Jedi Knight III




Tusken Rifle | 924.97 KB

the thirdperson model to that one, without changing the first person model. The effects appear to be the same as the standard rifle, but I hardly use it or see it used, so I could be wrong about that. It does change the image in the weapon selection bar, though, so there's a plus! Doesn't change the text though... Anyway, give it a download if you like it.




Tusken Rifle | 924.92 KB

gun replacement and an effects replacement. The gun replacement works fine, but the effects replacement pk3 has a bad structure and therefore makes no changes. The only other bug of note is that the first person view of the gun is still the Tenloss. Simple, but if it's your kind of mod, then go for it. Fix that effects pk3 and there will (hopefully) be nothing lacking. ~Dretzel




Stokhli Spray Stick | 777.9 KB

[url= ]Stokhli Spray Stick's[/url]. Well, there is another gap in my Star Wars knowledge filled! ;) I always thought they looked pretty cool, especially with that poison gas type firing effect and now thanks to An_Innocent_Bystander we have the chance to use these weapons for ourselves! This mod replaces the DEMP 2 rifle with the Stokhli Spray Stick, which I personally think is a good choice, since I was never a particular fan of the DEMP 2 as a weapon. The new model looks great as do the new effects, although keep in mind that you can choose to use this weapon wither with or without the Spray Stick Effects, since there are two .pk3s in the .zip. There is also a new icon for the weapon in the weapon selection menu that pops up, although I did notice that the text hasn't been changed and still names the weapon as the DEMP 2, so this is something I think could be fixed for next time. The only other bug is that in first person view, the weapon isn't properly visible, there is just a floating round blob in the middle of the screen, which is the end of the gun, the rest being invisible. No doubt this is due to the fact that the new weapon model doesn't quite fit in with the first person perspective. I don't know what could be done about this, but I think it would be good if it could be fixed. Overall though this is a very cool weapon mod and I will happily be playing around with this for a while to come! :) [b]New Model:[/b] Yes (Base JKA) [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes (Base JKA) [b]New Effects:[/b] Yes (Base JKA) ~Nozyspy~




Lego e11 & repeater | 394.05 KB

Legos are, please, step forward. If you don't know what they are, they're like building blocks used to make houses, ships, whatever you want, really. That's the fun of it. They also came with little characters to play with, and if you ever had a Star Wars battledroid character, you'll know that they came with the little blaster. The author has modeled this gun and put it ingame and replaced the e11 & repeater with it. Simple enough =p? So when I went ingame and tested it I was a little happy being the fan of Legos I am. I shot up some things (jawas, etc.) to make sure there were no bugs, but the author states there were no bugs so I didn't worry about anything. Be aware this only replaces the model, so effects and stances are not changed. Although I saw that when switching guns, the e11 picture at the bottom of the screen was untextured, though that may be only me. Download if you like legos. Srsly. ~Authuran




The Charmcaster | 3.84 MB

wastes. Replacing the concussion rifle, this weapon resembles a sort of oversized revolver with energy clouds jutting out from it. I was going to say jetting, but unfortunately there's no animation to the excess energy streaming out of it. Methinks with a little effort, that could have been corrected. However, the healthy alternative provided is a "no energy" version that's simply the gun without the fumes venting out. While the design is admittedly clever, I find the lack of change in visual effects for the projectiles slightly disappointing. However, we should merely be thankful this was even released, as from the sound of it, this was the result of some boredom. Overall it looks rather impressive, so submit bandwidth while you can, as I'm definitely not going to let these weapons last for long =_= - Averus Retruthan




DC-17M Rifle | 343.59 KB

of the DC-17's versatility. This model replaces the bean shooter, or rather, the Imperial repeater as it's known by the community. The author put it rather bluntly: This is only a model, and only a model. This naturally will play a part in determining quite a few factors of the model. First off, accuracy =_=. Accuracy is decent, I suppose. It lacks an ammunition counter, but it doesn't seem too far off. Now, onto the model itself =_O the third person model is decently crafted, with the first person sight being a little less desirable, but both are decently crafted. The model is a little blocky and hard, but I believe the main deterrant of this model's potential is most definitely the skinning job. The textures feel blurry, with very little depth to them. The lack of a counter leaves a large absence of detail. The clip itself feels like more like an unnecessary protrusion rather than an actual clip, as there is not much detail suggesting a slot for it. The clip's ammunition counter also felt particularly blurry. My suggestion would be to improve your skinning, possibly investing in shader work, and then of course, it doesn't hurt to have extras like projectile tweaking and possibly even sounds. Otherwise, a fair compilation at best. Submit Bandwidth as you will =_= - Averus Retruthan




FN Tactical Shotgun | 831.52 KB

overwrites the flechette gun with a shotgun, both in first person and third person views. It still fires the same kind of shot and ammo, but with a new model and new sounds it really does make the gun seem more like a shotgun. It has one of the more typical flaws with this kind of weapon -- many of the sides stretch due to not being UV mapped properly. This is a very common mistake, so hopefully the author will correct this for future models. However in the grand scheme of things it won't be noticeable, so don't let it stop you from downloading this snazzy-looking shotgun! Two variants of this gun are included -- the typical black and a desert variant. Remember to only choose one![/quote]Most of the above review still applies, although there are a couple of important changes to note. First of all I labeled this as a JK3 mod instead of a JK2 mod -- it'll work in both (just like the last version), so JK2 players can still feel free to download it! One of the other big changes is that the desert version has been removed. I don't know why, but, eh, that's how these things go. To go along with that, the entire texture has been modified. I said the texture was [i]modified[/i] rather than being improved for a reason. While I do agree with most of you that it's definitely an improvement, it is also still completely photosourced from real images. This has its benefits and its drawbacks. It makes the model look more realistic, but it also can hilight just where the model is inaccurate. Plus you can't claim as much credit over the final product when you 'borrowed' the textures from a google image search. With regards to the 'bugs' mentioned in the v1 review, there is still some stretching in the UV map, which is unfortunate since that could have easily been corrected between the versions. It's not nearly as bad or as noticeable as in the first version, though, so that's a plus. To be honest, though, I'd remove the cocking sound from the firing sounds. It seems out of place since the player doesn't actually go through the motion. ~Inyri




Thomspon | 520 KB

Honour, you see the flaws in this model. Actually, I think it\'s more the texturing that is the problem. The model is quite basic, and needs finer detail, but the texture used just looks bland, and needs definition. The hand also seems longer and thinner than it should. The Thompson will replace the E-11 blaster, which is fine with me because I never liked that gun anyway, but instead of fully customising the gun, it still has the same rate of fire and speed of projectile attributes as the E-11. Which is far far too slow for a sub-machinegun? And the new sounds...argh, they will drive you insane! get the picture. ;) There is also a blood mod included for when you actually hit someone with the gun, although to be honest, with the speed of fire even the Ugnaught bot could out jump where I was shooting at. :( Or maybe I\'m just a bad shot, although I\'m much better with guns than sabers ;) Overall...well, its a good first attempt at modelling, but it isn\'t up to the high standards that many of the community now demand, especially if you\'re planning to use it in a mod. Having a look at other peoples weapon models from COD or MoH may help you out in improving this one. ~Szico VII~




SuperSoaker | 1019.6 KB

some point, so you should know what to expect. What else can I say? The screenshots explain it all. Oh, but as a side note, the author has included new effects which are a bit more \"watery\". And this overwrites the E-11. If you wanna throw this one in your base, have fun. Just goes to show, water guns can be surprisingly lethal. ~ Kouen




SoM3 Clone DC-15 Rifle | 873.71 KB

to replace…well, the pistol. Plus, even though the effects are changed, the sounds aren’t (which would be awesome to have). The last few problems have to do with first person, when the flash is off (he noticed it as mentioned in the read me), the skin seems really good in one area while simple in another, and also it doesn’t look right. This commonly happens where the 3rd person model is awesome, but the placement in 1st person makes it look not so good. If first person wasn’t an issue, I would definitely think the model is great, but the first person is what pulls it down. However, since person is a common mess-up for weapon models, I will and others will definitely let that pass. So, Great model, just if the first person could be improved, it would go to even better standards. (>ZemmurkTrooper




Noisy Cricket (MiB) | 386.73 KB

basically barely see it but if you could see it you\'d love it :p It\'s also a shame there are no custom sounds, in the end it replaces the compression rifle and so the sounds are fitting (as well as the kick it gives) just it\'s not complete without the sounds. BTW Ignore the readme, there\'s only one weapon in here. God knows where the other one is. -WadeV1589-




M16 | 133.36 KB

on, but at least the basic shape is still there. The skin map is just mirrored so one side of the model is the same as the other. But it does look like an M16. A very simple model and skin, but it still looks like one. Suggestions for this is to model more detail onto it, and make the textures by hand, instead of photosourcing (At least that’s how I suspect the author got the textures.) Oh, one more thing that bothered me was the first person view. It looks too small, and it also could used to be moved up and to the right a bit. But that’s my opinion. As for the simplicity of the model, you probably won’t notice that while the model is in-game, so it doesn’t matter. ~Zach




Geonosian Carbine | 45.99 KB

the DEMP, isn't bad. It needs a lot of work, but it looks fairly decent in-game. There are plenty of bugs, however. Firstly, it seems as though the author either didn't use a flash tag or used it improperly, as we get sort of a "crotch" shot. I've personally never had this happen to me during weapon compilation, but I'm assuming it's caused by the same thing as the crotchsaber. Either way, in third person view you'll be shooting out of your groin area. The skin for this model is photosourced, one hundred percent. This isn't really a bad thing, because it gives you that perfect accuracy and seems to look okay on the model. However a shader for this model would've been nice, to make the metal parts shine in the in-game lighting. Something for a future version, perhaps. Now for the model itself. When I look at it in ModView I was disappointed. It's rather square, horizontally. This really only matters if you look at it from the top. I don't suggest doing that, however, because it also wasn't UV mapped very well. To top, bottom, front and back all stretch the texture. I'm guessing the other used planar mapping to just map the sides, so the textures will stretch across the sides not mapped. I understand why he didn't map those sides, however if the model was rounder in those areas it wouldn't show up so much, so that may be something to consider for a future version as well. One little picky thing I must note, though you won't really see it in-game, is that he missed a couple model tips in terms of texture, so they're a white color. As I mentioned, though, you'll probably never see it. Overall a good start to weapon modelling. He says it's an old model, so he's probably improved by now, so hopefully we'll see some more models from him soon. ~Inyri




DE-10 Blaster Pistol | 663.64 KB

is for a different time and place). I\'ve used this gun in the past, I remember downloading it but I never actually got around to using it, what a mistake that was!. This gun replaces the blaster and it\'s only a beta at the moment but it\'s great. It includes new shaders, new efx files, new sounds and even replaces the blaster\'s icon! it\'s got everything you\'d expect from a new gun model. Great work, can\'t wait what you in store for us in the next version! -Rink




Crossbow | 535.76 KB

and shoots bolts instead of arrows? Yes, it’s that kind of crossbow. The model looks nice, and it certainly does look like a crossbow, it’s missing a few things. One of them is the string. Crossbows certainly don’t magically fling arrows, now do they? Well this one does – meaning (if you haven’t already guessed) that it has no string. Well, okay, that’s about the only missing thing on this. Anyhow, Inyri has made bolts (the short, fat crossbow variant of arrows) replace the fire for the blaster rifle, which the crossbow replaces. She’s also changed the model for blaster pack ammunition to a couple of bolts. Now, for some things that could be added: first is that there be a crossbow icon for weapon selection – because right now it’s just the normal blaster rifle. Then next thing is that the icon for blaster pack ammunition be changed to be crossed bolts. (Meaning you see bolts when you pick up bolts instead of seeing a blaster pack). And the last, main thing is that the string for picking up blaster ammo to be changed to something along the lines of “picked up a couple of bolts”. But those are only suggestions to make the model (not the model in itself, the modification as a whole) better. Inyri has included content in this to make it more enjoyable. One is that she’s changed the firing rate in single player so that it’s slower, and more realistic. She has also included sounds for it. Now, I’ve blabbed about this for long enough. If you like it, download it, and if you don’t, then do the opposite of what I previously said. ~Zach




Bow v1 | 446.57 KB

were great, They sounded like a bow. Especially the arrow thuds when they hit something. I really like this weapon mod. With the alternate fire, I really loved the concept and look of bouncing arrows. The arrows also stay sticking out of whatever they are shot into! Major plus! Great job! -Shahadi




Blastech DC-15A | 987.75 KB

shame, and this DC-15A is no lesser a model. I\'m sure a lot of you remember this gun, either from the Battlefront series or Republic Commando. It\'s quite an accurate replica, and we should all feel lucky to have it, as it was originally made for Movie Battles, but has been graciously converted for use with baseJKA. It replaces the repeater, and comes with its own icons so you will actually see this weapon when you are changing guns. It also has some custom sounds and, if that wasn\'t enough, the strings have also been altered to reflect the change of weapon. Ideally you shouldn\'t seen \"repeater\" pop up anywhere in multiplayer! This is definitely a gun worth picking up for those that enjoy new additions, especially Star Wars related additions. Personally I think it\'s loads more interesting than the default repeater and is a great escape from the norm! Give it a download now. ~Inyri




Nero's Blue rose (DMC4) | 6.22 MB

chamber for the kill rocks, and they make people fall on their ass. Sometimes dead. Very fun weaponry, indeed, and I guess Ashura agrees, since he found it prudent to replicate a model revolver from the Devil May Cry series. I don't know whether to love or hate it ;_; Basically, like any game that features Japanese inspiration always has some weird quirk to it, this revolver has...two barrels. Not unheard of, but I'm just like "aw c'mon ._. really? Can't have a NORMAL weapon?" Honestly, I shouldn't be whining, because other than the second barrel, this gun is actually pretty tame. I looked at some comparison shots and was quite impressed. Y'hit it pretty nicely. All the major details seem to be accounted for, and I like how you kept the cylinders hollowed so you could see the bullets lined up with the muzzle. Just hope for y'alls sake you don't miss. The actual firing sound, though, I was slightly disappointed at. The gun's sound signature sounded WAAAY too meek, especially for a gun that was firing from TWO barrels. I know, I know, they were authentic, but a little amplitude wouldn'ta hurt :( the only other thing I noticed was that the weapon was being held a tad too low in the model's hand. Definitely something I'd recommend fixing if y'make a 1.1 or a 2. Welp, that aside, I doubt any of what I say will stop diehard DMC4 fans. Have at it. Screenshots broken or not, you know you wanna try it >_> - Averus Retruthan

Nero's Blue Rose (DMC4) - Screenshots Screenshots:




xmas3000 | 2.51 MB

officially started. Bah, humbug. This file is no exception though...and I love it :) [quote]The xmas3000 DEMP2 gun replaces/overwrites the regular DEMP2 gun. This is a weapon of xMASS destruction! It has a candy cane grip, dual present power supply, a jello cooling unit, & last but not least a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer emitter muzzle.[/quote] Fear it. Essentially, this replaces the DEMP2 electricity shooty gun with the lethal weapon of fatal death included on all of the screenshots (the last two in particular though). It also replaces the DEMP2 scorch mark with a genius scorch mark that has a random Christmas-related decoration on it: think scorch marks shaped as Christmas trees, reindeer and more. There is one drawback: FPS. I cringed when I hit my primary fire button and saw my FPS drop from 70 to 35 in a single shot. Personally, I think it's awesome. I'll admit it: I'm sort of hoping for similar replacements for all other guns :p My name is Caelum, and I highly approve of this file. -Scrooge Caelum




SCORPION Vz61 (Fixed) | 1.2 MB

were in the previous download, and has custom name support, as an added bonus. [b]Review:[/b] I didn\'t show any real interest in version 1, so I had to go download it in order to compare this version. It\'s pretty much the same as before, so Nozy\'s review still mostly applies. You can find it [file=\"100236\"]here[/file]. Bug fixes, as listed in the readme: 1. \"model indication in the first person was revised in the multi-player\". I\'m assuming the author means the first person model was fixed, as the original version had a bugged first-person view, and in this version, it\'s no longer bugged. +1 for that. I may keep this version... 2. \"Sound was a little changed.\" In testing, only the hit-surface sound is different. Now it\'s a high-pitched ping. (Nozy should be happy now. :P) 3. \"A language file was added\". As I said above, custom name support. Now, when you select the repeater, it doesn\'t say \'Imperial Heavy Repeater\', it says SCORPION Vz61. Not a requirement, but certainly a plus for a mod like this one. 4. \"Texture is just a little corrected\" I honestly couldn\'t tell the difference. Maybe I\'m blind, maybe the author\'s pulling my leg. I don\'t know. More likely the first one. Final thoughts: It\'s a nice weapon mod, there\'s no denying that. I have some gripes, but they\'re all personal taste gripes. First, I don\'t like the firing sound. It\'s too... Simple? It\'s hard to say for sure. Something about that sound just doesn\'t do this model justice. My other gripe would be the effects. True, they add to realism, but I can\'t stand having effects that hinder my ability to see (and in some cases hear, but not in this mod) incoming fire. Now, me being a modder, it is but a trivial matter for me to \'fix\' my gripes. But not everyone mods, so making the effects optional (and finding a better sound) should be a consideration in future versions. Still, it\'s a nice gun. Worth a download, even if just to try it out. [b]New Model:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes ~Crazy




SCORPION Vz61 | 1.23 MB

spitting out lumps of metal at high speed, to simplify it to its basics. But that’s just me. I am very impressed though with this depiction of this particular weapon, the modelling and skinning are excellent, and from the pictures I managed to find for reference, the accuracy is spot on. Not only do we get a new weapon model, but we also have new sounds and weapon fire effects. This is where my favourite aspect of this mod lies… Anyone who has seen The Matrix films will be familiar with the ‘bullet time’ scenes where you can see the ripples made by the bullets as they fly through the air. Well, Houou has managed to replicate this in JKA! This effect makes all the difference here; I had huge fun just shooting at stuff so I could see the bullet trails! :P Combined these aspects produce a high quality mod, though I still think there could be some improvements made. I think the sound effects for one need tweaking a bit; the weapon firing sounds are fine, but the ‘bullets hitting the wall’ sound effects sound a little too low pitched, as opposed to the high pitched “ping ping ping” kind of sound that I was expecting. I also think some bullet ricochet sounds would be cool. But perhaps the main problem I encountered was that in first person view, the gun only fully displays whilst firing. When you are not firing it just displays the front part of the Imperial Repeater Rifle that this weapon replaces, but without the rest of the weapon. This was disappointing since this is an otherwise very high quality mod. Overall though this is another good mod here from Houou, if you guys like the look of this, or want to play out your Matrix fantasies, then give this a download! :) [b]New Model:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes ~Nozyspy~




AWP Commando - Sniper Rifle | 866.75 KB

rifle has been given a make over, so now it actually looks more like a real world sniper rifle! First off, lets have a look at the new model. It does indeed look like a sniper rifle, it has the long barrel, and the huge optical scope for finding your target. It’s a fairly simple model, but it looks good in my opinion. The texturing also looks pretty good, although the textures in some areas don’t seem to fit together quite right, such as on the back half of the gun. Definitely something to work on there, try and make sure the textures fit as well as possible on the model. The weapon doesn’t include new effects – they are the same as the default disruptor rifle effects – but it does include new, more sniper rifle like sounds which fit well. Overall a good job here, although like I said, I feel the texturing could do with some improvement. Other than that, keep up the good work mate. :) If you guys like the look of this, then give it a download! [b]New Model:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]New Effects:[/b] No ~Nozyspy~




Tobe's Modified CT Rifle & Pistols | 1.16 MB

to convert the sabers that Tobe made into actual guns you can use - 2 variations for pistols, and the SMG for E-11 and Repeater. Let me tell you, I love them. They're great for night time RPs; very SWATty. People are going to be clamoring all over this mod. First on to the actual models. Tobe did a spectacular job without going overboard, and the flashlight effect fades perfectly. Very good looking models and skins. I love 'em. If only the laser pointer lined up with the crosshair... Oh, and NOTE: THESE GUN MODELS DO NOT WORK IN FIRST PERSON. Tobe made these originally as sabers, which means you will only be able to see the model in third person. In first person you will see the default gun model. Continuing on, we come to the sounds. Pistol sounds didn't work for me for some reason; I don't know why. The select weapon sound worked, but the firing sounds didn't. They did for the author, and the sound files are all in the folder and SHOULD work, my game is just retarded. The sounds sound good to say the least. The E-11 sounds a little odd, because each blaster bolt has the sound of a burst-firing from an SMG. It gets a little weird sounding at times, but whatever. It works. The repeater is my favorite. It's sounds are perfect; kudos to JaKaL for his sounds. Let's get to what I think could be improved were a version 2 to be released, HMMMMM? 1. Give the E-11 new sounds. 2. If you can get a modeler or someone to do it, add a first person view. 3. Add custom effects, i.e. bullets, and for the alt-fire repeater, a grenade. It's been done before, just ask permission to use someone else's effects (Like JaKaL. :P) 4. Uh... iono. Anyway, this is a very cool mod and people will probably mob it like peasants on Dr. Frankenstein's castle. Good luck fighting your way through the crowd of people for a download! ~Laam'inui




T-21 Light Repeating Blaster | 2.13 MB

among you will recognise the T-21 as the weapon carried by the Stormtroopers through Mos Eisley. It was allegedly also used in the later phases of the Clone Wars and during the New Republic era, too. I think it\'s also the gun used by the Galactic Empire\'s Repeater Troopers in Galactic Battlegrounds (albeit lacking the tripod), although it\'s hard to tell from a sprite. By all accounts, the design itself is rather basic, as are most of the original trilogy designs. As such, the model isn\'t particularly awe-inspiring in the visuals, but it\'s a [i]gun[/i]. A Glock 17 ain\'t pretty either, but it gets the job done. First person view strongly reminds me of the rifles from Call of Duty, whether that\'s intentional or not it\'s a very neat \"cameo\" of sorts nevertheless. It\'s also likely because the T-21\'s design was based off the Lewis machine gun, which was used heavily during World War I - and yes, I *did* already know that before Inyri threw the Wookieepedia link for the T-21\'s article at me. Those links hurt. Ouch. I can\'t see any glaringly obvious flaws with the model, it looks polygonal but what doesn\'t in this game? Not sure why Inyri chose to overwrite the Concussion Rifle with this, the T-21 doesn\'t behave very much like the Stouker, with the T-21 being a fast-firing blaster and the Stouker being a slow-firing portable siege cannon. But you\'ll be glad to know that the rifle comes with matching icons and strings, which identify it properly on the menus. You know you\'re probably going to download this. There\'s something about shooting people with big guns y\'all just can\'t ignore. Violent, brutish... destructive... savages.... *downloads* Ah, darn it. -_-\' ~ Kouen




Desert Eagle .50 Cal | 5.44 MB

annoying weapons to behold, in my opinion.(CSS has swayed my opinion to the P228 =_,=) Well, there are two versions within this pack, and this time, they\'re quite different, rather than just a skinjob. The standard nickel-plated deagle is decent, the model being of JaKaL\'s usual quality and the standard photosourced quality. My only discrepency would probably be the hand\'s ill texturing, but that is easily overlooked. The Tactical version has a decent model, and is actually pretty cool. One problem though: The FIRST PERSON IS TINY O_O+ The gun looks like a tiny little wuss, and we all know that Deagles generally ain\'t that small =_=. All in all, if I were anyone interested, I would say that the standard version overrules the tactical in terms of accuracy, but the tactical looks cooler, by a long shot. SUBMIT BANDWIDTH AS YOU WILL, FOR I something. Somebody remind me to refill the threat jar eventually =_o. - Averus Retruthan




FM-22 \'Archon\' Heavy Assault Gun | 2.83 MB

(which was humming very suscpiciously, I might add) I came to find that my sacrifice wouldn\'t have been in vain. She gave us a gun. A huge gun that hums with the might that runs through its metallic veins. This... thing she gave us could kill the greatest of warriors in but a single strike and we are to take it, not knowing which button does what (some child with very long legs and blonde hair looked at it and said \"Oooo, what does this button do?\" We removed her from the room before she could rain destruction upon us all). So, the good man that I am, I took it upon myself to examine this weapon and say what I think of it. She did a masterful job. The workmanship on this thing is great indeed. The metal she used looks like metal and the screen on it works like a screen should. And it\'s big. It\'s very big. It\'s so big that when you hold it, your view to the right of you is obscured. I was blindsided by a tiny, brown, whining thing with a dagger the size of a butterknife. It swiftly proceeded to attack me (that\'s also when I learned that catching a blade with your ribs really hurts). I survived and had a perfect chance to test the true might of this weapon and I am not disappointed. It fires green energy very much like an older boomstick, the concussion rifle (which this one replaces, due to the former\'s age) and falls no short of its older brother\'s firepower. There\'s but a single bug. In SP, the concussion rifle\'s ammo box/energy cell/boxy metal thingamajig on the side is present and mobile. In MP, however, it doesn\'t show up. Other than that, I saw no fault with it. Truly superb and I intend to keep it. Sometimes a bigger sword is all you need. - Jose




Barret XM-109 | 4.87 MB

Halo Sniper =_o. Whether there is any correlation to this observation, I am not certain. Regardless, the model and first person are Jakal quality, along with his efficient use of photo sourcing skins. The model comes both in a standard and camoflouge variant, so have at =_=. All of this is fine but I was personally taken aback by the scope. Currently in my base is a FN FAL which has a scope that is currently off by a good centimeter or two in terms of accuracy. While that may sound minor, it certainly makes a difference when you end up shooting past the target, and they notice. This scope, after testing, proved to have minimal inaccuracy. I believe it was off by a couple millimeters up, which, in the grand scheme, should not affect your target hit ratio too much. The scope is also rather attractive to Averus >_>




Halo Flingue | 2.78 MB

it\'s still in such a sloppy condition that I don\'t think it would really matter.. This weapon is allegedly from one of the Halo Series games. I do not particularly recognize it, but I could see why someone would want to use it in JA. What I also see is that this execution was done very poorly. Here is what the mod does in a nutshell: - Replaces third person model with the Flingue(Good) - Doesn\'t replace first person view(Bad, but can be overlooked.) - Shoots with custom sound, but with a screwed up muzzle effect(Not Good) - Has the potential of screwing up other custom muzzle effects(Bad) - Shoots little XYZ objects as shown in the screenshot.(Bad) - Leaves little XYZ objects for gun shells.(Bad) =_o Quite frankly, I think that should take care of everything. The only thing I have to say to the author is: CHECK OVER YOUR WORK NEXT TIME =_=. - Averus Retruthan




Delta Force M-16/M203 w/ACOG and C-Mag | 6.23 MB

weaponry, that basically means a standard machine gun rifle with a grenade launcher, scope, and drum ammunition cartridge. Quite lovely, really. The general model itself is quite exquisite, with what I\'m assuming to be another well-done photosourced texture. Not just one, but two! Standard black, and desert camee-flaj. =_= Yes, now you too can join Averus in his desert campaign to recruit the middle eastern fanatics to the cause =_,=. The first person was exquisite, as were the sounds. Granted, I\'m not certain if that\'s what an M-16 truly sounds like, but honestly, I don\'t care. It sounds marvelous regardless. I\'ve said my part =_= gawk at the screenshots and ENGAGE BANDWIDTH SUBMISSION. - Averus Retruthan




M4 Snub-Compact Carbine | 1.58 MB

rifle, putting in its placed a silenced \"M4 Snub-Compact Carbine\" in its place. Suffice to say, I enjoyed the sounds that came with it. Quick, quiet, and to the point, unlike me. The model was wonderful, and I\'m guessing the skin was photosourced, as was the last project\'s. My only eyebrow raising qualm would have to be the comparison between the first and third person views. The first person view brings the weapon to look so small, yet the third person says otherwise. I cannot vouch for the weapon\'s size at this point in time, so I will leave that task to you. If you demand a little silence in your killing, then ENGAGE BANDWIDTH VACUUMS TO MAXIMUM INHALING! - Averus Retruthan




Musket | 1.08 MB

hoo! There are some innate problems with this model. First of all, it\'s not properly smoothed, meaning on most of the barrel you can see each individual side with a hard edge between them. The half that isn\'t unsmoothed cylinders is composed of cubes. I\'m not entirely sure what gave the author the idea that muskets were at all square, but... this one apparently is square in a lot of places. And don\'t even get me started on the texturing or how the model wasn\'t UV-mapped properly. In case you don\'t mind all of the above, this model replaces the E-11 blaster rifle, comes with custom sounds, and a weapons.dat that will alter the fire rate in single-player to be painfully slow. Still too fast to be accurate, but to be accurate you\'d have to come up with reloading animations. You might be disappointed to find that there\'s no first person view, however, which is kind of a disappointment. Overall this model needs a lot more work to be passable. It\'s not really accurate, it\'s obviously rushed, and it\'s missing some important features (like the first person view!). I\'d recommend to the author to go back, actually learn how his software works (smoothing groups in particular) and take some actual time on his next model and put out a polished-off product next time. ~Inyri




T21 Stormtrooper Rifle | 2.46 MB

that big gun. v_v Anyways, this is that big gun! Presenting the T21 Stormtrooper Rifle. The model itself looks to be pretty accurate from the movie, and the skinning looks accurate as well, albeit this version of the weapon isn\'t weather beaten. This replaces the Golan Arms Flechette gun. Why it doesn\'t replace the bowcaster I don\'t know. Mainly because the T21 was a high powered blaster, not a flechette gun. And we all know how powerful the bowcaster is. ;) This looks like an excellent weapon model, and it does come with extra sounds, so download and enjoy! ~Zach




Boba Fett's EE-3 Blaster Carbine | 1.59 MB

my reference pics I know this is very accurate to Boba Fett's EE3 carbine, full stock and all. The only thing it's missing is a trigger. Luckily despite the fact that this replaces the bowcaster the sounds are still that of the normal blaster. Along with the model we get a lovely specular shader, but we also get some modified effects as well as new icons! You won't have to bear seeing the bowcaster icon with the EE3 carbine. It comes with its own, and they do look very nice. The strings have not been modified, however, so it will still [i]say[/i] Wookiee Bowcaster. Now for my beefs. First of all, the muzzle flash in third person is about 2 inches in front of the muzzle. This looks a bit odd. Also, when the alt fire is charging it's still green, and the bolts seem to actually be a combination of both the blaster effect and the bolt effect. It still splashes green on walls and such. Kind of minor stuff, as the model is really the candy here. Still, it would be nice if those efx and tag glitches could be remedied. You know what would also make this cool? Changing the Boba Fett NPC to have the EE3. Would spice up single-player just a bit... ;). In any case, a great weapon model that should have a place in anyone's base folder, especially Boba Fett fans. Good work! ~Inyri




BioHazard Assault Weapon | 2.52 MB

with a new and extremely fitting weapon skin, where it has green tubes that look to transfer the chemicals to the barrel, with a nice looking black casing; there are also new blast effects for both primary and secondary fire modes. The primary fire is some kind of bouncy type thing, which has a very nice splatter effect, and bounce effect. The secondary fire mode is a gas bomb that explodes on impact, but if they don’t hit, anybody they act as smoke bombs and just kind of dissolve into a green gas. ~Wolf

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