Soldier of Fortune





gamespyinstaller220std.exe | 1.51 MB

Tournament, Half-Life, Tribes, Daikatana, Battlezone 2, Rogue Spear, Drakan, Codename: Eagle, Kingpin, Redline, Shogo, Sin, Blood 2, Wheel of Time, Hexen II, Heretic II, Turok II, South Park, Descent III, Dark Vengence, Baldur's Gate, and even Deer Hunter 3! You'll use your normal Internet connection, you'll have access to all the latest mods, and there's [b]no hourly fee[/b].




SoF Gamespy Tabs | 4.33 KB

what the tabs are, each tab allows you to [b]only[/b] search for servers with a specific thing. For example an ASSASIN tab will allow you to make Gamespy only show you the SoF servers that are playing in Assassin mode. For more info on tab's read the Gamespy readme. kAmALA's zip contains the following tab's: Death.qst - Death Match mode Assasin.qst - Assassin mode Arsenal.qst - Arsenal mode CTF.qst - Capture The Flag Realistic.qst - Realistic mode Control.qst - Control the Base Conquer.qst - Conquer the Bunker Version tabs: Ver103.qst - Version 1.03 Ver106.qst - Version 1.06 Thx a lot kAmALA!




Mod Launcher | 166.44 KB

and off you go! Options to enable console, load a specific map and/or specify extra parameters yourself are also included! Enjoy! If you have questions, comments or suggestions on this program, you can email them to

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