Star Wars Battlefront 2




Designated_Days_All_Battle_Crisis_2.0 | 53.07 MB

listed as a 2.0 version, but the changes made to this are really quite minor - some model updates were mentioned (although they weren\'t anything really obvious), and some changes were mentioned relating to balance and planning, which are hard to discern. All in all, it plays pretty much like the last version of the map, and it carries with it the same pluses and minuses. It\'s always nice to see a map like this where the author makes such a concerted effort to add in new models and vehicles, and in that regard the map is significantly above average. However, just as mentioned in the previous review, playing through the map is an exercise in patience - not a lot of progress is made and it feels like you die often. While a stalemate-type scenario may be accurate for this kind of setting, it isn\'t really fun. I also noticed some of the same localization/HUD icon issues as last time, as well as some planning hiccups (AI running into buildings/props). All in all, this is a creative, if a little flawed, map, just as its previous version was. If you liked the previous version, you\'ll like this one, and if you haven\'t given it a try, go ahead and give it one. -Mav




Jabiim | 98.21 MB

been improved. So what's new? Well, a lot of polishing work has been done - it's far from a perfect map, but a lot of the really noticeable stuff is fixed, and it shows. Criticism leveled at the earlier version included jagged terrain (which has been fixed and smoothed), floating props (I didn't notice any this time around) and vehicle sounds (all of which have been fixed, with the exception of a turret sound). Kudos especially for taking the time to learn how to fix the last one, as sounds are always a bit persnickety. There's also a small campaign added - which in my book is a huge bonus. Campaigns are always different (no matter how simple) and seeing one on a "first map" (even if it is an updated version) is awesome. Nice work. Filesize has also been optimized (it's reduced by over 30%). However, it is of course not perfect. There are a number of things that I'd change and a couple minor issues to fix - but these are much smaller things, and it's always better when I can post criticisms of smaller issues. First, there was at least one texture missing (a Mygeeto texture, for the bridge potholes). Second (as mentioned above), you were missing some sound for a turret in the back. These are just small bugs, but it's important to get a good beta test out to quash these things before a release. I'd also note that the map is a little bit too large. That works out all right for the campaign, but in conquest there is simply too much running. I'd either add more command posts or move everything closer to center. Another thing I'd change would be the textures used - a lot of the props are from different worlds' assets - which is fine - but if they're all going to be added to one map, it'd be worth retexturing them to match up. In any case, a great second effort that needs a bit of work to really shine - but worth a download nevertheless. -Mav




Imperial Base Beta (Second Release) | 112.55 MB

which is (as the name suggests) a map set inside an Imperial base. This is an update to that (albeit a small update) which fixes a couple minor things. Even though the changes are minor, since the first version didn't get a proper review (and since I like reviewing polished maps because I don't have to be all "change the sky hurr hurr"), I'll go ahead and write up a full review. The good (of which there is a lot) starts and is dominated by the object placement. One of the things Delinquent does well is use stock assets to great effect - here they are melded together (and retextured, which is important) to create the feel of the inside of a large Imperial base. While most of the battle takes place in the large, open hangar areas, the best work is probably done in the large corridor(s) that run between the two halves of the hangar. It's not easy to mix-and-match tunnel or corridor pieces from different maps, but it's done well here and it should be a great example of "how to do it right." The sides were also well-done, aside from the missing localization on some of the new weapons. They look pretty nice and, more importantly, were set-up well with different sounds to match the new weapons (even if they were recycled stock sounds). The bad (which consists mostly of minor quibbles) were these: the view distance and the darkness. The first issue I had was with the fact that, when in the hangar, I could see the sky through the hangar. Yes, I do usually play at my default settings (LOD 50 instead of 99), but I think it's important to have the map set up to work ok on all settings (especially the default). This might have been averted if the sky were a darker sky, or if the view distance had been increased (in the sky file), or if the distance fog were darker. The second issue was the lighting in the map. On most of the map, it worked well, but in some places (notably the corridors) it was hard to tell where I should be going. In any case, it's a great map, and if you haven't played the first version you should definitely try it out. If you have the first version, you won't really find a lot different here, but I suppose you can download it anyway as a refresher. -Mav




102nd Legion(GCW) #1 and 2

gcw102nd_the_begining.rar | 194.42 MB

different submissions of the default munged map in our submission cue by [i]two different people[/i], different is definitely good. This map loads two different .wld files for its two eras, so CW era is played on, basically, the stock Geonosis map. It's got - once again - clones vs. Imperials (I don't know why this happened so often, apparently, it's as though half of the GAR decided to ignore Order 66). It looks like Geonosis, it plays like Geonosis, the only real difference is some vehicle switcharounds and the upped unitcount. Not sure the latter was a good idea as it slowed things down, FPS-wise. GCW era is on a large, fairly nondescript map. I think I can guess at the idea the creator might have had in his head, but there's not much polish to it ingame. It uses the default munged ground and sky textures (which always get a thumbs-down from me, especially when used as they are here), but there is a lot of terrain variation and there are copious placements of objects. What really gets me are the sides. They don't really seem to make sense. I get that the author had some kind of concept for a story-ish thing going on, but the sides are fairly random. Rebel engineer, clone trooper, Jedi vs. Jedi, imps, etc. I guess it could make sense in a rebel/rogue clones alliance vs. Imperials theme, but the sides felt really patchwork and strange. Definitely not the best map, but it's certainly not the worst (and it definitely helps its appearance in my eyes having been reviewed after those default maps). Give it a try if you want to see what having one map with two different .wlds is like (note that this makes the download excessively large). -Mav




Rise of the Empire #1: New Era Begins | 50.34 MB

of new things on this map. Enjoy!! AND...REMEMBER...[b]READ THE README FILE...ALL OF IT!![/b] - Majin Revan




Dee´ja Peak | 76.33 MB

though the commander unit has been removed and replaced with an uber jet trooper. He has an EMP launcher and, instead of a commando pistol, a DC-15A blaster rifle. The CIS is mainly unchanged. Both sides have the basic rifles with infinite ammo. One thing to note is that the sniper/sharpshooter completely lacks a sidearm and the Engineer cannot safely switch weapons; if you go from the rifle (not shotgun) to the fusion cutter, it will get stuck and you will be unable to switch back. The GCW sides are basically unchanged apart from the infinite ammo thing. Onto the map itself. The map is, as previously stated, situated in a crater. Otherwise, the ground is almost completely flat within the streets, save for a few instances of elevation. None of the default munged ground textures (from what I could tell) were replaced. The objecty placement with the Naboo buildings and poles/lamps was alright, though it felt off for some reason. On one occasion I spotted the AI in a hovertank get stuck behind a pole. For what the map is supposed to be, I think it succeeds there. My only suggestions (from what I could see wrong) is to fix the sidearm bug, give the sniper a backup weapon of some sort, use some more textures (a tile/street texture...for the streets), and make some more raised parts in the map. Otherwise, you've got the right idea here. Download away if this sounds good to any of you. ~Penguin Unit~




Conversion Pack KotOR sides demo | 65.97 MB

sides that will be added as a additional era in the Conversion Pack. The setting is the default Mygeeto map, but somehow, the way the sides are set up makes it feel as though you're playing a different map. The two sides you can play as are the Sith and the Old Republic. (If you've never played KotOR and are unfamiliar with these two factions, check out the screenshots below) The sides layout has been completely modified from the default. The first five classes are Mav's standard setup that he's used in every map of his that has a KotOR mode. However, there's several new classes that I'm sure will get you excited. One new units is the officer unit. His pistol may seem wimpy, but he specializes more in grenades. In fact, both the Republic and Sith Officers have three different different types of grenades. When playing as this class, seek the high ground, preferably someplace with an ammo droid nearby, and rain grenades down on your enemies. There's also a "Special" class and a "Droid" class, both of which vary by faction. And the final class is the Force-Users. The Sith have a lightsaber-wielding Sith, and the Republic has the Jedi Gunman. I know you guys will love the Jedi Gunman, because he has not one, but [i]two[/i] pistols! In addition, there is a mode where you can play as the heroes that will be making an appearence. Some of these new heroes include Revan, Malak, Carth, Calo Nord, Darth Nihilus, and more. Give this a download and try out the awesome new KotOR sides for yourself! And make sure you read the all-important readme (There's a reason it's called READ ME) as this map installs a bit differently than the standard addon map. Enjoy, and leave feedback for the author. -Xavious P.S. I didn't give this map a rating because a)it's a demo; and b)it's a default map, so half the rating areas don't apply.




Swoop Racin' Republic Soldiers | 8.98 MB

"finish line," but it's not marked as such - I only recognized it because I passed through a one-way barrier back onto an earlier section of the track (and because I used Freecam to follow through the course). It's not a bad idea, but it needs a lot of work. Everything looks pretty much the same, so one turn feels the same as the next feels the same as the next ( infinitum). There's no real presence of a marker or anything to let you know how you're doing - I guess you could count in your head, but an ingame timer at the very least would be nice. It's also really easy to cheat (but in a map that doesn't reward you in any way for finishing, how much it's "cheating" is really an interesting question) by just jumping over cliff walls. Adding some collision in to something like this is a necessity. Basically, to sum, it's an interesting idea, but in its present state it isn't really anything (except for some varied terrain with vehicles). Adding [i]something[/i] to make it feel like a race or like some kind of challenge would go a long way towards making this better. -Mav




Yavin 4: Colony

culvars_yavin_4_colony.rar | 7.93 MB

Colony" wouldn't have been a better title. Names aside, this is a fair map. It's simple, and it doesn't try too hard... which is refreshing every once in a while. It uses stock sides and a small map which makes for a nice small 8 MB download. Gameplay is decent, and it's a fairly even battle. The sides feel well-matched against each other even if they seem to be a little bit weird (out-of-era material in another one). The bug with the stock phase 1 sniper/jettrooper can be fixed easily and probably should have been, but at least a note is made of it in the readme. The map's weaknesses lie in the actual map design itself. There's at least one major object placement issue (with the Arena model featured in hero assault) and there's a big 'ol textureless spot in the sky where, I assume, the Yavin skydome object was supposed to go (but the texture was left out). The map is also pretty bland once you move towards the center. The layout might work fine, but with the sharp (unblended) hills, the stock ground textures, and stock sky textures (I don't care if it [i]is[/i] the actual skydome and terrain from Yavin IV - change it. In my opinion no map ever needs to use those terrain textures in abundance or that skydome at all), it's just not doing it for me. A decent map, and bugs aside it's small enough to be worth a try. -Mav




star wars the clone wars lair of grievous | 28.87 MB

ideas here, but the execution isn\'t very good. Lots of improperly-aligned objects, sheer terrain (with accompanying texture stretching), poor AI pathing, and other woes get in the way of what is a neat theme. -Mav




Helms Deep Beta | 17.15 MB

pleasantly surprised to find this beta version... surprisingly good. I know that I was pleasantly surprised. I can recall several "attempts" at versions of this map, dating back years ago, but I don't believe any ever got finished, and it's just as well, because this version looks like it's shaping up to be better than those ever would have been. The first, best, and most obvious thing to mention about this map is that it's got what is - in all appearances - a fairly accurate (if not necessarily to-scale) recreation of the movie's mountainside fortress. From the tunnels leading into the hall, to the parapets, even to the drain that got blown up by Saruman's Magic Fireworks. What's best about it all is that it's all tied together well to make not only a faithful reproduction, but a playable one. The drain gate is big enough to be entered by many units at once, rather than being simply a small dead end, and the tunnels lead outside to a steep, mountainside entrance (in addition to their leading into the meeting hall). I do not know how entirely accurate that is, but it is definitely a good decision for gameplay's sake; making sure there is not just one linear path through the whole map was a wise decision. The environment is really neat, too. The right ambiance, set by the rain, lightning, and sky, creates a very, very cool sensation of being in a classic medieval battle. There are some things that I would do to change or fix this, though - and this of course being a beta leaves plenty of room for that. I would first tighten up the area to the outside of the castle, and make it much more accessible for the attackers. At the moment, they have a lot of empty ground outside, and this can lead to a very easy bottleneck for the defenders. Secondly, I would add in some torches (with lights attached). It is very cool to see the battlefield lit up at times by lightning, but sometimes it could definitely use a few more lighting sources. See the SWBF1 Kashyyyk and Rhen Var assets for some good hanging and standing torches. Finally, and this may just be personal preference, I would darken up (or just change to a grey rocky texture) the terrain a bit. Right now it seems a bit green to really fit well with the rest of the scenery. All in all, this is a really promising beta map and a great use of some custom models. Be sure to check it out; it's definitely worth a look. -Mav




Hypori: Assault

hypori.rar | 21.52 MB

Geonosis-like battlefield. There's four Command Posts, one in the crashed Acclamator (which you can't spawn from), one near the Acclamator (which you can spawn from), and two farther out in the fields, one for each team. When you start the map, you'll only be able to play as the Republic team. Selecting the CIS team will still spawn you on the Republic. This bug, in my experience, is caused by having too many units for each team. You wouldn't really want to play as the CIS anyway; they only have three types of units. The main focus of this map is the massive battle. Lots of units and a flat field makes this a sniper paradise. There's almost no cover, so if you decide to run headlong into battle, you're gonna get killed fairly quick. There's a Jedi unit on the Republic side that can earn you easy points if you find the AI stuck on the walls near the crashed Acclamator. There's a lot of barrier/planning problems in that area. Other than the CIS being unplayable, and the planning problems, there's a couple other bugs I'd like to point out. Firstly, some weapons are missing their localizations. Secondly, some troopers had two sets of grenades as their secondary weapons. And thirdly, the ARC rifle's HUD tag was floating next to the reticle. The reinforcement counts were also ridiculously high, although that's not a bug. Lastly, GCW Conquest crashes upon loading. I guess if you like big, open battles you'll love this map. If you're looking for anything other than that, you won't find it in this map. Honestly, Hypori: Assault just felt like Generic Geonosis Map #53. Read the readme for installation instuctions, and leave feedback for the author if you download and play this map. -Xavious




Kashyyyk: Dry Riverbank

kashyyyk.rar | 58.16 MB

glitches (I spawned and fell immediately through the map) and some object placement issues. The only real change we see in this map is the sides change, which is documented in the readme. The sides have been even more homogenized than the stock sides, since they all have (if you're playing with an awards profile) an award sniper rifle and an award pistol. It looks like the sniper .odf (and not just the model) was used as the base for most of the units. There are also some localization issues in that the locals were changed from Wookiees to ARCs without any sort of name change (they're still called "Wookiees"). My recommendation to the author would be to create a map of his own instead of just using the stock map as a template, and in doing so make sure to learn how to do things like move around objects well. To the reader, I'm not sure I'd recommend the download. -Mav




Imperial Base Beta Version | 118.13 MB

down, jump height reduced. - Rifles and Blasters are more powerful ---> more realistic and more star warsy gameplay - Many weapons need to be charged up for full effect; grenades can be thrown farther if you hold the mouse button. - Most weapons become more accurate/inaccurate, depending on your stance and movement. - The engineer´s health packs have been replaced with a medikit on the secondary weapon slot, which basically works like a fusion cutter. A complete and detailed list of all the side changes will be delivered with the final version. [u][b]Things to do for final version:[/b][/u] - AI Improvements - Map Improvements (glitch fixing, texturing etc.) - Localization (Weapon Names) - Various fixes




Kamino part 1: Orbital Attack BETA | 33.62 MB

more hangars to land in and a bit more going on than in a standard space map, but the gameplay is almost exactly the same as the stock maps. So, give this map a download if you want a new space map to play. I can\'t say to check out the screenshots, since there are none :( -Jedikiller




Imperial Shipyard | 24.01 MB

difficult - it tends to crash a minute or so into the map. It looks like some memory error, and it seems to be pretty consistent, although it is not triggered by one specific event (my guess would be a water memory pool error, which is a tough one to nail down a specific cause). As a result, it\'s tough to get much beyond the initial impression. It\'s an okay map, and the design is a nice idea. There seem to be a lot of empty command posts (having a large row of command posts with only the two ends being controlled at the start is basically just a waste of time). There is a choice made to have big, honking vehicle models for the CP holograms, which is at least unique, if not a little odd and distracting. The biggest thing, though, is of course the crashing shortly after starting. It makes enjoying any bit of a map very difficult. If it looks interesting, give it a try, but keep in mind that you may have as little luck as I. -Mav




Ryloth: Nabat

ryloth_nabat_0.9.exe | 25.04 MB

episodes. The map features lots of destructable buildings, new units for the sides, and a bunch of relocalized things. The map itself is essentially a small village/town thing set in a valley between a bunch of mountains. Outside of the valley but on the same level there is a landing area with two gunships that serve as the clones\' starting CP. The CIS start at the very other end of the town. There are a bunch of control points in the town and a few on the cliffs overlooking the town, which is a good place for snipers to camp out. Pretty much every building in the map is destructible, so go hog wild shooting at everything. Explosions are rampant, though since the buildings take a while to blow up the map will still be mostly intact at the end. The map is pretty well put together, especially for a first map. Terrain is smooth and natural looking, and the buildings are well placed. Sides wise, you have your standard clones vs. droids layout. There are some new units for the CIS, who have a lot more than the clones do. Most of the units are equally powerful, so you really can\'t go wrong choosing one over the other. The units are reskinned also, and the skins are pretty good. Even those units that are stock have been changed up a bit, so it feels like a fresh new experience. Considering that the clones are probably the side most expanded upon and (in my opinion) overused, it\'s saying something that the units felt fresh. Visually, the map is somewhat dark. It\'s not dark enough that you have problems seeing things, but it\'s noticeably darker than most maps. The palette of the map\'s objects is mostly brown and various shades thereof. Terrain is pretty much brown as well. The sky is a medium shade of gray and overcast. It\'s a very brown map, and visually speaking it is sort of boring, since everything essentially looks the same. Note that you will likely have to lower your view distance and LOD, since I was unable to run the map without my graphics settings lowered. Overall, this is a pretty good map, especially considering that it is a first map. It manages to avoid almost every first map pitfall, demonstrates good mapping ability, and is fun to play. I would recommend giving it a download. -Jedikiller




Coralac | 41.93 MB

fairly similar to Raxus Prime. It's got a few CPs, lots of objects, and what appear to be metal hills. The map's pretty interesting. Its terrain is mostly metallic, which doesn't really work here since metal generally isn't as curvy as the terrain is. It's got a desert themed environment, though there are props from all sorts of areas located in the map. There are a few CPs around, though a couple of them seem to be invisible. The terrain is mostly very hilly and rugged, but not too steep to climb up on. There are a few destructible objects lying around as well for use as temporary cover. Now, let's move on to the bad stuff. The map is too hilly, leading to some problems seeing other units and getting hit unexpectedly when coming over a hill. The terrain choice is strange, mostly because it's very hard to see other units against it, and from a real-world standpoint I don't believe that metal lays flat against hills like it does. Objects are everywhere, and the bots don't really seem to know how to negotiate them. They don't really seek out battle and it gets fairly boring after a while. There's also a distinct advantage to the clones or Empire- they cannot be won against by CP capturing because their starter CP is uncapturable. Finding bots in the maze of objects is quite difficult. From a bug standpoint, there aren't too many- just the uncapturable CP i mentioned, mainly. There are also some oddly positioned objects, like the Geonosis cave clips out of the ground. Things that probably need to be fixed in the next version are planning, some steep terrain, object clipping, and the bugs mentioned above. To sum it up, this map is a fairly standard first map. It's got lots of objects, strange terrain, no planning, and some bugs. I found that it also tended to be somewhat boring due to the difficulty finding people to shoot, but that could just be me. At any rate, give it a download if the screenshots look interesting or you are looking for something new to play. -Jedikiller (P.S- the ever-so-popular Battlefront Funnies are also in this download as well.)




Battle of Christophsis

chr.7z | 5 MB

666rulerofclones' 212th legion mod, if it doesn't, go and download it[/quote]This is a beta version of MandalorianJeedai's Battle of Christophsis map. The map is mostly open and is quite large. There is a Republic Attack Ship landed at one end of the map although it appeared untextured so I'm not sure what that was supposed to be. The battlefield is mostly flat with a couple of small hills and in between one end of the battlefield and the Republic Attack Ship is a small area with LAAT Gunships. I've never watched Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie so I don't know how accurate this is to it but it did appear quite empty and it has a lot of floating objects and CP's. Although the author said it uses 666rulerofclones' 212th legion mod it isn't necessary. If you don't use it than your units will appear default , if you want you can download it [url=";95311"]here[/url]. So all in all its about what you could expect from a beta, download if you wish. -Delta 47




The Pwnfest

thepwnfestsetupv3_0_beta.exe | 151.34 MB

time. Unlike other maps of the wacky ilk, [i]Pwnfest[/i] doesn't try too hard to make unit weapons look like "super-collossal-mega-ultimate" attacks, but instead concentrates on how the units are used and what can be done in the map. No, it's not a realistic map, but while in most cases I would balk at this, it does a very good job at setting itself up to be the games arena it purports to be. The modes are nice and varied, but the best parts are the small, scripted minigames scattered throughout the level. They actually feel like something different and new, and that's all I want to see if I'm playing a map that's not leaning too heavily on the "conquest" setup that Battlefront's proven itself to be most adept at. There are also a number of small scripted events or just fun places to explore. As someone who really likes scripting stuff into his maps, I really appreciated the work that went into this and it's really neat to walk into a new area and hear a music trigger or see an animated elevator. So what are you waiting for? If you like the whole "wacky," non-standard genre of maps, this is definitely worth a shot. If you're at all interested in trying something new, give this a shot. It's really fun to try out and definitely worth a couple playthroughs to see everything. -Mav




=UF= Clan Map BETA | 61.18 MB

through a forest in the center. It reminds me somewhat of an ideal setting to play capture the flag (CTF with running and tagging, not with blasters and stormtroopers). The Republic seems to start with a bit of an advantage, since they've got a fairly fortified position versus the CIS's relatively open CPs. It's also worth noting that the capture regions (and spawnpaths) of the back two (originally CIS) CPs are reversed, so when you "capture" one, you're really capturing the other. To the author: might want to fix that. I also noticed a floating ammo droid near one of the Republic CPs. A decent submission for a clan map, though. -Mav




the crazy map | 21.91 MB




Utapau Attack | 16.37 MB

is the white. It feels like you are on Hoth not Utapau. I run around for a bit, seeing no real resemblise to Utapau. There is also no heros. On the bright side there is 1 flag and 2 flag CTF. Not a bad attempt for a first timer. Overall average marks.




Duel Map | 12.81 MB

map and, caveat emptor, I didn\'t test it as such (given that there\'s only one of me). However, I\'m not sure that it\'ll be a great map in that regard, and here\'s why: When I spawn (on either team), I start in a big pyramid - mistake one. There is a single exit, and so if I get killed, I can easily be spawncamped by one person waiting at the exit. There\'s no protection for me at my own spawnpoint (AI, autoturrets, etc.) and so no incentive for the enemy to let me spawn unmolested. The middle of the map is a big open area. Mistake two. This isn\'t a good idea for any kind of map, really - big and open and flat is great for growing crops, but it has no real place in a game - there\'s nothing fun about plain plains. And an even bigger gripe - one I\'ve mentioned before and is not related to this map in particular - [i]this map has no AI[/i]. 99% of the time, this kind of map will be played by a solo player. The game SWBF2 doesn\'t support flexible use of modmaps online, that\'s just the way it is. A map that only works with multiple people is a map that, 99% of the time, isn\'t any fun. There are some basic mapping issues to address too (like don\'t use default everything - terrain, sky, etc.). The only really notable bug is that there\'s a missing texture on the waterfall prop. Now, it\'s a start, and the author is just learning. Here\'s to hoping that round two will be parsecs better. -Mav




Felucia: Heart of Darkness

felucia_heart_of_darkness.rar | 121.83 MB

map is an interesting take on the planet, similar to the take the Clone Wars cartoon recently had in its latest three episodes. Everything has a trace of luminescent neon, and it looks pretty nice. None of it on this map is done with any sort of bloom or lighting, which is what I think would be nice to see to really make the environment \"pop,\" but it\'s still nice to look at. The rest of the map is pretty much standard Felucia-type map, although it\'s a little more open than most. It seems to be set up fine, although the REP side does start with a reinforcement disadvantage. The map is filled out with predominantly Mygeeto props, which for whatever reason seem to be a popular choice to use with Felucia. I\'ve never liked that particular choice, and I don\'t care much for it here, but I do like the retexture of the Mygeeto shields to make things seem a little less like stock Mygeeto. The one big issue I noticed with the map is that the CIS seems to get quite stuck at their furthest-back base. The lip of the platform they start out on often prevents any walking units from crossing over it, and this makes for a bit of an unbalanced fight in the end. There is also an uncapturable destructable CP midway through the map (it could easily be made just a prop or it could be made a full-on CP; right now it is stuck in some odd limbo between the two). In any case, for a beta version of a map, it\'s pretty decent. The sides are crazy large - far too large for the amount added - and should be something that is addressed in the full version. If you like what you see, though, give this version a try. -Mav




Ardennen | 3.18 MB

Battle of the Bulge, although it has Star Wars sides, of course. It also doesn\'t look at all like Europe, which is really pretty much the norm for these \"real-world\" maps we see most of the time. It\'s pretty well a \"first-map\" through and through. The terrain is pretty jagged, and the map is surrounded by sheer walls (which not only look bad, but they can be walked through). The map is in dire need of the terrain \"blend\" tool and some prop canyon walls for the sides (if the author is really interested in putting big canyons in Belgium). Many of the objects have placement issues - most of the command posts are floating, and the Hoth bunkers lead to nowhere (except under the terrain). There\'s also an uncaptureable CP, which makes for a somewhat-stunted round of conquest. The map does use the default sky, which in this current version isn\'t really visible, but when (if) the author decides to remove the giant, ugly terrain walls, the sky should really be changed to something else. There\'s a lot that could be done with WWII-based maps (see: the rest of the FPS genre), but there haven\'t really been any really solid efforts made for this game. Play to the strengths of the assets you have available - often, if you\'re new, that\'ll mean working with a Star-Wars-based setting. It may yield much better results for you. -Mav




naboo:city | 6.64 MB

criticisms.\" This is not one of those times. This map is, in many ways, a master class on first maps. It has a number of issues (although it is relatively [i]bug[/i]-free) that are incredibly common to first-time map makers, and to top it off, the map doesn\'t make a whole lot of sense. The setting itself isn\'t incredibly unique, which is problem number one. The title tells you exactly what you can expect, which is a retread of the Naboo buildings in a vaguely-city-like setup. It\'s got some strange structures, like a bridge that couldn\'t physically exist, and a number of issues with missing textures and Z-fighting. It also uses the ARGH STOCK SKY. The sides themselves are what really make this map strange, though. CW conquest is mostly regular conquest, except the clones have a wampa (?) on their team and the CIS have an acklay (again, ?), although for the CIS the acklay is nigh-un-unlockable, because it takes 3000 (!) points to unlock. Why is this even available as a unit? Oh also, the CIS have Anakin for a hero, just for extra nonsensicality. The GCW conquest is really, really weird, though, because it has a pastiche of what can only be called \"completely randomly chosen\" units for either team. The \"Empire\" team consists mostly of villains, although it also has a stock generic Sith unit tossed in. The \"Alliance\" team has a gungan, Yoda, a rebel, Han Solo... good grief, I don\'t know. Oh, and an acklay. Of course. This version is incredibly unbalanced, because one team gets twice the reinforcement count as the other. There are also about 20 vehicles parked in one section of the map, for what reason I don\'t know. They\'re not props - they\'re all real vehicles, but they really don\'t serve a purpose because few of them get used. This is really one weird map. -Mav




Geonosis Episode II | 5.32 MB

goes. The map consists of a flat plain with some hills and depressions scattered throughout, with a few small structures and a gigantic mountainous thing. There are 6 CPs, though you can only spawn at four of them. The two that are not selectable are at the top of the mountain, which you can't get to due to the maxflyheight being too low. It probably would have been better to remove those. The remaining four CPs are arrayed in a square. There is pretty much no cover around the CPs and you can just camp out at one CP and snipe the opposing team. There doesn't appear to be bot planning, though to be honest there really isn't a need for any, given the simplicity of the layout. The bots will attempt to climb the mountain to get to the CPs up there, and get stuck trying to do so, which is why they should have been removed. Otherwise, the bots just sort of try to attack each CP on the ground. It's not a very challenging map. Overall, this is a pretty standard first map affair. It's very simple, though it seems to avoid a few of the typical "first map" pitfalls, like unchanged sky and sharp terrain (in most cases). Go ahead and give it a download if you so desire. -Jedikiller




Geonosis Assault | 5.64 MB

right? Did you guess that it is a first map and also set on Geonosis? Shame on you if you didn't, because you obviously haven't tried out enough modmaps. ;) Okay so obligatory mention of over-done-ness aside, this is a fairly standard first map. It's basically a flat map (shaped more like a doughnut, though, due to props in the center) with four command posts. The author did make an attempt at adding props, although they are the standard Geonosis props - if you're going to make a map that's been done to death, maybe try to use a few more props from other places to spice it up a bit. I'd also like to see more work done on the terrain - there has been some height variation, but it's all of the jagged-and-unnatural variety. Also, the author mentions having trouble with the sky. Always make sure to test any changes you make [i]ingame[/i], as what you see in ZeroEditor isn't always representative of the final product. If the sky is a continual issue, be sure to read up on some tutorials - there are plenty available. -Mav




Battle Of Geonosis; 125th

battleofgeonosis125.rar | 52.25 MB

through the map it'll just scream "MULTIPLAYER" at you in a loud and obnoxious voice. Why do I say this? For one, the map is HUGE. I mean it's [i]really[/i] HUGE. The biggest map I can recall is [url=;63152]Raxus Prime[/url] and I think this is even bigger than that. Next, there are so many different kinds of gameplay in the map and so many choices. You can fly a drop ship, pilot an AT-TE, run it on foot, assist the Jedi, assist the acklays, or whatever. You really don't ever feel bored and that's what's important. Now I don't know if it works online but somebody needs to give it a try. Having a server with this map and lots of players would be a complete blast. The map is an expansion of the original Geonosis map, which players can identify somewhere near the middle. The design is awkward, to be honest. To top it off the mini-map doesn't show all of the map so it's kinda hard to navigate around on foot. A better mini-map would be greatly appreciated. The terrain elevation isn't quite as smooth as I'd prefer. Be sure to use the "blend" tool when you're doing any work on the terrain height in the future. It makes it looks much more smooth and real... even though Geonosis isn't exactly smooth. I would also recommend using a variety of terrain textures on the cliffs and distant hills because from far away they have that terrain pattern that gives the environment a very artificial feel. As long as I'm on negative side of the review I might as well point out some bugs I noticed. Some vehicles are missing sounds and some AI run into objects. There. That was easy. :p Now back to the good. Oh, and how good it is! The map has a TON of features. New units, Jedi, acklays, some new vehicles, and some very cool weapons. I'm amazed at the file size considering how much stuff is packed into this map. Now going into detail over every little thing would take too long so I'll touch on some of the stuff I liked the most: The ARC Commander. Best. Unit. Ever. He has this sweet gun that does all these different tricks. It can shoot a laser beam, create huge explosions, or just hit stuff with a big bang. It's great for taking out acklays and vehicles. This map is litterally crawling with acklays -- especially near the spire. They're always fun to fight because they can kill you so easily... plus they're big. Don't ever try to take on an acklay as a Jedi or any kind of melee unit. If you see a Jedi running to an acklay call him over to you and run away because the acklay will just knock the Jedi down and poke him to death with it's legs. The best way to take out acklays is with projectile weapons -- specifically the ARC Commanders large gun. Also the AT-TE's secondary cannons can take one out with one hit, but be careful because they'll form a mob around the walker and moving becomes very difficult. Also worth mentioning is the ARC Elite unit which has his own sword. Cool, huh? The map also features Jedi celebrities from the [url=;70164]Conversion Pack[/url] such as Luminara Unduli and Shaak Ti. *catches breath* I could go on and on about this map but I don't have the time and you don't have the attention span. The map has lots to explore. Download for yourself and try it out, you won't be disappointed. Excellent work for your first map Master Fionwë! I'm definitely looking forward to the final version! -[GT]EraOfDesann PS: Someone put it on a server! Playing it by yourself is only half of the experience! :rock:




Schosk Harbor | 126.72 MB

a nice, simple design that with a little bit of polish could be a pretty decent map. The polish is of course what is lacking here - to some degree that may be expected in a beta version, but it really needs an overhaul so that it doesn't feel like every other snow-themed map (which is either Hoth or an evergreen forest). There are some notable issues with the map as well. The easiest to notice is that (in GCW at least), the player and AI flyheight is set too low, so the player can't jump, and any substantial fall will result in an instant death. Note to the author - there are two flyheight lines in your script, please set them above "40" to a reasonable number (for this map) so that you aren't confined to simply walking or running. While the sides for CW are stock sides, the sides for GCW are decidedly odd. The map features Republic commandos (don't link me to the page on any type of Imperial commando, I'm not daft, thanks) led by Ki-Adi-Mundi fighting Rebels led by Han Solo. There are a number of levels on which this doesn't make sense, but odd visual choices aside, the sides seem to be quite out of balance. The Imperial team is far, far stronger than the Rebel team, something the Rebels' initial CP advantage (or reinforcement advantage) fails to make up for. A much fairer way of balancing strong units against weak ones is - well, the best way is not to make teams of markedly different strengths, but failing that - to decrease the number of units on the field for the stronger team. If this has already been done, perhaps it should be done some more. As mentioned in the readme, there are issues with the sky (I believe it's not just completely black, but completely missing - some users may see it rendered as completely white/grey) and some AI pathing issues - which fortunately is not just excusespeak for "no AI pathing"; there really are just some areas in which the pathing could be amended. Make sure if you download you do leave feedback for the author, as a beta version, constructive criticism is really the best feedback that can be given. -Mav




Humans vs. Bots Training Map | 5.92 MB

another of the maps with which I am left wondering "who is this for?" As with many maps "focused" on online use, it has a less-than-stellar design (why doesn't anyone making multiplayer-only maps ever seem to care about how they look?) and a relatively pointless single-player gameplay. The map itself is a mostly flat map with various props scattered around one of the CPs. It has sheer terrain walls surrounding most of it, except for one edge which is pretty much just that - an edge. I have to give the author credit - at least the singleplayer mode isn't so ignored that it's just the one player wandering around with nothing going on. GCW conquest is "normal conquest," with the exception of no AI paths and unbalanced CP setup. CW conquest, the "online mode," is humans (as clones) versus virtually endless CIS droids. This is an especially boring task, as it takes place on a drab map against dumb (no paths) AI, and the human(s) is/are expected to stay in one place. The smart money would be to make it so that the humans at least get to move around, and make them play against AI pathed to do something(!), and maybe - and this is a huge maybe - make the map so that it is tolerable on a visual level. It would then have the added advantage of being totally playable (if somewhat harder) for single players, too. All in all, the answer to my initial question - "who is this for?" - is summed up thusly: this map is for the author and whoever he ends up playing with, which, barring some exceptional circumstance, usually amounts to a handful of people. The reason I ask this question is because it seems like such a waste of time to go to the trouble of making a map, knowing that the online setup won't support mass distribution of it for online use, and that most downloaded maps are used in SP - and making it so that map can only be usable with other people online. If you're going to go ahead and make a map, go ahead and [i]make a map[/i] - put the little extra effort in and make it enjoyable both on- and offline. -Mav





23mfm.7z | 5.77 MB

and indefinitely extended. It's called "The movie map" and localized as "map for movies," but I am not sure (once again, a [i]helpful readme[/i] is ideal here) what kind of movies require (or are reproduced by) this kind of map. It's a terrain-only map with a short view distance and no sky. There are several command posts, but conquest isn't able to be finished as one of the CPs is sunk so far into the ground that the capture region can't be reached (or there is simply not one there). Obviously this is a bug and needs to be fixed. To the author - I know this is a "beta," but please make sure to put a little more effort into your map and/or describing exactly what it's used for if you're hosting your files here. -Mav




Utapau's Grand Canyon

utapau_grand_canyon.rar | 16.32 MB

I didn't say something about the default sky included, which looks noticeably bad. This is only abetted by the fact that you start off rather high and can consequently see a more lot of the edge of the sky texture than normal. The object placement also needs a lot of work. There are several instances where the author has tried to lego pieces together to create ramps or platforms or something, but they're put together awkwardly, leaving a lot of invisible collision and poor alignment to get in the player's way. ...but only the [i]player's[/i] way, because there are no AI - which is of course the next criticism. Most likely due to the author adding a lot of extra CPs and not adding them appropriately in the conquest script, no AI will spawn for either team in either era. Other notable issues include a lot of prop objects that haven't been retextured at all to fit with the theme, and no recognizable Utapauan architecture (an issue made particularly egregious by the fact that we already have stock models for this). The sheer terrain used all around the edge of the map does not look at all cliff-like, especially in light of the fact that with that sheer angle, the texture is horribly stretched. All in all it's a map that needs a lot of work, and if I had any of the most basic of advice it would be simply to start smaller. For a first map, something small will work best, since it will allow you to concentrate on a small area and make it look really nice. -Mav [Note: Please ignore the posted developer above - the site is having an issue with adding new developers at the moment. The developer of this file is as mentioned above: Red333]




Rhen Var: Battle Above | 44.52 MB

dogfighting is damaged by the two capital ships being very close together, resulting in (a) AI crashing into things and (b) interceptors getting ripped to shreds by autoturrets (even though there's only the default number of turrets.) There are some other odd gameplay quirks. Imperial AI hardly seem to use their ships (most I counted at once was 4), the small roof defence turrets are teamless and therefore don't do anything, and the multiple frigates haven't been set up in the lua correctly (so only the original frigate gives the opposite team points). Aesthetically there are a few flaws. The planet in the background, unlike what the author says, is Kashyyyk. Not Rhen Var or even Hoth. Retexturing it could make a believable Rhen Var, but at the moment those brown landmasses look seriously out of place. The Star Destroyer also has a whole series of shields along one side. While An interesting idea, visually it looks tacky (and probably would even if the placement of the shields was neater). Anyway, download if the screens appeal or you'd like to play as a rebel engineer/smuggler in a space map. -Sky





jabiim.exe | 69.03 MB

not perfect, by any stretch, but several first-map pitfalls were avoided and a sincere effort was made to try out some unique things. The good: AI heroes. Bravo; these add a lot to the game, they're not tough to implement, and I like seeing them. Nice work making sure they're in. Sky effects - both skydome changes and environmental fx (rain) - are welcome additions and a great way to show that you know what you're doing working with the sky (and that you took notice of it and cared to change it!). Adding in a number of vehicles is a good start too, as many people have problems putting in vehicles. I didn't see them getting stuck often, either, but I don't know if that's because of the openness of the map or because of AI planning. Finally, this is also a nice and creative map - it needs some polish, but I like that you branched out and made something that wasn't Tatooine, Hoth, or Yavin IV. What still needs work? For starters, the terrain is far too rough. There needs to be a lot of blending work done in most places, as the terrain looks very square. Secondly (and smoothing out terrain will help this), your water isn't complete - there are some spots where your water just ends and doesn't intersect with the ground. While you're in ZE, don't forget to change the placement of some objects - I saw at least one rock prop floating above the ground. You are also missing the majority of the sounds for your vehicles - I know adding in proper sound can seem daunting for a first-time mapper, but believe me when I say having the right sounds is worth it - sound adds a lot. All in all, not a bad map - the author also did a nice job to change up the sides a bit (even if it is only really visual - and I think even those were only CW) and add in some different heroes. Give it a download if it looks nice! P.S. A note to the author: You don't need to include the entire heroes.lvl side just to add in Bespin Luke and Asajj Ventress. The majority of the Conversion Pack's heroes assets can be downloaded at Gametoast and then compiled into a new side (which will save a lot of space). -Mav




Agamar Big City | 22.69 MB

points to this particular map. I'll start with what I found was good. The map's strongest point was the general map design. The buildings were placed well (I didn't see any floating objects), all the props fit the environment for the most part, and the author made good use of terrain texture variation. It does end up looking a lot like a Naboo with a side of Yavin, but I thought it was fine. I do rather like the sunny Naboo look in a map. Now onto the bad. The greatest flaw was the sheer size of the map and the lack of any effort to make up for it by changing the number of units on the field. The default number of units gets stretched thin over the small map and makes for poor gameplay. In addition, there's a couple Command Posts that are much too far away from the main battle. My suggestion would be to move these Command Posts closer or delete them, and increase the amount of units on the field (but don't go overboard -- just add enough to where your map feels about as dense as a stock map in terms of bots). There's also a lack of sounds for most of the vehicles, but the author has mentioned this (and will hopefully fix it). I did find it odd that Taun Tauns would be present on a forest-y world such as this (perhaps Kaadu would fit better?), and I also thought the AT-STs were out of place in the Clone Wars era, but I suppose this is something the author thought fit. Anyways, a decent map and perhaps worth a download if it appeals to you. Enjoy, and be sure to leave [i]constructive[/i] feedback for the author in the comments section below. -Xavious




Ideal Training Map | 17.39 MB

maps cater, I cannot count myself among those who enjoy maps "designed only for multiplayer." Unfortunately, "only for multiplayer" often tends to translate into "my object placement was too hard for me to try to AI path around so I said only people could do it." In any case this is very representative of the genre, using stock Yavin props on stock Yavin grass with the stock Yavin sky - I don't know why seeing Yavin anything bothers me but it does, and I'm sure there's a great Yavin map out there somewhere waiting to be made but unfortunately, in the interim, Yavin props just feel dull. The props are closely put together on (sometimes) jagged terrain - as always, prop placement is best done carefully and terrain is best done smoothly. There are a couple spots where textures overlap and flicker, this should be fixed along with the terrain smoothing. The objects themselves are just stock Yavin arena. If it seems like the kind of map you'd like to play, give it a try. -Mav




.:[Agent]:. Prison Break | 21.17 MB

playable. There's only 2 spawn points, and neither of them are capturable. The CIS/ Rebels starts in a "town" of sorts, while the Republic/ Empire starts in what I assume are prison cells. The first problem I noticed was that the author neglected to change the max height in the Clone Wars era. The first time I spawned, I literally couldn't get out because I couldn't jump high enough. I had to respawn and hope I spawned in a cell where I could actually get out. Though I found that it really wasn't worth it to escape my cell; all of the AI were stuck on stairs, buildings, and whatever else they could find. The two teams never interacted because they couldn't reach each other. Yet the author claims: [quote]This map is surprisingly fun with bots[/quote] Lies! The map is not fun to play with bots. Unless you like shooting dozens of bots stuck on walls or in pits. I don't have much more to say about the map. Like the author's previous work, this map does little to set itself apart from other maps. The sky is still default and the terrain is still jagged and the buildings are still poorly placed with lots of z-fighting. The ground texture was changed, but to be honest (and I never thought I'd say this) I would have preferred the default ground texture over the one the author chose. That is all. Download if you so desire. -Xavious




Corra: Abyssal Wasteland | 50.51 MB

plain. Argh. Gugh. Well, okay, the map is unique in that it presents a different style of gameplay from the standard conquest game. The single mode in this beta is the "domination" mode, which is essentially a one-sided battle that you either win by... well, winning, or by "not losing." (There is an actual difference.) I would like to first preface this by saying that this is unique and it is always refreshing to see something new. That said, I had zero fun playing it. It was like a chore. This may just be me, but who here has fun when you're playing online and you end up on one team pinned down at one command post by a bunch of tanks and snipers. Fun, right? Being spawnkilled over and over and over? That's what this map is like. I would spawn and die within seconds; I cannot understand why this seemed like a good idea to the author. On the other hand, you can spawn as the team whose goal is actually winning, and you can pretty much let the AI do all the work. Whee! The sides were a compounding factor in this being the grind that it is. I understand the author tried for a more "realistic" style of play, but that simply does not work on big open maps like this. There is a reason why modern armies do not line up on big open fields and charge each other - because [i]they[/i] don't like being spawnkilled either. Oh and did I mention the units of the stronger team are virtually invisible on this field of play? Yes! They are, which only adds to the frustration. The only way I could even bear to play is if I set my contrast and brightness up to maximum. Here is a reference: [list][*]Can you see the units in the following picture?: [url][/url] [*]How about now?: [url][/url][/list] I would really like to see a complete visual redesign behind the new sides, anyway, since they are supposed to represent something completely divorced from the timelines we know, and having all those stock models looks fairly disconcerting; I can't help but think "Rebel" "Rebel" "Imperial" "Clone" "CIS" "Imperial"... etc. I do really like the idea, it's got promise (in fact the reinforcements used seem to be similar in execution to the recent winning contest map's hero reinforcements), but it needs some serious rework to actually be fun, in my opinion. However, I'm sure the author would like more than just my opinion, so download it and give it a try. -Mav




Apatros: Assault on the mines | 15.94 MB

(because the problem was obvious and fixable without the source files), This will still be uploaded. To the author - why did you bother renaming your folders in the map's folder? You could have copied the map directly from your GameDataaddon folder and avoided this whole problem. You renamed your "_LVL_PC" folder to "lvl_pc." Since it's a parent directory to everything in your map, nothing can be read from it because all the paths are now broken. (The upload will be fixed, this is just an admonition to the author.) The map itself is fairly simple, it's a "first map" through and through. Apatros appears to be a Hoth-like planet (with apparently some mines? I didn't see them.). In any case, it is the stock four command posts on a slightly modified environment (the areas surrounding the battlefield have more change than the battlefield itself, as they have most of the props). This results in essentially a plains-type battle, with a few spots obscured because of terrain variation. There are a number of things that need to be fixed - first, object placement. At least one of the CPs wasn't changed from its original height, and as a result was just floating. The Mustafar props were used poorly, since they don't have "outsides" to them and as a result, just look bad. They are also floating. The terrain could also be touched up a bit; where terrain height variation was used, it was all sharp terrain - the smooth tool could be used to great effect here. It would also be nice to see some AI paths or barriers; AI got stuck on what few props were between their spawn points and the battlefield. Oh and also the sky, change it please. So there you have it. If it looks interesting, give it a shot. -Mav




The Twilight Forest | 16.42 MB

that this large step up in version numbering would represent a significant milestone in the polishing of the map. But ha ha, you can't trick me, tricky people who number things arbitrarily! I have seen enough crazy file "version"-ing to know that I can safely ignore any file versions and types (just try, send me a "version 12.π 'Lambda'" and see if I even blink - not going to happen). My instincts served me well here. This version of "Twilight Forest" is unchanged from the past version except that now there are AI. This doesn't really add a whole lot to the map, as now many of the design flaws are truly brought out by the number of places AI clump or get stuck. It is also easy to notice (as I did not before) that one of the CPs is uncapturable, which means it is impossible for one team to win by conquest. All the bugs or flaws of the past version, including (but not limited to) poor object placement, sharp terrain, poor terrain texture blending, nonsensical localization, and a somewhat-incomprehensible menu are still there. It is fine to upload a file as many times as one likes, but author - please make sure you fix more than one bug at a time per file upload, especially when there are so many that could be fixed. -Mav




The Walkway of Doom | 4.76 MB

doom can be inferred as a byproduct of being shot, of course). The map is as simple as it is rife with strange things. It's basically five small Kamino platforms connected by four Kamino bridges (a plus "+" shape). It should be fairly straightforward, unfortunately very little care was taken to make sure it was implemented correctly. There is no pathing at all, so all the AI continually run into the lips of the bridges (although it is just as well that they do, if these were flat platform bridges we would just see all the AI running off to their "doom"- as it is, some still do). We also see the unfortunate side effect of not raising the max fly height, which is that jumping is all but impossible and Jet troopers' and Dark troopers' flight abilities are made useless. There are also some strange texture choices - the ground uses the Sentinel-class shuttle's texture as a texture, which looks bad (bizarrely enough, this isn't even the first time I've seen that odd texture choice by a map uploaded here). Even stranger is the choice of no texture at all for the center platform - a bold choice indeed, as most mappers seem to prefer textures of some kind. In any case, while I can appreciate that this is a "beta" version and consequently not finished, it seems to have little-to-no work put in testing it to make sure it works as it should - I would recommend that the author take some time, play his own map, and fix up some bugs before unleashing a map upon the public. I am sure that if the above are fixed this could be a passable map - simple map designs can work well, but only if implemented well. -Mav




Twilight Forest | 3.52 MB

(needs more terrain smoothing), and while I didn't fall through in my playthroughs, I wouldn't imagine that it's impossible to fall through the terrain at some point because of its angularity. There are also lots of props used - which is good, especially for a first timer - however, the props aren't placed very carefully. Many props, including command posts, are floating in the air. The trees used are all missing the files used to give them leaves, which may or may not be intentional (although if I had to guess I would say it is unintentional, as it is an easy mistake to make and there are several mistakes here). Also of note are terrain textures blended more than two at a time (which causes visible edges to terrain texture) and a command post added incorrectly, which means that you're the only unit on the field (which makes for a rather boring "battle"). And while not necessarily mistakes, the teams are localized as "Vampires" and "Werewolves" but they are unchanged stock sides. The changes to the menu seemed unnecessary and annoying - a quick tip - I know it's fun to play with the localize tool, but please don't change around with the menu (to say things like "Oh gee darn" instead of "Quit to Windows" ...etc.). It is annoying and only serves as a nuisance. In any case, very first map. Give it a try if you want. -Mav




Speeder Race World | 2.63 MB

don't have the game, I can't put in real pics, but I have put in a pic from Zeroeditor so you can see the layout of the map. Anyway, this map has 5 command posts, 2 on each end of a maze, and 1 in the middle. There are tons of speeders at each end, and you try to race to the opponent's side to take their command post. There is a command post halfway through as well. Thanks![/quote] I'm not even going to bother with a full review for this one; go check out the review on the first file of Count_Zooku's today: [url];100348[/url]. This one is supposed to be a speeder race through some canyons, which is very ineffective because speeders can fly right through the sheer terrain walls. The map is entirely covered in water, so it's very likely to crash. Unlike Zooku's previous map, this one actually has a sky, though it's the default one. Even that's better than no sky at all. In addition, all the terrain has been brightly colored. There's no real "fighting" gameplay; basically, you hop on a speeder, ride through the canyone, find the other side. Nothing else to do. Again, TEST THE MAP BEFORE YOU RELEASE IT. That is all. As with the previous map, this one is also packaged incorrectly. You'll need to rename the folder "Speeder Race" to "MAZ," and rename the "MAZ" folder inside the "Speeder Race" folder to "data." -Xavious EDIT: Scratch what I said about the four maps; the last two of Count_Zooku's maps were broken beyond a couple renamed folders. I saw no point in uploading maps that wouldn't work, so I simply deleted them.




Planet Onmanjon | 6.92 MB

a command post on each side and a canyon in the middle, with platforms leading to other command posts. No vehicles yet. This is supposed to be wierd, so don't be surprised by the interesting ground texture (republic gunships).[/quote] And this is why it's so important to test your maps before you release them. Apparantly, Count_Zooku does not even have Battlefront II, yet this is only the first of four maps he's submitted within the span of a couple hours. That is not a good sign. The first thing I noticed was the lack of a sky, which is always a bad thing. The ground texture has also been replaced with... the Republic gunship texture? Then there's a chasm of sorts in the middle with some Ewok bridges and Kamino platforms in between. Nothing blends together at all, and it looks terrible, to tell the truth. Gameplay gets condensed on the small bridges, usually with the CIS/ Rebels getting stuck on the steep birdge. There's also one neutral CP that's waaay out of the way of all of the fighting. It's almost a disadvantage to capture it, because once the AI get down there, they can't get back up. Speaking of which, the AI fall off the cliff and bridges. A lot. I have one thing to say to the author: patience, young Padawan. Releasing a map you have done zero testing on will just about never turn out well. Quality is always superior to quantity. Instead of sending in FOUR completely untested maps within a day, why not just wait until you get your game [i]and then[/i] concentrate your work on one thing at a time, and TEST IT OUT BEFORE YOU RELEASE IT. I can't stress it enough. Just a heads up to anyone who downloads this, you'll need to rename the folder "Wierdness Level" to "ROM," and rename the "ROM" folder inside the "Wierdness Level" folder to "data." Otherwise, the map will simply crash. Yet another side effect of not testing the map. Download if you will. -Xavious




Unk Clan Meet | 17.8 MB

clarity I'll wax verbose. This is, as mentioned above, very simple. It uses the four stock CPs (although I think they are moved apart slightly) on a mostly-flat map. There is a shallow pit in the center, but as far as changing the gameplay, the shallow pit does not do a whole lot. There is very-little-to-no cover. Also, the reinforcements are raised much higher than normal (to 600+ for each team), so the excruciating battle will last for even longer. Inexplicably, what could have been a perfectly balanced (or as much so as the default map is perfectly balanced) map is unbalanced by giving the Empire fifty extra reinforcements. It's like it was intentionally unbalanced. I was confused. Anyway, if you're hard-up for flat maps or you don't feel like giving the modtools a spin to make one, go ahead and give this a try. -Mav




Kashyyyk Forest - Sunken Village | 124.4 MB

it is much better than most first maps. The premise of this map is not an uncommon one - two sides of a battlefield split down the center by a river with limited crossing points (in this case a single path). Both sides of the river are wooded and interspersed with Wookiee huts. The author did a nice job setting up a relatively convincing-looking forest battlefield, and it looks better the closer you get to the center of the map. ...which is good, because the center of the map is where virtually everything is going to take place. Because of the "single-route" setup made here, the whole battle is funneled through a single bridge over the water that is always just a complete grind getting through. It would be nice to see a few alternate routes through the battlefield. The congestion in the center of the map only serves to enhance (or detriment? however you prefer) the map's biggest weakness, and that is the lag. In addition to being an AI mosh pit in the center of the map, it is a FPS-reduced mosh pit - whether it's some combination of the units, the environmental FX, the foliage, or the water - there's some definite slowdown which is a real detriment to the map; it makes it less fun to play. There was also a very strange texture on Grievous, I'm not sure what the idea was but it was odd seeing him in lime-green. Anyway, if the map looks enjoyable, go ahead and give it a download. -Mav P.S. Apologies to the author; this sat in our upload queue for much longer than it should have.




Xagobah: Mazarian Assault | 285.65 MB

Star Wars novel, this map takes us to the vaguely-similar-to-Felucia-with-a-hint-of-Yavin "Xagobah." (Which of course is eerily reminiscent of "Dagobah" and makes me wonder how two distinct planets got such similar names despite being very geographically separate.) Anyway. For a beta map, Xagobah is fairly solid. The only prop-related bugginess I noted was the lack (or extreme darkness) of low-rez textures for the Yavin models. There were also missing sounds for the flyers, and the award weapons glitch was present on at least one unit (the basic battledroid) and will cause a freeze in your game. That particular glitch is really quite bothersome. The map design, though, is pretty nice. While it is still a battlefield that might be a little large, it has a nice setup and doesn't feel too derivative of other SWBF2 planets. It has a nice rolling terrain and props and foliage are used well (maybe a little extensively, but that's more personal preference) to create the feeling of a jungle-plain. The props used towards the CIS end of the battlefield could definitely be improved upon, though. The textures of the first wall don't really match up with the retextured Yavin pyramids/temples (which are themselves textured in an ugly flat dark grey). Some solid texture work could go a long way towards making those seem a little more cohesive. That side of the battlefield could also be tightened up a bit, right now it is very wide open. The sides are redone versions of the stock sides, which are done fairly well (aside from, of course, the award weapons glitch). The only real exceptions I'd take would be the "blade" for the Clone Assassin's sword - as a semitransparent texture it looks silly - and the texture for Wat Tambor (which just doesn't look very good). To get a good-looking Tambor, you really need a new model (or at least some addon geometry). Also, some of the vehicles (dwarf spider and UT-AT) use different laser textures than everything else and it really seems out-of-place. Anyway, it's a decent beta map, and worth your time checking out if it sounds interesting or if the screenshots entice you. -Mav




Terra Strife Sides Beta | 53.86 MB

Mygeeto map, featuring some of the sides from that work-in-progress. You'll immediately notice that things do look a little different (Mygeeto aside, of course). Several good reskins as well as some new playermodels fill out two sides, one the U.S. Marines, and one "Cobalt Force," a terrorist-analogue. All of the units' weapons are new models as well - not a small feat, considering that the models themselves are done well too. Another high point (and point of immediate notice) will be the sounds - you'll notice that not only do weapons have new (and presumably correct) sounds, but some of the units' voices have been given what I believe are different stock voiceovers, including some unused ones. Those two areas, appearance and sounds are certainly the high point - however, there are some areas in which I believe these sides need work, too. The first, and biggest, issue is going to be balance. For whatever reason (it may be something as simple as the time the grenade-analogues need to explode), the battle is consistently weighted in favor of the "Cobalt Force" side. Difficulty setting, side the player chooses - neither of these appear to matter as it is consistently easy to win as the terrorists but a very rare occurrence to win as the Marines. The second issue I would take is one of taste, perhaps, and the author and others can feel free to ignore it. I am opposed to the contrived "difficulty" given to this mod. You'll notice in the readme that the author encourages you to take cover often - this is not borne of some change in the AI or change in the way maps are scripted - it's simply because the weapons are more powerful. The actual game "difficulty" hasn't changed, weapons have just been made more powerful and consequently all this really means is that battles go faster and the player dies faster. Wheee! My suggestion related to the above would be to either increase the AI difficulty (through the lua, see campaign scripts) and not increase the shot power - simply making weapons more powerful is not truly increasing difficulty. Careful planning in custom maps or careful placement and setup of objects could in fact enhance difficulty, but the fact that this is a "shallow" difficulty increase is apparent on stock Mygeeto. Anyway, those issues aside, this is a well-done [b]beta[/b] version of Taivyx's upcoming mod, and anyone interested in it should be encouraged to check it out. -Mav




Hypori: Assault

hypori_assault.rar | 77.9 MB

proportions are not nearly what they were. Also, there are no Jedi in the CW mix. It's a really simple map, basically all the fighting is going to take place in one area. Not a whole lot going on mapwise and this might be something the author wants to consider taking a look at for future maps/versions. The sides are decent to play with, but it's basically a free-for-all and hope you don't get shot. GCW isn't much better, although it's slanted highly in favor of the Jedi team (which goes up against Stormtroopers). Might be worth a shot if you really want to see those ARC units again. -Mav




Geonosis Jedi Arena | 27.75 MB

which cannot be captured. The CPs are scattered throughout the arena, with the Jedi CPs near the middle and then droids surrounding them. You can only play as the Jedi; upon trying to play as the CIS, you will instead spawn on the Jedi side. I'm not sure if the author did this on purpose or accident, but I'm sure everyone would appreciate being able to choose the team they wanted instead of having the choice forced upon them. You've got three Jedi classes to choose from; a blue single saber, a green single saber, and a double blue saber. The moment you spawn, a billion laser bursts fly at you and certain death is imminent unless you remember to use your block. Keep in mind that while you play this map, that block move is your best friend unless you want to die a thousand deaths. (Literally) I have a number of suggestions and comments for the author, and I will present these in the form of a list. [list]-The ground is too flat, and there's no cover at all. Sure, it looked like that in the movie, but it doesn't make very good gameplay. -The CP positioning didn't seem to have a lot of thought. Place some objects and hide some CPs on top of or near them. -Sides. Only three classes on the Jedi side? At least add the rest of the Jedi from the Order 66 campaign mission. -The sky doesn't fit Geonosis. It's too blue. -Fix the bug where you can only select the Jedi team. -Do some planning work to prevent AI clumping together at certain points. -Make all the CPs capturable. -Look into custom sides. -Add some of the Jedi such as Mace Windu and Obi-Wan. -Get some new models to spruce up the map. -Don't forget to include installation instructions in your ReadMe![/list] I think that's it. Downloaders, take a look at the screenshots. If you like what you see, give this map a try. Remember, leave feedback for the author if you download this file, it's how we can help others improve and grow as modders. -Xavious




Geonosis: Jedi Battle | 27.83 MB

start - first, there's already a released version of a Geonosis Arena map that's much better than this one, and secondly, there's another work-in-progress of a Geonosis Arena map that's very similar to the first. That being said, there is of course nothing wrong with taking a stab at a popular battle from the movies. For what the map is trying to do, I think it succeeds. However, I've never been a fan of [i]any[/i] attempts at recreating this battle, simply because the gameplay is really pretty one-sided (I'm sure the Jedi in Episode II would probably agree). Once you force a team into the uncaptureable command posts in the center of the map, the battle's pretty much over. The same thing is a problem here. Likewise, the balance of Jedi vs. droids is pretty off. Given any decent player (or even just letting the AI do its thing), the Jedi will win every time. If you want to balance a bunch of strong melee units like that against weak blaster units, you have to either reduce the health or number (or attiributes like blaster deflection or blade strength) of the melee units. The gameplay was even relatively better (although no less monotonous, once one team was forced to the center) in GCW (which the author says not to play), simply because the sides balance wasn't as off as Jedi vs. droids was. I'd like to say that I think the author did a good job, however, of using stock models to attempt to recreate the arena. It's not perfect, especially given the fact that the community has use of an actual set of true Arena models, but for the tools he used it wasn't bad. Also worth noting is the fact that while the stock Yavin sky was used (and although it would still be better to change to a Geonosis sky), it does work here, because you don't see the horizon. Take note, because that doesn't happen often. Also, make sure in any future versions to fix localizations. Team and AI names for the Jedi team were nonexistant/unlocalized. -Mav




Tatooine: Outpost | 221.33 MB

IV on Tatooine. They are met with Imperial resistance, and voila!.... they fight. I'll start off with the good parts of this map. The first thing I noticed was the custom skins. Granted, they looked a little "painty," but it was new nonetheless. The next thing I noticed was that some of the unit models had been switched around. The trooper, rocketeer, and sniper are all wearing standard Stormtrooper armor, and the officer has the Stormtrooper rocketeer's armor. The Rebel side looked mostly unchanged, however the Bothan has been replaced by the Twi'lek survivor, who has Princess Leia's sporting blaster, stealth, a move called "Attract" that functions just like Force Pull, and six grenades. The Rebels also had a custom hero, a lightsaber-wielding Wookiee general who has time bombs (which are localized as "Force Bombs" for whatever reason) and a team buff weapon. The map itself is designed fairly well. It has some flaws, but gameplay tends to run pretty smoothly. The hills are nicely rounded and the author makes use of texture variation. Most of the fighting will take place between tanks, so if you're not in a tank, you're gonna get creamed. The fighting is spread out, rather than bunched in one area, so that's another good point. It did seem that the Rebel tanks outnumbered the Imperial tanks, but it could just be coincidence that I didn't see many Imperial tanks. There's a spawn point for local Tusken Raider units near the middle of the map, by a sandcrawler. All in all, the map design was good, the only gripe I really have at this point was the blandness of some of the areas, but there's good terrain variation and use of objects. I've covered the good points, now on to the bad. First off, the default sky. It doesn't fit Tatooine, it looks really pixelated, and if you don't cover up the edges of the map, you can see where the map's terrain ends. Secondly, the sounds. None of the tanks have any sounds. I would advise the author to read through one of the sound tutorials on GameToast, because the lack of sounds detracts from the overall feel of the map in my opinion. The third problem I encountered was within the localization. There were some incorrect spellings of words; missing little things like these makes the map look unproffesional and sloppy. I included some other points to improve upon in my review above, so I would advise the author to read through everything and continue working on this map for the next release. Overall, a decent map; if you're looking for something new, give this one a try. Read the readme for installation instructions, and make sure you leave feedback if you download this file, it's how we can help others improve and grow as modders. -Xavious




C01 | 156.9 MB

whole purpose of the blaster-specific training is defeated by the overpowered Jedi characters on each side. The map itself is lacking in a number of areas. The author can place objects, yes, but the placement of these objects isn\'t very well thought out, and leads to poor gameplay as a result. The brownish Tatooine buildings don\'t fit at all with the oversaturated green ground texture. There\'s a couple of Jabba\'s Palace objects, but they just don\'t work out the way they are placed. The sky is horridly pixelated. And the Command Posts have not been moved from their default positions. (Although the author did move the spawn paths....huh?) The sides consist of a mix between default units and wacky Jedi characters with oversized lightsabers. There\'s also a force lightning attack that does barely any damage, but instead acts as a \"super force push\" of sorts. All of the Jedi also have malfunctioning lightsaber throw attacks. Dooku\'s lightsaber throw doesn\'t work at all. The rest of the characters\' saber throws are slower than a snail climbing Mount Everest. Oh, and did I mention the oversized lightsabers? I\'ve given you the facts, it\'s up to you to decide if you want to download this map. If you do download, make sure you leave feedback; it\'s the best way to help modders get better and improve. -Xavious




Clone Remnant Naboo BETA 2 | 75.78 MB

[url=;86954]here.[/url] Note to the author: I apologize for not getting in contact with you earlier; I know you'd asked me to play through this (presumably) before you uploaded it here. Regardless, I'll treat this as I would any beta test and do my best to offer you some helpful suggestions. About the map: As was described in the previous version of this, this is a fairly straightforward Naboo map. I ended up spawning first as the Republic, and I have to say that it was a nice view of the city, having to approach it from over a large bridge. It was a good first impression. However, it is clear that this is only a beta version, as there are still kinks to work out. I like how this appears, Naboo-wise. It doesn't try to recreate Theed while at the same time staying away from the standard plains-type map. It reminded me somewhat of a more industrial city, probably because of the large towers and the dust in the air (I would suggest toning down the dust somewhat, though, as it looks a little sloppy). First, clear up the edges of the map. Make sure you have boundaries so that you can't walk all the way out to the sides, and if possible give it some skydome horizon props (like mountains) so that it doesn't look like the map just ends. The author did a mostly good job object-placement-wise, although I did find one floating set of buildings (Get in contact with me on GT, and I'll send you the screens I took). The main problem I see in this map, and this was alluded to by Xavious in the previous review, is that there's a large amount of empty space. You need to fill up this space with buildings, props, something. (And if you do use more Bespin props, like the fountain I saw, be sure to reskin it so that it fits its surroundings.) Adding vehicles alone won't fix this issue. (Also, it's worth noting that with the map as open as it is now, anything that shoots straight and fast - snipers, Han - will dominate on this map.) Also, as previously mentioned, make sure you use the blend tool. I will go so far as to say NEVER leave those large flat terrain faces you get when you just lower the terrain with the square terrain tool. They look atrocious and should not make it into the final version of the map. When you need something like that inside the city, use an object and not the terrain. Stay away from non-blended terrain faces, please. Make sure you fill in what looks like a moat around the city with water. It looks like it should be there, and if you're not sure that you want pristine water in there, then maybe use a little bit dirtier water, like BF2 Kashyyyk water. Alternatively, you could use props like rocks and grass to fill it up, as though it were a dry riverbed, but the water will be much easier. Increase your unitcounts (or just the number of CPs). Even though it sounds like you added more CPs from the earlier version to now, I would up that number even more, as the fighting is just very spread-out. So to sum up: -Edges of map -More props -Less open space -Floating buildings -BLEND TOOL -Water/scenery -Unit or CP count ++ All in all, I feel that this map has a fair amount of potential. It felt nice, and I could certainly see it being a very good Naboo map in the future. It's not quite there yet now, but doing most or all of the abovementioned would certainly help it there, I believe. I certainly look forward to seeing where this will end up. -Mav




SilverBlade's American Football Map | 33.47 MB

ground. It's basically CTF at each touch down spot. With different comments like instead of "We've dropped the flag" it says "We've Fumbled the ball". It also consists of people from GT and FF. So here's a list of Cons and Pros Pros: - Custom Models - Creative Sayings - Nice Texture Cons: - Default (normal) Sides - No Load Screen - Default heroes (Boba, Solo, Maul, Anakin) So it was an ok beta, I always like creative maps and a foot ball map was never made before so this is a first. - EGG GUTS PS: I had to re-upload it cuz it was corrupt this file should work this time.




Space Utapau | 46.62 MB

republic cruisers but you can\'t land in the second. One cruiser only has Arc-170s and Jedi Stafighters while the other has V-wings and a Gunship. While the CIS ship is the same. I couldn\'t count them all but there has to be at least 9 frigates if not more. Also when you leave your hanger you get HELLFIRE from the turrets, I would recommend adding shields to the fighters. The Second Republic cruiser has a interior too which I though was quite nice. ;) Sorry if that was too short for your liking but we all Have lives outside the internet and right now I\'m real busy. So if you like the pictures give it a download - EGG GUTS




Troop Movement | 44.54 MB

too big, because there aren't dozens of units flying around, but there are a lot of capital ships and frigates. I hope to fix this really soon. It's somewhat buggy in several respects. Please, PLEASE, READ THE README. One screenshot only. ~Penguin Unit~




Manaan: Ahto City

ab1.rar | 9.49 MB

put a readme with it. This can\'t be fixed either, because I can\'t make one for him. Now onto the map itself. At the start, I instantly thought it was Bespin: Cloud City from the Conversion Mappack, but it\'s not. It looks like the author used the old Bespin world file and then proceeded to edit it to his liking, because some of those odd pits from the Conversion Mappack were in the easily reachable areas. I found that the AI often fall into these, and it is impossible to get out except by rolling. The NPCs don\'t roll, so they get stuck down there. At the default CP that I spawned in on, without choosing one, I was immediately greeted by a lot of those naked ball-holding Naboo statues. Alright, that\'s fine. Then I looked to my left and noticed a bunch of AI headed for a CP elsewhere...and they were trying to walk through the building. Clark needs to fix this with better hub use, if he used any. Did I mention the ground, among other things, has been retextured to a blinding blue? I kind of like it, but it\'s a bit bright. Then I looked up and saw the bridge-like catwalk thing above my head. It had Z-Fighting. It wasn\'t too noticeable unless you were specifically looking there for a short time and moving the camera a bit. So I continued on. Eventually I made my way to the white hallway things higher in the city. In here, I found a few clones burning forward to take one of the CPs. I helped them out and we quickly took it with little effort. Then, to my horror, I realized that the capture/control zone for the CP wasn\'t there. It was either too far above it, or too far below it. So basically, all the Clone Troopers just gathered on top of the CP and milled around there, while the rest of our CPs got taken. Most of the clones on my side were huddled there, so there was little in the way of clones elsewhere to hold the line. Nearby was another building where you could see its roof. It had Z-Fighting on every square inch of it. The only way to win as a clone here is to beat the reinforcments to a blood pulp, because they\'ll keep spawning in at that one CP. I didn\'t play too long, either, because it would take a ridiculously long time to finish the whole game. So, if you can ignore these bugs, then you might enjoy this map. Download if the review and/or the screenshots are tempting.




Extreme Paintball: Destroyed City

extreme_paintball_beta_v07.rar | 50.51 MB

a reason this is called Extreme Paintball. Either way, this would be the beginning of the end.... [/quote] Now, have any of you played [b]Paintball[/b]? or at least, Have any of you old enough, or been [b]brave[/b] enough to play it? Well,[b] Darth_Z13 [/b]has created a [b]Paint Ball[/b] map filled with mayhem[/b]! Its a small map with a destroyed city theme to it for the paint ballers to battle it out. Everyone is armed with a paint gun or a paint grenade. I don't have much idea as to what they are called as the Localization for my game didn't work. Running around the map shooting [b]deadly[/b] paint balls at people is awesome. Snipering people with paint balls is more awesome. [b]Darth_Z13[/b] has done this map as much as he could but He got infected by a virus and couldn't update it anymore. But this version still packs a colorful punch to your day :p Theres four CPs. [b]Blue[/b] team on one side and [b]black[/b] team on the other. You can fight your way across the field or stay back at your base for cover and sniper them off with a paint ball sniper gun. If you like [b]paint ball[/b], then this is a map for you! [b]-Penguin[/b]




XtraASSAULT | 48.46 MB

author is saying the map is supposed to have in the readme (the \"specs\" section?) - I looked and couldn\'t find anything that worked as a teleporter. The map itself is a bit of a hodgepodge. -Mav




Korriban: Secret Mission | 17.53 MB

placed around the perimeter of the battlefield. The four CPs are in their original positions, there\'s no AI planning, the sky is the stock sky, etc. It clearly fits in the realm of first-map-maps. It looks like the author played around with placing some props, but they\'re all outside of the playable area of the map, and a lot of them are floating without any rhyme or reason. There\'s no terrain work done; the map is completely flat. I\'m not going to say that maps like this shouldn\'t be made - they\'re obviously a great way to learn the tools and one that many move through. However, it\'s important to take a look at how many versions of this particular map have been submitted before (i.e. \"the default map with minor changes\") and learn from that. To the author - make sure to take a look at some of the tutorials available and push your idea forward. See what it takes to make your map look the way you want it to. -Mav




Snowball Fight | 35.14 MB

them \"snowballs\") run around a snowy field in a TDM-type setup. As a work-in-progress, it\'s reasonably well-done for being in an early state, but there are things that should be addressed as the author moves on. The first thing is the music - I like it, but right now it seems to be using sound stream regions. This isn\'t really what sound stream regions are supposed to be used for, and it creates a strange cutting-in-and-out effect when you run around the map. What you probably should want to do is use ambient sound streams, which are designed to run streaming music behind the map. There are also AI pathing issues, in that there\'s probably no planning set up for the AI at all. That\'s not terrible if this is only to be a test map, but if this is supposed to be the map the mod is eventually finished on, then mix it up a little - right now, the AI run to the enemy CP and stay there. Another thing is the fact that the AI don\'t ever use their weapons. This is a simple .odf tweak; make sure that this mod is actually playable in single player! The author has some neat ideas, I am sure, and what with it being winter and all, I\'d love to see this kind of thing be expanded upon. Take a look at some of the pertinent tutorials relating to the issues above, and really flesh this thing out! -Mav




[dwts]Clanmap / Canyon Map | 2.13 MB

bridges connecting team 1\'s starting area with team 2\'s. It\'s virtually impossible to capture the other team\'s command posts, so the map basically boils down to how quickly you can shoot the AI lining up to be shot on the long, straight bridges. You may infer from this that this is not my cup of tea, and indeed you would be right. I\'m willing to allow for the fact that maps are occasionally designed like this to be used as utility maps (which this seems to be, given its \"clan\" moniker), but by and large they are fairly poorly constructed maps in general - they tend not to be very fun from the average user\'s point of view. In any case, the pictures should tell whatever elements were left out of the review above - if it looks like something you\'re interested in, give it a try. -Mav




XXXXXX- The Mystery Map

xxx.7z | 35.5 MB

that\'s what this is. While there may be an intended air of mystery, the map is pretty straightforward: a few terrain variations, scattered props (mostly outside the field of play), and clustered command posts. There doesn\'t appear to be a lot (any?) in the way of AI pathing, which works fine for completely open maps, but of course that requires completely open maps, few of which are ever really fun. The map would do well to have a little more terrain smoothing, some actual props in the field of battle, and some serious doublechecking re: missing textures (there are a few). Most of the rest of the map can be intuited from the pictures below - if you like what you see, give it a try. -Mav




Christmas in Tatooine

cnt.7z | 9.3 MB

matter, the "Tatooine" aspect of the map. What the map looks a lot like is the default four-CP setup with some various props scattered around. The sky has been changed, which is good, but the map is still essentially a close-in, basic four-CP map. It plays exactly like the default map, which is what is probably most important. Kudos to the author for shooting for a theme, but it would be advisable to make sure the map has something a little more creative in terms of gameplay. -Mav




Valhalla | 6.98 MB

example of a new mapper's work, it's not bad. It's not [i]great[/i], and I can't speak at all as for its accuracy to the source material, but standing alone, it's a decent map with a good design. The map itself could use a little more object population (or some scattered foliage), but I like the overall design. It needs work in a few areas, though. First of all, the mountains (if that's what they're supposed to be) surrounding the map look pretty bad - either make them look like real hills, or waterfalls, or mountains, or whatever - or just get rid of them. Continuing from that, you need to make the skydome use a model that mirrors the texture on its lower half (Kashyyyk's or Coruscant's sky dome meshes are a good example) so that when the flyers take off, you don't see a big ugly black lower half of your sky. On the subject of flyers and other vehicles - add in your vehicle sounds. It's a little jarring using vehicles that I can't hear. You also have a few floating objects - make sure that all your trees, CPs, etc. are grounded or sunk below-ground. Test these in-game, because ZE won't always be a perfect representation. One other minor quibble - make sure you don't blend more than two textures at once, otherwise the texture borders will become very hard-edged. You can see an example of this in the back of the map near the stream bank. All in all it's a decent map, but it needs some work. Give it a try if it sounds appealing. -Mav




Siege of Sterium | 50.7 MB

part of the series the rebels land in the forested area of Sterium ripe and ready to take on the Imperial force there. But little do they know that the force is bigger than they first thought.....[/quote] Siege of Sterium is an almost flat map covered with trees and surrounded by hills. There is a temple for one team and a Mon Calamari Cruiser Frigate for the other team. Each team gets two CP's on each side of the map. In the middle of the map there is one uncaptured CP. There are many places to take cover in this map though a little variety in props always makes things look better. There are no custom sides which is expected for a beta. The gameplay was pretty good, the AI attacked immediately and I didn't notice any AI running into props. Personally, I would like to see a little more small hills and bumps in the terrain and the sky changed for future versions. Making the hills on the sides look a bit more realistic, adding in a variety of props, and adding custom sides would greatly improve overall appearance and make it much more exciting to play. Also, setting the Mon Calamari Cruiser Frigate to only GCW Era and replacing the CW Era with a CIS ship would be far more realistic. Overall, a beta's a beta and its not too bad. Download if you wish. -Delta 47




Hoth: Trenches | 30.57 MB

is based on the shipped Battlefront II Hoth. I'm not actually sure if the author meant he loaded the shipped Hoth and modified it, or made his own map that resembles the original Hoth, but it doesn't really matter. In a nutshell, you've got the traditional Hoth environment: snow, hangers, snow, bunkers, snow, trenches, and snow. Did I mention that there was snow? The general layout of the map confused me. At the spawn screen, you are given a selection of CPs to spawn at, but a couple of these cannot actually be selected nor spawned at, which I found odd. Then there's the map itself. It looked like the standard Hoth, except with a bunch of jagged terrain everywhere and a Venator in the sky overhead. The terrain was also the same texture just about everywhere. It starts to hurt the eyes looking at that bright white ground for so long. I'd suggest the author make use of the "Blend" tool to fix those jagged hills and mountains, and vary the ground texture. There was also an area that seemed to be completely devoid of anything but ground. It would be nice to see some more objects here. Then of course, the CP issue needs to be fixed. 2-Flag CTF and Hero Assault are available, though not technically playable. The CPs, spawn paths, and such are all still in their default positions, so upon spawning, you'll likely either spawn beneath the ground or fall a ways to the ground and suffer damage. Download if you wish, and leave constructive comments below for the author if you are so compelled. -Xavious




Another Battle For Something | 29.91 MB

(although the trees are large) set amongst hills (with the occasional Yavin temple). It's a very simple design, just an open battlefield with trees for cover. Most of the basics were covered, like adding new ground and sky textures and terrain blending (this is all good), but I would like to see perhaps a bit more variety, maybe some retextured props at the very least. There are also a couple bugs in this - missing vehicle sounds, for one, and too many overlapping terrain textures, for another one. Make sure when you add terrain textures not to blend more than two at once on the same spot. If the below screenshots seem appealing to you, give the map a try. -Mav




Agamar | 6.99 MB

this map is still well put together and could end up something really nice when finished. The map itself, is fairly small with a mix of Yavin and Endor in it. And I was surprised to see the sky changed as well as all of the props properly in place. The sky, though it is the stocked Endor sky, you can't see the Death Star from the ground and it does fit in nicely. There are four cp's spread out almost in a triangle shape and various ruins mixed in with the trees and bushes. The AI acted quite nice in this map, they seemed to head off to the battle right away instead of getting caught in props, like most beta maps have. The only problem I did notice was that a few bushes seemed to be a little off the ground, which isn't too bad. There are also no custom sides in this beta version but even with the stock sides it was quite enjoyable to play. Anyway, definitely worth a try. Its only like 7MB or something so it isn't very big at all and I'm sure you won't regret taking a look at this beta. -Delta 47




Dueling Map Extraordinare | 22.83 MB

you can't play it). Sadly, it has very little to set it apart from the masses of beginner maps. The default Yavin ground textures and default sky are still in place. The little terrain variation that was used is flat and unnatural. Buildings were placed poorly; many of them were floating or were interior buildings that had no exterior walls. Nothing matched either. Yavin, Tatooine, Mustafar, and Polis Massa props and buildings were all used, and the author never bothered to reskin them in order to give a more coherent theme to the map. Oh, and one of the "arenas" has really bad z-fighting in the center, which the author tried to play off as a "feature." Ha ha, you can't fool me. There is an extreme lack of fun in the gameplay, mostly due to the saber throw or lightning spamming bots and lack of a decent environment. I suppose the game [i]might[/i] be more fun in a multiplay match with no bots, though I don't see any reason one would choose this map over the shipped Mos Eisley to have duels in. I suppose if it looks or sounds good to you, give it a download. However, if you do download it, it will not appear ingame unless you open up the map's DME folder in your addon folder and rename "" to "addme.script." I'm not sure how or why the author made this packaging mistake, but it would help to fix that for a future release. -Xavious




(BEAST) Fort Wars/Chaos | 15.18 MB

Wars/Chaos. There don't seem to be any forts, however. This map suffers from the same problems that almost every first map has: the default sky, default Command Posts, and very flat ground. There is some height variation, but it's very jagged an unnatural looking. Also, there is on extra Command Post, but it doesn't have a spawn path or capture region, and therefore serves only as a useless AI magnet. The terrain is bright green to the point that it hurts the eye to look at it for too long. None of the objects have textures, and many of them are floating or poorly placed. There is no AI planning or barriers to speak of, so the bots will get stuck on the objects and terrain. That's all there is to this map in the end. To the author, and any other beginner mappers out there: Please, please, [i]please[/i], spend more time on your maps. We don't like having to review rushed/ untested maps like these, and I'm sure no one enjoys playing them. Also, we'd [i]really[/i] appreciate it if you could include your own screenshots. -Xavious




Gt.. Tatooine Attack | 80.67 MB

still is a jumble of objects, and still seems a little off. To be honest I was a bit disappointed - I can tell that there are some differences (more objects were added), but none of the issues from the first version were addressed at all, it seems. If anything, many of the issues with version 1.0 were magnified, since the new objects are just as poorly-placed (some were missing textures?) and just as incoherent with the rest of the map. All the things mentioned in version 1.0 still apply here: There's still a Yavin sky, the map is still completely flat, objects are still floating, there's still no AI planning to speak of, all the objects are still in clumps, they're still placed without any (apparent) design strategy... it is as mentioned in my earlier review; it looks like the author just found a prop he liked and said "okay let's place some of those here." My suggestion to the author would be to - at the very least - take some time and place your objects so that you can't do the following: [list][*]walk under them [*]walk through them [*]see through them [*]shoot through them[/list] Use maps like this to play around in ZE and learn, but when you are planning on making a map to release to the public, make sure that it looks like an actual setting and not an object testbed. Keep trying! -Mav




Tartaglia: Mt. Osapheus | 5.51 MB

Yavin textures, the four original CP locations, and for good measure some misplaced props thrown in. Beyond that, there's not much else to say. The author did try and mix it up by using some Yavin props, but as mentioned, they're poorly placed and have obvious gaps to run under/through. There are also some strange discolorations on the ground where it looks like the author used the color brush and forgot about it. So what can be improved (it is, after all, a "beta")? Well, the stock sky needs to go, the ground textures could be changed a little, the terrain needs to be smoothed (even if you want a hill, it's much better to use the blend tool to make it natural-looking), and the AI needs pathing. Oh, and of course, careful attention to object placement needs to happen. I don't want to take the punch out of anyone, so it's worth mentioning that a lot of newbie maps look like this, but by the same token a lot of maps need a lot of work to be good, playable maps. So don't give up, make some changes, and we'll see what happens next time. -Mav




Bespin Platforms | 7.89 MB

satisfactory. So you've got three Command Posts; one for the Empire, one for the Rebels, and one in the middle which is neutral. The layout of the map is mostly the same as Battlefront I Bespin, however, the platforms and objects are sized and shaped differently. Gameplay was lacking; all of the combat was centralized on the area near the neutral Command Posts. There's some flyers, but there are no flight paths for the AI, so they end up simply crashing into the buildings. The visual aspect of the map was poor as well. Upon spawning, I noticed that I could see where the sky ended, and below that line was just a black abyss of nothingness. Looking down, there were some Geonosis mountains as part of the sky, and the terrain was totally white, which looked terrible. Also, seeing as the Kamino platforms are unchanged from the assets, they do not resemble Bespin at all. One last oddity I'd like to mention is the fact that both the Rebels and Imperials have TIE Fighters. Shouldn't the Rebels have X-Wings and Y-Wings? In conclusion, this map, while a beta, is still in need of much work in order for one to fully enjoy it. If you are enticed by the screenshots, go ahead and download this. Be sure to read the readme for installation instructions, among other important things, and make sure you leave feedback for the author if you download this file, it's how we can help others improve and grow as modders. -Xavious




hoth hills | 5.65 MB

units, etc. Now, we have gotten files in the past where there was NOTHING done to the map so this is far from the worst. The author has layed down some terrain (I was relieved to see that it wasn't all one texture) and has created some hills. Unfortunately that's about it. The problem is that this is "Version 0.1." Version 0.1? 10% complete? Why even bother submitting it? This is far from finished, so I won't give a grade or a detailed review because frankly there is nothing to grade or review. I can't critique something that has barely been touched. Put some more time and work into this map before you put it out there for public scrutiny. I'm not saying your map-making skills are bad, but you haven't even come close to finishing this. Here's some things to start you off: [list]-Move the CP's around and add some new ones. -Change the sky file. -Blend some of the elevation to make it smoother. -Add objects! I couldn't help but notice that the bunker mentioned in the GCW back story was nonexistent. -Don't use the default heroes.[/list] If you do these things then you'll be well on your way to making a complete map! -EraOfDesann




Mos Eisley Labyrinth BETA | 12.61 MB

numerous issues and gameplay simply didn't exist. So you've got four Command Posts. One of them is in a cantina, another by a crashed starship, and two more in some courtyard-ish areas. Te first thing you'll notice is how cramped it is. Because the houses and buildings are so close together, it can be frusterating trying to move around. Another problem that arises from such closely placed objects is the lighting. It seems every time you take a step, a bunch of shadows flicker. It really detracts from the visual appeal of this map. Another thing that bugged me were some shrubs, that seemed randomly placed on various buildings in the map. It doesn't fit, and I doubt many plants like that could grow in the hostile envionment of Tatooine. As I stated earlier, gameplay on this map is virtually nonexistant. The AI move very little, if at all, from their default starting positions. This could be due to a lack of proper planning, or simply the map design. I myself created a map similar to this, and had the same problems with the AI, even though I had planning set up. All I can say is that this type of cramped map just can't be done effectively enough on this game. In addition, due to the lack of movement on the part of the AI, and the small nature of the map, one could potentially camp right oustide an enemy spawn point and spam saber throws, racking up kills by the dozens. Grenades or rockets would produce a similar effect. I won't spend any time describing the sides; they're all set up as default. Custom sides or at least different heroes could be an option for the author to look into for future maps. If you are enticed by the screenshots below (which are present in great abundancy) or if you like close-quarters urban combat maps, you might want to try this out. Read the readme for installation instructions, and make sure you leave feedback if you download this file, it's how we can help others improve and grow as modders. -Xavious




Shooting Range | 33.03 MB

so that you can shoot them, but they can't shoot you. That's about it. You can use this to get awards easily (although only the rewards related to using weapons on people). This is a really sloppy map, but in light of it being more of a utility I can overlook that somewhat (although I can't for the life of me figure out why there were AI spawning above the map only to fall to their deaths). Some things to work on: -If you're not going to make a CTF mode, don't let it be selectable. It's a sev 5 error and'll freeze BF2. -Make it a little less sloppy. Yeah, it's only a tool, but still, it just looks really weird at parts. -Make it more tool-oriented. Why stop at just giving units to shoot? Spawn forced-AI-controlled vehicles (AT-ATs or IFT-Xs would be great) with no movement speed, so that you can get easy criticals for the rocket bonus. They could also be used (as long as they're not command vehicles) to work on that vehicle hacking bonus. -You might also consider just going ahead and making the bots not move, not have weapons, and not have much health. If you're going to do something like this, you might as well do it all-out. -Make sure you only make team 1 available to the human player -Mav




Now Rise Geonosis | 75.54 MB

noticed was that some of the Command Posts had been moved since the beta version. There are now 7 (I think) Command Posts rather than 5. I also noticed the Republic had control of the Spire at the beginning. Kinda odd, since the Spire is supposed to be the CIS command center. The Republic also started in control of a hanger (like the one in the shipped Geonosis map). The CIS had one command post on the other end of the map, as well as a Techno Union ship they could spawn at. (It was capturable, as well as destroyable, which seemed wierd) So basicly you\'ve got two armies in a small space fighting it out. As well as several Acklay, so watch out. They like to sneak up on you and eat you. I died an awful lot in this map, but that was mostly just due to the fact that the AI shoot at you all the time and ignore your teammates. Just running out into the battlefield will likely get you killed, because you\'ve got those sneaky Acklays stabbing you to death, Geonosians hitting you with their sonic cannons from above, and battle droids shooting at you from all sides. Your best bet to stay alive is to use the AT-TE, or just stay back and snipe from a distance. There are no health or ammo droids in this map, so if you run out of supplies you\'ll have to kill some enemies to recharge. On to the sides. The Republic was pretty basic, with the default Episode II clone troopers, minus the commander unit. The hero was Mace Windu. The CIS, on the other hand included battle droids, super battle droids, and Geonosians with sonic cannons. Most of the CIS units are named incorrectly. For example, the B1 battle droids are correct, but the rocketeers are called B2 battle droids, which is actually another name for the super battle droid. So, a note to the author, be sure to re-check your localizations for a future release. The only bugs worth mentioning were some missing sounds for the AT-TE and the Geonosians. Loading the Geonosis sound file would fix this. Other than that, I\'d like to suggest to the author to try making some custom heroes, units, and weapons to up the fun level, add some rock foliage on the ground, and make a custom load screen to give the map a more \"professional\" feel. Overall, a good start and a fun map. What are you waiting for? Give it a download! Make sure you read the readme for installation instructions! -Xavious




Emag: Toast Camp

emag_toast_camp.rar | 60.46 MB

bombarded by messages on Xfire, so I couldn\'t really concentrate on what I was doing, and I consequently got killed a lot. This map is a combination of assets from several people, mostly from Squipple and Rends. The map seems to be a tribute to GameToast, because of the name and the units featured in the custom hero assault. A few heroes remain the same, but most are altered in some way to reflect the GameToast members that this map honors. I can\'t really say much, and it is going to be difficult for me to switch games right now, take shots, and convert them, so you\'re going to have to download this to know what you\'re getting. A few more things. The pathing here is not very good, but Caleb mentioned this. You will frequently find AI running into walls and along paths that are a bit too close to the walls. Also, this seems to have a few posters from, which I found really neat. And one last thing: The Clone Wars sides features Phase I clones...Phase I fans rejoice! If you like what this description says, then give it a download. ~Penguin Unit~




Left for pigs | 7.8 MB

few under-the-hood changes to polish the map, including adding a sky, which is always nice. The map itself is still a little ho-hum - it\'s a fairly nondescript island with trees that contrast wildly with the setting and terrain that looks like crumpled paper (the smooth tool - the smooth tool!). Some suggestions for the author moving forward - make sure to decide on a theme and then make everything match that theme, so you don\'t end up with disparate pieces (like the redwood trees on a tiny sandy island). Make sure that, if you\'re adding vehicles, the size of the map supports them (in this case, the flyers on a map that has really low LOD distance). And finally, make sure that you\'re really only submitting complete releases to the public - whether it\'s a misunderstanding of using versioning numbers or whether it\'s simply a too-early release, you shouldn\'t be releasing early alpha versions (really, anything but completed versions - i.e. only 1.0 and beyond) to the public. -Mav




Mygeeto: Outpost | 8.74 MB

Mygeeto platform suspended in the sky. Conquest is the only gamemode, available in both Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War. Each team starts with one Command Post, and there are two neautrals, from where a vigilant attack team can gain a reinforcement drain right at the start. There's a large Mygeeto tower in the center of the battlefield, so you can't walk straight to your enemy's starting spawn point. Some other Mygeeto structures are scattered across some areas of the battlefield. I felt that there wasn't enough cover; the map could use more objects. Threre's a large number of things that could be addressed in this map. There appeared to be little or no planning whatsoever. The AI need barriers so they won't get stuck on objects. Custom units would also be a good thing to look into. After you've played Battlefront II for more than two years like I have, the standard set-up can get pretty boring. Visual effects are another major aspect of attracting downloads; if your map looks too much like maps that came before, or just looks boring, people won't even bother. Change to a different sky (or make one yourself), add some fog underneath the platform so you can't see the ground below, and add some lighting effects. There's not much more to say here. If this map sounds interesting to you, give it a try. Make sure you leave feedback for the author if you download. -Xavious Note to the author - Try to put a bit more detail into your readme. Include your name, contact information (if you want to), a better description of the map, and installation instructions. And make sure to submit screenshots as well next time.




Bespin Platforms V2 | 6.5 MB

rifleman unit with the marine unit, and, I assume because of the marine's rocket launcher, the rocketeer class is replaced with the pilot class. Heroes are Pilot Luke and Vader in GCW and Obi-Wan and Darth Maul in CW. The sky is kind've sloppy here; it looks like the author just made a straight world conversion without touching it up (with lighting, fixing the sky, etc.) Likewise, you'll notice that a hero assault mode is selectable on the instant action menu but the author forgot to set up an assault layer or did it incorrectly, because one is unable to spawn in hero assault. My recommendation? Bespin Platforms is a great map, but either download a different standalone version or wait for the newest edition of the Conversion Pack, because this isn't quite up to snuff. -Mav (You'll note I didn't rate in all the categories, most of them are inapplicable since there's nothing here that has actually been "created" by the author.)




Clone Remnant: Naboo Beta III | 163.75 MB

there. The biggest plus of this map, is, I think, the atmosphere. From my previous review: [quote]I like how this appears, Naboo-wise. It doesn't try to recreate Theed while at the same time staying away from the standard plains-type map. It reminded me somewhat of a more industrial city, probably because of the large towers and the dust in the air (I would suggest toning down the dust somewhat, though, as it looks a little sloppy).[/quote] This still holds true, although the dust did appear to be reduced. Most of the change to the map appears to come in the form of side changes, though, and not changes in the map from previous versions. The sides are expanded significantly, and they're nice in that they're not just different versions of the stock classes. It's worth noting that campaign appears to be unfinished (or unstarted, if the lack of objectives is any indication) and hunt is incomplete, as mentioned in the readme. I'll hold off on saying whether this is a really good map until then, but it's headed in a positive direction. Finish it up and let's see what results. -Mav

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