Knights of the Old Republic




Super Skip Taris | 344.17 KB

to become a Jedi and one of my favorite modders, Lit Ridl made it all possible. What else is there to say? You skip Taris. It’s that simple. Well, you will get all the items you can collect from Taris, like Brejik’s items, the experience points you would have received and of course the party members (Carth, Mission, Zaalbar, Bastila, T3-M4, and Canderous) you would have recruited during that portion of game play. Within seconds you have everything recorded as if you had done that portion of the game. You didn’t do it yourself, but the game will think you did. I know many people don’t like doing Taris because your PC doesn’t get to be a Jedi, use Force Powers and a lightsaber. I can understand that. Personally, I love doing Taris and I know I’m not alone. I really enjoy that part of the game because it is so different from the rest of it. Plus it feels like doing something close to Coruscant. I love doing the duel arena in the Upper City Cantina and especially taking out Bendak Starkiller. I do know that many people miss doing the Jedi thing, which is why most people bought the game. Well, now you can just skip the non-Jedi part and get to your Jedi training right away. This mod uses the TSL Patcher for easy installation. Make sure you read the readme file because you will have choices to make which side of the Force you want to go and the choices you will have when playing your game. You’re about to cut out at least a couple of hours of game play or more (it take me about an hour and a half to an hour and 45 minutes to complete both the Endar Spire and Taris). Have fun! :D [b]Note:[/b] Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future. The author for this mod really worked hard to make it work, so please take the time to thank him. -Shem




Yavin IV | 39.16 MB

Yavin IV, a moon of the planet Yavin. The Empire put a tracking device on Han Solo’s ship, the Millennium Falcon and the Death Star went there to destroy Yavin IV in hopes to stop the Rebellion permanently. Yavin IV has since become a Jedi Academy hub in the Expanded Universe after George Lucas’ original trilogy and has even been touched on by the game, [i]Knights of the Old Republic[/i]. The thing about that is you get to go to a space station just outside of Yavin itself. This is where Mod Squad and Master Zionosis come in. This huge mod give you the opportunity to go to Yavin IV and explore the area. There is however some familiar modules from the other planets that have been used in the [i]Knights of the Old Republic[/i] game. However they do serve a purpose and they seem to blend in well together. There is a tomb to explore and some Dark Jedi to fight. There is also one big surprise; might as well talk about that since it’s not much of a surprise in the screenshots if you check those out. Trask Ulgo is there which means he wasn’t killed by Darth Bandon. Well, the canon version of the game he was, but this mod changes that plot point. If you enjoy twists in the story such as this and love new areas, this mod is definitely something to play. There is also a new launcher that comes with this mod! Make sure you read the readme about installing this mod! Enjoy! :D [b]Note:[/b] Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future. -Shem




Mandalorian Base

mandalorian_upriseing.rar | 216.57 KB

explore if you love those types of mods. Darth Hanhar returns with a new module to explore in the 2003 game of the year, [i]Knights of the Old Republic[/i]. This one gives you a new Mandalorian base to explore based on the Black Rakatan's base you can find on the Unknown World. So yes, he used that module and recreated it in a way. Keep in mind that this is a demo mod, so it’s basically a preview to what is to come with the author’s project. The author also gives you a new Mandalorian style of armor that shows up in the new module. For this new appearance to work, the author had to make a new slot in the appearance.2da file and didn’t use the TSL Patcher. I would have some basic skills in .2da editing if you need to make any merges for this mod to work properly. The author also marked which files go into what folder too. Enjoy! :D [b]Note:[/b] Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future. -Shem




The Temple Mod | 7.3 MB

ceiling. And he saw that it was good. Evening came, and morning came; the first stage. Now the new area was without light, or walkmesh, and-[/i]" Ahem. Sorry, got a bit carried away. :p Ladies and gentlemen, I give you a prime candidate for the 2008 Mod of the Year. Now, I can say - without fear of contradiction or correction - that this mod is entirely unique. Based on a whole truckload of research by MagnusII at Holowan, originally done for the K1RP, Quanon has created a new area. Not a re-used module, not a reskinned module - an entirely new area model. That's right - you read that correctly. :D Not just one, but two, in fact. :D So, having created these new areas, Quanon has then filled them with plenty of ghoulies, ghosties and long-leggedy beasties. :p Not only this, he's also created a new sword which you can fight for, which I can also guarantee to be unique. :p Please remember that this is a beta, however, and that there are still bugs which need to be ironed out in the area creation process. Nevertheless, it is an awesome piece of work. Quanon, I for one greatly look forward to seeing some more work from you in the (soon-as-possible :p ) in the future. :D [b]NOTE: Quanon has informed me of a file that he has accidentally packed with the mod that will cause strange side-effects with the Mystery Box sidequest. The filename is m46aa_01a.mdl, and it should be rmeoved from your Override folder after installation.[/b] -Darth InSidious [b]NB:[/b] Please leave the author constructive feedback if you download and use this mod - the download counter isn't very informative.




Exar Kun's Tomb

ekun.rar | 325.65 KB

wouldn't be reading this) been kind enough to re-submit it here. What it adds is, as the name rather implies, Exar Kun's tomb to the game. It's a bit outdated compared to some of today's new area mods, (in that it re-uses an area) but it's still worth exploring. Most of it is a hackfest through the various Dark Jedi guardians (hurrah for more XP), but at the end your character will be confronted by Exar Kun's ghost and have the opportunity for an alignment shift as well as some good loot. To reach the tomb visit the Yavin space station, and then go back to the Hawk. At that point you'll be presented with an option to travel to Yavin IV, though if you don't have a savegame handy you can always warp to the module directly. (The name being 'ekun'.) Well, that's that. Enjoy! Note: Please remember to give the author of the mod feedback, as the download count isn't particularly verbose. Written comments tend to be much more useful and encouraging. -Emperor Devon




Yavin IV (TSL Patcher Update) | 38.08 MB

Academy’s location as seen in [i]Jedi Outcast[/i] and [i]Jedi Academy[/i], or Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber duel with Asajj Ventress in the [i]Clone War[/i] cartoons that prepared the way for the release of the movie, [i]Revenge of the Sith[/i]. Master Zionosis brought us a mod that he had with permission to translate into the English language and upload to this site over five months ago. It has gathered over 5,000 downloads since its release on March 11, of this year. So why the update? The answer to that question is now this mod uses the TSL Patcher. If you had hesitated before to use this mod because it didn’t use the Patcher, there shouldn’t be anything now stopping you if you are interested in this mod. Now all six different .2da files will be made compatible with your personal override folder. If you’re wondering if you need to re-download this file if you’re using it already, the answer is no. Apparently you made it work for you and probably have other mods in there that work together now based on how you designed your personal override folder. This update is for those who didn’t download it before because of it didn’t use the Patcher, or for those who tried to install it and it caused problems because it didn’t use the Patcher along with the lack of manual editing skills. Enjoy! :D [b]Note:[/b] Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future. -Shem




Tomb of Jesset Dal'Kest

tomb_of_jesset_dal_kest_v2.rar | 7.62 MB

modders that many of you have never had the chance to get to know since many of them retired before KotorFiles took off and never have gotten around to getting their work here. Slowly but surely some of them during that time span when this site started to take off in the summer of 2006, have brought their work over here and many of you have benefited from it. This mod that Darkkender brings to us is a new tomb to explore on the planet of Korriban during the events of the first [i]Knights of the Old Republic[/i] game called the [i] Tomb of Jesset Dal'Kest[/i]. This requires you to team up with Lashowe at the Sith Academy to retrieve the Jedi Holocron that is inside the belly of a Tuk'ata. After completing that quest, you will notice a pillar appear by the edge and that will be the entrance to a tomb that will have two new modules to explore with danger inside. There will be new armors and weapons to get in this tomb. The TSL Patcher will install this mod. The readme that comes with this mod release was last modified on February 7, 2005; the original release date. If you know the modding history of the [i]Knights of the Old Republic[/i], you will know that the TSL Patcher was not a tool for installation on that date. So when the author talks about the mod compatibilities it has with other mods, it was set during that time to be compatible with those with the different .2da files that come with this mod. So don’t get confused by the readme and seeing the TSL Patcher that comes with this mod too. Enjoy the new tomb! :D [b]Note:[/b] Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future. -Shem




World War 2 New Area Beta Mod

ebon_hawk_use_able_suppls.rar | 6.55 KB

*new*! What it adds is a Dantooine-esque set of plains, and a few trees with a broken bridge. It also adds a number of Nazis to kill, being that it\'s a WWII mod. Not exactly very KotORish, and the skins could use more detail... but by virtue of being a brand new area isn\'t how it\'s actually designed irrelevant? :p Anyways, it\'s very nice to stare at in awe and think happy thoughts about how far the modding community has come. I remember back in \'04 (yes, I\'ve been around that long and am thus an old fossil) where if you asked if anything like this were possible the answer would\'ve been a resounding \'NO NO NO NO NO\'. If you\'re not into Jedi vs. Nazis, though, the mod doesn\'t have terribly much to offer; apart from troops of Hitler\'s the area is empty. Note: Please remember to give the author of the mod feedback, as the download count isn\'t particularly verbose. Written comments tend to be much more useful and encouraging. -Emperor Devon




Zombie Planet & Arena | 2.5 MB

Ridl to help you out with that. He adds new modules into your game he likes to call Zombie Planet & Arena. Let’s start off with an NPC change. Remember those pesky kinraths? Well, what if they were giant looking spiders? That’s one change you will get on Zombie planet. One place you can go is what the author calls Mission’s arena. What you do is talk to Mission Vao and you can warp to the Zombie Arena. Every time you destroy a zombie, another one comes. If you need help, no worries since two Calo Nords will be around to give a hand. Just open a door when you want to finally leave. Another thing install is the Zombie planet itself. That probably speaks for itself. Just go to your galaxy map on the Ebon Hawk and click on the new planet to go there. This new mod will give you something new to do if you would like to. Plus you get extra experience points for your kills. That should be tempting enough for ya... maybe? Well, enjoy the new mod! :D [b]Note:[/b] Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future. -Shem




Taris Jedi Dueling Arena

taris_jedi_arena.rar | 8.9 KB

Battle Armour and Battle Armour respectively. Marl also now gets a double-bladed lightsabre, unlike the other combatants, who all get single-bladed lightsabres. Ajuur the Hutt also now looks like a Dark Jedi instead of... well, a Hutt. Bendak is unaffected by the mod, however. On the plus side, this mod is fairly original and nicely made. On the down-side, it's also a fairly quick and easy mod, makes little sense in the game, and the stats of the duellists remain the same, meaning that the challenge only really comes from their use of lightsabres. The dialogues of the duellists are unaffected, whicch isn't so bad for, say, Twitch, but when it comes to Ajuur seems a little silly. The mod also does not use the TSLPatcher, which means that you should expect incompatibilities. Nevertheless, if you like lightsabres and, like the author, thought the duelling ring was too easy, have fun. [b]NB:[/b] Please leave constructive criticism, particularly if you download and use this mod, as the download-counter isn't very informative. -Darth InSidious

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