Star Wars Battlefront




Jedi Forces | 35.88 KB

killable. I had some trouble using this mod and the readme doesn\'t exactly describe how to use it after installing. Or maybe it does. who knows, it\'s yet another German readme. Be sure to back up the old missions.lvl file so you can put it back once you\'re done with this mod.




Jedi mod | 96.34 MB

playables as usual: CIS - Count Dooku Empire - Darth vader Rebels - Luke Skywalker Republic - Mace Windu Your weapons are your Lightsaber, lightsaber block and a force power. You have the same jetpack abilities as the jet trooper, so you can 'fly' for a limited amount of time(I think having darktrooper effect for an enhanced jump would be more suitable) and, what most people wanted: Death. By popular demand you can now die when playing Jedi. If you really liked the first mod and are insistent on killable jedi then this may be worth the download. -K.




Star Fire Side Mod

starfiremodv1.1.rar | 355.12 MB

appearance. And new troops, heroes, and map-specific units have been added. All vehicles have also been modified with improved performance and appearance. And all the native characters, such as Tuskens, Ewoks, and Gungans, have been modified as well. Beginning with the Technical rating: It's excellent, 9 out of 10. I didn't notice any major errors myself. The Read Me file lists a few of the known issues. But there is nothing significant to worry about. There are no lag issues online, and no glitches with the weapons or skins, or in conjunction with custom maps. It's about as good as it gets, technically. As for the overall appearance, it's first rate! 10 out of 10. The models and skins are all excellent. A couple characters haven't had their skins changed, like the Dark Trooper and Rebel Pilot, but that doesn't take away from the overall appearance of this mod. Most of the troops have been modified, and they all look great! The addition of new heroes also makes this mod stand out visually. Also the ordinance looks very good too. For example, the Shock Trooper's Minimag PTL fires a nice looking blue plasma missile. In short, this mod looks great! About the balance of the mod, it's not bad at all. But it could be a little better, I think. I give it an 8 out of 10. One thing that I noticed, the Sniper has a bit of an advantage with his rapid fire rifle, at least on some maps. I really like this sniper rifle, it's very fun! And on some maps he's probably perfectly in balance with the others. But he can really be brutal on some maps. I played the Cloud City map in testing, and with the sniper rifle I was devastating the enemy. I cleaned them out very fast, and the game was unusually quick as a result. The other troops are all balanced nicely. Anyway, on some maps, watch out for that sniper! The design and concept of the mod is great, 9 out of 10. It changes things without being too dramatic. It's a mod you can play the first time like an expert, but still it's new and exciting to play. The weapons are very well thought out and fully functional in conjunction to the needs of the game. There are no conflicts or irregularities in the design. You can tell, the maker spent a lot of time thinking about things in advance. The fun factor of this mod is excellent. It gets 9 out of 10 from me. It's thoroughly enjoyable. New weapons, new challenges, and new looks, that always makes it fun to play a new side mod. And this mod is very fun to play. It has lots of new stuff to keep you smiling. The map specific changes are amusing and well thought out. So prepare to have fun. *The only reason I don't give it a 10 in the fun factor is listed below in the My Personal Likes and Dislikes section. My Personal Likes and Dislikes: The things I like about this mod are numerous, but the models and skins, and additional characters, are what I like the best. It's always good to see Han Solo in the game. And this mod goes way beyond that with other characters, such as Bothan Commander, Magna Guard, Jango and Boba Fett, And an assortment of Clone Commanders... and more! The graphics are great! My only significant dislike with this mod is that none of the troops carry mines. Egads! There goes half my kill count! The troops still have grenades and time-bombs, which are very cool btw, but this mod has no mines. I love the smell of mines in the morning! The mines are an extremely fun part of the Star Wars Battlefront game. Bring back the mines! The Rebel Vanguards, Shock Troopers, Clone Assault Troopers, and BI Assault Droids should have mines. They were made for each other! [b] -Guest Reviewed by Ryanoceros[/b]




BF1 to BF2 Appearance Mod | 116.38 MB

is good. The models are generally a bit higher quality, so everything looks a little sharper and better. The laser textures have also been changed, adding a bit more vibrancy to them and making them a lot more colorful. This mod should be online-compatible with those who do not have it, so don't worry about removing it every time you want to play online. The instructions for installing take advantage of this- please note that you will not retain your original sides should you follow the instructions in the readme. This should not be a problem, being that the mod is online compatible, but if you want to keep your original sides I would suggest making a backup of your SIDE folder before installing. Overall, give this mod a download if you're wanting a little better/different-looking Battlefront experience. -Jedikiller




Battlefront Main Play Mod

main_play_mod_6.rar | 313.33 MB

posted here, as it was released at the end of March). It also relocalizes all units and weapons, so that the new weapons and units are named, and weapons are laregly named correctly. As before, backup all relevant files (your sides, Mission.lvl and core.lvl). it also includes new level files for Naboo Theed, Yavin IV: Arena and Bespin: Platforms, although these are not compulsory, but you should back up those files too if you want to play the newer versions. -ggctuk (As a side note, if any other staff still play BF1, they might want to give this a download to write a score card out)




SWBF Unleashed | 81.33 MB

their entirety in the readme below. It seems fairly standard, although well constructed and polished, as far as side mods go, with a couple exceptions. One, it\'s designed to work alongside the stock sides, which makes uninstallation and/or comparison (between sides) easy. The author claims that this is \"100% online-compatible,\" although I\'m a little skeptical given the fact that it changes core.lvl and mission.lvl. I would have thought that at least a size check would be run against these for online, but presumably the author has tested this and has different information. The other notable change is that the author has included a couple extra missions that are more objective-oriented (what he calls his \"hunt\" modes - not 100% the same as SWBF2 hunt). They\'re listed, too, in the readme below. All in all, it\'s a pretty decent mod. Nothing too crazy or out of the ordinary, but a solid retouch of original sides. Go ahead and give it a try. -Mav




Second Sides Mod

sides_mod.7z | 139.32 MB

range of assets both from the community and from the other game in the series, Battlefront II. It also includes a few new maps and new localizations for the global sides. This mod covers all of the main sides, including the local sides which are rarely seen. No unit has been left untouched, seeing either a weapon modification or a visual redesign. Every weapon has been redone, with each bolt looking more vibrant and colorful and dealing more damage as well. The units are fairly well balanced throughout the sides and versus their opposition, with powerful units dying somewhat easily and less powerful units able to take them down. The vehicles have been modified as well. Most of them are models converted from Battlefront II or community created. They all have their respective animations, which must have taken a good deal of work on the part of the creator. Gunships are now more like tanks, which is what they should be, and fighters are faster and less powerful in comparison. Tanks are much more powerful, and can take out their opposition very quickly as well as the infantry running around. Visually, the mod is very polished. There are a lot of new skins and new weapon models for units, and pretty much ever unit looks good. Lasers are edited to some degree, and explosions are much bigger and more powerful. A downside to this is that the mod may crash some less powerful systems and even on powerful ones, some effects will disappear and hits will not go through. This does detract from the mod somewhat. Aside from the issue with some hits and effects not going through, the mod has relatively few bugs. The author lists some custom maps that are incompatible, but those are not too commonly played. There are some missing localizations, but that can be overlooked considering that there are localizations at all- usually there aren\'t in large scale side mods like this. Another downside is the complicated install process- it will take a lot of hard drive space to install this mod and still maintain backups of all your game files. I suggest overwriting everything and then simply reinstalling the game after you are finished playing. An installer would definitely be nice for the next version. Overall, this is a very good mod. My review may not be the best impression of it, but it is fun to play and I think that it is definitely one of Battlefront 1\'s best mods. I highly recommend it. -Jedikiller




Clone Wars Expansion Mini-Mod | 10.61 MB

trooper (coloring, kilt thingy, and shoulder thingy removed) Blaster Pistol: Is held like a rifle with the same animations and stuff. it still fires the same though. I was going to have the arc trooper name changed to aussult trooper, but the localize and munge tools stopped munging the right things at the last second when i was about to make a newer version. a new one should come out soon if i can get it to work, but for now i hope you enjoy this one. [/quote] This pretty much sums up the mod. It changes the animations of the pistol, the skin, weapons, and fuel capacity of the jet trooper, and the model of the ARC trooper. This mod will not work online, due to the weapon changes. If you're looking for a small mod to change up your game a bit, give this a try. Make sure to back up your rep.lvl file before installing this! -Jedikiller




Main Play Mod - Hero Assault Maps

additional_mods_hero_assaults.rar | 148.82 MB

version (3.1) which can be found here:;98075




Star Wars Battlefront 1 Revamped Mod | 99.62 MB

are mostly standard stuff, comprised of rapid-fire rockets, unlimited grenades/mines/ammo in general, and various Force powers and lightsabers. All of these aren't too overpowered, given that the other sides have basically the same thing. However, there are some minor differences between the same class of unit for each side, which is good. It keeps it feeling a bit more original than simply taking the same layout for each side and carbon-copying it onto the other sides. Most of the vehicles have either been reskinned or edited in some way, usually to have more ammo or shoot faster. Some of the skins are pretty decent, although others are just inversions, which tend to look sloppy. One immediate problem that is instantly noticeable is that there is a lot going on in each map. So much, in fact, that the weapons do not fire in some cases. Sometimes the effect is missing, but on occasion, the weapon will simply take a round of ammunition, display no effect, and cause no damage to whatever it is pointing at. This is a rather large problem, but I'm not sure how it could be fixed aside from removing effects. Another problem is that nothing is localized. This can be fixed with a core.lvl edit, which would be nice to see. Also, there are some weapons without models, which can be annoying at some times, but is overshadowed by the fact that none of them work at times. In short, this mod is decently fun. It's nothing groundbreaking, but it can provide some fun for a little bit. Give it a download if you're bored with the standard sides and want a little change, or if the screenshots seem appealing. -Jedikiller




Mos Eisley: thisiswar | 113.03 MB

assume is something he wants to do online) but other than that is relatively unchanged. The majority of the changes are covered in the readme, so for those of you intrepid enough to open your eyes, shift down a few paragraphs, and read inside that little box cleverly labeled "readme" you will find that you can unlock its secrets. Sound interesting? Download away! -Mav




Clone Wars Mod

new_clone_wars_sides_bf1.rar | 30.68 MB

Battlefront II) into Battlefront I. This will account for a majority of the changes you see. However, there are also some smaller gameplay changes with this as well. As mentioned, the Repubic gunship is changed a little, the droideka shield is weakened, and the assault droid comes with a blaster rifle instead of a blaster pistol (making it similar to SWBF2's marine). It should be mentione that this is apparently just a smaller part of a planned further expansion, so you could treat this like a demo and use it to look forward to whatever the author has planned. -Mav




Elite Sides Mod | 113.95 MB

vanguard, and some new models! For those of you who missed version 1.0, Elite Units Mod takes your default sides and changes them to new and improved ones! All you need to do is run the exe files, start battlefront, and play a map (a map that uses the default sides... Majin Revan\'s maps will NOT work with this installed, and neither will any other with special sides aka rhen var: ice gate, Teancum\'s tech map, Kamino: Serene, etc. also, hoth does not work but link in readme fixes this) This time the readme has been fine-tuned, darth vader has force choke (beware it... ) and luke skywalker has a fixed force push. And, as an added bonus, this time the mod has TWO rep.lvl \'s! One has the normal Jedi padawan in the pilot slot (with fixed force push). The other has the ep3 pilot with an improved arccaster and melee strike! woot! Big Note: MAKE BACKUPS!!! This mod replaces the all.lvl, imp.lvl, rep.lvl, cis.lvl, and des.lvl from your side folder. make backups of the originals before installing! Anyways I can\'t rate my own mod, download it and see for yourself why it is called \"Elite Units Mod\"




Naboo: Theed (Naboo Crisis version) | 10.73 MB

adds in two new LVLs to your SIDE folder to change up how Naboo: Theed is played in the Clone Wars era. It, much like the campaign mode\'s version, features Naboo guards against the droid forces. The guards are pretty much standard, though they are a bit more rounded out to be more of a side instead of just a thrown in addition. They all have grappling hooks, which lets you move through the city pretty easily. The droids are pretty much standard, though there is no super battle droid and the pilot has been replaced by a commander unit with no backpack. A suggestion for next time is to make this mod what has been termed a \"mission map\"- a map that goes in the Addon folder that uses a shipped map\'s files so that they do not have to be redistributed and no core game files have to be overwritten. It would make the mod a bit easier to install and more accessible for newer players. In all, this is a pretty small mod- download it if you wish, or if the screenshots look appealing. It\'s an interesting and new changeup to a map that is usually somewhat boring to play. -Jedikiller




Thisisbad\'s side mod | 70.49 MB

hot... when it shoots the flame stays where ever it landed and will hurt whatever touches it... and stick to any player who walks on it... kinda neat to create \"flame walls\" with it :P bothan spy is the one from Majin\'s maps, nothing special there The imp officer, however, has pistol, orbital strike, h/a dispenser, and a probe droid. The probe droid is a big recon droid with a bigger laser and more hp, plus longer life (no auto-life drain) Really neat, was made back in october, and as a big note, it\'s for SWBF 1, not 2.




Eisenfaust\'s Realism Mod

erm_0.8.7z | 55.04 MB

now vers inaccurate Players wearing a bodyarmor are better protectet but slower The equipment of the classes has been changed to fit better in the Star Wars Universe. The pilots vor example dont have a primary weapon anymore Some Modifications to the vehicles have been done The smallarms-statistics have been adjusted to the known Star Wars statistics Every Weapon needs Ammo and every weapon can overheat




Tactical Cache Beta+ | 109.19 MB

the first version (this version is ostensibly only really bug fixes, etc.), a lot of my observations are in line with the reviewer of the earlier version. For the most part, weapons and units seem to have been pretty overpowered, although the effects themselves are kept in-line with what we\'re used to seeing in the game. It would have been nice to see some model updates to reflect the changes to the units/weapons (e.g. jetpack models on troopers with added jetpacks). As mentioned before, there are a lot of localizations missing. For the most part, this isn\'t a problem, but there were cases where at least some kind of name might help me to understand what my weapon is supposed to be doing. As mentioned in the readme, there is a crash on Hoth - so be aware. All in all, it\'s a fair mod - a little over-the-top for my tastes, but decent enough. If you like what you see, give it a try. -Mav




Tactical Cache Beta | 101.59 MB

the original game. Basically all four sides have been majorly edited, with most of the weapons being redone and grossly powered up. For example, most of the rifles now shoot extremely fast and have little to no recoil. The sheer mass of new weapons makes it hard to go over each one, but there are some really cool ones in here - a lot of them automatically track or use physics in ways I haven\'t seen in the original Battlefront. There are little to no visual changes or changes to anything else other than the units and their weapons, but this is more than enough to keep things interesting. Really, the only issues are the localization, which is a hard thing to do for global side mods, and maybe some Hoth crashing issues (but this is widespread across many mods). In short, this is a pretty excellent first mod release, with some interesting weapons that will certainly give a little more spice to the game. This is not online-compatible, though, so all other players will need to have the mod. Give it a download if you\'re looking for a fun mod to play around with. -Jedikiller Also, sorry about the delay in getting this up. I\'ve been busy lately...




Main Play Mod - Hunt Maps

additional_mods_hunts.rar | 102.69 MB

Wookies, Ewoks, Geonosians and Gungans.




Halo Mod Beta

halo_mod_beta.rar | 20.03 MB

I can recall, but still. It caused me to dust off my BF I cds for the first time in a long time, and I can say that it was probably worth it. It replaces imp.lvl, so you'll be playing as Master Chief instead of stormies. He replaces them in every instance. Including numbers. There are more Spartans running around then... then... a thing that there's a lot of. The weapons, while heavily modified, could use a power boost. I found myself shooting away at the rebel scum, while they nonchalantly turned and gunned me down. LOVE the plasma grenade, though. It's almost worth downloading this just for the satisfaction of chucking them and seeing the awesome blueish explosion. Last off, the textures. Those who are used to the spiffy BFII textures might think these are dull, but I kinda like them. There's some good jobs for just reskins, you can tell what's what without any actual new models. He made a regular stormie look like something from another game, fer cryin out loud, so some slack is given. The only exception is the 'ODST', who just looks chromed black. Otherwise, good job! .Rikino




Clone Wars Hoth Mod | 9.57 MB

Imperial units have been replaced with Republic units (Ep3) and their hero is Ki-Adi-Mundi. The Rebel units have been replaced with CIS units (droid marine for the officer) and their hero is Count Dooku. All ATAT and ATST have been replaced with V-Wings, TaunTauns are now Staps, and speeders are now snailtanks.




Bothan Spy | 3.86 MB




CW Weapon Expansion Mod | 27.97 MB

mod, and the GCW era will follow shorty in a GCW Expansion.




Echos of the Force

echoes_of_the_force.rar | 23.39 MB

force jump and push but only has a saber where as the knight lacking jump and with less health has a blaster. You can imagine the sith lord for yourself :). I was just sick of jedi mods that were unbalanced and also they were hero characters. I have changed the textures to make them more bog standard jedi. I even did a micheal jackson to mace windu!





changes) [b]Thoughts:[/b] Since this exists pretty much just as a mod to change the textures of a side, the textures could use a little more work. The first impression on loading this was, \"oh gosh clown Stormtrooper.\" I see what the author was going for, but the combination of the paint around the \"mouth\" of the helmet and the soft lines (instead of very straight-edged) made it look like the makeup applied on a clown\'s face. Somehow, I don\'t suspect that was the author\'s intention. -Mav




Battlefront 1.5 Era Mod

placeholder.txt | 83 B

combining of two scripts that essentially hold the same function. But enough of that sophisticated small-talk! Download it and enjoy your new units, maps, vehicles, and visually upgraded stock sides.![/quote] This file, by jdee/barc, is a large sides mod for SWBF1. As per usual, I can\'t vouch for those qualities of the mod that may only be tested by playing it, but just by taking a look at the screenshots it appears to be in-line with any number of large sides mods for SWBF1/2. It appears to have a large amount of content, and it alleges that it adds on to the game without overwriting stock maps/sides. Given the unique nature of the mod, it would probably be wise to follow the readme instructions carefully. Please note that because of an error in our upload system, the actual file used to host this is a dummy placeholder .txt file. If you hit the \"download now\" button, that\'s what you\'ll download. If you want to download the mod, please follow this link: The file is approximately 300 MB, for those who wonder (since the page data won\'t show that). Go ahead and give it a try if you like what you see. I\'m sure the author would appreciate more feedback than I am able to give here. -Mav




Star Wars Battlefront Renewed Demo | 40.08 MB

added. Droid Starfighter added. N1 Starfighter added. AT-XT added. The main CIS CP has been changed to a CIS Lander which can be destroyed. Side layout. CIS B2 Super Battledroid IG-100 Magnaguard Droid Engineer Assassin Droid Droideka Hero: Darth Maul REP Green Company Trooper Green Company ARC Trooper Green Company Engineer Green Company Sniper Green Company Recon Unit Hero: Green Leader For more info and to report bugs, give suggestions or feedback visit. [url][/url] or [url][/url]




Fire\'s common.lvl | 5.92 MB

interface colors, reticules, changes in effects and some basic textures, and a whole lot of other stuff. This is very similar to the last few editions in terms of the content it changes, so if the screenshots appeal to you or you enjoyed the last versions, give this one a try! -Jedikiller




common.lvl | 5.56 MB

shots, health and ammo droids, some weapons, and all the user interface screens. The changes are largely all following the same theme (inversion of the color scheme) and so they all sort of mesh together, though some of the elements are a bit distracting and color-wise do not go together. Regardless, if you like the screenshots, then give this a download. It does work online. -Jedikiller




Rhen Var Unbound Dedicated Server Files | 3.34 MB

files do not work properly in singleplayer. Give it a download if you want an unrestricted map for either. -Jedikiller




Corellian Crusier Mod | 47.66 MB

[i]just[/i] for this, in my opinion. Especially in light of the fact that the transport models aren't even the flying versions; they're the stock SWBF1 versions with landing gear down. I guess give it a download if you like what you see, but know that this is a very, very simple change for a whole sides mod. -Mav




First Sides Mod | 103.7 MB

overpowered weapons and makes vehicles even more overpowered. Though this overpowered trend is rather overused, this mod is a bit different. It seems to be focused on souping up the units, but still keeping them balanced, whereas other mods are just about killing everything. For instance, vehicles can kill just about anything, but they are still fairly balanced versus the units. While the mod is full of flying rockets, gigantic laser bolts, and a few lightsabers, it still manages to retain some balance from the original game. Graphically speaking, the mod uses shipped textures for the units, except for a trooper skin borrowed from the Main Play Mod. Those with weaker systems may want to use this mod in moderation, as there are lots of rockets flying, explosions, and lasers whizzing around each map. This leads to some technical problems, as the game engine can't handle all of these effects all at once. So if your weapons don't work, it's the fault of the engine, not the mod. To sum it up, this is a typical overpowered sides mod. However, it does retain some balance (a rarity amongst these sorts of mods), and therefore is a bit more enjoyable than others of its genre. Go ahead and download it if you want a little more crazy in your game, or if the screenshots appeal to you. -Jedikiller




All Troops Fly: Chaos Mod | 112.87 MB

have also been changed to be faster than before, so you can use them to mow troops down. Give it a try if you like utter chaos in your game (hence the mod's name) -ggctuk




All Troops Fly: Chaos Mod | 111.2 MB

effects on the back) to all the units so that they can fly around. He's also "souped-up" most of the weapons to make them all more explode-y and destructive. While this isn't normally my type of mod, I don't think it really matters all that much, since I don't have the game required to play it. And apologies to the author for not waiting for this to get a proper review - whatever files I can upload now I will, to make sure that we do in fact get some new files up to the site after a week+ of inactivity. -Mav




All Troops Fly Mod | 111.1 MB

try. - ggctuk




Battlefront Main Play Mod

battlefront_main_play_mod_4_1.rar | 190.82 MB

main page and mod lists, it lead to pages which claimed the file was nowhere to be seen. It includes modifications to all Heavy units, no two faction's heavy units are the same. It also adds more skins and finishes the Clone Trooper Legions mods. For instance, the 41st Elite are on Kashyyyk, and the ARC Troopers on Kamino. There are also Shadow Troopers and Phase III-Armoured troopers for the Empire on some maps. Because it's a sides mod, you need to back up your original SIDES folder first, as well as your original mission.lvl files. There are also new First Person models for the newer units, these do not make any replacements. Download this if you recently downloaded the 4.0 version and found bugs, and download it if you didn't.




Shadow's Clone and Droid Remix | 23.39 MB

they were "done in paint". Give it a download.




Battlefront Main Play Mod

main_play_mod_3.1.rar | 172.69 MB

Yoda have been added, and some errors have been fixed. The Fetts are now armed with a (crudely made) Flamethrower. Download it and try it out, BF1 players.




Shadow's Clone and Droid Remix | 25.55 MB

myself (it interfering with my own mod), so you will have to try it, but I did notice the balancing issue with the Republic had subsided with it. Give it a go if super-powered is your thing.




Battlefront Main Play Mod

main_play_mod.rar | 170.19 MB

heroes, but changes are made more universal. Several cut units (such as the Bothan Spy and the Clone Commander) have been restored, as well as new heroes and units. Back up your original "SIDE" folder and your "mission.lvl" first.




Clone Superiority mod | 11.6 MB

strengthening the jet trooper and the gunship. This version takes game imbalance to new heights! Every Republic unit has been strengthened, giving them ridiculous weapons like lightsabers and big explosions. I would stay far, far away from this if you like any semblance of balance in your game, because this will provide none. However, if you enjoy playing as one team for which winning is ridiculously easy, this is the mod for you. Whatever your flavor of nigh-unto-invincible unit is, I'm sure you'll find something to be happy about here. Sound interesting? Give it a download, and read the readme. -Mav




Battlefront Main Play Mod

bf1mod_v1.rar | 152.61 MB

mission.lvl as well, so that you can get some per-level changes (e.g. different troopers on different levels). This makes a number of changes to the original SWBF1 sides; the change I think is the neatest though, is the change(s) made to the heroes. Instead of being invincible, the heroes for each faction are now able to be killed (similar to SWBF2 heroes). Additionally, each hero has additional weapons; force powers were added to all the Jedi heroes. It's worth mentioning, too, that the Rebels and Empire now have Han Solo and Boba Fett, respectively, in addition to Luke and Vader. There are many other interesting changes, as well. The Republic sees the most - you'll find differing clone legions depending on the map you play (for example, play Rhen Var and you'll see Galactic Marines). You'll also find other small changes to vehicle and unit setup; a complete list of changes can be found below. Of course it is worth noting that there are some issues. While most bugs are covered below, it is important to mention two things - first, the sound files are not included, and you'll need to look out for the author to upload the necessary audio files later. Second, and most important (and not really a "bug," per se), is that since this is a sides mod, you will need to remember to BACK UP YOUR FILES, including mission.lvl. So SWBF1 fans, what are you waiting for? Download away! -Mav (Please note that below screenshots are not directly from this mod and may not represent completely the setup of this mod.)




Super Gunship Mod | 10.98 MB

have created an overpowered version of it. You will enjoy this if you want to win as clones. I tried to make it easier for the clones to win without them being overpowered.[/quote] ...which pretty much sums it up, although from what I see, I'd disagree that it makes it easier for the clones to win "without them being overpowered." Seems like giving a lightsaber to a flying trooper on your side is a touch overpowering, but that may just be me. So while I won't speak for its game balance, I can't say that it wouldn't be fun. Note that this is a side mod, so you'll want to back up your original sides in a folder somewhere else. Give it a shot! -Mav




Stormie Mod | 25.24 MB

and give this a download. Make sure you create a back up of your shipped imp.lvl before installing, just in case. -Xavious





that's supposed to resemble Super Mario. Sadly, it's just a very low detail paint-bucketed mess. And that's it. Be sure to back up your all.lvl file before installing. -Xavious




=AaTc= Jet Mod | 11.82 MB

lot to say about this mod besides that. If you want an overpowered and unbalanced Jet Trooper in your game, give this mod a download. Keep in mind that since it changes weapons, this mod will break online compatibility with anyone else who does not have it. Also, this mod is for the original Battlefront, and will not work with Battlefront II. Back up your side files before installing! -Xavious




BF1 Redemption Mod Final | 122.3 MB

[url=;93297]earlier version[/url], most or all of which are listed in the readme. It looks like the author has made a substantial effort to improve upon his earlier version - so give it a try! It looks like a pretty big mod, and we don't see many mods for the original Battlefront anyway. -Mav




BF1 Redemption Mod Part 2 and 3 | 85.79 MB

Civl War and Native Sides new weapons, and more realsitic settings just like the Clone Wars part one did.[/quote] ~Penguin Unit~




BattleFront 1 Redemption Mod | 34.93 MB

Gametoast forums. Here's his review: [quote]I'll first begin with the title of the mod. I don't see what's exactly "redemptive" about it, but then again, the list of super-cool mod names is surprisingly limited, so it works just fine. Just for the sake of getting it out of the way, I'll start with the things I didn't like. The first thing I noticed when I booted up Battlefront and opened Cloud City was the lack of localization correcting. The MagnaGuard is still Assault Droid (I didn't even know it was supposed to be a MagnaGuard until I reread your entire post), and the Wookiee Jedi is still Clone Pilot. A lot of weapons remain unlocalized as well, so that should definitely be something to fix for your next version. Second off, I dislike how you gave the Jetpack, Shield, and Geonosian Wings infinite energy. I mean, I didn't like how low the energy bar was to begin with, but I feel that it's sort of stretching it when you give them infinite (at least the Shield and Jetpack, giving infinite to the Geo Wings actually makes some sense). I'll admit it's fun flying around without any energy depletion, but it sorta ruins the gameplay. For example, on Cloud City you can fly behind buildings with the Jet Trooper or the Geonosian without leaving the battlefield and camp there. I actually found an AI that somehow managed to lodge itself between two buildings outside of the main area. It took me almost twenty minutes to find him so I could end the match. An issue related to weapons is the grappling hook equipped to the Clone Sharpshooter. I thought it to be kinda cool at first, thinking "Hey, I haven't seen very many maps with this thing. I wonder if it really works." Well, not really. In fact, I was pretty much goofing around for like five minutes trying to get it to latch on to stuff. Nothing really interesting happened until I pointed it at the ground and it sucked me halfway through and I died instantly. Ok, so what did I like about this mod? Quite a bit. Just for an example, the Jet Trooper's EMP Rifle is awesome. I rather dislike overpowered weapons, but this is one of the few exceptions. I love firing down the Cloud City hallway and exploding everything in sight. So, with all that said, it's a pretty good mod. Not bad at all considering that hardly anyone mods for SWBF1 anymore. It's pretty balanced and the basic concept is cool, but there are a few bugs that need fixing. No mod is perfect, but the more you devote yourself to it, the more you will appreciate it in the end, and that's all that matters. I will definitely download the next two parts when they are released. My rating: 8.5[/quote]




The Lepord Republic | 11.25 MB

so I would assume it's just a retexture/appearance mod. Give it a try if you've got the original Battlefront - goodness knows we haven't had many files for it lately. -Mav




Ewok On Steroid MOD! | 51.92 MB

FUN![/quote] This, again, is a small BF1 mod. As mentioned before, I haven\'t the original Battlefront so there is no review, but the author\'s description is above. If you\'ve got Battlefront 1, enjoy! -Mav




EP3 Jet Trooper MOD | 10.68 MB

the constant boost and everything of the jet pack.[/quote] It would be my preference to let one of the staff members who owns Battlefront 1 review this, as this is a BF1 file. However, at the same time I don\'t like to keep people waiting on having their file uploaded for too long, so I\'ll go ahead and upload this and any staff member can feel free to edit in a review of their own. Just to reiterate, this is for Battlefront 1. I have not played it, and you will have to go by the author\'s description above(and of course by the readme). For those of you without BF2 but with BF1, I\'m sure it will be nice to see a new file. -Mav




Clone Wars Hoth with Gunships Mod | 9.57 MB

Rebel units have been replaced with Republic units (Ep3 with pilot) and their hero is Ki-Adi-Mundi. The Imperial units have been replaced with CIS units and their hero is Count Dooku. All ATAT and ATST have been replaced with staps and AATs, TaunTauns are now gunships, and speeders are now V-Wings.




Grand Army of the Republic | 9.88 MB

a bit of space. The weapons have unlimited ammo, the grenade count is back to factory settings, the blaster bolts are faster, and to even things out for you droid lovers, the Clones have low health. Don\'t worry. You can still win.




Just like the movies mod Final

a_mod_omg.rar | 98.33 MB

for a while. Posting my own file means I can\'t review it so I want plenty of viable feedback. The last version however fun it may have been I felt was too simple and had some major shortcomings. So to make it more fair I further tweaked units, including locals so the tuskens and wookies don\'t have such a huge advantage over you anymore. The main idea at first was to also balance vehicles, so heavy troopers with the misile launchers were good for something other than rocket whoring. I also wanted to make the mod live up to its name and make things more accurate to the movies. I don\'t have a new hope but using the others I made as much of the content as similar to their cameo versions s possible, then balance it all. I know most people have moved on to SWBFII But I hope you enjoy this anyway. As with most side mods this will not work with Hoth, but there is a remade version avilable(packaged with Eisenfausts realism mod) that this has been proven compatible with. For a more comprehensive list of changes, you can check the readme, or just explore things. Consider this a late christmas present to the community...? -K.




The Anakin on Coruscant | 866.66 KB

as ability, he isnĀ“t Mace Windu , he is Anakin Skywalker(Sith)




Jedi Mod | 91.58 MB




Eisenfausts realism mod

erm_0.9.7z | 61.78 MB

sure to have a backup of those before placing this in. Changes from last version are(from the readme): - The firepower of the imperial holdout power had been increased, in turn the the rate of fire had been lowered. - The rate of fire of the imperial Sniper Rifle had been lowered - Range of pistols and the whipcord had been increased - Reload-time decreased - removed torpedos of the Delta-7 Jedi Star Fighter - added torpedos to the vulture droid star fighter - weakened the lasers of the vulture droid star fighter - increas ed the lasers of the delta-7 jedi star fighter - Deleted the Rebel Fleet Trooper - created the Rebel Spy - The Rebel Vanguard\'s DL-44 was replaced by a DL20a - Deleted the Dark Trooper - Created the Imperial Officer - Deleted the Clone Sniper - Created the ARC-NCO - The T-21 Model was replaced - The weapon-name-bug was corrected Also like most side mods Hoth may not function right in instant action or multplayer while this is installed, and because of the nature of swbf mods it will also not work in maps that have their own custom sides. Included is a Hoth that should work with this mod, you should back that up too. -K.




Anakin On Mustafar V1 | 1.89 MB




New Republic K-Wing | 837.47 KB

in future maps.




Elite Sides Mod 1.0 | 226.17 MB

Lasers have been sped up, and all weapons damage vehicles. Mostly, READ THE README!!! The Time bomb has been changed so that you press \"r\" to detonate them. Also, Heroes are now killable, and Darth Vader and Luke have force powers, and Luke skywalker has a new model on hoth! (You have to use a special hoth, link in readme.) Also, Plz note that Most custom maps and the shipped hoth will not work with this mod. The republic and CIS have new heroes: OOM-9 (he pwns jedi, look out) and ARC Trooper Captain Fordo ( ). List of Vehicle Changes (off the top of my head, may be more) Republic Gunship ---> ARC Gunship, New Skin, faster lasers, blue lasers, and better rockets (fires 4 at a time) Droid StarFighter ---> Vulture Droid, New Skin, lotsa rockets ATST ---> Improved ATST, Has Concussion Rockets Tie Fighter ---> Improved Tie Fighter, Has Proton Torpedoes. Speeder Bike ---> Better Speeder Bike, Faster Speed STAP ---> Improved Stap, Faster Speed That\'s all (I think) But I have taken the liberty of including an \"Uninstall.exe\", which will uninstall this side mod (replaces the all, rep, imp, and cis.lvl\'s in your side folder with the shipped ones.) Have FUN!




Barc Troopers | 11.34 MB




Elite Sides Mod | 109.63 MB

changes are in the readme, this is a beta, and will be modified depending on feedback.




Nick Rostu Source Files | 594.06 KB

Includes all msh files and an odf to get him going.




Recharge Droids | 1.91 MB

Yellowish/Orange R2D4 - Green R2D5 - Purple R4D1 - (Original mesh - not included) Red R4D2 - Blue R4D3 - Yellowish/Orange R4D4 - Green R4D5 - Purple




Jet Pack Mod | 223.55 KB

added a blaster rifle instead of a blaster pistol. I always thought that it would be better if I could choose different sidearms. This pack allows you to do that.




Dark Trooper Unlimited Fuel Mod | 73.86 KB

not intended for multiplayer anyway. That is a good thing because i like playing fairly. This mod is fun because you can jump around big maps with ease, lets face it some custom maps are huge, and when you are out of vehicles walking to the other side of the battlefield is a pain. The only thing I would have changed is. to go ahead and give some extra thrust to the jet pack so you can take advantage of this extra fuel, but since that was never the intention of the mod i can't give it a lower review. To my knowledge there are no bugs in single player. This is a great mod that will not affect the balance of the game too much, bots took advantage of the unlimited fuel but the game didn't change much other than that. I still lost for flying around too much and not helping in the battle. It comes with its own installer and uninstaller, so no hassle there. The bottom line: It does what it says it does, and very well.




Unlimited Jet Fuel | 73.88 KB

just run the \"UJF.exe\" file and to uninstall run the \"UnUJF.exe\" file.




Prototype IAAT | 1.04 MB

given to it, but this was going to be included in SWBF. It was eventually removed. But, the skin was still there. So, I decided to put it together again!! Modders, enjoy!! - Majin Revan




Just Like The Movies STUFF Mod | 107.33 MB

considerably with the exception of Darktroopers. -Heroes are now killable and have force powerz. I have also included a CIS version of my Imperial Rainfire Droid for you all to play with. I thought 5 missiles wasn\'t enough so i kicked the hailfire\'s abilities up so it can fire 32(it has 32 barrels) and it will target soldiers as well as vehicles.




Just Like The Movies STUFF Mod | 107.33 MB

killable Basikalley, a rifle only takes one maybe two shots to kill a guy, pistols take two or three, and the lasers move faster so altogether it\'s more lik teh movies where the guys are killed dead after one shot. It should be an interesting new challenge. Also included for the CIS is a treet which is explaind in the readme.




Killable Jedi Sides | 41.91 MB

well; Dooku: Force Lightning, Vader: Force Grip, Windu: Force Push, Luke: Force Pull, making them even more deadly. (This mod is effective for all maps, original and usermade)




Daikos Weapon Expansion Pack

swbfexpansion1.rar | 555.19 KB

class. All modified classes pistols have been replaced with the respective sides blaster rifle, with Unlimited Ammo. The Republic Jettrooper and Imperial Darktrooper now have unlimited fuel for their jetpacks as well.




ILAAT/i (Imperial Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry) | 682.23 KB

adding this to your map. Please do not modify the contents without my permission.




Ewoks Playable With Lightsabers! | 36.13 KB




Hoth X-Wing Modification | 7.27 MB

review. The description simply says what it does. I suppose it\'s pretty creative, but it\'s sort of useless as you can no longer take down AT-AT\'s the old fasioned way. Download now to add a twist to hoth! *Todays Reviewer* - [b]AndrewD[/b] (




Jawa and Geonosian Mod | 762.66 KB

made (because I took the screenshots for this mod) ~~Xander




Allied Factions with sabers | 1.11 MB

this time i put them as actual lvl files so that its easier to install ~~Xander




Movie Mod

movie_mod.exe | 78.69 KB

like the extra challenge. ~~Xander




Dark Trooper Mod | 39.68 KB




Imperial Expansion Pack | 37.66 KB

now. Enjoy!




Tie Bomber .dds File | 1.52 MB

for being such a sprot and letting us have these :) Download them now...see ya on the front!




Visceral\'s Jawa Mod | 762.18 KB




Subs0nic's Naboo Mod | 322.54 KB


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