Star Wars Battlefront 2




Geonosis: Landing at Point Rain

geonosis_landing_at_point_rain_v1.5.7z | 124.74 MB

seen in the first one. Some. The best thing I can say in terms of improvement is that it has fewer bugs. Honestly, playing through this again was almost a more frustrating experience than the last, because there was nothing new to see this time around. Several bugs were fixed - localization the biggest among them. All the localizations looked fine, and there were some fixes made too in terms of floating HUD icons (I still saw at least one missing HUD icon, though). The jetpack-where-there-wasn't-one issue for the clone commander was also fixed, as was the bad enveloping on the battledroid. Some object placement issues were addressed, primarily by the simple removal of the area in question (Technically, it was not removed, just covered by terrain. Tip: If you're going to remove something, remove it. Don't load a whole bunch of objects the player isn't going to see.). All the other object placement issues I saw were still there - even the command post I mentioned specifically in the last review. I think the balance on the sides was a little better this time, but this time it was just frustrating to play through. There is effectively zero advancement, because you hit a point in the game where you can't capture any more CPs, all you can do is run and die. Whee, fun! Other issues I noticed: -The shield only blocks about half of the weapons. What's the point of the shield again? -The Y-Wing has giant-sized, miscolored chunks. -The CIS hero is virtually worthless. He feels like he has less health than a standard unit. -The CIS hero is addressed in VOs as "Count Dooku" -Freeze (awards weapons bug) requiring a restart Honestly, it's hard to get a map like this so soon after the first version and see what feels like so little fixed. It's frustrating to me, because maps like this (walk left and die! walk right and die! do anything but crouch behind the rock and die!) are so absolutely unenjoyable. It's frustrating to the author, I'm sure, because it seems like I have nothing good to say (this is not true, of course - everything I liked about the previous version holds true here). As I mentioned with the previous version of the map, it definitely feels like it has a lot of potential. It [i]looks[/i] pretty nice. I just wish it were a little more fun to play. -Mav




Battle Over Coruscant | 30.49 MB




HvB2: Zombie Mode | 57.93 MB

play as the zombies. The zombies are pretty interesting, and I like the animations for them. You can read the review for the full version or download it by [file=\"117311\"]clicking here[/file]. Basically, give this a download if you\'re interested in a unique mod with some interesting gameplay mechanics for this game. -Jedikiller




Battle Arena 2.0

battle_arena_20_install.exe | 65.49 MB

RepSharpshooter's Battle Arena 2.0, with countless more features for even more fun than before. The main feature is the hunt, or clan mode. You start out in the lobby and can use a command pad to change arena layout, toggle free for all, etc. Once you're ready to fight, players enter two seperate portals to register for either Team 1 or Team 2. Then the two sides battle it out. With many different layouts to choose from, including a pipe maze, king of the hill style, and urban layout, the fun is sure to last. Bored of battling? There's also various other areas of the map to explore. You can ride segways around the halls and on a race track. There's a gigantic chess board to play chess on. You can visit the bar to watch TV or check out the Twi'lek dancers. There's even a pool to ride boats around in, with a water slide that can be toggled on or off. Then there's the wave mode, in which all the human players team up and fight off waves of enemies. You start off with just a couple Geonosians and work your way up to harder waves. There's at least eighty waves. If you die, you get sent up to the spectator stands and can observe the battle from the spacious seating area. Once everyone dies, there's a reset button to start over again. If multiplayer isn't your thing, you won't be able to play hunt/ clan mode. Luckily, there's Conquest and 1-flag CTF modes that can be played offline with AI. Also, you can play all of the modes with various different sides and units. There's Rep's Red vs Blue sides from the original Battle Arena, hero assault sides, Clone Wars, and Galactic Civil War. You can also play as wampas in the Hoth king of the hill mode. I could go on for a long time about all the neat features this map includes, but I'll stop here and let you download the map. -Xavious




Republic Commando: Extraction | 30.69 MB

fire from all sides until they either destroy all attacking CIS troops or are defeated. While the concept is simple its been pulled off very well, and its FUN (although it gets a bit repetitive). You (can only play as republic Commandos) have to fight off hordes of battledroids and geonosians - a combination of plenty of shooting with some strategy (eg building barricades, blowing up scattered fuel barrels in the canyons to slow the CIS down, placing turrets and mines). The sides are very nicely put together and well polished, and have some impressive features (1st person shows the Commando\'s helmet as well as arms, for example). There are three modes, Easy, Medium and Hard, with the difference between each one being the number of regular Clone Troopers assisting you. I didn\'t even try Hard (got overwhelmed on medium several times in a row), and the author suggests it should be played online to make it win-able (hint hint). The map is pretty much bug free, with only a few minor (unfixable) visual glitches and the barrels in one canyon being close enough to all blow up at once. My only suggestion for improvements would be a slightly more cinematic ending (gunships coming into land?). Overall a very well polished and original map, definitely worth a download and should be very fun online. -Sky




Capital Down Mappack | 54.4 MB

map, which was that there were not enough units. Now each side has 150 units on the field at once! I wish that I had figured out how to do this earlier on. Talk about an improvement! I made minor changes to the terrain and CP positioning in some of the maps, providing more cover and realism. In CD3, I also added foliage to the terrain. I changed the sky for CD1 and CD2 to add realism and I also added an in-game map feature in all four maps for better navigation. The sound is much improved in all 4 maps, with only some of the flyer weapons missing and with the unit and hero sounds now added. The only thing that some of you will not like is that I removed the eras that did not fit the maps. I removed Galactic Civil War era mode from both CD1 and CD2. I also removed Clone Wars era mode from both CD3 and CD4. I hated to do it, but it made fixing some of the bugs that much easier. It also made the story for each map much more believable. Sorry! All four maps are now much more balanced and stable. Overall, each map now feels more like a massive battlefield than before.\" Overall, this is great! Plan to see the updated Capital Strike soon! ~Valiantofficer




Geonosis: Jedi Arena | 110.44 MB

spires. The only mode is Clone Wars conquest, in which you play as either the Jedi or CIS. Playing as the Jedi, you have about 1000 reinforcements and must hold out for a set amount of time. (It was seven or eight minutes, can't remember) The CIS have unlimited reinforcements. If the time runs out and the Jedi have reinforcements, they win. If the CIS kills all the Jedi, they win. It's not as easy as it seems, however. Play it and find out for yourself. While it is an interesting change from the standard conquest mode, I can't say I had a whole lot of fun playing it. Gameplay consists of spawn, kill, die, spawn again, etc. There's nothing in the map except for the arena object and a couple of fallen pillars, and there's no terrain variation. It's a very basic map design with very little work on the part of the mapper, seeing as there's only about five objects total. You'll see heroes running around; Jango Fett, Mace Windu, and Ki-Adi Mundi. If you get enough points, you can play as them as well. I also found it amusing that R2-D2 was the hero unit for the Jedi team, though it's hard to get many kills with him, since he has standard hero health and there's so many enemies. Like I said before, an interesting concept, though execution isn't the best. Download if it sounds fun. -Xavious




Mos Eisley Spaceport | 156.47 MB

thusly: [img][/img] This is the map you are looking for. Jokes aside ([i]"You don't need to see my sense of humor"[/i]), Rends's "Mos Eisley Spaceport" is about as accurate a recreation of any movie location as one could hope for. It recreates, of course, the iconic "wretched hive of scum and villainy" we all saw in great detail in Star Wars, and it (most probably) matches that detail to a T. (atooine. Okay I promise I will stop.) There's a lot to see here, and it is of course best summed up by simply downloading the map and trying it out. What's most interesting about this map is the talented blending of stock assets with custom assets (the map is populated by a majority of the latter, although most are so well-done you wouldn't guess it at first glance). You can walk into an innocuous small building and all of the sudden find yourself in an underground pathway leading to several hangars and walking you under a large part of the map (this part specifically was probably my favorite), such is the level of detail. What's neat too is seeing several movie locations created so faithfully. It wouldn't be fair to mention "movie locations" without making special note of the representation of Wuher's cantina in this map, because it's been done [i]very[/i] well. From the droid detector at the door ("We don't serve their kind here!") to Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes, this is a sight to see. And what is truly incredible is that it's just a piece in this immersive map - not to lay it on too thick about the detail, but the map is so large and so detailed that you could play through the whole map and miss something as neat as the Cantina simply because there are so many other neat things. Some other highlights include the (numbered!) docking bays with the ships landing and taking off (as well as... other things) and the small Imperial base, with the security cameras (nice touch!). I could wax descriptive about the map some more, but the reality of it is simply that you should just go play it. It's an incredible job and easily one of the best maps available for this game. -Mav




Clone Wars: Kashyyyk

swbfiiclonewarskashyyyk_1.4.rar | 36.68 MB

remember that it was a [b]huge[/b] map - but managed to avoid the pitfalls huge maps usually have. This holds true still - this is a fantastic map, and I have no problem still supporting my earlier assertion that it is the best Kashyyyk map we've seen to date. Of course, the most noticeable thing about this map is its size - you will see straightaway upon playing it that this is easily one of the biggest modmaps you can download (excluding space maps). What is so incredible about the size, though, is how well it's used. While there [i]are[/i] open areas, it never feels like there are empty areas. All the space is full of props or at least foliage, and it's all well-placed and conservatively used - I never saw any real lag, even with what was surely an expanded unitcount. Size aside, the design is very well done, too. I can really buy into the idea that I'm on Kashyyyk when I load up this map - stock SWBF1 and 2 assets are well-retextured and combined with a few custom assets to create a completely believable setting for a battle between the CIS and Republic (with a side of Wookiee). Custom vehicles are used very well - you'll see a couple of unused assets or psych0fred's assets in here alongside stock (edited) vehicles. What I most liked though (and I suppose it technically isn't a vehicle) is how the author took the time to make sure the Trade Federation Landers had destroyed geometry. I always think it's kind of silly when something that large just blows up and disappears. If there is any gripe I could have with this map, it would be the length of the battle. The reinforcement count is set to nearly 2000 for each side, and with a spread-out large battle like this one, it's nigh unto impossible to force a conquest victory. I tried - even cheating to make my character invincible and fast-moving - to force a conquest victory, and could not. This of course means that you simply have to grind down nearly 2000 opponents to make the battle end, which could easily take an hour. I don't know that I want to play a single match that lasts that long. Battle length concerns aside, though, this is an incredible map and by all means, if you enjoy seeing what modders can do with a lot of hard work, check this map out, because it's a great example of well-done mapping. -Mav




Tatooine Dusk of War

tatooine_dusk_of_war_1.1.7z | 39.19 MB

additional props. Thankfully, it is not that. What this map is is a standard Tatooine map (as one would assume from the title) with new sides and some additional battlefield features. The map itself is very much based on a Mos-Eisley-type map, although it integrates some other assets (e.g. Rhen Var) well. It is also creative with its use of some things, like shields that block fire and not infantry (a la spaceship shields) and some movement through vertical space (for elevated CPs). There are some issues as well, though. I noticed Z-fighting in a handful of places, which is always pretty ugly to see. The rear Republic CP had a strange capture region, as I could stand directly on top of the CP itself and not capture the post. The hero for the Republic is silly overpowered, especially in comparison to the CIS hero (Grievous). The author mentions in the readme that there are two consoles that control air support for each side, but it wasn\'t clearly indicated in-game what these were (the life-support consoles? I certainly couldn\'t control anything with these). More clarification would be good here. Also - a minor nitpick - why the bands of nebulae so prominent in the night sky? We see lots of shots in space around Tatooine in multiple movies, and there\'s no indication of anything other than a clear, Earth-like sky. It would honestly be a lot better to set the map somewhere besides Tatooine, then you could have your sky and have an excuse not to use boring Tatooine props too. All in all, it\'s a decent map with some clever mechanics. Give it a try if it looks interesting. -Mav




Designated_Days_All_Battle_Crisis_2.0 | 53.07 MB

listed as a 2.0 version, but the changes made to this are really quite minor - some model updates were mentioned (although they weren\'t anything really obvious), and some changes were mentioned relating to balance and planning, which are hard to discern. All in all, it plays pretty much like the last version of the map, and it carries with it the same pluses and minuses. It\'s always nice to see a map like this where the author makes such a concerted effort to add in new models and vehicles, and in that regard the map is significantly above average. However, just as mentioned in the previous review, playing through the map is an exercise in patience - not a lot of progress is made and it feels like you die often. While a stalemate-type scenario may be accurate for this kind of setting, it isn\'t really fun. I also noticed some of the same localization/HUD icon issues as last time, as well as some planning hiccups (AI running into buildings/props). All in all, this is a creative, if a little flawed, map, just as its previous version was. If you liked the previous version, you\'ll like this one, and if you haven\'t given it a try, go ahead and give it one. -Mav




Yavin IV: Plateau

yavin_iv_plateau_v1.0_2.exe | 106.58 MB

scope - which I\'ll often warn off as a mistake, given that maps with a huge scope are almost never as polished as more tightly-controlled, smaller maps. This map does fall prey to that hiccup, although I have to hand it to the author for pushing his design as he did here. The map itself is a large, raised area on Yavin IV (a plateau, even) surrounded by a forest and the appropriate Yavin-style foliage. Inside the hill is a series of large tunnels, which presents a problem - scale. The hill is large, as necessitated by the concept of putting a battleground on the top, but the tunnels are scaled to the hill, which means that they are huge with very little going on inside them. Now in playing through, I noticed a handful of bugs and errors, most of which were victims of making a map so large that controlling all the object placements as perfectly as they needed to be became an impossibility. Inside the hill are noticeable errors with the tunnel object placements, there are some collision issues outside, and there are some strange vehicle props floating. It\'s not inexcusable, in fact it is even understandable given the size of the map, but it is still noticeable. There were also AI pathing issues, combo issues, and one CTD I noticed as the player nears the edge of the map. And of course there is that complaint I hand out to maps often - the size. The map is simply too large. If modes were confined to parts of the map so that the individual battles were tightened up a little more (as is done with the \"Jedi\" mode), I could maybe give this a pass, but too often the player is asked to fight a battle that involves lots of running around. All in all, it\'s not a bad map - it has some interesting ideas and some parts that are neat. However, its geographical size is really a big negative and it has a handful of bug issues to sort out. It\'s still worth a try, though, so give it one courtesy of the link below. -Mav




Rhen Var: Cathedral | 46.52 MB

"ice planet" fare, of the "ruins" variety. You'll notice some striking similarities to Rhen Var: Citadel, given that the map is composed entirely of props from that map. The design is a little smaller and more open than that map, so it's not to say that it's a carbon copy of Citadel. What's neat here is the author's effort to make things a little more interesting than the standard "make a map and toss conquest onto it." There is the requisite conquest mode, of course, but the author did take the time to make sure AI heroes were enabled, which is always a nice touch. Hero assault is another addition that's nice to see here. The author also took the time to add a hunt-type mode (if you have the Conversion Pack installed) for the KotOR era that pits you as the Exile against a bunch of HK-50s. All in all, as a basic map it's pretty solid. It's not incredible, but it's done well and has some unique touches, and for a first map, that's about as good as you can ask for. Give it a try! -Mav Note: Because the link appears to be broken, please use this link temporarily:




Dogfighting Death Star | 35.63 MB

textures for the death star -death region removed. -new floor for the rebel base -manned guns added. -cap ship icons removed. -turrets weaker with longer repair time -improved AI -ctf-flag added,with goals at each end of the trench run.




Marvel4\'s BF1 Conversion Pack

marvel4s_bf1_conversion_pack_1.1.exe | 150.09 MB

very straightforward compilation of conversions. While it is sort of redundant to download this should you have the Conversion Pack, this has its advantages- it is smaller, more lightweight, and is easy to pick and choose exactly what you want installed. The conversions in this pack are very good, and they are very well polished. They feel very authentic to the originals. Give this a download if you enjoyed the past versions, as this includes all the latest versions of the conversions. If you\'re looking for just the converted maps and don\'t feel like downloading the Conversion Pack, then this is the download for you. -Jedikiller




Star Destroyer | 31.7 MB

have landed in a side hangar in the SD and are trying to successfully storm the ship. For those of you who wanted "full" full interiors to space ships, eat your heart out. Not only is this an interior to-scale with the Battlefront II Star Destroyers (which admittedly are a little small), but it's probably the largest interior map I've played in a while. I always find interior maps fairly impressive, as they usually represent a much greater amount of work than a map that is set outside. For that reason, this map scores points on my scale simply for the enormity of the undertaking - it's not a small amount of work to model that much. However, before I touch too much on what I liked, I want to go ahead and get the criticisms out of the way. The first thing I'd change would simply be the size of the map. Yes, it is very impressive to have such a large map, but running up corridor after corridor can be a little wearying. I know that part of the goal was to physically link the bridge section of the Star Destroyer with the hangar section (which is done well, I might add), but that would be much better accomplished without a true "physical" link (maybe a teleport or something). Secondly - and related - is the number of times certain models and textures are reused. Again, it is impressive to see the scale, but it could be very tiresome to see the same texture repeated over and over on the same model, especially when it was large. Your best modeled sections of this map were in rooms where there was a lot of variation. And also, I would add a landing region in your hangar - you can land everywhere on the map, and I am certain that this was not as intended. Now criticism aside, there was a lot of good to be found here. I think technically the most impressive thing I saw was actually the planning - it's not easy to create good planning for small corridors, but it was done very well here - I rarely saw AI getting confused. And, of course, there are a number of new models here (most of them, in fact). Some of the models were really well-done - I liked the bridge especially, and some of the rooms looked really neat. As mentioned above, the places where the model felt novel and not tirelessly repeated looked the best. Oh, and the classic SW game music was fun. The map comes with three modes - conquest, CTF, and 1flag. Conquest is fairly standard - unfortunately it seemed very linear, but it was a large enough map with enough command posts (and alternate routes) that the linearity didn't break down the gameplay much. CTF and 1flag surprised me, though. I thought they both worked well - the author was wise to confine these to smaller sections of the ship. Much of the time I spent playing through those modes was spent finding my way around, and to my surprise the AI scored a number of times while I was plodding around (they soon became valuable guides, though, since the AI paths led me to the flags). All in all, it's a fantastic map. I would really like to see a little better texture work and a much smaller map, but those aside, it's still a lot of fun to play. Try it out! -Mav




BBA 2 | 248.35 MB

mean [i]really[/i] flat plain. There is no height variation at all, unless you count the unnaturally square border around the map. In addition to the lack of terrain variation, there are also no props or buildings present in this map at all. So the basic premise of the map is this: you've got a flat area, two sides, and a command post for each side. Add in hundreds of units and lots of vehicles. Plus 2000 reinforcements. And that's the map. Oh, and I believe I should make note of the custom sides. The author removed all the unit classes except for the standard rifleman, and in the case of the Clone Wars era, added in another rifleman class. Then the author made a couple hue edits to some of the vehicles. Now, this generally wouldn't be a problem, but the author included the [i]entire[/i] all, imp, rep, and cis sides with his map. That makes the map, unzipped, a whopping 569 MB! That's 100 MB more than the Dark Times mod, for comparison. To sum it all up, this map needs a lot of work. It needs a better theme, more command posts, more props and terrain work, working sounds for all vehicles (only the AT-TE and AT-AT seemed to have sounds), and a smaller file size, among other things. I suppose if massive amounts of troopers and tanks mindlessly rushing at eachother appeals to you, give this a download. -Xavious




Kadrala + XGCW Mygeeto

dis.7z | 57.85 MB

(except for the addition of a small easter egg that promotes an upcoming map of his) - which isn't a bad thing. The map was probably the strongest point of his previous submission and it remains that way for this one. It is (to repeat) a well designed-simple map that effectively conveys the setting, and that's all I'll ask of a map. The biggest change lies in the sides added. There are still some standard-ish sides for the CW and GCW, which I like and prefer above the other sides - they don't feel like they're overdoing it. There's a "Gametoast" era, which has a few members from Gametoast with units of their own choosing (which inevitably led to some rather ridiculous units). Skammer did a pretty decent job of not making the units too overpowered, but even the same it was very hard to take them very seriously. I think that the map is a bit worse off, in terms of professionalism, with this, but I'm sure there will be plenty of people who like them, so your mileage may vary. The other point about the sides is that a pseudo-sides mod ("Extended GCW") mode was added to the stock Mygeeto. It's an interesting assortment of new units (with a fairly liberal use of the orbital strike - everyone sure loves this weapon) and weapons. The pace is a little more frenetic than the stock sides, with a few more explosions. Despite the amped-up weapons, I think it's a lot better than the GT sides above, simply because it still feels more coherent and true-to-form for Star Wars. There were still a few more bugs, like some missing localizations and sounds, but at the least, all the freezing bugs (anything related to the award weapons glitch) were removed. While not a bug, it's worth mentioning that conquest mode now has a [i]two-minute[/i] countdown to victory timer, which is pretty annoying. Anyway, certainly a good download and worth a look. -Mav [i]Edit: For those wondering why this file was uploaded twice, it looks like both Saitek and I uploaded at the same time. Weird, but these things will happen every once in a while. The issue has been fixed.[/i]




Verena Defence: Immortal

vdi.rar | 71.65 MB

exceed them. If you loved Penguin's 'Tatooine: Valley' then you'll l fall head-over-heels for Verena Defence: Immortal. Here's how the story goes: The Republic star destroyer, Immortal, is the last line of defense between the CIS and Verena. But Immortal is knocked out of orbit and crashes on Verena's moon. The CIS swarms down on the fallen ship like hungry buzzards and a kick-ass battle soon follows. Got your interest yet? If not then I'll inform you of the 3 modes the map features. For starters there's good ol' Conquest mode. You can play as the Republic (Phase I Clones) or the CIS (B1 Battle Droids). The second mode is 'Elimination'. It's basically hunt, except you can play as either Jedi or bounty hunters. Personally I think the bounty hunters are cooler. Last, but not least, is XL mode which you're all familiar with. It's basically the Battlefront version of a Super-Sized meal at McDonalds. Ew...McDonalds... Now onto the bugs. Fortunetely the map isn't plagued with bugs though there are a few here and there that are worth mentioning. For starters, Elimination mode didn't have any sound except for music. I'm not sure if this was just me or what. I checked all my sound settings and they were fine so I'm not sure what the dealio is. The other bugs are minor in comparison but are worth fixing and shouldn't take but a second. Planning. The AT-TE occasionally gets stuck in spots around the hangar, requiring you to steer it out for the AI. Other vehicles will also run into walls from time to time. In the tunnels I noticed some crowds of units running into corners in 'Elimination' mode. I'm not sure what would cause this but I'd recheck your AI pathes. My suggestion would be making them thinner so that the AI don't brush up against walls or don't push each other into them. Now onto the good. The map is a little big, but Penguin has made use of every space available. The largest benefit of the map's size is bigger battles and a variety of types of combat. You can either go on foot blasting down enemies as you progress, take a walker or tank and crush all resistance, run through the tunnels cutting your way through, or pilot an air ship and shoot down opposing fighters. Either way is fun but I prefer the tunnels. I absolutely love tunnel battles. They're the best! Penguin has made some personal adjustments of her own and they're really cool. All the skins have been tweaked to be more realistic or similar to the movies. If you're observant you'll notice the sharpened armor on the clones and little spots of dirt. The droideka is also looking quite shiny. But aside from skins the Republic has a Commando and the CIS has a MagnaGuard...with the electro-staff and cape. Both require some serious skill to unlock. I'll admit that the both times I played the map I didn't unlock either one. New heroes are on the battlefield as well: Nina and Lana. Nina, the red-skinned Twi'lek Jedi Knight, leads the clone troopers of the Republic against the battle droids of the CIS, lead by Dark Jedi Lana who wields a purple lightsaber. Both of them are fun to play as. Phew! Just so you guys know, writing these big reviews isn't easy. Anyway, enough out of me. Go see for yourself! Great work Penguin! I'm sure everyone will love this one. I know I did. -[GT]EraOfDesann




Tatooine: Tuskencamp

tatooine_tuskencamp_1.0_by_pinguinaman.rar | 92.72 MB

and lots of other goodies. First off, the design of the map is nearly impeccable. Rather than sticking with the limited selection of Tatooine props the author decided to get creative and transformed some of the Kashyyyk huts with a simple yet effective retexturing, helping the Wookiee structures fit right into the Tatooine setting. The map is the perfect size: neither too big nor too small. The action stays centered in the middle of the map without spreading or clumping too much, and players don't have to run for miles to get to the battle. The rocks and other various props provide plenty of natural cover so that you aren't out in the open shooting at everything you can before inevitably getting gunned down by a flurry of laser fire. There are a total of four CP's, two per team, each of them well-placed and evenly spaced out. Buildings and other props are also placed perfectly and you can tell that some time and meticulous detailing went into this map. Now the reason that I say the map is nearly impeccable is simply because of some spots where the ground texture is a little patterned and the Republic CP's are a little harder to conquer than their Sith/CIS counterparts'. Other than this, the map is flawless. Conquest features the KOTOR and CW era. The Tusken Raiders, for once, seem to work along with one of the teams: the Republic (in both eras). I'm not sure why they're cooperating with anyone but I was a bit too mesmerized by the map to care. The KOTOR sides aren't much different than what you've seen in other maps, though there might be some tweaks here and there. The CW sides are customized and feature some cool new skins and units. Two original heroes are included -- a Bothan Jedi and some sort of Sith Lord. Also included in both eras (and all game modes, I believe) are custom sounds as well as custom laser effects, which was a very nice touch. I suppose the only downside to that is that it fattens up the file size, but whatever. This map is worth it. Although for the most part I like the new lasers, sometimes they looked a little too thick and almost seemed cartoonish but that's just my opinion. Conquest is fun to play -- the new stuff makes it interesting and the map's ideal size and ticket count keeps the battles from dragging on or lasting only a few minutes. It's highly replayable, which is a huge plus for any map. What really sealed the deal for me was the addition of some kinda "laser tag" mode. I didn't know what the title of the mode meant at first (I think it's in German or something...) but once it started up a large grin spread across my face. The game kicks off with some rock music as Tuskens and Magna Guards run into battle with some cool newly-modeled guns. I still didn't know what I was playing, but I knew I was going to like it. As soon as the first Magna Guard came into my sights I fired my gun and the droid was instantly obliterated by a single, fine laser. That's when it hit me... "Oh my God. This is laser tag. Oh my God!" The rest of the match was fun, but once I got the hang of it it became rather easy. However AI can only provide so much of a challenge, and I'd imagine that this game mode is intended to be played online against other human players. Ooh, that sounds fun! All in all, this is an excellent map that I encourage everyone to download. It's always nice to see a high quality map, however what truly sets one apart from the others is when the author goes that extra mile to make it not only great, but one of a kind. ~Era




Naboo: Theed Hangar | 53.06 MB

hangar itself where Amidala and co. made a run for her personal transport, to the hallway where they had a standoff with battledroids, to the large generator room and surrounding area where Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, and Darth Maul had their Duel of the Fates, it\'s all here. I don\'t usually gush over maps, but this one deserves it. Very few maps ever achieve this level of quality, and when one does, it\'s definitely worth noting. Koolaid has done a large amount of modeling and some superb texture work (see the windowed corridor, especially), and the result is a highly detailed, movie-accurate Theed hangar. He\'s even thrown in a couple of Easter eggs for those with the patience to find them. Gameplay is not lost, either. Conquest mode is well-done, and provides for an enjoyable battle that doesn\'t have to drag on for too long. The sides are nicely done and fit just right into the map. Assault mode is also fun. Since it\'s set up for a single player vs. a single player (i.e. Darth Maul vs. Obi-Wan), don\'t expect this one to be a very quick play. However, it\'s definitely fun online, since it\'s only ever one-on-one - and the generator room makes for a great (didn\'t the movie show us this anyway ;) ) dueling area. This map is definitely worth downloading. I rarely keep user-created maps for long (I only have one that\'s not my own), but this one is definitely staying in my addon folder. Worth a shot whatever your tastes may be. (A quick tip: I\'ve tried this online a couple of times, and I found that while it\'s not completely stable, it does seem to work semi-consistently at the default online settings. Assault is more stable than conquest, but both can work.) -Mav




Endor: Death Watch Bunker

dwb_v2.0.exe | 42 MB

in not only polish but in content. Where before the map was a decent tunnels map with an Endor-ish theme, now it is a much tighter-constructed tunnels map with a neato campaign, and as I\'ve mentioned many times before, I\'m a sucker for a neat scripted mission. But before diving into a review of the campaign, I\'ll make a couple notes on the map - it looks much better, as mentioned above, although in its effort to look better it has overloaded the game with objects. Not to a point of failure, mind you, but it does induce the occasional flickering on/off for objects in the view pane. Since this is an interior map with lots of joints in the tunnels, portals and sectors could have been used to more effectively manage the rendering of objects. One other thing - since this is set below a large forest, it would have been nice seeing some roots encroaching on the tunnels, especially in the areas where it was completely dirt. The campaign, of course, is what really interested me. The story itself is pretty straightforward: get in, shoot someone, get out. There\'s not a lot in the way of puzzles or exploration (in this regard, AQT\'s earlier \"Talay: Tak Base\" map was much more interesting), but the parts that are present are enjoyable and polished. There are a couple of neat mechanics, like an \"action\" move and extra life pickups, that flesh out the progression a little, although the \"action\" move seemed a little unwieldy - I had to tap it three times to make it properly interact. Also, because it is a repair tool and because it is used on completely \"destroyed\" objects, the objects don\'t show up with names on your HUD, which is a bit of an impediment to their immediate identification. I think this might have been better had it been a \"destroy\" weapon instead of repair. There are a handful of pretty neat enemies and allies you\'ll see as you play through the map, and I would encourage you to give the campaign a go before you try the other modes so as to let them be introduced in sequence. A couple further notes/criticisms: -Some enemies, notably autoturrets and the enemies at the very end (post extra-unit), seemed to have a tad too much health. It\'s not that they were overly difficult, but they required too much rinse-and-repeat. -There\'s no real introduction to the \"activate/action\" mechanic. When you introduce something that\'s not part of the stock game, a little hand-holding is best. Since the first panel isn\'t right in front of you and/or immediately visible, having a floating marker over it would be nice. -I liked the \"extra\" uses of the activate mechanic. Could be a little less subtle, but it\'s still a neat little bonus. -Your activate mechanic operated as a repair tool. The panels should use a different healthtype (I like to use \"animal\" since it\'s not often used) than building, since right now your activate mechanic can slowly repair ammo/health droids. -The regeneration on the turrets felt a little unnecessary. It increases the difficulty a touch in an artificial direction. All in all, it\'s a great campaign on top of a pretty solid map. If you like scripted missions at all, this is one definitely worth downloading and hanging on to. -Mav




Korriban Valley of the Dark Lords | 15.65 MB

the most from JKA\'s Korriban, but it\'s certainly not slavish in its design to any other game\'s map. It\'s a pretty ambitious map for a new mapper, and I\'ll definitely say that it has more positives than negatives. There\'s been a really good job using a combination of stock props and, I assume, some new models to make a pretty solid Korriban map. I don\'t know how much of the tunnels section is newly modeled and how much of it is simply repurposed stock models, but the work done there is easily the most impressive part of the map. The choice to open up some of the tunnel areas and have it surround lava pits looks really nice. On the other hand, it\'s a large map. Really large. [i]Too[/i] large, if I may be so bold. There\'s a lot of running to get from one CP to another, and while it\'s not as egregious as it is on some over-large maps, it could definitely be toned down here. The biggest size-related issue is simply the number of AI, which goes hand-in-hand with the map size and the relatively low number of CPs to make for a map on which the human player doesn\'t get to feel like he\'s doing a whole lot. Rarely will the human player be able to capture CPs (even as a hero!) because of the large number of AI spawning at any given time. You can rack up impressive kill scores, to be sure, but it\'s a wild transfer - from the easy (getting to the CPs, killing large amounts of AI in tunnels) to the unnecessarily difficult (trying to stay in one open area long enough to capture a CP without getting shot). Also, having tried it in both eras, there really looks to be a significant starting CP (placement-wise) advantage given to team 2. If I were to offer any suggestions, I\'d say that the map would work a whole lot better without the exterior stuff. It\'s not quite as exciting as the interior portion of the map (and a lot of it is comprised of unfortunately overused Yavin props), and if you cut down on the size of the map and maybe move those CPs inside, you\'ll be able to reduce the AI count and have a battle that \"moves around\" a little more, and one that allows the human player to feel like he\'s making an impact. I\'d also like to see the lighting done a little better - it\'s clear that there was thought put into this (I could see lighting changes associated with fires or lava), but the global lighting was pretty boring, and it really made some of the outside parts of the map clash with each other. I\'d like it more if it were darker overall, with a relatively darker interior part to the map - to help the lights in there stand out more. The lava was nice, as mentioned above, but it would work a lot better if it appeared to be moving and if units didn\'t land on it (because it is solid ground). It\'s also worth mentioning that two of your Jedi units in CW Assault were missing lightsabers. All in all, it\'s certainly a well-done map - not without its flaws, but no map is - and it\'s definitely one worth trying out. I\'d love to see some general fixes made to it, but even as it stands, it is fun to play around in. Try it out! -Mav




Episode 2 Geonosis

episode_2_geonosis.exe | 35.45 MB

Confederacy of Independant Systems. This map, Episode II Geonosis, by Elfie911, is a recreation of that battle. There's a lot of dust on the ground, which will likely cause a lot of lag for those with lower-end systems, but it does recreate the scenes from the movie very well. There's good object placement; I only noticed a couple of floating objects. And the terrain has been built excellently. You'll really feel like you're in the Episode II movie when you play this map. When you first spawn as one of the sides, you'll either end up on the ground or in one of the capital ships floating above. It's hard to tell which one you're going to start at from the spawn screen. If you're playing the Republic, your [i]Venator[/i]-class capital ship (they didn't have those at Geonosis, did they?) is equipped with a handful of gunships you can use. Spawning on the ground, you'll notice an AT-TE (there may have been more than one, I don't remember) as well as some IFT-X hovertanks. If you choose to take control of the CIS, you can spawn in the [i]Invisible Hand[/i] (which wasn't supposed to be at Geonosis either) and fly droid vulture fighters or Geonosian fighters. On the ground, the only vehicles available to the droids are STAPs. I saw hailfires in the screenshots, but I couldn't find those when I played the map. *shrug* Maybe I just didn't look hard enough. Elfie911 also created his own sides set-up, which included reskinned clone troopers and ARC troopers for the Republic and a variety of battle droids for the CIS. There's also some hero characters for each side. The Republic has a single saber Jedi and a double-bladed saber Jedi, as well as Episode II Anakin with a green lightsaber. (wait a minute, wasn't he off chasing Dooku during the battle?) Obi-Wan is unlockable through the standard hero rules. Then, on the CIS, you have Count Dooku (with his correct saber; thumbs-up for that) and an acklay. Jango Fett is unlockable as a hero. (but I thought he was already dead?) Though I enjoyed this map for the most part, it did have some problems worth noting. Firstly, there seemed to be a few problems with planning; I noticed AI getting stuck on rocks, spires, and other objects on numerous occasions. Secondly, the hanger tended to be clumped with AI who couldn't go anywhere because all the ships had already taken off. I'm pretty sure there's an option somewhere in ZeroEdit where you can change the AI spawn weight, so you could put a limit on how many AI spawn in the hangers. Thirdly, the massive amounts of dust and large number of units will likely cause plenty o' lag for lower-end systems. Fourth, the usage of turrets is ridiculous. I'd say keep it to one or two to a Command Post, or less, and place them strategically, instead of just in a circle around the CP. Fifth is the canon-icity, although that doesn't matter as much as other areas. Maybe replace the [i]Invisble Hand[/i] with the [i]Lucrehulk[/i]-class ship, and the [i]Venator[/i] with an [i]Acclamator[/i]. (there's one on GT that has a hanger) It's a good map, could use a couple of tweaks, but it's still fun to play and it really puts you into the battle shown in the movie. Give it a download if it sounds good or the screenshots entice you, and remember to leave feedback for the author if you download this file, it's how we can help others improve and grow as modders. -Xavious




Rhen Var Temple | 212.65 MB

large amount of maps and mods to be uploaded. 2 maps, a mappack, and 3 mods to be correct. ;) On to the Map. Well since the last Version theres been a large amount of changes. 1. New Skins 2. Some New weapons 3. The Republic has a Super Gungan (I\'m not sure if this was in V1.0 I forget) 4. New Modes 5. New Vehicles 6. Mini Map details 7. A secret Path So Part 1 [b]NEW SKINS[/b] Well, new skins have been added, The Super Jawa skin has been changed a long with some newer Republic CIS rebels and empire skins. Also for some vehicles Like the AT-ST and Vulture Droid Part 2 [b]SOME NEW WEAPONS[/b] I can\'t name all of them but the Gas Shell, Emp Grenades, Rail Gun and the new Droideka Blaster are some of the new crazy weapons Dann is famous for. The Millennium Falcon also has a new secondary fire. Part 3 [b]SUPER GUNGAN[/b] Well just like the super Geonosian (CIS), Tusken (Empire) and Jawa (Rebels), the Gungan is the Power House for the Republic, with the Bullcaster M-3X, HAywire Detonators, and Da Mine Chucka mixed with super jump and speed, makes this unit a killer. Sadly he\'s my least favourite of the Supers becuz, well..he\'s a gungan ... :D MOVING ON Part 4 [b]NEW MODES[/b] With this version there are 4 Modes (count em 1-2-3-4) 1. Conquest 2. Assault 3. XL 4. Hunt ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Conquest : Well conquest is just normal sides on the map, so if you like the classic BF2 then play conquest. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Assault : A step further from conquest. Dann\'s sides, weapons and units are all in it... except... it\'s normal spawn count saw if you want a kill you have to go lookin for it. also it only goes to 50. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. XL Another Step further from Assault (2 steps ahead of conquest ;) ) Dann\'s features are in this mode along with large spawn counts, so just stand still and the kills will come to you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Hunt The best update from 1.0 (my opinion), Becuz Hunt is actually Hunt! Explanation? It\'s Hunters VS Giant Wampas and Rock Golems! It has it\'s own battlefield with the ruins in the middle (where the Giants spawn) and the hunters bases on each side. The hunters are well skinned snow troopers with Bubble Rifles Bubble Rocket launchers and Bubble grenades. They seem smaller then a normal unit and their rifle is bigger then normal rifles too. The Hunter team also has hunter tanks with bubble weapons. The GIants are Giant Bloody Wampas and Rock Golems (which I think are giant Han Solos with a rock texture for a skin and glowing green eyes) This is by far the Creative thing I\'ve seen in a map. Good job Dann! :) Part 5 [b]NEW VEHICLES[/b] Well this map comes with some new vehicles such as the CIS Tank called the HAG, Zam Wessel\'s Speeder, the Tie Defender, and Gogie\'s Brand New Ebon Hawk! It still has the orignal vehicles like Arc-170s, AT-STs, X-wings, Snow Speeders, Hailfire droids, etc. Part 6 [b]MINI MAP DETAILS[/b] Well the minimap isn\'t blank like most maps these days, it also has the Classic BF1 mini map details. Not much else to say about it. Part 7 [b]SECRET PATH[/b] Well I can;t really tell you since it\'s a secret. :D So those are the updates the map it self is pretty much the same from version 1.0 but that doesn\'t change anything cuz the map was perfet in version 1.0 anyways. Great Map Dann, One of my new favorites! - EGG GUTS




Raxus Prime | 23.53 MB

can see how this could be considered a factory. The level is enormous. You have lots of levels of catwalks interconnected, and takes a while to get to a CP. I find that ok, though, as you will be walking through a very high quality area. I found it interesting that all the troops on both sides managed to keep up, as I reached the first CP and encountered several droids. I also had a few clones with me. I enjoyed the fact that it looked like a place where weapons were made. It reminded me of the Bakura level on Jedi Academy. Overall, this is a good map. It maybe needs to be made smaller, but it was still and excellent map. Download immediately. -Valiantofficer ~'I think I have the right developer. If not, tell me'~-Valiantofficer




Bothawui | 76.36 MB

repetitious. The design is nice and feels original, and as far as a city goes, it holds the theme together pretty well. What I really liked about this map was the way the author made a city that, despite using somewhat-hackneyed assets, felt new. Architecturally, I liked that he used lots of platforms to make overpasses or roofs onto platforms, because this did a good job setting it apart from Bespin. Also, one of the command posts was situated in a large park in the center of the city - this is a nice use of creating a realistic cityscape while still finding a creative way to make a map that wasn't all-city. There were a couple bugs, though. The platform I first spawned on had some noticeable Z-fighting issues by the ramps (ramped platform in the center of the map). Also, the vehicles parked in a corner of the map - while nice scenery - were pilotable, and when they were piloted they were missing any vehicle or weapon sounds. This is just an opinion, too - but I thought that some areas towards the furthest-back Team 2 CP were a little too open. All in all, it's a very nicely-done map, and worth a download. Give it a try! -Mav Edit: By request of the author - if anyone normally has crashes on Naboo due to water issues, download the following: [url][/url] Extract BHW.lvl to LucasArtsStar Wars Battlefront IIGameDataaddonBHW_LVL_PCBHW - and that should fix the same issue in this map for those users.




Naboo: Great Grass Plains | 38.63 MB

end of Star Wars Episode 1. To be perfectly honest, it didn't feel much like the Battle of Naboo to me, but we'll get to that later. I'll start with a general overview of the map. So, the map is mostly a big grass plain (what do you expect, I mean it [i]is[/i] the Great Grass Plains) with some hills and a forest or two. The CIS starts out next to a bunch of MTTs, behind which are some of those lander ships. (Can't remember what they're called) The MTTs aren't drivable, which makes sense since they didn't really move much in the movie. However, they are usable as turrets. Of course, at the bottom of the hill the CIS starts on is the gungan spawn point, protected by the fambaa shield generators. And off to the side is a small forest, where another gungan spawn point lies, again under cover of a fambaa shield generator. In the way of units, the CIS has the standard B1 battle droid and the droideka. Some AATs are available for your gungan-killing pleasures at the CIS spawn point. But be wary; the AAT carries a limited supplie of rockets. The hero for the CIS is OOM-9, who sports a powerful blaster pistol. (Which is missing sounds) On the gungan side is a wide array of gungans with weapons like the pike and those portable shield weapons they used in Eppisode 1. The hero for the gungan side is Jar-Jar Binks, with some type of grenade launcher as well as boomas. So why does this not really feel like the real battle of Naboo? Well, when I think of the Battle of Naboo, I usually think of huge armies of droids and gungans clashing in a wide open plain. In this map, the number of units wasn't quite "huge," although that might have been okay, if it wasn't for the fact that the AI units tended to do a lot of sitting around doing nothing. About half of the CIS side sat around their main CP like they were roasting marshmellows over a campfire, and another group of them sat around the forest gungan command post with their AATs and spawn-killed all the gungans. Most of the rest of them went joyriding their STAPs around the gungun shield generator. Much of the same could be said for the gungans as well. While a group of them fights the CIS who are sitting in the forest, a bunch of them sit around their other spawn points, or sometimes hop on a kaduu and make a break for the CIS base, where they will be slaughtered instantly by the relentless droidekas and battle droids awaiting them. The choice of foliage didn't seem very Naboo Plains-ish to me; it was too dark and looked very ugly in the middle of the bright green plains. There's another foliage in the BF1 Naboo assets that is the same color as the ground texture for this map; I recommend using this other one as it would improve the aesthetic quality of the map by a lot. Go mess around with the different foliages untill you find a better one. To sum it up: This certainly isn't the best Naboo map I've ever seen, but it's not the worst either. Give it a download if it sounds good to you, or if you're just a Naboo-fanatic. Oh, and make sure you read the readme for installation instructions and information. Cheers, -Xavious




Rhen-Var Droid Factory | 178.96 MB

that has been a staple in all Rhen Vars, lava. Jokes aside, this map comes equipped with a nice layout of ruins, a sorta sketchy tunnel system (more on that later), a ravine, etc. The ruins have been given a lot of attention decal-wise, with smaller rocks littering the ground. The whole thing\'s pretense is, of course, a factory, (don\'t expect a Geonosis conveyor-belt thing, it\'s more of an installation) and somehow, for some reason, factories and lava have gotten to side-by-side in most minds. The remarkably large ravine which the CIS troop over has an entire river of it going on underneath. I like the mix of vehicles, the heavier ones are balanced out by the fact that they can\'t really tromp through the ruins, and have to stick to that main path. Problem is, due to the immense amount of units going along the same path, so killing sprees go sky-high. The same holds true for the medium ones, to a lesser extent- they can\'t cross the infantry-only bridges (though they can just camp them and shoot people off by the dozen, I\'ve learned). The unit count on this map has been ramped up considerably, and the Republic has a pretty much new side (ARCs, the lot of them). As much as I like ARC troopers, I think their premise is being slightly abused here (they are the best, the elite, only a few were created, here\'s an huge army of them). I guess that since the Kaminoians figured that if 100 regular troopers = 4 Clone Commandos = 1 ARC, how much would 10,000 ARCS be worth? Back on topic: both sides get fliers, both of which can completely stop midair. It\'s kind of cool, though I think they have a bit too much health to be able to get this easily-abusable ability, they have the default health for space maps, and take about 10 missiles to kill. Last thing, the tunnels/actual factory. It\'s basically stuff from Mustafar, only without the walls, so the invisible barriers get [i]really[/i] aggravating here. That\'s okay, though, because there\'s absolutely no action or POIs besides a command post that only AI usually spawn at. I didn\'t even know about this place until halfway through my second playthrough. Overall, nice map, cool units, maybe too high a unit count. Large file size warning. .Rikino




Dantooine: Rebel Base | 11.43 MB

map is a combination of grassy fields, enclosed spaces and building interiors. While I\'m not a big fan of the texturing work on some of the buildings all in all it\'s consistant and makes a believable environment. There are some nifty (although a bit glitchy) features like elevators leading from the surface to the bases interior, and on the visual side of things some of the tunnels are pretty nice. Gameplay wise the map is decent but not great. The conquest matches are pretty one sided, with almost all the fighting focusing on the central base and courtyards. The AI seem to be a bit slow too - in the too central base CPs they tend to stand around doing not a lot (to the author - this might have been caused by barriers being too close together). A few things worth mentioning gameplay wise are the inclusion of vehicles in an underground hangar (which you can drive but not get anywhere, unless I\'m missing something) and the AI succesfully using the ground/underground elevators. Flag mode works pretty well and is more evenly matched, and not that many custom maps include it so somethng for anyone who likes it. There\'s also support for Jaspo\'s Laser Tag mode found here:;111751. It shows up as \"Custom Mode 3\". Don\'t play it unless you have the Lazer Tag Mod installed. Anyway, it\'s a pretty good map, download if it looks appealing.




Nal Hutta: Slums

hut.rar | 31.08 MB

that make up for this - a high degree of polish, originality, as immersive as you can get in Battlefront, and adherence to the general SWBF design aesthetic. This map, Nal Hutta: Slum, is certainly no exception to any of these. As the title implies, this map takes place on Nal Hutta. It is based on The Old Republic\'s interpretation and visioning of the planet. Because it is on Nal Hutta, which is the Hutt homeworld, one can expect the design to be very dreary and have lots of earthen, swampy colors. Your expectations are not misplaced, as the map is indeed very earthy, contains lots of garbage, and feels like a swamp. There are eight command points, four for each side. The map is not technically symmetrical, but a lot of the same basic structures and layouts are on each side of the map. It is very easy to get lost and have to take a quick glance at the minimap to figure out exactly where you are. The construction of this map is quite good- there are a lot of crates, foliage, debris, and general detritus around the map, giving it the appearance of a very backwater and junky planet. This is in keeping with the planet and is a good thing. Objects are well placed, I didn\'t see any collision issues, and everything maintains the same basic color scheme and design. The map is very consistent in what it looks like, which in this case is a good thing, but in other scenarios can be a detriment. Sides-wise, there\'s nothing new. This is a good thing. In my opinion, it is extremely hard to maintain a good balance between the map and the sides- one turns out really good and the other turns out really bad, or both turn out to be mediocre. The original sides are well balanced and they are rather underused in most recent \'big\' maps. I also really like the limitation of GCW only, as there has been a glut of Clone Wars maps flooding the market. Dark Times era also makes an appearance, which gives you something to play around with if you do not like the default GCW sides. A couple other things - some menu items are in Huttese, which is pretty cool to see. The one thing about this map that I did not like was the minimap. There is obviously some modification made to it, but it does not really present an overview of the map. One can get lost and so some basic building outlines would be nice to see. This is a very minor gripe, however, and does not really detract all that much from the map. Overall, this is a very excellent map. I really enjoyed playing it - it brought back a lot of that original Battlefront feel that I really think is missing a lot in SWBF2. As a Battlefront 1 lover, this may not appeal as much to some of you, but I really enjoyed it. It is most definitely worth downloading. -Jedikiller




Taris: Sky High | 9.12 MB

formal review of the map- and I'm honored to be giving it. Regardless, Taris: Sky High is a map set on Taris (surprising, right?). Much like the author's previous works, pretty much the entire map (this is buildings, platforms, objects, etc) was created by him. This is quite impressive, and it allows for much more planned and playable maps. The map is centered around dogfighting as well as ground combat, and both of these are implemented fairly well. The ground combat takes place in a complex of buildings high off the ground, as well as some platforms from which fighters can take off and land. There are a few vehicles placed around for land usage, though these aren't of much help given the tight quarters of most combat on the map. Most of the map's focus is on starfighter combat above the clouds, so there are plenty of fighters located throughout the map. This aforementioned air combat is indeed rather fun. It's challenging without being annoying, and is implemented well. You fly up above a cloud layer and into a very open space in which you can run around with your fighter buddies and shoot people down. I liked the cloud layers- it felt like entering a whole other world and made me forget all about the battles taking place down below. While some more room to maneuver would have been appreciated, it's still fun to play in the world above the clouds. Graphically speaking, the map is impressive. If anything had to be said negatively about the map, it would probably be the somewhat uniform color scheme. Most of the map is a sort of light purplish/tan color, and the parts that aren't stick to the same palette. That's not to say that it's sloppy or not well done- textures are top notch and it all looks real- it's just slightly boring to look at such a well done environment in such drab colors. Object placement is very good, and overall the map is quite impressive, especially considering it was all specially made. Overall, I would highly recommend this map. It's fun to play, rather unique in its layout, and the amount of work put into it shows. It's a small file too, so it's well worth your download. -Jedikiller




Rhen Var: Monastery | 99.85 MB

together. It\'s pretty well designed and constructed, with a few exceptions (there\'s two cps right by eachother, one elevated, and it\'s too easy to just drop grenades, mines, whatever, right down on their heads). There\'s some great sniping spots, where you can get up high and pick off your numerous enemies. The level of AIs in this map is kinda ridiculous. It would already be sort of crowed with, say, the normal 32 on each side, but with near 64 (or something), it\'s packed. Most of the bridges get congested, and you can just pile your weapon of choice on and they\'ll just keep coming in to their explosive doom like hysterical lemmings. The entire CIS side was included in the download just to get the \'Toxin Droid\', the replacement for the magnaguard. It adds 100 mb to the map uncompressed, so I\'d suggest to either cut it or delete all the unused skins and stuff. I [i]did[/i] like how a_speck_of_dust took advantage of the fact you can relocalize (rename) everything and not add to the file size, and has made everything have \'better\' names. There\'s not much more to say about this. If you like the \'Citadel\' style of play, this is a great keeper. If you\'re not a particular fan, there\'s not much else to keep you interested. .Rikino




Jabiim | 98.21 MB

been improved. So what's new? Well, a lot of polishing work has been done - it's far from a perfect map, but a lot of the really noticeable stuff is fixed, and it shows. Criticism leveled at the earlier version included jagged terrain (which has been fixed and smoothed), floating props (I didn't notice any this time around) and vehicle sounds (all of which have been fixed, with the exception of a turret sound). Kudos especially for taking the time to learn how to fix the last one, as sounds are always a bit persnickety. There's also a small campaign added - which in my book is a huge bonus. Campaigns are always different (no matter how simple) and seeing one on a "first map" (even if it is an updated version) is awesome. Nice work. Filesize has also been optimized (it's reduced by over 30%). However, it is of course not perfect. There are a number of things that I'd change and a couple minor issues to fix - but these are much smaller things, and it's always better when I can post criticisms of smaller issues. First, there was at least one texture missing (a Mygeeto texture, for the bridge potholes). Second (as mentioned above), you were missing some sound for a turret in the back. These are just small bugs, but it's important to get a good beta test out to quash these things before a release. I'd also note that the map is a little bit too large. That works out all right for the campaign, but in conquest there is simply too much running. I'd either add more command posts or move everything closer to center. Another thing I'd change would be the textures used - a lot of the props are from different worlds' assets - which is fine - but if they're all going to be added to one map, it'd be worth retexturing them to match up. In any case, a great second effort that needs a bit of work to really shine - but worth a download nevertheless. -Mav




Imperial Base Beta (Second Release) | 112.55 MB

which is (as the name suggests) a map set inside an Imperial base. This is an update to that (albeit a small update) which fixes a couple minor things. Even though the changes are minor, since the first version didn't get a proper review (and since I like reviewing polished maps because I don't have to be all "change the sky hurr hurr"), I'll go ahead and write up a full review. The good (of which there is a lot) starts and is dominated by the object placement. One of the things Delinquent does well is use stock assets to great effect - here they are melded together (and retextured, which is important) to create the feel of the inside of a large Imperial base. While most of the battle takes place in the large, open hangar areas, the best work is probably done in the large corridor(s) that run between the two halves of the hangar. It's not easy to mix-and-match tunnel or corridor pieces from different maps, but it's done well here and it should be a great example of "how to do it right." The sides were also well-done, aside from the missing localization on some of the new weapons. They look pretty nice and, more importantly, were set-up well with different sounds to match the new weapons (even if they were recycled stock sounds). The bad (which consists mostly of minor quibbles) were these: the view distance and the darkness. The first issue I had was with the fact that, when in the hangar, I could see the sky through the hangar. Yes, I do usually play at my default settings (LOD 50 instead of 99), but I think it's important to have the map set up to work ok on all settings (especially the default). This might have been averted if the sky were a darker sky, or if the view distance had been increased (in the sky file), or if the distance fog were darker. The second issue was the lighting in the map. On most of the map, it worked well, but in some places (notably the corridors) it was hard to tell where I should be going. In any case, it's a great map, and if you haven't played the first version you should definitely try it out. If you have the first version, you won't really find a lot different here, but I suppose you can download it anyway as a refresher. -Mav




Space Kal-Tarra | 98.49 MB

I'm sorry for messing up. But I've fixed it now :). I also changed the E-Mail name slightly so as to ward off spambots. Good thing I remembered this time...One last note: Hebes does not appear to be in the developer list, nor will it let me add him, so I'll have to leave him as anonymous. Alright, so what we have this time is a MASSIVE chaotic space battle. Yes, it's huge. Though the ships are in close quarters, the fighting here is insane. It seems much more movielike because of the heavy firepower the capital ships pump out (as mentioned by Hebes in his readme) and because of the shielding, it's harder to shoot down enemies. And because it's harder, it makes it kind of like real life, where becoming an ace is a difficult task. Yes, I did say shielding. Your ships get their own small reserve of regenerating shields. Now, onto the sides ect. There seem to be 3 capital ships (or is it two? I involuntarily counted them) and a few frigates for each side, with truckloads of turrets. Along with this, either side also seems to have changed pilots/marines. The marines get a DC-15s added to their inventory, and the pilots also get a DC-15s to go with their pistol, time bombs, and fusion cutter. Altogether, this is a great map if you like your battle to be bumped up to the somewhat realistic level :cool:. If you like what you see, give it a download. Enjoy. ~Penguin Unit~




Honoghr - Crash-Site | 25.94 MB

of the way, it\'s not a visually impressive map. It looks nice, but there are a few things - stock textures on the props is a big one - that makes it feel a little too \"standard\" to stand out. Retexturing the Tatooine buildings or the sail barge turret guns would have been nice and gone a ways towards making the planet feel like it had a standard visual theme. The good is that the map is pretty well-constructed, and it plays very well. The map uses a \"theta\" design, basically a circle with a line through the center, and that\'s a good one for keeping the map flowing well. Some neat features are the author\'s smart use of elevation, some well set-up cover at some CPs, and one thing I personally thought worked well - the avenues of Mos Eisley buildings, which should not have stood out in any way, ended up being a neat way to corner off parts of the map. All in all, it\'s a pretty decent map. Go ahead and take a look at the pictures and give it a try. -Mav




Kafah Minor | 58.54 MB

-Mav[/i] Here\'s an update to Kafah Minor from a_speck_of_dust. A snowy forest map? It\'s a unique setting, and a lot of attention has been paid to it. Everyone\'s seen the harsh desert, the lush forest, the barren asteroid, but something as simple as putting snow in a forest makes it really stand out. Every tree has been individually placed (a nightmarish chore, to say the least), and they\'re all at about the right density, giving the feel of the semi-sparse woodland. It all comes off [i]very[/i] nicely, textures are good, falling snow, etc. Now, for the battle itself. There\'s a [i]lot[/i] of units. I\'d say a bit too many, myself, for the size of this map. They all tunnel towards the center base, and after one team takes it, it\'s virtually impossible to get that cp away, due to the hordes of units that continually spawn. Not that the enemy hordes don\'t try. The beam turrets mow down the attackers, and unless the player takes it upon themself to sneak around to one of the less-spawned-from cps, the battle stalls out there. Not to say it isn\'t fun in the chaos that takes place, I\'d just like a bit more places for the chaos, or some result from it. Overall, it\'s a very pretty map, crunching through the snow is fun, and the fighting doesn\'t [i]really[/i] fail anywhere, I\'d just like some more spots of contention. .Rikino




Talus: Hillside | 69.4 MB

got support for extra mods. The map itself looks pretty good. Hilly maps are very much par for the course in user-created Battlefront II maps, because of the simplicity of the terrain editor, but one thing that is almost always done poorly with the terrain editor is steep hills. I like what the author has done here in using lots and lots of stacked stock rock props (say that ten times fast!) to create an effective set of hills and cliffs. One of my favorite stock assets (the Tatooine mushroom rock - and yes, I know it\'s weird to have favorite assets) is used in excess here, and it\'s a good example of what creative use of stock props can yield. The map also has its own campaign, which is a nice break from the norm - I\'ve said it before and I\'ll say it again; a mod map with a campaign is a huge leap over just a regular mod map in terms of how enjoyable I find it. The campaign is set in the CW era, and while it is short and relatively simple, it does have a bit of variability with some randomly-chosen objectives. In addition to the above, it\'s always nice to see support for extra community content, which this map has. You can see in the screenshots below that it\'s a nice-looking map, so go ahead and give it a download - you\'ll enjoy it. -Mav




A Race Map | 27.84 MB

have to applaud him for that. Like many maps with an outside-the-box concept, this one needs more than it has to really be effective, and it's clear that the author's imagination is limited by his modding ability (which is not inherently bad - everyone needs to learn, and it's infinitely preferable to having ability limit imagination than the other way around). What this gives us is a map that is different enough from most newbie maps to stand out, but still bears the hallmarks of a new map creator. The map itself isn't something overly spectacular to look at - it's not bad-looking, but in the effort to create a "functional" map, the author left a few things to be desired, visually (i.e. the large sheer terrain walls, the un-blended terrain, lack of consistent prop use, etc.). While it is a lot harder to make a visually-pleasing map that serves a nonstandard functional purpose (i.e. built for more than a stock game mode), it can be done. Instead of relying on sheer terrain walls, I might suggest simply using some invisible collision (included with the modtools as objects). This'll at the least allow you to have normal-looking cliffs. I'd also suggest using a few more props scattered throughout the course of your "race." Also, the idea here would be infinitely improved by a little scripting. The biggest downfall of making a map like this assumes that the player is going to buy into the idea 100% - if I load this up and just want to get from point A to point B, I'm going to just jump the cliff wall and drive there. In a video game it's important to have a little bit of hand-holding of the player's character. It's not something that's easy to do, but start out small (I actually started learning scripting to do the exact same thing) and you'll get something that's workable and much better than just an open map. All in all, it's a fairly basic map. To enjoy it as the author intended, it'd be best to read through the readme. To the author - spend some time working on making your map visually appealing as well as functional, and don't be afraid to branch out into some basic scripting. It'll make maps like this much better for you in the future. -Mav




Virmund: City | 119.3 MB

yet, strictly in terms of physical level design. It's a city built aside a lake on the side of a mountain, and it's a really nice setting - I much prefer it to "brown-scale" grasslands or dark night battles. The map itself is built on the premise of ascending up the side of a hill - with the city's streets forming the hill. The author makes excellent use of stock Naboo assets to create a city that feels distinctly its own. One of my favorite parts of the map was a small domed overlook at the top of the hill, from which the player can jump on to some rooftops - nothing big, but it's little details like that which help to make a map feel new. Likewise, the texturing of the props cannot be overlooked. In fact, this probably helped create the "new" feeling of the city as much as the level design did. The texturing color choices were very nice, I particularly enjoyed how they worked well with the surrounding scenery (better, certainly, than stock Naboo would have). However - there are a couple reasons why I can't say that this is the author's best overall map. It really boils down to not enough time spent testing, because there are a number of issues that prevent real enjoyment. The first issue - CP capture zones. Please fix this. There is one CP that the attacking team (IMP, REP) starts with, and it is uncaptureable. This means that a conquest victory for the CIS or Rebels is impossible (and victory [i]at all[/i] for these teams is unlikely, due to bug #2). Checking to make sure conquest works should be a fundamental thing, and I have no idea how this slipped past any sort of testing. The second issue - object placement. By and large, a great job was done using the Naboo assets, but the author was not careful to make sure that they were all used correctly. In fact, I wonder exactly how many times this map was even played through completely (if at all), because this problem is equally as noticeable as the CP not working. There are a number of places where AI will choose to glitch through walls (always, and in groups, not just one or two). This is easy to notice because large numbers of the opposite team's AI will clump nearby/above them to try and attack them. In conjunction with the abovementioned bug (CPs), this makes the map virtually unplayable for a complete match. On a minor note, it would be advised that the terrain around the docks is worked on a little more - right now, it looks sloppy, because it's very sheer terrain at very unnatural angles (and illogical, you can clearly see the zigzag of the terrain tool). Just something to consider touching up, or maybe using a prop instead of terrain for. All in all, it's a pretty map to see, but it's tough to really appreciate when I can't even play through a conquest game. Give it a try, if for no other reason than to see it, though. -Mav




Game_Jedi's Map Pack | 59.16 MB

address each one individually. [i]Dantooine: Destroyed Enclave[/i] [b]Tech:[/b] 5 [b]Quality:[/b] 5 [b]FunFactor:[/b] 5 [b]Creativity:[/b] 7 [b]Item Placement:[/b] 5 [b]Map Rating:[/b] 5.4 Dantooine: Destroyed Enclave is more or less a representation of the enclave seen in the game Knights of the Old Republic, in destroyed fashion. It's decent, and the author certainly made a liberal use of Caleb1117's KotOR props, but at times it feels like the props were just thrown in there. The central "enclave" part is probably the best part, designwise, but once you make it outside the walls (which are stone for some reason?), the props take on the haphazard feel mentioned above. The work done on the sky and periphery of this map are probably the best of his four maps; he makes sure to use a different sky as well as adding some texture to differentiate the mountains from the surrounding ground. [i]King of the Hill[/i] [b]Tech:[/b] 3 [b]Quality:[/b] 3 [b]FunFactor:[/b] 4 [b]Creativity:[/b] 6 [b]Map Rating:[/b] 4 King of the Hill is really just conquest, although there is a large hill with a CP in the center of four CPs. Presumably, one would try and capture this to maintain the advantage, but logically by the time you get up there and capture the CP, you could have captured two on the ground. So perhaps the advantage goes to whoever [i]ignores[/i] the CP in the center. The map could use a bit of design work, too - there seems to be no sky at all (not stars, not clouds, just a plain textureless skydome- although it could just be black, my computer renders missing textures that way). There are also a lot of steep, jagged cliffs. Unfortunately, there's just no way to make terrain sloped like that look good - the textures are all stretched and it doesn't look natural at all. It's also worth mentioning that not only is the AI planning bad (it looks like the author didn't even try to make AI go up the hill) - but in the map's readme, the author says this: [quote]if you play this with Ai and either planning is bad or they dont understand what king of the hill is, that is your fault.[/quote] Yes, that's right - he said that if there's a problem with the AI, it's not his fault for making it, it's the [i]user's[/i] fault. I got a chuckle out of that. [i]Mini Fort Warz[/i] [b]Tech:[/b] 6 [b]Quality:[/b] 4 [b]FunFactor:[/b] 6 [b]Creativity:[/b] 6 [b]Item Placement:[/b] 4 [b]Map Rating:[/b] 5.2 This is probably the most solid (gameplay-wise) of Game_Jedi's maps - Mini Fort Warz is a continuation of sorts of his earlier Fort Warz map, but it seems like some things were tweaked for the better this time around. It looks like the AI will move from CP to CP, and actually capture posts (always a plus). The map is also not too big - it's traversable on foot. The best change from his earlier version (if you can call it that) is that the map itself is much less glitchy. There's no running through terrain or being trapped in shield pens - just four forts on each side of an essentially square map. Issues with this map include a very dry terrain - the mono-texture terrain looks really boring, mix up the textures a bit like you did in your Dantooine map. The Yavin sky is also not great, but at least the black part isn't visible. It's worth mentioning too, that when you (the player) are in the foliage in the center, the AI can see you fine but you cannot see them at all. Not so much fun. There were also a few object-placement issues, and there was very noticeable Z-fighting in the main CPs. [i]Valley of the Sith Lords[/i] [b]Tech:[/b] 5 [b]Quality:[/b] 6 [b]FunFactor:[/b] 5 [b]Creativity:[/b] 7 [b]Item Placement:[/b] 6 [b]Map Rating:[/b] 5.8 For starters, I liked the concept of this map - I really did. It's a good job of using some existing assets (and some more of the requisite Caleb1117's KotOR props) to create a map that looked somewhat like the Valley of the Dark Lords from KotOR. Gameplay-wise, though, it just felt too big (it sure feels like it's on a bigger scale than it was in KotOR - although game-to-game comparison is irrelevant). There was too much open space and flat ground to make for a really solid map, although there were at least a few occasional pillars to hide behind. I did like what was done with the temple at one end of the valley - this was definitely a high point in terms of design. Unfortunately, there are more of the sharp terrain cliffs that plagued "King of the Hill" in this map. (Also, what was up with the pits in the center? They seemed a little odd.) [b]Dantooine: Destroyed Enclave:[/b] 5.4 [b]King of the Hill:[/b] 4 [b]Mini Fort Warz:[/b] 5.2 [b]Valley of the Sith Lords:[/b] 5.8 [b]Overall Rating:[/b] 5.1 So there you go, if you like what you see, give it a shot. -Mav




Rise of the Empire #5: Shadows and Flames | 60.27 MB

what\'s most sad is that his final map is also one of his weakest... The map takes place on Tatooine under a starry night sky. The rebels (who mostly consist of droids now) are scavenging the site of a brutal ambush that occured during the Clone Wars for old machinery and weapons that they can use to further their cause. It just so happens that a clan of tuskens has set up camp in the middle of the wreckage, hence complicating things further. The Empire catches wind of the rebel\'s plans (they must have been bored) and sends a large group of Clone Commando\'s to ambush the rebels, thus paralleling the ambush that occured several years before. The map looks and feels like Tatooine. It was like being in the scene from Episode II where Anakin sneaks into the tusken camp to rescue his mother. The only thing that could have made it perfect would be those dog-like monsters the tuskens kept as pets. The map is littered with Republic vehicles; mostly partially functioning AT-TE\'s. The rebels start off with two CP\'s: one to the west of the camp and one to the north. The Empire starts out south of the camp with two UT-AT\'s. The actual layout of the map is rather unimaginative and boring since the command posts are perfectly aligned with one another rather than spread out. And the fact that there are only four CP\'s (two of which cannot be captured, I think) turns the map into a frustrating \"CP goose-chase.\" And to top it off none of the command posts, other than the tusken camp or the little rebel mobile command center, are very exciting to look at. They\'re basically just empty patches of sand without any cover to use or make it interesting. This presents a problem which I\'ll get into in a second. The rebel side consists of super battle droids, an engineer, and battle droids armed with that repeating sniper rifle. There are also a couple of dwarf spider droids helping out by they don\'t seem to hit anything. So as you can tell your choices of units are limited and rather boring. As for the Empire... well they strictly consist of Clone Commando\'s and nothing else. The only plus side to that is that they now come with cloaking devices. Now I have to rant about how unbalanced the map. For starters, the rebels are limited in their selection of weapons. The only thing they can use against the UT-AT\'s are the engineer\'s det-packs, which don\'t do much damage at all. The super battle droids are very slow and very big which makes them easy targets, and the battle droids\' sniper rifles aren\'t very useful against an army of invisible clone commandos. The clone commandos are [i]always[/i] invisible. They have an unlimited cloaking device which makes it very easy for them to go around the map killing enemies while they fire aimlessly in attempt to hit their attacker. To add fuel to the fire the UT-AT\'s sweep into the rebel CP\'s, which as I mentioned before have no cover, and just spawn an endless number of invisible clone commandos that just tear the rebels apart. I remember playing as the engineer and every time I\'d spawn while our CP was under attack by UT-AT\'s I\'d be gunned down in a second by commandos. Not two seconds. A second. If you\'re lucky you\'ll be able to last a little longer. It\'s no fun to play as the rebels because you\'re just absolutely [i]raped[/i] by the commandos, and it\'s no fun to play as the commando\'s because you completely dominate the rebels without breaking a sweat. I got in more kills as a clone commando in one spawn-time than I did as a rebel in an entire [i]match[/i]. That should say something. Also, isn\'t it a little odd to send an army of [i]handless[/i] super battle droids to salvage machinery from a wreckage field? I\'d have thought that the rebels would have sent some actual humans to do that. They couldn\'t have anticipated such an attack during what is an essentially minor mission. Overall I was pretty disappointed with this one. The map design is fine and all -- it\'s pretty. But the CP layout is totally bland and unimaginative. And, of course, the map is very unbalanced. I know it was PR\'s intention to make the map unbalanced but it simply isn\'t fun. There needs to be some sort of balance to make the map enjoyable. It\'s a shame that this dud will be PR\'s last map. The series so far has been fun though and a unique gaming experience. But who knows, maybe he\'ll find time to do another installment in the future. ;) -[GT]EraOfDesann PS: It should also be noted that PR himself states that this is his weakest map. Also I\'ll be taking over the Rise of the Empire project, assuming that PR doesn\'t kick me off for this ill-favored review. :p




Toola: Frozen Tundra v1.1

toola_v11.1_ff.rar | 69.86 MB

I\'m writing this), but from the stuff I did explore, it was a very thoroughly tested map. I might have missed a few messed up things, but otherwise I saw nothing wrong with it. To start, the first thing I noticed were the units. All of the units are decked out in a very stark white color, which blends in well with the snow. I had trouble killing off some of the droids because of how well they blended in. Next I noticed that the icon for the DC-15A is so large it almost entirely covers the first digit of your ammo number. This didn\'t bother me too much, but at first I thought it said I had 18 ammo, instead of 185. I almost thought it was one of those mods that makes the DC-15A a single-shot rifle. Then I noticed that the sidearm is the DC-15s, made to have infinite ammo. This helps contribute to the realism of it all, in my opinion. While firing the various weapons in my posession, I noticed that the projectiles reflected that of Majin Revan\'s RotE units, using a coreless, thin blue laser. Besides all this, I just want to mention that the Clone Troopers are white Galactic Marines. Then there\'s the map itself. It is very well built, along with appropriate texture usage. The Clone Turbo Tank got my attention instantly. Sorry, you can\'t drive that thing, but it functions like an LA-AT; as a destructible command post, even though it doesn\'t move :cool:. And here you go. It\'s a great map. I highly suggest you download this, despite the filesize. Enjoy. ~Penguin Unit~




Flying Over Mustafar | 137.75 MB

overpowered rocket launchers. That\'s pretty much the sum of it. -Mav




Ruuria - Jungle Ruins | 85.06 MB

feels a little different than what you may have seen before. What really stands out about this map is its commitment to making sure that the paths around the map are multiple and twisty. It's really easy to get lost on the stone pathways that encircle and cross the battlefield, although it's a pleasant kind of lost that lets you appreciate some neat map design. Another neat bonus is that, despite the complexity (or perceived complexity) of the titular ruins, the AI are planned with care and move through the map admirably well. I don't know that I saw AI being too dumb through a couple of playthroughs, and that's more than I expected, to be sure. The author also did a great job setting the scenery that provides the backdrop and surrounding areas of the map. The illusion of a jungle valley is effectively set. The one thing I'd criticize would be the use of Hoth tunnels towards the bottom - these are a little strange in this kind of map, and it would be a lot nicer if some custom assets were used. That said, they were used well, I just don't care much for the Hoth tunnels to start with. All in all, it's a surprisingly good map and certainly worth your download. Give it a try! -Mav [i]Download link below is broken, please use this one: [b][url][/url][/b][/i]




Death Star II: Emperor's Throne Room | 18.32 MB

return to mapping. As you've probably guessed from the title, the setting is The Emperor's Throne Room atop the Death Star II where Luke and Vader's final duel occurs. Within BF2's limitations, the movie-accuracy of this map is amazing. The modelling and texturing work is highly detailed throughout, and there are so many fine details - from the hologram of the galaxy in one room, to the intricate details of the catwalks and handrails, and of course the emperor's throne overlooking the Death Star II. I actually spent a hunt round just exploring the map, despite its small size (occasionally dodging Vader's hurled lightsabre and hurling the Emperor to his doom). Gameplay is also excellent. As previously mentioned, the map is very small - too small in fact for Conquest mode. The modes are Hunt (the final duel between Luke and Vader, with Emperor Palpatine watching on) in GCW and Dark Times* eras, Team Death Match, which is pretty much like stock hunt without the time limit and normal units in CW, GCW and DT eras, and finally Hero Assault in GCW and DT (sabre heroes only) eras. All the modes work very well and are very fun to play due to the compact nature of the map and perfect AI pathing. Emperor's Throne Room also contains nifty extra features that enhance the overall atmosphere. There's fitting music from Return of the Jedi added to various modes, there's a distant starship battle in the sky overhead, and...well lets just say "try to recreate part of the Return of the Jedi whenever the Emperor is around." Like some of the map details these don't enhance gameplay but make the map all the more immersive. This map is fantastic. Download it. Right now. ~Sky *It should be noted that to play the DT era modes you must have Dark Times II: Rising Son installed. Note: to anyone with both this DT and the Convopack installed, you'll get DT Space Assault added to Maveritchell's Space Endor map.




Big Battle | 2.78 MB

been changed from the default map - the map itself is still exactly the same, the only difference is the placement of the command posts in one long, spread-out-too-far line. The unit count has been increased significantly (although not to the numbers the author mentions in his readme - there are no more than a hundred or so units for each side) and there are several vehicles added. None of the added vehicles have correct sounds, and there's no pathing for units or splines for the flyers. As a tip to the author - play around with Zeroeditor and learn to make some basic maps (i.e. adding props, changing the sky, etc.) before you try any major unit changes. There are a lot of newbie mistakes in this map, but they all boil down to "practice more and learn your tools." Make sure you read through some tutorials and start small. -Mav




Terminator Salvation | 56.62 MB

that. The third and fourth films are optional but you MUST watch the first two. Anyway... The map takes place at a SkyNet facility which is adjacent to a small neighborhood. Overall I liked the design of the map in terms of both structure and atmosphere. The layout of the SkyNet facility is realistic and makes for some decent gameplay. I appreciated the amount of detail and precision that went into the object placement, which is probably one of the map's strongest features. The custom models look great and make the map feel fresh (the cars, however, look a bit like cardboard cut-outs). I question the use of the blue sky, however. Since this is supposed to be a post-apocalyptic world where mankind struggles to survive it would only make sense that the tone of the map reflect that -- therefore I think that a gray or dark sky would be better suited for the map and would help illustrate the grim atmosphere of the time period. Gameplay is unfortunately the map's weakest feature. Firstly, the weapons cause so much damage that players can be killed with a single well-placed shot. While some may find this style of play enjoyable, others (such as myself) may find it frustrating. I understand that the author is trying to create a sense of realism, but sometimes that can hurt the gameplay. I'm all for realism but not at the expense of the gameplay. Secondly, the odds are tipped in SkyNet's favor. In fact, SkyNet already starts off the match with a higher ticket count. Even if the Resistance captures the odd Command Post (located in the center of the map) the ticket bleeding (if it's even there) doesn't do anything to hinder SkyNet's advantage. It wasn't until the Resistance captured all but one of the CP's that the match became even. Thirdly, I believe that adding a CP to the other side of the bridge would improve the gameplay by spreading out the action and utilizing more of the map. There are some noticeable bugs, such as floating weapon icons and missing weapon sounds. These are both pretty distracting bugs so I hope they're fixed in any future versions of the map. Additionally, there are barriers that need some adjusting. In conclusion, this is a pretty good effort for someone's first map. Does it still need a lot of work? Yes. Is it worth a try? Sure. ~Era PS: Just for fun, I'd recommend adding some vehicles and custom music.




Felucia: Overgrown Bog | 68.16 MB

[url=;95637]Prime Front[/url] mod has really helped that out) and ability. I can't say exactly where this falls, on a scale of 1 to "Stock Felucia". In some ways, I actually prefer it to the stock map. The lack of foliage, which the author mentions as a bug, is something I might be so inclined to even call a "feature," simply because the sparser map foliage makes this map much more playable than the original, in my opinion. I do think stock Felucia looks a little better, simply from a visual point-of-view and in terms of polish, but this map is maybe a little more fun. Certainly the addition of some new sides helped out that "fun." RED51 did a nice job constructing imaginitive sides similar (construction-wise) to the stock and Conversion Pack units, but visually different enough to set it apart (and to be fair, I like the stock unit setups, so being similar to them isn't a negative in my book). This made for a nice, balanced experience with nothing too crazy bringing me out of the setting. The map setup itself is very similar to stock Felucia (from the crashed AT-TE to the large "stump" CP), but does integrate some other new things well. The map is a little more linear - which helps, in light of the props/foliage, to make it more intuitive than the stock Felucia. Some custom bunker models are also well-integrated into the map. The only real bugs of note were a few "award weapons bugs" (although none that froze the game, from what I saw) and a few spelling grammar errors in the localization ("Magna Gaurd?" Can we please spell this right, people?), but nothing too major. Overall it was a pretty well-done map. Make sure to [b]follow the installation instructions carefully[/b] and know that [b]you need the Conversion Pack 2.0[/b] to get some of the units to work. Give it a try! -Mav




Tatooine Desert War

tsr.rar | 221.67 MB

assets, and to no great suprise, feels very similar in execution to that map. It's worth noting that this is the author's first map. For a first map I noticed a lot of things done well that first-time mappers usually miss out on - there's a different skydome, animated props were used, and lighting was added. I'm especially a fan of that last one; good lighting can be really helpful to making a map look polished. There are some weaknesses as well, though. For one, the map is too darn big. A good try at remedying this was made by adding lots of speeders and other vehicles, but the real problem lies in the fact that the AI combat moves very slowly on big maps, and the speeders did not aid a solution to this. Secondly - and the biggest problem, which will no doubt make some not want to download this - is the filesize. There appear to have been very minor changes to the sides, but these sides changes were done by changing the entire side. As a result, there are about 6 stock sides in the addon folder's side folder, which makes the map more than ten times the size it needs to be - literally. It would also be nice if the author took the time to add in the correct shipped sounds for the GCW vehicles. It's too bad that the map is so large, because it's not a bad map - in fact, filesize aside, it's easily well above average for first-time maps. However - a suggestion to the author - getting the filesize optimized would be the first thing I would work on before I plan to release another version of this or a different map. -Mav




102nd Legion(GCW) #1 and 2

gcw102nd_the_begining.rar | 194.42 MB

different submissions of the default munged map in our submission cue by [i]two different people[/i], different is definitely good. This map loads two different .wld files for its two eras, so CW era is played on, basically, the stock Geonosis map. It's got - once again - clones vs. Imperials (I don't know why this happened so often, apparently, it's as though half of the GAR decided to ignore Order 66). It looks like Geonosis, it plays like Geonosis, the only real difference is some vehicle switcharounds and the upped unitcount. Not sure the latter was a good idea as it slowed things down, FPS-wise. GCW era is on a large, fairly nondescript map. I think I can guess at the idea the creator might have had in his head, but there's not much polish to it ingame. It uses the default munged ground and sky textures (which always get a thumbs-down from me, especially when used as they are here), but there is a lot of terrain variation and there are copious placements of objects. What really gets me are the sides. They don't really seem to make sense. I get that the author had some kind of concept for a story-ish thing going on, but the sides are fairly random. Rebel engineer, clone trooper, Jedi vs. Jedi, imps, etc. I guess it could make sense in a rebel/rogue clones alliance vs. Imperials theme, but the sides felt really patchwork and strange. Definitely not the best map, but it's certainly not the worst (and it definitely helps its appearance in my eyes having been reviewed after those default maps). Give it a try if you want to see what having one map with two different .wlds is like (note that this makes the download excessively large). -Mav




Episode V: Hoth | 163.7 MB

empire which is weird cuz in the pics your against the empire. Anyways This map is very big like hoth. The Imps have at least 20 AT-STs and 3 AT-ATs so you would think you have an uphill advantage. Your Wrong. See there\'s a large snow field. You start at the end. The rebels at the beginning with a steady Line of Turrets and trenches. It\'ll take forever for you to run so you hop into a vehicle. But by then the rebels are blasting turrets at you and there are snowspeeders (they have at lest 8 that continuly spawn, so about 16 on the field) everywhere. Behind the turrets and trenches, there\'s a hill. One big fat hill, the type AT-ATs have difficulty climbing. But luckily there\'s a valley you can go through. On the side, it takes time. So i suggest taking an AT-ST over the hill. Very few go over the hill with vehicles they stay on the other side of the hill blasting rebels. SO your over the hill. You have another huge snow field . after you cross that you got a generator to the left a hanger to the right. Plus alot of rebels, tauntauns. and snowspeeders. So choose your way. Now my favorite part, the hanger is connected to a system of tunnels with rooms from Tantive IV. They are connected every where and it\'s really fun going is as Vader and having Tunnel fights. :D Thy conect to other hangers and small bunkers all over the battle field. and to a valley with rebel cruisers in it. Did I mention Luke is running around to add to the matter? So that\'s the re-view. I didn\'t see many bugs either so this is an all around good map. There are 2 modes Conquest/Assault (I forget which one it is) and XL they are both Imps VS Rebs. So this is over all a pretty good map. - EGG GUTS




Rise of the Empire #2 - Outpost Overrun | 119 MB

There are many other smaller fixes and stuff too. I made the AI not be able to see through the grass, and I reduced the amount of grass and the grass height a bit. This is a significant update. [b]READ THE README FILE.[/b] - Majin Revan




Rise of the Empire #1: New Era Begins | 137 MB

fixes and stuff too. This is a significant update. [b]READ THE README FILE.[/b] - Majin Revan




Geonosis Droid Factory | 26.32 MB

concept to try for a first map. It's nice to see a new modder try a hand at some things more than just basics (i.e. procedural animation), but there are a lot of other basics ignored here (e.g. satisfactory prop placement). The map is also basically large and flat (flarge?), which is a combination that rarely sits well. -Mav




Amador: Deep Forest

ama.exe | 73.58 MB

cover, which is good. The author has done a pretty nice job setting up the environment - the sky is nice - with a few hitches. The terrain texture is [i]way[/i] over-tiled, and it\'s very apparent at far distances. It looks nice up close, but any time you\'re not looking at your feet it looks a bit odd. There\'s also some strange, ill-fitting foliage used to fill out the forest. I\'m all for mixing the trees up, but there\'s not a lot of consistency in the plant design (some of these would fit better in a more exotic environment). All in all, it\'s a decent map - if you see something you like in the screenshots, give it a try. -Mav




Ryloth: Nabat

ryloth_nabat_1.0.7z | 58.97 MB

layout and look of the map is largely the same. Some of the colors look a little different and it seems that there was a slight graphical update to make the map look a bit more appealing. Some objects have been grounded, others have been relocalized correctly, and some new objects are present as well. There is also a more firey feel to the map, with the addition of some embers floating around and some piles of flaming refuse scattered around the buildings. In the sides department, there have been a lot of changes. All the clone models have been changed up a bit to be more like the animated series, and there are a lot of new weapons and animations for those weapons. There are also some new vehicles added for you to fly around the map in. Most of the units have been reskinned and in general they have a completely different appearance than they did before. There were also a lot of droids running around the map, which was a nice touch- it added a lot of atmosphere. In the \"general changes\" aisle, we have the addition of the Dark Times era, which is only playable if you have that mod installed. There is also a KOTOR era to play around in. The Clone Wars era has been renamed and is now located at the bottom of the era select panel. One bug I noticed was that the ground textures do not seem to be present in the Dark Times era; however, this could just be my computer. Overall, this is a pretty good map. The sides are good, and the concept of almost everything being destructable adds a lot of gameplay elements to the map. while the design is somewhat bland and colorless, it does fit in with its planet, and so cannot be faulted all that much. If you are looking for a new map to play, or you enjoyed the beta version, I would recommend giving this a download. -Jedikiller




Salucemi: Battleground

salucemi_battleground.rar | 64.13 MB

several planets featured for about three seconds in Episode III that have since gotten lots of attention. It\'s like a grimy Felucia, basically (although they share equal weight in the \"movie-significance club\"). This map takes a decent stab at the setting, although it has been done before with more proficiency. What gets me most here is the fact that the map is so very clearly the default munged map, while at the same time being relatively well-decorated. The periphery of the map is completely unchanged from the stock munged map, the sky is the same, and the command posts are in the same starting four locations. The map would be a lot better if this weren\'t a constant reminder of that default starting point! The sides are fine, although they owe the majority of their polish to the various talented modelers or texture artists who made them. I\'ll almost always appreciate new sides the author has put a lot of effort into doing (mostly) himself - even if they\'re not as high quality - than new sides cobbled together from various downloadable assets. There are a number of issues with the sides in terms of icon placements or other small bugs; I won\'t get too picky, though, as these are things the author will learn as he gets more experienced. All in all, it\'s a decent first stab at a map. Next time, don\'t remind me so much of the default munged map! -Mav




Vendaxa: Forgotten Forest

vendaxa_forgotten_forest.rar | 48.45 MB

and Geonosis and everywhere else. First and foremost, this modmap is definitely a great step forward from the author's previous work - it includes a campaign (which always pushes some of the right buttons for me) as well as a couple other non-conquest (assault, really) modes. It is not without its faults (which I will address), but it is always a breath of fresh air to see something besides the basic conquest we are so familiar with. The map itself is decent. The environment is well set-up in concept, but the design (basic forest) is a little blah. The design isn't helped by the sense of minimal contrast in the map - everything is just dark. The best thing about "dark" maps is that they afford you the opportunity to play with the lighting when it is used, whether it's moonlight, firelight, searchlight, whatever, but in this case things remain dark through-and-through. The low-contrast setting doesn't help the gameplay much, either, since few of the units (with the exception of the stormtroopers) really stand out. The construction itself could also use a little work. Like I said above, the design is solid, but there are nits to pick here - the terrain, especially around the streams (canals, rivulets, etc.) is very blocky and unnatural. This is bad enough by itself, but it also makes the painted-on foliage look tacky, because the foliage brushes don't deal well with non-smooth terrain (also; bushes on the bottom of the streams?). The streams themselves are unnecessarily deep, too. If the author had wanted to use them to prevent AI from crossing, barriers would have been a much more effective and less unwieldy choice. On to the modes. The first mode I'll look at is the campaign - it's a basic campaign mode in the style of Pandemic's campaign maps, following a detachment of stormtroopers on a mission to attack some Rebels. As mentioned above, those familiar with Star Wars lore will not be [i]not[/i] expecting some things that pop up. The campaign works well for what it seems to be trying to do, with the exception of the last objective, which sort've comes out of left field. Even if it is a very simple one, remember that a campaign is trying to tell a story - you should have a bit of setup and/or a bit of resolution for any plot point. There are two assault-type modes - CTF (which is really Order 66) and hunt (Clones vs. acklay). CTF is fine, although it suffers from the same things the rest of the modes suffer from - low contrast. It's tough to pick out saber blades (which are the only high-contrast elements) in perspective when there are just a whole bunch of them (and only them) flashing around in the bushes. Hunt is somewhat less good - it suffers from terrible balance - it's bad enough putting up any side against a team of acklays in hunt mode, but most of the time when it is done there are a couple specific things going for the non-acklay team: 1) Ability to attack from a distance 2) Points multiplier (you see this in stock Hoth hunt, too) The clones here have neither of these things. They're all melee-only, which is a virtual death sentence for anything not strong enough to kill the acklay in one hit (they are not). There's no points multiplier either - usually this is put in place to make the death of a stronger hunt opponent (acklay, wampa) more "valuable" than the death of a basic unit, since they are proportionally harder to kill. The final mode is the standard conquest, of course. The sides are changed to make each side have really only the three basic units, a stronger ("officer") unit, and a hero. These things are dependent on taste, of course, but this was not to mine - the weapons all felt weak (all the units had a small health recharge as well) with the exception of the sniper rifle, which felt incredibly overpowered by comparison. My heroes would get one-shot by enemy AI with this rifle... whee. It's also worth mentioning that a couple localizations were missing (melee attack, unit names in campaign). All in all it's a pretty decent map, but it does have its issues. If it looks appealing, give it a try - if for nothing else than to break the monotony of conquest conquest conquest with a little campaign. -Mav




Kuat: Canyon

kuat_canyon.rar | 143.64 MB

Canyon. The map itself is a fairly nondescript canyon map. It uses several Tatooine assets on top of a generic grassland base, and unfortunately I think this is a bit of a strike against it. Since nothing has been retextured from its original form, it looks a lot like exactly what it is - several Tatooine assets on top of a generic grassland base - instead of looking like a unique location. The map also adds some rain and lightning, but it is a very unique rain and lightning in that it is completely inaudible. The author should consider adding the correct sounds to go with his weather. Another issue I see with the map is one you will only notice if you play on low water detail - there is some shockingly red water. This is due to the unfortunate choice of using the unchanged Dagobah water assets. I don't understand why people just leave this bug unfixed, simply because it was an error in the assets - the texture is red, just switch it for a different texture. Not terribly tough. Aside from the map, there are sides. Rather than using stock CW or GCW, the map has a specific clone legion fight against the Death Watch troopers (as seen in the Clone Wars TV series). Unfortunately, this creates a problem - the author is suffering from the "oh wow this is so cool that I just saw this on TV" syndrome, and this manifests itself in the balance of the sides. Now don't get me wrong, it's great to take a concept you enjoy that you just saw on TV - but the problem is that when people think something is just [i]too cool[/i] for school, they focus on that to the exclusion of anything else. In a roundabout way, I am saying that these sides are very poorly balanced. The Death Watch side is populated entirely by jetpack users with weapons stronger than normal, and they also start with a CP advantage. There were a few bugs with the sides too - I noticed several floating HUD icons, several instances of the awards weapons bug (freezes game), Jango Fett voiceovers for all the Death Watch troopers, and no vehicle sounds. Also, both sides had all their units unlocked initially, including the "heroes," which are playable like normal troopers. This offers no incentive for playing as a regular trooper when the hero is available from the get-go and all the time. While we are on the subject of heroes, the Death Watch hero has some serious issues. The weapons setup for this particular hero is of great concern, as it is quite buggy. The rifle this hero initially has is unselectable after switching to the lightsaber, and the controls are mixed up (this is going to happen anytime someone makes a unit with weapons set up like this, but it can be worked around without forcing messed-up controls on the user). A minor nitpick, too - the lightsaber texture has no core, it's simply invisible in the center. I understand that it was supposed to be black, but I am confused as to why it was invisible. This should be fixed. In any case, it is a decent map, despite its issues, but the sides - most notably the balance - really throw it out of whack. It's worth a try if you're a fan of the TV series, or perhaps even if you're not, but it definitely has some serious issues to be worked out. -Maveritchell




Lotashi Z: X Province | 144.48 MB

map. For those who aren't familiar with this map or its previous incarnations, Lotashi Z takes place in a ruined citadel high in the mountains. Try to imagine a cross between Rhen Var, Hoth and Mygeeto. As mentioned before, the amount of detail that's gone into the map is absolutely staggering. There's no doubt that a lot of time and meticulous work was invested into this map and it shows. I thought that I put a fair amount of detail in my maps but they're not even close to this level. Just the thought of having to place each of those Rhen Var structures and other props into such close proximity to another with that precision makes my head hurt. And on top of that having to add hubs, connections, barriers, spawn pathes, etc. It's really quite inspiring. As far as gameplay goes, the map is pretty fun. I know that there are a lot of urban combat fans here and you're guaranteed to get your fair share with this map. The layout of the map is excellent. Most of the fighting takes place in the center amongst the four CP's but there's a canyon that goes around the right of the ruins, adding a strategic element to the gameplay and allowing players who prefer sneak-tactics to do their thing. In conclusion, this map offers a great time for gamers and something for mappers to revel in, so long as you're willing to put up with the large file size. ~Era




Kessel: Spice Mines

kessel_spice_mines_by_lau0.rar | 4.49 MB

Kessel map is essentially a hilly, Mustafar-ized version of the default map. It has the four default CPs scattered amongst various hills with a few props scattered here or there. There is no real AI pathing, which creates a problem as the hills aren't always easily passable by the AI. The ground has a monotexture - it would be nice to see a little variation. And of course I find it interesting how many different planets have skies that look exactly like Yavin IV. There is not a large amount to say - if it looks interesting, download. However, to the author I would say "try a little harder." I played your last map (the one uploaded just prior) and it is essentially the same thing with a snowy texture. Spend a bit of time and I'm sure you can come up with something a little more creative. -Mav




Abraxas Platform

psa.exe | 69.89 MB

previous version, Abraxas Platform is a space battle between an Imperial Star Destroyer and a Pirate Space Station. One thing I've always liked about this map was the use of many custom models in fact this map is almost entirely new with models except for the Imperial Star Destroyer and some miscellaneous objects. It also has a different feel to it than most space maps. In which case the new models play an important roll but also the textures and detail give it a whole new feeling and there is Assault model along with CTF for those of you who like Space Flag. As I mentioned earlier this is a lot different than the shipped space maps and is a lot similar to Mav's Space Endor map. He still kept the original gameplay of the map and the enhancements aren't over-changing but still looks new. Basically this version adds a visual upgrade to it along with changed vehicles and a few new space crafts. The sky is now changed to a greenish-yellow, with three new space crafts and three upgraded space crafts. There are also First Person views now for all of the vehicles and much more. The units nor the maps itself are changed as he wanted to keep his original idea. The download size has also been tweaked down to almost half its original. Definitely worth a download especially those of you who enjoyed the previous version. -Delta 47




Geonosis | 77.82 MB

about Geonosis itself - you get it, it's a big desert planet and inevitably clones and droids will fight each other to the dusty death. This version removes a bit more of the "plains" aspect we're used to seeing in Geonosis maps, and for this reason it's not "accurate to the movies," but I think the map is better off for it. The strongest point of this file is the actual map layout. It's done well and looks varied and interesting (with very few bugs; I only saw one floating object). It's a medium-large map, but the command posts are close enough together that you don't have to go for a long jog to get to the action. And the pathing is good enough that the battle feels chaotic, with things not just moving in a straight line (although inevitably the CIS will capture most of one half of the map while the Republic captures the other). The sides are fairly straightforward. They're similar to the stock sides, with a few minor changes. The heroes for each side are representatives from Republic Commando; "Boss" is the Republic hero (he's similar to his Conversion Pack setup) and Sun Fac is the CIS hero. I wasn't a big fan of Sun Fac's setup; the beam looked really goofy (and to top it off it was missing sound) and feels out of place on a unit (instead of a vehicle). Archer01's AI Hero Support is in this map, which is always fun, as it'll let you play against AI heroes. And while dragonum's LAAT/c animation is well-used in the map, it does unfortunately make a crash to desktop sometimes, due to an error in setting it up. Depending on who owns what command post, if an AT-TE is killed at the wrong time, the map will always CTD due to having too many CPs on the field. So other than the annoying CTD, it's a pretty good map and well worth being tried out. Give it a try! -Mav




Geonosis: Battlefield

geb.rar | 70.26 MB

tidbits - although they were mostly unrelated to the map itself. The actual "battlefield" of Geonosis: Battlefield is fairly bland, if not exactly what we've often come to expect from a large, open desert-type area. Complete with requisite Geonosis props, it will feel, pretty much, like at least four or five other maps with the more-or-less same take on the battle. It does have an interesting environmental particle effect, which, combined with the Geonosis dust, makes things look a bit different from normal. However, most of what is to be found as interesting comes not in the map itself, but in the sides. The first thing you'll probably notice is that your units move differently - much more "sluggishly," although that word does bear a negative connotation which I'm not sure these sides are entirely deserving of. The sluggishness manifests in the units not being able to change direction immediately, and instead having tweaked movement values to the point where it feels like there's some real momentum in unit movement. It was an interesting change, to say the least. The sides' weapons were a bit different, too. There's the more minimalist approach to sides here (a very simple and class-focused unit setup) which, while having been present in other maps before, is still nice to see every once in a while, simply because it is a bit different. You'll also notice a few different particle effects for the grenade trails and explosions (explosions of all sorts). They're nothing big, but they are a nice change. Finally, on the more subtle side, you might notice a few sound changes. I noticed changes to the Geonosian's sonic blaster and to the Spider droid's beam weapon, as well as (possibly) the blaster for the Hailfire tank (I'm not sure about that one, though). It's always nice to see some sound work done, and I do like the sound used for the spider droid's beam, especially. So even though this is a rehash of the same Geonosis battle we've seen before, it still could be worth a download. The map is tired, but there are some changes in the sides worth checking out. Give it a try. -Mav




Ralltiir: Swoop Circuit | 68.29 MB

mode' in Battlefront II. I must say I really enjoyed playing the race mode online with a friend of mine. You have two choices for racing vehicles, either souped-up IFT-X Fighter Tanks in CW Assault or Swoop Bikes (those vehicles from the mini-game in Knights of the Old Republic) in GCW Assault. The track itself is designed very well for racing, I must say. While zooming through the course on a speeder bike, you will encounter many obstacles, including trees, overgrown roots, and some very well constructed docks. The lakes and puddles are also awesome, all of this adds up to a very nice looking and fun race mode. Racing not for you? Not to worry, there are also Conquest modes for your enjoyment. I'll start with CW Conquest. Rather than Clones vs. Droids, Maveritchell has set up a KotOR Conquest mode with his sides from Sullust: Jedi Conclave. (The units, not the Jedi) I've got to say I love these unique units. It's a lot better than the boring old Rifleman-Rocketman-Sniper-Engineer arrangement. Added to the arsenel of these two sides are two KotOR Jedi units from the Conversion Pack: Darth Traya for the Sith and Jolee Bindo for the Old Republic. These two Jedi have also been outfitted with some force powers from Sullust: Jedi Conclave. Next up is GCW Conquest. This mode has the default Rebels vs. Imperials. However, this mode is still fun. It has two AT-ATs the Empire can use to pound the Rebel scum into submission. To fight against the AT-AT threat, the Rebels employ airspeeders. Using their tow cables, daring Rebel pilots can entangle the legs of enemy walkers to take 'em out. As well as this, there is also some 'sidequest' you can embark on. I don't know too much about this, so don't ask me about it. (I'm no good at figuring out clues) My biggest complaint about this map would be some problems with the AI in conquest where they all get stuck under the docks. Obviously a bit more AI planning is in order. Other than that, this map is virtually spot-free as far as I can see. Give it a download if it sounds fun. Be sure you read the readme! -Xavious




Legend Of Zelda: Hyrule Field | 48.1 MB

fantastic job on his first major release. This is only one of a few projects he's been working on by the way. Anyway, if you love The Legend Of Zelda games then you'll love this. It takes you right back to the good ol' days. Though the map is loosely based on the upcoming game 'The Legend Of Zelda: The Twilight Princess' for the Nintendo Wii, it has a strong "Ocarina Of Time" feel to it. I suppose it should since this is the fields of Hyrule afterall. And boy did he hit the nail on the head. He's got the yellow grass and the pointy elevation. He's got the holes leading underground. He's got the castles and ruins. He's even got a secret dungeon. In addition to his new Zelda models (including the Master Sword, a Hyrulian Shield, and a Fairy Bow) he has sounds from the games! He's even set up triggers so that when you fa...I mean go into the secret dungeon the music changes. The map also features some custom units that bear Vyse's new weapons. It's fun running around as a green clone hacking away at enemies with the Master Sword. For me, the best part of the whole map is the secret dungeon. It looks like it's straight out of one of the games. No joke. I ran through the stone tunnels, looking at all the creepy vines and listening to the eerie Majora's Mask music. Beware of traps! Inside the dungeons you'll find ghostly duplicates of the Hero Of Time. They're pretty tough so you better bring a friend. But there are things far worse inside the'd better bring several friends in that case. Vyse forbid me from posting pictures of what awaits as to keep it a surprise. Trust me, you'll be VERY surprised...and scared. Hehehe... There's lots of places to explore so it'll keep you busy for a while. No one is sure how it works online but I have a feeling this will be a server favorite. I'd love to play this map with some Battlefront buddies...Try to imagine exploring the secret dungeon with some squad mates. ; ) If I could give any feedback it would be... -Add some tauntauns or kaadu's (thanks to Teancum) for players to ride around on. It's a big map so a knight of Hyrule needs his mountie. -Make some floating platforms that travel across the map. By the looks of it you've got animating objects in ZE down so I suggest making several platforms that can transport players across the map. -Maybe increase the unit count. Fantastic map. 'Nuff said. -[GT]EraOfDesann




Rise of the Empire #1: New Era Begins | 50.34 MB

of new things on this map. Enjoy!! AND...REMEMBER...[b]READ THE README FILE...ALL OF IT!![/b] - Majin Revan




Palpatine's Office | 21.45 MB

small map based on Senator/Chancellor/Emperor Palpatine's office, as seen in Episodes II and III. With some notable aid in the texture department from previous work done on similar maps for JKA, this map is a nice, concise look at a movie location. You'll be able to pick out pieces you recognize from having watched the movies, and whether or not it is completely accurate (I don't know, for my part) shouldn't really matter. The map comes together well for what it's trying to show, and the visual detail is consistent and present enough to sell its concept. The map itself, design-wise, is somewhat unimaginative, as it is really only a square with command posts in four corners. Since there was not necessarily a fixed floor plan for this design, I think that this bit of plain-jane in the design could have been averted by adding some connecting corridors in the center, or even by simply changing the square design to one less heavy-handedly symmetrical. That said, though, a well-done setting (which this has) covers over a multitude of issues, and this can somewhat be excused for the novelty of the portrayal. I also would have liked to see a little more diversity in the sky outside - the dome model was well-done and the texture was a great substitute for the stock Coruscant, but it felt a little lifeless - adding a little animation to the outside would have been great, and at the very least some skydome flyers would have taken minimal work. All in all, though, it's a great piece of work, and certainly worth a try out. Give it a download! -Mav




Fort Defence | 40.14 MB

titular "fort." The Republic holds one CP (in the Yavin temple) and the CIS holds three CPs on the flat area. The map starts off unbalanced and remains unbalanced - assuming you are playing as the CIS it is easy enough to just spawnkill the Republic while holding your command posts. It would probably be a little better if the map were simply an assault map (so that one team didn't start off with a reinforcement drain) and if the "defending" team were given some better defenses - a tank, turrets, etc. Spreading their spawnpoints out would help, too. The map itself needs work. Flat plains are boring as far as a design, and even though the map does have a couple props and one blocky hill (use the blend tool!), a flat plain is basically all the map is. The map is bordered by some Rhen Var props, but even at a high draw distance, they don't show up at a distance (which sort've kills the effect). You can also see that the skydome is missing some textures it needs. It's also worth mentioning that GCW conquest will crash - it's fine to not make that available, but make sure you don't make it selectable on the instant action screen as well. In any case, it's a very simple map with a basic concept that could work well, but it needs more done to it for that to happen. Give it a download if it sounds interesting. -Mav




Thrakia: Oceanic Pass

thr.exe | 33.17 MB

high-damage weapons and more "realistic" survival rates. But before I embark on a diatribe against why I think this is a horrible, horrible mistake, I want to take some time to focus on the map itself, because it is a refreshing change of pace from the author's normal style of map. As you can see from the screenshots, the author went for a decidedly tropical feel with this map. I am a big fan of this kind of scenery, because it lends itself well to being very colorful, and I like well-used color in maps. There's a nice strong contrast between the land, sky, and water. The author also added some tunnels into the map, a la Hoth (in fact they are Hoth tunnels), and while I would like to see something more original used, modelwise (especially since Hoth [i]everything[/i] was used in the tunnels - computer props, etc.), the setup was nice and the A-wing hangar was a fun addition. I'd like to see a little less tiling on the terrain, though - this could be fixed by smaller variations in height. There were also a number of turrets set up around the island to auto-fire at enemies. It's a neat idea, but not executed well. First of all, it would have been better if the turrets' team changed with the owner of the CP it was by, but even failing that, some of the turrets didn't even [i]start[/i] on the same team as the CP they were by at the beginning of the match (a particularly egregious example were the Imperial-aligned turrets "defending" the Rebel hangar). They also had too generous a firing arc - they should have been adjusted to not fire down in some cases, because I can remember at least a couple turrets that spent the whole match firing into the ground a few meters from where they stood. Now - the gameplay. First and foremost, I will admit that most of this is a matter of taste. However, before anyone who doesn't necessarily agree with my opinions writes this off as "oh silly Mav there he goes spouting nonsense," keep in mind that there are some underlying things that - even objectively - could be considered legitimate mistakes. (I will point out in advance of objection that I enjoy a challenge, but do not enjoy a task that is divorced from challenge vis a vis removing my control of the situation.) I haven't made it a secret that I think adding "realism" to a large-team-based-shooter like this is foolhardy, and I stand by that here. Why? Because we don't play games to fail, and death/failure is inevitable in a shootout between two large groups of people with guns. I think the game industry at large would probably agree with me, which is why a majority of shooting games that use any degree of "realism" are focused on smaller squads of soldiers (or even single characters), and none of them take place in big 'ol fields. Big 'ol fields is my second gripe here. I've mentioned this in a [url=;103481]previous review[/url], and it's just as true then as it is now - modern infantry tactics (really anything that uses projectile weapons with any kind of accuracy) depend on not being in big groups of easy targets. This map does not adhere to that line of thinking. It's very open, with little cover, and no matter how much care you take, you can't get anything done (like capturing a CP) without dying multiple times. (See above, where "we don't play games to fail.") I don't mind being punished for making legitimate mistakes, but frankly it's just an exercise in frustration when I'm forced to turtle if I want to live ('Come with me if... no wait stay right where you are for the next half-hour if you want to live!") Speaking of halves-of-an-hour, it may take in excess of that to play through, because in addition to all the fun of beating your head against a wall, you have in excess of a thousand enemy AI to get through before you can finish (or if you're lucky, only just less than 1000!). Why in the...? The battle moves at a snail's pace anyway, due to the large size of the map and the near-futility of trying to capture owned CPs; there's no reason to make it last that long by default. If I really wanted to play it for that long (and believe me, I didn't), I'd play it twice (I did - obligated to, though). All that is not to simply bash the map. I think it's a nice design, and while I will never appreciate any kind of attempts at realism in a game like this, I understand some do enjoy it. However, even given that, there are some things that could be fixed. It ought to: -Have cover -Be smaller -Have fewer reinforcements -Have cover (argh the fields every time) ...and of course there are some mapping tweaks that could be made (e.g. the turrets). All in all, it's a decent map that you should try, I just can't recommend it as being any level of what I would call "fun." And after all, isn't fun what we're here for? -Mav




Alaris Prime - Assault | 76.15 MB

IV can be. It's a fairly linear map, but it's terribly out-of-balance as one team is given all but one of the CPs to start with. While the other team has a command vehicle, it doesn't make up for the terrible starting disadvantage. This is fine in a campaign map, but in a conquest map it's pretty inexcusable. The map is well-built, if a little generic, and it uses props from Yavin IV and BF1 Kashyyyk primarily. It fits its premise well, and it also seems to have random weather (this is not mentioned in the readme?). It also has some custom sides which play more or less like the stock sides. There are a couple bugs. The first is minor - it looks like the author goofed up putting in his loadscreen, and as a result something very odd was done to its color palette. The second bug is somewhat major - I don't believe any of the GCW era works; it looks like there was supposed to be a custom GCW side somewhere and it was not included in the final version of the map. This means using the GCW era will CTD any time it is played. In any case, it is a decent map. If the screenshots look appealing to you, give it a try. -Mav




Beggar's Canyon | 3.91 MB

canyon. Overlooking the single CP held by the defending team at the bottom of the canyon are several CPs belonging to the attacking team with clear shots down at the defending team. This is not a terribly balanced design, and while I did read that the author wrote it was not supposed to "play like a normal map," this kind of map really only fits when you can force the player onto the defending team. As a campaign mission, maybe, but as a conquest map it doesn't pass muster. A couple issues I noticed - first and foremost the use of the terrain tool needs work. Creating a steep canyon with just terrain is difficult, since you will almost always see what you see here: sharp edges that stretch terrain textures and look sloppy. I think the best way to do something like this is to use actual meshes. The blockiness of the terrain doesn't stop at the cliff faces either, there are several places where it doesn't look like terrain smoothing was used at all. The second issue was the overlapping of terrain textures that causes interference in the overlap and makes a clear delineation between one texture and another. Keep in mind that you can't try to blend more than two textures together, any more and you will get this error. In any case, not the best map, but it's definitely a small map size, which is a nice plus. If it sounds interesting, give it a try. -Mav




Dark Space Map Outtakes

cto.exe | 24.95 MB

"Ark Mion, Rorgon Bay," and "Dalonni: Caverns." The first map, Tranquan, is probably the best of the three from a construction standpoint alone. It's set in a pretty generic base-type environment, and it's not as "pretty" as the other two, but that's okay, because it's mostly made of custom models and I'm always willing to cut a little slack on maps that go the distance insomuch as modeling's concerned. It works well because it stays fairly close quarters and doesn't try and draw the battle out over too large of a space. I was concerned by a couple command posts that were really in no more than a cubby-hole, though. It's great to bring a map in tight, but if it's so tight that a single grenade can wipe out anyone and everyone trying to capture a CP - maybe spread it out just a bit? With the second map, Ark Mion, it's not tough to notice that there was more planned for it than what you see in the map proper. It's too bad to see that, because of the three, this is probably the "prettiest"-looking. It is (as you might guess from the title) a grassy plain near a large body of water, and it mixes custom and stock assets together well to make a large map that doesn't feel [i]too[/i] large - there is a lot of hoofing around to do, but there are a sufficient number of command posts that you're not running for too long. It certainly doesn't hurt that props are placed liberally, ensuring that there's not a lot of dead space. For extra fun, make sure to check out the tunnels in the upper corner of the map, you can see a few remnants of what might have been a campaign setup. The third map - Dalonni - is the most middle-of-the-road. It's not average as far as most maps are concerned (it is very well-constructed), but it's neither as pretty as Ark Mion nor as tight, gameplay-wise, as Tranquan. However, I think I found it the most enjoyable of the three simply because it's nice to see a balance of the two - good-looking and good-playing. Dalonni is, of course, a map set in caves. It's worth mentioning that I didn't see any localizations for the maps on the instant action screen. A minor bug but worth a note. In any case, even though these are considered cut content by the author, they're certainly worth a download to try out and play, because they are still better than the majority of maps uploaded. -Mav




Nar Shaddaa: Eon city lower downtown | 63.17 MB

The Force Unleashed. This map is, despite its colorful setting, essentially just a big flat open area to battle in (with small enclosed areas on either side). It is mostly constructed with Rends' Coruscant Street assets (and shame on you for not crediting him at all). The ambiance is set up well; it does seem like you are in a big city (even if it doesn't exactly look like the Nar Shaddaa I remember), but the wide array of colors is almost off-putting. I would like to see a bit more harmony in the color scheme; Nar Shaddaa in KotOR was mostly greys (with some scattered colors) and in Force Unleashed it was mostly browns. There are custom sides here, too - you'll see custom IMP, REP, and CIS sides along with a mercenary side that goes up against the Empire. They're decent sides; but it seems like - whether by map design or by side design - that you'll find yourself getting shot a lot. I might attribute this more to map design, but it would be nice to see something like this compensated for in the sides. Anyway, if the map looks interesting, be sure to check it out and give it a download. -Mav




Eriadu: Mountatantop City | 56.59 MB

the issues have been addressed, however, there are still some issues that were not. First off, the good: It is still a well-designed urban map, and the "uniformity" mentioned in the previous review has been fixed - a little. There have been several props added in between the buildings, which is a big improvement, but more still could be made by mixing up the buildings themselves, as right now they're basically all the same building. The map also looks nice and is still a neat design concept, too. Another thing I liked was the minimap - it's very well done and looks great. The downside is that it's still pretty laggy - in fact, nothing has been changed at all to improve its performance, as far as I can tell. I've played plenty of maps that are very detailed and don't lag, but this one has too much fog, or too many atmospheric .fx, or too many units, or some combination of the above. It's just not a whole lot of fun to play a map when you're basically a half-step behind the game. In all, it's nice to see the improvement made on this map, but I still can't give it the 'ol "two thumbs up" simply because I can't enjoy playing it because of the performance reduction. When you make a map you need to, need to, [i]need to[/i] make sure it's not going to be too laggy for other people - it can really reduce the fun factor on an otherwise well-designed map. As a side note, this said it added music, but as far as I can tell, nothing was added (and there's no sound folder in the addon folder). Anyway, if you liked previous versions, give it a download. -Mav




Aaris III: Beachhead | 12.98 MB

obvious effort was made to improve some of the smaller details that were mentioned as fixable in the previous file. Everything that holds true in the previous review holds true here - it's still an excellent "beachhead"-style map, and there's still a very nice job done with the environment. I was pleased to see that many of the small changes suggested in the previous review were acted upon - the lighting was changed from a red to a more yellowish-orange, which matches the sun a lot better. There was also a loadscreen added (and it looks good), which really helps to give the map a more professional feel. Vehicle sound was taken care of and added in, and at the very least, the skydome flyers weren't the wrong ones (I didn't see any, actually, but it wasn't noticeable that they were out-of-era). All of that speaks of good attention to detail. Gameplay is very much the same, as no new modes or sides were added to the map. This isn't a bad thing, but essentially, however you felt about playing the first one is going to be how you feel about this - the visual changes were the only real changes I noted. My personal suggestion would be to consider adding a bit of variety to future maps (something like this would make a good capture-the-flag map), but I'd like to reiterate that you did a very solid job on this one. Give it a download, it's definitely worth a playthrough to check out a nicely-done, solid map.




Pepperland: Psychedelia | 352.86 MB

illegal drug use and abuse are purely coincidental (Note: Sarcasm aside, psychedelic drugs are especially dangerous. There's no way to say it without sounding trite, but [i]don't use them[/i].). It is going to be what you've come to expect from Dann_Boeing, be that to your liking or not. Gameplay-wise, it doesn't feel any different from his other maps - there are the rocket launchers that shoot a lot of rockets, the guns that shoot a lot of bullets, et cetera, et cetera. Most of what sets this apart are the work done to make these look visually different, so if you're going to appreciate this, you'll have to appreciate the appearances. There is a lot done to make this map look visually different, though. A large portion of this has to do with FragMe!'s contribution to this map - nearly every new model in here was his work. Also, there is no exaggeration in saying that every color of the rainbow is repeated many times over in your field of view. So much so, that it's often difficult to tell landscape apart from unit apart from structure. The creativity level is high here, as is the detail put into textures (perhaps even to the detriment of the map in that some detail is certainly lost). My personal favorite bit of detail was the work put into some of the unit textures (those units that were caricatures of real-life persons) - some of them are especially good. There's also a lot of variety, which is a high point (again, if this is your preferred mode of play). Each mode has something different to offer, unitwise, and they are all very creative. This is not without obvious flaws, though. Unfortunately, somewhere in the creation of the number of weapons, enough attention was not paid to making sure they weren't set up with "awards." There is at least one unit on which the game will freeze the computer if you attempt to switch primary weapons. Additionally, every unit with a different weaponmodel has a floating HUDtag - this looks very sloppy. I wish that, even if the HUDtag issue couldn't be figured out and corrected, that at least the tags had been [i]removed[/i]. In summary, if you like the author's previous work, you'll like this. If you didn't, then you'll probably feel the same way. Give it a download if you like, and be warned that it's a large file on install (over 700 MB). -Mav




Dee´ja Peak | 76.33 MB

though the commander unit has been removed and replaced with an uber jet trooper. He has an EMP launcher and, instead of a commando pistol, a DC-15A blaster rifle. The CIS is mainly unchanged. Both sides have the basic rifles with infinite ammo. One thing to note is that the sniper/sharpshooter completely lacks a sidearm and the Engineer cannot safely switch weapons; if you go from the rifle (not shotgun) to the fusion cutter, it will get stuck and you will be unable to switch back. The GCW sides are basically unchanged apart from the infinite ammo thing. Onto the map itself. The map is, as previously stated, situated in a crater. Otherwise, the ground is almost completely flat within the streets, save for a few instances of elevation. None of the default munged ground textures (from what I could tell) were replaced. The objecty placement with the Naboo buildings and poles/lamps was alright, though it felt off for some reason. On one occasion I spotted the AI in a hovertank get stuck behind a pole. For what the map is supposed to be, I think it succeeds there. My only suggestions (from what I could see wrong) is to fix the sidearm bug, give the sniper a backup weapon of some sort, use some more textures (a tile/street texture...for the streets), and make some more raised parts in the map. Otherwise, you've got the right idea here. Download away if this sounds good to any of you. ~Penguin Unit~




Conversion Pack KotOR sides demo | 65.97 MB

sides that will be added as a additional era in the Conversion Pack. The setting is the default Mygeeto map, but somehow, the way the sides are set up makes it feel as though you're playing a different map. The two sides you can play as are the Sith and the Old Republic. (If you've never played KotOR and are unfamiliar with these two factions, check out the screenshots below) The sides layout has been completely modified from the default. The first five classes are Mav's standard setup that he's used in every map of his that has a KotOR mode. However, there's several new classes that I'm sure will get you excited. One new units is the officer unit. His pistol may seem wimpy, but he specializes more in grenades. In fact, both the Republic and Sith Officers have three different different types of grenades. When playing as this class, seek the high ground, preferably someplace with an ammo droid nearby, and rain grenades down on your enemies. There's also a "Special" class and a "Droid" class, both of which vary by faction. And the final class is the Force-Users. The Sith have a lightsaber-wielding Sith, and the Republic has the Jedi Gunman. I know you guys will love the Jedi Gunman, because he has not one, but [i]two[/i] pistols! In addition, there is a mode where you can play as the heroes that will be making an appearence. Some of these new heroes include Revan, Malak, Carth, Calo Nord, Darth Nihilus, and more. Give this a download and try out the awesome new KotOR sides for yourself! And make sure you read the all-important readme (There's a reason it's called READ ME) as this map installs a bit differently than the standard addon map. Enjoy, and leave feedback for the author. -Xavious P.S. I didn't give this map a rating because a)it's a demo; and b)it's a default map, so half the rating areas don't apply.




Battle of the Titans | 185.53 MB

significantly larger map and the sides are an amalgam of the most powerful characters from his previous maps (ergo "Titans"). It has a huge area for you to explore, and honestly, it's probably going to take a couple playthroughs to get to know the whole map very well. Additionally, you would be advised to try and investigate the "locked" Madness, Inc. facility (any mode other than CTF), as there are a few surprises tucked into it. To be honest, the only map by Dann I'd played before was his Hypori map. Reason being that I'm not a huge fan of completely over-the-top sides and the somewhat comical settings I see. Despite this, I was able to find enjoyment in Battle of the Titans, if for no other reason than that it was put together exceptionally well and creatively. Dann does an excellent job of making an environment the player feels immersed in (albeit an absolutely ludicrous one); also, he does an excellent job of using the map's space and making it into a detailed and varied environment. The sides are probably the weakest part of the map, since basically all they are is super-destructive versions of a lot of weapons. That being said, there is some quality .odf work in there, and the sides are certainly not weak compared to sides from a lot of other maps. I also thought the skin to the "Seriously Evil Dude" was pretty hilarious. If you're a fan of Dann's maps or just crazy maps in general, then I have no doubt you'll enjoy this. -Mav




Pharosis | 68.22 MB

one of them. All the weapons and stuff are incorrectly labeled. Next, I found that on Elite setting, which I\'m pretty good at, the weaker units beat me to a bloody pulp. The snipers are annoying, and I died at 1/3 health from a single bolt to the leg... Now, onto the gameplay. As stated before, it was extremely annoying. I kept getting killed every few seconds. Then again, it\'s not easy to survive when each side has 50 units unloading their entire mags at you. There are way too many tanks, so the Rebels had me beat way too easily. I lost all but one CP, and even then, with all of my team gathered there, they still couldn\'t hold the line. Besides this, my team seemed to be stupider than theirs. The Rebels actually ganged up on me sometimes. Also, everybody except the CIS seem to have new skins here, which was strange, considering most of the time the Rebels get absolutely no skins whatsoever. Oh yeah, and all the weapons fire bolts of a different color, too. Maybe if the author had spent more than one day on this, it wouldn\'t be so hard to survive. One last thing: Don\'t expect to get any bacta. The grass is too tall to see anything but what\'s right at your feet. Well, if you can ignore the numerous mislabels, hundreds of Rebels, rocky outcrops, tall grass that hides your health and ammo packs from you, and too many tanks, then give it a download. ~Penguin Unit~




Genesis: Lost City | 95.52 MB

about the skins/gameplay/ect. It\'s supposed to have crumbling ruins, but I don\'t recall ever seeing any such thing. Probably because it only took about 10 minutes to examine most of the map and get some screenshots. You\'d all be waiting a lot longer if you waited for me to play through a whole game of 2,000 vs. 2,000 reinforcments. ;) Yes, I said 2,000 reinforcments per side. Or pretty darn near it, anyway. So, when I spawned in, almost instantly I had B1s (yes) and B2s and everything else shooting at me and the stupid AI Clones that weren\'t taking cover. That\'s the game\'s fault, though. So, for a few minutes, I ran around the ruins and took a few shots. Pretty cool place, really. Rhen Var ruins always work nicely. In the map, all Clone Troopers have a dark blue-ish kind of skin that I really can\'t describe. It blends in very, very well with the eerily lit blue environment and the blue flames everywhere. Did I mention the moon is a green-ish cyan kind of color in this map? I can\'t accurately describe this whole thing. You\'ll just have to download it and check the screenshots to know what you\'re really getting. ~Penguin Unit~ (YaNkFaN, I changed your E-Mail slightly so spambots cannot mass copy+paste it and use it to send you junk.)




The Zombie Apocalypse | 83.16 MB

areas in which one can fight (it is essentially a handful of maps). This has the author\'s trademark... strangeness to it, though. While I can definitely respect the innovation displayed in creating such a unique set of environments, by and large trying to play this feels like an assault on my (personal) senses. There\'s some sort of screamo music, which from the get-go is a real turnoff. There are also all sorts of strange colors. Just everywhere. As far as actual bugs go, there aren\'t a terribly huge amount, but there are still noticeable places where floating objects can be seen in different levels. The biggest part of my enjoyment, or lack thereof, is just my subjective experience. This is frankly so incredibly strange and weird-looking. The wave modes last for so long (but you can exploit the hordes of AI easily, simply by standing on high ground) that by the time you approach the end, some sort of ennui has set in, making the death at the hands of the zombies seem like sweet release. But be sure to play through at least one of the modes to completion, as the author has included an \"extra\" available for anyone who does. See the readme for further description and the screenshots for further detail. -Mav




Training Installation IC-177 | 4.75 MB

in that it has a fairly unique design. While it\'s not necessarily representative of something shown in the canon, it has shades of the virtual worlds shown as training simulators on Kamino (which surely is part of the justification the author gives). It feels somewhat similar to [url=;99963]this earlier map[/url], and it is similarly enjoyable. I like the use of lots of color. It\'s pleasing to the eye to see lots of vivid color, and it\'s a nice change from maps made with stock Battlefront assets, which tend to skew towards the muted and realistic. I have very few complaints about the map - it\'s solidly-put-together and fun to play on. The loading screen is pretty ugly - it looks like it\'s suffering from some severe compression artifacts (tip: don\'t use the automated load screen tool if you see your load screens looking like that - do them manually). Also, the sheer volume of white, shiny, and glowing surfaces on the map can be distracting. I think the floors would have worked better if they were maybe a different color, or if there had been some kind of marking on the floor to delineate paths. All in all, it\'s a really nice map and certainly worth a download. Take a look at the screenshots below and then give it a try. -Mav




Bespin: Escape | 59.15 MB

last version of the map was released in December 2009... so it's been a long time since we've seen this one on the site. The map is set around an open courtyard-like area in the center. There are a couple command posts in this area. A hallway network surrounds the courtyard on most of its sides, with more CPs to capture up in the halls. There are several flyers located on platforms throughout the map, and one will occasionally spawn on them. There are also walkers in the courtyard for your enjoyment. The map has a carbon freezing chamber and a flyable Millenium Falcon to add to its list of features. It's very well put together, well designed, and overall very fun to play. This version of the map, purportedly the Final version, contains several new features. It has support for the Dark Times era, if you have that mod installed, some new skies and lighting (which in my opinion look excellent), better soundstreams, some new skins and appearance changes for the sides, and a few other bug fixes. It's a nice improvement to an already great map. If you've never played the first versions of the map, this is definitely worth your downloading time- it's an excellent map and will provide you with lots of entertainment. Even if you have played it before, download it again. The changes make it feel a lot newer, especially with the new skydomes. -Jedikiller




Destroy Meat Bags! | 24.57 MB

page. It's very simple; it's basically two small hills with a pair of command posts for either team (each pair on an opposite side). There's very little in the way of strategy here as it's just a straight run over to the other team's two command posts. The author did appear to use both AI pathing and hint nodes, which is nice to see for a beginning modder. The map too, despite being simple and in desperate need of some less-generic textures, is fairly solidly set up for what it tries to do. The author also mentions trying but failing to change the sky; I would suggest finding one of the numerous beginner tutorials available and just following them to the letter. It didn't make a whole lot of sense for the CIS's two command posts to be so close to each other - being almost on top of each other, you can capture both at the same time. I can guess that the author didn't want the reinforcement drain that would occur with just one CP for one team, but it would have been better to offset the two CPs so that they weren't so close. -Mav




Felucia: Deadly Wild | 27.38 MB

sky, etc. The map itself is a basic conquest map - it has six command posts, but really only about four of them come into use in gameplay. One of the extraneous command posts spawns "swamp beasts" (reskinned Gamorreans), although it is captureable from them. A better idea for that, I think, would be to use an invisible command post and make it uncaptureable, just like the CPs used for every other local team in the stock game. Other than that, the map is fairly linear - two command posts are on one side of a bridge and two command posts are on the other side. There is one fortified command post for each team, each of which includes some annoying beam turrets - both of these are far too powerful, in my opinion. It's nice to see the sky get changed from the norm. The ground texture is also changed, and it is not such a nice change - the author used a "leaf" texture which, frankly, doesn't belong on the ground. It doesn't look very good, in my opinion. Also, the main bridge is missing a texture in a rather large way. All in all it's a pretty basic map. If you like the look of the screenshots, give it a try. -Mav




Taris: Spiral Stair | 7.02 MB

mentioned in the previous review, this is a map set in the concourse of a large building of some kind. The map is really just one big spiral with command posts placed at intervals of about a half circle all the way from the bottom to the top. This means that technically the map is just one big straight line, except for the added affect of being able to jump down from the top and being able to shoot at other places on the line easier (since you can of course shoot across the open center of the map). The biggest improvement from the past version of the map is the addition of a bit more cover (supported by the lowering of the unit count). I thought that the biggest problem with the previous version was the lethality of walking pretty much anywhere, since there were a greater-than-normal number of snipers who basically had open shots on you all the time (from a number of different heights). With the addition of more cover, I could at least walk to most command posts without suffering too much damage. You'll also notice a number of the textures have been tweaked slightly (it seems that the author has become quite fond of scrolling textures). All in all, it is a nice map and worth a download. Give it a try! -Mav




Corusant (Jedi vs Clones) | 31.87 MB

is also balanced in that the Jedi are far outnumbered and the Dark Jawas are pretty weak




Area 51

area51.rar | 10.77 MB

Nevada? In the desert? So why is the ground covered in snow here? Anyways, this map, like many before it, feels very much like a beginner map. Default sky, default Command Posts. At least the ground texture is different, and I actually didn't see the bots running into objects. However, the map itself is very flat and bland, and the objects feel mismatched and some of them don't seem to have any rhyme or reason behind their placement. The map is also very unbalanced. The Empire has [i]four[/i] AT-STs at their command. But this doesn't tilt the battle in favor of the Empire, but rather the Rebels. You see, since each AT-ST has two open slots, and there are four AT-STs, that means eight slots to be filled. And they all get filled with the Empire's AI. Then the AT-STs hop on over to some nearby enemy Command Post and just stand there, unable to capture it. So, in essence, you've got half the Imperial team doing absolutely nothing, making capturing Command Posts like a walk in the park for the Rebels. Oh, and on a related note, the AT-STs don't have any sound. This could be easily remedied by loading a stock level's sound file that includes the AT-ST sounds. I think I'll reiterate what I said in my last map review, since it applies here as well. To the author, and any other beginner mappers out there: Please, please, [i]please[/i], spend more time on your maps. We don't like having to review rushed/ untested maps like these, and I'm sure no one enjoys playing them. Also, we'd [i]really[/i] appreciate it if you could include your own screenshots. -Xavious




Draav: BattleField

draav_battlefield.rar | 94.97 MB

I am always somewhat concerned when I see people complete maps this close to one another - especially if they are just learning how to map - because inevitably they will be very similar and share in the same mistakes and design flaws. Like his previous map, this sort've feels like a hodge-podge of props. This is more of a sandy setting instead of a grassy setting, but for the most part it feels about the same. The terrain is still used as an awkward boundary, the props are still pretty random, the sky is... sigh... still Yavin. I'd like to see a little more done to make the props feel like they belong together. Retexturing props so that they use similar textures is pretty important when you're drawing props from other stock sources, because they are so recognizable. It's like going into the map and thinking, "Hmm Mygeeto, no, Bespin, no, Tatooine... where exactly am I?" Your map needs to feel unified. In any case, if you liked the author's previous work or this appeals to you, give it a try. -Mav




Khimera Battlegrounds

mpk_khimera_battlegrounds.exe | 87.82 MB

into the next, so if you pay attention to the skydomes of a map, you may see hints of other maps in the mappack. Each map also has some custom CW sides, some custom GCW sides, and, if you have Dark Times installed, the Dark Times era. Both the custom CW and custom GCW sides are, as per the author's usual approach, creative but not too divergent from the stock sides in gameplay. Each set of sides has an expanded set of units, all of which have a nicely done set of retextures (I think some of the best work is done on the CIS vehicle textures), and each custom era has random heroes. The first map, "Khimera: Beach," is a beachhead map. It's fairly large and has a command walker for one of the sides. It feels a little like Kashyyyk: Docks, probably mostly due to the use of Kashyyyk props (which are prevalent in the first two maps). It's a nicely set-up map, and I think that it probably works the best in terms of game "flow" and CP placement of the five in the pack. The second map is "Islands," which, despite its name, is mostly a forest map. It feels a lot like the Endor map from the stock game, although as you might expect there are some spots of water near the outside edges. I think this one is probably a bit dull in comparison to the other maps, simply because it feels so much like Endor. However, I did like the one command post placed "inside" the volcano; I think that was a nice use of props. The third map, "Jungle," is similar to the second map in that they're both basically forest maps. This one is a little better, I think - even though it reminds one of Dagobah, it's not quite as condensed and it's a little bit more fun to play since you can see where you're going most of the time. It also has a nice command post setup in the back in which the author lego-ed together several Rhen Var pieces to create a neat ruin. The fourth map is "Plains," and it's probably my least favorite, from a design perspective. It looks nice as a plains map, but it's still a plains map, and that usually strikes me as a little boring. It's better than most plains, however, because the ambiance is well-set (I particularly like that flyers were used as well as they were on a medium-sized map like this, rather than a large-sized one) and some scattered props (including one of the CPs set up in ruins similar to "Jungle's" ruins). The fifth and final map is "Streets." It looks nice, and is well set-up, and plays fairly well... but it doesn't feel super-original. It uses almost entirely Naboo props, and it feels a lot like a different section of Naboo, no matter how you slice it. It's not a bad map, by any means, but it would be nice to see a bit more unique city (maybe a "non-wrecked" version of the ruins from earlier?). All these maps too use random environments, similar to what you've seen in Dark Times. Sometimes it'll be dark and rainy, sometimes it'll be sunny. It makes for a nice effect (the difference is most appreciated in Beach and Jungle, in my opinion), and helps keep each map fresher for longer. All in all, a pretty solid mappack that's certainly worth a download. I like the idea of the unified theme of one planet. Make sure you have Dark Times to enjoy it in three different eras! -Mav




Geonosis - 1.1.4 | 146.41 MB

sides aimed at being "canonical." The "biggest" thing to notice about this map is going to be its size (ingame). It was made, I assume, to give a more accurate sense of scale than stock Geonosis maps. It makes good use of stock SWBF1/2 Geonosis props as well as some custom props to create a map that looks as much like Geonosis as any other one out there. You can also see that a lot of effort was put into the sides. Care has been made to make sure that the units and vehicles are representative of the "real" thing, both visually and mechanically. For what it's worth, I think this is better done strictly visually, as the change to make the game "accurate to the movie" gameplay-wise isn't a whole lot of fun. It might be more fun if there were fewer units on the field, but with a large number of units like this, it just feels a lot like "spawn and die, spawn and die, spawn and die" - even as a Jedi. The map is best played out using vehicles to get everywhere, as its size somewhat cripples the effectiveness of a single foot soldier on a global scale (again similar to his earlier Naboo map). There are a number of custom vehicles you can use to help you get around, although the most useful of which will probably be the Geonosian fighter. Anyway, this is a well-designed map that - if you're a fan of "realism," Geonosis maps, or both - is definitely worth your while to check out. I'm not a huge fan of it in the "fun" department, although I can appreciate its visual design. Anyway, if it looks good, give it a download! -Mav




Servorum: Swamp

ssa.exe | 37.03 MB

object placement and retexturing. Servorum: Swamp is vaguely reminiscent of an Endor slightly gone to seed, what with the low-lying fog and swampy water all around. (And somewhat inexplicably, fish in inches-high water. I chucked a bit.) It's well-set up in that it doesn't feel too linear, despite the fact that everything's arranged in essentially two parallel lines. Aiding this is probably the small section of the map set in a small bunker (again giving off some Endor vibes). I liked the unit setup for this one. As usual, the sides are slightly different but will still feel familiar (in reference to the stock sides). It gives a nice, comfortable feeling while at the same time giving you something new. I was pleased to see that Yankfan also took the time to add in archer01's hero support script, which lets the AI play as heroes - something that definitely adds a lot to the singleplayer experience. I didn't find any bugs in here, everything seemed very solid and well-put-together. The ambiance was well-set, aided by a good use of background sounds and a cohesive environment. The sides worked well and everything looked nice. Is it worth a download? Sure, of course it is. Give it a try. -Mav




Alpha 10: Landfall | 15.42 MB

map was like. However, there are some points that this aspiring mapper would do well to consider: The map is given a background of a random battle in the Clone Wars, which is fine - until you play GCW. Because a lot of the props in the level are CW-centered, it seems silly in GCW (-when you see a Banking Clan ship above you). It's often better in these cases to leave one era out altogether rather than make a goofy setup like that. (Of course you could always load separate ZE layers for each era, too.) This map is also big - far too large to really be a lot of fun. Most first maps tend to be this way, and it is important to get a sense of scale in comparing Zeroeditor setup to ingame setup. I don't think it helped this author that he populated his map with the actual capital ship assets from space maps, which are really far too large to work well on ground maps (and their lower-rez textures don't look very good). On that same note, you need to adjust view distance because I don't believe that the Corellian Corvette has any lowrez model. Other minor mistakes abound - while the author fortunately had the foresight to change the ground texture, the sky texture is unchanged (and consequently that ugly Yavin modtools sky). The terrain editing is also not extremely well-done, with a number of rough-edged "hills" that don't feel a lot like hills. The map could also use some boundaries, since there's nothing blocking the player from getting outside the map bounds. It's also worth mentioning that conquest is set up improperly - you don't need to capture all the CPs to win. While sometimes this is intentional (and forgive me please if it is), I doubt this is the case here - it seems like the author incorrectly set up the addition of new CPs to the conquest setup in the lua. Good aspects of this map include some of the town layout - it worked well, but everything (on the whole map) needs to be a lot closer together, otherwise it is just plain inaccessible. If the screenshots look interesting, give it a download, but you may want to pass until the author makes a few tweaks or comes out with a newer version. -Mav




Battle for Republic City | 15.17 MB

[url=;40504]Filefront Mapping Contest.[/url] Unfortunately I didn't get to try out any of the submissions during the contest period, but if I had been able to then this map definitely would have been one of my top selections. The design of the map is small and simple, and frankly that's its biggest strength. The map has a circular layout with multiple CP's lining the circumference of the map and one CP dead center in the map within a rotunda. All of the buildings fit together seamlessly and create a fluid and symmetrical design. I didn't notice a single object out of place, which is evidence of precise and meticulous work. I may be mistaken on this but I think I even noticed some custom models within the map, assuming that my memory of Naboo assets isn't rusty. If there are they fit into the map so well that most players won't even realize they're there. But again, don't quote me on that. Anyway, I felt that the map design was flawless. One thing I appreciated was that in Conqust mode FragMe had the courtesy and the wisdom to exclude heavy troopers and special units in order to give it some balance. Why would you need rocket launchers in such a close quarters setting? That is something that always bothered me about the stock urban and indoor maps, and I know that it bothered many others as well! The symmetrical design of the map and symmetrical CP layout help even further in keeping the battle balanced. And the map's small size allows the fighting to remain tight and focused so that it isn't scattered across the map and doesn't demand that the player run a long distance just to see some action. This is also a great map for CTF and Hero Assault; the symmetrical design is the ideal CTF setup. I [i]did[/i] notice a couple of bugs, however. First, when I threw grenades in certain areas the explosion would cause a splash as though I'd thrown them into the water. It seemed to only occur in odd spots around grass (and I doubt this will make a difference but I only seemed to notice it when I was playing as the clones, though I didn't really try it out as extensively with the other factions). The second bug I noticed was that some AI were using wall hacks/glitches near the center of the map. Well, it was either that or the ground was firing at me. :P Overall this is an excellent map map that you could easily play over and over again. It's proof that even a small and simple map can be just as great, if not better, than a large and expansive map. I'm keeping this puppy in my AddOn folder. Great job FragMe! :thumbsup: ~Era~




Aquilaris: Deep Sea (Rebel Ops Mission 01)

ads.exe | 24.66 MB

Then there are the good maps that might merit more than one playthrough before being wiped form my addon folder. And there's the great maps that are permanent additions to my personal map collection. Lastly, there's maps like these that simply make me say.... wow. The setting of Maveritchell's Aquilaris: Deep Sea map is, as one would assume by the title, the deep sea. It's a beautifully constructed environment; you'll spend most of your time inside the many translucent domes and tubes that make up the Imperial sea base. There's also submarines provided (though I think you can only them it in story mode - don't quote me on that) to explore the exterior. I don't know what else to say. For sure, one of the best environments I've seen in this game. The main focus of this map is the story mode. You play as an undercover Rebel operative infiltrating an Imperial base in search of information regarding an Imperial starfighter porgram that will secure starfighter dominance for the Empire. What happens? You're going to have to download the map to find out. I can tell you, I loved what I've played of it so far. There's also three eras; Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War, and KotOR. (You'll need the 1.3 patch to play the KotOR era) Conquest is for all three eras, and there's hero assault for GCW (standard hero assault) and KotOR hero assault. If you have the Conversion Pack, Clone Wars Conquest will load a random clone legion from the 'Pack. The only problem I saw in this map was some buggy planning, but I remember the author mentioning having trouble with that, so I won't pursue the matter further. A great map, and a highly recommended download. I'm looking forward to what Maveritchell has planned for the next two maps in this series. Enjoy! -Xavious




Mygeeto Assault: Protector | 119.13 MB

review. If you don’t want to read the whole long thing, just skip to the last paragraph for the paraphrase.*[/i] Today for your downloading delight we have Mygeeto Assault: Protector by Commander_Fett. This map is the second version and has been greatly improved. Pardon me as I allow the ReadMe to interject and tell you the story of this map. [quote] Clone Wars: The Venator Class Star Destroyer Protector was criticaly dammaged on its way to Mygeeto, crashing onto the freezing surface Alzoc III. The troops aboard prepare a desperate deffense against oncoming CIS forces. Galactic Civil War: A group of rebels have discovered the crash site of two ships from the clone wars. Soon after they landed, they were detected by an imperial patrol, who now advance on the rebel troops. [/quote] One of the major changes between this map and the previous version is the change from a Yavin-esque landscape to a snowy one more akin to Hoth. Another resemblance between Hoth and Protector is the tunnel system linking the two different sides of the battle. These tunnels are new to this version and add change the flow of the battle in a very welcome way. More action, less walking. More trees, to the anger of speederbike pilots everywhere, have been added in this version. But now, more fitting to their new environment, they have a snowish tinge. Two of the major issues plaguing the last version were balance and lack of cover. The second one (for the most part) has been fixed by adding more trees and by making the height of the terrain vary more. Balance on the other hand has still not been achieved and victories are usually very lopsided. [i]*[b]Modders Side Note:[/b] This particular map suffers from FirstPersonToGetToTheCenterOfTheMapWins-sitis. Don’t be alarmed by the long name, this malady is usually non-fatal and in this case it is quite curable. Here are a couple general suggestions: (1. Change the layout of command posts and objects in ways that will affect units. Sometimes a properly placed crate or a CP that’s 5 feet closer can change the entire flow of the battle. (2. Mess around with the number of units on the field and the reinforcement counts. I’m very aware of how hard it is to balance maps. It is one of the most difficult things to do in any map. * [/i] Despite this map’s balance problems, this is a good beginner’s map. The creator went the extra mile with all the things that, in my mind, make a map awesome. Along with a loadscreen, a minimap and new skins have been added. The author shows a good grasp of modding fundamentals in this map. I am interested to see what he’ll be doing next. If I had to pick one map to compare this to, I would have to say one of DarthDaddy’s Capital down maps. [b]-Saitek009[/b]




Swoop Racin' Republic Soldiers | 8.98 MB

"finish line," but it's not marked as such - I only recognized it because I passed through a one-way barrier back onto an earlier section of the track (and because I used Freecam to follow through the course). It's not a bad idea, but it needs a lot of work. Everything looks pretty much the same, so one turn feels the same as the next feels the same as the next ( infinitum). There's no real presence of a marker or anything to let you know how you're doing - I guess you could count in your head, but an ingame timer at the very least would be nice. It's also really easy to cheat (but in a map that doesn't reward you in any way for finishing, how much it's "cheating" is really an interesting question) by just jumping over cliff walls. Adding some collision in to something like this is a necessity. Basically, to sum, it's an interesting idea, but in its present state it isn't really anything (except for some varied terrain with vehicles). Adding [i]something[/i] to make it feel like a race or like some kind of challenge would go a long way towards making this better. -Mav




The New Empire: Beach Assault

the_new_empire_beach_assault.exe | 25.98 MB

work has been done on the sides. Going along with the plot behind it, apparently Luke Skywalker has fallen to the Dark Side and allied himself with Darth Vader. Together, they have jointly begun an invasion of Kashyyyk to snuff out a Rebel outpost. In this mod, the skins make them look like the Black Hole Stormtroopers, and they all look quite Covert Ops. This may be a problem for you Rebellion fans out there, because the dark skins make spotting them hard (it's night time and the lighting was turned down significantly). The rebels also have Leia as a normally selectable unit, requiring an unlock. She's a Jedi now, too, and the AI DOES spawn in as her, so you should watch yourself about that. I only noticed a few minor bugs. For example, the sun is apparently out at night, and one of the troopers identified me (when playing as the Dark Trooper Phase X) as a turret. Then again, the laser cannon that unit carries sounds like a turret. One more thing though. The Clone Wars era for the map is an Astromech droid battle. ~Penguin Unit~




Saleucami Valley | 100.5 MB

refreshing. As mentioned, the map itself is a very simple concept, but the scenery is very well done. It doesn't feel like you're on Felucia, or Yavin IV, or Kashyyyk - or anywhere, you just feel like you're in the map. That's always something to aim for. The Republic in this map seem to have a bit of an advantage, because of their AT-TE. I know that the authors tried to make it so that it wasn't overpowering, but I have yet to see the map where an AT-TE is anything other than a walking engine of destruction (at least as far as infantry's concerned). Both sides have new heroes, a redone Aayla for the REP and Sora Bulq for the CIS. The sides in general were set up very well; the textures were really nice and it's obvious some time was spent working on correct localizations. Obviously one of the main thrusts of this map was the "movie accuracy" mode, which, to be honest, I could pass on. They did a nice job of making things look polished there and setting it up how they planned to, but I would contest that the premise is flawed, based on the fact that large-scale shooters (like Battlefield or Battlefront) shouldn't be set up with the same level of mortality as smaller-scale shooters (like CS or UT). That's personal preference, I suppose. Anyway, it's a great map, be sure to give it a download. -Mav




Dyuxx: Sunken Hallow

dsh.rar | 53.63 MB

be a very "Yavin" feel to their maps (since Yavin IV's textures and skydome are the defaults). This map is the author's first map, and yes, it does follow the general rule above. Honestly, though, the skydome isn't a bad fit, although it's very difficult for me to appreciate any use of that skydome since it's so overused. The ground textures could also be changed up a bit to fit more with what theme I think the author was going for. (Maybe some Dagobah or Felucia textures would be better). This map is a pretty straightforward map. The fighting is mostly linear, although one CP is underground (which results in the AI largely ignoring it). There's a pretty decent use of tree props and small pools of water to create a swamp-ish effect. To the author, I'd recommend blending the terrain a bit, and possibly changing the texture and skydome. Yes, they fit, but I certainly appreciate seeing something new every so often. Good job on object placement, though, especially for a first map. -Mav




The Rihaken: River of Kashyyyk

rihaken_v1_0.exe | 18.65 MB

fantastic map, it's a great example of how putting your effort into a smaller map can yield tremendously positive results. This is a small map centered on a small island in the middle of the river, and make no mistake about it, this is a beautiful map. The setting is immersive; from the docks leading down to the river to the destroyed Wookiee huts by the CIS's starting CP, this map makes you feel like you're in the setting that was described - a phenomenon all too rare. Gameplay-wise, all the modes are really solid. The use of AI heroes and locals makes conquest a really fun mode. Having a nice hunt mode to tie in with the story is just icing on the cake. There's also a hero assault (CW) featuring Conversion Pack heroes as well as the stock hero assault (GCW). There's one notable bug, an issue with playing more than one mode in a row in instant action. It'll cause a CTD. Make sure you don't add more than one mode to the instant action selection box at once when you play. Do I recommend this map? Absolutely. You should all download this and at least give it a try - it's a great example of what a good Battlefront II map can look like. -Mav




Space Plataform Battle | 143.51 MB

floating in the middle of space. It plays... well, a lot like Kamino, go figure, since it's mostly open. The only difference is that it has a much higher vis distance (since it's space). It looks pretty, but it's very simple (which isn't always bad). I did notice that the walkways were the Kamino walkways with the lowrez texture - might want to remember that next time you're using Kamino assets. The AI planning could be a little better, too, since they tend to walk off into the void. The sides are fairly unnecessary as they are. They're exactly the same as the stock sides, except the skins are mismatched for everyone. This serves the dual purpose of making the map look somewhat sloppy and adding about 250 MB too much to the filesize (since the stock sides were munged in full). This would definitely be a little bit higher in my esteem if it weren't so cluttered, texturewise. It's a decent idea - and a fair map - as mentioned before, but the simplicity (and uniformity) of the map along with the ugly-looking sides don't help it out much. Worth a download if you're into sniper maps, though. -Mav




Christmas in Jinglin' Town | 148.86 MB

for... [b][u][i]CHRISTMAS IN JINGLIN' TOWN!!!!!![/i][/u][/b] Well, hows that for an intro? :D Well this map was constructed by Dann Boeing but Many Models were made by the community, 3rd place goes to Thunder 2nd To Caleb1117 and #1 of course to FragMe! Anyways on to the map. This map has a bunch of modes such as Hunt and Conquest In Conquest it's the standard capture the CPs, except all the units Are Green, Red, Blue and White and some have Santa hat's. The weapons are very christmasy too, Like Snowballs, Presents, Snowball Shotguns, Snowball Snipers, Snowball Rocket Launchers, Snowball Rifles, Snow Mines, Large Snowballs, Presents, Snowmen Turrets, Toy Probes, etc. The Heroes are Santa Clause and Santa's Evil twin their weapons are Santa Clause: Candy Cane Lightsaber Force Candy Cane Saber Throw Presents Evil Twin: Coal Gun Coal Present Force Blizzard Now on to Hunt. Hunt CW: The Jawas VS the Elves (Skinned Yodas :D) The Teams consist of 2 units each One wearing a santa hat is the warrior They have Snowballs Big Snowballs Huge Snowballs Snow Mines Then the other one (no santa hat) is the Defender They Have Snowballs Snowmen turrets Snow Fixers Snow Walls Each team has a base with snow walls surrounding it and you try to capture the one in the middle It's really fun. Hunt GCW: The Jawas Are Back! against Ewoks this time. Every things the same except no elves, instead ewoks. Now on to the Map layout. The map is a town it has roads, street lights, and houses and everything, and even Cars and Trucks you can drive, reminds me of GTA. Some of the houses you can even go inside them and up to second and third stories. Also the health and ammo droids are piles of snowballs ;) There's also the Secret Island of the Dancing Snowmen, try to find it ;) So here's the map download it play and rave about it. - EGG GUTS PS: Happy New Year




Jaal-Kan: River Conflict | 104.84 MB

the river, with the CIS on the other. The CIS command posts are shielded from enemy fire by several buildings. The Republic area includes a forest, and a small group of buildings. Several low barriers scattered around the map provide cover for snipers. Both sides have turrets, but the Republic has mortar turrets to help them take down the barrier at the beginning of the battle. Playable in Clone Wars only. Sides: Republic: (All Clones have new skin) Clone Trooper Heavy Trooper Clone Sharpshooter Clone Engineer Stealth Trooper Clone Commander Hero: Xavious CIS: Battle Droid Assault Droid Assassin Droid Engineer Droid Super Battle Droid (Enhanced Wrist Blaster) MagnaGuard (MagnaStaff) Hero: Asajj Ventress




Polus: Hidden Cavern | 57.99 MB




Squeddies Mappack | 140.44 MB

map? Well, you're still going to probably do that (NOTHING is greater than user error), but your day trying to manage your maps just got a little bit easier. squipple has condensed all his quality maps into a [i]single folder[/i] (easier-to-remember, "SQS"), a feat nearly unprecedented. What's that? You're psychotically inclined and don't like one of his maps? You think that the whole thing'll take up too much space, and you don't like not being able to delete which ones you don't want? HA! Puny human, the whole thing only takes up 300 mb [i]unzipped[/i]! That's for [url=";64356"]Ancient Research Facility[/url], [url=";75888"]Eddie's Dantooine[/url], [url=";74932"]Eddie's Italia[/url], [url=";75951"]Eddie's Kastel[/url], [url=";76688"]Eddie's Tynna Valley[/url], and [url=";75126"]Nelvaan: Village[/url]! Six for the price of two (or one big one)! [i]Still[/i] not convinced? Did I forget to mention that this pack doubles as a re-release for everything? It includes fixesupdatesimprovements to nearly every map, like loading screens and "ambient sounds". I'm not sure if you can play with the "pre-packers" online (was lazy, didn't test), but that won't be a problem if all of them download this. .Rikino




Rise of the Empire #3: Hidden Surprise | 99 MB

been fixed, as has localization for all languages. MANY other smaller fixes/changes have been made as well, including barrier streamlining and modifying of AT-TE and AAT main turrets' lasers impact properties. [b]READ THE README FILE. I AM TIRED OF USELESS QUESTIONS THAT I HAVE ANSWERED AHEAD OF TIME.[/b] - Majin Revan




Serenity Valley

firefly_modserenity_vally.exe | 118.35 MB

called either Firely or Serenity; I can\'t remember. Fans will know though. If you\'re one of those people who only downloads maps that are strictly Star Wars then I strongly encourage you to loosen up and give this map a try. It\'s really fun. I\'ll begin my critique by discussing the bugs and cons of the map. The map is a tad unbalanced. The first time I played the map I was the \"Browncoats\" and I lost. The second time I played as \"The Alliance\" and was losing, but somehow we made a last-minute comeback which I really don\'t understand. Bottom line: winning isn\'t easy on this map. Now this isn\'t necessarily a problem since many people like a challenge. This\'ll certainly float their boat. There are a few bugs worth mentioning. For starters, the hubs and connections could use a bit of work. I noticed a good number of units running into walls and getting stuck in corners. This is most noticeable by the CP in screenshot number 8. The AI walk down a steep drop and pile up down below. It almost seems intentional. Other minor bugs include sounds. When I play as the heroes I\'ll hear enemies refering to me as Boba Fett or Han Solo, whom they aren\'t. Speaking of the heroes, they still have the default sounds. Like I said, these bugs are really minor and might be too much of a hastle to fix. I have no idea what this location looks like, but I recommend (as I always do) putting in some water and foilage just to enhance the map\'s appearance. Now on with the good. :) Serenity Valley has a great map design and an incredibly strong battlefield feel. When I was playing I actually felt like I was in a war. The map wasn\'t too big or too small so it\'s quite ideal. There are areas where strategy can be applied which is always a HUGE bonus. I love maps that have strategic elements. The new units are sweet. They feature new weapons and new skins. My favorite is the Browncoat soldier. His gun pwns. To sum it all up: A flawed masterpiece that promises hours of fun and entertainment. This map will be loads and loads of fun online. Grab some of your friends and start a server for the full Serenity Valley experience... -[GT]EraOfDesann




Capital Down 3 | 8.36 MB

however you may beg to differ. This is a very large map and is very empty in many places but as started in the readme it had to be to fit in the cruiser. Firstly, the map has a very nice feel to it and a nice design idea. The mapping is generally very good, the uneven terrain gives a very nice battlefield feel to it. Unfortunately it does seem very empty and it's hard to get full use of all of it. The rebel cruiser is missing a few textures i believe as it shows up white in game. However if the unit counts are set to maximum this map can be excellent fun and a great game of battlefront 2 like the previous maps of Capital Down. The use of vehicles and units in this map isn't too bad but has some flaws i think. Firstly the map is too big for the vehicles to make any impact on game until the forces collide at a small part of the map. Perhaps I would add a few more especially for the Galactic Civil War era some more AT-AT walkers to add that little extra to the battlefield. No new skins or weapons included in this map but i think that the units used fits in very well with the story stated in the read-me which is good. There are, quite a few bugs in the map, mainly are sounds and textures. The only missing textures are those on the hanger of the cruiser which i stated earlier, the rest seem to be working ok. The sounds of weapons and guns on both vehicles and infantry are quite low or are silent. There are slight errors in this map and changes that could have been made but i think if you did enjoy the first two maps then i think this will be a great addition to them. I would tryout this map, but i wouldn't expect everyone to like it due to some of the sound errors etc. -Royal Tycoon




The Lost City | 8.24 MB




star wars the clone wars lair of grievous | 28.87 MB

ideas here, but the execution isn\'t very good. Lots of improperly-aligned objects, sheer terrain (with accompanying texture stretching), poor AI pathing, and other woes get in the way of what is a neat theme. -Mav




Kamino Civil War | 17.4 MB

is one of those maps, using the stock Kamino map as its base and featuring a bunch of overpowered ARC troopers duking it out. The sides are composed of one unit- an ARC trooper, available in both blue and red flavors, featuring a blaster rifle, sniper rifle, shotgun, chaingun, mortar launcher, cloaking shield, and detpacks. It also has a regenerating shield and an infinite jetpack. This is pretty much the definition of \"overpowered\". Luckily, the other side has the exact same unit, because the premise of this map is a bunch of clones fighting. I suppose it is rather handy not to have to pick out different units when one just accomplishes everything for you, though, so nice idea on the author\'s part. So, basically, give this mission map a download if you want to play around with some super-powered ARC troopers on the stock Kamino map. It\'s pretty fun for a \"just-screw-around\" map, so check it out. -Jedikiller




Mygeeto Platforms | 122.9 MB

small map - it only has four command posts. They are spread decently well-apart, though, and the map flows fairly well. Setting-wise, the map is a little bit grungier (both lighting-wise and thematically) than the stock version of the map; it\'s set in a rainstorm and there are more \"broken\" elements to the platforms area. There were a few issues I noticed - first of all, the one(?) Kamino prop I saw used, a thin bridge/ramp, was the lowrez version of that model - the texture resolution is really inconsistent with its surroundings. It would be better to make sure to use the higher-detailed version of that model. There were also several floating objects (most notable are the floating fire effects objects near one of the starting CPs). And while the rain and lightning were nice, there was a notable lack of sound effects supporting those visuals. One minor quibble I\'ve got with the design - at one point, the ramps (or at least those used by the AI) are narrowed down to a chokepoint through an LA-AT wreck. Chokepoints are fine, but I don\'t think it\'s a wise idea to reduce a single path to something that small without providing at least a second parallel path; if for no other reason than preventing AI clumping. All in all, this map is a decent map. It\'s nothing incredibly original, but it\'s got fairly solid construction and you may enjoy it. If you like what you see in the screenshots below, give it a try. -Mav





ald.exe | 44.58 MB

While its not the most original environment ever, the author has done a very good job at creating a cohesive environment with a good atmosphere (as he has done in previous maps). A nice touch is the skydome showing mountains and a distant city, perhaps the one seen very briefly in Episode 3. Modes are Conquest and modded Conquest (with custom sides, somewhat confusingly it uses a flag mode icon)? Stock conquest is the usual, and appears to work fairly well - I didn\'t see any AI running into walls or trees at random or trying to walk across the bottom of the lake. Modded conquest uses bobfinkl\'s custom sides, which are simple but fairly unique. The main difference between these and the stock/most custom sides is the weapons do much higher damage, reminiscent of sides by modders such as Fingerfood and Bantha55. *Slight RantBegins* The reason this sort of gameplay works well in games like Call of Duty and rarely in battlefront is very simple - BF2 AI have about the same amount of tactical programming as my toaster. They run straight into open spaces and rarely bother to take cover. High damage gameplay works well on some maps, but on big open maps it tends to lead to gameplay along the lines of \"spawn-runrunrunrunrun-shoot twice get shot die-spawn-runrunrun-etc). *Slight Rant Ends* With the high number of trees and boulders in this map however, it works fairly well, and could work even better if the author put in some more \"cover\" hintnodes so the AI would take cover more be less inclined to run straight into a glowing plasma bolt death (seriously at one point I gunned down about 30 AI from one spot of cover because they just kept running at me en masse). The classes seem pretty fairly balanced out, the sides are pretty original, its at least worth a try even if high damage gameplay isnt your cup of tea. Bugs seem few and far between, the only one I noticed was some incorrect or missing uk_english localisations (not sure if US english has these). Overall its a good map with an interesting alternate set of sides. Give it a go! -Sky




ARC mission 1: Endor

arcmsn1.exe | 60.29 MB

at me. That's not a huge problem, but it is a point to be made in regards to the fact that the map is pretty generic. It's also probably a little too large - the prop density and space between command posts is a little out of scale. Nothing wrong with the size by itself, but the map doesn't fill the space it uses. The sky is, as it often is with these types of maps, unchanged. Conquest is the only mode available, and it's got some issues. The author added a couple new command posts, but one of them doesn't seem to have a capture region at all. Neither of the new command posts was added to the conquest objective, so the game can end before you capture all the command posts (and before reinforcements are depleted). To the author - I would suggest tightening up the bounds of your map a bit. Make it so that the map feels a little less unnatural (the straight, straight rows of trees) and a little more cramped like a forest often feels. Use foliage on the ground. Add hills, etc. Change the sky, and then you won't have to have those hills on the edge of the map that stick out a little in comparison to the relatively-flat rest of the map. Fix your conquest objective, and make sure that all your modes work 100% before shipping the map. -Mav




Attack of the Pigs II | 8.03 MB

remains the same, a bunch of Hoth tunnels with Gamorreans spawning throughout. Not a lot has been changed from the earlier version; in fact, it appears that the only real change is the reduction of the number of Gamorrean locals in the regular conquest modes. The map itself is fine; there's not really a whole lot to it, just tunnels. The hunt mode seems like a pretty unbalanced mode, since there are a huge number of Wookiees compared to the pair of Gamorreans that spawns. I suppose if you enjoyed the prior version but felt that you had simply too many Gamorreans to deal with, you'll enjoy this version. Give it a try if it sounds appealing. -Mav P.S. To the author - I attempted to accede to your request, but I didn't want to leave the file in the queue much longer.




Death Star Story | 31.27 MB

troopers. Much like the previous versions, the map is set on the Death Star. Using the shipped map, the author has performed some slight edits like removing bridges, disabling the panels that control some things, and a couple of objects placed throughout the map. The map itself is not the focus of the entire package, and it serves well enough as a battleground for the heroes and troopers. The focus of the entire package is on the sides that the author has created. These consist of the Death Star heroes from A New Hope fighting against an assortment of stormtroopers. Luke, Han, Leia, and Chewbacca are on the heroes side, with Obi-wan Kenobi as the unlockable hero unit. They are very powerful units, and there are a lot of them on the battlefield. This leads to nearly certain death if you are not playing on the Rebel side, since the weapons that the stormtroopers have are not enough to kill as quickly as the heroes can kill them. While the stormtroopers feature a nice array of diversity in their units, they are simply too weak to put up any sort of decent fight against the heroes. I suppose this is movie-accurate, but it doesn't make for great gameplay if you are playing as the Imperials. Despite the balance issues, this is still a fun map to play, and is a welcome change of pace from the huge amount of clone-centric mods that seem to be released these days. Give it a download if the screenshots look interesting or you liked the previous versions. -Jedikiller




Suya 1: Desert | 11.32 MB

basically a large, flat plain with various rock formations interspersed throughout. It's surrounded on all sides by canyon walls. While deserts are often sparse, it would perhaps be best for the author to not neglect the prop placement as much as it has been here - even deserts are more than just all flat, all the time. A few more rocks or even some small shrubbery would go a long way. The CPs are placed in the original four positions of the default CPs, plus a couple new CPs. The newer CPs haven't been placed entirely correctly, as they aren't added to the lua and consequently are not part of the conquest objective. This should obviously be fixed in the future; reading though the "getting started" tutorial included with the modtools once more would perhaps be advisable. As noted in the readme, the AI pathing is lacking. To what degree, I can't tell, although I suspect there is simply not any - I didn't really see the AI do much of anything in my playthough. The sky (similarly noted in the readme) could use a change, although the high canyon walls do mitigate a lot of the issues with the default sky. All in all, it is a fairly representative sample of a first map - basic, representing a neophytic grasp on the tools, but with plenty of room for improvement. -Mav




Daska: Desertscape | 68.68 MB

design remains essentially the same, but I couldn't tell for sure whether it had been compacted or had more props added or something (or perhaps I just spawned on a different side of the map every time?), but it "felt" different from the first in terms of the playthrough. Whatever was changed (if anything, perhaps I am just losing it) seems to have tightened up the gameplay a little bit, which helps. What was odd was seeing some of the more glaring errors from the first version left unfixed. There are still large parts of the terrain with either a blank texture or a very highly tinted texture. This doesn't really look too hot. The sky remains unchanged, and in my opinion (and as I stated before) it could use some changing. There were some notable bugfixes this time; I didn't notice any floating props and I did notice the fact that I could play a GCW match. However, there was one little tweak I might mention (and I don't know if this was part of the last version) - you included a full rep.lvl (and repshell.lvl, which is never necessary for just an addon map) for no purpose I could discern. The units remained virtually unchanged (some localization changes and some locals added to the teams), and I couldn't pick out a reason why the map would be bloated up in size just for what I saw. Perhaps I missed something. In any case, this does represent a step in the right direction, although the map certainly needs some work before it is completely polished. -Mav




Kashyyyk: Kachirho | 38.03 MB

stock Kashyyyk (which of course makes sense, as they more or less represent the same battle). This one is slightly larger, though, and includes several different props to give it a bit of a different feel. Most of the battle takes place on the large, open beach out front, and while there is minimal cover, the CPs are spread out enough that the AI's fire isn't directed at you all the time - although I would still like to see the battle's main part moved at least a bit further away from the beach CPs, just to keep things interesting. There is quite a bit of work done on the platforms towards the rear of the battlefield, but unless you are actively searching for a distant sniper position, none of these places will come into play, which is too bad (because you can tell that there has been some time spent on them). The map also has slightly changed sides. They play pretty similarly to stock SWBF2 sides, although there are several new units added for each side. There are a few sides-related bugs in this map. The first, and largest, is the "award weapons" bug, which shows up on at least one unit (but most probably others). This'll cause a freeze, which is of course a real pain. There are also a number of missing sounds (flyer sounds, bowcaster sounds) which should probably be added if this ever sees a future release. All in all it is a neat map, and includes a number of different modes in which you can play out this battle (be sure to try out hunt mode; it's set in a nighttime version of this same map). If you like the screenshots, go ahead and give it a try! -Mav




Republic Gunship Down

republic_gunship_down_1.0.rar | 70.29 MB

provided by the author, and it's a pretty succinct description. There were more tips, I think, but not being able to spreche Deutsch, I couldn't quite understand them. In any case "Republic gunship down" is pretty self explanatory. There are two parts to the map - the Republic landing zone and the (inexplicably) Rebel city. I assume these are generic rebels and not the Rebel Alliance? In any case, you can walk all the way to the city, but the only way to get there effectively is to take one of the LA-ATs over there. Since AI can't land, this means that for the Republic to win, it is heavily dependent on the player. If you're playing as the Rebels, it would seem like you could essentially sit still and let the enemy's reinforcements drain (since they start with a CP advantage). While it is probably a little too far to get to the city for the AI, once inside the city it's not a bad map - it's set up well using stock assets (although some reskins would have been nice). There is a preponderance of dust in some places, which at least for me caused a framerate drop. It might be helpful to spread the dust use out a little more over the map (or maybe use it in more scarcely-populated areas). In any case, it is a nice map, although due to the large gap between team one's CPs and team two's CPs, the majority of the work making a conquest battle happen is going to be on the player's shoulders. It wouldn't be a bad thing for a scenario or campaign map, but in a conquest map it might be wise to use a few tweaks to involve the AI a bit more. -Mav




Modern Earth: Urban Assault

modern_earth_urban_assault_v2.exe | 53.57 MB

battle takes place in too much of a one way strip down the road while off to the side there is nothing but some buildings plus it just makes where the battle does take place a little too crowded. Simply expanding the four way crossing a little would help greatly. If I for one was a prisoner escaping, I would keep off the main road and try to avoid a battle and fight when I run into an enemy. Of course unless its suppose to be a prisoner revolt rather than a breakout and escape that changes everything. There are some new bugs though. In Zombie mode the National Guards have floating icons but that's not that big of deal. I experienced extreme lag on this mode compared to Conquest mode. Very low Frame Rates made it nearly impossible to play while in Conquest mode it was fine. This is really something that needs to be fixed since it will limit the amount of players able to play this mode. I also noticed that a few buildings were off the ground. And some heroes also have mixed up voices for example when spawning and facing the enemy as a Ninja its kinda awkward continually hearing the name of Boba Fett coming up. The side balance for Conquest mode I felt was off quite a bit. Even though the National Guards have better weapons the Convicts always seem to go sky high in kills. I'm not sure why its like this unless the National Guards just don't move around as much as the Convicts. I do like the use of custom models and a fresh idea. Always presenting something in your mod that hasn't been seen before makes people much more interested in it. I really liked the map and its very unique and creative but I think it still needs some work. Be sure to check out the ReadMe for more info and a list of bug fixes. -Delta 47 Video, by the authors request: Modern Earth: Urban Assault from Connor Dean on Vimeo.




Invade/Defend | 29.17 MB

perhaps, it suffers [i]because[/i] of them. Several props have been placed on the map, but very haphazardly. Many are floating props, or sunken too far in. Others have been placed without any regard to whether they have proper collision (as a result, at least once you can just sit behind a command post covered by a wall you can simply walk into). It still essentially suffers from a monotexture terrain; I don't think that changed at all from the previous version to this one. Likewise, the sky remains unchanged and still in need of a change. One of the command posts is also on the very edge of the map, which looks really bad - obviously seeing the edge of a map really breaks down any sort of look you're going for. So while the author alleges this as the "final" version, it still needs a lot of work. -Mav




Gantarran: Old Town

gantarran_old_town.rar | 10.13 MB

elements of the default map left in here. For the most part, the map is entirely flat. The author did include several props, although they are fairly randomly placed and do not exactly feel like they "fit" together. Most of the map is comprised of random assets placed scattered around, and as a result, you may find AI running into them. Make sure to be very careful with your planning if you plan on having lots of props to make up a map. If you see something in the following screenshots that you like, give it a download! -Mav




Anax: Hidden Village

anax_hidden_village.rar | 4.04 MB

essay in six parts: "Caring for your work" or "why it's important that you spend more than an hour or two making a map or mod you plan on distributing." Part 4: The temptation for a mod, map, or series of maps becoming an exercise in production and not a practice of technique can be a very particularly easy one to fall to when working with something as simple as Battlefront II in terms of creation. Once a new modder crosses the first hurdle of learning to adjust their viewpoint in Zeroeditor, a whole new world opens up. "Look, the terrain just MOVES when I want it to!" Then one learns that they can add objects and suddenly the day is gone - "Holy cow look there's just a bridge there and there wasn't before!" These things are all exciting to figure out - they are for everyone - but eventually most of us learn that the one object we just plunked down in Zeroeditor, while fascinating to us the first couple of times we try it out ingame, does not a good map make. [Continued in "Tatooine: Tusken Canyons"] "Anax: Hidden Village," by cyclonassasin, is a simple, fou... no, wait, six-CP map set on a fictional (err, I suppose they are all fictional, but this one is extra-fictional as the fine folks over at Wookieepedia don't have anything on it) planet "Anax." This is probably one of the better couple of cyclonassasin's maps, as it at least doesn't stick with four basic CPs and it has a little more coherency of theme (the map looks like a Naboo-Endor). That being said, there are still several issues. What could be done to improve it? Here are a few tips: -The sky. Yes I will say this for every one of your files. You are not on Yavin, this sky does not fit, and you don't have any surrounding anything to block out that ugly black cutoff in the sky texture. Change it. -Actual crashes. Please, please, please don't leave in anything that crashes my game. Especially if you're going to make such a simple map that is easy to bugcheck. The enter-able Ewok catapults (which do not actually fire?) crash upon being destroyed if you're in them. If you're unsure about a prop, don't use it until you're sure. -CP balance. Why do five CPs? If you can, make the number of CPs even to ensure a balanced game. There's no real reason to ever hand one side a marked advantage in a conquest mode. If the screenshots appeal to you, go ahead and give it a try. -Mav




Talay: Tak Base

ttb_v2.0.exe | 41.97 MB

always a big plus in my book), also a recreation of the story from "Dark Forces" (or at least the part featured in that level). It follows Kyle Katarn as he infiltrates a Rebel base recently taken over by the Empire. Kyle has to restore power to the town/base and then sneak in and find a clue to the Empire's "Dark Trooper" project. The campaign is a decent length (with searching, it'll probably take at least half an hour) and well-scripted (as MasterSaitek has proven himself well-capable of doing). Also included is uber mode (conquest with units++). Uber mode "recreates" the battle before the campaign, where the Imperials are taking over the base with their fearsome dark troopers. Although it was certainly intended, the dark troopers (as well as their Rebel counterparts, the Bothan spies, probably for balance reasons) are still a little more overpowered for my tastes (when compared to the other units). In fact, the Rebel "best unit," the Bothan spy, is probably even moreso - it can stay cloaked almost indefinitely with a sniper rifle to use at his leisure. The map itself is well-done, some custom props are mixed well with stock Bespin props to create a nice-looking town - I would prefer, perhaps, that it weren't so open, though. Anyway, it's a very nice map and definitely worth your download, for the campaign mission if for nothing else. Give it a try! -Mav




Attack of the Clowns

attack_of_the_clowns.exe | 13.23 MB

imagine by its lack of mention of location even in the title) is a fairly unremarkable map. It's not too large, which is good, but it's a little "blah." It's not perfectly put-together (the tunnel in one spot could use a bit more work to look good), but I don't really think the thrust of this was the map itself. The sides are, on the one hand, the stock Imperial sides, and on the other, a bunch of clowns. This tends towards the sort of ridiculousness that I am usually pretty dismissive of, but fortunately the author didn't just make some goofy-looking textures and then add in all sorts of unoriginal overpowered weapons. To be fair, they are overpowered a little by comparison, but they fortunately stray from the unoriginality that's usually prevalent on the sillier end of the spectrum. Some not-overly-complicated-but still-creative odf work was done to give these Rebel clowns a number of varied weapons (which I will not hasten to list all of as the author has provided a list and descriptions in the readme). These include some silly weapons like pie-throwing, but also some funny (although ultimately irrelevant to the AI, not counting humans) uses of bacta packs as landmines. Not overly complicated, but worth a download to check out. Give it a try. -Mav




Pegasus | 42.8 MB

the chance to play through the first version, and didn't look at the older review until after-the-fact, but taking a glance the author seems to have taken many of the suggestions made and implementing them effectively. The map itself is well-laid out. As mentioned above, it is similar to Geonosis but doesn't force the issue; most of the similarity comes from the "dirt planet" atmosphere and a reuse of Geonosis props. It is a large map but uses its space effectively, while there can be a lot of running around, there aren't huge spaces with nothing in them. Prop placement was well-done. A desolate setting was made but there was a sufficient density of props that the map didn't feel empty as big maps or desert maps are especially wont to feel. There are "new" sides included, but other than some minor weapon changes, they play exactly the same as the stock sides. The textures for the Republic are a little different; they use a desaturated yellow hue - which looks ok on all the troopers except for the clone commander, who looks really tacky done as he is. The only issues mentioned in the first review that didn't appear to be fully addressed here were the boundaries to the map (there weren't any) and the filesize. "Tur.lvl" probably could have been eliminated to reduce your size by 30%. Anyway, certainly a decent map and worth the download. Check it out! -Mav




Hidden: Mygeetan Jedi Temple | 28.67 MB

Jedi temple, which I suppose is evident enough in the title as well. Anyway - for all intents and purposes, this is about a third of the Mygeeto map plunked down in the middle of a forest. It sounds kind of simple, but it's not all that bad. The Mygeeto assets worked out pretty well in a woodsy setting. Using the Mygeeto assets, however, comes part-and-parcel with their collision problems, which the author did little (if anything) to remedy. There are a few places where units will fall through the props, and it can be somewhat irritating to have to try and shoot an enemy lodged in the middle of a roadway. The terrain outside the Mygeeto objects acts as a nice setting for the map, but it's virtually flat, and even though there are trees scattered around (which does help a lot), the flatness is still noticeable and somewhat unnatural. It might be worth the author's while to fix that up in future versions (or just take note for future maps). The sides are more or less stock sides, although they are mixed between eras for GCW (a strange mix of clones and stormtroopers fight for the Empire). If this map looks interesting, give it a download. -Mav




Nahvoo: Town Center | 11.93 MB

mode GCW Conquest and CW Conquest. There are no custom sides. The AI did really well though mostly because there was plenty of space and not much props to get caught in. Though the buildings were placed neatly there were a couple buildings that were out of place. For instance, one of the Naboo buildings was made for a one-sided view and when you go around to the other side you can see right through it but with a couple of buildings on the back will fix it. Anyway, its good for a first-map. If it looks good to you give it a download. -Delta 47




Helms Deep Beta | 17.15 MB

pleasantly surprised to find this beta version... surprisingly good. I know that I was pleasantly surprised. I can recall several "attempts" at versions of this map, dating back years ago, but I don't believe any ever got finished, and it's just as well, because this version looks like it's shaping up to be better than those ever would have been. The first, best, and most obvious thing to mention about this map is that it's got what is - in all appearances - a fairly accurate (if not necessarily to-scale) recreation of the movie's mountainside fortress. From the tunnels leading into the hall, to the parapets, even to the drain that got blown up by Saruman's Magic Fireworks. What's best about it all is that it's all tied together well to make not only a faithful reproduction, but a playable one. The drain gate is big enough to be entered by many units at once, rather than being simply a small dead end, and the tunnels lead outside to a steep, mountainside entrance (in addition to their leading into the meeting hall). I do not know how entirely accurate that is, but it is definitely a good decision for gameplay's sake; making sure there is not just one linear path through the whole map was a wise decision. The environment is really neat, too. The right ambiance, set by the rain, lightning, and sky, creates a very, very cool sensation of being in a classic medieval battle. There are some things that I would do to change or fix this, though - and this of course being a beta leaves plenty of room for that. I would first tighten up the area to the outside of the castle, and make it much more accessible for the attackers. At the moment, they have a lot of empty ground outside, and this can lead to a very easy bottleneck for the defenders. Secondly, I would add in some torches (with lights attached). It is very cool to see the battlefield lit up at times by lightning, but sometimes it could definitely use a few more lighting sources. See the SWBF1 Kashyyyk and Rhen Var assets for some good hanging and standing torches. Finally, and this may just be personal preference, I would darken up (or just change to a grey rocky texture) the terrain a bit. Right now it seems a bit green to really fit well with the rest of the scenery. All in all, this is a really promising beta map and a great use of some custom models. Be sure to check it out; it's definitely worth a look. -Mav




Tygina | 106.94 MB

if you played the original then I'm sure you'll notice the differences. As for now I'll just give you my impressions of the map. The setting isn't too original -- it looks a lot like Yavin IV, but YaNkFaN manages to balance this out with a well-constructed map that looks quite professional. The Yavin props have been recolored to a bluish-gray tint that makes a subtle but noticeable difference. I have to say that sometimes I really get tired of seeing those sickly-yellow Yavin ruins in maps so I really appreciated this simple change. I wish more mappers who use stock assets would do this -- it's relatively easy to do (it takes little time or effort) yet it can make a world of difference. It's an ideal alternative to creating your own models. Though the map seemed nicely put together and polished, I can't speak with 100% certainty for a few reasons: -First, the map is quite dark and there's a fair amount of foliage scattered everywhere. Although this [i]does[/i] create a nice ambiance for the map it also impairs the player's vision. Maybe it's just me but I had a difficult time navigating around through the map and spotting enemies because it was so dark. It was especially difficult playing as the Republic. Our asses were thoroughly kicked. -Second, there are lots of units on the field at once and the CP's are fairly close together. This makes the map constantly frenetic and it can be fairly frustrating for players who aren't exactly "Battlefront masters." You always have to be on your feet and in a safe position. It gets a little tiring. These two factors combined together kind of detract from the gameplay for me, personally, and it hindered my ability to get a thorough look at the map. Straining my eyes to see while ceaselessly being fired at is, erm... less than fun. But who knows, there's a strong possibility that I might just be making a mountain out of a mole hill. You'll have to see for yourself. Overall YaNkFaN has put together a well-polished and professional-looking map. The map does feature new sides for all factions which is always a plus (I had a hard time figuring out how to use the Republic hero's primary weapon, though). My only qualms are the lighting and the number of units, and maybe the CP arrangement. But again, this is a nicely-done map that is worth taking the time to check out. PS: Players with older PCs or video cards should note that the amount of foliage, water, and units in the map might slow down their game so I'd recommend lowering your settings before playing. ~EraOfDesann




Tientia: Naval Engagement | 118.26 MB

located at them and are spread throughout a lake. The lake is surrounded by high mountains so there is no escaping battlefield. To get around without drowning there are speeder bikes and other hovering vehicles to ride on that spawn at CP's. He also used some simple animations to make a couple of Tatooine Skiff's move across to other platform(s) so in case you don't want to drive you can take the ferry or should I say skiff! There is only one mode -- Clone Wars Conquest and the sides contain various units and one unit that caught my attention was the Scuba. This unit can put out a shield so when he goes under water for a long period of time it doesn't take away his health but you have to turn it on before you go under the water to be able to use it. As far as bugs and disadvantages go I did notice a couple. On the Kamino platform once you get off it can be a little tricky getting back on depending on the vehicle you use because you go right through the edges where there is a mound of ground. And when the AI spawn some of them go underwater where they walk around until they die. Its not a really big deal because this affects both sides and still keeps them pretty even but it does make Conquest shorter and has less units on the battlefield so be sure to put up the reinforcements before playing. So yeah, there you have it, if it sounds like something you would be interested in give it a download. -Delta 47




Dantooine farmer Village | 126.52 MB

first. "Dantooine farmer Village" is basically a flat map with minor substance coming only from the placement of a lot of Caleb's Dantooine props (who was left out of the readme until I edited him in - author, make sure you don't leave people out, especially when [i]most of your map[/i] is made of their assets). The map uses the stock game sides, which is fine. However, the map setup itself is pretty weak. Yes, there are a good number of props used to make the map feel split-up into sections, but it feels like, in a lot of places, the props are just plunked down without a lot of thought (the mostly-flat map doesn't help this). Combined with bad bot pathing and some places AI can get stuck in one of the bunkers, the map feels very unpolished. It also doesn't help the map's case that GCW crashed for me - although I will admit that I'm running some computer settings I'm unfamiliar with, and it could be related to that. Be sure to mention if this really is an issue, anyone who plays! Anyway, it's a fair map, but it could use a lot of work. Give it a download if you want. -Mav




Space Yavin | 57.49 MB

additions to the map are the Naboo fighter (which feels pretty out-of-place and plays just like an X-Wing) and a lot of ship models (out-of-era, too, I might add). It's pretty bizarre seeing a whole bunch of Clone Wars stuff just mixed in with a GCW space mission without any real explanation. Beyond that, it's a pretty standard space map. The sides are essentially the same (there's a picture of a Sentinel-class shuttle in one of the screenshots; I certainly couldn't find it) and the ship positions are the default ones from the stock munged space map. Both assault and CTF are available, but CTF has incorrectly-placed capture regions for the flags, making it impossible to win (or score at all). All-in-all, this feels like a pretty incomplete or undeveloped space map. To be fair, space maps (while perhaps easier to do once you know everything about them) have probably a bit more of a learning curve in terms of figuring out how to make them really different (there's a lot of object placement to be done). This map looks a little unpolished, but I'm sure the author can take some time, improve on the abovementioned, and be more prepared next time. -Mav




Bespin: Industry City | 76.07 MB

Bespin: Platforms map its quite different and fun to play. It has six different CP's, three for each Team with a narrow row of Platforms that lead from one Teams base to the other and therefore causing a lot of action because of that one way passage. Its not an overwhelming amount of enemy forces but just enough to make it a little more difficult so you can't just run through as a one man army...which is great to have sometimes when your up for some competition! There is just Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War Conquest modes. As far as sides go, they aren't all stock. Clone Wars consists of EP2 Clones with a new yellow Jet Trooper that looks very nice by the way. It also excludes the Clone Commander and the Jet Tropper is named Clone Commander and the Clone Wars Hero is Mace Windu. The CIS aren't changed except that the MangaGuard is taken out and their Hero is Count Dooku. Galactic Civil War has normal sides except the Rebels only have Rebel Soldiers, Rebel Smugglers, and Bothan Spy's with Luke Skywalker as the Hero. The Empire's Hero is Boba Fett. There are also some starfighters for those who don't like fighting on the ground. Its a very nice map and the only bug that I saw was that the fighters don't have any sounds. Download if you'd like. @Author: You could fix the file size by taking out all the units you aren't using out of the sides REQ file(s) and deleting unnecessary side files such as repshell, tur (turrets), etc. of which your not using. Something to look into if you are planning on a future version. -Delta 47




Alpha10: The Blockade of the Republic | 33.31 MB

with its fun environment. There's not a whole lot to say about this map. It doesn't have any custom sides or objects but as mentioned in the ReadMe he (or her) might be adding them in the next version. There is one capital ship for each team to spawn at and can be only played in Clone Wars Space Assault only. If it looks interesting definitely give it a download and you should be satisfied. -Delta 47




Kadrala: Islands

kadrala.7z | 28.95 MB

map and think "Hoth." This is one of the aforementioned "snow maps," but it doesn't scream "Hoth" - in fact it does a very good job of feeling like its own place. The high point of Kadrala lies in its environment - easily. It's a very well-set-up islands map, with not too much water but enough to make it feel like islands. A liberal use of objects dotting the terrain helps very much in creating the feel of a place, instead of the feel of a map. Creative attentions to detail include clone bodies lying around as props and local creatures kept in pens. It's always nice to see new sides, too, especially when they're well-put-together. The sides on this map [i]sort've[/i] accomplish that. On the plus side, they don't feel gaudy or un-uniform, and some of the weapons are pretty creative. However, on the downside there are a lot of bugs that need to be squished - that should have been squished - before release. There are some missing sounds for weapons and there are a number of "award weapon bugs" - a couple of which have no effect other than being an inconvenience and a couple of which freeze the game. A couple other points of interest: There's a hybrid conquest mode (1flag on Instant Action) available which is a nice change of pace - although holding the CP for two minutes seems to be a bit long, in my opinion. There were also a few more assorted bugs - as mentioned below in the readme (no localizations for the Acklay team can be added to that localization bug note). Definitely a map that is worth trying out, but the crashing/freezing bugs make it a touch tricky to play. -Mav




Hoth: Secret Mountains | 3.57 MB

planet Hoth. It's a pretty simple map; the four basic command posts in pretty much the exact same position as they are when you first munge a map. Positives are that, for a first map, at least the courtesy and effort was made to change the ground textures - and not do something Yavin-based (although that accursed sky is still there). There is a decent amount of terrain variation, which means that despite the sparing use of props, it's not a huge flat plane of flatness. However, objects, when they were placed, weren't placed very carefully. There are a number of floating objects, and the most egregious example of a poorly-placed object is the bunker, which doesn't have a backside. There are also a few missing textures on objects. For a first map it's not a bad attempt, but it's still squarely in the "obviously first-map" category. -Mav




Coruscant Jedi Temple Daytime

19co3.rar | 13.13 MB

4 factions but i replaced engineers with pilot for the republic and the empire. Also there are 4 hero units for each team, see screnshots below[/quote] That pretty much sums up this file, but I've got a couple of points to.... well, point out. Firstly, this mod will install as an addon folder map and will appear at the bottom of your maplist as "oruscant:Jedi Temple." Secondly, most of the new heroes have new attack combos, which is a definite plus. Lastly, something that I noticed was that the sky sometimes clipped through the buildings in the background, and the Acclamators in the sky disappeared when you looked at them at certain angles. That's about it. If it sounds interesting, give this mod a download. Leave feedback for the author if you do. -Xavious




.:|CWC|:. Private Andersen's Mos Eisley | 13.3 MB

high on the originality scale - although of course if the intent of the author is just to use it to create a machinima with, I suppose it could work for that. There are no surprises here, this is just Mos Eisley, the stock map, lifted from the assets. It only has hero assault mode, and it looks like some random units were spliced in with a few of the heroes. I won't say that this map is bad - it obviously has a purpose beyond just playing it as an addon map - but I will say that I don't really recommend a download. It doesn't really add anything you can't do in the regular game anyway. -Mav




Geonosis Battlefields | 110.63 MB

"Good idea, could use some work in execution." Some of the issues have been addressed - it felt like the ravine in the center was less prominent to the action, which is good, because it's still the sloppiest part of the map. Definitely avoid terrain like that or piecing together bridges that don't match up, if at all possible. I felt like the map was a bit larger this time around, too - which was a good thing. I enjoyed seeing what appeared to be a pretty decent job placing various Geonosis objects as well. It felt a lot more solid, object-placement-wise, this time. All in all, a pretty good Geonosis map. Not the best, still, but certainly better than average. Give it a try. -Mav




Yavin 4: Colony

culvars_yavin_4_colony.rar | 7.93 MB

Colony" wouldn't have been a better title. Names aside, this is a fair map. It's simple, and it doesn't try too hard... which is refreshing every once in a while. It uses stock sides and a small map which makes for a nice small 8 MB download. Gameplay is decent, and it's a fairly even battle. The sides feel well-matched against each other even if they seem to be a little bit weird (out-of-era material in another one). The bug with the stock phase 1 sniper/jettrooper can be fixed easily and probably should have been, but at least a note is made of it in the readme. The map's weaknesses lie in the actual map design itself. There's at least one major object placement issue (with the Arena model featured in hero assault) and there's a big 'ol textureless spot in the sky where, I assume, the Yavin skydome object was supposed to go (but the texture was left out). The map is also pretty bland once you move towards the center. The layout might work fine, but with the sharp (unblended) hills, the stock ground textures, and stock sky textures (I don't care if it [i]is[/i] the actual skydome and terrain from Yavin IV - change it. In my opinion no map ever needs to use those terrain textures in abundance or that skydome at all), it's just not doing it for me. A decent map, and bugs aside it's small enough to be worth a try. -Mav




SilverBlade\'s American Football Map | 142.18 MB

Hob_goblin, he also added an Albino Wampa to the CIS and a Stick Figure to the Republic. The CIS has one more unit then the Republic giving it an unfair advantage seeing how that one unit is a wampa. To accommodate these users each one has a crazy skin and crazy weapons. My favourite has to be the shotgun, it shoots orange and black and yellow bullets that stay suspended in mid air. Another crazy weapon is the sniper which shoots a giant bullet and it looks like your in a green/red mist. Still no Football though so it feels like your missing something anyways, good map. - EGG GUTS




Dathomir: Exile\'s Revenge | 141.31 MB

time ago, and she isn\'t too happy about it. The map pits either Dathomirians against the Republic or Imperials against Rebels. The map does a nice job of keeping the sides looking varied, despite the setup being essentially the same, weapons-wise. Additionally, you can tell that E_G put a lot of work into making the scenery detailed, which, in my opinion, goes a long way into making a great map. Unfortunately, it appears as though he paid little attention to how much active memory all the effects of his map took up (rain, fog). Although I can usually run maps at medium or high settings with very little lag or reduction in FPS, even at the absolute lowest settings this map was extraordinarily laggy. This glaring deficiency, unfortunately, made it almost impossible for me to enjoy this map as much as I would like. Additionally, it\'s worth noting that E_G made a pretty good stab at varying up hero assault, by changing it into an assault focused only on gun-weilding heroes. All in all, it\'s a map that was fair. It could have been a lot better, but it\'s really held back by the pervasive FPS-drop induced by the excessive sky fx. -Mav




Sullust: Jedi Conclave | 75.5 MB

to make-up my absence starting with this great map by Maveritchell. Once again Mav\' has brought something new and original to Battlefront II -- no, not more [url=;80975]space pirates and starfighters[/url]. Here we have our first [i]real[/i] KOTOR map. For anyone who doesn\'t know KOTOR stands for [b]Knights Of The Old Republic[/b] -- the super-popular RPG Star Wars games that everyone loves. I\'ve actually never played them. The map features what anyone would expect in a KOTOR map: Jedi, Sith, Sith troopers, Force powers -- you get the idea. Sullust is Assault-only but both era\'s are playable. [list] [*]CW Assault For the first time (forgive me if I\'m mistaken) you can play as either the Old Republic or the Sith Empire and battle it out like they did back in days of the KOTOR era. What\'s most notable is the new Sith trooper model created by Qdin. It\'s very nice and feels like it fits in the game unlike some custom-made models that feel out of place. CW Assault is basically just like XL mode except there aren\'t a million units running around at once. The new weapons they all carry are pretty neat though a couple of them might take some getting used to. Personally I like running around with a vibro sword and cutting people down just cause it gets the job done faster. Plus the sword doesn\'t take any getting used to. [*]GCW Assault This\'ll undoubtedly be the favorite of the two modes seeing as it [i]is[/i] the Jedi versus Sith mode. Now, I\'m not too fond of Hero Assault, which this clearly resembles, but I was relieved to discover that it\'s different enough to be considered... well, [i]different[/i]. There\'s a variety of new Force powers that Mav has concocted to resemble the Force powers players could use in the KOTOR games. They\'re pretty cool if you know how to use them effectively. Some powers have \"cool-down\" times which are there to prevent \"Force-spamming\" which is something I had always hated about Hero Assault. If you\'re like me at all you\'ll have bad memories of being pushed, pulled, and gripped around while playing Mos Eisley Assault online. You won\'t have those problems with this map. There are different classes of Jedi and Sith, each with their own unique flavor to add to the mix. You\'ll also see some Republic and Sith troopers running around for you to smack for easy kills. Guilty pleasures I guess. [/list] The map itself is well-designed. It doesn\'t look like much from the pictures but once you\'re exploring it in-game you\'ll discover that screenshots can\'t do the map justice. To give you an idea of what it looks like it\'s simply a cross between Mustafar and Rhen Var. No snow or ice though. Quite the opposite. I didn\'t encounter any bugs while playing, though there appear to be a few AI path problems here and there but it\'s nothing serious. If you have a lower-end PC you might experience some lag from the lava bursts and Jedi battles. [b]Sullust: Jedi Conclave[/b] is a nice divergence from the norm. All of the map\'s components are well-put together and there really isn\'t anything to complain about here at all. I\'d imagine that this map could be [i]very[/i] popular online. Good work! -[GT]EraOfDesann PS: For anyone who doesn\'t know how to install a map by now please refer to the ReadMe below because the ReadMe included in the zip-file doesn\'t include install instructions.




Tokania | 140.81 MB

desert, snow, or swamp. Not so for this map- it's a long canyon littered with large rocks, giant carved-as-heads rocks, and plateau-rocks. The lighting for this map really adds a lot (see the screenshots). It gives the map a softer feel, and makes everything look a lot better. As with pretty much all a_speck_of_dust's maps, there's a gross amount of units running amok. This particular map works well with that (moreso than other maps with the unit count just gratuitous), it seems so large that it would be empty without them. There's an odd number of command posts, so whichever side controls the one in the middle first usually wins the battle. The fliers, as with all ground maps that include them, can get kind of overpowering, the LA-AT specifically. The airspeeder goes down with only a single missile, which balances it out. Custom Republic sides have been added, all in the style of BFI's jet trooper, and they've really turned out well. Good map. Looks good. Is fun. .Rikino




Mygeeto | 134.28 MB

The map feels and looks very much like the Mygeeto we all saw in the movie with the exception of a pretty hint of sunlight that leaks through the thick clouds of ash that shadow the planet. The design is excellent and leaves plenty of room for the colossal clash between the two opposing forces. Unfortuntely you\'ll need to turn your settings way down for a decent frame rate. It\'s not so much the map itself that causes this, but the obsurd number of troops on the field at once. It\'s a nightmare. You feel like you\'re in a giant crowd running from some giant monster that\'s chasing you all... I guess a better way of putting would be that you feel like a Japanese person running from Godzilla. Anyhoo, the map gets extremely crowded and laggy so don\'t expect to live too long. Lasers, rockets, and grenades will go zipping past you everywhere you go, and that\'s only if they don\'t hit you. The good part about this is that you can blow up large groups of enemies with rockets, grenades, and mines. That\'s always an easy way to get your kill count and it\'s a ton of fun to watch all the bodies go flying in all directions. In addition to the insane number of troops and the poor framerate there are quite a few bugs. The first one I noticed were all the objects that would disappear and then reappear again. This again is mostly likely due to the framerate, map size, and the unit count. Fix it! The second big bug has to do with the bots. You\'ll see hordes of troops huddled together in spots, troops standing completely still all by themself, and AT-RT\'s that are hell-bent on walking through large walls. I suggest checking your planning to see if there\'s anything that might be causing this. But the big cause is, again, the number of bots in the map. On the bright side the Republic has been customized a bit to allow you to play as the Galactic Marines. When you play as the clones you sort of actually feel like you just stepped into the movie and are about to shoot down poor Ki-Adi. You may play as Commander Bacara, who is my absolute favorite unit. He\'s armed with a rocket launcher (that uses the chain gun model stranegly enough) that fires like a billion rockets at once. Trying to imagine a chain gun that shoots rockets instead of lasers. Oh yeah, it\'s that cool. In conclusion, this is a severely flawed map that excels in some areas, but not quite enough to save it from a mediocre experience. Sincerely, [GT]EraOfDesann




Eddie\'s Tynna Valley | 46.71 MB

a [i]long[/i] time since I played this map in the old Battlefront days. I remember this being one of Eddie\'s last maps, if not [i]the[/i] last map. It\'s big. It\'s beautiful. It\'s great. It\'s [b]GENERIC COMPLIMENT #47 NOT FOUND![/b]. I suppose I\'ll kick this review off with the scenery. It\'s very nice. You\'ve got trees, water, buildings, rocks, more trees, uh... Okay enough of that. Bottom line: it all looks good. Players who have the latest version of the Conversion Pack installed can enjoy Classic Conquest, and everyone can have some fun with Hero Assault and both versions of CTF. I have no idea if this works online so go try it. Chances are you\'ll discover that it is \"[i]something that provides mirth or amusement[/i]\". Yes. The map design is excellent. There\'s plenty of room for action whether it be in a tank, on foot, or in the cockpit of a starfighter. The terrain is mixed which results in some nicely varied battles. You can battle in the middle of lake, fight your way uphill, and ambush an enemy camp. All of which are fun though I prefer invading the enemy camp. However seeing as how big the map is it\'d be wise for you (meaning you: the player) to set max out the unit count to fully enjoy the map. To top it all off, Squipple has added icing to the cake by providing some nice ambient sounds as well as some of his own well-crafted models. Thank you Squipple! :D Great map. Great job. Great fun. Just plain great. Sincerely, [GT]EraOfDesann




Jedi Temple | 20.77 MB

his new map based on the attack on the Jedi Temple, as seen in Revenge Of The Sith. Unfortunetely I can't give a review because my disc drive is dead. I'll give ya'll a moment to take that in... Good? Good. Like LOZ, Jedi Temple is made up entirely of Vyse's own models which look incredible just from glancing at the pics. Many of you will probably feel like you're in the movie fighting off Jedi or invading clones. In addition to this there are new weapons, units, and custom lightsaber attacks. Also take note that this map does not work online, and there are a few collision bugs with the pillars. This is about all I can say since I can't play the map (it's okay to cry guys) but for more info read the ReadMe, look at the pics, or even better: play the darn map. Good job Vyse! I'm sure everyone will have a blast with this one.




Corellia: Shores

corellia_shores.rar | 44.93 MB

thing wrong is the lack of custom sides, excpet for heros, and that the unit count isn't maxed out, but otherwise, its ok. It DOES contain the MTT, Hovernaut, and the Combat Speeders from SWBF1. For some reason, the pictures won't load. Just so all those of you who will be complaining will know.~Valiantofficer [i]Fixed the pictures. Yes, I know it's [b]two years[/b] late. Better late than never (besides I didn't upload it ;)) -Mav[/i]




Naboo Space (CW: Assault) | 45.53 MB

in an ARC 170 (without reading the ReadMe first) and flew into a swarm of lasers. It goes without saying that I died in a matter of seconds. It\'s very tough. Personally I\'m not much of a space fan since the only difference between each map is the background and the entire games usually consist of me bombing capital ships without being killed more than twice. However this map is an exception because of all the auto turrets. It makes things much more challenging and it feels a lot more like Star Wars than the shipped space maps. So if you\'re a space fan then I recommend that you download this. If not, I probably don\'t even need to tell you that you can pass on this one. But glance at the pics first. Since I have a bias opinion I won\'t give a rating but I\'ll admit that for a quick \'put-together\' this isn\'t bad. -[GT]EraOfDesann




Kashyyyk: Forest | 21.73 MB

be I can see how placing them would get real old real fast, and it would be a big drain to fps for those with weak-kneed computers. Though I didn't turn up any settings it seemed fighting was few and far between and maybe making the unit count something like 50-60 per side by means of ubermode would help. When I had the other team down to 1 reinforcement it took forever to hunt down the last few guys. It's droids versus primarily Wookiees (all maps were tested in clone wars), but there were some republic snipers and I [i]think[/i] clone troops. While much of the map may seem monotonous for all the trees there was something that really caught my attention. Clever use of he wooden barricades resulted in forts around the Wookiee bases (see screen 1). Of course the other team will start bombarding the forts as soon as they get in range and the individual sections don't last that long under fire, but it gives some cover while the defending team gets ready for an assault. There was a fort around each republic CP (about 5 I think) and though the front was open it was facing away from attack and the AI is, generally speaking, not clever enough to go around. A problem that may irritate some people is with the trees. As mentioned in the readme some sections of the textures are missing(in the screens provided they are black, in my game they were white). This is likely due to a missing .tga.option. Unfortunately with the size demanding lots of travel (something I hated in SWBF1 maps) it can take a while, and wasn't as impressive as his other maps. Still, if you crank up the unit count you should manage fine. -K.




Dobido: Deep Crater | 20.44 MB

It\'s really [i]big[/i]. If you know me, you know that this is usually a knock against the map. This map is well-filled for being as large as it is, which is a point in its favor. It is still pretty huge, and there is a lot of running around - this is the biggest complaint I usually have with too-large maps, and it\'s still valid here. As I moved towards the end of the map, I was simply chasing the last handful of reinforcements around a huge map, never being quite able to capture the last CPs since they were spread so far apart. The map looks pretty good, though, and it fits its theme well. There\'s not a lot of variability - it\'s all sand and rocks, but it\'s a relatively unique-looking bit of sand and rock. It\'s not all Geonosis-y or Tatooine-y. All the units are units \"fit\" to be low-atmosphere worthy, which means that there is the strange issue of Fetts working for the good guys. In any case, it\'s a decent-looking map, as all of Jaspo\'s are, and something worth a download. Give it a try. -Mav




Tatooine: Outpost | 95.92 MB

mode. Jendo's second version of Tatooine: Outpost is pretty much extra content and bugfixes added to his previous releasedversion of the same map. The map is set in the deserts of Tatooine, and seems to have more of a 'Dune Sea' vibe to it than the stock 'Dune Sea' map from BF1. The map is mostly made of rolling dunes with various points of interest such as a small outpost, a sandcrawler and a tusken camp. Visually the map holds itself together very well to create a believable environment (personally I think the dunes are particuarly impressive). Despite being a mostly terrain map gameplay is still decent due to the steep dunes providing some cover. Combat varies between spread out in standard conquest mode to the hills absolutely crawling with soldiers in XL. There's a good range of game modes and the supported eras include DT, BFX and some future CW mods. CW Hunt mode is particuarly interesting - Anakin vs Tuskens, as seen in Episode II. While its a bit one sided and another Anakin will occasionally spawn (I responded to this in the appropriate manner, by ruthelessly hurling him to the tusken raiders and cutting him down) its quite entertaining. Well worth a download, especially if the screens or previous version appealed. Download Link - (Added this here because the download link below doesn't work - Danny)




Naboo Sewers | 27.41 MB

FragMe! [url=;96519]enjoys revisiting[/url]. What really sets his Naboo maps apart, though, are his custom models and his dedication to matching the original props\' detail and theme in those models. Naboo Sewers, then, is themed like Naboo but set in the dank underbelly of the city - its sewers. For as prevalent as the \"sewer level\" is in video games, it is somewhat strange that a map like this is so unique, but here we are - a sewer map which is unique amongst its peers. It\'s overall a well-constructed map - it looks nice, and it sets the mood really well. Lots of the modeling work done is very thematically appropriate, as mentioned above, and this is a smart choice, as the map actually extends above to the surface, which is very secondary to the gameplay of the map, but can be reached anyway for added depth. There are a couple of pathing errors, or at least places where the AI seems to have some difficulty, but nothing either incredibly obvious or hindering to the flow of the map. The author notes too that there are some sounds missing, and it would be nice to see all the sounds working, and perhaps even a few extra - rushing water sound effects or echoing drips would go a long way to further making the map shine. All in all, this is a really fun map to play, and definitely worth a download. Take a gander at the screenshots below and give it a try. -Mav




Bothawui: Business District | 8.68 MB

small, it\'s not a bad small. There is plenty of room to get around and there are multiple chokepoints to fight through, though it basically just boils down to two specific ones. There are five control points on the map, two for each side and one in the middle for the sides to fight over. The map forms an L-shape, with a small connector piece between the two sides. There are lots of destructible objects, including glass windows and computers that do damage upon explosion. It\'s a well constructed map, and it looks the part with lots of lighting effects but not many distracting elements to take your mind off the battle. Sides are stock GCW, which I like. There is also support for the creator\'s laser tag mod, should you have that installed. You do need to have that mod installed, though, or the game mode will crash. All in all, if you like small maps that have a lot of fighting and chokepoints and are composed of nearly entirely new assets, then give this a download. It\'s certainly well done. -Jedikiller




Street Battle

str_v1.0_setup.exe | 100.31 MB

[i]Yes[/i], I could pass on ever seeing a map that uses Naboo buildings whole-hock to make a city like this again. Technically, though, it definitely does check off a decent amount of the boxes I like to see checked for doing a first map right. It doesn\'t use a Yavin sky. It isn\'t missing planning, at least not in any incredibly notable ways. It is pretty proficient in its object placement, and the author did try to do something neat with the Endor walkways in some parts of the level. It\'s not incredible, of course - it is visually pretty boring. The sides are a little \"eh?\" - they\'re close enough to stock sides that I kind\'ve wish they\'d just been left as stock sides for familiarity\'s sake. I\'d like to see a lot more done in terms of unique texturing and creative use of assets - the Naboo buildings are so incredibly overused, and while I know they make good starter city props, maps like this will always have a tough time standing out. Anyway, a good first shot, but with definite room for improvement. Give it a try if it looks fun. -Mav




Rhen Var Ravine | 18.37 MB

the readme. The biggest change is that the map is now theta-shaped instead of \"O\"-shaped (ɵ vs. o), thanks to the addition of a bridge running through the center. This is nice, because it means a little bit less running and a little bit less dead space in the center of the map. Unfortunately, the models used for the bridge are missing low-rez versions, and consequently the bridge becomes a vanishing bridge at either end of the map. I would either increase the view distance or add a lowrez model to the bridge. Additionally, the AI seem to have a problem getting up onto the bridge, thanks to collision with the \"ends\" of the bridge (sync this up with the terrain better). Most of the issues with the first still remain here, though. The map is still very large and very open, and there is a lot of running through a sniper\'s buffet to get from CP to CP. Some props were added (oddly, floating AT-TEs), but there really need to be more - make there be rocks from the mountainside, extensions of the mountain, etc. The CPs that were buried in the first are still buried - these should be at least somewhat visible outside of their holograms. I like the addition of a minimap, and it\'s a decent minimap. The ravine itself needs work, since thanks to the grade of the cliff face, it\'s easy to clip through the ground instead of hitting it. This can be solved by a simple deathregion, but it would be best to make sure the terrain collision will not be lost too. You can see most of the map in the screenshots below. Give it a try if it looks interesting. -Mav




Space Map | 31.98 MB

relatively bland (in fact, so are the stock space maps once you\'ve played more than one), and it is not aided by the fact that adding or moving around capital ships is made difficult by the preponderance of different pieces needed to be moved. This map is fairly similar, although it does have an added Republic ship. It\'s odd, though - each team only has their fighters available, which is sort\'ve a bummer. There\'s some variety lost there that could easily have been included. The interiors of each ship are pretty much as they are generated from the template, which means they are still missing some things (like health or ammo droids). For the most part, the interior pieces in the ships that have been moved were fine, although I noticed a few objects askew in the CIS cruiser. In any case, you can see the basic overview of the map in the below screenshots. Download if it looks fun. -Mav




Naboo: Heart of Theed | 24.99 MB

[i]bad[/i], but it isn\'t terribly original. \"Heart of Theed\" is pretty straightforward - it\'s a lot like the stock Theed (which will always follow the practice of using all-stock assets), although it may be slightly larger. It uses a stock Yavin sky, which is a bummer. It\'s decently put-together, but it\'s just kinda bland. There is also a Naboo Guards side that supports the \"good guy\" team (REP/ALL), which is a pretty unbalanced swing in their favor - the guards spawn all over the map, independent of who owns what command posts, and they can capture CPs for their allied team. This makes it significantly harder for their enemies to maintain control of CPs. In any case, you can probably make a reasonable assessment yourself from the screenshots below. Download if it looks interesting. -Mav




Marvel4's BF1 Conversion Pack

marvel4s_bf1_conversion_pack.exe | 128.69 MB

Marvel4. What we have here is a bit redundant, in that it is simply a single download of all these maps that have already been uploaded. I say that it is redundant, because it doesn't really reduce addon clutter - all the maps are still in individual folders, so there's zero difference between downloading this or downloading the maps individually. I suppose that [i]that[/i] is a difference, but the sizes will work out to be the pretty much the same anyway, bandwidth-wise. In any case, there is very little that could be said here that hasn't been mentioned on any of the individual maps themselves, since there's nothing substantially different between these versions and those. The conversions are done well, and it's a nice alternative if you don't already have all these at once, but if the idea here is to allow people to pick and choose maps, since these are all individual folders anyway, it's probably better to just download the individual maps you like. If you're looking for the individual maps, you can see the individual downloads [url=;34347]here[/url]. -Mav




Tropicanae | 7.86 MB

smack-dab into the hurdle of authorial ambition being bigger than the knowledge of the tools. The basic setup of the map is four islands surrounded by water - two "main" islands, with three CPs apiece, and two secondary islands with one CP each. Several vehicles are available to move between each of the islands, but the water is too deep to get there on foot. It's a nice idea, but that last part (the "vehicle-transit-only" part) is where the map sees its biggest problem. A lot of first-time authors (myself included) make the mistake of conceptualizing a map that really only works well if every AI unit were to be controlled by an actual human. This is not and will never be the case, and because of that, if you don't plan your map around what your AI can do, then you're really shooting yourself in the foot, design-wise. In this case, not only are you limiting island transit to the handful of vehicles you have available (which means that you're going to have a lot of units waiting around), but you're expecting the AI that use those vehicles to succeed in moving in and taking over command posts. Here's why this doesn't happen. First of all, AI don't always evacuate their vehicles, even [i]if[/i] they're sitting right on top of a command post. That's a huge problem right there. Secondly, even in a perfect world where the AI do exactly what you want them to do and drop in to specific command posts, the AI will always be essentially balanced against each other one-to-one, which is a really big problem for the single AI now surrounded by five or six enemy AI at a command post. Attrition will, nine times out of ten, work out for the defending AI. You could script specialized AI goals that move AI in teams to specific places at specific times, but that's beyond the ability of most, and certainly beyond the scope of what you could expect a first-time modder to know. You really need to have an open battlefield that allows the AI to interact with each other fully. This means that all the AI need to be able to transit from one island to another, regardless of availability of vehicles. It's also helpful for the human player who can't get his hands on a vehicle - think how fun that could be, playing single player and having to stand around waiting for a vehicle because you can't do anything else! There are also a number of bugs, many of which are listed below in the readme. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, just because you recognize them does not excuse the fact that the bugs are fixable! In fact, some times it makes me wonder [i]more[/i], because it baffles me that you could [i]know[/i] what your problems are and ignore them. The big issues I noticed were the missing sounds (with a lot of vehicles, this is very noticeable), the hard-edged ground textures (too many overlapped textures in one area), missing textures (Kashyyyk building roofs, to name one), un-smoothed terrain (especially when it's seaside - these will always be very eroded in real life!). I didn't see it myself (because I didn't bother looking for it), but I notice that there's also no "leaving battlefield" message according to the readme. Why leave this out at all? You know it's not there, fix it, because it's an easy fix. In any case, it's a decent design, but it falls kind've flat in the playability area. All the work of capturing CPs is on the player's shoulders, and because you get little-to-no AI support, you can spend the entire game just running around the enemy's main island capturing CPs after they've been taken back from you. It's not a bad first map, though, and if it looks fun, give it a try. It's always nice to see a new map. -Mav




Geonosis: Spire

geonosis_spire.exe | 10.07 MB

iteration of the map is much better - it\'s not as stupidly spread out and there\'s better team balance. It is nice to see the Geonosian Fighters here, which is the only thing I wish had been implemented in the SWBF2 version that was not. In any case, I\'m sure those of you without the Conversion Pack and nostalgic for the maps of the original Battlefront will enjoy this. Give it a try if that\'s you. -Mav




Endor: Death Watch Bunker

dwb_v1.0.exe | 15.54 MB

does Endor. The majority of the map is constructed with retextured Hoth tunnels. They use sort\'ve a sandy texture that looks strange in contrast with the topsoil on Endor, but I suppose it is accurate to the Galaxies vision of the area. The tunnels play as many Hoth-based tunnel maps before have, for better or for worse. I think it is fun enough, if not entirely new. There is a tunnel connector used in several areas of the tunnels, and it has an overlarge grate texture that sticks out a lot - I only mention it now because I know I\'d mentioned it before. I think this would look a lot better if it were changed to match the surrounding sandstone texture. Speaking of the sand texture, despite its seeming clash with the ground outside, it does look decent on the inside and everything does stay well-coordinated. I liked what had been done with the hangar areas to sell them as something different, but I was left confused as to how the starfighters parked in there got in. The outside of the map was more traditionally Endor, although it was limited to one (two depending on how lenient you want to be) command posts. All in all, it\'s a decent map. It\'s not a spectacular design, but I suspect that this is more aimed at people who\'ve played Galaxies before. Download if it looks nice. -Mav




Dathomir | 7.09 MB

Times mod, as well as Battlefront Extreme. This map is interesting primarily because of its atmosphere. It seems to be set at the early hours of the morning when the sun hasn\'t quite risen from behind the curve of the Earth. This is to say that the map is very dark. For me, personally, it was not dark enough to be unplayable, but it was at a point where I struggled to see a fair bit of the units. Taking in the map is hard as well, which is unfortunate because it looks like the author put in a large amount of work making the map very good- and it is, with well-placed objects, smooth, natural terrain, and a good usage of models. However, this is diminished somewhat due to the fact that you can\'t see a good deal of it. Now, aside from the darkness issue, this is a fairly good map. It\'s fun to play, and well balanced. There are a few CPs for each team, generally with one in the riverbed cutting through the middle of the map, and the rest on the banks up high. One team has more, but this isn\'t much of a problem since they are fairly close together. Gameplay-wise, the map is well balanced and each team has equal opportunity to win the map. There were no glaring issues that I could notice with it. On the bugs side, I did notice a couple small things- one of the CPs in the river bed has a messed up capture region, so moving slightly above it causes it to stop capturing. There are also a couple objects hovering above the ground, mostly in the riverbed again. Aside from that, however, there were no major issues. Overall, this is a fairly good map, but it is very dark and it is hard to see. Give it a download if the screenshots appeal to you. -Jedikiller




Thrakia: Par'Vallia City

thc.exe | 23.39 MB

snowy. So, let's start off with the map. The map is mostly city streets, with wide battlefields and very few tight chokepoints. There are lots of CPs placed throughout the map- some in the street, others on top of barricades, some in buildings, and a few up high. The city combat is mostly centered around a park filled with trees and lots of snow. At the far end of the map, there are a series of rooms with some CPs in them, which is about the closest the map comes to close-quarters combat. Gameplay-wise, the map is nearly identical to Oceanic Pass- a focus on 'realism', high-powered weapons, and low accuracy rates. I tend to share Mav's sentiments on this type of gameplay, however, and I do not very much like the style of play that the map forces you to assume. Battlefront's engine is not geared very well towards realism; rather, it is set more towards the Rambo-style approach, with lots of jumping around, rolling, and general acrobatics. The realistic approach just does not work very well in this engine, and I can't say I really enjoyed playing it. A few things that I noticed- buildings and models seem to have bloom effects applied to them. Graphical effects are always nice, but there seems to be something causing some tremendous amounts of lag in the vicinity of the park area- it caused my framerate to drop to about 4 and makes the map virtually unplayable due to how mobile you have to be to not get shot. This was about the only bug I noticed, besides the localization (but the author mentions it and it's not a big deal). Anyway, to sum it all up- from a mapping standpoint the author certainly has talent, but I can't say that same thing for the sides. They just aren't that fun for me, and what good is playing a game if you can't enjoy it? This map is likely worth a playthrough, though, so give it a shot. -Jedikiller




Coralac | 41.93 MB

fairly similar to Raxus Prime. It's got a few CPs, lots of objects, and what appear to be metal hills. The map's pretty interesting. Its terrain is mostly metallic, which doesn't really work here since metal generally isn't as curvy as the terrain is. It's got a desert themed environment, though there are props from all sorts of areas located in the map. There are a few CPs around, though a couple of them seem to be invisible. The terrain is mostly very hilly and rugged, but not too steep to climb up on. There are a few destructible objects lying around as well for use as temporary cover. Now, let's move on to the bad stuff. The map is too hilly, leading to some problems seeing other units and getting hit unexpectedly when coming over a hill. The terrain choice is strange, mostly because it's very hard to see other units against it, and from a real-world standpoint I don't believe that metal lays flat against hills like it does. Objects are everywhere, and the bots don't really seem to know how to negotiate them. They don't really seek out battle and it gets fairly boring after a while. There's also a distinct advantage to the clones or Empire- they cannot be won against by CP capturing because their starter CP is uncapturable. Finding bots in the maze of objects is quite difficult. From a bug standpoint, there aren't too many- just the uncapturable CP i mentioned, mainly. There are also some oddly positioned objects, like the Geonosis cave clips out of the ground. Things that probably need to be fixed in the next version are planning, some steep terrain, object clipping, and the bugs mentioned above. To sum it up, this map is a fairly standard first map. It's got lots of objects, strange terrain, no planning, and some bugs. I found that it also tended to be somewhat boring due to the difficulty finding people to shoot, but that could just be me. At any rate, give it a download if the screenshots look interesting or you are looking for something new to play. -Jedikiller (P.S- the ever-so-popular Battlefront Funnies are also in this download as well.)




D-Day - Operation Overlord | 16.57 MB

area, with the occasional bunker and trench. Inexplicably (okay, not really, I know it's just a default conquest match), the "defending" team doesn't just defend, they recapture CPs on the waterfront while the attacking team captures their back CPs. Despite its exciting name, the map itself is fairly plain. It's mostly flat and there are few props. The props placed in the back are notable in that they are rather misused - the bunkers in the back are Hoth bunkers and consequently have no backs (there is no terrain raised behind the bunkers, either). There are a couple other object placement issues, but these were most notable. I believe some of the turrets were missing sound, too. The idea behind the map isn't bad, but it's not especially extensive in execution. As mentioned, there are very few props used, and so it really just feels like a big, flat battlefield (with a small slope at one side). The objects that were used show no real attempt to reskin them or fit them together - they're just placed from Hoth, Dagobah, wherever they were borrowed from, and it shows. To the author, I would suggest perhaps taking a little more time to paint the picture - do some detail work, do some retexturing, etc. Otherwise, if the screenshots are appealing, give it a try. -Mav




Crazy Coo

cck.7z | 79.32 MB

of "crazy maps," one which has been - in this reviewer's opinion - thankfully unused for a long time. Without standing on my soapbox too much, this kind of map is often an excuse to just proceed without any real design and give units overpowered weapons. It can be done with polish, but it's very infrequent. In any case, theme aside, this was a first map and with that come a couple of standard things to address. There is little-to-no AI pathing to speak of, which is manageable at least in conquest mode, but in hero assault is quite noticeable. Prop placement is poor - several objects (perhaps even the majority of them) are not grounded or not placed flush with the terrain. The sky at least has been changed, and you can tell the author worked on adding some things to the map, but for the most part it plays exactly the same as the default munged map. In conquest, it's worth noting that the additional CPs have been improperly added - they aren't part of the conquest goal and so the match can end without all the CPs captured. The same CPs are used in hero assault, so they can be captured, but it's only those additional CPs. The author needs to learn a bit about how layers work in ZE and how to properly set up conquest CPs. The sides are the biggest downside - in my opinion - for this map. Hero assault is unchanged from the stock game, but conquest modes include units that have (effectively) unlimited ammo (note to the author - set your ammo count to "0" in the unit .odf instead of an arbitrarily high number) and that fire repeatedly and kill instantly. The map offers zero challenge since all you have to do is hold down your left mouse button and walk around. All in all, I'd recommend the author work on getting his map work done well first, and then worry about sides. When the side modification does come, I think it'd be best to start off working with sides more similar to the stock sides, as they'll be less game-breaking than the sides included here. -Mav




Saga of the 607th - Final Map Pack | 231.86 MB

this map pack are all of the maps from 607th Map Pack 1 and Map Pack 2, as well as Jandoon: 607th Purge and Space Kamino: 607th Stand. In the end, it comes out to eight maps, which have been wrapped up in one addon folder for easy identification and installation, as well as a MUCH smaller filesize. There's a wide variety of maps in here; from icy mountains to fiery caves, from dense jungles to open beaches, urban sieges to fungi-infested wastelands, open plains to chaotic space battles. Follow the story of the 607th legion as they do battle on each of these different environments. Not only are there new maps, but the characters on these maps have also been customized a lot. There's new skins, models, weapons, and effects. You can find more detailed information on the sides in the "Bonus Content" folder included in the downloaded file archive. If you've played the 607th maps in the past and enjoyed them, or if you love playing new maps and characters in Star Wars Battlefront II, give this map pack a download. Just as a side note, if you have earlier versions of any of the 607th maps, delete these from your addon folder. They will likely interfere with the map pack. One more thing before I go; all eight maps are online compatabile. Not only that, they're crazy fun to play multiplayer. Keep in mind that in order for others to play with you, all players must have the most up-to-date version of these maps. (Which would be this map pack) Be sure to read the readme, as it includes installation instructions as well as more information on the map pack. Enjoy! -Xavious




Mendilos: Polar Regions | 27.59 MB

first attempt at mapping will, more likely than not, be an ugly one. This map is no exception. I'll spare the embarrassingly low grade and lengthy critique of everything wrong with the map and just make two lists. Pros: -New sides. -Vehicles. -No Yavin sky. -Pirate wampas. Cons: -Map is far too large. -Elevation is steep and blocky; there's no blending whatsoever. -Lack of barriers. -Lighting is off. -Not enough units. -Gaps in tunnels. -Looks like Hoth. This is more of a test map than anything else. I do not intend to be mean and I do not intend to discourage but I suggest that the author better familiarize his or herself with ZE and that they practice, practice, practice. ~Era




Sterium: Runner's Canyon | 103.38 MB

bridges instead of one. This map is also slightly larger, and set on a more Yavin-like planet. It uses a bit of a mishmash of props, including some inexplicably icy bridges crossing the river at one point (this should be fixed, but really these bridges shouldn't be used at all, because they don't look great used end to end like they are). As mentioned above, the map is basically set on two sides of a large river (or an extraordinarily long rectangular lake). Both of the two sides are exceptionally open - too much so, if you ask me. None of it really looks natural, but what really sticks out is the large, flat avenue created by the trees on the larger side. This map also has a retextured X-wing (named something else), which is missing vehicle sounds and has no flyer splines made for it, so the AI crash all the time. Like the author's earlier map, this one also uses the slightly overpowered beam turrets, which are a little irritating in a map with zero cover. Also like the author's previous map, this one uses a Yavin bridge with a missing texture. It looks like the author changed the sides somewhat in this, which of course has the requisite "I included the whole side to change one unit" mistake. I think only the Wookiee was changed (and its bowcaster is now extraordinarily overpowered), but of course it looks like the whole ALL side is included, thus unnecessarily tripling the download size. In any case, if the screenshots appeal to you, give it a try. -Mav




Aldura Campaign - Part I

aldura_campaign_part_i.exe | 99.77 MB

well-put-together and this particular download includes the first three missions, so the three put together may easily take you in excess of half an hour (which is a very decent amount of time). The first campaign mission is, like the stock SWBF2 campaigns, a space mission set above the planet - it is a very simple introduction, but it is a nice one and works well to set the tone for the next two missions. The space map is nicely assembled and looks very polished, if somewhat simple. The second campaign mission is set inside a city. It is an entirely linear map, but the script paces you well and it feels like a good recreation of a battle. The map is again simple but well-polished. The third mission is probably the best of the three. It is another short mission set in a rainy "plains" area on the same planet (A planet with more than one environment? Blasphemy!). It's more of an "escape"-type mission (as opposed to the conquest-oriented mission of the second), and while the story is short, it is conveyed very well. One of the things I like best about this is that despite the map itself being centered around a very small area, there is one section in the campaign where you are asked to use a speederbike, and you actually must physically travel over a large plot of land - and it feels like you are actually doing this (in no small part because you [i]are[/i]). Conquest is also included with the last two maps. The "Aldura Campaign" is definitely worth a download. Try it out!




Prakith | 13.55 MB

then (and surprise surprise it is still by him); this is his touch-up version of that earlier map. Prakith is basically a large urban environment map (which you will recall as the theme of the aforementioned contest). It's got lots of space to run around in, although there isn't usually too big of a trip from command post to command post. The map is large enough to have vehicles in some locations as well. The biggest problem with this map is that it feels like a hodgepodge. It uses so many different worlds' assets and more or less keeps the original textures. This means you have Hoth mixed with Mygeeto mixed with Yavin, and it is a very strange look. I wish that the author had (especially in the interim between its original release and now) made sure to touch up those textures so that the props felt like they "fit" together a little bit better. There was also the strange decision to use a Polis Massa prop in a couple different locations - the " med bay" command post. It was strange because it was missing the window glass, and as a result, it looked like it had some very goofy collision. I know too that nearby this prop some of the floor collision was poor. On a different note, the skydome looks very odd. It's rotating, now, but that just seems to add to the strangeness, since it doesn't look like any sky I could picture. None of this is to say that this is a bad map or a bad concept - it's not - but it definitely lacks polish and I don't think it's as good as some of the maps this author has made in the past. If you like what you see below, give it a try. -Mav




Mustafar: Jedi Enclave | 14.63 MB

things that I've liked about Jaspo's maps are still here - the newness of trying out a map that doesn't heavily rely on stock models is always refreshing. This one, though, I think ends up playing a little bit better than some of his past maps. It's a fairly "long" map, but there's not a huge amount of walking or confusing running around, as there has occasionally been in some of his previous maps. I also really like the extras thrown in to this map. There is a local team (Fire Entities) that's really nothing more than a retextured Wookiee team, but because of the texturing they do look really neat and strangely fitting (although I would guess that they have zero canonical sourcing). There is (are?) a lava skiff(s?), similar to the ones seen in Episode three, which, while not really adding anything to the battle proper, are fun to scoot around the scenery on. If I had any criticism to throw out here it would be similar to something I've mentioned before on some of Jaspo's maps - the texturing is occasionally not different enough in places - sometimes it's easy to walk into a corner with the same texture on two different planes (i.e. walls and floors, etc.), and it's very disorienting. The lighting (which fit the map fine) was a detriment to that as well; because it was dim it accentuated any monotony in texturing. If you want to have those kind of textures, I would at least recommend some stronger lighting or shadows. I think it would be best, though, to make sure to vary your textures a little more across your models. In any case, it's a neat map and certainly worth a download and play. Give it a try!




Bakura: Rogue Assault (Rebel Ops Mission 03)

bro_1.exe | 41.63 MB

installments. After finishing the second map, I couldn't wait to see what Mav had in store for the grand finale, and I definitely wasn't disappointed. The main focus of the map is the campaign mission (labeled as GCW hunt in the mission selection screen). If you haven't played Rebel Ops 1 or 2, I recommend you do so before playing this mission, as there are some story elements that carry through. Anyways, there's some really awesome features inplemented here. Every so often, when you kill a stormtrooper or other enemy, they will actually drop their weapon and you can pick it up and use it, but keep in mind you can only carry one picked up weapon at a time. This adds a whole new level of depth to the game. There's also "cutscenes" and dialogue that aid in telling the story. And some simple puzzles, though not so challenging as to be headache-inducing. There are plenty of other game modes, but I suggest to play through the campaign mission first, as exploration is part of the fun in the mission. Anyways, the map, in addition to having the shipped eras, has Dark Times and KotOR available for those who have the Dark Times mod and the Conversion Pack installed. One neat thing Mav did here was set each individual mode in a different area of the map. For example, Dark Times conquest may be inside the Imperial facility, while KotOR conquest is the shores of the island. I could go on and on about the features, but I think I can stop here and tell you to download this map, especially if you loved the other Rebel Ops missions, or are a fan of singleplayer mission-based maps. Recommended download for sure. -Xavious Map Trailer:




Jade Moon | 9.28 MB

be some serious walking involved, especially as the battle starts to dwindle down. Fortunately there are lots of CP's and AI to compensate for this, but it doesn't do much good once the ticket count drops into the double digits. Personally I think some of the CP's might be within too close a proximity of one another which can lead to a continuous match of tug-of-war, though I'm sure some players might appreciate that. There's also a selection of aircraft thrown in to counter the map size, though the fighters move so fast that there's almost no chance that you'll hit anything on the ground. I think some speeder bikes would be better suited. Some nitpicks include... -The terrain textures, specifically those used on the mountain sides. They can get a little repetitive and squared which creates an unnatural, almost sloppy look. -The custom four-cornered platform model has an uneven and unusual shape which can make it difficult to walk across when using the catwalks. -Some of the AI clutter together on the platforms. Now onto the good. As mentioned in the beginning, this map is one of those few creative and original pieces of work that we get from time to time. Having an interesting and eye-catching environment is a big bonus for any map which is why I appreciate ones that go outside of the box and create something that we haven't seen before. Unfortunately I think the size of the map sort of hinders it from reaching its full potential since it's much more difficult and time consuming to put detail into a large map. The custom models, however, are a nice touch. In particular I enjoyed the elevated catwalks that could be used to traverse from one side of the map to the other. I wish that this were more of a focal point. Overall the concept of this map is nice and refreshing but the execution is off. I think that using a smaller setting would make the action a bit more tight and focused and would enable the author to create something truly elaborate. ~Era




Downtown Battle | 28.36 MB

looks like a pretty passable city. However, there is fault to be found, I believe, in the complete lack of effort to make the city look coherently designed. Usually I can give a pass on not making uniform-ish textures to "big city"-type environments, because they usually are a bit of a hodgepodge, but here it just looks tacky. You'll see clearly Naboo buildings alongside medieval stone buildings, alongside Star Wars-style Coruscant buildings - it just looks very, very obvious that the author took a bunch of props from different authors' assets and threw them together. This can work (and work well) if there is some effort, at least, made to retexture them, but here there has been no change. Additionally, while the ZE object work was done fairly well, most of the road textures were all set up at exactly the same height and as a result, the textures fought to be rendered on top. There were also a couple spots where the AI got stuck on props (a little better planning is in order, I think), and I got a CTD when I entered one of the vehicles (oh yes did I mention there are Earth [i]cars[/i] in this ostensibly Star Wars city - to further the point above). They should probably be looked at, because whee crashes are not fun. In any case, if it looks fun, give it a shot. -Mav




Rhen Var: Glacial Caves | 6.52 MB

compact. The small map size lends itself well to a quick, tight gameplay, and Jaspo's done a few things to make this map stand out from standard small maps. Most of the map is covered in destructible objects (mostly icy things, which makes their "explosions" in flame somewhat odd), many of which are just simple stalactites and stalagmites, although there are a few bridges too. It's the latter feature that has a neat effect on gameplay, as the author used some dynamic planning effectively to shift the AI paths around whenever bridges are destroyed. I know it's a small thing but I love seeing the extra polish like that. Some things I would maybe make changes to were these: The AI were scripted to be more difficult by default, I do not think this was really necessary in the face of the number of AI present in the small spaces. I tried the map both with and without the AI's difficulty changed, and it was significantly better the second time around (with unchanged AI difficulty). In addition to that (or perhaps instead of), I might have lowered the unit count, as for such a small map, there were a seemingly-large amount of units to contend with. All in all, though, it's a really neat map. Small maps almost always work out pretty well, and the author has done a nice job constructing a fun and unique small map here. Give it a try! -Mav




Ilum Proving Grounds | 23 MB

(including the skydome), the lighting changes (and sky hue change) help it to feel a touch different. This is a CW-only map, and it's very simple. You have a vague town-ish thing, composed mostly of retextured Tatooine assets. The AI pathing isn't too bad; I am not sure that I saw many AI running into things, despite the fact that the buildings are all close together (as these town-ish things tend to have). I'd like to see maybe a bit more variation in model use to create the town (or base, etc.), and I am not entirely sure that Tatooine assets were the best choice. The sides are, for the most part, stock sides, although on each side you'll see new heroes and a new Jedi/Sith unit. I think there's a chance the Sith unit is maybe a touch overpowered compared to its Republic counterpart, so that should maybe be looked at. It's nice to see the unit models changed around for the Republic, though. In any case, the screenshots are pretty self-explanatory. Download away if you're interested. -Mav




Trulalis | 80.93 MB

itself is (as mentioned above) very much like Naboo; it uses mostly un-re-textured Naboo (Theed) assets. I like the map design (raised city with changing elevations), but there are a lot of things that need fixing. Many props have poor collision (unfortunately, many Naboo assets do - this is something the modder must fix himself when he uses those props). I noticed quite a few models floating off the ground, which is something that really needs to be fixed - seeing "behind" or under a model looks pretty tacky. There were also one or two different models missing some of their textures. Finally, while it can be ok to use "sharper" terrain in a city, it needs to be covered up well when it slopes - there were several areas that could have used buildings (or something) to cover up the sharp terrain changes. The sides were a different matter. The CW sides are "pirates" versus "mercenaries," and this is pretty much an "overpowered" weapons mode (which is too bad, I played this second and was hoping to see something a little more like the other sides). It is fairly standard as overpowered weapons go (beams that do lots of damage, etc.), but I did notice a couple weapons were missing sounds - maybe something to look into and fix. The GCW sides were, in my opinion, much better - they represented an Alliance vs. Mandalorians battle. The weapons here were more playable (although still stronger than normal), and it seemed like the author did a good job of presenting a consistent idea with his sides. The GCW sides did seem a little unbalanced, though, as it was much, much easier to win on the Alliance team than the Mandalorians. In any case, it's a decent map, but I think the best part is the GCW sides. The map shows promise, design-wise, but it needs work. -Mav




Tatooine: Suburb Fight | 12.1 MB

different enough to feel original. The best thing about the map is easily the AI planning and barrier work. One of the toughest things about creating a map with a lot of small spaces is that the AI needs to be held by the hand and directed through those spaces. Mswf has done a nice job of setting this up - and of making sure to use a few effective AI hint nodes (snipers on buildings, much like stock Mos Eisley). It's also refreshing to see a new mapper use some skydome changes and add some lighting, which has been done notably here. It's a twilight setting and works pretty well with the light (although it would be neat to see some actual lights on in the city to complete the effect). The only complaint I had with design is in using the stock Tatooine assets, the edge of some buildings (which is intentionally scored with dark dirt) is too dark to fit with the other buildings or the terrain. This could do with a retexture, or just sinking the buildings further down. I also noticed that there was at least one place where too many textures overlapped and caused hard (and not blended) edges to the ground texture. This should be fixed. Finally, the (at least GCW) conquest lua wasn't set up properly - I saw a victory countdown start without all the CPs captured, which means that at least one was left out of the conquest setup. Make sure to fix this! All in all, it's a pretty decent map. Give it a try! -Mav




Rhen Var Ruins | 56.32 MB

map. (This is a first map, right?) It looks like the author did a nice job of using stock Rhen Var assets to create a - if not very dissimilar to the stock maps - fitting addition to the planet of Rhen Var. I'd like to preface any further statements by making note of the fact that I did not get to play this map, as it will require Battlefront Extreme to be installed. I'm putting it up with only this cursory review, because it has been in our queue for too long and the author deserves to have the file put up. (Apparently the site's issues have scared all the other staff away from the files.) That being said, please make sure to leave some pertinent criticisms, comments, and praises for the author, so that he knows what to work on and how the map can improve. I look forward to seeing some sort of newer version (preferably without the requirement of a big mod) in the future, so that we can try it out and give it a proper review. My sincere apologies to the author for not having anything more in-depth to say. Please forgive me and know that I'd love to see more submissions in the future! So go ahead and, if you like what you see in the screenshots, give it a download! -Mav




Belkadan: Forest | 82.6 MB

some lookout towers and a few other assorted building pepper the landscape. This map is large, not large, Geonosis large, but still pretty darn large. It utilizes [file=96607]Battlefront Extreme[/file], so if you haven't taken the time to get it, go do so now. So, where was I?... Oh yeah, so it's a large map covering a lightly wooded area. A few trees but not really enough ambiance to warrant the "Forest" title. As it is it's more like a neatly kept National Park, which, at least in my mind, does not entail a gritty, Star Wars, war engulfed forest. [i][b]*Modder's Side Note:[/b] When you first decide on a locale(be it a forest or a desert or what have you), think about what comes along with you location and go [b]all out[/b] on it. If it's a forest give it rocks, trees, shrubs, freaking raccoons if you think the map calls for it. You are making a piece of art, [b]SELL IT LIKE BILLY MAYS!!![/b]*[/i] Some interesting things include: The ever loved AI hero script by Archer01, three different clone legions on the planet at once(38th, 212th, and the 501st) and the nice usage of of BFX, which I don't usually like(I prefer vanilla) but your usage seemed to work. Disregarding the lack of a few smaller, detail objects, and the general largeness of Belkadan, this is a very solid first map. I've seen many rookie maps that are far worse than this and very few that are better. I commend you on your work, sir. [b]-Saitek009[/b] *WARNING! DISNEY CHEESE MOMENT!* [i]We don't critique because it's not [b]good[/b], but good is not the goal. We know that it can be [b]great.[/b][/i]




Swamp City Battle | 106.51 MB

some minor tweaks to the environment and some bugfixes. Swamp City Battle is, essentially, Mos Eisley. Yes, it has a different sky and there are trees (the predominant theme is "green" - see: buildings), but with the aid of the ubiquitous Tatooine city buildings, it is very hard to escape the thought that Tatooine suddenly just got very, very wet. Which, in and of itself, may not be a bad thing - the idea for the setting is not a bad one, if it is somewhat derivative. The map is ok, but the setting itself (its setup) could use some work. The trees feel very unnatural, both in and around the city, and there is no real border at the horizon which, on such a flat (oh so very flat) map, looks pretty odd. I also found it somewhat odd that there was a sandcrawler sitting around in a clearly not-sandy environment (although it lends credence to the "wet Tatooine" statement from above). It's an ok map, but needs to have some work done on making the environment feel a little more real - make sure that things match (instead of randomly using props), make sure that you've got terrain variation if you're going to have any foliage at all, and make sure that your map doesn't feel too much like something that's already out there. If it sounds interesting to you (or looks it), download and give it a try. -Mav




Earth: Town | 106.69 MB

duking it out in this familiar setting. I am not sure if this is meant to represent an actual town somewhere, but regardless of that it is a nice setup. It was a little odd seeing the strange mix of Earth-like objects found in the town (brick houses and military bunkers side-by-side), but the concentration and use of the objects was nice enough that it could be looked past from at least a gameplay point-of-view. There are also a couple sets of custom sides; one set of sides from KotOR, another from CW (although CW uses default sides). Additionally, there is a third set of sides, a "zombie vs. humans" side that takes place in a rainy version of the normally-sunny town. This is essentially Gamorreans and Wampas vs. rifleman-esque units, although the ambiance is set well. In his readme, Xavious mentions that this is "mostly finished" and playing through it is evident that it is not "completely finished." There are a number of localization errors in the "zombie" mode, there is a weapon missing an ordnance in that same mode, and it seems like the heroes in the KotOR modes are missing attacks. Anyway, if this map looks appealing by the screenshots or review, feel free to give it a try. -Mav




Taris: Spiral Stair | 19.23 MB

levels but its in a spiral form so as you walk around in a circle you climb higher. The whole building itself is made out of custom models which looks amazing but the green and black colors remind me a lot of Malachor V from KotOR II more than it does Taris.There are exactly 15 different CP's which makes it very difficult to choose one to spawn at in the Spawn screen because they appear almost stacked on top of each other. There is also only one mode - Conquest but shares two Era's - CW & GCW. There are no custom sides in this version and the heroes are CW - Obi-Wan & Jango Fett, GCW - Han Solo & Boba Fett. The unit count seemed fairly high but maybe that's just because of the map layout and the stairs appear crowded. I found it quite difficult to stay alive as a normal unit because like I said the unit count appeared to be high but as soon as the hero was unlocked there was no problem. Need a new map to play? Give it a download and you won't regret it. -Delta 47




Corellia: Hidden Valley | 68.47 MB

are some minor improvements too, but the biggest new inclusion was a campaign for the Galactic Civil War era. As a result, most of what I'll be breaking down here will be the added campaign mode (which is playable in GCW hero assault). Little else has changed in a major way, and for a rehash of what was mentioned, if you want it, be sure to read the review of the earlier file (v1.0). Campaign sets the player as a single sniper unit with the goal of assassinating a rebel commander. It's a pretty straightforward go-here-shoot-there-go-back-there mission. However, the level of "artificial" difficulty is ramped up to the point where it is, for all intents and purposes, unbeatable. The second objective in the mission is pretty much a hit-or-miss that's completely dependent on getting lucky with AI behavior. In the mind of the author, the player is supposed to hide himself from the AI for the duration of this objective (an all-too-long minute and a half), and as a result the AI will not enter a specific region. Unfortunately, the author did not take into account the "wandering" nature of the AI, and as a result - [b]totally independent[/b] of the player's actions, AI will usually wander into the region whether prompted or not. This makes this particular objective completely not reliant on player skill or action. The rest of the objectives are not as difficult, but some of them are still timer-dependent and especially difficult. The objective about trying to shoot two snipers (on a grassy knoll) or the objective about trying to shoot the commander each give you very little time to achieve and with inaccurate sniper rifles they are very difficult (you are given 14 and 8 seconds to do either of these, respectively). The only way I was even able to attempt to finish this mission was by: a) Searching through the mission.lvl to find the name of the region AI entered to make you lose b) Using the code console to disable this region c) Giving myself invincibility Even with this, it still took a long time of trial to finish this mission. I suspect that the author did not spend a lot of time trying this out himself to test the actual difficulty, or he would have seen that this is virtually unplayable - which is too bad, because it's a nice map and the [i]concept[/i] for the campaign is a good one. It could do well to have a little more effort put into insuring its playability.




Sacorria | 30.14 MB

better placed barriers -Snow falling -Placed another CP on top of the middle platform -Lowered middle platform to height of others -Placed a republic CP on top of a platform that connects with a bridge -More terrain variation -A lake now covers the area beneath the platforms -Changed sky to Tatooine -Switched heroes from defaults to Yoda, General Grievous, Emperor, and Pilot Luke (They actually fit into the story) -Put more cover on top of platforms -Fixed object fragments -Took care of floating objects -Fixed most AI problems (They still occasionally run into the bottom of the ramps. There is no way to fix this because barriers and planning paths do not have height adjustment.[/quote] The AI seem to work pretty well in this version and everything in version 1.0 seems to be fixed. Enjoyed version 1.0? Give it a download. -Delta 47




Pegasus | 20.76 MB

problem with the map itself, though, is that there aren't enough Command Posts. The four default CP's kind of make a square in the map and turns the game into a bit of a goose chase with one team capturing the others' CP, then the other team capturing one of the first team's and so on. Preferably any additional CP's would be in the middle. Some notes: -The map could use some vehicles. -If you want it to be a little Geonosis-like then I'd recommend retexturing a lot of the objects and recoloring the ground, which is already a little too bright if you ask me. -Change the sky. Everyone hates the default sky file settings because they're ugly and they definitely don't fit this map, I think. -Add some more objects. The map could use some bunkers or more rocks. Maybe more crates and barrels. There are a lot of custom models out there available for download. See if any of those seem like a nice addition to your map. -Consider putting in some shallow water to liven up the environment. -Use the "blend" tool to smooth out the elevation to make it look more organic and natural and less jagged, unless that's the look you're going for. -Add a bit more foliage. I noticed a fair amount near the crashed Techno Union ship but that was all, and I found that a little odd. -I'm not sure if you added a boundary but I walked over a hill and almost left the map. -The file size is a little heavy considering how much was in the map. You may want to go through and delete any unused files that are hogging up space. I noticed some AI getting stuck in spots, particular in the Spire. You may want to consider rechecking your Planning and Barriers. Overall I'd say you're off to a good start. This map has a lot of potential. ~Era~




Coruscant CTF

coruscant_ctf.exe | 51.17 MB

I'm not sure I understand why there are so many Command Posts to spawn from. Some of them are in the corners of the map, far from the action. Some of them are outside of the ships or on top of little asteroid... platform... [i]things?[/i] Some are even inside or on top of enemy ships, which I found unusual. There are so many CP's that if you spawn in a few of them you'll have to wait a very long time for a starfighter to appear, and when one finally [i]does[/i] you'll have to race your team mates to it. Some additional notes: -A lot of the capital ships have random items haphazardly thrown around inside from here to there. A lot of the items feel out of place. -Some of the ship hangars don't have "slow-down" zones or regions (I'm not sure what the technical term is or how you even create these pockets where your ship slows down since I've never done a space map) and that caused me to collide into the walls and blow up. -I don't quite understand why the file size is so huge. The author must have tossed in a lot of unneeded files when he was putting the map together; perhaps he duplicated the Republic and CIS sides, a fairly common mistake. In the end the map is pretty tedious and not very challenging. Once I found a path to the capture point that avoided the turbo lasers I basically just did circles and won the game on my own. The AI seemed more invested in shooting each other down than they were in capturing the flag. Meh, it's probably not even the author's fault. ~Era~




Corellia: Hidden Valley | 43.24 MB

flat, interspersed with a few objects. The high point of this map is really its polish. While it is not a very complicated map, the level of detail is right and it creates, I believe, exactly the setting the author wanted to create. The rain fits very well with this setting - it is a heavy rain and on a flatter map like this one, it provides some necessary distraction from seeing straight across the map. Likewise, the objects used - while not excessive - certainly fill up the map and don't feel repetitive (despite the fact that they are all mostly trees). There isn't anything really eye-catching or anything that makes you go "wow-" but not every map tries to do that and this one does succeed where many maps fail, in that this map makes you feel like you are really [i]in[/i] the setting. The only real negatives there might be with this map is its simplicity - only four units are selectable, and conquest is really all that is available (although available for both CW and GCW). While this is merely a personal preference, it is sometimes nice to see a little more unique stuff than vanilla conquest. Other than that, there were no noticeable real technical flaws. So while this map certainly isn't the most incredible map, it does do a fantastic job of creating a setting, and it is a very solid and well-put together simple map. The author has certainly gotten talented at putting these together, and it's to the point where I look forward to seeing what he's going to do. Give it a download and try it yourself! -Mav




Mygeeto Assault series Mappack 1

347th_first_mappack_installer.exe | 84.71 MB

Assault: Battle of Livothum"[/i]. I'll start by going over the changes from the previous two maps. Although Hunt mode was removed with this map pack due to bugs it features much more to make up for the missing mode. As a start all of the sides use the 347th sides which makes a total of 9 units for each team and already specialized with custom weapons and so forth. But a different variety of the 347th is used on Beach Defense which look more camo. Mygeeto Assault: Battle of Livothum takes place at a city on Livothum but reminds you a lot of a rainy Naboo city. The map seems to be pretty well put together and the AI do very well (especially in Uber mode with a lot of units). Here are the new Modes and info for the three maps mentioned in the ReadMe: [quote][i]Mygeeto Assault: Battle of Livothum (AKA Rotunda: Mountain City)[/i] -GCW and CW Conquest -CW Uber Mode (normal Conquest with a lot more units) -Normal 347th legion [i]Mygeeto Assault: Beach Defense[/i] -GCW and CW Conquest -GCW Hero Assault -Camo 347th legion -(Note: No changes have really been made to this, I just edited the sides, basically) [i]Mygeeto Assault: Protector[/i] -GCW and CW conquest -Normal 347th Legion -(Note: This map has been changed since 2.0, I've added a much better version of the 347th, as well as increasing the size of the mountain, increasing the length of the tunnels, adding in another command post, better trees, a new mini-map, boundaries, and greatly reduced file size [at least halved it]).[/quote] So that's about it if you enjoyed the maps in this series I would recommend getting this map pack because it has much more and best of all it only takes one addon map space! -Delta 47




Jade Moon | 6.7 MB

Jaspo good grief I'm in a hurry leave me alone "Please increase the length of your description. 100 char minimum."[/quote] I always laugh a little at the descriptions and how they vary - for those of you that don't know, the description field you fill out when you submit a file is the field we, the staff, use to write our reviews in - so by and large, if you write anything in here it usually just gets added to the readme or just plain deleted. I usually write nonsense stuff in the description when I submit files, and I find it especially funny when (as with this file) the author does something similar. Now onto the review. "Jade Moon," by Commander Jaspo, is a touchup of his [url=;97052]previous submission of the same name,[/url] and it seeks to improve on some of the areas the past one was weaker in. The two things that were the biggest plus and the biggest minus from the past map are still there - it is still a very neat and original design, but it is also still a map that's a bit too big for a really fun battle. The design, in fact, was improved from the previous version - one of my qualms with the early version was that the textures weren't very good for the new models - this has been fixed on most of the models this time around, which makes for a more pleasing-to-the-eye experience. The map is designed well - I particularly like the Imperial complex (with the AT-AT hangar). This is, I think, the best part of the map. The map size is still an issue - there is a lot of running to be done. Another issue is the pathing around the elevated/platform areas - while it's a neat design, the AI absolutely cannot deal with it and will jump off of the platforms to their sudden gravity-induced doom. There was also a small (very minor) collision issue in one of the rooms at the Imperial base, in which units could fall through the floor partway. This can be fixed up with some invisible collision, if necessary. One more thing - I don't know if I noticed it last time or not, but it seemed like hunt mode had far, far too many units. There was just too much going on in too small a space. Even though the author mentions [i]decreasing[/i] the unit count for this mode, it still seemed excessive. Anyway, all in all, the map remains about the same, slightly better-looking. It's still a nice map and worth a download at least. -Mav




That's Impossible!

thats_impossible.rar | 72.72 MB

combined with space "Order 66." I'll look at each map separately. First is Space Yavin, which has been uploaded here before in (presumably) an earlier state. It honestly still feels unfinished, because sloppiness abounds. The first thing I noticed is that the new vehicle spawns aren't even placed correctly (the vehicles sit awkwardly tilted). There were also two command posts on the map that were inaccessible, although they looked to be. Darth Vader's lightsaber didn't work (combo memorypools not filled out). Additionally, the autoturrets inside weren't set up to be hostile. Technically, those were the only bugs, but designwise, there were a lot of other things that irked me - capital ships at odd angles, missing hangar shields, empty ship interiors, dozens of Hans and Lukes running around... this just didn't feel like a complete map. There's not much to say about space Polis Massa, it is, fortunately, pretty much the same thing as the original space Polis Massa; only the units have been changed. Both sides get their "officer" unit instead of the marine unit. "Space Order 66" is another stock space map (Dagobah this time) with changed sides. This time it's Rebels vs. Imperials... sort of. I'm not sure why it's called "Order 66," because it's clones vs. stormtroopers, with the clones flying GCW-era vessels. Out-of-era-ness aside, all the clones were missing sounds. So there you have it, three space maps. If they sound appealing, go ahead and give them a download. -Mav




Swamp City Battle | 108.32 MB

accidentally munged sides even though the map doesn't use them and they take up an extra 173 MB when unzipped. Anyway most of the props have been colored to make it look more like a swamp and he also added a few new props and buildings. The cave still has a few bugs and if you get caught in certain spots than you will die and the AI still get caught in some places especially at CP 0 . Something to note its best not to spawn at the cave (CP 5) because you will fall through the ground or get caught and die and this also effects the sides it seems that whichever team gets the cave is also the team that will be behind a lot in reinforcements (in my case Republic and the Empire). Although there are still a few bugs its an improvement. Give it a download if it sounds good. -Delta 47




Geonosian Attack Mappack | 114.11 MB

retextured. There are no new (or different) units, just stock sides. The major change is the textures. To be fair, there were a couple new props placed here and there, but they did very little to change the maps or what they looked like. The textures, though. Ugh. To Coruscant, it looks like every texture in the world's assets was lightened (and as a result alpha channels were stripped off of some textures, so some skydome buildings will look bad) uniformly. It sort've looks like a daytime color scheme... but the map still has a night sky. Go figure. And again, while the readme mentions something about Geonosians invading Coruscant, there is a noticeable lack of Geonosians. And then Geonosis. Ugh again. Pretty much every texture has just been inverted (any of you that have tried skinning have at one point probably tried this - it was probably one of the first things you tried). It looks bad. It was a nice idea, I suppose, to do the "icing over" of Geonosis, and I was ok with the idea until I saw that all the author did was invert the skins, which happened to be icy-blue-ish. As a result (and as I'm sure you know if you've tried this before) this leaves the contrast of many textures pretty out-of-whack and you get to see some unnaturally-lightened objects. The author also decided to do this to the textures for the troopers on Geonosis, which again makes for a sloppy and unnatural-looking appearance. The only exception is the clone commander, who not only looks inverted, but also apparently has clown paint on. I wasn't able to figure that one out. Anyway, if it sounds interesting, give it a try, I guess. -Mav




Telos: Mandalorian Wars

kotor_telos_mandalorian_wars.exe | 24.07 MB

one. Fortunately, this one is better than that other one, which was not the best. He seems to have at least made the sides a little more balanced and the map a bit smaller - two of the biggest faults with his past map. Anyway, this map is set on Telos, as featured in KotOR II (although it only vaguely resembles some parts of Telos). The map is a hilly plain, with four CPs spread out in a diamond formation. A few KotOR props are scattered around each CP. There are also a number of locals for each side, as well as some hammerhead cruiser skydome models. There are two modes, a standard conquest and a "headquarters" mode, which is essentially assault with destructible command posts. It's a nifty idea. Each mode has a different set of sides, which are laid out in the readme. In playing through, I had a few issues with the map. First of all, the Republic/TSF troopers had retextured faces. And while I appreciate the effort to mix things up a bit, the face retextures looked bad. It looks like stock face textures from other models were pasted on with very little time spent trying to make sure they lined up on the face, giving a stretched appearance to every face. Secondly, it felt like a huge mishmash of various KotOR things without thought to rhyme or reason. There were dozens of HK-50s running around, along with Canderous Ordo and Revan, as well as Carth Onasi inexplicably running around as a local. Finally, all of the melee units were out of balance. The standard melee'ers for each side had, essentially, lightsabers (they could block with vibroswords and they were just as strong as 'sabers). The Jedi units for each side were as powerful if not more powerful than the heroes, their only weakness was slightly less health than the heroes (they even had [i]health regen[/i]). I wasn't ever really tempted to play as the hero, because the basic units were just as good. There were also a couple bugs. Some of the locals were unlocalized, for one. Also, the skydome cruisers were far too close to the ground, making them semitransparent at all times. This looks very sloppy, in my opinion. Anyway, it's certainly better than elfie's last submission, so if it interests you, give it a download. -Mav




Hapul: Hills | 75.73 MB

which usually means a few things - basic CP placement, Yavin sky, Yavin textures, etc. It's nice to mention that Hapul: Hills doesn't touch on all of them. It does avoid the stock Yavin ground textures, which is nice to see, although it does still use the Yavin sky and, despite the addition of a fifth command posts, is still essentially the original four-CP conquest setup. Which of course means that it plays very much like every other beginner mod map, with one twist - the planning seems pretty absent, so I had a lot of AI just hanging around doing nothing. Of course, AI will, even without planning, seek out other CPs, so I was fortunate enough to see the remainder of the enemy AI frantically trying to reach the fifth (and last) CP... ...but only by running fruitlessly into the side of the building it was in. Planning - it is necessary. As mentioned, it was encouraging to see the author at least try and avoid some of the pitfalls of newbie mapmakers, but for future releases, fixing the 'ol Yavin sky should be up there as a priority, along with touching up the planning. Adding in some well-placed props and smoothing out terrain would be a nice addition, too. -Mav




Battle of Christophsis

chr.7z | 5 MB

666rulerofclones' 212th legion mod, if it doesn't, go and download it[/quote]This is a beta version of MandalorianJeedai's Battle of Christophsis map. The map is mostly open and is quite large. There is a Republic Attack Ship landed at one end of the map although it appeared untextured so I'm not sure what that was supposed to be. The battlefield is mostly flat with a couple of small hills and in between one end of the battlefield and the Republic Attack Ship is a small area with LAAT Gunships. I've never watched Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie so I don't know how accurate this is to it but it did appear quite empty and it has a lot of floating objects and CP's. Although the author said it uses 666rulerofclones' 212th legion mod it isn't necessary. If you don't use it than your units will appear default , if you want you can download it [url=";95311"]here[/url]. So all in all its about what you could expect from a beta, download if you wish. -Delta 47




Galidraan: Snowcapped Forest | 52.55 MB

it really sets a map apart from a lot of other maps. I'm pleased to say that this map, "Galidraan: Snowcapped Forest," by bobfinkl, has done just that. The campaign mode is, in my eyes, the real feature of the map. It's a very simple campaign (really just "run here," "shoot these," "capture this CP" a few times in order), but it's still something different than assault or conquest, which makes it a welcome change. The mission has a lot of AI and you'll probably die once or twice doing it, but it's definitely worth a playthrough. The ending was a little abrupt, though, and left me wondering what exactly the point of the last objective was. The map itself is pretty well-done, too. It's a larger map, but it makes good use of the space (lots of foliage and trees well-placed over hills) and as a result doesn't feel too large. It's visually pleasing and does a good job of making the player feel immersed in the snowy forest environment. Bobfinkl has definitely been getting better at creating polished-looking environment. There are also custom sides included, for your playing pleasure. They're not drastic changes, so they still feel natural, but the changes are enough to be noticeable. Also, a custom loadscreen! Not a huge change, but it makes a nice first impression to the player. So go ahead and give it a download, it's worth it in my opinion. -Mav




Geonosian Enclave | 9.77 MB

is Clone Wars Conquest but everything is played out as Hunt mode. The setting is on Geonosis and each team has one CP. It's not a very big map but has a lot packed into it. It is located in a small valley surrounded by hills and rocks. The CIS has the Spire at one end of the valley and the Republic has two landed Acclamator's at the other. The Gameplay is not really like the Hunt mode on the shipped Geonosis mostly because there tanks and a lot of turrets. The Republic has EP2 Clones and the CIS have Geonosians but before you say they aren't changed I noticed their speed has been slightly increased, tanks have new weapon effects, tanks no longer have their boost, and the ammo has been slightly changed. Those are all great for a start. Now you've heard the good and the only complaint I have is a few of the CP's, Ammo, and Health droids are sunken in the ground halfway. Its not a real big issue and isn't so bad as when you spawn you fall through the ground but other than that it has great gameplay. Remember to customize your Hunt tab before playing because it uses Hunt rules. Take a look at the screenshots and if it looks good give it a try, it isn't all that big of a download. -Delta 47




Independent Source: Bespin

is_bespin.7z | 64.2 MB

unstable and lacking in the gameplay department. But first, the good. As mentioned above, the map itself is pretty good. It is, by far, the most detailed Bespin map there is (and by the same token, the largest). It's a little mix of Platforms and Cloud City, although it's nothing so humdrum as simply putting the two maps side-by-side. The objects themselves are placed well and used effectively to create the feeling of a single, large, unified environment (although there were a couple alleys that looked pretty sketchy, and I don't mean in the urban sense). Unfortunately, to the expense of everything good about the map, there are the abovementioned negatives. As with any large map, it's very tricky to get gameplay that really works, and works well. To be blunt, it doesn't, here. It looks (or feels) like just the standard amount of units on a map easily two times bigger than that unitcount would require. This makes for a [i]lot[/i] of running around looking for enemies or command posts, and despite the fact that a good job has been done on the scenery you're running through, this is still pretty boring. And of course there are some serious stability issues. I can't say what causes them, but I had at least one CTD and a frozen game while trying to test this out. There's nothing fun about that. I know that this map represents an incomplete project, so take that for what it's worth - but the crashing issues [i]are[/i] still there. Anyway, I'd say it's a good example of what to shoot for in terms of scenery detail, but a bad example for level of polish. Give it a try if you like. -Mav




SniperClanMeet | 14.45 MB

includes GCW and CW 2Flag-CTF and GCW Assault. Like so many other first time maps, SACM is the default mod map, same sky, same ground textures and the same CP setup. So, not much to see here but there are three things separate this map from the default mod map (1. The ground is a veritable palate of colors with green here, yellow there and red over here. Think DannBoeing. (2. In CW CTF there are several Yavin tower turrets by each team base. (3. The terrain has been elevated on each side of the playing field creating cliffs. As he states in readme these are where the sniping is to take place. The only problem with this is that the AI have no knowledge of these cliffs. [i]*Modders Side Note: As with the AI’s ignorance of the strategic cliffs in this map, your ideally setup sniping and mining locations will be blissfully ignored by the AI unless you use planning and hint nodes. I would suggest this tutorial on planning . For more information on hint nodes I would suggest a reading through of the “game.doc” and “ZeroEditor_guide.doc” files from the “*modDirrectory*documentation” folder.* [/i] I’m glad that the author, unlike most other people who want to mod, actually went for it and made a map. Too many people think, “I’m not good with computers,” or other excuses like that and never actually try. The first map is always the hardest. You’ll get better. So, like I said not much to see here. But this [i]is[/i] a new modder learning how to mod. And that’s [i]always[/i] nice to see. [b]-Saitek009[/b]




Bespin: Sky City | 62.24 MB

Bespin: Cloud City. There is no ground to fight on as the battle takes place above. There are four CP's, two for each side. The only bugs I noticed while playing through it was that some of the bridges (which connect the hallways) were a little off place and if your just walking over them you sometimes you get caught at the edges, its fine if you run or jump. And of course those he mentioned in the ReadMe. There is only GCW Conquest. The sides consist of six different units with shipped weapons. The Rebels (actually the Bespin Wing Guard as seen on Star Wars Episode IV) have Soldier, VanGuard, Marksman, Smuggler, Han Solo, and Leia. The Empire has all default units except for a new Dark Trooper. The units have cool skins and are fun to play as and I enjoyed playing through this map. If you like small maps and enjoy Grev's earlier work than this will definitely be a map to try out. -Delta 47




The Forgetten Forest | 52.41 MB

dreams. The setting is a snowy forest. There's lots of Yavin trees, some Hoth trenches, and a group of Wookiee huts. The author changed the sky and ground texture, which is something a lot of first-timers don't do. The author also changed the Command Post positioning, which is usually a good thing, but in this case, makes the battle too spread out and boring, especially with the reduced unit count. The only gamemode is Galactic Civil War Assault, which has only the four standard classes (rifle, rocket, sniper, engineer) on each side along with the faction's hero (Boba or Han) as a normal unit rather than a hero. I think a conquest mode would have worked better for this map, and vehicles would have been nice too. Just a tank or speeder for each side, since the map is somewhat large and takes a while to get from one side to another. I don't have a whole lot more to say about this map. Read the author's description in the readme, and take a look at the screenshots, and give it a download if is sounds good. -Xavious




Battle in Mos Eisley | 99.78 MB

You get the picture. There are a number of qualities that really make this map stand out from other first maps. Firstly, there's a loadscreen [i]and[/i] a minimap! I see many maps that leave these two items out, even though they are pretty important little details. Another thing I noticed was the environment. The author didn't place all of his objects the same. There's some buildings stacked on top of each other, tipped-over moisture vaporators, and other creative uses of the stock assets. Some other nice little things I noticed were the Millenium Falcon flying over the city, and some banthas roaming around the outskirts. It set up great ambience for the map. The author also made a couple of minor side tweaks. In Clone Wars, the Clone Commander and Jet Trooper are replaced with a Jet Trooper who wields a beefed-up blaster rifle. The MagnaGuard on the CIS side has been removed as well, to even out the sides. The heroes have been changed from their default settings as well, so that's also a plus. Gameplay is decent; the map isn't too big nor too small, and there's a good number of units for the size of the map. Of course, no map is perfect. There are a couple of problems I'd like to point out. First and foremost, Tatooine is a very overused planet. It's been done many, [i]many[/i] times in Battlefront already. I'd like to suggest to the author to do something new! Find a planet on Wookieepedia that nobody has made before. Tatooine has already been beaten to death. Another problem I noticed was large amounts of flat areas in the city. Mix it up by adding hills and filling in those empty spaces. I also saw a couple of floating objects and a little bit of z-fighting on top of a building, but nothing major. I'd also like to suggest lowering the reinforcement count. 400 is a bit high, especially considering the number of units and size of the map. All in all, a great start to YodatheHutt's modding career. Good job, I'm looking forward to seeing more from you! -Xavious




Nhuurn: Underground | 7.5 MB

and looks like a combination of Hoth and Kamino - an interesting and original choice. It's also a great example of why small interior maps can be difficult - there is a lot of object placement work to do. The map design is essentially a sideways "T" shape - a straight line of command posts, with one command post off to the side of the line. It works well, gameplay-wise, and keeps the fighting tight and exciting (Jedi will have a field day). The map seems to be, by design (intentional or not) weighted slightly in favor of the Republic. There's also a small exit at the CIS's end of the map that leads to the outside - which is a nice feature, but the outside looks sloppy. I wouldn't want to see that removed - just because you don't go out there to play doesn't mean it's not kind of neat, sort've like the snowfield being accessible in Hoth CTF or hunt - but I would want to see it cleaned up. There are a lot of floating objects out there. There are also some object placement issues inside - the biggest of which is manifested in a "Z-fighting" issue; where objects overlap they cause the texture on top to flicker from that of one object to that of another. This can be fixed by very, very slightly adjusting one object down (i.e. reducing the height by 0.01). Some of the containers were also placed in locations that caused AI to glitch through them trying to follow their paths - however, the pathing was mostly pretty good (I only found one real pathing error). In summary, it's not a bad map - not the best map, but decent - and it is a small interior map, which really helps with solid gameplay if done right. So give it a shot, it's worth a try. -Mav




Fort Warz | 23.09 MB

anywhere after the statement of concept, the idea breaks down in implementation. The biggest problem, in my mind, is that even assuming everything else were perfect, the forts have only one path up, and it is a long, high ramp to the entrance of the fort. Unless the attackers are facing some tragically inept defenders, the fort will be nigh-impenetrable. Aside from that glaring deficiency in gameplay, there are a number of other issues. The biggest one of these is that one of the command posts is completely cordoned-off from the map (it's shut up in a number of shields), which makes a conquest victory all-but-impossible and often leads to a stalemate. The AI pathing is also rather bad - while the paths up to the forts are straight shots (which should make the pathing easy), the AI will almost inevitably (and inexplicably) walk off the sides. I also noticed, for seemingly no reason, one of the command posts hidden behind terrain. This has the doubly negative effect of looking sloppy and making it impossible to access the command post. There are also object placement issues and the stock Yavin sky, but those aren't even the [i]big[/i] issues here. The map itself is not a bad idea, and with some work could be improved upon. The problem is that an idea beyond conquest was explored, and it just wasn't done very well. This makes what might otherwise be a fairly average map turn into something that's just confusing. -Mav




Hypori: Assault

hypori.rar | 21.52 MB

Geonosis-like battlefield. There's four Command Posts, one in the crashed Acclamator (which you can't spawn from), one near the Acclamator (which you can spawn from), and two farther out in the fields, one for each team. When you start the map, you'll only be able to play as the Republic team. Selecting the CIS team will still spawn you on the Republic. This bug, in my experience, is caused by having too many units for each team. You wouldn't really want to play as the CIS anyway; they only have three types of units. The main focus of this map is the massive battle. Lots of units and a flat field makes this a sniper paradise. There's almost no cover, so if you decide to run headlong into battle, you're gonna get killed fairly quick. There's a Jedi unit on the Republic side that can earn you easy points if you find the AI stuck on the walls near the crashed Acclamator. There's a lot of barrier/planning problems in that area. Other than the CIS being unplayable, and the planning problems, there's a couple other bugs I'd like to point out. Firstly, some weapons are missing their localizations. Secondly, some troopers had two sets of grenades as their secondary weapons. And thirdly, the ARC rifle's HUD tag was floating next to the reticle. The reinforcement counts were also ridiculously high, although that's not a bug. Lastly, GCW Conquest crashes upon loading. I guess if you like big, open battles you'll love this map. If you're looking for anything other than that, you won't find it in this map. Honestly, Hypori: Assault just felt like Generic Geonosis Map #53. Read the readme for installation instuctions, and leave feedback for the author if you download and play this map. -Xavious




=UF= Clan Map BETA | 61.18 MB

through a forest in the center. It reminds me somewhat of an ideal setting to play capture the flag (CTF with running and tagging, not with blasters and stormtroopers). The Republic seems to start with a bit of an advantage, since they've got a fairly fortified position versus the CIS's relatively open CPs. It's also worth noting that the capture regions (and spawnpaths) of the back two (originally CIS) CPs are reversed, so when you "capture" one, you're really capturing the other. To the author: might want to fix that. I also noticed a floating ammo droid near one of the Republic CPs. A decent submission for a clan map, though. -Mav




Yavin IV: Firefight | 6.74 MB

another straightforward Yavin IV map with the requisite skydome, textures, and props for good measure. The author did a good job setting up the props, but there's little to no variation from the Yavin IV theme (which to be fair, is appropriate - if very boring - given that the map is [i]set[/i] on Yavin IV). The real problem is that the map feels too simple. The idea could be developed upon further by adding new sides, objects from different worlds, a new skydome (please, a new skydome - my kingdom for a new skydome!), etc. It's not a bad map, but anyone who's started mapping will feel like they've played this map before. -Mav




Clone Wars: Kashyyyk

clonewarskashyyyk_1.3.rar | 69.75 MB

definitely one of the exceptions to the rule. It is large and it is [i]in charge.[/i] This Kashyyyk map, by Warlord28, is far-and-away the best Kashyyyk map I've played, and it is an excellent example of what a large map can really do if it's set up right. Why does this large map work so well when others don't? For starters - object placement. Warlord28 deserves some kind of award for the job he's done in that category - it is fantastic. There are very few "dead spaces," and when there are some empty areas, they are at least filled in with some well-placed foliage. Most of the map is just a tremendous use of stock assets from the multiple Kashyyyk maps, and it looks leagues better than the stock maps. The gameplay is also really well-done and tight. Even in open areas, there's not a lot of downtime - you'll be able to find something to shoot at everywhere, although if you feel like going the commando route, you'll certainly be able to sneak around a lot of the action (this is almost a necessary strategy if you want to win a Conquest victory). The sides are set up a little more "realistically" than usual, necessitating the use of cover (which can be found). This may be due in part to a weapons setup, but it's largely because of the large amount of units and vehicles on the battlefield at once. Some of the little things are really what make this map shine. If you look carefully, you can see that little tweaks have been made, like the addition of first-person view to the vehicles or the map tooltips set up for either side. I actually don't even prefer the first-person view myself, but I can definitely respect a job well-done. There are some small issues - a localization issue with the local Wookiee team, a conquest victory cannot be triggered (for the CIS at least), and some of the names may seem a little odd (the creator is not a native English speaker) - but all of these can easily be disregarded as they don't significantly affect the map or the enjoyment thereof. I'll play it straight - download this map and check it out. It's definitely worth your time. -Mav




Applelasers: dormadon | 5.02 MB

the author's past work, in that it has some semblance of a theme or direction. However, this direction isn't fleshed out very well; only a couple different props are used along with some terrain height change in the center. Same original textures, same original sky. The map suffers, gameplaywise, from it being largely flat. This kills most potential strategy in favor of a "who can shoot the farthest" contest. Tanks have been added, but it doesn't do a whole lot to add to the map, for the same reason. Improvement is always good, but there's definitely some more room to work up. -Mav




Space Marauders (?) | 60.66 MB

purpose of this is, nor do I know why you would unbalance it so much for one side (again, the author): [quote]If you are rebs/cis, you will most likely crash. [/quote] Space maps are not easy to make to be original and exciting. This one doesn't move very far in attempting that direction. -Mav




Geonosis Crossfire | 108.52 MB




the crazy map | 21.91 MB




Attack in Yavin Canyons | 119.07 MB

version of the Clone Commander, and sports a fiery orange skin. Not much else to say here about this that the other review did not. Be warned, though. The gameplay seemed heavily biased against the Republic/Empire. ~Penguin Unit~




Alaris Prime: River Ambush | 82.98 MB

Prime: River Ambush is an interesting map by Philomen. I started up SWBF 2, loaded the map, and then beheld the class selection screen. The author has taken some initiative and replaced the Republic side with Phase I troopers (Anyone unfamiliar with this, the Phase I troopers were the ones from Attack of the Clones). I usually only see them in Geonosis maps, but it still was quite interesting to see added. Not only that, but the actual Phase I clone "color coding" was changed. The standard rifleman is normal. However, the rocketeer is now also a plain white trooper. The sharpshooter has the green color scheme, identical to the jet trooper (which is not in this map), and the engineer has the red-trimmed armor like the sharpshooter used to have. There are also two new unlockable units added, one which replaced the Commander unitl; it has yellow trimming. The last unit is the "special" unit, which is a reskinned P1 trooper with camouflage-esque armor. He has a time bomb, some thermal detonators, a sniper rifle, and a normal DC-15A blaster rifle. The CIS side is nothing too special, but it did not go unchanged. The main infantry unit for the CIS is the standard, skeletal-looking B1 battledroid. The rocketeer also sported a B1 model. The sniper was unchanged (as far as I know), the engineer was untouched, and the Super Battle Droid was made unlockable. Now, you're probably wondering about gameplay. I must say, I found the map quite fun. The map is set in a sort of river, with some old logs, trees, and ruins spread around. When I selected the Clone sniper unit, I found it difficult at first to actually hit anything, because the CP was buried in a bunch of trees and bushes. Once I got out into open ground, after slogging through a few annoying, mindless AI, I found that the river was perfect for taking pot-shots at distant droids. Be warned though: sniping in the open is lucrative in kills, but it is rather dangerous, too. You're likely to get shot unless you crouch until the water's up to your shoulders. Running from cover to cover, I discovered that one huge, hollow log in the river was good for hiding in when the going got tough. It was quite handy. A lot of headshots and a few deaths later, I switched to an engineer found that one of the steep hills could be "climbed" (in other words, walking and rolling up it). From there I went around about a fifth of the map until I could go no further, partly because of there being a boundary that would've killed me if I continued. From there I dropped down and shot up a few droids. At one end of the map, you can find several Hardcell (Techo Union) transports. They are damageable, and significantly weak enough that a few blasts from my shotgun could actually destroy one. A nice addition that I rarely see in a map, though they seemed to possibly be a little underscaled. By that point in time, my team's reinforcement ticker was somewhere around 20, and the enemy at 60, so I figured I was going to lose. In a last ditch effort to try to win, I blew away a few droids at a CP near the aforementioned Hardcells and took it. Before long, the reinforcement counter was at 3, and at precisely that moment two clones spawned. I ordered them both to my side and headed back towards the huge log, going across the river. Nearby there was another clone milling around, so I called him to me as well. Before long, though, I encountered a pack of droids, which killed off two of the clones, resulting in a ticker count of 1. It was simply me and the last clone. Two or three droids rushed us, and me, being a coward like I am, ran in the other direction as fast as I could, but the clone unforunately couldn't keep up and got shot in the back, resulting in my team losing the round. I'm not sure if it was simply because I was messing around and exploring, or because of unbalance, but it seemed like my team was getting beaten rather badly in the second half of the match. Either way, I quite enjoyed the map itself. I had a few beefs with this map, however. It seemed a little too open, with the higher up spots, though useful for sniping, being too limited in area by masses of trees on either side. The only other area I found useful was sitting in the river itself, which was much too open. It was also too "long" to be useful for some sniping, because the sniper rifle's range could not cover the whole distance, and many times my shots stopped only mere feet in front of their targets. I think also the textures could be made [i]slightly[/i] less repetitive, because, especially on the hills, it was painfully obvious at the greater distances allowed by the large playable area. This may not really be fixable, and some may not be bothered at all. One thing that quickly drew my attention, however, was the Super Battle Droid upon death. The author has fixed it so that, when a SBD is destroyed, the chunks will actually look like SBD parts and not a normal B1. Overall, I liked it. It will definitely stay in my addon folder. Would I recommend it to anyone else? Absolutely! Download away. ~Penguin Unit




Kashyyyk: Dry Riverbank

kashyyyk.rar | 58.16 MB

glitches (I spawned and fell immediately through the map) and some object placement issues. The only real change we see in this map is the sides change, which is documented in the readme. The sides have been even more homogenized than the stock sides, since they all have (if you're playing with an awards profile) an award sniper rifle and an award pistol. It looks like the sniper .odf (and not just the model) was used as the base for most of the units. There are also some localization issues in that the locals were changed from Wookiees to ARCs without any sort of name change (they're still called "Wookiees"). My recommendation to the author would be to create a map of his own instead of just using the stock map as a template, and in doing so make sure to learn how to do things like move around objects well. To the reader, I'm not sure I'd recommend the download. -Mav




Battle Arena | 18.38 MB

[url=;87597]Unofficial 1.2 Patch[/url]. Battle Arena is a small, symmetrical enclosure on which two teams should be able to fight a pretty even battle. The concept itself isn't new, but it's implemented so well that it's worth playing just to see. What'll stand out above most everything else is the use of non-standard SWBF2 models, including models from Squipple/Eddie, Wideboy, and of course a large number from RepSharpshooter himself. This makes for an experience that feels unique despite the simple map concept. The map itself has definitely been designed with multiplayer in mind, as, in addition to the balanced setup, there has been a specific spectator booth set up. Choosing a spectator unit while on either team will remove one from the battle and put them in this booth. There, they can choose to use a remote camera to view the battlefield from a distance. The biggest plus in my opinion was his addition of his custom sides. They don't necessarily feel very different, except for a higher health level, but the quality of the work put into them (you see the theme, yes?) puts them over the top. They use a custom playermodel that evokes a feel of some kind of "space marine" as well as more Earth-centric weaponry (with custom weapon sounds). Nearly everything in here is a custom model of some kind, with the exception of autoturret and grenade models. There were only a couple minor issues I found. The only real "bug" that I found was that some of the weapons on the custom units were unable to be switched back to once they were switched away from. It's not a huge deal, but it's definitely fixable, which is why I bring it up. And if I were to say there were any other issues, the only other thing I would highlight would be the linearity of the gameplay. Like most maps that have the command posts all in a row, this map starts to feel very much the same after a couple playthroughs. Perhaps this is an unavoidable tradeoff for making the map this obviously balanced. All in all, this is a fantastic example of the kind of polish anyone should be trying to shoot for when creating a map. Worth a download? Most definitely. Download, play, enjoy. -Mav [b]Video of map gameplay:[/b]




Death Drive | 5 MB

about five minutes, but after that it should be pretty much left alone, or, if nothing else, it certainly shouldn't be put in a map. This, unfortunately, is just one of the missteps I see in Thunder's Death Drive. Death Drive is the Death Star map. Change-free. It does include a variety of modified units, although most are, as mentioned above, just plain silly. Most of them have either unlimited or may-as-well-be-unlimited ammo (the DC-15 has something like 12 million rounds). However, it appears as though most of the changes to the weapons come from an increase in the fire rate; notable are the fire rate increases in the rocket launcher and the rapid-fire blaster rifle. Unfortunately, this map abounds with problems. At least half the weapon textures are missing, the jetpack texture is gone, and it appears as though the clone commander is textureless as well (although I believe his kama has a texture). It also looks like when Thunder copied over the Death Star map he forgot to copy over all the planning, because the AI is a little dumb sometimes. Also, GCW conquest is a crash-to-desktop. Finally, and I can't stress this enough, it's just not fun to have an invincible character. Many of the units have absurdly powerful weapons (Apparently the author adheres strictly to the adage "A good offense is the best defense."), and the hero for the Republic is next-to-invincible, while the CIS hero remains unchanged. Frankly, because of the size of the file, I can't even say I'd recommend trying this unless you're a Death Star fan or you just want to feel like you're really good without having to be (via invincible characters). To the author, I'd recommend balancing the units a bit, and putting a bit more effort into the map next time. -Mav




Now Rise Geonosis | 66.63 MB

noticed was that some of the Command Posts had been moved since the beta version. There are now 7 (I think) Command Posts rather than 5. I also noticed the Republic had control of the Spire at the beginning. Kinda odd, since the Spire is supposed to be the CIS command center. The Republic also started in control of a hanger (like the one in the shipped Geonosis map). The CIS had one command post on the other end of the map, as well as a Techno Union ship they could spawn at. (It was capturable, as well as destroyable, which seemed wierd) So basicly you\'ve got two armies in a small space fighting it out. As well as several Acklay, so watch out. They like to sneak up on you and eat you. I died an awful lot in this map, but that was mostly just due to the fact that the AI shoot at you all the time and ignore your teammates. Just running out into the battlefield will likely get you killed, because you\'ve got those sneaky Acklays stabbing you to death, Geonosians hitting you with their sonic cannons from above, and battle droids shooting at you from all sides. Your best bet to stay alive is to use the AT-TE, or just stay back and snipe from a distance. There are no health or ammo droids in this map, so if you run out of supplies you\'ll have to kill some enemies to recharge. On to the sides. The Republic was pretty basic, with the default Episode II clone troopers, minus the commander unit. The hero was Mace Windu. The CIS, on the other hand included battle droids, super battle droids, and Geonosians with sonic cannons. Most of the CIS units are named incorrectly. For example, the B1 battle droids are correct, but the rocketeers are called B2 battle droids, which is actually another name for the super battle droid. So, a note to the author, be sure to re-check your localizations for a future release. The only bugs worth mentioning were some missing sounds for the AT-TE and the Geonosians. Loading the Geonosis sound file would fix this. Other than that, I\'d like to suggest to the author to try making some custom heroes, units, and weapons to up the fun level, add some rock foliage on the ground, and make a custom load screen to give the map a more \"professional\" feel. Overall, a good start and a fun map. What are you waiting for? Give it a download! Make sure you read the readme for installation instructions! -Xavious




Khimera: Jungle | 94.65 MB

go. Keep in mind that it\'s been a few days since I played this last so I\'m just going off of memory. Khimera Jungle is a Conquest-only map that takes place on a small forested island (geographically speaking) that has it\'s own swamp and volcano. Cool. To get an idea of what the map looks like, imagine a cross between Endor and Kasyyyk: Islands. The map doesn\'t have any real design flaws though it doesn\'t have the kind of meticulous and clean-cut detail that I like oh-so-much but it\'s still leagues ahead of \"passable.\" Though the map is well-designed I actually find it to be a bit ugly, but this is only my opinion. This in no way reflects Yankfan\'s work on the map -- I just simply don\'t like the look of it. For starters most of the trees in the map are from Endor and I don\'t like Endor trees that much. They don\'t have a good leaf-to-trunk ratio, ya\' know? Secondly the grass is quite dark and contrasts poorly with the tree bark. And finally the lighting is sort of ugly and gives the map a smoggy, sickly ambiance to it. Yet inexplicably I could not stop taking pictures. Anyway, again, this is just my opinion. I\'m sure some people will insist that the map is beautiful. Regarding the two eras; you\'ll prefer the Clone Wars era. It\'s very evident that a lot more work was put into the CW era, which isn\'t necessarily a bad thing, but if you\'re going to have both eras you should make them even in quality or simply do away with the era you could care less for. The rebels lack vehicles in the GCW era and some sounds are missing. As I recall there weren\'t any new units but I might be mistaken. Now, the CW era is much different. It lacks a few sounds (I [i]think[/i]; damn you memory!) but features new units and skins. It has cool new lasers (that will remind you a lot of the ROTE maps) and even features swamp speeders and glitchy, yet functional, dwarf spider droids. So which era sounds most fun to you? :p Bugs. As mentioned before, some sounds are missing for a few of the vehicles, such as the AT-ST. Some of the foliage sort of floats and makes the map feel sloppy, but this isn\'t Yankfan\'s fault. I don\'t recall anything else. The combination of the trees, foliage, water, and battles can slow the frame rate a tiny bit so be warned. Lowering some of your video settings wouldn\'t be a bad idea. In conclusion, even though I have a few issues with the map I still found it to be enjoyable (the volcano [i]is[/i] pretty neat) and it\'s definitely something you FileFronters will want to look into. As Al Gore once stated on Futurama, \"Peace out ya\'ll!\" -[GT]EraOfDesann PS: Tomorrow I\'ll be posting another map as I don\'t have time tonight. It\'s a Geonosis map. The author knows who they are. ;)




Kashyyyk: Star Wars Episode III Map | 249.99 MB

best. Map Tactics: Rebels: The republic has the advantage here on Kashyyyk with the stronger vehicles and units but they don't have faults. If a trooper is isolated he will most likely die and try not to take on 12 droids at once. Use the trenches to isolate your enemies and kill them one by one. Also, it wouldn't be wise to get in a vehicle at the beginning of the map (especially ATRT) because the droid gunships will just shoot you out of it. Use the platforms as cover and sniping spots. You can easily pick off 35-45 guys before you die and then you unlock either the Wroyshr Defender of Commander Gree. Both are extremely good by I recommend Gree should be used as a sniper (you'll know what I mean when you use him) and the Wroyshr Defender as a regular "super" trooper. CIS: The CIS strength is in it's speed and numbers. Use the snail tanks to over run your enemy while you wait for the dwarf spider and spider droids to get to the beach. Use the Droid Gunship to land on the platforms and take the Republic tree base. Then just slowly take the beach forcing the republic back to one CP. Be careful the Bdroid's health ha been reduced to make play more realistic so don't go by yourself expecting to kill 25 guys. Attack must be quick and decisive also land headshots on the wookiees to take them out. Empire: Pretty much the same tactics as the Republic but make sure you take out the tanks before they reach the beach because they will cause a lot of havoc if you don't. Also watch out for the Wroyshr Defender Thats pretty much it. Please use our forums to report any bugs and errors you come across and please keep it civil. Have fun and enjoy. - Gavin1701




Imperial Base Beta Version | 118.13 MB

down, jump height reduced. - Rifles and Blasters are more powerful ---> more realistic and more star warsy gameplay - Many weapons need to be charged up for full effect; grenades can be thrown farther if you hold the mouse button. - Most weapons become more accurate/inaccurate, depending on your stance and movement. - The engineer´s health packs have been replaced with a medikit on the secondary weapon slot, which basically works like a fusion cutter. A complete and detailed list of all the side changes will be delivered with the final version. [u][b]Things to do for final version:[/b][/u] - AI Improvements - Map Improvements (glitch fixing, texturing etc.) - Localization (Weapon Names) - Various fixes




Shakara VI: Swamp Assault | 141.74 MB

day \'till it\'s empty, in no particular order. My reviews [i]will[/i] be a bit shorter to manage that. So, without further ado, here\'s the \'file of the day\': a [i]beautiful[/i] swampy map from a_speck_of_dust. Shipped Dagobah, you ain\'t got nothing on this. Shakara IV is twice the swamp you\'ll ever be. Nearly the whole map is either shallowly submerged or suspended on reedy docks\\huts. There\'s Kashyyyk and Endor trees [i]everywhere[/i], and they all blend in to make an awesome swamp/wetland/flooded forest. All the vehicles are of the hover variety, so there\'s the cool effect of them over the water. Turrets are pretty well placed, on the docks by the main bases. As with most of a_speck_of_dust\'s maps, there\'s an obscenely large amount of units, so the battle\'s pretty chaotic- almost to the point that your actions don\'t affect the outcome of the battle. You can decide whether that\'s worth the eyecandy factor of all those units duking it out. It can get a bit laggy, but not as much as you\'d expect with such a swampy map. Overall, very well put together in all aspects. .Rikino




Khimera | 87.16 MB

element to the map. There are tons of units, and both sides have had their space set of units (pilots and marines) added. Don\'t expect to live very long in a vehicle- the sheer number of enemy troops with missle launchers (silly AI; ignoring all vehicles until you get in one, at which point they blast away) is overwhelming. It\'s set with the Republic assaulting a beach held by the CIS. Yankfan has done a pretty cool job of placing the defensive turrets- up on a bluff, behind Mygeeto walls, whatever. There\'s a new unit/hero, Commander Gythe, along with pretty decent reskins all around for the Clones. Okay, now picky things. While Yankfan has done an admirable job using shipped assets, I would have liked to see more new stuff. He\'s included a custom Rep side with the map, which increases the download size by a bunch, but there\'s not all that much to show for it. Commander Gythe doesn\'t feel all that special, he\'s just a reskined clone commander with infinite ammo. The map is sorta empty. For the most part, it\'s water or shrubbery. I loved the objects I saw, like the ruined wookiee huts, but there just wasn\'t enough. It works the way it is, but I think more would be nice. All-in-all, it\'s a solid chaos-y battle. When it deviates from the shipped assets, it works, I just wish it did more. A must for those who love tons of units and high kill counts. .Rikino




Yavin: Arroyo Pass | 32.2 MB

modes will have double the units they normally have, while assault mode has a unit multiplier of 2.5.




Gall Mountains | 4.03 MB

who carries Han Solo to Jabba and stopped there to do some repairs. So she decides to go there to rescue Han. This map is inspired from this events. Alliance : Leia Empire : Boba Fett Republic : Quinlan Vos CIS : Darth Maul ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Okay, I always like the design of this map :) it's simple and difficult to get lost in ;) I'd personally like to have all the Command Posts captureable, so the AI don't start spawnkilling - again xD or so the player(s) don't either ;) Because of that detail it was a.. well - too long map... :/ Id like to see some editted sides in the next version and hopefully some neat props around the map ;D I've only found one glitchs, whih is basicly a bug :P lol when you spawn the first time and run-run-run to the nearest/2nd CP there are 2 'corners' the inner and outer. if you jump down to the 'inner' corner and run against the biiig mountain, you fall through the ground xD heh Another annoying thing is that you've set the MaxFlyHeight so you can't jump if you're 2/3 up the mountain.. :/ that really annoyed me when I was a sith or jedi jumping round xD nonetheless, it'll be funnier in the next versions :) *EDIT* :D Follow the progress in this topic:




Kafah Minor 1.6 | 9.11 MB

you simply how: I'd also jsut want some more editted weapons and sides :) it'll be a huge download >.> but will be worth it ;D Anyways - this map is becoming good :) it's good we get updates ;D




Geonosis: Incursion | 55.81 MB

Incursion. Now I have to admit that I never played the original version, which may or may not be a good thing. I can't really decide. I enjoy maps in which people put time and effort into it. It's clear that both were put into this most recent version of Incursion. I'll start off with some of the changes. The Mygeeto bridges have been retextured to fit the Geonosis setting. He did a really nice job because it blends in so well you don't even think about it. The Clone Troopers have all been switched to their Episode II armor and feature new units, like the Clone Commander. Geonosians are now playable when you choose the CIS. They're quite a threat in this map because of all the dust and high elevation, so be careful. Most importantly he's fixed several bugs involving sounds and textures. The map has a really good design with a nice little mini-map to accompany it. It feels somewhat like the shipped maps, which is a good thing. The vehicles are cohesive with the terrain so the author made a smart choice there. It can be pretty annoying when your vehicle gets stuck because the mapper didn't take vehicle compatability into consideration. Though it only takes a few shots to kill Jedi they're still pretty powerful when under player control. They seem to have self-healing which I guess is to help balance him out, but I went for a long period of time where I didn't die. His healing should probably be a bit more gradual rather then recovering a lot of health at once. The only thing in this map that bothered me was the terrain. It didn't match the Geonosis props because it's so light and almost colorless. In Color Mode you should convert the terrain color to a nice orange. Experiment with each one until you find the one that you think looks best. It should make everything look more like Geonosis. Like the author explains, you should increase the unit count in the Instant Action settings. For some reason increasing the unit count in the LUA isn't working for him. Would you mind posting your LUA Rikino? I might be able to help you out. So...This is a great map, especially if it's your first. I highly recommend downloading this one! PS: Sorry about the mistake I made earlier with the file...I accidentally hit the enter button so everyone please post comments here instead because the other one will be deleted sooner or later. Thanks!




Kashyyyk: Forest | 16.96 MB

the better maps that I've played for Battlefront II (I haven't played that many though) since everything looks nice and realistic. Unfortunetely I spent most of the time capturing CP's, and little time battling. It also includes custom sides. You can actually select a hero from the character menu without having to do any unlocking, but unlockable heroes are still in the map too. Though this is supposedly the final version I can see where this map could be improved. -Add foilage. It'll definitely add to the forest feel of the map, therefore making it more realistic. But don't add too much because otherwise it'll make the map laggy. -Put in some water. This is mostly for scenic purposes; it'd make it look much better. -Increase the unit count. The map was fairly empty and there were barely any units out on the field. In fact I strongly recommend increasing the number of units. -Add more objects. The map was kinda...boring-looking since it only consisted of trees. What I suggest is downloading the Battlefront 1 mod tools and using the Kashyyyk props included in them. -Place objects around CPs. There are a lot of command posts that have absolutely no cover which, obviously, is no fun. So the above are some suggestions to improve the map. Overall it's a nice level and I liked it. I recommend downloading this. PS: Please do not include religious material in the files you post. It's inappropriate, especially when you're soliciting your beliefs to others. People come here for mod maps, not to hear "the word of Christ." Thanks! -[GT]EraOfDesann




Geonosis: Child\'s Play

geonosischildplay0.95.rar | 87.07 MB

paratrooper and shielded clones(meaning they have sheilds like that on cap ships, not physical shields) for republic and on CIS an enhanced battledroid and regular droidekas.




Utapau: Assault | 79.56 MB




Kashyyyk Gorrronnik Beach | 20.97 MB

sometimes they don't and then we live happily ever after.




Denial Insanium | 52.04 MB

blast you, unless you blast them. So, when you're shooting the enemy in my little "auto-turret-arena", try to hit the enemy, a try not to miss so your blast goes zinging past their head and hits an auto turret which gets mad which blasts you to pieces. ** ** oh, did I forget to mention, the auto turrets are not that accurate that close up. ** ** If you're fighting in my "auto-turret-arena" and you get tired for a second, the's a little escape right the imperial command post. ** ** There's a period usually that i like to call a dominance period, where one tem is all around the enemy command post and the enemy does not spawn. These are kind of like the eye of the hurricane. So don't relax during a dominance period; the people will overthrow their dominant rulers! **




Coruscant City | 31.08 MB

the Chancellor. The expendable CIS droids used as a distraction have remained on the surface to take whatever they can and cuase whatever damage to Republic Forces Possible. The Clones Must eliminate the droid threat. Galactic Civil War era: Rebel Alliance's Recent Victory at Endor Has left the Empire in Disary. The populous in Coruscant is in an Uprising*. However the Imperials have manage to secure the area near the former senate building, where the Imperial Leaders of Coruscant are plotting to subdue the The Rebel Alliance must take this area from imperial Control, and finally completely overthow Imperial Control of Coruscant. *As seen at the end of the 1997 and later edition of Return of the Jedi.




Bespin: Urban Canyon | 34.24 MB

this author\'s maps. This one is no different, although it\'s not as good-looking as some of his earlier maps. I liked the mesh sun (planet?) in the distance. All the scripted flybys (and related events, like the bridges closing) were pretty neat. I would have liked to see a little better sound design in this one, though, especially re: the passing vehicles. -Mav




Duel Map | 12.81 MB

map and, caveat emptor, I didn\'t test it as such (given that there\'s only one of me). However, I\'m not sure that it\'ll be a great map in that regard, and here\'s why: When I spawn (on either team), I start in a big pyramid - mistake one. There is a single exit, and so if I get killed, I can easily be spawncamped by one person waiting at the exit. There\'s no protection for me at my own spawnpoint (AI, autoturrets, etc.) and so no incentive for the enemy to let me spawn unmolested. The middle of the map is a big open area. Mistake two. This isn\'t a good idea for any kind of map, really - big and open and flat is great for growing crops, but it has no real place in a game - there\'s nothing fun about plain plains. And an even bigger gripe - one I\'ve mentioned before and is not related to this map in particular - [i]this map has no AI[/i]. 99% of the time, this kind of map will be played by a solo player. The game SWBF2 doesn\'t support flexible use of modmaps online, that\'s just the way it is. A map that only works with multiple people is a map that, 99% of the time, isn\'t any fun. There are some basic mapping issues to address too (like don\'t use default everything - terrain, sky, etc.). The only really notable bug is that there\'s a missing texture on the waterfall prop. Now, it\'s a start, and the author is just learning. Here\'s to hoping that round two will be parsecs better. -Mav




Korriban: Canyon | 84.77 MB

correct localization in the instant action menu (which is a fairly important one to have fixed!) and a change to the sky (which is a fairly important one [i]to me[/i] to have fixed!), so as far as bugfixes go, those were probably the best two to address if you only had to address two. The map itself has seen a substantial change as well; it appears as though the command posts are moved away from their original positions to something a little more, well, original. For the most part, I like the changes in arrangement, although one CP is now thrown into a walled-off area accessible by only a single doorway. Creating that kind of chokepoint is a bit of a misstep, in my estimation. The mountains/hills that border the map remain pretty un-smooth and fairly unnatural, and the terrain still is pretty dark. I\'d like to think that making some of these sweeping aesthetic terrain changes would improve the map a bit. Also, for a map of this map\'s size - not that it\'s huge, or anything - it would be nice to see a little more cover, or at least a little less wide open area. All in all, there are some pretty reasonable changes made to this version of the map, but I\'d like to see a few more in this to make it a little more polished and fun to play with. Go ahead and give it a download if you like what you see below. -Mav




kashyyyk super edit | 1.11 MB

That made it interesting. Overall, a good map.




Sullust: Maldore | 28.33 MB

space, although it does tend toward the \"large\" side of the scale. Visually, it - like I said above - feels a lot more like the plainer maps of SWBF2 (e.g. Yavin IV), and I think that\'s because a lot of the props used aren\'t really retextured well to fit in with the scenery. Maybe having the Tatooine buildings made of a sooty ash-type material, or the brick textures be red to fit in with the soil - any of these might have helped. I liked the use of flowing lava as a scenery addition, but there are some pretty clear texture seams there. Whatever texture was used needs to tile a whole lot better. All in all, it\'s a decent map. It doesn\'t stand out as \"great,\" but it\'s solid in construction. Give it a try if it looks nice. -Mav




Folzia: Dock City | 55.76 MB

[url=;119494]Naboo-styled city[/url] in as many months that I\'m okay with saying is a decent enough take on the theme, even if Naboo buildings are a touch overused in making urban environments. Like the other map mentioned above, I think it would have been wise to simply call this Naboo and be done with it - it won\'t leave me wondering \"Gee, why does this look strangely like Naboo?\" - but that\'s a minor quibble. The map itself is nice enough, it is mostly a standard Theed recreation with the exception of a shoreline that is fleshed out competently with Kashyyyk and Kamino props. The Kamino props are well-re-textured to fit the theme, and despite a few minor oddities, fit in pretty well with all the Naboo brick. I didn\'t see any fundamental errors or noticeable bugs, which is always nice to see in a playthrough of a map. The map is a solid entry into the realm of urban maps, and if you like the type or you simply like the pictures you see below, go ahead and give this a download. -Mav




Abregado-Rae: Venezia

abr.exe | 8.18 MB

be done right. Now, don\'t count that as a point in the favor of using Naboo assets to make a city. By and large, it\'s usually done poorly, and it doesn\'t allow the city to stand out from normal Naboo. In fact, this map appears to make one of the same mistakes a lot of Naboo-esque maps have - it has buildings that don\'t look substantially different in terms of texture. However, what it doesn\'t do with the textures it does do well in terms of design. The author has made a very \"Venice\" feel to the city (which is no doubt intentional, given the title), and in many ways I feel it would be better if the map were simply called \"Naboo: Something Something,\" since Naboo uses the same environmental aesthetic. The map reminds me a lot of an [url=;98106]earlier map[/url] that also did Naboo props well, and I think that this map has a little better design, but could use some of the limestone-type textures the other map used. All in all, the map plays well and has a well-polished environment, as this author usually has. If you like what you see below, go ahead and give the map a try. -Mav




Felucia: Heart of Darkness

felucia_heart_of_darkness.rar | 121.83 MB

map is an interesting take on the planet, similar to the take the Clone Wars cartoon recently had in its latest three episodes. Everything has a trace of luminescent neon, and it looks pretty nice. None of it on this map is done with any sort of bloom or lighting, which is what I think would be nice to see to really make the environment \"pop,\" but it\'s still nice to look at. The rest of the map is pretty much standard Felucia-type map, although it\'s a little more open than most. It seems to be set up fine, although the REP side does start with a reinforcement disadvantage. The map is filled out with predominantly Mygeeto props, which for whatever reason seem to be a popular choice to use with Felucia. I\'ve never liked that particular choice, and I don\'t care much for it here, but I do like the retexture of the Mygeeto shields to make things seem a little less like stock Mygeeto. The one big issue I noticed with the map is that the CIS seems to get quite stuck at their furthest-back base. The lip of the platform they start out on often prevents any walking units from crossing over it, and this makes for a bit of an unbalanced fight in the end. There is also an uncapturable destructable CP midway through the map (it could easily be made just a prop or it could be made a full-on CP; right now it is stuck in some odd limbo between the two). In any case, for a beta version of a map, it\'s pretty decent. The sides are crazy large - far too large for the amount added - and should be something that is addressed in the full version. If you like what you see, though, give this version a try. -Mav




Earth: Pioneer Trails (Sunny)

77pioneer_trails_v1.0a.exe | 70.82 MB

fair home peers into a temperate forest that looks a lot like Endor. There\'s a lake, and surrounding that lake is a bunch of grass and trees (as forests are wont to have), and in that forest are several Star Wars factions who apparently felt the need to take their fight to a galaxy quite near to us. It\'s a first map, and it has really none of the hang-ups that usually plague first maps, which is a giant plus. For what the map is, it is well-put-together and without a whole lot of error. The one issue I do see is that it\'s not a tremendously exciting map - it\'s pretty big, and so there is some running to be done (there are admittedly vehicles, but there are never enough for everybody), and for the most part it is simply running in circles around the lake. I\'ll also cop to feeling that it is simply not a fantastic enough setting - the objective may be to look like the woods near someone\'s house, but that\'s not really a place I\'d care to voyage to when I\'m playing a sci-fi/fantasy shooter - I want to go to somewhere that looks markedly different than the trees and grass I see all the time. In any case, it is a competently-enough-created map, and the author has demonstrated that he\'s got the hang of the tools well enough. It\'s not a great map, but it is a great start, so if you like what you see, go ahead and give the map a try. -Mav




Easy Awards | 2.45 MB

This uses the stock Tantive IV map shipped with the game as its base. There haven\'t been any modifications made to the map, but the sides are different. The Rebels have been changed to immobile weaponless drones that spawn in mass, providing lots of soldiers to simply mow down with the lone other unit on the map, which is a red stormtrooper that has extremely overpowered weapons. This unit has a rifle, pistol, sniper rifle, shotgun, a \"nuclear rocket launcher\", and a time bomb. These weapons allow you to get the kill-based awards quickly and easily by mowing down the weaponless Rebel soldiers that simply stand still and take it. The rocket launcher and time bomb do not get you any awards, but the time bomb is a helpful utility that gives you a timer until you can get the award again. The rocket launcher is just in there for fun. So, basically, if you\'re having trouble getting awards, then this is the map for you. It\'s easy and actually really fun to just run around shooting everything imaginable. Give it a download if you need awards, or just want to blow off some steam. -Jedikiller




Kamino part 1: Orbital Attack BETA | 33.62 MB

more hangars to land in and a bit more going on than in a standard space map, but the gameplay is almost exactly the same as the stock maps. So, give this map a download if you want a new space map to play. I can\'t say to check out the screenshots, since there are none :( -Jedikiller




Imperial Shipyard | 24.01 MB

difficult - it tends to crash a minute or so into the map. It looks like some memory error, and it seems to be pretty consistent, although it is not triggered by one specific event (my guess would be a water memory pool error, which is a tough one to nail down a specific cause). As a result, it\'s tough to get much beyond the initial impression. It\'s an okay map, and the design is a nice idea. There seem to be a lot of empty command posts (having a large row of command posts with only the two ends being controlled at the start is basically just a waste of time). There is a choice made to have big, honking vehicle models for the CP holograms, which is at least unique, if not a little odd and distracting. The biggest thing, though, is of course the crashing shortly after starting. It makes enjoying any bit of a map very difficult. If it looks interesting, give it a try, but keep in mind that you may have as little luck as I. -Mav




Dark Revolution Power | 16.15 MB

layout. Each CP seems to have its own theme, and there are a lot of platforms and places to stand on located all around the map and the CPs. The map is way too big and way too bland to really be of any entertainment value. Most of the props do not really fit together well, nor do they exercise any real overarching theme. The terrain uses the stock texture, as does the sky. There are some variances in the terrain, all of which are standard first map fare (meaning there are a lot of sharp changes and nonsensical layouts). Sides are stock as well, and do not really offer anything to the map. I didn\'t really notice any bugs to speak of, though, so that\'s a plus. Overall, this is a pretty standard first map- not a lot of changes, variety, or real entertainment value to speak of. Though I admire the attempts made by the author to create an engaging map, I can\'t really recommend this one. If you like what you see in the screenshots, feel free to give it a download. -Jedikiller




Jabiim: Great Storm | 22.12 MB

a great concept. I like the thought put in to creating a setting that is pretty well fleshed-out, like this one is. By the same token, however, I think that this could use a bit of work for it to really be good. The biggest issue I see here is the local team. It\'s almost identical to the local team from his past two maps (they\'re all Naboo guards - those guys really get around, apparently), and it shares the same set of problems as both of those sets of local teams: they spawn all over the place and make the map crowded. It\'s also made very difficult to capture some CPs due to locals spawning in the middle of the battle. To see a good way to use locals, look at a map like SWBF1\'s Dune Sea - locals spawn in very specific places that are relatively out-of-the-way. In this map, these guys spawn all over the place. It\'s silly to put the enemy in front of you and then suddenly be shot in the back by a fresh-spawned local spawning in the middle of a path. I also think that a bit more care could be taken to integrate props with other features. There is a certain degree of haphazardness that will always follow when a map is made with a \"natural\" terrain, but here there are some odd things like terrain sticking through objects. The concept is great, but the map needs a little polish. All in all, it\'s a decent map that\'s well on its way to being good. Put a little polish into the map and it\'ll start looking much better. P.S. In this reviewers opinion, the comic sans \"By Jerbot77\" on the loadscreen is totally uggo. If you\'re going to put your name there, please integrate it a little better with the loadscreen. -Mav




Dueling FFA Map | 20.17 MB

overall visual appearance of the map, there have been a few new structures added as well as some changed units. Functionally, the map is very similar. The overall layout of the first map is preserved - for better or worse - in that it is still pretty much an open plain with a few Tatooine hangars scattered around. There has also been some terrain modification and some added Tatooine buildings in the distance, but these are relatively far-removed from the area in which play will occur. There are two new units added to the \"Villains\" side, neither of which is, in my opinion, a great addition. One is an unlocalized version of Boba Fett with lightsabers that can\'t block and a modified MagnaGuard RLR (and its jetpack is gone!). The other is an incredibly over-powered sniper unit, with a gun that has effectively unlimited ammo and fire rate. It really throws the unit balance out-of-whack. As mentioned above, the visuals have been somewhat changed - you can see in the pictures below the new sky and terrain textures. -Mav




Polus: Port District 1.1 | 31.28 MB

basically a network of streets centered around a small foresty-park thing, with a hangar at the top and a tunnel network at the bottom. The map is pretty well designed. It has a bunch of streets laid out, and is mostly just a slightly reorganized and reskinned Mos Eisley. The streets are pretty open and there isn\'t much cover out in the middle, though there is a lot on the sides so you can hide behind there if you so desire. In the middle of the map there is a foresty area where there are a lot of hiding places. One thing\'s for sure- there are a lot of people on the map at once, making it hard to find anywhere to hole up and forcing you to be constantly moving around. There\'s a spaceport at the top of the map, with an uncapturable CP, and there is a small tunnel system at the bottom to make a circle. There\'s a CP in there that you can capture. There are also a bunch of local units running around that you have to watch out for. Visually, the map is very consistent- everything keeps the same color scheme for the most part and it all works together well to provide a nice visual experience. The skies and mountains in the background make it a very nice and enclosed feeling map. From a placement standpoint, I guess a little more cover in the streets would be good, but it\'s fine as is. There were no floating objects I noticed. The bushes in the foresty part had collision, which may or may not be intentional. Regardless, it was slightly annoying. There was also a minimap, which I really like to see! Overall, this is a very good map. It\'s got no noticeable bugs, is well designed and presented, and is overall a very enjoyable playing experience. I\'d recommend it, and suggest that you give it a download. -Jedikiller




Rhen Var Ravine | 14.35 MB

takes place at four CPs around the edge of the ravine, which takes up the vast majority of the map and is located at the center. Each side gets one control point at opposing sides of the ravine, with two CPs midway along the other two edges of the ravine. The map is also very big, which means that it can take quite a while to make your way from your start to the opponent\'s start. There\'s some structures at the starting CPs, though there really isn\'t anything in them worth exploring. Moving onto the suggestions portion of the review; there are a couple things I would suggest. First, make the ravine have a death region, so those who fall will die regardless. Secondly, make it clearer on the minimap where exactly the ravine is, since I fell in after spawning because I didn\'t know where to go. Thirdly, ground a lot of your objects, since there were a lot of floating ones. The buildings were most notable for this, though I noticed some flying CPs too. Fourth, change the sky from Yavin! Fifth, make the map a little smaller, as currently it\'s a bit too big and spread out. It needs to be a little more condensed. Sixth, include some screenshots next time! I took a couple for you, but next time you ought to do it. Overall, this is a fairly standard first map- an interesting concept, but it has some bugs and needs a little more work to be an enjoyable experience. Give it a download if you so desire, or if the screenshots appeal to you. -Jedikiller




Dueling FFA Map | 22.44 MB

sky, lots of objects scattered around, and minimal terrain edits. There\'s only one gamemode, which is Hero Assault, and there is no bot pathing so SP is virtually unplayable. The map author gets around this by stating that the map is only for multiplayer, but pathing is always useful regardless of the map\'s intended purpose. In short, this is a pretty standard first map- not a lot of features, missing some essentials, lots of stuff we\'ve seen before. If you like dueling or something and would like a map for it, then this might be for you. Otherwise, give it a download if the screenshots look interesting. -Jedikiller




Rhen Var: Colony | 63.68 MB

sky and terrain). Very little is changed in the way of the original assets, which makes for a pretty incongruous feel (seeing things like verdant planters on top of icy terrain is odd) - it would have worked out much better, stylistically, if the textures on the buildings had been a little different. The map itself is decent. It\'s far too large, which is a bit of a knock against it, since so much of its space is \"dead\" space - empty, open, running-around space. However, I do applaud the work done to fill out a map of this size. I didn\'t see a whole lot in the way of real mapping errors, which - considering the map size - is a pretty laudable accomplishment. There are a few errors, as mentioned below, but I didn\'t really come across anything that was game-breaking. All in all, it\'s a decent map that, while it doesn\'t really bring anything new to the table, isn\'t a drag to play. Give it a shot if you like the pictures shown below. -Mav




War of Bases | 14.09 MB

map. I don\'t recall having played the earlier versions, but taking a look at the screenshots, this looks pretty similar to those earlier versions. I\'m not sure what specifically was updated, and for the most part, things mentioned in the [url=;116035]earlier review[/url] hold true here. The map itself isn\'t terribly exciting; it\'s a pretty regular forest map with Yavin, Kashyyyk, and Kamino(?) props scattered throughout it, making for a pretty inconsistent setting. It has a lot of CPs and a lot of moving around. I did notice that vehicles are missing sound and that vehicles will fall through the Kamino platforms, on the bugs front. Other than that, it seems to be fairly bug-free. One thing I did want to mention is how obnoxious the installer for this is. Having a full-blown executable installer for a simple mod map is a bit of overkill, and this particular installer doesn\'t let you set your install path. If you like the pictures you see below, give it a try. -Mav




Rhen Var: Colony | 54.24 MB

can expect some flaws in the design. This map\'s design is well executed, but it is not a very good design for gameplay. One faction starts out with two command posts way away from the city, and must cross a completely open field to get into the city. The other faction has a whole lot of command posts and has a much better defensive position to hold off the invaders. The city is very large, too, and somewhat confusing to navigate. There are lots of circular routes and places that don\'t really seem to go anywhere, and it\'s not immediately clear how to get from one command post to another. The field, on the other hand, is very straightforward and clear- it\'s possible to get around the main fighting and slip into the city, but it\'s hard to do so due to the lack of cover. There are a huge amount of units on the field at once and there are a lot of reinforcements to burn through, so the largeness of the map is not really that much of an issue. The map is constructed fairly well, however- objects are placed well and I didn\'t notice very many floating ones. There were some terrain cutting issues, though they were only in specific areas and not really in a main gameplay area. Although you may not think that a Bespin/Rhen Var cross would go over very well, it actually is a pretty decent matchup. The white and gray color schemes of both planets sort of mesh well, as compared to a Geonosis/Hoth crossover. There are also a lot of vehicles around the map- mainly flyers, but there are some tanks as well. The ceiling is set pretty high, so you have a lot of room to zip over the buildings and kill people from above. Onto the bugs list... most of these are mentioned in the readme, but these are the ones that I feel need to be fixed before any other version. A good percentage of the vehicles have no sounds at all, which really detracts from the gameplay a lot. There are no map boundaries and the map is pretty spread out across the terrain, so there definitely needs to be something stopping the player from going off the terrain. There needs to be a bit more out on the field for units to take cover behind, or at least give some semblance of a forward base. Overall, this is a fairly average map- for a first map, it\'s pretty good because it avoids all the major pitfalls, but without that taken into consideration, it has some design flaws and bugs that need fixing before it can really be considered as a \'good\' map. -Jedikiller




Panzerkrieg | 1.66 MB

course, including the titular tanks as well as lots of flyers (\"luftkrieg\" would probably be a better name, in fact - there are more flyers than tanks). The sounds are missing for all the vehicles, which is not to be unexpected on a fairly basic map like this, but it should be fixed. As should the sky, the terrain, the planning, the (lack of) objects, etc. Lots of pictures with this one, though, so you should be able to get a pretty good idea of what the map is like there. -Mav




Death Star: Prison Break | 11.3 MB

props, but it also has plenty of new models that fit in relatively well with the map. The map itself is, of course, a pretty standard Death-Star-type (Ep IV) map. It\'s probably larger than the stock map; if you\'re familiar with the author\'s Star Destroyer map, this is basically a refinement of that design. I liked some elements of the map, notably the stacked-floors-bottomless-pit room. There were times where the stock textures were used pretty well on custom models, and I think it\'s a big improvement over the abovementioned Star Destroyer map. Not everything is perfect, of course - there are a couple times where the textures look a little odd. There were a couple of notable design flaws, too. It is a relatively big map, and I could overlook the occasional AI-in-a-corner, but there were a [i]lot[/i]. AI getting stuck on walls, below platforms, etc. It\'s lots of work, but the barriers here could use some refinement. There was also a stair model(s) used several times, and the collision on it was poor. It needs either real collision geometry or, at the very least, an invisible model overtop to act as collision geometry. The stairs were easy to get stuck on. All in all, it\'s a pretty fun map. A little large for my tastes, but fun to explore and certainly interesting to see. Give it a try! -Mav




Ardennen | 3.18 MB

Battle of the Bulge, although it has Star Wars sides, of course. It also doesn\'t look at all like Europe, which is really pretty much the norm for these \"real-world\" maps we see most of the time. It\'s pretty well a \"first-map\" through and through. The terrain is pretty jagged, and the map is surrounded by sheer walls (which not only look bad, but they can be walked through). The map is in dire need of the terrain \"blend\" tool and some prop canyon walls for the sides (if the author is really interested in putting big canyons in Belgium). Many of the objects have placement issues - most of the command posts are floating, and the Hoth bunkers lead to nowhere (except under the terrain). There\'s also an uncaptureable CP, which makes for a somewhat-stunted round of conquest. The map does use the default sky, which in this current version isn\'t really visible, but when (if) the author decides to remove the giant, ugly terrain walls, the sky should really be changed to something else. There\'s a lot that could be done with WWII-based maps (see: the rest of the FPS genre), but there haven\'t really been any really solid efforts made for this game. Play to the strengths of the assets you have available - often, if you\'re new, that\'ll mean working with a Star-Wars-based setting. It may yield much better results for you. -Mav




Ryloth: Nabat

ryloth_nabat_0.9.exe | 25.04 MB

episodes. The map features lots of destructable buildings, new units for the sides, and a bunch of relocalized things. The map itself is essentially a small village/town thing set in a valley between a bunch of mountains. Outside of the valley but on the same level there is a landing area with two gunships that serve as the clones\' starting CP. The CIS start at the very other end of the town. There are a bunch of control points in the town and a few on the cliffs overlooking the town, which is a good place for snipers to camp out. Pretty much every building in the map is destructible, so go hog wild shooting at everything. Explosions are rampant, though since the buildings take a while to blow up the map will still be mostly intact at the end. The map is pretty well put together, especially for a first map. Terrain is smooth and natural looking, and the buildings are well placed. Sides wise, you have your standard clones vs. droids layout. There are some new units for the CIS, who have a lot more than the clones do. Most of the units are equally powerful, so you really can\'t go wrong choosing one over the other. The units are reskinned also, and the skins are pretty good. Even those units that are stock have been changed up a bit, so it feels like a fresh new experience. Considering that the clones are probably the side most expanded upon and (in my opinion) overused, it\'s saying something that the units felt fresh. Visually, the map is somewhat dark. It\'s not dark enough that you have problems seeing things, but it\'s noticeably darker than most maps. The palette of the map\'s objects is mostly brown and various shades thereof. Terrain is pretty much brown as well. The sky is a medium shade of gray and overcast. It\'s a very brown map, and visually speaking it is sort of boring, since everything essentially looks the same. Note that you will likely have to lower your view distance and LOD, since I was unable to run the map without my graphics settings lowered. Overall, this is a pretty good map, especially considering that it is a first map. It manages to avoid almost every first map pitfall, demonstrates good mapping ability, and is fun to play. I would recommend giving it a download. -Jedikiller




Tatooine: Mos Eisley

tatooine_mos_eisley.exe | 12.58 MB

different ground texture, and it loads in vehicles that the current version does not. The first is obviously just an aesthetic detail - maybe you like it more, maybe less, probably it won\'t make a huge difference to you. The second has a slightly larger impact, but I think it was smart of the developers to remove the AT-ST/AAT to make the map a little more balanced. It\'s not a huge deal, and it can be fun to tramp around in your walker - but by the same token, it\'s not a huge deal. In any case, if you\'ve got an unfulfilled yen to play the older version on the newer game, give this a try. -Mav




Tatooine: Dune Sea

tatooine_dune_sea.exe | 12.56 MB

better or any worse, since of course they are all the same thing, really. Of note are some small errors - the moisture farm CP can be captured from the outside, and the hero Luke has an awards weapons bug with his pistol. Give the map a try if you don\'t have one of the other versions or the Conversion Pack. -Mav




Coralac: Scrap Time!

coralac_13.rar | 35.69 MB

and a lot more. The general layout of the map does not appear to be very much changed. However, there are a few more CPs to conquest, and the terrain is a little nicer. The terrain texture is also much improved. Gone is the form-fitting metal of the last edition- this time, it actually looks like real junk-planet terrain. In addition, the sky is changed up a bit- there is now lightning and water, as well as gunships flying around. There is also a large spaceship-looking thing in the sky. The rain effects and water placement is also very nice. It gives the map a sense of atmosphere that the first edition was lacking. In the area of visual presentation, these changes are most certainly an improvement. On the sides portion of things, there are a few new units for the Republic (why is it always the clones?), in this case a clone assassin and a clone commando. The CIS and Empire all have playable hero units from the unit select screen, but the Rebels do not. This doesn\'t really throw off the balance that much though, since the AI don\'t appear to play as the heroes. To be honest, the map is fairly balanced. The AI know what they\'re doing and it is possible for either side to win; it all depends on which side the player is on. And now we move onto the bad parts. The map has the Dark Times era selectable if the mod is installed. However, choosing this era will cause the game to crash. This is something that probably needs to be fixed fairly quickly. Also, the new clone units are not localized. This is not a major concern, since it does not break the game, but it should probably be fixed eventually. Aside from that, however, I did not notice many bugs. In short, this is a much improved update to the original map. Give it a download if you liked the original, or if the screenshots look appealing. -Jedikiller




Dune Sea: Sunset | 35.59 MB

Dune Sea (the map from SWBF1). This version is markedly improved upon the prior version, although there weren\'t any major issues with the previous one. This version has sounds fixed for all the vehicles, which is great and immediately noticeable if you\'ve ever worked on sounds. The download size has been improved by virtue of a removed unnecessary addition. I think that this time around I probably paid more attention to the GCW era instead of the CW era, and I noticed a few things I didn\'t before (or that weren\'t there - I can\'t be sure). I did notice what looks like the same kind of localization issues with Luke\'s lightsaber and the localization for Luke himself - there seemed to be an extra \"blank\" line in their names. On the plus side, I do like it whenever this Luke model is used, and I noticed that the author added in a \"ground pound\" hidden attack to Luke\'s saber. All in all, it\'s a nice conversion of the map, and if you don\'t already have the Conversion Pack (or if you just want a different take on the same map), then give this one a try. -Mav




Bespin: Cloud City

bespin_cloud_city.exe | 9.98 MB

feeling of redundancy. This particular version is (not surprisingly) identical in all regards to the single-map conversion of the same map done by AQT just a bit ago: [url=;115155]Bespin: Cloud City[/url] There are no glaring issues here nor are there any standout good things - it's pretty cut-and-dry. If for whatever reason you don't already have a copy of this map in some form, here's another chance. -Mav




Cerea: Savage Hunt | 28.01 MB

what's nice and what's not. The interior CP looked like it might have been set up pretty well, but everything - the whole map - was far too dark to really be able to make out a lot of detail. Enemies were difficult to find, and honestly, unless you wander directly in to one or you're using your minimap almost exclusively for navigation, you won't know they're there until you get hit, which is sort've a bummer. The sides are made up either of Cereans (Ki-Adi-Mundi's species) or... wampas and Tusken Raiders? I suppose this impossibility is the result of limited stock "creature" models, but I'd like to think that something better could have been done. The Cereans are basic-ish units, there's a rifleman analogue, sniper analogue, etc. There's a melee unit which is almost exactly like the Jedi unit available, and so it seems a little redundant. Several of the units have awards weapons bugs, including (at least) one freezing bug. The wampas/tuskens play basically like the stock versions of those units. Aside from the weapons bugs mentioned with the sides, there were a couple other points of contention. First, there was supposed to be some kind of "flashlight?" I believe one of the pieces of documentation mentioned one. I didn't see this on any unit, as either a secondary or primary weapon. Secondly - while I appreciate the desire to add something "hidden" in the back of the interior CP area, you left no exit to that area. Anyone who makes it back there is trapped. One thing I did like a lot, though, was the work done on the (mini)map. It doesn't follow your standard parameters for a map, that is, just a top-down overlay of the map as it's seen in ZE. This was more of a painted/drawn aspect, and it looked nice. It was a refreshing change of pace from the usual. In any case, if the screenshots seem appealing to you, go ahead and give this a try. -Mav




Space (ARC variant)

sa1.exe | 34.15 MB

units. The map's pretty standard- each side has two main capital ships, though the CIS have three spawn locations while the Republic has two. The CIS have a standard capital ship and one of the donut-looking cruisers, and the Republic has a couple of their capital ships. The donut ship has two hangars, each with a CP. The hangars sort of stick out, which is annoying but tolerable. The sides have a few new units each- mainly just slightly changed stock units from the land battles. They are fun to play with, and don't detract from the experience any as the vast majority of the combat takes place in spaceships. When going into a ship, they can prove useful. The author has also relocalized much of the prompts, weapons, notifications, and menu items. I enjoyed these, as they were generally pretty funny and provided a little amusement to back up the enjoyable map. In short, this is a pretty fun map. It's simple in what it does, but I still found it pretty fun and would recommend downloading it. -Jedikiller




Rhen Var: Harbor

rhen_var_harbor.exe | 25.87 MB

an ice cave. While not commonly played online, when it is it is generally a fun and exciting map. The conversion is very good, as with the author's previous works. While there are some dissimilarities to the SWBF version, namely in terms of a few glitches not working anymore, the conversion is spot-on to the original. The author does a good job with conversions. As before, the only thing that I can recommend is packaging the hero LVL with the main map package, as it is somewhat inconvenient moving it into the SIDE folder. In short, if you'd like to play this classic Battlefront 1 map in SWBF2, and don't feel like downloading the Conversion Pack, this is the file for you. If you have the Conversion Pack, it will probably not be very useful to you. -Jedikiller




Rhen Var: Citadel

rhen_var_citadel.exe | 31.81 MB

conversion is very good- I didn't notice any problems with it and it felt like I was playing SWBF1 with the SWBF2 sides. It includes a load screen and a new hero, Kit Fisto, from the Xbox DLC. The map has Conquest mode, both CTF modes, and Hero Assault. Though this is a bit redundant to those with the Conversion Pack, it may be useful to those without. The only thing I can suggest to the author is to include the hero LVL file with the map package, so that the user does not have to place it in the SIDE folder manually. Anyway, give it a download if you want to play Citadel on its own without the Conversion Pack. -Jedikiller




Kashyyyk: Docks

kkd.exe | 11.86 MB

several differences. Firstly, the lighting, sky and many of the buildings and props have been swapped with the ones from the stock SWBF2 Kashyyyk map's one, giving the map a more dull and dark atmosphere than the tropical feel of the original. Secondly, vehicles and turrets have also been switched, with the stock GCW and CW eras using (mostly) the same vehicles as the from stock SWBF2 Kashyyyk's. As you'd expect the gameplay works well, and as well as having CW and GCW Conquest there's also Dark Times Conquest (for those with dark Times installed) and GCW and DT Hero Assault. Anyway its a good conversion, has a small file size and the changes give it a nice new atmosphere. Download if it looks interesting or you'd particularly like to play "Kashyyyk: Docks" (with some new features) without having to install the whole conversion pack. - Sky




Yavin 4: Arena

yavin_4_arena.exe | 12.31 MB

the versions. This one appears to be packaged with an installer for a smaller file size, which is always nice. Older versions can be found [file="114823"]here (1.0)[/file], [file="114929"]here (1.1)[/file], and [file="115025"]here (Final)[/file]. Mav's original review is located at 1.0, if you'd like to read it. -Jedikiller




Bespin: Cloud City

bcc.exe | 11.96 MB

Ventress from the same DLC as the CIS hero. The map also has a Hero Assault mode and support for the Dark Times mod by Maveritchell. Given that the map was not really created by the author, I can't really assess its creation and build quality, so I'll just say that it's as good as the rest of the shipped maps in either game. I'm not exactly sure what changes the Xbox DLC made to the map, so I can't say how accurate their reproductions here are. The map does look much better than the original, however, and what few minor changes there are do not affect the game much if at all. Anyway, while this version and the Conversion Pack version are pretty similar, if you don't want to download the Convo Pack but do want to play Cloud City, give this a download. It's a good conversion of a very popular map and the little visual changes make it look much better than it did before in its original form. -Jedikiller




Valhalla | 6.81 MB

like the changes made were the addition of a few health/ammo droids, the grounding of some objects, and an inexplicable death zone over the water. While this is ostensibly an "improvement" over the previous version, it doesn't feel like that, primarily for a reason I will address at the end. However, the only really critical change from the first version was the fixing of the floating objects (and this is good for it to have been done). Several fixes still remain undone. Vehicle sounds are still absent, and a noticeable texture problem on the ground texture is still present (the fix for this was mentioned in the prior review). The walls surrounding the map are still garish and need to be made to look better, as mentioned before. The death region, which has been added, makes it uncomfortably difficult to take off from the Empire's starting vehicle spawn (since it is right in front of that). I'm not sure what purpose that death region serves, since it's only a small region and it can be flown around from any side. The big issue with this version of the map is that it is broken out of the .zip file. It's not a difficult fix (and in fact every user downloading it can do it for himself), but you will need to pay attention: -The three letter folder ("VLH") has a folder inside it called "data." Inside that data folder you will find two .lvl files and another folder (also called "VLH"). What you need to do to make the map work is create a folder inside the data folder, call it "_LVL_PC", and then move your "mission.lvl," "core.lvl," and "VLH" folder [i]into[/i] that folder. I expect no less than three "the file doesn't work"s below anyway, despite the information being posted. -Mav




Geonosis:The Frontline

geonosis_the_frontline_2.0.rar | 70.1 MB

the Clone Wars TV show, combined with the author's own imagination. Anyway, onto the map. It's very large, which in this case works out to be for the worst. The map is absolutely covered in dust, which makes my frame rate cry. The author claims that he reduced the amount of dust on the map from last time, but to be honest I can't really see much difference between the two versions. The dust works against you in a lot of ways- makes the frame rate drop so it's harder to hit things and play smoothly, and also obscures your vision of the gigantic pits scattered around the map, which I walked into many times. There are some Techno Union ships around the CIS CPs, though they don't really do anything. The map is very clearly Geonosis and maintains a pretty standard orange-y color scheme- while consistency is nice it's also kind of boring when all you see is orange dust and orange buildings. The sides are all right, though very clearly biased towards the clones. They are very fancy with new models, skins, and weapons, as well as a few new characters. Presumably these are either of the author's own devising or lifted from the TV series. None of the new units or weapons are localized, which is a small annoyance. They are somewhat overpowered compared to the CIS, so it's unlikely that they will win. GCW era does not appear to be changed at all sides-wise. In short, for a first map this is pretty decent, though the massive amounts of dust and the same old, same old Geonosis setting stop it from being as good as it could otherwise be. Give it a download if the screens pique your interest. -Jedikiller




Qiilura: Forest Fight | 82.26 MB

which is heavily contested. As previously mentioned, the map is very large. This by itself is not necessarily bad, but there isn't a lot to look at while traversing the map. The layout is very simple, with two CPs for each team (rather far apart, too) and one in the center that is fought over. There isn't anything else, really. It's a very plain map. The ground texture is extremely dark, so much so that I thought it was just black. It's not, actually- it's a very dark green. This is in contrast to the sky, which is nice and sunny above. Something like that would be more suited for a night map, in my opinion. The author seems fairly well-versed in planning AI, which is always nice to see. Snipers can be found on hills that are conveniently positioned, and the AI seem to know what they're doing. Except they seem to like to detpack themselves. Aside from the suicidal tendencies of the engineers, planning is well done. The sky has been changed, which is always nice to see. Also, there is a custom hero for the Republic- Young Obi-Wan. The CIS is stuck with Maul, and I didn't test out the GCW era. The Republic does not have a jet trooper on their side, so the teams are a little unbalanced. The author included the entire REP side in the download, which is why it's so big. This is something to fix in a possible next version, as including the side again isn't needed. In short, this is a fairly decent map. It's somewhat barren and needs to be reduced in size a little (both the file and the map), but it's fairly entertaining. So, if you're looking for something a little bit newer to play or you like the screenshots, go ahead and give this a download. -Jedikiller




Battle Of Geonosis; 125th

battleofgeonosis125.rar | 52.25 MB

through the map it'll just scream "MULTIPLAYER" at you in a loud and obnoxious voice. Why do I say this? For one, the map is HUGE. I mean it's [i]really[/i] HUGE. The biggest map I can recall is [url=;63152]Raxus Prime[/url] and I think this is even bigger than that. Next, there are so many different kinds of gameplay in the map and so many choices. You can fly a drop ship, pilot an AT-TE, run it on foot, assist the Jedi, assist the acklays, or whatever. You really don't ever feel bored and that's what's important. Now I don't know if it works online but somebody needs to give it a try. Having a server with this map and lots of players would be a complete blast. The map is an expansion of the original Geonosis map, which players can identify somewhere near the middle. The design is awkward, to be honest. To top it off the mini-map doesn't show all of the map so it's kinda hard to navigate around on foot. A better mini-map would be greatly appreciated. The terrain elevation isn't quite as smooth as I'd prefer. Be sure to use the "blend" tool when you're doing any work on the terrain height in the future. It makes it looks much more smooth and real... even though Geonosis isn't exactly smooth. I would also recommend using a variety of terrain textures on the cliffs and distant hills because from far away they have that terrain pattern that gives the environment a very artificial feel. As long as I'm on negative side of the review I might as well point out some bugs I noticed. Some vehicles are missing sounds and some AI run into objects. There. That was easy. :p Now back to the good. Oh, and how good it is! The map has a TON of features. New units, Jedi, acklays, some new vehicles, and some very cool weapons. I'm amazed at the file size considering how much stuff is packed into this map. Now going into detail over every little thing would take too long so I'll touch on some of the stuff I liked the most: The ARC Commander. Best. Unit. Ever. He has this sweet gun that does all these different tricks. It can shoot a laser beam, create huge explosions, or just hit stuff with a big bang. It's great for taking out acklays and vehicles. This map is litterally crawling with acklays -- especially near the spire. They're always fun to fight because they can kill you so easily... plus they're big. Don't ever try to take on an acklay as a Jedi or any kind of melee unit. If you see a Jedi running to an acklay call him over to you and run away because the acklay will just knock the Jedi down and poke him to death with it's legs. The best way to take out acklays is with projectile weapons -- specifically the ARC Commanders large gun. Also the AT-TE's secondary cannons can take one out with one hit, but be careful because they'll form a mob around the walker and moving becomes very difficult. Also worth mentioning is the ARC Elite unit which has his own sword. Cool, huh? The map also features Jedi celebrities from the [url=;70164]Conversion Pack[/url] such as Luminara Unduli and Shaak Ti. *catches breath* I could go on and on about this map but I don't have the time and you don't have the attention span. The map has lots to explore. Download for yourself and try it out, you won't be disappointed. Excellent work for your first map Master Fionwë! I'm definitely looking forward to the final version! -[GT]EraOfDesann PS: Someone put it on a server! Playing it by yourself is only half of the experience! :rock:




Tatooine Remapped | 26.64 MB

terrain work, and other minor errors. It's a little frustrating to see an author submit so many maps with the same errors over and over again - I know we certainly hope that the author can learn from the reviews we make of his maps. What is interesting about this map is that it's listed as a "beta" map, but it also has a buglist in the readme. This baffles me - why release a beta with known (and easily fixable) bugs? You're not going to get helpful feedback, by and large, because the obvious bugs you haven't fixed (that you already apparently know about) are going to be what stands out. Aside from the bugs already listed [b]in the author's own readme[/b], which should have been fixed or at least addressed before the map was asked to be tested, there are these bugs: several object placement errors, as listed above - many objects are either not grounded or just simply not even close to the ground (one CP was way up in the air, not near anything). The terrain still looks like the author hasn't found the "blend" button in Zeroeditor. It appears as though no capture regions are added for any CPs except for the default four CPs, which are themselves not necessarily placed correctly. To the author - it's great to get maps out the door, but the speed (or prolificacy) with which you release them means nothing if they have the same errors over and over again. Each one of your maps is listed as having several different people "working" on them in some fashion - how is it that no one is pointing out the errors that happen over and over? And how is it that they are not corrected when they are listed here? I would encourage you to look up some tutorials for creating SWBF2 maps - you have some of the basics down, but your execution needs a lot of work. -Mav




Korriban: Academy | 13.72 MB

games. The map is centered around a large variety of Yavin props. The majority of these are floating a little- not enough to be noticeable, but enough to make it so you can't get onto them without jumping. There are several CPs scattered around inside the temple complex as well as out to the outskirts a little bit, where one team can spawn. There are some major pathing issues around the temples, as bots will continually get stuck on the temples. This is troublesome, since the map is pretty bland without the bots fighting. Some CPs are capturable, while others are not- most of the most annoying ones to take are not capturable. The map's terrain is rather monotone, with the same texture being used on everything and some of the buildings not fitting in with the colors of the map. I would suggest reskinning the buildings to some degree and maybe adding in a little variance to the terrain's coloration. The elevation is a bit better this time, and is not as jarring, but it still needs a little work. As I have suggested before, some side edits would be a welcome addition, and a minimap would also be nice. Also, some better pathing for the bots would be quite appreciated. Work on those things and the map will be much better. Give it a download if the screens interest you or if you're looking for something new to play! -Jedikiller




Ord Mantell: Junkyard | 20.59 MB

simple map with various mostly-Tatooine props scattered about. The earlier version had several criticisms. Some of them were addressed - the sky is obviously the big one. Unfortunately, it looks like the author replaced the sky with an unedited Dagobah sky which, at various places in the map, looks bad. This is due to the small fog distance and the fact that the Dagobah sky has poor UVs in its lower hemisphere. I think the new sky could work, just make sure to increase the view distance. I am not sure what else has notably improved since the past version (having not played the earlier version). This map still doesn't seem to have very good AI pathing - I didn't see any AI really moving around and capturing CPs. There was still at least one uncaptureable CP (in the Tatooine cantina prop). It looked like there were two separate CPs spawn paths located at one CP - i.e. both team 1 and 2 spawned at the same place. There was also not a lot of terrain smoothing, or at least more could have been done about it. The map itself isn't a bad idea, but it needs a lot of work to come into its own. First and foremost, the bugs need to be addressed. Secondly, using mostly-Tatooine props isn't the best idea, but even if you must use props clearly designed for another planet, at least retexture them. Keep working on it and it'll turn out fine - just make sure to make your map available for criticism, and then respond to that criticism. -Mav




Geonosis: Canyons

geonosis_canyons_full.exe | 25.13 MB

getting. I'm pleased to say, however, that this would not be the case with this map. It's true that Geonosis: Canyons suffers from the fact that it's set on the worn-out planet of Geonosis. In my opinion, there is no way to do a subjectively "great" Geonosis map, since even an objectively great map would be saddled with the fact that it's set on a planet reduced many times over to a stale concept. That being said, Geonosis: Canyons is a [i]pretty good[/i] map, especially in light of it being the author's first time publishing a map. What makes this map stand out is that despite the tired visual appearance, it does do a nice job of being something different - structurally - than most other Geonosis maps. Usually, Geonosis maps come in two flavors - the large plain maps with occasional rocks (probably 90% of them) and then the rarer (but still warmed-over) arena maps (we've probably seen four or five of these). This map is closer to the plains version, being set outside, but a good use of retextured (thank you) Tatooine props and nice terrain work set this one in a group of canyons. The canyon design actually works pretty well, and I wouldn't mind seeing this idea polished and worked with (especially if it were set on a different planet). It's not used as often as the prevalence (at least on Earth) of the terrain feature might warrant. It was also nice to see that the author did a pretty fair job laying out planning and barriers that worked well for the AI - despite the large number of props (or number of large props). There were a few issues, but they only show up if you're careful to look for them. One thing I enjoyed seeing was the author's use of the Geonosis spire interior. Usually, this is placed almost exactly as it was used in the SWBF1 map, but the author was more creative here and set it inside a mountain (or at least hid the spire entrance behind a cave). There were a couple issues I'd take with the objects inside (too many of the same Hoth computer prop, off-center Death Star doors), but by and large it worked out pretty well. The sides were pretty decent as well; I didn't spot any errors when I played through the map. Obviously there is some credit to be given to others, depending on how much of the side setup was directly used from asset packs, but the author did a good job for his part. All in all, a surprisingly good map, given the author's relative inexperience, and worth a download. Give it a try! -Mav




EP3 Felucia

1.0_felucia_22010.7z | 56.17 MB

it." This map wants to do two things. First, it wants to add new sides to make it more "movie-accurate." While a laudable goal, it is certainly not the first time something like this [url=]has been attempted[/url] (not to mention all the sides mods that also do this). On the other hand, it hasn't been done as often as Geonosis - so I suppose that's a plus. The sides themselves are decent, if not terribly original. They offer the standard "basic three" plus the obligatory command units (various clones with names for the REP, droideka and OOM droid for CIS). There is another class for each side, but it is basically useless - for the CIS, the "support" class is just the soldier class minus some weapons, and vice-versa for the REP (the soldier class is the support class minus a few weapons). One other thing I wasn't too fond of was the fact that the weapons both overheated and had ammo limits - if you're going to limit me, please choose one way or the other. Having both is just annoying. Bugs - the sides had a few. Several units and weapons were missing localizations. At least one weapon was missing a hud tag (a duplicate thermal detonator, also missing localization), and at least one other had a mis-sized tag (rep rifle). Also on the subject of the HUD, however the author chose to "fix" his HUD issues, he didn't fix them. There is an extra half-bar at the top of the screen that shouldn't be there. The best way to fix any floating icons is obviously not however the author did it, since it caused this extra error to show up. And before I get off the topic of the sides, I would be neglectful if I didn't mention a couple bugs with the heroes. First of all; the CIS hero - there wasn't one. That'd normally be fine, but it feels like a pretty big overlooked point if you include a hero for one side and not the other. Second - the author changed the Republic hero (Aayla Secura) to have one lightsaber, but whatever changes were made to her combo/animations caused a bug with her normal saber attacks - they shouldn't be used while moving (they are all upper-body-only animations), and so she unnaturally twists when attacking. The second thing this map wants to do is expand stock Felucia. I'm not a huge fan of simply taking stock maps and working with them as a base - every time I see it, it just makes me think "lazy." Very rarely are the maps improved upon, and even when they are, they feel cheap (in comparison to original maps), because the author frames whatever little mapping they did do with the professionally-done work by Pandemic. In the case of this map, it actually manages to take away from the original map. Several working or correct parts of the original map have actually been broken - as much as I would rather not see anyone use stock maps as a base for "their own" map, if you simply must use a stock map as a base, [b]don't mess up what's already there![/b] Just looking around briefly, a few things popped out at me - one of the tree root ramps at the back of the map has been repositioned and made inaccessible, the terrain has been changed without adjusting objects (causing floating objects), and damage regions from the steam vents have gone missing. What the author did add to the map was basically opening up the terrain to the edges of the map - that's pretty par for the course for map extensions like this. One of the things that confused me, though, was the addition of several Mygeeto buildings over the battlefield. If this is supposed to be movie-like, why add something that is clearly [b]not[/b] from movie Felucia? Additionally, much of the added terrain needs smoothing - it's occasionally rough and looks sloppy compared to the normal terrain on the unaltered parts of the map. There are also some floating objects and/or objects placed inside each other (like a mushroom clipping through a tree). The biggest problems with the new parts added were two: First, there was one CP added with no capture region (making a conquest victory impossible if you start out on the wrong team). Second, there was very poor AI planning added in some of the new areas. The first time I played the map, by the end of the map there was little-to-no resistance, because a clump of 20-30 AI were milling around a single enemy CP, not going anywhere. One more quick note would be the minimap. It was either incomplete or positioned incorrectly (I couldn't tell - it's hard to tell on maps without very recognizable buildings). In any case, it doesn't look very well-done and it's unusable as far as positioning goes. All in all, this map needs some work. Just looking through the WIP thread at Gametoast, it's easy to spot where testers for the map mentioned several of the problems I mentioned above. I would recommend that the author not ignore his testers' results, and be a little more conscientious with his bug-fixing and a little less hasty to release a map. -Mav




Death Star Story | 56.3 MB

scene. The map is pretty fun, I must say. I enjoyed playing it a lot. The sides are pretty original and balanced well- there are overwhelming numbers of Imperials but due to obstructions and little health compared to the heroes it is actually a pretty fair matchup. There are a few new troopers on the Imperial side- mainly some rearranged weapons, a dude with a lightsaber, a trooper with a rather large blaster, and a reskinned dark trooper with a pretty scary shotgun. On the heroes side are Luke, Leia, Chewie, and Han. They don't have many custom weapons, but they are fun to play. Some of the platforms and et al have been removed so that there is only one way through the map to the core of the heroes side. This is a very good decision in my opinion, since it allows for a more focused game. You always know where to go and in what order to be going. On the downside, death regions seem to be curiously absent, so you'll fall forever if you do manage to misstep and fall off the walkways. AI pathing could also be better, as a large amount of them simply run off the side of the map where platforms previously were. I'd do some work on that. Overall, I enjoyed this map. I would recommend giving it a download and trying it out for yourself. No rating categories (sorry!), as most of them don't apply here. -Jedikiller




Ord Mantell: Junkyard | 17.63 MB

Tatooine buildings, destroyed stuff, that Yavin sky we've all seen a thousand times before, and a bunch of sharp and steep terrain. It's unfortunate that I have to write a bad review, since nobody likes a critic who can't make a map to save his life. I'll outline a few of the design decisions that should probably have been made here to make the map better. -Spice up the sides. With a map that's this bland, it's nice to look at the rear of some new character instead of the rear of that same clone trooper or rebel soldier. -Add variety to the map. This does not mean go overboard with props that don't belong in your setting, but add something more! A cityscape or something beyond random destroyed stuff would be nice. I like exploring. -Don't place your spawns in the middle of an uncapturable CP. It's not nice to spawn at this random CP and find a shotgun mowing you down within 5ms of your spawning. The other side who has no business spawning there should at least be able to cap it so this doesn't happen. -Smooth out the terrain. It's nice when I can walk over it without a jetpack or hero jump. Sharp edges are also a rather large visual detraction. -CHANGE THE SKY -Add pathing for the AI, or make it better if there is already. They should not be running into the hills that they can't cross. This is another reason for smoothing out the terrain. I really do not like giving bad reviews, especially to those who seem eager to create maps for this game. It's never nice to be told your creations need work. But hopefully you'll take this as constructive criticism, rather than me mercilessly ragging on your maps. I do try to be nice. Give it a download if the screens pique your interest, or you want a new experience in your Addon folder! -Jedikiller




Friget Planets | 60.2 MB

areas of whitish terrain, surrounded by very jagged hills. It is unfortunate that the maps are so similar, but it makes the criticism tidier, because they all share some core problems: First, wide-open maps like these are pretty poor design decisions. With as little terrain variation as these have, despite whatever the terrain may look like, they play essentially the same as the default munged map. Secondly, none of the maps have any AI planning - which means that even in the rare cases where there are props or hills to run into, the AI do just that - they run into them. Thirdly, while all three maps have new CPs added, none of them are added to the conquest objective, and some simply don't have capture regions. Please make sure to read the "getting started" documentation to learn how to correctly add new CPs to a conquest map. The one map that is a little different - Galidraan: Castle - is different because several Yavin IV props are scattered around the map. This would be acceptable if it were not for the fact mentioned above (no AI plans) as well as the fact that the objects are placed so poorly. Most of the objects aren't grounded to the terrain, and you can walk under them, look behind them - it just looks bad. Make sure to be careful placing your objects. One other map (either Csilla or Yavin 8) also uses some props along the side of the map (Hoth snowpiles), and they are equally poorly placed. On top of everything else, the maps are all included twice in the .zip archive. Why this is so I have no idea, but it unnecessarily doubles the size of the download. It's not terribly large to begin with, for a map pack, but there's absolutely no reason to include the maps twice. To the author, I would suggest some more test maps before future releases, and make sure to run your maps (as a beta test map) by a few other people to ensure that they're up to snuff. -Mav




Death Star Story | 156.78 MB

with some slightly changed sides. For whatever reason, the Death Star map is completely unchanged with the exception of a single command post stuck in a place where the AI have absolutely no clue what to do - I don't think the original map has any planning there, and the author didn't bother adding any. The sides are changed to represent what at first glance looks like the Death Star escape from Episode IV, but instead of the correct Luke model, we are given two of the incorrect Luke models (RotJ Luke and Pilot Luke) as well as Episode III Obi-Wan. For whatever reason, the Imperial Engineer is relocalized as a Sith trooper and given a lightsaber (?) too. The biggest problem with this is that while it represents minor changes, it has about 350 MB more than it needs. It includes the entire Death Star munged map (when a simple layer addon would have sufficed - or even better, not have included the new command post) as well as the entire ALL and IMP sides (and much more of the REP side than necessary, although not the whole thing) and all the SIDEshell.lvls. This could have been a minimod no more than about 10 MB in size - instead it's larger than almost any map. In any case, if it sounds interesting, give it a try. -Mav




Mars: Outskirts

65mar.exe | 28.33 MB

maps, you will recognize the style of play, as it is very similar. In fact, the approximation is much closer to his first version of that map - which is unfortunate in this case as the first map tended toward a third-person-shooter approximation of a "bullet hell." The situation is similar here in the two modes. There are two conquest modes. The first, CW conquest, is basically a weapons test map. I assume this because the sides are set unreasonably high and the map balance is pretty poor. The weapons are similar to the weapons in the Corra map - a hybrid of SW weapons and "realistic" weapons. The second mode is a scripted campaign that is difficult to the point of being nearly unwinnable. It's not a bad scripted campaign, but there are so many bullets (or bolts, or whatever) in the air that it is nearly impossible to get through the waves and waves of enemies without dying (and you only have one life). I would suggest that it gets toned down, but I do understand (courtesy of the readme) that this was just a testbed for scripting practice, and consequently is unlikely to be improved upon. There is also a hero assault mode selectable, but this was not set up in the script correctly and is consequently unplayable. If you're interested in playing a very technically difficult campaign, give it a try. -Mav




Felucia: Deadly Wild | 12.2 MB

set of small islands surrounded by water. Several chokepoints exist between the islands, and due to small size fighting is pretty consistent. While the gameplay was pretty good....the, not so much. While there's no ugly default sky and things like water were used correctly, there are a couple of badly placed props and some background objects with dodgy collision were used. Also, most props are only used once or twice and there's no foliage (there are a couple of places where grasses have been placed, but manually), along with a ground texture that really should be used at a small tile size or not at all this makes the environment not as believable and immersing as it could be. There's also a rather major bug (for me at least) - GCW crashes every time. Not sure if this happens to other people too, since the author claims that there are no bugs, but its definitely worth noting. Anyway, a decent map especially since its a "first map", download if it looks interesting. -Sky




Daska: Desertscape | 66.75 MB

open battlefield with several clusters of props and terrain, giving it a basic "P" shape. It's not a bad design, but it is a little too large since, especially at the beginning of the battle, all the troops are able to group together in one place and see (and shoot at) each other all at once. I'd advise either making the overall design smaller or putting in more props/terrain variation. There are also several issues with the actual design - the first is more of a personal preference, but that darn Yavin sky is there and should probably be changed. However, other issues are more obviously errors, like the missing terrain textures toward the edges of the map (near the CIS's start) and the sharp terrain variation. If hills are to be made, make sure that they have at least a bit of the blend tool used on them, otherwise they'll look inherently unnatural. Because of these hills, too, not all the props are grounded to the terrain, and you can see the bottom (invisible) faces of those props. The largest bug is that, while the map has both CW and GCW available in the Instant Action screen, the GCW lua was set up incorrectly (the CPs, specifically, were referenced incorrectly in the script) and as a result one cannot spawn in that era. The author also asked how to change small areas of terrain - use your terrain slider to adjust the size of the terrain square you are modifying. -Mav




Scorpions Desert Town

s07_v2.rar | 12.53 MB

pretty decent. It's set in a mos-eisley-ish town, planet unknown, with stock sides and four modes (although only only two are properly playable). The map itself is pretty well put together, made (almost) exclusively from Mos Eisley assets. There is a random floating prop, but its hard to notice. While well put together, the streets are rather wide and lacking in props and cover, which dulls the appearance and the gameplay a bit. The appearance of the environment is definitely this maps weak point. Stock objects and textures, no modified lighting, default sky/fog. Not suprising since its a beginner map, but its not pretty. Conquest gameplay was pretty decent. At no point did I see AI running into objects/buildings (which they seem to in most first maps), and considering its a first map, it was nice to see hintnodes being used (ie the ai use mines, take sniping positions). The gameplay does seem centred around the middle of the map though (but thats hardly suprising considering the default cps were used). 2-flag CTF is...interesting. The AI are very defensive (might have overused certain hintnodes? I'm not sure.), meaning its pretty much up to the player to score points. There's no point playing 1-flag ctf as it hasn't been set up properly so no ai spawn. There's very little point in playing Hero Assault since planning hasn't been done for it, so the ai spawn but...don't move. Anyway, as beginner maps go its decent, and I'm interested to see what future work this mapper/modder will come up with. Download if it sounds interesting or the screens appeal. -Sky PS - for some reason random screens from what looks like a convopack gcw space map were used for the loadscreen. While I'm pleased this mapper figured out loadscreens....that's a bit.....random?




Syros Forest (Formally Null) | 9.81 MB

unusual bright yellow sun/moon? I think it looks pretty awesome but the ground and props are just too bright that a black sky doesn't look or feel right. The map is medium sized, snowy, and covered with Endor trees. There aren't that many props and the battle seems to be quite open unless you hide behind one of the nearby trees, logs, or Hoth tunnels. There are four CP's scattered among the forest with several Hoth buildings and props along the edges. The Republic sides are EP2 clones which pretty much fit in with any snow map. The Rebels and Empire are also snow troopers in GCW. The sides are somewhat balanced since they remain pretty much the overall default sides with the exception of different shipped units. The paths seem to be okay for the most part. The AI, do occasionally run into trees every now and than but its hardly noticeable. As the author states, this is an as-is map, it was never finished so don't be upset if you run into any bugs. Which on a side note, this map will come up under the name "Null" in the map list, just so your aware. Overall, I think it could of used a little more work but its okay. Give it a download and try it out for yourself! -Delta 47




Tatooine Raum Haven

t33.rar | 15.23 MB

props placed around the map. Most of the map is flat land, and there is a lot of it. A [b]lot[/b]. It's much, much too large, in my opinion. In fact even if the map had AI units - it doesn't (at least in GCW) - it would still be too large. Without any AI units, it is a very large, very lonely map in which the single player can only really run around and capture the 12 or so command posts all by his lonesome without any resistance. The missing AI is somewhat of a large bug (despite the author's mention that it is mostly bug-free). In any case, also included with the file were three screenshots of "X"s. I don't know what to make of them but I assume the author wanted them there, so there you are, three X pictures. -Mav




Agamar Big City | 22.69 MB

points to this particular map. I'll start with what I found was good. The map's strongest point was the general map design. The buildings were placed well (I didn't see any floating objects), all the props fit the environment for the most part, and the author made good use of terrain texture variation. It does end up looking a lot like a Naboo with a side of Yavin, but I thought it was fine. I do rather like the sunny Naboo look in a map. Now onto the bad. The greatest flaw was the sheer size of the map and the lack of any effort to make up for it by changing the number of units on the field. The default number of units gets stretched thin over the small map and makes for poor gameplay. In addition, there's a couple Command Posts that are much too far away from the main battle. My suggestion would be to move these Command Posts closer or delete them, and increase the amount of units on the field (but don't go overboard -- just add enough to where your map feels about as dense as a stock map in terms of bots). There's also a lack of sounds for most of the vehicles, but the author has mentioned this (and will hopefully fix it). I did find it odd that Taun Tauns would be present on a forest-y world such as this (perhaps Kaadu would fit better?), and I also thought the AT-STs were out of place in the Clone Wars era, but I suppose this is something the author thought fit. Anyways, a decent map and perhaps worth a download if it appeals to you. Enjoy, and be sure to leave [i]constructive[/i] feedback for the author in the comments section below. -Xavious




Corra: Glorious Wasteland

cgw.exe | 37.63 MB

[url=;103481]Corra: Abyssal Wasteland[/url]. It is nice to see that this version not only works on improving the previous version, but also adds quite a bit of new content to go along with it. To recap, Corra: Abyssal Wasteland was more or less a large "defend the fort" map where your objective on one team was to not lose and your objective on the other team was to win. In the version we had before, I felt that it was a nice concept but the fun factor was significantly lacking, due to the large amount of sheer frustration imparted by several different things. First and foremost it was not frustrating to play through, which was nice. For whatever bits and pieces were changed, it felt like playing it through this time was less an exercise in futility (as the defending team) and it afforded me an opportunity to actually hold a line for most of the match. On an only semi-related note, the textures were changed on the "Corran Civil War" era units, and while still feeling a bit derivative of the units whose models were used, they at least had a bit more character than the last time around. What was nicest to see on this map was unrelated to the "Domination" mode mentioned above. Also included with this version of the map is a Galactic Civil War campaign mission, which sets you as some sort of Imperial scout/assassin/agent. It is a very straightforward mission, and not terribly difficult, but I always find it highly enjoyable to be led through some kind of story or game that deviates from the norm. In any case, this map feels like a big step up from the previous version. Give it a download and try it for yourself! -Mav




Bespin: Escape | 28.68 MB

issues got sorted out; he's been waiting over a week for this map to get uploaded and for that I am sincerely sorry. I'm very glad to finally get it up so that you all can share in playing his map. In any case, listing the changes from version 1.0 to 2.5 would be a little redundant for me to do, as they are listed below in the readme. However, a few impressions on the map: First of all, I agree with Xavious (from the [url=;103637]previous review[/url]) that this is a very well-put-together map. It's virtually bug-free, which is great, and it's easy to see that a lot of work has been done to polish it up. However, I also agree that the center of the map - the focus of the battle in whatever mode - is much too open. It would be just fine if it were open and the map were maybe a bit smaller, but it is a fairly large map, and as a result all the neat stuff going on around the sides of the map can be almost ignored in a battle, simply because it's so easy to focus only on the large flat area in the center. I think it'd be great if there could be some kind of large building right in the center - but of course that's just my opinion. It's also nice to see that you'll have a lot of options with playing this (as mentioned before) - all the stock modes are covered in this version of the map, including hunt and CTF. In any case, if you liked the first version, give this a download! -Mav




Rattatak: Factory | 56.42 MB

really anywhere (not that this is a bad thing). The map itself is a fair map, and if it were made from stock models it might only be slightly above average. However, it is thankfully [i]not[/i] made of only stock models, and as such feels nice and fresh, even as the simple map it is. There are only four CPs (and in fact they may even still be in their original positions), but the arrangement of the map is such that the map flows more like a circle than a plain field. While it isn't a bad idea to use stock textures to retexture new models, I think it would have been nice to see a little better - at the very least - change of hue, so that the textures didn't look so much like the originals. A bug, as mentioned in the readme, was that the collision on the floor in one location was poor and at times you will fall into the floor (and die). This can be fixed either by simplifying the collision geometry of the model or simply by adding in an extra piece of invisible collision in this location. Some things I would have liked to see were these: I noticed that there looked like there was an attempt at expansion of the map just below one of team 2's CPs - I could hop down there, too, because the deathregion didn't come up high enough to kill me there. While it would be nice to see this area used, if it is not intended to be used, it would be best if the player weren't able to trap themselves down there. It might also be nice to hear some "factory" sounds in the background. In any case, this is a nice map and certainly worth a download. Give it a try! -Mav




Bespin: Escape | 28.08 MB

For the most part, the buildings are placed nicely, there's hallways and platforms and walkways all over the map. It's quite large, and it took me a while to explore everything. However, while one side of the map is architecturally sound, the other is just a flat open area. I would have preferred if this were either filled with something to keep it interesting or simply removed. Sadly, though I did love the design of the map itself, I can't say I was a fan of the gameplay. The map was very large with few bots, making Conquest mode more about capturing CPs en masse and less about actually fighting enemies. This is partly due to the size of the map and number of bots, but there's also many places where I saw bots getting stuck, especially around, under, or on the high walkways. There's plenty of game modes to enjoy here, such as a hunt mode that recreates the escape scene from Empire Strikes Back, and the map itself is solid enough despite the bot problems, so give it a download if it sounds or looks fun. -Xavious




.:[Agent]:. Prison Break | 21.17 MB

playable. There's only 2 spawn points, and neither of them are capturable. The CIS/ Rebels starts in a "town" of sorts, while the Republic/ Empire starts in what I assume are prison cells. The first problem I noticed was that the author neglected to change the max height in the Clone Wars era. The first time I spawned, I literally couldn't get out because I couldn't jump high enough. I had to respawn and hope I spawned in a cell where I could actually get out. Though I found that it really wasn't worth it to escape my cell; all of the AI were stuck on stairs, buildings, and whatever else they could find. The two teams never interacted because they couldn't reach each other. Yet the author claims: [quote]This map is surprisingly fun with bots[/quote] Lies! The map is not fun to play with bots. Unless you like shooting dozens of bots stuck on walls or in pits. I don't have much more to say about the map. Like the author's previous work, this map does little to set itself apart from other maps. The sky is still default and the terrain is still jagged and the buildings are still poorly placed with lots of z-fighting. The ground texture was changed, but to be honest (and I never thought I'd say this) I would have preferred the default ground texture over the one the author chose. That is all. Download if you so desire. -Xavious




Corra: Abyssal Wasteland | 50.51 MB

plain. Argh. Gugh. Well, okay, the map is unique in that it presents a different style of gameplay from the standard conquest game. The single mode in this beta is the "domination" mode, which is essentially a one-sided battle that you either win by... well, winning, or by "not losing." (There is an actual difference.) I would like to first preface this by saying that this is unique and it is always refreshing to see something new. That said, I had zero fun playing it. It was like a chore. This may just be me, but who here has fun when you're playing online and you end up on one team pinned down at one command post by a bunch of tanks and snipers. Fun, right? Being spawnkilled over and over and over? That's what this map is like. I would spawn and die within seconds; I cannot understand why this seemed like a good idea to the author. On the other hand, you can spawn as the team whose goal is actually winning, and you can pretty much let the AI do all the work. Whee! The sides were a compounding factor in this being the grind that it is. I understand the author tried for a more "realistic" style of play, but that simply does not work on big open maps like this. There is a reason why modern armies do not line up on big open fields and charge each other - because [i]they[/i] don't like being spawnkilled either. Oh and did I mention the units of the stronger team are virtually invisible on this field of play? Yes! They are, which only adds to the frustration. The only way I could even bear to play is if I set my contrast and brightness up to maximum. Here is a reference: [list][*]Can you see the units in the following picture?: [url][/url] [*]How about now?: [url][/url][/list] I would really like to see a complete visual redesign behind the new sides, anyway, since they are supposed to represent something completely divorced from the timelines we know, and having all those stock models looks fairly disconcerting; I can't help but think "Rebel" "Rebel" "Imperial" "Clone" "CIS" "Imperial"... etc. I do really like the idea, it's got promise (in fact the reinforcements used seem to be similar in execution to the recent winning contest map's hero reinforcements), but it needs some serious rework to actually be fun, in my opinion. However, I'm sure the author would like more than just my opinion, so download it and give it a try. -Mav




Apatros: Assault on the mines | 15.94 MB

(because the problem was obvious and fixable without the source files), This will still be uploaded. To the author - why did you bother renaming your folders in the map's folder? You could have copied the map directly from your GameDataaddon folder and avoided this whole problem. You renamed your "_LVL_PC" folder to "lvl_pc." Since it's a parent directory to everything in your map, nothing can be read from it because all the paths are now broken. (The upload will be fixed, this is just an admonition to the author.) The map itself is fairly simple, it's a "first map" through and through. Apatros appears to be a Hoth-like planet (with apparently some mines? I didn't see them.). In any case, it is the stock four command posts on a slightly modified environment (the areas surrounding the battlefield have more change than the battlefield itself, as they have most of the props). This results in essentially a plains-type battle, with a few spots obscured because of terrain variation. There are a number of things that need to be fixed - first, object placement. At least one of the CPs wasn't changed from its original height, and as a result was just floating. The Mustafar props were used poorly, since they don't have "outsides" to them and as a result, just look bad. They are also floating. The terrain could also be touched up a bit; where terrain height variation was used, it was all sharp terrain - the smooth tool could be used to great effect here. It would also be nice to see some AI paths or barriers; AI got stuck on what few props were between their spawn points and the battlefield. Oh and also the sky, change it please. So there you have it. If it looks interesting, give it a shot. -Mav




Yavin IV Hills

yavin_hills.rar | 16.89 MB

other separated by a space. It is a very large bit of land that separates the two sides, too - this is a very large map (most likely too large, there's far too much running to do without a lot going on). It is a first map, which, while always nice to see, always bears a few hallmarks of newness. Here it was encouraging to see the author use some good terrain variation as well as make skydome changes (and add in vehicles). I would work on making sure you scale your map properly, though (I know it is tough to have an initial handle on how large the changes you make in ZE will be in-game - things appear much smaller in ZE). I would also adjust your skydome, right now it is easy to see the reflection of the sky at the horizon (probably because of the high hills you are on). You can fix this by extending the fog view distance or by adding some kind of barrier around the outside of your map - or of course by making your map not so elevated. It was also nice to see that, in addition to putting in vehicles, the author made sure that they would have the (mostly) correct sounds. Some of the flyers did not (in fact the author mentions asking how to do this in the readme) - you can fix this by following the "adding stock sounds" tutorial on Gametoast and loading in the flyer sounds from the stock space maps. All in all, a decent first map, but with plenty of room for improvement. -Mav




SMD Jedi Expansion Coruscant | 741.31 KB

any case, this is just a small addon mod for the stock Coruscant map; it adds in a couple different units for each side, like a stock Gungan or a stock Jedi. Not a whole lot new, but to be fair it is a small file at least. Download if it sounds interesting! -Mav




Campaign Maps | 123.65 MB

playable on both sides. Keep note, these maps are addon maps and don't affect the original game files or Campaign in any way. Now the maps are Coruscant, Kamino, Mustafar, and Naboo. The maps are in Conquest mode and thus don't include all of the Campaigns objectives, props, or CP's. Instead they are setup like the normal Conquest mode except for the side changes. This can be useful if you want to play the sides that were used in the Campaign as a normal Conquest mode or if you want to play it online. The sides are already localized and fixed so they look and work great. Though it might not seem like much and the extra addons of the same shipped maps do take up space. Its still definitely worth a look into and quite fun to go back and play those units used in the Campaign in Conquest mode. -Delta 47




Algebra: Attack of the Sticks | 122.27 MB

there, the execution is not. Essentially it feels like the default map in terms of gameplay. It's completely flat save for a couple of water-filled holes, and there are four Command Posts (Technically six, but I don't count the two neutral ones in the middle because they didn't have any capture regions, and thus serve no purpose). The ground is white and [i]very[/i] bright, making it extremely difficult to see effects like lasers and lightsabers. There's also no sky, meaning there's an ugly contrast between the bright white ground and pitch black sky. The author also raised the height of the ground while neglecting to change the max height in the lua. Basically, every time you jump, you take damage, and you can't jump very high at all. If you're on a turret and decide to get off, you immediately die. The sides are nothing special; like in Fierfek's Spec Ops mod, most of them are default weapons with different models. A couple of them had ludicrous amounts of ammo for no apparent reason. In addition, the red and blue sides were identical in every aspect other than color, meaning you'll play exactly the same way no matter which side you choose. This kills the replayability factor. In conclusion, this map, like many of the maps we've been seeing here lately, is very lacking. It seems that map makers these days are just too impatient to spend a decent amount of time putting together and working on a map or mod. Download if it sounds or looks fun. -Xavious




Yavin Vs Geonosis | 11.88 MB

it had a lot of "newbie" errors that made me wonder (a little) if it had been done that way on purpose as satire. This version, thankfully, has a few less errors, but it isn't perfect. I will get this out of the way first - I [i]know[/i] it's Yavin, but please don't use the default sky. It looks bad on any map, any time. I hope against hope that maybe saying this enough will help get the message through to everyone, but I know that can't be the case - in any case, this map does need to have a change from the default sky. Most of the object placement errors (including a particularly heinous one near the temple pyramid) have been fixed, which is good. However, there's still little-to-no planning, which means a lot of dumb(er) AI. The "line" that divides the two "planets" could also use some work - it looks like (and is particularly evident in one of your screenshots) you just tinted the terrain on either side? I would definitely recommend using different terrain textures rather than just tinting it. There are a lot of tweaks that could be made to make this better - lighting, loadscreen, sky, planning, CP placement... etc. Many of the criticisms from the [url=;100661]first version[/url] could apply here as well (although not, as mentioned, the object placement errors). Keep working, though, you're getting better. -Mav




Arrows: ^Mos Arrow^ | 43.38 MB

outward. This is a novel idea and an interesting way to start with a pre-built good start, but the problem is that it's hard to judge, simply because a large chunk of the map is someone else's work. The additions were interesting (although at times repetitive) - I thought the neatest thing was what looked like a race starting/finish line (think Ep1 podrace) - that was a clever use of assets and it worked well. I wish the whole map had been more original, as that small area was. I also oppose the concept of the map, which is: [quote]Now on the the more serisous note.....this is 100% ment for online play. you will find if you try anyone of these mode with ai you will see that they dont move or enemy spawn next to each other so ur fighting ai is pointless.....this in effect will *Force!* players to play this mod map online multi player if you dont like that....well id insult you but i dont think the admins reading this would like that to much play this mod map online[/quote] Clearly this has a major flaw in its logic. As mentioned, the AI do nothing and it is quite "pointless" to play the map in singleplayer. So what is a person to do when there's not a server up? Oh yes, not play it. I'll be quick to say that building a mod map for multiplayer-[i]only[/i] use is [b]always[/b] a bad idea. No matter how well designed, if [quote]fighting ai is pointless.[/quote] ...then I don't have much of a reason to play it. Apparently the author would have a few choice words for me because of that, but I think insulting people for wanting to play offline is a little ignorant (not only of people other than oneself, but also of the fact that mods are played the vast majority of the time offline). In any case, it's not a bad map, but if you're going to release it as a mod map and expect people to want to play it, you're going to need to include some sort of singleplayer component. That's the bottom line. ([i]No rating included, because a lot of the map is a stock map[/i].) -Mav




Modern Earth: Urban Assault

modern_earth_urban_assault.exe | 52.3 MB

also, unfortunately - while creative - pretty sloppy in some areas. The first thing I noticed is balance. Oh, poor, poor balance, all shot to heck. The police vs. prisoners was only slightly unbalanced (in favor of the police, thanks to a local side allied only with them), but the police vs. zombies was downright terrible. I tried out the zombie team and all I managed to accomplish was dying often while running into an open street of unblockable gunfire with no projectile weapons of my own. It is absolutely terrible, balance-wise. The design also feels a bit sloppy. While it is certainly creative to create a city (and it is convincing as a city), the models used for it weren't used well - I imagine they were scaled up several times, because the buildings often disappear at certain angles. That really takes away from the immersion, having buildings just flash in and out of existence. Likewise, on the sides, some of the retextures - specifically the prisoners - don't look very good. The prisoners clearly use the Pilot Luke model, because the face is hardly changed - it just looks like Luke got into a losing fight with some gaudy mascara. Finally, there were bugs. I am [b]really[/b] tired of having to restart my computer because awards weapons bugs make it freeze. It might be excusable if it were just one weapon where "oops forgot that," but in this case, it was like the author didn't even bother checking for this bug. Nearly every unit has this - one of the units becomes unusable once weapons are switched simply because you can't switch back to its main weapon. [b]Test and fix this bug[/b]! I also thought that the fire effects everywhere were a bit unnecessary - in modes where there was a lot going on, it might bog down someone's game. Maybe only have those at some places instead of over the majority of the areas with stuff going on. Another problem, maybe caused by this, was that I could hardly ever see any effects on my ordnance. It was hard to tell where I was shooting and what it was doing. Oh and there were also some textures missing in some of the effects. It was also worth mentioning that on the zombie side, the better(?) zombie unit was next-to-useless. I couldn't jump with him and it seemed like his attack didn't do anything. Of course, that complaint was lost in the issue of how poorly-balanced that mode was, but still - something to look into. The map itself is alright and creative, but any good done in here is way overshadowed by the sloppiness mentioned above. If you like what you see (in the fifty or so screenshots below), then give it a try, and I hope you don't end up frustrated like me because of all the bugginess. -Mav By author's request: Modern Earth: Urban Assault from Connor Dean on Vimeo.




RPM Elite Missions - Map 1 - Terrorist Attack | 37.34 MB

none of the creators of the custom models were credited. (Vyse's Coruscant buidlings, various props from Squipple/Eddie, and a prefab building from RepSharpshooter) There was a lot of jagged terrain that could have been fixed with the height blend tool, and there were floating objects a-plenty. Then you've got the sides. On team 1 you have several variations of the Phase I clone jet trooper. On team 2 are the terrorists, led by their terrorist leader. (AKA the Rebel Alliance/Han Solo) Then there's a bunch of Jawas that run around shocking the terrorists with their lightning guns. None of this matters, though. There appears to be no AI planning or barriers whatsoever, so the two sides barely interact at all unless the player makes a move. I almost wonder if this was meant to be played online with no AI, because of all the references to role-playing. Oh, and just a warning, the installer doesn't install the map properly. You'll need to create a folder named EM1 in your addon folder and move the data folder and addme into it. There's also an extra load folder that got thrown in there. You can delete that. Download if it sounds or looks interesting. -Xavious




The Dark Crystal Mines | 9.09 MB

terrain texture. The gist of this map is the basic four command posts, on a flat default field, with the stock sky. There are some terrain inclines around the center of the map (the "mine" for lack of a better term), but other than those, it is completely flat. There are several crystal props scattered in the center of the field (as well as textureless statues) and then some of FragMe!'s houses (left out of the credits) near various CPs. While a "dark crystal mine" is certainly a very viable option as a map, there are a couple things to consider. First, if you want anything "dark," it does not need to be in a flat field in the middle of the day. Ideally, you'd use a nighttime skydome (or make the map completely interior). You got the crystal part down, but there should be more to it then just scattering copies of the same prop over and over and over. Finally, if it's going to be a mine, I'd like to see some rocks, or mining equipment, or tunnels... or something that makes me think "mine." In any case, if the screenshots appeal to you, give it a try. -Mav




Mygeeto: Energy Fields

bfiimygeeto_energy_fields.rar | 3.23 MB

essay in six parts: "Caring for your work" or "why it's important that you spend more than an hour or two making a map or mod you plan on distributing." Part 2: While in my opinion, it is best to work very hard on one thing and make it the best it can possibly be, that certainly cannot discount the fact that many opt towards the other route - many people make large mods, maps, or series of maps to display as much the grandness of numbers as the quality of content. That is not to say that the "quantity" mods eschew quality - I've seen many maps, mods, and the like come out that don't take a lot of work to do (and could consequently be produced in volume) but do not lose a certain inherent quality to them. Volume can be done in style. [Continued in "Kessel: Spice Mines"] "Mygeeto: Energy Fields," by cyclonassasin, is another simple, four-CP map, this time ostensibly set on Mygeeto. With the Yavin sky hooray! This map looks a little better, but that is mostly due to the fact that the Mygeeto props look good. It has an interesting setup, but a complete lack of AI pathing sort've ruins the nice circular flow that could be there. What could be done to improve it? Here are a few tips: -The sky. Yes I will say this for every one of your files. You are not on Yavin, this sky does not fit, and you don't have any surrounding anything to block out that ugly black cutoff in the sky texture. Change it. -Model variation. You need to use more, different models. Right now you are duplicating the same groupings of models over and over without any props for flavor scattered amongst them. -AI Pathing. If your map is only humans running around and AI running into walls, you've lost me. If I wanted to shoot dumb things, I would... ok I would still play Battlefront, but that's not the point. AI needs pathing, otherwise you completely ruin any sort of immersion you might hope to create. If the screenshots appeal to you, go ahead and give it a try. -Mav




Felucia: Imperial Settlement

felucia_imperial_settlement.rar | 9.54 MB

essay in six parts: "Caring for your work" or "why it's important that you spend more than an hour or two making a map or mod you plan on distributing." Part 6: It should be noted, author, should you find the tenacity to read through all the potentially helpful advice given here, that none of this is meant as an attack upon your person or your potential - although it is admittedly frustrating to find six maps in our queue in a matter of days upon which the author has clearly spent little work. All of this is written in the hopes that maybe some of it will sink in and you'll be willing to spend more time making a good map. I know that I - and most others - would immensely prefer one good map to twelve, or fifteen, or however many maps that can be churned out without pretense of polish. And to anyone else - heed this advice! At the end of the day, even if you really have your heart set on making a lot of stuff - know that it has to feel like you spent some time on it, otherwise it will be discarded as quickly as you took the time to make it. "Felucia: Imperial Settlement," by cyclonassasin, is a simple map set on Felucia. ...that still has a Yavin sky. It's not bad, but it is mostly clumps of Felucia props scattered around a flat-ish area with four CPs. It doesn't look too bad, but I am having a hard time telling if that is not just the overabundance of Felucia objects. What could be done to improve it? Here are a few tips: -The sky. Yes I will say this for every one of your files. You are not on Yavin, this sky does not fit, and you don't have any surrounding anything to block out that ugly black cutoff in the sky texture. Change it. -Branch away from stock planets. It's easy to make a map that looks like Endor, or Felucia, or Kashyyyk, or whatever - because we already have assets premade for us to make our planets look just like those. Try something original and make your planet with whatever assets, but don't make it scream "I am using stock assets!" -Terrain texture overlap. While it's good to vary the texture, don't do too many at once. You can see why in one of the screenshots - when you overlap more than two textures at once, the edges of your texture will become sharp and unblended. If the screenshots appeal to you, go ahead and give it a try. -Mav




Hoth: Ruins

hoth_ruins_v1.rar | 1.62 MB

essay in six parts: "Caring for your work" or "why it's important that you spend more than an hour or two making a map or mod you plan on distributing." Part 1: One of the best parts - in fact, one of the most visibly rewarding parts - about modding is the ability we have, courtesy of the Internet and sites like Filefront here, to distribute our work - and by proxy the time, effort, and care we've put in - to other people. Why is this important? It's true that the first person a modder should seek to please (since this is not for profit) should be themselves. However, like with anything, getting attention for a job well-done is a big motivating factor. To that end, there are two different ways a modder can try to work - one, work diligently at one thing to make it very good, or two, create a large amount of content at once and win over with volume - it's the whole "quantity vs. quality" dichotomy. [Continued in "Mygeeto: Energy Fields"] Hoth: Ruins, by cyclonassasin, is a simple, four-CP map ostensibly set on Hoth (although it has the Yavin sky, and yes, all the next six maps will too). It is essentially a flat-ish plain with Yavin temple ruins scattered around. Not much else to work with, there.What could be done to improve it? Here are a few tips: -The sky. Yes I will say this for every one of your files. You are not on Yavin, this sky does not fit, and you don't have any surrounding anything to block out that ugly black cutoff in the sky texture. Change it. -Textures on models. Yes, these can be changed! It is important to change textures from models made for one environment (forest/jungle) if you plan on using them in other environments (snowdrifts). They are way out of place. -Four stock CPs. Move them around. Place them better. It will make your map more fun. If the screenshots appeal to you, go ahead and give it a try. -Mav




super obsticle course | 7.28 MB

green. And that's all you really get. There's a bunch of other stuff in the sky that I suppose is the "super obsticle course," but you can't even reach it, nor are there any speeder bikes or any type of vehicle to use on it. The author mentions winning if you hit the red, but since you can't reach the obstacle course, you'll just have to play conquest. Some notes on what could/ should be changed for future versions [list]Get rid of that default sky! Nobody likes it. Make some hills, valleys, mountains, and whatnot. Flat maps are boring. Move the Command Posts. Some textures were missing on the Kamino platforms. Make the obstacle course reachable. Add speeder bikes or other vehicles. Put a little more thought in it. Do something new, fun, creative.[/list] Download if you will. -Xavious




Ultimate Galactic Battleground | 9.86 MB

texture as a ground texture with a Coruscant skydome texture as a detail texture. I do not know if this is carew's first map (and if it is not, please forgive my ignorance), but it feels very much like one. On top of the strange ground are various objects sort've scattered (and feeling out-of-place, thanks to the ground) all around. Many of them are Yavin objects, which match well with the Yavin sky... which, as always, should have been changed. In any case it was very hard to take stock of the map as a whole; I was very distracted by the ground the whole time. I cannot imagine what possessed the author to do this, but I earnestly request that it is not used again - it doesn't look like... well, anything, really. It doesn't make a setting, it is just very off-putting and strange. It's tough to create a good map from the ground up when the first part (the ground) doesn't really represent anything. In any case, if the screenshots appeal to you (maybe you like the ground?), go ahead and give it a try. -Mav




The Sands of Fire | 12.72 MB

annoying pitfalls are not present. It is a mostly Tatooine-like planet, set out in a sandy, dune-y desert. It doesn't have a lot of a defined shape - which actually works well, the CP flow isn't all in one direction. Scattered amongst the dunes are many requisite Tatooine assets (along with a very creative use of the Tatooine building awnings) as well as a few well-used assets from other places. The map is far from perfect, as the terrain could use smoothing (and more than one texture), the AI pathing could be better, object placement could be a bit nicer, and of course the sky could be fixed (it currently has no skydome - but at least the author was trying, and this still looks better than the Yavin sky). As usual, I wouldn't suggest releasing one's first map, but take what feedback you get from this, practice, and improve upon this for the next one. I think there were some neat and creative things done here, even if the map doesn't feel very polished. It's not a great map yet, but I can tell from this initial work that the author could make some neat stuff with some practice. Keep it up! -Mav




Snowy Valley

bf2snowvalleybylaurence_o.rar | 1.74 MB

is more of a test map than anything else. The author didn't include pictures but there's really nothing to see here. I'd recommend that the author download this:;100563 ...and give it a read. I don't mean to be harsh or rude, but there could have been a lot more work put into this. ~Era




Mygeeto Assault: Dominator

mad.rar | 69.59 MB

of this map so I cannot say whether or not this is much of an improvement, but I referenced Mav's review of the last version for some help. First off I have to admit that I have a bit of bias towards this map simply because I don't really care for swamp settings. I don't find them to be visually appealing and usually the foliage and water slows down the map. However, I think with a little creativity and practicality it's possible to create a nice-looking swamp map that doesn't drag the frame rate. To be fair, though, the frame rate in this map isn't too bad. The big problem I have is simply the visibility. I don't really care for dark maps because... well, they're dark! I can't see! To make matters worse, usually these types of maps have camouflaged troops. This map is guilty of that as well. Now, I completely understand that modders are trying to establish a tone and sense of realism when they make these sorts of maps, but sometimes it's at the expense of the gameplay. Either modders need to find a way to balance the two or they should choose which aspect is most important to them. I think most would choose gameplay. Gameplay should always come first! In the review of the previous version, Mav mentioned that there was some tinkering with the AI difficulty. I cannot really tell if this version has toned down the difficulty or left it as it was; the ReadMe does not seem to mention any changes that have been made. Personally I had a tough time playing this map, but that could definitely be chalked up to the setting, visibility, the number of AI, and the fact that I'm pretty "meh" at this game. :P I tried Conquest mode a couple of times but didn't do particularly well in any of the matches, even when I switched sides. So I guess it's the difficulty that's to blame and not so much the balance. Hunt mode was amusing. I was doing pretty well as the Jawas but it all went to Hell near the end for some reason. Things can go south pretty quickly if the acklays start camping out at your CPs. Overall this is an... [i]alright[/i] map. Fett did a nice job of putting it all together but the setting just doesn't do much for me, personally. And the difficulty is a bit of a turn-off. ~Era




Naboo: Avalon City | 72.48 MB

"feel" of the location. This is mostly due to the somewhat sloppy placement of objects and the sometimes out of place terrain deformations. The buildings, despite being stock Naboo, feel out of place. This could be thanks to the ground texture which looks like it would be more at home in the wastelands of Tatooine. There are several excellently reskinned, rather out of the way Hoth tunnels in one corner of the city. It's really too bad that they're not more central and therefore gameplay altering. Several main objects(bridge floor, fountain etc..) were missing textures, making them appear to be Batman wannabes. [i][b]*Modder's Side Note[/b]: Here's one quick way to find out the names of textures you might be missing: 1. Open Notepad 2. Navigate to the .msh file that is missing the texture 3. Click and drag it into the Notepad window 4. In the Notepad window click Edit and then Find 5. Type ".tga" into the box and click find next Each one of the ".tga"'s that it finds is a texture that your .msh file uses. Make sure you have all of the textures mentioned, inside of your world1/MSH folder. *[/i] The sides in this map are pretty nice and seem to keep it fairly balanced. I've gotta say this though; I'm not a fan of the purple clone troopers. What did they ever do to you? :confused: :rolleyes: In my mind purple would be okay, it just needs to look a little less Paint-y. This is not to say that this map is junk. It just needs a little more love in the texture, terrain and [i]*ahem*[/i] clone legion skin departments. Oh and [b]Red51[/b], you should check the map name ingame localization. I'm pretty sure it says, "Naboo: [b]Alavon[/b] City". Nothing big there, but definitely something to fix before the next release. which I will be eagerly awaiting. Cheers! [b]-Saitek009[/b]




Gem's Hidden Village | 42.67 MB

must be some heretofore unknown verdant part of Tatooine. The hidden village is really a number of clumps of buildings set in a hilly grassland. It's a decent map, from a strictly construction point-of-view. It's not an exotic environment, it's a simple forest-and-grassland area with some scattered Tatooine settlements. I think the author did a pretty good job in terms of using objects effectively; it's easiest to see the good use of objects when you get to the larger building clumps, because you can see the smaller objects placed liberally for flavor. The main issue I'd take with the map was the size. For what it is (a normal-sized battle and a hunt-esque mode), it is far, far too large. There's a lot of running to get from place to place, and dangit, you better not get shot because if you do, you will be running all over again. This is exacerbated by conquest having the two opposing teams' CPs on opposite sides of the map with none in between. The map has pretty standard conquest and CTF modes, and an "Assault" mode with Tuskens vs. Jedi. There are a few bugs with the map, notably a CTD bug with switching to a non-pilot slot in the skiff. The local Tuskens also have no localizations, so they show up as "null" - and the local Tuskens remain enemies of both teams, even in assault mode, when one of the teams [i]is[/i] Tusken. All in all, it's a well-constructed maps with a few setup hiccups and a size problem. Download and check it out if it looks interesting! -Mav




The Big "L" (Rebel Ops Mission 02)

bgl.exe | 24.36 MB

to be hosted for a while and it seems like all the other staff must be on vacation or something, so I will bite the bullet and upload it myself. any case, here is the second installment to the "Rebel Ops" series, and the sequel to [url=;95549]Aquilaris: Deep Sea[/url]. If you haven't had the opportunity to play through Aquilaris, it is suggested that you take that opportunity now, because this continues the story started in that map. This map finds the main character, Vace Thermill, imprisoned in a secret Imperial facility. What happens next? Well, that is really up to you and how proficient you feel platforming around "The Big 'L'." The Big "L" is divided into three sections - a platforming section (reminiscent of Zelda or Mario), a stealth section (maybe hints of Metal Gear?), and a flying section (an homage to Rebel Assault II). I can't say too much, or I might spoil the story for you! However, the story (found in GCW hunt mode) isn't the only playable mode on the map. It also supports four extra conquest modes - first, standard GCW conquest. Second is Clone Wars Conquest, but, like Aquilaris, it will have random heroes and legions if you have the Conversion Pack installed. Third, and also if you have the Conversion Pack installed, will be KotOR conquest. And finally, if you have Dark Times installed, you will get Dark Times conquest made available. But wait! There's more. If you still have Aquilaris installed as a map, Aquilaris will be updated to include both a Dark Times conquest mode and a Dark Times hero assault mode. So it's a two-for one on having extra Dark Times content! In any case, I hope you enjoy this, because I had lots of fun making it. I certainly think it's worth a download, but give it a try and judge it for yourself. -Mav




Kothlis: Sunken City | 13.77 MB

standpoint, I think this is a neat concept with a couple things that could have been improved upon in implementation. I like the idea of a "sunken city" in which the rooftops of sunken buildings provide for the battlefield. This particular battlefield is designed with Tatooine buildings and some generic plank model, and it works out pretty well except for the presence of a nearly unassailable high ground behind a chokepoint. Looks-wise - it could look better. Some of the Tatooine textures (very few) were replaced, and that was nice, but it would have been good to see the Tatooine-adobe as - at the very least - a different [i]color[/i]. The surrounding hills also used that ugly Yavin grass texture in abundance with nothing on top of it, and I'd like to see that changed. You'll also notice some unique placements of command posts - which can be fine - however, here it creates a bit of awkwardness when trying to capture a CP or switch units. One of the CPs (the one on the Tatooine wreck) doesn't even fall inside its own capture region, which seems a bit silly, and another CP (one on top of the Tatooine hangar) is completely hidden inside a building. Just as a convenience to the player, it would be better if you always had CPs visible and the CPs weren't divorced from any related regions. All in all, it's a pretty good first map - it's worth a try to download and play, which is more than I'll probably say for most first maps. If you like what you see, then go ahead and give it a try! -Mav




Gt. Tatooine Attack | 35.07 MB

here. It's a Tatooine map, but it really feels a lot like a testbed for placing objects, because there's not a lot of rhyme or reason to the object placement. There are clumps of Hoth shield generators in one place, clumps of transports in the sky, clumps of Jabba models in another place... it really doesn't make a lot of sense; my best guess would be that the author decided he liked placing one object, so he did it again... and again and again with the same object. There are also a couple places where objects are awkwardly placed (floating or just not even), notably most of the Mygeeto buildings. There are also a few models missing a texture (which you will see as either all-white or all-black, depending on your PC). The requisite Yavin sky is - of course - there, as most first maps have. Only hero assault is available on this map, so if you're interested in running around a strange land of cloned props, you will be doing it hero-style. To the author - I would recommend finding a more coherent theme for your map instead of just randomly placing props (and get rid of that Yavin sky texture!), and your next map will be much better. -Mav




Episode II: Geonosis | 133.24 MB

them: [list][*][url];99131[/url] [*][url];93027[/url] [*][url];56300[/url] [*][url];97051[/url] [*][url];96942[/url] [*][url];92899[/url] [*][url];91404[/url] [*][url];90985[/url] [*][url];96739[/url] [*][url];82447[/url][/list] The same battle. Over and over and over. It is a little wearying and to be honest whenever I see a map with the word "Geonosis" in the title I cringe a little and say "oh well it is part of my job." Just to give a little bit of forewarning so that you know where I'm coming from in terms of seeing this map in this game. In any case, [i]this[/i] version of Geonosis, by Battlefront_conquer, happens to be a (new?) version of one of the earlier listed maps (I am sure you can find it, it's the only one up there called... no, wait, whoops.) It appears to be by and large unchanged, so many of the points from the earlier review hold true for this one. The highlights of the map are the somewhat-varied prop placement (they're still all Geonosis props for the most part, though) and probably the vehicle setups. The vehicles are somewhat more balanced (in fact the spider droids may now be a little [i]too[/i] powerful) against each other, and the AT-TEs aren't restricted to being command walkers. The downside - the [b]big[/b] downside - is the size of the map. It's far, far too large. It takes, literally, minutes to run from one to another. Of course, as with all maps too large for themselves, there's no real point to capturing command posts; the map is going to be won by killing the most amount of enemies anyway. The size of the map hurts it on another front as well - despite the fact that the author increased the number of units to a 400-lag-inducing-units, there still doesn't feel like there's a lot of action (except for the vehicles, which there are probably too many of as well, because they're all clumped together). As mentioned before, it might be a better map if the size were reduced. Right now it is just excessive, and it's a little disappointing to see that nothing was done between the previous release and this one to fix it. -Mav




Samaria: Wüstentempel | 4.62 MB

As a start, there are six CP's ( in Conquest), two for the Republic, three for the CIS, and one that is uncontrolled. Other modes have different amounts of CP's so I'll leave it with Conquest for a start. The map itself has a good look to it and the gameplay of its okay. Its set in a valley surrounded by hills and is neither too large nor too small. There are many Yavin Temples at one side where the CIS base is located and the rest of the map is covered with rocks from Geonosis. There are three different modes, Conquest — Both Era's, CTF — Both Era's, and Hero Assault — GCW. There are no custom sides. The heroes are CW — Aayla Secura & Darth Maul. GCW — Luke Skywalker & Boba Fett. Some improvements that could be done: The sides could be changed. As always custom sides great to add though simply switching the units around a bit would do like switching to EP2 clones for say because they are more desert-like. Also, re-texturing some of the props would make them blend in a lot more. The Yavin props kinda stick out and so do the Geonosion rocks with the dark red again the tan sand. But its a great for a first map and a first version. Great map if you want to try something new so give it a download. -Delta 47




Tientia: Submerged | 32.99 MB

decent-looking map, it has a number of hills and rock spires along with some liberally-applied foliage. Since you're in vehicles most of the time, the scenery takes a bit of a back-seat as you're moving faster. There are a few issues to be had, though. The gameplay itself would be fine if this were an assault map, but it's not - inexplicably it's a conquest map with just two command posts. This means that it takes all of about a minute to end the battle. That glaring issue aside, it would be nice to see a greater variety of vehicles - if we're stuck having to duke it out vehicle-to-vehicle, it would be nice to see more than tanks and speeders (the latter being ultimately useless in a vehicle vs. vehicle fight). The vehicles themselves were fairly similar to their stock counterparts, the only real difference I noticed were some tweaked effects for the projectiles (to mimic underwater shot). The snail tank has ringlike trails on its mortars, and the IFT-T has an extra (smoke/bubble) trail. There were also a couple bugs. There were a couple of sounds missing (notably the Republic's arc caster and vehicle sounds for the snail tank). There was also an open back to the CIS's hangar, out of which you could drive off the map. And while not a bug, there was some terrain near the hangars that could use some extra work with a smoothing brush. And on a side note, while I understand [i]mechanically[/i] why this happens, it doesn't make a lot of logical sense for: a) droids to lose health underwater b) units to lose health when out of vehicles but not in a speeder/open turret I know those are all "parts of the game," but if one is going to try and effectively portray underwater, they should be addressed and fixed. In any case, a decent-looking map that needs some polish and some major changes to its gameplay. Give it a try if it looks interesting. -Mav




Aven Ven | 22.61 MB

planet, although it has patches of Yavin IV grass and temple stones. It is a very large map and a very open one. I applaud the author for trying as many new things as he tried for a first map, but it has a lot of small bugs and errors. First of all, there are new sides added. I can only really comment on GCW, as that's all I tried (perhaps there are fewer bugs in CW?). They remain pretty similar to stock sides, although most of the units do have new textures. This is fine normally, but the units' texturing is haphazard and none of them feel like they really match. One might be white with a design and blue highlights while another unit is red - there's not much organization to be found. Also, some of the texturing looks pretty sloppy (e.g. helmet recolors for Tantive IV troops - just flat paintbucket). There are also a number of sounds missing. Also, the Jedi for the Rebels uses a mismatched combo and animationbank, which makes him deform on some of his animations. Finally, the droid used in GCW uses the wrong skeleton and as a result the model is deformed. The map itself tries to do a lot, but it also has a number of issues. First and foremost, it's just too big. There are huge distances between command posts and very little to even try and make them look different along the way - almost everything is flat. There are a few command posts that move towards a Hoth-style tunnel system, but there the problems intensify. Object placement here is sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. Almost none of the objects are aligned; you can see gaps between almost everything (even between some of the bunker exteriors and the terrain). The terrain itself could use a little work, too much of it is jagged and missing the smooth brush. It's not too bad a first attempt, and as mentioned above, I do applaud the author for trying to do several things - however, a lot of the things that were tried weren't done very well. I would suggest touching up what's mentioned above, maybe unifying the map a little (instead of the choppy Yavin IV - Hoth mixture it is now), and working on a version two (or just a new map entirely). -Mav




Crystal Forest | 4.99 MB

been his use of custom models, which always adds a lot in contrast with most maps (which just reuse stock models over and over). Crystal Forest does not disappoint. It doesn't look like any Star Wars planet (although I do not believe it is supposed to), but that's ok here. The map design is solid and the fluff around it is just a fun background to the battle. It reminded me of the "Rainbow Road" track that you'll find in many versions of "Mario Kart." The map itself is really just a winding platform level and is surprisingly simple (which is a good thing here). There are five CPs scattered around the map and it is all fairly close together, which makes for a quick playthrough. The background, as mentioned above is really fun-looking and can certainly capture the eye, but it isn't overly distracting (for extra fun play with bloom on). The author made effective use of AI hint nodes and good AI planning (I don't think I saw any AI fall off the edge), and the opposing team always hangs in there pretty close. I don't really have any complaints here. A solid map, well-done, and definitely worth a download. Nice work! -Mav




Rhen Var: Sanctuary | 43.82 MB

nice map with an interesting setup. Set on the icy planet Rhen Var, there is, as you might expect, a large snowfield as part of the battle. (These things seem almost to be a prerequisite for snowy maps.) Fortunately, it is done well - with scattered rubble and debris for both cover and ambiance - and it is not [i]all[/i] of the battle. Probably half the map is inside, and it is a pretty well-done interior, comprised of mostly Hoth and Rhen Var props (and an inexplicable but well-re-textured Death Star hallway). All in all, it's a nice balance of interior and exterior battle. This map also comes set up with a number of different modes - Conquest, Hero Assault, and XL (although it is technically Uber and not XL) for CW, GCW, and KotOR. The notable changes include a CW "hero assault" that is really a conquest between Jedi and droids, and of course the XL mode, which is really Uber (uber conquest). There aren't a lot of issues with this, although I did think I noticed at one point an AI enemy get stuck under some props at a CP (rendering it temporarily uncaptureable). Also, in XL/Uber, there wasn't enough memory allocated for AI planning and a lot of the AI just stand around at their spawnpoints. Anyway, if it looks decent, give it a shot. -Mav




AF Base | 84.51 MB

Mygeeto bridge connecting two opposite sides of a chasm. Just about all the battle takes place here on the bridge. The only game mode that works is Clone Wars conquest. Galactic Civil War conquest is available, but the mapper didn't add the Command Posts to the conquest objective, so the victory/defeat timer will begin the second you start the map. It might be better to simply remove this era from the list if you aren't going to use it. The sides consist of various characters who I assume represent clan members. I found the collection of weapons very strange. Most of the weapons were default weapons with insane amounts of ammo and faster reload time, though they still fired the same rate. Just about all the characters also carried a pistol with unlimited ammo and no overheat which has an extremely high rate of fire. The pistol is overpowered to the point where it trumps out all the primary weapons. It seems pointless to even have the other weapons when you have a pistol like this. I had a couple of complaints with the map. Firstly, the bot planning and barriers. The bots seemed to fall off the bridge at a near-constant rate. Luckily, the fall damage kills most of them, but the guys with jet packs all survive and get stuck at the bottom of the pit. I also noticed that the AI got stuck a lot on the various buildings. Setting up barriers will fix this. Lastly, I wasn't a fan of the retexturing scheme. The mapper seemed to have randomly put some of the skins through color filters. They missed quite a few textures, leaving some odd mixes of standard textures and various colors. Even in a goofy map like this, you need some kind of a sense of unity. I wouldn't reccomend this map unless you're a member of the clan this map was made for, or you just like strange maps. As it is, it's not a very fun map to play due to the lack of bot barriers and sides which I'm assuming were built for a different purpose than just single player conquest. Download if you so desire. -Xavious




Corellia: Hidden Valley | 68.35 MB

rainy forest, our hero finds himself up against a slightly-less-precognitive Rebel Alliance. That is to say, of course, that for this release, some changes have been made to the campaign (seen as "hero assault") to make it more accessible (one could even say "less impossible"). I am not completely sure, but I think a change was made to the texture (lightened a little?) of the campaign sniper unit you use yourself. Anyway, all that has held true in previous iterations of this map, designwise, holds true here. It is still a solid - if simple - map design, augmented by a smart use of environmental effects to create a believable atmosphere. The sides are still very similar to the stock sides, but that is by no means bad. Anyway, if you enjoyed previous versions, by all means download this to replace them, it is nothing if not an improvement. -Mav




Mygeeto Center | 265.35 MB

standard "grassy hills & plains" map that is so often the first map of a new modder. Mygeeto Center is - you guessed it - set in the [i]center[/i] of [i]Mygeeto.[/i] It's a pretty large map - there are a lot of command posts and there is a lot of open space. This isn't as detrimental as it might be on a grassy map (here things at least look less boring), but from a gameplay standpoint it doesn't succeed as well as it could in keeping the battle tight and continuous. The mapper makes good (if spaced-out) use of the stock Mygeeto assets in constructing this large battlefield. The physical layout is, however, the map's strong point. There are a number of other deficiencies which scream "first map" much more than the map layout - this isn't necessarily bad, but they don't make the map good and they should definitely be improved upon in future releases (of this map or anything else). For starters - the sky. [i]Yes,[/i] I know I say this all the time, but it is especially bad here since there is no real terrain horizon. You can see even more of the discontinuous sky that the default sky has, and it looks really bad and sloppy. Secondly - sounds. This can be a big thing for a beginner to tackle, especially since he has to create a custom sound level since no sound lvls by default load starfighter sounds. It's almost essential that they are there, though - I know when I started out mapping, I didn't think they made a big deal, but I have come to see otherwise - having sounds where they might otherwise be missing is an integral part of having a map that feels "complete." Thirdly - size. This is a HUGE download and entirely unnecessary. The download is a quarter of a gigabyte, and when unarchived is over 600 MB. Uncalled for. Please don't include entire stock sides with your modmap. Finally, some of the textures. There are some unit textures that are, no way around it, downright bad. They are paintbucketed colors onto stock unit textures, and they look really, really sloppy. Retexturing units is one of the first things a lot of people learn to do, because it has a very shallow learning curve - it is essential to at least be able to make passable retextures, though, if you want your map or mod to look good. Textures are very, very easy to spot flaws in. So all in all, probably a moderately-better-than-normal beginner map, but there are some serious deficiencies that need to be addressed as the mapper moves on in creating newer versions of this or new maps altogether. Give it a download if it looks interesting. -Mav




Terra Strife Sides Beta | 53.86 MB

Mygeeto map, featuring some of the sides from that work-in-progress. You'll immediately notice that things do look a little different (Mygeeto aside, of course). Several good reskins as well as some new playermodels fill out two sides, one the U.S. Marines, and one "Cobalt Force," a terrorist-analogue. All of the units' weapons are new models as well - not a small feat, considering that the models themselves are done well too. Another high point (and point of immediate notice) will be the sounds - you'll notice that not only do weapons have new (and presumably correct) sounds, but some of the units' voices have been given what I believe are different stock voiceovers, including some unused ones. Those two areas, appearance and sounds are certainly the high point - however, there are some areas in which I believe these sides need work, too. The first, and biggest, issue is going to be balance. For whatever reason (it may be something as simple as the time the grenade-analogues need to explode), the battle is consistently weighted in favor of the "Cobalt Force" side. Difficulty setting, side the player chooses - neither of these appear to matter as it is consistently easy to win as the terrorists but a very rare occurrence to win as the Marines. The second issue I would take is one of taste, perhaps, and the author and others can feel free to ignore it. I am opposed to the contrived "difficulty" given to this mod. You'll notice in the readme that the author encourages you to take cover often - this is not borne of some change in the AI or change in the way maps are scripted - it's simply because the weapons are more powerful. The actual game "difficulty" hasn't changed, weapons have just been made more powerful and consequently all this really means is that battles go faster and the player dies faster. Wheee! My suggestion related to the above would be to either increase the AI difficulty (through the lua, see campaign scripts) and not increase the shot power - simply making weapons more powerful is not truly increasing difficulty. Careful planning in custom maps or careful placement and setup of objects could in fact enhance difficulty, but the fact that this is a "shallow" difficulty increase is apparent on stock Mygeeto. Anyway, those issues aside, this is a well-done [b]beta[/b] version of Taivyx's upcoming mod, and anyone interested in it should be encouraged to check it out. -Mav




Lost Valley | 103.48 MB

Lost Vally takes place on a hillside next to a large lake and a few crashed ships. It features three game modes: Clone Wars Conquest, Galactic Civil War Conquest, and Galactic Civil War Hero Assault. One thing that makes this map have a cool appearance is the dark cloudy sky and deep water both of which give it a dark tint with still plenty of light. The trees with the dark green ground and the light colored sand also helps bring out the colors. There are also custom sides which always improve the game-play. In Clone Wars Conquest the sides are Jedi vs Clones. The Republic team is unchanged, however, the Jedi have custom skins which look really cool. In Clone Wars Conquest there is a slight advantage for the Jedi as may be the case in any map when you give one team lightsabers and the rest guns but it isn't to far off. A Jedi you can basically play through the whole map in one life but a Clone it is a little more difficult. On Galactic Civil War Conquest it is quite different from Clone Wars. The Empire has default sides with a Sith Lord. The other team has Acklay and Gizor Delso. This Era too has a slight advantage for one team but plenty expected. Except the Geonosians are the ones behind. And at last Galactic Civil War Hero Assault has the Naboo Royal Guard (with a few minor skin changes) vs Gamorreans and Wampa's. Despite the small advantage for one team the AI are very well and don't get caught anywhere which greatly increases game-play when you have "working" AI. On the downside there isn't much to complain about. The AI do really well and the advantages for some teams aren't too big of a deal since there isn't a significant difference in reinforcements. But the only things I noticed is that some of the units have floating icons and that some of the barrels and health/ammo droids are a little of the ground. It can't be seen as good up close when the foliage is in the way unless you have the distance settings on low or are back a ways where you can see some are off the ground a little and can be changed if there is a future version but again its nothing big. All in all its a really good map and most of the time its the setting that determines how the map plays out. Definitely worth a download. -Delta 47




Battle of Christophsis

chf.7z | 10.04 MB

Most of these bugs stem from the terrain changes that have taken place. The gameplay is almost nonexistent. All of the CP's along with the nodes and captures regions, except one are underground. The reinforcements drain out very quickly. I played it through several times and each match took around 2 and a half minutes. I didn't see an enemy unit once. [i]*Modder's Side Note: The main problem with this map is that the spawn nodes are underground. To change the height of a spawn node, select the node and then hold the shift key. Then left click and hold and move the mouse up and down.*[/i] One of the few good improvements is the placement of more objects. Much more interesting than the last release. If everyone would spawn [i]on top[/i] of the ground it would be a huge, monumental improvement. But as of right now it's not that fun. [b]-Saitek009[/b]




Grathe | 120.53 MB

is tied together really well - the sky fits with the rocks fits with the ground textures fits with the map layout. It does a good job at showing how effective a lot of subtle retexturing can be in creating a cohesive and original environment. The map plays very similar to XL Geonosis, with a lot of units on the field (it would more accurately be called "Uber" instead of "Conquest," because the unitcount is more like the former) and a number of command posts spread out without a distinct pattern. The two teams start on opposite sides of the map and eventually run into each other, although the map is big enough that it won't be a constant clash at one or two CPs. There are custom sides with the map - nothing complicated, just tweaks to the original units and some additional, similar units added on (like medic or support classes). The sides are nice changes, despite (or perhaps [i]because of[/i]) their simplicity. Unfortunately these side changes aren't done in the most efficient manner possible, and they will add a lot to the download size for simple changes (which could be done more effectively through lua). Additionally, the side shell files were included too, which adds another unnecessary 70 or so MB. Additionally, I could personally pass on the textures in the CW era; they made it very difficult to see the enemy. It's not all that fun, in my opinion, to just be shot from nowhere in particular and be left wondering what happened. Anyway, it's not a complicated map, but it is a nicely done environment and worth your download to try out, at least. So give it a try! -Mav




Jade Moon | 4.73 MB

surface. This is a very large map. Up front, large is the word. I would even say too large - this is the biggest singular thing I noticed about the map, above any of the good - which is too bad, because there is a lot of good stuff too. To be effective and have tight, concise gameplay, the map should be about half as large with nearly the same amount of command posts. But the fact that the map is a lot of running around and chasing the other team's CP captures aside (but this is a [b]big[/b] aside), the map is pretty good. I like the conceptual design at least, with the platforms and the hangar and the ground battle. What you'll be quick to notice is that the majority of the map is custom models. This is always nice, and adds a lot to how new and original a map feels. The models aren't perfect by any stretch of the imagination - actually, the models may be very nice, but their textures don't do them justice. Some of the textures (most of the little bunkers) are too large and low-resolution to look nice, while others are too "tiled" (main hangar textures). While I wouldn't usually let bad texturing slide, with new models I'm willing to be lenient, simply because new models are so crucial to having an original-feeling map (and I won't be hypocritical either - my building textures certainly aren't pro either). Anyway, while this map as a whole isn't the [i]best[/i], it was a new and original experience, which is my #1 priority when I'm looking for a map. This won't stay in my addon folder, but it was a darn sight more fun to play through than a lot of the maps we recieve. -Mav




Yavin Mountains | 7.59 MB

a CP for each side at each end there is one in the middle that is neutral. There is only Clone Wars and Galactic Civil Wars Conquest. In Clone Wars the sides are default and there are tanks for each team. While in Galactic Civil War the Empire has default sides and the Alliance side has Gamorrean Guard's, Acklay's, Gungan's, Tusken Hunter's, Bothan Spy's, Wookiee Warrior's, and Gizor Delso as the hero. There are also no vehicles in GCW. The AI seemed to be very good on this map because there aren't a lot of structures besides some Yavin ruins to get caught in. As far as gameplay goes like I said before if you like tanks (or a mix of units for GCW) than you'll like this map. There aren't any bugs that I saw everything appeared to work fine. However the gameplay seemed a little dull from my perspective because it was a little to open and you basically ran into the battle instead of hiding behind a lot of objects. Sounds good? Give it a download. -Delta 47




Space Yavin | 46.38 MB

Troopers Han Solo (as a stormtrooper) Luke Skywalker (as a stormtrooper) Proper Ship Names Capital Ship Turbo Lasers Hanger Shields Disabled That's it! I personally disliked the Hanger Shields being disabled because now you have turrets blowing you up in the Hangers but it does make it a little more fun. Also the capitol ships with capturable CP's you can't land in so don't try unless your careful! The new sides for the Alliance are Han Solo and Luke Skywalker as Stormtroopers and for the Empire Darth Vader and Shock Troopers. It's a really nice improvement so if you enjoyed version 1 than you should give this a look into. -Delta 47




Bespin: Industry City | 86.88 MB

[url=";95938"]here[/url]. There aren't a whole lot of large changes but definitely worth mentioning. The changes since version 1.0 are as follows: -Millenium Falcon for GCW conquest added -Han, Chewe and Boba added for GCW conquest -One hero has been change -MaxflyHeight have been change from 180 to 300 -Some names have been change -Star Destroyer domes on GCW hav been removed -The minimap is better but not perfect -less units and reinforcements All in all its a nice improvement but there are still some objects not connected properly but certainly not that big of deal. If you enjoyed the previous version than why not download version 2.0? -Delta 47




Tygina | 64.96 MB

that's what the majority of the props were), although I noticed some floating objects here and there around the edges of the map that really contrasted badly with the rest of the scenery. Of special note was the job done on the sky - using the canopy (from either Kashyyyk or Endor, I can't remember) with the nighttime sky made for a nice effect. The CP setup works well, although some of them feel a little too close together - that close, and it means the AI autobalance (what the game uses to balance AI against human players) really tilts the battle in favor of the AI's team. So it'll either be a "more challenging" experience or a "unwelcomed-ly challenging" experience - your mileage may vary. There are also some changes made to the sides - they are fairly similar to the stock sides (although all the names of the weapons are "correct," which makes for a bit more cluttered screen when trying to figure out who has what), and some new units have been added. The units of note are the pseudo-heroes added for either side (unlockable heroes, basically). This is fine, because it'll let the AI play as heroes, but there's really no incentive to play as normal units once you have access to these, because they're so overpowering (the REP hero/unit is especially ridiculously strong). I think setting this up with the AI hero support script would have been a lot better, because it provides the AI heroes without the "getting to play as a hero all the time" business. All in all, it's a pretty good map. Give it a download if you like. -Mav




Zorolar: Volcanic Asteroid | 269.52 MB

some criticism as well. The best things to be said here are some important ones: First, the author is obviously trying to be creative, in that his world is not set on (pick one) Yavin, Geonosis, or Tatooine. Second, there are none of the original map textures in there (except for a small part that's viewable thanks to the flyers, but was obviously not intended to be), including a change in the worn-out Yavin sky to a much more appropriate nighttime sky. However, there are several points of contention I would make. The biggest point is that this is a two-CP conquest map. Yep, [i]two[/i] CPs. That means you just fight and fight and fight and gee, well, the map might as well be an assault map because there's not a lot of conquering to be done. It's possible, of course, to win by conquest, but winning by conquest by capturing a single CP isn't any fun either. The second point is that the map itself is pretty bland. Yes, the author did make a good effort to make it different from the multitude of "first-map-Yavin-IVs" out there, but new ground textures does not an exciting map make - at least not by themselves. There is a little terrain variation, but for the most part it's just a flat map, with a small assortment of hodgepodge props near each CP. Also, adding flyers to your map is a fine idea, but it's worth it to make sure the flyers have sound, and it's also worth it to make sure that it doesn't look sloppy once you get up in the air. It's a lot easier to see the sloppiness around the edges of a map when you can free-fly. Additionally, the hero assault/conquest maps feel pretty unimaginitive. Yes, some of the heroes have new names, but they're basically the same heroes you're used to using in hero assault (and in the case of hero assault, they're the [i]exact same[/i] units, just with different localizations). Adding a pistol or a chaingun as a secondary to a Jedi just feels a little silly when it's really the only change you've made. Finally, filesize. Gee whiz, this is over 600 MB uncompressed - for a single map. That's uncalled for. There are a lot of ways to trim filesize - the biggest one is going to be not including a completely remunged all.lvl, imp.lvl, cis.lvl, rep.lvl, and jed.lvl. Heck, there are some .lvl files you can just straight-up delete; having tur.lvl and any of the SIDEshell.lvls is unnecessary. -Mav




Sraiden: Ash Forest

llv.7z | 25.53 MB

remain of what looks to be a once mighty forest. As the readme states, the Galactic Civil War era has had the most work put into it. New units and vehicles have been added whereas the Clone War era sides(Barring a few name changes) remain vanilla with no vehicles. The sides in GCW with their custom weapons are really something to behold. In GCW I found myself changing my style to sniping rather than the standard Battlefront Rambo-esque style. It took me more than one play-through to try them all out. :-) [i]*Modders Side Note For those of you who want interesting custom weapons in your maps, check out [b]Sky/Skyhammer_216/Skammer_216's[/b] very own[file=95780] Weapons Pack.[/file] It has some very nice weapons in it for those times that you're at a loss for what to add.*[/i] The gameplay moves along at a very brisk pace with, in my experience, every CP changing hands at least three times. With the Command Posts changing teams so quickly it was hard to feel like I had much of an impact on the outcome of the game. But that's probably my Rambo nature showing through. There is less cover than it first appears, so, it's wise to keep moving especially in GCW with it's more damaging custom weapons. From the ash in the air to the deadly flamespouts, details were very much concentrated on in this map. All things considered this is a great quality map. I recommend a download. [b]-Saitek009[/b]




Old Battlefield

obf.rar | 17.25 MB

default Yavin 4 sky and sides, and the CP's haven't been moved. There aren't much hiding areas either so if you'll have to go straight into the battle. Its fun to fight around in and looks great but as always changing the sky and sides would be great improvements. Take a look at the screen shots and download if it looks good. -Delta 47




Tatooine: Anchorhead Settlement | 21.8 MB

Anchorhead Settlement by Game_Jedi. The setting of the map is, obviously, Tatooine. There's four Command Posts, two for each side. Two are in the actual city, with one for each team, and two are in the outskirts. There were areas with many props that seemed highly detailed, but then there were areas with nothing but flat terrain. It was a very odd contrast. Another thing that irked me was the pointy terrain. Use the blend tool! Besides, in KotOR, the entire area was surrounded by dunes, not mountains. One more thing I ntoiced were some missing textures inside the sandcrawler. Gameplay was kind of bleh. The map is, intentionally or not, seperated into two distinct areas, with a valley of Geonosis-colored sand connecting them. Team 2 often captured the second outskirt CP with ease, making victory as simple as holding at the hanger. The map is very linear, so it's easy to block off areas of the map from the enemies. The author littered the map with chaingun turrets, seemingly at random. They don't help gameplay at all. There's also a lot of speeders, which tend to get stuck in various places One of the questions you're probably asking is, does it resemble Tatooine from KotOR? Yes and no. While I did recognize various features from the game, the general environment of the map doesn't look at all like KotOR. There's no KotOR sides either, though KotOR speeders are avaiable. Not much more to say here. Download if it looks intersting to you. -Xavious




Hoth: Frozen Valley | 41.31 MB

mentioned in my previous review, which is nice. I also noticed that there were more rocks and objects, and the terrain was more varied. The AI did have trouble running into some of the rocks; the author must have missed them when putting barriers on the objects. The Command Posts have been moved a little bit, so it's not just a battle between the two front CPs. The most important change, in my opinion, was the addition of speederbikes and Taun Tauns. They make it [i]so[/i] much easier to navigate such a large map. Plus, the AI are pretty smart with them, using them to get at your rear CPs. This really helps move gameplay around the map more. I only have a couple of complaints off the top of my head. Firstly, why do the droids start off Republic speederbikes? Shouldn't they have STAPs? Also, since the Republic has Taun Tauns, which don't have weapons, it's not a fair match-up, combat-wise. Another thing I'd like to mention is the loadscreen. It doesn't reflect the map in it's current state. Lastly, the area around the Rebel transport is has no terrain height variation. It's out of the way of any combat or gameplay, but it could still use a bit of touching up. That's about it. A nice improvement on the author's part. Download away if it looks interesting. -Xavious




Battle on Ord Mantell | 35.95 MB

think we've seen made for Battlefront 2 yet. The environment of the map slightly resembles Raxus Prime in some parts, but with much less junk. The other main area was more Yavin-ish, with trees and grass. The map isn't [i]entirely[/i] exterior, however; there's also a Hoth-esque tunnel and a Yavin ruins tunnel. And some narrow bridges over foggy chasms. What I liked about this map was how no two areas were the same. You never know what you'll find around the next corner or over the next hill. The only complaint I have about the environment is the default Yavin grass texture. In my opinion, it's way too bright green and just plain ugly. But meh, can't say it really detracted from the map much. Sadly, while I loved the appearance of Ord Mantell, I can't say the same about the gameplay. It's a big map, and there's a lot of Command Posts. But not enough units. I encountered a severe lack of combat while exploring the map. Most of the time, CPs are left unguarded because all the bots are off capturing [i]other[/i] CPs, making the goal of the map simply to run in circles, capturing and recapturing your positions. There's some vehicles, but they didn't aid the gameplay very much. All in all, an fairly average map. It's not good, but it's not bad. The author needs to take into consideration the size of the map in ratio to the number of units. Usually, I'd say shoot for a smaller sized map, rather than trying to use up all the space given to you. Downloaders, give this one a try if you so desire. -Xavious




Hoth: Frozen Valley | 42.24 MB

I don't know if this is intentional, or if this is an error loading the texture, but the author did mention "odd coloration of snow." The next thing I noticed was how flat the map was. There's walls on the sides of the map, but everything else is just flat, dull, and boring. And might I mention, quite a bit too big? The author did mention that he was aware of the map being too large, and that he had no intention of fixing it. My question is, why? The map just doesn't work being so large. Which brings me to gameplay. It's the same old, repetitive gameplay you'll see in most beginner maps. ALL of the battle will take place between the two middle CPs, with the outside four being ignored completely. It takes a while to walk from one CP to another, and the scenary is bland, so you'll likely end up bored and just give up. Also, since the combat all takes place between two CPs, there's likely not going to be any reinforcement drain, meaning the battle could take a long time. So, while this is a minor improvement over the previous version, the author still has a lot to work on in terms of both gameplay and environment. Give this a download if it entices you, and make sure you read the readme for installation instructions if you need 'em. -Xavious




Jedi Enclave | 19.46 MB

Hero Assault only with two CP's, one for each side. Its mostly indoors except for a small landing area with a wall around it where the Heroes spawn. There are barrels in the hallways and outside but in some way it seems empty and there isn't much to hide behind. As he says in the ReadMe the AI basically just stand there. You might be able to fix this by adding AI Paths. Anyway, there are no major bugs, the only things I noticed is some of the wall textures are glitchy and the terrain is still the default Yavin texture. I suggest changing it to a more Dantooine color as you can see out of some of the windows. There's a black ring in between the sky and the terrain. its clearly visible outside and through some windows, adding in large hills in the background might help. Another thing is the map ceiling is not set very high so jumping isn't very easy outside, I suggest raising it just a bit so that you can still jump and fly without leaving the battlefield. Adding custom KotOR sides would be a major improvement and changing the things mentioned above would make it a lot better. As said before there isn't really much you can do in Single Player but it would be fun for Multiplayer. So if it looks like something you would like give it a download since it isn't very big. Last of all I'd like to thank everyone for welcoming me on the Staff and I hope I can be some help here! -Delta 47




Hoth: Frozen Valley | 5.55 MB

Valley is exactly what it says on the cover - a valley in a Hoth setting. The battlefield is essentially a big "U" made up of a string of command posts, so it plays like a bunch of command posts in a line, which might be ok, except for the fact that the CPs are so far apart. This is a common problem on "first maps," in my opinion - things just look a lot smaller in Zeroeditor than they do ingame. And while there is certainly room for artistic freedom, the ground texture was very odd - I gather that it was supposed to be the epynomically "frozen" ground, but it was recolored in a very odd way that left lots of purple and some green inexplicably in a snowfield. Other things I might mention - there is the seemingly-inevitable Yavin sky. You might like it, you might think it fits (I know I did in my first map, but I was wrong too), you might not want to learn how to change it - but it should be changed. While the author did a good job of concealing the sky's black bar at ground level, once you climb up a mountainside, it becomes easily visible. There were also some texturing issues - in that there were a number of rock props that were missing textures. Sides-wise, while I have nothing against the stock sides (I like them), it might be nice to use the premade snow units that the stock hoth maps use. The Rebels stood out a lot in their jungle/woodsy camo in a snowy setting, and snowtroopers for the Imperials couldn't have hurt. All in all, it's a nice idea, but gameplay-wise it doesn't work very well simply because of the size of the map. First thing I would suggest to the author is to get a good feel for size and how it relates to gameplay. Likewise, there are a number of things that could be touched up visually. If the pictures intrigue you, though, who am I to stop you? Give it a try. -Mav




The Pwnfest

thepwnfestsetupv3_0_beta.exe | 151.34 MB

time. Unlike other maps of the wacky ilk, [i]Pwnfest[/i] doesn't try too hard to make unit weapons look like "super-collossal-mega-ultimate" attacks, but instead concentrates on how the units are used and what can be done in the map. No, it's not a realistic map, but while in most cases I would balk at this, it does a very good job at setting itself up to be the games arena it purports to be. The modes are nice and varied, but the best parts are the small, scripted minigames scattered throughout the level. They actually feel like something different and new, and that's all I want to see if I'm playing a map that's not leaning too heavily on the "conquest" setup that Battlefront's proven itself to be most adept at. There are also a number of small scripted events or just fun places to explore. As someone who really likes scripting stuff into his maps, I really appreciated the work that went into this and it's really neat to walk into a new area and hear a music trigger or see an animated elevator. So what are you waiting for? If you like the whole "wacky," non-standard genre of maps, this is definitely worth a shot. If you're at all interested in trying something new, give this a shot. It's really fun to try out and definitely worth a couple playthroughs to see everything. -Mav




Tatooine Fire Fight | 72.84 MB

a small/medium-sized battlefield set on the eponymous Tatooine, in a junkyard. It's a pretty good setup for close-ish quarters combat; it avoids the "wide-open-spaces" phenomenon that plagues all [i]too[/i] many maps. It also does a nice job of making the battle a little more free-flowing; thanks to the array of props and the arrangement of CPs a linear battle is avoided. There are a couple of things I might take issue with. First is the sky - it's Yavin. Again. Try a new sky, and besides, with flat map edges, the Yavin sky looks bad... which leads me to the second issue - the terrain. As with a lot of maps, it's unnaturally flat. You're not in the middle of a large town, it's surrounded by nothing - there should be at least some terrain variation. All in all, this map isn't a great map, but it's certainly not a bad map and it's certainly better than the average beginner map. -Mav




Crazy Town: Settlement | 14.92 MB

placed objects - this map has everything you need to smash any sort of suspension of disbelief in terms of being immersed in the SW universe. Now, normally I'd just call the abovementioned issues "bugs" and move on, but the author claims that they're intentional - and I'm not sure if that's not worse. There are plenty of ways to make a "wacky" map and not have it look poorly-constructed, and I wish that it was done more often. This map smacks of semi-completion, from the completely flat terrain to the Yavin sky. Even the command posts haven't been moved from their original location. It's worth mentioning that the author tried to have some sort of secondary goal for the map - finding the "computer terminals." It's a nice idea, but nothing ingame mentions them, we don't see what they're supposed to look like, and when you find them, nothing happens. If you want to add in a secondary objective, I would work a little more to make it feel like a real objective. That being said, it could be an idea worth developing further. I suppose if you haven't had anything new for a while and this just sounds [i]terrifically[/i] new, then give it a download. Otherwise, I might pass on this one. -Mav




Artus Prime

atp.rar | 23.58 MB

overly dark and a map that left me looking twice to see where I was going. This is a big issue and easily the most prominent one for this map. I also noticed a couple other bugs (AT-ST missing sound, unlocalized force judgement for Kyle Katarn). Fortunately, from there on out things are more positive. The concept of the map is pretty neat, and with a bit more polish could be pretty neat in execution, too. I like the work he did retexturing old assets and combining them with new ones to give an original feel to his map. Terrain was used well also - it wasn't as rough and unnatural as varied terrain can sometimes be, but it wasn't flat either. Good use of terrain like that can make a map feel much more realistic. If there were a couple of things I wish I'd seen, the first would be more props. I understand that this is an attempt at a recreation of a level from another game, but exercise a little authorial freedom and make the map feel a little more "busy." Secondly, I'd like to see a loadscreen. This map is good enough that nitpicky stuff like loadscreens can really help put it a notch above. Finally, of course, do a better job with lighting. That really hurt the ambiance of the map, and it's something I'd make sure to get right if I plan on playing with it at all. -Mav




Eriadu: Mountaintop City | 54.48 MB

thing I noticed when I loaded up the map was the loadscreen, which a lot of modders overlook. A nice little touch, as the small little things really can can add up. Speaking of small things, the title of the map was localized as "Eriadu: Mountaintop city," wherein city should be capitalized, since it's a part of the title and hence a proper noun. Bah, I'm starting to sound like an English teacher. Moving on. Where was I... ah, I believe I was just spawning. Oh, look, a minimap! How cool. From the minimap you can see both sides of the city, which are seperated by two bridges. When I spawned, I saw the fog, which looked very nice. There were some Mygeeto props mixed in with the grey and blue buildings (which you can see in the screenshots) and it all looked great. I also noticed Republic gunships and vulture droids flying around in the sky. Very, very nice. I have but one problem with all of this, and it is the grey and blue buildings. There's no variation! All of them look exactly the same. It would be nice if some of them were colored a different shade, or if some of them actually had an interior of some sort besides just an empty room. Gameplay was great; I actually felt immersed in the battle, a feeling I don't get from very many maps. I liked the placement and number of the Command Posts, as it encouraged the use of strategy. I found the Follow Me command somewhat useful on this map. Balance was tipped slightly in the favor of the Republic/Empire, but it wasn't hugely noticable. There were some AI problems as well- running into walls, walking off buildings- but again, not a big problem. There's some custom sides too; they're fairly simple, but they work. And that about sums it up. The only real complaints I have are the ones mentioned above. If you've got some spare time, go ahead and give this map a download; you won't regret it. -Xavious




Super Arena Land | 6.37 MB

terrain, with the Yavin sky...). It's a decent setup, but to be honest, with the basic Yavin objects and no change to the Yavin visuals, it's pretty boring. The gameplay is solid, though. It's also worth mentioning that the map could be improved by a few object placement tweaks (there's some Z-fighting on some textures) and by doing some blending on the terrain. To summarize, it's a very simple, solid idea, but it isn't very pretty in the end. Give it a try if you like. -Mav




Episode II Geonosis | 142.7 MB

(which is why people actually keep making these). Well, chalk one more up to that category (FYI, I don't actually [i]expect[/i] any of them to be movie accurate, I'm just making note of their claims). Not to say that battlefrontconquer's version of Geonosis doesn't have its strengths. It is a very well put-together [i]map;[/i] it looks nice when zooming around the battlefield with Freecam. I especially liked some of the areas on the periphery - the terrain and object placement was especially nice there. However, the weaknesses of this map, while perhaps fewer than the strengths, are definitely greater in magnitude. The single biggest problem is the size of the map. I don't know how many times I'll say it, but smaller maps are usually the better choice. Playing through this map felt more like a chore and less like a pleasant diversion, and eventually I had to relent and use FakeConsole to enable infinite running energy just so that I could actually see all of the map in a reasonable amount of time. Right up front I'll say that I want nothing to do with maps where all I get to do is run around. It's just plain no fun. I'm also going to take issue with the setup of the LAAT - maybe this is minor to some, but this was set up very poorly. The controls were reversed, which is a real pain since pointing up to go up isn't intuitive. Likewise, the AI was absolutely hopeless at flying this. Later on in the battle I saw a number of LAATs spinning in midair, not going anywhere. Talk about detracting from the ambience. To the author, I'll say that it's obvious you have a firm grasp on mapping skills, and there's certainly nothing wrong with your ideas. However, like I say so often, "gameplay, gameplay, gameplay." Make sure your map is fun to play and works well in terms of gameplay. -Mav




Eriadu: Mountaintop City | 40.42 MB

urban map. This map features two large plateaus, each with a number of buildings on them, connected by a bridge. Visibility is low, but that works here, since you're basically in alleyways all the time anyway. The problem with this map is that, beyond the concept, it kind've falls flat. Aside from the buildings themselves, very few props were used, and so there is very much the appearance of only a shell of a town - it just doesn't look real. Also, the uniformity of the setup makes any sense of size of the map really hard to tell - everything looks the same. And there's a problem with lag/FPM reduction, probably caused by the combination of lots of fog and AI count. I'd love to see the author try and make something that didn't have to use excessive amounts of fog. Now, I'd love to see this concept fleshed out (and optimized for performance within the game's specs - I've seen plenty of highly detailed game atmospheres that don't bog down computers), because I do think it's a really neat idea. Give it a download, it's worth a playthrough or two, but the uniformity of the map will quickly make it tiresome - something to think about for future versions. -Mav




GFAQ Assault City

gfaq_assault_city_1.1.exe | 20.51 MB

platforms. Below, you can actually go through the "streets", which are very narrow. There's a few dead ends, at least one of which had multiple healer droids. Healing a hero is a pain, so I congratulate the author in aleviating such a problem. There's also what appear to be rotating walls and elevators in this map. The purpose of the walls escapes me, but the "elevators" (LAAT gunships which move vertically) seem to be useful in getting to the higher areas in the map. Now for my beefs with it. The AI seemed to be pathed alright, but the two teams rarely engaged each other, resulting in me being mostly the only one actually scoring. This is not really the author's fault; the AI can't think to do complicated maneuvers. The map seems like it's designed more for human players, so this is forgivable. Not much else to say. It's a default hero assault in an interesting city. Download if you like the sound of it. ~Penguin Unit~




Graigen Colony | 66.8 MB

combination of assets from a couple worlds, and most importantly, it [i]keeps the battle small[/i]. Small, tight battles can make a small amount of ZE work go a long way. The sides themselves are nothing spectacular (just stock SWBF2 units, albeit mixed-up), but they feel ok in the map. One thing to note would be that since the stock jettrooper_rifleman and jettrooper_sniper were used, if you try and switch primary weapons with either one of those, SWBF2 will freeze. This is always going to be an issue whenever you use those unmodified stock units. This is certainly a good map and worth a download. Give it a shot.




Attack in Yavin Canyons (v.1.2) | 81.75 MB

plays. Like he said, more props were added (which was a welcome addition). Additionally, new skins were added as well as new localizations of the weapons (despite the fact that the actual weapons are unchanged). The author mentions that he doesn't know how to create a new side, which surprises me, since he obviously had to make new sides for the new skins. Visually it's nice, but I could live without it since it really just makes you think you're getting something different when you're not. It's not a bad map, but there are a few things I'd take objection to, primary ones being object placement and sheer terrain. Just make sure your objects are all grounded fully (or as close as you can get on uneven terrain) and make sure that your terrain gets the "blend" tool used on it. -Mav




Clone Remnant: Naboo Beta III | 84.38 MB

there. The biggest plus of this map, is, I think, the atmosphere. From my previous review: [quote]I like how this appears, Naboo-wise. It doesn't try to recreate Theed while at the same time staying away from the standard plains-type map. It reminded me somewhat of a more industrial city, probably because of the large towers and the dust in the air (I would suggest toning down the dust somewhat, though, as it looks a little sloppy).[/quote] This still holds true, although the dust did appear to be reduced. Most of the change to the map appears to come in the form of side changes, though, and not changes in the map from previous versions. The sides are expanded significantly, and they're nice in that they're not just different versions of the stock classes. It's worth noting that campaign appears to be unfinished (or unstarted, if the lack of objectives is any indication) and hunt is incomplete, as mentioned in the readme. I'll hold off on saying whether this is a really good map until then, but it's headed in a positive direction. Finish it up and let's see what results. -Mav




Island of Chaos: The (darkness) Clan Map

thedarknessmap_installatim.exe | 61.51 MB

vanilla, despite the fact that everything's weird colors and that the weapons fire-faster/do-more-damage/look-brighter/take-your-pick. Every unit has a lightsaber and some kind of overpowered weapon. Both sides have a unit with an overpowered rifle, both sides a unit with an overpowered shotgun, both sides a unit with an overpowered rocket launcher... I think you get the idea. The objects do make for an interesting playing field, but, at least in my opinion, that's too little, too late, to salvage a map that consigns itself to one-hit kills and lightsabers for everyone. -Mav




Geonosis Jedi Arena | 27.75 MB

which cannot be captured. The CPs are scattered throughout the arena, with the Jedi CPs near the middle and then droids surrounding them. You can only play as the Jedi; upon trying to play as the CIS, you will instead spawn on the Jedi side. I'm not sure if the author did this on purpose or accident, but I'm sure everyone would appreciate being able to choose the team they wanted instead of having the choice forced upon them. You've got three Jedi classes to choose from; a blue single saber, a green single saber, and a double blue saber. The moment you spawn, a billion laser bursts fly at you and certain death is imminent unless you remember to use your block. Keep in mind that while you play this map, that block move is your best friend unless you want to die a thousand deaths. (Literally) I have a number of suggestions and comments for the author, and I will present these in the form of a list. [list]-The ground is too flat, and there's no cover at all. Sure, it looked like that in the movie, but it doesn't make very good gameplay. -The CP positioning didn't seem to have a lot of thought. Place some objects and hide some CPs on top of or near them. -Sides. Only three classes on the Jedi side? At least add the rest of the Jedi from the Order 66 campaign mission. -The sky doesn't fit Geonosis. It's too blue. -Fix the bug where you can only select the Jedi team. -Do some planning work to prevent AI clumping together at certain points. -Make all the CPs capturable. -Look into custom sides. -Add some of the Jedi such as Mace Windu and Obi-Wan. -Get some new models to spruce up the map. -Don't forget to include installation instructions in your ReadMe![/list] I think that's it. Downloaders, take a look at the screenshots. If you like what you see, give this map a try. Remember, leave feedback for the author if you download this file, it's how we can help others improve and grow as modders. -Xavious




Geonosis: Jedi Battle | 27.83 MB

start - first, there's already a released version of a Geonosis Arena map that's much better than this one, and secondly, there's another work-in-progress of a Geonosis Arena map that's very similar to the first. That being said, there is of course nothing wrong with taking a stab at a popular battle from the movies. For what the map is trying to do, I think it succeeds. However, I've never been a fan of [i]any[/i] attempts at recreating this battle, simply because the gameplay is really pretty one-sided (I'm sure the Jedi in Episode II would probably agree). Once you force a team into the uncaptureable command posts in the center of the map, the battle's pretty much over. The same thing is a problem here. Likewise, the balance of Jedi vs. droids is pretty off. Given any decent player (or even just letting the AI do its thing), the Jedi will win every time. If you want to balance a bunch of strong melee units like that against weak blaster units, you have to either reduce the health or number (or attiributes like blaster deflection or blade strength) of the melee units. The gameplay was even relatively better (although no less monotonous, once one team was forced to the center) in GCW (which the author says not to play), simply because the sides balance wasn't as off as Jedi vs. droids was. I'd like to say that I think the author did a good job, however, of using stock models to attempt to recreate the arena. It's not perfect, especially given the fact that the community has use of an actual set of true Arena models, but for the tools he used it wasn't bad. Also worth noting is the fact that while the stock Yavin sky was used (and although it would still be better to change to a Geonosis sky), it does work here, because you don't see the horizon. Take note, because that doesn't happen often. Also, make sure in any future versions to fix localizations. Team and AI names for the Jedi team were nonexistant/unlocalized. -Mav




Abridon 6 | 32.41 MB

get. That's not all a bad thing - this [i]isn't[/i] a poorly-constructed map. There are no floating objects and it looks pretty good (although exactly like Endor). It's a little weird (and it technically makes no sense, readme explanation or not) to have the Death Star II floating above the heads of the Clones and CIS. The real issue with this map is in the gameplay department. There are still just four CPs (although they appear to have been moved a little). There are no special units for either team (except for the Republic's jettrooper). This makes winning the game extraordinarily easy (especially once you get a hero). A battle here will probably last no more than about 5 minutes. In summary, this isn't a bad map, construction-wise, although I would avoid making a map that looks so much like a preexisting stock map (especially the DSII skydome - that's easy to fix and should have been done right away). Make sure for future maps that you work on the gameplay - don't make it so easy to win that your map becomes dull. -Mav




Beggar's Canyon | 58.12 MB

Tatooine maps, Beggar's Canyon. The entire map is enclosed within a huge canyon (thus the name of the map) with a bunch of Command Posts sprinkled throughout. There's objects and cover near these positions, but there is not much more than sand in between Command Posts. It could use a bit more sprucing up, more rocks and arches would look good. Some dust would help the visual aspect a bit. I think a small sandstorm or two would add to the variation. Some of the canyon objects in the distance tend to disappear when you look at them, so mess around with visibility in the sky file to try to cover that up. Gameplay needs some work. It's a [i]big[/i] canyon, speeders and other vehicles are a must for this type of map, unless you like really, [i]really[/i] like walking. There isn't much, if anything, in the way of planning. Most of the AI will just stand around, or get stuck on objects or the canyon wall. In addition, the AI count was the default, so you're really not gonna see much of the enemy unless you go charging into their base. Oh, and I believe I forgot to mention that you'll find some Tusken Raiders in the Tusken camp. And for some reason Jabba the Hutt is hiding in one of their tents. So, in conclusion, this map needs [list]-More objects/ map detail -A tad bit more dust -Vehcles! Speeders and hovertanks, or maybe a command walker. -Planning and barriers. -Up the AI count.[/list] If you're a fan of Tatooine maps, or if you are intrigued by the screenshots below, give this map a download. Make sure you leave feedback if you download this file, it's how we can help others improve and grow as modders. -Xavious Note to the author - You might want to put a little more information in your readme file. Usually, someone new to SWBFFiles won't know what the addon folder is or where to find their GameData folder.




C01 | 156.9 MB

whole purpose of the blaster-specific training is defeated by the overpowered Jedi characters on each side. The map itself is lacking in a number of areas. The author can place objects, yes, but the placement of these objects isn\'t very well thought out, and leads to poor gameplay as a result. The brownish Tatooine buildings don\'t fit at all with the oversaturated green ground texture. There\'s a couple of Jabba\'s Palace objects, but they just don\'t work out the way they are placed. The sky is horridly pixelated. And the Command Posts have not been moved from their default positions. (Although the author did move the spawn paths....huh?) The sides consist of a mix between default units and wacky Jedi characters with oversized lightsabers. There\'s also a force lightning attack that does barely any damage, but instead acts as a \"super force push\" of sorts. All of the Jedi also have malfunctioning lightsaber throw attacks. Dooku\'s lightsaber throw doesn\'t work at all. The rest of the characters\' saber throws are slower than a snail climbing Mount Everest. Oh, and did I mention the oversized lightsabers? I\'ve given you the facts, it\'s up to you to decide if you want to download this map. If you do download, make sure you leave feedback; it\'s the best way to help modders get better and improve. -Xavious




The Cage Match | 165.84 MB

perspective on the genre of "crazy maps" that I seem to usually dismiss offhand. I'm kinda half-and-half, here. First impressions are really important, and I'm disappointed to say mine wasn't that great. Almost immediately, I noticed that there were [i]object misplacements[/i]. I found floors floating slightly off of nearby stairs, and I must say, I was baffled. I don't understand how a map can get to version 4.0 and there still be simple errors like this. That seemed totally uncalled for. That being said, there are some truly nice aspects to this, too. As usual, Dann does a fantastic job on his textures, which, if unrealistic, are highly creative and high-quality. I especially like the level of detail in his jettrooper textures. Also, from what I understand, Dann doesn't use particle editor, and in light of that he's done a nice job with the particle effects, too. He also does a nice job of being creative with his "world." I'm not a fan of how tacky some parts look, like the sheer terrain wall, which just looks bad. But the job he's done with his floating fortresses (etc.) is a very nice one and looks appropriate for the setting. And I must say that the stick figures with the giant mallets was hilarious. Don't know why, but it just made me giggle. Unfortunately, the thing that gets me every time I play a map like this is how plain (and I know it might seem counter-intuitive that I use this word) the gameplay is. I remember specifically taking a unit to the enemy's command post in one of the modes and just holding down the fire button for about 5 minutes. I don't even think I really even had to watch the computer screen. Maybe I was just lucky that instance, but still, that's not terribly exciting gameplay for me. Likewise, I feel like every time I played it was just stand and shoot, no real strategy to it. Just shoot and hope you're not shot, because there's no dodging giant bombs that blow everything up. In summary, there are some really well-done aspects to this map and some disappointing ones. Dann's shown that he's very proficient at making maps like this, and I know by seeing this that he's got a fine grasp of mapmaking skills. I'd love to see what he could do on a more realistic map. -Mav




Clone Remnant Naboo BETA 2 | 75.78 MB

[url=;86954]here.[/url] Note to the author: I apologize for not getting in contact with you earlier; I know you'd asked me to play through this (presumably) before you uploaded it here. Regardless, I'll treat this as I would any beta test and do my best to offer you some helpful suggestions. About the map: As was described in the previous version of this, this is a fairly straightforward Naboo map. I ended up spawning first as the Republic, and I have to say that it was a nice view of the city, having to approach it from over a large bridge. It was a good first impression. However, it is clear that this is only a beta version, as there are still kinks to work out. I like how this appears, Naboo-wise. It doesn't try to recreate Theed while at the same time staying away from the standard plains-type map. It reminded me somewhat of a more industrial city, probably because of the large towers and the dust in the air (I would suggest toning down the dust somewhat, though, as it looks a little sloppy). First, clear up the edges of the map. Make sure you have boundaries so that you can't walk all the way out to the sides, and if possible give it some skydome horizon props (like mountains) so that it doesn't look like the map just ends. The author did a mostly good job object-placement-wise, although I did find one floating set of buildings (Get in contact with me on GT, and I'll send you the screens I took). The main problem I see in this map, and this was alluded to by Xavious in the previous review, is that there's a large amount of empty space. You need to fill up this space with buildings, props, something. (And if you do use more Bespin props, like the fountain I saw, be sure to reskin it so that it fits its surroundings.) Adding vehicles alone won't fix this issue. (Also, it's worth noting that with the map as open as it is now, anything that shoots straight and fast - snipers, Han - will dominate on this map.) Also, as previously mentioned, make sure you use the blend tool. I will go so far as to say NEVER leave those large flat terrain faces you get when you just lower the terrain with the square terrain tool. They look atrocious and should not make it into the final version of the map. When you need something like that inside the city, use an object and not the terrain. Stay away from non-blended terrain faces, please. Make sure you fill in what looks like a moat around the city with water. It looks like it should be there, and if you're not sure that you want pristine water in there, then maybe use a little bit dirtier water, like BF2 Kashyyyk water. Alternatively, you could use props like rocks and grass to fill it up, as though it were a dry riverbed, but the water will be much easier. Increase your unitcounts (or just the number of CPs). Even though it sounds like you added more CPs from the earlier version to now, I would up that number even more, as the fighting is just very spread-out. So to sum up: -Edges of map -More props -Less open space -Floating buildings -BLEND TOOL -Water/scenery -Unit or CP count ++ All in all, I feel that this map has a fair amount of potential. It felt nice, and I could certainly see it being a very good Naboo map in the future. It's not quite there yet now, but doing most or all of the abovementioned would certainly help it there, I believe. I certainly look forward to seeing where this will end up. -Mav




Torus: Zing Assault | 162.8 MB

least an hour or so on our end, which is good for reviewing because it means the review is fresh on our minds when it\'s finally done uploading. In the case of this map, though, maybe not being fresh on my mind would have been better. This was a very sloppy map. The author certainly tried, you can see that he mixed up the skins a bit and didn\'t just make a flat map, which is nice. Unfortunately there\'s a long list of glaring errors: 1)No loadscreen (This takes 10 minutes, people, and it adds a lot. Try it.) 2) Missing foliage textures. All you need is a couple playthroughs to notice something like this. 3) Incorrect hero voiceovers. 4) Glitchy weapons (one weapon can cause a CTD, and it\'s an easily-fixable error). 5) Poor, poor balance (it\'s a horribly one-sided fight, since one side has a hero unit as a basic unit - the same side also has more units on the battlefield). 6) Captureable CP that doesn\'t count towards the conquest objective (meaning you don\'t capture all the CPs to win - this shouldn\'t be hard to fix). 7) Wrong animationset on \"Emperor\" hero (if you do a jump or a dash attack the unit will become unuseable unless you roll out). 8) Loaded entire Alliance and Imperial sides to make sides of 2 and 3 units apiece 9) Sides only have 2 or 3 units apiece This map seriously needs some work. This honestly shouldn\'t be more than a beta version of this map, and in the future I would recommend getting a few testers to make sure something like this doesn\'t slip out. The one positive thing I will note about this map is that because there were about 10 Leias on the field at once the player gets to hear most of the Leia hero voiceovers, and I got to hear one I hadn\'t before: \"The Princess has entered the battlefield. I know most of you haven\'t seen a woman in three years, but let\'s try and act professional about this.\" -Mav [/quote]




Tunnels | 3.11 MB

weapons/etc in this map, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is bad! The layout and lack of imagination takes care of that. The map is playable on both eras but only on Conquest mode. Each team starts out with two Command Posts, one at the far end of the map and one a little nearer the enemy. The battle is pretty much an endless corridor struggle, and I'm not talking about the glamorous kind. Unlike those, you can't really move around because the corridors are too small! There is some boxes that can be used for cover a little here and there (Doesn't help against grenades, though), but some of the longer corridors are straight and wide open - Leaving YOU wide open to any enemy snipers at the end of the corridor. Actually, you could place a sniper at the end of a corridor and let him take care of every enemy. Even if the enemy sends out hundreds of troops at the sniper, it would be like the first 15 minutes of "Saving Private Ryan" just that there's one guy causing all that mayhem to your reinforcements. There's even an ammo droid nearby in case he runs out of ammo after copping 56 enemies in the head in a row. How thoughtful. So that's it? Long, twisted corridors? Actually, there is one special thing in this map. At one area, the corridor turns into a room with two hang bridges as seen in the back parts of Echo Base. Unlike Echo Base, instead of a bottomless pit below the bridges there is some cool glowing liquid. Actually, calling it liquid would be wrong as you can stand on it perfectly fine. This adds a little parachute to the falling plane, but sadly isn't enough to stop it from turning into a complete wreck. This map is set back by some things that cannot be ignored and I fail to see why anyone would want this when they have the original Hoth map. If you are looking for a map with long tunnels of sniper dominance, then this is the map for you! If you are looking for a map containing anything else, however, keep searching. Overall rating: 2/10 - Super_Shadowman "[i]I'm too old to give up, but too young to rest![/i]" (PS: I rezipped the file to .zip as the .rar format is impossible to unzip for some users)




Cerea: Abandoned Mines | 102.58 MB

Rebels and hero assault. Mutatedrancor has done a nice job on the sides, here. He's gone ahead and localized every name to give "correct" names as well as done retexturing jobs to make the units fit better with the local scenery. Additionally, minor changes to weapon setup have been made, including adding orbital strike weaponry to the special class of every side (with the exception of the CIS's special, the droideka). The mapwork he's done is the most interesting part of the map. He's done a very good, and what I feel unique, bit of work in creating this environment, which is an interesting blend of a very chaotic terrain and some technology. Not sure what it is, but the setup seems to "fit" very well. I enjoyed walking around on this map and just looking. That is not to say that it's perfect, by any stretch of the imagination. Like many maps, a bit of polish could go a long way. There are a lot of objects whose placement could have been given a little more care - some are too high and consequently "floating," while the CPs are all buried in the ground. Additionally, the terrain is very (unrealistically) sharp at many places - use of the "blend" tool would be advised. Also, the minor issue of having terrain textures come to an abrupt break at overlaps (cause by 3 or more terrain textures on the same spot) could be fixed as well, although this is rarely noticeable in the darker setting. All in all it's a nice job and a very good first map, but there are some things the author could work on to make this or any maps he produces in the future even better. -Mav




Spira: Besaid

spirainstaller.exe | 53.74 MB

pretty fonts, it's a little easier to read), and it'll cover all the complex aspects of the mod. READ THE DIALOGUES. They tell you what to do. If you get totally lost, your mapscreen will have some hints, but it's always best to pay careful attention to what everyone's talking about. SAVE OFTEN. There is one documented CTD (mentioned in the readme, it's easy to prevent) and you never know when you might run out of lives or do something silly. Make sure you save often so that you can always come back to where you were. I'm not going to post a review or scores, and I won't ask one of the other staff members to try and play this completely through before they upload it, because that could take them a while. Besaid is a tropical island located in the world of Spira, the location in which Final Fantasy 10 takes place. It's also the start of the main character, Tidus's, adventure. Spira: Besaid starts as though you're Tidus waking up from the shipwreck that washed him ashore at the beginning of Final Fantasy 10. Much of the beginning of this map is played as though you were actually in Final Fantasy 10. This map does play like an RPG, a role-playing game. That means your character changes as the story changes, most of which is seen in the unique "leveling-up" system. You'll meet new characters who will join your team later on in the story. This story will play for approximately 2-4 hours, so unless you have a lot of time at once to sit down and play, make sure you take advantage of the save function. Described in detail in the readme, the save function allows you to save your progress, come back later, and pick up where you left off. Additionally, as sort've a bonus, you can play KotOR conquest on this map. It's a pretty large map for infantry battles, so expect to run into lots of people shooting you... and the other team's hero. Archer01's hero support script is in this, which allows you, even in singleplayer, to face AI heroes. Please note that the file is a self-extracting .exe file, and will extract the map right into your addon folder, saving you time (and download size). If for whatever reason the addon folder "FFX" doesn't go into your addon folder, make sure that the folder "FFX" is put in there. Alternatively, you may choose to have the file extracted (the .exe will allow you to choose if you like) to your desktop, so that you can manually move the file into your SWBF2/Gamedata/addon folder. Enjoy! -Mav




Campaign Saves | 358.06 KB

play through all the preceding levels. Just like the [url=;85376][b]Player Profile[/b][/url] this comes in handy if you're lazy or lack time. We appreciate the courtesy Delta! -[GT]EraOfDesann




The Dark Side of the Moon | 36.98 MB

author's first map. The map itself is a big huge open field composed of Polis Massa textures. There isn't much terrain variation. (just a little at the outer sections of the map, which you won't find unless you want to walk in one direction for about five minutes with no signs of civilization anywhere.) The main feature of the map is the Polis Massa buildings, crates, computers, and such. The big problem here is that they are very poorly placed. Many of them are floating three feet in the air, so good luck getting in. There's a lot of invisible collision and such, so you'll probably end up getting stuck a lot. There seems to be no AI planning whatsoever as far as I was able to tell. There were six Command Posts, four of which were in the default positions. The other two were not added to the Conquest objective, and therefore, will not count towards reinforcement drain. The map is playable in Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War Conquest, as well as Hero Assault. The author changed a couple of units around in Conquest, for example swapped the Super Battle Droid and Engineer for the Marine and Pilot. The heroes are default; Anakin for Republic, Maul for CIS, Han for Rebels, Boba for Empire. If I had to make a suggestion here, it would be to find some new units or make some yourself. After playing Battlefront II for two years, I am tired of playing the default units. Mix it up, add some new weapons, skins, etc. Also, some vehicles would have been nice for some of the open areas, although they would have gotten stuck amoung the Forest of Floating Polis Massa Buildings. In conclusion, this map is far from being "complete" in my eyes. If I may offer a few tips to the author: Don't start off trying to make an indoors map. Play around with an open map, learn how to move and set up objects exactly how you want. Indoors maps require all the objects to be set up a specific way, otherwise there'll be a whole lot of holes and the map will look tacky. Also make sure all your objects are on the ground, because you can't walk into a house that's floating three feet above you. (You could jump and grab the edge, but you can't in Battlefront II, so yeah. And there's no floating houses in real life.) Another thing would be to mess around with the sides. Copy the Republic side into a map's side folder and change around the weapons and skins untill you find some neat new combinations that you like. It seems like you've got some of the basics of mapping down, keep working at it and trying new things, and you'll become a great mapper. Enjoy, and be sure to leave the author feedback. -Xavious




Krynx | 285.17 MB

Empire versus some sort of locals, \"Krynx Defenders\" or something like that. Design-wise, it\'s pretty well done. The author makes good use of Rhen Var and Geonosis assets to create a believeable setting. The map could do with a little less dead space in the center - there\'s a great distance between each of the four command posts, and it makes for quite a bit of walking from CP to CP. Additionally, the author might note that when you place too many textures on one square, it causes ground texture overlapping problems - these are noticeable, but not very relevant to gameplay. The author looks like he spent a lot of time developing new sides, which were suitably enjoyable, if not somewhat over-the-top. (The galactic marine reskinned with a skull-face on his mask made me chuckle.) Most of the weapons are of the overpowered variety - one of the substantially overpowered ones is the AT-AT particle cannon in handheld form, it\'s pretty silly. Additionally, the author tweaked some of the effects that go along with the weapons, which is always nice. I enjoyed the use of a scaled-down seismic charge effect and the retexture of the flamethrower for the acid-emitter. Gameplay-wise, the map is decent, although the units are not necessarily balanced. You\'ll probably find one or two units on either side you stick to the whole map, because each side has about one or two units that\'re substantially better than the rest. If you end up playing as Empire, you\'ll be doing a lot of walking around and blasting things with your tremendously overpowered cannon, depleting units one-by-one. If you play locals, you\'ll end up using the jetpack trooper, which has an (essentially) infinite jetpack, and just capture all the CPs five minutes in. It is also worth noticing that this map will be laggy - potentially very laggy - due to a large amount of units on the battlefield at once. Additionally, because of the large amount of .fx, expect ordnance effects to disappear occasionally. Finally, this map is HUGE once extracted - over 600 MB. I believe the author munged the whole Republic, Alliance, and Imperial sides, which is completely unnecessary. So space issues may be a concern. Anyway, all that said, this map was enjoyable and certainly better than some of the more recently released maps/mods. Like I\'ve said before, I\'m not a huge fan of over-powered-ness, but I know many people are, and they will probably enjoy this map greatly. Anyway, it\'s certainly worth your shot if you\'ve been looking for a new map lately. -Mav




Tatooine: Ralaan

mp_tatooine_ralaan_v1.rar | 16.86 MB

large-scale and varied environment. There were some object placement issues I noticed (overlapping textures, at least one object not fully-grounded), but for the massive amount of objects in here it was a pretty good job. CTF has an interesting concept behind it, if my guess is right. I think Battle-Hamster tried to set it up so that upon capturing the flag you don't return to your own flag base but rather a separate area. This isn't a bad idea, except it appeared to be set up incorrectly. You'll find that while playing as the CIS on 2-flag or as the Republic on 1-flag, you'll be unable to win, because the flag returns are (I believe) under the terrain. Unfortunately this makes the CTF modes pretty one-sided. Sides are standard and unchanged. Conquest modes have many command posts, so don't expect to win by anything other than depleting your opponent's reinforcements. Overall, it's a very well-done first map. The terrain texture is a little iffy, CTF is buggy, as mentioned earlier, and there are some object placement issues. However, there are no CTDs and the object placement overall is very well done. -Mav




Area 27

area_27_map_v1.rar | 139.94 MB

fairly good when compared to some beginner maps. The map I have here is very, very plain for the most part. The Clones/Empire start in two places. First is by a small landing pad of Tie-Fighters, and the second is inside a mountain, in a mining tunnel. The terrain cutters are a bit messed up. You'll see what I mean with that... The CIS/Rebels start in the base, and I don't know where the other spawn was (don't remember). The usage of objects in the base is nothing uber, but it gets the point across, and looks a bit like a small base in the middle of nowhere. The fighting here is a bit scattered, even on 32 units. The only terrain changes I could see were a few random lumps and that massive mountain. There's a small square rip in the mountain's mesh (I suppose the ground is called that?), and some strange thing at the top. If I still had Free Cam, I'd having went and looked at it. The ships couldn't get me there either, because the fly height is really low, maybe at default. This map also makes use of a few vehicles from Teancum (I think), which appear to be the Moldy Crow and that other CIS vehicle from Space Angruya that I don't know the name of it. The CIS thing is called an "alien ship", and the Moldy Crow thing has no name that I saw. At least he gave credit. Overall, this map is playable, but needs a lot of work to become really good. Keep going at it. It's good for a beginner's map. ~Penguin Unit~ (I apologize if somebody else was going to review this. I didn't see it uploaded to the queue yet. I'll delete this if one of you were going to do it.)




Land Map - 97th Clan | 77.61 MB

"side project" for fun. [b]Rating (Out of 10)[/b] [b]Tech:[/b] 5 (New characters with skins and replaced weapons + Some interesting Death Regions) [b]Balance:[/b] 8 (Oddly enough balanced) [b]Quality:[/b] 7 (You could do some pretty fun stuff on this map with a couple of people) [b]Fun Factor:[/b] 5 (In SP it gets boring very quickly, play it online instead and you'll have a... Somewhat good time) [b]Stability:[/b] 7 (Map crashed once for me. Also, when you enter one of the Yavin IV turrets and try to exit them you die. Always.) [b]Creativity:[/b] 5 (We have all played "Going up/down a hill" maps before, but this is probably the best out of the bunch) [b]Item Placement:[/b] 10 (CPs, turrets, health/ammo droids... Everything is placed out neatly precisely where you can make good use of them) [b]Size vs. Usefulness:[/b] 10 (Not too big, not too small. No complaints here) [b]Originality:[/b] 4 (There's a big pyramid-looking thingie that... Eh, I'll get to that one later) [b]Installation Instructions:[/b] 10 (I pity da foo who gets less than a 10 at this!) [u][b]Overall Rating:[/b][/u] 6 Now to describe this map. Conquest is the only playable mode, but it is playable in both eras. The new units are only in the CW era, though, so I suggest that you play that on [u][b]At first glance...:[/b][/u] Your mission is to reach the other side of the map and capture your opponents only CP, or just kill as many enemies as possible. Separating you from your opponents is a large and bulky hill that must be crossed if you wish to reach your enemy. The CIS starts at the top of the hill, the Republic at the bottom of it where there's a temple from Yavin no really serving any purpose. The hill itself is a piece of art. The terrain is anything but flat, so a lot of cover can be taken (primarily by those trying to climb it). Not only that, but since the terrain is so bad you got to move carefully, and if you try to jump you'll immediately lose your footing, fall down the hill and take damage! If you fall too much, you'll die, so jump around with care! The Republic has a couple of new units, and none of them are all too powerful. Some of them just had their skin changed and maybe some very minor other change, so I'll be reviewing the others instead. The Clone Rocketeer has now given up his rocket launcher and gotten himself two weapons: A [b]Mortar Launcher[/b] and the rocket weapon that Jet Troopers use. A lethal combination indeed. Also, he has lots of grenades. The Clone Engineer has been changed a little bit. First of all, he has gotten a new colorful skin that has the Swedish flag imprinted of its chest, if I am not mistaken. Secondly, he no longer has any of those annoying Detpacks. The Clone Sniper now is Anakin Skywalker that has a new skin, cannot Force Jump and floats instead of walking. The Jet Trooper has gotten the biggest overhaul of all. He's been given a new skin (Which says "Leader", mind you) and instead of having that... Rocket Launcher that Jet Troopers usually have he has a Shotgun and a Sniper Rifle. Talk about a perfect combination for both long and short range combat! Oh, and he can fly, although that's not all too useful since jumping (And therefore flying) causes units to fall down the hill when on it. To counter this, the CIS has more units on the battlefield (Although less reinforcements) and a whole lot of turrets on top of the hill. Oddly enough, these many different factors makes the map very balanced for both sides. [u][b]For further playing...:[/b][/u] The great thing about this map is the design. You can have some really exciting battles on the hill, practice sniping and just about all sorts of things. As a former clan trainer, I can say that the map would be very suitable for training people in using all different units apart from maybe rocketeers and jet troopers. There is also a very tall pyramid-shaped mountain on the map that you can try climbing. It's not very easy, since you cannot jump or fly or you'll die immediately. Once you reach the top, however, you are truly the King of the... Ah forget it, I'm not saying it. One thing that is really fun is to try to climb it while a bunch of people shoot at you from the ground and see if you can make it to the top without dying. The possibilities are endless. So in conclusion, get this map if you want some fun online play and definitively if you are going to play it with a clan. - Super_Shadowman "[i]When time is time again[/i]"




Space Angruya

spaceangruya_v1.2.rar | 76.62 MB

this is by far one of my most favorite Space maps. It has complete (custom) sides and a secret room... There is also Conquest, Republic VS CIS in A Republic Cruiser. Sides: Rep(New Skins) Clonetrooper Heavytrooper Sharpshooter Marine Engineer Pilot Clone Commander Clone Assassin (With Arm Blades!!) CIS(New Skins) B1-Battle Droid Pilot Droid Marine Droid Assassin Droid Assault Droid Engineer Droid (Juiced Up) Super Battle Droid Magna Guard (With electro staff!!!) Heroes: Grievous :rock: Commander Oddball The only thing wrong I saw was The Crack grenades were un-localized . It also has scarabs from the convopack. This is a really fun Space map. I recommend Downloading Very Nice Work Pinguin - EGG_GUTS




Just For Fun Mappack | 87 B

Massa Era: GCW Goal: 1st to 10000 (Takes a while) Rebels : Same except Marksman Replaced by Han Solo (With 99 improved detpacks and a Unit spawner, When you use it you spawn a random number of Aalyas,Wampas,Jangos, and Clone Commanders) Empire: the same Heroes The Emperor A very long sabered Luke with a Unit spawner. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just For Fun 2 Location: Hoth Era: GCW Goal: 1st to 4500 Every things the same pretty much a bigger Hoth XL but with Chewie and Leia and Han as the Hero. What More could you ask for? :) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Player team work Map Location: Kashyyyk (no water, Drought perhaps? ;)) Era: CW/GCW [b] BUT CW CRASHES[/b] Just wanted people to know that so they don\'t post [i]WHY DOESN\'T CW WORK SOME1 PLZ HELP ME!!!!!!![/i] You can only play as Rebels Goal: Take out 600 imperials without losing your 30 lives. Sides are the same except rebels have two jedi masters (dual saber and saber staff) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Call the extriminator Location: A very Dry Kashyyyk (same as the last one) Era: GCW Goal: 1st to 600 Sides: Rebels are the same Geonosis: Geonosian Gizor Delzo Acklay Heroes: The extriminator ( a very Kick-Ass Rebel Solider with a powerful Rifle, A super powered Rocket Launcher and the Grenade Gun, Very Fun Indeed) No Hero for the geonosis side ( you have acklays why do you need heroes? ;)) In the end this is a very fun map pack it might be default maps but the sides make it a great pack to try \"Just For Fun\" :D - EGG_GUTS




Barkhesh Canyonlands | 64.15 MB

Canyonlands by Superm9. It's fairly um how do I put this....Huge and Barren. It is the whole map (Big eh?) with the same texture and pointy hills. For some reason The vehicles and units on Reps and Imps spawn facing away from the battle due to the spawn points facing that way. There is a river and it's raining so I give Kudos to that. But the units run in to the vertical pointy hills and the map is too barren. It does have 2 Yavin temples and little trees along the river. Sides: Republic: Clonetrooper (New Skin) Heavy Trooper (New Skin) Clone Sharpshooter (Kashyyyk) Clone Engineer (New Skin) Clone Commander Jet Trooper AT-RT X2 CIS SBD Assault Droid Sniper Droid Engineer Droid Manga Guard Droideka AAT X2 Rebels (Same Too lazy to post all of em;)) Alliance Tanks X2 Empire (Same) AT-ST X2 Heroes Anikan Skywalker Darth Maul Boba Fett Han Solo For Some reason New map makers just love these heroes. The skins aren't the best or most detailed but I like them. In the end this is a good Idea for a map but it needs more work put into it. - EGG_GUTS




Gametoast World Domination: Asia | 82.93 MB

GameToast, so I thought "Yipee! I've been waiting for this!". I remember watching progress for this before it was complete. I never thought that, if it was sent to SWBF files, I would get to review it. That was, of course, before I was staff...but enough of the memories and my past. Onto the file! So, what we have here is a desert battlefield in Asia, which I believe to be the Gobe desert. I could be wrong, but that's the only major one that I can think of. When I checked the teams, as I expected, either Heroes or Villains were GT members who'd requested to be added before the map got too full. I tried villains first, and for some reason, as with all hero assault maps, I got my butt kicked because I wasn't used to the map yet, and didn't have a good way to take out enemies rapidly. That changed, of course, but too late in the game, and we lost. Then I switched to heroes, which always wins if you're on it. This time, I got to see the little village (yes, there's a village) beside the default selected CP for heroes. There was a very steady stream of hostile locals flowing out of there, and I spent most of my time on heroes mowing them down with ease. Yep, even a bar and a TV set feature here...did I mention Guru and a tall-looking Elmo run around hyere, too? Now on to the bugs. I didn't notice too many errors, and this map seemed pretty bug free for where I was, but... 1. I don't know if it is fixable, but when I tossed Phazon's tri-grenade thing at a sitting camel (yes, but not ridable...) I saw that the blue grenades caused a red glow on the camel. 2. One of the unit's jetpacks is too slow and is almost useless. 3. This may tie in with bug 2. I spotted, at one of the villain CPs, jet trooper-based units who seemed to be going nowhere. This might just be because their jetpacks don't have any horizontal thrust. Besides that, I didn't see anything else incorrect with this map. Give it a download if this sounds nice or if the screenshots entice your appetite.




Manaan: Ahto City

ab1.rar | 9.49 MB

put a readme with it. This can\'t be fixed either, because I can\'t make one for him. Now onto the map itself. At the start, I instantly thought it was Bespin: Cloud City from the Conversion Mappack, but it\'s not. It looks like the author used the old Bespin world file and then proceeded to edit it to his liking, because some of those odd pits from the Conversion Mappack were in the easily reachable areas. I found that the AI often fall into these, and it is impossible to get out except by rolling. The NPCs don\'t roll, so they get stuck down there. At the default CP that I spawned in on, without choosing one, I was immediately greeted by a lot of those naked ball-holding Naboo statues. Alright, that\'s fine. Then I looked to my left and noticed a bunch of AI headed for a CP elsewhere...and they were trying to walk through the building. Clark needs to fix this with better hub use, if he used any. Did I mention the ground, among other things, has been retextured to a blinding blue? I kind of like it, but it\'s a bit bright. Then I looked up and saw the bridge-like catwalk thing above my head. It had Z-Fighting. It wasn\'t too noticeable unless you were specifically looking there for a short time and moving the camera a bit. So I continued on. Eventually I made my way to the white hallway things higher in the city. In here, I found a few clones burning forward to take one of the CPs. I helped them out and we quickly took it with little effort. Then, to my horror, I realized that the capture/control zone for the CP wasn\'t there. It was either too far above it, or too far below it. So basically, all the Clone Troopers just gathered on top of the CP and milled around there, while the rest of our CPs got taken. Most of the clones on my side were huddled there, so there was little in the way of clones elsewhere to hold the line. Nearby was another building where you could see its roof. It had Z-Fighting on every square inch of it. The only way to win as a clone here is to beat the reinforcments to a blood pulp, because they\'ll keep spawning in at that one CP. I didn\'t play too long, either, because it would take a ridiculously long time to finish the whole game. So, if you can ignore these bugs, then you might enjoy this map. Download if the review and/or the screenshots are tempting.




607th Map Pack 2 | 197.62 MB

Armonus, the new baddie. Included in the map pack are three maps -- Kashyyyk, Murkhana, and Xagobah. Rather than just review the pack as a whole I'll simply analyze each map one by one. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [list][*][b][u]Kashyyyk [/u][/b] This is probably my least favorite of the three maps but I'll get to that in a minute. The CIS starts off in a thin valley and travels up river to a small village where the 607th await them. Joining the fray are the new Dark Force Droids, which are like the Sith equivalent of Magna Guards. Leading the CIS is the new villain Darth Armonus who's been dispatched by Darth Sidious to take out the 607th. There are a few reasons why I'm not particularly fond of Kashyyyk. For one, it's difficult to see. The map is dark to begin with and if you're a clone trooper it's even more difficult because the battle droids blend in perfectly with the environment. The only time you can see them is if they're shooting at you but by that time it's usually too late. There's a lot of foilage which slows the frame rate down and makes it difficult to perform at your highest capabilities. And to top it all off there's a ton of enemies shooting at you, making the map extra hard. I think I got the "Bantha Fodder" reward each time I played this map. Figures since vision obviously doesn't have any impact on the AI. I probably would have liked this map more if it weren't so darn dark. [*][b][u]Murkhana [/u][/b] Unfortunately Murkhana is even darker than Kashyyyk, however the enemies don't really blend in so you're not at such a disadvantage. The map is designed quite nicely. In the center is a city/fortress under the control of the CIS that's protected by several auto turrets. The 607th start out on bridges outside of the city and have to make their way past the turrets to get inside. It's a tough fight, no matter which side you choose. You'd probably do better if you hung out inside the buildings and guarded them rather than running head-first into the chaos consuming the dark streets. As mentioned before the map suffers from poor lighting like Kashyyyk, but you can still see enemies. Another problem Murkhana has in common with Kashyyyk is a large number of units on the field. I know, lots of people love having huge armies clashing, but sometimes it just doesn't work. The battle sometimes gets a little too chaotic, causing players to become frustrated or perhaps even bored from repeatedly shooting down enemy after enemy but ultimately accomplishing nothing. However I do like Murkhana and consider it way better than Kashyyyk. [*][b][u]Xagobah [/u][/b] Xagobah is a breath of fresh air since it isn't plagued by bad lighting, unlike the previous two maps. The CIS is burrowed in the hill side while clones charge into the base. Xagobah also has a nice design but my biggest problem with it is the terrain. It seems like it's all one texture, and it really shows whenever you look at distant hills. Some terrain variation would be nice, whether it be in color or texture. Again, there are lots of units on the field but it actually works for this map. Any fewer would make the map dull. Other than that I don't have much else to say. Xagobah is easily my favorite of the three.[/list] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If I had one piece of advice based on all three of the maps it'd be to put more thought into how many units you put into a map, and look at it from a gameplay perspective rather than going by what would seem more realistic or more intense. Since it's a pack I won't really give a grade but rather I'll just give it a stamp of approval and a nod. Good job. :thumbsup: -[GT]EraOfDesann




Capital Strike 2: Cross Canyon | 64.51 MB

found this one to be a significant improvement over the previous ones, ergo this is the best one yet. The map (somewhat big) takes place in the center of a very large canyon in a Geonosis-like setting. In the middle is a large droid control ship armed with auto turrets. The remaining CP's are located directly north, south, east, and west of the ship. And in the sky are two capital ships where the player can spawn and hop into a starfighter. Needless to say the map has a whole bunch of vehicles at the player's disposal. There's plenty of action going on all around so the likelihood of anyone finding themselves bored while playing is small. Even though I like the map, for the most part, there are some serious flaws that need to be addressed. [list][*]As would be expected, having two capital ships which you may spawn at in a land map creates a big problem with the AI. Rather than hopping into ships most of the AI will bunch together in a corner of the capital ship because they're trying to get to pathing hubs down below which are obviously inaccessible to them, given their location. Unfortunately there really isn't any remedy to this problem other than to completely do away with the capital ships which I'm sure would spark several objections from fans of the map. My suggestion would be to find some other way to incorporate starfighters into the map without having to use capital ships. Don't worry you could still keep the capital ships as decorations but nothing more -- meaning that they can't function as Command Posts or Spawn Points. [*]Another issue that the capital ships present is well... only being able to win the game by killing every single last enemy. The Command Posts inside the Capital Ships are incapable of being captured so you can't win by traditional Conquest means. That means you have to knock the enemy ticket count down to zero. Sure, you probably do that all the time but it's not all that fun on a map of this scale. Though you'll typically find a gold mine of enemies gathering in the corners of the opposing capital ship there will still be ones running around down below that can't be detected on the mini-map. But I suppose if you enjoy games of "cat and mouse" and goose chases then it's not all bad. [*]As mentioned in the ReadMe there are some missing sounds as well. You may notice that music will only play once you enter a vehicle so I'm guessing that the map is using shipped space sounds. [/list] To add some detail and variation to the map I would suggest adding some rock foilage from Geonosis, uneven the terrain height some, and use the color tool to create different shade patches on the terrain. It should make the map look a lot more elaborate. I know I say this in just about every one of my reviews but this map is probably best enjoyed online where players can cover every aspect of the gameplay that this map presents. This is definitely a team-work map so it should be treated as such. Unfortunately the online community has diminished considerably since the game's initial release and the chance of seeing a mod map that [i]isn't[/i] featured in the [url=;70164]Conversion Pack[/url] is next to none. 'Tis a shame. Despite it's flaws the map is still enjoyable, to say the least, and is the best Capital Strike map thus far. Good work DarthDaddy! I look forward to the next version! Download and enjoy! :thumbsup: -[GT]EraOfDesann




Naboo: Conquest | 92.37 MB

captured by the CIS prior to their final attack on the capital. You\'ve got the city itself, relatively small, with varying layout (small corridors and back alleys, open streets, gardens, and of course the representative\'s palace). Surrounding the city is a vast, open forest, and of course, a large ocean. Gungan Warriors rise from the swamps in the East to aid in the defense of the city, and a N-1 starfighter squadron is stationed to the North-West of the settlement. As a final note, there are some issues with this map that are beyond my control. Namingly, the fact that a number of the naboo buildings in the BF2 assets lack a reasonable collision. So, if you fly low over the city, you may find yourself crashing into invisible walls. My advice is to watch the AI, and fly high! Also, because this map has a lot going on, I recommend halfing your View Distance. I am running an overclocked Radeon X1650 Pro, and even I experienced some lag on this map. Furthermore, and specifically in the case of the Naboo Starfighter, boosting over the battlefield can cause some crashing issues, which again can be resolved by turning your View Distance down.




Nemoidia Swamp | 142.38 MB

well, a swamp. Or so it claims. In reality, it feels more of a wetland, or, at least, a very damp forest. Which is not to say it isn't pretty. It's very pretty. Waterfalls, birdies, plants, and oh-so-many trees. There's a lot of trees, a hill dividing up two paths for the Republic, and a shallow lake with a couple ruins around. The few tanks in the map cut swathes through the normal infantry, until meeting their end in a dozen explody grenades. Another map with a bunch of their ARC sides, which makes it stand out, but adds a lot to the file size. Unit count, once again, has been ramped up to high levels, and the reinforcement count makes just for about the right length of battle. Overall, it's a decent map, well put together, but there's much to say about it. Nice if you like larger battles. Those of you (including me) who have medium-low machines may have a problem with lag, there's so many things like trees around. Large file size alert. .Rikino




Eddie's Italia | 29.8 MB

the original review of the SWBFI version. [quote] Single Player map Eddie's map features a reasonably large city with a lot of streets, bridges, passageways, buildings and what not. It pretty much has everything a real city has. Please note that this is an infantry only map. There are 2 main spawn points and several neutral spawn points which of course need to be captured. Even though the AI is not that great, bots just stand around doing nothing or walk into a wall, the empire has a overwhelming force. I played this several times but have been unable to win. The map looks quite nice but some of the passage ways are a bit narrow. Other than that I think it's a fun map with lot's of potential. [/quote] This isn't an 'infantry only' map anymore, though, and the AI has been improved, from what I remember. There's still a few issues with a few bots standing around in corridors, but nothing major. What the first review didn't mention is that Eddie's Italia is almost 100% custom models. The buildings, the rooms inside buildings, I can't think of anything that isn't new off the top of my head. To add to the sense of nostalgia, if you have the SWBFI Conversion Pack, you can play Classic Conquest mode, which, basically, is SWBFI in SWBFII. This is a must-have, squipple chose the right map to convert. .Rikino




Tantive IV: Hope | 63.32 MB

your own file, so let me just say that this is to add some realism to Tantive IV battles. I am grateful to Rekubot for his DH-17. Also, L5rs T-21 (or is it t-551?) was VERY helpful in making this mod. So, download it now, and watch for new GCW titles from me, maybe even...Nah, I'll let you gues,, but here's a hint: Teancum has his own version in his SWBF1 Conversion Pack.-Valiantofficer




Yavin 4: Sunken Temple | 44.24 MB

ruins, being lego\'d together from the orginal maps\' assets, but on a much larger scale. There\'s not an inch that isn\'t filled with ruins, water, or cool effects. A lot of work was obviously put into the polish of this map- it\'s pouring rain with lightning and such, there are stairs everywhere leading to upper layers of the ruins, and rubble piles abound. The water is set at a height that gives a cool sense of \'sunkenness\'. It\'s not too deep for droidekas to drown in, but is high enough to lend to the atmospere of the map. No two parts are really alike, with plazas, a temple-y building, yards, all meshed together perfectly. Really, the job of sticking the ruins together is stupendous. If you haven\'t already been convinced to download this map, here\'s another selling point: Yavin 4: Sunken Temple introduces a new game mode. \'Bombing Run\'. It runs like normal conquest, except you don\'t capture command posts to keep and spawn from. When you take one over, you get a message telling you to, basically, get out of there because it\'s gonna be blasted into oblivion. Indeed, a Y-wing/Tie Bomber does a flyby showering it with explosives, killing that command post. Whoever ends up with the last cp standing wins. It uses the default side for the most part, and proves that you don\'t need completely redone ones to have a good map. The new units aren\'t [i]particularly[/i] exciting (the best, by far, is the Havoc Trooper), but keep unrealistic hordes of dark troopers and such off the field. There\'s not a single jedi or flying unit to be found anywhere- they \"were not feasible for this level\". Don\'t take that the wrong way- it actually kind of adds to the map, in a way. The AI can\'t really use flight well, so no loss there, and the lack of jedi gives it a more \'not l337 stuffz\' feel. Honestly, I can\'t think of many ways it could be made better. I didn\'t notice any AI problems- in fact, I was suprised how well they were handled. They move within the map well- they use pretty much every concievable passage. Again, I didn\'t find the new units too exciting, but they don\'t take away in any way, shape, or form Download this. Now. .Rikino




Ryloth: Fueling Station 2.5 Patch | 620.26 KB

it\'s a patch? >.>) it fixes the Localization bugs!! ;D




Ryloth: Fueling Station | 18.86 MB

I\'ve got one thing to say: I doubt you\'ve localized it in other languages than US, because the localization weren\'t working for me - and I\'m using the UK Version of the game xD kinda nnoying because you don\'t know what you\'ve named the troopers nor their weapons - rofl. FIX IT! :D nonetheless, it\'s cool Keep it up!




Capital Strike | 45.55 MB

Federation coreship was intercepted by Republic forces as it entered the orbit of an Outer Rim world. The coreship has crash-landed on the planet's 2nd moon, but is not entirely destroyed. Despite the fact that a Republic Assaultship is holding position over the crash site, a CIS capital ship has moved into the area and is attempting a recovery mission. CIS troops are already landing at the site and preparing a ground defense. It promises to be an intense fight in the thin atmosphere and on the ground! Galactic Civil War – The Alliance has discovered an old weapons cache onboard a long-abandoned, Clone Wars era coreship on the 2nd moon of a remote, Outer Rim world. An Imperial Star Destroyer has been dispatched to prevent the Alliance from gaining any more weaponry, but a Mon Calamari cruiser is involved in the operation, receiving cargo and guarding the site. Rebel troops are already landing at the site and preparing a ground defense with the antique weapons they have discovered. It promises to be an intense fight in the thin atmosphere and on the ground! Good map by DarthDaddy. Download now. -Valiantofficer




DarthDaddy\'s Yavin IV Map Pack | 39.35 MB

sides, adding Marines and Heroes as selectable units. It puts a nice twist on the gameplay and obviously makes things interesting. Yavin IV Complex and \'Ruins have \'even\' map designs, but I felt that there was a lot of empty space. You might find yourself doing more running than fighting, which can quickly become boring. There are several different ways to fix this such as moving CP\'s closer to together, adding more objects, adding more vehicles (especially speeders), or maybe even keep all the CP\'s in one area. Remember that you don\'t have to fill up the whole map in ZE. Find a reasonably sized area and work there, putting in lots of detail and precision. Complex seemed to have the most empty space. As DarthDaddy recommends, you should increase the unit count up to 32 for maximum results. Otherwise it can be quite dull. The area surrounding the centered twin temples really needs some more ruins, props, and buildings because there\'s a lot of empty space. Also it\'d probably be a good idea to add lots of more ground vehicles to make good use of the map size. This should improve things overall. \'Ruins is a big improvement over Complex. The center of the map has lots of CP\'s in a cluster of ruins, thus the title. So the heart of the map is definitely the place to be, because the outter parts of the map are filled guessed it: empty space. Fortunetely Darth has added a decent amount of vehicles to spicen it up, but I still suggest moving the the CP\'s a little closer to the center to focus the action. One thing I noticed right off the bat was that the trees were missing their leaves. This is definitely due to a missing .msh, .odf, or .tga file. Another thing that bothered me some was that the map seemed to only use 2 ground textures. For someone who enjoys a map\'s scenery, this can be rather boring to the eyes. Which brings me to my final word... Both maps seem to lack \"environmental detail\", meaning that there\'s a lack of foilage and water. In my opinion foilage and water are very important because they can dramatically improve the look of a map. They give off a natural feel and make players feel a bit more immersed in the world. Most importantly it makes everything look much more professional. So the three big points here are detail, size, and space. If you work on these three things you should see a lot of improvement in your mapping skills, therefore becoming a better mapper. -[GT]EraOfDesann




Capital Down Map Pack | 37.33 MB

Capital Down maps, I\'m sure everyone will appreciate this! I won\'t give a full review since these are already individually uploaded to the site. So save yourself some time and download this convenient pack right now! -[GT]EraOfDesann




Attack on the Earth | 23.85 MB

vehicles in this map but sadly no new infantry skins. Firstly, the map is mainly constructed from default maps in battlefront 2, mainly i believe, Naboo and Tatooine. The texture difference between the map objects is very noticeable and not really well thought out, so suggest that the author changes the textures on the map objects to fit together and to fit the terrain. However the buildings in this map are very nicely positioned, as it gives a defensive feel to it, with parts to hide behind, turrets facing the main battlefield etc. The vehicles in this map are a little too much, as they over power the infantry and quickly gain control of the battlefield, leaving you with a short game i believe. Good positioning of command points also. If a second version is planned, i would suggest adding some more objects to the main battlefield as it is rather plain. There are a few bugs in this map that do affect game play slightly, mainly the bug stated in the readme showing that on occasions vehicles controlled by the AI smash into buildings and no longer move. Lastly, i would like to say that this is a map worth a download as it is different from the usual Star Wars universe maps produced but would like to see improvements if a next version is planned to be released. - Royal Tycoon




Order 66: Attacking a Star Destroyer BETA version 0.90

asd90.rar | 47.46 MB

by the Imperial Fleet... Features: -Grey V-Wing with green lasers -TIE-fighter without Proton Torpedos -Lots of Jedi -Imperial Pilot and Marine replaced with a grey Clone Pilot and a plain white Clone Trooper with DC-15 Carbine (Special Thx to OOM-9 for the Carbine). -No more X-wings, Y-wings, A-wings or Laat\'s for the Rebellion, these have been replaced with Jedi Starfighters. -Lots of frigates -Grey Venator -And some other features I can\'t remember :P




Utapau Attack | 16.37 MB

is the white. It feels like you are on Hoth not Utapau. I run around for a bit, seeing no real resemblise to Utapau. There is also no heros. On the bright side there is 1 flag and 2 flag CTF. Not a bad attempt for a first timer. Overall average marks.




Clone Wars: Geonosis

clone_wars_geonossis.rar | 60.43 MB

unit, a normal Battle droid with a blaster and grenades with a plain skin then for the Republic, he has redone the Clone Commander so now it\'s a Clone Commando, with a custom skin, DC 15 commando rifle, grenades, chaingun, and stuff. Also, guess what! There are cockpits, yes, that\'s right, there are cockpits for the space vehicles, and also the republic vehicles now had passenger slots!




Mos Lantis | 12.46 MB




Dantooine: Settlement | 102.45 MB

4/5 [b]Thoughts:[/b] For a first map? No real complaints. I like the addition of the modified side as an extra era, and that side was done well. I wish that the terrain had been smoothed out a little more, but the map itself was a solid enough design. It reminded me a little bit of Xavious\'s Dantooine map from the UCW mod, although this one was more extensive. To the author: maybe consider switching out the Trade Fed lander for something different in the GCW era. Also, the ground texture issue you mentioned is due to more than two overlapping textures in the same space (if you\'re blending textures, don\'t blend more than two at once). -Mav




Darlyn Boda: Payback | 92.51 MB

2/5 [b]Thoughts:[/b] The map is big - and mostly flat. It has some trees for cover, but it\'s pretty much all the same tree. The author made an attempt at changing up the sides, but localizations, VOs, weapons - nothing besides the models are really changed, and it feels half-done. The GCW era is more or less balanced, but the CW has all of the awful balance that the stock Hoth hunt mode has (the CW conquest is essentially REP vs wampas), without any of the points scaling to make up for it. -Mav




XtraASSAULT | 48.46 MB

author is saying the map is supposed to have in the readme (the \"specs\" section?) - I looked and couldn\'t find anything that worked as a teleporter. The map itself is a bit of a hodgepodge. -Mav




Malastare: Gran Compound | 19.82 MB

shown on [i]The Clone Wars[/i] as reflected by the environment surrounding the compound. I think that, artwise, this is probably one of Jaspo\'s best maps thus far. There are a few instances where I see some of the flat textures and/or textures that don\'t match (UV-wise) the object they\'re projected on, but it\'s much less of an issue than in past maps. The majority of the textures feel like they support the models, which is nice, given the author\'s propensity for using lots of custom models (which is always nice). Design-wise, this is a really solid map. Urban maps work well for arcadey-type shooters, as legions of FPS players could attest to, and the design works well here too. There are lots of walls, both the large and the waist-high variety, that serve well to redirect the player or act as cover (respectively). There\'s also a bit of up-and-down movement with some of the buildings, and I like seeing that whenever I can. All in all, this is another solid map by Jaspo. Give it a download. -Mav




One Map Mappack | 104.83 MB

quality it easily makes up for in variety. The gist of this map(pack?) is that there\'s one map, and the player starts in a central hub. By walking through one of the doors, the player (and battle) is moved to that section of the map. Each section of the map is designed to operate as its own independent map, thus the \"map pack\" moniker. And for the most part, I enjoyed all the maps. All were relatively well-put-together and they all played pretty well. There were a couple with questionable design decisions - the rancor map trapped people in little pits and the rancors themselves were pretty sloppy, and the battlezone map was a bit of an eyestrain. I don\'t doubt that both were intentional decisions, but I don\'t know that I agree with them. That aside, I did have fun playing through this map. It\'s a novel concept and implemented well, which is really all I like to see out of maps. Is it worth a download? Certainly! Give it a try. -Mav




Natural Map Pack | 110.99 MB

Gametoast for about a year now, although this is its debut on the site here. Each of the maps in this pack are tied together by virtue of being predominantly terrain based, although with a liberal use of props and foliage to make sure things don\'t feel too barren. Each of the maps is well-constructed and relatively well-polished, and although none of them really have a \"wow!\" factor to them (they are uniformly very nice-looking, though), it\'s certainly no small feat to create a pack of maps like this that are consistently well-built. The author has also worked in a handful of extra non-standard modes to some of the maps, like a wave mode on Ilum and a campaign on Felucia. All in all, this pack\'s definitely worth a download - there\'s a lot here to try and almost certainly something there for everyone. -Mav




Korriban: Secret Mission | 17.53 MB

placed around the perimeter of the battlefield. The four CPs are in their original positions, there\'s no AI planning, the sky is the stock sky, etc. It clearly fits in the realm of first-map-maps. It looks like the author played around with placing some props, but they\'re all outside of the playable area of the map, and a lot of them are floating without any rhyme or reason. There\'s no terrain work done; the map is completely flat. I\'m not going to say that maps like this shouldn\'t be made - they\'re obviously a great way to learn the tools and one that many move through. However, it\'s important to take a look at how many versions of this particular map have been submitted before (i.e. \"the default map with minor changes\") and learn from that. To the author - make sure to take a look at some of the tutorials available and push your idea forward. See what it takes to make your map look the way you want it to. -Mav




Snowball Fight | 35.14 MB

them \"snowballs\") run around a snowy field in a TDM-type setup. As a work-in-progress, it\'s reasonably well-done for being in an early state, but there are things that should be addressed as the author moves on. The first thing is the music - I like it, but right now it seems to be using sound stream regions. This isn\'t really what sound stream regions are supposed to be used for, and it creates a strange cutting-in-and-out effect when you run around the map. What you probably should want to do is use ambient sound streams, which are designed to run streaming music behind the map. There are also AI pathing issues, in that there\'s probably no planning set up for the AI at all. That\'s not terrible if this is only to be a test map, but if this is supposed to be the map the mod is eventually finished on, then mix it up a little - right now, the AI run to the enemy CP and stay there. Another thing is the fact that the AI don\'t ever use their weapons. This is a simple .odf tweak; make sure that this mod is actually playable in single player! The author has some neat ideas, I am sure, and what with it being winter and all, I\'d love to see this kind of thing be expanded upon. Take a look at some of the pertinent tutorials relating to the issues above, and really flesh this thing out! -Mav




Abregado-Rae: Venezia

59abr.exe | 8.12 MB

map. This version doesn\'t do a lot to change what was good about the earlier version; in fact, it doesn\'t seem to change a whole lot at all. It feels like the lighting has been tweaked a bit(?), but beyond that, no real difference I can see. It stands (as it did before) as a solid example of how to re-use Naboo assets well, and it\'s a pretty city here. The only notable issue (and this was in the previous version too, I think) is that the organization of the starting CPs seems to favor the ALL team versus the IMP team - it can turn unbalanced really quickly. As before, this is a decently well-polished map and definitely worth a download. Give it a try. -Mav




[dwts]Clanmap / Canyon Map | 2.13 MB

bridges connecting team 1\'s starting area with team 2\'s. It\'s virtually impossible to capture the other team\'s command posts, so the map basically boils down to how quickly you can shoot the AI lining up to be shot on the long, straight bridges. You may infer from this that this is not my cup of tea, and indeed you would be right. I\'m willing to allow for the fact that maps are occasionally designed like this to be used as utility maps (which this seems to be, given its \"clan\" moniker), but by and large they are fairly poorly constructed maps in general - they tend not to be very fun from the average user\'s point of view. In any case, the pictures should tell whatever elements were left out of the review above - if it looks like something you\'re interested in, give it a try. -Mav




Flooded Oil Refinery | 62.58 MB

map was a fairly straightforward - competent, but uninspiring - conquest map, now it\'s a little more convoluted, and it is all the better for it. The difference between the two maps is really night and day. The basic theme is the same: a platforms map on Kashyyyk surrounded by the \"refinery\" props. The mood is notably different, though, and there\'s a lot more up-and-down in the map\'s design. The trees also move in a little closer, and I think this helps to sell the \"Kashyyyk\" feel. The author mentions that the sides were a little intentionally unbalanced in the GCW era. I wouldn\'t normally advise this, although when I played it I noticed little difference. I\'m a little leery of this choice, but it seems to have worked out at least okay in this case. All in all, this is a vast improvement over the previous version of the map. I wouldn\'t necessarily say that it\'s a \"great\" map, but it\'s definitely pretty good - it plays well and it looks nice - so go ahead and give it a try. -Mav




Dune Sea: Sunset | 76.24 MB

is, as is customary, a well-done conversion of a stock SWBF1 map for SWBF2 with a few assorted extras that call out to things made available for SWBF2. It has support for the Dark Times and BFX eras, which is a nice bonus, and it has what appear to be a couple of sky variations. One thing I noticed - because I am vain and immediately went ahead to check the Dark Times version first - was that the Dark Times vehicles are not set up to be localized correctly. It\'s not a huge deal, since the vehicle sounds appear to work fine, but it\'s telling that the DT vehicles weren\'t used. It would have been nice to see this. There\'s not too much to add that hasn\'t been covered in the three reviews of previous versions of this file (feel free to check them out by linking to the author\'s profile), so I\'ll leave you with this: go ahead and give this map a try. You probably liked Tatooine: Dune Sea, and you\'ll probably find something to like here too. -Mav




Wookies Vs Wampas | 113.82 MB

description goes. The wampas are the stock wampas, while the wookiees have a little more varied set of arms than their standard loadout, which makes them more than a match for the wampas. It\'s a slaughter in favor of the human player no matter which side you play on, so in that regard it\'s balanced, but it never really feels like a challenge. The wookiees especially (they have fliers! against an enemy that has no projectiles or flyers of their own) feel like they have the upper hand. There are a number of object placement issues in regards to objects incorrectly meeting terrain or other objects. I also noticed that the flyers seemed to have a very small area to try to operate in before they blew up of their own accord. In any case, if you have a hankering to see two species of furry colossi duke it out, and the screenshots meet with your approval, go ahead and give the map a try. -Mav




XXXXXX- The Mystery Map

xxx.7z | 35.5 MB

that\'s what this is. While there may be an intended air of mystery, the map is pretty straightforward: a few terrain variations, scattered props (mostly outside the field of play), and clustered command posts. There doesn\'t appear to be a lot (any?) in the way of AI pathing, which works fine for completely open maps, but of course that requires completely open maps, few of which are ever really fun. The map would do well to have a little more terrain smoothing, some actual props in the field of battle, and some serious doublechecking re: missing textures (there are a few). Most of the rest of the map can be intuited from the pictures below - if you like what you see, give it a try. -Mav




Weapons and Cheats | 60.32 MB

with a beam rifle. My expectations were sufficiently lowered. \"Aah,\" I said to myself - \"a barely-modified default map with all the award weapons unlocked. Whee.\" For better or worse (but certainly for [i]stranger[/i]), this map is not that. What this map [i]is[/i] is an extraordinarily large map with a whole bunch of props from all over used in it. It\'s not well-put-together - there are gaps between props (lots of tunnels are attempted) and the map is far too large to really play effectively. There are also several CPs not added to the conquest objective. All that being said, the map still has a certain charm - it\'s clear the author tried to design something vast and exciting, and while this is not that, there is still the shadow of an interesting design floating around somewhere. Or maybe I just like attempts at tunnels. Who knows. Anyway, this is a strange map that looks nothing like one of the below pictures. Give it a try if you like. -Mav




-CTF- Arena 1: Earth Element

trc.7z | 11.07 MB

grass? I can see the connection, of course, but my first guess would have been a lot of dirt and rock. Anyway, that's neither here nor there. The map is, again, [i]really small[/i], so games (even to five scores) could easily last only a couple minutes. In fact, if you are in the 99% of players for whom this will be played in single-player only, I would wager a significant amount that most of your games would be pretty short. If I were the author, I would have at least added a team deathmatch-style mode to rectify this. Design-wise, the map seems fine. There are some pathing hiccoughs (there are lots of prop objects for the AI to run into), and the props don't "fit" very well together (visually), but it's a small, tight map that for the most part only lacks a little polish. Give it a try if the screenshots look fun. -Mav




Death Star Extra CP's(CTF&Con) | 12.14 MB

the scripts for the Death Star missions (not even the stock ones, to say nothing of any potential modded Death Star missions). What this means for you, the player, is that you'll have AI running around to capture command posts that mean nothing for the reinforcement drain - it's great that the author added some extra planning, but it means that if you capture the wrong CPs, you could hold the majority of the CPs on the field and still be experiencing a pretty strong reinforcement drain. Which of course brings me to a second point - some of the CPs are placed in straight-up odd places. Some are reasonable, if a little too isolated (like the hangar control room), but some are just plain silly, like the one at the end of the superlaser firing chamber. It's a long slog through an area not designed to be walked through (which means it breaks immersion) and it's way, way far away from the action. Another foul ball is the CP in the trash compactor. Because all the death regions were removed, you'll experience a buggy-feeling "crush" of the compactor that immobilizes you. It's not very conducive to trying to play through the map well. It is, in sum, a decent idea, but some of the ways its done are a little silly. The real problem is that lack of adding the CPs as having conquest value. If it sounds interesting, though, give it a try. -Mav




Big City Battle

bcb.7z | 7.75 MB

to run into things often). Visually, though, the map is pretty boring. The Naboo buildings are unchanged, only Naboo buildings are used, and the sky is missing. It's important to remember that both looks and gameplay work hand-in-hand to make a good map, so in the future, I would suggest that the author try spiffing up the visual appearance some more. -Mav




Christmas in Tatooine

cnt.7z | 9.3 MB

matter, the "Tatooine" aspect of the map. What the map looks a lot like is the default four-CP setup with some various props scattered around. The sky has been changed, which is good, but the map is still essentially a close-in, basic four-CP map. It plays exactly like the default map, which is what is probably most important. Kudos to the author for shooting for a theme, but it would be advisable to make sure the map has something a little more creative in terms of gameplay. -Mav




Target Practice | 50.84 MB

in the battlefield. Basically, the map is all one giant building, with the exact same texture over and over again. You can walk down a large hallway where you spawn, full of targets on the walls, to a pit full of Gungans that jump around through the air, which lets you practice shooting airborne targets. On the other end of the hallway is an armory, which appears to just be for show. There\'s also a cantina inside. You can access an upper floor using elevators, which will take you either to a Geonosis-like room where you can shoot at clones or Jedi, or to a Felucia-like room where you can shoot at acklays or wampas. Both of these shoot back, so you have to be pretty careful. In GCW era, there are also some custom sides for you to play with - these are moderately fun and have some powerful weapons to help you deal with the enemies you may face. There are some inventive units here, like apparently Sarah Palin and a North Korean Leia (not sure where this came from). Anyway, this is a fairly decent map to play around with and shoot things in, so give it a download if you\'re looking to shoot things and just generally screw around in a map. -Jedikiller Oh, and since the screenshots are apparently still broken, here is a link to screens for this file!




Naboo: Riverside Village | 7.1 MB

fairly even battle centering on a river between some rolling hills (CIS/Alliance controlled) and a village (Republic/Empire controlled). As first maps go its pretty good, and avoids several of the pitfalls of first maps. The gameplay is not spectacular but decent enough, without many (if any) running into walls bugs, and the lack of cover in the hills area somewhat made up for by the ruggedness of the hills. Gameplay isn\'t completely bug-free however - players can\'t spawn at the river CP, although the inclusion of tanks and speeders for transports prevents battle being focused solely on the river, and there don\'t appear to be any control zones, resulting in vehicles (especially the single gunship/fighter, which the AI never use) decaying quickly if left alone. Visually, the map is quite bland. The terrain sculpting and texturing is pretty good, although a different grass texture would have been nice. Where it falls down is the lack of props and foliage. Grass on the hills, rocks and/or reeds in the river, crates around the CPs.... all these things would improve the look of the map dramatically. Adding some more props to the village would have helped too. Another problem is the default view distance - its very low, with the reslt that buildings fade out at short range (this can be fixed by playing with settings in the file). While the map works, the lack of extra visuals makes it seem a bit too much like a map rather than an actual place. All in all, its a decent first map and I\'ll be interested in any future developments to it. Download if it the review or the screens appeal. ~Sky




World of Sniper | 17.93 MB

climb over in search of the perfect shot. The map appears to be set on Yavin, as it predominantly uses the default terrain, and only deviates from it in certain areas. There are a few buildings scattered around the map, most of which contain or are very near to command posts. There are four or five of those, arranged in a square-like shape around the sides of the map. There really isn\'t a cohesive theme to the map, as most of the structures don\'t match up with each other. Objects aren\'t placed very well, since there are a lot of hovering or implanted objects in others. Bot planning is nonexistant as well, as they manage to get stuck on pretty much every building there is (there aren\'t a lot). Sides are stock, which is somewhat disappointing. The sky has been changed this time, and it now appears to be the Endor sky. Bug-wise, the lack of planning should probably be fixed. There is also some sort of mist-type thing near one of the CPs that causes some pretty extreme lagging, and would probably crash a non-powerful computer. I\'d advise removing that. Other than that, this is a pretty standard map- it\'s a step above \"first map\", but it still has a lot of shortcomings and isn\'t really all that interesting. Give it a download if you like the screenshots. -Jedikiller




Cerea: Savage Hunt | 33.66 MB

\"Savages\", which is basically just composed of reskinned tusken raiders and wampas. The map is your standard forest- it has a lot of trees and rocks and logs, like most forests, and it also has a river. There are four control points- each on one side of the map, though the leftmost is set inside a base-like structure. The map is decent, if somewhat uninspired and bland. The extremely dark terrain is a bit too dark, though everything else in the map is lit enough to distinguish what it is. On a whole, the map\'s individual details are rather hard to pick out, as everything pretty much looks the same against a black background. That\'s not to say that it\'s bad- just that it is somewhat bland. It needs a little more color to be memorable. Sides-wise, the matchup is a bit weird here- there are wampas and tusken raiders on one side, and Cereans on the other. The Cereans play much like a standard side, as there is a rifleman, heavy, sniper, and melee weapon user. There is also Ki-Adi-Mundi, who is unlockable after 10 kills. He makes the melee unit somewhat redundant, but it is somewhat useful as there are loads of units that only use melee in the map. In the \"base\" CP, there are some Geonosians and other units, which all use melee weapons. The base is somewhat annoying, since you get mobbed by the melee units. There is also a big ship-looking thing flying around outside, controlled by a hostile team, that shoots huge rockets at you and your teammates. It also can be an annoyance, since its rockets shake the entire screen when they land near you. There are some easter eggs in the map as well, some of which you can see in the screenshots. They can actually assist you in the map, so it\'s advised that you go exploring for them for a bit. They\'re pretty easy to find, though. In all, this map is pretty decent- it has some things that could definitely be worked on, but it has some good ideas and executes them well, so I advise checking it out if the screenshots interest you. -Jedikiller




Rhen Var: Church | 58.62 MB

just exploring it. Visually, from a distance at least the church looks great, especially with the lighting, but up close there are annoying bugs that detract from the feeling of immersion - various blocks have z-fighting issues or have cracks between them. While I know that Rhen Var assets use a lot of small pieces and can be annoying to lego together, the mentioned bugs do kind of mess things up visually. Gameplay wise the map is decent but not great. Because of the CP placement most of the battles in conquest mode tend to take place on the nearly featureless snowfields, which is a pity considering the size and detail of the church, especially its interior. Given the size of the map I\'d encourage the author to increase the number o troops or add a seperate XL/uber mode also. There are also a few AI running into wall bugs, particuarly in hero assault mode, but they don\'t make the game unplayable. Some vehicles would have definitely made things more interesting given the large size of the map and openness, and given the Particle Cannon Turrets something more to shoot at. In terms of modes hero assault was pretty fun, mainly because it doesn\' use much of the snowfields. All in all its a decent map, download if it looks appealing. ~ Sky




Hoth: Infiltration | 63.54 MB

support for the Dark Times era to be played upon it. It also has Battlefront Extreme support. Since this is a shipped map, I can\'t really comment on the map itself because it wasn\'t made by the author. I will say, however, that this is a pretty good conversion and has been executed well. It has a few different skydomes for you to play under, all of which look good on the snow planet. Things are pretty much as they are in the stock map, which is good. There isn\'t a whole lot to say besides that about the map itself. The sides appear to have had some slight changes made to them, featuring new looks and some new weapon models. All of these are nicely done and not overblown changes, so they add to the map\'s aesthetics. There are some vehicles present in this conversion that were not in the stock map, and they all look all right. There are probe droid and wampa natives running around the map for you to encounter, so do keep a lookout for them as you go around. All in all, this is basically just a Hoth conversion with some extra features added in. If you\'re interested in playing Battlefront 1\'s Hoth map, then this is the file you have been looking for. -Jedikiller