Star Wars Battlefront




Fire\'s Rep + Imp fusion (rep.lvl) | 12.62 MB

eyes. The armor also changed the armor a little. This is a online capable mod.[/quote] This is a small side mod for Battlefront 1 that, as it mentions above, mixes the Imperial side with the Republic side. If the description and/or screenshots look interesting, go ahead and give this a try. -Mav




Fire\'s imp.lvl

imp.lvl | 65.04 MB

don\'t really have an overarching theme to speak of. The weapons have all been reskinned as well, with a bunch of varying paint jobs amongst them. The mod is online compatible, so if you join a game with people that don\'t have it installed there will be no crashing. All in all, this is a pretty simple skin mod for the Empire. If you\'re looking for something different to spice up your game, then give this mod a shot. -Jedikiller (note to the author: you might want to zip or rar your files before uploading them next time for a smaller file size.)




Diet Dr. Pepper Republic | 13.54 MB

weapon models to play around with. The mod features a lot of new models from the community, and a bunch of new weapon models are featured. Most of the weapon effects and animations are swapped around and edited, bringing in a very different visual experience. This mod\'s changes are all non-altering of the gameplay, which means that you can use it online with no worries about cross-compatibility. It really makes the game feel very different, and the new units, weapons, and animation swaps make it a whole new experience. This mod, small as it may seem, makes a big difference. It doesn\'t change anything that will make you play any differently, or make any changes to the game beyond just visual appearance, but each unit really feels like the gameplay has been changed. Plus, the fact that it is online compatible is quite nice. Give it a download if you\'re looking for a bit of a new experience, but if you still want to retain the SWBF core gameplay elements and balance. -Jedikiller




Full Skin Pack | 2.3 MB




EP3 Trooper Skins

skinns.rar.rar | 750.78 KB

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