Star Wars Battlefront 2




TH 17 Flamethrower | 496.83 KB

drive space by munging a test map and then adding proper sides to make this work, so I'm just going to upload it like Era did. One last thing. Part of this seems to use [b][/b]OOM9's DC-15S[u][/u] carbine, and not anything the author modeled. Then again, he might have added to it and/or has another weapon in this pack, but the screenshot showed only one. ~Penguin Unit~




MEGA WEAPONS MOD beta | 122.86 MB

increased damage and ammo, and it crashes a lot. A [i]lot[/i]. The author didn\'t submit any pictures, and part of me wanted to just use pictures of desktops for the screenshots, because that\'s what you\'ll be seeing a lot here. The mod has nothing new visually anyway, all the units, weapons, and effects look exactly the same. I know. [i]I know[/i]. The author said to play it online because it \"doesn\'t support AI\" or some such nonsense. I checked online, and I couldn\'t find any servers that said they were hosting the mod. It must just be my luck. I\'ll reiterate here what I say every time I see a mod submitted for this old game with poor MP mod support - [i]don\'t make a mod for MP-only![/i] Most of the time it\'s just an excuse for not getting the AI bots to do what you want, although in this case it\'s an issue of crashes because of number of units. Just FYI, if you get too many human players, it will also crash. The AI don\'t do something special to make it crash. Make sure to back up your sides before installing; it\'s not an addon mod, but a side replacement mod. -Mav




BF2 Energy Sabers | 254.55 MB

movie like but who cares the look Swa-eet (here that I took the word sweet and made it 2 syllables :) ) WARNING: The file size is HUGE though. - EGG GUTS




TH 17 Flamethrower | 447.73 KB

sort of flamethrower. There aren't any pictures or anything (not even a description in the ReadMe) and I can't get custom units and weapons in-game so you'll have to see for yourself. Please note that this is for modders to put into their maps. It's an asset; not a mod. -[GT]EraOfDesann




Ewok Rocks Mod | 696.25 KB

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