Jedi Knight III




Clones Ultima | 18.05 MB

have seen his original clones for JO. I, to this day, still use one of the reskins. This project is also very interesting, because it was not done by one man, but by 6. The Clonetroopers had to fight in an uncomfortable type of armor during the first years of the Clone Wars. That armor is called the Phase I armor and we've already seen it as a JO/JA model - Marz gave it to us in the previous pack. The models were kind of thin, and generally looked... strange. The new version corrects this, and they finally look like they were supposed to. There are quite a few color variations included, red, green, yellow and more. However, I really miss a SWBF1 Jet Trooper (a green clone with a jetpack, that is featured on the ARCs). It's pretty easy to do, too... Oh well. The ARC Trooper are great, lots of accessories, there are actually a little bit too many. You can't turn the jetpack off (coincidentally the very same jetpack that can be used to create the Jet Trooper) . Once again, there are many variants, and wow... They look great... When they're not moving. The legs clip through the skirt, and the pauldron is invisible from underneath. The model and the skins are really great, but these bugs always kind of down-grade it. The clones were given some better clothes later in the war, dubbed the Phase II armor. You could see the designs in Episode III. Noone has ever released a new model of these trooper before, there were, however, a few tries to skin them on a stormtrooper. The basic Clonetrooper is nice, just as it should be. There are quite a few paint jobs available, orange, green, grey, blue, red. They all have scratches over their bodies and are absolutely terrific, skin-wise. Detailed. And there's the Shadow Clone, something pretty new. He's nice, check him out on the screenshot below. There's also Gree, one of the few unfortunate clone commanders. He was slayed by Yoda on Kashyyyk. Once again, a detailed skin, everything as it should be. Next, Neyo! He seems to be an un-mirrored and reskinned Clonetrooper. He's okay, nothing spectacular. Commander Bacara is very nice. However, the skirt clips again! Bly, his troops, and Comamnder Deviss are almost perfect... Almost. Deviss doesn't have his binoculars down, as he should have (he always does in the promo screenshots). The skin is done very well, and will probably be one of my favourites. Along with this one, the 2nd Airborne trooper, sometimes called the "beehive trooper" at various JA forums. I think that he has one of the coolest SW helmets ever. I wonder, how many polies does this thing have? The skin is once again really good. Many people have tried skinning the Galactic Marine (incorrectly called the clone commander in both SWBF2 and this file) on the Snowtrooper model. It finally gets its own, but I can't say I'm impressed with it. It's too fat in my opinion, and the chest could surely be reworked. Next, Commander Cody. A wonderful skin by Darth Cuilerre (I hope I got the name right). There are a few mistakes on the skin. The strap should only be on the left leg, and the belt packs are not correctly coloured. That's because the model is mirrored, which isn't a good thing for non-symetrical skins. And last comes the Clone Commando. I can't say I like the model... at all. It's not like it should be, just take a look. The visor is wrong too... This could certainly be improved. Some of the clones are good, some are not. I miss the clone pilot and a few more variants, like the engineer. Still, the pack is going to be essential in the next couple of weeks and months, so get it or you'll only see Kyles! Arthenik PS: Big thanks to people from the *VaS* Ewok Hut server! Namely ElegosVos, Warfang, *VaS*MauroX *VaS*Axl, Grant Hammerhoof and my friend, Phoenix. Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: No Team Colors: On some of the models New Sounds: Yes (from RC)




Assassins Creed weaponspack | 8.62 MB

character known as Altair, the main protagonist, presumably. I have to say, lot of fancy tools for killing a man. Thought a rusty dagger would've been enough, but I reckon 'tis not. ANYWAY, all of these weapons are uh...shall we say, slanted, when it comes to damages/stances, save for one. Essentially, we are granted 1 weapon replacement and 5 sabers. For speed's sake, I'll just attack the former first. Alrighty, so instead of having the clunky DL-44, Ashura has replaced them to make THROWING KNIVES. They even say THROWING KNIVES in all caps in-game. Kind of obnoxious, since a quick string change woulda saved face. The knife model is pretty majestic looking, I'd surmise, and even though there weren't any stance adjustments to make the motions look a bit more believable, it wasn't that big of a deal. Good stuff, indeed. The blob effect was changed to a knife, but sadly, no impact effect to reflect a knife stuck in the wall. However, I doubt this hasn't gone unforgotten by the good doctor. SO, swords. Yeah, I'm gonna say it off the bat: they're all rigged. Every weapon has a custom stance or altered scale to compensate for the smaller length. You want to piss people off, you use the hidden blade. Damagescale is 6x. Actually, the only person it'll piss off is you, because the length is so small you have to REALLY get up in their face to use it...and even then it's like a 1 in 5 chance you can hit them. Sucks, but hey, the hit is devastating. The rest goes down from there, settings-wise. The shortswords only have 2x damage scale, and the swords have regular scale, but instead have Tavion stance. When it comes to visuals and construction, the models are all eloquently crafted, and look pretty dead-on to their real game counterparts. My favor rests in the simplistic first longsword, as the rest are simply too fancy. SHING! Right, yeah, it's film time




Stargate Jaffa Pack | 46.42 MB

honest. With all the great JKA Stargate maps that have appeared over the years (some are on here, some aren't, and some you don't even know about *HINT*), you were also probably wishing, that great looking Jaffa models would've appeared by now... Fanboy prayers answered today! :) By now, you've pretty much guessed what this file is. It is a character model pack, containing Jaffa models, which are actually good (good Jaffa models in JKA?! :eek: ). And not only that, great textures and new sounds have also been made for them as well! Anyone of you, that has followed Stargate SG-1 as closely as I have, will recognise all the faction symbols on their foreheads. There is a distinct lack of Apophis's guards though, if you don't count Teal'c (he's in here too, but not in US Air Force fatigues). Infact, Teal'c is the only guard in this pack, rocking the First Prime tattoo (gold poured and dried into a carved wound on a chosen Jaffa’s' head). Other things I really like about this pack, is the inclusion of the Apophis serpent guard helmet. But like I said before, no-one is rockin' the Apophis head tattoo besides Teal'c. The armour also comes with red highlights as an option, to reflect Apophis's rogue status after he took control of some of Sokar's Jaffa, after he escaped from Netu (The Devil You Know, season 3, episode 13). And for all you fans of the original movie out there (me included), Ra's personal guard (Horus and Anubis Guards) make an appearance in this pack as well. :) Model and texture wise, because of the way the JKA character skeleton is, naturally, you are going to get some minor issues, but they are outweighed by the quality of the whole pack. Single player support is also included, but not for all the model types in this pack. You'll only be able to use the red and silver armour variants for single player. The mouths do move in single player, but it is a bit freaky looking... There are no team colours in MP though, so you can't have Jaffa running around in blue armour or anything like that... :( [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]Team Support:[/b] No [b]NPC Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Models:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes -SuperSmeg




Ashura's Jawa Pack V1.1 | 8.02 MB

suggestions (really now, that's twice, don't make me declare you insane! ;)), and has done the following: [b]Split into several files[/b] The Jawa skin, ionization blaster & fusion cutter now each have their own .pk3 file, so you can choose which parts you want to install; you can have just the skin, just the blaster or just the fusion cutter if you want, or a combination of them. [b]Jawa overwrite[/b] The final new .pk3 file lets you overwrite the default Jawa skin with Ashura's jawa skin - definitely one I'm keeping :) Additionally, the sound bug I mentioned in my review has been fixed; the fusion cutter now has its own sounds. Go forth and download. You know you want to. -Caelum




Crade Elcin/Darth Destructus | 2.98 MB

staffs. Now, about the skin. There is one bug alone, and that is with \'Destructus\' torso. Yes, I have seen through it myself, quite literally. Myself, I found this skin to be a little same-y. It resembles a bald Anakin, but knowing that this is based on the Spanki packs, which were based off the Anakin model, that I can overlook. My only real complaint with this entire file is where the hair looks to be. I know it\'s there, it\'s kinda like a buzzcut. However, this buzzcut has no... \'flavor\', a little on the lazily saturated side. That, however, is my only complaint; I don\'t know if it has something to do with the skinning of the character itself, but I did find it to be pretty cool otherwise. To the sabers! These are replacements of the first three sabers in the Jedi Academy \'assets\'. Eeth Koth\'s hilt, the Improved Stinger by Desann[tm), and Destructus II, which is Desann\'s hilt, have been, in that order, the replacements for the beforementioned three sabers to be replaced. And, while this is cool, I would\'ve personally liked if you had reskinned each of the hilts, to give it more of a \'you\' feeling. There is NPC Support for Crade AND Destructus, along with SP support, sounds from the SP itself, and Team Colors. Strangely, the SP support also has German language support, so for all you Germans who want to have their native language, here you have it! A file for you. While I did complain a bit, I strongly feel the creator could improve on these, and I would certainly like to see more from him. What\'s the coolest part? He has his own story!... kinda. Not story mode, but his own movie in the works by the creator! And that\'s what you call \'extremely awesome\', when someone can put down that much creativity. NEW TEXTURES - Yes NEW SOUNDS - Yes NEW MODELS - No TEAM COLORS? - Yes ~The Denariax




Playable Model Pack | 10.28 MB

float around as a ghost swinging your lightsaber. Even better still, I use the light side of the force, so testing this out in-game was even more awkward than ever. But even playing as Ragnos didn't protect me from Tavion's wrath. Stupid yawing NPCs... Anywho, the weighting seemed fine to me, I didn't spot any glitches. Sounds are used from the respective sources in the game, although no taunts were there (obviously). A ragnos NPC has been added, but it still didn't stop my game from crashing when I used [b]/npc spawn ragnos[/b]. Looking at the NPC file, there's info about Desann in there, but Desann still spawned as himself. Not sure what's going on there. The hazard trooper and rocket trooper have been slightly downsized to fit onto the human skeleton, so they don't quite look right. That can't really be helped without the assistance of a serverside mod, though. Team support is included, but NPC and bot support aren't necessary. That's about all I have to say. I like this pack a lot - playing as Ragnos is the bomb. Check it out! New sounds: [b]No[/b] Team support: [b]Yes[/b] Bot support: [b]Not needed[/b] NPC Support: [b]Not needed[/b] ~Dretzel




PROTOTYPE mod | 1.99 MB

them, but this one had something different. Something...weakening about it. Anyways, there are two files included here. One is a skin of Alex Mercer, and the other is a collection of weaponry from Prototype. I'll start with the skin. I was a little...well, I can't say disappointed, because I didn't expect much from a reborn reskin. Since it's a reskin, it's about as close at it can get. However, the bottom of the white shirt really could have used a more defined edge, and the front of the vest should be unbuttoned. I think the jeans also need some work, too...they don't look too jean-y. No new sounds - altogether, I give it a "meh". Fortunately, the best has been saved for last. Five new sabers have been added that will give you Alex Mercer's hands to hack and slash with. The claws and fist are included, as well as the two-sided blade (don't know what it's called). All of them fit over your hand like a glove (a boxing glove, but still, a glove), so it adds to the feel of being mr. Mercer. Now, because of the glove being there, naturally, there are some bugs. Most notably, when you put away the equipment in JA+ mode, it either sticks out of your chest or sticks into your back. Ouch! It isn't fixable, but who cares, it's worth it. The other one was that the claws and thunder fist both gave a saber glow at the map's origin (I didn't check the sword). I'm sure this is fixable, as I've seen it before. There you have it. Download at your discretion. ~Dretzel




World of Warcraft Weapon-Pack | 4.93 MB

previous back have been included as well as the glowy blue sword thing being available for the single saber as I had mentioned and hoped for in my last review. Added to those we have multiple new swords and a very scary huge axe! Now, as I said last time, I don’t play WoW, I am a sci-fi person, so I’m not that well up on fantasy stuff. So don’t expect me to sound very knowledgeable on what all these different weapons are. :P As I said above, we have a huge bronze looking axe that any right-minded individual would be terrified of being confronted with. Also we have a plethora of new swords, including a really scary bronze looking one that reminds me slightly of the style of swords the ancient Egyptians used. We also have a sword with a large skull motif attached to the side of it, and also a some nice glowy swords too. Including a blue one that looks like it would be wielded by some kind of ice-warrior and a red one which looks like something Sauron would use! Another cool new addition is a two-bladed sword from which shoot small bolts of lightning. Unfortunately though there are no new weapons for the saber staff menu. I think it would be cool here to add some kind of pike, or halberd type weapon, obviously with lots of glowy bits, I like glowy bits! :D To be honest I really cant think of anything else that could be improved upon here, all in all this is an excellent WoW weapon pack, and I couldn’t find any bugs with it. Once again, good work here from SithMasteR555! If you are a fan or a player of World of Warcraft, or just like the look of these cool glowy weapons, then give this file a download! [b]New Hilt Model:[/b] Yes (Lots of ‘em!) [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes ~Nozyspy~




Sephiroth_pack | 6.88 MB

missed the first release, as I think it was before my time in this modding community, but to date there have been a total of three Sephiroth models made by this author, though two were lost to time. But no matter! Time is not our master, right? In fact Gir called upon the community to do his dirty work for him and gather up the three models and send them [i]back[/i] to him so he could post up all three together in one concise pack. And that's exactly what we have. Now to be honest I've always liked all three. I found each model appealing for different reasons. I like the cartoony ones because I feel they are more in touch with Final Fantasy 7's graphical style. But then there's the most recent incarnation which is meant to be more realistic and in line with the Final Fantasy 7 movie, Advent Children. That also has a certain appeal. In any case I'm sure we can all say he's the master at making Sephiroth. He ought to be with as much practice as he gets! So here's the low-down on each model, in case you missed the original releases. The first model has two versions: a jacketed version and a jacketless version, both of which were seen in the original FF7 game. It has a very anime-ish style to it, much moreso than the next version, which is similar but more refined. That version also lacks a jacketed version. This version is accessible by the species menu. The last and most recent version is the Advent Children incarnation, available only in jacketed form. Three choices in three distinct styles -- hopefully it will have a little something for everyone! [b]Team Support[/b]: No [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]NPC Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Sounds[/b]: Yes ~Inyri




Futurama Robots | 5.24 MB

[file=\"80914\"]Bender model[/file] has been included this this pack, the mouth much more accurate, and, if I\'m not mistaken, a new Santa Bender. Unfortunately, Santa Bender\'s sounds weren\'t configured correctly. Included along with Bender are: The Robot Devil: Man, the robot devil rules planets. The sounds are golden, and quite amusing. Accuracy-wise, he\'s right on the mark. Every extra was included. Robot 1x: A one-hit wonder in a single episode, when Bender had that amusing upgrade encounter. Robot 1x doesn\'t seem to have a full soundset, but that\'s understandable, given his rarity. Just like with the robot devil, it\'s right on the mark, so you\'ll enjoy floating around EMITTING A FRESH PINE SCENT =_O! Overall, the entire pack is quite amusing, and I daresay I had fun messing around as the Robot Devil. If you are a Futurama enthusiast, you will too, OR DIE TRYING. BANDWIDTH INPUT REQUIRED: Bot Support: Aye NPC Support: Aye Team Skins: Aye New Sounds: Aye - Averus Retruthan




Kain_Raziel(XIII) | 9.03 MB

is the kind of material we\'ve come to expect from StingRay, and most of what we\'re getting is old work, to boot! Now the last review I gave StingRay was slightly inaccurate because I didn\'t have any first-hand knowledge of the subject matter, and unfortunately this time isn\'t any different. However I did my homework and cross-referenced with a fan of the series and looked up some pictures, and to say the least for some older models these are both quite good. Personally after my research I\'d have to say the Kain model is the better of the two. It captures the character\'s face very well, as well as getting the rest of the model quite accurately. The only inconsistency I can find (or rather that I was told about) was that perhaps his skin is a little [i]too[/i] green. The texturing on both models is quite strong. It\'s quite obvious that StingRay knew what she was doing when she made these, and undoubtedly is even better now. However especially for the Raziel model the skinning really outdoes the model. Not to say the model\'s bad, however it does have its weaknesses, the first and formost being the musculature. Or lack thereof. As I\'m told, Raziel was thrown into an abyssal lake, burning away his flesh which [i]should[/i] leave his muscles incredibly well defined. This model, however, does not have that definition and rather relies on the skinmap to create the illusion of detail that doesn\'t actually exist. This works sometimes, and other times does not. With the cylindrical legs provided here, it doesn\'t really work that well. However to be honest I really doubt you\'d notice that well while you were playing, so this may be negligible to any but the most fanatical \"I must have a perfect model\" fans. The only other strange thing I found was with the soundsets. One of the death sounds in Kain\'s soundset says \"You know what must be done, Kain.\" Based on nothing bug logic, I\'d have to take a guess that this isn\'t Kain speaking, else I\'m afraid Kain would be speaking to himself, although I suppose that\'s completely possible. You\'ll have to tell me :p. Other than that, though, a great couple of models which I\'m sure Legacy of Kain fans will really enjoy. Despite my lack of knowledge in this area I find them both really cool and well-made models, if not a bit creepy. But hey, I guess that\'s the point! Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: No ~Inyri




The Legendary Goku | 6.41 MB

skin should have in order to succeed, when based off a non-original character which in this case, dare I say, is quite well known. Number one: The skin and model should actually look like the person who is on show, and that especially includes the facial texture. Number two: The model deforms correctly and can be selected from the menu. If a file has fulfilled these two criteria, I don't really care how many polies the model has - (hey, my PC can handle it. ;) ) unless of course it’s ridiculously high or ridiculously low. And, of course, when the model by chance also happened to be from one of my personal favorite anime shows, well, then, how lucky is that? ;) I think everybody here will recognize Goku from the images, at least those who have seen Dragonball Z on television. As I mentioned above, that’s a great sign. The textures aren't photo-realistic though, and perhaps are even a little low-res. But it still manages to work with this character because of its style. It's anime, where high-res textures aren't always key. And whilst some may disagree about the hair, I rather like it. It's modeled well on all three of this models forms (That's normal Goku, and Goku in Super Saiyan 1 and 3 transformations.) and I personally think that the almost flat-shades here are perfectly adequate. Now, I didn't notice any deformation bugs when testing, however the readme does mention that some exist, so that may be a factor to consider when downloading. I have a feeling that's probably only relevant in SP mode, which is supported by this pack, but I didn't test because...well, the JA storyline makes me want to hurt things. ;) The sounds were my only main concern - far too loud, and they're all practically identical, but at least they weren't Kyle. I also really liked the facial textures. There was a nagging feeling that they didn't look quite right, but when you wont see the character's face for most of the time when playing, a small personal nag shouldn't be very problematic, and if nothing else, this model is definitely the best Goku I've seen on this site, with the last version of Goku I saw being a rather crude reskin of the cloud model. So I do recommend this for Dragonball Z fans, and even if you're not a fan, you may still find this appealing. :D New Sounds: Yes Team Support: No Bot Support: No ~Szico VII~




Link | 7.08 MB

users. And quite a few of his weapons. And some new animations. (Yes, I'm aware that there are previous versions of this - however, I'm referring to it as "new" since it's been extensively overhauled, and in truth I really wouldn't have known they were related just by looking at them.) Dan Kappahn, aka DAK, aka Antizac, brings us a great model pack here. We'll start with Adult Link. I can say, that it looks very much like Ocarina of Time, only more lifelike. If I saw Link walk round the corner on my way to college, I expect this is what he'd look like. The accuracy, considering the difference between the sources of the engines, is quite surprising. The customisation offers the three tunics - Kokiri, Goron, and Zora (green, red and blue respectively, for those who don't know), as well as three extras - purple, cyan and grey. I'm not sure if these were actually used in any of the games, since I've only played A Link To The Past, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask and OoT: Master Quest, but they look just as natural as the 'canon' colors. You can also make your own with JA+'s RGB selectors. Black and gold look rather cool, if I may say so. Wonder what masks those correspond with - Ninja Mask and Paladin Mask, maybe? :p My gripes with the Adult model are few. The boots - towards the top of the boots, the skin seems to turn into a flat black color. This doesn't detract from overall quality, but it's still not very nice-looking. Second is the holster. It looks good, and is a nice touch, but it doesn't really do anything. For JA+ users, it could have been added as a holster, but the swords don't seem holster-compatible either. Now onto the 'Fierce Deity' skin. While it does look like the Fierce Diety version of link, I do have one complaint. The eyes look quite dodgy the way they were skinned. That's just a minor gripe, and not really noticable ingame though. Other than that, it's just as high-quality as the adult Link skin. Next up, is Young Link. He certainly resembles his Ocarina Of Time counterpart very well. He's a bit chubby, though - I suppose with the baddies defeated, he's missing his excercise. One problem with Young Link, is that no modelscale.cfg was included. While this would do nothing for a lot of people, considering most servers run JA+, it would have been a nice touch. Not many gripes here either. The weapons are next. Included, are the Kokiri Sword, Master Sword, Hylian Shield, Kokiri Shield, and two versions of the Hero's Sword - one from Twilight Princess, the other from Majora's Mask. The weapons are all modelled... well, like weapons. They closely resemble their LoZ counterparts, but like the model, they've been changed a little to look more realistic. I didn't take seperate screenshots of the weapons, but I tried to include at least one shot of each with the model screens, so take a look for yourselves. Now, I admit, I didn't test the new animations pk3 which has been included, but apparently it changes the dual saber stance to something more suitable for a sword and shield. Anyway, this is a great pack, and a very nice upgrade. If you like this, download it. Even if you just like swords, get the swords - they're worth it. ;) ~ Kouen [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]Team Skins:[/b] Yes [b]NPC Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes




Morrowind Player Models | 14.75 MB

fixed the mesh ripping along the shoulders on the male models, as well as stripped the sounds. I have made the Argonian Female SP capable. And I found a bug, that when there where a lot of skins and models in my base folder the argonians did not show up, I found this to be because the pk3's where named after the race, which made them appear above the assets pk3's, I have renamed them, and now they seem to work fine under any conditions. I missed a weighting point on the wrist, it is now fixed. I fixed another weighting problem on the wrist, as well.[/quote] And now Inyri's original review. [quote] It's pretty easy to tell which parts of these models the author skinned himself and which were part of the original model's skin. However instead of the skinning, I'm going to start with the weighting, which the author also did himself. On the first model I looked at, the weighting seemed rather good. On the second, the Argonian male, it was not quite as good. In fact during several animations the mesh around both of the shoulders would tear quite badly, leaving a gaping hole in the model. As for the skinning, I noticed that most of the added textures were flat. No attempts were made to shade them where there would normally be shadows/hilights, and I even found that on some of the models parts of the textures were placed so badly that they overlayed onto other parts of the mesh. For instance with the Argonian male model, the "shorts" texture is clearly present running down the length of the calf. Oops! Overall the textures are flat, the models rigged poorly, there is a lot of stretching around the joints, and basically takes advantages of the strengths of the original modeller and his textures. I hope the author will practice his skinning techniques (and weighting techniques) a bit more for next time, because honestly I think mesh tearing and flat texturing has somewhat ruined this model. Bot Support: No Team Support: No New Sounds: Yes (some are new, some are Jaden) NPC Support: No ~Inyri [/quote] So yea, that's about it. ~Zach




Morrowind Player Models | 15.37 MB

weighting, which the author also did himself. On the first model I looked at, the weighting seemed rather good. On the second, the Argonian male, it was not quite as good. In fact during several animations the mesh around both of the shoulders would tear quite badly, leaving a gaping hole in the model. As for the skinning, I noticed that most of the added textures were flat. No attempts were made to shade them where there would normally be shadows/hilights, and I even found that on some of the models parts of the textures were placed so badly that they overlayed onto other parts of the mesh. For instance with the Argonian male model, the "shorts" texture is clearly present running down the length of the calf. Oops! Overall the textures are flat, the models rigged poorly, there is a lot of stretching around the joints, and basically takes advantages of the strengths of the original modeller and his textures. I hope the author will practice his skinning techniques (and weighting techniques) a bit more for next time, because honestly I think mesh tearing and flat texturing has somewhat ruined this model. Bot Support: No Team Support: No New Sounds: Yes (some are new, some are Jaden) NPC Support: No ~Inyri




Clone Wars Cartoon Model Pack | 15.26 MB

gentlemen, cel-shaded and look just like the real-life... actually cartoon-life counterparts! This is done rather nicely by using a small trick - texturing only one side of a face, so it looks like it is contoured from one side and it looks like it isn't from the other. Pretty clever, and it works well. First we have quite a few Jedi, namely Anakin, Obi-Wan, Luminara Unduli, Barriss Offee, Mace Windu, Yoda and Kit Fisto. Anakin looks pretty spiffy, with a nice-looking costume and the robotic hand, which is actually quite good :) It might not be eprfect, but it does get the job done. Obi-Wan is... strange. I don't know, his face jsut doesn't look too Obi-Wan-ish and certainly won't be my favourite, even though I like him in the miniseries. Luminara has a bug that I don't quite understand... Her cloak's front side doesn't appear in my game. It does work in ModView though... Anyway, she is exactly who she is supposed to be - Luminara Unduli. Psyk0Sith did a great job at her, it's one of my favourite models in the pack. Barriss Offee is Luminara's Padawan and appears in one or two CW episodes, along with her master. I don't know why, but it just doesn't strike me "this is Barriss Offee!" when I'm looking at the model in-game. Maybe it was because of her rather short time on screen, maybe it's just me, or maybe it is the model's fault. I'd lean towards the 3rd theory, though... Don't get me wrong, the model isn't bad! It's just that it's not clearly her. And she, by the way, has the same bug as Luminara does. Master Windu in this costume appeared in an episode devoted to him and him only, and in one or two comm transmissions. There are actually 2 versions of this skin, with and without a generic robe. The model is pretty much accurate, but... But... I'm not particularly impressed with the head, it could be thinner, I think the author could do that around the cheek area. Yoda, the little green guy with the funny quotes! He has two robe colors, a dark gray one and a tan one. I'm pretty much impressed with this little person, although the weighting is really sloppy. This model is really just like the Yoda from CW. It has the CW-esque head shape that it didn't have anywhere else. I like that one :) Then we have Kit Fisto, an another green guy, this time with an octopus on his head. He's only dressed in underwear, as portraied in an episode of CW, where he fought against the Quarren. I don't like the look on his face, he should be smiling, that's his trademark. I don't like his taunt either, but that's pretty much secondary. The model itself (except for that smile) is done rather well and you cannot possibly think it's someone else than Kit himself. Next we have the Dark Side people! Count Dooku, Asajj Ventress, General Grievous and Durge... Count Dooku is great, model-wise, I love how his goatie turned out! The clothes could be lighter, they jsut don't seem appealing to me. The cloaked variant is nice, but once again, there is a rigging problem, the little chain goes right through the robe in a weird way... Asajj, the Sith wannabe... I think she's not really new, but still, she is one of the better models in this pack. Nice, nice! The detail on this model is pretty good, considering the need for a lack of detail (animated series animators have to make the character frames as simple to draw as possible). The model is just liek the Dark Jedi I know :) Grievous next! I'm don't like the skin colors (too dark), or the face (looks like a human face enclosed in metal, the chin shouldn't really be pointed down THAT much), but I absolutely love the legs, I've never seen anything simmilar on a JA model, and wow, it totally fits in. Durge, the weird-looking octopusy...thingy. Now here I'm sure I've seen him already, released on his own. Poor Durge. Oh well, the model you ask? It's just like what you would imagine, and that is a good thing! He is bulky, jsut like the CW Durge was, and is really one of the best models in this pack. And last, but certainly not least, come the soldiers... A pink battle droid and a super battle droid for the CIS, and a Clonetrooper and an ARC Trooper for the good guys, the Republic. A battle droid... hm... And it's the pink, post-Geonosis variant. It's also one of the best models in the pack (I might say that ít is the best one) It is detailed, and looks just like it should, with everything working and functional. I love this model. Next, the SBD. The model is very nice and clean, but I don't like the sounds. A bit too high-pitched. I think they do come from Episode III, but I still don't like them. The model is great otherwise, almost perfect :) And now my favourite troopers of all times... Yeah, I do like Clonetroopers :) The model is very, very nice, but the clipping! That's really one of the few weak points of this pack... Now the independent Clonetroopers, the ARC Troopers. They are very, very, very nice and they are my favourites, along with the BD. They don't look like ARC Troopers, they are ARC Troopers! While the model is perfect, parts of the model clip through each another, due to the weighting. Shame, really. To sum it up, most of the models are pretty good, and I do like them. The sounds are not bad either, but there are a few soundsets I don't really like, the SBD one for example. Then there is the weighting. That really downgraded the pack alot, so I would surely try to improve in that. Clipping just isn't appealing. I hope you'll make more of these, this time with better weighting ;) PS: For an even more complete CW Cartoon experience, use the new lightsaber blades included in the Zip. New Sounds: Yes Team Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes Arthenik




Deuces Wild Remix with Sounds | 7.1 MB

models. Mars Marshall originally created them not having any custom sounds, which are essential to high quality. It\'s pleasing to see that Mars\' fine models have been finally finished. In addition, Kurt replaced some of the default female Jaden sounds with different ones. They\'re a welcome change to the original \"Take that!\" taunt that sounds as forced as Hayden Christensen\'s acting was in \"Star Wars: Episode II—Attack of the Clones.\" The included models that were given new sounds are [file=\"45814\"]Adi Gallia[/file], [file=\"45812\"]Serra Keto[/file], [file=\"45814\"]Shaak Ti[/file], [file=\"43482\"]Komari Vosa[/file], and [file=\"45811\"]Luminara Unduli[/file]. Adi Gallia was a serving Jedi High Council member during the Battle of Naboo and the Battle of Geonosis. She was a highly skilled pilot and swordswoman—she used an uncommon, reverse, one-handed grip for her red lightsaber—who was choked and stabbed by General Grievous on Boz Pity. The sounds all work well for this model; nothing seems out of place, forced, and they all have good balance. The rebellius Serra Keto—student of the well-regarded swordsman Cin Drallig—was a talented swordswoman who used two green lightsabers, specializing in the tenth form of lightsaber combat. She was murdered in the Jedi Temple by Darth Vader upon the infinitely nefarious Darth Sidious\' execution of Order 66. The model\'s hips seem to spread disproportionally too far out at the waist, but is otherwise great. The sounds, I felt, were some of the weakest in this model pack. The taunts were good, but the miscellaneous sounds like roll and land sounded rather muffled. The roll sound specifically sounded too frustrated and aggressive rather than the usual energetic \"herr!\" or \"ha!\" that accompanies a roll. Sounds are, otherwise, satisfactory. Shaak Ti is one of my favorite female Jedi (Aayla Secura is everyone\'s [i]most[/i] favorite, of course). She was a Jedi High Council member who wielded a blue lightsaber, but was unable to fully protect Supreme Chancellor Palpatine when he was \"abducted\" from Coruscant; she later died at the onset of the Great Jedi Purge when Darth Vader stabbed her meditating body in the Jedi Temple (or she may have been killed by General Grievous—LucasFilm themselves had trouble deciding). The model is great, and I even think that the robe (which was too far back on Adi Gallia, and is actually the same here) seems to just work here—it looks better on Miss Ti. The sounds are superb, as they all sound perfectly natural and fit the character quite well. No one can seem to decide on Komari Vosa\'s name. The filename in this model pack is correctly termed \"Komari Vosa,\" but the original review and the original model itself call her \"Vosa Komari,\" which (listen up!) I now define as [u]incorrect[/u]. Anyway, Komari Vosa was a fallen Jedi who instead turned to the Dark Side, but was later killed by Count Dooku; her twin red lightsabers were later given to Asajj Ventress. This is modeled well, but the sounds are somewhat odd. I\'ve never heard how she sounds in the game \"Star Wars: Bounty Hunter,\" but her taunt makes her sound like she\'s been sadly addicted to cigarettes for years, and her roll and land sounds, which are also a little bit muffled, sound quite wrong: did the Dark Side make her masochistic? General Luminara Unduli was a green lightsaber–wielding Jedi Master who taught Barriss Offee and fought in the Clone Wars. She was destroyed by the clones that she once led when Order 66 was insidiously executed. I love the skinning job on this model, which is mostly excellent except for a bit of angularity in a few places. The main rolling, landing, etc. sounds are fine, but I really like the taunts because of their dialogue and intriguing voice acting (even if they\'re a little cartoonish). This one\'s another fine job to Mars and Kurt. Kurt Libengood\'s done an overall great job adding sound accompaniment to Mars Marshall\'s models. Mars could work on his ability to model robes, but this is in summation a great model pack for any Star Wars fan, and [i]especially[/i] for our female players of Jedi Academy. —Ra-Kom Note: The readme listed below is actually the email, since Kurt Libengood was smart enough to include all of Mars\' readmes but lazy enough to forget to include a single one of his own! (Just kidding, Kurt—but still try to include an additional readme next time that sums all of this up for us.)




Bobble Heads Pack VM | 7.09 MB

models based on his own originals. I think of this model pack as a parody of his work; he makes fun of the models and characters by placing them in the style of bobblehead dolls, which are dolls whose heads you touch and they will start bobbing up and down in a mirthful way. It should be noted that some of his original works are required for you to be able to hear the sounds: the good—but lacking—[file=\"46667\"]Anakin VM[/file] and the gloriously accurate [file=\"43366\"]Maul VM[/file]. The rest have their sounds included, except that BobbleVader seems to use the Jawa sounds. I don\'t know why, it wasn\'t mentioned in the readme, but there is something funny about a bobblehead Darth Vader with Jawa sounds—it works. There\'s little left to say unless I tell you more, as all that Mars has really done is resize the head of models that have already been reviewed; so, I will take a moment to give you my own opinion on each of the included models. BobbleAnakin is well-skinned, as it accurately represents the clothing and colorations of Anakin Skywalker, the greatest Jedi of all time. The stringy hair and plain face could use more detail, and the modeling job doesn\'t seem as good as it could be; its hips seem out of proportion—I don\'t think Anakin was that fat. BobbleMaul is well-modeled and well-skinned; it (I mean, the original Maul VM) is probably my favorite Maul model due to its accuracy to the clothing of everyone\'s favorite duelist. Oddly enough, BobbleMaul (but not Maul VM) has black horns, which isn\'t right; they should look like yellowed teeth. BobbleObi may be the least of these models; the torso and leg modeling (looks like Anakin VM was used for these) is inaccurate to Obi-Wan Kenobi, one of the most honorable and faithful Jedi ever, and the face is as undetailed as BobbleAnakin\'s was. Increasing the size of a head obviously brings up another problem—the finer details, on human faces most especially, get enlarged to show the lack of detail that you don\'t see as easily when it\'s properly proportioned. Enlarging Darth Vader\'s head to the proportion of BobbleVader doesn\'t present this problem, though, since he has not a showing human face. Darth Vader, the most iconic villian of all time, looks quite like Dark Helmet, a parody of the most iconic villian of all time, with that enlarged head (Dark Helmet is from the 1987 film \"Spaceballs,\" a parody of the greatest film ever made). Despite the cape, which has no flow, but rather just stays stuck in one modeled place, it\'s because of Darth Vader\'s head that works so well as a bobblehead that I feel that BobbleVader is the strongest in the model pack. I\'m sure you\'ll enjoy Mars Marshall\'s delightfully creative [i]Clash of the Bobbles[/i]. He calls it a tribute to all of the people who support him; I guess that includes us. Great job to a great modder! —Ra-Kom




Deuces Wild Pack 3 | 1.47 MB

when she fights all those Magnaguards so the chancellor can escape from harm, Mars made the JK2 Shaak Ti I believe, and comparing them I have to say I prefer this one, the skin is much more defined and the model is much more improved, as well as the fact that the former was a JK2 model and didn\'t have the wrist bones so the dual sabers would mess in JKA. The model has team support, bot support and NPC support, however like most of the other models in the packs it lacks new sounds, which is a pity really, but nevertheless it\'s still some of the best work I\'ve seen. Adi Gallia was seen in Episode I and Episode II, I don\'t know much about the character nor have I watched Episode I or II lately, but the likeness is unmatched, this is an excellent texturing and modelling job. The model has a robed and unrobed version, which I found to be quite refreshing and a good bonus. Like Shaak Ti and most of the other models, it has no new sounds but the rest is there. To conclude the whole packs I gotta say that testing these was awesome, six models at once is amazing and I can\'t wait to see what Mars has in store for us next. An Aayla Secura perhaps Mars? :D New Sounds: No Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes Team Support: Yes -Rink




Deuces Wild Pack 2 | 2.16 MB

heard of Sintra Messon, that's because it one of Mars' own creations! This model is by FAR my favourite female model ever. It's a female Mandalorian with 2 different models to choose from, one with a helmet and one without the helmet. What I love about the model is the fact it's an original character that could easily fit into the Star Wars Universe. Alot of detail here, and it's my favourite model in the pack. There is team support, bot support and NPC support for this skin, but unfortunately it doesn't have new sounds, The Second model here is the Serra Keto, she’s seen in the Episode III video game, I rented the game myself and I'm not a big fan of it, WAAAAY too short... but yeah that’s another story, lol. I liked Serra Keto in the game and now we can play as her in JKA, this model DOES have new sounds, the same sounds as the model posted on the site already, so the model is the best it can be now, there is also team support, bot support and NPC support here. Overall I would highly recommend you grab this pack, it's so good that even the guys will use the models, as well as the female gamers. New Sounds: Yes/No (Serra Keto Only) NPC Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes -Rink




Deuces Wild Pack 1 | 1.26 MB

models. This first of three packs has the Master - Padawan team of Luminara and Barris Offee, They\'re both seen in Episode II for a short while and also in the Clone Wars cartoon series. Luminara is the first of the models, it\'s very a impressive skinning job and the face is quite accurate to the character. This model has not support, NPC support and team support, although the team colours aren\'t that different from the main skin it doesn\'t make much difference to the overall quality of the model. There are no new sounds however, but it doesn’t subtract much from the skin. Barris Offee is the next model, this is one of my favorite models in the packs, The skin is once again accurate to the character, I\'m not sure about what she looked like in Episode II so much since it’s been a while since I watched it again, but this is how she looked in the Clone Wars series. There is team support, NPC support and bot support, unfortunate about no new sounds though. An excellent pack, worthy of any Star Wars fan\'s download. New Sounds: No Team Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes -Rink




Luuuke\'s Prefabs | 7.06 MB

it\'s totally up to you guys who need prefabs for your maps to test these items out. There\'s everything from a military tank to a fridge. Nice little collection here. ~AmosMagee




Samurai (v2) | 6.15 MB

one there has some great looking armor and katanas. The mask and helmet are very detailed and interesting to gaze upon. I didn't notice any problems with weighting, but I didn't play with it much. The team skins for the first model are what you'd expect, and they look wonderful. The second model features a maskless warrior who has a very serious look about him. Nice facial hair, too. The third Samurai there is actually no helmet or mask and is considered the "Archer". He looks great. According to the readme, these models were inspired by The Last Samurai and I'm quite pleased with them. The only thing that disappoints me is that there weren't any new sounds done. Please, please update this model with sounds. And do more models.[/quote] The V2 definitely expands on all the points mentioned in that review, with the inclusion of new sounds and more skins/models to add to the pack. The sounds are a two-edged sword, because, although the voices sound excellent, the phrases can seem a bit cheesy. I'd expect a samurai to have a japanese taunt with some kind of deep spiritual meaning, but instead we have things like "Don't cry." which I daresay sounds slightly wimpy ;) All the death sounds e.t.c are fitting and I've got no problems with these. Onto the actual models then :) Well, there’s not much to fault with these models. As with the first versions, there's plenty of detail - samurai swords, chains, cuffs and large intricate headgear all combine together to make a visually stunning model. The skins which accompany these models are of a similar quality - the textures are fantastic and the faces manage to capture that japanese/chinese kind of expression. I believe there's also some new models in this skin - a samurai who is less armoured, similar to Hattori Hanzo from Kill Bill, (in terms of clothing) and some otherwise samurai looking ones which I can't really relate to anything else, just have a look at the screenshots (which were from the author because they show the models much better than mine did.) One thing which I did find slightly irritating about some of the models was the flag wedged into their backs, but the author(s) have been extremely initiative and have included documentation on how to remove the flags. Very nice :) There are some flaws though, as with most new models. Firstly, you dont actually get to see most of the model when you're actually playing, which means you miss out on 80% of the work put into this. Honestly, the backs of these skins aren't what you want to be looking at, and the detail which is on the front is unfortunately lost when you're playing. Admittedly this isn't a fault of the author, but maybe a little more detail on the back could have been nice. Secondly, with the model shown in the final screenshot, his trousers have some clipping errors when you run. It's nothing that’s going to end the world, but is a small bug. The author didn't forget the team skins, and they are too stunning. Although not significantly different from the base skins, they clearly represent the red and blue aspect with different coloured helmets, belts e.t.c. The only aspect missing now is bot support, something I sorely miss from a great model/skin. I don't know if there's going to be a third version, but if there is, please add bot support so I can have samurai wars ;) New Sounds: Yes Team Support: Yes Bot Support: No ~Szico VII~

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