random, so I suppose that\'s taken care of. If you\'re a fan of dark and gloomy, you can get your very own copy of it in a matter of minutes. - Jose [b]New textures:[/b] Yup [b]New music:[/b] Aye [b]Bot support:[/b] No [b]Gametypes:[/b] FFA





spacecheese.rar | 236.63 KB

exactly what this is supposed to be, but it seems obvious enough to me that there\'s a brick of cheese, a knife, a coffee mug, and an ashtray with a cigarette in it, all of massive proportions. The rest of the objects I couldn\'t place by name. Some of those thin post-its, maybe? A bottle of green liquor? Speaking of the bottle, don\'t go inside... The brushwork needs a lot of help here, but since the objects are all fairly recognizable I think we can amply claim that the author\'s done something right. With some practice, that crazy mind could be combined with some quality mapping to create something even better/stranger than a block of cheese. The levelshot needs to be properly sized, though, and some music next time would be nice. I can only imagine what would fit... [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




Hamster_cage | 9.49 MB

noticed is that the lighting was still pretty wonky. Most of the rooms have no legitimate light source and so the shadowing gets to being really strange in some places. So let\'s get back to the basics. This map consists of many areas, most of which I couldn\'t fathom a purpose for (I\'m talking more like \"what\'s this for?\" when I see a bunch of random cylinders in the room). I guess they must just be the dueling rings the author mentions in his read-me. In any case it\'s a fairly large map and I suspect it would provide for some fairly good gameplay, but aesthetically and stylistically it needs some help. My first grip is that there\'s a high occurrence of z-fighting all over the map. There was even one stretch of the vent system that was two competing textures. Almost amusingly it seemed the two competing texture were the same texture, just slightly off from each other, so it kind of looked like the floor was moving. In any case this proved to be a bit of annoyance, and I already mentioned the lighting. The other big bug I noticed was one of the walls in the vent system seemed to be caulked instead of textured, so it produced the ever-amusing \'void\'. As far as style is concerned, it\'s a very blocky map, as are most beginner maps. It attempts a lot of things that a beginner wouldn\'t, though (breakable brushes, teleports [though they don\'t seem to work], etc) so I have to give the author kudos for that. I\'ve mentioned a lot of bugs here, mostly to help the author out with his next maps, so I hope he\'ll take them to heart and give it his all with his next work. I see promise here, but [i]this[/i] map just seems to have a lot of buggy areas that could bring down the fun factor. [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




SL_coliseum | 1.28 MB

spectating, one of which is very straight-forward and the other which requires you to find a hidden door. The layout of the map, while lacking obstacles that might provide for more interesting gameplay, does seem designed for fighting whilst clan members watch the action, either from the stands surrounding the arena or from the booths on either side. My biggest qualms with this map come from two main areas: lighting and texturing. The lighting, while there [i]is[/i] some, is unrealistic. The area seems to be lit by maybe a half-dozen of those Korriban chandelier things. Now I\'m sure we\'ve all seen fire. Fire does not produce enough light to illuminate that whole area with such a small amount of sources. As such, the whole area is much too bright when compared with the amount of light sources -- either the sources need to go up or the illumination needs to go down. I\'d be partial to a combination therein as I believe it would give the whole map a much nicer ambiance and feel if it were a little darker. The other thing I mentioned was texturing. This map suffers from Korriban syndrome. That is it uses what seems to be all Korriban textures, but stylistically doesn\'t seem like Korriban at all. Plus I\'m thinking a lot of you will agree with me when I say that Korriban is the most overused texture set... well, maybe second right after Bespin. In any case I think a mixture of texture sets -- or some custom textures even -- could help break up some of the monotony of this map. I didn\'t mention architecture as being one of my \'two big qualms\', but I would like to mention that it\'s a bit straightforward and could do with some flair. However I\'d say it\'s alright as it is -- functional, if a bit bland. Overall though this is a pretty solid map and for a clan map it doesn\'t have tags on every other wall so that\'ll help with its playability with non-clan members. I think for the author\'s benefit I\'ll mention that there\'s a small caulking bug at the \'secret door\' which he might want to fix. Don\'t look up when you find the door. ;) [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




KoH Trials Beta | 8.25 MB

teleporter at each end. One does nothing, the other takes you to the arena. And this is where the meat lies. The arena itself is quite high up, so you'll either have to jump or climb one of the stairs on the side. And on the arena floor, there's what I'll assume is the clan logo. There's a small higher platform suitable for the ones conducting the trials. And that pretty much sums it up. Architecture wise, the map looks nice. There's quite a bit of archs around the arena walls and large spikes in the corners. Although I did find one thing to be odd. There's a red carpet that leads to two seemingly marble staircases, which are connected to the arena floor by wooden boards. That kinda ruins the majestic feel I got from the map. Also, the music sounds a bit metallic and loops very obviously. Overall, I find it to be likable. While it's not all that innovative, it takes what it's supposed to do and it does it well. Could be improved a bit, maybe add some dexterity or speed challenges, fix up the music, whatever you can think of. But all in all, it's alright as it is. I say have a go. - Jose [b]Bot support:[/b] Yup [b]New music:[/b] Yup [b]New textures:[/b] Aye [b]Gametypes:[/b] FFA




Episode 3 - Mustafar

episode_3_mustafar.rar | 31.41 MB

or whatever. Here we got a map which the author made basing it on what we saw in the movie, nothing more nothing less. We got the landing platform where Padme\'s ship is docked, we got the bridge on which Anakin and Obi start out fighting leading to the control room which also has the conference room, finally we got the balcony on which our two jedi fight and ultimately leap down to the giant metal arm that collapses near the end of the brawl. All these spaces look very good and I must say it\'s the most accurate in proportion in my opinion. Some other maps are either way too big in some areas or way too small, this one feels more like you\'re on a very nice replica of the set. The only thing here is that the bot routes are not defined. The music is the battle music from the movie instead of just the Battle of the Heroes, which is good. Overall a nice map, not very big for a big fight but good enough for some roleplaying or just hanging out and fighting the big fight. Download this now! :D [i]Ayane Yamazaki[/i]




Halcyon Eyght (beta 1) test map | 18.5 MB

is allegedly a preface for a clan map. The author claims it is his first map. Whether this is released or created is beyond me, but it certainly looks nice, regardless. The biggest problem is that it\'s not very practical in my opinion. The majority of the map is composed of mostly duel arenas and one launch pad for a ship. All of which are connected by grotesquely long and rather confusing hallways, which is the main weak point here. For future versions, I would suggest shorter connections, as I don\'t think many people enjoy walking for long stretches when they\'re in a hurry. Visual and executing bugs include: - all of the buttons on the consoles in the hangar have misaligned textures. - There is a missing computer console in one of the control room areas. Whether this was intentional or not is questionable - The doors in the duel arena complex opened in a half motion, out of sync, I would assume, if you didn\'t approach them straight on. Other than the large and drawn out architecture, it\'s not bad for a starter map. I think this map cut the proverbial mustard for the most part, as the author wished it would. You are commanded to investigate the map\'s might, so as to behold what lies in store for you from this author =_= New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




Sun and Sky | 1.16 MB

author claimed that it's been sitting around for quite a while. Why, I've no idea. The map, as I said earlier, is simple. There's four platforms (that act as spawnpoints) connected to a central platform and on top of that one, there's a smaller one. There's also some pillars to spice things up a bit. And a tiny bit of land under the walkways for those dramatic reappearances when your opponent thinks you kicked the bucket or fell to the ground far below their feet. Architecturally, that's pretty much all there is. Now, this is a fine little map indeed. The music isn't as bad for it as X3no thinks. However, it's a wee bit small for an FFA, simply cause there's so little room for actual fighting. A duel, now that's where this thing shines. Sadly, it doesn't really show up in the menu and needs some console work to access. Which makes me a sad Jose. There's also bot support (but I found that at least half the time the bot happened to jump from the spawn platforms and plummet to its rocky death), so you won't need other people to swing your blade around. There's also a .map file included for the curious. - Jose [b]Bot support:[/b] Yup [b]New textures:[/b] No [b]New music:[/b] No [b]Gametypes:[/b] FFA




Swe2_temples | 15.45 MB

noticed was the music: Halo Theme. Not very fitting for the atmosphere. Fear then




Senatu sanctuary | 15.64 MB

skill and finesse. Simply put, I really don\'t know. But I\'m not here to discuss my opinion on academy maps in general. Instead, I wish to take you through a new academy that can be accessed through this very site. Come, walk with me and I shall show (or, rather, describe and you\'ll imagine) you a very nice complex. Now, the first thing I saw was the hull of the Millenium Falcon located inside a hangar. The hangar itself is nice and roomy and home for the aforementioned ship and two X-wings. The pillars and girders are a nice touch, they gave me a feeling that this place was built in a bit of a hurry (maybe they needed a place to hide out really fast). As I approached the elevator, I noticed the missing texture on the button. No matter, the button itself still works. Once I stepped off the elevator, I found myself in a very well-lit corridor that leads to a small open-air... place. There\'s a statue near the next door, which leads to another corridor. The first thing my ears picked up was the sound of something burning. A lot of something burning. That would be the sound of the stone torchieres in the next room. Now, this place is a hub of sorts. There\'s a bench on one of the grass patches and three doors leading to three different places. I took the left hand door and it led me to a massive room with four statues looming over me ominously (they have a tendency of doing that). A little ways down a staircase is what seems to be an auditorium for the learning jedi/sith warriors. There\'s a button on one of the pillars that raises a platform from the floor. What good that does, I\'ve no idea. But it looked cool, so I have no qualms with it. I went back to the hub and chose, once again, the door to the left. This new corridor first lead me down an elevator and into a huge room with loads of floating platforms. After several tries I managed to reach the top. As the roar of my triumph resonated throughout the cavernous room, I forgot that I was standing on the very edge of the relavitevly steady ground and took a step back. After retracing my steps from the hangar, I made my way to a small arena with a glass platform. The button below said platform created a nice big target on the glass and the button on the platform spawned one of those killer floating droid things. There were also two smaller platforms in the corners that had the missing texture grid all over them. Accross the hallway was another arena. Since there wasn\'t much to see there, I explored the last door left in there and that took me to a lounge-like place that overlooked the two arenas. Going back to the hub, I took the last door left. This last room, with its bright lighting and clean colors gave me a slightly cartoony vibe. As it turned out, it\'s a gallery of a whole lot of people. Brothers and sisters all, the two dozen or so images depict, in my understanding, the various members of the Senatu clan. And that\'s pretty much where my journey stopped. I went back to the auditorium, gave my last words on this map to an empty room (I guess no one likes my classes) and sat down on one of the bean-bag-stools and waited for my arcane magic practicing buddies to come and Gate me away from there. Now, since no one came to my class, I\'ll have to repeat everything I said here. First off, the music in the map is very nice and soothing. The architecture of the map is what you\'d expect from anything Yavin-themed and well done. There\'s little in the way of bugs, all I found was the missing textures, some z-fighting between the first elevator and first floor walls, no flame sounds in the first clearing and some more z-fighting in the lower conres of the hub doorframes. Aside from the textures, nothing one would really notice during gameplay. However, the fact that there are only two spawnpoints, both of which located inside the hangar, make it somewhat unsuitable for an all-out brawl, simply because everyone\'s in the same place when they start and there\'s no reason to go anywhere else. As it is, it\'s more suitable for roleplaying or clan meetings. Speaking of clans, there\'s quite a few clan tags scattered around the map. Nothing disruptive, though. There\'s no bot support, so you\'ll need living warriors if you want to do battle there. All in all, I really like it. As for you, well, if you\'re the kind that likes academies, this one\'s probably for you. If you don\'t find academies to be to your tastes, give it a whirl anyway. Trust me, it\'s cool. - Jose [b]New textures:[/b] Yup [b]New music:[/b] Yup [b]Bot support:[/b] Nay [b]Gametypes:[/b] Team/FFA




Frozen Temple {RGD} | 40.43 MB

of it, and I spent a good long time looking around. What I really noticed most of all, though, is that there is no overall theme to this map and that the style is inconsistent from room to room. This may perhaps be what the clan requested, but to me it simply make the map seem fractured. My first thought on this map was \"frozen temple... but there\'s lava and palm trees!\" Potentially a moot point, but only a small portion of the map seems to have anything to do with the name. Most of the architecture seems sound, varied, and interesting, but I found myself not liking most of the texturing. None of it seemed to flow -- especially from area to area where the style often did a complete 180 -- and the doors especially bothered me. All the doors in this map look like walls until you bump into them and they open! This makes it very hard to move around until you get used to the door texture scheme. I also felt the lighting in certain areas was below average, such as in the throne room with the Marka Ragnos statue. There no source for the big light splotches on the wall which wasn\'t something I expected to see from a well-versed mapper. Individually I\'d say each room definitely has its strengths, but for some reason putting them altogether just seems not to make much sense and there doesn\'t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. As far as gameplay goes you better bring a lot of friends or you\'ll never have anyone to fight. The map is so big that apparently the author reached the brush limit and had to stop. It seems designed okay for gameplay, although there were some areas that I thought were a little bit confusing to maneuver through. Overall not a bad map visually, I just got a disconnected feeling from it. It\'s still very interesting and well constructed so if you don\'t mind that no two rooms are alike then feel free to give it a download! There are only a couple of references to the clan that requested it so it may not be a big problem for non-clan members. [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: Yes [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




Spacefighter Factory: Project Shadow Streak | 21.41 MB

space ships\" is moderately accurate. Not entirely, as the majority of the map is not a hangar. So let me cut to the chase and explain what we\'ve got. The first bit I saw was the factory. It\'s actually a very large and long room full of ships -- some of them in pieces -- being assembled. This is probably one of the coolest things I\'ve ever seen in a map. One ship is getting a wing welded on, while another is getting the cockpit ready for assembly. As you explore further into the complex you\'ll see various other ships. There\'s one that seems to be on display, and it\'s bristling with weaponry (included some pretty wicked-looking rockets). In another room there are several ships being fueled, and in yet another room there\'s a ship hovering as if ready to take off. I hope it doesn\'t, though, because it\'s faced the wrong way! There are at least three distinct designs portrayed in this map, and what I find most impressive is that all these ships seem to be made of brushes! I\'ve seen impressive brushwork in the past but I think this probably takes the cake. They remind me a bit of the Nubian... on steroids. The Nubian didn\'t have any weapons, after all. The map itself also uses all custom textures. Yeah, [i]all[/i]. The strength of this map, beyond the very unique concept, is in the detail. From the detailed starships to the spinning ceiling fans to the scaffolding holding up the not yet attached wings of the ships. These are the kinds of details that make a good map a great map, and I\'d say they really do their job here. Great map overall, and fairly big! Should keep players very interested. [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




Korriban Sith Academy | 7.24 MB

features two generalized areas -- inside and outside. The outside portion is a valley, not dissimilar to all the descriptions of the Valley of the Dark Lords that we have out there. It\'s got valley right there in the name, after all! The terrain is pretty good, although there are many areas that are not smoothed which detracts from a realistic feel. The entrance to the main complex really struck me as unique. Scripts are used to create a compound door that opens in a very interesting way. In terms of gameplay, this may hinder gameplay as the doors open very slowly. So you trade playability for eye candy -- your call on whether that\'s for you or not. I found the architecture inside to be somewhat hit or miss. I originally thought that the textures didn\'t fit with the more modern architectural style, but after a while it grew on me. I do love the layout of the map, and it\'s big enough to support a decent-sized free for all. The architecture is also varied enough to avoid boredom. There are some small updates and some minor additions from the first version, but I\'ll let you read about them in the read-me as they do seem more detail oriented than content oriented. My biggest suggestion would be to work on the lighting. In some areas the lighting just seems fairly unrealistic (ie pitch black in the shadows outside, and the light from the flames seems far too yellow). Otherwise seems like a good map and I think with some more aesthetic updates it could really polish up well. [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




Clan Atlantis Map II | 11.42 MB

message body at all, be wary. Of course most authors pity us a little bit more than that and actually describe the file for us before we download it which, by the way, we really appreciate. But anyway, the point I was making is that we have our stereotypes. Someone says reborn, we picture a recolored version of the classic. Someone says clan map, we picture maps with awful lighting, lots of neon colors, and clan tags and silly pictures everywhere. Some files are the exception to the rule, however. I was a little surprised when it came to this map. The author was honest outright and said there [i]are[/i] clan tags in this map. I tested it a couple of days ago before I got swamped and I don't remember them, so either I wasn't able to find them or they were in an out of the way location and were tastefully included. So if you were worried about this being one of those clan maps that was made specifically for the clan's use and is rendered useless to everyone else, don't be. The map itself has a pretty nice design, though I don't really know how to describe it. Mix a castle/temple theme with an outdoor theme -- yep, the outdoors are indoors! Kinda backwards, eh? It really works here, though. I really love most of the architecture, which is simple yet complex. Backwards again, I know. You'll know what I mean when you see it, though. It's got a lot of great areas and is big enough for a fairly large-scale free for all. The rooms are connected by round teleporter pads. There is one room I absolutely [i]hate[/i], because it's both silly and ugly. It's ugly mainly because it's a conglomeration of oddly-cut brushes where the touching edges aren't caulked and the textures on these platforms are semi-transparent, so it just looks nasty. The idea is to find your way to the top and hit the teleporter pad to send you back out to where you came from. It must be for that forceball thing he talks about in his read-me, so if you're just using baseJKA I'd recommend avoiding the room altogether as it serves no purpose. In any case, I do like the [i]rest[/i] of the map quite a bit, so I'm just going to pretend that room doesn't exist. It has a great ambiance and the environment is interestingly varied and it should provide for some pretty good gameplay (grab those gun pickups!). My one recommendation -- to the community in general -- is to get a better bar texture. And for god's sake put some Sam Adam's on tap. [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Models[/b]: Yes [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




Christmas Night | 39.47 MB

they\'re poor or something. You don\'t get much more than a bed and a light switch in the bedrooms. So it\'s Christmas. It\'s snowing, the Christmas trees are up, and the lights are hung from the outside of the house. These are the Christmas aspects I was able to find, but some of the map\'s errors kind of distracted me from them. The snow falling inside the house was kind of a bummer. Time to call a thatcher. The music doesn\'t work, and the lighting is also pretty flat. There are no sources that I could find, and especially indoors there is no variation to the lighting. It\'s just glaringly bright all over. The architecture is also fairly blocky and while there are genuine attempts to make these houses look natural, they simply don\'t, mainly due to lack of detail. You can\'t try to make a good house then leave out all the furniture! Overall I\'d say as a Christmas map it doesn\'t have enough Christmas in it to make it interesting, and as a regular map it certainly has its sore spots that need some work. I\'d start with the lighting and work your way down, because it\'s really the lighting that\'s killing this map. [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Models[/b]: Yes [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: Non-functional ~Inyri




The Real Jedi Academy | 15.23 MB

as opposed to [i]a[/i] Jedi Academy. Apparently no hubris was intended. Now that we've got past that, this is a map of the Yavin IV Jedi Academy as seen in Jedi Outcast. We've been assured that it's not just a splice of the old JK2 maps, so that's enough for me. Most of this wouldn't be too hard to recreate anyway, it seems, and I'd really say only about half of it is old material. 66%, tops. A lot of the material is new, unseen in JK2, and seems to be based on several locations seen in A New Hope, and a couple locations I think may not have been seen at all. For instance there's the front of the temple which is kind of similar to the front as seen in the new version of A New Hope (with some changes to make it playable -- couldn't add the whole jungle, could we?). There's also a medical wing which I don't think was displayed in any of the films, but it stands to reason with a bunch of Jedi wannabe's running around they'd need some medical facilities. There's also some kind of storage closet, which I got a kick out of because like... what's the point? None, which makes it all the more awesome. :p I think the Yavin temple free for all (or CTF, or whichever it was) map for JK2 was my favorite during my very [i]brief[/i] multi-player stint back in 2003 or whenever it came out. One of the outdoor sections of that map is included here, which is kind of neat. Also, if you ever explored the Yavin temple in JK2's single-player campaign, before speaking to Luke, you may have noticed some students shoving blocks around with the Force. You can do that now too, if you're feeling bored. Overall it's a [i]huge[/i] map, so if you're actually planning on doing a free-for-all bring a lot of your buddies otherwise you might get bored trying to find each other! I'd bring my GPS unit too, just to be on the safe side. Map looks great for role-players too, so it can do double duty. I personally think it's a great replica with a lot of potential for use, so I'd definitely recommend serious players pick it up. I'm sure I forgot to mention a few areas (there're so many that I started forgetting them before I finished testing the map) so definitely go exploring. [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Models[b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




Eathdor 2 | 25.43 MB

somewhat known for his sporadic RP maps, has submitted to us his final masterpiece. Most interesting had to be the first paragraph in his readme: Quote:This map accurately personifies who I am and what I stand for, I hope that every player that steps onto this digital realm can appreciate the beauty and serenity provided by this digital environment. O_o apparently he lives in Old Japan and is personified by mixing Star Wars into it. ._. Oh well, guess it\'s no better than a necromancer prancing about, dragging corpses around and doing nefarious things of nefarity. If my previous tirade did not clue you in, I was, of course, referring to the map\'s oriental architecture. Case in point, the exteriors are nothing short of amazing. Apparently, he was not kidding when he said he poured his heart and soul out. The exteriors are definitely almost exactly like a really sexy Japanese exterior @_@;. There are basic RP areas, the bar area being a wonderful area, as it somehow reminded me of Kill Bill\'s House of Blue Leaves. Don\'t ask me why =_O. There are a number of areas in the palace and what not. There is a medical area, some small apartments, and a grasslands area somewhere outside the village area. Most disappointing had to be the pagodas. While the pagoda\'s structure itself was enticingly beautiful, I believe he could have used more of the pagoda\'s upper floors for more apartments. Case in point, only the first floor was usable. Just seems like a shame to waste all that space =_=. The Palace felt slightly empty with all those duel arenas around, and didn\'t have quite an RP quality to them. The medical and weapon areas didn\'t feel too shop-like, I suppose. Last concern had to be the random Ebon Hawk parked in the middle of the village O_o; what, pray tell, was the deal with that? Oh well, I daresay I will not find out any time soon =_=. Overall, I could say it could be good for a basic average RP. Otherwise, I would use it for malevolence and dominate it within a week. I have spoken my piece, NOW YOU MUST SUBMIT BANDWIDTH OR ELSE WRITHE IN A PIT OF ACID. [/quote] Before I go on, Averus must make it known that he tends to judge RP maps on a much higher standard in terms of content and plausibility rather than visual appeal. I would rather live in an ugly hut that looks believable than a pretty hut that somehow has 300 rooms. Not that that particular atrocity has been committed here, per se, but I do believe the clause of plausibility has been thoroughly raped. I shall return to this later.. As I prefaced before, I can safely say that very little was added in the grand scheme of things. Perhaps it would better to say that there was little added that ENHANCED the content of the map. First off, an additional pagoda was added in the city, once again sporting a whopping one room instead the 4-7 that might have been possible. Oh, and even you can tell the space was wasted because the texture disappears when you look to the city from the courtyard, as an additional bug. There was a small aquaduct of sorts that was practically dropped in there next to the crashed TIE Fighter in the middle of this Japanese city. In the grassy area, there is a crystal cave with a 95% rectangular entrance. The cave itself was fine, but the passage just sort of killed the natural factors off. Averus convinced himself that the place was purposely mined =_=. Finally, Averus gets to the part that pretty much ruined the maps theme. Let me start by saying that I was being nice when I failed to mention Worr Sonn\'s modernized 20th century room with an incredibly oversized bed located in the middle of a Feudal Era Japanese mansion. Hell, I could have even overlooked the ships that were parked/crashed in the city. However, the theme received a royal kick in the anus WITH THE ADDITION OF A SCI-FI MILITARY BASE IN THE MIDDLE OF A JAPANESE PALACE. Don\'t get me wrong, the base itself was somewhat well done. It had only two major things I noticed. First, there was one misaligned texture on the back of a door in the storage area. Second, I found the medical bay to be very...unrealistic. I know my bacta shader is broken, but regardless: if even ONE of those tubes breaks, me thinks something\'s going to happen...second, where\'s the ramp/stairs? Not all jedi get cuts and bruises >_> some lose limbs like legs... Case in point, while the map hasn\'t been ruined, it hasn\'t exactly improved itself as an RP map either. The theme is very confused still, in my opinion. Hell, Worr may as well have put a Republic Cruiser circling overhead and a dancing Metroid throughout the streets. The latter would at least earn him personal bonus points from me. Oh well, I rest my case. If this map still piques your interests, then I will not stop you from submitting bandwidth =_=. Additional screenshots available on [file=\"82530\"]previous version[/file] DARKNESS DESCENDS. EVERYONE DIES. New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan [b]P.S. - Bonus points to barter for your lives to those who can identify the joke reference that I threw in that screenshot out of boredom.[/b]




The Jedi Enclave on Dantooine | 13.07 MB

detail than some of the others as well. Previously not seen details, such as footlockers and workbenches, are quite at home in this particular enclave. With textures close enough to the real thing to not be noticed as fabricated, but definitely not ported, you may forget you're playing Jedi Academy and not Knights of the Old Republic. The strengths in this map are definitely the very close-to-the-real-thing textures, as well as the very accurate style. Two of the most impressive bits, however, may be the Ebon Hawk, seemingly made completely from brushes instead of the existing Ebon Hawk map objects, and the impressive blba tree model. I must admit, months ago I was asked to create that particular model, but I shamefully declined. However my kudos go to SMoKE for completing it himself with excellent results. While this map is not as expansive as some other Enclave maps - it does not allow you to venture inside the Ebon Hawk, or venture outside the Enclave walls - it's definitely worth a look for KotOR fans. It includes bot routing, as well as appropriate Jedi Enclave music. Definitely worth a download as another great KotOR Jedi Enclave map.[/quote]It seems the enclave has gotten a visual overhaul. Smoke decided that the original wasn't up to his current skill level, so he spruced it up a bit. Personally I'd say the biggest improvement (and he may disagree with me on this) is the lighting -- it makes me personally more able to enjoy the [i]rest[/i] of the wonderful changes. Second place goes to the doors. I'm not even going to tell you about them -- just go open one and find out. You'll like it. Overall it seems like this is more of a fixer-upper. Everything is crisper, clearer, and overall better on the eyes. It's a great improvement, though, and it really feels a lot more like Dantooine than before, just by making a few changes to the map's presentation. The only thing it needs now is some Jedi walking around saying old Chinese proverbs! Definitely a great improvement here! [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Texures[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




TLS | 8.73 MB

together by wooden boards. There is access to a room on two buildings that are connected by a room with a conveyor belt which through a console you can change the direction on which the conveyor moves. In the middle of this room are two metal plates that close down every now and then and will get you killed if you run at the moment they close. Another of the buildings has an opening on which you fall to your death onto a machine with gears. The other building has a skylight that you can break to gain access to an office. By pressing a button in this office which is on the desk you can collapse the floor in the middle of the office to kill everyone there, it can be used to prank someone. :D The music is not really fitting in my opinion it\'s just loud and noisy, so I just recomend you guys get your winamp or Kill tracker to play a song but if you like metal music then you\'ll probably dig the song. The map comes with bot routes too although I do find the map a bit small for FFA. The only bug I noticed was that some of the lights in the map appear untextured, maybe the author took them directly from another map and forgot to add them to his pk3. Overall, not too bad but not too impressive, although all the things around that you can blow up are a nice addition. [i]Ayane Yamazaki[/i]




Crash at the Dunes | 5.77 MB

X-Wing has crashed at the dunes sea, just in the place of the ancient tomb under the dunes.[/quote] Okay, the tomb itself is generally okay looking. Granted, it\'s not as big and mysterious as I would have hoped to be, but oh well =_=. While I\'m not an expert in physics--hell, I haven\'t even taken it--I daresay that the X-wing\'s crash is semi-believable in terms of the crash itself. Now whether or not this would break open a subterranean tomb or not, I tend to doubt, given how it\'s positioned. My biggest irritant has to be the desert itself. ALL THE DUNES ARE UNIFORM. Now I know the skybox may have given you that idea, lad, BUT SAND DOES NOT UNIFORMLY MARCH IN COLUMNS. Believe me, it looks superiorly tacky, and does not mimick the gentle grace of a desert at all.. All in all, the majority of the map needs to get tweaked badly before this map could be even remotely tolerable to play on in terms of visuality. However, if this irritates you not, Then BANDWIDTH AWAY! New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan





stadium_tw.rar | 8.03 MB

restaurant with a kitchen and other smaller areas. The detail is great I love the restaurant area and the kitchen. One of the things some of you will enjoy is that in the control room which overlooks the arena, you have three consoles, each activating a different npc spawn. One activates a rancor, another spawns a reborn master and the last one a wampa. The Author went for base JA music for the map and selected a song which in my opinion does feel suitable. He also added bot support for it which is a definite plus. Overall a good sized map perhaps for some RPing use too. [i]Ayane Yamazaki[/i]




SG The Academy v1.0 | 24.13 MB

that, but it does have it’s fun factor. Basically it has an area with tauntauns so you can ride them all you want. It’s got consoles inside the building with some funny sounds and they also activate music. It also has a few secrets to discover. The only thing is the architecture of the place seems weird, all the buildings are just randomly connected and some of the areas I can’t for the life of me figure out why they are there. Like the teleporter in the middle of the glass room which only teleports you from one side of a small platform to the other and vice versa. Now the bugs I noticed are like the door in the main hall leading to the elevator seems to get stuck if you are infront of it, it only opened up when I walked away from it which is kind of weird. The author made a mirror but for some reason he could not figure out how to fix it so you got one big untextured rectangle that says mirror all over. The thing I would recommend for the author if there is going to be a V2 is to add bot routes, fix the mirror, and try to use some more appealing textures, I bet it would look much better. [i]Ayane Yamazaki[/i]




Catedral | 2.6 MB

gothic Cathedral and while it doesn’t look that bad it is lacking a bit more detail, some rows of chairs would have been nice to see or if you didn’t want to put them so the space for the actual fighting was bigger and I can totally understand that but it feels really empty. Also the map had no music for what I could hear, and yes this time I did put my music settings to the top so I could hear if there was even a faint sound, but no there isn’t music. For a V2 I would recommend getting some music, maybe a slow organ played piece and maybe if not add chairs at least put in the altar so that it looks as if it was used at some time. Overall while not impressive it is a good representation of an old cathedral, too bad the bot routes and music are nowhere to be seen but there’s definitely room to improve. [i]Ayane Yamazaki[/i]




Colonial war era ship | 546.75 KB

This ship, supposed to be in the style of the colonial era, is awfully dull. The ship has two and a half decks. Deck one is the upper deck, where you can run around from pretty much bow to stern (although the masts could end up in your way, stopping your gleeful pace) and leap off the ship. Deck two is the crew quarters and the cannon room. The half a deck is the captain\'s quarters, complete with a bed, a table (with a VERY wrong chart on it) and a pot (I\'ll not say, what it\'s for). And that\'s the gist of it. Fortunately the author admits that this is a test and asks everyone to chip in and help him/her make it better. First off, I must say the ship looks abandoned. It\'s almost as if the crew jumped ship the moment it got out of sight from the shore, cause the whole things seems to be in pristine condition. It needs something to show that it\'s been used, things like barrels for gunpowder, cannonballs, more stuff for the crew quarters and definately some lines to support the masts and sails. The shape of the ship is kinda off as well. Ships generally have curving hulls (due to the planks being steamed and bent into place), but this one has the sharpest corners I\'ve ever seen on a sea-faring vessel. There\'s also the problem that the texture isn\'t flowing right on the outside of the ship. They should be running from front to back, not top to bottom. Oh, and the masts! They\'re too large in diameter and you can see through some of the faces. Not good, I tell you. What more can I say? Search for references to use. There are thousands of photographs of recreated colonial era ships, even something newer or older will work perfectly. Heck, go watch Johnny Depp flail his arms about in a drunken stupor and you\'ll get plenty of references from there. Dozens of people have made 3d models of old ships, great references right there. You need to look for it, get in there and get your hands dirty. You have the time before this actually goes to use (since this is version 0.1), so use it to make it better. Good luck. Wisdom comes with age that can\'t be measured. - Jose




Serenity - Firefly | 17.96 MB

roleplaying, not dueling. When I saw this I was excited to see it and when I played it I was even more happy. The map consists of only Serenity, the ship that the heroes in Firefly travel on. Accuracy wise it’s amazing, I felt I was really on it. At first I spawned on the medical bay, the doors to the medical room are noticeable from behind the archway but that’s not really a big deal as all the detail is spot on. The only thing I could complain about is that on every door I seemed to got stuck on, sometimes I even had to crouch to walk through them. But other than that is great it’s got the dinning room, the cockpit, the cargo bay, the engine room, everything is pretty much the same as in the movie and show. One thing, the author says that the bot routes are defined but everytime I tried to add a bot, my game froze. It does have new music taken from the soundtrack of Firefly which adds to this greatly. And new textures as well, overall a very good map. So if you’re a roleplayer and think this map will be good on your server then give it a download, just don’t try to put 16 people inside, it might be a little too cramped in there. :D [i]Ayane Yamazaki[/i]




Monastery on Yavin | 14.58 MB

days… Anyways, the map is fairly large, to approach it I will discuss it level by level starting from the top. The top level of the monastery has several rooms with a bed and several chairs around a glass table, these rooms while simple provide a good place to rest for RPers. Also on this level are two rooms that cannot be open by anything other that force pushing them, so having no force in these rooms equals staying there forever, although there are not that bed either, these two rooms are like the suites in hotels, it has a Jacuzzi, gathering area, and on a mid level in these rooms are beds with closets. Also in this level you’ll find two doors that go out to a terrace that overlooks the entire horizon. The weird thing is I did not see any stairs going through the levels of this map, so you have to jump or grapple your way up there. Now on the first floor you find several dueling rooms that fit all your needs, there’s even an arena with ice on it so dueling on it gets a bit more interesting. The funnest room in this level has to be the room with the NPC buttons as it allows you to spawn as many reborn troops, dark troopers, tavions, aloras and the like as much as you want. When you walk through the main door you’ll find a bunch of stairs going down to what seems to be a small garden which is one of the best looking areas on this map, it looks so green and all the plants and trees and rocks add to it making you feel like you’re in the forest and did I mention how green it is? >.< Now some of the next areas are only accessible by discovering the secrets, one of these areas is a hidden cavern that is huge, with several rock formations and platforms with lava here and there. On the top of this room is some sort of mirror, reminded me of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, where you walk through it and takes you back to the library rooms that are also on the first level of the monastery. There also appears to be a council chamber that must be found too, this one looks great as well. Overall it’s a big map, it’s not as detailed as many others out there but it’s fun, clans will appreciate its many dueling areas and rooms as they can use it to both resting and just to hang out. The only downside I could find was it has no bot routes and no music which really brings it down. So download this monastery if you like it, and if you don’t like it judging by the screenies give it a shot, it’s npc area was addictive. :D [i]Lady_Trinity[/i][/quote] So the author made some fixing on this map, mainly the textures that were missing and he added music now which is a big plus. But I'm not sure the Duel of Fates song was good for this map as the whole Monastery gig this has going on called for a much slower and smoother song, but anyways it's better now. So if you liked v1 and you want the complete map now, download this with no regrets. I't s definately worth it. :D [i]Lady Trinity[/i]




Twisted Souls\' Realm | 12.35 MB

thoroughly handled. The map itself was a large piece, and looked more of a hang out place than it did a utlitarian map. There were, however, FFA rooms for those with a murderous intent, such as myself =_,=. For the most part, however, there was a large number of RP/hang out areas. Overall, There were a number of bugs that irked me, and a number of them were blatantly obvious: 1.) In the Obstacle Course, the teleporter pad had NO destination whatsoever. 2.) There was a huge unattractive leak in the Pantheon(Or parthenon, I forget XD) FFA room. Whether it was meant to look like a hole in the ceiling or not, it would have been smarter to put a skybox of some sort to cover it up, or at the very least, patch that leak up. 3.) The lower part of the pit pad was unfinished. 4.) The trials room had something similar. I regarded it to a similar to the Parthenon leak, but there was a skybox there, so it wasn\'t totally ruined. 5.)The sign textures were too small, and ended up repeating mildly on the edges. Those were just the ones I caught. I\'m sure there\'s plenty more that I\'m not aware of at the moment, but quite frankly, those 5 were bad enough. Overall, however, a decent map for a 1 week budget. I would recommend going over the map with a fine tooth comb and fix it up for your allies, and then it will no doubt serve its purpose well. SUBMIT BANDWIDTH AS YOU WILL =_= I\'d pose a threat to you all, but I\'m just too tired from walking around all day. New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Monastery on Yavin | 8.35 MB

days… Anyways, the map is fairly large, to approach it I will discuss it level by level starting from the top. The top level of the monastery has several rooms with a bed and several chairs around a glass table, these rooms while simple provide a good place to rest for RPers. Also on this level are two rooms that cannot be open by anything other that force pushing them, so having no force in these rooms equals staying there forever, although there are not that bed either, these two rooms are like the suites in hotels, it has a Jacuzzi, gathering area, and on a mid level in these rooms are beds with closets. Also in this level you’ll find two doors that go out to a terrace that overlooks the entire horizon. The weird thing is I did not see any stairs going through the levels of this map, so you have to jump or grapple your way up there. Now on the first floor you find several dueling rooms that fit all your needs, there’s even an arena with ice on it so dueling on it gets a bit more interesting. The funnest room in this level has to be the room with the NPC buttons as it allows you to spawn as many reborn troops, dark troopers, tavions, aloras and the like as much as you want. When you walk through the main door you’ll find a bunch of stairs going down to what seems to be a small garden which is one of the best looking areas on this map, it looks so green and all the plants and trees and rocks add to it making you feel like you’re in the forest and did I mention how green it is? >.< Now some of the next areas are only accessible by discovering the secrets, one of these areas is a hidden cavern that is huge, with several rock formations and platforms with lava here and there. On the top of this room is some sort of mirror, reminded me of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, where you walk through it and takes you back to the library rooms that are also on the first level of the monastery. There also appears to be a council chamber that must be found too, this one looks great as well. Overall it’s a big map, it’s not as detailed as many others out there but it’s fun, clans will appreciate its many dueling areas and rooms as they can use it to both resting and just to hang out. The only downside I could find was it has no bot routes and no music which really brings it down. So download this monastery if you like it, and if you don’t like it judging by the screenies give it a shot, it’s npc area was addictive. :D [i]Lady_Trinity[/i]




Krystal\'s Descent | 4.14 MB

needs work. When I first entered this map, I was immediately greeted with disappointment, and yet, enjoyment. Suffice to say, the music is most befitting, and I\'m definitely keeping it, because it rules planets. Now, onto the disappointment. The lighting is nonexistant in this map, and it really shows. There are a couple token braziers mounted on the wall, putting no real light sources out, thus sort of making their purpose invalid. I cannot contest the current empty box-like regions in this map, as Nintendo is infamous for making a bunch of useless empty areas, most noted in Legend of Zelda games. That being said, I will not blame the author for trying to be accurate, if such was the case. The textures were a decent selection, but I believe they would have been much more useful and appealing with appropriate lighting. I can\'t say I agree 100% with the \"pipe\" textures on the outside of the palace, but I could bear with it. My biggest qualm was what I suppose were the \"light rays\" emitting from certain areas of the map. Not very realistic looking, or very appealing much, albeit the texture is an okay choice. However, without the lighting, it sort of kills the purpose. With all that being said, I have a number of suggestions/challenges for you: - Lighting is definitely a must have. Coordinate your lighting as appropriate with the light sources you have and any future sources. Also, those light beams need to be fixed accordingly to with the lighting you make. That, and perhaps make it branch out more like a circular pattern in the windows, rather than a cylinder. - The fallen pillars are a nice addition to the map. See if you can try to make them seem more \"broken off\" than what you have now. As of now, the pillars look like they just pop clean off. Perhaps trying modifying the ceiling, floor, and ends of the pillars to look as if they were broken away, rather than being popped out for replacement. Also, the entry pillar needs the other chunk, or rubble of it, minimum. - I dare you to defy Nintendo and spice up your map with furnishings. Make the map come alive! Add a throne room! Maybe a pool! Perhaps even a goring chamber with which to skin your enemies and make them into coats-- =_=...oh that\'s right. Starfox doesn\'t operate like I do. *sighs* Oh well, case in point, put some stuff in there! Palaces have more than just empty boxes in them. Suffice to say, the map itself isn\'t bad in its current stage, but I think it needs to be worked on more. It has potential though, despite its simple architecture. Perhaps the masses have more to offer than I, so I shall simply scream the bandwidth song and turn it over to the masses. [i]Bandwidth! Bandwidth! It\'s width with a band! O, how I\'d love to caress thee with my bonified hand. Bandwidth, Bandwidth, give me some now, OR ELSE I\'LL GUT YOU LIKE AN OVER RIPE COW![/i] Yeah...I\'ll have to work on it some more. New Textures: Nay New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Stranger Lights | 4.55 MB

one with multiple game availabilities, I decided on the latter. As I said, this pack contains two very similar maps: one duel map and one FFA map. The FFA map is basically just an expansion of the duel map. The first thing that really came to my mind when I tested these out was that the author figured out how to make brushes move and went over the top playing with the map feature. This map didn\'t really flow for me, and also gave me a slight headache, what with the blue, red, and pulsing. It\'s a migrane waiting to happen. Unless you like tricky footing, the gameplay isn\'t really designed for you (unless you\'re good at making precise jumps to avoid all the moving platforms). In short, this isn\'t my slice of pie, but it certainly could be yours. Just be ready for some bold colors and architecture. If you enjoy subtlety, as I do, steer towards other maps.[/quote]I still agree with myself that this map is anything but subtle. The rest of the points I\'m ready to ease up on, though. I didn\'t have a migrane when I finished testing it, so that\'s a bonus. The map also had a great feeling of cohesion which means that the lack of gameplay flow has been fixed. It also seems to me like all of the gameplay features are far more enhanced. You can actually [i]play[/i] on this map, and you won\'t have to worry too much! Just don\'t fall off the balcony thing... that\'s the one thing I really disliked in this map because you can fall off and see the disarray that is the [i]outside[/i] of the map. In any case, the map is greatly improved from the first version. Instead of simply looking like a crazy mish mosh of brushes this actually looks like it could be some kind of high-tech hideout which, lemme tell ya, is a better place for the author to be than just looking like a jumble. The music, although too technoy for my tastes, goes pretty well with the theme of the map, and the ambiance, though dark, is very fitting and helps make the map look pretty nice in this reviewer\'s humble opinion. Definitely leaps and bounds over the last version. Big disappointment: no bot support! Bummer. Some nice person should e-mail us a bot routing tutorial that we can put up since the only one I know of seems to be gone *hinthint*. In any case this is probably minor, although it would have certainly been a nice treat. [b][i]Don\'t want the moving lights? [file=\"83580\"]Download the non-strobed version here[/file].[/b][/i] [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Sounds[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




Stranger | 5.51 MB

on the latter. As I said, this pack contains two very similar maps: one duel map and one FFA map. The FFA map is basically just an expansion of the duel map. The first thing that really came to my mind when I tested these out was that the author figured out how to make brushes move and went over the top playing with the map feature. This map didn't really flow for me, and also gave me a slight headache, what with the blue, red, and pulsing. It's a migrane waiting to happen. Unless you like tricky footing, the gameplay isn't really designed for you (unless you're good at making precise jumps to avoid all the moving platforms). In short, this isn't my slice of pie, but it certainly could be yours. Just be ready for some bold colors and architecture. If you enjoy subtlety, as I do, steer towards other maps.[/quote]I still agree with myself that this map is anything but subtle. The rest of the points I'm ready to ease up on, though. I didn't have a migrane when I finished testing it, so that's a bonus. The map also had a great feeling of cohesion which means that the lack of gameplay flow has been fixed. It also seems to me like all of the gameplay features are far more enhanced. You can actually [i]play[/i] on this map, and you won't have to worry too much! Just don't fall off the balcony thing... that's the one thing I really disliked in this map because you can fall off and see the disarray that is the [i]outside[/i] of the map. In any case, the map is greatly improved from the first version. Instead of simply looking like a crazy mish mosh of brushes this actually looks like it could be some kind of high-tech hideout which, lemme tell ya, is a better place for the author to be than just looking like a jumble. The music, although too technoy for my tastes, goes pretty well with the theme of the map, and the ambiance, though dark, is very fitting and helps make the map look pretty nice in this reviewer's humble opinion. Definitely leaps and bounds over the last version. Big disappointment: no bot support! Bummer. Some nice person should e-mail us a bot routing tutorial that we can put up since the only one I know of seems to be gone *hinthint*. In any case this is probably minor, although it would have certainly been a nice treat. [b][i]Want the moving lights? [file="83581"]Download the strobed version here[/file].[/b][/i] [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Sounds[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




DS Station | 221.43 KB

common features and bugs of clan maps, from my experiences. The biggest problem I noticed with this map is that there is at least one missing texture, possibly more. This missing texture appears in various locations around the map, so it is quite distracting. Texture application in general is also not that great -- they\'re simply not cohesive and don\'t flow very well throughout the map. The architecture is also blocky, which is a pretty good sign that this is one of the author\'s first projects. I don\'t foresee this map being all that great for gameplay, as many of the rooms are either too small or too cluttered, and for future projects there should really be something done with the lighting. Keep practicing your technique! [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Sounds[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




Dosuun Facility | 1.28 MB

theme, giving a free-for-all map to play on that looks very much like the original location. However the brushwork is all new, so the likeness is definitely a plus. Looks very accurate too me -- if I didn\'t know any better I\'d assume it was a version of the map that Raven had included with the base assets. My first thoughts with regards to gameplay is how open the map is. This is somewhat misleading since despite it [i]feeling[/i] wide open it actually sports many objects to hide behind or trip over, something that is particularly important since this map seems designed for guns play. The light pedestals as well as the shuttle provide ample hiding space while the guns pickups are spaced evenly throughout the map. If you\'re really crafty you can find the secret area with the rocket launcher. Good luck finding your way [i]out[/i] of it, though! The ambiance here is really quite perfect, since it seems like it could very well be a carbon copy of the original game location (despite having a completely different floorplan!). Certainly a small bit of eye candy here, and with a mid-sized free for all -- I\'d imagine no more than 6 people would be ideal -- this map could very well provide quite a bit of good-natured fun. Despite not having much new content I\'d say this map sure is a winner. [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Sounds[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]:No ~Inyri




Arcane Citadel | 3.21 MB

fulfills that title. Suffice to say, as soon as one enters, they are greeted with a deafening silence. Yes, this map is completely devoid of all ambient noise and music. Even the elevators and doors lack sounds. PLEASE O_O fix that as an imperative or else death =_= While I\'m on the \"empty\" subject, I could almost argue that the map feels almost entirely empty. This is not true, of course. There are some switches here and there, and there\'s a lot of walking space. While I\'m on the subject of switches, I would also recommend making them usable, rather than having to swat them with a saber. Much as we\'re moving towards a society that hits things to make them work, I\'d personally not illustrate it in the map we produce =_o. There are a couple ill-done RP areas. One is a bar that I couldn\'t even tell was a bar until a couple seconds after. There\'s a bathroom with a very horrid crapper. The throne might count, although it\'s way too huge for an ordinary human. Eh, after that, not much left. There are a number of areas you can duel/screw around in, and basically just have a good time. Honestly, since that\'s what the map was intended for, that\'s Grade A Okay for Averus. Since this is a beta, we can expect a new version coming some time soon. Just please add some sounds and fix those switches >_




Endor and More | 20.02 MB

a variety of gameplay options that should keep folks busy. The basic idea of this map is that it is split into three sections -- a normal Endor section, an Endor swoop race section, and a beach hangout section which seemingly has nothing to do with any part of Endor [i]I\'ve[/i] ever seen. Although I have to say this map gets an instant 10 for having a copy of Dark Forces 2 in the shelving unit. The general atmosphere of the Endor sections seems a lot brighter than I remember Endor ever being. This is likely 100% or at least in part due to the very bright fog that seems to cover the entire section of the map. If it was a more neutral color it would probably blend a little better. I also think there are not as many trees as their should be, but I do understand the probably reasons behind having fewer trees and I more than respect it, especially since my FPS was not top notch to begin with, much less with 50 additional trees. The intense dynamic glow during certain portions of the map probably didn\'t help with that and nearly tempted me to disable the feature... Toning that down may be a good idea. The swoop section is pretty reminiscent of the swoop chase scene in RotJ, albeit with a [i]lot[/i] less flora so it looks a little bare. Still, I\'m sure it would be plenty of fun to race through. There are several spots in the terrain that are less than smooth -- angular even -- so that may be an area that the authors may want to work on for future maps. Overall a very nice map that, while it has its issues, provides quite a bit in terms of use and gameplay. Download this one to fight. Download this one to role-play. It would work fine for both! [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Sounds[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




Apple Station | 6.12 MB

kind of booth and a door came down so I could exit. This map is a space station in the middle of space with various different rooms to accommodate your needs. Ill go through the bad area’s of the map to start with. Something that really does my head in, is some of the textures people tend to put in there maps these days. Lots of grey and random things that don’t go. This map is a good example of this, but only in some areas. Some of the rooms textures really just weren’t that great. Dull in places and just not matching. Saying that, there are some nice ones here and there. Now to the more positive parts of the map. There are a lot of nice area’s in this map. I particularly liked the cantina, even though some of the textures got to me, the generally architecture is pretty decent. I liked the fact it sort of had a SWG feel to it, due to the fact it has built in booths on the walls for people to sit in. I also liked the dueling room that had a sort of platform in the middle and was in a ball of sorts. That was a nice variation to your normal duelling room, so kudos to the author there. Another feature I liked, was the fact you could go flying. However though, as soon as you launch out, you get a warning error to head back to the station or you will blow up -.-. That was quite amusing but you tend to blow up either way. For improvement, I would suggest working on your textures mainly. The general architecture isn’t bad at all, but the textures really do not do it justice. Some nice original idea’s here though, and I look forward to more work from you in the future. -|Jorka Sho'Hen|- Bot Support: Yup New Textures: Yup New Sounds: Nope New Music: Yup Gametypes: FFA




Dark-san\'s palace

darksanspalacev2.rar | 4.82 MB

seemingly random room. First off, none of the doors open. But you can break through some of them. People generally make their doors open. If you have to break down the doors at least make them take more than one hit to demolish. This definitely could have used some scripting. The throne room is incredibly dark. No light sources. None. I don\'t know if this was intended, but I think it could use some light. It\'s just a big room with pillars and a throne. Not that much. The overlooks consist of panels on one wall. And they take up ALL of the one wall. No variation. Just panels. The overlooks are red and blue, alternately. The \'\'box room\'\' is just that. A room with crates in it of various sizes. The seemingly random room, you are supposed to use an elevator to get to. and guess what? The elevator doesn\'t work. So yes, you have to break your way through. There isn\'t even much in the room. just a sentry gun and an e-web. There were some missing textures around the map, but not in overly large areas. Just on borders and such. This map could have used scripting. Or the author could have at least included the missing textures.[/quote] Suffice to say, the map just seems to expand on this throne room, but it doesn\'t seem like too much advice was taken. The palace now has an exterior up to the outer wall. Honestly, it\'s not very impressive. The main building is a giant box. There are turrets everywhere on the outer wall. =_o Ready for the best part? They\'re invulnerable, so good luck laying siege to them. There is a ship that seems to have been used from a previous map he made, so I\'ll simply paraphrase and say that it\'s way too unshiplike. The interior of the palace is blocky and dull, but the most damning part of it was that the silence of everything. The music included was a .wma, so there was no way I think it would have worked. Either that or he didn\'t bother to implement it correctly. Worse yet, Averus had to strain himself while in a silent atmosphere. There were no ambient sounds, and the doors lacked sound as well. There were a couple \"RP-friendly\" rooms, but the rest of the map is too irritating to really have a comfortable RP in. The rest of the rooms feel so very empty and annoying that I would rather not delve in too much further. The only upside I could think of is that there are a number of secrets that you could probe and a number of breakables. Otherwise, here is what I would recommend if you intend on making a third version. - Sounds, sounds, SOUNDS - There are a lot of useless doors. Fix that =_= - Spruce up your rooms and give them a little more purpose. - Make your music compatible/functional There\'s my piece =_= Honestly, while it\'s not the best of maps, I\'m sure imaginative RPers could possibly make use of this. I just don\'t see it going that far. Definite improvements are necess\'ry, so you are encouraged to engage in a third version =_,= New Textures: Nay New Music: Non-functional Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




ffa_rift(Tw) | 2.43 MB

location to make an entirely new free for all with the same style. I always [i]loved[/i] that location -- both the single player map and the multiplayer version -- so I was bound to love this map right off the bat. Doesn\'t hurt that it\'s not only gorgeous, but functional as well. The architecture is spot on. There are some great stone walls covered by rifty platforms, complete with the typical strange and mystical ruins that seem to serve no function. Y\'know, the staple of Star Wars and so many other fantasy plotlines. What I really love about this map is that the architecture is in no way square. It\'s still [i]angular[/i], but hardly anything here is actually four-sided, which is always nice. The map also contains the typical crystal theme that the rift is so well known for, as well as many elements that simply add to a ruined sanctuary feel, such as broken walkways and rubble. From the perspective of gameplay, this map should support a medium to large free for all. The author claims six to seven players is best, and I\'d tend to agree. There\'s plenty of room to stretch, but any more than that and it\'ll get hectic. It\'s a decent sized map, but by no means would I go so far as to say it\'s [i]large[/i] (when compared to some other monstrously large \'omg I\'m lost!\' types of maps). Plenty of things to trip over too, so you won\'t be able to just run around and swing your saber. Bummer, I know. ;) Overall a good map. The author worked a long time on it and it certainly shows. Definitely has that rift feel to it! [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Sounds[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




JSA Trials | 5.44 MB

suppose the biggest attraction has to be the dome like structure encasing the large circular arena. The dome reminded me structurally of a vague Sydney Opera House, but then again, we're talking vague enough that we'd require a paternity test to see if they even come from the same train of thought.. The arena floor is adorned with a rather ornate symbol of sorts, instead of a clan logo. Therefore, one could say that this map can be used for multiple instances instead of just this clan =_,=. Honestly, I would want to use this for trials as well. It's simple, effective, and it doesn't require 200 miles of walking to get to. SUBMIT BANDWIDTH AND LET THE TRIALS BEGIN =_= P.S. - The music destroys planets =_,= New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




Sniper War | 5.03 MB

catwalks, two opposite towers, and a lake with an X-wing landing pad. There are multiple weapon placements, along with a couple stationary turrets with which to SHATTER YOUR OPPONENTS BRAINS WITH DUAL BLASTING MALEVOLENCE. Quite a decent map for its intended purpose. The only possible thing I would note would be the rather repetitive water texture. Not the best in the world, but other than that, no complaints. Lighting was good enough, and I did not have much difficulty maneuvering around. THOSE WHO NEED A SCOPE MUST SUBMIT BANDWIDTH. (I know I do XD) [/quote] In the previous version, there was a missing texture from the bonus JA map pack that was missing. I remember noticing it but I forgot to mention it XD. Case in point, however, the texture has been included in this new version. Otherwise, no other changes. For screenshots, refer to the [file="81813"]previous version.[/file] New Textures: Aye New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Alzoc 3 Capital | 26.2 MB

earnest, a good chunk of the map has retained the nature of its previous counterparts, so let\'s see what our friend Lady Forge had to say about the previous \"version\". [quote]I must say, this is one of the most amazing maps I\'ve seen. After testing the map for the better part of a half hour (and I\'m sure I didn\'t test every area, it was that big) I only found one error. This is Corellia. It\'s a very metropolitan take on Corellia, featuring many of the high-flying aspects of Coruscant. It\'s basically three skyscrapers jutting out of the sky of Corellia, each holding their own secrets to discover. I use the word \"secrets\" lightly, so don\'t take it literally. There were so many areas to explore, but I\'ll narrow it down to a few. First I\'ll start with the outside. Basically the outside is what it sounds like - the area outside of the towers. It features landing platforms, bridges between the towers (lest you fall to an unpleasant death), as well as various signs and displays. Quite possibly the coolest thing about these maps is that very little of the detail is static. Things blink and rotate, adding quite heavily to the metropolitan feel of the map. It is very reminiscent of Coruscant from Episode II. Inside the towers is plenty to explore. For instance I managed to find several vehicles (so to speak). Inside one of the towers was some kind of small ground vehicle, though unusable, and outside the towers were a cloakshape fighter and what looked like a T-16 skyhopper. That part was cool, because you can actually go inside of it from within one of the towers. Finding your way around these towers is no easy task, though. Just when I thought I\'d seen everything, I\'d find out that the elevators went down too! This is one of those maps that just seems ideal for an RP server. It\'s huge, has plenty of areas, as well as many things to \"claim\" as your own, including rooms, cantinas, and even what seemed like a black market stash of weapons, hidden behind some breakable glass. The one thing I found kind of distracting was that the atmosphere in certain areas seemed a little \"misty\", foggy even, though perhaps it\'s just my eyes. Still, ane excellent map, and certainly worth a download from anyone who considers themselves a map connoisseur. [/quote] In essence, the map pretty much has mostly additions and one subtraction I could note. For example, the Sky-high factor was subtracted in this version, and instead of falling to your death, you fall into a lower area with large pipes that slow eats away at your health until you get out. Should you find it, an elevator goes from there to a building with the glass doors in the previous one. This building has been renovated as well, the elevator you would have taken being the only functional one. The main addition was a new building. You\'re presented with a magnificent revolving glass door and a marble lobby. Quite magnificent. Going up the \'vator, one can then explore the new interesting interiors and MAKE MERRY =_=. Another small addition was a large catwalk that can be used for multiple purpose. Nothing too useful here other than a sniper and a glass platform. Other than that, it\'s almost like the previous versions, but with an atmosphere change(skybox, music, etc.) applied to it. Personally, however, I believe said change was for the better. I personally suggest you initiate Project Take A Look Around And See If You Could Use It. =_,= GIVE ME BANDWIDTH OR I GIVE YOU DEATH =_= Man, I love twisting and destroying historical quotes.. New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Eathdor | 22.92 MB

personifies who I am and what I stand for, I hope that every player that steps onto this digital realm can appreciate the beauty and serenity provided by this digital environment.[/quote] O_o apparently he lives in Old Japan and is personified by mixing Star Wars into it. ._. Oh well, guess it\'s no better than a necromancer prancing about, dragging corpses around and doing nefarious things of nefarity. If my previous tirade did not clue you in, I was, of course, referring to the map\'s oriental architecture. Case in point, the exteriors are nothing short of amazing. Apparently, he was not kidding when he said he poured his heart and soul out. The exteriors are definitely almost exactly like a really sexy Japanese exterior @_@;. There are basic RP areas, the bar area being a wonderful area, as it somehow reminded me of Kill Bill\'s House of Blue Leaves. Don\'t ask me why =_O. There are a number of areas in the palace and what not. There is a medical area, some small apartments, and a grasslands area somewhere outside the village area. Most disappointing had to be the pagodas. While the pagoda\'s structure itself was enticingly beautiful, I believe he could have used more of the pagoda\'s upper floors for more apartments. Case in point, only the first floor was usable. Just seems like a shame to waste all that space =_=. The Palace felt slightly empty with all those duel arenas around, and didn\'t have quite an RP quality to them. The medical and weapon areas didn\'t feel too shop-like, I suppose. Last concern had to be the random Ebon Hawk parked in the middle of the village O_o; what, pray tell, was the deal with that? Oh well, I daresay I will not find out any time soon =_=. Overall, I could say it could be good for a basic average RP. Otherwise, I would use it for malevolence and dominate it within a week. I have spoken my piece, NOW YOU MUST SUBMIT BANDWIDTH OR ELSE WRITHE IN A PIT OF ACID. New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




Valley of the Dark Lords | 2.07 MB

portay a section of the Valley of the Dark Lords. While architecturally good, the textures on certain buildings doesn\'t seem to match Korriban\'s choice of building materials. One looked like it was made out of pure rock, giving it a look of some other civilization whose name I can\'t put my finger on...I want to say it looks like Adobe but I\'m not sure if that was it =_o. While you wander in the map, it gives you sort of a Korriban feeling. It feels pretty solid. The only problem I would have had with it had to be that it wasn\'t very detailed in terms of areas and places you could go. Definitely built for those interested in fighting in such a setting. BALLISTIZE BANDWIDTH =_= or be cast into the Moonchild Domain. New Textures: Aye New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




MoD - Clanmapv1 | 8.81 MB

it's a Duergar Helm from Neverwinter Nights, one I used for my Dread Knight division back in the olden days =_=. Case in point, the entire atmosphere said to me:"Techno Dark Jedi Mystics." There wasn't much of a Sith feeling to it, minus the fact that it had lava. (Because all Sith must have lava.) There was a lot of wiring and technological texturing, with a hint of ancient korriban-ish texturing, but the latter was almost diluted entirely. Content-wise, there were a number of typical clan areas, mostly consisting of dueling areas and what not. Some were more original than others. A council room was included so that they may worship Aver-- debate key issues whilst sitting in thrones over lava. There was a prison in which bad children may be thrown in and beaten by the Krampus. Otherwise, there's nothing special to note other than the atmosphere, which I've already done, so you lose =_=. SUBMIT BANDWIDTH AS YOU PLEASE New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Silent Hill | 75.62 MB

one of my favorite game series. The first thing that I noticed when I downloaded it to my computer was it\'s size. The filesize is huge. Here I was, thinking that it was because the map would be huge. Sadly, it is not as large as I had though, and the cause for the size is the music file, which is 10+/- songs from the Silent Hill series put into one file. So I load this map up, and take a look around. I found myself disappointed with much of it. It was very blocky, and some areas seemed to have proportion issues. It did, though, have many areas from all throughout the series, such as parts of the school from the first game, the final boss area of the second, and the hospital of the third. Errr... I think it was the hospital... And the third game... I don\'t remember... XD The various areas run through eachother, suddenly changing. It was as if someone took a ton of rooms and connected them together like Legos or something. A lot of the areas looked like normal buildings, and did not quite give off that Silent Hill feel that I was hoping for. Even the \'hellish\' areas lacked the proper feeling for me. At least it was foggy! But, unfortunately, that fog seemed to slow my framerate more than anything. So what were the main things I think needed improvement? Well, as I said before, it is quite blocky. That needs to be fixed, along with the proportions. Some of the walls weren\'t quite connected in certain places as well, but I can\'t quite remember where they were, since I was lost most of the time I was in the map. There also seemed to be a lack of props in the map, as well. Some dangers in the map like a trap of some sort could help out too. Sometimes they can amplify the mood greatly. The hellish areas need work. For example, the SH3 hospital area... If I remember correctly, in the original game, the wall textures were moving, glowing. While you might not be able to achieve that same effect in this game, you could do more than make it look like a wall with some unidentifiable substance splattered all over it. The last major thing that I thought about was how to get around... Sometimes, once I went through a door that teleported me to another area, it was a pain finding my way back to that area. Either there needs to be more ways back, a different layout, or even a map will do. Something needs to be done about that though, I thought. All in all, this isn\'t the worst map I have ever seen, but it could use a lot of work. And, if it gets that, I can see this becoming a popular map. Well, I know that it will with me, with improvements. Give it a download if you like the sound of it. Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Game Modes: ffa, team ffa




Mos Eisley Backstreets - Night | 27.58 MB

different feel to it. I won\'t cover the same points I mentioned in the review for the day version, so I recommend reading that review as well to get a real feel for what the map contains. Lighting wasn\'t as important to mention with the day-time version, but here the lighting will either make or break the map. Made! Lighting here is great and really sets the mood, along with the much softer, slower-paced, and most importantly [i]peaceful[/i] music. It\'s easy to tell right away that just because it\'s night time doesn\'t mean the map\'s going to be pitch black. With three moons, a lot of moonlight is thrown across the map, and the combination between darker shadows from buildings and brighter light from the random lights near the building doors really provides good contrast and keeps things looking very realistic. Along with the night version of the map, a new skybox was needed. I\'m a little on the edge on this skybox -- I know Nozyspy worked pretty hard on it, and I gave him advice along the way to improve it which, if I remember correctly, he implemented -- but I think the engine has really failed us here. The whole idea of the skybox is to avoid that very static [i]walled[/i] feeling you\'d get if you just put sky textures on the sides of your map. Despite Nozy\'s best intentions, the three moons unfortunately get warped (stretched or thinned) depending on how you\'re looking. I don\'t really blame that one on him, though, and it hasn\'t reduced my enjoyment of the map significantly in any way. Overall a wonderful variation on the orginal map -- more maps should provide such added bonuses! If you like this one, definitely make sure to take a look at the [file=\"82444\"]day-time version of the Mos Eisley Backstreets[/file]. [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Textures[b]: Yes [b]New Sounds[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No [b]Game Modes[/b]: ffa, team ffa ~Inyri




Mos Eisley Backstreets - Day | 32.06 MB

Star Wars game features a Tatooine area, from Knights of the Old Republic to Force Commander to Battlefront. It's the epitome of Star Wars locales. This is probably why every serious mapper has done (or at least attempted) a Tatooine map. Whether it be Anchorhead, Mos Espa, or Mos Eisley, they come in waves of Jawa-y goodness. Oh sorry, no Jawas in this map. Scratch that. This is Mos Eisley, and boy is it a treat. The emphasis of this map, architecturally, is most certainly curves. Everything contains curves, from the buildings themselves to the draped overhangs on the mango stalls. And if I see another mango... Ahem. Anyway... The architecture here is beautiful, by far dwarfing anything the Raven development team put together. Although many JA mappers have shown that dwarfing Raven is not a difficult thing to do. =p My favorite location here is probably the junkyard, just because it's so awesome. It's got a very realistic feel about it, not to mention the sheer amount of [i]junk[/i] in it is bound to make for some great combat. Don't trip! My next favorite location is the cantina, which very tastefully (and amusingly) uses screenshots of JA swoops as well as KotOR swoop racing to give it a very sports bar feel. The furniture in there is also to die for -- very realistic! Some great brushwork here where many might resort to map objects. I could go on for hours about this map, but I have to save some stuff for [file="82445"]the night time version[/file]. Yeah, you heard me... Make sure and check that one out too! [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Sounds[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No [b]Game Modes[/b]: ffa, team ffa ~Inyri




Hexes Ghetto 2 JK3 | 41.5 MB

still has an awesome feel and it was fun exploring the new rooms. Here's my original review: [quote]Generally when I open up a mod or a map and take a look at it in JA, I always manage to find something that the map or mod reminds me of. In this case, that opening scene of the film "Blade Runner" with the noodle bar man and Harrison Ford. Maybe a little bit of Tokyo in here as well, crossed with a bit of Coruscant....ANYWHO, the review! Ive chosen to re-review this from the previous review of the JK2 version, mainly because I have quite a lot to say about this map. I really like some of the features, lots of nice pretty lights, moving screens, gives it that Coruscant/Blade Runner feel which I really do take interest in. Definitely the main city is my favourite part of the map. The snipe wars and throwing people off that top balcony...I could have such a blast, and I'm sure you will to. The main area leads you off to several different places of the map, each for a different purpose I presume. Many areas for holding duels in, and the architecture is top quality in almost every place of the map. The textures give this map a really nice feel as well, the variation is great and the quality is also good. All the rooms are decent sizes, and have a unique look and feel about them. Again perfect for mass FFA and merc wars, but I could also see some very nice RP's happening here as well. That's what I like about the map, it has the potential to be used for other activities such as RP, and is not limited to one type of fun. A suggestion for a V2 though, put a bar outside, then I can recreate that "Blade Runner" scene Roll Eyes (sarcastic). One thing that really put me off though, was the choice of music. Now I'm more of a Metal head/old school rock fan, so techno Star Wars isn't really my thing, but hey, I'm sure others will like it. I don't think there's any difference between the JK2 version and this one, I checked the screenshots of the JK2 version and I'm pretty sure its the same map. Author states there's seven secrets all together, so lots of time for exploring! I like this map, I suggest giving this a download if your a futuristic/Star Wars/Blade Runner fan, you wont be disappointed. -|Sho'Hen|-[/quote] Whats new in this version? well Hexes has added a load more things to check out room wise. There's a maze, a pit lava duel room and other new rooms for exploration. As far as I could tell, all the new places are secrets. I no-clipped the map to find them so I cant point you in the right direction I'm afraid!:D A couple of original rooms now have npc support in them so you can spawn until your heart is content. If you liked the first version, you'll love this one! Give it a download! -|Jorka Sho'Hen|-




Alzoc 3 Spaceport | 7.46 MB

thick. guessed it already, didn't you? *sighs* v_v oh well, I tried. There are a few notable areas in this medium-sized spaceport. There are two ships, one of which you can enter, although the interior's not that large. There was a small tavern area with which to hang about in. The outside area of that has one swoop, and no space to ride it in. Not sure what the intent was there. Overall, I wouldn't say it'd be good for RP, but I suppose it could make some interesting gun fights. THINK YOU CAN USE IT?! SUBMIT BANDWIDTH WITH THE FORCE OF 100 OXEN divided by 25 oxen, minus 3 oxen, then add half an ox. New Textures: Aye New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Sniper War | 4.69 MB

two opposite towers, and a lake with an X-wing landing pad. There are multiple weapon placements, along with a couple stationary turrets with which to SHATTER YOUR OPPONENTS BRAINS WITH DUAL BLASTING MALEVOLENCE. Quite a decent map for its intended purpose. The only possible thing I would note would be the rather repetitive water texture. Not the best in the world, but other than that, no complaints. Lighting was good enough, and I did not have much difficulty maneuvering around. THOSE WHO NEED A SCOPE MUST SUBMIT BANDWIDTH. (I know I do XD) New Textures: Aye New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Hexes Ghetto JK3 | 31.48 MB

with the noodle bar man and Harrison Ford. Maybe a little bit of Tokyo in here as well, crossed with a bit of Coruscant....ANYWHO, the review! Ive chosen to re-review this from the previous review of the JK2 version, mainly because I have quite a lot to say about this map. I really like some of the features, lots of nice pretty lights, moving screens, gives it that Coruscant/Blade Runner feel which I really do take interest in. Definitely the main city is my favourite part of the map. The snipe wars and throwing people off that top balcony...I could have such a blast, and I'm sure you will to. The main area leads you off to several different places of the map, each for a different purpose I presume. Many areas for holding duels in, and the architecture is top quality in almost every place of the map. The textures give this map a really nice feel as well, the variation is great and the quality is also good. All the rooms are decent sizes, and have a unique look and feel about them. Again perfect for mass FFA and merc wars, but I could also see some very nice RP's happening here as well. That's what I like about the map, it has the potential to be used for other activities such as RP, and is not limited to one type of fun. A suggestion for a V2 though, put a bar outside, then I can recreate that "Blade Runner" scene :rolleyes:. One thing that really put me off though, was the choice of music. Now I'm more of a Metal head/old school rock fan, so techno Star Wars isn't really my thing, but hey, I'm sure others will like it. I don't think there's any difference between the JK2 version and this one, I checked the screenshots of the JK2 version and I'm pretty sure its the same map. Author states there's seven secrets all together, so lots of time for exploring! I like this map, I suggest giving this a download if your a futuristic/Star Wars/Blade Runner fan, you wont be disappointed. -|Sho'Hen|- [b]Bot Support:[/b] Indeed [b]New Textures:[/b] Indeed [b]New Music:[/b] Indeed [b]New Models:[/b] Indeed (JK2 models) [b]Game types:[/b] FFA, Team FFA Hexes_Ghetto_JK3_Video.wmv




Hoth Hangar | 2.87 MB

Hoth base, perhaps a representation of the Empire Strikes Back base. The map is relatively medium sized, but the biggest problem seems to be the framerate. Throughout the map, I was kept at a constant 14-30 FPS, and I have a pretty good system, despite its age.The music doesn\'t work, so I suppose he didn\'t include it in the pk3 I suppose. Kind of boring with a silent map, as there isn\'t much ambience sound. Looking past all that, however, it was a pretty nice map, architecturally and lightly speaking =_=. My suggestion is definitely to fix the FPS and sounds. Clear that up, and I\'d say you\'d have a pretty nice map New Textures: Nay New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




boonville | 7.46 MB

three-year-old and MS Paint, layout is extremely standard with no interesting features to remark on. It\'s just your simple run-around-and-shoot-stuff map. What you see is exactly what you get. For your own mental health, not to mention your ability to actually play the game without cringing, I suggest muting the in-game music and using a killtracker or Winamp. The less we say about [i][b]that[/b][/i], the better. Suffice to say I needed to take a dose of my meds to repair my brain in the aftermath of listening to [i][b]that[/b][/i] for twenty-five minutes of botmatch. Anyway, basic map, what you see is what you get. Good FPS because there\'s little if anything to reduce the FPS. Clean gameplay that doesn\'t require any particular tactics. I think you can decide whether or not you want to download this all on your own without any recommendations from me. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Routing:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Audio:[/b] That\'s [i]one[/i] way of putting it.... [b]Custom Textures:[/b] Er, yeah. [b]Custom Models:[/b] Heck no.




Jedi Power Battles Level 1 | 2.68 MB

fruitless attempt to... oh wait, I\'m supposed to be reviewing the map. Right. So this map is a free-for-all map that recreates a part of the first level from Jedi Power Battles. Design-wise it does a very good job, as I easily recognize it. Map-wise it needs a little help in a few areas, particularly lighting, but it\'s rather passable. My first complaint, just after looking at the screenshots, was that almost none of the lights in this map have any sources. Just because your source game came from an older console does not give you an excuse to make lights with no sources! When \'upgrading\' an original source area, it\'s okay -- no, [i]imperative[/i] -- to make certain adjustments for a realistic feel. Blobs of light without sources simply makes the map feel... weird. I was also a little disappointed that the conveyor is now simply a raised pathway. I was looking forward to being transported down a long conveyor and having to jump over the gaps (which, by the way, are not here in this map). Minus two accuracy points. I was also a little disappointed at the lack of interactivity. JPB fans will remember how you could get extra points for destroying all the consoles and things. No such luck here. Bummer. Let\'s stop being so nit-picky, shall we? I think, despite the errors, it\'s a great replica map that really gives that JPB feel. That\'s not to say I don\'t think there should be a version two that fixes all the things I mentioned (and everything I invariably missed that our commenters will not shy away from describing), but as it is now I would [i]certainly[/i] say it\'s worth a download. Break out the Qui-gon and Obi-wan skins and give it a whirl. It won\'t be a disappointment. [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




War On Sanity Castle | 291.21 KB

is blocky, there is no lighting, there are missing textures, and the map is wrapped in a square skybox (and you can fall off the map into the void... so don\'t fall). Texturing is pretty repetitive, using Yavin textures as many starter maps tend to. Some of the high points of this map include plenty of room to fight, some interactive content (jail, anybody?), and some social areas like a meeting room and an office. Of course the textures in this areas are partially missing, so they lose the luster. Hopefully that will be fixed at some point. No bot support or levelshot. Also no music. [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




Imperial Facility | 227.5 KB

include the textures... so be ready for some missing textures if you don\'t have that map already in your base folder. The map itself is very typical for a first-time map, and since I keep my base folder relatively clean when I test mods I\'m missing a lot of the details that people who do have that Jedi\'s Home map will be seeing, so you may have to play it yourself for the full idea of what it looks like. The architecture is very boxy, as most first-time maps are. There are a couple of more advanced pieces of brushwork here and there, but on the whole the map is very empty, has very little texture variation, and shows some very typical bugs (such as some of the doors not matching up 100% to the door openings, leaving obvious pieces of the next room peeking through around the edges). The map is of medium size, with a few isolated pickups, a couple of NPCs, and some very long corridors. It doesn\'t necessarily seem to provide strong gameplay, as those long corridors I mentioned are a bit cramped, and one of them is a bit [i]too[/i] long in my opinion. There are more than a couple of rooms, though, and the ceilings seem to be plenty high, which is a good thing. The map certainly shows a lot of potential. For next time, look into adding bot support. And make sure when you use custom textures to include them with your map... or at least provide a link to the original map so others can get those textures! [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: Borrowed, not included [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




Tatooine Nights | 42.51 MB

on. It was a simple reason, to be honest. To start from the beginning, the author\'s mission was to simply recreate a Tatooine space port district at night. There\'s just one part that was added that most mappers don\'t add: Ambient NPCs. It was quite impressive to watch the stormtrooper patrol along the perimeter, until they started shooting at me. Then I had to unleash the power of my Scythe =_O+ So, in terms of role-play ability, I would say this map is pretty set for it, at least for a decent scene. Our district contains: - A cantina(complete with bandstand) - A speeder dealership(with some interesting goods =_,=) - A droid dealership(run by Jawas. Owned by me,although no one knows that =_,=) - A barracks/storage warehouse of sorts.(Filled with stormtroopers) - A huttese merc base(you can tell its owned by a hutt given the large platform used to accompany their blubber) - A landing pad Afterall, what\'s a space port without the landing zone? =_= In general, I would say this map will show up soon on role-play servers, methinks. There\'s no reason not to have it, to be honest. I think the only major drawback would be that the stormtroopers and dark jedi would need to be killed off initially due to hostile intent. That, and you can\'t silence the music. That angers Averus greatly =_=. However, the only track that would be of any irritation would be the one in the hutt base. However, that\'s merely me. Overall, a wonderful map. Good for exploring, fighting, and role-playing. Now that\'s a pretty good combo =_,= SUBMIT YOUR BANDWIDTH OR RISK THE WRATH OF HAVING A HUTT DROPPED ON YOU =_=+ New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye(ish) Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




Jedi Temple | 22.95 MB

areas portrayed in this map simply weren\'t shown in detail. Most of this is either an educated guess or an artistic liberty, portraying a version of the temple the author likely visualized using confirmed details as starting points. To put it simply: the whole thing strikes me as a kind of improvised dealio. With that said, though, the map is still a jolly good, epic little hangout. It has all the features one would expect. Hangar, council chamber, grand hall, another grand hall (this one with a skylight), a medical room, the archives, a briefing room, and one hell of a lot of bloody passageways. Everything has been properly textured and shadered, however unlike it\'s most recent rival in the high-end mapping scene (The Enclave), very few base resources have been used here. Dynamic glow has been utilised for good effect in shader lighting, which is a nice touch. Possibly the thing which impressed me most, however, is the skybox. They\'re certainly not easy things to create, I assure you. Every minor detail seems to have been covered, including the Gunships in the hangar (you can even sit inside them!) and the lights on the walls. I\'m also glad to report that there are no visible errors for me to draw attention to. However, there is a lot of wasted space. The map is far bigger than it needs to be, and it\'s just so empty. This will cause problems for those with low-end rigs. My GeForce FX5200 was pushed to the limit, and in benchmarks this card even held it\'s own against a GeForce 7600GS. God only knows what you\'re letting yourself in for if your computer uses any GeForce older than mine, or any pre-2005 Radeon card. Your FPS [b]will[/b] die in quiet a few places due to the size and emptiness. Low-performance systems with low vid settings will also encounter the Hall Of Mirrors effect. The map may not have any errors, but expect some hardware homicide. Either way, what we have here is a finely-crafted, epic map which is a pretty decent representation of what the full Jedi Temple may well have looked like. Wander around, marvel at it\'s size and architecture, etc etc. Just don\'t expect it to run as fast as, say, Jedi Council GCX or Academy v2. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Routing:[/b] No [b]Custom Textures:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Music:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Models:[/b] Yes




The Enclave | 13.84 MB

where's my spell book...? Here, now lessee, we got conjuration, abjuration, mysticism, ah... Here we are... Domestication spells. A quick cast of Summon Floor-Mopping Imp should deal with this. Now, please stop drooling on my shiny floor. I'd rather not give a guided tour of this one, since there's far too much to mention. I will, however, include screenshots of each and every seperate room/area (I count 16), and I'll give you the basic run-down here. The rooms included range from the standard duel rooms, to a few battlegrounds and training rooms. There's also a social club area for those who want to take a break from the fighting, the obligatory NPC training room with four Mon Mothmas for target practice or a sentry drone for deflect training, jump training/racing, tournament arena, council chamber, and various other rooms I can't discern the intended nature of. The weirdest ones by far are the rooms made from pure white/black. Be careful if you fight in the white room, because you won't be able to see yours or your opponents sabers. The first impression this map struck me with, was one of semi-awe due to the seemingly epic scale. It's really not as big as one would think, but due to the design it looks and feels like a truly massive, ancient building. The individual elements add to the feeling of granduer, with intricate patterning and designs spread around. The architecture is extremely well-made down to the last detail, indicating a level of craftsmanship I've never seen unleashed upon a Q3 engine game before. Effects and map objects are used to great effect to complement it. The quality in this map is almost flawless in all technical aspects. That's the kind of dedication I rarely see from a mapper. Usually there's some telltale sign of either laziness or negligence on the developer's part, but not here. Quite a pleasant surprise, actually. Doubly so, considering this is a clan map. >_> An in-depth analysis is what I'd planned to do, but one picture can speak a thousand words, so I'll just upload all 16 screenshots and let you see for yourselves. Naturally I didn't bother screenshotting the white and black rooms - if you can't imagine what those look like, then it's time for a crash course in lateral thinking. :p ~ Kouen [b]Bot Routing:[/b] No [b]Custom Textures:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Models:[/b] No [b]Custom Sound:[/b] Yes




Naboo Lake Retreat | 24.71 MB

place has a number of floors. The whole retreat contains a bar, bathroom, bedroom, hot tub, pool, and a duel area of sorts. The RPability of this map is decent. It also makes interesting battles and eye candy. Death, doom, and, in fact, gloom. My only wish is that there were more rooms for RPability. Otherwise, GOOD FOR AVERUS =_= BANDWIDTH *points to you* GIVE ME THAT WHICH IS BANDWIDTH. New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




GdF Coliseo | 3.09 MB

doesn\'t really disappoint in the sense that it delivers what it promises. Anyone remember Rome Arena? Well, this map is quite possibly a scaled-down Rome Arena - which is good, since that particular map could cause major FPS drops on lower-end machines - with similar features, and is more of a circular shape. The areas follow the same principles. An arena in the middle for combat, a room for the combatants to wait in until it\'s their turn, rows around the arena for seating, and a few controls to manipulate the arena itself. The controls are essentially what one would expect. The first, left-most button does... something. OK, I admit, I have no idea what it\'s supposed to do since the command is written in Spanish, but whatever it is, it doesn\'t seem to do it anyway. :( The second button closes a grill over the entrance room, preventing arena access - however, players can still access the spectator seating by touching the red teleporters. The third button is supposed to raise pillars, but again, nothing happened when I hit it. The fourth button raises platforms - but again, the same situation occured as with the third button. The fifth button, which did work, lowered the arena floor into a pool of lava covering the entire arena diameter. Aside from the fact that three of the function buttons don\'t work, I found a few missing textures, some z-fighting, the \"TV screens\" aren\'t configured properly and have vis problems, and some improper texture usage and alignment occured. If those problems were fixed, and other things such as bot routes and some nice coliseum-y music added (as well as a different theme - Bespin just doesn\'t work), I have no doubt that this map would see use on a decent amount of servers. Even like this, it still might, but if you do choose to use it, just know that you\'re getting what is essentially a beta version. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Routing:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No [b]Custom Audio:[/b] No




OUTIN | 1.55 MB

there too. Along with all of the above, it contains some of the less exciting characteristics of clan maps, mainly lack of lighting, repeating (and unvaried use of) textures, and very blocky architecture. Because in most rooms the walls, ceiling, and floor all use the same texture, and there is no real lighting in this map, it's sometimes hard to figure out where you are and where you're going. Personally I think this map needs a little more direction and cohesion. It seems like a conglomeration of rooms at the moment rather than a single map. Some kind of theme (beyond OMG DIE IN 80 DIFFERENT WAYS!) would really help tie this map together. That, and maybe some more aesthetic texturing. And some nice lighting. :) Oh, a working arena file would also help things tremendously. Remember -- you have to change the actual file extension! [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Models[b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




World 1-1 | 5.61 MB

friends work hard to stop Mario there =_,= except that idiot who likes to play peek-a-boo >_>+ Well,basically this map is a huge, long rectangle, as would be expected in a 2D-turned-3D map. The map is littered with a number of the old fashioned blocks. Touch any of them, and they disappear 1 second later, regardless if you attacked or not. Shooting them with DEMP2 or Pistol(or melee) does nothing. There is one token pit, and then the flag with the castle next to it. Going in the castle, you are returned to the start. Texture-wise, it looks relatively accurate. My only suggestion is fixing that hill's eyes. He looks retarded. Honestly, that's the first thing I thought. Other than that, I would suggest maybe making the borders blend in a little more. That, and fix your music. I saw you had some, but it didn't work. Oh, and perhaps it would be wise not to cram useless pictures in your file. It takes up meaningless space. MARIO JUNKIES SLAM YOUR HEADS UNDER THE BANDWIDTH BLOCK TO GET THIS FILE. =_= If not, then you can just perform the action described in words 3 through 5 in my previous sentence. New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye(Not functional) Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




KOA Clan Map | 6.17 MB

made from a minotaur, and I adorn myself in my battle robes=- This map is rather small, and very empty. The lighting is very very poor, and you can barely see a thing. However, since this is a WIP, I will take an objective stance and list out some suggestions to improve this map: - Lighting: Upgrade the lighting exponentially - Furnish some areas: Whether it be for role-play, or simply hanging out reasons, Furnishing an area can add to the overall realism and atmosphere of a map. After all, this map is to be your clan's home. Shouldn't it feel like one? - See if you can make the fountain statue spout streams move - Destroy planets - I accidentally discovered that your water on the bridge is not quite all the way there. I would suggest planting a bottom, removing that death trigger, and then perhaps ousting those invisible walls. It would make the map feel less constricting. - Make your "skybox" an actual skybox. What you have there is rather ill-looking That's all I can think of right now. Take or leave those suggestions as you wish, for it is your map, not mine. I shall look forward to see what the Knights of Apocalypse will have in store for version 2. Man, that's an awesome name..even the acronym seems to seem intimidating...=_,= New Textures: Aye New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Dragon Riders Training Academy On Yavin | 20.74 MB

and repackaging your file with its original content. This map is strictly utilitarian, so it is not expected to be utterly pretty. However, I would have hoped for a little better lighting structure, perhaps. This map is a series of about 5 areas: 2 arena/sitting areas, 1 council, and 2 hallways. Most of these areas are littered with pictures of Dragon-affiliated pictures. There a few NPCs littered about in two of the areas, and there are a couple gun placements. That\'s about it. No secret areas that I found. Music\'s just typical John Williams crap. I will say that this map loaded very fast, so it fulfills its utilitarian purpose for training. THROW BANDWIDTH INTO THE TEMPLE\'S MOUTH =_= New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Coruscant Stacked | 3.13 MB

One Coruscant, the other Quake. This map is an enclosed part of a building overlooking Coruscant. My first thought once I got in was that it was a pretty cool map, though the textures were a bit lacking in detail. They appeared to be just flat colors. However, the map\'s structure makes up for that in my mind. You\'d prolly be moving too much in a true FFA to even really notice, anyway. There are multiple floors in this map, most of which are rather small and curvy, broken by either a ramp leading up to the next floor, a little jumppad to knock you up, down, or across, or a teleporter that brings you to another area of the map. This map works nicely with saber duels or FFAs, but is much better for small to medium sized gun FFAs. There are plenty of places to run to, but enough empty spaces to make it a challenge getting from place to place with enemies about. It does fit a sort of Quake-ish theme, with it being a small map, yet with many areas to run to. I\'m rather certain that there was something else that I was going to mention, but I have now forgotten. Ah well, no matter. Though I would like to see some better textures in a new version of this, and perhaps some more areas to explore, this map is adequate for my slightly high standards for maps. Give it a download if you feel the same. Bot Support: Nope New Textures: Yep New Models: Nope New Music: Nope




Space Bound Sanctuary | 16.13 MB

quality. Not to say there isn't, just that it would have to be a very mild RP. Regardless, the map consists of a series of areas on what one would assume is sort of a space vessel. Sadly, you cannot exit outside, but nevertheless, you still have a number of areas to battle in. The lighting is varied throughout the ship, so keep your eyes focused =_= lest something handicapped happen. The whole style of the ship seems reminiscent of Jedi's home because he used some of the textures from his previous map. Oh yes, the RP areas, as I mentioned, would have to be just the cockpit/bridge and the prison. Otherwise, a bit dry for RP. There are a number of secret areas for you treasure hunters to find. I've found only one that I can easily access. Perhaps the rest of you can find the rest =_,=. EAT FILE. NOW. DOOM. BLOOD. GORE. Must I go on? =_= New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




Sacred Forest | 5 MB

Saria, and again to enter the Forest Temple. In terms of accuracy, it\'s pretty decent. Texturewise, I\'d say about the same. It definitely reminds me of the intended area. I think my only qualm would lie in the hollowed out pass. It looks like it was made out of raisin cookies O_o. At least, that\'s the impression I\'m getting. Overall, there are textures packaged for this for future maps. I shall await them and see what else is in store. BANDWIDTH IF YOU DEMAND LOZ =_= New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




Jedi's School | 751.45 KB

thats all". But, of all the reasons to release a map before it's ready... well, let's just say that's the most "unique" reason I've ever heard, and I don't mean "unique" in a particularly positive way, but more in a "Er... OK..." way. Now, reserving names is all well and good - if you're playing an MMORPG, that is. With a map, there's really no such thing as "name reservation", so really this release is pretty much pointless. It really shouldn't have been released until it was ready. That's just the way it is. Anyway, what does this map consist of, you ask? A room containing a glass box, with two goals inside and a bunch of seats. Two buttons are also near the glass box, however they do nothing. There's a few hallways, one leading outside and another leading to a room which is for... something. Outside, there's just some flat green that drops off into the Bespin skybox. That's it. Now, I'm not going to bother giving any judgement, because due to the unfinished nature of this map it would be a pretty dirty tactic. However, I will offer the author some advice: - Ditch the skybox. The Bespin skybox is good for nothing but Bespin, and therefore no one should be using it in any custom map, unless it's Bespin-themed. Even then, they shouldn't use it and should opt for custom, because Raven's Bespin skybox is utterly [i]terrible[/i]. - Disguise the edge of the map. Just having land mysteriously end is never a good thing, and it detracts from your map's appeal. Cover it up with walls, terrain, trees, whatever - but your map will look a lot better if you disguise it. - Architecture. Use some. Boxes are all well and good, but they don't really give your map any edge over.... well.... anything. If people wanted to run around a box, then I daresay they'd play DooM. Learning how to create architecture will improve your map by endless bounds - the Quake 3 engine, as primitive and outdated as it is, is still capable of rendering more than just boxes - utilise the engine's capabilities, and you'll find that not only do the results of your modding improve drastically, but you'll also have a lot more fun in the process. - Gameplay. As pretty as you want your map to look, [i]never[/i] compromise gameplay. A map that isn't much good for actual gameplay is a bad map. Yeah, sure, it can probably be used by RP groups, but they shouldn't even be on an FPS if they want to roleplay since it's an entirely different platform and they're just depriving themselves of a satisfying game experience. Jedi Academy is a first-person shooter/platformer hybrid, and even when not played as those types of games, it still follows similar gameflow dynamic. If you want to get anywhere in the mapping world, learn to not only make your maps look good but also play good. People don't play games to walk around a 3D art gallery, after all. Well, my judgement is reserved. My biggest piece of advice to the author is to finish something before you release it. This doesn't even qualify as a BETA version. I'll be happy to pass some fair judgement on your map once it's finished, but until then... keep at it. ~ Kouen




Hell Fort | 789.63 KB

of Unreal, or specifically that CTF sniper-war map. As I wandered around, I was pleased to decide that there were no misaligned, stretched, or missing textures to burn my eyes. I noticed that the texture in the throne room was a tad too large and you could see some pixelation, but that's really not that big of a deal. A nice little bonus was the fact that you can toggle a drawbridge, and two gates in the map, a small but pleasant addition. There were some minor issues I did find with the map, which the author might want to look into fixing. The one that bugged me the most was the skybox, it's completely black at the bottom, taking away from the mood of the map, also while implementing the falling\fadeout effect works fine from the players perspective (it could use a little adjustment) what wasn't taken into consideration was that when an enemy falls, he seems to idly stand on a black floor for a couple second, and then collapse dead. Quite an amusing sight I must admit. Another thing that bugged me a bit was that two elevators in the towers have missing sounds, nothing big but worth fixing. Overall a very good map for a first, and with some fixing and modifying can be a good arena for a FFA match, or if the author takes some time with it, an excellent Siege map. Gameplay Modes: FFA, TFFA, Bot Support: No, Music: No, ~Metall Pingwin




City in Teh Sky | 2.51 MB

\'official\' release. This map, however, is hardly playable. It is almost completely untextured, although all architecture is present. I\'m not even going to bother critiquing it though since without textures it\'s next to impossible to determine what\'s what. A map like this is going to be next to impossible to navigate, and difficult to tell what\'s supposed to be what, so I\'m not sure what the author expects to gain by such an early beta. My advice would be to sit down, finish texturing it, and [i]then[/i] release your beta. [i]This[/i] kind of beta is basically useless. To everyone. [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




Arrevanous 7

am_arrevanous7.rar | 14.95 MB

go against my word will result in death. The location was said to have been molded from the author\'s dreams. Dreams can mold strange things, and some of these products can be very impressive. In this case, there is no exception. The landscape portrays an old and mystical land, adorned with ruins that whisper secrets of past times and a wayshrine situated in a large pool of water. Within this shrine lies a crystal and three stone slabs adorned with runes that I believe are of elven origin. I don\'t like reading elven, mainly because it involves tributes to pathetic deities and how the trees are angry at them. Idiotic elves, I hope a good number of them get the plague.. Overall, the architecture was splendid, albeit I did not quite discover the purpose of the random button in the midst of one circular ruin. Perhaps you all may find that out yourselves. My care is minimal. I believe the thing that would make this map better is the use of custom music. Otherwise, I\'ve nothing much else to roar at. Gaze at the screenshots before you; DO YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE?? DO YOU? IF SO, THEN CURL UP INTO THE FETAL POSITION AND SQUEAL LIKE A LITTLE GIRL, THEN SUBMIT BANDWIDTH. IF YOU DON\'T...well can just ignore those instructions then, can\'t you? WRONG, BECAUSE YOU ARE FORCED TO DOWNLOAD IT! You will never leave this page alive unless you do =_,= SUBMIT BANDWIDTH IMMEDIATELY OR PERISH LIKE AGE-ED CHEESEFOOD. *awaits the mass of squealing fetal people so that he can laugh heartily as he always does* New Textures: Yes New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Maaaaybe =_= Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Calc\'s Space Walk | 843.71 KB

accidentally fall off just by walking (I\'d rather spend my time playing than worrying intensely about how close I am to the edge). Some larger platforms would also help, and I find in this map there are precious few of them. This map functions somewhat as a maze, as the walkways overlap on several levels. There is also a platform that descends from the top level to the bottom level, although it seems to make no sound which always bugs me. The map is also texturally bare, using only a couple textures throughout. If you\'re looking for a stunning visual wonder, this isn\'t it, just due to this particular reason. One other qualm I had with the map is that all the weapon pickups seem to be clustered all in a couple of areas. This seems to me like it would make gameplay unbalanced (whoever got to the platform first would have a tremendous advantage). Spacing the pickups out across the map, since it is quite expansive, would balance things a little more, I think. Also I really can\'t stand musicless maps. I know a lot of people use their own music, but tasteful music really enhances the mood of a map, and those particular people can simply turn it off... The rest of us would like some fitting background music, though! [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




Makermod Paradise | 1.78 MB

to say about it. There's space... lots of it. At first i decided to traverse the open desert on my handy (for unexplained reason) textureless swoop, but after about a minute of seemingly going nowhere i just noclipped. And let me tell you... the author was right about it's size. The map is huge, and surprisingly there was absolutely no lag for me. I don't know if i can credit that to my new machine or if it's just a very well designed map. The only problem i could find, was that as the author mentioned, the map won't appear in your selection menu, so you will have to type "/devmap makerparav1" in order to actually play it. ~ Metall Pingwin New textures: Yes(?) Bot support: No Music: No




Final Fantasy: The End of Time | 15.43 MB

here. >_> OK, the basic concept of this map is a ruined post-cataclysm city. There\'s a few busted-up buildings, some rubble, and a lot of fires. Yes, the layout really is that simple. It\'s big, though. Big enough to comfortably fit a Z-95 in, provided you can handle very tight cornering. Several elements caught my attention, but mostly for the wrong reasons. As soon as I entered the map, I was smacked with a horribly low FPS despite having a brand new high-end Radeon. Didn\'t take me long to find out why, since evidence of it is dotted around the map. There\'s a lack of optimisation going on, most likely because of the map being so open. Texture alignment was another visual problem. There\'s misaligned textures all over the place, and plenty of textures which simply shouldn\'t have been used because they tile far too much on the large surfaces they\'ve been assigned to. I also spotted a few cases where textures haven\'t been wrapped around an object properly, and even one case where a texture had been fitted to a 1:1 ratio on a surface far too small for it. So, the texturing needs work. There isn\'t really a good gameflow in this map. Part of this is due to the fact that some areas are virtually intraversable, but it\'s mostly because the map lacks just about every single element which would define a map as functional. It\'s definitely one for the roleplayers, although even they\'d be hard pressed to build a scenario around it. Oh, and a little hint? The music is overkill and doesn\'t fit with the map at all. Next time you should pick music which works with the map, rather than annoys the hell out of everyone who hears it. One Winged Angel isn\'t really all that good a composition, and it definitely has no place in an FPS under any circumstance. Still, it\'s not too bad a venture into the mapping world, and a good level of technique has been displayed in the creation of the map. It just needs far more work in order to really be of interest to the community as a whole. ~ Kouen (PS: What the heck is that floating nVidia symbol doing spinning above the map? o_0 ) [b]Bot Routing:[/b] No [b]Custom Music:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Models:[/b] No [b]Custom Textures:[/b] Yes




Hidden Caves Duel Map | 2.15 MB

map is sized more to be -- and is available for -- free for all. So let me say that these are the most geometric caves I\'ve ever seen. The rooms are all quite boxy (as in angular, as opposed to random and rocky, as a cave would be). The architecture includes some random features (a lot of spikes, probably a result of the mapping tutorials) and is otherwise pretty bland. I also didn\'t see much more than 3 or 4 textures throughout the entire map. While it\'s visually a bit lacking, it seems decent from a gameplay perspective. It\'s spacious, but has obstacles here and there to spice up gameplay. In fact I\'d say it would be good for guns play, if there were any gun pickups. Overall there\'s a lot of work that should be done to improve it -- lighting, texturing, architecture -- but it shows good potential, so hopefully the author will take some of those suggestions into consideration for his future works. [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




HydroDesert2 | 6.18 MB

without Hydroball if you wanted... but why would you pass up such a cool mod? :p Okay... I\'ll be honest. I\'ve never played Hydroball. It makes me sad, actually, because I\'m intimately familiar with Blitzball and I\'d love to give hydroball a try. But for the purposes of this review, a big water-filled sphere is a big water-filled sphere, so it\'s the rest of the map that needs reviewing. So let\'s get on to it. This map actually has a really nice ambiance. It is set in what seems to be a town in the middle of the desert (Tatooine, anyone?) in the middle of the night. The lighting actually matches the time of day, which is nice. And it\'s not excessive or too little. There were a couple of instances, mainly inside the hydroball building itself, where I couldn\'t find a light source for a couple of the light entities, but for the most part the lights did have sources. The bits of the town itself are pretty easy on the eyes. I detected a definite Tatooine theme, which makes sense, and since it\'s night time it\'s not your typical Tatooine look (being dark, and all... as opposed to the blindingly bright Tatooines we\'re used to). The most impressive thing about this map is that it seems to use all baseJKA resources. No new textures or anything like that, and yet it doesn\'t have that recycled feel that a lot of maps without new content have. Man, it\'s like Zanarkand... if Zanarkand was on Tatooine. :lol: Give it a download if you\'re a Hydroball fan. Definitely. Y\'know, since hydroball maps are so few and far between... [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




The Cyberpunk Cafe V2 | 13.17 MB

and faces the audience=- Ahem..I know you were possibly expecting Master Averus, but today he's still currently recovering from the shock. That being said, I will be reading his review for him. According to what he's written, this map has apparently....=_v *opens the chamber door a bit and calls to Averus* Sir, what is this word after apparently? =_o [b]Averus:[/b] TANTALIZING! @_@;; Ah, yes. Well, the textures are obviously "tantalizing" to him, as many of the areas are outlined with a green border in certain areas. I suppose the Master never told you he liked green along with red, black, and gray? =_o Oh well, I suppose he didn't deem you worth =_v. As this map was called the Cyberpunk Cafe, one would expect a cafe, correct? Well it would seem in the main area that there are three objects that spin and rotate in small alcoves. Touch them and you reach a new area. The master would like to add that he was fascinated by the creativity in this situation. Now then, along with the cafe, there are a number of duelist arenas for you to engage your fellow combatants. Each one has a relatively uniform color scheme, but the designs contain their own unique flavor. While there are three evident areas, there are also a number of areas that you are encouraged to hunt out for yourself. View the screenshots if you wish to see what areas are available to you. Now then, if you'll excuse me, I must give the master his dose of shock therapy. If he doesn't recover soon, he's instructed me to take over until he does -_-; For now Oh yes! I almost forgot to mention that this map is compatible with both Jedi Outcast as well as this game =_o; bah, I'm not cut out for this =_v; New Textures: Yes New Music: Somewhat, yes Secrets to plunder: Perhaps Bot Support: Afraid not - Averus Retruthan (~Presented by second-in-command Xathon)




Old Arena | 4.67 MB

and my senses have exploded... Moving onward, this is basically a medium sized FFA arena of sorts with a pit with hovering platforms in the middle. I liked the use of the chair and the stadium seating. Most amusing =_,= Unfortunately that\'s all really. That and a couple of gun spawns and a crusher at the bottom of the pit. Overall, simple and effective. I\'d suggest branching out a little bit with this map, give it more areas, and make it a little more interesting. New Textures: Nay New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




EnigmaTrainingZone | 7.69 MB

of the dueling rooms had interesting traps or features, while some of them you really have to watch your step in, because you’ll die if you don’t. Construction in some areas was simple, other areas had a nice usage of effects. I would enjoy this map a couple of times. Oh, one thing that I did notice was on one of the ‘elevators’ that you use to switch floors was that it’s hard to get in. That means that I would try to jump in and collide with the rim of the tube. It wasn’t really bad, just annoying. Mainly because I really had to try to get up. As always, there are a few secret areas. Or not. There was a small control room to lock down part of the map. There were some areas that I thought were cool, but don’t know how to get to (mainly because I just noclip’d in and out). But all in all, I thought this was a pretty cool map. The halo music wasn’t too bad. I just would’ve liked music that looped a bit smoother. Bot Support: No New Models: Yes New Music: Yes New Sounds: No New Textures: Yes Gametypes: FFA ~Zach




Final Fantasy VII - Anxious Hearts | 34.89 MB

Garden. Humans start out in the Temple of the Ancients. From there, there are four poles of sorts that are warps to certain areas. Starting at the left of the spawn area and going clockwise, you can visit: - Nibelheim - Balamb Garden, 2f Classrooms - Rocket Town - Kalm and about 6 other areas you can reach by other methods. Each of these areas suffers from one or more of the following: - Sketchy texture usage: this encompasses either a poor texture/skybox choice usage, or a texture misalignment(in pertaining to the various crates and containers.) Switching gears, I\'ll mention that the Scene of Aerith\'s Death has overlapping tube textures. If you move, you can see two texture conflicting with each other. I\'m not proficient in Radiant by any means, but I know the quick fix: adjust one texture slightly above or below the other. - Questionable lighting: Nibelheim probably had the most problems with this particular area, because it was too blasphemously dark even for Averus =_O+. Aerith\'s Death scene appeared to have the second worst offense with it\'s random shadow spots. - Smurf Windows: AKA incredibly tiny windows. The space for the texture of the window was rather insufficent to be plausible. Kalm and Rocket Town were the worst offenders. and finally, in the Balamb Garden\'s case, the door opened in a rather ill-fashioned way. I believe(and anyone who remembers hopefully can assist Averus on this =_=.) the door opened horizontally, splitting in two. But don\'t let these factors get your opinion warped. In terms of accuracy, this map is sufficient in its purpose. There\'s not as much substance, such as interiors and what not, as what would be hoped for. Regardless, this has a lot of potential. Add some interiors and detail to each area, and I believe you\'d have yourself an incredibly popular RP map. I kept this review shorter than it should be because there\'s actually quite a bit of areas. A total of 10 regular areas and 1 hidden one, to be exact. Suffice to say, it\'s quite a bit of areas from the game. Put a little more emphasis on substance and proportion, and I think you\'ll be alright =_,= FF7 Fanchildren and the other people, I command that you offer bandwidth to the temple and give this map a good long poke around =_= New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Egg Carrier | 5.98 MB

was repaird again (presumably by Eggman\'s bots) before the final battle, where it was destroyed by Perfect Chaos before it had a chance to do... well... anything. Does this look anything like it? No. Wait... I [i]think[/i] I can see a little bit of the real Egg Carrier\'s physical form. Just barely. So, first, what\'s good about it. It\'s big. You won\'t run out of room on this map. Er... the structure is a bit varied... And... that\'s about it. =/ Alright, I\'m itching to get this out of the way, so let\'s just get it over with. Architecture. Not good. A Sega Genesis is able to, and on numerous occasions has shown that it can, render better architecture than this. I\'d call this like a lego version of the Egg Carrier, but it doesn\'t really look like lego either. It resembles an overgrown Airfix model, to be honest. Texture usage. Ick. Many of the textures used don\'t even remotely resemble the materials they represent. Are we meant to believe that the Egg Carrier\'s hull is made of *carpet*? The author has also failed to align many of the textures to the brushes they\'re attached to. It\'s all a basic \"make brush, select face, click texture, finito\" job. Randomly applying textures just detracts from both the visual and technical aspects of a map. Oh. And the skybox. [i]Bespin[/i]? How the [i]heck[/i] would the Egg Carrier fly on Bespin? It\'s not designed for atmospheric travel at all! Damn, got sidetracked there - my point is that the Bespin skybox needs to die in a fire, and probably shouldn\'t be used by anyone for anything unless it\'s a Bespin-themed map. And if it\'s a Bespin-themed map, it better be good, because you just know that after all the other Bespin maps people have released, the community are going to be more critical than the cross-bred child of Godzilla and Simon Cowell. Oops, side-tracked again. >_> Layout and item placement won\'t promote any sort of gameflow at all. The items are placed in the dodgiest places, and much of the map is borderline intraversable. So, unless you want to be confined to one part of the map where you\'ll be at a disadvantage - stay on the flat parts at the top. No lighting, and no ambient lighting either, so I\'d guess that the map has been released after a mere -meta compile; this means that no elements of the map are compiled except for the basic architecture. I\'ve said it before, and I\'ll say it again - unless a map has been through several compile stages (one compile from each type, with a \"final\" compile being the last) then it\'s not ready for release, since virtually none of the map has been compiled. And... is that a spawn point for the DL-44, an infinite ammo weapon which is *automatically* given to the player when they spawn? And the point in that is...? >_> I\'m also guessing that the map hasn\'t been tested at all, since I found many aspects which needed attention but were neglected. Now, the author openly admits that the map couldn\'t be at the standards of the Dreamcast/Gamecube stages, and that\'s true, because the Quake 3 engine literally sucks compared to other game engines - even the Sega Saturn\'s rendering capabilities exceeded Q3\'s, and that thing was weaker than most PCs from 1996, never mind the modern-day era of computing. However, with that said, we\'ve seen that Q3\'s capabilities can be pushed further than this. The author just needs to take more time, work harder, and most importantly of all - know what they\'re mapping before they start mapping it. I gotta say this. This thing isn\'t the Egg Carrier. It\'s nowhere near. It misses almost every detail the actual Egg Carrier had - many of which were fully possible as well as practical - and what\'s more, even the details it does get right have almost 0% credibility to the real thing. And I should know. I\'ve played SADX to death. At this point, I\'d probably suggest that the author works on their skills a *lot*, since many of the fundamental abilities needed by all mappers are shown to be lacking here. I\'m still suggesting that, although I\'d like to comment that the V1 in the name is perturbing - don\'t even try another version of this. You just can\'t do it. Not in this engine. I\'d have thought y\'all would have learned that lesson after the Greatfox map. >_> Well, for the Sonic fans out there, sorry to disappoint, but this is only the Egg Carrier in the vaguest possible reference. For those who aren\'t Sonic fans, I\'ve included some snaps from the Egg Carrier for reference - and practically everything in those screenshots was replicable here (although they wouldn\'t have looked as sexy in Q3 engine >_> ). ~ Kouen [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Custom Music:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Textures:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Models:[/b] No [ [b]*[/b] Side Note: I don\'t give a hoot what anyone thinks - his *real* name is Robotnik. Eggman is merely his alias. Example: In [i]The Matrix[/i], Keanu Reeves actually played Thomas A Anderson - his alias was Neo. Yet, everyone called him \'Neo\' - his alias. However, that still doesn\'t change the fact that his real name is Thomas Anderson. So no matter how many times Sega\'s bipedal mammals call the fat dude Eggman, it doesn\'t change the fact that his [u]real[/u] name is Robotnik, and that Eggman is his alias. ]




Silent Duel | 4.75 MB

take my own rather than spend a ridiculous amount of time downloading large JPG files one-by-one from an incredibly slow mailserver. Just thought I should point that out, since the author seems to have a case of OCD in regards to screenshots. Anyway, this map is pretty basic, and has a few positives with just as many negatives. I\'ll start with the good aspects. It\'s quite spacious, providing adequate room for a guns battle. The map\'s design is generally simple, and more gameplay-oriented than style-oriented. Gameplay without the fuss, one might say. There\'s a good amount of open space for battle, but at the same time the map packs in some closed areas and plenty of cover too. The author has displayed a good control over Radiant, using several techniques to make the map look the part of an abandoned factory room. There are several burning consoles, as well as a blown-out window, which I think is a nice touch. Now, a quick summary of the negatives, and my suggestions on dealing with them. - Texture control - there is none. Textures have just been applied and left as-is. In Q3 engine games, that\'s a big mistake to make, since its basic texture application processes are essentially terrible. - Entity lighting has been used exclusively, and it gives the map a uniform brightness (as well as being plain obvious anyway). This detracts heavily from the visual appeal. - The architecture on many things is just plain weak - mostly on the \"control panels\" on the walls. Take a look - you\'ll see what I mean. It\'s one thing to be able to clip a brush, it\'s another thing entirely to be able to make it look good. - Too many dead ends. There\'s only one way into a room, and only one way out. This screws the map over as far as gameplay is concerned, because there\'s no gameflow. Always, *always* leave the player with somewhere to go. I\'d suggest playing Q3A or UT99 and gaining a few ideas about how to maintain gameflow in DM/FFA gametypes. Not a bad map, but the author needs to get more practice in with Radiant and really learn about the different aspects of mapping - both technical, design and theoretical - in order to improve. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Routes:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Sounds:[/b] No [b]Custom Textures:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Models:[/b] No




The Academy | 24.36 MB

map. If there were ever such a thing as evolution, this would define it. Players of The Academy v2 won\'t recognise much except the core fundamentals. Everything has changed, yet at the same time so much remains the same. Firstly, I\'ll start with the main chamber. I had to use noclip to access this, as it\'s initially locked, hence the screenshots not being taken in spectator mode. This room fits the theme of a council chamber perfectly, in every sense. As well as having the Jedi theme, it also has some unexplainable academic edge to it, some element I can\'t quite isolate. Needless to say, the architecture is great, and is quite possibly the best I\'ve seen in a Yavin Temple map for ages - it\'s simple, yet at the same time visually pleasing. Not one mis-aligned texture to be found - this is the point where I realised exactly why this map had taken so long: Virtue\'s gone over it with a fine-toothed comb, and then gone over it again with an even finer one. There\'s really not much to say about this as the screenshots will say enough, except that the view over the courtyard looks good and gives it that \"campus\" feel. Leading off from the main chamber are the security rooms and a sparring room. The sparring room is essentially the same design principle as the equivalent room in v2, except that much more attention to detail has been given to it. Again, it\'s what you\'d expect. The security room is simple - it just has buttons to lock down parts of the academy. Typical Rebel base design, yet still very well constructed too look the part almost impeccably. Next is the battleground. Believe me when I say that you won\'t recognise it. It has been translated from a walled-in enclosure into a large outdoor area. The terrain looks as good as it can in Q3 engine, there\'s good use of lighting and effects, and the area is littered with weapons - leading me to believe that the majority of combat and lessons takes place out here. Across the battleground you\'ll find a small ruin with an elevator. This leads into what appears to be the dorm area. Several rooms are down here: medical room, bar, strategy center, and a few storage rooms. Everything is, again, well-designed and error-free. What impressed me most was the strategy center\'s layout - it hits the spot exactly, and I suspect that a little inspiration was likely taken from real world sources. My only grievance is that the music in the bar is still present, and there\'s no way short of deleting the mp3 to make it shut up (you can tell that I dislike that song, huh?) - which is a shame, as it clashes with the great BGM. Interestingly enough, this underground dormitory area is also a training zone, although I suspected it may be since only RP\'ers would really have much use for many of the areas (except the bar - that can universally be used as a \"Safe Zone\" in any type of server). Now... Ah, wait, screw it, I\'m too lazy to keep switching between spec and ingame modes. Ahem, now let\'s move on to the central courtyard, possibly my fave area. This is almost the same as v2, which is good, because it\'s a little bit of the original in there, but what makes it stand out is the adjoining \"Hall of Fame\" area. As well as being possibly the most aesthetically-pleasing part of the map, it contains memorials which count as a way of honoring the people who made the Academy what it is - quite sentimental, and hell, those guys deserve an honorable mention for giving up most of their free time for the benefit of a gaming community which on the whole generally doesn\'t appreciate the sacrifices that have been made for them by many. Most important of all is the memorial to Vladarion - I\'m glad that\'s still in there. An in-game memorial to an in-game friend. Nerdy? Hell yes, but really, who cares? Honoring someone you knew well and cared for is the right thing to do, and a friend is still a friend whether you know them as a human or as an avatar. Again, another display that we\'re all still humans behind the keyboards, and that can only be a good thing. OK, this review is getting long. Too long. Let\'s move on before Inyri starts making wisecracks about Oscar acceptance speeches or some such nonsense... >_> The classrooms are the core of the map, naturally. The three sparring rooms are still intact and very much unchanged aside from the removal of the viewing areas. What is really new now, is the stairways leading to elevators. These lead up to the second floor, where there\'s a brand spankin\' new classroom built for all kinds of classes. It\'s got seating (which, in non-RP terms, means \"Go stand over there so you don\'t get in the way!\" :p ), and the glass walkways make it easier to see what\'s going on around the room. Jutting off from here is a supply room for healing, and a sentry room for defensive training (which I have to admit, I took a few lessons in myself while playtesting >_> ). All in all, everything a Jedi will need to train themselves, I guess. The final room to cover, is the bridge room. I loved this one, and now with the addition of multiple levels, I love it even more. Why? I dunno, I guess I like combat in these environments. Must still be jacked in to the Matrix or something. (By the way, Ghost is WAY cooler than Neo. And Enter The Matrix should have been much longer than it was.) Er, yeah, this room is still fun for combat, and if you like, you can even simulate Revolver Ocelot-style pistol matches a lá Metal Gear Solid. ;) All in all, a fun little sparring room. Now, because I\'ve made this review extremely wordy and unnecessarily long, I\'ll summarise: - Texture Usage: All textures appropriately used and well-fitted. No errors. - Architecture: A bit plain, very simple, yet still aesthetically pleasing and appropriate. - Design: Simple, yet elegant. Made for a purpose and suits it perfectly. The theme ties in very well together. - Creativity: It\'s an updated remake. The heck are you asking me about creativity for? :p - Custom Material: Surprisingly, most of this is built with base resources. Congrats on utilising them better than Raven Software could! The few custom resources in the pack are just fine. Some of them could work better, but they\'re fine for their purpose. I admit it, I\'m gushing with nothing but praise for this. Why? Because it\'s the best map ever? No, I don\'t make judgements like that. Because it looks more awesome than any other map? Nope. So why is it then? Because it [i]works[/i]. It\'s been properly tested, properly tweaked, properly optimised, so on and so forth, and Virtue\'s delayed the release of it almost indefinitely in order to make sure it was only released when it was [i]ready[/i] - something that no mapper seems to do these days. Overall, this is an improvement in every way over v2, and the Academy members should be proud to call this their \"home away from home\". Virtue should also be proud for creating something which raises the standard and finally proves that complexity is [i]not[/i] synonymous with quality. Great work, Virtue, and I hope you expand your mapping horizons. I also hope that others follow from your example of thinking purely about the map rather than about the reaction it will get from the general public. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Routing:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Textures:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Music:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Models:[/b] Yes




Drako Dreams | 9.16 KB

I fall down a lot. And in this map, there’s no way to recover from falling all the way down. At least, there’s no way other than killing yourself. The map had simple textures, and simple construction, but it worked. My biggest qualm with the map was its lack of complexity, but that doesn’t really matter. The other qualms were that the author didn’t include the required parts to have this map be selectable in the menu. He needed (at the very least) an arena file to say which gametypes it was allowed on. That’s all he really needed to have to let him have it be used for duels, FFAs, and other gametypes. He also could’ve added music, or a levelshot, but it’s not something that’s going to kill me. But for now you can only get to the map by doing /map DrakoDream in your console. This map could be fun for a little bit with two players. It wasn’t that much fun for me since I was by myself. Oh well. If you like what you see, then download it. Bot Support: No New Sounds/Music: No New Textures: No New Models: No Gametypes: FFA ~Zach




KOTOR Flight School Final | 43.67 MB

where opposite teams spawn on different bases, fly out, and try to destroy the other base. I was impressed by the hangar bays, where the doors would actually open when you went close to them, and how there were some nice bomber bays in the imperial base. Although…I was disappointed at how biased this map towards imperials. To destroy the rebel base, you can just attack the big tanks on it, which are easy to hit. For the imperial base, you have to fly inside the base and hit little tiny targets. And there isn’t that much flying space either. But other than that, my biggest complaint was that if you leave your ship while within space, you fall. You don’t die until you reach a certain point, you just fall. Another thing is that this map uses (in likelyhood) JA+ animations, or some animations that I didn’t have, because when I died I would sometimes go into a T pose, and I was running a clean base folder so I could use all the vehicles. I liked how this map included several different vehicles you could choose from. (which are interchangeable) I also liked how you could control turrets within the map. Imagine CTF games on this map…those could be fun… with a moderately populated server. There are several things in this map that need improving, like the things I mentioned, but I still liked it a lot. Oh! I almost forgot! When playing in BaseJKA, whenever I attacked and destroyed part of a base, it would broadcast a message using underscores. Encompass the message in quotes, and you shouldn’t have that problem. It might not work, but then it might. Bot Support: Yes New Vehicles: Yes New Music: Yes Gametypes: FFA, TFFA, CTF ~Zach




lasergame | 490.93 KB

destroy the R2 droid, although to be honest I found nothing but gripes. Texture usage is the first. They're not even appropriately spread over their surfaces - you see texture flow problems everywhere. When using textures such as this, it's usually important to use them right, and using the surface inspector to fit them properly is essential. I also found the structure of the map lacking - there just aren't enough gameplay elements, to be honest. All you can really do is sit behind a wall sniping, which doesn't spell "TFFA" to me. There were also glitches, mostly architectural. For starters, when you're trying to destroy the enemy R2 (and it takes a lot of shots), it tends to phase through the wall and become undamageable. The second glitch I noticed was that when picking up the disruptors and ammo, there'll occasionally be a glitch which fries your weapon select menu, thus leaving you unable to arm anything. The design also needs a major overhaul, in order to be TFFA-suitable. Oh, and the "Kill The Droid" gametype, sorry to say, sucks. Better to keep the map as a simple FFA/TFFA product. Expand the map, make more navigation, and generally recheck your architectural design to make it look more "easy on the eyes". Also, spend longer than one day on it - there's just not enough hours in one day to go through the whole systems life cycle (which is perfectly applicable to mods, by the way). Do some research on the systems life cycle (Wikipedia have a good article on it, I believe) and work through the seven phases when working on maps. It'll help you in the long run, even if it is more time-consuming. Sure, it's a decent enough concept - aside from the attempt at a sub-gametype - but it still needs a lot of work before I'd personally consider it to be at a release-able standard. I'm judging from the v0.6, though, that this is still a BETA, so please, don't interpret this review as bashing, because it's intended as pointing out problems which may need to be looked at. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Shaders:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No




Jawaball | 79.77 KB

really happened after you got a specific number of goals (labeled in the readme) so you might just have to keep score yourself. The map itself is, unfortunately, kind of ugly. The texturing is bland, and there is no skybox. Rather, the author simply applied the skybox [i]textures[/i] rather than the shader, so it doesn't work. Beyond that there's very little to say, other than that this map is not nearly big enough to provide any kind of gameplay other than maybe a duel, which is not what it was designed for. To provide enough room for any sport, it would need to be proportionally sized. As it is, it is not really much of a challenge. Two to three rounds of Force push will get the Jawa through the goal. Just imagine if there was a soccer game where you could kick the ball twice and score... not much fun, eh? [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




-=TLMC=- Duel | 2.11 MB

in a completely different style, being set inside rather than outside. What I found most interesting about this map is that, despite it\'s name, it\'s not even available in duel mode. Odd, eh? Anyway, on to the details. This map has a specific style, which I don\'t think the door texture particularly matches, but in any case it\'s pretty consistent, minus the random outdoor Yavin-themed room. In the main room, however, the walls are a rosy pink color, decorated with a few columns. There are four rooms in total in this map, each moderately large and mainly empty. Once again, the exception here is the outdoor Yavin-ish room, with sports a couple of plants. No bot support has been included, and also no music, which is a shame. Personally I think a little bit more extra detail to spruce this map up visually would really add a new dimension to it, as right now it\'s just kind of... dull. [b]Bot Suppor[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




Deep in the Forest | 2.56 MB

primarily for gun play, sporting several gun pickups, plenty of health pickups, and a few extra things here and there. They can be found within the few huts found within the map, seemingly abandoned (and rather poorly furnished, if I do say so myself). The abundance of trees really give it an interesting atmosphere, though I must admit the textures on the huts really contrast poorly against the stock textures. Especially the hay-ish roof texture. It's far too large, and doesn't really fit the map at all. Where are you going to get hay in a jungle/forest anyway? I also thought the lighting could've been a little more drastic. With all the foliage, there should have been some more shadowing on the ground. I also feel the need to say that's a [i]really[/i] young tree stump to be so large... but laying science aside... :p The one "secret" in this map, as far as I can tell, isn't really a secret at all, in the conventional sense. Even so, I didn't include screenshots of it, to appease the manic secret-searching sect. I'll tell you, though, that if you can't find it, you may want to put your glasses on. When [i]I[/i] can find secrets, you know they're too obvious! [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




Neverending Pit

neverending_pit.rar | 242.97 KB

implications set by that previous statement? -=A zombie raises his arm stump=- Yes? Zombie:BLAGHGHAGH... Why yes, that is correct. The map is, as to be expected, not the most heart-stopping piece of work. I was looking forward to the supremacy of an abyssmal pit that I could throw malcontents in or combat someone while falling. It turns out, I was HIGHLY disappointed. The pit DID have a bottom, as illustrated in the first screenshot =_=. After almost dying and climbing back up to the top, I proceeded to file my angered grievances to the mysterious shadow being in the chair. GUESS WHAT? IT WASN\'T EVEN LIVING SHADOW. It was merely unsourced darkness. I was quite angered. For some reason though, the chair within was not even clipped. Now, regardless of my anger, I will continue to explain the map\'s architecture. The edges are a rock box. The textures are repetitive, but not as horridly as in most cases. Lighting is SOMEWHAT present but there are weird shadows and random darkness spots. I suppose that\'s what you get for 0% attention to lighting. The verdict? Well, I would feed the architecture to the trolls, but seeing as I despise trolls TO THE MAXIMUM POSSIBILITY, I destroyed the ones in my pit. Replacing the trolls will be a series of Hook Horrors (Consult their origin with that \"W\" site if you must =_=) who will eat this map. Overall, this map is not there to be sexually appealing. It just cured the author of boredom. *sighs* Would have been a great spot for a tower -_- New Textures: Nay New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




Cyber Punk Cafe | 2.26 MB

doing an editorial-style thingamabob, I'll just break it down into subcategories. [b]Architecture[/b] It's simple enough. Some would likely call it "primitive", but hey, it gets the job done. Major problem? There's not enough architecture. The map feels far too open, and the parts that don't are little more than standard room fodder. The obstruction training room is a decent concept, albeit executed somewhat sloppily. The obstructions sadly make little difference to battle. Also, it may just be me, but I find the highway segments very out of place. Meh. [b]Gameflow[/b] The openness of the map detracts from the gameflow somewhat. It's almost impossible to hit anything with guns because of the range, and saber duels are just boring on such wide open ground. For that reason I feel this map is more for the RP crowd, but they won't even have much to RP on it. Ouch. [b]Design[/b] The giant cups and grindrails are a unique feature, I'll give ya that. On the whole, though, the design of the map disappointed me. The wall textures look bad and far too bland, there's little to no variation in anything, and the yellow fog that's all over the place just spoils the whole thing. The Changing Rooms team would probably have a field day. Or maybe Ground Force - this place is too big for interior design. While I wouldn't go so far as to label this as being bad, it's not going to be to everyone's taste. In fact, I predict that it will only really be preferred by the people it was made for. There just isn't enough overall content in it to allow it to be good for general purpose usage. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Custom Music:[/b] No [b]Custom Sounds:[/b] No [b]Custom Textures:[/b] Yes




Clan Atlantis Map | 9.58 MB

is for. Anyway, this map for Clan Atlantis is, as I said, an underwater map, but really the only thing that makes it underwater is a seascape skybox. There are no ocean or underwater sounds to suggest that the map is really underwater, and beyond that it\'s really quite simple. The entire map seems to simply be rooms, connected by transparent corridors, with each room hosting a set of pictures/paintings of various things. Some serve as signs, mainly warnings to would-be rule violators. From what I understand, this map is designed for use with lugormod. I don\'t know a whole lot about lugormod, but I can say that the map does look more suited to a role-play type of game rather than serious combat, as most of the areas are cramped or hard to navigate. As a hang out, I\'m sure it will work fine for the CA clan. For anything else, it probably won\'t suit the needs of the downloader beyond its intended purpose, plus its heavy clan-centralized atmosphere. [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




Night City | 19.49 MB

construction of the map is decent, the lighting in some areas is strange. Like the interior hallway is lighted purple. That’s just weird. From the movie, and from Jedi Outcast, I thought Bespin was more of a brown and whitish city, rather than a purple one. Anyways, other than the strange purple hallway, the map was pretty decent. The weapons were placed so you could easily get them, along with ammunition. Although…there were some areas of the map that looked like I was supposed to be able to get to them, but when I jumped towards them I hit a barrier…and died. When I jump on something that looks like there’s a ledge, there should be a ledge! Not an invisible barrier! Anyways, the barriers aside, I was able to get a nice rooftop sniper position with a view of basically the entire map. Anyways, my main qualms were with the ledges being blocked. But I have some small qualms with the bot routes. I was watching the bot, and it seemed to repeat one path a few times, then move on. So that could use a little tweaking. But it’s still a pretty neat map. This is the Jedi Academy version of Night City. This took a little longer for me to load than a normal map, but it does work. Bot Support: Yes New Models: No New Music: Yes Gametypes: FFA, Team FFA ~Zach




Glassmap | 5.92 MB

lighting, weapons, npc’s that spawn, and traps have been added. The two new levels don’t really do much, except give you farther to fall, or jump. But in my opinion they needlessly expand the size of the map. The lighting…in my opinion is not ‘better’, just changed. How so? The color is different on each little level. Weapons and other items have been added, although there’s NO weapon specific ammo, which reduces the playability/challenge of doing gun battles in this map. Out of ammo? Go grab another weapon, and get a refill from the ammo dispensers around it! That brings me to item placement. It’s almost as if there was no thought put into it at all. There was a line of bacta tanks in one place, although I may be mistaken. So, basically, this really isn’t suited for gun battles at all, since it’s unbalanced. ‘Fun’ elements? Traps? Those are for RP, or for being hazards that will be run into often. I found one trap in this map, and when I touched I was greeted with a [i]very[/i] annoying “LOL xD” on my screen, followed by blaster bolts. Are spawning npc’s fun? Not to me. They’re only fun if I want them there, and if I want a nice, quiet duel with someone I have to kill the bots first. There have been other things added to this map, one of which is a tower of floating Morgan heads. This brings me to ask this question: Why? If it was some evil shrine, then whatever, but it’s a tower of heads. Oh, one other thing that really annoyed me is that the pit doesn’t kill you anymore! Yeah! Now you get some annoying “Yahoo!” text shoved in your face, and then you’re teleported to the top. That totally destroys the “watch your step” idea behind the original map. Now, to my main question: Why take someone’s source, and change it when the map is so incredibly simple? That just strikes me as lazy. With someone’s source, you have to move things around, change things, and you feel cheated in the end because not all of it is yours. I just wonder how hard it would’ve been to make your own version, and not use someone’s source. Is this worth downloading? I’m not going to say. Is it an improvement in my eyes? No. But it’s your eyes that matter. Bot Support: Yes New Models: Not really New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Gametypes: FFA ~Zach




RevelationZ Clan Map | 12.18 MB

categories: list of negatives, list of positives, and advice. That's all there is to comment on, I'm afraid. --- [b]List of Negatives:[/b] - No lighting. The map has been released after only a -meta compile. - Horrendously oversized. - Bad texturing choices, which don't look pretty and may inflict retinal damage. - Rancors. They do nothing except make it more likely that the server will crash with a "run out of ghoul2 transform space" error. - No bot routing. - Broken .arena script. - It's just a bunch of hollowed blocks. - No optimization techniques used. - Unnecessarily increased load times and filesize due to the lack of optimization. - Only one spawn point for players, and not a single item/powerup in sight. --- [b]List of Positives:[/b] - You can't complain about not having enough space to move, that's for certain. --- [b]Advice:[/b] 1. Use the info_player_deathmatch entity as a scaling guide. The entity is the exact same size as the player in terms of worldunits, meaning that it will tell you exactly how big the map needs to be. 2. Never release a map that hasn't been through all the compile phases, one phase at a time. 3. Pick your textures better, and do more with them other than just slapping one texture across every surface. 4. Use lighting. It's not hard to do at all, and it adds so much depth to the map. 5. Don't use NPC spawner entities in a multiplayer map. Ever. NPCs do NOTHING for the map, aside from make it more likely that the server will crash with a "ran out of ghoul2 transform space" error. Let people choose whether or not they want to spawn NPCs. 6. When making an .arena script, the field 'map' is supposed to have the name of your .bsp file. 'Long Name' is where you put the name you want to see on the menu. 7. Architecture. Hollowed blocks really aren't enough to make a map. Read some tutorials, such as Rich Diesal's, and learn how to create things. We have a lot of tutorials in [url=""][u]The Master Sticky[/u][/url]. 8. Don't use the hollow tool. It's very inefficient at creating rooms, and causes brush clashes. You're far better off making the rooms manually, it's not too hard to make six walls. 9. Always optimize your maps. Areaportal your doors, caulk any brush faces which won't be seen by the player, etc etc. Those little things increase your map's performance a lot, and decrease the filesize too. 10. Only include necessary files in your pk3. You know what I found in your pk3? basejka textures. This is definitely unnecessary, since everyone already has those textures. Also included is every single shader file from the base game. Totally unnecessary. Let's not forget the fact that every single model from the Yavin folder is in there, too - again, not necessary. 11. Levelshots need to be 1024x1024, and you only need the JPG file, not the TGA. 12. Always, [i]always[/i] have multiple player spawns, depending on how many players you recommend having play this map. One spawn point just ain't enough in MP. 13. Always, [b]always[/b] test your map before releasing it. Have other people test it, too. And whatever happens, make sure that people give you [u]honest[/u] feedback, rather than just saying good things to make you feel better. --- Overall, this is a typical first map, and in my opinion, it shouldn't have been released. There's just nothing I can see in it to make it worth using for anyone, not even the clan it's made for. My key advice to the author is to read tutorials and test products before they are released, as well as all the stuff listed above. Sorry, but as a gamer, I really have nothing non-critical to say in defense of this map. As a critic, I have nothing to say in praise of this map. =/ Just don't let the criticism put you off, GhoYo!so. We all get bashed for stuff in the beginning. Read through tutorials to learn about what you're supposed to be doing with Radiant, get some practice, and most of all, don't give up! You'll get better as time goes by. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]Custom Textures:[/b] Yes (1) [b]Custom Models:[/b] No [b]Custom Music:[/b] No




Covs/>Sun Temple | 7.28 MB

able to recognize the Yavin jungle style in its architecture and texturing. My major concern with the map was that it was quite dark. This is not due to poor lighting, per se, but I would rather say a lack of good lighting. You know what I mean... it's like when you go to your aunt's house, and her living room is being lit by one lamp over in the corner. Makes it hard to see, yes? You [i]can[/i], but another few lamps would really ease up on the eye strain. In this case, I'd recommend some wall torches or something -- in fact I thought I saw where a torch [i]should[/i] have been, but no flame... I thought it was quite curious, indeed. The overall design of the map I really liked. I'll be the first to admit it was boxy, but to be fair it [i]is[/i] a Yavin temple. How many curvy archy Yavin temples have [i]you[/i] seen? Anyway, I digress. As I was going to mention, it was the little extra details I really liked. The shallow more aesthetic than functional stairs, a few little hidden away areas, random holes in the ceilings or walls (ie. missing bricks), and even just a few trees here and there. All the little things that always make a difference are present in this map. That said, the base architecture could probably use a bit of intrigue. The walls mainly. Not a huge deal, but a little bit of brush or texture variation would probably go a long way to get rid of the "tedious" nature of some of the rooms. A couple other odd bugs here and there include one single instance of z-fighting that I saw. I also noticed in some areas the light seemed to be spewing forth from the bottom of certain walls. Definitely an odd look. Despite these flaws, though, I think this map holds great potential, style-wise, and probably offers some pretty decent gameplay as well, for those of you who enjoy sabers. [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




Deathmatch | 151.76 KB

I\'ve shown in the screenshot is just about the entire content of the map. No joke. The other side is an exact duplicate. Aside from not consisting of much, the map is also very small, both in construction and scaling. It\'s like, working on Elite Force\'s scaling, which is about one sixth the size of JKA\'s. It has no bot support, no weapon or item spawns, barely any space to move and definitely not enough space for a deathmatch game. I also fail to see how this matches - or comes even remotely close to, for that matter - the style of maps seen in Counter-Strike. The texturing needs a lot of work, seriously. I think only one texture in the whole map was used appropriately - the floor. There\'s no lighting, as the map hasn\'t even been pushed through a mid-phase compile, never mind a final phase compile. Personally, I wouldn\'t choose this map for a deathmatch game. I\'m not sure I\'d choose it for anything, but hey, there ya go. Download links are in the same place as always. ~ Kouen




The City of Adana: Fifth District | 15.41 MB

start with the day version. The construction looked nice, the map didn’t look blocky. The buildings seemed fluid and went with the map. But anyways, the texture use was nice, and so was the music choice. I liked how this map was done, with a few minor details: the lighting, and the position of the sun in the skybox. With the way the map was lit you might think it was dusk, while the sun in the skybox isn’t really close to being in the sunset position. And then there’s the fact that it’s easier to see in the night-time version of the map than the day-time version. Now, for the night-time version. It’s just the day version with different lighting, with some brushes missing. The author says there are a few less brushes than in the day-time version, so I’ll take his word on that. Anyways, basically the same map, silly posters and everything, just different lighting. I found this map enjoyable, so you should download it and check it out! Bot Support: No New Music: Yes New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Sounds: No Gametypes: FFA, Team FFA ~Zach




Tatooine Nights | 22.64 MB

construction of the map is Tatooine-ish, with many things indoors, or in little almost-underground hangars. There are several areas to walk around in, there’s even a little cantina to go into. I liked how it was made, because if you were on the ground, it looked like there was a city. When I say that, I mean that I wasn’t just looking into a skybox. That, and the way the map was lit was nice. It was lit in a way so it was dark, but I could still see. Then there’s the fact that I felt like a ninja. I really did like how this was made. It [i]could[/i] be used for RPs, but it’s not really too big. Ooh! I almost forgot! The author made nice usage of npcs in the map. There are jawas lurking in corners with droids, and a couple of stormtroopers in the map. And if you look hard, you’ll find some tuskens. There was really only two areas of the map I couldn’t get to, and that’s because when I pressed the button to open the door, it didn’t open. But all in all, I liked the lighting and construction of the map, although the music could have been different. Bot Support: Yes New Music: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Models: No New Textures: Yes Gametypes: FFA, TFFA ~Zach




Tatooine Town | 10.24 MB

the name. But it’s a very blocky map. The main area basically just consists of buildings…nothing to make the map look “busy”. No speeders on the sides, no trash. No jawas…nothing. Just buildings. The insides of the buildings were blocky and roomy…Basically just space-wise, the author needs to think about whether the space used is too roomy or too tight. I mean, the basic construction of the map wasn’t all that bad…it could have been re-thought. That’s all. There were two smaller duel areas that you gained access to through with a teleporter. One area was yavin-ish, with a couple plants and a waterfall…the other one used a taspir platform texture, although one the main circle wasn’t complete. How? The way I saw it was that three fours of the texture were correct, and one was machinery. Strange. Meh. As I said before, the texture usage was strange. How? In buildings where there were chairs of couches…the seats would be blue…now what makes seats on Tatooine blue? Don’t ask me. As I said, the textures are strange. Anyhow, there are bunch of places to go, and you should explore them. Another thing: I had problems with the buttons. It was almost as if there was no delay between when I could toggle them, so if I held the button, nothing would happen. Try putting a pause between the time you can push buttons. Anyways, there is bunch of stuff in this map. You should try it out. Bot Support: Yes New Music: Yes New Sounds: No New Models: No New Textures: Yes Gametypes: FFA ~Zach




-[CETJ]-Yavin Metal | 1.22 MB

on.=- *munching on a stick of beef jerky* mmm...=_= now, it seems we\'ve yet another clan map brought to the altar. *Kicks a corpse of out of the way* Now I\'ve seen some of the author\'s previous work, and to be honest, he hasn\'t made too much effort to improve his tech-nee-que. What we were brought was a decent, yet still significantly flawed map. However, there were good aspects of the map. The first was the graveyard. Yes, I\'m biased. Whenever I see a graveyard, my eyes flare up in utter malevolent joy and I do a ceremonial grave dance of joyous death. This time was no different. Afterward, I did what I always do to in graveyards: I raised soldiers. However, there was one grave that was out of place in the grave alignment. I asked the inhabitant what the deal with that was, and he had no idea. The terrain was also relatively good. However, it was canceled out by the map\'s various negative aspects: -Shrubbery in water has no roots: though a mere nitpick, you would think the plant would have taken root at some point. It is supposedly in flowing water, so apparently you\'ve found a godly plant. I shall have to battle it to the death later =_=. - Tuning Fork Waterfall: this aspect was very strange. The main \"core\" of the stream seemed to go invisible at certain angles, and it increased as you jumped higher. Strange, yes. Knowledge of how to correct that? I cannot supply it. Ask some more benign force, for I am the epitome of \"not good\" - Fog: This was probably the most blasphemous thing in the entire map, simply because good intent was overshadowed by horrible implementation. I too enjoy a wonderful bit of ground fog or mist myself. I\'m assuming that was the author\'s intent, simply because I don\'t think there\'s another explanation for it. The result was two horribly joined rectangles going down the slope with poor siding. You could see under the fog. The two rectangles intending to represent this fog had a line that went down across the map. Clearly the fog was harmed! YOU HURT FOG\'S FEELINGS =_=. - Blocky map: this part was probably not as bad, but the entire map was very square. There was maybe one bend in the architecture to make it seem not like a rectangle. I also noticed that there somehow was a second skybox behind the map o_O what that means, I\'m not certain. Perhaps he was intending to fool us with a false sky. That happened to me once with the sun falling, but then I remembered I had summoned a meteor to play a trick on a Brachiosaurus. Sucker didn\'t see it coming. Overall, however, this could be another map that might end up going to the Trolls for dinner.(and I mean the big gnarled angry ones, not the ones that run around naked with huge hair) I would highly suggest cleaning up your maps\' errors before submitting, dear lad. They come in bulk, and it\'s very displeasing to many. *walks back up onto the ghost vessel and flies off, leaving the circus in ruins* New Textures: Nay New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




House of Tricks | 8.1 MB

been updated, so here I am! Let's get down to it though, shall we? This map is chalk full of secrets - if the name "House of Tricks" didn't give you that impression already, I'm telling you now. The author has tried to make it as interactive as possible, so be careful what you're pressing, where you're walking, or what you're swinging your lightsaber at. You never know what'll be behind door number three, or what'll explode when you hit that seemingly nondescript random button. Okay, so the buttons aren't really random, but sometimes the effects are. It keeps things interesting! The architecture, as with the first version, is still very blocky. Some details have been added, however, to soften the look up a little, such as curving pipes, or preciously stacked crates. This helps draw the attention more toward the decoration and less from the walls. I know that the wall textures in the first were repetitive. I couldn't say whether they were or not, because that was not where my attention was focused. Either kudos to the author's good planning, or kudos to his dumb luck. The map has also been expanded a bit, adding new rooms and new features for us to play around with. Bugs. I hate bugs, but they're always there, unfortunately. Missing textures, and z-fighting are my biggest complaints. Initially the missing textures seemed to be isolated to one door, but after further exploration there were a few other areas that were missing textures. I'd recommend releasing either a version 3, or a version 2 patch to fix up those textures, as unlike other bugs that can be a real deterrent to downloads. I only found one instance of z-fighting, so that wasn't too bad. But definitely something to remember for future mapping endeavors. As Kouen mentioned in the original review, you should always caulk surfaces that won't be seen. In fact, it's much safer to caulk everything, [i]then[/i] add your textures to a particular brush. That way you can make sure to only add textures to the surfaces you can actually see! Gameplay. You want to know how it is, right? Well unfortunately I'm not an expert in that realm, but I'd take a gander that gameplay should be pretty good. Lots of open space, and lots of weapon pickups, so you can blast each other til kingdom come as long as you want. Or you can trap your friend and perform nasty experiments on them. Your choice! The interactivity on this map is definitely a huge plus, so all you people who consistently scream "more secrets" in every single map's comments need to pick this puppy up immediately. With more practice, I'm sure this author will be able to make one heck of a secrets-packed map for you all. This map, however, isn't too shabby on its own. An improvement over the first version, to be sure, and definitely worth a look for people who enjoyed the original. [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Texures[/b]: No [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




Tecno Zone | 4.97 MB

features. Points of interest are the box full of water and the bridge with all the floating water around it. Really, I\'m not joking. In this case, I\'m gonna say that emptiness isn\'t such a bad thing. After all, nightclubs usually are like this, until the customers arrive anyway. Considering the author was trying to create a disco, it\'s maybe a good thing it is so empty - cramped disco halls would make a bad place for battle. However, I would advise doing something with all the space away from the main platform, because the lack of, well, [i]anything[/i] just makes the map look terribly bare. I got a slight problem where hovering in a certain spot caused my entire screen to green-ify, which was odd, but it\'ll probably only happen in spec of noclip modes. Also, one thing which seems wierd, is firstly the fact that there\'s an open hatch leading into space, and secondly the fact that there\'s rain coming through that hatch. The first would mean anyone inside dies, and the second - well, have YOU ever seen it rain outside a planet\'s atmosphere? The music is typical trance techno music, so it wears thin fast without the aid of alcohol. The lighting is pretty dark, but you can see easily enough. It\'s not a bad map for Team FFAs, aside from the very limited gun spawns. But as a future note for the author, do more with your map! Empty maps = boring maps. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]Custom Textures:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Models:[/b] No [b]Custom Music:[/b] Yes




Glassmap | 229.49 KB

of different colors that you can walk through. Other than that, there are three levels, and to get to the next level you have to fall or jump. And there’s glass in the way. Not that it matters, because even if you take the tiniest fall it’ll break – which is kind of annoying. I would want to duel someone on the top layer but fall down. And that’s never fun. But it adds challenge to the map. I just wish there wasn’t a pit of death at the very bottom level. But there are ways to get up, and not die. But anyways, this wasn’t too bad of a map, very simple, but can be fun. Would be better suited for the duel gametype, rather than ffa. Bot Support: No New Models: No New Textures: No New Music: No Gametypes: FFA ~Zach




nar-training | 4.21 MB

that at least half of that sentence comes from a beer commercial. Right, well, there\'s not much to talk about in this map. You\'ve got the typical long tables with a row of weapons on each. You\'ve got a bathroom (albeit an unnecessarily large yet empty one). Balcony overlooking a big empty room with a few targets in it? Check. Small room with two windows and a few chairs, present and accounted for. Yep, that\'s pretty much all there is. Technique-wise, there are a lot of things left to be desired. Top three problems? 1. Lighting. It\'s uniform, most likely because the map has been done on a meta compile. More realistic lighting would be nice. 2. Texturing. It\'s plain, boring, and really not what you\'d see. 3. Design. Square blocks are all well and good, but there\'s far more which can be done. Look up some tutorials and let your imagination do the rest. Aesthetically, this map isn\'t visually pleasing. It\'s blocky, uniformly lit, plainly textured, and just too empty. The only real merit is the perfect FPS. Also, the music is... what the hell is the music? While we\'re on the music, it\'s a short soundclip which loops infinitely, so it gets boring fast. It\'s not bad for a first map, but the author really should have taken their time and done more with it, because there are quite a few very simple additions which could have been added and made all the difference. Sorry, but I can\'t really recommend this map. Just doesn\'t seem to be much use for it, as other maps do everything this one does and more, and they do it better. Regardless, you\'re free to download it if you see fit, as always. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Routing:[/b] No [b]Custom Models:[/b] No [b]Custom Textures:[/b] No [b]Custom Music:[/b] Yes




3MJ Space Station | 3.76 MB

good reason, I\'m sure; I doubt running around the station is the main purpose of the map. Once you get yourself outside of the station, the entire thing actually looks rather neat. It\'s basically a big ring, and it looks rather cool from a distance. If you\'re looking for some flying practice, this map may just be perfectly designed for you. While the inside tends to be a bit boring and undetailed, that\'s simply because you\'re not meant to stay indoors! Go grab a fighter and kill something, why don\'t you! [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




Taspir Power Complex, Version 2 | 21.78 MB

versions, I’m just going to tell you about some of the changes. Firstly, the lighting has been redone, there are a lot areas where FPS was an issue…I can only think of one or two times when I got around 20 FPS, and that was when I was moving really fast. Anyways, secrets have been added, and tweaked. Oh, the outside of the map has also been dramatically expanded, the elevators are now actually elevators instead of teleporters (or am I thinking of the wrong map? I have no clue.) Anyways, the outside mountainous area is much bigger, and as for the secrets, I got a tour. So anyways, one of the secret areas in this map is an area that basically lets you control the entire map. One of it’s functions is that it can map Taspir ‘erupt’ and flood the entire lower area of the map with lava. Scary, no? There are certainly more secret areas in the map, and I won’t tell you about them. Ooh! I almost forgot! A dueling area next to the power complex has been added! Basically a lot has been added and fixed, and you should download the map itself and try it out. Bot Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Music: Yes New Models: No Gametypes: FFA ~Zach




Plaza | 6.57 MB

off. This map only suffers by bland, somewhat mismatching textures that can only be accredited to the fact that I don\'t think Raven really had this type of map in mind when they put out those textures. It mixes Yavin textures with Korriban textures (I think) and in some places is very successful, but in others isn\'t. Let\'s stop talking about textures for a moment and get down to the architecture of the map. The map itself is quite expansive, but due to the often constrictive passages I believe the author is right when he says that this map really isn\'t meant for an expansive free-for-all. These same passages, however, add a lot of character to the map, especially the sewer system which I really love. The only bit I found a bit disappointing with that was that if you jump into the water you can clearly see that the bottom has been caulked. Normally you wouldn\'t see this, but the action of jumping in from a height gives just enough bob so that you can see it. Kudos on trying to conserve space, but sometimes that can go a bit further than necessary. This also becomes a problem in some areas where the tops of areas were left open, rather than capped with a brush containing the skybox. As a result, from several points in the map you can see straight over the tops of the walls to other areas, giving clear views of the caulked backs of some brushes. This should definitely be looked into for a version 2, or future maps, whichever the case may be. There is also at least one missing texture in this map. Other than those few errors and shortcomings, I think this particular map has a lot of promise and potential, and a lot of really high points. Give it a download if this looks like the kind of map you like! [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




The Jedi Enclave on Dantooine | 10.11 MB

than some of the others as well. Previously not seen details, such as footlockers and workbenches, are quite at home in this particular enclave. With textures close enough to the real thing to not be noticed as fabricated, but definitely not ported, you may forget you're playing Jedi Academy and not Knights of the Old Republic. The strengths in this map are definitely the very close-to-the-real-thing textures, as well as the very accurate style. Two of the most impressive bits, however, may be the Ebon Hawk, seemingly made completely from brushes instead of the existing Ebon Hawk map objects, and the impressive blba tree model. I must admit, months ago I was asked to create that particular model, but I shamefully declined. However my kudos go to SMoKE for completing it himself with excellent results. While this map is not as expansive as some other Enclave maps - it does not allow you to venture inside the Ebon Hawk, or venture outside the Enclave walls - it's definitely worth a look for KotOR fans. It includes bot routing, as well as appropriate Jedi Enclave music. Definitely worth a download as another great KotOR Jedi Enclave map. [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: Yes [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




IR Clan Map | 1.88 MB

doors in the hotel area would appear/disappear. The door leading into the hotel area was transparent. Some minor things with the walls. Z-fighting, as said before. But I must say that this map is MUCH more enjoyable with textures – even if they are repetitive (which they are). Oh, I almost forgot that some of the textures were rearranged so it does look better in areas. Although the floor textures could use some work. If you really want to see the improvements in this map, then download it! [quote]Well this is the same map as before, only with a couple of textures fixed. While it does fix some textures, I found a whole bunch of missing textures in one of the secret rooms. I was running on an empty base folder, so it’s not a texture conflict. What I suggest the author do to find the missing textures is to clear out his base folder of everything but the map (create a new folder and move everything into it). That’s how I test maps. Anyways, old review still applies, so here. [quote] This clan map, as clan maps run, is very average. For a first time map, though, it does have a lot of interesting features. And, of course, its share of errors and bugs. The map itself needs a major aesthetic overhaul. The texture combinations are not only strange in many places, but ugly in many others. I'm not trying to be mean here, because the texturing here is by far not as bad as so many maps I've seen in the past, but a lot of the textures simply clash and don't go together. With a little bit of interior decoration this map could be twice as easy on the eyes as it is now. Whilst the texturing may be slightly ugly, the more important things to note are the actual map bugs. In at least one place I saw a missing texture, and in at least one other I saw a misplaced texture on the edge of a door. Also, many textures seemed to be used on all sides of an object, being inadvertently stretched very badly on the shorter sides. It may be worth the author's time to go back and change those particular faces to something a little more fitting. Also, there was a lot of z-fighting around the edges of brushes. I almost couldn't turn without seeing it. A lot of brushes need to be trimmed down to fit appropriately with the rest of the map so there aren't competing textures all over the place. On thing I liked (and disliked at the same time, when I ran into it!) was the lava columns. However I'd like to make a couple of suggestions on those. A lot of people would be irritated when they walked into that column and realized "Hey, it's a liquid!" The column should probably at the very least flow a bit, like real lava. Also, you might want to consider making those columns cylinders instead of rectangles. I just think it might look a little nicer, but they're fine in the shape they are. For some reason I also enjoy the immensely oversized floating chairs (though the texturing on them is a little wacky - what's up with that particular texture all over the place? Reminds me of Tron or something!). If I were this author, I'd do a couple of things to really drastically spruce up this map. I'd go over the texturing and make it more thematic (or at least matching), I'd fix the z-fighting, I'd add some fitting music, and I'd add some appropriate lighting. Try one (or more) of those things and I think your next version will be a grand improvement. Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Music: No [/quote][/quote] ~Zach




[DSF]Citadel | 8.8 MB

side of you. Yes, as you may have guessed, it IS in fact a teleporter. So you get teleported to two areas: A duel room and a hall/practice room thing. The practice room thing has a repeater and some turrets to practice blocking. Now, what confuses me is how in the world you practice blocking when it’s an automatic process that is built into the game? And let’s not forget that the turrets in JA are slower then snails on depressants. I mean, really. You can outrun the turret’s targeting by WALKING. Oh, there are some fires in this room, but they don’t do damage to you – so there’s an overlook in detail. Oh (gasp, again!), there’s a flashing strobe light thing at the teleporter in this room. While the strobe light is all nice and good, the light doesn’t extend as far as you would think. While that might be a limitation in the goal, one could always duplicate the light, adjust the intensity, and move it so it looks like the effect was somewhat lifelike. Okay, now the other room…is just a duel room, as I said before. I noticed some problems with the lighting, where it would look like you were in the light, but were in the shadows totally. That’s about it. There are two chairs, and it’s pretty small. The main thing about this map that bothered me was the darkness. It was dark. But maybe the author wanted it that way. Meh. The other thing that bothered me was how there was only one exit for the teleporters (to come back to the main area). How simple is it to copy an entity and then edit it’s properties – okay, so I’m thinking of a different modding program (NWN2 Toolset ftw), but still it shouldn’t be that hard. Bot Support: No New Models: No New Music: No New Textures: No Gametypes: FFA ~Zach




Christmas At City 6B | 5.53 MB

point. Pinch of salt, and all that.... *ahem* ------------------------------- Anyway, what we have here is something I\'d label as a small courtyard in the industrial sector of a city. Overall the map is a success, despite a few small things which I feel detract from it. Firstly, let\'s look at how it\'s built. The architecture is both impressively done and consistent with the Coruscant theme portrayed in the singleplayer campaign. Some odd choices are used in the texturing, but aside from a few niggles it\'s overall fine. I found the mix of Coruscant texturing and factory texturing to be an odd blend, but ZidZabre pulls it off pretty well. On the gameplay side of things, this map\'s primary application in gameplay is close-quarters gunplay. Take ya sabers and force powers elsewhere, because this map is suited perfectly for guns-only matches. The layout means that the action comes in thick and fast, and there are a few good tactical positions. The flow of gameplay is a little tricky, though, since the pathways are mostly linear. More movement, more ways to travel, are definitely something I\'d like to see in a future version. Still, you\'ve got the sniper point, the chokepoint, and the open area, so s\'all cool. There\'s mention of a possible extended version, and that\'s something I\'d like to see, with more space to move around, more areas to go through - heck, there\'s certainly enough potential for it. In it\'s current form, I\'d say a 4-6 player guns-only match would be extremely fun on this. Expand the map to something suitable for 8-12 players, and it\'ll be a gunner\'s [i]dream[/i]. Now, I mentioned a few tiny things that detracted from the map, that I would change. They are thus: - Music. It\'s a good composition, but not really suited for the map, especially considering how perfect it is for action-oriented gameplay. Something a bit pacier, yet slightly more subtle, would be perfect. - Snow. It\'s coming down at a dodgy angle, meaning it clips through the buildings on one side of the map. Judging from how much snow is on the ground, I\'d guess that coming straight-down at a steady pace would look better for the snowfall. - Skybox. Hoth would have looked way better. So, as far as quick \"throw-together\" projects go, this one\'s cool (no pun intended). If you like city maps, grab this. If you like winter maps, grab it. If you like snow, see a psychiatrist; rainbows are prettier. >_> ~ Kouen [b]Bot Routing:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Music:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Textures:[/b] No [b]Custom Models:[/b] No




IR Clan Map | 1.21 MB

empty base folder, so it’s not a texture conflict. What I suggest the author do to find the missing textures is to clear out his base folder of everything but the map (create a new folder and move everything into it). That’s how I test maps. Anyways, old review still applies, so here. [quote] This clan map, as clan maps run, is very average. For a first time map, though, it does have a lot of interesting features. And, of course, its share of errors and bugs. The map itself needs a major aesthetic overhaul. The texture combinations are not only strange in many places, but ugly in many others. I'm not trying to be mean here, because the texturing here is by far not as bad as so many maps I've seen in the past, but a lot of the textures simply clash and don't go together. With a little bit of interior decoration this map could be twice as easy on the eyes as it is now. Whilst the texturing may be slightly ugly, the more important things to note are the actual map bugs. In at least one place I saw a missing texture, and in at least one other I saw a misplaced texture on the edge of a door. Also, many textures seemed to be used on all sides of an object, being inadvertently stretched very badly on the shorter sides. It may be worth the author's time to go back and change those particular faces to something a little more fitting. Also, there was a lot of z-fighting around the edges of brushes. I almost couldn't turn without seeing it. A lot of brushes need to be trimmed down to fit appropriately with the rest of the map so there aren't competing textures all over the place. On thing I liked (and disliked at the same time, when I ran into it!) was the lava columns. However I'd like to make a couple of suggestions on those. A lot of people would be irritated when they walked into that column and realized "Hey, it's a liquid!" The column should probably at the very least flow a bit, like real lava. Also, you might want to consider making those columns cylinders instead of rectangles. I just think it might look a little nicer, but they're fine in the shape they are. For some reason I also enjoy the immensely oversized floating chairs (though the texturing on them is a little wacky - what's up with that particular texture all over the place? Reminds me of Tron or something!). If I were this author, I'd do a couple of things to really drastically spruce up this map. I'd go over the texturing and make it more thematic (or at least matching), I'd fix the z-fighting, I'd add some fitting music, and I'd add some appropriate lighting. Try one (or more) of those things and I think your next version will be a grand improvement. Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Music: No [/quote] ~Zach




IR Clan Map | 1.53 MB

aesthetic overhaul. The texture combinations are not only strange in many places, but ugly in many others. I'm not trying to be mean here, because the texturing here is by far not as bad as so many maps I've seen in the past, but a lot of the textures simply clash and don't go together. With a little bit of interior decoration this map could be twice as easy on the eyes as it is now. Whilst the texturing may be slightly ugly, the more important things to note are the actual map bugs. In at least one place I saw a missing texture, and in at least one other I saw a misplaced texture on the edge of a door. Also, many textures seemed to be used on all sides of an object, being inadvertently stretched very badly on the shorter sides. It may be worth the author's time to go back and change those particular faces to something a little more fitting. Also, there was a [i]lot[/i] of z-fighting around the edges of brushes. I almost couldn't turn without seeing it. A lot of brushes need to be trimmed down to fit appropriately with the rest of the map so there aren't competing textures all over the place. On thing I liked (and disliked at the same time, when I ran into it!) was the lava columns. However I'd like to make a couple of suggestions on those. A lot of people would be irritated when they walked into that column and realized "Hey, it's a liquid!" The column should probably at the very [i]least[/i] flow a bit, like real lava. Also, you might want to consider making those columns cylinders instead of rectangles. I just think it might look a little nicer, but they're fine in the shape they are. For some reason I also enjoy the immensely oversized floating chairs (though the texturing on them is a little wacky - what's up with that particular texture all over the place? Reminds me of Tron or something!). If I were this author, I'd do a couple of things to really drastically spruce up this map. I'd go over the texturing and make it more thematic (or at least matching), I'd fix the z-fighting, I'd add some fitting music, and I'd add some appropriate lighting. Try one (or more) of those things and I think your next version will be a grand improvement. [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




Sub-Bespin | 9.56 MB

But don\'t worry! Your weather is coming our way! Soon we\'ll all be able to enjoy the snowflaky-goodness of this map. If anybody remembers the original version of Sub-Bespin, this version is basically a normal, run-of-the-mill version two... with a twist. SNOW! Now I love snow, and I think it really adds a new dimension to this map. I really can\'t say I\'ve ever seen a snowy Bespin map, at the very least. Now frankly if you want to get really technical, the idea of snow on Bespin is kind of silly because it\'s a gas giant and probably doesn\'t have those kinds of weather patterns... well I don\'t know about you, but I don\'t really care for meteorology, so let\'s just enjoy its uniqueness for now, shall we? I personally like the snow. The added ice-skating rink also adds to the wintery feel... and the bar in the middle certainly couldn\'t hurt! As with the original map, this map still has several gun pickups, a bit of repetative texturing (especially on the exteriors of some of the larger buildings) and I\'m pretty sure I even saw some z-fighting, but in spite of all that I still really like this map. It\'s been expanded significantly, and while a lot of the expansion simply adds open space, several new buildings have been added, and some previously inaccessible buildings now have interiors. I especially liked the building with the fire you could turn on and off. Must be a gas fireplace. Oh yes, and that AFK section still strikes me as incredibly cruel. All it would take is one little push... :p Overall I think this map would be a great addition to any server, especially a role-play server for the winter season. The minor errors here and there won\'t really affect game play, or be very noticible, really, and how can someone resist a map with a hidden rancor in it? Oh yeah, you heard me... now go find it! [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: No [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: No ~Inyri




The Underground Hydroball Arena | 6.01 MB

appeared very spartan, because when you enter the map it looks bland. At least until you turn on dynamic glow, then the map lightens up a little bit. But the biggest thing with this map is it’s simplicity. When you spawn you go forwards or backwards to enter the area (which was kind of hard to get out of, and the water texture on top was either missing, or I was having a conflict with it, which is doubtful since I have barely any maps in my base folder), or you can go to the right or left and go to one of the observation areas. Dynamic glow is a very important thing in this map. Most of the aesthetic qualities of this map come from the dynamic lighting, so make sure you have r_dynamicglow set to 1 if you can use it. And as a side note…some parts of this map are great for hiding in. If there were sniper rifles somewhere I’d certainly grab one and hide…which brings me to a map idea: Have a regular map made, great for FFA, CTF, whatever, and have a hydroball area off to the side. That would be kind of fun – at least having a FFA area off to the side would be fun. Bot Support: No New Sounds: No New Music: Yes New Models: No New Textures: Yes Gametypes: Hydroball ~Zach




[DSF]Citadel | 8.31 MB

from gameplay. The biggest problem is one entire room, basically, is without textures. Another thing I noticed was that in the first area, with the two teleporters, the edges of the platforms where they met were not caulked. Normally this wouldn't make an aesthetic difference, but since these platforms are made to look like glass, it gives them the distinct look that they are separate pieces. It is my personal opinion that it would look better if it looked like one piece, but that's entirely up to personal taste. Even so, it would be more efficient to caulk such surfaces. Another problem I found was in the ice cavern room. The read-me suggests it is meant to be a dueling room. Now I can this being feasible, except for one detail: the ceiling is incredibly low. Now if you never jump while you duel I suppose it wouldn't be a problem, but jumping seems to be a necessity to me, and with a ceiling so low you won't be jumping very high. Overall the map is very boxy, especially given that one of the rooms is meant to be a cavern. Some more interesting architecture would go a long way toward making this map a little bit more pleasing on the eyes. [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




New Tatooine "Oasis in the Desert" | 11.12 MB

from the Pk3 Hmm =_,O I daresay I enjoy the utter cleverness and dispicable evil input into this map. Truly a fascinating idea. The author basically took one of Raven's JA maps, namely the Tatooine map, and expanded it upon it so that it's almost perfect for RP! Brilliant observation and creativity on their part, as I myself saw potential in this map. There are a number of good features that make both a good RP but also a good FFA map. There a couple of good dueling areas for the avid duelist, along with an NPC spawner or two. For the RPist, there is a land vehicle-namely the landspeeder-at your disposal, along with the thrill of riding in a moving Millenium Falcon. I still wish to impound that obnoxiously fiendish flying contraption after my little escapade with it. =_= Now, you may wonder why these vehicles would be in here. The reason is that our creator here expanded the map to have an outside of the city as well. A good move on your part. There is also standard hotel rooms for people to enjoy. Apparantly a lot of people enjoy watching Darth Vader stand there and stare at you. Why this is I do not know. There is also a day and night version! A supreme move as well! In general, everything around the map was alright. The lighting seemed normal, but it bugged me because it seemed to make the stone texture a little ugly. I don't know, perhaps it's just me. Also, the fountain at the plaza has no water, yet there is a water sound. My theory to this is tha Tatooine is SO HEATED that the instant the water emits from the fountain, it dies and all that's left is a spectre of its original feel. Completely plausible and absolutely infallible in logic. Man, I AM a genius! =_,O Been looking for a desert map to RP on? I know I have. OFFER YOUR BANDWIDTH IMMEDIATELY OR ELSE I WILL THROW TATOOINES TWIN SUNS INTO YOUR FACE!! New Textures: Aye New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan




Force Academy Clan Map V2 | 2.28 MB

function. It meets the needs of the clan it serves. This being one of the few maps where screenshots are virtually unnecessary, I will list the features out: - 3 platforms(2 for dueling space, 1 for a launch platform of an X-wing{there was allegedly one with a tie}) - a number of NPC spawning chambers - space to fly vehicles Yep, that's about it. Simple and to the point. This is definitely a utiltarian map. I won't condemn them for this purpose one bit; however, there were a couple little bugs, although they weren't that bad. One was the X-wing spawning already in motion. For those of you who are unaware of what I mean, there are spawning instances when the X-wing wasn't spawned on a level surface. The x-wing will then proceed to pitch downward and fly downwards. The other bug wasn't so much a bug I suppose: the inner door switches on the NPC chambers didn't work. However that could be bypassed by having someone close it for you from the outside. This map is useful for training of sorts and a simple meeting place. I don't think it's that bad personally. Perhaps a little expansion would make the map more appealing, but I don't think that was the author's goal in mind. New Textures: Aye New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




TrueMandolorian Clan Map FFA | 6.02 MB

TrueMandalorian, which is a clan, is actually spelled right by everyone else. The map itself is one of those bright icky maps with bad lighting that\'s great for clan stuff because it has a lot in it. Throne rooms, duel areas, bedrooms, you name it... except a bar, unless I missed it. This is the first map of this type without a bar, that I\'ve seen. Odd, in kind of a refreshing way. What do a bunch of kids need a bar for anyway? ;) As I mentioned previously, the lighting in this map is pretty bad. I didn\'t see a single light entity that had a source, and not even any sources without a light entity. It is apparently magical lighting that lights the TrueMandalorian headquarters. In any case, the map itself also had several errors. Firstly there was a wall that kept disappearing and reappearing, and my map expertise isn\'t great enough that I know what causes that, so I\'m sure some of you do. There was also at least one area where I could see the void, and several examples of z-fighting. There were also several areas where you could see over the walls into the skybox. In fact one room had a glass floor such that you could see the bottoms of some of the other rooms. A bit tacky, if you ask me. A couple other more negligible \"bugs\": no custom music, which is really a bummer for a map like this. In fact there doesn\'t seem to be any music at all. In addition the botroutes, while included, seem to be a little silly, as the bots always spawn in exactly the same place, according to my testing. I watched the bots for about 5-10 minutes, and with three bots they never managed to get outside a 10x10 radius, making for some pretty boring entertainment on my part. However with a map like this, I wouldn\'t even expect it to be used for bot matches. This is really more of a clan get-together map, and for this purpose it should function exceptionally well. Still, some fitting music would definitely be a plus... but then again with all these new-fangled music player tracker thingamabobs, I suppose you don\'t really need map music. I guess I\'m just old fashioned. :p [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




Nivalis | 10.95 MB

you're going, so I was glad the author provided the screenshots else I might not have been able to find everything, even despite this map's relatively small size. The map consists of two areas: a small, indoor section, and a much larger outdoor section. The indoor section is secluded from the snow falling outside, but as I mentions it is relatively small, so you will be quite vulnerable. Outside is a different story. The snow reduces visibility, and even despite the glowing lightsaber it's very difficult to see things at a distance. It will be far easier for you to sneak up on your foe. Of course it's easier for them to do the same, as well. The map contains an interesting choice in music: Vivaldi. In fact, it is the Winter concerto from Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Fitting, it seems, given the swirling snow. There was one thing missing, though: ambient sounds. It was amazing to see so much snow falling, but no wind or other snow-related sounds. It was kind of disappointing, but probably not all that noticible for most people. The author also claims the map is meant for role-play. Whilst I'm sure that's what he had in mind, I personally can't see this map being great for role-play. Not only is 75% of it hard to see, but it's just not very interactive. It still seems like a great map for saber fights, though. Give it a try if you're looking for another good snow map. [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




Zora\'s Domain | 10.15 MB

accuracy in portrayal is actually quite high. Having played the game this hailed from before, I maneuvered around the map with high familiarity and nostalgia. The area is highly aquatic, yet the music is what truly sets the mood. A feeling of peace and quiet. I love that feeling, especially after an entire battlefield of young lads has been completely wiped out and their bones are being gnawed on by the ravens. Quite a satisfying feeling. The map has gun placements everywhere to make it a versatile battlefield. That\'s always a plus. My only concern was the repetitive textures in many areas. The worst case was perhaps the Jabbu Jabbu site. The walls were very repetitive and unappealing. It was too obvious. There were also certain areas where the map had holes in it. However, they were in areas people normally don\'t hang around, so I won\'t count that too much against you. For the author\'s sake, the areas were in the Zora\'s Fountain above the exit from the throne room, and a waterfall along the river. Otherwise, this was a decent map. The author has generally decided to include a Zora start up theme. However, the way it was packaged will not register it as a success. However, if you have enough knowledge to make it work, this could give you something to do. Offer your bandwidth to the Fishy Zora Men =_O! New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan




FFA Rooftop | 3.16 MB

feel to it. But then it also doesn't feel anything like Nar Shaddaa, and in a good way. It's bright, clean, very much not the grungy, underworldish feel we normally get from Nar Shaddaa, but then it also is just as easy to fall off of, featuring dozens of catwalks and building to walk between and around, and even through. The thing that got me about this map was how bright it is. Not in an incorrect lighting kind of way, but in a bustling city kind of way. All of the buildings are lit up, and the catwalks and bridges are all adequately lit. Despite the map being at night, you'll have no trouble finding your way around. At least not due to darkness. The "maze" aspect of this map, however, might keep you guessing. It's not a maze of its own right, but the intertwining catwalks certainly give this map a maze-ish feel, just because many of the sections, though certainly different, look similar. I continually forgot where I was, and it took a while to get to a place I could easily recognize. This map, as the read-me says, is designed for "real" FFA. This means there are plenty of weapon pickups, and the map is ideally suited to gun play, but it is also perfect for sabers. In fact, if you don't use them both I can see you getting slaughtered on this map. With a large, saber-suited platform, and a small, easily unnoticible sniping alcove (not in the same area, unfortunately -- that would have been interesting!) you'll need to know you way around both a blade and a blaster to make it in a game using this map. Even the bots will obtain quite an arsenal to fight you with, using the well-done botrouting that will take them right to all the powerups. [b]Note[/b]: Archive is now in ZIP format, instead of RAR. [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




Sub-Bespin | 13.3 MB

idea for a role-play server: it has places to run around, places to gather, swoops to ride around on, and a bar. What else do you need?! The map itself looks a lot better in-game than it did in the levelshot, so I was certainly glad I actually tested it out. The texturing could use some work, as in many places it's repetative, and a lot of the doors/lifts look weird, but it's definitely got a Bespin look. There are several buildings to go in (not all of them - not all doors lead somewhere, after all!) and a few lifts to get you up to some of the higher-up places. There's also an arrow labeled "AFK", pointing to a stairway that leads down to a lower level. This lower level contains a pathway, surrounded by... air. Yep, seems the AFKers are one blaster bolt or one hand wave away from a long fall! Kind of cruel... :p The map is probably geared towards guns battles, as there are quite a few weapon spawns throughout the map, but it could work just as well for a lightsaber duel, given the amount of open space around and on top of the buildings. For a city-based map it's quite decent, although a little bit of texturing tweaks and maybe a few more enterable buildings would really spruce it up quite a bit. [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




[OotR] Jedi Enclave | 11.28 MB

this map, it's still a beta and as such still needs some reworking and fixing. Okelydokely readerinos, with that little disclaimer aside, let's dive in. I'll start by commenting on the architecture. In the way of layout, the map is very similar to KotOR (there are a few minor differences, and some things left out. The brushwork is overall very good, however there are problems here too. First, there are rips in many places which need patching up. Secondly, there was one place where I could see right through the map and down into the skybox; either the rooftop should be textured, or a clip layer inserted to prevent people from jumping high enough to see through the caulk. Third, there were quite a few small gaps between objects where there shouldn't be. Hovering plantpots, anyone? The texturing, overall, fits well. I mean, that [i]is[/i] how the place was supposed to look. The textures themselves are kinda flat and cartoony, and by that I don't mean cel-shaded; while it still looks good, depth and shadowing on textures works WONDERS for creating a beautiful atmosphere. There was some z-fighting and sparklies, mostly near the Ebon Hawk, but on the whole texturing is fine and mostly error-free. Lighting is almost exactly what you'd expect, and accurate to KotOR. It's bland, but the author can hardly be faulted for that thanks to the accuracy. While personally I think the Aurora Engine should be told to go... uh, do nasty things... when making recreations, it's sufficient. You can clearly tell where the author has used light entities - might want to try adjusting that, and maybe rely more on shader lights than entity lights. Gameflow is heavily compromised thanks to the layout. Ways to circumvent this are plentiful without editing the layout, such as ventilation shafts, hidden passages, etc etc. Anything which improves circulation can only greatly improve the gameflow of a map - dead-ends are bad for gameplay, and even though this is probably intended as an RP map, it never hurts to appeal to a wider audience. Which is also why I deem the lack of powerups and items a negative. (Although oddly the Force Boon powerup (which really needs taking out of the game and replacing with something worthwhile) is placed in the map. This is the only time in my immediate memory where I've seen an author use this powerup.) Overall, it's an excellent map for RPs, despite it's BETA status, and with a few subtle and non-intrusive modifications by the author, it can also appeal to the FFA crowd. While the map is slightly too similar to the Aurora Engine for it's own good (enhancement is always a good thing), it works well and is a good remake of the Jedi Enclave. Definitely one for KotOR fans, although if you like maps which maximise gameplay over eye candy, this one's a mixed bag. Worth a download, if for nothing other than the amusement of kneecapping C3P0 with saber throw because he keeps opening that damn door. ~ Kouen [i]"You don't know what your power has done to me, I wanna know if I'll heal in time..."[/i] [b]Bot Support:[/b] Nein [b]Custom Music:[/b] There's an MP3 in the pk3, so I assume so. I didn't hear it in-game because I was listening to Silvertide... >_> [b]Custom Textures:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Models:[/b] Is the sky blue? There's your answer. ;) [b]Gametypes:[/b] Free For All Team Free For All




Attack Cruiser V2 - Hangar | 10.17 MB

review:;72148 With that out of the way, I present to you a version of the previously mentioned map inside a humongous hangar. How huge, you ask? Well let\'s just say I could fly a HO-IX in it and have a space battle in it. It\'s a very huge hangar, and I\'m not sure where it came from, but it\'s a huge box for a warship. The additions to the ship\'s hangar are a control center that doesn\'t function, random smaller ships scattered about, and a ramp that leads into the main hangar of the ship. Technical errors are mentioned in the previous review. If you liked the map above, then I DEMAND YOU TO GROVEL BEFORE MIGHTY FILEFRONT AND TELL IT YOU WANT THIS MAP! - Averus Retruthan




Attack Cruiser V2 | 9.29 MB

not. This was, of course, most likely intended for RP. This is basically a layout of an EP3 star destroy-esque warship. (I don\'t care what the correct term for them is.) The ship had basic functions that were needed in an average RP: a few rooms, a mess hall, hangar, and of course the bridge.What\'s even better was that the bridge had turbolaser controls. Quite effective, although perhaps the turbolasers are rather indiscriminate. What irked me was the lack of a barracks, armory, and maintenance and engineering access. Apparantly the clones were very certain their ships wouldn\'t be destroyed. Precisely why they went down in flames. Fools =_,= Technical errors included the following: - Ships: there was apparantly room for a jedi starfighter in there. However, they weren\'t in there. Seeing as I hated the X-wing and Z-95, I decided to jump into my own vessel of choice and fly around. - Music: Not only was there John Williams swill in there, there was a broken jukebox button that was supposed to play \"Livin La Vida Yoda.\" *sighs and shakes head* Overall, however, this was a very nice map for RPing. Though lacking, it could serve useful. All this can be yours if you make your pilgramage to the Filefront Temple! =_,= - Averus Retruthan




Factory1201 | 12.49 MB

and it\'s not hard on the eyes. In fact it\'s rather nice looking, with quite a few features, good architecture, good lighting, and enough points of interest to keep you from getting bored. This map, on the whole is very dark. I don\'t mean it\'s not lit, I just mean that it makes use of darker texturing, instead of the bright, steely grey Imperial textures we\'re all used to. It also has quite a strong red component, adding a little splash of color, and a bit of blue lighting here and there adds yet another bit of interest. With breakable glass, glass-lined hallways and rooms, and industial-looking scenery, the map is perfectly set for the suggested gameplay. However it is also suitable for lightsaber dueling, with several rooms featuring towering ceilings, giving plenty of room to hop around with your light stick. The nice thing here is that not all the rooms are body. Some are certainly, but that comes with the map being a building. Buildings are designed on square. But many of the rooms feature additional brushes or objects that detract from the naturally square shapes, making the architecture seem far less repetative. Overall it has a good look to it and should make for some interesting gun matches. [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




Halloween Frost | 5.14 MB

square arena with a pit. The pit contains a rod of magma ( o_0 ) and a rancor. Lightning will strike in the pit occasionally dealing fatal damage if it connects with a player. Oh, and there's a rancor. This map has all the hallmarks of a typical first map, and I assume it is, so I'm really not going to judge it as I'd judge something from an experienced mapper. I'm merely going to suggest that the author moves on and works on something higher up the food chain. As a starter map, well, I've seen worse and I've seen better. At least FuL*CruM has a good mind of what he does wrong, and how to fix it for an update. I see that you have some potential, FuL*CruM, so push forward, challenge yourself, see how far you can push your abilities. ~ Kouen (Tip: As awesomely sexy as Matt Uelman's work for the Diablo II soundtrack is, it sadly doesn't work for games centered around action.) [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]Custom Music:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Textures:[/b] No [b]Custom Models:[/b] No [b]Gametypes:[/b] Free-For-All Team Free-For-All Duel Powerduel




Free Saber Alliance Council | 19.22 MB

to move around and have private duels away from the rest of the clan. I’ll start where you spawn; a red carpet t-section corridor. Each of the exits at the end of each passage lead to a new area obviously, one unmarked then the following: ‘Archives’, ‘The Crypt’ and ‘Training Arena.’ Training Area: The feel I get from the architecture of this room would be something from Unreal Tournament, which isn’t bad in my view; it’s a two level area. The top level is where spectators can sit and watch and the ring-leaders can spawn opponents for the participants below from four control panels, each a different level of difficulty I believe. The lower level is surrounded by glass, hence protecting spectators from combat. The Crypt: A little bluestone burial chamber, where beyond is a prison area with three cells each with a control to raise and lower shields. One side corridor leads to the archives. Archives: The Archives, well look very much like the Jedi Archives you see in the movies, in its basic form. Why do I say basic? I mean more classical form, instead of data entries it is a library of books. Instead of a dark architecture the pillars are of white marble reaching to a semi-arched ceiling; a design which much reminds me of roman architecture. *Gasp! “Is there a god?” I see a side exit within the archives and venture forth down a corridor titled, ‘Hydroponics…’ Right now is when the classical music set of the map really makes its mark with a sense of euphoria overwhelming me as I anticipate my future actions with whatever ‘hydroponics’ these Jedi have to offer. Hydroponics: Here you come to a wall surrounded courtyard with a clean cut lawn and cobblestone path, to the left is a waterfall flowing over the wall and into a small pond. To the right, is a greenhouse and just beyond that a place to sit down and relax on several benches. Within the greenhouse is…I was disappointed here, ferns and ‘long-grass’ weeds. In my view it could have done with a little more…or maybe something original. Back to the central corridor hub and through the unmarked door we enter a central hall, circular in design, again supported by columns. The mixture of marble textures for this room I do believe mix well, cream, light yellow and green marble. The small fire bowls along each stair-well do give a great finish. There are three other exits in this hall. Dome Arena: Just as it sounds, with a good classical design as half the rest of the map…a domelike room to duel. Duel Platform: A gothic style platform supported by chains from the ceiling, with a control panel to extend a bridge to get to this platform. Watch your step during combat; you may fall to your death. Ignore the labeled ‘control room’ for this area…it has no controls, the controls are in the main area of the platform arena. Exit: here you come to the main outside area of the map, same cobblestone path design and clean-cut lawn as the hydroponics area, yet with a stream running through and small footbridge to match. Yet this is not what people would come here for. They would come for the spawns of mini-tie’s to pilot and dog-fight in. Yes they’re miniature but somehow you can still jump in and go nuts with them, cute. Ok, despite being disappointed with the ‘hydroponics’ Greenhouse, I’d say I relatively enjoyed running around this map. Although I liked the classical music, I doubt most would enjoy this form of music. ------------ Gweth




Development of a House | 1.21 MB

bit about maps and what makes them good or bad. This map, other than showcasing the author\'s knowledge of carpentry, does little else. The number one problem with this map is, even if you wanted to admire the houses, you really can\'t. The doors are about 3/4 the size of your player model, making some so small you have to duck to get in, and other so small you can\'t pass through them at all. It\'s not just the doors, either. The ceilings of the first floor will be about 1-2 inches shy of your head. It\'s almost as if the author didn\'t bother testing his map along the way and never noticed it was improperly sized. Another big pitfall is the skybox and the edge of the map, which you can see quite easily. The map itself is not very big, and there is nothing blocking your view of the edges of the map, so you can see right down to the bottom of the skybox. If anything, the houses in this map will get in the way of any serious play. While I applaud the author\'s knowledge of home construction, a map showcasing it not only doesn\'t fit in Jedi Academy, but it really [i]distracts[/i] from gameplay, especially when all the houses are incorrectly scaled. [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




Deathmatch | 451.63 KB

guess that\'s proof that the map succeeded in it\'s intended field. Anyway, all that this map has structurally, is a small connecting tunnel between both sides, with an extra hatch in the center. Each side of the arena has a room at the back and two corner platforms with a fortified design. Turrets, weapons and ammo adorn both sides of the arena. The main combat area, however, is the central open area. There were quite a few aspects I feel the need to denounce. Firstly, the fact that the middle area is open is good, but it would probably have been better if some objects were in there for cover. As it is now, the turrets come into play far more than the actual carried weapons do. While darker lighting is preferable over bright lighting, but it is too dark. Not so much to make the map unplayable, but you\'ll probably need to turn the brightness up a bit. Texturing needs work, although for what the map is, the current job will do just fine. I advise the author to make some more logical and realistic texture choices on future maps. Well, unless of course they\'re similarly themed like old-school deathmatch maps, in which case the same goes as for this one - playability is the priority. If you\'re a gunner, you may want to check this one out. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Routing:[/b] No [b]Custom Textures:[/b] No [b]Custom Models:[/b] No [b]Custom Music:[/b] No




FunJumping RELOADED | 7.9 MB

The map is still as unconventional as ever, so no worries on that count. You\'ll likely want to know what\'s changed and what hasn\'t, right? Well, the good ol\' tele-jump is still in there, provided you aim it right. The dojo remains, with some minor changes (the music button has been switched out and replaced with NPC controls). The music room seems to have been replaced with a lounge of sorts. The rancor room remains as it was, however the lag when running towards it has been smoothed slightly. Also, an extra level has been added in there. Now for the new areas. There\'s a slide chute at the top of the main shaft, which will drop you right back down. There\'s a new mini-game room called Jawa Bounce. Check that out for yourselves. A jump room has been added. While it is relatively simple, it\'s still fun, although I do have to question the interior design instincts of the author ;) . The other noticeably new area is the garden. Advice for the author: don\'t ever use that water shader again. It\'s possibly the most horrible of the game\'s liquid shaders, and it gives that awful blue aura to anything nearby. You\'ll find a secret somewhere in the garden, but I\'m not telling where. There are also plenty of secrets, and a few semi-secrets too. Overall, my gripes remain largely the same as before. The texturing, while better, still follows a somewhat conformative setup. It doesn\'t look bad, but really, a little creativity never goes amiss. The lighting is, again, uniform, but it\'s fairly obvious by now that looks aren\'t what this map is made for. I assume the author has fixed the areaportalling on the doors, but I went through them with first-person noclip to get screenies this time, so I wouldn\'t know for sure. Oh, be sure to turn your music volume down a bit in the game\'s options, especially if you use a headset. Either that, or keep some aspirin nearby. :p Overall, it\'s a fun map. Could be more in the aesthetics, but the mini-game potential more than makes up for it. Recommended for a download if you just like messing around - you\'ll have plenty of goofing off to do here. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Routing:[/b] No [b]Custom Model(s):[/b] Yes [b]Custom Texture(s):[/b] Yes [b]Custom Music:[/b] Yes




[DE]Clanmap | 963.88 KB

starting room, the room with the pillars. It's gigantic! I felt dwarfed as I ran around in it, so maybe a lower ceiling would have alleviated some of that. The next thing I noticeds was the texturing in the long hallway. I hate to put it bluntly, but it's just ugly. Most of this is due to the same texture being used on the walls [i]and[/i] the ceiling. Plus that particular texture just isn't suited for the walls. The next thing I noticed was the lighting. I don't think I once saw a light source for any of the light entities, unless there were some attached to the Sith statues' flames. In fact there were two rooms that didn't seem to be lit at all, that I could tell. As a result I am unsure as to their purpose. There are a couple of other rooms, though, and apparently some areas I never saw. There is a bar, and what looks like it might be some kind of chapel, and a jail area. For the jail I'm not sure how you'd get people into the cells, since they don't seem to open, so I assume it was designed for use with one of those mods that lets you teleport folks. Then you can choose to hit the button on the first two cells, crushing your enemy with a movable brush. Cruel? Sure, but probably quite entertaining! [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




The Battle Arena | 2.37 KB

happening in this map is a bunch of people blasting the bejeezus out of each other and the line of Jawas between them. It's too small to be good for dueling if you have more than 2 or 3 people, plus I suspect the turrets would get in the way. There is also no lighting done, so it's fully-lit, making it incredibly bright. Once again, this map simply needs more to it, and it needs to be spacious enough to support its gametype. [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




The Quad 1.0 | 15.81 MB

RP atmosphere. It either contains: - All the rooms and furniture necessary for basic extended periods of living. - Enough objects and archaic evils to have some sort of evil ceremonial rite or something involving evil... Anyway, following this grand explanation, This map contains the former. Intended for FFA, it seems, no, it IS an amazingly built map. I found virtually no flaws that could irritate the crap out of most everybody. The theme of this map is basically a Jedi Academy(ish) feel, but it seems more of a college-based map O_o but then again, what do I know?. It also has a couple features, namely like light switches and cute little pictures. PICTURES OF EVIL AND STAR WARS..and a couple clan recruitment things..otherwise, this map is RIDICULOUSLY INSANE! Overall...I COMMAND ALL RP SERVERS TO DOWNLOAD THIS IMMEDIATELY! This pitiful review doesn\'t do this map justice. The map is large, has good FPS, supports almost EVERY RP aspect, and has good arenas for FFA\'ers and duelers. Offer your bandwidth now! NOW!! - Averus Retruthan Secrets: Nay(at least from MY explorations.) Bot Support: No(but the author yelled at me about that v_v) New Textures: Aye(I think)




Final Fantasy VII - Nibelheim | 12.52 MB

for its infamous burning by the even more infamous antagonist, Sephiroth. (May he slay many planets with his might.) Before I continue with the review of Herr Sanj\'s 1st submitted map, I must utter this fun fact: FUN FACT: Nibelheim is a modified version of the german words \"Nebel & Heim\" meaning \"Mist Home.\" This is further supported by the foggy Mt. Nibel. I COMMAND YOU TO HAVE FUN WITH THIS FACT AND MAKE MERRY IN ITS PROCLAMATION! Now then...expecting the exact town in JA format, I was naturally surprised. The town is correct in its architecture of the buildings, but only to the style. I was expecting a slight variation of the buildings heights. Nibelheim\'s buildings were MUCH higher, but I saw a motley of dwarf buildings! 1000 curses...also to quote on the architecture, the town\'s main plaza was more circular, as opposed to this variant, which seemed more rectangular. This, of course, detracted from the whole feel of the lordly Nibelheim feel. It just seemed like a burning alley of houses, which brings me to my next points... The flame sounds were repetitive, dear Sanj! My god I felt like the fire was being rewound and played back, trapping me in a time loop from which there was no end! I would suggest in a possible future version to have a longer flame track with smoother blending, as they did not match with the flames I saw. Also, the flames did not inflict MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF PAIN AND BURNING! I was quite disappointed, but then again I half suspected that this was intended given that the entire town was aflame and it would be impossible to combat in said situations realistically. Overall, t\'was a decent attempt at a wonderfully ominous town for a first submitted map. The author did mention that there were few interiors given his skill level, and that is acceptable. Sanj, I hope to see a more accurate remake from you, as I will then sacrifice 20 food items in your name.(I would have done humans but alas, I ran out.) Bot Support: Nay Secrets to plunder: Aye (3) New Textures: Aye (Wond\'rous skybox, might I add.) - Averus Retruthan




Rick\'s World

rickworldfiles.rar | 6.88 MB

just...floating in space. Don\'t ask me if it\'s a space ship or something, because I don\'t know. But anyways, there are four areas that you can go to. Three of them are buildings dedicated to people that hte author knows, and have a picture of that person somewhere in each room. One room is themed towards the Fantastic Four, another one has an Egyptian theme, and another one has a CG babe theme. Yes, it\'s filled with CG bikini babes, and there\'s a picture of a guy on the ceiling for almost no apparent reason. There is a rancor cage, and a tauntaun jousting area. I don\'t think that the tauntauns will respawn when they run out, so that\'s something to work on. There are traps in this map, and I couldn\'t find any disarming mechanism in any of them, so if you go into them, you die. I thought this map was really blocky, and that\'s one big thing that could be changed. But for a first time map, I guess it works. But if you really think about it, the opinions of others don\'t matter at all when it comes to making something. The only thing that matters is if the author is satisfied with his work. So, this is an interesting map, and if you want something interesting, then you should download. Bot Support: No New Models: No New Textures: No Gametypes: FFA, Duel ~Zach




The Arena of Ankor | 1.07 MB

in the process. It almost looks like water, but there is no water anywhere in the map. The second problem here is it uses textures from [file="50489"]Stargate Atlantis[/file] (which was by Lord_Rive, by the way), but the author has not actually included them, so without Stargate Atlantis you're going to get missing textures and some funky effects. Speaking of funky effects, there seem to be a couple of traps in this map. One at least, whether intention or unintentional I can't tell. A cage will come up out of the ground, and the ground itself will move to make way for... a pit, of course. A pit that seems to have no bottom. Maybe it does, but I killed myself at some point out of boredom before I hit the bottom. Anyway, the map itself has two rooms: one large room, and a small room within the large room. The textures are very repetitive, and in some areas they are not lined up from brush to brush. I also question whether this map would be big enough to support a free for all -- it looks awfully small for any decent gameplay. [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes (not included) [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No ~Inyri




NIO Pyramid | 1.16 MB

bugged. I\'ll start with the good points first, though. A decent amount of space for duelling inside, although freedom of movement isn\'t a positive factor. Still, this should cut down on the jump-flip move spam I usually see. There\'s a nice bit of space outside for running around, which can be utilised for fun little things such as Tauntaun Races. The inside is somewhat reminiscent of how a pyramid would be laid out, so extra points for that limited degree of authenticity. Not a clan tag in sight either, so it can be used by other clans or freelance servers with no worries. Now, onto the bugs. Missing textures are quite prevalent throughout. This is because custom textures have been used, but not included in the pk3. There was no music (not that I could hear, anyway), which doesn\'t help when it comes to atmosphere building. The lighting is bland - mostly just the same light used in different spots, with no sources or variation. The inside was slightly cramped, and while that\'s good for encouraging a particular duel style, a little more space would have been nice. Guns have been included, but the map is really too small for them to be usable. Oh, and lightsaber weapon spawns are useless, unless you happen to be playing Jedi Master - and if you\'re on JKA, it\'s a very high probability that you\'re not. This isn\'t so bad, though, and if you have Sith Council v2, most if not all of the custom textures will display just fine. I\'d really advise the author to do more to make their maps that little extra bit more interesting in future, as well as taking into consideration aspects such as space and playability. Oh, and some Egyptian textures would have been awesome. Korriban is just... ick.[/quote]Changes: - Missing texture issues fixed. - Lighting redone and sources added. - Z-fighting fixed. - Slight architectural changes. If you used the older version, you\'ll probably want to get this new, updated version to cure the problems. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Routing:[/b] No [b]Custom Models:[/b] No [b]Custom Textures:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Music:[/b] No




wuhu2 | 711.99 KB

all... Several rooms. All what you'd expect - gun training, duel training, jump training, and strafe jumping. The gun training room actually leads to an assault course setup (yes, those two mostly-untextured blocks are teleporters). Hitting red walls in the strafejump room will have you restarting the course. The other rooms don't have any notable features. Architecturally, it's basic. Very basic. Everything is square. It's functional, however, so don't see that as a bad thing. Decent enough for training without worrying about elements such as latency. Technically, it's lacking. There's no lighting, something which can make or break a map. No music either, but in the age of killtrackers, I doubt anyone's going to be too perturbed. Entities haven't really been used in places where they could have been used to improve overall quality, but it's a first map, and that's part of the learning curve. Texture usage isn't so good. Most of the textures used were either misused or just don't look right. Again, texture usage is something the author will become more proficient with over time. Bugs. The elevator leading to the aim room can't be recalled, and I assume that's what the button is for as it does nothing else. The doors have a habit of disappearing when you stand in front of the switch, and reappearing the moment you move for the door. The func_door entity should have been used for the doors, with a short wait, giving the player just long enough to get through. What you see is what you get, so if you can see yourself using this map, you know where to click. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Routing:[/b] No [b]Custom Models:[/b] No [b]Custom Textures:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Music:[/b] No




House of Tricks | 628.76 KB

want to spoil this map, so I'll keep my description limited. What you've basically got, is a factory setting, with a few illusions lying around. There are some nice visual touches which keep with the theme, such as the caution markings, control rooms, and the small trench-tunnel hybrid. The "tricks" which are the map's central point are actually quite few in number, but still sorta nifty. I'm not gonna ruin the surprises, but I will say that there are several areas which were prime opportunities to spring a trap, yet those opportunities were wasted. I have to admit, that was a bit of a let down. Onto the architecture, it's typical first map territory, but that's acceptable. My only real comment here is - don't be afraid to experiment! Sure, you may want to keep it real, but ideas will save you in the long run, so try whatever radical designs you can come out with. Just make sure they're playable, of course. ;) The lighting is simple, but at least it's present. There's been a decent, if not limited, use of entities throughout, although interactivity was somewhat lacking. Few tips for the author? Sure, why not? I did find a few instances of z-fighting, which need clearing up. As a general rule, you should always caulk brush faces the player won't see - it works wonders for load times and FPS. You should also look up tutorials and get info on adding bot routes and music, since those are good additions to any map. No mention of the hidden areas. We don't call this stuff spoiler-free for nothing, ya know. Well, there's plenty of space for gameplay, and a few fun things which can catch an opponent unaware, so give it a try. If you can get over the limited aesthetic appeal, you'll find that this map is good on the gameplay side. (And yes, DeathWish, you did overuse the wall texture. :p ) ~ Kouen [b]Bot Routes:[/b] No [b]Custom Textures:[/b] No [b]Custom Models:[/b] No [b]Custom Music:[/b] No




Red Rebel\'s Arena | 4.93 MB

actually thought of this one more as a duel map than a gunner\'s map, to be honest. To quote my previous review, [quote]Something I find ironic, is that a map made out of pure boredom, has the most fun and exhilarating gameplay I\'ve seen in a long time. The arena of the title is a very basic map, with a simple design theme. That doesn\'t mean it\'s bad though. It\'s the typical small arena you\'d expect from a Q3 engine game, which really wasn\'t used well enough in JKA. A platform in the middle, four ramps leading up to it, and a walkway around the edge. And a glass roof, of course. The good parts. Your FPS is going to rock on this thing, truly. Shader lighting has been used, rather than entities, although Red hasn\'t used anything to disguise the shader light textures - naughty naughty ;) . Guns and ammo are liberally scattered around. In the way of size, the arena is sort of cramped, but open enough for it to avoid being claustrophobic - this leads to some excellent Q3A-style gameplay. Red\'s done a great job of using the base textures - at first I didn\'t recognise a few of them because of how they fit into the map\'s theme. The music works great in the heat of battle, but sounds oddly familiar, especially at the start... The bad parts, which are mostly nitpicks. It\'s sort of boring, although it\'s objective renders that irrelevant - I\'m just too used to eye candy. A couple of extra levels of platforms never hurts, and some less standard designed rooms would have been great. Again, the shader lights are undisguised, and the plain white texture isn\'t all that attractive. Putting a glass layer over it would have been nice, and would have made it look that much better. Anyway, this one\'s fun for the gunners, and it\'s fun for the duelists to fight in the middle of a hail of gunfire :p . I wouldn\'t recommend disabling anything when using this map in FFA mode, however, as it loses most of it\'s edge when not used for true all-out FFA. Despite a few issues with the music, which had an amusingly simple solution in the end ( :D ), the map\'s nothing flashy, but it gives the smoothest gameplay, and it\'s one heck of a wild ride. I\'d recommend this for those who have FPS problems due to weaker computers, and also to those who want to give a bit of True FFA a go in traditional Quake III style.[/quote] New additions include a second level in the center, an \'lol secret room\', a few architectural alterations, and some new improved bot routing (even though they still hate going up high). So, what else can I say? Disable your sabers and Force powers, load this up, and find out what true deathmatch is all about. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Textures:[/b] No [b]Custom Models:[/b] No [b]Custom Music:[/b] Yes (Incubus - \'Follow\' - Halo 2 Original Soundtrack) [b]Gametypes:[/b] Free For All Team Free For All Duel Powerduel




Korriban Duel Valley | 1.67 MB

there\'s a nice stairway going down, and the statues don\'t have any textures on them. :( Anyways, once you go down the stairs, there are four areas that you can go to: a pool, a statue of Ragnos, a cafe, and a jail. The pool isn\'t much, it\'s just a pool. To get to the statue of Ragnos you have to descend down an elevator, which goes rather slowly. At first when I saw the statue and the black abyss under my I thought I\'d have to jump or die. Alas, You don\'t have to jump or die, you can just walk up a walkway. There is a hole in Ragnos\'s chest, but don\'t go in there! You\'ll die! The third area is a cafe, which isn\'t that special, except that it has a missing texture or two. Then there\'s the jail, again, nothing that special, except for when you push the buttons there\'s some z-fighting, but that\'s about it. In fact, with all the buttons all you had to do to activate them was touch them. Again, in this map, the main thing that needed work was the lighting. That, and the fire didn\'t hurt me. v_v So basically with this map the aesthetics need work. Bot Support: No New Models: No New Music: No New Textures: No Gametypes:FFA Duel TFFA Power Duel ~Zach




Attack Cruiser | 10.98 MB

extras, including a pilot\'s lounge. I noticed the lounge had a few missing texture issues, but I didn\'t include screenshots, feeling that the ones the author sent in were good enough. Just for future notice, if you send in a map, you don\'t have to send in screenshots. We\'ll generally take screenshots for you. The hanger hit me a a recreation of a Battlefront II hangar, which isn\'t a bad thing. There were about three ships to choose from: a jedi starfighter, a X-Wing or a Z-95. I was under the impression that this was an Imperial vessel. Where are the TIE fighters and bombers? Well that doesn\'t matter. One of my big dislikes in this map is the actual ship itself. It doesn\'t look like a good attack cruiser. The author has the vertical outline of a star destroyer done pretty good, but it\'s just not big enough. You have a huge hangar and the rest of the ship looks like it was made to hold the hangar, and it looks like it\'s straining to do so. Also, I found a bug. If you go down towards the tip of the cruiser and land your fighter, you can get out and walk around. neat, huh? Yes, but it takes away some realism. So my biggest buff against this map is the ship design. Big deal, most of you probably won\'t care. I have one other thing. The lighting. There looks to be next to none. With this in mind, I could barely see anything unless I increased the brightness of my screen. Yes, it\'s that dark. I could barely see anything in the map. It needs at least [i]some[/i] light to see by. This map needs a lot of improvement, but if the author does improve it, I think it could become a very fun map. Oh, and one thing, if this is an attack cruiser, put some turbolasers on the bottom of the ship. ;) Bot Support: No New Models: No New Textures: No New Music: Yes Gametypes: FFA, TFFA ~Zach




FFA Bespin | 3.22 MB

lights on the buildings and platforms are there, and they do glow! This version is especially good because it doesn\'t have the issues that I\'ve seen with other maps. Ah, nostalgia, my old friend, we meet again. Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Music: No Gametype: FFA, TFFA ~Zach




Dune Sea Tower | 6.11 MB

the Darth Arth Mapping Academy Map Contest, and while I don\'t know who won this particular contest, this map certainly has \"winner\" written all over it. This map seems ideally suited for guns matches, if only because there are so many weapon pickups scattered around the map. There are plenty of weapons and plenty of ammo, and the map is arranged in such a way that should provide for some very interesting fire fights. There is enough cover and nooks and crannies to hide yourself, or shoot from cover. The layout of the map is very good, providing both good gameplay and interesting scenery. The map itself seems to be a compound set in the Dune Sea of Tatooine. I did find the architecture -- or rather the texture choices -- a little strange for a Tatooine-based map. However I can\'t say it isn\'t unique. The texturing and coloring of the structures, which might remind you more of Bespin, is set in an unending desert, with occasional sand making an appearance spilling over some of the walkways. An electric fence blocks you from exiting the compound, so don\'t try to escape. You wouldn\'t last a day out there in the Dune Sea anyway ;). Overall a great map we\'ve got here, perfectly sized for a decent brawl. It\'s got good looks, a good layout, and plenty of ammunition to keep you busy for hours. Another wondeful piece by Darth NormaN! [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




The City of Xia | 3.07 MB

it is pretty big, and has a lot of things to do, and places to go. It also has a lot of secrets in it. In fact, as the author says that this map has RPG potential, I can see that this is true. This is good for a city RPG if you\'re not too picky about blocky architecture. As for me and RPG\'s, I\'ll stick to a game that\'s based off a RPG - Neverwinter Nights. But we\'re not talking about Neverwinter Nights, now are we? While I found most of the map to be pretty nice, the architecture really bothered me. Why? It was all very blocky. Almost all the buildings followed a square theme, and almost all the other details in the map were created using GTKRadiant. It\'s not that they were made in radiant that makes it bad, it\'s just that they look to be low quality. Other than the blocky layout and blocky objects, I think that this map could benefit from some custom textures, and possibly some lighting touch-up. But overall I found this map to be pretty cool, and pretty fun. :) Bot Support: No New Models: No New Music: No New Textures: No Gametypes: FFA, TFFA ~Zach




Ancient Outpost | 29.97 MB

be able to find each other! This map is huge, perfect for large free for all, and it's just beautiful. Mixed with indoor and outdoor areas, both the various corridors and the mile-high rock faces are wonderfully done. The outdoor areas are bright, but not brighter than you would expect given the overcast sky. The meshed walkways connect various buildings, leaving many places to potentially fall to a gruesome death in the lava below, and the rocky skybox perfects the atmosphere. To add to the somewhat industrial feel, large pipes stretch from one building to another, so [i]if[/i] you fall you might be lucky enough to land on one of them. And boy do those pipes look stunning. I've never appreciated plumbing quite so much before. The inside is a mix between an industrial atmosphere and a more medieval one. The walls are mainly stone, lined with crystal-like lights, but some more advanced technology makes an appearance, such as control panels, lighted bridges, and some very neat looking mechanical doors. The lighting hops back and forth between white lights and blue lights, occasionally accompanied by a red glow from some lava. The really neat part about this map is how varied the architecture is from one area -- or even one corridor -- to the next. You'll rarely feel like you've been in the same place twice, but somehow the map still holds a sense of unity of style. Both the lighting and architecture vary enough to keep the map continuously interesting, and there is no lack of details, ranging from arched bridges to warning signs. A good word for this map would be [b]complete[/b]. It is very much complete, with very little lacking or that could be significantly improved upon. Even botrouting has been included, which is a must-have for a map as large as this (I can imagine some great bot matches to be played here!). Definitely a must-have. [b]Bot Support[/b]Yes [b]New Textures[/b]: Yes [b]New Models[/b]: Yes [b]New Music[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




NIO Pyramid | 667.13 KB

although freedom of movement isn't a positive factor. Still, this should cut down on the jump-flip move spam I usually see. There's a nice bit of space outside for running around, which can be utilised for fun little things such as Tauntaun Races. The inside is somewhat reminiscent of how a pyramid would be laid out, so extra points for that limited degree of authenticity. Not a clan tag in sight either, so it can be used by other clans or freelance servers with no worries. Now, onto the bugs. Missing textures are quite prevalent throughout. This is because custom textures have been used, but not included in the pk3. There was no music (not that I could hear, anyway), which doesn't help when it comes to atmosphere building. The lighting is bland - mostly just the same light used in different spots, with no sources or variation. The inside was slightly cramped, and while that's good for encouraging a particular duel style, a little more space would have been nice. Guns have been included, but the map is really too small for them to be usable. Oh, and lightsaber weapon spawns are useless, unless you happen to be playing Jedi Master - and if you're on JKA, it's a very high probability that you're not. This isn't so bad, though, and if you have Sith Council v2, most if not all of the custom textures will display just fine. I'd really advise the author to do more to make their maps that little extra bit more interesting in future, as well as taking into consideration aspects such as space and playability. Oh, and some Egyptian textures would have been awesome. Korriban is just... [i]ick[/i]. ~ Kouen [b]But Support:[/b] No [b]Custom Models:[/b] No [b]Custom Textures:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Music:[/b] No [b]Gametypes:[/b] Free For All Team Free For All




Mario 64 Pyramid | 1.71 MB

but they don\'t really detract from the map. The map itself isn\'t really built in a pyramid shape, you just keep going up...and up...until you reach the top, that is. This map is constructed like the N64 level, with the freaky moving blocks that\'ll smash you. (Yes, I don\'t know what they\'re called, so sue me.) So we have a N64 themed map. So what? It\'s got some N64 goodies, including those freaky blocks that Mario is always hitting with his head. (Yes, I don\'t know what these are called, either). However, these are on the ground, so no hitting it with your head. :( The author has put in *quicksand* but it\'s just sand-colored water. No sound changes or anything, but I don\'t think that\'s possible, and if it was, it\'d overwrite the sounds on all the other maps. The biggest problem I had with this map was with the bot routes. They were done poorly. The bots wouldn\'t continue up the map, and they frequently got stuck in one or two areas. That, and they didn\'t move around too terribly much. But they still moved enough to get some good sniping practice in. :p But, this was a pretty fun map to test, although N64-esque maps really aren\'t my thing. Bot Support: Yes New Music: Yes New Textures: Yes New Models: No Gametypes: FFA, TFFA, Duel ~Zach




Taspiry | 4 MB

there\'s lots of duel areas. :) Okay, well first off, it\'s based on taspir, so there\'s a lot of lava. In fact, the majority of the map is either lava or mountains. The map itself consists of many duel platforms, and a couple of buildings. You can only enter one of the buildings, and it has a nice hole in the middle with lava in it, so watch your step. As with all the contest maps, this one is of high quality, although it\'s not the type that I particularly like, as I don\'t duel. I will say one thing, I was impressed in taht the author put lava around the outside of the map as well, so you\'re on a \'lava island\'. This is a cool map, and like I did with the other contest maps, I recommend that you download this, just for a change. Oh, and another thing, if you like sniper wars, you might like this. ;) Bot Support: Yes New Models: No New Textures: No New Music: No Gametypes: FFA ~Zach




Temple Of Lost Souls | 7.72 MB

go over the map. First off, it's a temple for lost souls. What does this mean? This means that you get several black and white jawas running around. It's actually kind of funny, as I didn't think you could kill incorporeal creatures with a blaster. :p In all seriousness, it is a simple map, with a few features in it, like a pit of death (which has a "lost soul" in it) which will get crushed. :) But overall, it's a small map, and is supposed to be made for RPG's, but I don't think the size is really suited for it. Then there was the music. When you have a tomb, or a temple, wouldn't you expect something reverent? Well the music in this has a good beat to it, but I don't really think it suits the map. Please note that the jawas are supposed to glow, but they will only do si if r_dynamicglow is set to 1, which will cut your FPS by about half. Bot Support: Yes New Models: No New Music: Yes New Textures: Yes Gametypes: FFA ~Zach




MFF Shadowdancer | 8.11 MB

be primarily a map for gun FFA\'s, because it feels really cramped if you use sabers. But other than that, this is areally enjoyable map. First of all, it\'s symmetrical, which is a really good thing, and can also be kind of confusing. But confusion is not a bad thing. It\'s actually rather fun to not be sure which side of the ship you are on, as it makes things rather surprising. The map isn\'t big, but it\'s big enough so that you\'ll find people to kill when you\'re doing a FFA. But in all seriousness, the map looks excellent, and it is a recommended download. Another thing about this map is the choice of music. It\'s fast paced, and just goes with the whole \"hard-core FFA\" theme. But it is my opinion that while this might be best suited for gun FFA\'s, it can still be good for regular FFA\'s. But this is an excellent map. I highly recommend that you download it. New Textures: No New Shaders: Yes Bot Support: Yes Gametypes: FFA ~Zach




Peninsula District Prison | 9.1 MB

aside.... What we\'ve got here, is quite an accurate representation of the Peninsula District Prison area from Neverwinter Nights. It may not look like much at all, and it does have the traits of a typical first map (although it\'s \"technically\" not), but this really is what the area looked like in NWN (aside from the Korriban textures, but that\'s a technicality). First thing you\'ll notice is that the lighting is almost completely uniform. While I would usually list that as a bad point, I\'m listing it as neutral here. The bad side, is that it detracts from the aesthetic quality of the map. The good side, is that it\'s accurate to it\'s source - and this is a replica, after all. So, while it may be a bad thing, it\'s justified. Second thing that may be obvious, is the repetitive textures. You\'ll hardly notice in-game, as the lighting will cover it up to a degree, and the textures used don\'t tile in the most horrible fashion. Textures are from the Korriban set, as previously mentioned, so this is one point of inaccuracy. Regardless, this style actually works more in the map\'s favor than the NWN interior design. OK, with those out of the way, let\'s look at the architecture. The layout is simple, yet good for gun battles. Plenty of places to duck and take cover, good space to dodge shots but not enough to make dodging too easy. Explosives and splash damage weapons are not recommended if you do hold a gun battle in here, as they\'d spoil that factor. The general layout is almost perfectly accurate to NWN, as stated before, so no worries there. In the ways of design, the whole level has a romanesque feel to it which wasn\'t entirely present in the original. This is reflected in the columns and the winding passageways, as well as the style of doorframes used throughout. Maybe it\'s just a consequence of the level\'s 3D appearance, who can say. When passing the cells, you\'ll no doubt notice the classical, almost cliché D&D style to them - well, they don\'t feature in the map\'s gameplay, so that\'s OK. The simple layout of the cells, coupled with the design of the grilles covering them, adds to the atmosphere. The music increases that atmosphere further. In a game where you\'re not sure of your opponent\'s location at all, the design aspects, combined with ambience, makes for tense cat-and-mouse gameplay. Right, done with the aesthetics. Now, onto the technical side. Thankfully, there are very few technical issues due to Kessno\'s thorough beta testing. Most of these are just minor improvements. Scripted doors. Dungeons & Dragons doors don\'t slide straight into the wall like a DS into your pocket. It is possible to create rotating doors via script, and not that difficult at all. On the subject of the doors, they sometimes interfere with the camera in various ways when passing through them, even when they\'re fully opened. Some texture misalignments are in there, which aren\'t very noticable but present all the same. Bot routing has been done, but the bots have a tendency to act like complete tools - but then again, this section is for flaws with the map, not the game\'s default AI. :p For the NWN fans out there, or just those looking for something a bit different, this is a good map to try out. Sure, it\'s nothing particularly impressive, and it\'s certainly not your average JK map, for sure, but there\'s still a degree of fun to be had, and this really is something different. Who knows, maybe Inyri The Mapper will strike again, or maybe not. Either way, it\'s almost certain that JKFiles hasn\'t seen the last of Neverwinter Nights.... ~ Kouen [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Models:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Music:[/b] Yes [b]Gametypes:[/b] Free For All [b]Other Files of Interest:[/b] Just a few orther files which work well with this to complete the AD&D experience. ;) [url=\";60612\"]Inyri\'s Melee Pack[/url] [url=\";57109\"]Kobold[/url] [url=\";65038\"]Osiris Blades V2[/url]




ShadowSpectra | 1.45 MB

provided in the author\'s original submission email in which he was using a spectra model, but meh. Whatever. The map is quite definable as a beginners map - there are several things that give it away, although to be fair, it isn\'t the worst first attempt I\'ve seen by a long shot. Mostly, the problems are illumination issues, mainly the fact than none of the lighting have reasonable sources. I suppose the blue dusky aura in the outside sections could be coming from the sky, but it still doesn\'t explain why the majority of the lighting is concentrated around the small pillar in the middle of the little pond there. The architecture was, well it was okay. It\'s better than a totally newbie map that\'s for sure, especially the uneven surface where the pond slopes downward, and the small \'council\' area inside isn\'t half-bad - but the texturing often lets it down, with misalignment, over-stretching and other things. There\'s also some brush faces that appear to be 2D due to a misuse of caulk or a lack of proper geometry building, as you can see in the final screenshot. Another problem was that there is rain in some sections of the map. Unfortunately the inside/outside brushes which dictate where rain does and does not fall have not been placed precisely enough, and some rain still falls inside. I\'d also have liked to see a custom water shader and a glowing lava shader. Oh, and some of the pillars have been made non-solid - whether that was purposeful or not, I don\'t know. But there you go. Overall of the expected standard really, for a beginners map, and really could have done with bot support and a custom music track. New Sounds: No New Textures: No Bot Support: No ~Szico VII~




Death Arena v2 | 12.6 MB

time goofing off - and the development time should only include the time you spend working. :p That\'s beside the point, though. The map is generally simple. A central courtyard with a few bobbing rings, and four passages. An interesting note about the courtyard, is the button which lowers the floor. The leftover platforms look cool, but if you fall, you\'re teleported back to the top. No dueling underneath them. The four passages from the courtyard lead into seperate \"districts\". I\'ll give a short district-by-district description. The first area is the combat district. Four duel arenas in two rooms, with a third room between them. This room has a wide floor, NPC spawn buttons, and a small relaxation area. The second area has a swimming pool and a bar. Typical clan map area. Behind this room, you\'ll find a small Yavin-style room where you can spawn a Jedi Trainer NPC, and another NPC which I didn\'t bother to spawn. The third area is just a big duel room, entered via a button next to a doorway. Inside, another similar button teleports you out again. A third button, on the inside, raises a cage. Stepping through the passage near the aforementioned button, leads to a large empty duel room. The final room, through the fourth passage, is seemingly inaccessible. Yeah, right. Noclip for the win ;) . There\'s a small pond, a meeting table, and a row of buttons. Three of the buttons drop dead reborns into the pool, another button raises a stone platform into the pool, and the others seemingly do nothing, but I assume one unlocks the entrance. The good parts. Simple map, high framerate, good variation in areas, no really useless stuff, a good deal of things to do, moderate RP server value. The design isn\'t particularly striking, but it\'s not ugly either. Several ideas were quite smart strokes. A few aspects of the map are just neat. Clan tags aren\'t pasted anywhere. The bad parts. The texturing gets very repetitive. The lighting is boring - it seems as if one light entity has been stuck in the center of each room and adjusted to light the whole room. No light sources, and almost no variation. \"Don\'t Lame\" has been plastered everywhere, and has been constructed from brushes. For starters, it would have been better making a custom sign texture and using one brush for each occurence, rather than the dozens used to spell the words out. Secondly, dotting that everywhere lowers the RP value of the map, and in a map well-suited for FFA games, it makes little sense. The map tries to use too many themes in the different areas, and it doesn\'t work so well. Variation is nice, but it\'s hard to believe that a Yavin map can go from Yavin academy to Japanese dojo to roman-esque. Anyway, this isn\'t such a bad map, so if you like it, give it a download. I still don\'t believe that a map this simple took 12 weeks, though. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]Custom Music:[/b] No [b]Gametypes:[/b] Free For All




Imperial Fort | 1.04 MB

it would be rather tedious to go through each separate part of the map, so I\'ll give a very brief synopsis of the two main sections, the inside and outside sections. The inside, in general, consists of very square, and big rooms. Big rooms in themselves aren\'t bad, but when they\'re just a big room, filled with nothing, then they aren\'t good. I found several instances of z-fighting in this map, and most of them were around doors. There were two places where there were rancors, but that\'s just a side note. Another side note is that there was a room with a bunch of TIE fighters in them. Not a big thing, except for the fact that you couldn\'t fly them! :( The main thing that needs to be improved on the inside is that there should be more substance to a room. Please, do not make a big room, and then not fill it up. The outside was also very square, with no transition whatsoever to the \'void\', as I like to call the space outside the map. While the author has tried to make a waterfall, the water doesn\'t\' really move at a fast enough rate to even look like it\'s moving. Once again, textures have been repeated, a lot. One area had a bunch of X-wings, and a couple of turrets. And guess what? You can\'t use the turrets, or the X-wings. So that\'s a bummer. Again, the biggest thing for the outside is to make places seem filled. It\'s not good if you have a big, square area with barely anything in it. The textures in this map have been used way too much, as it\'s blatantly obvious on that they repeat. That, as well as the empty space thing, are the things that could use the most work. Bot Support: No New Texture: No New Music: No New Models: No Gametypes: FFA ~Zach




Red Rebel's Arena | 4.84 MB

design theme. That doesn't mean it's bad though. It's the typical small arena you'd expect from a Q3 engine game, which really wasn't used well enough in JKA. A platform in the middle, four ramps leading up to it, and a walkway around the edge. And a glass roof, of course. The good parts. Your FPS is going to rock on this thing, truly. Shader lighting has been used, rather than entities, although Red hasn't used anything to disguise the shader light textures - naughty naughty ;) . Guns and ammo are liberally scattered around. In the way of size, the arena is sort of cramped, but open enough for it to avoid being claustrophobic - this leads to some excellent Q3A-style gameplay. Red's done a great job of using the base textures - at first I didn't recognise a few of them because of how they fit into the map's theme. The music works great in the heat of battle, but sounds oddly familiar, especially at the start... The bad parts, which are mostly nitpicks. It's sort of boring, although it's objective renders that irrelevant - I'm just too used to eye candy. A couple of extra levels of platforms never hurts, and some less standard designed rooms would have been great. Again, the shader lights are undisguised, and the plain white texture isn't all that attractive. Putting a glass layer over it would have been nice, and would have made it look that much better. Anyway, this one's fun for the gunners, and it's fun for the duelists to fight in the middle of a hail of gunfire :p . I wouldn't recommend disabling anything when using this map in FFA mode, however, as it loses most of it's edge when not used for true all-out FFA. Despite a few issues with the music, which had an amusingly simple solution in the end ( :D ), the map's nothing flashy, but it gives the smoothest gameplay, and it's one heck of a wild ride. I'd recommend this for those who have FPS problems due to weaker computers, and also to those who want to give a bit of True FFA a go in traditional Quake III style. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No [b]Custom Music:[/b] Yes [b]Gametypes:[/b] Free For All Team Free For All Duel Powerduel




The Lighthouse | 20.5 MB

great big lighthouse in the center of the map, and the light does actually rotate, although the light effect doesn't reach out through the entire map, and it's obvious. Last time I checked, the beacon didn't just go out a certain distance and just stop, physics doesn't work that way. Other than that one little thing this map was well made, the music was well chosen. There's the usual wader shader issue that no one can be blamed for. I did have some gripes. Firstly is the stairs within the lighthouse. Could the vertical gap between them possibly be fixed? The stairs leading up to the lighthouse were perfect, but within the lighthouse I almost started to get a headache. Okay, now that's done. Second thing is the lack of better scripting. Yes, the door opens, and the bird models move, but they don't move enough. The birds should be circling the lighthouse, not moving up and down! And the fish should move, instead of just staying still. A still fish is a dead fish. So, have the animals actually move somewhat naturally. And the third thing, the boats. Yes they are nice, I particularly like how the sails are billowing in one. However, There's so much water in this map, that I thought it would be a shame to not be able to go out onto it in boats. You could either script this, or actually make boat vehicles. But whatever is done would be a great improvement. Bot Support: Yes New Models: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Gametypes: FFA, TFFA ~Zach




Sanctuary of the Forest | 7.51 MB

sanctuary within a forest, obviously. It\'s comparable to the forest temple concept from Ocarina of Time, although it\'s in no way inspired by it. You get all the rooms you\'d expect - main hall, couple of duel rooms, a few areas which don\'t do much except look cool, and a few areas good for some gunplay. The first to rooms which I checked out were the lava duel rooms. They both do their job well, both have good architecture, are well-lit (although there isn\'t much variation in the lighting), and are pretty much stock duel rooms. Checked out the shrine room near the spawn point. Pretty dark, could hardly see anything, moved on. The next area I went through lead to the main courtyard, and from here, I was pretty impressed. The whole place is well-designed, well-lit, and nice for a good FFA or some duels. I carried on straight forward into the forest clearing, and this is another dark area, although it\'s lit well enough for duels. Wouldn\'t advise guns in here - aiming will be a pain. Then, finally, I went into the small green room. I liked the lighting and effect usage in here. Now, the bad sides, which are negligible considering this map gives excellent gameplay. The lighting was generally quite bland, and also impossibly dark at some points. For all screenshots except the first two, I had to raise brightness and contrast by 35%, which is far too much. Weapon placement was dodgy, and not as strategic as in the default FFA maps. The texturing didn\'t have much variation, but that\'s OK, since the Yavin theme consists of a grand total of two textures anyway according to Raven Software. :p I\'d also like to remark on the music - it\'s a very.... unusual combination used to make this particular remix. But, it actually works! If anyone manages to work out the original song, you\'ll be surprised at how well the remix works. Anyway, if you want a new map for an FFA map for your server, be it true FFA or duel FFA, or you just want a map to load up and chill out with friends on, then give this one a go. Just don\'t forget to turn your brightness up a touch. ~ Kouen [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Effects:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Routing:[/b] Yes [b]Gametypes:[/b] Free For All




Bebop | 5.94 MB

(have I said that before) and swoops with no textures.[/quote] Hey-ho, the author is right on both counts there. I am going to wail about it, (In the nicest possible way, of course,) especially about the lack of music, bad architecture and untextured swoops. I am also going to moan about the lighting, (or lack thereof) the layout and everything in general. It's a pity the author got me as his reviewer really, although to be fair, it is a pretty bad map... ;) *Sigh,* It's times like this when I need Nozy around to try and say something nice. So. The first problem with this map is the lighting. The console tells me there is a light-grid mismatch, which means either the -light section of the compile was never done, or it was done with the wrong BSP. The result is a monochromatic lighting scheme with no shade variance. Neat huh? :P Then there's also the textures. It's not the textures that are bad per-say, more the fact that they Z-fight, are misaligned, oversized, repetitive and placed in areas where they don't belong. Did I mention the fact that they are hugely oversized? Good, just wanted to clarify that. Oh, and the lava shader looks more like a blinking neon light than lava. And then there's the architecture. Now, I'm all for lots of brushwork, and patches aren't always necessary to make a good map, but the author could have at least made an attempt to stay away from the box rooms, box corridors...and well, box everything. The only curves I found were...well I couldn't work out exactly what they [b]were.[/b] ;) So, there's a lot of work needing to be done here. I'd also have appreciated bot support, and perhaps a working levelshot, but I didn't get those either. Ah yes, and the layout. Well, there's lots of dead-ends, water pools on the ceiling, (there must be weird gravity in this map's dimension) and a general lack of flow. There are also some custom vehicles included from different authors, but I didn't find them, and I didn't really want to play the map any longer than I had to, so I'll leave that to anyone who decided they do want to try this. I apologise if that all sounded a bit...condescending and harsh, but honestly, there's not a great deal of positives to be found in this map. The only remotely interesting section was the underwater rooms where there's a few broken pillars and stuff. The beginnings of detail! Hey, if the author concentrates on adding more of the stuff, I'd be a much happier chap. :D New Sounds: No New Textures: Yes Bot Support: No ~Szico VII~




Keren Citadel | 6.98 MB

fits in pretty well with the Naboo style, however, and will probably seem similar in many ways to every other urban-themed Naboo map you\'ve ever seen. Graphically, anyway. The layout of this map is a bit different than any Naboo map [i]I\'ve[/i] seen. \"Cluttered\" comes to mind. The author kept the map small to keep the action high, but I found that there wasn\'t really a lot of room to move without bumping into various pieces of the architecture. And God save you if you fall in the water -- good luck getting out! The one thing I found really peculiar about this map was the lighting. It\'s the middle of the day, yet the city is covered in shadows. It\'s really quite strange how dark the map is compared to how bright the skybox is. The map also seems to be clipped everywhere. Most surfaces near the edges of the maps are not reachable, so you won\'t be able to perch yourself on any of the roofs near the edges. Whether this is good or bad is yet to be determined, and probably depends on your preference. I found the music to be a little... unsuitable. Naboo is a prequel planet, an Episode I planet to be specific, so despite my reservations on the prequels (that you all know about) I feel like it should really have some Episode 1 music in there. There\'s plenty from the Ep1 soundtrack to choose from, such as perhaps Panaka and the Queen\'s Protectors (which, after listening to it, made me realize how much SOE relied on the Ep1 soundtrack for SWG, back in the days when it was a decent game), and while I don\'t have the Episode II soundtrack I\'m sure there\'s some Naboo-themed music on that as well. For a map not designed for role-playing somehow a slow piece like the one currently playing just doesn\'t fit that well. Not that it\'s bad or anything, the music choice just could have been better. Some bot support next time also would be nice! New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Music: No Bot Support: No ~Inyri




FFA Yavin Jungle | 7.74 MB

folder and put this in here, a big area of the map was missing textures. The reason? The author failed to put the textures where they were supposed to be! So I decided to be nice, and I moved the textures to where they were supposed to be. I shouldn\'t have to do this, but I did it anyways. Well, after I fixed the whole texture misplacement thing, I found yet another missing texture. Don\'t worry it\'s small, but I\'ll tell you where it is when I get to it. Okay, well in addition to the original map, there are a few added areas. One is an eating area. It\'s not all that bad, and even has a tauntaun cooking on a grill! Why the grill uses a wood texture, I don\'t know. Anyways, there\'s a bar, and also a caged jawa! I just want to poke the little fellow. And here is where we find the missing texture. Yes, it\'s the bar sign. Another added area is an armory, you don\'t need to know about that. It\'s what it says. Another area is an underground duel cage, which is only toggle able from the outside. Can anyone say cage fight? :p There\'s also an \'\'evil\'\' place. I fail to see how it\'s evil. It\'s just a demonic judge in a room with red light. And another one of the new areas is a \'\'tribute\'\' area. It just has pictures of several Star Wars characters. Oh yeah, I almost forgot the tauntaun spawn area. Yep. Now you can go around on a tauntaun. The lighting in this version might actually be worse than in the first one. Everything was very dark, and this was \'\'supposed\'\' to have better lighting. I did notice a shader, but the texture that it uses isn\'t included in the file. And another thing, you\'ve got lots of fires around, fires give out light. More so than is shown here. So, lighting is really what needs the most improvement. Just keep working, you\'ll get it right. Oh, and this version does have bot support, so have a cookie. Bot Support: Yes New Models: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: No (Same as old version) ~Zach




Jedi-Mart | 13.6 MB

serious, though, this map is funfunfun, and very well made for a first map. You'll likely spawn in the parking lot, surrounded by vehicles, and with a wide cityscape around you. First thing I did was enter the mart. Second thing I did was laugh at the first poster, which I conveniently took a screenshot of. All of these here posters are classy parodies. You should have known what to expect inside. Aisles full of products, a post office section, toilets, pharmacy, staff area, video game area (more JKA than Halo... grrrr!), and checkouts. It's all pretty routine. The extra areas are what got me. There's a garden area. And a restaurant, however it's built more like a duel-café. Plenty of space for fun-running around the outside buildings, and a decent amount of flying space too, if you have small-ish fighters - X-Wings are FAR too big to maneuver. Lucky snipers can even spot three mercenary NPCs having a sneaky chat somewhere off to the side. ;) ICARUS scripting work has been done, which is a rarity. Various things such as rotating doors have been created. The music adds atmosphere, although maybe not the intended atmosphere for an FFA. Still, it's what you'd expect to here inside a mart, and it's a beautiful, peaceful composition, too. Kudos to the composer, Joe Bongiorno, for an [i]excellent song[/i], and kudos to Fir'en for having good taste in music and picking a track which fits the map well. As for the FPS issues you'll no doubt expect to encounter, with this being Fir'en's first map, it's excusable. However, I would have fixed it by sticking areaportals everywhere I could get away with. Also, I think some of the brushes have wrongly been set to detail rather than structural, as I could see the game drawing faces behind some structures. The lighting is also quite bland. A little variation would have been very nice. I'm not sure if this guy was meant to do anything, but the Imperial officer stood next to the shuttle simply asked me if I'd like to go to the arena and did nothing else. This may be intentional, it may be a bug, or maybe I just didn't know how to trigger it. Either way, I just said "meh" and gave the guy a saber-raping (I'll be damned if his HP isn't high!). Other things which would enhance the map are all aesthetic. The architecture was fine, but it could have been generally more interesting. But on the other hand, considering how basic most of Raven Software's architecture was, I'd say it fits in with the game just fine. The other thing, is textures. While the texture choice was good enough, a little more variation there would have been nice too. I'm also not sure on this, but I seemed to spawn in the same place every time, so I think there's only one spawn point. More flight space would have bee nice too. Overall, this is a heck of a map for a first, and despite being understandably basic, it has it where it counts - gameplay, and effort. There are enough features here to keep you more than busy, and accessing the (beautifully designed) secret area will be a nice challenge. Some features are quite fun too, such as the staff area's main two items - the trampoline and the aptly named "Jawa Smasher". Mirrors have been used in appropriate places, although thankfully quite sparingly. Another nice touch is that the various vending machines will drop shields and health packs for you. The rotating door is masterfully done too - it's just like something from Sherlock Holmes! You'll see what I mean when you find it. ;) This is a good map to add to an RP server, or just for use as an alternate FFA/TFFA environment. Either way, Fir'en has some real potential if he gives time and effort to making his maps as well as this one, and I'd like to see a v2 of this, as well as more maps from him in the future, showing improvement. This map comes highly recommended. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]Custom Models:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Textures:[/b] Yes [b]Custom Music:[/b] Yes [b]Gametypes:[/b] Free For All Team Free For All Duel Powerduel




Smaug's Dream | 17.22 MB

blocky fall-off you see in most maps, and although he's used the oh-so-annoying clip brush technique to prevent the player from walking around to the edges, it's a great look. :) Maybe I should back up a bit first though. The map is a Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit spin-off, of a small area in the mountains where a dragon called Smaug lives. This map is a 3d-portrayal of the area depicted in the book. Before I say anything else though, I must point out, that for a FFA map, this is very small. I'd much rather recommend it for duels. :( Okay, so I've already indicated my first impressions, now onto the rest of the map. Well, it's very dark. So dark that unless you can see the doors at the end of the long staircase, you won't have a clue where you are, where you're going, or what you might've accidentally stepped in. The engraved doors are a nice touch; they look very much like the ones in the film when the party enters Moria. The architecture looked very basic, but the impression it creates is believable. The only real spoilers are the piles of money, which look ridiculous; they're floating off the ground and have smiley faces on them, and there is an area of splodge lighting which doesn't have a source. The music is, as you might expect, from the LOTR films. Once you get down the staircase you're in the dragon's lair. I think the dragon is either dead, or asleep, because it didn't attack me, ;) but it was still nice to see a fairly good model instead of one made using brushes. The pillars looked a bit out of place though - well, not the pillars themselves, but the decoration on them just didn't seem to fit. Aside from that, well, there's not much else to see. But you can play it with bots as the author included bot support. Hurrah! New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes ~Szico VII~




Battle of the Bowl | 4.54 MB

really sorry about that, but well, at least it finally got done. :D Alright, so this is one of those giants-house maps. Basically it is a giant bathroom, with a shower, toilet, bath, and a few wooden cupboards. The idea has been used before to good reception, and aside from a few bugs, I think this one has potential too. The main problem here is the missing textures. I checked the console logs, and it looks like some textures from the Doomed map were needed in the pk3, and weren't put in. They're quite obvious in several places, such as the window frame and the sides of the doors, and do dampen the map a little. The other problem is the detail. Now, if anyone had made this bathroom as a normal-size, I think this kind of detail would be acceptable. However, when working to such a large scale there is so much more that could have been done - for example, crafting each tile on the shower wall individually, making the hinges on the cupboard doors, etcetera, etcetera. I also felt that a shader imitating water pouring down the walls of the shower should have been present, maybe a slight misting at the bottom of the glass, as that would certainly have looked cool. However, the map doesn't have all those things, but that doesn't mean its all bad news - it's still a decent attempt, and the water shader used is probably the best I've ever seen in a jk3 map. I think perhaps Jenova owes some credit to Darth Norman in the readme for using his cube map texture for it, but I'm not 100% sure about that. Seriously though, the water owns. Which begs me to ask the question.... why in the name of pete did you not use it in the toilet as well?? The stock texture there is awful. The lighting isn't exquisite, but then again, it's a bathroom. And they aren't designed for fancy lighting usually, so it’s been done perfectly adequately. Oh yeah, and the music is really horrible. Just not fitting at all, as it's some kind of techno-rock beat which is endlessly repetitive. :( My final misgiving is the lack of bot support. Don't try and ever tell me bot support is pointless - even if they only run along the floor at the bottom, its still a heck of a lot better than the crazed jumping machines we often see. Next time, if it isn't present, I might have to go give Jenova a visit with some of my homemade pies......eew. ;) New Sounds: Yes New Textures: Yes Bot Support: No ~Szico VII~




Flight Deck | 7.7 MB

got a moderately interesting layout, it's also kind of annoying. While it's got a ''layered'' set-up, the only way you can go up a level is to climb up the struts, and the only way to get down is to, well, fall. Unless you want to be smart and use the struts. While on the lower layer you can spawn four land vehicles: An AT-ST, rancor_vehicle, wild tauntaun, and a swoop. There is a nice little middle area that could be used for small ffa's, but there are also four small side chambers that can serve as dueling rooms. The middle level had the vehicles. Sadly, there are only four landing pads. Even sadder is the fact that you can only spawn two ships: Tie Bombers and and X-Wing. Flying maps generally let you have more than two ships. Now onto the top level. It isn't much, and all it has is turrets. Yay, go blow your friends out of the sky! One of my main gripes was the lighting. It is [i][b]extremely[/i][/b] dark. There needs to be a lot more light. Another one of my gripes was the lack of elevators. If it's going to be a ''spaceport'', shouldn't it have facilities for the lazy people? And then there's the holes in the deck around the ship spawn points. Watch your step or you'll fall. And one of my [i]other[/i] gripes was the kill effect at the bottom of the map. If it's a flying map, shouldn't you be able to fly under the spaceport? Well, you can't. Try to think up things that will make flying a lot funner for the people playing. But there is one plus, the music isn't bad. :cool: Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Models: No New Music: Yes ~Zach




Prophet Clan Map | 4.97 MB

be. You start out in a nice little arena area, one which you stay in during a TFFA. Yep, that\'s right, no running around trying to catch people in tffa\'s now! You\'re just in one area, and the area where you spawn is protected, so you don\'t *have* to go into spectator when you\'re afk. Anyways, that area has two ways you can go, one leads to a room with a health \'\'kiosk\'\' (It\'s more of a stall, thing, but I wanted to say kiosk.) Then on the other side is a black mirror. That means you can\'t see anything until you get really close to it. And now for the center part of this room, there is a teleporter. And what does it teleport you to? A flight area. One filled with miniature tie fighters and bombers. Okay, on to the other room. This leads you to a hallway, which leads to several other areas. One is a training area. This consists of pillars with spikes on them that damage you, so you need to dodge in and out while attacking. Then there are various dueling rooms. There is also a nice outside \'\'garden\'\'. It\'s nice to have an outside place to go when the rest of the map is inside. And there are also some cool secrets. One is in the council room, another is easy to find. Heh, I got the grand tour, so I\'m special. This wasn\'t a bad map. It was rather nice, in fact. If you really want to see if you like or dislike this map, then download and test it. Although I would\'ve liked to see bot support and new music. New Music: No Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Models: No ~Zach




FunJumping | 27.69 MB

you - an armory, a dojo, a music room, and a corridor leading to a room with three rancors, a load of guns, and two turrets. Pretty routine, eh? Here\'s the part which breaks the cliché - jumping into the small pit on the lower level teleports you to the top of a very very big shaft which in turn, if you jump down, you\'ll arrive on the lower level. Hitting the blue pit again takes you back to the top, which I assume is the goal of the game, and landing on the platforms around the pit leave you with 4hp. Now, onto the problems with the map. It includes six MP3s, which is unnecessary even in a map with this concept. None of them fit the map\'s atmosphere either. There\'s a song from the Matrix, Kirby\'s Theme from Super Smash Bros, a remix of the Star Wars theme, a remix of Luke\'s theme, the Numa Numa song, and the FFX Battle Theme. Due to the amount of music included, the filesize is boosted way higher than it should have been. Music does [i]not[/i] make the map. Next problem. When going down the corridor towards the rancor room, you\'ll get some sharp lag. I assume this is because the wall has been made into a detail brush rather than structural, so therefore draws whatever is on the other side even though you can\'t see it. Next is lighting - or rather, the lack of it. The map is just too plain and too bright because there\'s no lighting - again, a sign that the map was released after just a -meta compile. You\'ll also lag when near the doors, since they\'re not areaportalled. This also meant I couldn\'t warp through them in spectator mode, hence the lack of screenshots for the individual rooms. Take a look at the screenies, and if you like this map, give it a download. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Models:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes




RoAR Clan Map | 16.54 MB

Z-fighting, and the author didn\'t send screens in. You guys really griped about the last lack of screens, so I took the time to take a few poor screens. We have four main areas, \"Training\", \"City\", \"Zoo\", and \"Airfield\". The training area is where you start, and where EVERY teleporter that\'s not leaving the area goes to. Not sure if I was clear, so basically, there are teleporters to other areas. They are the only way to get there. All the other teleporters go back to the training area, except one (at least that I can remember). The second area is the \"city\" which is just a few buildings, with a few surprises, and a bunch of swoops. Then we have the Zoo, which is a small grassy area with a few taun tauns, and a rancor. Then the air field, a giant space (too giant in fact) with some ships. There is another small area, that you can teleport to, from the training area. In this place, you can drop through the floor, run around fire, and get shot at by lots of turrets. Also, in a few places, you can jump through the bars, and fall to the bottom of the map. You can survive this fall, and not get back up. Suggestions: Lighting. Try it. Texture aligning. Try it. Not overlapping brushing. Try it. Making sure there aren\'t gaps. Try it. Use a real skybox, not just a giant box around the map. Be more uniform. You bars weren\'t spaced the same distance all over, and as I said, you can get through them. Test your map before releasing it, and get others to test it. That way you won\'t have little things like I mentioned. Gametype: FFA New Music: Yes Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes -Red




Velocity Racing Facility | 1.23 MB

go into a hallway. Yay for hallways. Not much in the hallway. Moving on. Okay, now we're at the swoop track. On the left side, you get two buttons, one spawns the swoops, the other one lowers the gate so that you can start the race. There was barely any lighting on the track itself, so it was dark. But given the atmosphere of the map, darkness suits it. I think it could have used more light, but that's me. While the track was build nicely, it was very simple. It was just a loop. But not just any loop, it's a square loop! And it's very cramped. We certainly could use a bigger track, if not a more intricate one. after all, what good is a square track with just enough space for four swoops? We need hazards, ones controlled by the people not racing. So, basically, expand the map. More options, maybe even make several tracks on the map. Oh, there were a couple of missing textures as well. Anyways, if you like it, download it. New Music: No New Models: No New Textures: Yes Bot Support: No ~Zach




Ebon Hawk RP | 6.33 MB

parts that look like the Ebon Hawk, but overall it just... isn't. Let's start out with the lighting, because that really killed the map. The Ebon Hawk shouldn't be grey. A lot of this is due to the fact that the interior is very bright. Strange, since it's supposed to be "broken" for lack of a better term. Things are laying all over the place and areas are sparking, but I guess [i]all[/i] the power got shunted into the lighting system. The next thing that really makes it not look like the Ebon Hawk is the layout. It tries to mimic the original, but it's just not working. The side quarters look more like storage rooms, and the curving corridors have been squared off. They curved because they followed the shape of the ship, so to see them squared really ruins the entire feel of the ship. The accuracy needed to make this a really good map just isn't there, which is really a shame. Unfortunately I'd say to have this map truly be what it is supposed to it would probably need to be redone from scratch, because I can't see any modifications to [i]this[/i] map bringing it to the standard which is should be reaching for. I've included some comparison shots if you're not sure or can't remember what the ship should actually look like. New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Music: Yes Bot Support: No ~Inyri




FFA Yavin Jungle | 6.8 MB

may either be a good thing to you or a bad thing. Personally I love the feel of the map. The author decided instead of a music track an ambient track would work better, and personally I think it really polishes the feel of the map. I was slightly disappointed to see a single missing texture in one area of the map, but perhaps that can be fixed in a later version. The edges of the map also felt a little unpolished, as they simply dropped off into the abyss. Overall, though, I think it's pretty good for a first released map! Next time some bot support would be nice, though! New Textures: No New Models: No New Music: No Bot Support: No ~Inyri




Sssid - Jedi Temple on Coruscant v1 | 10.27 MB

would have to be MASSIVE and that could cause problems making and compiling the map. But Several Sided Sid has succeeded in creating just a map! And the way he has got around potential problems is ingenious! ;) Many of you will probably remember that in Episode 3 where Anakin storms into the Jedi Temple with his army of clones that it is night-time. Well that’s the way that Sssid has cleverly got around the potential difficulties with this map…its night-time! Since it’s night-time most of the map is very dark (except for the entrance area that you play in). Because of this the author has been able to get away with simply not constructing half of the map. If it had been daytime you would have had to make the entire exterior for it to look realistic. But since its night-time in this map, Sssid has only recreated the entrance area in detail, and some parts around it. After that it just fades into darkness, with a few lights on the wall to give the idea that the front of the temple actually carries on into the distance. That’s the thing that I really love about this map, if feels like the entire exterior of the Jedi Temple is there, but really it’s only the main entrance area! A very ingenious solution to some very difficult problems with mapping such a building! The actual entrance area isn’t an absolutely EXACT replica of the one from the films. There are four rows of massive pillar type things at the front (which in this map look fantastic!). In the film, these had giant carvings on them (which look like legendary ancient Jedi or something). In this map however there have been added instead pictures of four famous Jedi from the films; Yoda, Anakin, Mace Windu and Obi Wan. It has been made to look like the characters have been carved out of the stone pillars, which I think looks really cool. :) This map is REALLY big, so there’s plenty of area for dueling or FFA’ing which is good! There are a few things that bugged me a bit here though. One small one would be the sky. Although the ‘fading into darkness’ thing is a really clever way to avoid potential problems with this map, it does look kinda weird that the sky doesn’t have any stars. :S But I suppose that would give away where the edges of the map were. The main thing though was the texturing of the Temple exterior above the four rows of massive pillars. Most of the exterior is textured in a kind of light coloured smooth stone texture, which looks really good. But above the pillars there’s a big red coloured stripe and some heavily patterned stone tile textures, which look out of place with the rest of the texturing. :/ But besides that another superb map here from Sssid! Don’t forget to see if you can find the famous can of Coca Cola that Sssid has dropped somewhere in this map! He must go through a lot of cans! :P Another thing to note is that this map is part of a much bigger project by a team of mappers to create the Jedi Temple inside and out. I shall definitely look forward to seeing more work from that project! :) Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA ~Nozyspy~




Star Destroyer II - Botrouting Patch | 12.03 KB

any smarter than usual, which is a real shame - because bots, like any form of artificial intelligence, are... "limited", to put it nicely. :p [quote]You can have big funny dogfights (yay i tested it) on stardestroyer_ii by adding this mod.[/quote] According to the above quote, the bots will actually use fighters, which is something I'm impressed with as I've [b]never[/b] been able to convince a bot to jump into an X-Wing, no matter what. So, Zap, if that actually works, [i]nice one[/i]! Well, what more can I say? This is a patch for a map, which adds a little offline ability. So, if you've got the map, grab the patch. ~ Kouen PS: Yes, I know I put it in Maps>Free For All. It's here mainly for convenience, since it should show right below the map itself in the directory. [b]Bot Support:[/b] .... Well, duh. ;) [b]Required Files:[/b] [file=62886]Star Destroyer II[/file]




Star Destroyer II | 4.31 MB

taken, I think he actually rebuilt the whole thing! This map contains all the standard features - hangar, dorm room, catina, prison, command deck, random room with cages holding wildlife(?), a nice bit of external flight space, and a crapload of corridors. Typical SD interior. I'll start with criticism. The shader error from the previous version is still present, and I doubt it's a shader clash - my base folder is empty. Some of the elevators take far too long to get to where they're supposed to be, which is a bad thing as it induces tedium. My third criticism, is the lighting - it's not uniform lighting, but it may as well be.There just isn't enough variation in the lighting to make it interesting. Bot support hasnt been added in this version, which is a shame. I also found some z-fighting on the outside which no one actually [i]playing the game normally[/i] would probably ever see - but, it's there! :p Onto the good parts - this map provides a great TFFA environment, since certain areas of this map can be used for some very interesting and strategic teamplay. The general design of the interior works very well, in addition to the exterior is very well built. Most of the areas are accurate to what the interior of a Star Destroyer would look like, too. There is one thing to be aware of - don't hit the button to open the hangar door while it's still opening or closing. This will result in it locking up until you restart the map. Every door in JKA and other Q3 engine games does that though, so it's no fault of the authors. Overall, this is a good map for those who like a bit of FFA or roleplay. Check it out - there's plenty of features in here to keep you amused for a while. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]New Models:[/b] No [b]Patches:[/b] [file=62935]Star Destroyer II - Botrouting Patch[/file]




Stadium | 6.75 MB

an open courtyard with an observer area above. You've got several levels running around it, with what I assume are bleachers. Two buttons around the edge, which spawn NPCs in the lower area - one spawns a small Rebel team with a Jedi, and a Stormtrooper team with a Dark Jedi of some kind (couldn't see clearly). If you're evil, you can disrupt their mini-battle if you press the other button to spawn Rover the Rancor, who then proceeds to turn our warring friends into Rancor kibble. Torture can be so much fun... }> Anyway, you'll find a small gate which should give access to this lower area, but the two buttons next to it don't seem to work, for me anyway. There are also two duel rooms nearby. The Desann NPC you can spawn in duel room 1 can be quite a tough cookie. (Final score - Desann 11, me 9.) Although it's definitely beatable with some degree of skill. Or god mode, take your pick. There are another two buttons inside this room which seemingly did nothing. Going through the door opposite the NPC room takes you into another, considerably cooler, duel room. Don't fall in the lava. :p Both rooms are basic in construction, but they serve their purposes well enough. Now, onto the secret. I didn't find the way in, so don't ask - I noclipped. But, anyway, when you get in, there are three cameras, two of which I noticed were on a side. I don't blame the author for this one - multiple cameras hate me too. Hopefully someone else can offer a fix? Jumping into one of these cameras takes you to the relevant area - two more duel rooms, and the main courtyard. One of them is visible in the last screenshot, the other one made me lag considerably when I went in, so no screeny. For negative points, I really didn't like the choice of music. It just doesn't seem to work with the map at all. The other beef I had was the skybox - it looks more suited for a desert than a stadium. There's no bot support either. The lighting is pretty bland, and far too dark in some places. Plus there's the non-working buttons, although they could be something to do with opening the secret area, I'm not sure. On the whole, it's a basic map, but still a good option for FFAs or tournaments. And if you're a fan of open maps such as Rome Arena, this one should be right up your alley. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Music:[/b] No [b]Secrets:[/b] Yes




GermanDuell (Fixed) | 18.11 MB

amount of effort has been put into the finishing touches of this map. I am going to start off by saying that the lighting in this map wasn't well done. In some areas lighting is near-to-nonexistent. And then there are all of the missing textures. In some rooms, the entire ceiling texture is missing. Textures are missing from other parts of the map, as well. It gets very annoying to have textures missing. I hope we'll see the missing textures included in the next version. You spawn in what looks like a medical room, and are able to spawn medpacks and shields. This is the only place you spawn in. Anyways, you go out of the room, and get into the main, and quite small, hallway. The hallway has several doors. One goes to a hallway that ends with a door that's blocked by a ''Coming Soon" sign. But don't worry, there's a movie theater behind it. I don't know how to get to it other than noclip. Another one of the areas in the hallway is a swimming pool, with various levels for high-diving, or just lounging. One of the other areas is a shooting range, with lots of weapons, and four targets to choose from. (But three are only static targets, the fourth only rotates. I would have liked to see targets that actually moved around, seeing as there is scripting used in this map.) And yet another one of the rooms is what looks to be a dormitory. I like being able to choose a bed, push a button, close a door, turn off the lights, and go to sleep. It's very nice. And the final room in the hallway is the cantina! It's got a great big rotating menu, which I think rotates a little too fast, but it works. You have a nice little cantina, and then you can go outside via a rotating door (again, I think it rotates way too fast.) Anyways, you go out, and there's the Academy shuttle flying around! You can't go in it, which is a minor bummer. But you can ride on it! (I wouldn't recommend it, you'll just die. Although I did get into a bug, as I was forced into the area that the shuttle flew in. It was big. I tried replicating it, but to no avail.) The duel area is the second big area. It's got lots of lava. And it's initially unreachable. But, not to worry, it's easy to get to. The spectator area has a control box that controls whether you can get into the area. It also can close up the edges of the dueling ring, making it so you can't go into the lava. You can also spawn rancors and at-st's. It's a nice little control area. There is a secret underneath. But I'm not going to tell you how to get to it. And the third major area. The Detention Center (well...That's what I call it). I'll just point out the three most notable areas. The detention cells, which aren't much, but they're a big part of the area. The security area, which has a turret, lots of weapons, an emplaced turret, and spawnable droidekas, as well as the ability to lock doors in the area. And finally, the command center. Well, it's not really a command center, you can just lock down the detention area, and trigger a kill effect the the security room. Evil stuff. In general, the author has made decent use of ''cameras'' and effects, such as being able to watch the dueling ring from the cantina. However, there are some problems. As I said before, there are a lot of missing textures. And there are some sound issues with the cantina. Meaning that sound ''leaks'' from the cantina into some parts of the adjacent areas. But the really big thing was lighting. There just wasn't nearly enough. I had to increase the brightness of my screen to even see detail in some rooms. You will notice in some of the screenshots I have enhanced the lighting to show you what those areas should look like with proper lighting. There are several secrets, and I'm not going to tell you how to get to them, as I don't really know how to myself, so I'll just give you screenshots of some of them. Bot Support: Yes New Models: No New Textures; Yes New Music: No ~Zach[/quote] This version of the map eliminates all fixed texture issues. Everything in the previous review is still true, so I'll just quote Zach on it. :p So, if you downloaded the previous version, download this one to get all the missing textures. If you want to see screenshots, you can find them underneath the original review [url=";62565"]HERE[/url]. ~ Kouen




GermanDuell | 16.38 MB

effort has been put into the finishing touches of this map. I am going to start off by saying that the lighting in this map wasn\'t well done. In some areas lighting is near-to-nonexistent. And then there are all of the missing textures. In some rooms, the entire ceiling texture is missing. Textures are missing from other parts of the map, as well. It gets very annoying to have textures missing. I hope we\'ll see the missing textures included in the next version. You spawn in what looks like a medical room, and are able to spawn medpacks and shields. This is the only place you spawn in. Anyways, you go out of the room, and get into the main, and quite small, hallway. The hallway has several doors. One goes to a hallway that ends with a door that\'s blocked by a \'\'Coming Soon\" sign. But don\'t worry, there\'s a movie theater behind it. I don\'t know how to get to it other than noclip. Another one of the areas in the hallway is a swimming pool, with various levels for high-diving, or just lounging. One of the other areas is a shooting range, with lots of weapons, and four targets to choose from. (But three are only static targets, the fourth only rotates. I would have liked to see targets that actually moved around, seeing as there is scripting used in this map.) And yet another one of the rooms is what looks to be a dormitory. I like being able to choose a bed, push a button, close a door, turn off the lights, and go to sleep. It\'s very nice. And the final room in the hallway is the cantina! It\'s got a great big rotating menu, which I think rotates a little too fast, but it works. You have a nice little cantina, and then you can go outside via a rotating door (again, I think it rotates way too fast.) Anyways, you go out, and there\'s the Academy shuttle flying around! You can\'t go in it, which is a minor bummer. But you can ride on it! (I wouldn\'t recommend it, you\'ll just die. Although I did get into a bug, as I was forced into the area that the shuttle flew in. It was big. I tried replicating it, but to no avail.) The duel area is the second big area. It\'s got lots of lava. And it\'s initially unreachable. But, not to worry, it\'s easy to get to. The spectator area has a control box that controls whether you can get into the area. It also can close up the edges of the dueling ring, making it so you can\'t go into the lava. You can also spawn rancors and at-st\'s. It\'s a nice little control area. There is a secret underneath. But I\'m not going to tell you how to get to it. And the third major area. The Detention Center (well...That\'s what I call it). I\'ll just point out the three most notable areas. The detention cells, which aren\'t much, but they\'re a big part of the area. The security area, which has a turret, lots of weapons, an emplaced turret, and spawnable droidekas, as well as the ability to lock doors in the area. And finally, the command center. Well, it\'s not really a command center, you can just lock down the detention area, and trigger a kill effect the the security room. Evil stuff. In general, the author has made decent use of \'\'cameras\'\' and effects, such as being able to watch the dueling ring from the cantina. However, there are some problems. As I said before, there are a lot of missing textures. And there are some sound issues with the cantina. Meaning that sound \'\'leaks\'\' from the cantina into some parts of the adjacent areas. But the really big thing was lighting. There just wasn\'t nearly enough. I had to increase the brightness of my screen to even see detail in some rooms. You will notice in some of the screenshots I have enhanced the lighting to show you what those areas should look like with proper lighting. There are several secrets, and I\'m not going to tell you how to get to them, as I don\'t really know how to myself, so I\'ll just give you screenshots of some of them. Bot Support: Yes New Models: No New Textures; Yes New Music: No ~Zach




Academy 1.2 | 8.61 MB

But, I'll just start with the first one. The first floor is the ground floor, with three dueling rooms, an npc room, a training room, and a cantina, among a few other things. Two of the three dueling rooms are identical, each with a dueling area and seats so you can watch the duel in comfort, as well as an observation box on the wall. The third on, is more of a hazardous duel area, involving a pit. Although, you don't die when you hit the ground, making it a somewhat safer duel area. Also an interesting one, seeing as the person up top is likely to slash you as you come up. The npc room is extremely simple, almost too simple. It only spawns three npcs, all various brands of cultist. I found one small bug, or rather, minor issue. If you spawn the noc, and then just stand there, the npc will spawn, and the door will open, but it will close, leaving the npc in there. So you have to spawn another npc and then fight them both. This might be seen as a good thing, or a bad thing, to some. I would've The training room, was very simple. In one corner, was a box where you could spawn a sentry droid, in the center of the room was a small area from which you could spawn a R5 unit, or Kyle. Yay! Let's all kill Kyle! There is an observation box on the wall, as well. Okay, now go outside. Yes! There's an outside! It's very spacious as well. It had some custom areas, but a lot of it was bare, as in, there wasn't much there. There were trees, but they just seemed a bit too spread out to me. One thing I did like about this was the waterside area. It was very casual, made just for those who want to sit and talk by the water. I didn't like the way the water was done, at least in the river. But water [i]is[/i] a hard thing to do, so that doesn't really matter. The cantina, was, well, a cantina. Albeit a small one. It had a nice little stage on it, as well as a small bar off to the corner, with a storage room. The main area was taken up by chairs. There were a few alcoves in the cantina, but not very many. And, last up for the bottom floor, is the arena! Great idea. Nothing better than a good old arena. This is a small indoor arena, which isn't bad in and of itself. While great for FFA's and such, it would be very nice, and cool, if you could spawn a rancor behind a gate, and have the gate open. Fight on! But, other than that, it's not bad. Okay, I think that that's about it on the bottom floor. On to the next one! The second floor is a lot simpler, with only five areas. It has an Audience Chamber, as Tournament Chamber, what I think it a teachers area, and finally, an area that leads to the next floor, and the main little entrance area, which is actually the center of the floor. The main little area isn't all that big, it just has a tree surrounded by water. The two areas off to the side are the teachers room, which consists of a few beds and a bathtub. The second area is the tournament room, which is like a dueling area, only with chairs on the side, and a observation box. Not that much. The audience chamber is a lot like the chamber seen in single player, except the windows on the side are huge. I think that they're a little too big. Someone might walk out through the window and die. Okay. The last floor. Yay! I feel like I'm writing a book. First, you go up a long elevator, and then you finally get to the top floor! And it only has two rooms, a council room and a sun deck. The sun deck is very nice, being sunny and all, it's a great place to socialize, get a drink, take a nap, read a book, or use a terminal. And that's what you can do! Great social area. However, the shelves in this area just seemed to stick out like a sore thumb, so that's one thing that could use a bit of change. And finally, the council room. Well, it's a council room, with lots of chairs in a circular area. Am I done? No. There's still the Admin room. It's dark, to say the least. and from it you can lock various rooms, and areas of the map. I would have liked it if, when you locked a room, a ''locked'' message would be displayed. But that's me. I did find some bugs. When the cantina was locked, I would go and press the button, and I would hear the cantina music. Meh. The other major thing was the lighting. In places this was a very dark, or less than ideally lit. But, this is a great map for clans in general, or just simple RPG's. So if you like this, or if your clan could use a nice map to use, then give this a download. Bot Support: Sadly, No. New Models: Yes. New Music: No New Textures: Yes GameTypes: FFA, TFFA, Duel ~Zach




Lost City of Jedi Sentinels | 2.22 MB

that could use some attention. For intance there were no light sources anywhere that I could find. The texturing in certain areas was also quite repetitive. Despite this it does seem the author has the grasp of most of the basic concepts, including the addition of several platforms as well as a rather nice-looking rounded sewer area. The map shows quite a bit of promise so I expect to see some more maps from this author. As for the map itself it consists of two main areas - the inside of the temple (or whatever it is) and the outdoor area. Both look spacious enough to support a decent-sized free for all. The author has also included a few secrets for you to find, which is always a nice addition to a map. No bot routing was included, however, so the usage of bots will probably not be all that entertaining on this map unless you like the Mexican Jumping Bean feel. I also felt the music didn't really fit with the feel of the map, but it's not too bad. Feel free to give it a try - I'm sure the author wouldn't mind some pointers as well ;). New Textures: No New Models: No New Music: Yes (From JO) Bot Support: No ~Inyri




Streets | 6.2 MB

perspective of someone who had to turn the brightness all the way up to even be able to see the textures. For as many streetlights as there are in this map it\'s incredibly dark! It\'s a shame as well because once you do turn the brightness up and are able to see the texturing it\'s actually a very nice looking map. The archtecture is quite nice - the curbs along the street are not perfectly straight, there are railings, fences, walls, a graveyard, and of course a large church, complete with bell tower and stained glass windows. Another technical error with the map: the bot support. This is a killer... he named the botroutes folder \"bot routes\" by mistake, so his botroute data is missing. Whoopsies! Perhaps he will fix that along with his lighting for a version two... and maybe we could also talk him into a new skybox, since I don\'t think France, Germany, or Holland has a gas giant on their horizon. Other than these couple of errors I found that I really enjoyed the map. There\'s plenty of space, and it\'s just a nice-looking map. I do hope the author fixes these problems so it can be even more enjoyable. Well done map - just needs a little more attention![/quote]The lighting and bot problems have both been fixed, and a new skybox was added. However I don\'t feel like everything is completely fixed. The map is still [i]extraordinarily[/i] dark, given how many streetlamps they are. Even at dusk, when you\'ve got that many burning lamps it\'s going to be brighter. Secondly for a dusk map the sun is quite high in the sky. An actual custom skybox would\'ve fit much better here - Terragen probably could\'ve created something a bit closer to what the author was looking for. Overall, though, it\'s a vast improvement over version one and you\'ll be able to appreciate the map that much more. New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Music: Yes Bot Support: Yes ~Inyri




Jumpspace | 2.34 MB

PLEASE submit your other maps here Norman! ;) I suppose his maps are like Mclaren F1’s. For the people who don’t know what these are, they are EXTREMELY rare and expensive supercars. They cost around £600,000 (which is just over $1,000,000 yes that is 1 MILLION Dollars!). They’re so rare (just 100 road going cars were sold), its unlikely you would ever see one driving down the street in your lifetime! They are also very well made cars, afterall, they have to be to go over 230 Miles Per Hour! Anyway, Darth Norman’s maps are kinda like those cars, they’re rare, but very well made and look incredible! I believe this map is part of Map-Reviews 5th mapping contest (now finished), more info can be found here: This is honestly the most unusual map I’ve ever seen. It looks like something out of the movie TRON. At first when you load the map it looks like the lighting is on full bright, but it isn’t, there is proper lighting. But there are no shadows, which is kinda weird at first, but when you think about the setting of this map, which is like some kind of digital world, big black shadows would look out of place. ;) The theme of the Map-Review challenge was Gameplay. And this map certainly has brilliant gameplay. My computer is probably mid-range, and I get 70-80 FPS throughout the map. This map isn’t small either, it’s a nice size, so it’s really good to get such great FPS here. I suppose this map is kinda like a city, there’s lots of different buildings, and little street like areas. I have a feeling this map would be brilliant for an all-guns FFA. Considering that there seem to bee two different coloured areas opposite each other, I would have thought this would make an excellent CTF map. But the author has only made this useable in FFA and TFFA gametypes. :( Weapons and power-ups were well placed for FFA gameplay though. There were also a few very nice details that I absolutely loved. One being that the sky (and a very unusual sky at that!) actually MOVES! How on earth he managed to do that I don’t know. He has included the .map file with the .pk3 though, so I will be having a look to find out! Another nice touch that I liked, was the little 1’s and 0’s that floated off