Jedi Knight III




TGA to JPG Converter | 86.81 KB

can’t be used in Paint. While this is great and cool and fantastic, it needs to be realized that quite frankly, if you can’t convert files normally on your own, be it lack of a program or lack of skill, your skins probably won’t be accepted by the general public anyway. You can be a Maddox at paint, but that stuff just doesn’t come across well for skins. This is the sort of program that you might wind up using out of game, however. For instance, if you need to make a signature using an image from JK2, or JK3, or whatever game, you can use this if the file is in a .tga. So while this file doesn’t hold its direct purpose, it might still come in handy. ~Wassup1444465




Raven Animation and Model Source Files (Part 3) | 74.59 MB

files for all the JKA animations AND the source files for all the standard player models created by Raven. We\'re currently in the process of sorting thru all the data and getting it organized for release. A big thanks to Keshire for talking Raven out of the files and then spending the time to organizing them.[/quote] This final package includes the Non Humanoid Models and Animations in XSI format. This is part 3 of a 3 part series of animation and model files from Raven Software. ~AmosMagee




Raven Animation and Model Source Files (Part 2) | 29.31 MB

files for all the JKA animations AND the source files for all the standard player models created by Raven. We\'re currently in the process of sorting thru all the data and getting it organized for release. A big thanks to Keshire for talking Raven out of the files and then spending the time to organizing them.[/quote] This next package contains files to help you in editing the Standard Player Models. It includes all the Standard Player Models in XSI format. This is part 2 of a 3 part series of animation and model files from Raven Software. ~AmosMagee




Raven Animation and Model Source Files (Part 1) | 54.95 MB

for all the JKA animations AND the source files for all the standard player models created by Raven. We're currently in the process of sorting thru all the data and getting it organized for release. A big thanks to Keshire for talking Raven out of the files and then spending the time to organizing them.[/quote] This first package includes files that could help you create your own custom animations. It has all the _humanoid animation files in XSI format with the exclusion of the cinematics. This is part 1 of a 3 part series of animation and model files from Raven Software. ~AmosMagee




Pakscape | 103.69 KB

Pakscape is a pk3 editing program. Any modder/mapper e.t.c who wants to release a file for any quake3 based game - .pk, .pk3, .zip file formats e.t.c, needs this file to organise their file structure. This is probably the best one around, but as far as i know it doesnt support Doom3 as of yet. ~Szico VII~




NetRadiant JKA Fix (Mac OSX) | 351.19 KB

over the years. Apparently though Net Radiant does not work properly on Mac\'s (which are also evil), so The One and Only has released this fix which should enable Mac users out there to use Net Radiant for JKA properly! :D He has also included a copy of the excellent Q3Map2 GUI for OSX made by Eridan for ease of compiling. Unfortunately though this only includes the necessary files for JKA, so it seems like making maps for JK2 using Net Radiant on a Mac may still not be possible. Maybe that is something to include for next time? Other than that there isn’t much more I can say about this, so if you are a Mac user and want a fix to let you work with Net Radiant, then this should be of help to you! ~Nozyspy~




Q3map2 Graphical User Interface | 138.42 KB

without compiling a map, I was able to find a couple bugs. One dealt with frmFolders.Dir1_change, which happened every time I browsed folders for map files. And then there’s the need for the q3map2 compiler itself. It’d be great if it was already included, but if you’re a mapper you probably know where to go for it. Seeing as I don’t map, I don’t know where to go. :p But anyways, this looks like a very useful tool for mappers. So download it if you’re interested. ~Zach




Modding Tutorials | 803.67 KB

somewhat incomplete, covering only the very basics and very little else. For instance the skinning tutorial nowhere mentions ModView, or how to use it for skinning, or how to make skin files, or how to make custom sounds work... you get the idea. I hesitate to say it's a bad tutorial, but I can't see how it would be very helpful. The saber editing tutorial is no where near as helpful as the .sab help file [url=]found here[/url] and is also very incomplete, giving only the most basic information on how to use it. So if you want to learn to make really good skins or really good sabers, I'd look for a different tutorial. If you just want the bare bones basics you can use these tutorials. ~Inyri




Wasabee\'s Skinning Tools | 559.7 KB

tutorial frankly confused me to the point where I stopped reading it. It has a lot of run-on sentences that made it very difficult for me to keep my place. The author also went on and on for each step, when most newbie skinners probably just want simple directions. But just for the Pakscape/ModView combo it\'s worth a download for new skinners. I\'d probably suggest finding a better skinning tutorial, though. ~Inyri




External Data File Helper Documents | 10.88 KB

be posted soon) put together these help files for those of you struggling with the creation of new NPC\'s and sabers. Not only are there easy-to-follow instructions on how to do it, there are also some template files for the vehicle and vehicle weapon file formats. With all of this help here in one little zip file, you don\'t have excuses anymore - so get this and start modding! :D ~AmosMagee




IBIze-mac (Mac Script Compiler) | 541.1 KB

modding. I don’t actually know that much about .IBI files so I can’t really give you more detail here. Most likely you will only download this if you actually know what .IBI files are anyway! :P So if you have a Mac and are in need of a simple utility for converting text files into .IBI scripts then this is for you. For a full explanation of how to use this utility (though it really is very simple, don’t worry!) view the readme for more details. ~Nozyspy~




.map to .ase Converter Utility | 101.74 KB

point that it made no sense to convert an entire map into a model. But, apparently, it saves brushes, and I thought of something you could use it for. You could take your map, and then convert it to a .ase, scale it down, and have it be a miniature map in your map! Although, while a program to convert files is nice, Darth NormaN told me that he uses batch files to do conversions, and that Darth Arth’s q3map2GUI, and even q3map2build can do something similar, although you have to compile your map first and then convert it into .ase. Now this, it just takes a .map and converts it to .ase. This definitely sounds nifty, because if I was making a map, I wouldn’t want to compile (and take a long time compiling) for one model. Now I can just use one little tool. There are a few things that could use changing, and that’s the fact that it starts out semi-transparent. It’s a noted bug. Another small thing that Darth NormaN pointed out to me is that he wanted a scrollbar that showed every .map available. Note: You MUST have .NET Framework Version 2.0 installed on your computer for this to work! Oh, I would like to thank both Darth NormaN and SithDagger for their input on this. It really helped me out when reviewing this. Darth NormaN tested it out for me, and it works just fine. ~Zach




JKNotepad | 575.55 KB

it does very little more than, for instance, notepad would. Since you can edit all of these file types in notepad, the only real benefit here is that you can save directly to a file type without having to add the extension and choose \"all files\". However that never really struck me as that big of a hassle. It is apparently customizable to an extent, however, allowing you to customize 10 entries for quick insertion into whatever file type you are working on, so you don\'t have to keep retyping common strings. This program is also a beta, which is obvious if you start fooling around with it. I played around with a .skin file in it, making deliberate errors. and the Skin Check under tools found no abnormalities. Now maybe that\'s not what that tool is for, but with the less-than-adequate documentation coming with the utility it\'s a mystery to me. I also ran an error check on a working .sab file I had lying around, and it hilighted the entire thing as an error. So what are you [i]basically[/i] getting here? A new notepad with a few helpful extras, several of which don\'t work right. I\'m sure for some of you it\'s worth it, but seasoned modders will likely find notepad just as easy to work with, if not simpler in the long run. Oh, and apparently shader support was not included. Shucks. ~Inyri




Modders Kit | 535.97 KB

is simply annoying to have to do the guess and check method with your values. Thankfully, Meush has come out with his own little utility, and it’s pretty easy to use. What you get is a program that has three rows, one for each RBG color. Move the sliders, and on the right of the rows you get the “outcome” picture. Pretty simple, and easy. To make it so that you know the values, there are two numbers on the left of each row. One is the RBG value for 0-255, and another is the value from 0-1, which the Quake III engine takes (JKA). This itself will make modding a whole lot easier. Also included is a black and white move and saber background. What’s this mean? Take a look at the saber menu in JKA, and you’ll see a background behind the sabers as they are selected and rotating. This can make blending in screenshots quite a challenge, and it is also just plain unattractive. Whatever program you use, be it Paint or Photoshop, the black or white (whichever you choose) pk3’s will change that background accordingly for use in screenshots. As both a weapon modeler and now a reviewer, this is going to make MY life a whole lot easier, too, and I’m sure it will come in handy for many of you, as well. Nice work, Meush! ~Wassup1444465




PK3 as Compressed Folders | 946 B

been known to many for quite some time but for new modders or those who have missed it before, here it is. -WadeV1589-




JK3 Chat Scan | 16.7 KB

is. “This is an example of how to communicate with JK3 console using Microsoft Visual Basic. It uses a control written by me (JK3ChatScan) and also has an example of how to use the control.” ~Wolf




Skybox Sample | 4.7 MB

off into the distance. The Z-95 of a visitor is parked nearby, damned tourists! :P There are also a couple of trees/plants, though personally I would have added many, many more of them to give the planet a bit more life. Yes I know Terragenrendered skyboxes are usually pretty bare, but I think if you know how to add plants in there (you will have to explain how you did that in the comments Morabis!) then you should make sure you place them liberally. Overall though a pretty cool skybox, I think it would be nice to see more submissions like this to give mappers who are not familiar with how to make custom skyboxesa choice of different ones to use. Just don’t forget to add the name of the .shader file included here to the end of the list in your shaderlist.txt! I hope to see more skyboxes from you Morabis! ~Nozyspy~




Arena File Maker | 271.69 KB

displaying its name and also telling the game what gametype’s the map should appear in. The problem is that traditionally you make a .arena file by first making a .txt with the information in it and then changing the file extension to .arena. It sounds simple enough, but it can be confusing if you are just starting out. This is where this handy little program comes in. This is basically a simple program which makes the .arena file for you! All you need to do is choose where you want the .arena file to be saved to, enter your maps information in the boxes then click create… and voila! A .arena file is made for you! Personally I think this is a fantastic idea for a program and I am surprised that nobody has ever done this before. Of course it’s possible that they may have, but I have certainly never come across a program like this myself. This is a must download for mappers, especially new mappers! :D ~Nozyspy~




Bumpmapping Tutorial | 4.44 MB

another thing entirely. At best this is a fake bump mapping tutorial that attempts to simulate the results of real bump mapping. Now that I\'ve said that to diffuse any gossip that bump mapping is actually possible, let\'s move on to the tutorial. The tutorial claims that it is meant for GIMP 2.4 [i]and[/i] photoshop, but if you are a photoshop user you will be sorely disappointed to find that none of the actual bump mapping section is applicable to your program. Despite what it claims, this tutorial is focused exclusively on GIMP. Also from what I saw it looks to be the result of nothing more than 2 or 3 filters. The result probably looks okay, although no image of the final product was included in the tutorial which is kind of a bummer - I know I don\'t follow tutorials unless I can see what the final product looks like (how do you know if you want to use the tutorial or not if you don\'t know what it creates?). On the other hand, the tutorial is relatively easy to follow and comes with pictures to help you out. Some of the included pictures are [i]very[/i] large, however, but are sized much smaller in the tutorial. Basically you\'ve got a 1mb image that you aren\'t seeing full size, so it seems to me that author could have made the tutorial much more appealing by downsizing the images and saving the space if he wasn\'t going to display them full-size in the end. ~Inyri




Jedi Academy SDK Fixed | 6.8 MB

considered bugs with the original JKA public SDK. This includes altered code from clan mod included with this version of the SDK so budding coders can implement these features and fixes into their own mods more easily. Check the read-me for information on some of the important bugs and exploits that have been fixed in the code with this SDK! All original SDK content is also included, so if you want the altered code included here you will not need to download the old SDK as well. ~Inyri




Skybox 4-Pack #1 | 8.7 MB

be a little less accessible to less experienced mappers, despite a short skybox shader tutorial that is included. The skyboxes themselves, from the individual images, look pretty decent. They are a bit odd in their visuals, making them a good choice for folks who find that the default included skyboxes don\'t fit their map\'s style. However if you don\'t consider yourself a shader whiz, or if you\'ve never even seen a shader before, I kind of doubt these skyboxes will seem to be viable options for you. The author may want to consider this in the future if he plans to release any more skybox packs. ~Inyri




GtkRadiant 1.5.0 Tutorial | 14.45 KB

quote a little. Ah, shaddap and pay attention to the tutorial. >_> Well, having taught myself to use QERadiant back in the Q3A days, I have to say tutorials would have been very nice. It initially took me three weeks to figure out how to make a brush, because I kept looking for the mesh primitive buttons without realising that Radiant was much more basic than UnrealEd. Sadly, as good as tutorials are, this one isn\'t really as useful as it could be. Much of what is in this is the exact info you could gain by reading the manual (press F1 in Radiant), and the few things which aren\'t in the manual are covered in online tutorials which will be much more useful to the beginner mapper. After all, it\'s all well and good telling someone how to use the CSG Subtract button (for example), but if they don\'t know what the hell the CSG Subtract button is, you\'ll just confuse them even more. Tutorials really don\'t work as plain text. Maybe as a PDF file with illustrations, annotations etc, yes, but as plain text you just can\'t be as in-depth as you\'d need to be. Still, download this if you want a copy of the GtkRadiant manual in .doc format - that\'s pretty much what you\'re getting here, I\'m sorry to say. I\'d really suggest that the author look at alternative formats for producing tutorials, though. Plain text documents just don\'t work at all. ~ Kouen




Bot Force Generator | 3.15 MB

I do get a little annoyed. So download this program and use it to easily generate the force info for your bot files. It\'s incredibly simple to use and quite useful for those who don\'t want to figure it all out themselves. Nice work, Lost. :) ~AmosMagee




Unofficial JA Development SDK | 4.44 MB

interested, please continue! This SDK brought to us by seb(crea) is probably a god-send to some of you. It includes all the entities.def files that the official jk2 SDK brought us, except it\'s for Jedi Academy. There is no scripting source code as there was with JK2, you pretty much have to wing it. The good news is every other file you\'d need is included, as well as siege files for you would-be siege map creators. Also included is the Carcass file for the Jedi Academy player model (human). All in all, this is a wonderful development pack, as it includes all the shader files, everything you\'d need if you wanted to develop your own map without searching through the assets or creating them yourself. If you\'re seriously into developing maps and/or player models for Jedi Academy, go ahead and click the download button now! - Chrono




GTKRadiant for Jedi Academy

gtkradiantsetup-1.3.12-raven.exe | 59.52 MB

some. But if you're wanting to create maps for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, this is one tool you'll need. Yup, GtkRadiant 1.3.12 is now available for your mapping pleasure. Get it now! :D ~AmosMagee Edit: 16-7-2005 This file is outdated! Get the latest version, v1.4.0 from [url=";26097"]HERE[/url].




Modeling/Skinning Guide and Tools | 17.86 MB

an introduction for JK3. Also included in the zip is modview. There are even some unpainted skins for some of the models. You can also find skeleton information for the modelers. :) Have at it, guys. :D ~AmosMagee

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