Star Wars Battlefront 2




Battlefronts of the Old Republic - Preview | 88.37 MB

actual music from KotOR 1! Not much to say about this file, except that it's a preview for an upcoming sides mod that will be released along side the Conversion pack. ~Penguin Unit~




Blender Modeling & Export Tutorial Video | 200.03 MB

you use or want to use Blender to create models for the Star Wars Battlefront series, go ahead and give this tutorial a download. -Xavious




Star Destroyer Assault WIP Video | 10.94 MB

his[/url]. This is a walkthrough of the seemingly-endless walkways and gangplanks of the interior of a Star Destroyer, set to classic 16(?)-bit Star Wars music. You will need to use either a player that supports Shockwave Flash to run this or an Internet browser enabled to run .swf video. Sound interesting? Give it a download. -Mav




Blender 3D to SWBF tutorial video | 62.21 MB

it's encoded with a codec that actually lets me see it! The tutorial is a basic one; it's about five minutes long and will cover some introductory aspects of creating a model in Blender, texturing it, and then exporting it to .msh using the SWBFViewer application. It's a little "mumbly" at times, and it probably skips through some parts a little bit too quickly - having a supporting text document might be a good idea. Overall, though, it's a decent tutorial and will probably help get some off the ground in terms of modeling. If you're interested in trying out modeling for the SWBF series, and XSI just isn't for you, give this a try. -Mav




Diary of a Clone: Episode One - The Best Day Ever | 144.58 MB

strange video, but it certainly wouldn't be the first of that ilk on the internet. I suppose if you like those kind of things and you're not off-put by having to download your strange videos instead of streaming them, then go ahead and give this a try. -Mav




Teancum Tribute Video

teancum_tribute_video.rar | 10.51 MB

images. -Mav




The Value of Modders Movie

value_of_modders_movie.rar | 10.9 MB

literally all this is. Download away if this sounds interesting. ~Penguin Unit~




swbf2 server manager tutorial

server_manegment_tutorial.wmv | 23.03 MB

somethings for a while? Here's a video on how to use the SWBF2 server manager. Give it a try, could help. -Mav




Trigger Happy BWing | 25.28 MB

Distribute at will, just credit me.[/quote] Not much more to this. It's about 4 minutes long and pretty repetitive. -Mav




SWBF2 - Avoiding Lasers and Sabers | 3.98 MB

Vader, a couple of Jedi, the Death Star, and some odd attempts at humor. And that\'s it. The author did not include [i]any[/i] other information, but did make several mentions to a readme which seems to be absent. From what I can gather, this is meant to advertise a mod of some sort. Download if you so desire. -Xavious




The Battle Of Hoth Tribute Video | 16.82 MB

the Pictures exactly. And the pictures them selfs are perfect. It depicts the story line of the Great Hoth battle we all know and love from Episode V: The Empire Strikes back. I [b]Highly[/b] Recommend you download this and give it a watch. Great Work SS! - EGG_GUTS




Geonosis Video Preview | 10.01 MB

a whole lot. The pictures are accompanied by dramatic music and some slightly immodest descriptions of their past work. Overall the video is nice but as I said before it doesn\'t reveal a whole lot about the map, which is probably intentional in order to generate hype. Download and decide for yourself. -[GT]EraOfDesann




EBM Commander Preview Video | 61.06 MB

author wants me to do so. This is a rather simple video that seems to be a teaser for an upcoming sides mod of some sort. It appears to be the maker of the video running around with some übër weapons with insane ammo settings, killing off a bunch of droids and being blown up and shot himself several times. The music I could have done without, so I muted it while I watched, and it seemed a bit too bright. However, the brightness might just be an issue with the author's computer, of which we cannot fix. So, this is basically just a few minutes of watching people gun down each other with changed sides. I would be lying if I said I eagerly look forward to this, but it did look interesting. I'll be sure to try it when I find it in our inbox, before Gavin snatches it up... ;) If this floats your boat, then download. If not, continue on to the next file.




607th Map Pack 2 Trailer | 27.15 MB

music fits well and the action footage is nice. Unlike a lot of videos it doesn't show the same character running around doing boring stuff for like... 5 minutes straight. There's actually a variety of clips here and you really won't ever find yourself bored by the video. The music was also a great choice for the video. It makes it seem very epic and dramatic. [i]Soooooo[/i], if you want to watch a cool video or simply get a peek at Darth_Maul's second 607th map pack then this is a must-have. -[GT]EraOfDesann




General Grievous Tribute Video | 9.43 MB

watch for those that like him. The video is simply a compilation of in game pictures compiled together with some music to create a short video. It is pretty well done in my opinion, however, seeing some clips of him in action would have made a great video. So, if you're one of the hundreds of Grievous fans out there, why not download this video? It's not too big of a file, so downloading shouldn't be too much of a problem. Have fun. - Gav




Kashyyyk Preview Video | 7.57 MB

whichever you like to call it) for Yankfan and a_speck_of_dust\'s upcoming Kashyyyk map. It\'s based on the battle seen in Episode III and I have to admit that it [i]does[/i] bear a lot of resemblance. Judging from the screenshots though I would suggest making the sand a little whiter and varying the texture some more. It looks a bit plain and boring. However the map looks promising and it\'s a nice little video/picture thing so download it. You know you want to. -[GT]EraOfDesann




SW Battlefront II CIS Tribute Video | 17.84 MB

to the CIS. As opposed to the "Empire" tribute video this video includes more than just space battle pictures and the music is way more upbeat which is a lot more fitting. There's not much else I can say and my time is limited so I'll end it here. Download! Sincerely, [GT]EraOfDesann




SW Battlefront II Empire Tribute Video | 19.42 MB

this video is all about everyones' favorite reigning super-power, the Empire. If you don't like the Empire then you are a communist. Yes, that makes sense. Not really. The video consists of a collection of spectacular space battle pictures taken by Super'. I [i]guess[/i] you could call it a "slideshow". But the name says video so that's what I'm going with. Good? Good. There's also some music that goes along with the "video". To avoid stating my opinion of the music I'm going to lie and say that I had the sound off. I had the sound off. However if I [i]had[/i] listened to the music then I [i]might[/i] have warned you all to not expect the [u]Imperial March[/u]. The "video" was also well-edited. Yes. [u][b]Score [/b][/u] Pictures: Wonderful. Music: I had my sound off. Editing: Perfect. Me: Also perfect. [i]Nice! [/i] :thumbsup: Sincerely, [GT]EraOfDesann




Jawa Violence Video | 28.42 MB

I did a little search on the web about this saddening topic and I found a few pictures which you may find below. Fortunetely there are people out there who care, like the guy who made this great PSA. It brings this important issue to the attention of the community and displays the injustice of jawa violence by depicting jawas being killed over and over again. Seems a bit contradictory but... Alright, alright, alright. I\'ve had my fun. This video isn\'t as fun as it sounds. Only two of the pics featured below came from the video. The first person to guess which two gets a cookie. Not really. Anyway, this seems like the kind of video with the potential to be really fun but most viewers will be disappointed. It consists of jawas being killed over and over again. Not one of the deaths is original or funny. It\'s either a jawa being blown up or shot. Not much else. For videos like these you have to come up with clever stuff that will \"wow\" people when they see it. Anyone could have put this little vid together. I\'m sorry but this just wasn\'t that funny. However the editing and credits were quite nice. Sorry if this came off as harsh. I\'m critiquing, not bashing. I hope you still love me. :beer: Guru, I did not laugh once. I swear. Sincerely, [GT]EraOfDesann




Nemodia Trailer | 7.56 MB

upcoming map Nemodia...or Neimoidia. I dunno which one. Name aside, the map looks very nice. The lighting is pretty, the forest looks well layed-out, and everything looks very professional. As for the video, the music is nice and all but it doesn\'t really fit. Try to imagine an African choir singing uplifting songs to pics from a Battlefront map... seems wierd doesn\'t it? Overall this is a nice trailer that has definitely caught my interest in the promoted map and I look forward to seeing it!




SWBF II Tribute Video | 19.65 MB

they tend to be long and the pictures are sometimes uninteresting. However I liked this one. The pictures were all great and there are some very cool battle shots in there as well as a few humurous pictures, some of which you'll recognize from this week's ensemble of POTD's. The music starts off a bit corny and you sort of wonder if it's supposed to be serious or funny, but as the ReadMe says it picks up after a while and draws you in. However I did think the ending was a little funny, but that's just me. So this is one of the better videos out there and it's very well done! It can be best enjoyed in full-screen mode. Download now! PS: Good to see you again Super'! -[GT]EraOfDesann




Episode IV: Enter the Jawa

episode_iv_enter_the_jae.avi | 192.32 MB

good side :P lol There's nomore to say than worth looking at. What I'm critisizing the most is that the HUD Names or whatever it's called changes from the cameraview. It sshould've been on all the time so you could see where the units were, or not at all to not ruin the movie ;) Nonetheless I think it's a nice one. - Q




ACA Trailer | 289.69 MB

into 2 parts to minimize file size. 10/10 Sounds 2/10 Length for the size of download.




Assault on Yavin4

zane_walker_presents.rar | 10.94 MB

mostly(and by that I mean all of it) just walking around and in the case of the ATST scene getting shot at and catching fire. As for the map featured, I\'ll review that when it\'s done. Also, just because you are modding for their game, doesn\'t mean Bioware/Pandemic sponsored this material. That\'s like saying they paid you to make it. -K.




Battlefront 2 Dagobah Trailer | 14.6 MB

from all six Star Wars films. The compelling storyline spans more than 16 new locations, many from the Episode III movie, including volcanic Mustafar and the space battle above Coruscant. All-new classic movie moments complete the Star Wars Battlefront II experience, as players battle within the interior of the Death Star and visit Princess Leia\'s blockade runner, the Tantive IV, as seen at the beginning of Episode IV A New Hope. In addition, at certain key moments within the battles, players can earn the opportunity to wield a lightsaber and use the Force as a Jedi.

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