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JA+ Mod 2.3 | 24.97 MB

name a few ... with the JA+ mod you can have multiple duels at once, even full force duels, and all of those duels can be isolated so there's no duel interference, there's clan tag protection, option of having multiple taunts, lots of new emotes, a profanity filter, model size scaling system, new items including a grapple hook (perfect if you've just downloaded the new Spiderman skin) and a ton of other features. The newest features for the mod include a Mac patch so that Mac users (are there any out there? If so, freakin' email me ... I have a map I need you to test) can start a JA+ server, a JA+ server tracker, the clan tag protection I already mentioned, and Slider improved some of the already present features. This is an incredible mod that I would definitely be using because it's so configurable if I still ran a JA mod. Great work here. But I wonder, will it ever be done? ;) ~AmosMagee[/quote] It seems to be spread on almost every server this mod. Whats so special about this version? Well I'm not going to list everything, since it would take years of scrolling, but these are a few of them: [b]New Player Animations:[/b] There are hundreds of interesting things here, you can now catch and hang onto ledges, to avoid falling. An extremely good thing for the movie makers out there. The new moves are cool, melee and saber moves. Holstering your saber, when you switch to melee your saber goes to your belt, and if it's a sword it'll go in a holster on your back. It makes the game feel much more 'Jedi-Like'. Excellent for all you Role Players out there. Amkiss, some people hate getting kissed by amkiss spammers, so there's an option to slap them by pressing the push key. [b]JA+ Sabers:[/b] There are a wide range of high quality saber models included with the mod, including the recent File of the week, Dragon's Wing v2, by hatrus. [b]JK2-like moves:[/b] There is an option that you can enable, that makes the moves and physics more like JK2, (Red DFA for example) [b]Gender Support for missing skins:[/b] What this is, is if you dont have a female skin, you will see someone who is wearing that skin as Jan, not Kyle [b]Dimensions[/b] This is somthing that might bring the FFA players and the Honor players together. In JA+ 2.3, there are 'dimensions', you type /amaltdim and you go to an alternate dimension (a no rules one) where there's no grapple hook, and you cant use admin commands on someone (except /amkick) there's no god-chat either there. This is an amazing feature which I'm sure will improve JA+'s status with FFA players. [b]Ampunish and Amslay removed[/b] Two commands that can be abused to hell have been removed [b]Bug Fixes[/b] A large number of bug fixes from the previous version are all here, check out the readme and stuff to see the list. That's just some of it, there's quite a bit here. Everything else is still there too, besides ampunish and amslay. Update your servers and enjoy the new features. -Rink [b]If you just want the client plugin go[/b] [url=;41256]here[/url]




Bloody Dismemberment | 167.38 KB

dismemberment in SP because it was write protected (or was this just a case of using the command line?) Anyway this mod makes it so everyone is dismemberable, everyone spews out blood AND you get the gore sounds too. This is not for the faint of heart or for those who distain from blood in video games - some people love the realism, some people find it very bad...then they go off on a tangent of blaming kids behaviour on it...but anyway! Actually on that note, let me quote the readme as it makes a valid point -Its a game. In the immortal words of Bart Simpson: Don't have a cow, man! -If you have an argument against blood, don't download this file. Talk about in the forums, please don't jam up the comments with arguments. See that? "please don't jam up the comments with arguments"...we don't like that here anyway so head the readme! It actually works really well! The blood looks very much like blood does in most games where it's there by default, clear puddles on the floor with splashes around it and a spray when you first strike someone, it's definately one of the better blood mods out there. Even down to the spot on color and transparency, all nicely done. I have to say thanks to the added noises too; they really make it stand out! -WadeV1589- [file="81937"]Check here for a JK2 version of this mod![/file]




Star Wars Movie Duels

md2_full.exe | 875.49 MB

now, regardless of whether or not you play SP mods. In fact, download it now even if you don't have the game. Go buy the game while you wait. :p Now, I know some of you may look at the file size and freak out - the installer is 875 MB. But it's worth every KB! I don't play SP mods very often, and I just couldn't stop playing. So, let's begin! First off, those menus are excellent. They are easy to navigate and they look nice. Two thumbs up for that alone. :thumbsup: One of the unique things about this mod is that you can play on the good or evil side in most of the scenarios. Taking the side that is supposed to lose usually has some creative storyline fact, it's quite fun for those people who just love being extraordinarily evil for no reason. Like the first version, the only movie-based duels available are the prequels. I guess it would be rather difficult to create duels based on the original trilogy, what with them being less epic and all. Episode I [b]Short Negotiations[/b] covers the very first fight sequence in Episode I, where Qui-Gon-Jinn and Obi-Wan are sent as ambassadors to Naboo to resolve the trade dispute. There are many embellishments here, but overall, it's true enough to the original story. [b]Outskirts of Tatooine[/b] is the duel between Qui-Gon and Darth Maul right before they depart for Coruscant. This one was mostly true to the story, the only thing it was missing was the bike at the beginning (unless I somehow missed it). [b]Duel of the Fates[/b] - Wowie! Very well done. Beginning in the hangar bay and moving into the purply-white-lightning-tube section, this one had it all. It seemed like every little detail was checked with a fine-tooth comb. Everything worked wonderfully, with one exception - when I took over as Obi-Wan and the force fields released, I ran backwards and was locked out. After a very long, patient wait, I decided it was time to noclip back in and finish the job. The ending cutscene did not disappoint, either. Episode II [b]Escape Jengo Fett[/b] is a recreation of the fight between Obi-Wan and Jango on one of Kamino's landing pads. I didn't play the winning side, so I can't say whether or not the fight is entirely accurate. When I played as Obi-Wan, the fight consisted of Boba flying around shooting while Obi-wan tried to slash him up. After enough damage was dealt, a fistfight ensued. [b]Tusken Camp[/b] should be pretty obvious by the name. Anakin is looking for his mother, and he has found the Tusken camp. The mission is simply to break into the tent from the back and discover your mother is dead. Then all tuskens must be destroyed. On paper, it's short, but in-game, it's a little longer than that. [b]Geonosis Arena[/b] begins with Windu's appearance during Obi-Wan, Anakin and Padme's execution. I had some serious problems while testing this one...when the battle began and I jumped into the arena, the game lagged terribly. I assume this is because of all the AI calculations happening at once - but still, I'm running a 2 GHz core 2 duo - I shouldn't have any problems with that. Immediately afterward, I was looking for the path to travel on next, and I stumbled on a door that could be force pushed. On opening it, I was able to walk outside the map and see the void in many areas. It was obvious I was on the wrong I turned back and found the correct one. After rescuing Shaak Ti, Jango Fett jumped onto the field. He was the final boss. [b]Battle of Geonosis[/b] was probably the least accurate. A large part of this is due to limitations of the engine and the lack of SP source code, so I'm not going to make a big deal out of it. I just expected "all forward positions are advancing" to mean that somebody, somewhere, was actually advancing. :p [b]Count Dooku's Escape[/b] is the long duel sequence at the end of Episode II with Count Dooku. Everything seemed accurate here, and I didn't see anything wrong. I think the force battle between Yoda and Dooku could have been elongated, but that would have detracted from the play time. Episode III [b]Rescue Over Coruscant[/b] - Defeat Count Dooku. Anakin and Obi-wan fight at first, then you go solo as Anakin. Not much else to say here. [b]Engage General Grievous[/b] includes the original confrontation on Utapau and the ending on the landing pad, where Obi shoots Grievous' insides out. It was a little short, but c'mon, did you really expect to see the entire chase scene recreated as well? [b]Arrest the Chancellor[/b] was probably the best one, aside from Duel of the Fates. Windu and his three Jedi accomplices walk into Palpatine's office to arrest him, and he fights back, saber in hand. Eventually you, as Windu, force palpatine to beg in the corner of the window, then Anakin shows up. From there, your destiny is in your own hands. [b]Attack on the Jedi Temple[/b] was hard. Only a few scenes from here were shown in the movie, like the killing of the younglings. But now, instead of the camera cutting away after your lightsaber comes on, you get to kill them yourself. On top of that, you have a lot of jedi to slice through on your way to the center of the temple. [b]Assassination on Mustafar[/b] involves only one faction - Anakin. You are sent to Mustafar to "take care of" Viceroy Gunray and the other separatist leaders. I was unable to complete the mission without noclip, however - I couldn't figure out how to turn off the force field. Otherwise, well done. [b]Retaking the Jedi Temple[/b] - Obi-Wan and Yoda have already fought through the clones outside, and now they need to clear out the inside of the jedi temple. Clones are everywhere, and some of them have more than just guns. This was pretty fun - I loved running around as little Yoda, dodging shots and jumping into someone's face. [b]Masters of the Force[/b] was the epic duel between Yoda and Palpatine, beginning in the room below the senate chambers and then moving up into the chamber itself for an extremely difficult end...the lightning that Yoda and Palpatine were supposed to shoot back and forth didn't seem to work right, though. [b]Battle of the Heroes[/b] recreates the most intense master/apprentice duel ever in Star Wars. Anakin and Obi-Wan go head-to-head on Mustafar, from the landing pad to the inside of the building, and even across the pipes and onto the equipment hanging over the lava. There was a bug here where Anakin disappeared during a jump sequence...but really, that's easy to overlook when you consider how epic the rest of the duel is. The Rise of the Empire [b]An Old Enemy[/b] - Obi-Wan is hunted down by an old enemy that he thought he defeated long ago. It's Darth Maul - refitted with robots legs. Now you have to finish him off...on a rainy tatooine. Yeah, that was a major eye-popper. Rain on tatooine. But the duel was very interesting. [b]Darth Vader's Redemption[/b] - to become a powerful sith lord, Vader must face his former self and defeat it for good. If he loses, Palpatine dukes it out with the good anakin. [b]A New Hope[/b] was a neat surprise. For you TFU fans, here you go - a mission with Starkiller in it. I don't care for TFU at all, but if you do, I'm sure you'd be happy to play this one. Challenge Mode And if all that wasn't enough, you can play in challenge mode, which takes you from duel to duel with all the major characters. You can customize the character you play as. According to the readme, there are 15 stages. I didn't get very far...I think I should brush up on those lightsaber skills. Along the way, I did spot many small graphical glitches and some areas I felt could use improvement. But I'm going to omit most of that - honestly, the vast amount of work that was put into this mod is incredible. Anyone with the commitment and patience to produce something on this scale deserves a huge pat on the back (at least) from everyone. There was one glitch on the menus that's worthy of note, though - Battle of the Heroes' missing description is incorrect until you start loading the level. One last thing I'll mention - at first, I had difficulty testing this out, because none of the maps would start. Instead, I would be kicked out to the main menu with no error message and no way to quit the game except ctrl+alt+del. After several hours of checking installations and making new isolated copies of the game, I remembered to insert the game disc. From then on, it was smooth sailing. You may commence jeering laughter at me. But remember - if you get an error while loading a map, you will get no error screen and instead will have to ctrl+alt+del your way out of the game. It's not a bug - it's an engine limitation, and it's just a minor side effect of having an awesome menu setup. If you still haven't started the download, do so, and play it when you get a little free time. You won't be disappointed. ~Dretzel




bloodPLUS Gore/Dismemberment Mod | 3.46 MB

here. v1.5 - the earlier release - features more of a "splat" variant, which while more moderate than the latter, is a tad more cartoony. I'll give the new sounds one thing to their credit - they sure are squicky. v3.1 differs from v1.5 in that it's more of a 'spurt' effect. Think GTA Vice City after blowing someone's limbs off, and you're not far wrong. Obviously, as with any mod that comes in two versions, only install one at a time. Other than that if you want a bit of 'realism' - or you're just one seriously sick puppy - this one may interest you. It's definitely more vicious than other blood mods I've used. ~ Kouen




JK3 dismemberment | 1.41 KB




Enhanced Saber Realism | 8.75 MB

version 2 of the original mod. Panda expressly told the author [i]not[/i] to refer to it as such, but he seemed to feel the need to anyway, so just keep in mind that this is nothing more than an unofficial fix/update and that pandapop999 is already planning a [i]real[/i] version 2 himself. [i][b]Anyway...[/i][/b] This changes a few things from the original, mainly being that speed has been increased, boss NPC stats have been normalized, and dismemberment has been added. This should appease those people who felt that the mod moved much too slowly. Certainly an improvement over the original in some areas, but you'll have to decide for yourself whether or not you want to replace the original with this one. ~Inyri




Movie Battles II V0.0.2 - Full | 1.1 GB

never anything on this level. I present to you, Movie Battles II, the product of untold hours of work from some of the best and brightest skinners, mappers, coders and modder's ever to play Jedi Knight. I have to say a massive thank you right now to the Movie Battles II team, not only for allowing me to review their gargantuan mod, but also for allowing us to host the file here on JKFiles, where it will join the ranks of the most famous Jedi Knight mods of all time, here in our Great Library of Jedi Knight-exandria. ;) This is going to be a biiiigg review! Whew, where to start?! Well, firstly I have to say that although I really love the mod and think it is great how it has become so popular, popular enough indeed to have its own community within the wider JKA community, I cant help but feel a little worried. Why? Well, I cant help but feel that in order to produce a mod of such grand scope and fantastic quality, they have poached some of the best talent from JKA in general. For example, many of the incredible skins, weapons and even maps are only available for MB2, which is kind of a loss for the JKA community in generally, unless you are somewhat sneaky and take a skin out of the MB2 assets and pack it up for personal use in JKA. Ehm, not that I am endorsing that at all... muahaha... ;) Personally I would really love to see more of the MB2 assets available to base JKA players in general, since that would help keep [i]both[/i] communities strong and provide us with a long stream of excellent files to review! But that is of course up to the MB2 team and the individual authors. Since this is the latest version of Movie Battles II, what improvements does it include? Well, for a more comprehensive list you can see the changelog, but to highlight some of the major ones; [*] Multiple new maps, including the Emperors Spire and Malachor V [*] Updates to various existing maps, such as Duel of the Fates and Tatooine. [*] Fantastic mini-maps for most of the maps, which give you a detailed overview of your location in the map and the location of others, you can also enable a larger overview map from the Movie Battles II options. This is one of my personal favourite features! [*] Lots of new bug fixes. [*] Lots of new gameplay tweaks and improvements, including the abilities purchases using the points system (again, see the more detailed changelog for details!). [*] Some new weapon sounds and various improved effects. [*] Too many more to mention right here! So what kind of features does this gigantic mod have? Weellll... [b][u]Models and Skins[/u][/b] For starters, there is a vast selection of models and skins there are available to choose from, out of each class that you can choose from ingame, there are several, sometimes even a dozen or so, different skins or models you can choose from. For instance, the Sith Class features, among others; Darth Traya, Count Dooku, Jerec, several versions of Darth Maul, Darth Malak and even Darth Talon! And that is only one [i]class[/i]! Along with that there are yet more skins/models available in Full Authentic mode that are not available in Open mode, including, but not limited to; Darth Revan, Bastila, numerous Clone Trooper skins and other equally cool characters! (PLEASE MB2 guys, release that Revan skin for Base JKA, that would be an instant hit!). Bear in mind that these are all made by top notch modelers and skinners, and so all are fantastic quality. Most of the custom models/skins also have custom sounds to go with them, rounding them off nicely. Multiply this by the several classes that there are to choose from, both on the light and dark team sides and you get a he amount of skins and models, the work that must have gone into the skins and models along must have been huge. [b][u]Weapons and Effects[/u][/b] Then there are the new weapons and the effects that go with them. For instance, there is the Westar M5 and BlasTech A280 Blaster Rifles, (I happen to own a very nice A280 in Star Wars Galaxies ;)) as well as the Fallann Hyper Rifle as used by Zam Wesell in Episode II. Various weapons also have additional features which can be unlocked by purchasing points in the relative categories in the points screen, For instance if you fully upgrade the A280, not only do you get the ability to rapid fire, but also a sniper scope too, further increasing the weapons potency. That's not to mention the rocket launchers and various pistols and carbines, all modeled in high quality and with custom effects and sounds! Then there are several different kinds of grenades as well, which are available to particular classes (once you have spent the points to get them of course). While I am on the subject of effects, I should mention that you definitely need to play ingame to see how good they are, since no screenshots could do them justice. The way lumps of debris fly out of an explosion with a trail of dust and other such things are much more realistic than the Base JKA effects and definitely add to the combat. There are also two different levels of effects, normal; which is, well, normal, and high; which is more graphically intensive but also looks much better. Obviously if you have a powerful computer, you will want to use the full fat 'high' mode. But its good that there is also a lower setting so that people with older computers aren't shut out. The lightsaber blades and trails though are something pretty special. Unlike the base JKA saber blades and trails that we are all used to, when you swing a lightsaber in MB2, the trail actually looks like like the sharp blur (oxymoron's FTW!) of a moving lightsaber as you see in the films, rather than just a fuzzy trail out behind the blade like they are in Base JKA. The only other mod to my knowledge that has this impressive effect is the Open Jedi Project. PLEASE somebody make a mod which gives us these kind of movie realistic blades and saber trails in Base JKA! [b][u]Maps[/u][/b] Well, I already mentioned that this latest version of MB2 adds the Emperor's Spire and Malachor V, among others to MB2's already impressive repertoire or maps. Some of the other movie themed maps include, but are not limited to: Mustafar, Tatooine, Mygeeto, a Trade Federation Battleship (as seen at the start of Episode I), The Star Forge, The Valley of the Jedi, Kamino, Utapau, the Tantive IV and many, many more! The maps are the only area where I feel some improvements could be made, since some of them date to way back and aren't up to the same kind of standards of detailing and such that the newer maps are. That isn't to say older maps such as Lunar Base aren't great too, in fact gameplay wise they are just as good as the newer ones, I just feel they could do with a bit of a sprucing up detail wise. Speaking of Lunar Base, I just love that window which, when broken, sucks people out into space! In this new version, it also amazingly registers kills and team kills! Some of the best mappers around have made maps for Movie Battles II, and no doubt as more updates are released more maps and locations will be added. What is my favourite map? Well, that is a touch choice! So many of the maps are beautiful to look at (gotta love that Mustafar Skybox!) and feel alive and interactive. I did very much like the Malachor V Trayus Core duel map, since good KotOR 2 themed maps seem to be lacking from JKA, but I also liked Lunar Base because of its excellent layout and gameplay. But then Comm Tower is also a great map, and it reminds me of the original Jedi Knight and JK2 as well. Well, I guess I cant pick a favourite myself, not without spending a lot more time playing MB2 to find out all the ins and outs of each map anyways. As I mentioned earlier, many of the maps now also have mini maps which are displayed in the HUD, this is one of my favourite features as it actually shows a map, with [i]walls[/i], unlike the Base JKA radar map, which only shows objectives and such. This makes it much easier to tell where your team mates, objectives and enemies are in relation to the structure and layout of the map. That brings me nicely onto... [b][u]The HUD and Menu's[/u][/b] As well as having a nice new mini map, the entire HUD has been revamped with new graphics. There are two new indicators on each side of the screen for your health, shields, ammo, force and saber style, which look much better and sleeker than the base JKA ones. I personally would love to see these parts of this HUD used for a Base JKA HUD mod, if any of the MB2 guys would care to make one for us *nudge nudge*. ;) There is an options menu section dedicated to MB2 options, including setting keys for your class special actions (such as being able to sprint faster for a limited period etc.) and also a media section for setting your screenshot key, and the ability to set a key to record a Demo movie! Whilst I personally prefer to use Fraps, this is definitely a much needed option in JKA and one that I am sure people will find useful. The menu's overall are easy to navigate and look good, the main menu, with that picture of the sun bursting over the horizon of Coruscant is very nice, although I think it would be even better if there was a set of screenshots or images that the main menu background cycled through, just to add a bit more movement to it (since it seems a little still compared to the Base JKA menu, with its little video set in the middle). [b][u]General Gameplay[/u][/b] The main complaint that I have always had with Movie Battles II was that you can die quite quickly, and you don't respawn. That is unless you have spent points in the section which allows your particular class to respawn, 'reinforcements' I think it is called. This complaint has most likely come from being someone who has played and enjoyed a lot of Siege, a gametype in which the gameplay is fast and furious because people are constantly dying, respawning and running like headless chickens to get back into the action, making for some insanely frantic battles. Indeed on Siege Hoth, if you are a Rebel tech, its not uncommon to put up a shield on the bridge (to stop the AT-ST advancing) and then simply throw yourself into the chasm so you can die, respawn, and put down another shield. Since you often only get one life, maybe a few if you have spent points in 'reinforcements', in MB2 it stops this kind of insane gameplay, and thus it seemed a bit slow to me at first, since I died and then that was it. However, as I have played MB2 more, I have come to appreciate the delicately balanced game mechanics which go into it, and once I got used to it, the dying issue didn't bother me so much, though I still personally prefer the ferocious gameplay of a 16 vs 16 Siege game, but that's just me! :P The features I have mentioned above, such as the vast variety of weapons, skins/models and maps, along with different gametype's makes this pretty much a game in of itself and I can see who it has become so amazingly popular. The points system does take a little getting used to and you have to be quick when you start to spend those points where you want them before the round starts. The class system, and the abilities and weapons available to each can also be bewildering at first, but with a bit of practice you will soon get used to it! One nice new feature for this version is that you can now continue to move while using voice chat, which makes the process both quicker and less hazardous to your health. After all stopping in the middle of a fight to open up the voice options and find the button for 'roger!' is likely to get you killed! This latest version of MB2 is full of neat little features like that, and I am sure more of the same will be added in future versions so further enhance gameplay. [b][u]Conclusion[/u][/b] All in all a monumental mod, more of an entirely new game in itself to be honest. If you want to know more about what is new for this version, then you should check out the changelog which is in the readme section below. The full readme for the mod can be found in the .zip. The only downside with downloading this is the sheer insane size of it. In fact it is very close to the size of Base JKA itself! This is definitely worth a download, and you guys had better make sure this gets to the top of our download charts, since the MB2 team is paying me 2 Millio... uhh, did I say that out loud?! Umm, cookies, that's it, yeah they are giving me cookies to review this. They aren't bribing me with millions of dollars to give them a good review, not at all. Complete nonsense! Don't forget to view the videos below! ;) ~Nozyspy~ Subaru is awesome. There you go, I actually put that in here! View the video below to get a taster of what Movie Battles II is like: And here, for your viewing pleasure, a preview of things to come!




Dismemberment Mod | 431.78 KB

Then download this mini-mod. It will satisfy that need you have for dismemberment. ~AmosMagee




First Person Lightsaber Mod | 1.79 KB




-A- Hilts | 2.71 MB

have custom stances and some have altered sabers, like the really short one. The only hilts that I didn\'t really like were the reversed saber ones. Like, you hold the hilt in front of you, with the saber behind you, sorta. You\'ll have to test the hilts to see what I mean. Some of the hilts here, I really like, but I\'d rather use the hilts without the altered stances and animations. This hilt pack didn\'t really need any new sounds added. They are, after all, still just sabers. And I\'m glad there are no new sounds, actually. As much as I like some of the hilts here, I won\'t be keeping this pack. There are just too many here that I don\'t like. But the file size is small enough that it shouldn\'t be too much of a hinderance for you guys to download it. So, enjoy. :) ~AmosMagee




Ingame Character and Saber Menus | 8.16 KB

they look while playing, I would either have to start a new game each time I wanted a new part of the skin, or memorize the code for that particular part, both of which were annoying. Well, I now have a mod that will get rid of that problem. What this does is allows you to bind a key to open up the character select screen in SP, allowing you to change how your character looks. It also brings up the saber select menu once you have finished with the character select. Unfortunately, for it to take effect, you have to turn cheats on and type in \"playermodel player\" or just bind a key to do that. Overall, I think that\'s a small price to pay to do what this mod allows you to do. Hopefully a version two will get rid of the need to turn on cheats and reset the playermodel yourself... Give it a download if you find this as useful as I do.




OJP Enhanced | 23.61 MB

a new review, as screwing around with said mod a little more allows for more beef. We'll attack some general features first, that will affect all players. [b]General Features[/b] XP System: No longer are points just for strutting around like a chicken whilst you hawk how good you are whilst you secretly cry inside realizing you have nothing better to do than bully kids in a video game =_O Now you have to earn some kills, and gain power =_= each time you join an OJP server, you will have a minimum set of experience points that you can allocate to gain a number of weapons, gadgets, saber stances, and force powers. I screwed around in the Abregado Casino map and gambled for points, and I found that you have to actually kill either a bot or an actual player to gain experience points. General ratio seems to be 3 kills = 1 XP. There are in fact some XP allocation rules(these being but a few): - At certain XP levels, certain stances are locked from the player. - Force Jumpers cannot invest in Jetpack, and vice versa - A player must have 1 point in sense minimum to be a force user. - Certain levels of force user can only invest in one level of gun usage to prevent that "god character" factor. A good thing to note is that if you're in a hurry to get to the real fun, you can skip the whole "Kill, kill KILL, KILL, KILL" and avoid having to stack up all those kills just to get that toy you really want by adjusting the minimum XP count in the advanced server settings. One could also lock certain powers and weapons from here as well, as well as adjust a setting on this: - Timer System: Have trouble with people killing themselves constantly? Chill them out by making them have to wait with a modified siege timer that prolongs spawning until it runs out. Whilst it can be very annoying, it's also very useful for setting points in between bouts of madness and violence. Don't like the timer on your server? Just set 'er to 0 and you can jump right back in. - Holster System: Gunnery is now a more important aspect in this mod(more on that later,) and as such, the team found it appropriate to make things more realistic by coding in a nice system to holster your guns on your character whilst you are not using them. Only irk I found was that saber holstering really doesn't look good strapped to the front of your thigh, nor does it look comfortable. Yes, I'm guessing it's probably the whole "belt" thing, but on most models, it doesn't seem very applicable. - Improved Bots and NPCs: There are some of us out there that don't have the expensive equipment to fight all the time against other players on the internet. Never fear, as the bots have been tweaked to use the OJP saber and gun systems accordingly. Experiment around, as some bots are inclined to use guns, whilst some use sabers. NPCs are now no longer psycho sugar addicts like they were in JA+, and now fight normally. Even the force using cultists do something instead of standing there punching the air idly! A lot of the old functions in JASP work as well. The howler now lives up to its eponymous name(although it doesn't seem to hurt yet.)The assassin droid returns and now effectively has a working forcefield.Even more interesting is that, should you fall to the new NPC AI, most of the time it will actually register as a kill as if you were slain by a player. Example being this most recent one: "Averus Retruthan was blasted by Boba Fett" That was me deciding to let an NPC kill me =_,=. Naturally not all the AI is up to absolute snuff, and there are still bugs to be worked out (I.E. some of the non-human NPC's guns are in the wrong places still,) but it's definitely a 1-up on the older MP AI. - Dodge, Force, and Mishap Meter: One of the more critical elements of gameplay now relies on these three meters. These will control how long you will in essence "live," forcify, and still remain accurate, respectively referring to the above order. More will be applied as the necessary sections arrive. - New Animations: A plethora of new animations from ledge grabbing to a proverbial backhand attack lie in wait for you. Take a look around and see what you can spot =_o! - New First Person view: Gunners and saber users alike can experience battle now from the eyes of their player. Gunners will notice almost immediately that the gun is no longer at like..chest height. You can now look down and see where your gun is, and not feel like a total chode when -CO-OP Mode: Haven't had a chance to try it, but now you can try SP in Cooperative mode =_=! and finally.. - Vehicles: An older, not-as-remembered feature of OJP was that it was going to amplify vehicle functions in some respects. Unfortunately, there's not many functions to speak of on that part, as it seems to have been lost in the quest for saber research, but some vehicles now have some new alternate functions usable only in OJP. The only examples I can think of at this time are: - The droideka can now rotate in place instead of having to back up and go forward like a cheap RC car. (Found in -;31144)) - The [file="53196"]Tie-Phantom[/file] vehicle now has an active cloaking function on it. Interestingly enough, some of the vehicles seem to attack on their own if not possessed by a player. These are just but a few of the new general functions, I'm sure, but hopefully enough to have kept you going up until this point =_= now we shall attack the gun and force user aspects, in that order. [b]Mercenaries and gunnery[/b] Guns have finally returned as a force to be reckoned with. Guns are no longer dwarfed by saber using force users now. Cunning can be used effectively now, with the new gun effects. General features of the weapons include: - Ammo Clips/Reloading: every weapon now has less ammo on the count. Out of ammo? Good, reload =_= - DEMP2, Trip Mines, Concussion Rifle? Locked out unless you use cheats. - As forementioned, all guns are now no longer in your first person view by default. It's now more realistic =_>. - Thermal Detonators now can be thrown with a new bind, so you no longer have to actually select the thermal and chuck it. Range is limited though,so don't try and throw it too far. - Gun accuracy is decided by your level of XP in that slot and mishap meter. High mishap = start missing, even if aimed properly. In some cases, if you're not careful, you can be knocked down as well. Dodge will help you evade some of the more lethal attacks whenever necessary. Now, I'll report the effects of each weapon: - Blaster Pistol: Much more powerful shot. At level 3, you get a second pistol at your disposal, and your alt fire is activated, doing mishap damage to enemies, usually knocking them down if you power it enough. Suggestion: Allow the second gun to be an alternate upgrade, like the speed and ammo upgrades for the later guns. - Melee: Effective and useful when outta ammo. - Blaster: Good balanced weapon with an available rate of fire upgrade. - Disruptor: Power seems to vary now with charging in scoped mode. - Bowcaster: An effective powerhouse, now with available scope function at level 3 and a chargeable bolt (doesn't multiply.) - Repeater: Converted into a DC-15 clone rifle. At level 3, an available ammo count upgrade can be made, and the blob can be now fired at the cost entire clip. Quite effective, as the blob now induces knockdown and acts as an explosive(which will be covered later.) - Flechette: Converted into a T-21 Rifle. Rate of fire controled by your tapping power. Damage is a little weak and sparse, in my opinion. - Rocket Launcher, Thermal Detonator, Detpacks: Weapons of the explosive kind don't seem to actually do immediate damage. If your dodge is high enough, and depending on where you are on the blast radius, you will be knocked pretty far. There's sadly no shrapnel or misc. damage, assuming you aren't knocked high enough where the fall will immediately kill you(a good percentage of the time.) If your dodge is low...well then, your body will be BLOWN TO PIECES AND ANNIHILATED. Now, onto the gadgets: - Bacta: Level 1 earns you small bacta, level 2 gives you big bacta - Jetpack: The jetpack has been reinvented with a new dynamic animation system. Lot more heights can be reached with this jetpack, and quite quick. Runs on fuel, of course. - Cloaking: Not much change. Still runs on fuel. - Flamethrower: huge flamethrower effect that runs on fuel. Quite impressive to behold. - Seeker Droid: Now fires stun charges, and if you hit the Use Item button, your Seeker will detach away from your perimeter and actively seek you out. - Sentry Gun: Setup time required, but is a lot more durable and reliable. - Forcefield: Now lasts longer, takes more impact, and even knocks 'tards who run into it down to the ground. This covers the basics of mercenary combat. Now... [b]EPIC FORCE USER COMBAT[/b] Considered to be the proverbial "gem" of the entire mod by the makers, saber combat has been completely redone, and converted into a powerhouse of cinematically epic system of clashing, pwnination, and strategy. Mishap, Force, and Dodge Points now are tested to their limit. Force controls force attacks, including saber swinging. Low FP = slower swings,less force ability. Low Mishap can result in a slowbounce, stagger, knockdown, or even disarming your opponent of his saber! Also, you have to be a lot more careful in watching you and your opponents movements, as you won't simply just swing and hope it hits. You can now engage your opponent with Shii-cho, Djem-So, Soresu, Ataru, Nimen, Juyo, and Makashi(




The Force Unleashed Pack | 675.12 KB

I'll leave the accuracy up to you, but I find the design to be spot on. The saber half of this mod is definitely a keeper. Normal and backhand versions are available. Oh, and did I mention the animation changes to the backhander? :P [b]Effects[/b] From clashes, to lightning, to saber blades, the overall quality of the effects half is rather good. Personally, I find the saber blades to be the best part, but that's a matter of opinion, unfortunately. :P Overall, a nice little mod, and worth the download if you like that saber! ~Crazy [i]Ah, nothing like a nice and short review, eh?[/i]




Saber Selection | 4.89 KB

does just that. Think of it - Jaden with a saber staff during training... Okay, maybe it\'s not [i]that[/i] appealing, but maybe it\'ll spice up single-player a bit. Either way, a useful little utility to have, in case you\'re one of those who still plays single-player from time to time. ~Inyri




Saber Realism | 8.74 MB

let me cover the basics of what it changes:[list][*]manual blocking[*]slowed combat speed[*]one-hit saber kills[*]massively increased automatic blocking (for compensation to the above point)[*]new saber sounds[*]other stuff listed in the read-me which I didn't get a chance to test (so read it!)[/list]My favorite bit here is the slowed combat speed and the increased blocking. It's a filmer's dream! Not that I make films... :p. Anyway, I am talentless when it comes to JA, but I managed to have some pretty awesome looking fights using this mod with only a mere reborn. So anything that makes JA cooler is a bonus in my book. Then there's the "realism" angle; after all, it's in the name of the mod! Does this make saber fighting more realistic? [i]Yes![/i] When was the last time you saw [i]any[/i] Jedi take 10 hits with a lightsaber before going down? Puh-lease. Is this increased realism a good thing? That's debatable. I like it, because I think despite the one-hit-kills it's still quite balanced (which is where a lot of similar mods fail). When he says blocking was beefed up, he really means it. In case it wasn't clear earlier, there is still automatic blocking. The manual blocking is in [i]addition[/i] to it, and it works as advertised (read the read-me for that). If you want to use this mod in multiplayer, though, you're going to come across a few problems. I'm guessing, based on the batch file, that this mod was designed for SP. In MP some notable "bugs" are the clash effect doesn't work, manual blocking doesn't seem to work, and (maybe it's just my imagination) but the sabers seem faster than in the SP. Overall it's not really working too well in MP, although you could certainly still use it. The author may want to think about working it into a usable MP mod as well, if possible. Did I mention he removed the red stance? :D (Don't cry, it's supposedly coming back in the next version. Except less ghey.) I have [i]one[/i] gripe. The sounds! No, they're not bad. They're just... well, the most common swing sound is like... a fast swing sound. And none of the swings are fast. It bothers me. The author better fix/change it or I'll cry. :p Now if that isn't a [i]minor[/i] gripe, I don't know what is... Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go play through single player to see what else has been changed. :p ~Inyri




Clone Wars Stances and Effects Mod | 24.76 MB

honest, some attacks make a shiver run up my spine. Not only that, but there is also added effects, such as, and I quote; New lightning effects, saber blades, and clashing effects. Not to mention new sounds for each of these! Lets start with the Blue stance. I'm not really sure how I'm supposed to describe this, but it seems to be a cross between the art of Fencing and the art of Stabbing at the Ground. As confusing as this sounds, the stance is actually really well done, with a unique spin to it. Literally! The usual Blue Uppercut has been switched around to, what I saw, a series of three spins, all attacking in front of you. This looks slightly silly in the middle of battle, not to mention it doesn't hit everyone around you. That is, unless my calculations were entirely off and I actually did hit that ninja that ran after me... The second portion of the stances involves the 'fabled' Yellow stance. Now, this looks like an honorable position, however is extremely dangerous if put into a real life situation. In short, you hold the saber at a vertical position, what seems to be inches from your nose. Oh, don't get me wrong, the stance looks awesome. It just doesn't seem... practical.... Oh right, the attacks. Most of the swings have been changed, but none so much as the awesome Yellow DFA. Jumping into the air, cutting at the opponents below you, and breaking into a roll has never looked this amazing. Ah, the last of the Single stances. This one is the combination between an axe murderer and a ballet dancer. This stance is possibly my favorite of the three, with an attack that literally caused me goosebumps. You remember the first attack Chancellor Sidi- I mean Palpatine did against those Jedi? Yeah, the one where he spun in a circle, while jumping. Wasn't that cool? I thought it was, which is probably the reason I love Red Stance. The Red DFA has been turned into what I like to call SuperSidious. Now that we're done with the Single stance, lets move on to the speed demon Dual stance. This looks like something out of Soul Calibur, which makes me a very happy person. Alas, that happiness turned into confusion when I pulled up the Dual 'Uppercut'. It seems the player has a tendency to spin their wrists to the point where they would fall off, and they keep going. That confusion turned into happiness again at the end of the first part of the attack, where the user would repeatidly stab the opponent. And it looks awesome. The Dual DFA was harder to pull off, as I was constantly low on my Force power after defeating Raiden, God of Thund- oh, right, review. The user constantly swipes horizontally with both sabers, ending with something I... don't actually remember. I think I was electrocuted right before I did it... Ah, the Staff. Quite an impressive device. Not only can you stab someone in front of you, you can either stab the guy behind you... or even yourself! Jokes aside, the staff has been changed. To my recollection, I remember the stance has been turned into a more docile, calm stance. The Staff 'Uppercut' has been turned into what seems to be a Lightsaber Helicopter. No, you can't fly. It ends with a repeated spinning stab move. The Staff DFA is similar, just without the Helicopter move. This time, the entire body spins in midair, attacking all directions. Whew! So, the saber stances are over and done with, right? Nope! The stances also involve a new walk, which looks amazing if you're into the whole sword-at-side vengeful samurai 'you killed my father' stereotype. The run is the same for each Single stance, which beforementioned samurai can explain, but the Dual makes you run with your arms behind you, and Staff makes you run with the saber in a Bo-staff position. Melee stance has been changed, although it would be extremely useful if the hands were at your side in melee, instead of in front of you. Kinda like idle-saber. To be entirely honest, I never actually used the Force powers, but I did see some difference in the saber. I believe it's brighter, with a more realistic feel to it. The clash effects are gorgeous, especially when I accidently Yellow DFA and decapitate my opponent throught their saber. Yes, I did that on accident... The only few qualms I have are actually quite fixable. First, some attacks look entirely strange, meaning the spinhand in particular. The second one is that melee stance, also fixable with the right coding which I know Hirman has. Finally, the part that this is not an OJP modification like the last ones. I know it's stressful, and I know I don't play OJP, but other people might enjoy this on it. Installation has been provided in the Readme (PLEASE read the readme, it's there for a reason. We can't just random generate these things, you know!), and most modifications are acceptable with things such as Movie Battles II and Jedi Academy Plus. -FILE- New Sounds - Yes New Animations - Yes New Overall - Yes -Denariax-




All Enemies Are Sith

all_enemies_are_sith.rar | 14.2 MB

with sith characters. Using the added on skins and models, this mod also replaces some of the other characters. Tavion, for instance, is now Palpatine. Other are replaced as well. I didn't take the time to test this fully, but it looks very fun, and a bit more challenging than usual. Try protecting rosh from two sith that should be howlers. :p If you like SP mods, or if you want something more challenging, give this a download. ~Zach




UltimateWeapons | 14.52 MB

Version[/file][/b] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well here it is finally! The Ultimate Weapons mod v1.3! I reviewed the trailer for this a few weeks back and was deeply impressed with what I saw. Realistic explosion physics and effects, better weapons sounds and better weapons effects too, I was eagerly awaiting the release of this mod, and now…here it is! And it certainly doesn’t disappoint! What we have here is a very comprehensive collection of both some of the author’s own work, and the best of other modder’s work too, all compiled into one all encompassing mod! There’s simply too much for me to describe here, so I will get right to the best bits! [b]New Sounds[/b] As far as I could see (or should I say heard?) it seems like every weapons sound sets have been replaced with movie accurate sounds. One of the most noticeable is the sounds for the E-11 Blaster rifle. To be honest I wasn’t that fond of the default JKA sounds for the E-11, they seemed a bit too high pitched. Thankfully this mod completely changes the sounds to ones that are much more like those you actually here in the films (like the detention center breakout from A New Hope). I also liked the change of sounds for the Flechette launcher and Bryar pistol too. All in all a vast improvement over the default JKA sounds, and that goes for all the weapons! Also included are new lightsaber sounds, which sound more like the ones from the Original Films and also the original Jedi Knight games, along with new sounds for force powers and melee attacks too. I liked the change of the force power sounds, they now sound much more discreet and realistic compared to the rather loud default JKA ones. [b]New Weapons [/b] Here the mod gets even better. Not only does it have completely new sounds, there are also four new weapons or should I say, replacement weapons included. Three are the Bryar pistol, E-11 Blaster rifle and Thermal Detonator from the JKA Dark Forces 2 mod (which replace their respective default weapons), and the other is the DC-15A more commonly known as the Clone Trooper blaster rifle, from the Movie Battles II mod. The new improved repeater rifle, with new shot effects and sounds looks much better than the original, but if you want a change from that, just put the optional DC-15A .pk3 in your base folder and the repeater is replaced with the clone rifle. The Wookiee Bowcaster has also been given a good polish up, as have some of the other weapons. [b]New Weapon Effects[/b] Along with new sounds and some replacement weapons this mod also has new weapon effects. For example, new muzzle flashes and blaster bolts. The projectiles for the repeater rifle have been changed to look bluish and the secondary fire has been changed as well, which I think looks great. Its pretty similar with the rest of the weapons, the E-11 blaster bolts have been changed, and now look much better, as have the firing effects for other weapons. The lightsaber has also received an upgrade with new blades made by D'halaine to look more like the saber blades seen in Episode 3 One interesting case is the Bowcaster. We all know that in the JK Games thus far (at least Mysteries of the Sith, JK2 and JKA) the Bowcaster bolts have traditionally been green. However, if you look at the original films, the Bowcaster bolts are actually red. This mod changes the green bolts to red, thus making it more realistic to the films. If though, you don’t like the red, there is an extra .pk3 you can put in your Base folder, which will change them back green again. But not only does it change the colour, it also improves the green Bowcaster bolt effects, so it is now much improved. [b]New Particle Effects[/b] This was one area I was super happy with! It seems to be an unusual (mostly male) characteristic that we like watching things explode and blow up. Whilst women on the other hand like nice quiet romantic stories…well give me a few explosions any day! :P Well I am very happy to say that the explosions and particle effects have been [b]massively[/b] improved over the default JKA ones. The explosions now actually look like powerful the explosions that you would expect to get from Thermal Detonators or Rocket Launchers. Along with that are all the little chunks of things and sparks and shrapnel that fly everywhere (very realistically). Along with the explosions is the new blaster hit effects. Instead of just a black blob on the wall (or indeed another player!) when you hit it with a blaster bolt, you now get what looks like a proper hole that’s been blasted out. Along with that you also get little glowy bits in the middle, and even a small tongue of flame (also like we saw in the movies when a Stormie blasts a chunk out of a wall). [b]Extras[/b] On top of all of that, as I have already said, there are some replacement weapons, and a handy .pk3 file for changing the Bowcaster bolt colours around from red to green and back again. Then there is also another couple of optional .pk3 files, which you can choose to use. One is a .pk3 file, which is called; ‘zzz_UltimateWeapons_LQEffects.pk3’. As the name suggests if you find that your computer is running slowly with the full-on-super-high-quality effects, you can put that .pk3 in your base folder and it makes the effects simpler and less taxing on your systems resources, which is great if you have a slower computer. I really think that was a nice thing to add in there, as it makes the mod even more accessible to people. :) Lastly we have another optional .pk3 which disables the blood effects in the mod. Personally I’m not that fond of blood effects, since laser bolts and lightsaber blades would in reality cauterise the wound and should stop it from bleeding…there goes my geek side again! :P The blood effects are on as default in the mod, but if you don’t want them to appear, you can put the ‘zzz_UltimateWeapons_NoBlood.pk3’ in your base folder and this will remove the blood splatter effects. [b]Conclusion[/b] All in all then an absolutely fantastic mod here, and what is more, it works in Single Player too! Though there is the possibility that this mod will conflict with other weapons mod’s and such, but that is to be expected considering how many things this changes. So if you want to know more about that, take a look in the files readme for more information. To be honest, this compilation is as close as I think it is possible to get to a perfect all round weapons mod for Jedi Academy, it truly recreates the movie feel in the game. And personally I think that this really breathes some fresh life into JKA when you play it. Fantastic work here D'halaine! I [i]very[/i] strongly recommend a download here, you wont be disappointed! :D ~Nozyspy~




Escape: Yavin IV - The Lost Maps | 306.41 MB

conversion. Well, saying it\'s a sequel may not be completely accurate. It\'s really something of a replacement - a totally new story, twenty-five new levels, and plenty of new content to choose from. As it\'s very [i]very[/i] long, I tested the first level fully, and will leave the rest to you. However even just from the first level I can tell the quality is way up there. The puzzles are difficult, the levels, even on the easiest setting, are challenging, and the cutscenes are very good. The voice acting could have used a little work, mostly in just the sound quality area (a lot of the voice actors just seemed a smidge too close to their microphones), but the feeling of the characters comes across well enough. The author recommends you remove all custom PK3s from your base folder in order for this mod to work. The main reason behind this seems to be the incredibly high number of NPCs in the mod - if you have extra NPCs in your base folder your extensions will be too long and you won\'t be able to play, so keep that in mind. However the mod comes with enough customization on its own that you probably won\'t feel the need to have extra mods when you play it. I\'m not going to get too detailed on the features of this mod, but I will re-iterate a few things Darrow mentions in his read-me (which I strongly recommend you read). First of all, as I said, it has 25 brand new levels that were not included in the original EY4. Secondly, the interface of the game is new, including a \"chapters\" menu for easy level selection and a new saber menu (you can steal dropped sabers! yay!). It seems like after each level you can customize your sabers based on ones you acquired during the previous missions. So it\'s kind of like an \"unlocking\" system, from what I can gather. The TC also sports three, count \'em [b]three[/b], ending sequences, which is sure to keep you busy trying to get each one. So if you\'re one of those types who loves single-player but whines and moans about how bad the single-player campaign Raven included is, here\'s your chance to try something a little bit more involved. However be warned - you\'re not ridding yourself of Rosh Penin! ~Inyri




The Force Unleashed Animations SP | 11.73 MB

Unleashed is in a way the spiritual successor of the Jedi Knight series. Therefore I suppose it isn’t surprising that we get a steady stream of The Force Unleashed themed mods here at JKFiles. This latest mod gives JKA a TFU flavour by adding in TFU inspired animations for several things, including death, roll and lightsaber animations (though there only appears to be one lightsaber style from what I could see). It also adds a TFU style HUD in the top left of the screen as well as new menu and map loading images. Not only that but there seems to be a few new sounds and even new saber clash effects (which look much better than the Base JKA ones I think). The lightsaber style animations look pretty good, and I like the addition of the new splash images, menu and loading screens along with the HUD. There are a couple of things that could do with improving though, one being the new splash, menu and loading screens, which look quite pixelated, I would definitely suggest trying to find some higher resolution images for these. The other thing is the roll animation, which is now a kind of force dash; the characters pose looks a little awkward and the length of the dash is not very far, if possible I think it should be lengthened a little and the characters pose worked on some more, but that’s just my opinion! Overall however, a nice compact mod with several TFU inspired animations and other features that I think is worth a download for fans of The Force Unleashed series! Give it a download if you like the look of it! ;) ~Nozyspy~




-[SithLords]-Pack | 14.69 MB

So now they\'re supposed to be sith lords or something like that. Okay, so you have a bunch of black and white and gray Jadens, what can be improved? Well first off you could make it so that they don\'t overwrite the default Jadens when you load it. How does one do this, you ask? Look at the file structure for the skin, and eventually you\'ll figure it out. But the big thing here, is to make it so that your base Jaden skins are not overwritten. Why? Because when they are, every part is overwritten. There are other parts to this mod, like being only able to use force jump and the saber attack and defense powers, but the main thing in this mod was the skins. Bot Support: No Team Support: No Npc Support: No New Sounds: No ~Zach




ForceMod III - Return of the Sith (Win Installer) | 39 MB

Academy. ForceMod III - Return of the Sith gives you the option of nearly 30 different classes. I can\'t even list all of the classes here, there are just too many. But as an example, as a Jedi Warden, you get a limited number of force powers, a lower saber attack level, but you get a Bryar. As an Aurorian, you get all light side force powers (up to level 4!) and level 4 attack and defense at max, but no other weapons other than your sabers. There are many other variations on these limitations which really seem to balance the mod/game. There are several new stances added - some specifically for single, dual or staff sabers. Some of the sabers are destructable as well. There are many new special moves added and a ton of other stuff including, but not limited to, cloaking, flame gauntlet, optic radar and a jetpack. There\'s just so much here, I really can\'t cover it all. Download this mod and check it out. I wouldn\'t be surprised if this starts popping up on a bunch of servers. :D ~AmosMagee




Katanamaru Backhand Styles | 13.08 MB

sabers. -------- To start off, I\'d like to point out something that wasn\'t made entirely clear in the readme: [b]This mod is meant for Single-Player[/b] Now, the actual animations aren\'t that bad, but there\'s clear and definite room for improvement. To start, I found the slashes to be veeery slow compared to their normal counterparts. Not only that, but attempting to use any of the single-saber stances result in not being able to move at all. Also, the block/deflect animations still act as if you were wielding normal sabers. On the plus side, what the author did to the left/right lean animations was pretty clever. But then there\'s the cinematics. Well, to put it simply: [b]Just skip them.[/b] Why? Because Jaden Galen simply stands there, no animation at all. Probably has something to do with how the backhand stance is achieved. But aside from that, this stance pretty much works. Only a hand-full of problems to deal with. You\'ll know if you want if, you backhanded addicts. :P ...Why are you still reading this? Seriously, you\'re creeping me out... -.o ~Crazy ...Ok, seriously, stop reading already!! I\'m warning you...




Expert\'s Saber Sounds | 291.53 KB

haven\'t found a saber sound mod that I really like. Not to say this isn\'t a good saber sound mod. :) I just can\'t hear much distinction between this one and the others I\'ve reviewed. They always sound a bit tinny to me, if that makes sense. The sounds just don\'t sound right in the game to me. But, I\'m hard to please. :) ~AmosMagee




KOTOR Stances | 12.01 MB

Republic. Well, first, I'll redirect you to [file="91004"]Nozy's original review of this file[/file], then... well, highlighting what's changed between the two versions is tricky, as the change log wasn't so specific. And then... well, I can't really round off with a summation of the changes, since the changelog didn't specify exactly what had been altered between versions and I can't spare half an hour right now in order to closely examine each and every animation compared to the previous release, sorry. Beat in mind that like all animation mods, you can only have one active at one time, and attempting to have more than one causes the others to simply not work. Richard would probably also throttle me if I didn't slap a big "DON'T TRY TO USE THIS WITH OJP!!!!" sticker across this review, because like any custom animation mod it will bugger up OJP's saber system, so the OJP community have been warned as well. ~ Kouen




Backhand Lightsabers | 525.9 KB

picked wisely. :p And so, here is a nice little set of lightsabers from HOUOU. Anyone who played the console EPIII video game will instantly recognize this funky backhand fighting style. And this is basically all the mod does, the author made a rather simple (but neat looking) hilt to go with his backhand lightsaber, called sniper. There are three pk3s included, a regular version of his sniper hilt, a backhand version, and a backhand Katarn hilt. There are some major issues with multiplayer, as the game seems to crash when trying it out with all pk3s in your base folder (solo mode worked perfectly fine). The solution would be to pick one, and stick with it, or not use them in MP... After all, I doubt any server would simply allow exploits like that, but if you find one, enjoy. ~Metall Pingwin




Dagger of Time + Prince of Persia T2T HUD | 4.46 MB

already know by now. :P And yes, this dagger is indeed very glowy! Another fine mod from AshuraDX, both the modelling and skinning is excellent here. Although I must say the glow is a little strong to be honest and that rather obscures the nice texture detailing that is to be found on the blade itself. Glowy things are always nice though, so that isn't so much of a problem. ;) Also included in the .zip file is a wallpaper for use on your desktop, should you be a fan of the Price of Persia franchise or Ashura's mod's, or maybe both! Another cool feature is that this isn't just a weapon mod, this also includes a HUD mod, which changes the games HUD to something more akin to the one in Price of Persia. I especially liked the way that the little image that denotes saber style changed from a dagger for blue, an axe for yellow and a mace for red style, quite fitting comparisons! All in all this is a very nice mod here, the Dagger of Time is an excellent piece of work in itself with some impressive detailing and after seeing this on the forums as a Work In Progress, I am glad to see it completed and released! The HUD mod is also something pretty unique, I have never seen a HUD like this one in JKA before and this rounds the mod off nicely. Prince of Persia fans rejoice, because I have a feeling you will love this mod! Keep up the good work AshuraDX! [b]New Model:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]New Effects:[/b] No ~Nozyspy~




Backhand Normal Stance HQ | 8.31 MB

Though there isn't really much room for variation on the simple back-handed stance, there are a few cool features that set this mod out from the crowd. First of all, the stance is a pretty dramatic pose, a bit more animated looking than the previous ones I have seen. But the really cool part is that you stand there, you can see your characters head and shoulders bob up and down slightly making it look like they are panting heavily, perhaps after battling some Sith Lord. ;) This is a really nice little feature I think, as it makes your player character look much more alive and dynamic. All in all a cool mod here, though it only works with the single saber of course. Personally I would like to see a version which also adjusts the dual and staff saber stances, adding that 'panting' movement effect in there too. If you like the look of this mod, then be sure to give it a download, especially if you are looking for a stance mod to compliment your other Force Unleashed mod's! ~Nozyspy~




Neoarmada | 15.62 KB

difficulty you choose). The author says he was bored with the regular game and wanted a bit of a challenge. Well, this\'ll certainly do it. :) ~AmosMagee




JA Unlimited | 1.09 MB

no visible limits on how many sabers you could actually have, but I guess I may have been wrong or I simply never had that many sabers. Even if you were under the limits, though, only twenty or so appeared on the list and the console was necessary for the others. With JA Unlimited, virtually all sabers will appear on the menu (obviously it's not really unlimited, but it may as well be) and there ceiling limit on how many you can have has been turned into the roof limit - 'tis much higher. Higher than I was able to reach with every lightsaber, sword, baseball bat, axe, halberd, polearm, voulge and God-only-knows-what-else I could procure from JKFiles. Since saber switching via /saber only appears to work in JA+, this is great for anyone not using these mods, since you no longer need to know the .sab designations to load your sabers. - Maps Again, you can usually have as many maps as you'll need, but now they'll all show on the menu so that you don't need to open pk3s in Pakscape/PakRat (shout-out for you Maccies out there ;) ), find the bsp name and use /devmap to load your maps. Great improvement in my book, helpful for those who don't check map pk3s by default, or don't know how to. - NPCs Now, this one you did have a limit on, and that limit is basically kaput. You can now have as many NPCs as you'll need - again, I'm figuring 65535 being the ceiling limit, but you'll probably never reach that many - without that pesky ".npc extensions are too large!" error in multiplayer. Score one for no annoyances! - Vehicles Oh yeah. Now we're talkin'. If you're like me and enjoy going to town with some serious vehicular manslaughter, again, this is the mod for you. No more .veh extensions errors, and the error with .vwp files (which were still at factory limits in the last release) is now fixed, so you can have as much firepower as you need in the base folder. - Models / Skins Considering the game can hold as many models/skins as you can use, I always found it kinda dopey that there was a limit on the amount of icons, but that limit is now gone. - Species Selections The limit was previously 32. Now, it's... what is it again? 65535 or something like that? Ain't that quite a resume? [b]Disclaimers[/b] ► This will [b]not[/b] work in the singleplayer game - source code for the SP DLLs was never released. Strictly MP only, sorry folks. ► Naturally, SP won't work at all if you're over any limits, so basically, my advice: don't put mods in base, make a seperate mod folder for this and dump your files in there, then launch this mod via .bat file. That way you can have as much as you need in MP, without shafting SP. ► Limits are there for reasons, as Kat Angel quite rightly states in the readme. Even though this mod means the game won't object to extreme amounts of mods, please try and factor in how much the iD Tech 3 engine can handle, and how much your computer can handle. If you have too much in your base folder, your game will take ages to load. The more you have, the slower it gets. The less RAM your computer has, the slower load times pass. The slower your CPU, the slower load times will be. You also risk your computer randomly shutting down, restarting, or random crashes by having more than the computer can handle. So, basically, if you never use it, don't keep it, 'cuz the more you got the more strain your system takes. Right, safety warnings and summaries out of the way, I think we're done here. Overall, great mod for you "pakrats" (no pun intended). If you play baseJA and like to use a lot of add-ons, this is a sure-fire winner. ClanMod version and OJP Basic / OJP Enhanced versions in the queue, uploadin' em as we speak (type? speak?). No JAE yet, sadly, so there's Kat Angel's next homework assignment. :p Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to go equip my game with every fighter, bomber, assault walker and tank I can get my hands on. World War III ain't gonna fight itself! :o Erm. Well. Nuts. I need a catchphrase. ~ Kouen




Vengeance of the Sith | 62.76 MB

hold your attention, though the dialogue can get boring at times. The action is there, but you have plenty of help from Kyle and other Jedi along the way. A lot happens in such a short period of time, so the story and the action is always moving. I ran into an issue at one point where two of the enemies I was supposed to kill ... they weren\'t dying ... but they weren\'t fighting either. They just ... stopped. So I just reloaded at the last checkpoint and tried again and it all worked just fine. The only things I would change about this mod are the writing of the dialogue and I would add some voice acting. Also, there were a few grammatical errors in the subtitles, but I can overlook that. :) If you\'re looking for something new to try for single player Jedi Academy, check this out. Like I said, I haven\'t played through to the end yet, but this is staying on my computer until I do. :) ~AmosMagee




Clone Wars Saber Sounds | 1.82 MB

to get a bit boring after a while lol. The only thing that bothered me was that sometimes the different sounds sounded a bit strange when you did several swings in a row, as it might go from a small hum, to a powerful hum on different swings, but still, a really cool mod, one that I will be keeping ;) Nice job mate. ~Nozyspy~




SP Red Saber | 5.75 KB

easy to download, and you can finally be a sith of pure evil. Who wouldn't want that? I haven't tried it with the double lightsaber because I'm not gonna trudge all the way through the game again - however the readme says it works fine, so I'll just have to trust him ;) Ian Flynn - I believe in you. :) ~Szico VII~




Darth Maul as Jaden | 1.72 MB

SP again just so I could be Darth Maul. Though, it does have a certain irony to it, Darth Maul as Jaden. Darth Maul ... training to be a Jedi. Darth Maul ... apologizing for offending someone!? HA! One very good thing about this is that you have a few different Maul looks to choose from. So at least there\'s a little variety there. As with other JK2 models that have been dragged along to JA, not everything works the way it should. The mouth does not move with the dialogue and there are some issues with the dual sabers. Bottom line, though, this is a good SP replacement mod, as far as SP replacement mods go. :) ~AmosMagee




Telekinesis | 121.61 KB

various refinements that the author has made since the last version, the essence of the mod is summed up pretty well in the readme where the author explains: [quote] This Mod replaces force choke with telekinesis (Moving people around with your mind), makes people react in a cooler way when you force push them and replaces close range drain with choke.[/quote] After trying this mod out, I can say that I much prefer the new animations for enemies when you force grip (or Telekinesis should I say), they look much cooler and more cinematic. The same can be said for the new force push animations as well, enemies now look like they are being knocked back by a powerful force, rather than just falling over. I couldn’t quite get in the right scenario ingame to test out the new force drain animation, which is replaced by the force grip animation at close range, however. Altogether this a cool little mod, and considering that it makes enemies react more realistically to your force attacks and also makes the animations of such look much cooler, I think this is a mod I will be keeping in my base folder! :) Make sure to give this a download if you like the sound of it! ~Nozyspy~




All in one saber sounds | 2.73 MB

saber sound mods that I\'ve liked much for that reason. But some people feel that saber sounds like the ones featured in this mod are more \"realistic\" and therefore prefer these sounds. Kudos to Aryyn for giving us some choice in our saber sounds. You have some updated \"normal\" saber sounds to choose from, or go with the more scratchy Sith sound, and if that doesn\'t float your boat, there\'s always the Luke and Yoda saber sounds that have a more \"powerful\" swooshing sound. If you\'re interested in some new saber sounds for Jedi Academy, this is a good place to start. ~AmosMagee




New Death and Pain Animations

death_animations_mod.rar | 11.55 KB

a little different. That is where this mod comes in! This mod subtly changes various animations, such as the grip, pain and death animations. My particular favourite was the back flip death animation, watching stormtroopers back flip is always amusing. ;) I also liked the dodge type of animation what happens when an enemy is shot, it does indeed look like the enemy is trying to either dodge the blaster bolt you have just fired at them, or is reeling in pain after just being shot. You can get a better look at what the animations will look like in the screenshots below, although to actually see them [i]animated[/i] you will of course have to try this mod ingame! So, if you fancy a change from the usual JKA pain and death animations, give this a shot! (Pun intended). ~Nozyspy~




Dark Side SP | 3.9 MB

have been switched around, such as Alora being Kyle, Luke being Tavion, etc. (To see a full list of character switches, read the readme). Also, some sounds have been changed so that the right characters have the right voices in battle. I happened to notice, however, that while viewing the cutscenes, the voices are the same, which does not quite fit the mod, as Alora spoke with Kyle's voice. :p Other than that, I had fun slaughtering the jedi with this mod. Give it a download if you want a little change to your SP. Heheh... Thank you! *Cough* No more RE4 for me...




Mara Jade SP | 4.52 MB

straightforward mod. ~AmosMagee




Star Wars Movie Duels

install_star_wars_movie_duels_v1.01.exe | 255.64 MB

admitting powerful opposing forces. This mod is dedicated solely for Single Player purposes, built for those waves upon waves of masses who want to jump in on the key critical prequel battles. Yes, that's right, prequel battles only. Rather despairing for those of us who would have wanted to take on the beastly form of Vader that isn't a total pansy boy. However, I digress; ONWARD TO THE BEEF =_=! First off, it's time to point the bony finger at the technical issues. First off, practically in every campaign sequence, there's a bit of a saber issue: If you cycle to one particular blue stance, whose name evades me, it locks up your stance cycle choices, pretty much =_=. This may make it a little difficult to fight in some already difficult fights =_=+ A small issue with the hud seems to be that the right saber indicator's "MD" is backwards, but that's easily ignored. One final bug to mention: Quicksaving is not exactly a good thing to do for immersion purposes. Why? Well, when it loads, the model you're playing as will usually screw up unmercifully. Worst instance being in Dooku's. Trust me =_= Now then, for the actual synopsis and destructive force of this mod. First off, know that this mod is actually presents you with a number of well-scripted and pretty well choreographed battle sequences, complete with clips from the actual movies. The scenes vary in quality and length, depending on what player you play as. That's right, you have the CHOICE to pick between one party over the other. Which character you play will change the scenario to a varying degree. Each scenario contains a bonus mission that you can use to mix things up with >_>! Behold, the options available to you. Each mission has an Easy, Medium, and Hard setting, which you can view how they affect your battle. For the sake of brevity, I will be referring to the campaign sequences broadly, so as not to spoil the fun, and save my wrists =_= [b]Episode I[/b] [i]Outskirts of Tatooine -[/i]This is a decent recreation of the battle between Maul and Qui Gon out in the desert. This one is a little different in the fact that you'll not actually engage your quarry immediately. In both Maul and Qui-Gon's case, you have to go through a varying amount of Tuskens. Qui-gon sadly has to tote a kid along, albeit he's not much of a liability. Personally, I found this battle to be a little lopsided in difficulty =_,= if you don't play fair. For kicks, I decided to fight Qui-gon with Maul on his trademark speeder. Suffice to say, it was quite amusing to watch him perish. Qui-gon actually got the short end of the stick, because he doesn't have many force powers to defend with. Suffice to say, the bonus mission was a rather amusing twist. [b]Episode II[/b] [i]Encounter with Count Dooku -[/i]Probably one of the best in the bunch next to the Battle of the Heroes campaign that will be explained shortly. This battle is a relatively accurate battle recreation of the final Episode II lightsaber battle between Anakin, Obiwan, and Yoda, as they take on the malevolently awesome Christopher know him as Count Dooku =_=. Anyway, the only oddity I noticed was some of the lousy repetitive combat action in the cinematic sequences. Otherwise, it's near gold, in terms of accuracy. You'll not be disappointed, except perhaps in the bonus mission, I suppose. Didn't feel very inspired, but I digress. Allow me to preface by saying that Episode III was sadly the most fleshed out one. This is understandable, seeing as there were more battles, but something tells me more could have been added to the other two (bare minimum being Duel of the Fates.) [b]Episode III[/b] [i]Rescue Over Coruscant -[/i]The classic battle aboard the invisible hand. A well-scripted and effectively used scene. At this point, there wasn't much worth noting other than the hefty length: be prepared for some serious hardship when in combat, no matter what side you're on. The bonus mission is an interesting new spin on what could have occurred aboard the Invisible Hand. You would be wise to take a look. Short as it is, it's still amusing to think about. [i]Engaging General Grievous -[/i] To preface, yes, you will be going up against all four of Grievous's arms =_,= fear them well, or use them well. This battle I found to be rather amusing, particularly in scripting, as there were some interesting little surprises once the battle got underway =_=. Mid-battle cutscene sequences felt a little dry, but fine otherwise. My favorite sequence had to be the final electrostaff combat scene between the two. Nothing more amusing than going staff to staff =_,= unless of course, Grievous feels like taking potshots upon ye. Bonus mission is okay, albeit not great. [i]Battle of Heroes -[/i]Yes, the ones you EP3 fanchildren have been waiting for =_= *sighs* Suffice to say, this one was probably the most epic, both in scripting, mapping, and cinematics. This battle was pretty much the most impressive, and it took massive works. A rather impressive feat that I noted in the second half of the battle, whilst on the sinking lava machinery, there are bits of ash and lava in the air that hiss against your saber. A nice touch =_,= This one I noted had actual very large differing outcomes, depending on what character you fought as. Whilst playing as Obi Wan gave you the canon ending, an Anakin victory had you...well =_= I'll just let you fight for that. Bonus mission added an odd possibility to the mix of who could attack Anakin. I got exhausted and didn't play through it all, so you will have to find out what happens =_,= Done with all that? Well then, try out the CHALLENGE MODE! Yes =_= a ladder-esque combat sequence in which you can choose what character you fight as, and engage in a series of battles versus different characters, some of which you don't normally see fight =_=. Well, this has all been fun and all, but I've finally defeated the bulk of this mod's content =_= not literally, as midway, I decided to enable the convenient "god mode" button to help speed up the process, rather than get slain time and time again. This mod is quite challenging, and will probably give you great pride in defeating everything. I can safely say that the large file size is worth the epic battles you will have =_,=. BANDWIDTH TO ALL, FAR AND WIDE, OR ELSE I WILL REND YOUR SPINE ASUNDER FOR MAKING ME TYPE ALL THIS CRAP IN VAIN =_= - Averus Retruthan




Dual Lightstaff Mod | 87.92 KB

Something ... in my opinion ... that is a bit too powerful and duels just end way too quickly. RED SITH has combined dual lightsabers and the saber staff and created dual lightstaffs. It\'s almost impossible for anyone to penetrate the two staffs, so you almost never get hit. And the damage that the sabers cause is just huge. Also, the author reskinned the staff saber you use for this mod. My screenshot doesn\'t really do it justice. You\'ll have to just see it in-game. So if you\'ve always wanted dual saber staffs, now you have \'em. It\'s just a pk3 you drop into your base folder, but they\'ll need to be uploaded to a server for you to use them anyone other than your own machine. Y\'know? So ... yeah. ~AmosMagee




Lightsaber in-game customizer | 1.48 MB

here took some code from the Open Jedi Project and added the ability to use RGB sabers for base JA. I cannot guarantee any mod compatibility, but you're certainly welcome to try at your own expense. Anyway, there are instructions included to help you adjust your blade type, so I suggest taking a peek in there when you have the time. All in all, a nice and somewhat practical mod. Worth a look, methinks. - Averus Retruthan




Survival Mod 2: Revenge Of The Droids | 31.32 MB

2: Revenge of the Droids. I'll admit that I cheated while playing this and I still didn't get past like, the second room (when I played as Immy). The enemies just keep coming! You can play as four seperate characters and it looks like each one of them has a different map that you play through. I only tested Immy and the Clonetrooper. I don't know how long it took IZaNaGI to make this mod, but he put an incredible amount of work into this. Yes it's a large download. Stop whining and download it. If you enjoy single player stuff, then you're going to love this. If you don't cheat, then it is quite a challenge. I will probably play through this when I have more time. :) That's two great SP maps/mods that I've reviewed this week. :D ~AmosMagee




Episode 1 Force Sounds | 81.76 KB

noticeable. Some will like it, some won\'t, it\'s one of those try it to like it (or not) mods. Nothing else to be said! Oh except for I was undecided :) -WadeV1589-




JK3 Saber Menu Mod | 5.42 KB

of the Single Player game. Raven tried to appease us by giving us a saber in the beginning of the game in JA, but once again, it wasn\'t enough! They teased us with the promise of a staff saber or dual sabers later in the game. RED SITH deals with our complaints of not having those options from the beginning with a mod that allows you to choose what saber you want from the very beginning. So if you\'re frustrated with having to just use the single saber for the first half of the game, download this mod and play Single Player through with the saber of your choice! Personally, I prefer using single saber anyway. To each his own! ~AmosMagee




I Was A Teenage Jedi | 18.56 MB

Mara Jade (or a reskin of her anyway), Darth Maul (and some reskins of Maul), Kit Fisto (the Nautolan) and other familiar models and skins from JK2. This is not much more than a replacement mod. And you all know how I feel about those. :P The other things besides replacing models and skins that I noticed here was the ability to use dual sabers instead of one, without using cheats and you can choose a red saber. *shrug* What I like most about this mod is the name of it. I\'m sorry, but it\'s just a replacement mod that had some textures/skins missing here and there and a few errors scattered about. Though this may be of value to those who want to play through the single player JA game using a model or skin from JK2. ~AmosMagee




BGMod (Better Graphics for JKA) | 329.44 MB

claim, as I think they\'ve simply got a higher contrast which makes everything look bumpy and, dare I say, somewhat unrealistic. I guess one positive side effect is that since the textures are all smaller, the game will run better with a lower-quality machine. But then again I never had problems playing the game on an ancient machine with a GeForce 2 graphics card, which was outdated [i]then[/i], so if you\'re running something worse than that you shouldn\'t use this mod -- you should upgrade your system. This mod also changes a lot of the menus and things, so if that would annoy you (blue --> red menus, etc) then you might want to think twice about this. I didn\'t notice a significant increase in game playability either (my FPS was basically the same as it was normally). Frankly with the read-me stated 1 FPS increase between baseJKA and this mod, I don\'t necessarily think it\'s worth the download time unless you like the look better. ~Inyri




New Black Saber (JA+) | 126.92 KB

the good ol\' days... Give this a download if you\'re looking for a black saber that looks more like a saber rather than a stick of black death. ~Inyri




Alora2 SP Fix | 1.52 KB

always pondered why they'd bother to negate the other Alora model, other than because of the deformation hole in the back. Then again, that didn't stop the cultist from debuting, did it? Anyway, Vemarkis, a newcomer, has taken the initiative and finally fixed the issue, having the Taspir Alora utilize the other, previously unused alora model. It was instantaneously refreshing. IN-STANT-TANE-EE-USS. I checked in SP to ensure it had the intended effect, and everything works perfectly. So little effort, yet such a big difference. Why this hasn't been done publicly before is beyond me, but no more. I'm definitely going to keep this around, as I personally appreciate the change, however minuscule it may seem. Acquire this if you use Alora at all, be it an NPC or if you play SP profusely. - Averus Retruthan




Highspeed Melee 3 | 484.9 KB

you must put [japlus_gla_anims.pk3] with JA+ Mod. (Means you MUST have JA+ installed. Something I will NOT do) One more, a balance wasn\'t appropriate with multi-player. Therefore, some are being adjusted. Because a problem was found, fast stance was changed to new stance. Then, even a single-player can use a new saber stances. 1.Melee motions The number of frames of meleemotion and a speed were revised. Former back running was deleted, and the left kick and front get up were amended with multi-player. One back flip was changed with single-player. 2.Saber stances Saber stance of medium and dual was added newly, and fast was amended. 3.Melee effects Melee effects with single-player were amended. 4.Melee sounds Melee sounds were amended.[/quote] And here’s the previous review: [quote] Well, first off, this is a melee and animation mod, so it changes a bunch of animations! It has a MP and an SP version. It changes melee animations, and gives an optional saber stance change. However, the file size has been vastly increased with the fact that you can choose which things to have, be it just the saber stance, everything, everything but the saber stance, and what-not. So, we trade file size of customization. I\'m just going to start off with the new saber stance. It changes the stances for Strong and Fast styles, as well as Staff. It doesn\'t change the stances for Dual sabers, or Medium style. It does change the walk back animations, however, but only for fast and strong styles. Although with the way your players head moves to look at people, your head looks like it\'s going to twist off. Also, on ledges if you position yourself just right while using the fast stance, your character goes wild and you start to go into something that resembles a loop. But, you can get out of it by just going over the ledge. The run back animation looks...funny to say the least. It looks like the character\'s on a wheeled chair and is going all over the place. He really looks like he\'s sitting down. Now for the melee part. This does change the melee animations in JA+. For better or for worse, that really for you to decide. I did notice a small thing with the left and right roundhouse kicks (Hey, it\'s what I call the kicks when you do alt attack + W+ A/D). Anyways, the animation would have a brief pause after doing it, so your character would stop for a split second. One kick, I did like was the regular alt attack kick that was modified. I was disappointed that this didn\'t have more changed animations. This overwrites JA+\'s animations, so I\'m not sure if this will work on a basejka server. Now, for the SP version. From what I can tell, it has most of the features of the MP version, except for melee is sped up, and there\'s no saber stance changes. But, there is an added effect to the kick. It looks like a small explosion. Yay, now everyone seems to have either explosives or bags of blue stuff hidden in your shoes. This certainly took some time, so if you like it, download it.[/quote] ~Zach




Walking Animations | 50.2 KB

The single animations were not changed for technical reasons, but it's not so bad, because I looked in Jedi Outcast and I can safely say that the single animations in both games are now the same! Well, except for the idle stance in Jedi Outcast, which I loved. But, this is a good animation pack, and it will work with JA+. So, if you have the previous version of this, then download this version. :) Oh, and the melee stance has been changed as well. :) ~Zach




EP III Stances | 8.24 MB

that I can say, so I'll let the screenshots speak for themselves ;) Sorry for the bad screens, I had to learn to change the camera angle, then I took the screens on a dinky test map (others took to long to load). But hopefully you get the idea :p ~ Red Rebel




Blood+ | 63.83 KB

blood is very good. Some people fall in love with gore stuff like this then this mod might be that one mod that will make you die. When you strike a player it squirts some blood, but when its a true battle it's a bloodbath isn't that delightful! One thing I wish they could do is put new sounds on these things like every 5 kills have it say Monster Kill or something similar. I liked the quality, but when you have the blood mod for both mp and sp it can mess up the quality of graphics so watch out there, but nothing to worry about :). Overall this is great for gore people now if you pass out at the sight of blood then this is NOT for you :). If you love blood like some people that I know then this is perfect for you and when I say perfect I mean perfect! It just splatters all 8 pints (I believe) worth of blood splatters everywhere even on your shoes! The blood stays on the ground and gets all over the walls if you are close enough. Great job Snowgim this is great for anyone that likes blood in their game :). -XgamerX




Throwable Saber Staffs | 2.16 KB

small mod enables saber throw on saber staffs in single player mode. Quite deadly, as the author said, and I found it quite fun to play with. In addition, enemies will also pick up this ability, so be ready for some more action! ~Dretzel




DC-15s Blaster | 974.64 KB

did a forward jump I could see a space between the lower edge of my screen and the hand on the first person view. The model itself appeared to be simple, but detailed to me, although I really couldn’t see that much in-game. Then again, when you’re looking at a weapon model in-game, you don’t see much. Anyways, this looks good, and in certainly an improvement from the previous version. There have been a lot of improvements to this model, so enjoy. ~Zach




Elegance HUD | 138.5 KB

original HUD. Darth NormaN, who you would much more readily expect to see a map from, seems to be expanding his horizons. This very tiny, interesting, and futuristic HUD should be great for people who find the default HUD clunky and find that it obstructs their view of the playing field. Definitely worth looking into! ~Inyri




Ep3 like blades | 68.78 KB

been rounded out. It\'s been said in many reviews, and I\'m going to say it again. The saber blades in the movies are never consistent. They\'re always changing. I know! Why don\'t we make a mod that will cycle through all the different kinds of saber tips! Brilliant! Unfortunately, I don\'t think that\'s possible without any coding. Oh well. It\'s an idea. ~Zach




New SP Species | 1.34 MB

their own combat sounds, though you will of course still hear Jaden's voice for the single-player cutscenes. They each also have torso/head/lower icons for the selection menu. If you like these non-human models, now you can play them in single-player. I guess having Jaden's voice coming out of a Gran is no odder than having it come out of a Kel-Dor. ~Inyri




Sith Academy Mod | 818.59 KB

Player side of JKA. Basically this mod changes all the Jedi and light side characters into Imperials and Dark Jedi, and all the Dark Jedi and Imperial characters into Mercenaries and Rebel soldiers! A list of changes is included in the readme, along with a general description of the story behind the changes: [quote] Just Imagine: Desann fricking PWNd Kyle on Yavin, gained more strength and killed Luke Skywalker afterwards. He overtook the Academy, and at the moment he is training Siths in the Academy, not regarding the Rule of Two. Tavion (wich overlived, due to JKII :) ) betrayed her master, and is about to resurrect Marka Ragnos, to destroy her old master. A few of Desanns old Reborn were switching sides. At all that, you are coming to the Academy, in the Hope of becoming a Sith.[/quote] Along with the character changes, a red bladed lightsaber is now also available from the beginning of the game, so you can play as more of a Dark Jedi character, in keeping with the rest of the mod. I think this is a pretty cool idea, but I also think it really needs expanding into more of a total conversion mod, as just switching the characters around doesn’t quite give this idea the depth and scope that it needs. Nevertheless, keep up the good work, and I hope you decide to expand this mod further! :) If you guys like the look of this mod, be sure to give it a download! ~Nozyspy~




Nina - Genesis | 31.1 MB

advances. However, it didn\'t quite tickle me that much. I will start by saying that this was a well-developed SP mod, and it shows given the conviction of the team responsible for it. The voice actors were decent. I only played a little fraction of it, given time constrictions, and from what I\'ve gathered, the cutscenes were voice-acted. On terms of the actors, most were decent. I say decent because most didn\'t seem to emote enough. I felt as if I were trapped within a world of teenagers, rather than a HORDE OF PEOPLE THAT ARE OLDER AND HAVE BEARDS! Now, the storyline revolves around a secret abandoned imperial project that \"Nova Unit\" has been assigned to. Nova Unit, in turn, assigns it to our protagonist. I believe the unit was mentioned in the previous chapters, so play the previous to understand their malevolence! On a theatrical note, allow me to say this: I wasn\'t pleased with the sudden plot-twist so early. Granted it\'s an important one, but it seems WAY too early to just bring that in. It would have seemed appropriate at a more key location instead of an apartment. Also, what was the point of the stormtroopers? Random people just attacked, seemingly guarding no one important. I don\'t know, perhaps just for target practice...*SCYTHES a stromboli trooper* I just didn\'t see the point at that time in the story. Overall, I suggest you all offer a prayer to the download god so that it may grant you this SP mod. This mod was rather entertaining. It also reminded me that the SP AI is much more smarter than I remembered... Download if you hate humans or if you want to kill time in SP. - Averus Retruthan




Deception | 79.9 MB

acting [i]technology[/i], by the way - all the voice actors were actually quite good, they just didn't have a nice studio to polish up the audio). While this mod consists only of three playable maps, it is actually quite long - I've been testing it all morning and I just only now finished. The story revolves around a Iridonian (Zabrak) mercenary named Phelan who has been hired by the Alliance to investigate a disturbance they did not have the resources to investigate themselves. This leads Phelan on a quest that brings him farther than a mere mission for the Alliance and introduces us to a new threat (which I shall not spoil for you). The maps alone are beautiful, and they are quite consistent from beginning to end. The architecture and style of the maps doesn't change half way through, which is nice. Unfortuntely when I finished testing I had nearly 40 screenshots, so I had to cut it down a bit, so I do recommend you play it to get the full appreciation of the beauty of some of these maps. Now all mods have bugs, and this one is no different. In some of the elevators there was a bit of z-fighting between the red and green buttons. I had a couple of problems with some cutscenes, though I can't say whether or not it was an isolated incident without playing through the mod again, and I told Shadriss I'd have it posted some time today ;). However the mod itself makes these few bugs seem quite insignificant. This mod isn't for the light-hearted who want to just blast on through. It's going to take some thinking, but hopefully it'll be enjoyable. I know I certainly enjoyed it. However make sure to pack up your blaster with a few extra clips - you're going to need them. Highly recommended. Download now. [b]UPDATE[/b]: After speaking with Shadriss and retesting the last two levels I have discovered the cutscenes (and part of the second level, actually) only get bugged if you never obtain the lightsaber. If you do get it everything works wonderously. Now if you're paying attention, like I wasn't, it shouldn't be much of a problem. Just remember that each cutscene has significance ;). ~Inyri




New Jedi NPCs | 2.46 KB

along with other species. These are also compatible in singleplayer as “/playermodel [whatever.” Most of these skins are, well, blue. While I’m not fond of that shade, I suppose the convenience of this outweighs it. Two of the featured npcs are the ones the author and his friend used in singleplayer. While I honestly don’t think too many people worry about that sort of stuff, it is interesting to see how other people are creating their characters. Either way, if you need some new npcs for whatever purpose (filming, fighting, etc), this is probably a nice place to start. ~Wassup1444465




Singleplayer Yoda 1.0 | 2.51 MB

know my opinion - I\'ve always felt that they are pointless and a waste of space. That said, a woman has a right to change her mind. ;) Replacement mods for JK2 were often just Kyle being replaced by the model or skin du jour. They became boring to play and review. Now I know that replacing the main character with Yoda has been done before, but for JA, it\'s just so much more entertaining. I love the first glimpse of Yoda on the ship ... you see Rosh sitting there as the camera pans over to Yoda, and then all you see is an empty seat and just a small shot of his ears. LOL Love that! Anyway, Yoda is the proper size and though everything doesn\'t all line up, I can forgive that just because it was fun playing with Yoda in this. :) What I like best about this SP mod is what\'s promised for the next version. All of Jaden\'s sounds will be replaced with Yoda\'s sounds and Yoda will even have a custom made ship (read the readme for more info). If only there were a Yoda impersonator who could do the voice-over for the cut scenes (if that\'s even possible). That would really complete this mod. :) I have a feeling that SP replacement mods are going to be much better for JA than they were for JK2 and I\'m actually looking forward to playing some now. :) ~AmosMagee




Disco Lando's Lightsaber Effects Mod Pack | 1.03 MB

from looking in the .zip there are quite a variety of files to choose from which change various lightsaber sounds and effects. A full explanation of what all the various .pk3s do is in the readme, so I strongly recommend that you have a good read through it! Here is the list of .pk3s that the author included: [quote] [*] Removal of the green spawn/idle invulnerability shield (requires cg_rendertotexturefx 0). [*] Removal of the green damage shield. [*] New saber clash effects. [*] No saber sparks, no "blood" sparks. [*] New saber damage effect (localized electric flares when Sabers touch body parts - to replace the damage shield - so you know when you're dealing/receiving damage). [*] Round-tipped lightsaber blades with bolder but anti-aliased cores. [*] All new, painstakingly resampled authentic lightsaber sounds taken from digital copies of the Original Trilogy as well as other sources. [*] BONUS: Lightsaber color changing script. [/quote] Its still good to see new mod's which change the saber duelling experience of JKA though and make the sights and sounds more in line with that we all saw in the movies. I especially liked the new round tipped saber blades. I always thought the round tipped saber blades from Episode 1 and 2 were the best, I have never really liked the Blade tips as they are in JKA. I know there are other mod's which do this, but this mod bundles all the little ones into one pack, which saves time! The effect of the saber hitting flesh is also different, so now there is a sort of blue cloud instead of the purple cloud and sparks. I must say though that this looks a little odd, since I wouldn't expect someone's flesh to produce a weird plasma like blue cloud then it burns at the tip of my lightsaber! The saber clash/lens flare effect was definitely cool though, much better than the base JKA version! This mod also includes lots of new movie authentic sounds, again improving the realism of duelling. I agree with the author when he ponders why Raven didn't access Ben Burt's library of movie lightsaber sound effects when making JKA. But anyway, we have then now! There is also a .pk3 which removes the shield flare when you are hit and one that is supposed to remove the green bubble effect that appears around your character when you spawn. But you need to make an autoexec.cfg file which has the line "cg_rendertotexturefx 0" in it for this to work, which is a bit of a pain. To be honest I would have expected this to be included in the mod! Lastly, there are also some bonus sound files included in the .zip, although not included in the .pk3's. it appears you need to extract these to particular folders in your base directory, which again is a bit of a pain. Surely it would have been better to include these in the .pk3's? Anyway, overall this is a nicely rounded mod with plenty of things to help make your JKA experience more movie like. Fix those issues I mentioned above, that people for the most part simply wont want to be bothered with (making the autoexe.cfg for example) and this mod will be even better! :) Keep up the good work! ~Nozyspy~




The Force Unleashed HUD v6 | 12.48 KB

much improved for this version, though the lack of antialiasing is still apparent among the edges. A small glitch overall presents itself in the armor bar stacking over the health bar - they don't quite line up right all the time, there seems to be some random shifting, usually with full health and 25 armor but sometimes at other amounts. Another remark I'd make is the ammo count being at the exact opposite end of the screen - I'm aware TFU didn't have one at all, but personally I would have at least moved it closer to the HUD element itself, just to make it easier to check status at-a-glance and get back to the game. From that analysis you can guess that it's not perfected, but it is the final version so if you're in the market for a Force Unleashed HUD for JA, this is probably the one to be using at present. -Mikouen




Age of Terror-Mod V1 | 22.48 MB

so they are supposed to be stronger,and resist more damage. I've also included some new sabers(only reskins,but they have better abillities); The sabers are: Survivor, Ripper, Ripper V.2 and Shadow. (single) (dual) (single) (dual) The weapons are changed too; The Repeater now fires missiles, The Blaster Pistol, E-11,Bowcaster and Flechette shoots alot faster, The Concussion effects are more green, The Merr-Sonn is golden and it's missiles are flamming, The Thermals, Tripmines and DetPacks are darker.(Only Tripmine have NO new effects!) Oh,I almost forgot;The demp is now an E-11! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/quote] I don't like to quote the author much but sometimes I have to, because otherwise I would be sitting at my computer FOREVER typing up all the small things that have been done in this mod. I'll give you an overview, however. - Most characters now dress darker, implying a theme of darkness - Makes NPCs stronger - Contains new sabers - Several weapons and their effects have been switched out - Changes load screens to a Halloween color scheme It is indeed pretty well done for a mod, not just a couple of reskins, but new weapons and effects also. The author has achieved what he set out to do in the first place, and this mod serves its purpose. Keep in mind that it is only for Singeplayer. Let me repeat, it does NOT work in multiplayer. Except for the sabers. They work in Multiplayer. Enjoy. ~Authuran




Cyan lightsaber blade + new force effects | 54.2 KB

one: [quote]This mini-mod will change the orange saber blade to cyan blade. I added some old force effects I modified, too. Force push/pull will not have the \'blur\' around the person, same with grip (only in SP). I also added JK2 lightning and orange force drain I did once. I edited the saber cores, too. They\'re simple, but they look good in-game.[/quote] Now, to fill in the holes. This won\'t work with JA+ at all, nor will most of the force effects. It\'s basically most effective in base JA. I really didn\'t notice the difference in the saber cores in their own right, except that they blur pure white when kata\'ing. The force techniques do as they say, but one was left out: Mind trick no longer has the sparkly aura around a person\'s head when under the influence of MT...this change, to be honest, is stupid. Hate to be blunt but =_o that sparkle aura was what made sure that you knew people didn\'t see you. Adding this mod would basically turn MT into a \"shot in the dark\" power. Granted, may add to some challenge, but honestly, I wouldn\'t take chances. For the majority of you who don\'t use MT, then don\'t worry. This file is still recommended for your bandwidth\'s consumption =_>. - Averus Retruthan




Advent Children Buster Sword Replacement Mod | 947.04 KB

I like it, though. It's certainly better than pretending the Buster Sword is brand new, but it looks like he just darkened everything up and added a default photoshop texture over the sword, and it just isn't working for me. First of all it looks like the texture stretches, which is no fault of Shadowknight's, but it should have been taken into account. Secondly the texture pattern is just too large. It is better, though, unless you like brand new shiny swords. [i]That[/i] is purely a matter of taste, though. There was one boo boo the author made, which you can see in the screenshot. See, I didn't have Orion's original pack when I tested this, but the author basically just copied the original .sab file so it includes all the entries from the original, so there are a lot of hilts listed that don't actually exist in the pack. This isn't a really big problem, though. If you don't have the original pack, don't use those hilts. If you do have the original pack, then there's no problem. ~Inyri




Nina Mod 1.5 | 36.19 MB

As a result, she is neither Sith nor Jedi, but is host to a number of neutral powers and one power of each side of the force. I believe the author describes her well when he says: "But talk about money with her, and she’ll become your best friend." Larry has proven that he has a firm grasp of Radiant with this latest addition to the Nina storyline. If you want to see the original review and screenshots, go here. In addition to the original mod, Larry has added a third level to the mod based on Tatooine. He has done a wonderful job of capturing the SW feel to his levels, even though I think he could have supported it with a better storyline or more expansive levels. The only bug in the mod was the lack of voices. There ARE cutscenes, but the author seems to have left out the audio bytes for each scene. Overall, I felt wanting for bigger, more including levels. A custom skin for the heroine wouldn't have hurt as well. -Sared




Ingame Character and Saber Menu | 10.25 KB

would not have made it under normal circumstances, it has been removed. Apologies to both Awakibiji and Master Ibonek.[/i][/b] Amazingly enough though, it would appear that this version of the in game menus will make up for this grievous error. Why? Well first off, a brief recap on this mod's function: This mod allows you to evoke the player creation menu and saber creation menu while playing single-player. A very nice function, if not slightly cheating. The previous mod only allowed you to switch a new model and a single saber model and color, and you had to activate a separate button to change it. This version, however: - Fixed the saber menu so you can evoke duals and staff - You may now choose the red saber color for your weapon. - The changes are automatically complete upon exiting the menu. This is definitely an improvement, but there are a lot of issues that crop up if you abuse this menu too much. For example, if you change from staff to single, you still have the staff stance in your repertoire of styles. If you change to ANYTHING while possessing dualies, you will still retain the second saber. This can result in you possessing both a staff and a single, which neat as it sounds, makes your animation incredibly buggy, since the games' trying to figure out which set to use...and failing. However, if used properly, this menu is quite the asset. YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO. GET IT OR SIT ON IT. - Averus Retruthan




Star Wars Movie Duels - The Original Trilogy - Demo

mdtotdemov2.exe | 96.31 MB

and TFU. Well, this little mod takes care of that one! Welcome to Movie Duels - The Original Trilogy! Although this is just a demo consisting of a single level, the fight between Obi-Wan and Darth Vader from A New Hope, it's still quite a bit of fun. It's almost as well done as Movie Duels 2, however, I found that some of the animations are a bit weird. For example, when Vader gets knocked over in the last part of the level if you play as him. A big chunk of wall hits him, and he just stands there for a second, as if he is trying to decide whether or not he should fall over from it. I also had a bit of a problem with the fact that when playing as Darth Vader, I was able to pull Obi-Wan into the pit in the hangar in the first part of the fight, killing him with almost no work at all. In the second part, he jumped in himself! I literally hit him twice with my saber during the entire fight. Even so, it's best to keep in mind that this is just a demo. Anyway, I'm definitely looking forward to a full version of this mod. It is worth the download, if you can stand the .exe file format.




AdZ's Force Mod | 8.63 MB

fresh look to the effects shown when using the force powers, but includes a whole new set of icons for each power which look far better than the default, and far better than the v1 icons. So i'll start with saying that the icons are great, and for them alone, I would keep this mod. Now moving onto the effects themselves: [b]Lightning:[/b] There are not only new effects for the lightning power, but he has also included new sounds. The sound is nice, however i'm not sure if I would say it is better, certainly different though, and quite nice for a change. The lightning effect itself looks great though, and definately and improvement that I liked. [b]Mind Trick:[/b] Basically this power consists of small pink/purple dots flashing above a players head, i'm not sure why a purple colour was chosen, but it does look good, so cant complain about that! [b]Protect:[/b] Ok, the protect effect doesn't seem much different, it basically seems like a thinner and more transparent version of the default, but it also doesnt move around the skin like before, its more of a static effect. I never did like the default, and this new effect is a much more subtle and nicer effect.. much easier on the eyes for an old sod like me. [b]Drain:[/b] Now, for my favourite addition... the drain effect. This new effect is completely unlike the default, its more of a haze of red energy been pulled from the other player, rather than a lightning effect. I absolutely love this new effect, however I would prefer if it was slightly smaller, it covers a large amount of your aim, which might get difficult in the midst of combat, other than that its fantastic. As an addition to the new effects, the grip animation from the V1 version has still been included, but the animation itself has been made to go faster, and as an added bonus to the pack, he has also included a new flame burst / flame thrower sound. All in all, a fantastic force modification here, great work AdZ.. I hope you make a V3, i'll be keeping my eyes open for it, and for any other file you release! I COMMAND THEE ALL TO DOWNLOAD OR I SHALL STEAL YOUR SOULS AND PURGE YOU INTO THE UNDERWORLD... nah not really.. but seriously.. download this... *evil glare* - AmonRa




CloneCody SP | 2.61 MB

there is one problem with it. The author left the original sounds.cfg file in it but didn\'t include the actual sounds, so if you don\'t have the original model you\'re going to hear stunning silence when using this guy in-game. However I think most of the people who would download this probably already have the original, so it may not be much of a problem.[/quote]The sound issue has been corrected so you won\'t be the amazing silent clone anymore. However the shader issue has not been corrected, so the visor still won\'t work. However the sound fix definitely make this mod better, so if you downloaded the original make sure you download this one now to fix that bug! ~Inyri




Ultimate General Grievous | 6.59 MB

with an electrostaff. Unfortunately it seems you are unable to choose an uncloaked Grievous as an NPC, which is somewhat of a problem because the cape hasn\'t been culled properly and it\'s perfectly see-through from the front. However you can choose an uncaped version of Grievous in single-player. I forget whether there was already a mod for this, though I think there was... But this also includes some other things, like some new NPC files. However for one of the NPC files you will need to download the magnaguard separately. Before you get all excited over a four-armed Grievous, make note that not only do the extra arms not move independently of the original two, but when you swing they become completely detached from the body, so it\'s really nowhere near as exciting as it sounds. Sorry! But if you\'re a Grievous fan you might want to give this a download and check to see if there\'s anything here that you\'ve been missing. ~Inyri




Escape: Yavin IV | 109.39 MB

models, new cutscenes, animations, etc. All of this is new and it's all done quite well. It was a bit of a challenge for me and I didn't even come close to finishing it (mostly because of a time restraint). If you've been bored with the SP game from Jedi Academy, you might want to check out Escape: Yavin IV. The only things I was disappointed in are significant, but don't make or break this game. The size, of course, is a factor. It's over 100MB in size, so it's going to take a while to download for quite a few of you. Second complaint would be the voice acting. It was all done by one person. And I'm not quite sure why the Queen's voice had a tinny sound to it. That didn't make any sense. Anyway, try getting more people to help voice act for your levels - there are quite a few out there who are willing. Several guys I know out there who'd be interested. And there are fewer women available, but I'm one of them! :D [/shamelessplug] Aaaaaaanyway, if you can tolerate the download - check this total conversion out! ~AmosMagee Ps. There's a walkthrough included! Okay, totally going to cheat and play this all the way through later. :D




Star Wars Chronicles Duels Pack 1

duels_pack_1.rar | 227.51 MB

Fates' from Episode I and the Duel between Dooku, Anakin, Obi-Wan and finally Yoda from Episode II. For anyone not familiar with the Chronicles Mod you should check out their website, [url=]here[/url]. The first thing you see in any Single Player mod, is of course the menu screens and these are rather clever! Available from the 'Start New Game' option are the two duels, but what is clever is that the button for each duel, when moused over, is actually a small video of the duel itself! Not something that is hugely important to the gameplay, but it’s a nice touch nonetheless! First off, let's have a look at: [b]Duel of the Fates.[/b] This is probably one of the most famous bits of any of the Star Wars films, not least because of that amazing 'hairs on the back of your neck' soundtrack by John Williams. Its also just an incredibly choreographed duel and is always enjoyable to watch. Here we get our chance to play as Obi-Wan and duel Darth Maul ourselves. Believe me, this is not easy, it takes skill and perseverance to complete these duels and I died several times on each. Out of the two though I would definitely say that Duel of the Fates is the most difficult, primarily because old Qui-Gon isn't really very helpful. :P That is one of the few issues I found with this mod; Qui-Gon often just stops behind pillars or sometimes just walks around casually while Darth Maul continues attacking you, which makes things rather more difficult. The cutscenes in both duels are fantastic however. They are on par, if not better than the cutscenes made for JKA by Raven and include characters that move their mouths and are lip synched to the speech and full sound from the movies, which adds a really nice level of realism to everything. The camera angles and character movements are also unbelievably similar to the actual shots the film, which is quite an accomplishment considering the limitations of JKA. The Duel of the Fates map is also very impressive and accurate to the film. Along with the excellent skins this rounded this half of the mod off nicely. It really does feel very cinematic! [b]Geonosis Duel[/b] This is of course the duel that was at the end of Episode 2 featuring Count Dooku, Anakin, Obi-Wan and Yoda. You start out as Obi Wan and fight until the scene where Dooku disarms Obi-Wan and Anakin saves him just in time before Dooku cuts poor Obi in half. You then switch over to controlling Anakin and then when Anakin gets his arm chopped off you finally get to play as Yoda! The cutscenes and character changes occur when you get Dooku's health down to a certain amount. Again the cutscenes are fantastic and contain full music and speech from the film along with lip synching characters. The thing I was impressed with most though is the map. It really does have a Geonosis feel and is the best recreation of the Geonosis duel area that I have ever seen. The sky outside especially looked fantastic; somehow the author of the map has been able to make the skybox sort of 'glowy'. There is a screenshot below where you can see what I mean, it's very difficult to describe since it doesn't look quite the same as the glow from a light. In any case I haven't a clue how it was done, although I would very much like to find out! As for bugs on this half of the mod, I only noticed one. It was however most bizarre... Instead of Padme appearing at the end and running into the hangar as she does in the film, it was actually a Stormtrooper. How this happened I have no idea, I also don't know whether this problem was unique to me, e.g. caused by a file conflict, but in any case the Padme model was replaced by a Stormtrooper. Weird, and a little amusing but nothing too serious! Overall; fantastic work here and well worth a download! Keep up the good work guys, I look forward to seeing Duel Pack 2! :D ~Nozyspy~ And now a message from the Chronicles Team: [quote] Star Wars Chronicles is a Jedi Academy Modification that is being developed by the Chronicles Team since August 17th 2007. The idea is creating singleplayer missions that resembles to the six movies of the saga, something that many dreamt and couldn't do so far. We count with a huge number of members that are working to provide you the best quality and pleasure. MovieBattles Team, responsible for creating the famous MovieBattles II modification is supporting us. In this Duel Pack Series we have planned to give the fans a taste of our work. The demo was about missions, this is how the duels will be in the full version. You will get to be Obi-Wan in Duel of The Fates and duel against Darth Maul with the help of Qui-Gon. All scenes are exactly as the original movies from the camera point of view to character animations as much as the engine allows us. It is of great importance to us that you feel like in the movie. Moreover in the Geonosis Duel, you will fight as 3 different characters including the little green guy, Yoda! The lightning effect of the Sith lord was supported by shaders to make it more realistic during cinematic's. The Duel might be hard for you new starters, but keep trying, Count Dooku is just another tinny. Both missions are beautifully scripted and mapped, you will surely want to play more after this experience. We are planning on a second duel pack that will most probably feature Battle Over Coruscant and Emperor's Throne Duel. So keep your heads up for the next update very soon.[/quote]




Excellent Saber Blades | 978.71 KB

by the file name, this is another episode III saber blade mod. I can't say if it's accurate or not, because I haven't seen the film in a long time. As with any saber blade mod, though, just take a look at the screenshots, and if you see what you like, download it. Nuff said! ~Dretzel




Best Clone NPC Pack v2 | 3.82 KB

This will add a plethora of new NPC files for this model pack, so if you were disappointed that the original didn\'t come with NPCs or want to try out a new NPC pack for it, give this one a shot. Details on what NPCs are included are listed in the read-me file. ~Inyri[/QUOTE] This is the V2 of clone npc pack. If you want to try some more clone like npcs then this pack is for you. A list of all the npcs is included in the readme so give it a look. [i]Ayane Yamazaki[/i]




Complete Species Pack | 1.24 MB

section to increase the ability to mix and match clothing options. However, I noted two major things: - Most models don't have the label applied to them. - Some of the options are mixed up Better yet, this has only two pk3s, so you can only customize certain ones because the engine doesn't support all the models. So, might be a little conflict if you only use conflicting halves. HOWEVER, it is possible to simply put both in and try and figure out what ones are what XD. Honestly, m'lady, I don't think it was necessary to put EVERY SINGLE MODEL into the species section, but rather certain ones with custom additions that aren't easily reachable would have sufficed. However, I'd rather not argue against this idea given that it seemed insane in the first place O_o. Oh well. Maybe it may appeal to you masses. I know I only use the brown cultist model, and I know how to get to that one in a heartbeat. Bored? I know Lady Forge was ¬_¬. Give it a bandwidth nibble, and see if it could be of any use to you. - Averus Retruthan




Stormtrooper SP | 233.16 KB

only thing this mod has going for it is that you also get red and blue color variations for the stormtrooper as well as a version with the arm patch thing. Enjoy. ~Metall Pingwin




The Ancient Threat Episode I: The Orthand Mystery | 57.44 MB

just don't have time for such complicated levels! Honestly I love them. The mapping is great, the levels are really tricky (or I'm really dumb... :p), an the voice acting is even pretty good. I realized halfway through I had my subtites off, and since the person on the other end of the comlink is basically speaking jibberish I was wondering why I was confused. I'm going to let the screenshots speak mostly for themselves in terms of the architecture of the maps in this Single-Player mod. The maps themselves are tricky to get around. Especially that first one. I don't know how many times I died before I finally turned my brightness up, though that removed some of the challenge. I would have appreciated something more of an introductory cutscene, to find out a little bit more about our main character, but all in all it seems well thought out and well completed. It's no easy task to complete each level, and that's part of the appeal. Definitely worth a download. As soon as I get a few spare minutes I'm going to go finish up those last three levels ;) ~Inyri




JK3 Multiplayer Dismemberment | 1.08 KB

difficult :) So, you know in the single player, when you can slice off people\'s arms and legs e.t.c? Well after doing this you\'ll be able to do it in multiplayer too :) Bear in mind if u use a mod like JA+ you may have to alter the seperate config files for these mods as well as the basic one. ~Szico VII~




X-Saber | 143.26 KB

However for those of you who enjoy the odd sabers, you\'ll like this one, I mean it even has a story behind it! [i]A saber that once belonged to the Kel Dor Sith Lord, Baret Kloopon. Like a saber staff but with two ignition points on each end.[/i] So there ya go, not only is it a saber, but it\'s a saber with SW type history and it\'s a free download so how can you turn that down eh? :p The hilt is somewhat plain though, having a very strange texturing that looks like wood perhaps (I went as far as to look at the JPG and still couldn\'t work it out). But there you have it, a 4 pointed, strangely textured saber that will be great for some of you while others will just not like it. Impossibly to please everybody though right? -WadeV1589-




FlufMod 0.9.5 Beta | 73.32 MB

variety of custom player models and skins for [i]both[/i] multiplayer and singleplayer! First of all, lets have a look at the changes to the singleplayer side of the game. [b]Singleplayer[/b] First off it is worth noting that this mod adds a huge number of excellent custom player models and skins made by a variety of authors, for you to choose from when you start a new game. Not only that but there are also customization menu options for many of these, allowing you to refine you character even further. If you want to play as a Shadowtrooper with blue, red and black armour, then you can! ;) If you want more detailed information, then be sure to check out the readme. There is also a cool little robe toggle thing, which allows you to put on or take off your outer robes on the fly, should you decide that you would rather use your robe with the hood up for a bit of sneaking around, or maybe take it off completely when battling a bunch of Cultists. This feature is available for both SP and MP. Next up we have a revamped force points system and some adjusted force powers. The author has included two very detailed though rather long, readme\'s which outline the many changes, so rather than trying to describe them myself, I may as well let the author do it: [quote] ================================= - SinglePlayer Force Point System ================================= At the moment it is quite a HACK, but it works, and that\'s the point. Through the use of the menu system and external CVARS, I created a \"different\" (far be it for me to claim \"better\") system for the distribution of forcepoints. -Force Sense I find that the Force Sense ability is supposedly innate to what a Jedi is. \"Seeing things before they happen giving them god-like reflexes\". If it were up to me, i would code in force Sense as being the most powerful ability, instead of a simple \"item and secret finder\" that the single player game makes it, or the \"bypass mindtrick\" ability that multiplayer makes it. Thus, I have taken it out of the equation somewhat, due to my current lack of modifying ability for the Single Player Game. It is still incrementable like all other abilities, but it starts the game at level 2. -Saber Throw I don\'t like saber throw. It\'s cheap, and impracticle. (Obi Wan: \"This weapon is your life!\") The jedi should never knowingly chuck their saber around the room. Our lightsaber is all we got. (I prefer to try to play and beat the Jedi Knight games without ever using any other weapons, however the placement of disrupter rifle snipers often forces me to play sniper wars *grr*). Anyway, Darth Vader(EP6) & Yoda(EP3) are the only Jedi to have been witnessed throwing their saber, and it wasn\'t with any real \"boomerang\" control, it was simply an agressive attack against Luke and a Clone Trooper. Thus, I revamped how Saber Throw is given in the game. With the default SaberPack all sabers are generically the same: all with default values. The MOD alters this play to give each saber specific combat capabilities and limitations, some of which include the inability to throw the saber. Kicks are available to those sabers that aren\'t throwable. However, since some sabers are throwable and others are not, Saber throw starts the game at 0, and it is up to you to increase it wisely. -Initial Forces: Pull: 1 //Because of the ID-10-T error, some maps require you //to be able to Pull/push objects. Also, it should be //innate for a Jedi to be able to \"pull\" items //(ie saber) to them. Sense: 2 Saber Offense: 1 Saber Defense; 1 -Tier 1: Game Start: 6 pts Missions: 1 pt (2 if All Secrets found) Total Points: 10 to 12 Possible Pts -Tier 2: First Mission: 3 pts (5 if Saber Favorite Weapon) Missions: 1 pt (2 if All Secrets found) Total Points: 7 to 12 Possible Pts -Tier 3: First Mission: 3 pts (5 if All Secrets found) Missions: 1 pts (2 if All Secrets found) Total Points: 7 to 13 Possible Pts Total Points In Game: 24 to 37 Possible Pts As you can see I did a little tweaking with the per mission point system. If you find all of the secrets on a mission (eg: Post-mission menu shows \"Secrets Found: # of #\") then, the next mission you recieve extra force points for spending. This is remaniscent of DFII:JK. However it isn\'t perfect, as some missions have secrets, but do not actually consider them as Secrets in the \"post-mission debrief\". So, basically if after the mission it displays a \"Secrets Found\" entry, and you have found ALL of the secrets for that level, you will recieve the extra point. [/quote] Next up we have some heavy modding to the saber combat system. This is where it gets even more in depth; from what I can tell you are able to choose from a variety of saber hilts, each with unique abilities and styles associated with them. For more information, be sure to read the FlufMod_Saber_Info.txt which contains a lengthy and very detailed explanation of the attributes and damages associated with each saber. [quote] =========================== - SinglePlayer Saber System =========================== -Select any Hilt, Any Style at start of game. Sabers: Dual, Staff, Single Stances: Medium, Strong, Fast, Tavion, Desann Colors: Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Red. Hilts: (See: FlufMod_Saber_Info.txt) -New Style selection system based on increasing Saber Offense If you increase your Saber Offense you will recieve the option to add an additional style of your choice. This happens at the Weapon Selection Screen. If you choose not to add a style at this moment, select NONE and you will recieve no bonus style. After Hoth and Vjun you still recieve the default new style as per the game, however at this point you can as well select NONE and choose to retain only the styles you currently posess. This acts now to make SaberOffense a tad bit more important, not just style-wise, but also as your attack base. You can have only one style, but a level 3 saber offense, so you are really powerful offensively, even though you only use one style of saber combat. Finally, this does not affect the MOD oriented hilt limitations. You still retain ALL styles you gain in the game, even if a specific HILT does not allow you to use it, so be careful about which saber hilt you pick and what styles you pick for it. Especially after VJun, where you can \"build\" a new saber hilt, so this may or may not affect styles learned throughout the course of the game. Also, after the VJun mission, where you str able to select a new saber hilt, this has been altered to prevent changing saber types. You must stick with whatever type of saber you began the game with. I personally like this better, because as the game progresses, you are \"practicing\" saber techniques with one type of saber. \"Obi-Wan: If only you\'d spend as much time practicing your saber techniques as you do flying, and you\'d rival Master Yoda as a swordsman.\" Hence, you don\'t really alternate between the saber types, you focus on ONE type and get really good at it. With this as well, I believe wholeheartedly in the role-play aspects, and thus if you increase your SaberOffense with one type of saber, you should have to start from Level 1 again for a different type of saber combat. Which, since I could not code this effect with the limited resources available for Single Player mods, I simply eliminitated the option.[/quote] As the author states in his readme, and as you can see from the amount of time and detail he has put into this mod, he is attempting to add some more RPG and choice related aspects to JKA, which while it allows you more freedom in gameplay than JK2, is still pretty linear gameplay wise. I would really like to go into this mod in more depth, but the very fact of its complexity makes it difficult to test for a review since we generally don’t have that much time, especially for huge mods like this. For the full effect, I would definitely recommend downloading this and starting a new game! Now, that’s the major points of the singleplayer side of the mod dealt with, so what about the multiplayer aspects? [b]Multiplayer[/b] AS in singleplayer, there have been some significant changes to the saber system, as outlined below: [quote] ================================= - Saber Style Selection... ================================= Yes, I think it is rather pointless, and annoying, for Raven to have coded in 7 total saber styles, and yet you can only use at best 3 at a time. Sabering is more than just 3 distinct methods, hell its more than the mere 7 animations they\'ve included, and since I\'m not a modeller we\'ll just have to make do. Instead, I basically opened up all the styles, Tavion, Fast, Medium, Strong, Desann, Dual, and Staff, as a point based system using your Saber Offense Level. Level 1 - 1 Point Level 2 - 3 Points Level 3 - 5 Points This works out, because Dual and Staff cost 3 points as opposed to all other styles 1 point. In addition to the Saber file scripts, you can configure the sabers to bonus you with styles or limit others. Like Anakin\'s EP2 saber, is normal, but his EP3 saber and Darth Vader\'s saber both have Desann learned, so you don\'t have to buy it. On the server side, you can effect styles available with a server CVAR, listed below. As well, Bot JKB files can use the same method of saber style flags in their force power string. Using the same bit flag addition values as you would for the g_SaberStyleDisable CVAR listed below (but only for the Styles not the disable flags) you would append that value to the bot\'s personality\'s forcepower string as follows: Example: 7-1-222222202020003333-104 The -104 gives the bot the use of Tavion, Strong, and Dual styles, I think. Not too good on the whole AI section of the source code, but they all use the same parsing engine as it does for the player, so for now I believe it works, and I\'ll keep testing for later revisions.[/quote] To be honest, I really have to agree with the author here, considering that Raven used different saber styles and attacks for Tavion and Desann its quite annoying that they only included 3 styles for the single saber and 1 for the dual and staff sabers each. Its a shame that we have to resort to modding to include extra styles like Tavion\'s and Desann\'s, when I think Raven should have included these and maybe more styles to begin with so that we would have more variety in gameplay. Along with this there have been many changes to the way force powers work, from the use of force points and force regen times, to adjustments of the various force powers, such as having to hold down the force speed (now called force dash) button in order to continue using it, which makes sense, as like the author says in his readme, Jedi don’t just \'turn it on and off\'. There have also been some adjustments to saber throw, meaning the saber now flies in a strait line, a la Yoda in Episode III, and you now have to go and pick your saber up afterwards, as it no longer returns automatically to your hand. There are many more adjustments which are explained in greater detail in the readme, which I wont paste in here since those alone are about three pages long! For more info be sure to read the readme! So what does the author have planned for future versions of this mod? [quote] ================================= - Future Plans ================================= First let me note that help is ALWAYS appreciated, especially from the fine folks at the forums and elsewhere on the \'Net who help point out certain things and help me seek the location for things as well as offering advice, pointers, and general answering of foolish questions modders like me sometimes need. So anyway, in the end, this section is just a list of things I would \"like\" to do in the future, but can\'t because I suck. - Update Saber Deflections of standard Blaster attacks. I\'d like to change it so that it would deflect some on its own, but if you actively hold a key to \"contribute\" extra attention, your deflection rate skyrockets. Very rarely did you see powerful Jedi affected by blasters, especially when they were concentrating on deflecting the missles. I\'d like to add the Concentration. - Update a \"Sense\" radar. I dunno how exactly I\'d do this but I\'d like to make some sort of radar that would indicate hostile intention in a specific direction, for those rare moments when that 2D screen is just to limiting on the peripheral vision it would be nice to have the force work for us, point out where that last shot came (or is coming) from. [/quote] Personally I think both of these ideas are excellent. The idea for the saber deflection modifications reminds me of the Star Wars Episode I Game, where you actually had to use the attack button to deflect blaster bolts, which I have to say was much more satisfying than just having it done for you! I also like the \'sense radar\' idea, this would be very useful in FFA\'s and it could also be quite useful on singleplayer, when you see the beam of a disruptor rifle graze your shields and want to know where the shot came from. All in all a [i]very[/i] in depth and complex mod here. This wont appeal to everyone of course, but I am sure some people will absolutely love it! Just a note to the author for next time around though, I think it would be a good idea to include a simplified readme with a briefer outline of the features to make it easier for newbies to get started with the mod and also for the benefit of us reviewers to be able to quickly see what the mod features without having to do a lot of reading or hours of play-testing. ;) Keep up the good work JaedenRuiner, your modding skills are impressive, most impressive! ;) ~Nozyspy~




Qui-Gon Jinn as Kyle Katarn | 1.39 MB

some reason you'd prefer to see Qui-Gon instead of good ol' Kyle Katarn, then go ahead and get this mod. ~Laam'inui




Dark Side mod | 17.92 KB

is Tavion, Kyle is Alora, Rosh and Jedi Knights are cultists, and you are a reborn. Not the most creative mod around, I am sure I have seen almost the exact same thing elsewhere, but if you like the sound of it, give it a download. Note to author: Next time, if you want your screenies included, please submit them in the proper format (jpg) and they will be added as well.




All Enemies Have Sabers | 25.88 KB

assume it would get a little old, especially when a mob of angry saber-weilding mercenaries killed you. I don't imagine having a bunch of tuskens running at you with lightsabers would be much fun either. However for those of you who are 100% anti-guns, this may prove a neat little mod to have. Apparently this also changes Tavion in the final battle to... well... something else. I know what it is, but I won't ruin it for you. Just be aware it's probably not as exciting as you might expect. Just be aware this pack has a lot of .npc files in it, so if you already have a bunch of NPCs in your base folder you may not be able to use this mod. ~Inyri




JA+ Client Side Plugin v1.3 | 20.12 MB

why should you download it even if you don't need to? The moves are reportedly smoother, there are improved effects for the new moves, forces and attacks, better management of the new JA+ items such as the flamethrower and grapple hook, RGB sabers and much, much more. Anyway, this is a very customizable mod overall and if you're going to be playing on a JA+ server anyway, you should get this client side plug-in for all the other nifty little features. :)[/quote] This version includes all of the above, as well as the new JA+ sabers, holsters and effects. You only [i]need[/i] this, if you're joining a pure server, but it's handy to have if you go to a JA+ server often. -Rink [b]If you want the server side as well as the client side go[/b] [url=;41254]here[/url]




Obi-Wan Kenobi | 560.05 KB

can\'t say whether this is good or not. It\'s just ... yeah. So ... if you wanted to play as Obi-Wan in the SP game, download this. ~AmosMagee (Yes, I did copy the review from the Plo Koon one. :P)




Combat Evolution | 5.81 KB

all of the sabers that you now have countless ways to change your saber fighting style. And what mostly was changed had to do with the damage and speed and even the specials/katas that you perform. I\'ll just quote the author on the changes: [quote] ARBITER: desann style kata changed to dual saber spin attack force protect not usable dark rage not usable RETALIATOR: attack speed slightly increased damage slightly decreased CONSUL: damage reduced significantly movement speed increased attack speed increased lunge changed to hilt bash (can knock people down) ADEPT: damage reduced slightly attack speed increased kata changed to dual saber kata PRAETOR: movement speed decreased significantly knockback scale added kata changed to \'hurricane\' attack SENTINEL: movement speed increased significantly attack speed decreased slightly damage decreased slightly yellow dfa changed to dual butterfly attack small knockback scale added ADJUDICTATOR: changed the yellow dfa to not jump so high and move forward a bit more. Break parry bonus added lock bonus decreased significantly DEFENDER: attack speed decreased slightly disarm bonus increased kata move changed to dual saber spin attack FIREBRAND: lock bonus decreased parry bonus decreased movement speed decreased slihgtly attack speed decreased slightly break parry bonus significantly increased lunge attack changed to a powerful stab attack damage increased GUARDIAN: knockack scale added butterfly changed to dual saber butterfly AVENGER: splash radius increased attack speed decreased kata move changed to yellow kata VINDICATOR: damaged reduced significantly attack speed increased significantly kata changed to dual saber kata CHAMPION: damage increased by ALOT movement speed decreased significantly attack speed decreased significantly kata changed to red style kata force absorb not able to be used force grip not able to be used VANQUISHER: transition damage increased damage scale decreased significantly large knockback scale added kata changed to \'huricane\' attack[/quote] This should keep you guys busy for a while. Play with the different combinations for wielding dual sabers. There\'s quite a variety here and while I didn\'t try each saber, I\'m sure the differences in each one are enough to make it feel almost like a new saber system. ~AmosMagee




JKA Saber Hilt Pack (v2.0) | 4.77 MB

for you to choose from. If you played JK2 then most of these sabers here will seem a tad familiar. I'll just give a few words on each saber. I will be listing them in order of the screenshots. Desann: We should all recognize this saber, carried by the most lethal lizard/dragon Dark Jedi thing. Enjoyed by many in JK2 and now available for JKA! Stinger: Can't say I've seen this saber before, but I'm not one to download many sabers to replace the default ones ... so ... yeah. It came with the Desann one, but I'm not sure who credit goes to for it. Seems like a fairly plain saber. *shrug* Strider_Fellowship: No info included on who the author of this saber is. It's a good lookin' hilt and will look better as a sword without the saber glow thing. Luke: This is a saber hilt from a pack by a guy who did none of the saber hilts either. Yeah. I'm thinkin' this is just Luke's saber. Then again, I don't pay much attention to the hilts. Oniwan: Before you even start, I know that looks like a typo, but it's not one by me! HA! That's what whoever made this hilt called it. It's his typo! Decent hilt. Dooku: From the same guy who gave us the Luke and Oniwan hilts, here's the Dooku hilt. Wildly popular, I saw this hilt everywhere in JK2. While it looks like good craftsmanship, I can't stand this hilt. Maybe because it's curved like that, I dunno. Personal preference, I guess. Yoda: The final hilt from the pack that included the last three hilts, this one is called Yoda. Though, I think it looks a tad too big for Yoda. Very plain hilt. Nazgul: And now onto the Lord of the Rings (LOTR) hilts. This first one looks like the kind of sword the Black Riders would carry. Dark in color, sharp at the points. Looks like it could inflict pain on someone no matter which end you swung with. Morgul: A dark city in Mordor, Morgul (actually Minas Morgul) had this hilt made with its namesake and I think it fits its name nicely. Small and unassuming. Glamdring: Ah, Gandalf's sword. It's large and regal and it just really has a presence about it. Nice lookin' hilt. Sting: This helpful little sword was given to Frodo by Bilbo. I do like this LOTR hilt. It has more personality and character than the other hilts I've seen so far. Strider: Strider's sword is big and shiny and quite masculine. Mmm ... Strider. Oh, right, back to the hilt. This is a nice hilt, and seems to be consistant with the other LOTR sabers. Ranger: I'm assuming this sword is fashioned after one that Strider/Aragorn carried, or belonging to one of his kin. It's a great looking hilt and is well worth the download just for this one, I think. Ring_Wraith: Another great LOTR hilt, made with the Ring Wraith in mind. The detail on this sword is lovely, but would be lost in gameplay. Morgul_Sword: Again we see another hilt with Morgul in mind, and its style is very much the same as the first one we looked at. Not much more to say about it. Black Widow: Oops. I kinda cut off part of the hilt there at the front. Well, trust me, this is a great looking hilt. One I may consider keeping myself. It's very evil looking. Yun: Some may prefer the simpler saber hilts and for those, I suggest Yun. It's a nice hilt, decent size, not too big or small, all chrome. It has a solid look about it - if that makes sense. Fierce Deity: And finally, the sword that was included with the Link model. This thing is huge. I mean, seriously. Use this sword and people will question what you're compensating for. No one needs a sword that big! And there you have it. One download ... 18 saber hilts. Is it worth the download? Sure, if you like variety. I would take too long deciding which hilt to use, so I'll stick to the base hilts. [/quote] So what can you expect in version 2? Some typo fixes, more hilts, and all hilts are now in one pk3. WOOHOO! *ahem* Okay then ... here are descriptions and screenshots of the new hilts: Ultimate: Frankly, I can't see why this hilt was named "Ultimate". The word implies something grand and perfect and for some reason, to me, big. It's a thin, small hilt and I do like it, though it's a bit plain. SaeseeTiin: I have no idea what the name of this hilt means, but it's a decent design. Nothing all that unusual about it, but it has a balanced look to it. Kenobi: A lovely saber that's just the right size for anyone. Very simple in its design. Silverbone: This hilt's appeal, for me, is in its clean lines, and smooth silver surface. It's a good size and has buttons. I like buttons. 3dberkoll: I remember seeing this saber and liking it. I'm unsure if it's what it appears to be - glass. I like the design and the concept of a glass hilt. 3dberko: This hilt has a shader on it that makes it seem to glow red from the inside. Love the idea of this hilt. Caladien: For those who believe size matters ... the Caladien hilt. Personally, I just don't like this saber - too big and unwieldy. It's a good looking hilt - just too much for me to handle. Guardian: Darn it. I cut off part of this one in the screenshot. Well, take my word for it, this is a nice looking, average-sized hilt. Love the silver and black. Diago: Grrr. Ran outta room for this hilt too. It's a great looking polished black metal hilt that keeps its design very simple and sleek. With 9 more hilts to choose from in this pack, why would you ever download the old pack? ;) Get this update for more hilts and a few bugs fixed (I think). Good work! ~AmosMagee




New Jumpz Animation | 8.24 MB

that, the best characters that this should be used with, are ones that are seen to be able to fly in their respective genres. It does basically look like you are flying for 1.5 seconds. Perfect for use in screenshots, especially with models like [url=\";68265/\"] this[/url], or maybe even the Neo model included in [url=\";82931/\"] this pack[/url]. [b]New Animation:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] No -SuperSmeg




Cheat Menu | 49.64 MB

popular and useful cheats are on this menu and you have instant access to them. I found no bugs or anything, so it works pretty well. For those of you who are tired of typing in all of those cheat commands into the console, this is for you! Have fun everybody! This is definitely worth a download. :) [b]Note:[/b] Instructions are below in the readme! ~Syyrax




PS3 TFU HUD | 52.84 KB

spilling my guts on that. I only noticed two things off about this hud: - Shield is rather difficult to spot - The ammo counter seems rather alienated all alone in the corner. The shield is fine, but methinks the ammo counter could have been added to the HUD bar somewhere as well. Don't get me wrong, the numbering looks fine, but having those numbers float there randomly seems rather...obstructive? Yeah, that sounds about right. Other than that, can't go wrong with this HUD if you don't use guns much, since the counter disappears in saber mode. You know what to do. - Averus Retruthan




Starkiller Ultima Pack | 8.67 MB

allow context to interfere. The first change promoted is force power effects and animations, with lightning being the most noticeable. Electrical spaghetti.... of both the purple and blue varieties at your discretion! It all looks good.... provided you've got lightning level 3. Below that, you're going to be hitting enemies with a string of particle-accelerated black squares. Push 3 also gets a new animation, though it looks more like a quick Power Rangers muscle flex IMO... but it does remove the tacky bubble thing. Drain 3 now has your character striking a rather lethargic pose which I'm assured is related to Darth Vader's grip stance, but I don't see the correlation to be honest. Still on the subject of animations, the lightsaber and acrobatics departments got a little something too. The fast style has now been switched out with Tavion's one-handed style from Jedi Outcast. The idle stance for both fast and strong styles have been changed too (Twilek and Desann can be seen below modelling both styles respectively), both new idle stances are fine and dandy though the one attached to the fast style will throw up a lot of sparks from constantly grazing the floor. The same is also true of the new idle stance for the dual-bladed saber. They're not bad choices of idle stance, they just require some tweaking to remove their constant floor contact. A new roll sequence is in place, though it seems it's more of a dive-roll now, and the backflip is no longer Jaden Korr's patented Fetal Cannonball Special but is in fact a stylized backflip which you can see executed gracefully by just about any magical girl or Matrix character. The next few contents in this file are basically dependent on other mods, so unless you have those too you'll get limited results. An updated .sab file for AshuraDX's Galen saber and NPC support for Schrodinger/Unsunghero's Galen Marek model are both supplied. However, you will need to download both the saber and playermodel seperately. Rebels and stormtroopers are given the acrobatic abilities of the Reborns, which does at least give them a bit more longevity (all of three seconds), and the final pk3 file of note attempts to make the stormtrooper AI smarter by boosting it's reaction, intelligence, aim, move, evasion and aggression stats to 5... which doesn't actually make them smarter, it just makes them cheat like a Las Vegas casino owner. Eh. Can't possibly be more disappointing than the base AI so whatever. As a side note, the Dragon animation files have also been provided for the animators to have fun with. Definitive opinions on this file are impossible to form. With each individual component you're going to love it or hate it, because each component has been garnished with Marmite and then wrapped up in Marmite-flavoured duct tape. One thing that can be definitively said in this file's defense is that Mr Pwner-san has gone to the lengths of keeping things simple and letting people take their pick of the components as far as reasonably possible. It's definitely worth a look at least. -Mikouen




4Glory Gun Re-vamp | 10.17 MB

is so annoying, and the blaster pistol can barely hurt a fly. Not to mention the repeater looks like its shooting molten apples out of the tiny little barrel of it. Unfortunately, you will have to deal with that because the models haven't been changed in this mod. Instead they have been reskinned! Yes, some are more green, some more orange, red, name any color. The skinning quality is hard to explain. There's not really any enormous changes when recoloring a gun. I mean what am I supposed to say? "All the bumps and scratches that were there before are still there but in orange." Really all I can say is that the author did a fantastic job with the recoloring. I didn't see any weird lines or colors splotching over into the next part. But wait! That's not all, is what Bill Mays would say if he were a JKfiles reviewer. The author has also put in.... *drumroll*.... new gun effects! Some of the guns will now shoot green (eggs and ham) lasers at your enemies, or teammates if you are that kind of person. Really, like before it's also hard to explain. The quality is good for... weapon effects.... and the coloring is really hard to see because, well, I don't have to explain it! It's common sense lasers in Star Wars fly at intense speeds! But judging by the screenshots the coloring looks fine, nice, however you describe laser coloring. Mmmm download if you hate the way the weapons look, and are looking for a nice quality replacement. Enjoy. ~Authuran




JamyzGenius First Choice Animations | 8.23 MB

animate characters. Due to this the animations we have are no where near as realistic as what they can do these days, so it’s always good when someone goes and makes an animations mod to spruce up our game a bit. Here Jesus Fernandez Garcia brings us his latest animation compilation mod, which includes a multitude of new animations. As well as a new stances and animations for each of the saber styles, there are also new animations for; force push, force grip, force lightning, rolls, jumps and quite a few more besides! Personally I liked the new roll and jump animations, although they seemed a little too slow in their speed, the animations themselves looked more natural I think. Especially impressive though were the new saber stance animations, particularly the ones for the yellow stance, which was based off Count Dooku’s sword salute as seen in Episode 2 just before be duels Yoda. The animation here looks really cool and it has been well done and it is great to see as opposed to the somewhat more sedate default animations. This animation is also the authors favourite, and I can see why! I imagine this will be the favoured animation and saber style of many players now! There is also a new ‘death from above’ attack animation for the yellow stance and also for the blue stance. Among the new force power animations, the new force lightning animation was probably my favourite, since it now looks like it is taking some effort to shoot those bolts of lightning from your fingertips! There are still some things to be improved though. As I said before, I feel the jump and roll animations are a little too slow and could do with speeding up a little. Also, if you jump a long distance, the somersault animation continues to loop whilst you are in mid air rather than stopping after the initial jump, which looks somewhat unrealistic. Other than that I think some of the animations could do with a little more tweaking, but nothing major. All in all a great animation mod here, one, which I hope, will get a lot of use from the community. So, if you guys like the look of this, be sure to give it a download! :D ~Nozyspy~




Star Wars Movie Duels 2 - Demo | 94.15 MB

and coming in Movie Duels 2.0. Obviously, it will be quite limited, but I think it's a good teaser of the mod to come. The main feature of this demo is Palpatine's Arrest, the duel between Mace Windu and Palpatine. You can play as either Mace Windu or Chancellor Palpatine. Many of the saber moves have been changed. I was able to quickly adapt to the new setup...perhaps it is similar to the setup in JO? In any case, I think the attacks were [i]much[/i] better than the base JA ones - less delicate swinging, and a lot more hard hits and pokes. I haven't seen Episode III in a long time, so I can't really say anything about how accurate (or inaccurate) the map may be, but it looks very nice to me, and it's the perfect size for a duel. I can't say much for the character models for the same reason, but again, they do the job well. I daresay the Palpatine model is spot on. There are cutscenes between the different stages of the duel as well. Here's one thing I think should be improved, if at all possible...the characters walk down the hallway just doing a simple overhead swing unless their sabers hit. Needs to be a little more...epic, methinks. Some minor choreography would be just the thing. The final cutscene of the duel is done pretty well for JA...again, I think it could be better, but it is good for Quake III. Palpatine is forced to the edge of the windowsill, and Anakin enters the room. After Palpatine is done blaming Windu for him zapping himself, you take control of Anakin, and you get to choose who dies. I very happily killed Palpatine. Twice. I had to suck it up for the third time just so I could see what happened when I killed Windu instead... XD And I wasn't disappointed in what followed. After you've played Palpatine's Arrest once, there's still a little surprise for you! A make believe scenario has been created where Anakin chooses to fight Palpatine after he has revealed his sith identity. Palpatine pulls out his saber and the two have it out. Once you've run his health down, another cutscene plays...Palpatine pulls a little something out of somewhere. It makes sense that he'd have one hidden in his office, when you think about it. Great twist, I enjoyed it much. So, what are you waiting for? Get it downloading! I'm not a fan of SP mods, but I'll have to keep an eye on this one for sure. ~Dretzel




Force Unleashed SP | 9.59 MB

hilt model by HOUOU. There isn't much differance between basejka and this, however there are some things that are worth mentioning. First of all, author forgot to write in the readme that to be actually able to use "/saber" command you need to enable cheats first. After that, you can type "/saber sniper_bh" to get a backhand lightsaber with Starkiller's stance. The animations changed are stance, push, drain, lightning and grip as it would seem. Also I've noticed that grip was renamed into "Telekinesis" which isn't quite accurate (Because in Force Unleashed it's still called grip). The only bug that I could notice was that when you stand on a ledge, the animations go all crazy and weird so avoid those areas. As a nice finish I'd like to say that if you're a Starkiller fan and need a proper stance and saber mod that will get your JK3 a bit closer to the modern "Force Unleashed" game, you totally need to submit bandwidth for this file :) -Schrödinger




Dark HUD | 213.23 KB

parts to a darker color, the background for the counter bars to a red, and the counter bars themselves white. Simple? Yes. Effective? Yes. Give it a download if you like it.




Movie Battles II NPC Pack | 5.14 KB

Battles II, or you\'ll need to go download it. Most of the NPCs seem to have very similar stats, and I\'m still trying to figure out why Luke has Force lightning... But otherwise make sure to check the read-me for an idea of the NPCs included. ~Inyri




Hercules and Xena Skins | 100.4 MB

that it adds/replaces a whole bunch of skins with their Xena or Hercules counterparts. Don't ask me why Luke=Hercules or why the rebel pilot is now a Mon Mothma reskin that still has a man's voice... these details are beyond me. What I do know is that I apparently didn't watch Xena long enough to know who all these characters are, or what they're supposed to look like. I do know what Xena and Hercules are supposed to look like, though, and I can tell you right off the bat that no base assets model is going to be able to capture either of them... and I wasn't too far off. Most of the skins here actually are a little off, mostly because the faces are one notch down from blasphemy. It's like the author put a lot of effort into adding all this stuff, but very little into refining it. Most of the faces are not quite lined up -- a lot of the mouths don't match the mouth on the model, so when they talk they look silly -- and a lot of skin tones between meshes don't match. And don't even ask me why you would skin an arm texture over a poofy sleeve. That one I can't begin to fathom. Long story short, this needs a lot of work and a lot more attention before it's playable in an enjoyable fashion. As a big Xena fan myself, I'd love to see a great Xena skin. The one here only has a passing resemblance to Lucy Lawless, which is for me at least a big disappointment for what could be a very interesting mod, if the author would take the extra time, work out the kinks, and really place the appropriate emphasis on the details. The big picture is all good and fine, but without the details it's more of a sketch than a portrait. ~Inyri[/quote] Now let’s start by saying that this looked interesting to me and though I was no fan of Hercules and Xena I do like however Greek mythology. First we’ll talk about all the goodies in this mod. There are sabers, hilts, tons of skins to mix and match, weapon reskins, hotkeys assigned for both cheats and npcs. Also you have a very handy button for changing skins on the fly. And many npcs. Now let’s discuss the material. Some of the skins look decent but the textures don’t seem that great to me I don’t know why but there is something funky about them. The clothes don’t really look natural up close and the faces seem to have a bit of skin tone mismatch. The sabers were good but not really all that impressive. It comes with a few hilts and while some look good some just look like they were rushed and not fully completed. Now this pack also replaces the menus and loading screens with a collage of pictures from the characters of the shows but the menus just have a small pig with a red cape which doesn’t really make any sense at all but ok. The Single player campaign was completely changed with the skins on this pack. There were some bugs, at the end there was this bug that maybe only happened to me, but when Tavion is possessed by Ragnos her body is changed to this untextured reborn looking thing. And the same happens when you kill her. Also at the end Kyle’s replacement gets swallowed into the ground and Hercules which replaces Luke is also swallowed only to his hip so you see your character walking next to a legless Hercules and Kyle seems to be talking from under the concrete. Oh and the Mon Mothma reskin is still acting as a pilot which freaks you out when you hear such manly voice, but I guess it's funny though. The MP element is just standard, but with all the skins available including the Ragnos reskin which in my opinion is one of the best looking reskins in the pack, adds a bit of variety. Overall it’s an original idea that fans will love given the options to select either mortals, gods, and demigods. It provides a great selection of outfits and for the male audience there are some provocative outfits included here. The one skin that I would say definitely needs it’s own model is Medusa as the Twi’lek female doesn’t really make justice to this specific character. I hope that the V3 is better, this is an improvement don’t get me wrong I saw V1 but it still needs a lot more work, maybe some more texturing and make the skin tones match, and use shaders to help you out. So if you like Xena and Hercules or just Ancient Greek Mythology then this pack is for you just don't get your hopes up too much. [i]Lady_Trinity[/i]




Apollyon Stances & Animations | 17.13 KB

Blasphemously idle and irritating to Averus. - Backroll was a typical backflip. Nothing too showy. I had a mod similar to that, but it had side rolls as well, which this one lacked. - Blue stance was the most amusing, because it seems like the player was about to swing wildly whilst screaming: \"OH JESUS DON\'T HURT ME >_




Better Saber Clash Effect | 30.25 KB

maybe if there was a mod which had all different kinds of saber clash effects that would be cool…unless there is already. :S Anyways, I couldn’t see much difference with this mod, to be honest the saber clash effects go so quickly after you have actually clashed the sabers, that I couldn’t tell the difference. I took tons of screen shots to try and see, but I could never get one at just the right time to see the sabers clash. :( From the picture of the flare in the .pk3 though, this does look pretty cool, so if you fancy having a change from the normal saber clash effect, why not give this a download? ;) ~Nozyspy~




Twi'lek Tint Colors | 232.72 KB

so maybe you didn't want to be eaten my a rancor, but I think you can see where I'm going with this. This mod adds eight color choices for the Raven twi'lek female model, including brown, pink, orange, line, green, teal, violet, and black. If you didn't have enough variation before this ought to be a step in the right direction! Now, if you're an avid Twi'lek model user, you can have that bit of extra customization to make your skin stand out as your own! ~Inyri




Blacklight_saber | 65.27 KB

it. In fact, it also makes the default hilt purple. I don\'t know why he described it as a black saber if there\'s no black anywhere. It kind of looks like a black [b]light[/b], but not really, if that was the intent, which is anything but clear from the read-me. However on its own merit, it is kind of neat. I like purple though, so I think I prefer the original purple saber. Check the screenshot for a taste of how this saber will look in-game. ~Inyri




Clone Wars Saber Sounds V2 | 1.8 MB

(maybe i just need to go get my hearing tested), but there are various differences between them. Download them, take a peak..err.. a listen, and see what ya think. Not much more to write.. I could try to make the sounds for you.. **weeeeessshhh\".. but doesnt have the same effect i think. -Lizardking




Dragonball Z Mod JA | 1.98 MB

tell you about what\'s changed and not refer to Dragonball Z at all. Most of what has been altered here are the weapon effects. Unfortunately, none of the weapons themselves or the names of the weapons have changed. Which I think would be something that should be considered for a second version. The effects look great, but I\'ve heard that some of the effects can drain FPS. I didn\'t notice any difference (yay for my upgrade!), but you might. Also, there\'s melee included ... but it kinda sucks. It\'s pretty much the stance of whatever saber you\'re using, without the saber. :/ The author included a melee bot for you to play with. Meh. Oh, and if you turn on cheats, you can fly! Yup. There\'s a pic of it down there so, yeah. I kind of expected more from this mod, to be honest. I was hoping to see different models as weapons and some skins and stuff. Pretty much, it\'s just weapon effects. Hopefully there will be an update to this mod. How accurate the mod is to Dragonball Z, I don\'t know. You guys tell me. :) ~AmosMagee




Bobo\'s Jedi Trainer | 2.01 MB

explain in his own words: [quote]This is not a ladder. This is my Merry-Go-round Style Trainer. Designed to be hard, not excessively so, for intermediate to experienced players mainly. Originally this map was a ladder, but that was really annoying. So I made kind of a Round-Robin thing. This latest incarnation (and the first one I\'ve submitted) features two Jedi at a time. They start one a hard level and one an easy. When you kill the easy one a harder one spawns. When you kill the hard one an easier one respawns. And they up and down like that. You could call it a ladder, but I prefer something along the lines of a Merry-Go-Round. This map was designed not to help newbies get better, but to hone the skills of intermediate to advanced players. (This is not to say that newbie shouldn\'t play it, just that they might get frustrated at first.)[/quote] I played this for at least an hour and never survived long enough to know if there\'s an end to the NPCs, lol. As I\'m not the most skilled duelist, especially in JA, I\'m probably the n00b Bobo was talking about. ;) The only thing I would change about this is maybe get more of a variety in the enemies you battle (at least model/skin-wise) and add a briefing at the load screen with some information and hints. Technical Data: Pros: 1. Good solid dueling. 2. The Reborn Acrobat, Fencer, and Force-User skins from JK2 have been ported for use in this mod. Cons: 1. None, except a seemingly infinite supply of minions attempting to wreak havoc on my body. Rating: 8/10 JEDIofONE :mepimp:




Tiri's Hilt Pack | 340.93 KB

longer than a normal saber. I had fun slashing up bots with this however, in a real fight it wouldn’t really be god. The next saber was called cross. It’s a….cross. This isn’t really anything new, as I’ve seen quad sabers (or even more blades then that) before, and the hilt doesn’t even have a part for the two extra ones, so I don’t think this ones that good. The last saber in this pack is by far the best however. It’s a double blade, with three blades coming from each end (see pics). I really like the hilt on the saber (a wooden staff with metal parts, kind of medievalish) Altogether this is a pretty nice pack. If you’re someone who likes a lot of sabers this is for you. If not, well, take it or leave it. Keep up the good work, I liked these sabers a lot. 8/10 ~DeathBringer




Zeus Academy Ladder | 2.14 MB

simply walk to the top. When I did go down to fight, the enemies were easy to defeat, and they just kept respawning. Maybe it\'s good practice? The \"objective\" of this map is to get to the top of the map, after fighting your way through enemies. Again, this is basically useless because I was never able to \"pass\" the mission. The map itself is somewhat well designed. It is well lit, and has various different methods of getting to the top, like stairwells, statues, etc. The idea of this map/mod is good, though it defeats itself. If there were some way to make the mission end when you reach the top, then it would be worth it. Also, it should be a much longer road to the top, and your character should spawn at the very bottom, not close to the top. This might be a good download if you are just looking to kill some time... well, killing! ~Lord Griever~ [b]New Textures - Yes Bot Support - Yes New Music - Yes[/b]




Halo Plasma Sword | 11.29 MB

Compatibility Addon 1.3).pk3 to your JKA base folder![/b] Everybody loves Halo, apparently. Unfortunately for me I have never actually played any of the Halo games, except for a brief playthrough of the demo version of the original Halo, so I I am not that knowledgeable on the franchise. I do know when I see a cool weapon mod however, and this one here is definitely under that category! ;) This here is a [url=]Plasma Sword[/url] from the Halo games, how the sword is supposed to work, I don't know, but it looks damn cool. ;) This mod is a much improved version of LukeSkillz previous Halo Plasma Sword mod which was reviewed almost a year or so ago. As you can see from the screenshots, this is nice and glowy. But curiously the glow doesn't come from a dynamic glow shader on the sword itself, but rather from a texture/shader, which mimics the effect of dynamic glow, thus eliminating some of the problems the author was having with this, as explain in the readme. The effect looks really good and I think this was a very impressive feat of ingenuity from the author. There is a sword for every saber colour, so although the original halo Plasma Sword may only come in blue, here you can get them in all of the normal saber colours. There is also a lightning type shader that shimmers over the surface of the blades to give them that extra edge (if you will forgive the pun :P). There is also another small, but clever addition, you will notice that instead of the classic JK Saber logo on the loading screens, it has been replaced with the silhouette of the Halo Plasma Sword instead, which I thought was a nice touch. There are some bugs that still need to be ironed out however, for instance, when swinging the sword, you still get the saber trail behind it in whatever colour your lightsaber usually is, which doesn't really fit with the sword at all. Also, if you use the sword in staff mode, then part of the saber trail will appear frozen infront of the sword when you swing it, which is rather annoying. The saber trail definitely needs to be removed completely with this mod to make the swords look better when used. This is only a relatively minor bug, but it is a bit annoying since it is visually quite obvious. Either that or make a new saber trail to better fit the swords. There are still a couple more neat features I haven't mentioned yet though. One is that the saber icon on the weapon menu at the bottom of the screen has been replaced with an image of a Plasma Sword, although the text still says lightsaber (it would be cool if this could be changed too). Also there are some fantastic new sound effects, electrical crackles and throaty hums which fit perfectly with this mod! It is also great that this can be used with both JK2 and JKA, although be sure to include both .pk3s in your base folder when using this mod for JKA. As I said above: [b]There are two .pk3s included in this .zip, the HaloSword (v3).pk3 is for JK2 only, if you want to use this in JKA, you will need to include BOTH the HaloSword (v3).pk3 and HaloSword(JK Compatibility Addon 1.3).pk3 to your JKA base folder![/b] Overall this is a fantastic weapon mod and a must have for Halo fans! Keep up the good work LukeSkillz! :) [b]New Model:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]New Effects:[/b] No ~Nozyspy~




TFU Backhand Saber Animations | 25.17 MB

care! :) Sylver has swapped around a good deal of animation strings to match the backhanded lightsaber stance that Galak uses from TFU. He has also done this with single-player and MP bots in mind, and has also changed the animations for every other NPC that comes with the game. Thats a fair amount of work to his credit, but it didn't come out quite as polished as you might like. There are several clipping issues with the models, and don't expect to watch the SP cut scenes with any sort of sobriety (hey, I thought it looked funny okay?) Overall, a decent attempt at the backhand stance. Not the best I have seen so far, but good if you like seeing all the NPC's use that stance. -Sared Overall rating: three out of ten biscuits. New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes New Effects: Yes




SM Cool Saber Effects | 123.68 KB

minutes was wasted, though. I did notice a minor difference in the colors of the sabers while testing - they seemed a little more saturated. But what I thought looked good was the new saber trail. The trails are much more transparent - much nicer than the old white one. Now, I know there's a pretty good chance a mod like this has been done before. However, it's not a bad mod at all. Have a look at the screenshot, and if it tickles your fancy, have at it! ~Dretzel




Clone Wars Stances and Effects Mod | 25.38 MB

JA+, MBII, and OJP support. Now, about the stances themselves. I like the blue stance, which is basically the normal standing position, but with the saber pointed off to the side. Walking uses the same basic stance, but with the legs moving. Yellow holds the saber close, and red looks like it is trying to imitate a certain stance in Episode 2. Dual stance holds one saber forward and one up above, and finally, the staff stance holds the saber back behind the body. Walking stance for the staff looks like the upper half of the body uses the staff walking animation, but the legs use the duals walking animation. Walking stance for duals holds both sabers back, and learning forward, which I think is perfect for duals while running, but doesn't work so well while just walking... If that isn't enough for you, there's also an option to add in some new swings. I personally don't like these much, simply because while they looks kinda cool (though they suffer from the typical animation mod flaw of it not flowing like it should), they cause less hits to get in. However, I liked being able to do that spin attack that Palpatine uses. :p I'm not going to go into the specifics of the changes, but I will say that pretty much every attack is changed. The best way to tell how is to download it and try it yourselves! All in all, this is a good stance/animation mod. It could use a little work, but still worth at least trying out. I suggest giving it a download! Oh yeah, this mod also overwrites the base sabers also, so if you don't want the default ones changed, you'll need to edit the pk3 yourselves...





hostile npcs with jawas. And all of a sudden we have a mod that does just that. Every single hostile humanoid you'll ever meet on your jedi path (with the exception of Rosh) is now a jawa. There is, however, a bug that I found. Since the zip contains a readme for the jawa pack, I'm assuming that some npcs will show up as big white jawa-shaped blobs if you don't have it. Heck, if you find that massacring jawas for kicks is something for you, download it and enjoy. - Jose




Dual Staffs | 1.34 KB

out, it wouldn\'t work in MP, so you don\'t get some superb advantage over your buddies. Just the already meager cultists in single player. Downside? Yeah... It\'s been done before. ~Metall Pingwin




Medieval Times: Melee Redux | 26.35 MB

Claymore, Shortsword, Aribeth\'s Longsword, Aribeth\'s Shortsword, Achilles\' Sword, Falchion, Aldred\'s Blade, Halberd, Spear, Quarterstaff, Dwarven War Axe, and Morningstar; 11 shields: Round Shield (Slat Shield), Buckler, Greek Buckler, Kite Shield, Barbarossa Shield, Elven Shield, French Kite Shield, Tower Shield, Dented Tower Shield, Roman Shield, and French Shield; and 4 player skins: Crusader, Moor, Viking, and Hoplite; you can be sure you will have some excellent Medieval fun :). The models in this pack are incredible. They are well detailed and have some very stylish shaders on them :p. If the models don\'t strike you as impressive, then the player skins sure will. They are extremely high quality (If I didn\'t know any better I\'d say the Hoplite skin was a model lol), and are pretty historically accurate. Inyri had a little help making this mod possible, like the blood effects were taken from the Slice, Dice & Mince - Melee Mod, and some of the shield skins and even one of the swords were donated by various members of the JA community (including me ;)). All the authors of those things were fully credited in the readme. The only downside to this mod IMO is that there are so many swords, but a only a very small amount of axe and club type weapons. I\'d like to see more in a v2 if there is one. Also, I\'d like to see some type of reformed engine to help with the damages, and make the shields actually act like shields ;). Bottom Line: If thou hath been waiting for a mod such as this, then thee must download thy file immediately. All thy player skins have Bot an NPC support. None of thy player skins have Team Colors. Glorious new sounds hath been taken from NeverWinter Nights. ~ Innocent Hawk




Realistic Dead Bodies | 1.13 KB

don\'t disappear as they normally do. So if you feel the need to have a big pile of dead Jawas sitting around for all eternity, this is the mod for you. This mod changes more than just the corpse removal time, however -- it edits your autoexec.cfg and adds in some other goodies, like dismemberment probabilities and knockback, and it automatically turns cheats on (so it can perform these commands, obviously) so keep this in mind if you plan to use it. ~Inyri




Kyle Katarn SP | 9.13 MB

twist. The author has given us the choice to replace the original Kyle NPC with Jaden, in case you don\'t like talking to yourself. At first I was thinking that\'d be really neat, but even though it\'s better than having two Kyles you still have the problem of hearing Kyle\'s voice coming out of Jaden and Jaden\'s voice coming out of Kyle. Also it seems he forgot to add the Kyle menu skin, so you get a very untextured Jaden when Kyle\'s briefing/debriefing you on your missions. I was happy to hear that Kyle has the right combat sounds, though. I was worrying we\'d be hearing Jaden grunts as well. ~Inyri




Nina: Undiscovered Secret | 21.67 MB

completed. I\'m not saying that there is no ending - I\'m sure there probably is. I just didn\'t play that far into the game. I enjoyed what I did explore. The mod has some combat here and there, but more than anything there are little puzzles that you need to solve to complete your objective. It\'s a tad predictable, but satisfying because it\'s not too hard. Now my biggest issue with this mod is the dialogue. Not only is it TERRIBLY written (okay, there were a few funny things here and there, but generally it could\'ve been better), but there isn\'t any voice acting. So make sure you have your subtitles on before playing. This really ruined it for me. I couldn\'t lose myself in the story. And the text was too fast, at that. Is it still worth a download? Absolutely. I think you\'ll enjoy the mod itself. It just would\'ve been nice if they had gone that extra step and gotten some people to record the lines and had someone else go over the dialogue. Great job, anyway, though! ~AmosMagee




ForceMod III - Return of the Sith - v1.01 Patch | 4.68 MB

bugs and issues that needed to be addressed. Cue the patch for ForceMod III. All of the fixes can be read in the readme, posted below. This is the patch for Windows. ~AmosMagee




Attack of the Clones: Total Conversion Demo | 53.15 MB

and an early demo, at that. You might recognize a few features from other mods. There\'s a profanity filter, like the one found with xMod. It also has RGB sabers, which offers quite a bit of variety. There\'s an illegal macro/script detection and deletion thingy. You can\'t use force while saber down (I\'m sure that feature can be toggled on and off), admins can teleport someone by name, not just by origins. So there\'s a lot of stuff here that should make admins very happy. :) There are new gametypes and all of the JK2 gametypes. There\'s an Anti-Lag system and there\'s a file that stores banned IP\'s, much like in the JA/JAR mod. Probably the coolest new feature is weather control. You can add lightning, rain and a sandstorm all at once. :) From what I understand, this is like, the mod to end all mods. ;) There are more gametypes that will be added and there\'s a ton of other stuff you can expect in later releases. Keep at it guys! Great work! ~AmosMagee Ps. This review is like, dedicated to Plague, for no particular reason - except that he asked that I dedicate a review to him. ;)




Melee Mod | 5.78 MB

thud...thump...thud...thu... An evil smirk peers out from under glistening eyes reflecting a shiny blade dripping thick purplish-red blood. "You are weak!" After several expletives, I hit the "ctrl" button and reload the level. Almost done, and some sith goes Ginsu on me. For those of you who have been with us since the beginning, you remember all the various ladder mods we've seen. The "original" ladder mod, House of Madness, The Dragon Remix, The Emperor's Courthouse, The Emperor's DeathStar, The Challenge in Jedi Valley, and the The Xmas Story. Now comes Jedi Academy's first ladder mod, but totally forget everything you know about ladder mods. Because this is more than just fighting enemies who get harder and more numerous. Slice, Dice, & Mince have given us over 30 different melee weapons to choose from. Not only that, but this mod is MP compatible also. Although they may have re-used the original ladder mod map, the battle now rages with swords, maces, axes, scythes, and several more lethal hand-to-hand weapons. Instead of rambling on and on about what is included, I'll simply list them in the "pros" section. Disclaimer: This mod is not for the faint of heart, slow, n00b, or anyone who can't stand the sight of blood. You live fast, and die faster. Also, you need the patch to play this. Furthermore, make sure you unzip it to your \\GameData\ folder. This is by far the most impressive submission I've seen in all my time at I hope to see much more from these guys. :D Technical Data: Pros: 1. A plethora of new weapons, including the ability to fight with your hands and feet (melee) enabled. 2. New NPCs. 3. New graphics/textures. 4. New sounds. 5. Blood, blood, and more BLOOD!!! MUWHAHAHAHA!!! And gore! 6. Quick-start MS-DOS batch files (.bat) that allow instant access to SP and MP with various settings (See readme.). 7. Bind configuration files that can be executed to enable quicker access to commands. 8. Much more!!! Cons: 1. Some of the weapons in the .pk3 aren't available, and most aren't skinned. (Watch for an update.) 2. Your player responds weird when you die (doesn't dismember, but plays the dismember animation sequences, so you pretzel.) Rating: 10/10 JEDIofONE :mepimp:




Force Mod III Classic Edition v1.5

forcemodiii_1.5.txt | 161 B

the download link only!*** It has been almost an entire year since I reviewed the last version of the famous Force Mod III Classic Edition. That was v1.3A, somewhere along the line we must have missed out on 1.4, but now Venomous^Heart and Pitchest^Heart bring is v1.5, which includes lots of new features! Firstly, I will paste in my previous review, as that covers most of the main features, and then we shall proceed on to the updates! [quote]For those of you unfamiliar with the mod, it is a massive and far reaching project which changes many aspects of gameplay, from saber selection and combat, character classes and some fantastic little features available via the ingame menu, which I will come to later. All you need to do is look at the saber selection menu and the incredible amount of detail which has gone into it, with melee damage charts for the various types of weapons. Add to that new saber colours and a whole new saber selection interface and it makes for an amazing change, though the complicated looking damage tables will not appeal to everyone. Check out the screenies below for an example. There have also been some changes to the force power menu, with several force powers now having a \'level 4\', or turning the force up to 11 you could say. Force jump in particular on power level 4 now allows you to jump huge distances. These level 4 powers obviously cost a large amount of points to purchase however! As for character selection, as in Movie Battles II there is a wide variety of different characters to choose from ranging across several different classes, such as Jedi, Sith, Mercenary, Droid and more, with models and skins made by top notch modders. Now onto the features that I was the most impressed with; take a look at the ingame menu and you will see a variety of new options, one of my favourites being the Music menu, which allows you to choose from a variety of Star Wars music, depending on your mood or what you may be doing; using something more dramatic if you are having a duel for example, or perhaps if you don’t like the music used on a particular map you are on, you can pick from this list something which you would prefer to listen to whilst exploring or playing, or maybe just as a bit of ambience. Other features include a bonus button menu, which allows you to hide or show things like your FPS, the HUD, whether or not you want to render the weapon models, etc. which is great for taking good screenshots. I wish there was a mod like this for base JKA, it would save a load of faffing around using the /cg_draw2d and /cg_drawgun commands all the time to get good screenies! XD Another cool feature which is great for both taking screenshots and adjusting your view ingame is the aptly named Views menu, which lets you adjust things like your field of view, and also rotating the camera around your player using slider bars, another cool feature for taking screenshots, especially of skins, like the bonus button menu, this would actually be a great feature for helping the process of taking screenshots of skins for when I am reviewing them. Rather than having to use the modelview.cfg method, which although it works fine, it would still be nice to have a graphical user interface to change the camera position. Then there’s the Optimization menu, which allows you to either choose from a selection of pre-sets, or adjust settings via slider bars to help you optimize your connection and squeeze better ping, and thus less lag out of the game whilst playing online. These are some absolutely fantastic features, and I would love to see these made into separate mods for base JKA, if they haven’t been already, and if they have, please tell me where to get them! There are of course many more features to discover and much more depth to this mod than I have been able to cover here, but I hoped I have managed to touch on some of the most interesting and unique ones. This mod is definitely worth a download for those of you interested in a fantastic Multiplayer mod with loads of great features and a distinguished history, keep up the good work Venomous^Heart! ~Nozyspy~[/quote] As with last time, there are some great features here that I only wish someone would make as separate mods for Base JKA as well! I particularly liked the saber blades, very crisp and sharp, just like a blade of pure energy should look like, rather than the softer, less dangerous looking base JKA saber blades. The saber trails also looked much better; while not quite movie accurate like the OJP saber trails (some fancy coding/texture magic used there perhaps?) they looked much better than the default smudge that JKA uses! And that was just the default blade style... you can actually pick from various different blade effects, including the styles used in each of the movies along with various colours and even a colour changing blade! I also noticed that there are a huge amount of new models and skins included which really adds some variation to choose from in the different classes and alignments, not to mention some of the unique weapons they can use. I was thrilled to see the inclusion of Exar Kun and especially a [i]proper[/i] Marka Ragnos skin, one that actually has legs, not the \'Sith Spirit\' version as seen in the game! I love to see characters that usually only appear in 2D in comics and pictures made into proper, usable 3D characters, though I think Ragnos could have done with slightly darker red skin, he seems a little pale for a member of the [url=]Sith Species[/url]. Whoever made these skins, please release them for Base JKA too, I would desperately love to review Ragnos and Exar Kun individually! I do have a few grumbles though. I found the lightsaber type and style selection menu to be a little confusing. Apparently most of the Jedi/Sith classes can only use the basic Blue, Yellow and Red forms as already found in Base JKA, but certain classes can put force points in a 4th box in the lightsaber section of the force powers menu, this allows them to use Dual and Staff sabers, as well as the ability to choose between different lightsaber forms, such as Juyo, Shii-Cho and Soresu among others. This may be my fault, down to the fact that I did not have time to properly read through the readme. However I think a help menu in game that explains the basics of how to choose a class and also how to spend force points would be a great help! Overall this is a big and very impressive update to Force Mod III Classic Edition, I would recommend giving it a try if you haven’t already! :) ~Nozyspy~ And now, for a full list of the updates, straight from the author: [quote][u]New Additions and Model Changes[/u] - Juyo Form improved with completely new updated animations. - Two new Saber Styles added; Luminara Unduli (Soresu) and Marka Ragnos (Shii-Cho). - “Wookie Pike” weapon added to staff selection. This weapon will kill an enraged Wookie in a few strikes but makes for an extremely poor melee weapon. - Models re-organized to fit the classes. - Additional models added (see readme folder for credits). - Added the Xtra small (XS) model size and assigned some models to this catagory. - Ancient Sith skin now comes in 2 versions; the standard medium size for Sith saber classes and Extra Tiny (XT) for the Dark Sage class to compete with Jedi Ancient\'s shapeshifting ability. [u]Combat Balances: Adjustments and Improvements[/u] - Melee modifications throughout for improved balance (see ingame Melee charts for reference). - Red/Purple forms given shortened duration JKA base yellow kata. - Blue Lunging kata removed, replaced with fast forward slash attack. - Butterfly kata returned to staff. - Vong defense vs guns increased. [u]Bug Fixes [/u] - NPC\'s fixed with modified models (players using only default fm3 will be crashed by them). - Twin saber flying kata replaced with tornado saber kata due to animation glitch with the first one. - Bots edited to move better, use abilities better and fix bugs. - Vong, Tusken, Noghri and Royal Guards no longer make saber sounds. - Vong, Tusken, Noghri no longer have force adept taunts and have been given bonus martial arts moves. - Royal Guards weapon glitch fixed and now have 2 forms with bonus martial arts, weapon sounds and a force adept taunt. -Movement speed bonuses on melee weapons removed due to glitches. -Power restrict removed from Grievous sabers and electro staff due to glitch.[/quote] ***Please note that due to the size of this file, we could not upload it to JKFiles directly. Please download it from here! The main download link at the bottom of the page contains a dummy file with the download link only!***




Royal Guard Pack v2 | 12.3 MB

dog95\'s bot support for said skins and bringing them over to JKA. Now dog95 is back with an update which adds an interesting Single Player mod. I should point out that you should only use one of the .pk3 files included here, as one of them is just the compilation mod from last time and the other; RoyalGuardWithDarkside.pk3 is the one that mods the singleplayer side of the game. What the SP mod does is switch round the characters in singleplayer, so that Luke becomes a Shadowtrooper, Kyle becomes Carnor Jax, Stormtroopers become Rebels and Cultists become Jedi. I suppose you could say it makes it like you are at an Imperial or Dark Side academy as opposed to Luke\'s Jedi Academy! Well, that’s it for the updates, so below I will paste in my original review from last time around about the original mod! ~Nozyspy~ [quote]Ever fancied pitting your wits against some Royal guard bots, maybe even spawning an army of them to fight? Well now is your chance! What this mod here does is take Eric Landreneau\'s classic JK2 Royal Guard/Carnor Jax/Kir Kanos skins and breathes new life into them by not only making them available for JKA but also adding bot support to them as well! If you want to use these skins in singleplayer there are console commands included in the readme that you can use to change your playermodel in SP. Not only that but dog95 has also added HOUOU\'s Katana Pack for that extra dose of realism! Even though this is mostly only a compilation pack, it is nice to see these classic skins in JKA and enhanced with bot support! Be sure to give this pack a download if you like the look of it! ;) [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]Team Support:[/b] Yes ~Nozyspy~[/quote]




New Force Lightning Pack 2 | 6.46 MB

effects to the table, there\'s no chance that there isn\'t something available for you to drool over. The following new Force lightning variations are available in this pack:[list][*]Force Ifrit[*]Force Ifrit 2[*]Force Shiva[*]Force Shiva 2[*]Force Bat[*]Force Bird[*]Force Ivy[*]Force Death[*]Force BeamZ[*]Force Ice[*]Force ElectBlue3[*]Force ElectRed3[/list]Some of these are really cool. My favorites are the Shiva pair, Force Ice, and Force Bat. Each variation features its own sounds that really polish off the effect. And if you want the whole nine yards, make sure to grab the skins that go with each Force lightning variant (for instance Dracula goes quite well with Force Bat). Not a bad compilation, if I do say so myself, and not something we get a chance to see modified to such an extent very often. Well, never actually! So good work to Tobe, yet again. ~Inyri




Cloud SP | 885.02 KB

Player? Yes? Enjoy. ~Metall Pingwin




Makermod Client Plugin | 405.17 KB

I got bored playing by myself after a while. Anyways, this is a very nifty plugin for those of you who want to try out makermod and don’t feel like learning all the commands. Okay. So I start up maker mod, and I wonder how to use the plugin. I should’ve read the readme. Anyways, read the readme, set up your controls, and start having fun. However, it may take a little bit of understanding for some people to use this. But all in all, this was an enjoyable mod to review, and is made to help out people new to makermod! In addition to aiding you in building stuff, this mod will also aid in the administrative part of makermod. So if you wanted to try out makermod but got confused, then download this! ~Zach Note, to use this, you must be on a server with makermod on it, or be running the mod itself, ~I noted in the review that I crashed while using Korriban models. This is not the case for everyone. Many people have had the models work just fine.




Shaman King TC Mod

shamankingtcmod_beta.rar | 733.24 KB

not to watch. (The very name sounded handicapped, no offense.) This pack isn't that bad, but since I didn't understand what was with the dome, I couldn't say what it is. I leave it to the masses who understand the crazy egg-like device. I did like the slight shielding thing. XD The modelling wasn't bad at all. The only thing bad with this was that the skinning job was poor. Then again, the author mentions this is a beta, so this hopefully will not be the final skinning job. Also, two of the six replacements did not work. I'd advise an adjustment of the .sab files and/or the directories to solve this. Moreover, I'm not sure if this was intended or not, but the blades were showing through the sword. If that was not the case, I'd turn those off. Finally, I'd advise an adjustment of the tag on the default katana without the egg as it is being held at an awkward angle. All in all, It has promise. Like I said, I never watched Shaman King, but this seems to be an interesting mod. At its current state, I'd advise an offering of bandwidth to all interested in Shaman King, but all are welcome to check it out. - Averus Retruthan




Stance and Animation Modification | 16.85 KB

uncomfortable and unpleasant, and don\'t mesh as well with the combat animations as the new strong stance does. Strong stance looks like like the normal medium stance, but it has that \"heavier\" look about it. I like it much better than the default strong stance. The real treat of this mod, though, is the blaster block animation, taken from one of the many katas. It looks really cool when you use it, and despite the fact that I don\'t like those other two stances I may keep it just for that. Whether or not you like the stances, however, is entirely a matter of opinion, so don\'t take my word for it - check it out yourself and see what [i]you[/i] think. ~Inyri




Angered the Balance God (Dark Force Mod v2) | 1.02 MB

but it does ALOT more than that: New weapons (a Bryar Pistol that fires rockets?!), super-charged force (on the dark side anyway), cloaking, auto-recharging shields, force that does not need to recharge, etc, etc.[/quote] I must say, I\'m glad that the author chose to make a version 2, because there have been some nice changes and new features put in place on this mod. With these changes, more balance has come to the mod because both the light and dark sides are powered up, and you can have both light and dark powers at the same time. Also, you can use multiple force powers at the same time (like Lightning, Grip, and Drain all at the same time hehe). Dispite the balance, you can be sure that the battles will still be fast and furious :p. Once again, The readme can tell you about the features better than I could from memory, so I quote the list on the readme: [quote]== Features == This expansion pack adds more advantage for player, you can call it cheat but i call it my very own MOD. The main features is that BOTH dark and light force can be used together just like single player game. My Mod support 99 vehicles, also 99 weapons vehicle, support also Undying mode for multiplayer. Warning! bot is now can be set to undying mode (you cannot kill them) if you set their perfectaim value to 1. This is the 2nd update of dark force mod, and now i call it Angered the Balance God because now i giving advantage too for the light side. You must see it wise, dark side is fast and aggresive, but light side is can be more strong if you are not surrounded by worry and fear of the dark side. -------------------------------------------------------- THE FORCE ABILITY : -------------------------------------------------------- 1. Multitasking, Multiple force can be used in once. for example, you shoot lightning with drain. or using force absorb+protect+rage at once is possible like single player game. 2. Fast attack, no limitation time/delay when using the force. 3. Dark Force and Light Force is now available at once! What is that means? It means, when you spawning into the game, you will get all force ability both dark and light side. Scroll your force power to see the truth. 4. Player now get rank 4 and 5 for saber attack! What is that rank 4 and 5? Rank 4 is Desann saber style, and rank 5 is Tavion saber style. Check Your saber attack cycle if you don\'t believe me : you will now get 5 style queue from : fast->medium->strong->desann->tavion. 5. Widely radius! Drain, lightning and grip have range of 4096 (in map units) it\'s about 15 times more longer than original. 6. Fly away like fairy is possible (force jump) compare this height of jump : float forceJumpHeight[NUM_FORCE_POWER_LEVELS] = { 50,//normal jump 100,//LEVEL 1 200,//LEVEL 2 10000//LEVEL 3 (see it? 10000 feet away from ground!) }; 7. Saber throw is easy as single player. When your saber touch wall, it will not auto return except you release ALT button, thus makes you have more time to guide your saber throw to nearby enemy. (Saberthrow range is now 4096 in map units) 8. More duration for holding button force powers, like absorb, protect, rage, speed and see. 9. Special for whoever have drain force at rank 3 will get 200 force power. I have my own reason to do that. note : I have fix the force drain animation just like single player game. -------------------------------------------------------- COMPARE THE FORCE DAMAGE -------------------------------------------------------- 1. FP_LIGHTNING if (self->client->ps.fd.forcePowerLevel[FP_LIGHTNING] == FORCE_LEVEL_1) {dmg = 1; //because it\'s one-shot} else if (self->client->ps.fd.forcePowerLevel[FP_LIGHTNING] == FORCE_LEVEL_2) {dmg = 2;} else if (self->client->ps.fd.forcePowerLevel[FP_LIGHTNING] == FORCE_LEVEL_3) {dmg = 5;} Lightning attack can destroy sentry gun, trip mine and detpack! 2. FP_DRAIN : drain is not just drain the force but will also drain health. Same as lightning, BUT armor cannot protect from drain damage (DAMAGE_NO_ARMOR) 3. FP_GRIP level 1 : doing 10 damage if you lift enemy more than 5 second level 2 : doing 20 damage if you lift enemy more than 1 second level 3 : doing 3 damage per second. Not including the choke damage. 4. FP_RAGE level 1 : health minus 2 when using level 2 : health minus 1 when using level 3 : health plus 1 when using (hehehe... it\'s reverse:-) 5. FP_HEAL level 1 : add 8 point health level 2 : add 16 point health level 1 : add 40 point health (wow...!but it seems fair:-) 6. FP_PUSH/FP_PULL Do you ever doing the yoyo attack? We just got an idea! First go to high ground from your enemy, then PULL your enemy and than FAST PUSH your enemy body to the ground! Your enemy will deadly smashed the ground to their death. Why we can do that? Well because force push/pull power is having more power in my mod. You can even PUSH/PULL rancor, atst or vehicle. And for person, using force push fast will throw your enemy to their doom! It\'s about 20 times more powerfull than the original push/pull power. You can now able to throw enemy\'s trip mine, detpack or sentry gun away with push/pull like every jedi npc does. 7. FP_ABSORB if (attacker->flags & FL_UNDYING) //if you are in undying mode... { //looks like attacker is cannot be absorbed return -1; //you win... } -------------------------------------------------------- THE PLAYER (especially host player) -------------------------------------------------------- I makes more advantage for host player ( that is player with client index of 0, i mean for you only ) Whenever player spawn (host/you only) you get flagged as UNDYING MODE. (can take damage to 1 but never dies) You get extra weapon : THE BRYAR_OLD WEAPON (bryar pistol), this weapon have primary shot of strong laser, and secondary shot of rocket torpedo (just as the first version of my mod but with more reliability this one) You get extra inventory : E-Web machine gun, cloak device, and binoculars Eweb has extra damage and splash damage, binoculars...hmmm just normal ones. The cloak device is act like dark force booster (just as the first mod) damage of force grip, drain, and lightning will be multiply by 100. Oh well i used this just for the action : Angered god. Damage from this cloaking attack cannot be stop by GOD MODE, this damage is flagged as DAMAGE_NO_PROTECTION. Only undying mode can stop this damage. -------------------------------------------------------- THE WORLD (the ground you touch, the wall you smack) -------------------------------------------------------- In the first mod, there is no falling to death, but that was annoying! I like to kill my enemy by force him to the chasm, Now falling to death will be made available again, BUT not for any player that flagged as GOD MODE or UNDYING MODE. As i said before, host player(you only) is already spawn with UNDYING MODE, no need to set it again. But you can set to GOD MODE (type \"god\" at the console) to stop your player from saying : Auch...Argh...It\'s hurt!!!! -------------------------------------------------------- ALL PLAYER -------------------------------------------------------- Everyone including you get two additional weapon : stun baton and melee (kungfu attack) Stun baton is comes from Jedi outcast, still work as ussualy. Melee Weapon is kungfu attack style of Kyle Boss. You can use it now. ATTACK BUTTON : punch, ALT BUTTON : kick, KATA ATTACK(attack+alt button) : grab and punch Armor is counting up to maximum whenever take damage. -------------------------------------------------------- THE VEHICLES -------------------------------------------------------- My Mod support 99 vehicles! Not just that, the shield of fighter(ships) vehicle can generate more rapidly. -------------------------------------------------------- THE BOT -------------------------------------------------------- If you make a bot, set their personality of key of \"perfectaim\" to 1 will makes your bot flagged to undying mode! So becarefull! Still i like this kind of bot :-). Acctually i set all of my leia organa bot to undying mode. This kind of bot can be dangerous, they automatically have bryar pistol that shot laser+bomb and if they are in the dark side force, their lightning, grip, and drain is very deadly and have long range. -------------------------------------------------------- NEW COMMAND (type from the cheat console) -------------------------------------------------------- Now all cheat command is unprotected. No need type devmap. Start with slash \"\\\" \"\\give force\" = maximize force power. \"\\give god\" = flag to god mode. \"\\give undying\" = flag to undying mode. (host player already flagged as this when spawn) I\'m sorry, some notification like error or warning message are in Indonesian language now! (for me easy debugging) SHARING COMMAND (for debugging pretty much) Start with slash \"\\\" \"\\giveother \" use command \"\\status\" first to see all of client index number example usage : \"\\giveother 0 item_jetpack\" -------------------------------------------------------- SOUND (from NPC Jedi AI) -------------------------------------------------------- Player always say this whenever: FP_LIGHTNING : gloat1.mp3, gloat2.mp3, gloat3.mp3 FP_DRAIN : combat1.mp3, combat2.mp3, combat3.mp3 FP_LEVITATION : jump1.mp3 FP_PULL :victory1.mp3, victory2.mp3, victory3.mp3 FP_PUSH : taunt1.mp3, taunt2.mp3, taunt3.mp3 FP_GRIP : anger1.mp3, anger2.mp3, anger3.mp3 FP_TELEPATHY : confuse1.mp3, confuse2.mp3, confuse.mp3 Enemy failed to push/pull you : pushfail.mp3 -------------------------------------------------------- TIPS -------------------------------------------------------- You must set dismemberment to full probability to get more realism! Type this : \"\\cg_dismember 100\" and \"\\g_dismember 100\" You can cut head, arms, waist or legs of your enemy and knockback it away. If you making ships vehicles, i suggest set the mass value to 1. This will prevent your ships exploding too fast. and also armor must above 3000, maximum is 9999. The mouseYaw and mousePitch should be at least 0.01 for easy turning. OTHER DOWNLOAD (optional) USING THIS (DARK FORCE) MOD release I made it separately to prevent conflict, maybe i will post here or email me : -i have super sith sword with new effect, and slam attack. (this saber is attacking like tavion scepter)[/quote] [u]Bottom Line[/u] Liked the last version? You will love this :p. ~ Innocent Hawk




Realistic Sabers | 304.5 KB

much more realistic - or rather, more like in the movies. So the core is white, there's less color and the only color comes from the glow. The saber itself is also a bit slimmer. So if you're interested in a saber mod that doesn't change the saber too much, this might be one for you to try.[/quote] To be honest, I personally have lost interest in downloading other people's attempts at making the perfect saber. Different people prefer different things. Some want it to be thin with a round tip, some want it to be wide at base and pointy at top, some want to to be the same width at the bottom all the way up to to top. Some want no core, some want the core to a different color from the glow, etc, etc, etc. Don't get me wrong - these sabers are good (WAY better than default, and an improvement over the previous version), but are they "realistic"? Meh... I'll let you guys be the judge of that. I do like to see the extra step taken by the author to put in new sounds and a new saber trail, but the sounds are loud, and annoying, and the trail is... "ok". The trail and sounds are in separate .pk3s so if I don't want to use them you don't have to ;). [u]Bottom Line[/u] If you hate the default sabers, and don't like the ones other people have made until now (or wanted an update of the previous version), try this, see if you like it. ~ Innocent Hawk NOTE: The author's new name is "Pane", not "masterobitu" as will be listed above. Due to some unknown errors, I was unable to add his new name.




Dark Forces Mod (Demo 2) | 194.51 MB

Forces was the first game in the Jedi Knight Series (Dark Forces, Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight, Jedi Knight, Jedi Knight II e.t.c), and it came out way way back when I got my first PC. In fact, the original game was probably the first FPS I ever played and in that respect I think I know the game pretty well :) This file is basically a remake of that game for Jedi Academy. What the team for this mod has done is taken the old game and completely transferred it onto JKA, new textures, new sounds, better all around you could say. There are three demo levels in this mod, all of them fairly large, but you have to play them in order, starting with the good old imperial base. I spawned in a small lift and the grate opens into a narrow corridor, exactly as I remembered it from the original game. Here comes my biggest and worst point about the entire first two levels of the demo. FPS. It's absolutely awful, and running around this level is absolutely horrifying. It doesn't go too low, i.e below 10, but in the cavern area it never goes above 20 either. If a little more attention to VIS had been used, and techniques such as area-portaling, some indoor areas could have been vastly improved. The same applies to the second city level. Whilst it looks fantastic, and the weather effects are stunning, the map may be verging on 'unplayable' for those with lower spec PC's. However, this is THE worst thing about the mod, because pretty much everything else is great :D (As you'd expect from three years work) After stealing the plans from the imperial base in level 1, you're treated to some remakes of the original cut-scenes which are very nice indeed. The downside is that the character's mouths don't move which looks a little silly, but the whole effect is simply jaw-dropping. This leads you onto Level 2. (My favourite) Set on a planet called Talay, a city-typed area called Tak-Base has come under fire from the imperial forces and their new 'secret' weapon (A.K.A Dark Trooper.) Spawning into this level and I was instantly greeted with some intense weather effects and some brilliant ambient noise. Then I was off through the city, trying to find the power generator. It was a pain at first as its so darn easy to get lost, but when you get there and turn all the lights on the city is much brighter and well, you get the idea. Onto the musical aspects. Each level comes with the same music it had in the original game, except remade so it isn't so midi-like. Whilst this is accurate to the game, they're not that amazing to listen to anymore, and the transition between the action music and the stealth music isn't always as smooth as it could have been. My example here would be the title credits you see when you first load a new game. Whilst the music is what it sounded like in the original game, it would have been much better to have put the orchestrated version here because it sounds so much better! There are a few new enemies to kick around, like the sewer monsters in level 3, but the animations need tweaking slightly to make them more lifelike. As they stand, they look like cardboard cut-outs when they die ;) The weapons here are also from the original game, but the two you'll use the most in this demo are pretty much the same as the JKA versions. (The Bryar pistol and the E11) You also get thermal detonators, but I was disappointed there were none of the cooler weapons available to test out. All health and ammo pickups have been altered to resemble those from the original game, as has the HUD. The startup menus have also been changed, now being more green and saying "Dark Forces" instead of Jedi Academy. But for the final, please get rid of the annoying button-click sounds, they are far too loud and repetitive! What else? I'm not going to go into describing the depth and detail of the levels because it would take far too long. Just have a look at the screenshots and then test it yourself to from your own opinion. :) Oh yes, the enemy AI. I don't know whether it's the default JKA which I'm criticising here, but sometimes I could be stood behind an enemy, or sometimes even in front of them and they wouldn't notice I was there, whilst other came after me from halfway around the level (Stupid interrogator droids ;) ) My favourite level was Talay because I love cityscapes, but the best to play was Anoat Sewers because the framerate there was vastly improved. I'm sure there's plenty more I've forgotten to mention, such as the cool cutscenes and briefing screens, but If you download the mod you can see for yourself! I believe with some fiddling this demo will also work on a MAC. Check the developer's website for more info. ~Szico VII~




Cinematic Sabers | 668.83 KB

There are some new sounds, but really, I don\'t see why you\'d want to keep this mod in your base folder. I do suggest you download it though and decide for yourself. ~AmosMagee




Boba Fett SP | 290.91 KB

where the costumes change, such as the hoth level. But enough of that. If you want to play as Boba, and fight yourself in one of the levels (ought to be fun) then come and download this now! There is also a Jetpacking version of the Bounty Hunter to play as :) ~Szico VII~




Ultimate NPC Pack | 476.27 KB

Trebor Anakin Skywalker Anakin Skywalker with dual sabers Obi-Wan Kenobi - Episode 1 Emperor Palpatine Agent Of Evil Battle Droid Dash Rendar Jerec Plo Koon Shaak Ti Yarael Poof Zam Wesell Exar Kun - Dual sabers Exar Kun - Saber Staff Exar Kun - Single Saber Ally Exar Kun - Single Saber Enemy Ki Adi Mundi Kit Fisto Mace Windu Mara Jade Mara Jade with a ponytail Qui-Gon Jinn Clonetrooper [/quote] Darn, not in alphabetical order. But, Christophomicus (love the name!) did include a link to each model that you need to download for these NPC\'s to work for ya. :) The only thing I\'m unclear about is if there was any modification to the settings of these NPC\'s. Anyway, if you\'re looking for more NPC\'s to play with, this pack should have something you want. :) Nice work. ~AmosMagee




Jedi Knight: Racing (Update) | 5.91 MB

for the game! One of the features of JA that I think we all looked forward to was the use of vehicles, like swoops. It didn't take long for Chrono to give birth to the idea of JK Racing! Well, why not? So add to those new game types, JKR - JK Racing, where you and your friends spawn onto a large race track, set in Tatooine where four swoops await you. Jump on one of the swoops available and speed off down the raceway. Swerve in-between large pillars, take sharp turns around a rock, then either follow the arrow around another turn, or risk plummeting to your death by taking the short cut over a deep chasm. Defeat your opponents by being the fastest and reaching the finish line first, or by being the most deadly and just doing away with your competition. Once all of the swoops are gone, just restart the map to have four more. Or, according to the readme, you can just enable cheats on your server before starting up this map and then spawn as many swoops as you need for a good race. (Oh, and there's rumor of a hidden swoop with guided rockets, but that's all I can say about that.) The map is obviously Tatooine. The track itself is challenging and fun. Is it much to look at? Well, who the heck is looking at their surroundings when they're trying to stay alive in a race like the ones that'll take place on this map!? I love this concept. When testing this mod/map with the others, it was just, so much fun. I can't wait until others make more maps like this to add to the JKR game type. "Wait! I don't know how to make maps that will spawn NPC Vehicles into JA Multiplayer maps!" You don't!? Well, lucky for you, Chrono has included a very detailed tutorial with his mod and map! All you need to know is the basics of making a map to be able to make your very own JKR map! I'm sure there are already some concepts of a JKR map of Coruscant, where we'll be riding swoops high and low and in and out of buildings. Who will be the first to recreate the Podrace track from Episode 1? There are so many possibilities now with Chrono's mod. Great work, I look forward to seeing more of Chrono's JKR maps and more from the community! Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Music: Yes Game Types: Um, JKR (JK Racing) ~AmosMagee[/quote] The biggest, and most noteworthy change in this update is that Chrono has found out how to make the swoops respawn themselves. This makes the mod fully functional, without cheats! But then again, that doesn’t mean you won’t need cheats if you want to see something… special? :D I’ve been with this mod since it’s early days, and it is just wonderful to see it blossom as it is right now. I noticed something that could become a problem. I moved one of the swoops not too far from the starting line, and destroyed it, right? Well, 2 of the other swoops also caught on fire and exploded. Well, due to the swoops respawning, this resulted in an endless cycle of the swoops spawning, catching fire, and exploding. I’ve included a few screenshots below to show this. Maybe in the next update, if it’s possible, delay the time between the destruction of one machine and the spawning of the next? Also, if you wanted to have organized races, then you’ll have to dig around, play around, or find some way to not allow the vehicles to move until after like, a 5 second countdown or something? Maybe it’s not possible, maybe it is. Either way, if this is to become a serious thing, then it will be necessary. ;) I really like this mod, and it could be one of the top mods for JKA as it is! But of course, there is always room for improvement. So, I look forward to even more updates and upgrades, and soon, maps! For all of you, like myself, who wish the best for this mod, should step up and help the cause by making some darn maps! Chrono’s tutorial is very detailed, and should help you to get on your feet making a JKR map. I guess what I’m getting at, is this is a simply [b]wonderful[/b] first modification for JKA. I bet Raven is kicking themselves for not having thought of this. Keep up the great work, Chrono. :) ~Lord Griever~ [b]Bot Support – No New Textures – No New Music – Yes Game Types – Um, yeah, still just Jedi Knight Racing[/b]




ForceMod III Classic Edition - Version 1.3A Basic | 178.42 MB

updates since the last version: [quote]Version 1.3A Changes (from Version 1.3) - Corrected Ki-Adi-Mundo form style ability by only providing wall grip ability (with no wall run and wall flip. - Corrected some name form spellings in the Melee 1 Chart located in the Saber Menu section. - Restricted Hirmans models to their proper class selections for Sith & Jedi. Version 1.3 Changes (from Version 1.2) - Expanded the Dual Sabers selections section. You can now choose up to 12 saber hilts for either saber1 or saber2. - Added Saber powers 1-3 section in Saber menu for saber classes that do not specialize in level 4 saber (Warden, Sentinel, Cardinal, Crypt Guardian) - Anakin style was added as an additional Djem So form. - Removed the forced spectate mode between class changes. - The "1" key was reactivated for use with key binds. - For balancing purposes several melee modifications were made for various saber forms and classes (please consult in-game Melee Charts) - Added Hirman's Darth Bane, Darth Plagueis, Asajj Ventress, Ahsoka Tano, Cad Bane, and AT-RT Driver skins - Added Zkyo's Ingame Server Join Menu. - Some saber animation place-holders were changed back from OJP version to FM3 defaults due to ongoing modifications and improvements. - To make room for the new Menu modifications the Fourth Person along with Zoom-In and Zoom-out were removed from the Xbinds section.[/quote] For those of you unfamiliar with the mod, it is a massive and far reaching project which changes many aspects of gameplay, from saber selection and combat, character classes and some fantastic little features available via the ingame menu, which I will come to later. All you need to do is look at the saber selection menu and the incredible amount of detail which has gone into it, with melee damage charts for the various types of weapons. Add to that new saber colours and a whole new saber selection interface and it makes for an amazing change, though the complicated looking damage tables will not appeal to everyone. Check out the screenies below for an example. There have also been some changes to the force power menu, with several force powers now having a 'level 4', or turning the force up to 11 you could say. :P Force jump in particular on power level 4 now allows you to jump huge distances. These level 4 powers obviously cost a large amount of points to purchase however! As for character selection, as in Movie Battles II there is a wide variety of different characters to choose from ranging across several different classes, such as Jedi, Sith, Mercenary, Droid and more, with models and skins made by top notch modders. Now onto the features that I was the most impressed with; take a look at the ingame menu and you will see a variety of new options, one of my favourites being the Music menu, which allows you to choose from a variety of Star Wars music, depending on your mood or what you may be doing; using something more dramatic if you are having a duel for example, or perhaps if you don’t like the music used on a particular map you are on, you can pick from this list something which you would prefer to listen to whilst exploring or playing, or maybe just as a bit of ambience. Other features include a bonus button menu, which allows you to hide or show things like your FPS, the HUD, whether or not you want to render the weapon models, etc. which is great for taking good screenshots. I wish there was a mod like this for base JKA, it would save a load of faffing around using the /cg_draw2d and /cg_drawgun commands all the time to get good screenies! XD Another cool feature which is great for both taking screenshots and adjusting your view ingame is the aptly named Views menu, which lets you adjust things like your field of view, and also rotating the camera around your player using slider bars, another cool feature for taking screenshots, especially of skins, like the bonus button menu, this would actually be a great feature for helping the process of taking screenshots of skins for when I am reviewing them. Rather than having to use the modelview.cfg method, which although it works fine, it would still be nice to have a graphical user interface to change the camera position. Then there’s the Optimization menu, which allows you to either choose from a selection of pre-sets, or adjust settings via slider bars to help you optimize your connection and squeeze better ping, and thus less lag out of the game whilst playing online. These are some absolutely fantastic features, and I would love to see these made into separate mods for base JKA, if they haven’t been already, and if they have, please tell me where to get them! There are of course many more features to discover and much more depth to this mod than I have been able to cover here, but I hoped I have managed to touch on some of the most interesting and unique ones. This mod is definitely worth a download for those of you interested in a fantastic Multiplayer mod with loads of great features and a distinguished history, keep up the good work Venomous^Heart! ~Nozyspy~




Kel Dor & Rodian Male Sound Fix | 1.14 KB

taunt and how human it sounded for the Kel Dor and Rodian Jaden. So what I\'ve done is edited the sound.cfg of each and replaced them both. Kel Dor now uses the Gran sounds for grunts and taunts. The Rodian Jaden now uses the actual rodian soundset in MP. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? There is, unfortunately, one issue: the Rodian Jaden still uses its old sounds, despite this mod. I suspect the reason for this is a typo in a folder name: \'jedi_rdm\' should be \'jedi_rm\'. Despite that, I like the Kel Dor sounds. I\'d still like to see a second version that actually replaces the Rodian Jaden\'s sounds though wink Neat little mod - you know you want it if the Kel Dor Jaden\'s sounds annoy you. -Caelum[/quote] n\' MagSul sed this: [quote]Holy crap, that\'s embarrassing. I tested it, it worked. Y\'know why? You were right caelum! Tis a bad idea to save your own mods into the assets, things get beffuddled. I already had the original one (that worked) in my assets0. When I made that it was a quick re-slap together and presto - typo. My bad. I\'ll send the fixed one in. o_o [/quote] Then this thing said: [quote]IMHIERREVIEWPLZ[/quote] The end. - Averus Retruthan




RC Style Sniper Scope and Effects | 398.4 KB

when a guy came in using force speed, picked up the flag and dashed back towards the door. He was moving at some speed, but I had just enough time to charge up my disruptor and vaporize him before he got through the door. I was quite pleased with myself! I'm sure some of you have much more impressive sniping stories however! ;) Here we have a mod for the disruptor weapon, one that not only replaces the scope graphics as the name suggests, but also the effects for the disruptor shot too, which came as a nice surprise, since neither the name or the readme mention this! The scope graphic (meaning the scope you see when you zoom in when using secondary fire mode) looks substantially better than original, and definitely more interesting! To be honest I cant remember what the sniper scope from Republic Commando looked like, but from what I can remember of the style of the graphics ingame, this has the right kind of style and colour about it. It also feels more like something you would see out of the scope of a sniper rifle. The new effects are also equally impressive; instead of the plain old orangy beam we now get a sizzling electrified blue beam, which looks somewhat more dangerous, certainly much more like a [i]disruptor[/i] beam anyway! Some new sounds for the secondary fire mode round this mod off nicely. All in all an excellent mod here! If you make a v2, perhaps you could reskin the disruptor rifle as well! *hint hint* ;) [b]New Sounds[/b]: Yes [b]New Effects[/b]: Yes [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Model[/b]: No ~Nozyspy~




The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition - HUD

tfuuse_hud_v1.rar | 894.13 KB

certainly get lots of TFU themed mod's here on JKFiles! Here we have the latest TFU themed mod, another rendition of the HUD from The Force Unleashed. It does indeed look like the HUD from the force unleashed, and it is somewhat bigger (I think it is anyway, I could be wrong) than some of the other TFU HUD mod's we have, however I do feel this needs quite a bit more work. The edges are rather jagged and the area inside is a little fuzzy. I could be wrong, but I think this also photo sourced from a TFU screenshot which would explain the problems I just mentioned. I definitely think you should try and make this HUD completely from scratch because that will allow you to get a much cleaner look to the HUD. That about wraps it up, so if you guys are fans of The Force Unleashed then you might enjoy this mod! :) ~Nozyspy~




Star Wars - Masters Of The Force Stances | 8.23 MB

that that the makers of JKA didn’t make the animations more lifelike. Especially considering the improvements modders have been able to make. But, of course, Raven had time and monetary constraints that modders don’t have, so I guess there is a good reason! Here Jesus Fernandez Garcia brings us a mod, which brings together many new improvements to the lightsaber stances and other animations (including the jump animations and force power animations) for JKA. A full list of the changes to the animations can be found in the readme. So what are these new animations like? Well, very good I would say! The jumping animations for one look more natural I think, especially the speed at which the jumps are performed. The roll animations also look more natural, though I think the distance covered when you roll is a bit too much. All the saber stances have been changed and I think they look cool, especially the new stance for the staff saber which looks very sweeping and dramatic. There do seem to be a few bugs when transitioning between certain animations, but these aren’t serious and aren’t that noticeable either and overall I think all the new saber stance animations look very cool. After many years of playing with Base JKA animations, these are a refreshing change! :) There are also changes to the force power animations, including push, pull and grip among others. I think these too are a good improvement over the default JKA animations although the changes are a bit subtler than with the saber stances. For improvements I would suggest working on making the transition between animations a bit smoother, they do look a little jerky sometimes. I don’t know whether this is possible, but I think it would be cool to make some new animations for the Kata attacks too because I think that would be a refreshing change to the lightsaber combat in JKA. All in all a cool mod here which brings a lot of nice changes to the game. I definitely think this is worth a download for anyone who would like to see some more natural player animations in Jedi Academy! ~Nozyspy~




Better Game Effects | 4.51 MB

we have a mod that changes various game effects, including some of the projectile effects for the weapons, the saber blades, and also some new sounds. First off, it is easy to see that the saber blades have been changed; they now look much more like the ones in Episode 3, longer, thicker and pointier (careful, you might poke someone’s eye out with that thing! ;)). The saber also has loads of new sounds, which sound like they may have come from the original Jedi Knight game. Personally whilst they don’t sound quite like the movie sabers, I do prefer these changes since they sound much more deadly and visceral. The projectile effects for some of the weapons have also been changed. The Bowcaster now fires red bolts as it does in the films, instead of the traditional green that it has been in the Jedi Knight games and the repeater also fires red blaster bolts instead of the small round white bolts it fired before. Personally I prefer the red blaster bolts that the repeater now fires, I think they fit better with the weapon somehow. But that’s just me. There have also been some changes to the force lightning, saber lock and saber deflection effects, though in my limited time testing the mod I wasn’t able to try out all the new effects. One nice feature though was the new splash screen that displays when the game first loads and also when a map loads, I [b]much prefer[/b] this new one to the Base JKA one, it looks great! :D Added to that there is also a new background for the drop down console. All in all this is a cool mod here, and a welcome addition to the library of effects mod’s that we have here on the site. If you guys like the look of the mod from the screenshots below, be sure to give it a download! ~Nozyspy~




Kick Sabers | 2.25 KB

appears to work quite well. [b]NOTE, HOWEVER[/b] that this is Single Player only. If one were to install this mod and use it in MP, thou wouldst be stripped of BOTH kick AND throw! Truly, a warning for any who would dare test the modder's mettle, for you will gain nothing but lose everything =_=. which point you just remove the--- SOUL FROM YOUR BODY AND OFFER IT UNTO ME. =_=; Yes, no one must never know the loophole... You've heard enough. MAKE YOUR CALL, ALREADY. - Averus Retruthan




bloodPLUS revision 4.1 | 1.4 MB

but anyways, that’s just the way I feel about it. Here we have a new blood mod from the very aptly named bloodthirstydood, which adds some new features over the previous version of his mod, as listed in the readme: [quote] This is a revision of a mod by me already on here. It covers dismemberment as well. What is new: new look, better effects, simpler images.[/quote] As he also mentions, this mod works in both Singleplayer and Multiplayer, although in Singleplayer there appears to be extra effects available, whereas the Multiplayer version is a little more limited. There are some new ‘fleshy’ splattering sounds for when you hit people and you get more of an explosion or a cloud of blood, rather than a simple splattering or spurting. Although I must point out that since a Lightsaber would cauterise a wound as soon as it cut through the flesh, there probably wouldn’t be any huge spurting or splashes of blood. :P Ehem, if Lightsaber’s were real, of course! Anyway, if this mod is your kind of thing (although admittedly it isn’t to my tastes) then give it a download! ~Nozyspy~




!!BOSS!! Hud

bosshud2.0_ri.rar | 210.12 KB

Logo of the BOSS clan is now the little Gem on the bottom corners that holds the HUDS together. The Background has been lightened. The Health has been darkened the Armour & Ammo is now White which does look dodgy against the already light background. The Force has been darkened too! Overall a darkening and lightening, Simple but i'm sure effective for BOSS ~Rets




Secret Apprentice Saber Stance

jacobstance.rar | 7.88 MB

mod working on the Red stance, it acutely is put on to the Staff instead. And even then both blades have to be going for it to even work. Another thing i noticed is the hand isn't closing all the way around the staff, so he's just kinda holding it open handed. The only other things i noticed was the pk3 eather has to be placed in the Base folder, or for me it had to go in to the JA+ folder. Other then the glitch with the hand and the mod working on the staff this mod is still a nice addition to your game play. ~T89T




Gungan Pack V2 | 1.38 MB

plainly tell, you are given a pack of NPCs that represent a number of Gungan folk. Honestly, the NPCs work, and function, so that covers that. They are of modest means as well, for the most part, so you won't see Gungans leaping at 4000 meters to pursue. The real kicker here is that they use custom weaponry. Why is this good, you may ask Averus? Averus says that there is a link to all the necessities, thus aiding the experience completion. Victory is yours, in the end...if you like Gungans. I didn't care for them much. They remind me of watered down Mudokons. Man, I'd love to chant and possess someone's body...then I could be a slig and gun down insubordinate workers. =_,= Anyway, PREPARE BANDWIDTH FOR DEPARTURE. OTAH BONGO DEMANDS YOUR PRESENCE IMMEDIATELY.[/quote] Well =_= fear, FOR A VERSION 2 HAS APPEARED. This pack includes more NPC templates, along with a cybernetic soundset for Jarjar. That's about it in a nutshell. If you enjoyed the previous pack, and/or required more DARK GUNGAN SOLDIERS, then proceed to submit bandwidth =_>. - Averus Retruthan




TK-231\'s Special Effects Mod V1 Base | 24.87 MB

it first! I will say, first of all, that this mod comes highly recommended by Averus. It changes quite a bit, and just to irritate you even more, I will say this much: READ THE README FOR THE LIST OF CHANGES. Suffice to say, there are some that apparently he didn\'t mention. At least one Gran sound came from Dark Forces O_o which is ironic, because I\'ve been playing that. Anyway, I will mention one bug that I caught unwittingly. In singleplayer, the gunfire sounds don\'t seem to play for the changed weapons. Other than that, the mod\'s fine. I will point out that I love the sniper zoom sound O_,o it\'s quite malevolent, and I will definitely punch an unsuspecting child in celebration. Overall, my words do no justice to this mod. I suggest reading the readme, looking at the screenshots, and see if this would be of any use for you. If you use gun mods, probably not. However, this is definitely worth an inspection =_= - Averus Retruthan




RGB Character Tint (SP) | 5.11 KB

shade of orange that you could never have? Now you can choose it! This involves a simple menu change, so it may not be compatible with other mods that alter the same menu file. ~Inyri




Animation Switchup | 11.78 KB

\"Force Impale.\" This particular change does exactly what you might expect - rather than the normal lunge, which always seemed kind of silly to me, the animation is changed to the jabby one. Not the first time this has been done, right? Force Push and Pull have also been changed. I\'m not sure which animation pull comes from, but I quite like it [b]much[/b] better than the default. Push makes use of the two-handed lightning animation, which does make for a rather interesting result. The three new katas do indeed look neat - they take advantage of some of the lesser-seen animations in the game (in fact if you don\'t play SP or any of those strange server-side mods, you may have never seen these animations before). I found one possibly large problem, however. After some minor testing with many willing test subjects (read: stormtroopers) I discovered something alarming - the fast and medium katas don\'t actually make contact with their victims. I tried several times, from several angles and distances, but nada. While they look cool, the fact that they won\'t hit anything could be problematic. The strong kata doesn\'t seem to have any contact issues, but its slow speed does leave you vulnerable for a time. Then again, vulnerability is part of the trade off with a kata, I suppose. ~Inyri




Original Saber Sounds Pack | 79.55 KB

do come from the movie.The sounds are high enough quality, and I didn\'t catch any deterring factors. How can one say anymore about this pack? They sound like every other pack I\'ve come across, so if you intend to get this one, now is the time to offer your bandwidth up and giggle like a little girl. Upon which time, I shall promptly answer your download request with an upload of scythe blade to your skull, in which you will then scream in pain and I shall dance about in a fashion that desert nomads do. - Averus Retruthan




New Sabers | 165.03 KB

liked it. The one I tried was the Curvy Sabers pk3, which makes your saber into a '8' shape. While the blade itself didn't look to great, the thing that made me like it was the saber trail. Looked like a saw blade, and I thought it was cool. :cool: There are several saber blades to choose from, so take your pic and enjoy. A nice little pack. I just wish there was more variation in it. ~Zach




Almost Perfect Ep3 blades | 107.96 KB

I'm not sure which one the author was going for, but it doesn't look much like either. The first screenshot you see here is the original JKA blade, the second is SithLordSopan's. Image Google for "Star Wars EP III" and you'll see the difference between all of them. What I DO like about this, is that it looks more "solid". You can kind of see through the default JKA. It is a change from the old blades.... but personally, I don't notice much what my saber looks like. -Red




Nova Unit | 29.26 MB

[i]attempt[/i] single player mods, much less do them and do them well? This is the next installment in the popular Nina series, following her exploits as a member of the elite Nova Unit, a law-enforcement team meant to ease the burden on the Jedi Order. Nina's duty in this segment is to infiltrate a base on the planet Torukia which has been taken over by Remnant forces. The map itself is well-made, and you will find that you'll have to get all the way to one end of the map [i]just[/i] to open a door near the very beginning. There are some helpful hints in the read-me, so make sure to check those out. Larry McBruce says that this map was inspired by the Ghost in the Shell series, so I can not appreciate any similarities between the two as I have never seen Ghost in the Shell. Maybe some of you guys can recognize those similarities, however. The feel of the map is consistent throughout, and the texturing is wonderfully done. The base has a very dark atmosphere, but not so dark that you can't see. The lights within the map seem to be well-placed, and each light has a distinct source, and even better is that the size of the light entity reflects the size of the light source. There are no little light bulbs casting light across a hundred-foot stretch of corridor. You'll probably want to rely on your lightsaber throughout this map, as there are few ammunition packs to pick up, though you could keep yourself well-equipped from the blasters the stormtroopers will drop. There are also very few shield and health pickups, so keep yourself healthy if you want to survive. There are a good number of enemies throughout the map, mostly stormtroopers, but occasionally you will be faced with a dark jedi or saber droid. And if all that wasn't enough to peak your interest, the final battle features Battle of the Heros music. I'm sure that will interest some of you. I did find one potentially large bug. After I defeated the final enemy, it locked up. The cutscene finished and went to a black screen where the music just kept on going. I could still access the console, however. It doesn't seem like a conflict with another mod, either, because I emptied out base and it still occured. However by this point you've basically experienced everything there is to experience. If anyone else can confirm this error, maybe we can talk Larry into a quick fix for it ;) Even despite the bug, I strongly recommend a download. It's not every day we're blessed with single-player mods. New Textures: Yes New Models: Yes New Music: Yes Bot Support: No ~Inyri




RotJ Darth Vader \'Breathing\' Hilt | 787.6 KB

sounds remain, and the saber hum sound still has a lightsaber hum sound in it too, so it isn\'t \'empty\'. A simple yet, clever mod to an existing saber hilt, worthy of a download especially with Marz\' Darth Vader model. Download away, I\'ve made a screenshot that pretty much describes the mod and shows a picture of the hilt too. -Rink




One Hit Kill Mod | 613.2 KB

number of trip mines and detonation packs you can place. I can see this mod would be fun for about 20 minutes but much longer that that and it will just get irritating All said I would say we have a promising beginner modder here, keep up the work and I\'l look forward to see more work from you -TheSpike-




Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Weapons | 4.84 MB

first I was skeptical as to how accurate or detailed a mod like this could be could be. Boy was I wrong. Each and every weapon is finely crafted as accuratly as the author could, using only a teaser trailer as source material! The short of it is this, Final Fantasy 7 was a groundbreaker in '97. Now, this next year, Squaresoft is releasing a sequel movie to the game that they are calling Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children. Currently only teatrical trailers exist, which is where the author got the screenshots and designs from. Lets review the lineup shall we? Here is a weapon that has been done over enough times to make me sick: the Buster Sword. In fact, I am sure that it has been done over in every game to use any sort of melee weapon of any kind. With each revision the author would forget the shine, not put the holes in the blade, forget one small detail or another. This revision has nothing wrong with it whatsoever. He even fine-tuned the wrap on the handle of the sword. Second we have Vincent's Alastor. Vincet was a rather dark, somewhat vampiric charachter in the original Final Fantasy 7, who weilded a wide variety of pistols. Given, the weapon does seem to fit Vincent's personality, even more so with the crackling lightning, but I do not know why the author protrayed it as a veapon of this particular charachter. Perhaps he has inside information on FF7:AC than the public does not? ;) The 4-Point Shuriken was the choice weapon of Yuffie, a ninja/thief. My only dispuite with it is that when throw, it spins on its axis instead of normally like a throwing star. The Masamune. The weapon of Sephiroth. Most likely, the most legendary and well-known bad guy in video game history. The Masamune can be weilded normally, using all three styles, or backwards. When weilded backwards, the game reverts to staff animations and movements. Now we hit three weapons that I am shady on. First we have the The Double Sword, a twin-bladed katana that can also be weilded backwards. The Velvet Nightmare is interesting, its a combonation of a small cutlass and a pistol, even though it does not fire with this mod. Though that would be something nive to see in later revisions. The Dual Hound also eludes me. It seemd to be a close-quarters melee weapon that does kinetic damage on impact. The author has cleverly adjusted the hit animation so that the each hit looks like a repeater grenade detonating. Finally, there is Cid's weapon, the Spear. This weapon isn't fancy, but its accurate, and a solid hitter. Much like Cid himself. Another small thing I noticed is the skin used to demonstrate in each screenshot. This skin, though just a reborn model, is also a charachter hinted to in the FF7:AC video. I would like to se it released as well as a full weapons modification pack later on. Hell, you could get away with making a full-blown mod out of this! Great Job! New Sounds: Yes New Models: Yes New Textures: Yes New Animations: No Known Bugs: None -Sared




Alternative Dark Ending | 8.58 KB

like him you might enjoy this. After you defeat Kyle and flatten him by making a load of rocks fall on him, insted of jumping out of the rocks Kyle will die and stay under the rocks while Luke comes along and says 'You're now one with the force' or something like that. It's all good but there is a downside. It all looks very... I dunno 'glitchy', when Luke comes along he walks into the rocks and when Luke's lying on the floor that scene sticks for awhile. It also cuts the first Tavion scene but the author tells us how to fix that: [quote]if you REALLY can't live without that scene, then you have to type "/map kor2" in the console, and then just start over, and then it SHOULD be there.[/quote] Overall it's not bad but personally I'm happy seeing Kyle live (well untill JK4). Download this if you want to see something different for JKA SP. -Rink




Clone Trooper Rifle and Some Extra Sounds | 527.77 KB

while to notice that much of a change, although as I always say I\'m not the biggest SW fan so I can\'t judge sound accuracy when it comes to things like guns. The new sniper HUD is definately different, has a slight bug with the power indicator (it\'s not lined up correctly) but it\'s not that bad. Of course there is a bug and this is the second weapon mod in a row that has had a simlar bug! Look at the screenshot below, the shader isn\'t working for the image. I tested this one on my GTK install of JA (I use 2 installs on my PC) and this happened so I know it wasn\'t for the same reason as the other. As I said, a mini-mod but for some it will be worth it, you have to download to find out though! -WadeV1589-




Tournament of Ieyasu | 6.15 MB

you just want to play through one or two levels of some single player action, but you crave a new story and some new action. While the Tournament of Ieyasu doesn\'t really have a story, and it really just plays as a ladder, it\'s still nice to have something, y\'know? The lighting was a bit too dark, I thought. Your opponents aren\'t all that difficult, but they should keep you busy for a while. It\'s supposed to be a tournament with no force, but like, the NPC\'s sooooo cheat and use force on you. Anyway, it\'s a fun little SP campaign that should satisfy you until another one comes out. :) ~AmosMagee




Team Corellia: Part 1 - Corellia | 13.61 MB

animations (y\'know, like cutscenes). Trust me though, this is worth your time to download and watch. I almost don\'t want to tell you anything about the story or the characters because it\'s so entertaining to discover them for yourself. I\'ll at least tell you though that I watched the first scene about three or four times. The Rebels dancing like that ... just ... hehehe. There\'s a guy who does a voice for a character towards the end of part 1 who sounds very much like Antonio Bandaras with a cold. My favorite character of part 1 has to be the Receptionist. And Kengo even manages to fit in the Mission Impossible theme ... hummed by Rebels. I\'m sure none of this makes any sense to you guys right now, but watch it and then it will. ~AmosMagee




Chryonic\'s Sabers & Lightning (v2.0) Final | 1017.67 KB

blue saber. It\'s just blinding. The green saber seems to match the lightning that\'s included in this pack. It has more of a teal color to it. The orange and yellow sabers haven\'t changed much. The purple saber\'s core looks thinner and the red saber has a firey orange glow. So it\'s kind of a weird saber mod. The only consistancy I see between sabers is that they\'re all brighter. Now the lightning mod I kinda like. I suppose I like the idea of color-coodinating your saber with your lightning. In fact, I\'m surprised no one\'s made a mod like that yet. Anyway, all that I noticed about the lightning is the color change. There are no new sounds. So, if you\'re a fan of mini-mods, check this one out. Maybe you\'ll like the changes made with the sabers and the color of the lightning. [/quote] I suppose I didn\'t really need to take screenshots of the sabers myself, since the author included some greats screens already. However, I did want to show you guys the sabers side-by-side so you could see how different two of them are. And I don\'t really understand why that is. The orange saber has texture, while none of the others do. And the red saber (maybe the yellow one too) seems to have a thinner core. I have no idea if that was intentional or not. But anyway, the sabers do look great - and I\'m not one for saber mods. :P The trails are very cool and that\'s what Chryonic seems to focus on. I think the author succeeds in keeping this mini mod that includes matching lightning simple and understated. This final version is much better than your first. Great job. :) ~AmosMagee




Even More NPC\'s Mod | 12.9 KB

Tarados Gon are working on. Their next NPC mod called NPC Wars will include several pk3\'s with a Star Wars movie theme for each one. Y\'know, like The Phantom NPC\'s, Attack of the NPC\'s, A New NPC, The NPC\'s Strike Back ... etc. :) But I\'m getting way ahead of myself here because that\'s not the mod we\'re reviewing here. This mod will allow you to spawn such NPC\'s as Eeth Koth, PloKoon, Windu, KitFisto, Dooku, Anakin and Yarael Poof (AAHHH! Creepy toes!) ... among many others. You can find the entire list of NPC\'s below in the readme. It\'s a good collection of NPC\'s. And I can\'t wait to see what you guys have put together for your next mod. :) Especially if there\'s some customization of the NPC\'s. ~AmosMagee




Bold Sabers | 540.6 KB

one is of the regular JKA saber. To me, the saber seems very round and wide. You can barely see the core - it seems like the majority of what you\'re looking at is the glow. Now turn your attention to the second screenshot. You\'ll notice that the sabers are slimmer, the glow seems a bit toned down and as the title suggests, the sabers are bold. I do like these sabers, but I guess I\'m a little disappointed that nothing else was really changed here. Though I don\'t usually like new saber sounds, the pk3 just seems a little incomplete. Doesn\'t mean I\'m not keeping this mod! It\'s staying in my base folder \'til something better comes along. :) Good work. ~AmosMagee




The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition - Lightsaber Blades

tfuuse_blades.rar | 1.21 MB

blades look like in The Force Unleashed? Well I have no idea since I have not played it yet! I'm still waiting for it to come out on the PC, not long left now! :D These blades are obviously meant to resemble the saber blades from TFU however. From what I can tell, the only major change since the last version is that the tips of the saber blades are now more rounded instead of being pointy like in the previous version. The famous black and white lightsaber blade also returns in this mod. How a black blade can emit a white aura is beyond both me, and the laws of physics. But hey it looks cool and it is Star Wars! ;) The only problem with the black and white saber is that it replaces the orange saber, so if your favourite saber colour is orange, you might be disappointed. As for improvements I think the main things that need some more work are the tips of the blades because if you look closely you will notice that it looks like the very end of the blade has been clipped off, leaving a straight line right at the tip. This looks a bit odd close up, but should be too much of an issue generally speaking, but its always good to hunt down and fix those bugs! I'm glad to see more The Force Unleashed mod's here and I hope to see more in the future (although I would definitely like to see some TFU themed maps!) but I do think this mod needs some more work to polish it up. ~Nozyspy~




TFU Black Saber

tfu_black_saber_v2.rar | 250.54 KB

However, problems arose due to its large amount of bugs. Infact, so many bugs for a saber mod that Spior called the File Exterminator to get rid of most of the bugs for v2. However, you know how labor is these days, and unfortunately, a lot of the bugs are still here, such as a wall bug and a water bug. No, I don't mean those little spiders you see hopping across the water. Graphical difficulty is a better term for it. Spior, before you release a v3, make sure you exterminate ALL the bugs. Enjoy or submit your bandwidth. Your choice. ~Authuran




TFU Push V2 | 8.34 MB

command This mod pleases Authuran. As a fan of The Force Unleashed, I have been wishing someone would make the push from it into our beloved game. And we have it. Not a perfect replica, I will admit. The push from the game sent out some crazy purple and blue thing from it. Yes, thing. I can't think of any other word to describe it. Anyways, this mod is great for people who love to use the force, people who love to spawn NPCs, and people who just love seeing other people fly away at incredible speeds! This mod certainly pleases Authuran. Not before have we got a super-push-new-effect-new-animation mod that can live up to this one. Certainly a high quality replication from the game, and from what I could find, only one bug. In singeplayer, if you try a melee move, if you end up picking up the person and throwing them, the NPC will fly at incredible speed, even if you don't use push on them. But if you make a version 3, it would be fantastic, especially if it didn't modify melee combat, and if you could make that crazy purple and blue thing that flies out of his hands when he pushes someone. I have no clue if that is possible as I am not an effect maker, but if it is, it would be nice. I recommend this mod, certainly no typical waste of hard drive. Enjoy. ~Authuran




Winter's Stances | 8.45 MB

them. [b]Blue:[/b] Ass-scratching Stance [b]Yellow:[/b] Yoshimitsu Pimpsmack Stance. [b]Red:[/b] Scissor Wedgie Removal Stance [b]Dual:[/b] Scratch-your-ass-with-saber Stance [b]Staff:[/b] I didn't change at all Stance Seriously, I'm not sure HOW the author thought these were even remotely cool or imposing. I mean yeah, the yellow stance looks kinda cool in a gentlemanly fashion but honestly, that doesn't save this stance pack from its hilarious fate. Insert Quarter and Try Again, or, submit bandwidth. Either works. - Averus Retruthan




Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise | 5.99 KB

Emperors best troops were defeated by a bunch of rock and stick wielding teddy bears… In fact, according to Wikipedia this is a common feature in action films, the principle is actually called [url=]Principle of Evil Marksmanship[/url], which basically means the bad guys always have rubbish aim… Well, if you ever felt that the Stormtroopers in JKA were a little lax in their targeting, fear no more! Raarventje brings us his mod, fittingly called ‘Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise’. Basically what this mod does is make the Stormtroopers in the Single Player side of JKA a bit smarter and more accurate in their aiming. Personally I think this is a good idea for a mod, little changes like that can make quite a difference overall in a game. :thumbsup: So if you like the idea of this mod and want to give it a try, give it a download! :) ~Nozyspy~




Faster Weapons | 4.09 KB

like the games as they are, this won\'t be for you, but if you prefer them to be insane (and not in a particularly good way, but in an amusing and \"mebbe good for a few kicks\" way), you\'ll be interested. ~Kouen




OJP Enhanced Unlimited | 1.24 MB

folder. - Sabers Last I checked, there were no visible limits on how many sabers you could actually have, but I guess I may have been wrong or I simply never had that many sabers. Even if you were under the limits, though, only twenty or so appeared on the list and the console was necessary for the others. With JA Unlimited, virtually all sabers will appear on the menu (obviously it's not really unlimited, but it may as well be) and there ceiling limit on how many you can have has been turned into the roof limit - 'tis much higher. Higher than I was able to reach with every lightsaber, sword, baseball bat, axe, halberd, polearm, voulge and God-only-knows-what-else I could procure from JKFiles. Since saber switching via /saber only appears to work in JA+, this is great for anyone not using these mods, since you no longer need to know the .sab designations to load your sabers. - Maps Again, you can usually have as many maps as you'll need, but now they'll all show on the menu so that you don't need to open pk3s in Pakscape/PakRat (shout-out for you Maccies out there ;) ), find the bsp name and use /devmap to load your maps. Great improvement in my book, helpful for those who don't check map pk3s by default, or don't know how to. - NPCs Now, this one you did have a limit on, and that limit is basically kaput. You can now have as many NPCs as you'll need - again, I'm figuring 65535 being the ceiling limit, but you'll probably never reach that many - without that pesky ".npc extensions are too large!" error in multiplayer. Score one for no annoyances! - Vehicles Oh yeah. Now we're talkin'. If you're like me and enjoy going to town with some serious vehicular manslaughter, again, this is the mod for you. No more .veh extensions errors, and the error with .vwp files (which were still at factory limits in the last release) is now fixed, so you can have as much firepower as you need in the base folder. - Models / Skins Considering the game can hold as many models/skins as you can use, I always found it kinda dopey that there was a limit on the amount of icons, but that limit is now gone. - Species Selections The limit was previously 32. Now, it's... what is it again? 65535 or something like that? Ain't that quite a resume? [b]Disclaimers[/b] ► This will [b]not[/b] work in the singleplayer game - source code for the SP DLLs was never released. Strictly MP only, sorry folks. ► Naturally, SP won't work at all if you're over any limits, so basically, my advice: don't put mods in base, make a seperate mod folder for this and dump your files in there, then launch this mod via .bat file. That way you can have as much as you need in MP, without shafting SP. ► Limits are there for reasons, as Kat Angel quite rightly states in the readme. Even though this mod means the game won't object to extreme amounts of mods, please try and factor in how much the iD Tech 3 engine can handle, and how much your computer can handle. If you have too much in your base folder, your game will take ages to load. The more you have, the slower it gets. The less RAM your computer has, the slower load times pass. The slower your CPU, the slower load times will be. You also risk your computer randomly shutting down, restarting, or random crashes by having more than the computer can handle. So, basically, if you never use it, don't keep it, 'cuz the more you got the more strain your system takes. Please note that since this is the OJP Enhanced version, installation instructions differ somewhat to the baseJA version. At Kat Angel's request, the install instructions will be added into the review. [b]-Installation Instructions-[/b] Easy! Simply open up the zip file and dump z_ja_unlimited.pk3 into your ***ojpenhanced*** folder (not base), and optionally include thumbnailshrink_ojp_enhanced.pk3 or thumbnailshrink_more_ojp_enhanced.pk3 with it. If you place the file in your base folder, it WILL NOT WORK with OJP, and may cause base JKA to behave strangely. (Most likely, that means "to crash.") Then start up JA, and you're done! [b]-End Installation Instructions-[/b] Right, safety warnings and summaries out of the way, I think we're done here. Overall, great mod for you "pakrats" (no pun intended). If you play OJP Basic and like to use a lot of add-ons, this is a sure-fire winner. ~ Kouen




Gungan Pack | 5.18 KB

tell, you are given a pack of NPCs that represent a number of Gungan folk. Honestly, the NPCs work, and function, so that covers that. They are of modest means as well, for the most part, so you won't see Gungans leaping at 4000 meters to pursue. The real kicker here is that they use custom weaponry. Why is this good, you may ask Averus? Averus says that there is a link to all the necessities, thus aiding the experience completion. Victory is yours, in the end...if you like Gungans. I didn't care for them much. They remind me of watered down Mudokons. Man, I'd love to chant and possess someone's body...then I could be a slig and gun down insubordinate workers. =_,= Anyway, PREPARE BANDWIDTH FOR DEPARTURE. OTAH BONGO DEMANDS YOUR PRESENCE IMMEDIATELY. - Averus Retruthan




Cool Saberz | 17.89 KB

new blades are not blurred at all it makes the edge of the blade much sharper (especially noticeable during swings). ~Inyri




New Force Lightning Pack | 2.61 MB

into supreme forms. I know what you are thinking, and I HATE YOU FOR THINKING LIKE THAT! Yes, you must obviously think: oh what good is this filth mod to a patrician like myself? This man, Tobe, has given you the ability to change it into the following(and this is just MP): Web Snow Electricity of red and blue Fire Of Red or Green A concentrated beam of energy(green or red) multiple energy beams (green/red) Having tested this before, I can highly recommend this to you, the masses, for consumption and UTTER DELIGHT LIKE A LITTLE CHILD SKIPPING TO AN OIL FACTORY! Yes, children like oil, now be silent. The SP ones are for SP only and consist of electricity and a super concentrated beam of power. How can one not go wrong? What\'s better: the beams trace all the way to a wall, where you can trace your marks of power. The only downside? the range of damage from regular force lightning remains the same. However, this would require severe overhaul of coding, and I think Tobe\'s done enough on his part. He has even generously whipped up a custom soundset for each set of lightning. Overall? You want the brilliant effects you see below? THEN OFFER YOUR PATHETIC BANDWIDTH TO TOBE\'S FILE OF EVIL OR ELSE IT SHALL NOT BE GRANTED. FYI: Beware with what effects mods you combine with this, as I\'ve seen drastic damage done to the effects success back when I was a pk3 packrat. - Averus Retruthan




Movie Realism SP Mod

movie_realism_sp_mod.rar | 301.63 KB

creativity or effort. The author basically attempted to adjust all the stats in the base .npc and .veh files along with a couple of mods he coupled with it, (giving credits to their authors.) and made the action more \"realistic.\" First off, what kind of moving picture set are you talking about? You included bloody dismemberment, and I don\'t recall any drop of blood ever portrayed in the Star Wars movies and/or games you mention. The blood vessels get seared shut, if I\'m not mistaken, although I do wish blood and gore would be displayed on the big screen. (I made an entire remake of the trilogy with blood and gore once.) Now then, onto technical aspects. The stats are good, but the installation may be way over some folk\'s heads. The author expects you to basically know how to use winrar (since he submitted a rar) on a slightly higher level...bad assumption. In English, he just put the ext_data folder in the rar and caled it a day. It made the .rar very messy, and almost confusing. (Definitely for those who don\'t mess around in pk3s) Overall, this is for the bored souls out there who play SP and want a change. The bloody dismemberment mod can work in MP, and everything else is made basically for SP. With that said, I shall go forth and raise an undead army and march to Bangladesh. - Averus Retruthan




X-MEN Iceman\'s Power Effects | 925.07 KB

supposed to be the powers of Ice-Man from X-Men, but I can\'t make any good comparison. There are three effect changes in this mod, and all of them are variants of Ice-Man\'s powers. They all look pretty good, and I can\'t find any real flaws with the effects themselves...except that the hit effects haven\'t been changed. So you get hit by ice and it looks like you\'ve been hit by lightning. So the biggest problem with this mod is the lack of completeness. i.e. changing another set of effects. But other than that, this is a cool mod! Make sure you only have one of the effects changing pk3\'s in your folder at one time! ~Zach




MA5B Assault Rifle | 1.06 MB

and the fact that the first person view stinks as it\'s all in the upper-right hand corner of your screen. Mainly because this isn\'t just the model. It\'s just a reskin of the model. So with that said, I don\'t really see any major difference. I think that I\'m just going to stay silent about what I think of this and let you people decide. But I will tell you that this does mess with your bryar blaster effects. Whenever I shot or charged the blaster pistol I got a purple square around the shot. ~Zach




BaseJKA | 1.24 MB

like that's about all it does. Doesn't seem to change gameplay much, except where perhaps it should be. To quote the changes listed in the read-me: Quote:- Fixed /say command buffer overflow. - Fixed server command buffer overflow. - Fixed problems while voting in TFFA. - Fixed the black name, now ^0 makes your nick black, no more need to ^^0. - Fixed big messages color replacement bug. - Fixed the sliding while standing on top of someone. - Now taunts are allowed in all gametypes. - While dueling you can't collide with anyone outside the duel. - Multiple FFA Private Duels. - Private Duels in TFFA Allowed. - Added /announce command to enable admins to print big messages in the center of player's screens. - Added the possibility to have taunts in all gametypes. This mod also adds several new admin cvars, in case you don't like one or more of these changes and would like to turn them off. Sounds like it could be handy for those server admins who find that mods like JA+ just change too much for their tastes. ~Inyri[/quote] There are various bug fixes, new admin commands, new admin cvars, and a little bit more. Here's the new features. [quote]- Dismemberment Enhancements - Full Dismemberment is possible now. - Anti Model Hack System - This pretends to prevent players from using exploited skins that make body parts invisible. - Enhanced match mode play - Using player "ready-up" to force syncronized matches. Supported in all team modes (TFFA, SIEGE and CTF). - Several callvotes issues fixed. - The callvotes can now be disabled in parts. - The /callvote kick changes to /callvote kick . - The /tell command now accepts a player substring. - Improved some issues in callvotes. - Player without a name not allowed, even if they hack the name with just colours. Example: name “^1^2^3^4^5^6^7”, this name and other names using only colours are not allowed. - Fixed some siege bugs (example: After we die, when we wait to respawn if we do /kill we die again). - Fixed some exploits in snaps and rate usage, now they are limited by sv_minRate and sv_minSnaps. - /kill spamm not allowed. - Improved some bots issues, and now they can accept duels. - Added /help command[/quote] So, if you love basejka and want it improved, then download this. Or, if you're a server admin who doesn't like JA+, then you might like this. ~Zach




Japanese Mod | 47.8 MB

basically telling you is that the computer I playtested this mod on is a beast - very high-end. So you can imagine my horror when i loaded this map up and got 17 frames per second. That's completely unplayable, and I'd hate to think what people with lesser computers will do on this map. For this reason, and this reason only, I don't like this mod. The fact is, even with all the cool stuff in it, you can't play it. :( Of course, it's a mod, not just a map, and comes with a whole load of new models/skins, of samurai warriors and katana blades. They mostly looks pretty snazzy, except for some of the faces and logos, which are pretty bad. They are all though, fantastic quality, especially the ninja... hes just so darned cool! There's also a ton of new swords to play with; far too many for me to go into them all, but trust me, they're fun to use, and most of them look pretty good as well :) Especially the first serrated blade one. There are new sounds with these too - some sound very familiar (from the advent children weapon mod?) but I'm not sure about this. Furthermore, your loading screens and main menu have been altered to fit the Japanese style. :) Which brings me back to the map, which is probably the focal point of the mod. Architecturally, and lighting wise, its extremely nice, especially the terrain and trees. I also loved those little lamps, very nice stuff. However, there's a few lighting bugs inside the tents (pitch black walls) and some Z-fighting in areas along the fences. As I mentioned previously though, its so difficult to play on this map due to the lag, if you want to use this mod, you'll probably be better off just using the awesome models and weapons. Oh yeah, and the music is incredibly annoying, bad choice! :( New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Partial Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes ~Szico VII~




Deeper Jaden-Male Voice | 8.74 MB

recorded his voice over at RavenSoft) or a robust young boy. To hear a weak \"hah!\" whenever Jaden rolls (or jumps in single-player) was dreadful, because from what I could see, an eighteen or twenty year old guy was running around with a child\'s voice. This mod attempts to fix that. There are times when a voice can be overdone, and this mod does indeed overdo it. I am reminded of Darth Sidious, whose voice was way overdone in \"Star Wars: Episode III—Revenge of the Sith\" from an academic standpoint right after he had defenestrated Windu and I was crying for Mace and Palpatine was renaming Anakin \"Darth Vader.\" There were too many echoes, and it looked and sounded unnatural. The same is with this mod, as the author made Jaden sound like a metallic Desann. It\'s way too low for his \"nice young man\" appearance. A boy\'s voice should technically only drop about an octave when it changes, and Jaden, taking many years more than most normal people, had it drop what sounds like four or five octaves. It just doesn\'t fit. Oh well, it had to change eventually, for better or for worse. —Ra-Kom




Movie Saber Clash effects Mod | 115.28 KB

the body look like a saber clash. Overall it gives the effect of a more realistic saber fight because it doesn\'t look like you are actually hitting anyone, making it perfect for movie making. It also makes the saber fights feel faster paced and exhilarating. I can only really see two downsides to this mod, firstly it would give you a bit of a disadvantage in duels, and normally you can tell if you got a good hit in or not. Also you still get the shield effect which kinda ruins the feel of it. Maybe that could be changed in version 2 *hint* I think this is probably one of the most practical mods I have ever seen; I can see a valid use for it. All in all, Good Work -TheSpike




Movie Stances 2.0 | 2.57 MB

weird. In fact, they seem fairly hmmm ... what\'s the word I\'m looking for ... intuitive. To really gain an appreciation for this mod, you need to download it and play it yourself. More than just stances have been changed. There\'s a list of all the changes in the readme. Check it out. I\'m thinking you won\'t be disappointed. [/quote] The stances have been changed to include a stance from Episode III and a melee stance has been included as well. You\'ll find that some force stances have been changed also to make them more accurate to the movie. I\'m still quite impressed with this mod. And there are probably several of you out there who are such pure Star Wars fans that you\'d prefer the saber stances here versus the ones in Jedi Academy. ~AmosMagee




JK3 Multiplayer One-Hit Kill Mod | 1.55 KB

really relevant if you don\'t play online. But I must say it makes saber dueling VERY challenging. I was hoping it would work with guns as well, but unfortunately a UT2004 \"insta-gib\"-esque mod isn\'t available and this one only works with sabers. However its great fun to play with, and adds much more caution to a duel, which in turn adds to the realism. I can reccomend this mod for a playaround as It\'s fun to use, but the same effect can be achieved using other mods like ja+ which enables you to specificly change damages for certain attacks, wheras this one affects every single move. So it might not be for everyone, and if you run another multiplayer mod which can give you the same effect, this might not be needed - but for those who want some lightning-fast reaction duels, I can\'t recommend this more :D ~Szico VII~




Team Corellia: Part 2 - A Place in the Shade | 11.55 MB

a cutscene. Nothing more. But if you\'ve seen the first part, you\'ve got to download the second. The second is just as funny, if not more so than the first. The Jedi sent with them on their mission isn\'t exactly the greatest Jedi. Pretty substandard, in fact. Nothing really happens in this \"episode\", but it does set up the next one well. I hope Kengo decides to continue making these. They\'re quite entertaining and I can\'t wait to see more. :) ~AmosMagee




New Lightning Effects | 48.22 KB

and brighter. The color has been tweaked just a bit, and it seems a little different when it hits someone. Not sure how it changed though ... since I rarely use lightning. But if you\'re looking for a change for your lightning, grab this ... you might like it. :) ~AmosMagee




Saber Menu (Revised) | 5.1 KB

you got a saber from the very beginning of the Single Player game. Raven tried to appease us by giving us a saber in the beginning of the game in JA, but once again, it wasn\'t enough! They teased us with the promise of a staff saber or dual sabers later in the game. RED SITH deals with our complaints of not having those options from the beginning with a mod that allows you to choose what saber you want from the very beginning. So if you\'re frustrated with having to just use the single saber for the first half of the game, download this mod and play Single Player through with the saber of your choice! Personally, I prefer using single saber anyway. To each his own! [/quote] This update has been made to address a few issues from the first release, from the readme the fixed bugs are as follows: Selectable Saber Types & Styles appear on screenDesired hilt & style are still usable after the \"Vjun3\" missionPlayers can continue game play by selecting the \"Continue\" button in the bottom right corner (after completing Vjun3). In the end I agree with Amos however, I am a single saber user, I sometimes use a staff but in the end I love single saber! It\'s one of those things :) -WadeV1589-




New Saber Colors | 15.98 KB

get the current saber colors and modify the RGB components to alter the color, that's all there is to it. I must admit these colors do look neon, which is nice. I like the idea of the sabers being something "strange" and neon glow sticks works for me. Like I said though, this is a very simple mod so don't expect much apart from neon colors! -WadeV1589-




LFPack Modification | 3.64 MB

could call it. I'm going to take up the author's offer and just quote what all he did, 'cause explaining in my own words...well, pointless! [quote]Changes: * Game Loading Screen: It changes the image that appears when the game begins to load. * Menu music: It changes to the Rebuilt Jedi Enclave song you can hear while playing KotOR II: The Sith Lords (hope this is not taken as Spam or something :P). * Console background image: Gave it a bit of blue tone but principalle more brightness. * Menu Background image: I played a bit with Constrast and Brightness :P. Also made the Circle in the center black and changed some arrows to a brighter blue. * Button color background: Made it brighter * Game Cursor: Changed it for the one you have in Jk2, and changed the "blade" from blue to red. * Server connection/ Initializing Screne: Changed the whole image. * Game Hud: Changed the hud to a one with our Clan Logo, made the hud grey, made the Health, Armor, Ammo and Force bars brighter also. * Saber Core: Althought I made it brighter, I'm not very sure that this change can be easily noted. * Lightning: I gave both the Flash and the lightning itself a blue color. * Scope: Gave it a tone of Red, changed the circle that spins when looking further, turn the power charging bar to black, and made a "cross" in the center of the scope. * Menu and scoretable: When you are inside the game, and press "Esc" the menu bar that appears on the top, well that bar was given a darker blue tone, and also to the one from the score table.[/quote] So, there y'have it. The screenshots'll tell a better story than I will at this point, so peek n' download. I command it. - Averus Retruthan




Jedi Academy Update | 98.87 MB

for the original package. Enjoy! [/quote] This includes restoring original sounds for certain JK2 characters(including desann, the shadowtroopers, jan, [b]ACTUAL Reelo Baruk[/b] sounds, bespin cop, etc,) some REALLY great vehicle sounds(loved 'em so much I'm keepin 'em,) and of course some other fun goodies like lightsaber effects, pistol effects, what have you, as well as -- like Noob explained -- everything that the [file="117490"]JO Update[/file] offered. Now, what would have been great is if you could have restored the old reborn sounds and threw in the old colors as well. That's definitely something this pack was missing, but considering you can probably get like 10 copies of that around here, it's no big deal. All in all, it's one solid as hell pack, and worth every Megabit. A stellar job, J.N.. You definitely hit it out of the park with this pack, far as I'm concerned. Good pack. Worth a peek. Get it. - Averus Retruthan




CloneWars Mod - Sounds and Effects | 5.3 MB

:S Basically what we have here is a great deal of the sound effects work produced by the Clone Wars mod team that has unfortunately disbanded due to inactivity. We have however been left which quite a large library of new sound effects here which include things like weapons fire, walking sounds, new spawning sounds, new health and shield pickup sounds and more. Third (AKA Bluestormtrooper) explains more about the ill-fated mod and the excellent work that has been released here in his readme. All the sounds that I listened to were good quality recordings and were made by people who obviously new something about the art of [url=]foley[/url] (the art of making such sound effects) and some of them sound as good as the base JKA sound effects I think! A bonus is that this file also includes some .efx files to actually change the visual effects ingame! It’s unfortunate for any mod to die, especially one that never saw a proper release, but unfortunately that happens. What is good though is that some of this mod team’s hard work has been preserved here for the rest of the community. Since this is not a mod in itself the file does not contain a .pk3, but rather all the individual sound files. Hopefully the people in the community will make good use of these new assets, just remember to properly credit the original authors for their hard work here! Personally I would love to see these sounds taken and made into a proper sound effects mod, I think that would be a worthy use for this work and I’m sure people would enjoy it! So, if you fancy taking such a challenge up, then why not give this file a download? :) ~Nozyspy~




+11 Trainer | 2.13 KB

with the console won't find any use for it. Basically, this mod binds a bunch of cheats/NPC spawns to several keys on your keyboard. This is something I did ages ago for debugging maps, so like I said, I don't have a use for it. I was somewhat amused by the chat-spam bind...quite childish. The other thing is that when you run the 'uninstall' script to remove the binds, it does not replace the original binds you had. I'm pretty sure this is possible through a little's not a big problem, but it's one of those things that makes people a lot more likely to use your binds. Bottom line, if you like the way this mod binds keys, download it. ~Dretzel




Saber wars | 46.63 KB

will have to use the cheat "give all" in order to get your saber back. Or else it is alomost impossible to complete the level.[/quote] Force Grip/Lightning will save that. HAR! - Averus Retruthan




Star Wars Stances Animated For JA+ | 9.39 MB

where you can do beta testing, if you like). This version introduces a lot of changes, so I'll just name off what I found most notable. Check the readme for full details. My favorite change with this mod is the new force grip animation. Not only does it give your character a much better position, it also changes the animation of the person you use it on. I think that was the coolest animation change in the whole pack. The new roll animation is interesting as well. You character does a cartwheel (which fully justifies the increase in rolling speed). Now, it still has a few quirks. For instance, if you are using JA+ and you use your grapple hook, your player uses a "standing" animation while flying through the air. Kind of amusing, at least for a while. The cartwheel I mentioned above needs some fine tuning, because your hands and feet slide across the ground for a short distance. Oh, and if you use the fast stance, well...I hope you don't need that shoulder any more. XD So, as before, if you want to see the new changes to the animations, give it a shot. If you are looking for tweaks to the game or you liked the last two versions, give this a look! ~Dretzel




OJP Basic Unlimited | 1.22 MB

folder. - Sabers Last I checked, there were no visible limits on how many sabers you could actually have, but I guess I may have been wrong or I simply never had that many sabers. Even if you were under the limits, though, only twenty or so appeared on the list and the console was necessary for the others. With JA Unlimited, virtually all sabers will appear on the menu (obviously it's not really unlimited, but it may as well be) and there ceiling limit on how many you can have has been turned into the roof limit - 'tis much higher. Higher than I was able to reach with every lightsaber, sword, baseball bat, axe, halberd, polearm, voulge and God-only-knows-what-else I could procure from JKFiles. Since saber switching via /saber only appears to work in JA+, this is great for anyone not using these mods, since you no longer need to know the .sab designations to load your sabers. - Maps Again, you can usually have as many maps as you'll need, but now they'll all show on the menu so that you don't need to open pk3s in Pakscape/PakRat (shout-out for you Maccies out there ;) ), find the bsp name and use /devmap to load your maps. Great improvement in my book, helpful for those who don't check map pk3s by default, or don't know how to. - NPCs Now, this one you did have a limit on, and that limit is basically kaput. You can now have as many NPCs as you'll need - again, I'm figuring 65535 being the ceiling limit, but you'll probably never reach that many - without that pesky ".npc extensions are too large!" error in multiplayer. Score one for no annoyances! - Vehicles Oh yeah. Now we're talkin'. If you're like me and enjoy going to town with some serious vehicular manslaughter, again, this is the mod for you. No more .veh extensions errors, and the error with .vwp files (which were still at factory limits in the last release) is now fixed, so you can have as much firepower as you need in the base folder. - Models / Skins Considering the game can hold as many models/skins as you can use, I always found it kinda dopey that there was a limit on the amount of icons, but that limit is now gone. - Species Selections The limit was previously 32. Now, it's... what is it again? 65535 or something like that? Ain't that quite a resume? [b]Disclaimers[/b] ► This will [b]not[/b] work in the singleplayer game - source code for the SP DLLs was never released. Strictly MP only, sorry folks. ► Naturally, SP won't work at all if you're over any limits, so basically, my advice: don't put mods in base, make a seperate mod folder for this and dump your files in there, then launch this mod via .bat file. That way you can have as much as you need in MP, without shafting SP. ► Limits are there for reasons, as Kat Angel quite rightly states in the readme. Even though this mod means the game won't object to extreme amounts of mods, please try and factor in how much the iD Tech 3 engine can handle, and how much your computer can handle. If you have too much in your base folder, your game will take ages to load. The more you have, the slower it gets. The less RAM your computer has, the slower load times pass. The slower your CPU, the slower load times will be. You also risk your computer randomly shutting down, restarting, or random crashes by having more than the computer can handle. So, basically, if you never use it, don't keep it, 'cuz the more you got the more strain your system takes. Please note that since this is the OJP Basic version, installation instructions differ somewhat to the baseJA version. At Kat Angel's request, the install instructions will be added into the review. [b]-Installation Instructions-[/b] Easy! Simply open up the zip file and dump z_ja_unlimited.pk3 into your ***ojpbasic*** folder (not base), and optionally include thumbnailshrink.pk3 or thumbnailshrink_more.pk3 with it (These can go in the base folder if you'd like to use them outside of OJP.) If you place the file in your base folder, it WILL NOT WORK with OJP, and may cause base JKA to behave strangely. (Most likely, that means "to crash".) Then start up JA, and you're done! [b]-End Installation Instructions-[/b] Right, safety warnings and summaries out of the way, I think we're done here. Overall, great mod for you "pakrats" (no pun intended). If you play OJP Basic and like to use a lot of add-ons, this is a sure-fire winner. ~ Kouen




KOTOR Saber Pack | 23.22 KB

shabby. New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Sounds: No -Sared




Twilight Princess Master Sword | 910.42 KB

alive and kicking. As you no doubt have guessed, this is a reskin of potentially one of the best known fantasy swords in existence: the Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda series. There have been many renditions of this sword over the years, from the pixellated NES and SNES versions to some pretty cool 3d variants. This particular replica is meant to represent the Master Sword as seen in the 2006 game Twilight Princess. From what I\'ve been able to gather, the skin is relatively accurate. Not perfect, but more than passable. The actual [i]model[/i] is a little... ginormous, and not 100% accurate, but that\'s no fault of this author nor is it anything that can be changed through a skin. Not a bad replica. Using what was available, I\'d say it\'s pretty close to the original and would make a fine addition to any Legend of Zelda collection! ~Inyri




New fast anim | 714.79 KB

onto the review! This is a little mod that changes animations. First off, the animations for blue/fast style have been changed to yellow/medium style. The blue lunge attack has been changed to look like Alora\'s saber throw attack. The idle stance for blue has been changed to holding the saber like red/slow style, but with the saber held back a bit more. The rolls have been changed as well. The forward roll has been changed to a sort of dive roll forward, and the side rolls have been changed to cartwheels. Lastly, the walk animation has been changed to the JK2 walk animation. So, all in all, not a bad little mod. I know that I like it, but unfortunately will not be able to keep it because of conflicting mods in my base folder. :p Give it a download!




Clan Mod | 16.51 MB [quote]Finally, we have a good administration mod that isn't JA+ or lugormod. Presenting, Clan Mod! The new, and improved Jedi Academy administration mod. For Clan Mod, the goal is security, and as such, it differs from those other mods slightly. I will first point out the things that this has fixed that JA+ doesn't have. First off, it has flood protection on by default! Mind you, this is not the regular This means that nobody can make you crash by spamming you with messages. But, you can crash yourself. So have fun with that. There is also improved chat protection! This was actually one of the first things that I tested. While in JA+ you can kill someone who is in chat and has absorb, or another light side power, you cannot do that in this mod. Chat protection is much better in this mod. It even applies in duels! So no more chatkilling! Then, there's the reworked grapple. Sure, it doesn't have it's own custom model, but it's much better. First off, there is actually an animation that is played when you throw the grapple ''hook''. And secondly, there's actually a rope sound that plays when you're throwing it! And, also, you would think that when you grapple onto someone that you would follow them, correct? In JA+, it doesn't do that. In Clan Mod, it does! Sure, there is no swinging like you're able to do in JA+, but that might come in a later release. Moving onto the next thing, Admin! now, brace yourselves, there are five levels of admin. That's right, FIVE! And they're all customisable with a nifty bitvalue generator that is included with the mod. So yay, five levels of admin to use! I know that gives clans a little more freedom with admin, so you might like that facet of this mod. Now, there aren't as many admin commands as in JA+, but I can say that they are just a potent! First off is freeze, which literally freezes your character in mid-air! There are a few commands, such as scale, which let you change the size of your model! Hm, let me think...There is also splat, which in essence slaps you into the air and then you fall and die. There's a rather funny thing that goes along with this. If you put chat up, you bounce! But you can't do anything but bounce. Another commands is /lockname, which keeps a player from changing their name. There's silence, as well as /insultsilence, where if a player tries to speak, a random, pre-set, customizable message pops up instead. Quite funny, actually. There is a command to grant admin, as well. But as far as I could tell you're only able to grant the lowest level of admin. There are emotes, but there aren't as many as in JA+, thankfully. The few that there are just taken from regualr Jedi Academy. Oh! One of the things that a lot of you people will LOVE is the auto chat color option. What does this mean, you ask? You set a color, and all your chat comes out in that color! And among other things in this mod, you have a black saber, which isn't really black, it has a white core and a black edge. I think it looks cool. There is also the pimp saber from the OJP project, which goes through all of the saber colors, which is cool. There is also RGB saber and character support! Okay, now onto the actual clan part of the clan mod. So know how people always have their clan information in the message of the day? Well, this mod gives another outlet for that. There's a clan section for the mod, that takes up a spot on the menu bar. It contains the clans name, initials, recruiting status, whether they lame or not, as well as other information, so you can start putting different stuff in the message of the day! Also, now you don't have to wear those cumbersome clan tags! Clan mod has a slot just for your clan! So your name can go without the clan tags now! There's also a clan member login! However, there currently isn't clan tag protection, but we can look forward to it in the next version! Am I done? No. There are now four, count them, FOUR, duel types. There is melee dueling, full force dueling, training duels, and regular duels. Melee duels are just what you think, melee duels, you get 200 health and your fists. Can anyone say: ''Boxing match?''. I'm sure you all know what a full force duel is. So I won't explain what that is. The next one is the training duel. You take no damage in this duel type. None. It's meant for training. But, you can end it whenever you want. And now for the best part, this mod is server side! You don't need it to play on a server that has it! However, most of the things, such as the clan menu, you can't see without the add-on. And fortunately, It's included in the download! Both server and client versions for this mod are included in the download! And wait, that's not all! The Linux version is also included! I hope that this mod comes to replace JA+, or at least be put up onto many servers. I have had a couple of people come onto a server that I hosted, and they all liked the mod! I would just like to say that this is an excellent mod. ~Zach[/quote]




Saber Stance Mod | 465.69 KB

to the right, and red is hilt up and horizontally. Personally I think blue and yellow look a little too similar; if they were a bit more drastically different it would definitely add more interest to this pack. However if you find these stances to be perfectly suitable for you, give them a try. ~Inyri




Battledroid SP | 13.55 MB

basics, you get a partial tradeoff for your Single Player adventure: imperials for battle droids. Personally I like the trade off, but naturally there are flaws. However, the author mentioned the voice problem, so scot-free for now. army of cyborgs..yes. I think that shall do wonderfully. Oh yes, offer your bandwidth, if not for the change in combat, then for the fact that you\'ll need those machines TO DEFEND AGAINST MY CYBORG ARMY. - Averus Retruthan




Jack Sparrow SP | 1.88 MB

around the jungles of Yavin IV with Rosh as the ever-cunning pirate captain himself! ~Inyri




Realistic Sabers and Sounds | 1.54 MB

existence. Another way, which is probably what the author intended, was that they would be realistic to the movies. The saber blade itself looks to me to be a little bit more blocky, but not quite blockish. More of a mixture of round and pointy edges. I don\'t really see what the big thing is with making movie sabers, as there is no consistency blade shape in the movies. There are new sounds for this, based from the movie. Some of them are pretty cool, but the one that I immediately found annoying was the one that plays when you hit the wall. other than that they were pretty nice. Then, there are new effects, such as the saber clash. The author used SanJ\'s SaberClashMod ofr the effects. The effects are a nice change to the default clash effects, so it is nice. If you want different sounds, or a different blade, or new clash effects, then give this a try. ~Zach




Relatively Perfect Sabers | 1.48 MB

few things, such as the thickness of the blade, and trails. If you liked the previous verion, you\'re bound to like this one, give it a shot. -Red




New Jaden Taunts | 479.57 KB

into some more appropriate taunts, gloats, and victory sounds. That means that this set will still be most useful in single-player, but definitely could be a good thing for multiplayer as well. It comes with both a "Jedi" version and a "Sith" version, with sounds appropriate for each. Just pick one to use, though! ~Inyri




t2_trip Egypt Re-texture | 9.83 MB

but goes a little bit further. This mod not only edits the textures, but also edits the background music and removes the buggy decals from the map in multiplayer mode. It also removes the working ones in single-player mode, but I can live with that, seeing as I never play single-player. (No prizes for guessing why.) ;) And all this comes together to create an 'Egyptian' theme. Now, I won't deny that it does look kind of Egyptian, but there's something missing that makes it fall short of its desired target. I can't say for sure whether the rocks need to be sandier, or the brick texture doesn't work, or whether the music doesn't quite sound Egyptian enough, or maybe even that the design of the map simply wasn't created to look like something from Egypt. Whatever it is, the mod is missing something. Overall, the new style is slightly better than the original, but this is purely due to the boredom people have suffered from looking at the old one. If nobody had ever seen either version before, I think I would still choose the original over this. ~Szico VII~




MasterHill\'s Sabers mk3 | 432.16 KB

and all of you, should treat it based on its own merit. So the real question is: are these blades better? I would say [i]yes[/i], but as always it\'s a matter of opinion. The blades are much cleaner and crisper, removing the colored blur around the white blade, and making the contrast between the blade core and the glow much more pronounced, as it was in the original trilogy (Was it the same in the prequels? I wasn\'t paying attention. Obi-wan was too hot.) I find it to be a welcomed change, as when you compare the old blades to these they almost look like a child drew them with a crayon! No offense to Raven, of course ;) However I must say, the dynamic glow the author used in his picture is just too much for me. I like \'em, but I don\'t want to be blind! ~Inyri




A Small Wish: Dark Force Mod | 1.04 MB

vision is, theoretically, a good mod. This is why this mod, which you could probably call sloppy if you academically take everything into consideration, is good. In my mind, it\'s not sloppy when I know that it is trying to accomplish a certain goal. Its goal, I think, was partly to raise the level of power of just about everything that you can do that causes damage in multiplayer, which is partly accomplished by bringing elements of the singleplayer game into the multiplayer environment. It\'s a combination of powerful weapons, powerful Force powers, and other small changes that make this mod. Version three of Henry Christianto\'s \"Dark Force Mod,\" which requires [file=\"20459\"]Jedi Academy Patch 1.01[/file], permanently modifies part of the general configuration of the game and adds new bots, swords, a(n) NPC, and a vehicle; also included are new animations, moves, and effects that may (or may not) enhance your experience. It can be installed in one of two ways: the readme tells you to just put it in the base folder, which would change baseJKA to the Dark Force Mod (thus not allowing you to join other servers that don\'t use it), but you can also go into your GameData folder, create a folder (call it \"DarkForce\" or whatever), and drop the PK3 in there; this would enable you to play without any drawbacks in other servers that do not use Dark Force Mod, and still be able to use it yourself by going into Setup and pressing \"Load Mod\" to load it up. The default kata for dual sabers has been changed so that while you are performing the kata, you are standing and therefore can move around. I have a strong dislike of katas myself, but I can still tell you that it\'s a logical, well-executed change. Two more dual katas have been added: while running forward, perform a kata and you will spin and throw both of your sabers at your target; while running backward, perform a kata and you will spin in a similar fashion, but you will not throw your sabers. These were apparently things that Alora did in the single player game. Another important modification for the kata involves all of your other katas using other sabers. Performing a kata using any other saber will again not glue you to the floor—you can move around—and you can jump and change the direction of your kata. This is almost always more logical than the default allowed, and although you can\'t fight conventionally anymore because of these changes, it serves the mod in that it directly has to do with creating a certain level of over-the-top chaos. Various new single sabers have been added—all of which may be used in the single player—many of them actually being metallic swords. \"A Small Wish\" and \"Du Shang Xi Lou\" are two such metallic swords, except that \"Lou\" is a scepter and \"Wish\" is a plain sword. I did not like how they both have a longer range than the visible model shows, but nevertheless these are two powerful swords. Strike someone and it will do a lot of damage and you will see a red electrical image where you hit them—some sort of spirit blood? When you hit the ground or any other part of the map with them, a large bang and an explosion of energy occurs that knocks back anyone within a fair radius; this seems to be how the final level of the single player was fighting the cowardly Tavion. \"Ni Zhe Me Shuo\" is a lightsaber with a double-length blade and double radius; it continues to spin on the way back from the saber throw, which seems dangerous because I would not want a spinning blade of death coming towards me. The \"Zheng Ming Ni Yi Qie\" is a staff saber that is actually chosen from the single saber menu so that you can throw it and use single blade kata moves. Throwing a saber staff isn\'t exactly high in safety from its elongated length, and the idea of single saber katas with a staff I feel is somewhat strange and could probably result in annoying clipping; however, this exaggeration of power is to be expected. One more saber exists that works only in singleplayer: the \"White Saber\" or \"Crayons\" (if it\'s called \'Crayons,\' why is it white?), and can be accessed in singleplayer if you activate cheats and run the command in the console \"\\saber crayons.\" The Force is modified to make it much more powerful and have a longer duration and radius, and nothing seems too over-the-top; the author here executed it just right. He claims that we can use Light and Dark at the same time and that when we spawn, both Light and Dark are available to us, but this didn\'t seem to work for me. This does not really matter though, because I enjoyed it even without that feature. A nifty, powerful flame thrower is available when you are on the \"fists\" weapon and use Force Lightning level three, great in many ways except that the charred surrounding area looks awkward and buggy. The power of push and pull has been multiplied to the more realistic level: using them actually knocks around your opponent as it should. I was annoyed that the model makes a sound whenever you jump now, but I was also surprised to find that you can jump really quite high in level three. What\'s really nice is the Force Seeing power, which makes the identification of people really clear due to the increased intensity of the colorations of other characters. Overall, the exaggeration of Force powers and the speed at which they can be used really make this mod what it is, for the most part. The author made some interesting changes to the animations, and I like some of them, but not all of them. It\'s nice to be able to walk normally now like you could in [i]Jedi Outcast[/i]; the [i]Academy[/i] default walking animation I thought was rather atrocious (who walks like that?) in its original form. The lightsaber turn on/off animation I think is nice, but unnecessary; it\'s the singleplayer animation where your hand sort of flips. I really didn\'t like the jumping animation, because it makes you look like a Jedi performing in a ballet, and sometimes it became awkward, sometimes even buggy. A major problem that I had a lot was that I went into undying mode and began to fight NPCs or bots and suddenly my player model would stiff up; the animations would not run, even though my saber still went where I wanted it to go. It\'s like not being able to feel your arm at all, but you can still move it and perform actions with it. I really didn\'t like the animations that occurred whenever you\'re wielding any added sword that wasn\'t a lightsaber—you would begin to do some sort of elegant victory gloat, and it got really annoying because the animation starts the moment you \"ignite\" a sword. Anyway, what I thought was probably my favorite animation was the added one that makes you hold your arm in shock because your hand got chopped off; it was in JK2, but was missing from JK3, and now we have it. The new Force power animations didn\'t seem all that wonderful, but they weren\'t necessarily bad. I mentioned before that I really don\'t like the \"Alora ballet-jump,\" but I do like some of these, like the wave-hand mind trick. The others seemed merely \"okay,\" mostly somewhat unnecessary changes that don\'t seem to add anything exciting to the game. We\'ve seen these Force changes before, and they never did seem to improve the daily life of Jedi. We\'re now supplied with a slightly less than perfect melee weapon (fists and feet) and a delightfully powerful Bryar pistol. I liked the author\'s choice to change the Bryar pistol to this as opposed to any other weapon; the shots fit the fatness of the gun. It now has unlimited ammunition for the normal AT-ST shots, and its secondary fire is now a grenade launcher which seems to fire thermal detonators that explode on impact, creating metallic debris (the debris probably should have looked more generic and less metallic, but I still admire it merely because I\'ve never seen debris from the firing of a gun before). They\'re pretty powerful, and people seemed to have a hard time deflecting the AT-ST shots with their swords; however, the shots can be shoved back with Force push. The author\'s readme claimed that you\'re given the Bryar pistol by default in the game, but you\'re not, which is a bug that needs to be fixed so that people don\'t have to type \"\\give all.\" I\'m not entirely sure that I like the author\'s decision to place all servers using this mod in cheat mode by default. The author also added some moderately intuitive console commands, and I guess you could say that one could have fun in undying mode. Using console commands led me to a stranger problem (?) with the mod: the language. Using certain commands returns a response from the mod, a response that seems to be in either gibberish or a language just too foreign to me. This didn\'t affect gameplay however; I still knew what I was doing. Some other silly bugs existed, one being that spawning an AT-ST NPC results in a non-functional AT-ST that doesn\'t seem to want to turn its head towards me, and occassionally a robotic voice would say into the map (any map, not just Siege mode) \"Perimeter defenses online.\" I have no idea why, but I guess the author should crack down on random stuff like that. I liked the additional bots, NPC, and vehicle. What I thought was questionable—sometimes it sounded great and sometimes it was annoying—was the sounds that were added after successful use of certain Force powers. Especially unnecessary and also sometimes stupid were the taunts that played when you failed to push someone: they didn\'t always seem to be the right taunts. Also, I really don\'t need to hear characters gloat every single time they kill someone will Sith Lightning; that could be more moderated. What would be really nice is if it would only be when you manage to kill multiple people with one shot—then the character gloats. I don\'t think you can do that, but it sure would be a chance for bonus creativity points for the author. In the long run, it seems like these features aren\'t needed, but then why would the author make it? He is not one of those modders who make the mod for no rational, mature reason. He has his true target audience who love over-the-top action, and anyone within that target audience will probably be ecstatic. —Ra-Kom




JA Enhanced Graphics | 219.15 KB

pretty though :) Basically, this mod takes almost everything in the game which is remotely natural looking (and even some player models) and gives them a super dynamic glow. You'll need a vid card which supports this function to use the mod, and you better have eyes which can take a lot of strain! I guess whilst some things look nicer with a glow, giving my stormtrooper SP model a big glow doesn't really work - and seeing glowing rock faces and grass doesn't really fit the bill either. Still, it is interesting to see how the game looks with the shader modifications, and if you like glows in general you'll love this :) ~Szico VII~




Black Cores | 66.32 KB

background like water. Hope that the author will correct this in his next version .




Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith Lightsaber Blades | 356.29 KB

RotS when I was watching it. The author states that this style grew on him after seeing RotS several times, and that in addition to modifying the core he brightened the color (and changed blue completey) and increased the resolution of the saber glow so it\'s more smooth. Yeah, I bet you smelled a gripe coming. All good mods have gripes. This mod is good enough, but I just don\'t like the glow. It seems to me like the author slightened the cores, pointed them, but left the big fat glow alone, and now it just seems too big. I\'d like this mod a lot better if the author went back and resized the glows to match the new blades, however that\'s my personal preference so you\'ll have to decide what you think for yourself. ~Inyri




Junkieridersxmod_v1.31 | 17.6 MB

have been changed, one of which I think originally was a screen saver out there somewhere. The effect was pretty cool. I did notice that when piecing together you character, the music sounded kinda funky. Once in game, you start to notice some changes. The meter readouts have been altered nicely. Your good buddy Rosh, is now a form of Darth Maul.. kinda spooky! The author has reversed it in the way that what was once light side, is now dark side. Instead of running into stormtroopers, I found myself facing Jedi pilots, and the first saber carrying character i fought... was Chewy! Kyle now is Darth Vader, and all of his pal\'s are there. Although.. maybe it was just me, but at the temple, I think I saw two Anakin\'s standing together?? Anyway, It seams this author has done a fairly decent job, and I will say it was kinda fun playing through what I did having the roles reversed. One thing maybe for future reference, as the author has already said, the voices remain the same.. really weird seeing Vader offer you his hand sounding like Kyle lol. Pretty good job Dark $amurai, once the voices are replaced, I think this Mod will be a nice twist. - Lizardking




Brighter Thinner Sabers | 203.72 KB

nothing less. Because they\'re thinner, they appear longer - maybe they are longer, but I don\'t think so. Anyway, it\'s a saber mod, and you guys know how I feel about most saber mods - so download it and decide for yourself whether this is worthy of your base folder. ~AmosMagee




ForceMod III - Return of the Sith - v1.01 Patch | 5.41 MB

bugs and issues that needed to be addressed. Cue the patch for ForceMod III. All of the fixes can be read in the readme, posted below. This is the patch for Linux, Mac and for those who prefer to do it manually. ~AmosMagee




Lugormod | 3.18 MB

you\'re new to Lugormod and you\'re not sure exactly what it does? I believe I\'ve explained it all before in a previous review, It\'s good and all but it\'s \'work things out for yourself\' kinda thing, you can basically do anything with the mod, ranging from FFA to Role Playing. Things like \'King\' and admins being able to spawn things etc. Bot\'s are more intelligent, ask YOU to duel and saying.. strange things. You have to try it before you judge it, but I recommend if you\'re going to play it, to play it on a Lugormod server first to see how it works etc. Without a explanation I probably didn’t find half the stuff it can do. So what’s new in this version? [QUOTE]* fixed so that admins don\'t have admin cloak in team games. * added a new game type that I call Battle Ground (for now) * severing duels can be disabled with a g_privateDuel flag. * added the chicken rule (for not accepting duels). It can be disabled with a g_privateDuel flag. * you can now score (persistant) points from bots (if you have less than 10) * added level based force powers and force regen time * added a check to disable invisible model parts (siege_model) * enabled holocron ffa game type * fixed a bug with the jet-packs in siege * fixed a bug that triggered an assertion (saber locks) * added a cvar for shield generators * fixed some minor bugs. * fixed some really annoying memory leaks. * fixed a problem with the spawner command. * turrets that target armed no longer target players with the tele gun.[/QUOTE] I wasn\'t too excited, although I am anticipating version one ;). -Rink Oh and the Windows, Mac and Linux versions are all in this .zip file this time. :)




Singleplayer Vader | 2.17 MB

Vader\'s saber, and all force powers. That\'s it. There ya go. Nothing more to say here. ~AmosMagee




Clone NPC Pack | 1.97 MB

created the NPC\'s. If you download this NPC pack, you will not need to download the seperate skins/models. This pack alone is all you\'ll need. All that it includes really are some Clonetroopers with different weapons. One with a disruptor, another with a rocket launcher, and so on and so forth. Each NPC comes in its own pk3, so you can pick and choose easily which ones you want to use. ~AmosMagee




Jaden Female | 831.52 KB

for! It\'s not bad for a first attempt either, it doesn\'t re-skin the entire model but changes bits here and there (most noticeably that top!) The shading isn\'t very realistic and looks like a blending in PSP but still it works and it certainly leaves little to the imagination about what is there. If you play SP through and want a change, here ya go, if you\'re one of those guys who like the models that reveal the female figure somewhat, here ya go, if you want to whine and call it dirty and perverse...DO NOT POST IT HERE. I will have no mercy on anyone who goes too far in the comments, if you really don\'t like it because you disagree with it then do not post...comments are for comments on the skin itself, not what you think of what the skins stands for. K? -WadeV1589-




JediStyle Mod | 11.62 KB

core _humanoid animation set via modifying the animation.cfg file, effectively making the model perform a different motion when an action is done. According to the ReadMe, these changes are: *Walk animation for Dual sabers *Walk animation for the Staff *Run animation for dual sabers *Run animation for the Staff *Force Jump animation *Blue stance for single saber(animated) *Red stance for single saber(animated) *Dual sabers stance *Stand idle animation *Dual sabers victory taunt (gloat) *Red stance victory taunt (gloat) Now I know the concept of rearranging the animation.cfg to make different animations isn\'t very new, but overall, I think the new animations look quite good. Some look a little weird in some cases (Like when you stop running on single red stance), but I think this is file is still worth a download. :) -TiM




New Weapon Effects and Swoops | 618.86 KB

green and pink together like this - if this were clothes you'd have a mild fashion crisis. disruptor_rifle.pk3 - This one I like, it replaces the zoom on the disruptor as well as the blast effects, the rotating inner red symbols looks very nice and the blast is green and big, I do like this one. sonic_charge_launcher.pk3 - A replacement for the rocket launcher missiles. The rocket now has a blue tint and when it explodes releases a mini shock wave. The sound is ear piercing though so if you fire a rocket, be sure to run away before you hear it! swoops.pk3 - Adds 3 identicals swoops with 3 similar weapons. The swoops are the black ones I'm sure you've all seen before, the weapons are blaster effects that can be seen below. The advantage of separate PK3's is you only keep what you like and for me it would be the disruptor rifle. -WadeV1589-




Illidan\'s Stance Mod

illidan_stances.rar | 7.88 MB

doesn\'t love them? I, for one, don\'t, but then, I guess I\'m just too used to the default animations :p [quote]A simple mod which changes the medium, dual and staff saber stance to three custom made stances. The stances look more steady and don\'t resemble combat stances that much.Next time i will make them a bit smoother and add a meele, strong and fast stance too.[/quote] Basically, my job has been done for me here - new medium, dual and staff stances, my main problem with which is the fact that they don\'t look like combat stances that much. Honestly, they\'re too rigid in my opinion, making one look like a plank instead of a fighter. There might be those who disagree though. On the bright side, Illidan has promised to make them smoother and add more in a next version ;) If you want them, go get them. -Caelum




JAX White Light Saber | 447.81 KB

be like \"...Whut?\" Basically, from the standard view, the black saber looks like it has teeth, the way it pulsates and wobbles. \'Tis simply odd. Another strangeity is definitely at the tip: Thar be a fading point between the very tip and the blade beef itself. Kinda bothersome, actually, given how noticeable it is. Other than that, supposed to look like your standard TFU black saber. There y\'go. Beep. - Averus Retruthan




JK3 Expanded | 976.26 KB

called JK3 Expanded and basically is a set of new singleplayer missions set on both singleplayer and multiplayer maps which aim to explain those bits we never got to see in Jedi Academy, like; what happened when the Cult of Ragnos landed on Hoth? Well according to this mod they had to fight there way through hoards of mercenaries and Wampa's before they could set up camp and start siphoning all that force energy. During this particular mission you play as a Cultist, and to help you out you have a large gaggle of Snowtrooper's who follow you around and help you with your mission. Unfortunately there aren't any cutscenes or ingame objectives, which is somewhat disappointing, but Foreborn promises us he will work on these things for future projects. As for mission objectives, there are a list of ones you have to accomplish on each level, in the readme, so you know when you have finished the level. Be aware though, that for this to work you will need to put the save games included in this .zip in your gamedata/base/saves folder and then load them up in singleplayer to play them. Despite the fact that there are no ingame objectives or cut scenes I did have some good fun with this mod, especially on Hoth with all those Snowies following you around. Yes I said Snowies, it means Snowtrooper's, I just invented that word, right now. Those of you who read this are witnesses to a historic moment! Go forth and use the word Snowies everywhere! :P Ehem, anyway... The most annoying bug I came across was that on some levels all the textures are missing on the player character. Obviously if you are in 1st person mode this doesn't matter, but if your in 3rd person mode, using a Lightsaber, this becomes rather annoying. All the same though, overall this is a pretty fun mod and I hope to see future versions of it with cutscenes and ingame objectives, then it would be great! Keep up the good work Foreborn! :) ~Nozyspy~




Hanziness' Scepter | 2.3 KB

knockback, and you've got this little mod. It's really nothing more than a .sab file, but that's enough to get the job done! Unfortunately, it seems to work properly only in the Single Player game, so no using this powerful weapon online! If you like it, you know where to click! [b]EDIT: Sorry, forgot to include the command to use the weapon in the review! It's /saber scepter[/b]




The REAL Scepter & The Sabers Of the Power | 291.11 KB

sabers and one scepter of Ragnos. The sabers have longer blades, and I assume they are fine-tuned in other ways as well, but what really interested me was the scepter. It has a half-mile long saber blade and the neato energy effects that Tavion shot out of it. There is a problem with them, though...the effect comes out at an angle, so don't expect it to follow your saber. Looks rather goofy. But anyways, if you like a hilariously overpowered saber or you want to wield a scepter that's literally as powerful as it was when possessed Tavion used it, this is your file. ~Dretzel




The Force Unleashed Lightsaber Blades v2 | 325.64 KB

black blade replaces the orange one and the white glow is a bit more realistic (If lightsabers can be called realistic, heh). There's really nothing else to say about it, so if you used the first version, I suggest you submit some bandwidth to download new one. -Schrödinger




Dark Side Perspective Mod v4 | 11.52 MB

ease of use. First off we have a mod which isn’t really ‘Dark Side themed’ but nevertheless does fit well with everything else in the compilation (since its red and sort of evil looking); an Alien Vs Predator 2 style crosshair. Next up we have a mod which changes the colour of force lightning to… you guessed it! Red! To be honest I have always thought that red lightning looks much scarier and more evil than the normal force lightning. I seem to remember that Darth Maul, in the final boss battle of the Episode 1 game, used red lightning against the player. Maybe that’s where it stems from? Anyways, this is a simple change, but it is indeed effective and I like it! Next up we have a saber stance mod which is supposed to give you a back-handed lightsaber stance like in The Force Unleashed. However the only stance this seemed to affect was the stance for the staff saber, rather than the single saber style as I was expecting. Last up we have the HUD mod, which is basically the same HUD as the default JKA one, but in a red and black colour theme which fits well with the rest of the red themed mod’s in this compilation. There are also some interesting additions; the first one you will notice is the new splash screen that shows when you start up the game. Whilst this looks ok, I think it would have been better fitting with the theme of the mod if it had a Sith character on it, or some red lightsaber’s/lightning to indicate the Dark Side connection. There is also a .exe to start the mod, although this isn’t necessary since the mod starts up with the game if you just place the .pk3 in your base folder. Also included is a cheat .cfg file, if you are so inclined! Lastly, there is also a new load screen based on the one with the two characters duelling against the starry background, you know the one. This has been edited slightly with… oddly… the addition of a few bell peppers?! (Yes, the fruit!) I’m not sure what that’s all about! :P Whilst the author didn’t make these mod’s, I must say I am glad that they have been compiled into one easy to use mod, rather than having to look all over and download each one individually. All of the mod’s fit well together despite being made by different authors (who’s names you can find in the included readme’s) so I must say well done to the author of this file for finding and compiling a series of mod’s which fit so well together. Overall a nice compilation mod here, if you want to take a walk on the Dark Side, then give this a download! :) ~Nozyspy~




Star Wars - Privateer | 66.95 MB

I just prefer professional sound equipment and what have you >_>. So, rather than ruin the story, I'll just give a basic synopsis for those who aren't informed on this series: Your character is Nina Delenda, a commander of a private army(hence Privateer, which actually led me to believe this involved pirates




Negative Saber Mod

negativesabermod.rar | 2.75 MB

does just that. Unlike Japlus's black bladed saber, this one makes just the core black (which I think looks MUCH better). The quality is actually rather high, considering the entire core of the saber is compressed into a 64x256 image. Also included are two versions of the saber blur. One of them is black (unsurprising), while the other is white. (gasp!) Like the core, the blur images are well done. But wait! That's not all! This mod only just happens to come with Starkiller's saber as a bonus! Unfortunately, this is where quality has a heart attack and dies in the hospital. I'll try to make it quick. No shaders, low poly, bad textures, and both versions of the saber are backhand, not backhand and normal as promised in the readme. There, that wasn't so bad, was it? My advice? Redo the saber from scratch, and vet your progress through the FileFront forums. (If you do that, and don't get any bad comments from Inyri, you're on the right track.) That's all. Cry HAVOC!! And let slip the Monkeys of Bandwidth! ~Crazy




km_backhand_beta05 | 8.17 MB

saber stances so that if you are using a backhand saber, the blade will be behind your back. There are some other changes as well. All three types of sabers are affected, each with a slightly different stance. As I seem to say every single time, the screenshots tell it all. This is only a beta so far - the author is asking for input on the full version. My suggestion is that the 'staff' stance is a little stiff looking, and should look a little more relaxed. Guess I didn't hit the 10 page goal to keep y'all waiting, but if you want to have your backhand saber behind your back where it belongs, here you go! ~Dretzel




Prince of Persia Warrior Within Stance

wwstance.rar | 7.88 MB

his stance modification which replaces the dual saber stance with the one from Prince of Persia - Warrior Within. I honestly do not know what the stance from WW looks like, so I just have to go with his word on this one. There isn't much more to say. If you are a fan of PoP or simply like the look of the stance, download. If not, pass up. Dommie Kun




Dark Side perspective | 136.2 KB

characters become the 'bad' ones, but it also makes some other minor changes, such as only being able to choose a red bladed saber from the saber menu. To be honest, I personally wasn't thrilled with this mod. I've seen this sort of thing done before, multiple times. However, for those who still play the single player game, and want a slightly new experience, give it a download and have fun with it. I'll wait for another version with more features.[/quote] Hello new version with new features! What new features, you ask? Why, the choice to play as a cultist, and the ability to launch the game through a .bat file! Doing this execs some cfgs that screw up your settings... I was a bit annoyed that I had to set my video settings back up to the level they were before, not to mention resetting all my controls. It's funny, jump was unbound, and that's a bit important when playing this game... Oh yeah, a lot of the binds were changed to give you full force when you use them, pretty much making it so that you would have unlimited force. Of course, you have to enable cheats for that to work, since they are turned off by default when you start the game. To be honest, I'm still not thrilled. It's an improvement, yes, but still has quite a long way to go before it is your above average Dark Side mod...




Thin Blaster Bolts | 5.67 KB

they appeared in the film. I must say I tend to agree with him, to an extent, although I think he may have gone to the extreme end with his changes. Basically the blaster bolt has been thinned out. That\'s going to be the big appeal of this mod, although it does make some other small changes, like removing the charge effect from the blaster and reducing the glow. I\'m going to say I think they look a little too thin -- kind of like laser pointers now -- but it\'s really only my preference and this is probably still an improvement in the realism department. ~Inyri




Sword of the Sith | 17.75 KB

sword as a saber and well this one just dropped into my lap. For a saber I can\'t say much apart from does look like it\'s supposed to (probably because it was just made into a saber file :P). Although it tries to show off a little, it eliminates the saber glow which is a good thing. Also when you swing the saber it produces some kind of.. Well I can\'t describe it, you\'ll see it in the screenshots below anyway. The sound is the typical sword slice that we\'ve come to love/hate from the swords published. Although one thing bothers me. Some of the swords I\'ve tried out when you hit a solid object it bounces off and makes a small ricochet sound. This one just slices through and leaves the saber trail. That\'s the only thing that bothers me about the sword. Apart from that it\'s a good addon and I\'m keeping it in my base. Oh I almost forgot it works in SP as well as MP. -Mithran-




MBII Stance MOD | 12.08 KB

idle looks like. Simply put, this changes all 3 saber stances to a standing idly animation, saber down at your side, which, to your disadvantage, would easily kill the combat initiative of knowing what stance your opponent would be using. However, this was targeted for a specific audience, so that is acceptable. For the record, I would read the readme, as the author has specific instructions. Know that he hasn\'t tested the mod on your beloved JA+ ._. so beware. Don\'t care about stance advantage and just prefer to stand calmly in battle? Personally, I wouldn\'t mind it if it were just me, but I\'d prefer to be the only one. Regardless, if the idea doesn\'t bother you, THEN SUBMIT BANDWIDTH - Averus Retruthan




Republic Commando HUD | 384.18 KB

remember, and some added parts to make it fit with Jedi Academy. The shield bars are where you would expect from RC, with the shield counter in the bottom left. Health is also in the normal place, with the counter in the bottom right. One slight inconsistency is that the health bars won\'t change color as your health drops. Your Force counter is on the left, in the middle, and the ammunition counter is opposite it on the right. The rest of the HUD is aesthetic. Definitely a great recreation of the RC HUD. Fans should pick it up right away. ~Inyri




Repeater Blaster Pistol | 15.98 KB

\"gangstery\", with the blaster pistol held sort of sideways. I personally find the ready stance to look a little silly... but maybe you won\'t. Then again it\'s really not much sillier than the default one. The second part of this mod alters the weapons.dat file to alter the fire rate of the blaster pistol. The effect? It fires about four times faster than the blaster rifle alt fire. You could -- and probably should -- consider this something of a cheat mod, as it will make the blaster pistol the only weapon you\'ll ever need in the SP campaign (yes, it increases the ammo to 999 too). As you might have guessed, the fire rate portion and the ammunition portion of this mod do not work in MP. Sorry, no MP cheating for you! ~Inyri




New Stance Mod | 8.39 MB

isn\'t significantly different from the default yellow stance, in my opinion), and red stance is supposed to be... well, nothing in particular, it seems. Remember that if you download this mod, you can only use one stance mod at a time, so if you can\'t get these stances to work try clearing out your base folder. ~Inyri




Blade of Balrog | 44.75 KB

It gives a definite firey look to the blades, and now in version 2 is available for all blade colors. Simple words do a mod like this injustice, so check the screenshots below to see what the blades actually look like. ~Inyri




Tekken Jin | 2.67 MB

any. If there are any missing, make them!) (>ZemmurkTrooper




Forcemod III Update | 44.25 KB

in mind this is not from the developers of the original mod. See the readme for full details. Some of the newly supported models include Omewaan's skinpack andthe Leia model, and a full list of the spawn commands are available in the zip file. ~Szico VII~




Mkem\'s Scepter Of Ragnos | 1.62 KB

to... I think. I admit to not having played SP in months, but it sounds better at least. It would be incredibly unfair to use in multiplayer, but it might make a good gag, or if you just want to have a really long saber kind of like the sceptor was give it a try. ~Inyri




Xsaber pack | 142.96 KB

that there is a great chance to remove one's head should they choose to wield this as a single or dual wield saber, but... to each his or her own. It works, and that's the point, so if this saber was one of your favorites, or you've never seen it before and want to give it a try, go right ahead. It's now available in all three saber forms. ~Inyri




Star Wars Prequel Sabers | 1.52 MB

screenshot. If you want to download this mod, it\'ll be for the sounds. Now what [i]about[/i] the sounds? I have mixed feelings, personally. The sounds themselves are good, but somehow the way the engine puts them together just annoyed me. The only way to avoid that, though, would be to leave certain sounds out, or rewrite the engine. The second option is out, and the author didn\'t go with the first option, so some of the sounds fire when, logically, they shouldn\'t. That\'s the problem with the sounds being completely random - realistic physics in how the blade would sound during certain motions isn\'t taken into consideration. However I did like most of the other sounds, so I\'d definitely recommend saber sound enthusiasts to at least check it out. I tend to be easily annoyed by strange noises, so don\'t take my word for it. ~Inyri




Episode 3 Stances | 8.24 MB

like they emulate stances others chose not to. Blue is supposed to be an Obi-wan stance, yellow is quite obviously the Dooku/Anakin duel stance from Episode 2 (do they use it in Episode 3, too? I can't remember...), and red is supposed to be Senator Palpatine's stance. The dual and staff stances seem unrelated to the prequels, and while they both seem rather... ineffective, they both look pretty cool. The whole saber system in this game is relatively ineffective, though, so whining about an ineffective stance is pointless ;) Overall a good set of stances, with some new material I haven't seen before. Worth a look if you're a stance guru. ~Inyri




Extreme Difficulty Mod | 33.32 KB

for those of us who have never tried it with difficulty above Jedi. Not that I uh, know anyone who is that bad *cough.* ;) The increased difficulty is done by altering four game variables; Amount of healing given by restorative items, length of your saber and that of the enemies sabers, speed of weapon fire and of course, the NPC\'s now have a bigger HP level. I believe one of the mercenaries took 3 thermal detonators to the face before he died. And then I\'d run out of ammo, and got killed. Even the Howlers on the introductory mission managed to snuff me out, but that may be more down to my skill than the increased difficulty of the game. :( If you want a more difficult single-player campaign, I can\'t really see any reason why you wouldn\'t at least want to [b]try[/b] this - it doesn\'t appear to have any bugs or unwanted side-effects. Perhaps the power of \'Force Heal\' and drain could have been reduced as well for further difficulty, but that\'s not so big an issue. The bigger question is, do you really want to play the Single-Player campaign any longer than is absolutely necessary? ;) ~Szico VII~




Republic Commando Duel Music | 12.35 MB

game, I know some of them. And yeah, I can really imagine listening to them in a fast-paced duel. I\'m not much of a dueler anymore, I\'m an RPer, so I went to a random server and tried a few of them out (thanks for the duels guys!). I found out that, apart from the fact that I\'m a horrible dueler, they\'re really nice and fit in. Well, most of them do, \"They Must Be Asleep\" was... sleepy. I\'ll definately keep Vode An (that\'s one of the tracks) in my base folder, and there\'s a decent chance that you\'ll do the same if you grew tired of the standard duel atmosphere - definately worth a try. PS: I hope the author doesn\'t mind that I merged 2 of his music packs together, they were called part 1 and 2, so I assumed it\'ll be fine. Arthenik




Luke vs. Vader Duel Music | 2.6 MB

Outcast - this is where the author got it from - and has been slightly tweaked to fit its duty as duel music better. It\'s a little short, and could probably loop a bit better, but for those of you who want that original trilogy feel, this may be a good choice for you. I could certainly picture Luke and Vader\'s lightsaber duel while listening to it. ~Inyri




Dark Force Mod | 1.02 MB

that: New weapons (a Bryar Pistol that fires rockets?!), super-charged force (on the dark side anyway), cloaking, auto-recharging shields, force that does not need to recharge, etc, etc. There is alot here, but the readme covers everything, and would probably point out more changes to you than I could by just playing through the mod and talking about it... so here is the list: [quote]This mod as the name, makes the dark side force is stronger than lightside Warning this, intended for dark side with full rank (rank 3) THE FORCE : - You can maximize force point to full force power! (you must choose dark side force and set all to rank 3) - Three special force : lightning, grip, drain can be done even enemy in far away range (this force radius is rocky now) - Jump and fly like superman (force jump height is very rocky) - Force meter is totally unused if you are rank 3 in all force - Lots of change i don't remember, email me for more info THE PLAYER : - Player set to undying mode, cannot falling to death, cannot dead by any damage causes - Your Lightsaber will be as great as single player, unlimited saberthrow time, and super damage saberthrow - Armor is now auto recharge, counting up to 100 whenever takes damage - Lots of change i don't remember, email me for more info THE WEAPON : - Special weapon available : Bryar Pistol (use give all to get it), primary attack : strong laser, secondary attack : torpedo rocket (both are deadly like atomic bomb) - Maximum ammo set to 999, and all weapon will shot faster - Your weapon cannot be pulled by force pull (that was annoying right?) - Lots of change i don't remember, email me for more info THE INVENTORY : - Special inventory : Cloaking Device (use give all to get it), if on (active), player will automatically set to godmode and your force power damage will be boost to super damage attack! (force lightning, grip and drain will do extra damage if you using cloak active) if you using cloak, you are the master, truly shadowtrooper, unstoppable juggernaut! - Other special : jetpack, force shield, sentry gun, seeker drone and etc. will have extra activated time - Lots of change i don't remember, email me for more info THE GAME : - Cheats is no longer protected, no need to using devmap again - Fixed sound : force jump : jump1.mp3 force ligtning : gloat1.mp3, gloat2.mp3, gloat3.mp3 force drain : combat1.mp3, combat2.mp3, combat3.mp3 force grip : anger1.mp3, anger2.mp3, anger3.mp3 force push : taunt1.mp3, taunt2.mp3, taunt3.mp3 force pull : victory1.mp3, victory2.mp3, victory3.mp3 - Fixed score (capture the flag, ffa, team ffa, siege, etc) : suicide or killing team mates = -5 (no mercy for idiot) - Lots of change i don't remember, email me for more info THE FRIENDS AND LOVE : Did you ever want to protect a female bot? maybe you jedi fall in love? You can now give god mode or undying for them! Type at the cheat console : "status" (this will show list of all active player, notice the index number! number 0 is must be you the player, and the rest is bot) See which number is you loved bot index, for example if your loved bot index number is 3, then you must type at the console "giveother 3 health" (remember to put slash "", give health is also means give undying mode) giveother is the command, 3 is index number and health is mean give undying mode. syntax like this : giveother If you want to give them something else just type it after index number, for another example : "giveother 3 ammo" = give ammo "giveother 3 weapon" = give all weapon "giveother 3 all" = give everything "giveother 3 armor" = give god mode "giveother 3 weapon_bryar_pistol" = give special deadly weapon, the bryar pistol and etc... :-) - Lots of change i don't remember, email me for more info THE VEHICLE : - Did you have install the siege destroyer map? now if you exit from your ships in space, you will not suffocate to death, forget the horror of the space buddy :-) - Lots of change i don't remember, email me for more info THE FUN : - Did you ever want to feel swimming in the lava? like in taspir or korriban? (the single player maps) - Do it now buddy! just type "devmap " at the cheat console, for example : "devmap taspir1" (to enter first stage of taspir) and then lets go swimming on the lava without fear of death "devmap kor2" (to enter the final stage of korriban) and then swim to lava or bungy jumping to the chasm, ahahahaha :-) "devmap t3_rift" (to enter rift, the burial site of jedi knight) and the jump up to the long way chasm without being dead. BUGS : Sometimes, weapon bryar pistol didn't draw the rocket torpedo missile, If this happen, type "give weapon_rocket_launcher" at the cheat console, switch your weapon to rocket launcher, fire a rocket missile, and then switch again to weapon bryar pistol and shot the alt fire, it should be fixed, and your bryar pistol will launch a deadly rocket torpedo![/quote] [u]Bottom Line[/u] Like Cheating? Like Dark Side Force? This mod is for you! ~ Innocent Hawk




Yun's Saber | 523.6 KB

author advises in order for this to overwrite, both files need to be used. The Yun saber itself appears fairly sleak and smooth, with the author using two seperate shaders to add to it's glimmer. The actual concept derived from the Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight series. Now I did a search on this and came up empty handed as far as imagies go, and not being overly familiar with that game, I wouldnt know. But the saber is quite nice, simple in design, with no glitches being found. This would be a nice saber addition to someone's collection. ~LK~




Lugormod 1.1 | 3.58 MB

below)--------v -Lizardking




New Saber Sounds | 193.84 KB

and thinks about their saber sounds? And just how hard is it to go out on the web and search for “Star Wars saber sounds?” Still, if for some reason you don’t like your current sounds, this might be worth it. ~Wassup1444465




Real Sabers | 2.76 MB

There\'s something about these sabers I like though. They\'re brighter, more ... solid or something. Not that I haven\'t seen something like it before. But Micah added a few extras that most saber mods don\'t have. There\'s a new loading screen and even a new pointer that\'s a saber hilt. The author claims that this mod is more true to the movies. The sabers are more real. Download it and decide for yourself. :) ~AmosMagee




Weapons of the Sith - SP | 22.66 KB

what it says it does. :) Nothing more, nothing less. ~AmosMagee




Flame Sabers v2 | 1.85 MB

mean, what\'s better than cutting someone up with a saber of light? A saber of fire, of course! And the good news is, it comes in seperate .pk3s, so if you like the hilts and the blades but not the sounds, you can just remove the sounds pk3! That\'s always a bonus. The sabers look nice like fire and with a new glow, but I noticed that green, orange, and yellow were all produced the same color when chosen- green, and blue and purple both produced a blue saber. But the colors still had their own color trail. Odd. The soundswere great, sounding like the fire from the game. The hilts were the one thing I didn\'t like. They didn\'t look like they were glowing, they just looked solid red. Good work on the sabers, and I hope there comes a version 2 with all the colors! -Shahadi[/quote] I must say, I like these sabers a lot. The new sounds accompanying the sleek flame-ish look of the blade makes for a good package. There are every color of sabers this time, so that\'s a definate plus. The blades also look much better and have a new saber trail. Once again, the hilts, blades, and sounds come in seperate pk3s, so if you don\'t like something but like another thing, you\'re ok! Good job! -Shahadi




Melee SP Mod | 22.93 KB

have the original Melee mod installed, and this file here. It will replace every lightsaber in single player with a melee weapon. As you can see from the screenshots, the blood is also present. Not only is your lightsaber changed, but so are the sabers from the Jedi you\'ll come across in your missions. So for a new experience in single player, download the original Melee mod for multiplayer and get this and get to slashing. :) ~AmosMagee




Ninja Mod | 3.91 MB

is an incredibly bloody mod. So if that\'s not your cup of tea, steer clear of this. Otherwise, download it and play it a bit - even with just a few bots. It\'s a great mod. Usually when I test something, I just play for a few minutes, but I spent a good half hour testing each weapon and I had a lot of fun playing it. Quite a few things have changed. You have no force. But trust me, you won\'t miss it. The game focuses on melee and weapon combat. There are some great new special moves for melee and for some of the weapons. There\'s this one move with one of the star thingies, that is just a lovely spin move. You have to see it. Not sure there\'s a screenshot down there of it - but a screenie wouldn\'t do it justice anyway. The HUD has completely changed - for the better. There are no pickups, so there\'s no point in running from your enemy. You can throw your weapon, so if you\'re a good aim, you could probably chop someone\'s head off in one toss of a blade. This is a great mod that revives JA somewhat for me. If you\'ve grown weary of the same old sabering, give this mod a shot. It might breathe new life into an old game for you. :) ~AmosMagee




Double Bladed Saber for SP | 56.91 KB

the beginning. So, you can choose that instead of the single player. That\'s all this mod does. Want to hear a story about a knight, a princess and the slaying of a Rancor? No? Well, I can\'t think of anything else to say here! Um, the mod works. And I found no bugs. And the author created this very helpful screenshot to show us exactly what this mod changes and stuff. Good work with this mod! ~AmosMagee




Masamune (v2) | 196.18 KB

just isn\'t right about it. Whether it\'s the sounds, or the saber trails, there might be something you want changed. So take a page out of WaR_ShArK_aX\'s book and make the changes yourself. WaR_ShArK_aX really liked the Masamune sword created by JediMaster90888, but wasn\'t fond of the blade or the sounds and wanted some saber trails back. So after enhancing the color of the blade to make it appear more silver than grey and modifying just a few of the sounds, he was well on his way to a sword mod that he would want to use. The crowing glory would have to be the new saber trail he added to this sword. The trails definitely do this sword justice. Great job! New Sounds: Yep[/quote] Okay, grrr. In the update to this sword mod, the author has managed to please me and annoy me at the same time! You all know how I feel about sounds in weapon mods - but WaR_ShArK_aX actually succeeded in pleasing me with the sword sounds featured in this mod. They work so well with the sword itself. The sword seems heavy, and the sounds match that. There are sparks when your blade hits a wall or the floor and when a saber blocks your sword, the sounds almost make you feel the vibrations as your sword bounces off. But then, WaR_ShArK_aX takes away the one thing I liked about the first version of the mod - the saber trail! I suppose it didn\'t really work with a sword mod - but I liked it! All in all though, I\'d have to say that this is a great update. I will be keeping this sword in my base folder. Great work, WaR_ShArK_aX! ~AmosMagee




Arc Blades | 444.47 KB

two PK3s. One animated, and one static. They both look identical (see picture) but function differently. I was expecting a brilliant arc of electricity in these animations...but all it looked like was 4-framed animation of lightning reaching out and then coming back in. Kind of killed my expectations there. Still, to accomplish that with shaders is no easy task (trust me, I design shaders) so hats off to the author in that respect! Hopefully we\'ll get another version that has a little more detailed animation on those arcs. - Chrono




Xalius Episode I Sabers, v.2 | 198.58 KB

Master_Xalius will make your saber blades thinner and sleeker, a form he believes to be more like that of the sabers seen in Episode I. In addition to changing the look, this file will also change the sounds from your sabers. While the sounds are pretty good, I think I prefer the sounds that come with the game. These tend to be a little long for my liking. For instance, when you put your saber away the sound continues long after it has been deactivated. Seeing as how it’s no longer there, the humming really shouldn’t be there either. I do agree with him on the look though. I decided to bust out Episode I again, just for fun and because I thought it’d be good to check, and I think these are a fairly accurate depiction of the sabers seen in Episode I. This is a pretty decent mod if you don’t like the current sabers or have a desire to be back in Episode I again. But I think it would be much better if it were a visual only mod. Take out the new sounds and I’d probably keep it around for a while, but with these new sounds I don’t think it’ll stay very long. - Daku[/quote] Technical Data: Pros: 1. New graphics. Cons: 1. Almost no more sounds. Rating: 5/10 JEDIofONE :mepimp:




Darth Maul NPC | 1.17 MB

the icon) with Darth Maul. The thing you notice right away besides his double-sided red saber is his apparent invincibility. I opened the npc to find his health set to 800 and all his force maxed out. Maul power, only without his taunts or sounds. Let\'s see an update to this with the sounds included, and maybe some more Sith added on, hm? :D Technical Data: Pros: 1. Maul! All newcomers will be owned! Cons: 1. None of Maul\'s sounds were included. 2. Kyle is unnecessarily replaced by Darth Maul. Rating: 8/10 JEDIofONE :mepimp:




Lampstandmoney's Saber Pack | 2.12 MB

before. Instead, I'll simply list them. They are in the order that I posted them in the screenshots (I hope ;)). Soul Reaver Red Eagle Glamdring Morgul Nazgul Ranger Ring Wraith Sting Strider Strider Fellowship Kilgorin Katana Hadhafang Lionheart Sparda Caldabolg Buster Silver Blade Battle Axe Enjoy! Oh, and there's also this Null Saber thing that replaces all of your saber effects and sounds with sword ones. ~AmosMagee




NPC Pack 2.0 | 147.38 KB

Version) Aayla Battledroid Clone Trooper Count Dooku The Emperor Exar Kun Kit Fisto Gungan Warrior Han Solo Jango Fett Ki Adi Mundi Darth Maul Obi Wan Kenobi (Episode 2) Plo Koon Qui-Gon Jinn Shaak Ti Darth Vader Yarael Poof Yoda Zam Vessel [/quote] In alphabetical order even! Mmkay, so that\'s a lot of NPC\'s you can spawn. The NPC\'s here have like, huge amounts of health to make it more challenging for you to kill them. Now, don\'t go and get the crazy idea that just by downloading this one little file that you\'ll be able to play against all of these character in Jedi Academy. You have to have the models/skins already downloaded and in your base folder. Have fun spawning allies and enemies and good luck defeating these challenging NPC\'s. :D ~AmosMagee




Flame-Thrower Mod | 577.5 KB

little about this mod. The mini-mod by Dark_maul replaces force lightning in JKA with the Flamethrower from Bobba Fett in SP (or at least that’s what it looks like.) Now, coding being my worst subject in editing, I can’t really tell you whether or not taking one in game shader and putting into the place of another is difficult, although I wouldn’t think it is. Still as far as I’m concerned this was a good idea and it turned out good. I even like it better then the normal lightning. This is a very clean and professional looking mod, and the flame looks like it could be right out of the game (this COULD have to do with the fact that it is.) Basically, if your looking for something to spice up your game, I would defiantly recommend this. Great idea Maul, hope to see more from ya. ~DeathBringer




SkyLine Menu | 93.34 MB

apologies to the author, the readme did not make it clear that the .pk3 should be in your gamedata/japlus folder to work and so the bugs and errors I wrote about in the original review were only as a result of not having the file in the correct folder! I have amended the review below! Well, first off, let me just way; wow. I don’t think I have ever seen a Menu Mod as comprehensive and as awesome as this is, it isn’t just a re-skin, it is a complete overhaul of the menu interface making it look, feel and work completely different than before. Obviously the first thing you notice is that great looking hi-res animated background on the main menu as well as the 2.5D effect menu buttons, but there are a lot more cool features. My favourite has to be the way you can preview a skin before using it using the preview window to the right of the selection menu, very handy! The saber selection menu also looks very slick and the JA+ saber RGB menu (as well as the skin RGB menu) are great to play around with! Now the author mentions in the readme that this was designed to work with JA+, as I mentioned above, you will need to put the .pk3 in your gamedata/japlus folder for it to work correctly when you load up JA+ from the mods menu ingame. It does not make this clear in the readme, which is why I was having some problems with the mod before; I was putting it in the wrong folder! The mod will mostly work on Base JKA, but some features like the model viewer and RGB sabers will not work. I have to say, [b]this is definitely well worth a download[/b], the menu graphics are very slick and high-res and I liked the little touches like the moves list button being added to the character menu and the animated main menu background. I would definitely rank this as one of the best, if not the best menu mod I have ever seen! If you need any further convincing to give this a try, just have a look at the video below. One thing I would like to see in any future versions is an awesome HUD to go with the rest of this great graphic work, I think that would round the mod off very nicely. That and don’t forget to mention in the readme next time that you need to put this in your gamedata/japlus folder and not gamedata/base! I feel rather embarrassed I didn’t figure that out myself! xD Keep up the excellent modding SWGalaxy Team! I really look forward to seeing more from you in the future! :D ~Nozyspy~




SWGalaxy - Jedi Academy Graphics Expansion

swgalaxy_mod_2.2.txt | 169 B

the download link only!*** [i]Firstly, I should apologise to the makers of this mod for the delays in getting it reviewed. Apart from the huge filesize, which was a problem for the site upload I am the only one working here at the moment (we are unable to hire new staff due to login bugs) and I have so many things to get done![/i] I have seen graphical improvement mods for a few other games, usually involving higher resolution textures or higher poly models, but here we have something rather special; a [i]huge[/i] graphical improvement mod for JKA, which not only has given the games textures a good going over, but adds some really beautiful new shader and bloom effects, helping to make JKA that little bit prettier! Before I go on though I should mention that I had some complications getting this mod to work. I run Windows 7 (XP was my old friend, Vista was evil and shall burn in hell) and I was getting the “VM_Create on UI Failed” error message in the console that stops the game from starting. On Vista and 7 this can be fixed by running JKA as an administrator and setting it to Win XP service pack 2 in the compatibility tab (right click on shortcut then properties). However this mod obviously did something which invalidated that. However, after a bit of faffing around and experimenting, I got it to work by going to my gamedata folder and doing the administrator/XP Compatibility thing on the jamp.exe (should also work for jasp.exe) and doing the same for the JAMinimizer.exe which can be found in the same folder. After that I used the mods shortcut on my desktop and it worked fine. Though when you set your display resolution and other things in game, you will need to restart the game properly for it to work. I should also mention that you need to make sure you select the correct path for your LucasArts/Jedi Academy folder in the installer as it is not set by default! Also, don’t forget to use the JA Configurator Tool to make sure the mods graphical and other settings (of which there are a variety, such as menu, JA++ etc.) are right for you! And if you decide you want to uninstall it that is very easy, just use the Uninstall Shortcut and it is done in a jiffy, so you needn’t worry about digging through your base folder to delete things. Anyway, on with the features! Apart from masses of revamped textures, which have been given more of a grainy, harsh look (those these can be turned off in the configurator), there are also some amazing bloom/glow effects. On their own, the textures would probably look a bit over done, but combined with the bloom effects it gives JKA a feel much more like the graphics in modern games. Daytime skies in particular look amazing with the bloom shader, though beware of snow, as the bloom effect washes out all detail in the snow texture and basically makes the ground look like a light bulb! I suppose they don’t call it snow blindness for nothing! There is a completely new menu, a rather eclectic mix of new skins and the ability to have a first person view for lightsabers, among many other things! I imagine some people will not like the way the game looks with this mod, it is a [i]big[/i] change and things like bloom effects tend to be love them or hate them kind of things. Still I think this mod is well worth a try if you are looking to spruce up the way JKA looks! I think the screenshots below speak for themselves! Unfortunately there are a few bugs here and there, one i encountered was that the graphcis settings kept resetting themselves. Another one is that for some reason maps which use portal skyboxes appear invisible which renders them unplayable. Rather weird bug! I cant think what could be causing a bug like that. :S Overall though this is a pretty amazing mod, I have not seen the likes of this before and I think this is some thing pretty special, so good work to all the people who worked on this! :D ~Nozyspy~ ***Please note that due to the size of this file, we could not upload it to JKFiles directly. Please download it from here! The main download link at the bottom of the page contains a dummy file with the download link only!***




JO Reborn sounds for JA classic Reborns | 532.36 KB

JK2....but there's one problem: SOUNDS. Old JK2 Reborn apparently was handed the new reborn soundset, which, mediocre to fair, and left to die with only a fraction of its options. ....Someone noticed and took action. So yah, If my rant or the title didn't clue you in, you're pretty much busting rocks with your head for a living. The soundset included adjusts the reborns back to a mixture of some of the old JO soundsets. Unfortunately, the approach used is kinda...well, unusual. The ideal situation would have been this: Four pk3s. One including all the soundsets, and three that adjusts the sounds.cfg of the reborn model, depending on which one you'd prefer. Our dear author has chosen to just sorta mix and muddle them all up. Not necessarily a faux-pas, but I don't recall Stormtroopers constantly swapping out voices, though I do recall the Merc Commander in T2_ Rancor that used a stormtrooper's voice....yeah. So, case in point, the intent is pure, but the approach coulda used a bit more thinkin' over. It's a start, though, so definitely keep at it, lad. - Averus Retruthan




Flamethrower Blaster | 32.53 KB

name of the mod, duh :P). Now this isn’t a flamethrower in the traditional sense, as you may be expecting, since it does not shoot a jet of flame at your enemies. Rather it shoots 'bolts' of flame (with new fiery soundsets) rather than blaster bolts, though this is no less cool! Err, wait... I mean hot! Unfortunately though it is more difficult to aim, as the expanding jet of fire from each fire bolt obscures your view somewhat, but its still good fun to use nonetheless! All in all a very fun little mod here, give it a download if you like the look of it! :) ~Nozyspy~




Jaden Sounds & NPC

jaden_sounds_npc_v2.rar | 5.92 MB

Maaajor let down, even though one can\'t blame Ravensoft for that oversight. So, Jedi_HM2 has made something that surprisingly -- at least to my knowledge -- no one else has done. Jaden now has a full set of taunts, gloats, flourishes, combat sounds, the whole ensemble that a Jaden NPC would need. It was so refreshing to hear Jaden say something else for once..and the scary part is, the taunts were actually pretty good choices, for pretty much every set of sounds called. However, there\'s two caveats here: 1.) Only supports English Jaden Male: A\'right, I understand you probably weren\'t thinking about international support, but I\'m sure you could have at least reciprocated the same choices for Jaden female, right? Definitely consider at least doing that, so all the lady/digital tranny players can enjoy the fruits of your labors. 2.) Bit overzealous of sounds: Usually 1 to 3 audio clips is enough, but looks like you went a bit overboard. Some of these have 1 to 5 clips, and the victory taunts have 10 sounds. Y\'think you have enough, chief? XD Other than that, a very smart project. Included as well(as stated in the title,) is a small .npc file that grants you a Jaden companion NPC that you can use in your adventures. Pretty powerful, but not completely out of whack. Not a bad job, HM2. Lookin\' forward to see what other projects you have in store![/quote] So, what\'s gone on since then? Female Jaden was supported. It\'s just english, uses the same sound choices, but still, it\'s +1 female. Next? Jaden Female NPC. Woop woop. Finally, Kyle and Luke now have more sounds to accompany their soundsets, some of which are actually from JK2. Mighta been worth making those their own separate unit, but hey, still a good job on making Jaden less repetitive. We\'re done here. Go away. - Averus Retruthan




Random Duel Mod Demo | 112.4 MB

basically; the mod contains a series of encounters, usually between 2 people, though more may be added depending on the situation. A number of these encounters are just random and non-canon, as the mod itself proclaimed...and some of these are just plain...silly? Before I get into the encounters themselves, let me just first state that there are a lot of things to look through. The majority of these encounters are very simplistic, with no real set objectives(as long as you don't die, you can do whatever you please,) with only minimal guidance from menu/levelshot info. Some of these could be as simple as 1v1, and some of these can be a [b]HUGE MESS[/b] of NPCs. Like, Metro Crowd squeezing into a clown car mess. I shall now take this time to describe some of the individual encounters, to give you a better idea of what to expect. [b]Episode 4-6 Encounter Samples[/b] [b]- Luke vs. the Rancor:[/b] A classic ROTJ skirmish that takes place in the Raven rancor duel pit map. Honestly, this battle was way too biased, as are both beast encounters, as playing as a beast in this mod gives you no advantage whatsoever. Essentially, if you've ever tried /playermodel rancor and wampa, you've seen that your attack cycle is practically infinite, and somehow this works out to your detriment, as I was completely unable to hit Luke and ended up dying faster than the rancor ended up dying when I was playing Luke. Lame. [b] - The Deathstar Assault:[/b] This is one of the mock spacebattles that the mod promises to give you, except...well basically, instead of you driving the vehicles that Jedi Academy snuck into the mix, you're just a regular player with the X-wing model. You basically get a slew of default Raven guns with different EFX and sounds, and you fight probe droids disguised as tie fighters. Each encounter like this has a custom map, all of which say "rushed" to me. [b]- The Battle of Hoth:[/b] This is just one of those maps where basically, there's a HUGE pot of NPCs and you have to shoot the opposing side down. Apparently every Hoth rebel had the ability to cartwheel like a matrixer and the snowtroopers were not so blessed. The map is a sloppy snow plain with some rigid placement of snowtroopers, other NPCs, and hoth map objects in random locales. Overall, a huge lag-fest for lower-end PCs. [b] - Tusken Ambush:[/b] The fascinating tale of how a tusken who can jump 8 feet in the air led an ambush party to destroy Luke Skywalker and Ben Kenobi. This just made me facepalm because the map is basically a rectangle with a single ridge in it, and you play as a tusken with force and can square off against an old jedi master. Yeah, very meek execution




ForceMod III Classic Edition | 119.05 MB

version.[/file] That being said, time for a quick quote from the readme as to what's changed and a little insight from a first person perspective: [b]- Corrected Gunner animations, no longer are various shooting weapons using pistol shot animations:[/b] as I alluded last time, the OJP animations Venomous Heart got were placeholders, and were thus faulty. They are not default. [b]- Corrected various shader errors with many models: [/b]Win. [b]- Modified the meditation animation from the crouching stance back to the original sitting animation:[/b] Also Win [b]- Added 2 new Melee Scale buttons in the Saberforms menus which show the variances between the different saber forms:[/b] I actually found this to be [b]incredibly[/b] informative, as it mapped out saber length, potency of each form, whether or not it was disarmable, etc. Helps gobs when you're sitting there staring at the stances with no idea what they're talking about. [b]- Added the "Quick Getting Started Section" (see below) so players can start off on the correct footing with FM3CE:[/b] Check the readme for that'n. I personally didn't need it, but it definitely gives ya some helpful tips. Welp, that about covers the changes. As it stands, I'd say the mod's at least improved, though I still loathe the spectate factor when you even so much as change your model. Other than that, not bad work, cochise. You know the drill by now. - Averus Retruthan




Hanziness' Scepter | 3.36 KB

even cause damage, so I guess we'll have to wait for the 1.0 for this? Anyways, keep in touch for the next version. New Models - No New Textures - No ~The Denariax




SantaStaff | 188.23 KB

it seems that an accident has occurred. You see, Tavion sent in her scepter to be cleaned, but it got lost along the way and wound up on the North Pole. Santa's elves didn't think it looked that great as it was, so they painted it in red and white stripes, then giftwrapped it for Tavion. Unfortunately, she's been a bad girl and got coal instead, and the scepter goes to all of you instead! This candy-cane-looking weapon uses the staff style, but seems to be selectable in the single saber menu. What does this mean for all of you? Well, you can dual wield them. Yup, not one, but two scepters at once! Add in the fact that it is a bit overpowered, and you have a mean weapon here! It's just a shame that it appears to have just been paintbucketed without a thought of adding in further details to the textures... Ah well, no matter! Still fun to use! Give it a download if you like it!




IG-88 Sounds | 674.69 KB

skin and not have any custom sounds. Well fear not, because Ownedbacon has decided to rectify this problem by making his own mod using sounds from Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption and making a file which adds these sounds into Last Wish's IG-88 model! All you need to do is put this .pk3 in your base folder along with Last Wish's file and hey presto, IG-88 will have some new custom sounds! All in all a great idea here, although it would have been nice if the IG-88 model had custom sounds from the start this issue has been fixed by this file here, which I suppose you could call a kind of 'patch'. If you fancy some IG-88 sounds to go with Last Wish's IG-88 model then give this file a download! :) ~Nozyspy~




Small Animation Fix | 8.24 MB

patch and many things needed to be fixed still. Some were never fixed untill this day, but some were, with the help of modders that keep this game alive. The same goes for this file. What we have here, is an animation fix for jetpack and melee in our beloved game. If anyone ever tried using give all on multiplayer server with enabled cheats, he'd notice that no matter which direction you fly in with your jetpack, the body still acts like a stiff wooden idol while in single player we could clearly see Boba Fett maneuvering with his body as he was flying. Ever wanted that? Well, now you get it thanks to this animation fix mod. Other thing it fixes is the quite weird and unrealistic looking melee stance, so no more retarded look while using your Kung Fu skills. In addition to that, it also works in JA+, so not only basejka players will be able to have fun with it - SCORE. Anyone who likes fixes for JK3 should grab this, quite recommended download this is, so waste some of your bandwidth and enjoy much nicer jetpack animations and fixed melee. -Schrödinger




Sabers of the Power | 3.33 KB

longer than a normal saber. I know, this is not a hard work, but if you doesn't want to write a lot, use these. Every saber has his own power.[/quote] First, [b]Saber of the storm.[/b] [quote]Throwable, when returns, do damage (30) | Can't be disarmed | Default color: blue | +Chance for saber-locking[/quote] Next, [b]Saber of the Offensive[/b] [quote]| Can't be throwed | Can't be disarmed | Default color: red | +Chance for saber-locking | The longest from the power-sabers[/quote] After that, [b]Saber of the Protection[/b] [quote]| Can't be throwed | Can't be disarmed | Big chance for parry | Default color: green | +Chance for saber-locking | Longer than a normal power-saber[/quote] After [i]that[/i], [b]Hanziness's saber[/b] [quote] | Can be throwed | Can't be disarmed | Default color: yellow | +Chance for parry | +Chance for saber-locking[/quote] And finally, [b] Saber of the Looooove [/b] [quote]| Can be throwed | Can't be disarmed | +Chance to break a parry[/quote] This ultimately is a saber mod, not just hilts and visuals but for the lazy people who didn't read through the quoted sections it modifies the combat and/or force powers. I'll leave the rest up to you to decide this time ;) Enjoy. ~Authuran [i][A note to the author. Put your name and email in the readme, as I have for you. Also, just make sure not to put funny symbols in the description or readme, but that's not really too important][/i]




Single Player Dark-side conversion mod | 3.51 MB

jedi change places, Tavion changes to Jan, Kyle changes to Boba Fett, and Luke changes to Desaan. Now. since this is your first mod, I won't be overly harsh, but still, a bug report is helpful. There were a few bugs I found: Desaan is an overscale model, so whenever he walks around, he goes a little too far forward. Kind of funny, actually, since he walked right through Jaden on the first level. After Ragnos posesses Jan in the final battle (light side ending), she changes to a missing texture. This is probably due to a shader remap, so not a really big deal...I don't even know if that can be fixed, actually. Also, there were no voice changes, but c'mon, that would have been a LOT of work. If you like the sound of it, have a go! ~Dretzel




Realistic Lightsaber Blades, Sounds and Force Lightning

real_effects.rar | 309.89 KB

look more movie like. This is one such mod, however, as well as improving the look of the saber blades to something more akin to the more ‘pointy’ blades in Episode 3, it also adds some new sound effects to the lightsaber as well as some improved force lightning effects. I especially liked the new saber sounds, they sound much stronger and more visceral and I think they are an improvement over the base JKA sounds. As for the force lightning effects, the lightning bolts themselves have been made bigger and thicker, as you can see in the screenshot below. I wouldn’t particularly say they look better than the original lightning effects, but they are certainly not worse either. I would say, rather, that they are best used as an alternative version if you want a change from the base JKA force lightning effects. Personally I liked them, and I think I will keep this file in my base folder for a while, to have a change from the same old base JKA effects! All in all then a cool little mod here, if you want a change from the base JKA lightning effects, and the saber blade effects and sounds, then you will enjoy this mod. Give it a download if you like the look of it! :) ~Nozyspy~




Snargies Xtra-Crisp Saber Sounds | 125.59 KB

this one any different? Lets find out. This file contains 4 new saber ignite sounds, and 4 new saber retract sounds. The first one I tried, to me sounded a bit strange, it was like an electronic version of two metal swords being scraped together fast, or possibly the sound when pulling a sword fast from a sheath. I thought it sounded quite cool, but I'm not sure it really suited a saber, but that would depend on your taste. The next one I found was when I was using a staff, and it reminded me of the sound when Dooku ignited his saber in Episode 2 against Obi-wan and Anakin, I always loved that sound. However, it was slightly different, and I think I would have preferred it to be exactly the same, but we don't always get what we want now do we.. nevertheless I quite liked this one. All in all, there is a couple of nice new sounds, its only a small file and worth checking out. Personally this version wasn't my taste, but I'll definately keep a look out for a v2. So, if your looking for some new sounds to enhance your days of slicing and dicing with your laser sword.. check this one out. I COMMAND THEE TO DOWNLOAD! - AmonRa




Dark Weapons | 2.11 MB

you.....but these aren't bad. Two things about this mod actually make it stand out: 1: The guns were not paintbucketed black. 2: The author did not simply desaturate them all. This mod affects the E-11 Blaster Rifle, Tenloss Disruptor Rifle, the DEMP 2 and the Imperial Heavy Repeater. The first three have been given all black coloring, while the heavy repeater now has a yellow barrel. I don't see much of a difference on the E-11 (just the HUD icon), but the other guns actually didn't look bad. Not to mention all the original details in the guns were preserved. I really can't say much more; take a look at the screenshots if you wish to see what they look like. If you like dark weaponry for ninja operations or secret service roleplay, this is for you! ~Dretzel




Telekinesis v4.0 | 121.3 KB

changed our much loved drain to Force Choke +_+ This is one thing quite a few people may disagree with as is a Health Gaining Ability for Dark-Siders! But nevertheless its fun to have! Go Forth and Plunder the Download Button!! ~Rets




Jedi Academy Unleashed | 1.81 MB

Stormtroopers have Force powers. Nothing much to say about this particular mod apart from the necessaries. Most jedi/sith have FULL lvl 3 force powers on every power. and the Stormtrooper now push me away with force push :/ ~Rets




Jaden NPC Pack (v2) | 1.65 KB

lists in the readme, including; toning down the force powers to a more reasonable level, and of course making this an NPC pack, with various different kinds of Jaden to choose from. The commands to spawn them in-game are listed in the readme, but for convenience sake I will paste them below too; [quote] jaden_hm (Jaden as a Human Male) jaden_kdm (Jaden as a Kel Dor Male) jaden_rm (Jaden as a Rodian Male) jaden_hf (Jaden as a Human Female) jaden_tf (Jaden as a Twi'lek Female) jaden_zf (Jaden as a Zabrak Female)[/quote] Note of course that you need to put the line ‘/npc spawn’ before the character (without the quotes), like /NPC spawn jaden_hf and such. Also remember that the cheats need to be enabled before you can use this command. Well, that just about wraps it up, if you guys like the sound of this mod, then give it a download! :) ~Nozyspy~




New Pistol Stance | 8.23 MB

sidearm like this, it's much more difficult to steady your aim and bring the sight back onto the target against the recoil when you have nothing to use as a lower limit. Aside from the ins-and-outs of how to wield sidearms, the only real bug is acknowledged by the author - the floating left hand. As for the stance itself, well, zip through a few episodes of NCIS or Criminal Minds, for good examples. I think it's the sixth episode of Criminal Minds - the sniper episode - where the resident genius is getting a shooting lesson, that's a perfect reference shot right there; I actually used that scene to get reference pics of his Glock, but it'll work for your purposes too. You can also use SWAT4 - that game has realistic motion captures performed by actual SWAT officers. Often, the wielding hand - in this case, right - is fully extended, whereas the off-hand - left in this scenario - is slightly bent inwards and the hand is used as a cradle in which to rest the butt of the weapon, thus steadying the aim. It's not the coolest-looking stance, but at least you have a significantly higher chance of hitting your target than you would rushing in "Lara Croft super-flying-monkey akimbo style". Well, nice new stance for pistol-users, but they're so drastically underpowered in this game, I'm not so sure anyone actually does. Oh well. It's the thought that counts! ~ Kouen




Star Trek: The Next Generation transporter FX | 476.42 KB

back, it usually just gets put on BBC2 as filler when someone borks something. I actually have some fond memories of episodes caught in a post-Simpsons can't-be-bothered-to-change-the-channel state of attentive viewing as a kid. Patrick Stewart was surprisingly good at bringing comedic tones to an overall serious role. They certainly got the right guy to play the charismatic captain.... Ah heck. The point is, that transporter effect, despite being relatively early in the whole particle effects didgeridoo, looked cutting edge and very sci-fi, unlike JA's default teleporter effect which basically reminds me of [i]ReBoot[/i]. Now you get that very same TNG teleporter effect for JA, in all it's splendor and glory and above all (for me, anyway) elegance. It's nice, sleek and subtle, unlike Raven Software's equivalent of a green halogen bulb being rapidly turned on then shorting out and exploding in the immediate aftermath. So, while this mini-mod may be perfect for a Star Trek fan, it's recommended for anyone simply because of it removing the awful (and sometimes headache-inducing) teleport/connect/disconnect effect used in baseJA and replacing it with something visually pleasing and functional. Be warned, however, that scoring over 1500 particles (sweet mother of Iny Fudge! :o ) it's not jackin' around - chances are it will cause some slowdown, 'specially on older/weaker rigs or if many instances of the .efx file are playing at once. But still. One of the nicer effects mods out there, to be sure. ~ Kouen




Clan Mod Unlimited | 1.19 MB

folder. - Sabers Last I checked, there were no visible limits on how many sabers you could actually have, but I guess I may have been wrong or I simply never had that many sabers. Even if you were under the limits, though, only twenty or so appeared on the list and the console was necessary for the others. With JA Unlimited, virtually all sabers will appear on the menu (obviously it's not really unlimited, but it may as well be) and there ceiling limit on how many you can have has been turned into the roof limit - 'tis much higher. Higher than I was able to reach with every lightsaber, sword, baseball bat, axe, halberd, polearm, voulge and God-only-knows-what-else I could procure from JKFiles. Since saber switching via /saber only appears to work in JA+, this is great for anyone not using these mods, since you no longer need to know the .sab designations to load your sabers. - Maps Again, you can usually have as many maps as you'll need, but now they'll all show on the menu so that you don't need to open pk3s in Pakscape/PakRat (shout-out for you Maccies out there ;) ), find the bsp name and use /devmap to load your maps. Great improvement in my book, helpful for those who don't check map pk3s by default, or don't know how to. - NPCs Now, this one you did have a limit on, and that limit is basically kaput. You can now have as many NPCs as you'll need - again, I'm figuring 65535 being the ceiling limit, but you'll probably never reach that many - without that pesky ".npc extensions are too large!" error in multiplayer. Score one for no annoyances! - Vehicles Oh yeah. Now we're talkin'. If you're like me and enjoy going to town with some serious vehicular manslaughter, again, this is the mod for you. No more .veh extensions errors, and the error with .vwp files (which were still at factory limits in the last release) is now fixed, so you can have as much firepower as you need in the base folder. - Models / Skins Considering the game can hold as many models/skins as you can use, I always found it kinda dopey that there was a limit on the amount of icons, but that limit is now gone. - Species Selections The limit was previously 32. Now, it's... what is it again? 65535 or something like that? Ain't that quite a resume? [b]Disclaimers[/b] ► This will [b]not[/b] work in the singleplayer game - source code for the SP DLLs was never released. Strictly MP only, sorry folks. ► Naturally, SP won't work at all if you're over any limits, so basically, my advice: don't put mods in base, make a seperate mod folder for this and dump your files in there, then launch this mod via .bat file. That way you can have as much as you need in MP, without shafting SP. ► Limits are there for reasons, as Kat Angel quite rightly states in the readme. Even though this mod means the game won't object to extreme amounts of mods, please try and factor in how much the iD Tech 3 engine can handle, and how much your computer can handle. If you have too much in your base folder, your game will take ages to load. The more you have, the slower it gets. The less RAM your computer has, the slower load times pass. The slower your CPU, the slower load times will be. You also risk your computer randomly shutting down, restarting, or random crashes by having more than the computer can handle. So, basically, if you never use it, don't keep it, 'cuz the more you got the more strain your system takes. Please note that since this is the ClanMod version, installation instructions differ somewhat to the baseJA version. At Kat Angel's request, the install instructions will be added into the review. [b]-Installation Instructions-[/b] Easy! Simply open up the zip file and dump z_ja_unlimited.pk3 into your ***clanmod*** folder (not base), and optionally include thumbnailshrink_clanmod.pk3 or thumbnailshrink_more_clanmod.pk3 with it. If you place the file in your base folder, it WILL NOT WORK with Clan Mod, and may cause base JKA to behave strangely. (Most likely, that means "to crash".) Then start up JA, and you're done! [b]-End Installation Instructions-[/b] Right, safety warnings and summaries out of the way, I think we're done here. Overall, great mod for you "pakrats" (no pun intended). If you play ClanMod and like to use a lot of add-ons, this is a sure-fire winner. ~ Kouen




JA \'Unlimited\' | 1.09 MB

basically near-destroys all the file limits put in place by Raven\'s coding. You can now see virtually every skin and model without the aid of JA+ or similar mods, can have a boatload of vehicles, sabers, npcs, etc. Basically, packrat haven =_,=. Only thing I would advise when using this mod, as the author also advises: Don\'t abuse it too much if you have a PC that you don\'t think could handle the increased number of resources needed to draw upon the power of unlimitation. Otherwise, this is a rather good utility to have if you just can\'t stand to compromise between your 200+ mods,(I personally have approximately 1050 pk3 files in my base folder alone,) then I would suggest equipping this mod to your base folder, and worry no more =_=. Bandwidth, you gluttons, BANDWIDTH!! - Averus Retruthan




New knockdown animations | 11.61 KB

animations, and I honestly can\'t decide whether I like it or whether I think it looks silly. I\'ll have to try it out some more and see! Until then, though, decide for yourself. The author recommends Force pulling/pushing some NPCs to see how it looks. Enjoy! ~Inyri




Saber-Mo0d | 294.42 KB

capitalize on that idea. Now you\'ve got square blades that have colors. Screenshot says it all. Enjoy ._. - Averus Retruthan




JKALua version 1.0 Beta. | 1.47 MB

them enjoying it that much. Basically, from what I\'m interpreting from this mod is the ability to run LUA scripts that you create. Suffice to say, I took a brief peek into the constants, parameters, and functions...not much there to be creative with. For the average consumer, one would get what the author deems an \"instagib\" script. Truth is, it\'s not even remotely close. Basically, I found that the author basically took the hit impact effects of the fully charged scope mode of the disruptor, and applied it to every weapon. How do I know this? Well it becomes blatantly obvious when you simply point your reticle at your target and hit the button. BAM. Instant death, like when my servants jump out the window for displeasing me. The bolt doesn\'t even HIT the target hitbox. Plus, if you have max everything, it\'d take two hits. In conclusion, I believe that this is a very rough beta, and you should put a lot more work into it, so that it may come off with more appeal to the masses. This would confuse more than entertain.. However, time and effort may disprove me in the future. Give it a look through =_= - Averus Retruthan




Ultimate NPC Fix | 43.15 KB




Clonewar Stances and Effects | 24.34 MB

because I don\'t think the stances and new/changed anims really flow together very well. My main beef with this is that when you swing it seems to start out in the default animation, but then choppily switches to a newly defined anim and it doesn\'t look very realistic. I did like all the new stances, though, which look very nice indeed for the most part. Of course a lot more has been changed than just saber stances and a couple of swings, and I didn\'t have a chance to test this mod out to its full potential (since the read-me is a little vague on the specifics). It\'s also fully compatible with both JA+ and OJP, so that\'s another hilight that might make this work grabbing for some of you! I strongly encourage folks to give this a try, test it out to see how much it changes, and leave comments on your favorite parts. That was we can all find out just how far the rabbit hole goes. ;) ~Inyri




Clan Mod | 17.76 MB

detail =_,= To begin, this is naturally an administration mod, definitely most powerful and most malevolent. [b]Here are some features you can do as a player:[/b] - Jetpack: Pretty basic stuff. Can be rid of as well - Every admin function you could do in JA+, minus telemark (that will most likely mean something to JA+ users..) - Grapple: While you won't be able to swing around and keep hung around like you could in JA+, I will say that this version of Grapple could be comparable to a Spiderman webslinging type of grapple. T'was quite fun to shoot across the map in such grace. - Multiple and pretty nice emotes - Drop your weapons(huzzah =_=) - Engage in four types of duels: Force Duel, Melee Duel (200 HP/fists), training duel(the only duel you can choose to end), and the regular old duel. - Change your chat color with /chatcolor /ignore people and more =_=! [b]Admins will get to do this:[/b] - Teleport - Slay - My favorite, Insult Silence: =_,= instead of being silenced, one gets to insult themselves, in whatever manner the server pre-defines. - Adding weather effects, map objects, and visual effects to the map in real time. and quite a lot more =_= Hopefully that list will have whetted your appetite slightly. If not, the roar clan has an online wiki manual that can be reached in the tools section of the clanmod folder. Overall, this mod is not one to be passed up. It has so much one could do, and there's virtually no competition between this and JA+. I would say that this mod will undoubtedly become a hit, should anyone choose to make the change. The power is nothing short of malevolent, and honestly, if my rambling hasn't convinced you, perhaps the screenshots will. SUBMIT BANDWIDTH IMMEDIATELY! =_= *destroys planets* - Averus Retruthan




SP Collection - Boba Fett | 1.68 MB

too big really so it\'s not a huge deal. The basic idea is that this mod makes Boba Fett available in the SP species menu. Alas, no Hoth support once again. A little extra attention to that would be much appreciated in the undoubtedly soon-to-come next installment of this mod. ~Inyri




JK2 Animations | 553.62 KB

and running stances from JK2 better than the ones in JK3? I know I personally do. The file I have here is a mod to change the idle, walking, and running stances to the ones in JK2. It does not change any of the actual stances while the lightsaber is on and the player is not moving, however. Also included is support for JA+ for those of you who use it. Give this a download if it sounds good to you. [/quote] So what\'s new? Well, that depends on which of the 6 included pk3s you use. There\'s the Version1Fix pk3s and the Version2 pk3s. For version 1 fix, all that\'s new is an error where when the character\'s legs aren\'t on the same level, it will still use the JK2 stance for the upper body. For version 2, apparently the legs will not bother re-elevating themselves on uneven ground. For both, from what I could tell, the wall run animations have been changed to the JK2 versions of them. Included is support for BaseJKA, JA+, and OJP for both versions of this file. Give it a download if you liked the JK2 Animations.




Electric Saber Mod | 227.31 KB

portrayed as blue, so green lightning effects would look a bit wierd. And as for purple? Ha. Ha ha. So this mod works exactly as advertised. It adds an electric look to the blade itself, and a very cool electricity-ish motion blur. As simple as this mod was created, it turned out really [i]really[/i] nifty. Just take a look at the screenshots. In fact as I was testing it I could only come up with two complaints. (1) the saber core is not shaped on the bottom, so it can be seen at some points to have a hard line at the bottom outside of the hilt, and (2) it could really use some crackly electric sound effects. Other than that, though, this is a perfect mod for what it\'s trying to do. ~Inyri




Sniper | 566.86 KB

an upgrade for the sniper scope which adds a red crosshair in the middle for more accurate aiming. Out of the 9 crosshairs, only a few I found I liked much. But each of them were a solid green, which took away from the environment for me. Overall, though, not a bad little pack. Give this a download if you want some new crosshairs in your game, be it JO or JA, since this works in both.




T2_Trip Redone:Grassland | 9.67 MB

just taking the textures, and putting green all over them. The efforts give mixed results. Is it really worth it to throw green all over the map? I don’t think so. In fact, I’m thinking that the map looks really moldy right now. But if you like it, then it’s your cup of tea. ~Zach




Dark Force Mod | 1.34 MB

better as it goes along. This one, as with the previous version, is lacking a strange and unique title. Not important, but just something I thought I would mention. :p Anyway, since there were not a lot of changes from the previous version, I\'ll just give you the review to [url=;65839]the Glory of the Sith (v1.6)[/url] review, and list the changes from the previous version to this version, quoted from the readme: [quote] 1. Bot special attack Previously all bot can do saber kata attack, but realize it just wasting bot think-time used for it. So i decided from now on, only 3 special bot can do kata : Kate_Walker, Jaden_Korr, and Jane_Swarbreck. Others bot are no longer allowed to do this special attack. However i\'m still allowed the kick attack. 2. Noghri Stick The previous arc used for noghri alt-fire are to wide (about 50 degree). This is causing the missile spread too far from the target. So i decide to reduce it at 30 degree in cost of the missile now can only charged up to 3 smoke missile. Don\'t worry this is more efficient way and make this weapon shot more accurate. 3. New npc : stboss A stomtrooper commander that use concussion rifle and have 1000 health. They are fun used for bot killer. I always play with them, spawning as much i like at some spot, this npc will waiting bot to respawn near of them and then shot them out! Type \"npc spawn stboss\" to spawn it. Use notarget cheat if you dont want to deal with them. 4. Extra bonus singleplayer Because this mod shared game source with singleplayer, there is some bonus you get : 4.a. Extra Sword & Saber hilt are available. Start a new singleplayer game, when you comes to saber hilt selection menu, scroll down to the end, you will find new hilt are available for you. They are sword and saber that is used in multiplayer part of dark force mod, such as \"Sword of Earth\", \"Mightiness Scepter\", \"Saber of Ice\", \"Saber of Wind\", and etc. 4.b. Full saber dismemberment. Cutting off head, waist, arm, and legs are always happen. You even see the special \"Right hand chopped off\" animation when your saber accurately cut off enemies right arms. 4.c. Unlimited force power (cheat) Type \"playermodel nico_collard\" then you will changed into dark force mod strongest npc multiplayer. You get 999 force power, auto defend from force grip attack, can control enemy body using force telepathy, and bigger playermodel. However, because she is set as \"killer npc\" or dark jedi, you must type in cheat: \"playerteam player\" to make you in light side, otherwise your ally (jedi, kyle etc.) will trying to murder you.[/quote] If you enjoyed previous versions of this mod, go ahead and give this version a try. If you did not like previous versions, I\'d suggest giving this version a try anyway, since a lot has changed. I personally have enjoyed this series of mods.




Better Ragnos Sounds | 1.09 MB

where a small tweak can go unnoticed, in sounds it is generally of the utmost importance. The author here didn\'t believe Ragnos\'s voice sounded \"ghosty\" enough, a sentiment which I wouldn\'t deny is probably true, from many perspectives. I\'ve personally never thought about it before, but upon hearing these new sounds I have to agree that they do sound more like an apparition than the originals... assuming there is such a thing as a ghost-like sound. If I had to guess what was done here, I\'d take a stab that a chorus has been added, and perhaps a little bit more echo. That might not mean anything to folks who aren\'t familiar with sound-editing software, but I urge you to check out the sounds for the full effect. This slight change really does make a bit difference. Is it better? That\'s up to you to decide, of course. But it gets a thumbs up from me. A simple change, a big effect. Worth the small download if you plan to play SP again, or somehow get some extra use out of our resident deceased Sith Lord. ~Inyri




Harder NPC's | 24.21 KB

box, but they continually get in your way when you're trying to kill those pesky reborn! This mod should take care of that problem by having the Jedi fight on the reborn's side, so you can slaughter them along with the reborn. While this causes continuity problems, it does make for a more interesting game. This mod also gives Jawas weapons and makes them attack you. I found that kind of handy because I'd always accidentally kill them while trying to kill the Tuskens anyway, and now I don't have to feel guilty about it. However the fact that they have blasters does not make them any more challenging than just cutting them down in cold blood. After minor testing I discovered [i]one[/i] reflected blaster bolt will spell out their demise. This'll be handy for folks with consciences, but for folks who want a challenge this particular bit of this mod probably won't do much for them. Besides the team swapping, this mod is supposed to make the NPC's "harder" to defeat, as you may have guessed from the mod name. The author openly admits in his read-me that this doesn't really make them more difficult. It simply alters some Force powers (giving them more) and, as I mentioned, swaps over the teams for the Jedi and Jawas. So while it doesn't necessarily enhance the difficulty of the single player campaign all that much, it will make for a more interesting play through, especially since you'll have to focus on combating more Force powers rather than just barreling in with your lightsaber. ~Inyri




Hydroball II | 8.63 MB

update of the previous version of Hydroball. This version just fixes a couple bugs and shader issues. But it's Hydroball! I certainly hope that you do know what Hydroball is. But just in case you aren't 'in the know', Hydroball is a mod inspired by Blitzball from Final Fantasy I-don't-know. And if you don't know what blitzball is, well then keep reading. :p Anyways, the point of the game is to get a little ball into the opposite team's goal. The catch? It's all underwater. Don't worry, you won't drown. You'll just swim around. Anyways, you get your weapons taken away from them, and you're left with your hands. You can tackle people, steal the ball, and launch the ball, and much more. I must admit...I was disappointed at the lack of Hydroball servers. Anyways, I'd love to see a 'Hydroball Revolution'. Vive l'Hydroball! ~Zach




Mara Jade Saber Overwrite | 30.18 KB




Firesword | 1.83 MB

the blade to be a bit too wide. It seems the author jacked up the radius as well, making the blade look rather silly right near the hilt where there\'s a hard edge. In any case, though, the mod does what it promises -- changes the blade into a somewhat flame-ish looking one. If you\'re into that kind of thing give it a download. ~Inyri




Blur Sabers | 42.92 KB

mod might not be for you. Well, this is a very interesting little saber mod, I know I’ve seen super long staff sabers before, but I don’t recall seeing dual super long staff sabers (i.e. one in each hand) although it may have been done before, I’m not sure. :S These sabers are very powerful, and because they are so long and move so fast, they seem to be able to easily block any normal saber. I tested this with a server full of annoying bots and I was able to beat any of them within several seconds of swinging these sabers around! Besides that there’s not really much more I can say, these sabers are unusual, and certainly effective! ;) There were a few small bugs that I noticed here though. To select the super long blades, simply select the guardian hilt in the dual or single saber menu. However once you put this .pk3 in your base folder, you can no longer select the Guardian hilt in the staff saber menu. :S One other thing I noticed is that the animations seem a bit jerky at times, but that’s probably as a result of modifying the sabers. All in all though a cool little mod here! :) I look forward to seeing more files from this author in the future! Just remember though If you have any problems with flashing or strobe lights, then this mod might not be for you! ~Nozyspy~




PERFECT EP3 Blades (no kidding) | 93.97 KB

[i]impossible[/i] to make a saber blade that is a perfect respresentation of Episode III. Just stop trying, guys, or give your mods a more appropriate name. With that said, these blades are okay, though I have to admit they\'re not much different than most of the other Episode III blades I\'ve seen. They\'re kind of a mix between pointy and rounded, so maybe that\'s a positive compromise. As with all good Episode III blade mods the blade cores are very crisp and not fuzzy or blurry, which keeps in the style of the prequel saber blades. ~Inyri




Bounty Hunter Reskin v1.0 | 10.63 MB

well. And I don\'t know what mod that is that the author used for the Mandalorians. This is great, if you\'re looking for a change, try this. The author wishes it to be known that this may interfere with MovieBattles. Although, this is only if you put it in the MB folder. -Red




Exile\'s Saberpack | 2.27 KB

dagger, a VERY short and narrow saber, sped up. Not very practical at all. The third is Rapier Saber, a thin saber. I didn\'t really like these, they aren\'t bad, they just weren\'t really anything new. Maybe if the author changed the shape, or trail... something... Good effort, just try to do more next time. -Red




Titanic Song Death Music | 4.2 MB

(like t2_trip). However upon testing in other levels, I discovered it does indeed work as it's supposed to. It is quite a bit amusing, though I think perhaps I would have cut it down so an even more amusing part of the song plays immediately, rather than the very slow and quiet beginning. So yeah, when you die in single-player you get to listen to Celine Dion sing that classic (and somewhat annoying) song from Titanic: My Heart Will Go On. If you've got the right kind of sense of humor, download it now and have a few chuckles. Otherwise you may find yourself annoyed a bit. ~Inyri




T2_Trip Textures | 1.74 MB

textures in the 'quicktrip' texture folder, thus altering the appearance of that particular level. Consequentlly, if you don't play single-player or the t2_trip level in multiplayer mode, you probably won't be interested in this. However, If you DO play that level, I sugegst you check this out, as it's quite nifty :) It does look better than before in my opinion. A lot better. It just doesn't look so dull and boring, there's more color variance and it feels more creative than it did before. However there is one crucial problem with it, and I suspect it is to do with decal texturing. When you'd normally see a decal texture, now you see some really odd looking stretching of the texture, producing what looks like a giant stripe in some places. This really isn't the kind of bug which can be ignored, so as this is a beta, I think the author should go back and try to fix this bug. It may be as simple as a missing alpha layer on a new texture, but I am not sure. ~Szico VII~




Dark Forces II Cinematic Saber Blades | 894.11 KB

lightsabers that were already in the game. As such, the blades don\'t look much changed to me, but if you can pick out the alterations more power to you. Now what would be [i]interesting[/i] to see is Dark Forces 2 [i]gameplay[/i] blades. I can\'t imagine anyone who would want to use those, but it might be funny all the same. In any case, if you do like these blades better than the original go ahead and download them. I don\'t see anything that would make them hideously unplayable, since they\'re so close to the default blades. ~Inyri




Open Jedi Project Basic | 2.64 MB

this new release of OJP fixes this error by allowing this holster effect to be customized on a model-to-model basis. That's not the only thing it fixes, either. It fixes several technical problems, such as errors with death messages, errors with bots, and some errors I outright can't understand, and also enhances some current features like the RGB sabers and, as I mentioned, the holstered weapons. Looks like the OJP team is really putting the pedal to the metal to get these fixes and enhancements out, so if you've never tried OJP I strongly recommend you take a look! Especially if you're a modder, because OJP gives you some features you may have always wanted, but never had. Read both the read-me and the changelog for more detailed information on Open Jedi Project and the changes/additions in this version. ~Inyri




Super Perfect EpIII Blades | 886.99 KB

going to get any better than this without some serious changes to more than just images. So we can probably say, for now, that this is the closest we\'re going to get. The author recommends you use these blades with dynamic glow, but to be frankly honest they\'re even [i]farther[/i] from perfect if you use it. The glow is much too large with dynamic glow, so [i]I[/i] would recommend using them normally. Even normally the glow seems a little over the top, not to mention the colors are a little too saturated if you want to really go with what was in the film. The blue lightsabers in Episode III, which are quite possibly the most prominent color (considering Obi-wan and Anakin both had blue lightsabers) is completely the wrong color. In the films it is more of a cyan, so if the author [i]really[/i] wanted this to be \"super perfect\" he should have noted that and changed the color accordingly. Other than that, everything seems okay. The core seems about the right size and shape, depending on which pictures you look at, although I don\'t claim to be a prequel lightsaber expert. However as far as Episode III blades go, these definitely wouldn\'t be a bad choice. ~Inyri




Thunder Shield | 30.36 KB

effect itself is also neat. Instead of the green shield you have now, this new effect will make it blue, and give it something of a lightning effect. The effect does look pretty cool. It's worth a try if you're tired of the green shield, or just prefer blue a little better. I might even keep it, just to change things up a bit. ~Inyri




Imperial March Duel Music (Leviathan Remix) | 4.98 MB

dueling tune....well let\'s just say it doesn\'t really do it for me. It\'s a march right? Not a fighting tune. It just doesn\'t inspire the adrenaline a really good beat can when you\'re dueling someone. Still, if it\'s your taste, that\'s why we host it for you to download :) Oh yeah, there\'s also a small autoexec.cfg file in here so you can play the music whenever you want... but it might conflict with other autoexec.cfg files so watch out for that. ~Szico VII~




EP 2 Saber Sounds | 481.18 KB

same . if you are a fan of ep2 this one is for you elros




Movie Sounds | 1.3 MB

because of the very misleading read-me the author provided. The saber sounds in this mod come from the Movie Battles mod by Avadann Kedeth. The rest of the sounds supposedly come from Jedi Academy and have just been rearranged. To be honest, I didn't like most of them. The only one that really fits is the blaster pistol. The rest are just strange. The bowcaster now sports the X-wing laser sounds (supposedly this is supposed to be like in RotS, but I think I would have remembered laughing upon hearing that). The blaster pistol is, as I said, the sound from Han's blaster, which is the only one I liked. The concussion rifle has the sounds from the large emplaced ion cannons, while the disruptor sports the tusken rifle sounds. The rocket launcher's sounds aren't actually that bad, though I prefer the original. If you're looking for some spice in your sounds, feel free to download this. ~Inyri




Bakumatsu Saber Sound Stances | 1.56 MB

animation frames to give each of the single-saber styles a new look. Blue style is based on Yoda\'s saber stance, yellow style is based on the Darth Vader vs. Ben Kenobi duel, and red is based on Anakin vs. Dooku. These stances all seem to look pretty good in-game. I really must question the author\'s decision to change the walk and run animations for the single saber. As I was running along with my single blade I felt (and sounded) like a herd of stampeding cattle. The author just moved some of the dual/staff animations to the single blade walk/run animations. I personally don\'t like them, but then again I never liked those animations to begin with. This truly is a matter of personal taste. The new saber sounds reminded me suspiciously of the saber sounds from Dark Forces 2, which makes me wonder if the author didn\'t just rip them from that game. I\'ll give him the benefit of the doubt, though. They are placed in a separate PK3, so you can choose whether you want to use them or not. Overall this is a pretty good mod, and not something you see very often. If you\'re looking for a little bit of variety, or like the saber stances from the movies, this may be a download for you. ~Inyri




Battle of Heros Duel Music | 4.8 MB




Prequel Saber Blades & Colors | 29.42 KB

seen in the prequels. There is a visible difference between these and the stock ones. For instance, the stock blades have a bright center glow to them, where these are more evenly lit. I guess it comes down to preference and what a person leans towards. Take a peak and see.. this might be up your alley. -Lizardking




Superbot Bot Pack | 8.82 KB

They use just base JKA models, which is a shame, it would be cool if they had been reskinned a bit to show that they are special, but oh well. Give it a download and see what you think :) ~Nozyspy~




Star Wars Saga Saber Sounds | 1.74 MB

too loud and don\'t feel like they fit in the game very well. There were some saber block sounds like in the \"Sith\" pack that also grated on my nerves. Other than that, they sound ... exactly ... the ... same. Only way for you to find out though, is to download this and try it yourself. ~AmosMagee




RealJedi Mod v1.0 PR | 1.15 MB

gil - er, wrong game - credits on all kinds of stuff. (See screenshots.) Now, keep in mind, this is the first release of this mod. The author has a lot of ideas and a lot planned for the mod, but needs this to be tested and needs feedback. So have fun, report bugs to him, offer your suggestions. I can't wait to see more! :D ~AmosMagee




Elite Imperial Clone Troop NPCs | 4.51 KB

Some wield lightsabers, others carry a repeater and one of these troopers has a \"light dagger\" - a shorter version of a light saber. Play with \'em a bit and give some feedback here for the author of these little dudes. ~AmosMagee




Old School Mod | 36.53 MB

[quote] Features: - powered completely by Razor Ace\'s OJP Basic mod for the base, includes advanced bots, highly improved scripting, better vehicle codes, a coop mode, advanced ai for npcs, an admin system, and sooo much more. More info can be found at - new effects created by various modders listed in the effectsreadme - flip kick from jedi outcast is enabled (thanks to Master Hex for his help) - various gun changes such as increased projectile speeds and damage, charging time for pea shooter, think time for alternate rockets - now lightsaber isn\'t the only dismembering weapon as the golan arms, alternate fire of concussion rifle, alternate repeater fire, and the various explosives will now dismember body parts - force seeing 2 dodges sniper shots and alternate conc rifle shots like in single player while level 3 displays health of opponent or ally - completely redone swoop handling and effects and will now go up higher steeps and hover over water with right effects - super dismemberment (every limb torn off and blown apart) by powerful weapons such as rockets and det packs (thanks to Wudan for all the help with this, he pretty much coded this in) - new force speed with shortened duration but greater effects including lengthened wallruns and shaolin water surface run - team heal and team energize are gone , but force heal and force drain will do team heal and team energize respectively when at full health - added Jedi Master mode from jo, and cty can be reached via console - force blinding and force destruction - ;D[/quote] Be sure to test this mod before rating it. It\'s definitely a mod that deserves your attention. ~AmosMagee




Sauron\'s Mace & The Witch King\'s Swords from LOTR | 2.91 MB

that is engulfed in flame. Do not, I repead, do NOT play with the enflamed one with dynamic glow turned on unless you want to burn out your eyes. The second weapon is the mace weilded by Sauron. I like this weapon more because it uses the new trend of \'impact effects\' being used in weapon mods. Good job! If I see enough of these partial mods, I\'ll go crazy! Get out there and make a Total Conversion already! New Sounds: Yes New Textures: Yes New Models: Yes Known Bugs: Known -Sared




Blaze Saber | 84.68 KB

animation invert to the actual lightsaber blade. Custom sounds are always a want, but I guess that for a firt time try that this isn\'t too bad. Good work Floyd, we look foward to what the future has in store for you! New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No Known Bugs: None -Sared




Lugormod *Windows - Linux* | 1.55 MB

DOCUMENTATION WHATSOEVER. I didn\'t even know what kind of mod this was until I installed it. Do you have any idea how frustrating that is? Well, I did manage to find some info about the mod on their forums. This is a mod that will allow you to customize gameplay a bit and has some admin commands for controlling players in your server. You can make bots say whatever you want, you can throw a player in \"jail\", you can strip a player of all weapons, force, items ... everything, you can disallow voting from a certain player, you can disable pickups, there\'s something called \"king\" mode and a bunch of other stuff. Do I like this mod? Meh. It\'s difficult for me to give an opinion on multiplayer mods anymore. They all seem the same to me at this point. One big difference between this mod and the others is that there\'s a version for Mac/Linux. ~AmosMagee[/quote] Lugor STILL hasn\'t included a documentation but he has included various bug fixes (The last version wasn\'t stable), he stated in the readme \'There is no documentation for this mod, you have to figure pretty much everything out for yourself\' It\'s kinda hard to work everything out with very little info and so I did try it out in game and it adds an RP style of gameplay to JKA using credits, jailing, occupations, etc. There\'s not really much to say about this mod except if you like RP you could enjoy it, it adds a few emotes and commands and you\'ll probably enjoy it more with a few of people around. Oh and it makes bots smarter, they actually ask to duel you and they say weird things, I thought the bots had become possessed or something when Luke asked to duel me lol. I don\'t really suggest downloading it unless you want to host a lugormod server (and if you do, I suggest you look at the lugormod forums for explanations on how to use it). If you want to play it I say just join a lugormod server there’s quite a few on the JKA server list now. In your next version Lugor include a documentation on how to use it :P New Features: 7/10 Ease of Use: 5/10 Documentation: 0/10 (No documentation) Rating: 6/10 -Rink




MP \"Player Skin Not Found\" Kyle Overwrite | 176.33 KB

that you don\'t have installed. I found that it was very useful when I connected to a CTF server and [b]everyone[/b] was using an unknown skin. This made things easier on my processor, and easier for me tactically, as I could spot an opposing team member a mile away. :) Well done IG-64, this is one mini-mod that is [i]staying[/i] in my base folder. Bot Support: No New Sounds: No Team Support: Yes Known Bugs: None -Sared




21st Century Gun Sounds | 798.24 KB

normal fire), especially the explosion of the thermal detonators. Download and take a hear for yourself, this was certainly done well. -Shahadi




Realistic Effects Mod V2.0 | 657.48 KB

still been changed :(. Okay in the last one the bowcaster fired red bolts instead of green. I must say although they look okay I\'m more of a fan of the green ones. The bryar and the DL-44 now fire red lasers instead of the yellow which I must say is an improvement. The DL-44 now a proper Solo gun like it should be :D. The demp-2 is one of the changes that I\'m not sure if I like or not, the bulky electricity ball has been swapped for a blue laser. Now I like this yet not at the same time. Because this is probably the only weapon which actually fires somewhat differently and isn\'t just a colour change. Yet at the same time I like the big ball of electricty that hurtles towards people, so jury\'s out on this one. I could list the individual changes for each weapon but I\'ve gone through a few already and I don\'t want to take the fun out of messing aruond with the mod for yourselves so download now and have some multicoloured happy rainbow fun. -Mithran-




ForceMod III - Return of the Sith (Manual Install) | 38.94 MB

Academy. ForceMod III - Return of the Sith gives you the option of nearly 30 different classes. I can\'t even list all of the classes here, there are just too many. But as an example, as a Jedi Warden, you get a limited number of force powers, a lower saber attack level, but you get a Bryar. As an Aurorian, you get all light side force powers (up to level 4!) and level 4 attack and defense at max, but no other weapons other than your sabers. There are many other variations on these limitations which really seem to balance the mod/game. There are several new stances added - some specifically for single, dual or staff sabers. Some of the sabers are destructable as well. There are many new special moves added and a ton of other stuff including, but not limited to, cloaking, flame gauntlet, optic radar and a jetpack. There\'s just so much here, I really can\'t cover it all. Download this mod and check it out. I wouldn\'t be surprised if this starts popping up on a bunch of servers. :D ~AmosMagee




Effects Mod 1.0 | 22.21 KB

to what you want. No sounds were changed - these are all just visual effects. The screenshot shows you all of the changes. The weapons\' effects have changed quite a bit, from camera shakes to bigger explosions, colour changes and even some force effects were changed. To really be able to form an opinion, check out the mod for yourself. ~AmosMagee




Plo Koon SP | 390.07 KB

can\'t say whether this is good or not. It\'s just ... yeah. So ... if you wanted to play as Plo Koon in the SP game, download this. ~AmosMagee




Realistic Sabers | 43.63 KB

core is white, there\'s less color and the only color comes from the glow. The saber itself is also a bit slimmer. So if you\'re interested in a saber mod that doesn\'t change the saber too much, this might be one for you to try. ~AmosMagee




NPC Pack for JK3 | 8.39 KB

makes it easier to spawn them. (Note: You need to download the models separately) ~Szico VII~




Laser Hilts | 2.21 KB

looks just like the actual lightsaber itself. Unfortunately it doesn\'t look quite right , especially with the sharp edge along the bottom, which normal for a hilt, looks odd in a glowing ball. Apart from that though my skins all look that much cooler ;) They come for all types of lightsaber, staff, single and dual, so whatever style you play with, you can use this mod. I\'m not sure if it works in single player, but I think it should. Secondly, look at the screenshots if that description doesn\'t work for you. I especially like the hilts when the lightsaber is turned off, as the character kinda looks like he\'s holding some kind of energy vial, but I realise that this may not be for everyone, as for some the detail and asthetics of these hilts don\'t match up with some of the other lightsaber gilts there are around. On the plus side its an extremely small file as it uses only textures and effects that come with JKA, and on the bad is the same reason. Because it doesn\'t have a model for the hilt, it doesn\'t seem quite as natural as it could, and upon a close look the edges don\'t seem as\'lasery\' as they could. Perhaps a new model for the hilt next time? Even a ball would look better than the flat edge we have right now. :( ~Szico VII~




Reborn Ghost | 2.35 MB

basically changes a few elements, adds a few new sabers and sounds an adds some additional Reborn skins. Seraph wrote about it's precise features in a ver nice method, so I'll list them here. [quote You get two Staff hilts by {THC}ShovelHead modified for: 1)Staff with Red stance 2)Staff with Blue stance 3)Length increased a little -Luke's, Reborn's, and Desann's single saber hilt (Saber Blades Skinny) -Orange saber is replaces with White to match the Ghost Reborns. -Saber Color Green is modified to fit the green Reborn skin (Saber Blades Skinny) Six reskins of the Reborn with Black Faces: 1)Black--------------------------> model reborn/black 2)Black and white----------------> model reborn/ghost 3)Red and black------------------> model reborn/red 4)Blue and black-----------------> model reborn/blue 5)Purple and black---------------> model reborn/purple 6)Cloaked with green Lightning---> model reborn/cloak [/quote] Overall, I thought this mod was pretty darn cool. I mean, we can all use new sabers. ;) I don't think we could have done with the "Lost Sabers" (Luke's/Desann's/Reborn's) because they're already available to download separately. Heck, even I released a mod that gives you those sabers just after JKA came out. :P In any case, I think the Reborn skins look awesome, so I recommend you check these out. I'm not very partial to sabers that have glass components in them (Just doesn't seem right. :P ) so those new sabers don't look too good to me, but then again, that's just me. :P Anyway, it's definately a fine piece of work for a first mod. MUCH better then my first mod. :P And definately worth the download! -TiM




Red Lighting | 30.65 KB

hot shade of red! That\'s right folks, for as long as the file doesn\'t get deleted due to server corruption on all the mirrors this mod can be yours! Right so yeah...Color Balanced the blue lightning to make it red, keeping all the hues and contrasts. If you want a change, this\'ll give you a mini-mod of a change. If you want to go into graphics this yourself ;) -WadeV1589-




Link Sword Mod (v3.1) | 12.7 MB

ability to be used as a staff. It came with a shield also that I do not like at all because it is not textured. I liked the Master Sword mainly because it looked good . The problem with the shield is first it is untextured and it is also way too big. The Master Sword looks hot like it is on fire! The Diety sword also looks really cool. I think he just took the sabers from the original link skin and changed them a bit, but who knows. There is a version with blood and I didn\'t notice much of a difference I just think it emits blood :/. Overall this pack is interesting except for the fact that for some odd reason there is another weapon called Wolverine claws and they are just claws :/. They look really cool though! Good job Vouksh and you should know me from a previous time .[/quote] Unfortunately, it seems nothing has changed about this mod. I didn\'t test the no-blood versions of the swords, but I did notice that there was a bit of an error message coming up whenever I hit someone with one of the swords. \"WARNING: Re...\" Y\'know what? Just look at the second screenshot there. So the good thing about this mod is it takes these swords and makes them much more sword-like, and less like sabers. The sounds, to me, were a bit too harsh though. Or exaggerated. Or something. The author says that he made 3.1 to fix the untextured shield ... but ... um, he didn\'t. Also, is it just me or is the damage like way too high on these swords? I killed my bots often in just one hit. Jedi Archy made some comments on the 3.0 version and he made some very good points. I suggest the author go back and read his comment. It might help for version 3.2. :) ~AmosMagee




Trilogy Sabers Episode 5 | 2.06 MB

chickens here. This is just a bunch of saber sounds from the most popular Star Wars movie. :D Surprisingly, I found that the sounds weren\'t as tinny (I\'m still not sure if that\'s a real word or not) as other saber sound mods I\'ve reviewed in the past. This little mod can be used for JK2 or JA. There are five different saber hums and it just sounds like the tones are varied. Y\'know, like each goes down or up a note or two. I won\'t be keeping this mod myself, but that\'s simply because I don\'t use saber sounds mods. So, I wonder if we\'re going to see a saber sound mod for each movie? Probably. Anyway, good work. :) ~AmosMagee




JK3 Sabers | 299.13 KB

make the saber tips" mod. This one really isn't all too different from the others but it claims to be!! I took some screens for you to judge for yourselves but it's staying on my computer for the time being. - Chrono




Hidden Sabers | 1.18 KB

hilts best known from Jedi Outcast. There\'s the Skywalker hilt, Retribution (or better known as Desann\'s spiky hilt), and the Stinger (which I believe was the Reborn hilt, right?). So if you\'ve been looking for these three hilts to add to JA, and you don\'t want to download the big saber packs that come with like, twenty other hilts, then this little weapon mod is probably just perfect for ya. :) ~AmosMagee




Ancient Sabers (v1) | 140.29 KB

them more like, there\'s an electric thing going through them, then Electric Sabers works too. :) You\'ll kinda have to suspend your disbelief for these sabers - considering a saber can\'t really have a cracked and old look to it. I mean, the hilt can, but can a beam of light/energy ever look old? Methinks not. While I\'m not a fan of this mod, I can\'t really point out anything wrong with it. So if you like how it looks and you\'ve been searching for a new saber mod to try out - give this one a shot. There are no new sounds included, but the author did call this v1, so that implies there will be an update. ~AmosMagee




Shadow Trooper Race | 8.64 MB

isn't a race, but either way, I thought having Jaden replaced with a Shadow Trooper was pretty cool. I mean c'mon, it COULD happen. ;) Aside from just the normal plain Shadow Trooper outfit, Thom has also provided the options to change the armor a little. So aside from just the plain armor, you can opt to have various parts of the armor removed, for example you can see his bare hands. Or you can go on the extreme side of the spectrum and have the Trooper's entire chest bare. And now for the final feature, something I found VERY cool. ;) Thom went through and digitally edited every single male Jaden sound so it sounds robotic and very much like a Shadow Trooper. The sounds are located in a separate pk3 so when you wish to use another male model, it won't sound robotic. On that note, I found the sounds also suited the Kel Dor male very well too, so that's like a double whammy right there. ;) Overall, I think this pack is very cool and definately worth getting. :) The sounds are an additional bonus that really add some realism to it (Unlike Raven and their human talking Rodian there... ;) ) and is a must have to your collection. :D -TiM




Blood Mod | 40.94 KB

The blood sometimes splashes onto walls and floors but you have to be very close to the walls, and I mean VERY close, or it will just vanish. As for floor blood, I dunno It just seemed to be random whether it stayed or not. Now, while this is a good idea, and the blood once on the walls/floor looks great, the actual animation when it\'s coming out of the body isn\'t that special. You hit them, and a load of small red spheres, globs of blood come flying out of the body - sounds nice but looks odd. It\'s a nice download despite this, because it looks cool to see your enemies splattered with blood, and generally increases the carnage ingame! Who wouldn\'t want that? :) ~Szico VII~




Episode 2 Blades | 270.16 KB

aren\'t that noticable, but the blue looks nicer :). The blades are also ever-so slightly thinner, and look a little different, but unless you look hard enough, you really wouldn\'t be able to tell the difference. :( The main thing about this mod is probably the new saber sounds (which are always welcome as part of a saber mod - Most people dont bother with new sounds) Now, although they are taken from the movie, they\'re obviously louder than the other lightsaber sounds, and stick out a bit. At first they\'re great, but they get annoying after a while, however you can always remove the sounds and keep the new colours, because the TimK has set up the file so you don\'t have to delete the whole file, just bits of it. :) The other thing about the sounds is that they sound a little \'obviously recorded\' if you see what i mean, they have a little static in some of them, and some of the lightsaber clash sounds sound more like explosions :r. Despite this, this is still a nice change from the original sounds and sabers, and for any Ep 2 fan they are a MUST-Download, because it\'s very accurate mod to the film :) ~Szico VII~




Real-Blood | 3.33 KB

splashes on attack and blood on the floor....I must admit this is irrational to me, a lightsaber would cauterise any wound it inflicts...however for blades (such as oh I dunno, Squall or Seifer\'s gunblade ^.^) this mod is a good idea! The problem it has however is the blood splats on the floor aren\'t always on-top. For those of you who know shaders, the blood is an efx file using an image that does not contain polygonOffset. So basically you\'ll get the blood tearing with the floor. -WadeV1589-




OJP (Basic) | 112.49 KB

team had in mind for the mod. It changes many aspects of multiplayer gameplay, as well as smoothing out the way multiplayer mapping works (and touting that multiplayer mapping and singleplayer mapping are much more flexible - not to mention powerful cooperative modes are now possible). When I first read the readme and looked at this mod, I didn\'t know what I was getting into. But after checking out all the features when all 4 files are installed, I can safely say it\'s an excellent job. Find out why with the next few files ^_^. - Chrono




Darth Vader Start-up Screen Update | 340 KB

screen that TwEEk released not too long ago. The only really noticeable things that have been done here: the buttons have been colored red, and the uppermost background has been changed. *sings the \"Another mod, another day\" song* ~Lord Griever~




Force Grip - Force Choke Sound Effects | 29.94 KB

isn’t really that different from the default version, though it is much deeper and louder which certainly makes it sound more menacing! Give it a download if you want to try it out! ~Nozyspy~




Elite Role Play: The ultimate RP project | 11.31 MB

put ERP in the title so i can recognize it in my inbox[/quote] I always find it difficult to review animations. Basically, this is a beta animation pack for a hoefully larger mod. I assume, by the name, that it is for the purpose of a role playing mod, but don\'t quote me on that. :) There are a couple of bugs, but that is the purpose of betas. \"To squish the bugs\". I myself didn\'t really find any bugs at all, but then again, I probably don\'t have the right mods that fully utilizes the new animations. The ones I did see though, were really not bad at all. -SuperSmeg




Dark Forces 2 HUD | 186.8 KB

the plain old base JKA HUD to look like the HUD in the original Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight. The HUD itself is accurate to the original, though much higher resolution of course and with an addition or two, such as the saber style indicator. So, if you fancy a change from the usual JKA HUD, or are a fan of the original Jedi Knight then give this a download! As for me, I am feeling a bit nostalgic, so I might just go and re-install DF2: Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith... ;) ~Nozyspy~ ***The main download link at the bottom of the page is currently not working! Please download from here instead!***




Alternate Title Menu Video | 5.2 MB

years. What MagSul\'s mod does is replace the old video that appears in the center of the main menu for both singleplayer and multiplayer, with a brand spanking new one featuring Kel Dor Jaden battling a Rodian Jaden (paradox anyone?) using the animations from the Jaden Vs Alora final battle on Taspir III. Not only that but it removes the pesky grid over the video so now you can see it better too. Personally I think that fight sequence at the end of the Taspir level is one of the best looking and best animated in Jedi Academy, and its great to see a little snippet of it displayed on the main menu. The only complaint I have is that the video is quite pixellated, however I don’t know what kind of limitations there were on video size and quality, so it may be that this is the best that can be used in the main menu area. Nevertheless, this is a very cool little mod, be sure to give it a download if you like the look of it! :D ~Nozyspy~




Royal Guard Pack | 6.14 MB

Royal Guard/Carnor Jax/Kir Kanos skins and breathes new life into them by not only making them available for JKA but also adding bot support to them as well! If you want to use these skins in singleplayer there are console commands included in the readme that you can use to change your playermodel in SP. Not only that but dog95 has also added HOUOU's Katana Pack for that extra dose of realism! Even though this is mostly only a compilation pack, it is nice to see these classic skins in JKA and enhanced with bot support! Be sure to give this pack a download if you like the look of it! ;) [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]Team Support:[/b] Yes ~Nozyspy~




Jaden Sounds & NPC

jaden_sounds_npc.rar | 1.07 MB

down, even though one can\'t blame Ravensoft for that oversight. So, Jedi_HM2 has made something that surprisingly -- at least to my knowledge -- no one else has done. Jaden now has a full set of taunts, gloats, flourishes, combat sounds, the whole ensemble that a Jaden NPC would need. It was so refreshing to hear Jaden say something else for once..and the scary part is, the taunts were actually pretty good choices, for pretty much every set of sounds called. However, there\'s two caveats here: 1.) Only supports [b]English Jaden Male:[/b] A\'right, I understand you probably weren\'t thinking about international support, but I\'m sure you could have at least reciprocated the same choices for Jaden female, right? Definitely consider at least doing that, so all the lady/digital tranny players can enjoy the fruits of your labors. 2.) Bit overzealous of sounds: Usually 1 to 3 audio clips is enough, but looks like you went a bit overboard. Some of these have 1 to 5 clips, and the victory taunts have [b]10 sounds.[/b] Y\'think you have enough, chief? XD Other than that, a very smart project. Included as well(as stated in the title,) is a small .npc file that grants you a Jaden companion NPC that you can use in your adventures. Pretty powerful, but not completely out of whack. Not a bad job, HM2. Lookin\' forward to see what other projects you have in store! - Averus Retruthan




Cool Star Wars Splash Screens | 3.21 MB

like 2 of the 3 new images presented here. The third one is ok, but could be vastly improved. The splash screen was replaced with... a poster showing... the entire saga, from Ep. I to VI? Well, okay, maybe just imagery from the original trilogy on one side and the prequels on the other, but it still looks very good. Definitely a keeper. The loading screens are now a fan-made render of a space-skirmish between tie-fighters and x-wings. This one looks good, though there is slight room for improvement. The main menu background has been replaced with a screenshot of one of the space skyboxes from in-game. While it looks okay, I feel a much better job could have been done here. For one thing, the crosshair is still there, though with the center grid thingy, it makes a nice map-marker. My advice: Either make a pulsing glow shader for that crosshair (and color it to stand out), or remove it. The other area of improvement would be the menu itself. Again, only the background was changed, with no transparency. As is, there's a stark contrast between the background and the button frames, and while it looks strange, it almost works. So, in a nutshell? Keep the splash and maybe the loading screens, but not the background. ~Crazy




Colorful Blaster Bolts | 228.68 KB

rainbows. [quote]Description: This will turn all your blaster bolts (E-11, Bryar, and bowcaster) into a cool rainbow color!!! Note that it is a little hard to see at first.[/quote] No kidding, huh? [b]Rainbow E-11[/b] I'll start off with my sort-of-favorite; the Rainbow E-11 (top right of screenshot #1). For me, this was the only one where I could see any change without having to do mad zooming stuff. I can't say I really went 'wow, what a difference!' though. A slightly more colourful blaster bolt. [b]Pistol & Bowcaster[/b] To this very moment, I cannot see the difference when firing them ingame. While I can see the different charging effect (and it's okay), the actual bolts might as well be the old ones for as far as I'm concerned. Maybe I'm going both blind and insane, but even so. Don't get me wrong - this isn't a bad idea at all. The thing is, it's very hard to see the change ingame, and even so, the change is only minor. What I'd like to see is a far brighter, more rainbow-y version, with far more colours. Something like [file="116585"]this[/file], but as blaster bolts. All in all, in my opinion, a second version would be nice ;) -Caelum




Raschu's and Ashura's Steampunk Pack Teaser | 24.41 MB

the following: [b]- A new kyle reskin:[/b] Kyle has now gotten quite rustic, and has been given a new sort of coat and pants, giving him a rather patrician look, for the most part. Pretty neat looking, I'll give ya that. Might make a fitting kyle override...yes =_= [b]- A new jan reskin:[/b] Jan pretty took a different approach, with an all white undersuit and rustic brown jacket and hair to match. It also seems to have french taunts, so you've been warned if you experience culture shock. Oh, yeah, both of those have bots, so fear. [b]- The Steam Saber:[/b] This in itself is a new model made by AshuraDX, and looks QUITE intense, looking quite true with the steam punk theme. Just a bit of a shame that there's no custom activation sounds, but I can definitely accept what we've got now. [b]- The StarZapper (V2):[/b] This thing has gotten a total model overhaul, albeit it seems to cling closely to the E-11 design. As with the previous version, it has custom sounds, and looks quite potent, albeit I must confess that the first person view seems to be a bit obstructive. so that might need some attention. However, it's quite awesome, and given my limited ability to describe something as ornate as this, I'm just gonna say LOOK AT TEH SCREENSHOTS AND ENJOY. So all in all, looks to be quite the delectable treat if you're into steampunk(I don't claim to be an avid fan, but it 's something I've considered looking into,) or if you just feel like something other than vanilla JA. Definitely worth a look. - Averus Retruthan




Darker Lightsaber Blades + Core | 1.08 MB

cores to be closer to the blade color than actual white. It achieves this by making the very center of the core (but not the edges) transparent. [b]Review:[/b] When I opened the pk3, I saw what I thought was a bad job of a good idea. But when I tested it in-game, I was surprised to see that, as simple as the image editing was, it got the job done, and you couldn\'t tell the difference. No joke. This could have been (and probably was) done in paint bucket, but you\'d never know. +1 for that. There\'s not much else I can say. It does as advertised, no bugs, just stylized saber cores. Who knows? This could be just the file YOU want. ~Crazy




Master Blades JKA

master_blades_1.rar | 47.85 KB

looks to have some sort of firey aspect to it. There\'s also been some color adjustments, many being brighter, the blue saber is now cyan, and the orange is now white




Fixed Console Font | 15.13 KB

¼, ½, and ¾. Review: I saw a preview of this mod on the forums, so I can\'t say I\'m surprised to see it here. :P There isn\'t much I can say about this mod. It does as advertised, and without any compatibility errors. For those who are curious, this is possible because for some reason, the console font is stored in an image. (gfx/2d/charsgrid_med.TGA) At first I was concerned, because the default image was pure white and used an alpha channel, and on opening this mod, I saw the letters were part of the image. (Meaning it wasn\'t pure white anymore) But then I looked at the alpha channel, and was relieved. The font quality remains the same. A nice little addition to JKA, and certainly a must-have for anyone who cares about their console. ~Crazy? .>




Dark Force Mod 2010 | 1.37 MB

match. To summarize this preface, where JA+ is to law and order, Dark Force Mod is utter chaos and destruction. Personally I feel pretty stupid for not giving this mod a chance in '07, because I was not aware just how addictingly fun this mod can be. This is essentially what one could call a "cheat mod," as the majority of its contents would be considered overpowered and wholly unbalanced in gameplay, but honestly, who cares? This thing is dedicated to 100% fun. There's a LOT of features, and to go over them all would belabor this review so badly I'd risk boring everyone out of it, so I'll just give you some examples of some of the features available: [b]New Weapons:[/b] The Tusken Sniper, Noghri Poison Stick are unlocked and fully usable, with each having their own alternate fire,(Tusken rifle empowers, stick multiplies shots like bowcaster.) Along with that, the Bryar Pistol has become something like that of a super weapon, with primary fire firing a turbolaser-esque blast, and the alternate releasing a massive nuke missle that annihilates your enemies, splattering their corpse all over the arena. [b]New Powers:[/b] Single Sabers now have [b]ALL[/b] saber stances available for your disposal. There are also several adjustments to the force powers available, such as being able to throw a staff saber with both blades on, and the ability to pop an opponent's head off with force grip. Initiating the "Quad" mode will unlock level 4 force powers, and give your melee a new fireball spell that you can hurl at opponents with extreme prejudice. And honestly, that's not all, so I recommend you take a peek at the readme, as there's A LOT to enjoy. Now, most of what I listed is older features. This 2010 version allows you to set your max health, armor, and force, AND the server's starting bodyscale. Definitely makes this mod even more insane, and a worthwhile product to look at. I implore the masses to download and enjoy this mod. At less than 1.5 MB, this mod is honestly a steal. GET IT! NOW! Fine. [b]*steals it away*[/b] No mod for you =_= [b]P.S. - Weapon in Screenshot #6 can be found here:[/b];113591 - Averus Retruthan




Ultimate Weapons | 4.41 KB

ammo (as they would run out in a nanosecond otherwise, I wasn't joking when I said rapid fire insanity. :P) The blaster bolts from the E-11 no longer come out as bolts but effectively look like one long stream of glowing red death. Bear in mind that this doesn't work in MP, only SP. Rapid fire like this in MP would be a ridiculously unfair advantage, but in SP it provides for some most amusing battles as you slice down a gaggle of Stormtroopers with your super rapid fire E-11 or Bryar Pistol! As for improvements, well other than perhaps toning down the fire rate of things like det packs and trip mines I cant really think of any. BE aware though that if you fire too many projectiles at once the game may crash (after all JKA wasn't designed to handle the firing of twenty billion rockets within ten seconds! ;)). All in all a fun little mod here to spice up your SP games. Give it a download if you like the sound of it! ~Nozyspy~




ForceMod III: Classic Edition | 118.24 MB

glorious ForceMod III: Return of the Sith. This mod would come to prove insanely popular during its age, and its class-based combat had a little something for everybody: Gamers and RPers alike would fawn over this game for years. Then, overtime, it faded into obscurity.... until now... Introducing ForceMod III: Classic Edition, an expanded version of ForceMod III. As stated by the author: [quote]ForceMod III Classic Edition picks up where the orginal ForceMod III left off. With Azymns permission to continue the series we have incorporated many new changes in this version. This includes new animations, new menus, a completely overhauled saber form and melee selections.[/quote] Sounds like a sweet deal, doesn't it? Well, it just so happens that this deal is a bit raw, unfortunately. Here's about the only thing that makes a difference: - The menus. That's about it. It turns out the new animations came from a BETA version of the Open Jedi Project, and thus he basically got the placeholder animations. There are, in fact, new and superior animations, but looks like this new guy didn't get 'em. Basically, what this means is that every gun you fire looks like you're firing a pistol, and lemme tell ya, it looks highly undesirable, thus making the mercenary classes less appealing, which sucks, since that's half the classes there. The saber form and melee overhauls are almost purely aesthetic, taking the animations for the OJP saber system and essentially applying them with few of the additional mechanics. End result? Eh, some of the saber forms from OJP remain intact, chainability included, but honestly it was probably still better fit for OJP. There seemed a little too much work gone into prettying up the saber and form menus, which, given their design, doesn't seem to really allow much of saber selection. You're either stuck with what's on the menu, or you'll have to shoehorn your custom saber in through the console(assuming it's even possible.) As for the melee, nothing much else to speak on. The menus? can read about them in the readme below. I guess wiht all the cute little additions it could possibly call people back to the mod for a little bit longer, but I'd fix the following: - Droideka Shield shader - Get the newer gun animations. - If the options open, get a saber menu that permits selection of custom sabers. Get those fixed, n' methinks you may yet save this. Otherwise, it just seems like adding a spoiler to a car: Makes the product prettier, but that's about it. Y'all are welcome to give it a shot. It might inspire a bit of interest in FM3 once more. - Averus Retruthan




Lightning Effects | 72.06 MB

pleasure. The level 1 & 2 bolts are literally a concentrated beam of lightning of sorts, where as level 3 has a large bolt strike down from above. A neat change, and looks like a wizard's spell. Wow, that's...about all I can say. Just uh...don't install this with another lightning mod, and marvel at the potency of the lightningzes. - Averus Retruthan




Star Wars Stances Animated Version 4 | 8.23 MB

version is more of a tweak than anything else. The jump animation, if I recall correctly was carried over from the previous version. The idle stance, melee stance and the three single saber stances have all been modified. I find them overall to be a little stiff, and the idle stance's motions are too computerized...they aren't smooth. It's a linear motion. Really should fix that, linear does not become people, only robots. I didn't get to see the melee stance, though. One other thing that really should be improved is the torso and legs. During most of the animations, they don't do much moving at all. It'd be nice to see the character loosen up a bit and breathe easier. ;) If you want to try some new animations, you know what to do with this. Otherwise, keep your eye out for the next version (or try a previous one). ~Dretzel




The Clone Wars Lightsabers Version 3 | 1.34 MB

opinion, it's a little less realistic - the environment looks like it's full of fog. The yellow glow has also been modified. There's still an issue here that plagues this mod badly. As Averus pointed out in the previous version, the saber menu gets really messed up when you install the mod. When I used it, I got a duplicate of every saber and a few blank entries at the beginning of the list. I think you forgot to mark the SP saber files for SP only or something...that needs fixed badly. Mods are more usable when they don't goof up the entire menu list. ;) Aside from the nuclear explosion on the saber menu, this isn't bad. Check the screenshots to see what it looks like, and if it suits your fancy, you know what to do with it! ~Dretzel




The Clone Wars Lightsabers | 1.31 MB

himself: [quote]Version 4: Made the cores curve at the bottom giving them the illusion of coming out of the emitter as well as changed the colors. Fixed the fog around the glow and fixed the saber screen. Everything should work perfectly, now.[/quote] And that it does. I hereby declare this mod fully operational. [b]*stamp*[/b] So, with everything fixed and no oddities detected, one could say this mod isn't bad. Not bad at all. The one thing that sticks out about this mod in my most humble onion, is that when you kata, that obnoxious nimbus of glowing heresy is no longer present. Instead, you can actually see your blade spinning in action, and yet the afterglow still remains. It's really quite refreshing, I must say. Well, it took a few tries, but this mod finally is worthy of my recommendation(as if that's some huge honor ¬_¬ XD) I hereby command all masses within the sound of my text to acquire this piece of media. NOW =_= - Averus Retruthan




Sniper Scope | 365.7 KB

you know, the default scope design is creative, but after playing for years, it has become very "unoriginal." The author decided to change that by re-designing it! One of the major changes is the background design of the scope that stretches around the screen. Unlike the default design, the author re-colored it to a solid black with what looks like a faded touch, especially around the edge. The scope lines were also made a blackish color and the "charge meter" has been re-colored with a blueish tone. There is not much else to say about this disruptor scope, except that I would of liked to see more changes added. The black background seems kind of plain. I would recommend adding in some sort of design into the background so it has more creativity with it. That is just my own personal opinion though. Overall, this isn't a bad mod. As I mentioned above, it does need some work. I hope that the author decides to expand from his original idea and make it even better in the near future. Nevertheless, keep up the good work and never give up. This is definitely worth a download if you're tired of using the default disruptor scope. :) [b]New Design:[/b] Aye [b]New Sounds:[/b] Nay (Maybe in a V2?) ~Syyrax




The Force Unleashed startup | 417.78 KB

There's also a custom loading screen for unknown maps in SP or MP, which is the same thing as the startup screen, but bigger. Honestly, I don't see the point in these kinds of mods. You don't see either screen enough for it to be worth changing, really. But, I suppose others out there might disagree. If you're one of those who disagree, give this file a download!




[YOT] High Quality Levelshots Complete | 35.49 MB

will improve the gameplay, add features, improve the graphic quality and so on. I'm not focusing on throwing in things like a Cloud model, completely unrealistic saber trails and so on but keeping the core of Jedi Academy while adding features and improving on what's already there (both MP and SP). I plan on fixing some bugs in the game, removing the cap for how many mod's you can have, realistic dismemberment, and so forth. A site will be up in the next few months but if you're willing to help feel free to e-mail me or PM me on the forums. [/quote] Here we have the fifth and final batch of improved levelshots from Botdra. This here is the full monty, or if you are American 'the whole ball of wax' (you Americans and your odd phrases :P). This pack contains all the four previous level shot packs in on convenient .zip for those completists out there. As before, if you want the Siege Destroyer Bonus map and the MP Bonus maps to work, you will need to download them and have them in your base folder. You can find these files here: Siege Destroyer Bonus Map Bonus MP Maps As with all of Botdra's High Quality Levelshots mod’s, these .pk3’s will replace the rather poor quality Base JKA levelshots with nice new Hi-Res ones. The new levelshots have been taken from petty much the same angle as the originals and are in very nice high resolution and have dynamic glow on as well. Not only that but Botdra has evidently used his graphics card to force Anti-Aliasing on, so as well as being high resolution, all the edges are nicely smooth, with no jaggies to be seen. Overall a very nice series of mod's here Botdra, although, it may have been simpler just to release the full pack rather than five separate packs. I would very much like to see you give the JK2 levelshots (which are even worse quality than the JKA ones) a once over, so we can have nice high resolution levelshots for both JKA and JK2! *nudge nudge* ;) ~Nozyspy~




[YOT] High Quality Levelshots Siege Destroyer | 472.1 KB

be found [file=23923]here[/file]. As with all of Botdra's High Quality Levelshots mod's, the levelshot in this .pk3 will replace the rather poor quality Base JKA levelshot for the MP Siege Destroyer Bonus map. The new levelshot has been taken from petty much the same angle as the original and is in very nice high resolution. Not only that but Botdra has evidently used his graphics card to force Anti-Aliasing on, so as well as being high resolution, all the edges are nicely smooth, with no jaggies to be seen. All in all a simple but effective mod which I intend to keep in my base folder! If you like me have been wanting better quality levelshots for your JKA MP Siege Destroyer Bonus map, then this is the mod for you. :) ~Nozyspy~




Sith Stalker Lightsaber - SP

sith_stalker_splightsaber.rar | 382.7 KB

for yourself with the screenshot supplied. I will say that the spikes on the tip seem way too large, though. The texturing was plain as well, consisting of mostly solid shades. I did run across one major bug...the readme contained no information on how to use the saber in SP. It works great in MP, but if you want it for the campaign you'll have to poke around a bit and figure it out. ~Dretzel




Sith Meditation Stance | 9.64 MB

Enjoy. ~Authuran




The Force Unleashed Lightsaber Blades v1

tfu_saber_blades.rar | 146.65 KB

pump that bad boy up a bit! However, nothing is free from its faults. Since this replaces the orange blade, if you have any saber mods you will have to remove them :0 It would conflict with the negative saber and cause problems of epic proportions. No, not really, but it looked a little bit weird for me. And for the people who might ask, I have no idea why there is a screenshot for his lightning mod there. Enjoy. ~Authuran




Cooler Lightning Stance | 8.35 MB

(i.e. when you are using melee fists) you bend forward more and push your palms out and your hands will quiver as the raw power of the force shoots from your fingertips! [i]The whole effect looks like it actually requires a lot of effort[/i], as you would expect shooting lightning from your fingers would take. The stance overall looks much more like the one from The Force Unleashed, which makes sense really since the whole idea of The Force Unleashed was to make force powers seem much more visceral and powerful. Overall a small but cool little mod here, definitely one for you Force Unleashed fans out there and anyone else looking to spruce up their force power animations a bit! ;) ~Nozyspy~




Double Helix v2.0 | 994.83 KB

issues and perfected this mod. First off, here is the original review: [quote] Ever wanted one of those staff lightsaber’s that split in the middle of the hilt, giving you a single saber in each hand, and then can re-connect back into a staff saber (kinda like the one Asajj Ventress has)? Well thanks to some scripting wizardry, now you can! The actual hilt is based off the ‘Double Helix’ saber prop by and is a good representation, with both a staff and single version of the hilt available. The model looks cool and is well made and would make a good mod just on its own. The ‘saber splitting’ function however, is only available in single player. I presume this mod works in a similar way to the command you can use in MP to quickly switch between single, dual and staff sabers without having to go to the saber selection menu… and then die. So I imagine it should also be possible in multiplayer, but I could be wrong, this type of modding is not something I am that familiar with. Anyway, to use this in singleplayer you need to start a new game, and then when it comes to selecting the saber you start with, you need to select the staff version of the Helix hilt. [b]Don’t forget to put the included autoexec.cfg in your base folder for this to work in singleplayer though![/b] Then, once you have started a new game, all you need to do is press the z key to switch to the dual sabers, and then the x key to re-connect the two sabers back into the saber staff! :D As I said above, this mod doesn’t allow this function to be used in multiplayer, but both the staff and single hilts are available to use in MP. There is a bug here however. The staff version of the hilt does not appear to work properly in multiplayer; one saber blade emits from half way down the hilt, and the other sticks out of the hilt at right angles, which looks rather weird! I’m guessing this should be too difficult to fix though. One other thing is that no name appears in the saber selection menu for these hilts. It is just a blank space. These aren’t mod-breaking problems, but they definitely things that need to be worked on for next time. Overall though, this is a very clever little mod here, one which I have not seen the likes of before. So, if you guys fancy trying out an innovative new mod with some cool new saber hilts to boot, be sure to give this a download! ~Nozyspy~[/quote] So, let’s round up the issues that have been fixed in this new version; [*]Second blade no longer starts half way up the hilt on the staff saber version. [*]Issue fixed which caused one of the blades to appear out of the players crotch. [*]This mod now has multiplayer support, thanks to some clever scripting. You will need to be using the JA+ mod to be able to use the splittable saber script in multiplayer however. I think the changes that have been made have polished this mod up really well, and personally I couldn’t find any more bugs with this. So if you were a fan of the original, be sure to download this new bug free version! :) ~Nozyspy~




AdZ's Force Mod | 8.63 MB

animation is not included for functionality purposes. Since its the same, I will simply copy my review, just disregard the drain part... [quote]Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I loved the V1 of AdZ's Force Mod, and am excited to review the next version.. This mod certainly doesn't dissappoint, it not only gives a new and fresh look to the effects shown when using the force powers, but includes a whole new set of icons for each power which look far better than the default, and far better than the v1 icons. So i'll start with saying that the icons are great, and for them alone, I would keep this mod. Now moving onto the effects themselves: [b]Lightning:[/b] There are not only new effects for the lightning power, but he has also included new sounds. The sound is nice, however i'm not sure if I would say it is better, certainly different though, and quite nice for a change. The lightning effect itself looks great though, and definately and improvement that I liked. [b]Mind Trick:[/b] Basically this power consists of small pink/purple dots flashing above a players head, i'm not sure why a purple colour was chosen, but it does look good, so cant complain about that! [b]Protect:[/b] Ok, the protect effect doesn't seem much different, it basically seems like a thinner and more transparent version of the default, but it also doesnt move around the skin like before, its more of a static effect. I never did like the default, and this new effect is a much more subtle and nicer effect.. much easier on the eyes for an old sod like me. [b]Drain:[/b] Now, for my favourite addition... the drain effect. This new effect is completely unlike the default, its more of a haze of red energy been pulled from the other player, rather than a lightning effect. I absolutely love this new effect, however I would prefer if it was slightly smaller, it covers a large amount of your aim, which might get difficult in the midst of combat, other than that its fantastic. As an addition to the new effects, the grip animation from the V1 version has still been included, but the animation itself has been made to go faster, and as an added bonus to the pack, he has also included a new flame burst / flame thrower sound. All in all, a fantastic force modification here, great work AdZ.. I hope you make a V3, i'll be keeping my eyes open for it, and for any other file you release! I COMMAND THEE ALL TO DOWNLOAD OR I SHALL STEAL YOUR SOULS AND PURGE YOU INTO THE UNDERWORLD... nah not really.. but seriously.. download this... *evil glare*[/quote] - AmonRa




Stormtrooper Rosh

stormtrooper_rosh.rar | 5.11 MB

business aside, this mod feels a bit sloppy. Whilst the conversion to Rosh to Stormtrooper Commander was easy, the author ATTEMPTED to make Rosh's soundset sound like a stormtrooper....partially, meaning some sound the same still. When I saw the word partially, I just shook my head in disgust. Either all or nothing, please -___-; you just ruin the already ruined immersion in the JA SP campaign. Worse yet is that it just sounds like an altered Rosh with a bucket on his head. I'm not familiar with Goldwave, but I'm sure there has to be SOME kind of intercommish filter you can run it through. This one just I guess the only other thing I question is the use of the default Raven stormtrooper versus the new and improved [file="24382"]trooper by Hapslash.[/file] Sure, it'd require a bit of crediting and what not, but honestly, the default Stormtrooper choice is probably going to draw less people to the file. That's about it. I'd definitely suggest, at the bare minimum, redoing or finishing up your sound conversion. Payoff is definitely equal to effort inputted here. - Averus Retruthan




Star Wars Stances Animated For JA+ | 8.46 MB

Fernandez Garcia has brought to us today, his Star Wars Stance pack. The first stance change you will notice is simply the standing position, you stand a lot straighter, kind of military style actually... I was expecting him to salute at any moment! personally I would prefer the standard stance, but this would be good if you were perhaps doing some kind of military rpg with some friends. The next one that I noticed was jumping, standing on the spot and jumping in the air has now been giving the 'rolling' jump animation that you would usually get when jumping forward, and now when jumping forward the animation seems to go faster than usual. He has also included two-hand lightning whilst weilding weapons, which I found to be a nice inclusion. The force push and pull also have been slightly edited, and new sounds added. However, whilst there is a few nice things in this pack, there is also an abundance of bugs in regards to the weapon stances, for example, with single saber blue style you dont even swing the saber at the enemies, it just jolts around your body as if your character is frozen, and when standing still it looks like your character has been frozen still whilst running. To be honest, most of the saber stances seem to be bugged and need work done on them, the only real thing I liked with them would be the spinning upper-cut in single red and yellow, which to be honest does look quite good. Most of the gun animations are the same, I noticed that the blaster pistol has been changed so your holding it more like a rifle now. As I said there are a few nice saber stances, for example the upper-cut attack, dual sabers standing animation, but work is definately needed on most of it. If your able to fix these bugs then I think I would be a nice pack indeed. I think the key is testing, make sure you do plenty of testing, and get some friends to check it to, that way all bugs can be fixed BEFORE the release. I'm unsure if this is your first attempt at stances, but if it is, then nice work for a first go, and I hope you can put together a v2.[/quote] Most of the bugs seem like they've been fixed, although I will name two things that I found. When I used melee mode in JA+, after punching when returning to a ready position, your torso spins around. Also, the new roll seems to move a little bit too fast. Maybe adjust that for a future release if you plan on one. Although I do admit, I loved the increased distance. Very amusing to roll down steps now. Want something new in your game? Here's a way to get it! ~Dretzel




katanamaru stances and katanamaru sabers | 253.9 KB

so I'll leave it up to you and the screenshots to judge this one. ~Crazy




JA-Re Vandared | 5.11 MB

screens, loading screens, etc. Oh, and there's and a re-color or two. All changes are SMALL, with not as much quality as one would think. Alas, there are a lot of textures included that are unchanged, meaning they simply bloat the file size. I can't really describe it in more detail. Not something [i]I'll[/i] be keeping, but hey, whatever floats your warship. :P [i]EDIT: Review altered to make mod's features more clear, sorry to those who were confused...[/i] ~Crazy Assassin




Order Of The Jedi -- Yoda Demo | 80.11 MB

Featuring several new features in 2 new levels based from the movies. Play as Jedi Master Yoda and save your fellow Jedi Allies against the evil Count Dooku. Find the password and unlock it on the Password menu, to unlock a secret level.[/quote] Like it says, you play as Jedi Master Yoda and you fight Count Dooku to save your Jedi Allies (Obi-Wan and Anakin) When you begin the mission 'An Old Friend' it starts off with a 2-3 second movie of a republic gunship flying through geonosis. I had only two dislikes about this: 1) There was no sound. (2) It was a very low quality movie. But, it was only 2-3 seconds and so it doesn't matter too much. You then run through the landing platform and hear one of the two jedi dying. Count Dooku is there standing and you fight one another. After you kill him a short movie plays of him running into his ship. Then, you see him die on the floor in front of you (o_O) I then didn't know what to do. I started looking around trying to find out what happens next. I still had no luck and so I ran back to where I started from and saw a clone trooper and a republic gunship outside the platform. When you approach the clone trooper he tells you the password for the next level. I won't say what happens in the next level, as it is a secret :) I don't know what happens after you complete the secret level because I died every time. Also, there is a BLOCK command you can do with the saber, which seems to work.. sort of. You can parry their attacks by holding the BLOCK button and moving into the direction of their attack. It didn't work too well for me with Yoda, likely because of his height :P Cheats also seem to be disabled in the last level ( :( ) So, if you are interested in this modification or just want to recreate the battle of Episode II, give it a download! - Dommie




Matrix Voiceover | 1.34 MB

and female, to sounds from the Matrix. I'll admit I cracked up when Rosh was going on and on being his annoying usual self and Jaden says with Neo's voice 'How 'bout I give you the finger?...' If you want some laughs then try this out; I think it accomplishes it's lulz goal very well. ~Laam'inui




Grimm Single Player Weapons | 274.76 KB

Disruptor It now functions as a Star Wars equivalent to an M4. Fires much faster, bordering on being an automatic insta-hit assault rifle. Ammo usage is drastically reduced. - Blaster Pistol Changed into the Bryar Pistol. Infinite ammo. Faster firing rate. - E-11 Fires faster, the alternate fire uses half ammo. - Bowcaster Faster alt fire, lower ammo consumption. You can say this isn't really significant enough to make a cheat mod.... but ask yourself, now that several of the weapon's firing modes have been rendered obsolete, what's to stop you from always using the power attack? Yeah, yeah, I know.... Suppose the good thing is that these modifications will apply to NPCs, too. So, for all their stupidity, they'll still benefit from your upgrades. Might give them a fighting chance, and it certainly will make gameplay more adrenal, so hey, maybe it's not as bad as it sounds. ~ Kouen




Troopers Voices Mod | 4.15 MB

character sounds which have been changed most, are those of everybody’s favourite cannon fodder...Stormtroopers! Stormtroopers, along with Gran, Trandoshan’s, and lots of other characters have received new sound sets, from taunts to death sounds and everything in-between! It is worth pointing out now, that it seems the main benefit of this mod will be felt in Singleplayer most of all. This mod also works in Multiplayer. But since Multiplayer characters only seem to have one taunt sound, and the other necessary sounds (death, pain etc.) the mod obviously cant replace the same kind of range of sounds that you hear the characters using in Single Player (such as humorous remarks like; “I could sure go for a death stick right now…”). Another set of new sounds is also included for the Trandoshan’s. Many of these sounds seem to be taken from Republic Commando, which as you may remember featured Trandoshan’s as one of the main ‘bad guys’. Again the sounds have been well used here, and they make the Trando’s sound more scary than ever! Also added as the death sounds for several characters is the famous [url=]Wilhelm Scream[/url] (check that Wikipedia link out for an explanation of what the Wilhelm Scream is), which I thought was a very clever idea! :) All in all then a good mod here, players might find it more useful in Singleplayer because of the large range of new sounds, but it is also cool in Multiplayer since it also replaces some of the taunts and other sounds. Also, on an important note: [b]This mod works for BOTH JK2 and JKA![/b] So if you guys like the sound of this mod (no pun intended :P), then give it a download! ~Nozyspy~




RJA Ancient Trilogy NPC PACK v1

ancienttrilogy_npcpackv1.rar | 3.05 KB

you will have to go download them yourselves. Fortunately, the author was kind enough to put a file with links to the models in the archive also, so there\'s no need to hunt them down. :p There\'s really nothing more to say here, so I will just take off now. Give it a download if you like it.




HS Kenobi Sound Fix | 1.79 MB

one. Apparently a common complaint with HapSlash\'s Obi-Wan was that the sounds failed to function in MP due to being in the wrong format. This file essentially fixes this by overriding the files with mono .wav format sounds. Basically, it are maketh teh broken soundies worketh again. If you use the HS Obi-Wan in multiplayer, you\'ll probably want this. ~ Kouen




DNA Sabers | 15.45 KB

forensically inaccurate as procedurals get! Not to mention.... Did it again, huh? Okay. Well. That DNA shizzle is what this saber blade mod aims to look like. It does accomplish that goal to a degree, in that the helix pattern is present and noticable, but it\'s a little rough around the edges, if you get my drift. It\'s a nice blade mod, if not relatively simple, and it\'s definitely something different to all these \"OMFG-100%-MOVIE-ACCURATE!!!!231$1111\" blade mods we seem to get spammed with (ironically, none of them are ever going to be 100% accurate because the blades in the movies have all the consistency of- no, wait, that\'s too gross to say). So, it makes a nice change. Download it if you want some \"DNA\"-shaped saber blades. Personally I\'ll give it a miss, I use Supercrisis\' Helix Light Sabers blade mod which is much sleeker. But this one is nice too, so you should definitely check it out! ~ Kouen




Football CTF Flags | 88.75 KB

flags. The first set has Giants (blue) and Patriots (red), the second has Giants (blue) and Packers (red), and the third has Jets (blue) and Patriots (red). The backgrounds all appear to be a solid textureless color, and the logos are just slapped on top. I'd recommend seperating each team's flag, so that the downloaders could mix and match as they please, and perhaps adding some actual texture to the flag's background would be nice. Give it a download if you are a fan of these teams.




Screen flashing grenade | 53.52 KB

leaves tiny chunks of itself behind for a second or two. Alas, it has no such effect on the trip mines and the detpacks. But who uses those, anyway? If you feel that this one strikes your fancy, who am I to stop you from having a wee little peek? - Jose




SystemA | 3.83 KB

of the camera *cough*reviewers*cough* this may come in very handy as it does not require cheats to be activated and it does not require knowledge of any console commands. It's just a variety of sliders that are clearly labeled. The menu is basically the pause screen, and as a result you can see the changes as you make them. Very handy for its purpose, to be certain, and much simpler than doing it the conventional way. ~Inyri




rainbow blur | 2.56 KB

except in screenshots because it\'s so faint. But if that doesn\'t bother you then have at it! See the screenshot to see how the effect looks in-game. ~Inyri




Lightning Edge | 614.36 KB

replaces the saber blades with a cool lightning effect. Included are several pk3s for some of the several MP mods out there, such as FM3, OJP and so on. There are also two pk3s that modify the saber blade radius. Nice move, that. With the original blade radius the lightning effect is barely visible, you can only see a slight vibration in the blade. With a blade radius of 20, the effect becomes very apparent and the blade itself huge. In the end, it looks awesome. There\'s not much more one could ask from such a simple, yet effective mod aside from an epilepsy warning. But those with such misfortune shouldn\'t be playing the game anyway. [i]One can\'t expect much from someone who regularly gazes at the ceiling through the bottom of a bottle.[/i] - Jose




Katana Blade | 130.44 KB

without the curve. They have designs on the actual blade themselves as most blades do, with the curved tip. The only problem with doing a curved tip is, no matter what angle your at, the blade spins with you. Oh well, I will say I like the crispness of these blades. Take some time and check these out. sidenote.... remember next time to include a readme. -Lizardking




Jedi Order HUD | 327.42 KB

and not all on it\'s own. No, this is more of a HUD pack. Based on a HUD from World of Warcraft (Or a mod for it, mebbe? I dunno, I don\'t play WoW), this places all the information you might need right around your player, with the exception of the ammo counter, which is at the bottom towards the right. There are six variations on the same HUD, three of which show the shields, and three of which do not. In the three of each type, there are variations on transparency. One fully visible, one with 50% visibility, and one with 50% visibility with 75% visible edges. It was nice, I guess, to have the choices, but it can be a bit annoying to have to choose between em all. :p The HUD is now changed so that there are two crescent shaped bars on each side of the player in third person view. On the left side, the crescent is split into armor (At the top) and health (At the bottom), with the counter at the top and bottom respectively. On the right side is the saber style at the top half of the crescent, and the force bar for the bottom half. There is no counter for the force bar, which can be a bit annoying at times. This HUD does not really work for first person view, and it can seem to get in the way at times even in third person view. However, it is done well enough. So... Give this a download if you like the looks of it!




Shadowmod | 14.51 KB

changes the simple shadows to be slightly more detailed. That meaning it\'s made to look like a projected outline of a person. Sounds nifty? It is, save for the fact that every time you change the direction you run in, so does the shadow. Let\'s just say that the effect made me want to go back to blobs, for it was simply annoying and unrealistic. If you don\'t mind that small glitch, which I believe might be impossible to fix, then give this a download. ~Metall Pingwin




SP Collection - Alora | 1.17 MB

not to learn a lesson after Inyri pointed it out, and include the skin files, all of which we all have in our assets... You\'ll probably see all the usual bugs here (read: Hoth), because honestly, why bother fixing something if it takes more than five minutes. Right? ~Metall Pingwin




Movie Lightsabers | 66.57 KB

basically another saber mod. This one makes your saber tips to be like the ones in episode three. But since the saber tips generally change during the movie, there isn\'t much of a point. But still, it\'s not too a bad thing to try. The author has changed the tips on the saber, as well as fiddling with the saber trail, along with a few other things, like the clash effects. It doesn\'t really matter to me, but it might to other people. I must make a side note concerning screenshots. Make them big, so people can see what they are. Don\'t make them tiny, like the ones that are provided, which were too small to upload (i.e the system rejected them), and resizing them would take what small quality there was and kick it in the shins.[/quote][b]Changes[/b]:[list][*]blades slant inwards at tip[*]no steam upon impact[*]new saber flare[*]no marks on people upon impact[*]blades are thinner[/list]~Inyri




Asian Stances | 592.08 KB

supposed to be Asian themed. Now, I may not have a huge knowledge of Asian stances, but the only one that seems to fit is the blue stance, with the saber held pointing straight out. Yellow stance is close to the normal stance, except with this it looks like the holder is breathing deeply. Red stance holds the saber off to the side, horizontally. This mod also changes the running animation to not move the hand with the saber as much when running forward. A nice little mod, I say. But don\'t take my word for it. Give it a download and see for yourselves. [/quote] Now why does that matter now? Because I have for you all the JK3 version of it! There are some differences, though. The red stance is slightly different, and there were no changes to the original JK3 walking animations. Also included is a version that is compatible with JAPlus. Give it a download if this sounds good to you.




Legend of Zelda HUD | 49.59 KB

prove me wrong, be my guest. Switching gears, this HUD is very accurate to the LoZ games it sought to portray. The hearts represent your health and armor, the green bar representing your force, no style hud, and your \"money\" is your ammo. Very resourceful on the author\'s part. In general, it\'s very accurate and very reminiscent Despite that I will not be able to use this due to my reliance on JA+...*Stamps the Retruthan Seal of Malevolence* - Averus Retruthan




JKA Graphic Patch | 302.17 KB

portray dream sequences as bright and kind of blurry? That\'s kind of what this mod does, but only to Bespin-themed maps. In the words of the author, \"I\'m bored of dumb textures.\" I hate to break it to him, but he has not changed the texture at all, so they\'re just as \"dumb\" as before. I\'m not quite certain why he thinks they\'re dumb, though, but I don\'t think adding a glow is really a good way to enhance game play. Personally I think it looks a little unnatural, and definitely makes everything look blurry. It actually started to hurt my eyes after a while. However there are always those of you who like anything shiny or glowy, so for those people this mod\'ll probably be a good thing. Give it a download if you\'re into glowyness. ~Inyri




Bumpmapping | 9.76 MB

are effected by specular lighting. What does this complicated garbage mean to you masses? Well, basically the lighting shines and bounces off the guns more realistically. The most impressive part was the author\'s attention to the scope on the E-11 and the Pistol. The E-11\'s scope takes in light now, and I was quite impressed by the simple genius of this modification =_,= The only possible downfalls to this mod would be the loss of the shiny and vanity aspects slightly. They seem a little more rustic, but that is hardly a problem. The only other problem is the large file size I suppose. Personally, if I used the default guns, I would keep this in my base. IF YOU USE THE DEFAULT WEAPONS, SURRENDER YOUR BANDWIDTH AND RECEIVE THE SMALL(in changes) YET IMPRESSIVE MOD. *stamps the Averus Retruthan Seal of Malevolence upon it* - Averus Retruthan




New Sabercolors | 191.09 KB

are the changes? Well it looks to me like the author enlarged the glow of the saber, and a white core has been added, with a bit more contrast on the colors. Simple? Yes. How could it be improved? If the author had troubleshot the reason the orange color changes didn’t work, fixed them, and then had a complete pack. If you like it, then download it. ~Zach




Legend of Zelda Startup Screen | 1.27 MB

haven\'t played em, so sue me!) I can only take a guess when I say that the sounds in this startup screen are from the games. The image in the background is nice, but it unfortunately makes some of the buttons a bit hard to see. And the music that plays when you open it... It hurts my ears. Too high pitched for me. :p Anyway, get it if you are a fan of the games and like new startup screens.




Cyberpunk HUD | 28.21 KB

on the Elegance HUD, as you can see (The tic marks are very similar). Simple design, and it doesn’t look too bad. I thought the colors were a bit bland, as it’s all white. Maybe have each bar for health, ammo, shields and force be slightly tinged red, orange, green and blue. Or not. I’d just like a little bit of variation. Anyways, if you like the look of this, then download it. ~Zach (I stand corrected. It does not work in Jedi Outcast.)




Shadows Of The Sith(SOTS) Darth Maul(DM) | 46.75 MB

everything that Darth Maul did in the movie, with the exception that you invade Theed, where in the movie you were already in it, and in this you win. There are several missions in this mod, and I must say that the win/lose menu really confused me. It was the same message whether you died or won, and the menu was exactly the same. You could choose any mission to start with, so you could kill Qui Gon and then go fight him again. What kind of sense does that make? It doesn’t matter, I’d just like it more if you were forced to do the missions in a linear fashion. The maps were simple, but the author does point out that he did most, if not all of putting this together by himself. The cinematics were simple, but at least there were cinematics for this. But in the majority this was a pretty fun total conversion, and is part of a series that is yet to be finished. So download it and try it out! ~Zach




McDude Stances | 16.49 KB

themselves are somewhat interesting. Red/strong stance looks like you're getting ready to take a swing at a baseball, yellow seems to be halfway through the 'use' animation, so your hand is stuck out like it's trying to either grasp something, or like you're perpetually trying to brainwash a weak-minded fool, and blue stance has the blade behind you (keep in mind that for some reason the yellow and blue screenshots are mislabeled -- they're actually opposite). Overall an interesting few choices here, but some of them are kind of odd. That blue stance looks like your character is going to fall over, actually. Also neither new dual nor new staff stances have been added, which is a shame. [b]Note to Everyone: For those planning on making stance mods in the future, you do [u]not[/u] need to include _humanoid.gla unless you are using an animation set not included in Jedi Academy. Don't add it - it simply adds 9 unncessary megabytes to your mod, which will we remove anyway.[/b] ~Inyri




Sith Lords Pack | 20.79 MB

and sounds. - New Menu - 3 maps - a small .cfg that\'s probably useless to you all I shall review these items of malevolent darkness in that order. Firstly, the Darth Jion skin. A basic reborn skin that was totally black and would have been a great success if not for one fatal flaw: the author attempted to use a cultist face texture for a reborn. The result is a twisted and contorted face. You\'re lucky I do not unleash my horde of Blade Harpies upon you for such sightlessness =_O! Proceeding forward, we arrive at the custom character reskins. While there is no script with a title on them,(see example in screenshot.) this is but a simple blackening of the clothing. Fashionable, but very simple if you ask me. With little to say about that, I shall proceed forward. =_= The saber retextures were quite primitive. The result was a simply blocky saber. A trail was lacking, so it felt like I was wielding a stick instead of a glowy saber. The sounds were...okay I suppose. Sabers sound all alike to me with the exception of a few sounds that entice my ears. The new menu was basically a red overhaul of the menu itself. Once again, very primitive and basic, but in my opinion it achieves an alright effect. The mouse cursor is all red, there is an Imperial March theme (though of questionable quality) playing in the background, and the menus themselves are all red. While I like it, it seems awfully effortless. The 3 maps. Yes, there are 3, but they are virtually the same: a simple box with a couple of buttons to spawn NPCs and open a barrier. The End. The maps were intended for ranks of the sith, as to be expected. While these maps were utilitarian, the author failed to put enough spawn points in the maps to prevent everyone from being crushed. Of course, if people could be PATIENT, it\'s possible to get along fine without that =_O *wags scythe at the public* The configuration is simply a set of commands that were intended for JA. If you want to work with it go ahead. Otherwise, I\'d suggest ignoring it if you don\'t know what the commands are meant for.(Or if you don\'t agree with those settings.) Overall, a very basic and primitive pack. I foresee that the author was doing what I do: Poke-Jab modding. Translated, it basically means the author did very simple alterations and innovations to make the whole pack look good. Not very impressive, but perhaps this could be of interest to some of the public. Make your pilgramage to the temple should you wish to take this. - Averus Retruthan




Kingdom Keyblade | 191.92 KB

thing, because with each version submitted by a different author the mods invariably get better and better! That said, it is my secure opinion that this is the most accurate Kingdom Key thus far. It is proportional, contains the details the others lack, and fits in your character's hand very snugly. The texturing also is not bad at all (though the skinmap could be cleaned up :p). This model does have a few weak points I feel I should point out. First I was going to say no shader, but there is a shader. It's just very very weak and not really noticeable at all. Kind of a bummer, really, because a nice shine would really pump up this model. Maybe even a [i]very[/i] light chrome shader on the silver parts (and maybe the handle) would really spruce it up. Also, sounds. Sword sounds... and I think we can all agree that this particular keyblade is not sharp, so it shouldn't be making sword hitting sounds. Real keyblade sounds would really polish this mod off, I think. Definitely something to look into for a v2 (which I expect to see, by threat of violence!). Also, I hate the JA sword trail. I personally just remove trails from all my weapons, and I think it looks more realistic. Don't know about the rest of you feel about the trails, so maybe I'm just rambling now... :p One other thing to mention, which some of you might not like, is that some of the stats have been messed with. For instance the damage scale has been increased, so the keyblade is unbalanced compared to regular sabers or weapons. Other than those few things, I'd definitely recommend this keyblade to collectors. Definitely one to add to the list. ~Inyri




'Cool' New Disruptor | 483.11 KB

can tell, the only thing the author did to the disruptor skin was desaturate it. Now, that doesn’t take much effort, but seeing as it’s a weapon reskin…you don’t really expect too much. The new hit effect was interesting. It’s blue, and I have no idea why it would be. So that’s just about all that’s in this, with the addition of some sounds for the disruptor. ~Zach




Drakseye Saber (Original Concept) | 6.49 MB

thing twice. [quote] Well…this is an interesting hilt. Remember the Cable Blade hilt? Basically, the original author took that hilt, and make different versions of it with the same theme: Dragons. Basically the author has added a dragon head at the base of the hilt and then added wings as wing guards. It’s clever, and I like the idea. It doesn’t look bad either! In fact, it looks pretty nice. I wonder if the author is making a hilt for the contest. If so, I wonder what he’s making. If not, I urge him to start making something for the contest. His originality would make for an interesting entry! Anyways, there are six versions of this hilt, with three different color schemes with a hilt without the blades on the saber or with them. I like this saber. I like it more than the other version. If I still played multiplayer, I’d have it replace one of my hilts. So I recommend that you download this. [/quote] ~Zach




Drakseye Saber (Original Concept) | 6.45 MB

has added a dragon head at the base of the hilt and then added wings as wing guards. It’s clever, and I like the idea. It doesn’t look bad either! In fact, it looks pretty nice. I wonder if the author is making a hilt for the contest. If so, I wonder what he’s making. If not, I urge him to start making something for the contest. His originality would make for an interesting entry! Anyways, there are six versions of this hilt, with three different color schemes with a hilt without the blades on the saber or with them. I like this saber. I like it more than the other version. If I still played multiplayer, I’d have it replace one of my hilts. So I recommend that you download this. ~Zach




2 NPCs | 1.28 KB

work properly in MP mode. The second NPC file simply upgrades Rosh into a more competent opponent. He'll use his saber primarily for defense and use more force attacks to take you down. If you want these minor changes to your game, then go ahead and download them. You might actually like the new opponents. ~ Kouen




Saber Effects Pack | 212.14 KB

screenshot, though. Basically what it looks like the author did was to overlay a bunch of filters on the blades, giving them cool (but probably random) effects. A few of the blades are quite cool though. Unfortunately for the weird sabers they will only work on the blue blade, as that is the only texture included. The other three work for all saber colors. ~Inyri




Romantic Tryst in the Crowd | 1.39 MB

the previous mods, so here are some reviews of the previous versions. Love Path (v.11) review and Glory of the Sith (v.16) review All I\'m going to do is tell you what changes have been wrought in this version, quoted from the readme. [quote]-------------------------------------------------------- New Feature in version 21th -------------------------------------------------------- 1. Saber PUll Attack Remember the singleplayer game final battle when you choose dark side and you have to face kyle, Kyle can pull your saber with his force pull level 4, that\'s what you get too if you use quad mode, With quad mode you can pull enemies saber. Note : you cannot pull saber from people using quad mode, such as bot Kate_Walker and npc Nico_Collard. 2. Air jump level 4 Player with quad mode can jump multiple times in the air. Normally if we release jump button in the air, we are going down and can\'t jump again until we land, but quad mode allows you to press jump again to make you going up after releasing jump button in the air. 3. Lightning/Flame thrower two-handed effect Previously the two-handed lightning or flame thrower only play the effect for the right hand bolt, Now we fix it, left bolt of your hand will also play the effect, make it more realistic. Note : flame thrower is transformed-lightning for quad mode (it has more power than lightning). 4. Poisonous Noghri Stick Previously this weapon just like repeater splash, the damage can be reduced by armor, but it doesn\'t make sense because this is poison smoke projectile. (like what you see in singleplayer game) Now this weapon works like SP, has small damage but it\'s a poison smoke that cannot be absorbed by armor, You can always push the smoke projectile using force push. 5. Miscellanous. -Fixed force protect. Previously it still absorb force based attack, this should not allowed, force attack must be neutralized using force absorb. -Some minor bugs/features fixed/added (see the old feature below) [/quote] While some might find this mod fun, others may not like it. When I reviewed Love Path I found it to be fun, but that was me. Download if you liked the other versions. :) ~Zach




JK1 In-game Sabers | 1.06 MB

Quake 3 engine came around. Back when things still looked blocky. Back when games were goooood. Hardcore JK fans will remember the hideous lightsaber blades from the game, and more likely than not they will remember those hideous blades with a bit of longing. I myself miss the ugly, very blocky lightsaber blades from Jedi Knight, despite the fact that on a 1 to 10 scale of lightsaber realism they score about a 1.2. These blades, which come very close to the originals, bring about some fond memories of the beginning of Kyle\'s journey on the Force. For those who aren\'t quite as familiar with JK as I am, I shall extrapolate. These blades are very thin, with very little glow, and are supposed to look thin and unrealistic (so don\'t complain about [i]that[/i] unless you\'ve played JK and think they look wrong). They look much more like a \"lightstick\" than a lightsaber, and the only thing keeping these blades from looking more like their JK counterparts is the Q3 engine\'s inability to look that bad. And it can look bad sometimes! So JK fans, reminisce with these replica blades. They\'re sure to remind you of better days where having fingers was not a necessity! ~Inyri




Luke Single Player Mod | 1.68 MB

single-player, and also includes a version with only one glove (called the "Return of the Jedi" version). This mod will also make Luke's lightsaber a selectable option in the saber menu. Since version one, the author has also replaced Luke's character in the single-player storyline. It seemed kind of odd to him to have Luke talking to Luke, so Luke has been replaced with the author's favorite Jaden combination (the most "robe" looking torso/legs, plus the brown haired head). All the details seem to be ironed out, except of course the ones that really can't be, like the voice overs, but for a single-player Luke mod this seems as complete as any. Definitely give it a look-see if you're a Luke fan and want to see him beating up Tavion. ~Inyri




Darth Evasto\'s Lightsaber | 215.18 KB

unless I\'m missing some tiny difference. The model itself is good for a first hilt model. It\'s very simple, as the author stated in the read-me, which I personally prefer. However the big downfall of this hilt: no shader. The texturing of this model lets down what otherwise is a very decent model. A shader would somewhat cover this up, however the author has claimed to not have the proper software to make the shader nor access to the information to learn how to make it. I am going to challenge both of these statements. For one, no special software is required to make a shader. Notepad is sufficient, or any other similar program. Also, this very site has a very lovely [url=]forum[/url] where such information can be found (or asked for). What this hilt needs to be truly great is a better texture, which simply takes practice and a bit of critiquing (once again the forums are a great place to air out your mods before release and get tips), and it needs a good shiny shader to keep it from looking flat. Once again, though, a great start with the model, and the mod on a whole just needs a little attention and perhaps a friendly opinion or two to make it top-knotch. ~Inyri




Ai Te Ni Ya He Chu Shin | 1.39 MB

previous mods, so here are some reviews of the previous versions. Love Path (v.11) review and Glory of the Sith (v.16) review All I\'m going to do is tell you what changes have been wrought in this version, quoted from the readme. -------------------------------------------------------- New Feature in version 19th -------------------------------------------------------- Force optimization This is the force data of dark force mod v.19 : a. FP_HEAL, healing after injury -level 1, healing 25 point, must not move while healing -level 2, healing 33 point, must not use offensive force or in grip -level 3, healing 50 point, do all the times -level 4, healing 70 point, do all the times b. FP_LEVITATION, make tremendous vertical leap -level 1, jump 1 meter -level 2, jump 2 meter -level 3, jump 4 meter -level 4, jump 80 meter, no force needed (special case) c. FP_SPEED, speeds up moving duration : 10 seconds for all level -level 1, 125 % faster -level 2, 150 % faster -level 3, 175 % faster -level 4, 200 % faster d. FP_PUSH, push objects away and defend from missile and grip range level 1-3 : 10 meter, range level 4 : 20 meter (special case) -level 1, only push at targeting object -level 2, push back multiple enemies or objects in a limited arc -level 3, push back multiple enemies with enough force to do damage -level 4, push long distance powerfull throw to splat enemies to the ground e. FP_PULL, pull specific world objects range level 1-3 : 10 meter, range level 4 : 20 meter (special case) -level 1, pull certain levers and objects in the targeting reticle -level 2, can pull the weapon out of the hands of an enemy -level 3, can pull multiple enemies and their weapons -level 4, pull from long distance and do powerfull knockback f. FP_TELEPATHY, confuse and/or misdirect attention range : 5 meter for all level -level 1, confuse one enemy for 5 seconds -level 2, confuse multiple enemy for 10 seconds -level 3, confuse multiple enemy for 15 seconds -level 4, confuse multiple enemy for 20 seconds g. FP_GRIP, choke or constrict the organs of a living being damage level 1 : 0, level 2-3 : 2 per half second, level 4 : 3 per half second range level 1-3 : 3,8 meter, level 4 : 50 meter (special case) -level 1, grip and hold one enemy immobile, but undamaged for 5 seconds -level 2, lift one enemy off the ground and do damage -level 3, grip lasting as long as there is force and can cut enemies head off -level 4, can catch enemy from distance, do deadly damage and cut off head h. FP_LIGHTNING, electrocuted enemies and destroy trip mine, detpack or sentry gun damage : random value from 1-3 for all level -level 1, launches a single bolt that doing instant damage -level 2, sustained forward attack -level 3, large forward arc, can do two handed lightning -level 4, can do flame thrower with two handed i. FP_RAGE, protection against damage, increase speed in attack(50%) and moves(75%) at the expense of health duration : 10 seconds, and must have at least 25 health to use this power. wielder cannot die (health stays at 1) At 10 second rage recovery : fire 50% slower, and move 30% slower -level 1, protect againts 40% damage -level 2, protect againts 50% damage -level 3, protect againts 60% damage -level 4, protect againts 70% damage j. FP_PROTECT, decrease incoming damage from energy, physical, projectile, and explosive sources duration : 20 seconds for all level -level 1, 40% Damage blocked, 100% removed from Force pool, max 100 Damage -level 2, 50% Damage blocked, 75% removed from Force pool, max 200 Damage -level 3, 60% Damage blocked, 50% removed from Force pool, max 300 Damage -level 4, 70% Damage blocked, 25% removed from Force pool, max 400 Damage k. FP_ABSORB, absorb dark force power, mindtrick, force push and pull duration : 20 seconds for all level Special for this force, its works depends on the difference level of attacker and target force power when the attacker dark force level has same level with the target absorb power, the target get no ill effects, however on lower absorb level the target will take some damage depends on the differences level. l. FP_TEAM_HEAL,//no changes m. FP_TEAM_FORCE,//no changes n. FP_DRAIN, drain enemies force power or health Special for this force it will first drain any force power that enemies has, and it will drain life, when no force power to be drained, makes it very dangerous power. (special case) -level 1, drain 2 point of force -level 2, drain 3 point of force -level 3, drain 4 point of force -level 4, drain 5 point of force o. FP_SEE, see enemies aura behind any solids wall -level 1, sense at short range for 5 second -level 2, sense at medium range for 10 second, -level 3, sense at long range for 15 second, automatically dodge sniper -level 4, sense at long range for 20 second, automatically dodge sniper p. FP_SABER_OFFENSE, adjust the power of saber attack There is 7 level of saber attack -level 1, fast style -level 2, medium style -level 3, strong style + 4 additional style (staff, dual, tavion, desann) -level 4, strong style + 4 additional style (staff, dual, tavion, desann) + unlimited kata chain q. FP_SABER_DEFENSE, block other saber projectile Special for this force, it used for winning the saber lock/parry r. FP_SABERTHROW, throw a lightsaber and use it as a missile weapon range level 1-3 : 7 meter, level 4 : 20 meter (special case) -level 1, flies straight from the player and returns -level 2, can exert control over the flying lightsaber as it arcs out -level 3, steer the saber into the crosshair point faster -level 4, doing multiple damage and longer radius Also we fix some old feature to optimize them. [/quote] While some might find this mod fun, others may not like it. When I reviewed Love Path I found it to be fun, but that was me. Download if you liked the other versions. :) ~Zach




R2D2 NPC | 1.19 KB

little droid following you. ~ Kouen




Green Blaster Effects | 30.26 KB

green. Not that big of a thing, but some people may like it. One thing I\'ve noticed with 1Shot Doctor is that he makes a ton of tiny mods, so I\'m wondering why he doesn\'t make a somewhat bigger mod. I mean, he\'s probably going to expand on this idea and make a big color pack for blaster shots, and that\'s cool, I might even keep that one, but I\'m just wondering why he doesn\'t make a bigger mod? Meh. This looks nice, download if you want it. ~Zach




Jaden Taunts | 578.65 KB

improvement for some of you who hear Jaden a lot. The Kel Dor sounds are simply altered male Jaden sounds, so unfortunately nothing brand new there.[/quote]We now have an update to this original version to completely remove the "you can not beat a Jedi" taunt. No changes to the Kel Dor sounds. Enjoy the update! ~Inyri




Glory Of The Sith - Dark Force Mod | 1.18 MB

I go in-depth into this mod, I\'ll come dangerously close to flaming. The only real good thing I can find, is that it adjusts the scoring penalty system to be a bit more severe on teamkillers, and more rewarding for those who partake in teamwork. The AI is a bit more intelligent too, although the rest of the mod unbalances the game so much, that it\'s impossible to tell. On the bad sides, well, just about everything else listed in the readme has some unbalancing and/or destabilizing effect on the game. Just read the readme - you\'ll pretty much see for yourself. What I will say, is this. The game has limitations for a very valid reason, and those limitations should not be completely removed. I\'m all for new content and minor changes, but when that content includes permanently having cheats enabled with no way to disable them, sabers which make the game\'s default sabers and other balanced weapons useless, and weapons so overpowered that there\'s no challenge in using any of them - first shot wins - it\'s unacceptable. Because it removes every limitation, it also removes every ounce of challenge, strategy, tactics, balance, and fun from the game. Hence, why those limitations are necessary. I now have a whole new respect for JA+. My advice is to avoid this. Rather than fix the multitudes of problems with Jedi Academy, it escalates them beyond repair, then takes everything that\'s not broken and gives it the same treatment. From a professional standpoint, I can only be thankful it\'s not serverside. Sorry if I offend anyone, but that\'s really the way it is. Just read the changes list. ~ Kouen




Open Jedi Project | 12.02 MB

trailer, including the new saber combat system. No more hack'n'slash! As the OJP team so eloquently put it, "you can't miss the difference, like you can't miss an elephant doing stunts in the zoo." OJP Enhanced v0.0.9b includes all the features of the basic release, however many new gameplay features have been added with this release, such as the enhanced combat system you have seen in the recently-released trailer. As always, OJP is a fully-playable mod in its own right, however it is also a starting place for all developers to work off of the OJP source to create their own mods. It is recommended that all users of this version of Open Jedi Project view the manual, included with the mod documentation. If you don't, you may find even the bots kicking your butt, as they should now prove to be a significant challenge! A great release once again for the hard-working OJP team! For those who haven't seen the trailer and want a peak of what they'll get before they play, please view [file="64797"]the trailer here[/file]. ~Inyri




Darth Vader Start-up | 391.52 KB

Also, the theme doesn\'t match the main screen(s) in-game. Maybe in another version change the HUD, and title screens? -Red




Blur Sabers | 119.13 KB

two lines. Here is the Original review: [quote]WARNING! First of all I just wanted to say that the sabers in this mod move extremely fast, and flash around the screen a lot, so if you have any problems with flashing or strobe lights, then this mod might not be for you. Well, this is a very interesting little saber mod, I know I’ve seen super long staff sabers before, but I don’t recall seeing dual super long staff sabers (i.e. one in each hand) although it may have been done before, I’m not sure. :S These sabers are very powerful, and because they are so long and move so fast, they seem to be able to easily block any normal saber. I tested this with a server full of annoying bots and I was able to beat any of them within several seconds of swinging these sabers around! Besides that there’s not really much more I can say, these sabers are unusual, and certainly effective! wink There were a few small bugs that I noticed here though. To select the super long blades, simply select the guardian hilt in the dual or single saber menu. However once you put this .pk3 in your base folder, you can no longer select the Guardian hilt in the staff saber menu. :S One other thing I noticed is that the animations seem a bit jerky at times, but that’s probably as a result of modifying the sabers. All in all though a cool little mod here! smile I look forward to seeing more files from this author in the future! Just remember though If you have any problems with flashing or strobe lights, then this mod might not be for you! ~Nozyspy~[/quote] As I said, the only changed I see are that you can now select the default sabers in the menu, and a few more bugs. The first I discovered was when you use the "single" saber. You can't get the medium stance, and when you go to red, it sheathes one blade. When you attack, the second blade comes back, but to get back to blue, you have to change style, and second blade is sheathed, then while it's sheathed, change stance (hope I made sense!). The second thing I found was when you have dual sabers, and use the Main+Alt attack kata thingy, your character freezes. No force regeneration, can't walk, can't attack, can only spin. I personally don't like this, all it does is change a few numbers around to make fights even more mindless, and ridiculously easy. But if you're into that kind of thing... -Red




Xhuzan Tzu's Saber Sound Modification | 865.21 KB

was changed. However as with all sound set they really need to be tested in order to be understood, on an individual level, so since it's not a huge download I urge all those who enjoy new saber soundsets to give it a try. There are no completely new sounds here, just modifications and tweaks of the original sounds to make them more consistent with other lightsaber sounds from other sources. ~Inyri




Highspeed Melee 2 | 383.23 KB

things for most of the week so I haven’t had a proper chance to test it till now (even though it is after 11:30pm! :eek: ). So sorry about the long wait Houou! Anyway, on with the review! This is mainly a single player mod, it adds new melee moves/animations, and also some cool new effects when you hit someone. There’s been some new kicks added, which can be used by pressing the direction buttons, and the alt fire button (like you do to kick when you are using the staff saber in MP). The punches also look different, and there’s kinda like sparks or something that fly off when you hit someone. There are also other different effects that play when your kick hits someone. I know the readme says that you need to enable cheats to use this mod, but I found that I didn’t have to. All you need to do is open the console (by pressing Shift and that button just to the left of the 1 key and under the esc key, I don’t know what the key is called, but it has a sign on it on my keyboard) then type in iknowkungfu. That enables melee mode, you can then use this mod! :) Just make sure you have the .pk3 in your base folder! Like I said this is mainly for single player, although it does slightly change the punches (and melee stance) in multiplayer too. Apart from that though it didn’t seem to do anything else in multiplayer. All in all a very nice melee mod here! If you want to use some fancy new melee moves in your singleplayer games, why not give this a download? ;) ~Nozyspy~




Metal Gear Solid Duel Music | 3.18 MB

a Millionaire\' is making a come-back!\" Basically it just doesn\'t sound suited to be duel music to me. Maybe you guys feel differently, though, and I\'m sure the hardcore MGS fans won\'t care one way or the other. So give it a download if you\'re a MGS fan! ~Inyri




Darth Revan vs. Darth Malak Duel Music | 1.26 MB

readme file and who the song was composed by, or what film you'd associate it with, I guarantee many of you would immediately guess at Star Wars....or possibly the Matrix Reloaded. Anyway, the author says he 'loves' the music of Knights of the old Republic (the game from which this music was taken.) I, after hearing this song, have decided that I do not love the music. I do think it's a fairly decent duel piece though. It just seems to lack the upbeat tempo that I'd want to use when fighting someone - it's more like invasion - "OMG the imperials are invading lets run away" as opposed to "Let's kick some ass." Still, as I have said on multiple occasions, anything beats the default music. ;) ~Szico VII~




Mkem's Saber Pack | 1.74 KB

really just vary the blade length, with some being reasonable and some being outrageous. One problem I noticed with the Sith Sword was that the lightsaber hum remained, because the author didn't edit it out. Maybe you guys don't care, but I think that'd drive me nuts. To fix it, however, is as easy as adding the line " soundloop "none" ". ~Inyri




No Shield Effect | 7.49 KB

seem more like the movies. The bad part is that if, like me, you don't use your HUD that often, it makes it rather difficult to judge when you're hit or not. It'll also work for your opponents, which makes it difficult to tell if you hit them or not. Personally, I can't see myself using this mod too much since it causes some problems for the gameplay. I guess it could make things slightly more realistic, however. ~IfritZero




Anakin_Obi Startup Screen | 648.98 KB

Obi-wan and Anakin seem to be standing side-by-side looking out at you, with a very angry-looking Anakin head in the middle. I find it a little odd that Anakin\'s face is on all the buttons, but they do look pretty neat. I like the fact that the launcher has a nice thick black border around the edge, which gives it a very clean-cut look. Definitely give it some new sounds next time, though. Episode III has a good potential for sounds, and you can always find new beeps and boops around the net somewhere, so give it that extra little something next time around. ~Inyri




Super Perfect Episode III Blades | 119.79 KB

Perfect Episode III Blades\" tries to replicate the blades seen in \"Star Wars: Episode III—Revenge of the Sith,\" and it\'s probably the most accurate blade mod for Episode III, but just not good enough. Episode III\'s blades are designed slightly differently from other films in the saga. They are fairly thick in core and in glow, the end of the blade arcs to a medium-sharp point, and the glow arcs the same way, with the tip of the core and the glow ending at generally the same place. All previous mods fail to achieve accuracy to the film is in the shape of the glow. None have been able to make the glow go to the right place at the tip of the blade; they all extend far past where it should be. This mod, unfortunately, does not correct this problem. The core ends in a point, and then the glow goes too far out and ends with too round a tip. (See diagram in screenshot three for visual explanation.) It\'s a common problem that no one seems to fix, but aside from that, there are still good features of the mod. The proportions of the blades are, as I said, the most accurate I\'ve seen in width of core and glow. However, there is another problem that only this mod seems to have, and that is that it just doesn\'t look good in-game. Perhaps the images that he used were low quality, or his resolution was too high, but, although they are not blurry, they are not smooth as they are in other mods and in the film. The blades seem to have rough edges where there should be clean curves. They looked, to me, as if the blades were being displayed on an old television with static problems. They didn\'t hit the mark. Sorry, but \"Super Perfect Episode III Blades\" stop quite short of perfect. They just need to look better, and I don\'t know if the engine doesn\'t allow it, but will someone ever try to make truly accurate Episode III blades? This mod gives me hope, but until next time, I can only wait. —Ra-Kom




Burning "Grunge" Vader Startup Screen | 499.85 KB

right mind loves Darth Vader, but the author added his own personal flavor to it by grunging it up a little. The image itself looks very nice, but is that all? Nope. We even get new buttons, which is something most launcher creators don't include. The opening sound is a clip of Vader's breathing - very fitting. The launch sound is the ever-typical "I find your lack of faith disturbing." Overall I find that this launcher, while good looking on its own, has that little bit extra that makes it really neat. If you are a Vader fan (and honestly, who isn't?) you may want to take a look at this. ~Inyri




Megasaber | 1.72 KB

saberlock. While I can\'t imagine any servers supporting a saber like this, for personal use - or for a gag - it should come in handy. If you\'re into weird stuff like this, I\'d recommend it for a download. ~Inyri




General Grievous SP | 702.46 KB

Grievous mod, nearly identical to this one. I am very happy to see that this author, too, included both the caped and uncaped versions of Grievous. That\'s right. Play your favorite villain in the single-player campaign! Thankfully he even has his Grievous combat sounds, something I also made sure to check. Not much needs to be said here. The mod works exactly as it\'s supposed to. Try it out for yourself. ~Inyri




Anakin vs Obiwan Duel Music | 10.68 MB




Hockey Stick | 163.43 KB

cortosis, to stop the lightsaber just cutting through it! :D It also makes a cool sound when you hit someone with it, and also, it knocks them straight across the room! Hehe a cool mod here, why not give it a download and see what you think :) ~Nozyspy~




Lightning Saber Mod | 197.8 KB

little differently. Lightning instead of fire. This one is a bit more appealing since there seems to be more going on with the shape. *shrug* It\'s a saber mod. Either you like it or you don\'t. I can\'t really say this is a \"bad\" mod, per se. There are no errors. I\'m just not all that impressed. ~AmosMagee




LotR Duel Music | 5.58 MB

new duel music. Like this piece that has been taken from Lord of the Rings. It\'s great for dueling. It\'s exciting, but not too fast paced. Enjoy! ~AmosMagee




The Weird Tournament | 10.77 MB

supposed to be easy. Psh. They have like, a million hp or something. And with as many times as you have to hit them - their cute little Jawa sounds really start to grate on your nerves. There are some other guys and levels that are just ... well, they live up to the title of this mod. Download it and try it, and I wish you luck. There's no way you can beat this without using cheats. That's my biggest complaint. The enemies are just too hard to beat. I mean, I love quirky - Katamari Damacy is one of my favorite games this year. I also love the idea of those weird ones packed full of mini-games. That'd be great to see. Someone making a JK mod with just a bunch of mini-games. Anyway, I'm off topic. Do I recommend this mod? Not at all. But if you want an insane challenge, download it. :P ~AmosMagee




Single Bladed Staff | 76.91 KB

replaces your normal staff saber with a single bladed staff. While I myself have used these in the past, and while I do think they were nifty at a time, this file has been done too many times. I myself even made one of these a while back, and a few people made some other variants before me and after me. I’m not quite sure why you would want this. Why? It replaces one of the base staff hilts with the single bladed. That’s definitely NOT a good idea, because it means server admins can’t use it or else the clients are effected, and clients can’t use it because it’s server side. Sure, it’s relatively simple to make it a new hilt, but the author didn’t. Still, if you’ve missed these before or want to learn to make .sab files, I suppose this could be a reference, although quite a basic one. ~Wassup1444465




Duel of the Fates Dueling Music | 3.83 MB

to regular old stuff. Still, if you enjoy something new while you are fighting, I suppose you should get this. ~Wassup1444465




Anthem For Saving The Galaxy | 3.54 MB

heard it, I though it sounded kind of like an Irish dance. I never played Halo before, so I wouldn\'t be too familiar with it. It takes “Truth And Reconciliation Suite” and “Rock Anthem For Saving The World”, and combines them into 1 file. Both pieces were composed by Martin O\'Donnell/Michael Salvatori. This file has excellent quality, and lasts for 3 minutes, 52 seconds. I can’t wait to see the Halo 2 duel music mods that will come out. This author has a sense of humor, in his readme: [quote] Size: 3,722,889 bytes. (Too big for you? Byte me.) [/quote] Its always nice to know someone has a sense of humor. :) If you want, you can listen to this music without needing to go into a duel by typing in the console: /music music/mp/duel.mp3 Nice job! Title: Truth And Reconciliation Suite & Rock Anthem For Saving The World Composer: Martin O\'Donnell/Michael Salvatori Soundtrack: Halo Original Soundtrack Length: 3:52 (3 minutes, 52 seconds) -Airm




PZ - Scherzo For Lightsabre And Orchestra | 2.18 MB

some Indiana Jones thrown together and put on this site. But it\'s not just a track from a CD. The author actually took the time to mix three clips together to make a unique music track that *gasp* actually loops well! The music doesn\'t just cut off at the end, or fade out like so many others do. It\'s an almost seamless transition back to the beginning of the song. I\'m quite impressed with what was done here. Not only was it done well, the music chosen is perfect for a duel and doesn\'t lose or gain too much tempo or whatever (hey, I\'m not a musician!). It\'s a good pace for a duel and stuff. Great work here and I\'m very much looking forward to hearing the music you\'re putting together for Sith-J-Cull\'s upcoming map (which I can\'t WAIT to review). :D ~AmosMagee




Big Rancor NPC | 1.72 KB

Mutant Rancor. And man, I thought a normal rancor was big. These things are downright humongerous, \'specially the huge one. Author\'s screenshots below will show ya what I mean. Anyway, if you thought trying to kill a normal rancor was hard, certainly have fun with these babies. -Shahadi




Sabers Unlocked | 43 KB

[quote]Katarn - Kyle\'s saber Stinger - The generic sith saber Skywalker - Luke\'s saber Retribution - Desann\'s Saber (longer than other sabers) Eternal - Yoda\'s saber (shorter than other sabers but has bonuses in saber locks etc.) Glory of the Sith - the sword used by Marka Ragnos when he possesses Tavion (buggy)[/quote] Careful when using this mod though, there are some bugs that you should be aware of before using. So be sure to read the readme. :) ~AmosMagee




Psycadelic Saber Blades | 165.85 KB

is the hilt with bigger circles. I liked each and every color, and would definately use this. Good Job! -Shahadi




FX Mod (v1.1) | 84.84 KB

chances are the author will listen to what you want. No sounds were changed - these are all just visual effects. The screenshot shows you all of the changes. The weapons\' effects have changed quite a bit, from camera shakes to bigger explosions, colour changes and even some force effects were changed. To really be able to form an opinion, check out the mod for yourself. [/quote] Okay, so I don\'t think I tested everything that was changed here. But I really like the weapons effects that were changed. There was only one animation change I noticed which was the backflip. Check out the screenshots to see what I mean. Really though you should just download this and play with it yourself. There\'s probably a lot more to this mod than I found. ~AmosMagee




[DF]Dual Staff Mod | 500.61 KB

saber staff mod. It combines the dual sabers with the saber staff. It also has longer sabers and everything has been modified. There's nothing else interesting about it. Damage is increased and defense is probably stronger. ~AmosMagee




Jedi Knight 1 Sound Mod | 814.97 KB

never played the first Jedi Knight game, and wow, those sounds ... they sound old. Anyway, if you\'ve been missing those old sounds from your JK1 days, just download this little mod and you can play JA and maybe experience a little nostalgia from the JK1 sounds. ~AmosMagee




DX Force Mod | 1.38 MB

levels of force rank levels. Bots now do not use lightning all the time and when you use a dark bot, the bot will only use dark side powers. Same goes for the light bots. So test out this force mod and since it\'s only the alpha version, post your comments and constructive criticism for the authors. ~AmosMagee




Ghostsabers | 570.25 KB

were, in life, blemishes on the Jedi\'s soul itself. Though no better than a regular saber blade, it was, in Bane\'s mind, the ultimate insult to an enemy to use his own soul to slay his comrades...[/quote] Whoa, huh? So anyway, I need to get into the habit of reading the readme BEFORE I test the file. I didn\'t know so much had changed here. I just thought it was the saber trail. Which, by the way, is very cool. Apparently there are quite a few changes here, like the look of saber collision and when you kill someone. So download this mod and check it out! ~AmosMagee




Force Lev | 795.79 KB

of all, you need to have Jango Fett or Boba Fett for SP before using this mod. This mod will allow you to levitate as one of the bounty hunters without using Force. Also, when someone throws a saber at you, it will simply bounce off of you, doing no damage. According to the readme, to regain Force while levitating, you can swing your saber to regenerate Force, or grip someone who\'s using Absorb and you\'ll take their Force. Interesting, huh? Anyway, if you\'re looking for a little something new, try this mod out. :) ~AmosMagee




WoDS Blood Mod | 3.96 KB

soemthing more original..... how many blood mods have there now been? ~Szico VII~




JK2 Lightning | 27.85 KB

tea I would download it, but personally I think the JA Lightning effects are better. - Chrono




True Rodian Voice | 1.2 KB

from the rodian skin, and puts them onto the kedi rodian to make him sound like a rodian. This mod is nothing special, but there are some who may find it useful :) Personally i prefer the change, but it's not like it has bothered me that much. ~Szico VII~




Boba Fett 2 NPC | 1.02 KB

find that he\'s still impossible to kill. So to solve this frustrating issue with the Boba Fett NPC, Bones created this Boba Fett NPC. This altered version of Boba Fett is still difficult to kill, but no longer impossible. So if this is something you\'ve been looking for - well, search no more! Just download this NPC, toss him into your ext_data folder and kill Boba Fett as much as you\'d like. :) ~AmosMagee




Rodian Species | 8.35 MB

exception. JKA brought numerous new things to the Jedi knight modding community, such as the ability to create completely original saber’s and the implementation of the Siege game type, it also brought in a system to create your own custom appearances. Maddog seems to have taken this last addition on board with this ‘skin pack’ and has created a new Rodian species. Maddog’s Rodians have a greenish blue skin tone that IMHO gives them the appearance of Rodians that live in or near water. The actual clothing for the Rodians remains the same as ravens except that Maddog has added bandages to the arms where there normally isn’t any clothing. The changes that Maddog has made aren’t huge and extravagant, but they are done very well and they add something new to the game, which is always a good thing, and best of all this is a whole new species pack so it doesn’t replace Ravens Rodian species. ~Wolf




Lightsaber Cursors | 17.07 KB

the little things that really make modding the game fun. It comes with PK3s for each lightsaber color, for your coloring goodness. Just try to stay in between the lines. - Chrono




Fusion\'s Blade | 1.17 MB

sounds and I don\'t like the weapon itself. The sword is gold (ick) and the shape is nothing more spectacular than any other sword, in my opinion. So in other words, this is a very plain sword. But the best things about this mod are the sounds and how the sword reacts when you hit a wall or the floor. The sword sorta deflects off of the wall when you hit it - which is exactly what you\'d expect when you hit a wall with a big metal object! This could make for some challenging duels because your weapon won\'t just penetrate through objects, like a saber does. I hope I\'m making sense here - I didn\'t have much coffee this morning. :D The sounds are appropriate for a sword mod. You\'ve got the clinking, clanking and whooshing. :) There\'s also some icky stab sounds in there. They\'re like, squishy. *gags* Anyway, like I said, I have yet to find a weapon mod where I like everything about it. But this one comes darn close to one I\'d use, myself. :) ~AmosMagee




Trillogy Sabers Episode 2 | 2.34 MB

sounds. To me, I don\'t play with sounds effects on so this mod doesn\'t really mean anything to me. I\'m sure that there are people who care what their saber sounds like though. So if you\'re looking for some cool saber sounds from episode two, here you go! There\'s one thing the author mentions in the readme in regards to some sound. [quote]Though I have one comment that I think you should know about. When waving your lightsaber, you may hear something like a chicken clucking. Go to John Williams, it\'s his music, his fault![/quote] I\'m not sure what else to comment on, they sound like sabers to! SanosuKe




xMod - NIX (2.3.0) | 739.72 KB

also make the game more enjoyable in many cases. Things such as x_flipkick will make many people happy who enjoy being able to flip kick while x_profanity_check will please many admins who want to cut out profanity in their servers. One I do NOT like though is x_jawa_model as there is nothing wrong with that model anymore and I will be getting peaved if I go on servers to find it is disabled! I went to their site to help me get an insight to the mod and I came across this (admittedly lengthy for a review) \"What is xMod2?\", I think this is a very good way of summing up just what it is, better than what I can do! Quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is xMod 2 you ask? Well it\'s simple. Back in early 2002, Raven and Lucasarts teamed up to create one of the best games in Star Wars history, Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. The game brought a unique mix of Star Wars and Competitiveness. Players could play for their liking of Star Wars, or for their thirst for gaming in First Person Shooters. It was a game that developed into a fast paced shooter game filled with innovativeness not seen before in the PC world. A year later... Raven\'s game Jedi Outcast began to die as more and more news came out about their upcoming release Jedi Academy. Everyone in the JO community was psyched. The month of the release came, then the week, then finally the day. Many gamers rushed to the nearest PC Store hoping for an even better game than Jedi Outcast, with new and improved gameplay mechanics and more. What they got was nothing more than Jedi Outcast + eyecandy. Jedi Academy was a disappointment for many. Not only did the first month include a non-functional Server Browser, but also players wouldn\'t go for the Jedi Outcast plus a few fancy, yet useless, moves. Not only that, but some of the most key moves of Jedi Outcast used to make combos was removed, and thus the only way to kill your opponent was holding Mouse1 and W.(Attack and Forward, if you use default keys) Enter xMod. When the SDK was released, xMod creator and pioneer =X=Master HeX went straight to work in an all night frenzy to restore some of the key components of Jedi Academy. xMod 2, the sequel to the amazing xMod of Jedi Outcast, now reunites players with gameplay that is not made for a person who has just picked up the game. xMod 2 neutralizes the gameplay in Jedi Academy, changing it to a game that is actually playable. All the options in xMod 2 are exactly that, optional. This allows for the most control over your server putting the admin back in the driver\'s seat. All in all: Raven failed us, but HeX has made Jedi Academy a game that can proudly wear the Jedi Knight series name, and has thus saved the series we have grown to love. Welcome to xMod 2. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [/quote] Now let me just start off with the screenshot there. See that? Down there? Yeah - that. This mod actually detects script users!? How cool is that?! Okay, so some of the other features. There\'s a new delay kick that will actually delay kicking a lamer from the server to show them the message for why they are being kicked. !!! There\'s a protection cvar, honor code enforcement, and freeze tag - not sure what that is cause I didn\'t test this extensively. But the most important things in this mod have to be the ability to unlock the forced turn in yellow dfa\'s! AAHHH! Cause, yeah, I hate JA\'s ydfa. And now you can stand on someone\'s head without slipping off!!! Okay, so that\'s not the greatest feature - but I like it! :D Y\'know, there\'s just too much stuff here to list. It\'s all in the readme and if you don\'t want to read that right now, go find a server with Xmod and try it out yourself! I\'m actually considering switching mods now. Hmm. Great work, guys! :) ~AmosMagee




Staff Converted (v7.1) | 1.26 MB

[quote] Szico VII seemed to like version 4 of this mod: Quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a very cool mod It enales you to have a two-bladed lightsaber , or two, two-bladed lightsabers, instead on a single bladed lightsaber, or two single bladed lightsabers. Understand? Getting confusing yet? Anyway, basically it looks really cool and allows you to use styles only availabe for the sigle bladed lightsaber, such as \'strong\' or \'fast\' with a double bladed one. Like the author admits in the readme, the blade tends to go through your character when you swing it, and unfortunately there seems to be a problem with the textures/shaders on the custom hilts, so they dont show up like they should. Another nice touch is that you can still throw the lightsabers at your opponents, it it very good to see the double blade spinning around and slicing your mystified opponents apart. Apart from this though, everything looks polished, and it is also compatible for Single Player mode. Great Job, I look forward to the final version! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It seems that Szico VII was impressed by this mod, but he was still looking forward to the final version. I can\'t remember seeing the other previous versions of this mod, but it sounds like 6.0 might be the last update. But don\'t quote me on that. All that\'s been changed here is the standing stance for the staff and the texture problem. Oh, and the author says that the brokens staffs work now. So if you\'re a fan of this mod, get the latest version. [/quote] Okay, anyone wanna place bets on this being Vouksh\'s final version? I\'m gonna wager that we\'ll be seeing at least one more update, maybe two! ;) Anyway, it seems that Vouksh changed his mind about the crystal sabers and removed those. He\'s also shortened the length of the hilts and reduced their width by 75%. There\'s one addition to the mod - the \"lazer shield\". It does look cool, but it\'s fairly useless - especially if you use it as a single saber ... hehe. Unfortunately, I found that there were textures missing. :( I also found this in the readme though: \"It’s only in it’s beta stages so don’t be too mad.\" Soooo ... my guess is the update is in the works. :) ~AmosMagee




WB Academy - Fists of Fury | 3.02 MB

as in melee, instead you get fists like sabers - but without the saber! Quantum Surge was my personal favorite, the dual stance gives you two glowing hands that if you perform a special with, spin round just like the sabers would, but instead appear as balls of fire/lightning, looks very cool! Another cool thing is as you run around, your flaming/burning, whatever, fists leave trails behind them, most noticable were the acid hands that leave a green and black trail. Unfortunately as the readme says, this mod still relies heavily on the standard saber animations, so unless you use dual stance, you\'ll get some pretty weird affects! Performing a single heavy stance attack with glowing hands looks rather odd! However, the vast number of new effects and sounds greatly outweight that little problem and it\'s a great alternative to sabers. It\'s like playing Mortal Kombat mixed with a bit of Dungeons and Dragons or some other strange combination. What I would suggest is remove the saber marks from the floors/walls in the next version, and remove the sounds, all of this can be done using the .sab files thanks to the 1.01 patch. Oh Luke, Tavion, Kyle and the Imperial officer will all use the new stuff as well which makes it far more interesting! Almost forgot this too! Lightning has been replaced with Force Flame or something like that, new sound effects for that too - but they\'re quite irritating admittedly, too repetative in a droning fashion. -WadeV1589-




Melee Mod Update: MP Fix | 2.29 KB

the good times (and heads ;)) roll. Pay attention to the readme for information and installation. Technical Data: Pros: 1. Update. N/A Cons: 1. Update. N/A Rating: N/A JEDIofONE :mepimp:




Fire Blades | 183.42 KB

shoots out from your saber hilt. The result is a bit of a shorter blade, but the effect looks very cool. It looks good in each color, but not surprisingly, this effect looks best on an orange saber. Also included is a pk3 that reduces the effects of the saber glow, core and blur, thereby allowing the fire effect to show through. {THC}ShovelHead, the author, claims that he created this little saber mod to go hand-in-hand with another mod of his, coming up, called Burning Hand Technique. After testing both mods together and seperately, I have to say that I prefer these Fire Blades without the Burning Hand Technique. ~AmosMagee




AIMod (beta 5.0) | 1.07 MB

often play against bots, I can\'t really compare anything. But I did notice that the bots were much more chatty. Rosh was taunting me with several different taunts while trying to kill me. Besides the bot A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), the author also included some new gametypes. The ones I tried were Co-op and RPG. With the Co-op sub-gametype, I did find a couple of Jedi who helped me kill some Reborn here and there, but they wouldn\'t follow me around the map - I kinda had to bring the bad guys to them. With the RPG gametype, I really wasn\'t sure how that was supposed to work because the NPC\'s didn\'t react any differently to my presence. They still tried to kill me. There are some other gametypes to choose from. Look in the readme for more. :) One of the biggest and best features of this mod are the new saber stances and specials. If you\'ll take a look at the first screenshot there, you\'ll see that the first stance is just the Dual-bladed saber with one saber turned off, but then we get into the more interesting stances. I didn\'t test each stance, but I found some new special moves with some of the new stances. Not only are there new stances for the Dual-bladed saber, but there are also a few new ones for the single saber, when using the Dual-bladed saber. (Hope that made sense.) The fourth screenshot will show you the first of the Dual Sabers stances. The first one should be recognizable, but the following stances are all new. The eighth screenshot below will show you the basic stances for the Single Saber. Light, medium and heavy (or blue, yellow and red) - then following those are 7 new stances for the single saber. I believe there was a special for each new stance, maybe not. There is a screenshot there, showing just two of the new specials. Very cool looking. :) I had fun playing this mod, but it\'s not something that I would play for long. As I\'ve stated before in other reviews, I just don\'t like changing the game too much. But this might be a refreshing change for when you get tired of the same old gameplay. :) My only major complaint would be that the author didn\'t include real specific instructions on how to play each gametype, or any description at all. Hopefully with your next update, you\'ll have a more comprehensive readme! :) ~AmosMagee




Jedi Academy: Reloaded (1.2 Win Installer) | 6.39 MB

1.1, um ... yeah, get this to update your server! :D ~AmosMagee Here\'s the original review and my review of the mod: [quote] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A long awaited major admin based mod for you all This mod is the [un]official mod for the Jedi Academy. A server-side only modification designed to keep the peace and order on the servers. With that in mind, I set out and improved this mod with the way I wanted it to in the past. It\'s loaded with Admin Commands, Client Commands, Options, and cVars; Extremely modified to meet any clans expectations. This is truly the only mod you will ever need to get that doesn\'t alter the normal gameplay of Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy® Please visit us at, or on IRC at #jedi-academy, #ja-reloaded @ Linux version coming soon!!! The v1.0 most noted commands are below: Server Admins can now pick and choose what commands they wish to allow their \"am\" and \"jk\" level admins to use. g_mAdminCommands - cVar bit value to determine which \"am\" commands are allowed for their admins. g_mKnightCommands - cVar bit value to determine which \"jk\" commands are allowed for their knights. rcon admin can always execute the commands even if they are disabled to other admins. aminfo - now prints commands that are accessable to admin, instead of just commands in the mod. amhelp - now prints commands help to the admins pending if they are accessable to them. New IP Range Banning Admin Command ( mbanrange) g_mDebugEmpower - Will enforce the \"No Force\" rule and will not allow empowered clients to have force. Spectator Followers can now be kicked, banned, etc. without affecting others. mvstr - command that allows you to choose which map you want in the rotation, without disrupting the order. mnextmap - executes next map available in rotation. Most default settings that were in reloaded.cfg are now hardcoded into mod for faster and easier configuration. mnpcaccess does not give client access to cheats. You can now use clients names for assigning mnpcaccess/mnpcnoaccess. g_mAdminGun - Enables/Disables AdminGun system. (includes script) g_mAllowTeleFlag - default is enabled, if set to 0, clients cannot teleport during CTF and CTY gameplay. New BanIP.dat file stores banned ip\'s. Full use of 2048 saved ips activated! Tweaked the whois command a little again to make it more stable. g_mGiveAdmin - if set to 1, you can grant an admin access level to anyone on the server. madminaccess, mdenyadminaccess - commands for granting/denying admin access to clients. Enable/Disable use of black color names. New logout function - to logout as an admin or knight. Ignore - ignore certain clients from chatting so you dont have to listen to them. Sleeping clients can no longer use the kill command. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With that said, here is the latest version of Jedi Academy: Reloaded. According to ChosenOne, there were quite a few code tweaks, but I\'m not gonna get into that. One of the cvars that I love is the g_mSTFU ... hehe. When enabled, it\'ll silence chat on Duel and PowerDuel gamemodes. Chosen also mentioned that one of his favorite things in this mod is the Empowered vs. Terminator gameplay. I can\'t say I\'ve tested it yet, but I look forward to it! He\'s also included some cvars that allow you (the server owner) to set permissions for Admins and Knights. So let\'s say you have a group of admins and you don\'t want them banning people - just sleeping and kicking. Just set the appropriate values and voila! Speaking of banning, the new banIP.dat ... y\'know the one that in JK2 would hold over 1,000 IP\'s ... yeah ... it now holds 2,048!!! Very cool. Of course, I don\'t think I could ban that many people. My JK2 banned IP list never got full with JA mod. So, now with the aminfo and amhelp commands, they\'re like, customized to the permissions that you have as an admin. Very cool. The admin gun, popular among some admins, is now enabled. Personally, I just didn\'t like using it. Not a good enough range for me. And frankly, I\'d end up sleeping or kicking the wrong person. Oh, and it looks like Chosen fixed a few bugs from version 1.0. Be sure to read the readme for the full list of changes and features. You\'re going to need to read the whole thing if you\'ve never used the JA mod before. I\'d like to personally thank Chosen for making such a wonderful mod that helps to keep servers under control. My favorite feature, by far, has to be the sleep command. With it, I can easily get a lamer\'s attention and explain the rules to him - instead of having to kick him because he continues to lame, but isn\'t reading the rules. Y\'know? Jedi Academy mod for JK2 was definitely the best admin mod out there. I am fairly confident that Jedi Academy: Reloaded will become a favorite for us in JA. [/quote]




OJP Vehicles | 553.34 KB

Speeder. Yea, I exaggerated the list. Sue me. Pick this up and get going with your OJP playing today! I salute the OJP team for such great tact in their mod-making. Now if it just had admin-commands and kung fu + some more emotes it\'d be perfect!! - Chrono 10/10




Han's Saber Pack | 176.51 KB

bladed one) The full lightsaber mod, where the lightsaber turns into a broom (for cleaning the jka arena floors :) ) is well implememted, and the broom looks snazzy. Unfortunately this is ruined because you can easily see the lightsaber blade through the broom. Damn shame, i wanted to clean up those dirty bespin streets, but that wouldn't be any good if i slice everything apart at the same time would it? :) As for the two hilts, they are pretty good. One is the polycrystal, where a number of transparent crystals are embedded into the lightaver blade. The other is just a crystal saber, where there is only one crystal embedded in the hilt, not more - hence the 'poly' in the name. The broom isn't up to scratch, but this file still has some decent saber hilts to offer. ~Szico VII~




Body Blood | 193.38 KB

looks like moulding leaves, you actually see blood! Yes, blood! This mod also changes the effect bullets have on a character, they are no longer little black holes, but litte red holes, just to make things a little more realistic ;) It\'s a nice idea, and this mod is well made, but I can\'t see this being the most popular mod ever because its not really an amazing advancement, but if you want more gore in your games, download this! ~Szico VII~




Academy: FPS | 1.55 MB

and turns them all into swords and sith swords. It\'s basically like sabers just didn\'t exist! You can tell a fair bit of effort was put into adding all this new stuff, I\'m imagining it but I could swear the defenses look different now, they are not changed but because of the new efx files things look quite different. I\'ve noticed in a lot of mods that people don\'t go that extra mile and replace even the small stuff, this mod does. The blood effect is interesting, it looks more like red puffs of smoke, of course JA wasn\'t designed to show blood so this is a good second for those of you who like to see that gorey red after a kill. Some of the weapon effects have also been changed somewhat and they aren\'t too bad but the bullets do look a bit flat for the E11 and DL44. This mod contains new sounds, new effects and new models so all in all very good for the file size! -WadeV1589-




Screwdriver Saber | 104.96 KB

saber mod though. When I read that it was a screwdriver saber, I was hoping for two different sabers - a Phillips and a flathead. And with screwdriver hilts too! Well, maybe someone will read this review and see the saber and decide to model one - or both. :D Like I said, love the concept! Great job. :) ~AmosMagee




Green Start-Up Screen | 359.21 KB

just plain suck. Maybe that\'s because most people just take an image they like, throw it into a zip file, slap a readme in there and that\'s that. However, some people take their start up screens seriously. I know if I were to ever make one, I would want to change everything on the screen to make it completely mine. This start up screen here is quite simple, but it does work well. It could be better - the quote should probably be moved up just a tad so the buttons wouldn\'t seem so crowded, it would balance out a little better then. :) Anyway, good job. ~AmosMagee




GameUpgrade 1.0 | 53.5 KB

on the Jedi Master level. Well, Darkseide made this mod just for you. He altered the NPC\'s for single player to make the game a bit more challenging. This game upgrade gives a boost to many NPC\'s, which hopefully will make a better game for you to play. He\'s also included two new vehicles. New, meaning, well ... you couldn\'t ride the mutant Rancor or a sand creature worm thing in the game. Now he says you can. Though, in the readme, he\'s listed the sand creature vehicle as a bug. :/ If you\'re feeling adventurous, try this out, then come back and let us know what you thought. :) ~AmosMagee




Zoog Saber | 984 B

you’ll get two double blades. That’s about all this mod does. Still, although I wouldn’t use this mod on a server (since it is somewhat cheap) I had a lot of fun hacking up bot while testing it and it does look cool. Altogether, Zoog saber was a good idea that turned out nicely, even though there’s not much to it. 7/10 ~DeathBringer




Shadowtrooper Sounds (JKA Port) | 2.04 MB

release since it would have been much easier to simply extract the sounds from the JK2 version of Shadowtrooper, change some directories here and there, and pack it in a pk3. Unless of course, you couldn\'t get the sounds to work, and decided to simply take the model. And that is what I believe was done here. And the mod is somewhat non-functional anyways. There are no jump noises in JKA, and when you fall off a ledge or whatever, the trooper laughs. WTF? Basically, this is not worth a download. All you get is the laugh of the old Shadowtrooper, nothing more. ~Lord Griever~ [b]Team Colors - Yes New Sounds - Sort of(JK2 sound) Bot Support - Yes[/b]




Unused Hilts Pack | 1.79 KB

from the SAB file and allow you to use Luke\'s, Desann\'s, and the Reborn lightsabers in Multiplayer. Absent from this pack is Kyle\'s saber, but I imagine everyone got sick of using that from JK2 anyway ^_^. Anyway, get this file so you can use some lightsabers outside of the currently boring ones. - Chrono




Desann Sound Pack | 586.89 KB

close - the mouths move with taunts now. This is news to me, but it definitely made Desann look more realistic. ^_^ Anywho, get this file on your computer. Because I for one, am sick of listening to Desann sound like a reborn. - Chrono




Xalius Episode I Sabers | 462.85 KB

file will also change the sounds from your sabers. While the sounds are pretty good, I think I prefer the sounds that come with the game. These tend to be a little long for my liking. For instance, when you put your saber away the sound continues long after it has been deactivated. Seeing as how it’s no longer there, the humming really shouldn’t be there either. I do agree with him on the look though. I decided to bust out Episode I again, just for fun and because I thought it’d be good to check, and I think these are a fairly accurate depiction of the sabers seen in Episode I. This is a pretty decent mod if you don’t like the current sabers or have a desire to be back in Episode I again. But I think it would be much better if it were a visual only mod. Take out the new sounds and I’d probably keep it around for a while, but with these new sounds I don’t think it’ll stay very long. - Daku




JA Saber Hilts | 160.95 KB

Desann saber looks very good in my opinion, along with the Luke saber. The sounds that are used on the Luke saber sound very good. The reborn saber was pretty plain looking it was like any other saber in the Star Wars world. The sabers are only for duel sabers and the single saber, so for all you staff people I guess you can say shucks. I really liked the Luke saber because of the nice look and the sounds he used from Return of the Jedi (ROTJ). There are not too many JKA hilts out there right now and most of them suck (no offense to those who made them and they sucked). The bottom of the Desann saber looked a bit strange because of the texture, but thats just me :). So umm there isn\'t too much to offer, but hey its three hilts in one yipee! So I would download it mainly for the Luke hilt not as much for the others. The thing that I liked about this is that it takes just as much thought and concentration to make a hilt as it does to wield a saber. The hilts look just like a normal Star Wars hilt nothing amazingly strange on them. Overall these saber hilts were a pretty good bunch. The reborn I didn\'t like so much because of its overall plainness. The Desann saber looked pretty good it had all the good touches put onto it just like on the spikes. The Luke saber is probably my favorite and you would know that if you actually read the review :). Just hearing the sounds on the Luke saber made me like it. Personally I would get this set of hilts and seeing that it isn\'t too big of a file it shouldn\'t take you too long to download it so for all you lazy people like me get your lazy hand on the mouse and hit the download button and yipee! Good job cHoSeN oNe maybe you can now make a whole set of the Star Wars character\'s weapons and hilts :). I am out! *Walks away into a galaxy fairly close* -XgamerX New sounds: Yes




DarthStevenus\'s Lightning Enhancement Pack v1.0 | 108.62 MB

Academy. Well, DarthStevenus to the rescue, and then some! :) I don\'t know why this is listed as a mini-mod when it is anything but. Todays package, is new effects for Force Lightning, or as I like to call it now, \"Force F*** You!, mwahaha! }> The only thing is that you can only have ONE variant installed at a time. Me personally, I\'ve love to see a mod made that lets you cycle through all the different effects and colours within the game itself, but I suspect that would be impossible. Still, you\'re spoilt for choice with this pack as it stands at the moment. :) Not only do you get a selection of new effects for Force Lightning (I love the data beam variant), but you also get a new Force Lightning stance, a new Force Push effect, a new lightsaber, and 3 slightly modified weapons. This is most definitely, a win. :) [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]New Animations:[/b] Yes [b]New Effects:[/b] Yes [b]New Models:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes -SuperSmeg




Textureless Swoop Fix 2.0 | 8.04 KB

choose from a variety of colours. No metallic paint option though unfortunately, and the chromed exhaust pipes cost extra. Just remember to only put [i]one[/i] .pk3 in your base folder. Just pick the colour you want and away you go! ~Nozyspy~




New Force Icons | 4.24 MB

graphics for the force icons in JKA. As you can see from the screenshots below, Dark Side powers are red (obviously!) blue is Neutral powers and green is Light Side powers. Personally I think it would have made more sense for the Light Side powers to be blue and Neutral to be green, but as the colour scheme has been taken from Dark Forces 2 I guess I cant complain as that is one of my favourite games. All in all a nice little mod here, personally I think these look much nicer than the base JKA icons! I also think a JK2 version of this mod would be cool! Give it a download if you fancy a change! ~Nozyspy~




Missing NPC's | 1.39 MB

from the readme which explains what each of these missing NPC's is and what it does: [quote]The NPC's are: glider mark1 mark2 minemonster The glider is a flying reptile native to Yavin IV. It looks like a cross between a pterodactyl and a heron. When you spawn it, it will be "asleep." The easiest way to wake it up is to spawn a jawa nearby and walk in front of it. This works well for droids as well. The glider doesn't move very quickly, but it will follow you if you were the first person it saw when it woke up. Otherwise it's harmless. RavenSoft didn't make any sounds for the glider. For a more dynamic glider, check out my [url=;120635]Glider Vehicle pk3[/url]. It uses the pekopeko and shakk sounds. The mark1 is a large, heavily-armed attack droid. It'll attack as soon as it sees you. The mark2 is a small droid that sort of sits there whirring about as if deciding what to do next. So far as I've seen, it's harmless. Minemonsters, or "shrugs" as we've been calling them on the server for ages, are nasty little creatures from the crystal mines of Artus Prime. They're surprisingly fast and vicious, and a swarm of them can cause serious injuries in a short time. Thankfully, they're not very smart.[/quote] Well I certainly remember the Mine Monsters from Artus Prime in JK2, nasty little critters. If you take a look around the cantina level of JK2 when you speak to the Chiss Bartender, have a look around, there is actually a a pit nearby where a couple of patrons are fighting Mine Monsters! The glider is also really cool looking, but alas it doesn’t really do much. I also remember the Mark1 and Mark2 from the Doomgiver levels in JK2; the Mark1 is the mini AT-ST type thing that breakes out of some crates in the Doomgiver levels and attacks you, and the Mark2 is basically a mouse droid type thing... with a gun! Overall then a small but interesting mod which you can definitely have some fun with if you put it on your server! :D ~Nozyspy~




Unreal UI - V3 | 10.77 MB

anything about the source material, I can see that this is a very slick and well made mod. There is plenty of movement in the menus and such, this is immediately obvious when the main menu screen loads, and a giant \'U\' symbol tries to leap out of the screen to kill you with its sharp stabby edges. :P They certainly aren’t static, that’s for sure, the ingame menus pulse slowly and even the cursor moves gently from side to side. The HUD is neatly rolled into just one package on the left side of the screen, which contains everything you need to know. Once again the graphics and presentation here are very slick! This also happens to have been made for a clan who\'s logo is also the Unreal logo, however since that is the case this is perfectly suitable for anyone who might be a fan of the Unreal Tournament games! Overall I think this is a great piece of work, although my main complaint is that giant \'U\' on the main menu, the way it zooms in and out and moves around is a bit hypnotic and it was uncomfortable to look at after a little while, I would suggest maybe lessening the amount of movement it does, but that\'s just me. Keep up the excellent work! ~Nozyspy~




Neo Dark Ages - Version A3.16

neo_dark_ages.txt | 177 B

the download link only!*** Well, what a treat we have for you today! The long awaited Neo Dark Ages mod is here and it looks fantastic! As you can probably guess from the title of the mod and a cursory glance at the screenshots below, this is a dark ages/middle ages themed mod with the ever present fantasy twist. [b]Maps[/b] There are only two maps included here, a small mountain/canyon type map and a much larger medieval village type map. The mapping work on both is very good, though it is in some aspects a little blocky and some of the textures a little lower resolution that they probably should be, but it isn’t anything major and they are both very good. The village map is most certainly my favourite as it captures the fantasy/medieval village theme perfectly. Plenty of old wooden buildings placed on multiple levels with rocky outcrops and huge walls. The gate in the middle wall even has a dragon (!!) blocking the path. I did attack the dragon, but for some reason it did not cause me any damage, so I do not know whether that is a bug. That brings me on to the next major feature, probably my favourite part of the whole mod... [b]Weapons[/b] The weapons are, in a word, amazing. Some of the best weapon modelling, texturing, effects, and sounds I have ever seen. Not only is there a huge variety to choose from such as; axes, warhammers, swords, shields, pikes, banners and an assortment of more fantasy themed things like mystic looking tree branches and daggers. There are many more variations of each of these weapons to choose from as well. And that's only the melee weapons! For ranged weapons there is a crossbow which fires flaming arrows, a tree branch type thing that shoots mystical green energy balls, a dragon which sits on your back and breathes fire, and angelic wing that sits on your back and shoots angelic energy and a staff that shoots lightning bolts. Wait, I haven’t finished yet! Then there is a strange mechanical looking device which shoots balls of cosmic energy accompanied by effects that look like exploding galaxies when they hit and even a cross which shoots cross shaped bolts of energy. Yes I do mean a crucifix. A strange weapon to replace the Bryar Pistol, but it was kind of fun! The visual effects for these weapons are all new and custom made and the sound effects compliment the weapons wonderfully and sound amazing. I have to say I had quite a lot of fun firing the crossbow at the bullseye targets lined up in the village map. Though I think the arrows disappear too quickly afterwards, I do not know if it is possible to make the 'arrow stuck in target' effect to last longer, but I think it would be good if this was possible, as the arrows had a habit of disappearing before I could run to the target to check my aim! I can imagine this could be a very fun game itself for people to play on servers using this mod! [b]Skins[/b] There are a massive amount of skins to choose from. Knights in armour, animal skin clad barbarians, wizardy looking fellows and assassins. Not to mention the fact that you can also customise your own character using a variety of parts from the customisation menu. As with the weapons, all of the skinning here is top notch work, high resolution and packed with detail. [b]Everything Else[/b] There are many other smaller parts of the mod, which nevertheless are just as important as the large parts like skins and weapons. The main menu in particular is worthy of special note. It still has the same layout as the base JKA menu but is almost completely unrecognisable. It looks very much like an astrolabe and the moving 'cogs' in the center circle look really unique and I loved the overall feel of the menus. As for music, that two has its own unique feel that fits very well with the theme of the mod, though personally I would have preferred something a little more cinematic, Lord of the Rings perhaps? That’s just me though! Of course, no medieval setting would be complete without a trusty steed for the Knight, and yes, this mod does have ridable horses! The animation and modelling is great, but I would like to see a more open map that has plenty of space to ride the horses in, or maybe even a jousting arena? ;) [b]Conclusion[/b] This is a very unique mod and definitely worth a download. It has been in production for a long, long time; I remember looking in on the NDA website a couple of years ago out of curiosity so its great to see it come to fruition! That said this is still only an Alpha version and it has great potential to be expanded. There are quite a few features, like demo recording, a speedometer (!) and a zombie siege type mode (!!) among others! Be sure to check out the readme file for the full low down! The main thing I would probably suggest for the next version is to add a couple more maps as two isn’t very many compared to the amount of weapons and skins. Overall though I think this is very well polished for a mod that is still in alpha! Keep up the excellent work guys, you have something pretty special here, it just needs to be expanded upon! :D ~Nozyspy~ ***Please note that due to the size of this file, we could not upload it to JKFiles directly. Please download it from here! The main download link at the bottom of the page contains a dummy file with the download link only!***




Renegade Knights Chat Icon | 153.86 KB

to other players. :p It looks nice though. Kind of like a Battalion of Knights seal. I'm sorry. I recently watched "A Knight's Tale" tonight, so that was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this mod. [b]New Textures: Yes[/b] Download at your leisure. -SuperSmeg




SonofWindu's Custom Lightsaber Blades | 1.28 MB

you swing, I mean, the OJP team managed to make film accurate lightsaber blur effects, why not Raven? It would have made the game much more cinematic... Oh well. SonofWindu here brings us a new mod which rather elegantly gets around that problem by simply removing the glowy white smudge in the middle of the saber trail and leaving a simple faintly coloured 'swoosh' instead, which I think looks very cool. The screenies the author has supplied below should give you a pretty good idea of what it looks like! The saber blades have also been tweaked; now looking slightly fuller with deeper richer colours and a slightly pointier tip. All in all a nice little saber mod here, which may just usurp the saber blade mod which I currently use! Keep up the fine work! :) ~Nozyspy~ ***The main download link at the bottom of the page is currently not working! Please download from here instead!***




Textureless Swoop Fix | 1.75 KB

though I'd recommend allowing people to choose the default color in a new version, hoss. - Averus Retruthan




Force Icon Mod | 1.28 MB

multiplayer.[/quote] Need more be said? Yah, no. Pics at the bottom, if y'need the supplement. - Averus Retruthan




A mod worthy of recognition in the Jedi Archives: New MP options | 232.06 KB

mod of great and potent convenience, I reckon. Essentially, this is sort of a menu mod of sorts that allows for toggling of certain variables, settings, all that good stuff. The mod only can be activated whilst in-game, but it plays nice with others, so no big deal. What kinda functions does it activate? Eh, nothing MIND-BLOWING. Force Regen, speed, gravity, stuff like that, but it also has the ability to mod weapon damage(?) and enable some other misc. mods, which isn't too bad. So yeah, it's a neat little tool, but keep in mind, some of those commands require cheats to be active to use them, so may not be for everyone. M'kay, victory. - Averus Retruthan




Switched Base Animations | 11.54 KB

downloads, just because of its simplicity. The screenshots will reveal all in this scenario. If the screenshot server happens to go down by the time you're reading this, basically I'll sum it up real fast. Fast: Diagnol Cross block Medium: Standing idle, relaxed. Strong: High Block cross high. Dual: Staff default. Jump Forward/Back: Alora jumps. Jetpack is pretty much Boba Fett SP, like it shoulda b