Operation Flashpoint




spacemod pack 1.42B

37space_mod_v1.42.zip | 156.6 MB

download now! :rock: [quote]this is the final release of the spacemod. The spacemod contains: - 3sides: Goths, Hunns and The pirates - an island "planet zenoo" - armour ( tanks, trucks, guns) - airplanes ( interceptors, bombers, fighters, transporters and capital ships) - infantry ( goths have droids, hunns have hightech infantry, pirates.. they what they can get ;) ) - static objects (like buildings.) here small video about the pirates: http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=GfBzMG0otRg hope you like it, Cheers, Burner[/quote]





cjstxialpha.zip | 7.12 MB

upcoming movie. [quote]This is my Alpha version of two Star Trek xi federation starships and two hero starships (USS Enterprise and USS Kelvin from the trailer). It is an alpha because their design is conjectoral and based on screens shots of the trailers. It features a bridge design adaptaion from my others and it is used on all four ships. Also features different sounds and appearances from the other addons but similar flight, weapon and starship strengths. There will be possibly a Beta, however definately a final but not until after the movie is out and I've seen it. Thanks[/quote]




DX-10 For Operation Flashpoint GOTY

mewvldin_sky_mode_dx_10_only.zip | 92.48 MB

game will be slow,,depends off the processor 1 installation place the Sky mode on the Desktop know copy it and open operation flash point know open >> RES 2.3GHZ 2Gig Memory HD 700 MB min if your using 1 gig memory the game will crash you will get a warning on desktop no memory ore out off memory... this sky mode commes from the game call t FLIGHT SIMULATOR X water and SKY ARE PERFECT and Rain and Snow only for DX 10 you can use it with>> DX9 but the Graphic will be Different.... less 3D mod bye Mevludin.R TX to Microsoft staff have fun will work on vista DX 10 all graphic cards that support DX10 you can check you'r dx version bye going to run and write this dxdiag.. Realism 99/100 %




DMA Army modpack

dmapackarmy.rar | 55.61 MB

of community addons. - Improves sounds, visuals and gameplay - Runs well on low-spec PCs - ECP-compatible config included - Enhanced recoil on all weapons (modelled on FDF recoil and wavering hands) - AI has enhanced hearing and sight, making for tougher battles - Squad spacing is increased - Includes improved animations





cjfedvsempmod.zip | 25.27 MB

Flashpoint. First, it features weapon changes, allowing the Klingons to use the non- projectile weapons and disruptors that are balanced like the new weapons. This gives ships like the D10, Koloth, and L-24 balanced advantages and increases their strength to out do the K'tinga and D7 like they should have been. Second, there are many final or final style revisions to my exsisting or new addons featured in the mod including the XI ships having an accurate appearance and better flight, it also has fixed engine glows that look 100 percent better on the naceeles of the TOS style that don't create lag. There are also various appearance fixes and improvements to ships and bridges. Third, improved appearance final Endeavour (Q5ST) addon, new Constitution ship class and varient subtypes as well as proper pilot style exteriors (Q3CNT) this is a new addon and final as well. Also the weapon/texture file is a Beta version 2 with some upgrades and all ships included are final (The final varient will feature a few various weapon types, but mainly just the needed TNG textures to finish them). Fourth, I have also included a few quick setup missions, but they will require you to download and use my Starpack7B droids and the Akira Class as well if you would like to use them. Please note that the future versions of the weapon addon will be compatible with the older versions of it (exp. as saved in a mission pre-final variant) as well as work with other addons I have built previously using it. There is also a brief description of the anti air beam weapons included in the readme, so you can use them if you like on my other addons or on any unit you would like to add it to (A detailed wepons stat for this file will come with the later final version). Thanks!!! CJ





cjkelvinclassplus.zip | 10.37 MB

found for those errors on some variants of ofp. Also a few TOS and ENT extras - CJKelvinClassplus The Kelvin Class is from Star Trek XI and was a heavy cruiser, it now has two weapon beam types and more detailed including an animated engine and an accurate engineering hull with shuttle hanger and a different registry (since I already released the USS Kelvin) it only requires the texture file those who want to use my TOS fed troops will have to download them and put them in manually (uses default crew). The error file lists some bugs like waypoints and projectile weapon crashes (that I found occur on some variants of Flashpoint). There is several weapons listings files that have all weapons and magazine names for my addons that I released so if one has an issue, or would simply like to substitute, add, or remove a weapon or magazine they can (The error and weapons listing are in standard .txt documents). The ENT era ships are a single addon with a weapon file with it and includes the NV and NW classes for both pre-fed Starfleet and Terran Empire, also a TOS pack with some unique ships including one of my own ideas for the Federation and Terran Empire sides. Thanks!!! Enjoy!!! CJ




Swedish Forces Pack

sfp4.rar | 160.44 MB

different armoured vehicles, or soar above the battlefield in one of the 9 aircraft available.




DMA Naval modpack

dmapacknaval.rar | 38.94 MB

included - Enhanced recoil on all weapons (modelled on FDF recoil and wavering hands) - AI has enhanced hearing and sight, making for tougher battles - Squad spacing is increased - Includes improved animations





cjd7ofppack.zip | 13.92 MB

like the pa 'tak they are! And as the great General Chang quoted Shakespeare: "Cry woe, destruction, ruin, loss, decay; The worst is death, and death will have his day." Qapla' [quote]D7 Klingon Cruiser and Federation Constellation Class pack This pack has my completed Klingon D7 cruisers well as a few similar era designs along with Klingon men for TOS, TMP, and TNG. There is also Romulan TOS men and D7 with plasma torpedo, these units have era based weapons. There is also a Federation Constellation Class cruiser (like the Stargazer) Tmp era Federation men with phasers, a few federation support ships to serve as commerce, medical or research craft (basically retired TOS era units). They engage each other in flight when encountered, their engine glow, lights, and panels function with engine startup and other various features like damage received (all are in the game's programming). There is a read me and listing file with more specifics.[/quote]




Swedish Forces Pack Patch

sfp4.0.1_patch.rar | 10.39 MB




BWMod Basic Pack

bwmod_basicpack_v1.5.rar | 10.99 MB

Consider this release as beta! Future versions will include updated soldier models and textures as well as revised and new weapons.




DMA Animation pack nextGen

dmaanimng2.rar | 8.84 MB





jam3.rar | 13.55 MB

version. (JAM3 is backwards-compatible with JAM2 and missions designed for JAM2 can be played with JAM3.)




The New JP Mode

new_folder_10.zip | 887.62 KB

Will Be The Full Version. Models Redone Textures Fix Names Fix t Dino\'s Eat People. And Over 100 Fixes Done. Thar Doing A Well Perfect Job.. http://www.goosesworld.tk/




TOS ship pack

cjtosofpfinal.zip | 9.13 MB

Enjoy if you want the Star Ship Enterprise blasting some Russians from low orbit. [quote]Star Trek TOS pack and a few Excelsior Era Star Trek ships for Operation Flashpoint The Classes are Constitution, Miranda, Loknar, Larson, Saladin-Hermes, Chandley, and Federation Classes, pre TOS are Texas Class old cruiser and a Yorktown Class Battleship. There is also the Excelsior, Excelsior refit, Star Empire, and a Proxima refit. They use ingame crew, there is a detailed listings of what is what and a statistic on the designs, basically strength, weapon and troop transport quanity. They function similar to choppers but have the speed and flight control of capital ships and weapons based on Star Trek and there are enemy units too.[/quote]




House Divided

housedivided.rar | 80.85 MB

folder) http://www.newagefilm.co.uk/Anim.rar Then all you have to do is make a typical mod shortcut. Many parts of this mod still need some work, however there is enough working here for you to have a decent scrap and get a good idea of what we're trying to do. We used to be part of the Cwmod ages ago (and i once lead) but we left a while ago to do this one. However time is being hard at me at the moment, so i thought, what the hell, lets just get this stuff out the now. Don't worry we will get to Beta eventually haha. [/quote]




Swiss Mod

swissmod_setup.exe | 76.09 MB




United States Coast Gaurd Pack: Set 1

uscgpack1.exe | 27.96 MB

Jayhawk, MH-68 Stingray, C-130H Hercules Units- 4 Aid Workers -Flood Pants -Orange Rain Coat -Yellow Rain Coat -Casual 3 Pilots -Blue Flightsuit -Orange Flightsuit -Blue Flightsuit & Headphones/mic for Hercules Pilot 2 Seamen -Boat Crew -Diver Weapons- P2A1 Flare Gun, and both projectial flares and smokes




DMA Animation Pack

dmaanim11.rar | 8.8 MB




OFP Race Pack

ofponlineracepack.exe | 21.79 MB

mission, u can chose weather conditions, nr of laps, every player choses his car, and there are checkpoints to complete a lap. A kind of autoheal script runs on the cars(maybe a patch with addons modified to have better collisions without damages soon) Vechicles (addons are already set to run togheter) - Bmw m5 - Ferrari 355 - Ferrari 360 modena - Mercedes CLK GTM - Mazda6 - Golf GTM - Porsche 911 - Suzuki motorbike Tracks: - Carlston - HillDrive 1.0 - Hockenring 1.0 - Hydrix Racetrack - IceTrack 1.0 - Racing World There is a server where u can play it: A.I.N. & OfPOnline Server password: racing v1.94

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