Star Wars Battlefront 2




All Battle Crisis/ Designated Days | 52.83 MB

reminiscent of a 2nd world war/d-day themed landing (complete with barrage baloons and landing craft). Sides are Republic and some sort of local Militia/Independence group. Map design is excellent - lots of custom models, good atmosphere, overall very good environment. Theres still a few minor problems with the map design however - on the gameplay side the spiked fences can be walked through, and a few models have dodgy collision, on a canonical side the Republic landing ships have huge imperial insignias on their sides (oops) and some of the floating bodies seem to have missing textures. The most impressive aspect, tech wise, however, is the vehicles. There\'s a fully drivable Republic Juggernaut and a few smaller new Republic vehicles. very impressive. Now onto the bad. There\'s two problems with gameplay. Firstly, the size vs unit count. The map is huge, but there are only the stock number of units. A map this big could really benefit from either an uber/XL mode or just more units in conquest, I captured a few CPs completely unopposed in GCW era. The first problem pales into insignificance compared to the second, however. In CW era (the one with all the custom units + vehicles) balance is practically non-existant. The Militia side battling the Republic are assisted by dozens of autoturrets. Dozens of horrendously overpowered autoturrets with shots that are very fast, very hard to see and kill you almost instantly. Oh and the turrets can fire near straight down and up, even though their barrels can\'t turn that far. The big turrets on the cliffs seem pretty overpowered too - they cut down a juggernaut in literally seconds. So the actual battle is hopelessly one sided, with more republic troops getting killed by overpowered turrets than militia and the player generally getting killed within seconds of spawning. Both times I played CW era the militia ended more than a hundred reinforcements up. There are a few other little bugs I noticed, like one of the militia units using a first person model for a rocket launcher, a few floating or missing weapon icons and no english localisations. Nothing too major though. All in all its a promising map, but the main era is near unplayable because of balance issues. GCW conquest is ok because of lack of killer turrets. Download if it looks interesting or you really really want to cruise around in a Juggernaut.




Wayland Supplier Camp | 240.44 MB

extra-unnecessary filesize. It looks like some stock sides ended up in there in their entirety, and it really makes the map download far too large. It looks like the author made a sincere effort to make things feel at least a little different (hey, at least the ground texture's different, right?) from the Yavin IV feel a lot of newbie maps have. This one is different (think Endor), although it does still have the ubiquitous and much-maligned Yavin sky. As mentioned above, there is a very "Endor" feel to the map, including lots of trees and foliage. Normally, this looks pretty good, but it seems like the author used a lot of foliage that has strange collision (or collision at all - I wouldn't recommend using foliage that has geometry collision). It makes for a confusing battle experience, because places it looks like you should be able to walk through are impassible, and ordnance collides with a lot of space that it shouldn't collide with. It's a fairly simple map layout; there are only four CPs in a diamond shape. Gameplay would be pretty decent were it not for the abovementioned collision issues. In summary, it's not bad for a first map, but objectively, it's not a great map. Give it a download if you like. -Mav




Utapau Attack | 95.96 MB

of Utapau with maybe some increased reinforcements and a few moved objects. When I started playing I was a bit shocked to see it didn\'t resemble the shipped utapau at all and I was actually playing a brand new map. I take it this squirrel guy is new, because there were some notable flaws, but I\'ll get to that. On the plus side he definitely has the essentials down(object placement, vehicle spawning, side modification). First, the bugs. The AT-XT(which was another surprise to me) has a glitchy primary weapon where the lasers look like blocks. You\'ll see that in a screenshot. There is also some missing textures on the rocks for the Geonosian tunnel. At either end of the map where it ends in a cliff it gets really messed up. I remember on the CIS side there was stone cliff walls that you could only see from the outside and when walking around I fell through the floor into one of Utapau\'s trademark holes. Except there was some ground halfway down that I got pasted on...And there was something that looked like a waterfall...The last noteworthy bug was sometimes when looking at a busted mygeeto object my targeting doohickey would read \'imperial star destroyer\'. Anyway, the map itself had a few really interesting points. it wasn\'t until near the end after capturing the republic hangar/landing pad I realised there was a mygeeto bridge over the battlefield, which provided some excitement. The map is basically two bases at opposite ends of the map ending in cliffs. There is a fork which goes down to large roads, which cometogether at each base. Between and beside both roads are various Utapaun buildings. The CIS starts with more CPs thrughout the map, including one or two amonst the buildings. The Reublic has a couple of AT-TEs to compensate, though. Additionally, all the republic units have been reskinned and had their weapons switched around a bit. The engineers with chainguns got a bit annoying since there was a lot of them but droids get the droid marine as a bonus class. The clone team is mostly orange based now(including the AT-TEs). In conclusion I seriously enjoyed this map, and if you have the patience to download a 100mb map you can\'t pass this one up. Although item placement is pretty clumsy(plenty of objcts not really aligned/half buried by terrain) that will get better with time. I honestly can\'t wait for the next version. -K.




Clone Wars Utapau: Reloaded | 33.82 MB

quite well to overheating (rather than ammo) based carbines and rifles, with other changes such as new grenades and seperate health/ammo powerups. The weapons are similar to the stock ones but different enough to feel new. The skins and edited models (like the backpacks :)) for the republic are nice too. The CIS are a lot simpler, having only three units with few weapons. While the map is the stock Utapau map, it appears in the IA screen as "Clone Wars Utapau: Reloaded". Clone Wars conquest is conquest with aforementioned units, galactic civil war conquest is the standard utapau campaign with said units. Conquest is nice but has a pretty major flaw - the reinforcement count is insane. 2500 clones and 15000 droids...after about half an hour I'd reduced the clones to about 2000 and the droids to about 14100.....seriously, no one wants to play a two-three hour long conquest battle. It also seems from those numbers that the CIS will always win...because even with me playing as republic and capturing 5/6 cps they only lost 400 more troops but had 6x as many to begin with. As gfor the campaign, while its nice its the same old Utapau campaign, with different units making it feel more accurate to the films. As a side, there was a bug in that uk_english had no localisations, which made things a tad confusing since several weapons had no icons/the same icon. However, I confess I left out german localisations in one released map so I can't really complain......... Anyway, a decent mini-mod and nice for first time. DL if screens appeal or it sounds good. -Sky




Escape From The Death Star | 38.55 MB

One of the best parts of this mod is that it doesn\'t replace the shipped Death Star map, so you can still have the original and the mod. Also the Ben Kenobi skin is very nice. If you\'re into special modes or map mods then I highly recommend this. -[GT]EraOfDesann




Battle of Heroes Mod | 267.32 KB

put heroes on maps as it was in film(sometimes you can also take no-jedi heroes, such as Bobba Fett or Princes Leia, but they are in adding to the jedi\'s/sith\'s, e.g. they not the one heroes you can choose). The full list of changes in file \"list_of_changes.txt\"




Mos Eisley Winter Mod

mos_eisley_wintermod2.rar | 11.1 MB

there aren\'t a lot of changes this time around. The only really noticeable difference is some work in the skybox to darken things up and add snow precipitation (which is admittedly better for the environment appearance). If you liked the earlier version (or if it seems to appeal to you now), this is only a better version of that - so go ahead and give it a download. -Mav




Naboo Crash Fix | 7.63 MB

them. If you don't have water crash issues, don't download it.




AI Hero Support MiniMod | 799 KB

these comments or on the GameToast forums.




Mustafar Assault | 76.44 MB

the author has replaced the regular clone trooper and the jet trooper with his own modified units. Firstly, the two units modified have both new skins and weapon changes than the default units. See the read-me for full in-sight on the changes made to the two units. The skin changes are not to my taste and are colour changes of the original units that to not in my opinion look good, especially the visors. Also the new colours do not really fit in well with the other units kept from the original gameplay, however some of you may beg to differ on this. The weapon choices made by the author are slightly different to the rest of the units but i feel that this does, improve the fun factor of gameplay slightly than having the default weapons which is a plus. Further do not set to play in the Galatic Civil War era in the menu screen, as it will not work and you will not be able to play. I would like to see the author fix this bug in the next version of this mod if he wishes to do so. This is not a modification that everybody will like but i think it is worth a try out as it aspires to different people. - Royal Tycoon




Desert Showdown | 26.65 MB

The fleet crash lands on Tatooine, where the survivors have to fight their way to freedom. But the Empire/CIS isn't the only problem; the once peaceful moisturefarming region in which they land has been overrun by vicious Tusken Raiders and the most unfriendly Jawas one would ever care to meet. Enjoy :D. RoguE Jedi




SWBF2 Hero map II | 23.66 MB

but there are a few places it can be improved upon. Firstly, there was a couple missing textures. This was most noticeable at the long bridge to the villains base. The entire surface was grey. Secondly, I recommend death regions. I love the idea to have the temple at the end of the bridge surrounded by cliffs and that big hole by the hero base but if someone falls down there they won\'t die and you have to respawn gto get out. Then, the unit count. The map is fairly wide and open compared to Mos Eisley so a lot of the map goes without seeing much fighting at all. lastly, one of the 10 command posts is is an underground room. What I really liked about this map is how the author had tunnels and ruin going through and below terrain, like a path thrugh a mountain. However at one CP in an underground room you might appear on the wrong side of a wall and might end up falling outside the world. Hero battles aren\'t really my thing but if you if you\'re an avid fan of assault mode you absolutely must add this to your collection. Oh, it\'s good to have maps submitted again.




FST | 15.64 MB

a narrow hallway connecting them. Set your global reinforcement count to 32 and away ye go...For heroes that narrow hallway of AI is a dream. No screens though. And a readme wasn't packaged with it. I guess that just means you'll have to play it. >:o -K.




Coruscant Daytime

coruscant_daytime_2.0b.rar | 73.83 MB

different sky. The real difference with this version is that it includes multiple cor1.lvl files, so if you\'re the finicky type and don\'t want just one new type of Coruscant sky, you could pick from among five others. It seems a bit excessive to have such a fine degree of control over the barely-noticeable sky of Coruscant, but hey, we here at SWBFFiles are all about the excessive. So if you\'re looking for a new Coruscant sky, this is your one-stop shop. -Mav




Epic Battlefield (EBF) | 180.3 MB

one like Yavin - you get the gist of it. It's an interesting concept - it's been done before at least once, but more flavors of stock map are used in this one. It's not put together exceptionally well, though. There are a number of floating objects, for one. Some of the objects used (specifically some tree objects) were used as props when they really should only be foliage or background objects - they didn't have the best of collisions. The map is also far too large. The only thing truly "epic" about this battlefield is that getting from one command post to another is truly an Odyssey. Keep the map smaller and tighter and it would work much better. Also, the terrain tool could have been used a lot better. There was at least one area where you can fall straight through the terrain, and there's a large area in the center that has a whole lot of stretched-terrain cliffs. This never really looks good. Then there are the sides. The CW era uses lots of stock units of various factions. Each team is a hodgepodge of various local units (with a couple from the stock main sides as well). Unfortunately, this means that a lot of them are incomplete - sounds, localizations, HUD tags, etc - since local units weren't designed to be played as-is. The GCW sides are, on the one hand, a basic Republic team. On the other hand, there's an assembly of weird units, all with names based off of various online handles. As with most "wacky" sides, these are incredibly unbalanced, not necessarily very visually appealing, and pretty inconsistent. One other notable bug is the lack of sounds for most of the vehicles' weapons. The author did a good job getting most sounds together for the map (there were only a couple weapon sounds here or there missing), but it looks like almost all the vehicle weapon sounds were overlooked. All in all, the map is an okay concept, and it would be a whole lot better on a smaller scale with some more attention paid to the object placement details. -Mav P.S. To the author - you didn't credit MandeRek for actually making the Kit Fisto unit - this has been added to your readme.




120th clone Coruscant mod | 266.33 KB

also replace the Republic's hero (normally Mace Windu) with Anakin Skywalker. Give it a try if you want, it's a pretty small download. Make sure to back up any files before you overwrite. -Mav




Death Star Cloning | 1.17 MB

Rebels and Imperials in Conquest mode, in the Death Star to Jedi vs Jedi, which isn't something I'd personally like to do, but, it's completely up to the player. [b]Known Bugs[/b] [quote]Bugs: The Rebels like to hang out from theie hanger to the centre of the board and tend not to go into the big area (with 2 CPs) Also, I can't seem to win as rebels;the imps,when they get to the beam room, they tend to fall in a corner and stay there[/quote] In my opinion, this could use a bit of work, however, it is worth downloading and taking a good look at, as all mods deserve a chance. Please use our forums to report any problems you have with the mod and please keep it civil. Enjoy. - Gav




Geonosis Child Play 1.0

geonosischildplay1.0.rar | 34.77 MB

know what to expect :) but I\'d rather see like 50 of each - except for the droideka maybe ;D (would maybe be a bit overpowered - lol) The Geonosians are pretty... lame; which is really sad! He didn\'t localise that well, so the republic\'s got this neat Jedi I\'m not really sure if I\'ve seen before or what (seems like a reskin, but a nice Combo in this map). so it\'s cool as well :) the only problem is - like with the Mustafar - that he still got the GCW Era in it, but not playable: Look at the SWBF2 moding Forum at Gametoast for a topic to delete era\'s :) This is personally not a Must Try, but still good enough to be played :) - Q




A New Alliance | 1.2 MB




Order 66 | 1.66 MB




kashyyyk : warehouse | 46.03 MB

modes (Wookiee platforms, big \'ol trees, Wookiees), and less clear in the majority. The titular \"warehouse\" is more generic and takes a stab at adding a bit of a vertical element to the combat. I\'m a big fan of trying something new (or at least infrequently-used), but in this case I think the main warehouse section needs a bit more work (in fact, there are some simple elements of polish that could go a long way in many things - proper spelling and capitalization is a big one). It looks like the warehouse is comprised of primarily custom models, which is nice, but the texturing is sloppy. And then there are some really odd elements, like Earth toilets and Coca-Cola machines - these are simply awful to have in this kind of map, since they kill any sense of immersion. One other big thing with the warehouse section is that there doesn\'t appear to be any way to get from the bottom up to the top without respawning. That\'s a real problem - the player should never have to kill himself to get somewhere. That all aside, there are some interesting concepts in here. However, I think the big thing needed here is, as mentioned above, polish, polish, polish. Good concepts can get easily buried under sloppy work. -Mav




Mos Eisley Winter Mod

mos_eisley_wintermod.rar | 11.05 MB

and lightens a lot of the Tatooine brick textures, although on some more notable props extra work is done to make it look as though snow has fallen on it. The terrain textures have also been changed to some of Hoth\'s. The mod is online-compatible, and it is perhaps in that effort that the author didn\'t add snow precipitation, but I would have liked to see that to sort\'ve round out the effect. Anyway, if you\'re wishing for maybe a little less \"ball of dust\" and a little more \"winter wonderland,\" give this a try. -Mav




Star Destroyer Prison Block | 41.07 MB

it definitely looks like something that the author worked on for about a day - as the [i]author himself advertises in the readme![/i] Before moving into any real criticism, a tip: if you\'ve worked on something for \"less than a day,\" you haven\'t put any real effort into it. Try just a [i]little[/i] harder. Anyway, the map itself is basically Death Star prison block tunnels grafted on to a stock space Imperial Star Destroyer. As the author mentions, there\'s zero planning, so there\'s AI running into walls aplenty. There\'s not a lot of point to killing AI trapped in corners, and there\'s not a lot of point to trying to capture CPs, since fewer than half of the CPs can actually be captured. I suppose you could go flying around in the fighters, but there\'s really nothing to shoot at. There are a number of object placement issues as well as missing textures noticeable, as seen in the screenshots below. While I do want to encourage anyone to go ahead and pick up learning how to mod, please, please, please put a little more effort and care into the things you submit. -Mav




Battle of the droids | 266.41 KB

but you will get used to it. =P[/quote] said by the author, and I couldn't have said it better myself. Droid vs. droid in the stock Coruscant map, space CIS vs. ground CIS. Not complicated, but could be worth your time to just try something different. Give it a try if you like. -Mav




Coruscant Jedi Temple Daytime (1.1)

coruscant_jedi_temple.rar | 12.59 MB

assault. No real pertinent rating since it's basically the default map with a few things changed. Give it a download if you liked the first version. (The older version and other, perhaps pertinent, information may be found [url=;93811]here.[/url]) -Mav




Death Star: Episode IV | 28.73 MB

added to the Empire team with the Emperor as the hero. While it all works mostly as it should, I do have two complaints. The first is, if this is Episode IV, then why are there Rebel soldiers on the Death Star? The second is the fact that the hero units sometimes appear more than once on the map at a time. The fix for this would be to change the max and min for these characters to 1 in the lua file. I believe that's everything. If you are intrigued by the description or screenshots, give this mod a download. Read the readme for installation instructions if you need them, and leave feedback for the author if you download this file, it's how we can help others improve and grow as modders. -Xavious




Tankless Maps | 12.45 MB

you may find interest in this mod. However, it should be noted that this mod will not be online compatable with other players that do not have the same mod. In addition, the author says, "Overwrite the olds ones, or back them up whatever you want." I would suggest backing up your default files, that way you can go back to the shipped game without having to go back and reinstall. As always, read the readme for installation instructions, and make sure you leave feedback for the author if you download this file, it's how we can help others improve and grow as modders. -Xavious




Death Star: Jedi Cloning

mission.rar | 182.2 KB

Masters[/b] on the [b]Death star[/b], ever wanted to see if that \"endless\" pit could be filled with jedi corpses? nows your chance to find out! ~[b]Penguin[/b]




Mandalore - Planetary Defense | 14.53 MB

new/changed hero to make things interesting. There are still a few bugs, so keep your eyes open for a new version to come!




Endor Clone Wars | 1.3 MB

Jet Troopers, Clone Troopers, Heavy Troopers, Clone Sharpshooters, and Clone Engineers -Up to 25 Jet Troopers can be playable in the field (because of hex-edit) -Anakin is the hero Changes: [u]Changed the Empire to the CIS Side[/u] -All battle droids types (except Super Battle Droids) are available -Added the Magnaguard Hunter, which has no limit at all... -Count Dooku is the Hero See the readme for installation instructions.




Ewoks vs Gungans | 269.53 KB

Endor, making it harder for the Gungans to win. Baron_Von_Stargatt




Mustafar with General Grevious and EpII Clones | 302.45 KB

done, hope you release some more mods in the future. Baron_Von_Stargatt




Order 66 | 1.95 MB

Coruscant, Polis Massa. Bugs: 1. In Mygetoo you can't jump and press atack with Jedi (blue saber) because you will stuck for about 10 seconds. 2. In Kashyyyk you can't jump and attack too with Jedi (green saber) because you will stuck forever so you will be forced to press respawn . 3. Jedi names will be droid names. 4. Jedi sounds will be droid sounds. 5. No Anakin hero in Polis Massa, Kashyyyk or Tantive IV. Not a bad mod, but quite a few bugs. 5/10 Baron_Von_Stargatt




Hero War | 323.43 KB

in any level. As with most hex mods you must replace the mission.lvl. It works in most modes, but not all teams have multiple heroes. The readme says it all: this is a mod for swb2 who change all the maps(exept space maps and training maps)in solo/conquest/ctf and allow u to take \"hero\" when u want(in all side);bot take it too ;) sry if for the cis side there is only grievous but if i add dooku or darthmaul the game crash ( wtf ) but u can take darkvador in empire side. Vader is apparently quite popular(see screenshots). Ths could be like a celebrity deathmatch, but the heroes have multiplied. Like amoeba. -K.




TG_V0.9d | 86.33 MB

thrown a lot of assets into a map to try them out, which is usually a cardinal sin, but in this case, it works. Bizarrely enough. This map feels a little like (as mentioned in the readme) Raxus Prime. It\'s a very open map, and it\'s a real pain to run around capturing CPs. Again, this is usually bad juju in my book, but I\'m willing to give this one a pass for one reason - there are a whole ton of vehicles. And not just any vehicles - they\'re all custom vehicles. Given icemember\'s proclivity for making high-quality kitbashes, it is only appropriate that a few of the vehicles are just that - kitbashes of previously-existing SWBF2 tanks. There are also a notable handful of original designs, too, though, and some of them are pretty neat. I especially like the troop transport vehicle, which has an open back compartment. The map is missing a whole ton of localization, and this is something that needs to be addressed, if for no other reason than I want to see what the author decides to call his vehicles. There are also a few sounds missing (on some award weapons) and some floating HUD icons on some of the weapons. There are also a number of new kitbashed unit models, and there are a couple gems in there. A particular favorite is the flame trooper for the Rebels. Anyway, if you\'re interested in tooling around on a map with a lot of new vehicles, go ahead and give this one a download. -Mav




Robber's Arena | 28.31 MB

Kamino platforms turned on their side. There are a couple Kamino walkways over top of the temple, and the ground is textured with the Imperial shuttle's .tga file. Very odd. Aside from the general incoherence of the map design itself, the gameplay is plagued by, largely, the same thing all flat maps suffer from - no real strategy. Additionally, the top CIS command posts can only be reached by a jet trooper, and the AI is not told to even try and go up there, so for the Republic to win, the human player has to go up there. There are a few bugs; the biggest is that one of the CPs has either a misplaced or nonexistant capture region, meaning that it can't be captured. This makes for a rather difficult round of conquest. There's also some sloppy work done with terraincutters up by the two top CIS CPs. This is just an odd map. -Mav




Hoth Sniper Wars | 1.41 MB

have been changed from Luke and Vader to Princess Leia and Boba Fett, respectively. To again further enhance the sniper feel, all turrets and vehicles have also been removed, leaving you to find some cover, pull out your rifle, and let the headshots roll in.




The Dusk Assault | 11.86 MB

pretty modern, with custom textures abound. The only thing I could whine about is if you\'re flying unit like Boba Fett, some of the blocks consist only of buildings at the street but are otherwise empty, so if you fly up over the buildings you\'ll be able to land in a big empty space behind them. The only NOTICEABLE glitch is that lego models used for stairs have their fruity default texture, but that is also not a minor detail. I had more screenshots but they seem to have been overwritten. Either way, fantastic map. I remember Panzer when he was just a little newby announcing Kashyyk Plains...and his maps just get better every time. -K.




Other wars | 605.3 KB

less. Behold! The [i]other[/i] wars.




Geonosis GCW | 604.46 KB




Acklays on different maps | 281.45 KB

rather a basic mod, but as it is a first go, its all we can expect. Look forward to seeing some more mods at a later date. Baron_Von_Stargatt




Acklays and V-wings on Kashyyk | 9.26 MB

spawning for the republic(though bombers might just be overkill). This mod is not by the same person who did the original, and is not an update, but a separate release with the intention of balancing it. Installation is the same as the others. -K.




Heroes on Geonosis | 353.74 KB

will still say Mos Eisley and have the loading screen, the map will be Geonosis. I think it sounds good. Not everyone likes Geonosis, but when I played assault for PS2 several tims in a row mos eisley was starting to get real old. To install back up the mission.lvl in BattlefrontII\\GameData\\Data\\_LVL_PC then replace it with the one in the zip. This guys mods are really making me wish I had swbf2. :| -K.




Play As The Acklays - Felucia | 129.64 MB

a first mod, but it is really quite simple. A few pointers to the author - allowing acklays to run/roll makes for a weird-looking animation (those states aren\'t supported by its skeleton). Removing those abilities will make this look a lot better. Balancing - infinite reinforcements to acklays? They already have enough of an advantage. There\'s no way that this team can\'t win. Finally, don\'t include packed stock sides with this. You could have made this mod and delivered it in about 5 KB; instead it\'s a 100+ MB download and ~300 extracted. [i]Way[/i] unnecessary. All in all, it is what it says it is. If this sounds appealing, give it a try. -Mav




Kamino Jedi Support | 1.27 MB

levels modified by the author to make them stronger than the default units found in Single Player Campaign. This modfiication has many good points. The new jedi and sith units are correctly named aswell as there weapons and force powers. The author has thought about the new classes overpowering the general units and has decreased hwo many are allowed in gameplay at any given time. I believe that this is very beneficial as the jedi and sith do not take control of the battlefield and other units are needed and are useful in gameplay. The points needed to unlock the jedi and sith as playable units are slightly larger than normal, but i feel that this is a good idea and gives a slight challenge to the player(s) while playing. Furthermore, these does not seem to be any noticable bugs and all works smoothly and very well. - Royal Tycoon.




Queen vs Queen Tantive IV | 514.63 KB

them. Baron_Von_Stargatt




Hoth Clone Wars | 2.02 MB




left for pigs | 9.18 MB

case, my first playthrough of this map lasted about 15 seconds from spawn to death, at which point the conquest defeat timer started counting down. Total match time? Under one minute. Not the best first impression, author. The side balance here is pretty well shot to pieces, since we\'re talking about a standard side versus high-hp, one-hit-kill enemies. Also, the visibility range is reduced out-of-proportion with what we see on the screen, so enemies fade into view pretty close to the player. Map-wise, there are some strange design choices here. What is up with the terrain? Is one of the textures just extraordinarily low-rez, or is a flat color actually used for one of the terrain textures? Is it instead just a paintbrush over the terrain? I was unsure. To the author - I\'m not a huge fan of the idea, but setting that aside, please work on your presentation - it will go miles to improving your first impression. Punctuation, spelling - even just basic capitalization (in your map title, of all places!) will help downloaders to think that you put some real care into your work. -Mav




Coruscant Daytime

cor1.rar | 13.87 MB

bad if you don't give it much attention, but it's not great - it's blindingly white and it doesn't look like a daytime sky so much as it looks like the sky texture was simply glowing white. On the plus side, it's a really small mod that you can add on without breaking any compatibility. Make sure, however, that if you do install this, you make a backup of the original cor1.lvl, so that whenever you're done with this mod you can go back to the regular .lvl's sky. -Mav




Species War | 1.56 MB

amongst the assets. But what\'s this...No Acklays?! For shame. Since it\'s been a while and nobody reads the reads the readme, I feel obligated to remind you how to install a hex mod. In your SWBF2 directory find the gamedata folder. Then in DATA > _LVL_PC take the mission.lvl there and back it up somewhere else. Then take the mission.lvl packed in this shiny compressed package you just downloaded and place there. The list of alterations is a bit extensive, so I\'ll copy it from the readme(WHICH YOU NEVER READ!) Mos Eisley Assualt Heroes Side- Tusken Hunter, Wookie Mechanic, Wookie Rocketeer, Wookie Basic Villians Side- Ewok Basic, Ewok Trooper, Ewok Repair, Jawa, Gungan Soldier, Gungan Defender Mos Eisley GCW Conquest/CTF -Naboo vs Empire -Naboo Team: Soldier and Naboo Queen (hero) -Up to 25 Imperial Officers can be playable Felucia GCW Conquest -Changed map to Jabba\'s Palace -Tusken and Jawa vs Gammorean Guards Felucia GCW CTF- -Wookiees vs Gammorean Guards Kashyyyk GCW CTF/Conquest -Rebels vs Wookies -Rebels have Snipers, Bothans, and Wookiee -Up to 25 Snow Wookiees can be playable -Ewoks are here too -Chewie is Rebel hero Naboo CW CTF/Conquest -Gungans vs Naboo Soldiers Death Star GCW CTF/Conquest -Wookiees vs Empire -Up to 25 Imperial Officers can be playable Endor GCW CTF/Conquest -Empire vs Ewoks -Empire Team: Imperial Pilot, Stormtrooper, Scout Trooper, Shock Trooper, and Dark Trooper -Ewok Team: Basic, Trooper, Repair Hoth GCW CTF -Wookiees vs Wampas Dagobah CW CTF/Conquest -Gungans vs Naboo Soldiers Dagobah GCW CTF/Conquest -Naboo vs Gamorreans -Heroes: Wampa and Naboo Queen Utapau CW CTF -Magnaguards vs Wookiees Utapau CW Conquest -Empire vs Wookiees -Up to 25 Dark Troopers can be playable Tantive GCW CTF/Conquest -Rebels vs Naboo -Heroes: Leia and Naboo Queen -Some rebels have snow skins -Up to 25 Snow Wookiee Warriors can be playable Mygeeto CW CTF/Conquest -Wampas vs Naboo -Naboo Queen is hero Mustafar GCW CTF/Conquest -Jawas and Tuskens vs Gungans -Heroes: Jedi Knights The author also mentions sound conflicts and a crash that occurs should you attempt to play Hoth or Coruscant on conquest. Also something about objects bein displayed onscreen...I\'m guessing they means the bug where HUD objects are shifted around. -K.




Geonosis: Spire | 28.77 MB

Spire. I can\'t really review it because it isn\'t a brand new map, but if you didn\'t have SWBF1, or even if you did, DOWNLOAD THIS. NOW. Your life means nothing without it. For those who have not owned or played SWBF1: Geonosis Spire was more to the mvoies, with the spire and war room where the CIS leaders met, and a few Techno Union ships which were the targets on the Republic. It had a hangar with a few Geonosian fighters, ATTEs, Gunships, Spider droids and Hailfires. Enough talk. You play now. -K.




Coruscant Daytime

coruscant_daytime.rar | 11.73 MB

change of the stock Coruscant sky to Hoth\'s cloudy blue sky. I\'m not 100% sure that it works - there seem to be a lot more clean, white, clouds than would make sense for Coruscant. But I suppose one doesn\'t often spend a lot of time considering the \"fit\" of a sky for a location while one is playing a map, so there you are. In any case, if you\'re looking for something a little different, maybe try this. Make sure you back up any files you replace. -Mav

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