Medal of Honor




MoH: Airborne v1.1 Dedicated Server Package

moha_ds_package.exe | 958.93 MB

Server ======================================= -Allows for Dedicated Servers to bind game instance to a specific IP. ·Allows for Dedicated Servers to bind game instance to a specific Port. ·Allows .ini files to be stored in a custom path instead of MyDocs. ·A Dedicated Server no longer needs installation of full game. ·A Dedicated Server standalone package was created and size has been reduced for quicker uploads. ·The Dedicated Server now generates a log file under UnrealEngine3MOHAGameLogs or the folder you specify (see section VII). ·The Dedicated server logging can be turned off by adding -nolog to the command line ======================================= Bug Fixes ======================================= · Fixed a bug where MOHADedicatedServer.ini was used even if user had specified a different configuration file. · Fixed misspelling of \"Disconnect\" in remote admin tool. · Fixed response time for server commands for both server console and Rcon console. · Fixed Dedicated Server Console title bar to show current map and number of players. . Fixed a bug where all remote servers had the same port and passwordby default. . Fixed a bug where all remote servers were bound to same IP.




MoH:AA Source Maps | 3.26 MB




Linux Server Setup

mohaa_linux_server.gz | 1.45 MB

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