Star Wars Battlefront 2




Unofficial Star Wars Battlefront II v1.3 Patch

swbf2v1.3patch_full_revision_117.exe | 106.5 MB

LITE version of the 1.3 patch here:[/i] [url];95405[/url] If you've played Battlefront at all or even looked at this site regularly, there's a very good chance you know [RDH]Zerted's work - if you've ever looked at a Picture of the Day, it's been Zerted's work unlocking FreeCam that's made that possible. What we have here is the culmanation of Zerted's work over the past few years, combined with the visual upgrades of the "Unofficial 1.2 Patch" into one big mod - the "Unofficial 1.3 Patch." This mod gives both players and modders unparalleled control over what goes into and comes out of their Star Wars Battlefront 2. With the Unofficial 1.3 patch, players first of all can play Battlefront II with a complete set of visual upgrades, just as seen in the 1.2 patch. Included is an easy means of changing from the new (visually upgraded) sides back to the original sides, as well as a means of either enabling or disabling the new HUD. Players also have access to the extremely powerful and dynamic "Fake Console." The Fake Console has a large number of ways players can interact with and dynamically modify their game. It also gives a large amount of control to server admins in online gaming sessions. Modders, too, have been given a large amount of freedom with the 1.3 patch. If you've played the newest version of the Conversion Pack (2.0), you've seen a bit of what the 1.3 patch supports - thanks to it, we had access to the KotOR era alongside the two stock eras as well as many additional gamemodes. The 1.3 patch supports far more than just the KotOR era and the new gamemodes from the Conversion Pack. It adds support for an unlimited number of new gamemodes or eras, and has new icons for many of them. And for modders there are many, many more features - custom galactic conquest, map preview videos - these are all things that modders now can do (should they choose), and there are many different options. So what are you waiting for? There's no reason not to download this. Online play is unaffected and all you get are countless new options for your game. Give it a download! -Mav




Battlefront Extreme

bfx_2.2_setup.exe | 103.22 MB

sort've-but-not-really sides mod "Battlefront Extreme." To start off with the praises - and it's not hard to find something good. This is a really nice job. It's a comprehensive overhaul of four different sides, no small task to be sure, whether or not they end up being fun to play. Which is, of course, not to say that they aren't, because ARC_Commander's second achievement is on par with his first, in that his new sides are, by-and-large, pretty darn fun. The best upgrade from version 1.0, in my opinion, was the movement away from one or two extremely overpowering units per side (for example, the Dark Trooper in 1.0) to a more balanced-across-the-side unit setup. This makes for a much more fun experience when trying out the new sides. Of course, I would be neglectful should I forget to mention that a great deal of [i]content[/i] was added from version 1.0, too. It's nice to see BFX as a standalone era, too. While I certainly liked its original form, as it was, it was simply a sides mod and frankly, I've yet to see the sides mod that's [i]so good[/i] it made me want to lose online compatibility or trade for the (usually-balanced) gameplay of the original sides. Thankfully, that choice is no longer an issue. With this version, BFX is fully compatible with online play as well as the Conversion Pack, so mod hunters out there won't have to pick and choose. Some of the new content I noticed was pretty neat, too. I liked, in particular, the addition of a charge effect to the force powers. It's not a big change, but it does look pretty neat. One of the other "tech-y" things I appreciated was the addition of a deflect state to the various states of the melee combo (i.e. you deflect while attacking). The complaints I could give are much fewer and further between, this time around. While I'm sure I could find a bug or two if I looked [i]really hard[/i], at a glance, the only issues I really found were sound issues. I noticed a weapon or two missing fire sounds, and then I noticed a bizarre issue where certain sounds seem to repeat very quickly over and over. Not sure what to make of that last one; I've never seen it before. Your experience may, of course, vary. I also wasn't a huge fan of the changes made to space battles or the charged-up grenades, but that's just one man's opinion. Anyway, definitely a good mod and definitely worth a download. With the files compressed, it's not a huge download, and I'm sure it'll be hours of fun for many people. Give it a shot! -Mav




Star Wars Battlefront Conversion Pack

convopackinstaller.exe | 754.75 MB

make sure to download and install the[/i] [url=;98307]Conversion Pack 2.2 Patch[/url] [i][b]after[/b] you install this mod. It will add any necessary bug fixes - see its description for more info.[/i] Certainly everyone remembers the Conversion Pack - that large map pack originally designed to simply bring the maps from Battlefront 1 into Battlefront 2? Well, we've seen a lot of changes since the initial concept, and it's developed into not only a "conversion" but a large game addition as well. SWBFFiles itself has seen two releases (although they have only been incomplete beta versions); 1.0 and 1.75. Well, today we bring you something completely new - Conversion Pack 2.0. This version has a lot that earlier versions either didn't have, or had - but were bug-ridden. There's so much to try out; one simple review won't cover it. Here's a short list of everything the Pack has: -25 new maps -New era (KotOR) -Five new clone legions -Three new unit classes added to the original classes. -Over 40 new heroes for CW and GCW, and over 30 heroes for KotOR alone -Six new game modes -Nearly 30 new vehicles -UnOfficial 1.3 patch (includes visual upgrades of 1.2 with shell upgrades) There's so much content in here, it's almost like a completely new game. If there's anything on this site you should check out, it's definitely this. -Mav




Star Wars Battlefront Conversion Pack Patch

conpack2.2patch.exe | 58.01 MB

course, the 2.2 patch provides a number of bugfixes from the small (first-person views) to the larger (CTDs on certain maps). There have also been several (mostly redundant) modes cut from the Pack in an effort to improve both online and offline stability, as well as make it easier for anyone with the Pack to have more mods installed at once. There are also a number of additions to the Pack with the 2.2 patch. The largest of these is that this comes packaged with the "lite" version of the 1.3 patch, revision 117. This can be installed directly over your 1.3 patch if you already have it installed, and this will make sure that the Pack is up-to-date with some of the newer functions of the 1.3 patch (like custom Galactic Conquests). You'll also see things like a new vehicle on Concord Dawn or Kit Fisto showing up on Methlyn in addition to Alderaan. There should be plenty of things to look forward to; make sure you read the readme and the documents the patch comes with, and know that you will [b]need to already have the Conversion Pack 2.0 installed[/b] (and working) before you install this patch. Enjoy! -Mav




DEV's Side Mod Final

devs_side_mod_final_5.0.7z | 171.08 MB

clone legion (50X legion) and another that uses one of the more recognizable legions (212th, 501st, etc.) It also adds a handful of converted maps (Bespins and Rhen Vars) along with one previously-released map. There is also a hunt mode with Mandalorians versus clones that shows up on a handful of the maps. What the mod does well: I'll touch on this in both categories, but I think the sound that is done right here is done well. Several weapons have new sounds, and I like seeing sound work done (which made it all the more disappointing when I saw it not done). They don't all sound very "Star-Warsy," but it was nice to see new sounds nonetheless. I don't know that I agreed with the choice to use vehicle weapon sounds for some of the hand weapons, but diff'rent strokes. I also thought it was nice to see the era names clearly delineate what was in each map. It's not a necessity, but in the many different rainbow-of-clones mods that we get, it was nice to be able to pick and choose from the instant action screen rather than guess (or simply have to remember). This was sort've a double-edged sword, but I think the positives of this outweighed the negatives - I liked seeing the balance between the two different sides. Units for both the CIS and REP were very similar from team-to-team, and while this means that there wasn't a substantial difference between one team or the other, it did make for some well-balanced battles. What I'd like to see different: The units all pretty much felt the same. Each unit had so many different weapons that the uniqueness of each class was diluted. I think it's best when each of the classes plays differently, but when you start giving six or seven weapons to each unit it is almost an inevitability that you'll have to reuse lots of the same weapons for different classes. Keep it simple and make each class have a distinct feel. The award weapons. Total gamebreakers. If you're playing on an awards profile, most units will have an award shotgun (and a couple others an award sniper rifle). Both of those weapons are absolutely incredibly overpowered. With the sniper rifle, it takes less than ten seconds to destroy a [i]tank[/i], and since the weapons don't overheat or have an ammo clip, you can just mash the button and walk through the maps at your leisure. Zero challenge. It was also strange to see so many units end up with an award shotgun when they didn't have a shotgun to start off with. Visual inconsistency. I hate to compare mods, but I know when I was reviewing the earlier [url=;105491]Ultimate Battlefront[/url] mod, one of the things I really liked was the consistent set of visuals between different units and legions. The reason I liked it was because it showed that (or at least made it feel like) the mod was the work of a single, coherent author (or team). Here, the units all have different visual styles - one unit will be relatively unscratched, some units will be very scratched, others will be dirty, others will have lots of addons, etc. It makes the mod look like an assets dump, which in my mind is a bad thing (since pretty much anyone can just cherrypick assets from a bunch of places). That's not to say that this is what this mod is, but it looks unprofessional to be so visually inconsistent. The heroes didn't fit. The heroes seemed to all be stock heroes. Heroes should be rewards and they should be significantly more powerful than the infantry units. Since the units were mostly powered up (as with most side mods), the heroes felt like a waste of time to use. Other comments: There were still a couple bugs I found here, despite this mod being in its fifth(+) iteration. There were a couple floating HUD tags (I saw one unit that was completely missing a weapon mesh, too). There were sound errors - some weapons (notably arc caster weapons) were missing sounds, and none of the converted maps had fixed sounds. On the subject of the extra maps, while it's always nice to see some maps added to a side mod, here they felt a little extraneous - they felt like they were added just to have "more." There wasn't a lot of rhyme or reason to the additions (only a couple of the BF1 maps were added, a random map was added, seemingly just because the source was open to the public), and the BF1 conversions were only partly done. I know I speak with a little bit of bias in that regard, having worked on the Conversion Pack, but it eats at me a little whenever I see half-done conversions of the SWBF1 maps after having spent as much time as I did to polish the SWBF1 maps for the Pack. On the other hand, I think the lighting setup for the Cloud City SWBF1 map here was better (or at least more accurate to the original) than the Cloud City with the Conversion Pack, so that's a plus. All in all, it's a well done mod that has a pretty fair amount of content. While it feels like a lot was added just to have more "stuff," I'm sure it'll still be fun to the lots of people that like playing Clone Wars mods, and if you are one of those people, go ahead and give it a download, because I'm sure you'll enjoy it. -Mav




Dark Times II: Rising Son | 361.28 MB

experience. This is pretty much the pinnacle of modding achievement, and I've never seen a mod that comes anywhere close to what this one brings to the table. This mod essentially includes sixteen new maps, a total of 105 distinct missions, lots of new units, new weapons, new heroes and Force powers, and a brand new Galactic Conquest mode that serves as a campaign. While this alone may seem like a lot, it also includes a few brand-new game modes, a full campaign on par with the shipped Battlefront II one, and the entirety of the original Dark Times mod. This is to say, you do not need the original to play this edition. Due to the fact that this mod is much too big to cover every facet of it in a single review, I will do my best to break it down into categories and review each of those with a paragraph or two. [b]MAPS[/b] The Dark Times II includes sixteen new maps. These include Raxus Prime, Taris, Dantooine, Nar Shaddaa, and a bunch more. The maps are all very good- they have all the hallmarks of a well-polished map, like planning, even terrain, and it is obvious that large amounts of work were put into them. They are all well done, and the multitude of different ones assures that you will have no shortage of fun maps to play if you are just looking to play Conquest. I noticed nothing bad about any of the maps. [b]CAMPAIGN[/b] The Dark Times II features a campaign mode of sorts- in actuality, it is just Galactic Conquest with objective maps. This is not to say that it isn't fun- on the contrary, it is very fun. The storyline focuses on a unit of Rebel forces led by Luke Skywalker in their fight against the Empire. There are ten primary missions with a few side missions that you can branch out on should you elect to do so. The campaign is fairly linear, but the side missions offer a bit of a break from the normal progression. The campaign maps themselves are rather fun, though somewhat challenging. While the missions themselves encompass the normal objectives- go here, capture this, bring this here, kill this unit, et cetera- they aren't boring and in fact are something that you look forward to playing. [b]NEW GAME MODES[/b] The original Dark Times had a new mode called Wave. This mode makes an appearance here as well, and it is essentially a one vs. all battle. You are a hero unit and must defend against waves of common enemies and some hero units in order to win the battle. There are both space and land editions. In addition, there is a new mode called V.I.P. In this mode, you are placed on a side to fight against enemies. Each side has a hero unit, or VIP, to kill in order to recieve points. You must keep your VIP alive in order to have a better chance against the opposition. The final new mode is called Control Mode, where there are several secondary control points to capture in order to recieve bonuses upon your team. You don't have to capture them to control the entire map, but you should do so in order to recieve the benefits that they offer. All of these modes are quite fun to play and offer a lot of variety in your gameplay. I personally enjoyed Wave mode the best, as it's essentially just an opportunity to kill a lot of AI without any teamkilling possible. [b]NEW LIGHTSABER COMBAT SYSTEM[/b] Gone is the old saber system of the past. In is the new. In the Dark Times, you don't have the standard three-move combo and block move. Now, you have two types of attacks: light or heavy. Light attacks are done by tapping the block key, and serve both as a means of causing damage and blocking incoming attacks. However, they drain energy, so you have to use them sparingly. Heavy attacks are done by clicking as normal and cause damage- more than the light attacks, but they lose the ability to block incoming attacks. Heavy attacks can also do a Force Finisher, which is essentially a powerful attack done by right-clicking after the third attack with a full energy bar. Each type of attack can be chained together infinitely. This type of combo system is nice, but it does have some minor drawbacks. I prefer it to the standard combo system though. [b]OVERALL ASSESSMENT[/b] As I stated in my introductory paragraph, this mod is essentially the pinnacle of modding achievement. The amount of content it adds to a game that didn't have enough of it to begin with is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Much like the Conversion Pack, this mod is one of those that should be installed on every single computer running Battlefront 2. It's really that good. Don't believe me? Well, I strongly suggest you download and play it for yourself. I doubt you'll be able to stop. -Jedikiller




Ultimate Battlefront: The Clone Wars | 270.79 MB

including several different clone legions as well as five new maps (in addition to all the stock maps the mod is added to) to play Ultimate Battlefront on. I'll be honest and say that I am not a huge fan of Clone Wars-themed mods in general, usually because they exploit the fact that clones came in every color of the rainbow to have the appearance of a lot of content. Different skins are well and good, but in my opinion four or five textures for the same model is so much fluff when compared to the things that really matter - content, gameplay, etc. It's because of those reasons, and not the fluff (although the fluff is done well, as it is in most clone-legion based mods), that I prefer this over similar sides mods which don't really feel like they include a whole lot of anything new. Now, I know that in light of that paragraph it will sound funny for me to switch back and talk about the fluff, but I do want to make a note of one of the things I appreciate most about this - the visual consistency of the mod. So often, clone wars legions look like what they often are - compilations of a bunch of different people's work - but in this, Xavious took the time to make each different legion fairly visually consistent across the board - the quality of the textures is all notably the same, no matter what the legion, and they all sort've "fit" together. Basically, it is apparent that they are all the work of one person, and I appreciate and recognize the work that is put into making a lot of your own assets for a mod. The textures are all done well, too. In any case, the meat of the mod is the sides and how they play. I like Xavious's sides here because they are original without being too wild. The weapons are (again with the consistency) well-done across the board, and I like the small sound changes made for some of them. I enjoy seeing some tweaked particle effect work, and I think the blaster explosions are well-done and fit nicely. There are a number of nice new weapons (some of which you may recognize from his earlier 607th work) that are, as mentioned above, different, but still feel like they fit with the more stock weapons. Another thing I appreciated was that Xavious included a number of new maps with his mod. I think it's really important for anyone making a sides mod to include something new - whether it's new modes or new maps - something has to be there so that you're not just playing stock maps with stock modes with only the sides changed. In this case, there are five new maps - Abregado Rae, Dantooine, Geonosis, Geonosis: Arena, and Jaal-Kan. The first and last maps in that list were probably the best - I think overall, I enjoyed the design of Abregado Rae the most, and Jaal-Kan did a nice job of feeling like a unique setting. On the other hand, I inwardly groan (sometimes outwardly too) whenever I see another Geonosis map, and here there are two. The first is exactly what you see on the tin - a recreation of the Geonosis battle from Episode II. It's a solidly-built map (and I think the lighting in it is really nice), but I don't think it's extraordinary - it feels a lot like SWBF1 Geonosis. Geonosis: Arena is very similar to every other Geonosis Arena map we've seen (they all use essentially the same models), but I feel confident in saying that this is the best of the bunch. That's not to say I wouldn't have preferred to see something that wasn't Geonosis, but at least this is Geonosis done right. Dantooine is the only map I've not mentioned. It's a nice map, but it feels a little "plain." And by plain I mean flat land. Because it's a plain. ...okay, sorry. In any case, while it's well put-together, I'd like to see it a little more detailed. I know, too, that Xavious had some more maps planned for this, and some of them looked pretty neat - I'm looking forward to seeing them as well! Ultimate Battlefront isn't without its bugs. It's a very well put-together mod, but there was at least one unit I found with an awards weapon bug (EMP trooper), and I'm pretty sure there are probably at least a couple sounds bugs - the easy one for me to check for (I did, and I did hear the bug) is whether force lightning sounds are present on certain stock maps. Normally that'd be a really minor nitpick, but since I've had to fix those kind of bugs twice through for two major mods of my own, I feel compelled to lay that burden on anyone else who's making a large mod. All in all, it's a great mod and worth your download. Give it a try! -Mav P.S. As a reminder, you will need the [url=;95418]Unofficial v1.3 Patch[/url] to play this mod. Please download it and install it if you do not have it installed already.




+123 | 158.98 MB

acklays, gamoreens and every map has Hunt! :D Well this thing is too huge to re-view totally. So I'll just say Download and you won't regret it. The best part is that you don't have to copy or save any data files. You just place the 2 folders in your addon. The only problem is that it might clash with other mods such as BFX or the Conversion pack. But other then that it's great fun. So I highly recommend downloading this. - EGG GUTS




Mandalorian Wars Project

mandalorian_wars_project_installer1.0.exe | 27.06 MB

they duke it out on all the stock maps fighting for... something, with jetpacks and nearly-identical weapons. The sides are of course the entirety of the mod (being a "sides mod" and all). They're a well-put-together set of (as mentioned above) nearly-identical sides - the Mandalorians match tit-for-tat the weapons of the Death Watch, with the exception of hero weapons, which do differ from each other. The weapons setups feel very similar to stock sides, with the addition of a few higher-unlock classes, like a melee class or a commander class. The sides are the same from map-to-map for the most part; the one noticeable difference is that on the outdoor maps, both sides have jetpacks on every unit, which can change the way you might play a bit. I was a little disappointed to not see jetpacks on some of the indoor maps, though - perhaps the author found that the AI did not behave well? Anyway, there were some issues I took with the setup of the sides - the biggest problem I had was appearance. While a nice job is done with the textures for both teams, they both use (essentially, with only a minor helmet difference) the same model for [i]every unit[/i]. As you can imagine, this gets very confusing. An example: [img][/img] There are about equal number of each team's units. Can you tell who's on whose team? I had a hard time unless someone was actively in my reticule. The other concern I had was the melee class for either side - it's simply far too powerful. It's better than the heroes, has a cloak that stays up for a very long time, and does as much damage with melee (as well as the knockdown) as does a Jedi. With the bonus energy regen from the "endurance" award, you can keep the cloak up for the whole map and just never die. The only threat to you is the similarly undetectable and powerful melee units on the other team. The problem is compounded by the fact that it (along with everyone else) gets a jetpack outside. It just has too much going on to be balanced. Anywho, I'm sure there are several people who will be interested in fighting with an army of Boba Fetts running around Battlefront 2 - so if it looks interesting, give it a download! -Mav




Battlefront Zero

battlefrontzerovfivepointoh.exe | 503.06 MB

if for nothing else should be recognized for giving people a lot of new stuff to try out. This version is an upgrade to the previously released [url=;108273]version 3.0[/url], which was released here about half a year ago. This newer version makes one major change - the addition of a GCW era on some maps - and several smaller changes, like bugfixes. As mentioned, the bulk of any new content for this version lies in the new era (GCW). The Rebels and Imperials are done up in BF0 fashion, although with these sides the weapons are either weaker or the units simply seem to have more health. The GCW sides aren't available on every planet, but they are on most of the BF0 maps, as well as a copy of the Death Star map. What was interesting, or at least notable, about these sides was what I mentioned above - for some reason they seemed to take much more time to kill the individual units? Especially notable were units like the Imperial's "Rogue Pilot," which seemed to be able to take rockets and shotgun blasts to the face with abandon. The minimalized damage seemed to carry over into the GCW's heroes, which - and forgive me if this is just a lack of memory - seemed to have the unique "force light" or "darkness" attacks (depending on whether it was an Imperial or Rebel hero) that were effectively multi-area push attacks. These attacks didn't seem to do a whole lot of damage (if any), which effectively left some heroes without a damaging non-saber attack. I know this is the case for some stock heroes, too, but the stock units don't seem to have nearly as much health as these regular units do. I do believe, also, that a couple of additions were made in terms of modes available. I [i]think[/i] that in the previous version, only hero assault was available on Mustafar: Burning Platforms, and so it was nice to see conquest made ready for that map. It was one of the maps whose design I thought was neat, even in the face of some modeling/texturing issues I thought could have been better resolved. Many of the criticisms I might have made before remain unchanged, and so I won't go into great detail - obviously the larger the project, the larger the potential for things to be criticized - so I'll only give a quick overview. There are a number of maps on which I wish a little more time had been spent working out the models and UVs - some of them seem a little sloppy. Sounds seemed fine this time around [i]except[/i] for some of the GCW-era maps, in which things like weapon sounds or lightsaber sounds could be found missing. The only really notable new bug I saw was the "ghost AT-PT" (on Kashyyyk) which, while it does have collision with the ground and objects, it has collision with nothing else - ordnance or units. It makes it rather hard to destroy. All in all, it is a very substantial mod, most especially in breadth of content. Don't let my criticisms fool you - there is definitely a lot there to explore and try out, and much of it is fun to play with. If you've been a fan of the mod before, assuredly you will enjoy this version, and if you've never tried it out before, it's certainly worth a try. -Mav P.S. Note to the author: To get your file up on our system, I had to re-archive the file to slightly reduce its filesize - in case you were wondering why it is a .exe archive instead of a .rar. Also, sorry for the delay in publishing. We've been dealing with a big systems hassle, and if it makes you feel any better, my own mod was stonewalled by the same tech issues (that were out of our hands anyway).




Unofficial Star Wars Battlefront II v1.3 Patch (Setup Version) | 19.48 MB

Zerted's work unlocking FreeCam that's made that possible. What we have here is the culmanation of Zerted's work over the past few years, combined with the visual upgrades of the "Unofficial 1.2 Patch" into one big mod - the "Unofficial 1.3 Patch." This mod gives both players and modders unparalleled control over what goes into and comes out of their Star Wars Battlefront 2. With the Unofficial 1.3 patch, players first of all can play Battlefront II with a complete set of visual upgrades, just as seen in the 1.2 patch. Included is an easy means of changing from the new (visually upgraded) sides back to the original sides, as well as a means of either enabling or disabling the new HUD. Players also have access to the extremely powerful and dynamic "Fake Console." The Fake Console has a large number of ways players can interact with and dynamically modify their game. It also gives a large amount of control to server admins in online gaming sessions. Modders, too, have been given a large amount of freedom with the 1.3 patch. If you've played the newest version of the Conversion Pack (2.0), you've seen a bit of what the 1.3 patch supports - thanks to it, we had access to the KotOR era alongside the two stock eras as well as many additional gamemodes. The 1.3 patch supports far more than just the KotOR era and the new gamemodes from the Conversion Pack. It adds support for an unlimited number of new gamemodes or eras, and has new icons for many of them. And for modders there are many, many more features - custom galactic conquest, map preview videos - these are all things that modders now can do (should they choose), and there are many different options. So what are you waiting for? There's no reason not to download this. Online play is unaffected and all you get are countless new options for your game. Give it a download![/quote] This is a touched-up installer for the Unofficial v1.3 patch. Changes have been made to ensure that it's compatible with more OS/PC configurations. What you'll note is that this version no longer uses the menu.bat from the earlier versions, but instead the installer itself offers you your setup options when you install. Since this is the "lite" version, and the 1.2 sides aren't included, if you need to make changes, simply run the installer again. -Mav




Unofficial Star Wars Battlefront II v1.3 Patch

swbf2v1.3patch_lite_revision_117.exe | 5.69 MB

here:[/i] [url];95418[/url] If you've played Battlefront at all or even looked at this site regularly, there's a very good chance you know [RDH]Zerted's work - if you've ever looked at a Picture of the Day, it's been Zerted's work unlocking FreeCam that's made that possible. What we have here is the culmanation of Zerted's work over the past few years, combined with the visual upgrades of the "Unofficial 1.2 Patch" into one big mod - the "Unofficial 1.3 Patch." This mod gives both players and modders unparalleled control over what goes into and comes out of their Star Wars Battlefront 2. With the Unofficial 1.3 patch, players first of all can play Battlefront II with a complete set of visual upgrades, just as seen in the 1.2 patch. Included is an easy means of changing from the new (visually upgraded) sides back to the original sides, as well as a means of either enabling or disabling the new HUD. Players also have access to the extremely powerful and dynamic "Fake Console." The Fake Console has a large number of ways players can interact with and dynamically modify their game. It also gives a large amount of control to server admins in online gaming sessions. Modders, too, have been given a large amount of freedom with the 1.3 patch. If you've played the newest version of the Conversion Pack (2.0), you've seen a bit of what the 1.3 patch supports - thanks to it, we had access to the KotOR era alongside the two stock eras as well as many additional gamemodes. The 1.3 patch supports far more than just the KotOR era and the new gamemodes from the Conversion Pack. It adds support for an unlimited number of new gamemodes or eras, and has new icons for many of them. And for modders there are many, many more features - custom galactic conquest, map preview videos - these are all things that modders now can do (should they choose), and there are many different options. So what are you waiting for? There's no reason not to download this. Online play is unaffected and all you get are countless new options for your game. Give it a download! -Mav




Tactical Enhanced Combat Mod

tecmod_1.1.7z | 86.04 MB

supposably being a normal trooper? Well, no longer, Sparky. With this huge mod, running blindly at even a measly battledroid is going to get you mowed down. This Tactical Enhanced Combat Mod decreases the "ego-shooter" factor of SWBFII and adds to the "oh-crap-if-I-leave-this-cover-I'm-going-to-die" factor, which is nearly non-existent with the regular game. Don't expect to be able to shoot on the run. Like, ever. Accuracy while moving has been substantially decreased; the TEC Mod encourages a much more conservative style of play (taking cover, shooting from around corners, getting the drop on enemies). It is possible to get the aforementioned 'umpteen-million killing spree' due to everything's decreased health- it only takes a couple of hits to bring someone down, which adds a lot to the suspension of disbelief. There are lots of smaller things that add to the atmosphere of this mod; actual recoil from guns, the removal of the stamina bar for droids, different types of grenades (I'm so happy- EMP 'nades are back!), a variety of units depending on where the battle is (different clone legions, ect.), and much more (see the extensive list in the readme). Now as far as problems with this mod go, there are virtually no game-effecting bugs, save for the couple of non-localized units (don't think could be helped). The size of this mod is huge as far as mods go, because all the game's original sides have to be replaced but again, there's not really a way around that. On a side note, this causes clashes with other mods, like the [url=""]SWBFI Coversion pack[/url] (TEC mod'll still work on the default maps, but I don't think any converted maps will work). Some person is probably going to override the original files, so I'll say it now: [b]BACK UP YOUR SIDE FOLDER BEFORE YOU EXTRACT THIS MOD.[/b] .Rikino




Prime Front | 128.43 MB

beta release[/url]. This still is a very funny-feeling mod. Ostensibly using the Metroid series as a setting, this mod has an interesting combination of lots of new and original material with some somewhat-mediocre polish made to it. The good: Lots and lots of new stuff. While at the surface "just" a sides mod, this ups the ante a little and adds not only new sides, but a significant number of new maps. In fact, most of the sides mod takes place in these new maps, as not all of the old maps (for sake of keeping mission counts lower) use the new era. The new maps are on the surface, all a breath of fresh air. They're not perfect-looking (and this will be addressed below), but at the very least they are all new and different-looking. I especially liked the two "caverns" maps (Magmoor and Phazon Mines); both of those had designs that were interesting to look at. The sides are, if a little bit overpowered, at least decently set-up. I like the texture used for the marines; it was an effective use of the clone trooper model with a texture that made it look very different. The bad: For starters, I felt that the sides were a bit plain-jane. Yes, they were different, but the units all felt very similar. This probably had to do with the fact that all the units' weapons were very strong; it felt like each unit was just a "blast-and-don't-get-shot" unit and I had a hard time distinguishing the use of one from another. Also, the maps' designs, while unique, weren't very polished. I am really pleased that you didn't make copies of Hoth, Yavin, and Geonosis and rename them, but that aside, what you did could have used some polishing. Some sloppy texture work (remembering specifically Phazon mines) and missing effect textures were some of the issues that could have used remedy. The end: In conclusion, it's always worthwhile at least checking something like this out. It may not be your cup of tea, and this may not be the [i]best[/i] put-together big mod, but you cannot deny that it does add a [i]lot[/i] of content - and for that reason alone (and it is certainly not poorly-put-together) it is worth your checking it out. -Mav




302nd Conversion Beta | 124.25 MB

Most of the Republic troops are changed to the sniper (or paratrooper) model, and are given a red retexture. The clone commander and jettrooper stay the same model, but with similar retextures (although the clone commander is not exactly my favorite retexture). The CIS is done up in a similar fashion; however, their skin changes are to blue. You'll see blue highlights added to each of the CIS' droids. As a sides mod, it offers little in the way of changes, mechanically - the only changes are to the Republic side (which incidentally unbalances the game for the Republic - it seems like half the Clone Wars sides mods we get do that). The Republic heavy trooper now has twice as much ammo and needs to reload half as often, while the clone commander's chaingun never overheats. To be fair, this is mentioned to be a beta, so if it looks appealing, feel free to download it, look it over, and leave feedback. -Mav




Magic Weapons 2 | 86.29 MB




Magic Weapons 2 | 121.5 MB

programming with the spells) [b]Balance:[/b] 0 (Add a new trooper to the game. Make the trooper super-powerful. Now make it so that the AI can use it well. Keep in oven for 20 minutes. Make so that only one side can use this unit. There, now all the balance in power amongst the sides should be removed!) [b]Quality:[/b] 8 (A wide array of beautiful spells from which each of them adds different gameplay.) [b]Fun Factor:[/b] 7 (Lots of different spells, but using them to win is too easy since your enemies are still the same as in the unmodded game) [b]Stability:[/b] 9 (Surprisingly stable! The only bug that I found was that if you summon the [i]Tenku Bridge[/i] a little here and there you can drive through some walls. I blame the game itself for that. Also, the normal Hero Assault crashes if you try to play that, but luckily the download includes a new map for that) [b]Creativity:[/b] 8 (Editing the Orbital Strike programming to make it possible to call down Comets... Very nice) [b]Installation Instructions:[/b] 10 (Perfect and understandable) [u][b]Overall Rating:[/b][/u] 8 This mod works for all maps where the rebel rocket user, rebel marine, Han Solo, Jedi Luke Skywalker (not pilot), Princess Leia, and Chewbacca is present. These units will be replaced by new units that can use several different [i]Magic Spells[/i]. The download also includes a Hero Assault version of Endor including all of these units. The readme contains detailed information on each spell, but the info on the units is a bit confusing, so I will supply you with that. Isn\'t that nice? [b]Original Unit - New unit[/b] [b]Rebel Rocket User - Mage Knight[/b] The most common magic user is also one of the most powerful. He looks like Luke but he moves like Darth Vader and carries a \"magic\" sword. He can use [i]Magic Fire[/i] (Cool blue flames that only hurts your enemies), [i]Rainbow Beam[/i] (A very powerful and accurate Chaingun shooting colorful... Orbs), [i]Meteor Storm[/i] (Summons Meters that rain down upon your enemy! *You must be outside to use this spell*) and [i]Divine Power[/i] (Causes a large explosion. Can be charged for a bigger blast and must be used outside). [b]Rebel Marine - Summoner[/b] This magician has the unique ability of being able to summon a spaceship anywhere and at any time. Looks like Luke but moves like Aylaa Secura. He uses [i]Tenku Bridge Summon[/i] (Makes a \"Heaven Bridge\" appear. It can be controlled like an X-Wing, but looks like a blue-ish fog when flying. Can kill enemies without aiming from great distances with electricity and shoot large orbs for tougher things, like taking down shields etc), [i]Rainbow Beam[/i] and [i]Fire Gem[/i] (Like a Time Bomb but with amazing destructive powers. Try shooting at it). [b]Han Solo - Master of Storm[/b] Looks like a cross between [i]Count Dokuu[/i] and [i]Raiden[/i] from Mortal Kombat. He can run very fast and use [i]Thunder[/i] (Summons down thunderbolts. Must be outside to use), [i]Lightning[/i] (Shocks all enemies surrounding him) and [i]Gale Force[/i] (Causes damage and blows enemies away. FAR away). [b]Luke Skywalker - Golem[/b] Cannot use magic, but takes little to no damage from enemy attacks and can kill enemies with one hit of his sword. Jump into the air and press attack to cause an Earthquake. [b]Leia Organa - Sage of Light[/b] Moves like Darth Vader and uses [i]Rainbow Beam[/i], [i]Light Ball[/i] (Shoots a large orb of light that destroys anything in its path. Overheats) and [i]Divine Power[/i]. [b]Chewbacca - Ifrit[/b] My favorite! This Guardian Force causes extra damage against veichles, moves like Darth Maul and can use [i]Fire Breath[/i] (An accurate Flame Thrower with great range), [i]Meteor Storm[/i] and [i]Eruption[/i] (Causes a MASSIVE pillar of fire to raise up from the ground, burning anything it touches to a crisp). There you go. I highly recommend that you try this mod out. My only regret is that you cannot play Campaign mode with this mod (Only works for the Rebels). - Super_Shadowman \"[i]Through the dark age and into the storm[/i]\"




Battlefront Zero

zer.exe | 308.25 MB

SWBFFiles, [url=;103793]Battlefront Zero v2.1[/url]. This version has a few substantial additions, but by and large it is an update to everything released previously - there were several bugs in past versions and this one has notably fewer. The least fun part of any big mod is always going through and killing all those last few (hundred, sometimes) bugs. Manderek here has done a good job of knocking out almost all of them, but most notably the gamebreaking ones, like CTD's or freezes (due to award weapons bugs). The biggest change from version 2.1 to this version is the two new maps added, and as such most of my review will focus on them. The first new map is a very interesting map; Dantooine: Base. It's a map with only one mode available, a "Jedi Affairs" mode that doesn't show up on any other map. The player plays as Nahdar Vebb, the unlucky redshirt Mon Calamari jedi from "The Clone Wars" TV series. It's a fairly standard campaign, but it is always nice to see something different from the standard conquest - which is why I do enjoy playing the various different campaign missions available in this mod. The Dantooine map itself is a really interesting idea, but it could use (a lot, in some places) more polish. If the terrain were done a little bit better, then I think it would really help, because the idea behind the props is a neat one (even if it doesn't necessarily look like any Dantooine we've seen). I like the look of the stone arch bridges found in many places. The biggest highlight of this map was, in my opinion, the skydome. It's not something extraordinarily obtrusive, but it looks exactly how it needs to look at the texturework done on the skydome mountains model looks great. The second new map is "Mustafar: Burning Platforms." It's a neat take on the platform-map idea - as you may guess there are several platforms floating just above a lava lake. It seems like it plays pretty well, but it was tough to get an idea of real flow (or at least how the AI is moving over the course of the game) because it was an assault-only map. One thing that I both really liked and really thought needed work was the building with the center inside platform suspended over lava. It's a really neat idea! However, the texturework on that building seems like it was done so quickly or with such a poor sense of scale that the textures stick out like a sore thumb. I think that model needs a bit of redoing, but if the textures can be fixed it'll look great. There are two things I do wish I could have seen in this version. First, conquest on every map. While I enjoy playing a campaign map (as mentioned above with Dantooine), I lose out on some of the exploration I can find in conquest. And while I have the chance to explore a bit in hero assault (as Mustafar above has), to be honest hero assault with AI just isn't a whole lot of fun, especially with stock heroes (which it has). I think both of the new maps could benefit from having a conquest mode added. The second thing I wish I could see was an effort to improve some of the models/textures. Well, to be accurate, I should say "some [i]more[/i]" of them, because I do know at least one model was changed this time around (Obi-Wan's model, which looks much better now). There were some nice new models, too (like the Nahdar Vebb model), but as I said in the last review, I still think there's a bit too much difference in quality between the best models and the worst models in this mod. In any case, this mod is definitely worth a download. If the screenshots don't convince you, then give it a try anyway - you won't be disappointed that you did. -Mav




Prime Front | 170.45 MB

he wants to do. The good news is that he seems to be well on his way to getting most if not all of it done with his 0.5 beta version of Prime Front. The premise behind Prime Front is a strange one, one I'm not sure I've even quite figured out. It obviously incorporates a large amount of material from its eponymous source, the Metroid (Prime) series. There also seems to be some Star Wars content interwoven (as well as some from Warhammer 40000) - your guess is as good as mine as to what's going on here. Not to say it's anything bad - I've never played [i]any[/i] of the Metroid series (yes, that's right) nor have I played any Warhammer 40k, so I couldn't honestly tell a lick of difference (were it not for some prior research). What's most interesting is the sheer amount of content. Even in its early beta stage, there are two complete factions (with 6 heroes total) and three additional maps. Planned is easily more than triple that content, which to me seems almost incredible. But what can I say? The proof is there that at the very least a lot of work has already been put in, so I have no reason to doubt more work coming in the future. The sides, which are featured on every stock map (and this is a lot of work by itself, guys) as well as the three new maps, represent the Galactic Federation and the Tau Rebel Alliance. As mentioned before, I don't have any background with these, so looking at it objectively - the sides are pretty balanced. They feel really similar to the stock sides, and nothing's too out-of-control (although the gameplay is pretty grenade-heavy). It's worth mentioning that a lot of work has been put in to making new textures for these units; I particularly like the common texture the "Tau" side shares. Likewise, there's been a lot of work done in localization and weapons work to make the sides feel different. The new maps are nice, and above and beyond what you usually see in a sides mod. They're not the best maps, but they're nice and they do feel different - which is already a step past a lot of maps. My favorite was the cliffside map (which is a really neat concept), although it could use a little work on the actual cliffs (sheer terrain walls don't look so hot). It's really tough to tell what exactly I should say about this, in the end. On the one hand, there is the part of me that sees just [i]all[/i] the [i]stuff[/i] and is flat-out impressed by the volume. On the other hand, there is the part of me that sees things like the units feeling very similar and wishing that a little more variety was present (although often these things take time to appreciate, so I could be wrong here). I guess all I can really say is to try it out yourself - I can definitely agree (with myself ;) ) that there's been a lot of work put in here, and at the very least that deserves some recognition and some time spent trying it out. Make sure you read the installation instructions, since this is a BETA and doesn't have an autoinstaller yet. -Mav




Star Wars: 501st Legion Mod | 56.28 MB

the case here. The author is obviously a proponent of the mindset that more particle effects means more fun (which in most cases it only means more lag). I can't really say a whole lot about this, because the whole "making everything overpowered" is just a worn-out idea. All the units have some kind of ridiculously overpowered weapon, whether it be in firerate, damage, or both. All the Jedi units are replaced by the ARC trooper model, too, for whatever reason. It would be nice, in the future, to see some thought given to: a) balance b) gameplay, and c) manual installation and uninstallation I guess if you're into ridiculously overpowered stuff, you might enjoy this. -Mav




Unofficial Star Wars Battlefront II v1.2 Patch | 100.25 MB

Patch by RepSharpshooter. Keep in mind that this is a fan-made patch, not an official LucasArts release. The goal of this mod is to up your visual experience while still allowing you to play online with others who may not have the patch. Upon loading up a map after you've installed the mod, one of the first things you may notice is a new HUD. (Heads Up Display) I think the new HUD is awesome, but if you dislike it for any reason, simply go into C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\DATA and run the file "GET_RID_OF_HUD.bat" Likewise, there is a .bat file to restore the HUD if you change your mind. Some of the other changes include new weapon models. The rifle carried by Clone Troopers has been replaced by a carbine. The Rebel pistol has been changed to the DH-17. The chaingun has been changed to the ARC Rifle. And all the heroes have their unique lightsabers from the movies. But it doesn't end with the weapons. The units have been env-mapped -- meaning they're shiny -- but only when appropriate. (Such as on battle droids, stormtroopers, etc.) All the clone skins have been modified, and the Clone Commander has been changed from a Galactic Marine to a 501st Commander. (Commander Appo?) The MagnaGuards have been given capes, and now explode into MagnaGuard chunks rather than Battle Droid chunks. I could go on forever about this mod, but I'll stop here and let you enjoy this mod for yourself. Make sure to read the readme, and leave feedback for the author! -Xavious




Battlefront Extreme

bfx.rar | 379.79 MB

clones for different planets Additionally, ARC_Commander has changed the space setups, as well. They've been touched up to be a little more realistic and some of you will be very pleased to see new ships in there as well. One of the neatest things I think ARC_Commander has done is giving each side really distinct non-basic classes. Each side has three "special" classes: a recon class, a commando class, and an officer class. Each special class is different based on the sides and some are really quite powerful. It's really rather tough to go into great detail about this mod, simply because there's so much in there. I know it's a really big download, but trust me, it's worth at least a look. This is pretty fun to play with. -Mav




Mandalorian Wars Project

mandalorian_wars_project_2.0_installer.exe | 24.78 MB

effect, a retouch of the earlier version and not a huge new content addition. The author mentions that a concerted effort was made to increase the amount of variation between the two sides, which, in the earlier version of the project, felt a bit lacking. It is noticeable that the author has made an effort to change this, by way of giving the Mandalorian side a more unified color set and by making the weapons for each team a little different (when comparing class-to-class across sides). I\'m not sure that it\'s entirely enough, though, at least not visually. Part of the problem is the fact that both sides are essentially using the same model for all their characters. The stock sides are easy to tell apart, because it\'s either white-armored troopers against camouflaged, unmasked people, or white-armored troopers against droids. In this case it is simply Jango Fett color scheme \"A\" versus Jango Fett color scheme \"B.\" I don\'t know if that\'s a limitation that can be clearly addressed with this particular theme. Maybe it might be better if one team ran around without helmets. Maybe it would be better if one team were in clothes instead of armor all the time. I don\'t know. As it stands, despite the author\'s efforts, it is still a little tough to tell the teams apart (although, on a positive note, it is easier than last time). The sides - their weapons, that is - are well-made enough. There\'s a decent variation of weapons and classes, although they feel a little bit similar side-to-side. I would like it if their special classes felt a little more different, though (their weapons are different, but maybe I\'m just rehashing my above complaint about appearance - I don\'t know). All in all, it\'s a well-done mod, just like the previous time. There are lots of new weapons this time around, and it\'s worth a checking-out. There\'s still the lingering issue of one side blending into another, but don\'t let that stop you from giving the mod a try. -Mav




Clone Wars Expansion

clone_wars_expansion.rar | 50.29 MB

Republic team but also balances everything out. I'll start with the Republic upgrades. All of the Clone skins have a darkish-yellow and white armor, closely resembling the skins of the 212th Attack Battalion of Utapau with capes of course although not all of the models have capes. The clone models are a mix of the Republic EP3 sniper, Republic EP3 engineer, and the Imperial sniper models. As far as space goes the skins are the same as Conquest with a few different weapons. The Y-Wing also replaces the Jedi Starfighter. The CIS are different from the Republic in many ways. The MagnaGuard has been taken out and replaced by a B1 Droid and the skins have been switched. Along with the weapon changes it makes them just as even as the Republic as far as balance goes. Same goes for space as the Republic in other words the skins stay the same with different weapons. Now for the downside. There were a few things that bothered me. First off some of the names need to be localized or changed. Though not affecting game-play it keeps the units looking neat. Second a couple icons for the weapons are slightly moved from their original place. Also Geonosis Conquest has only the Clone Commander against the normal CIS, and since the Clone Commander has 8 points to unlock it is impossible to spawn if you play as the Republic. Just to note the changes in this mod are to far changed from the default values disabling you the ability to play online. Enjoy. -Delta 47




+123 | 152.08 MB

based map in battlefront 2. This brings alot more fun and variation to gameplay. Of the games battles that I played with this mod I noticed that not all gametypes are as what you may expect. For example in 'Hunt' you either play as creatures vs. creatures, creatures vs. one side or heroes with AI troops vs. heroes with AI troops. This is very enjoyable and is certainly realistic on types of planets. The author has stated in the read-me and I have found no bugs in gameplay so far, but I'm sure if any are found both the author and the community would certainly like to here them. Lastly it should be stated that there are apparantly 123 new gametypes available, hence the modification name. - Royal Tycoon




Magic Weapons 2 | 86.29 MB

be found here: [url];82371[/url] And descriptions of the updates are provided in the readme. Just as a heads-up, remember that this mod can cause a lot of .fx to be present on your screen, and a side effect of this may be crashing.




Battlefront Zero

battlefront_zero_version_2.1.rar | 415.76 MB

maps. Battlefront Zero is, more-or-less, a Clone Wars-only mod. In addition to the requisite rainbow of legions, Battlefront Zero has several units and heroes featured in the Genndy Tartakovsky Clone Wars series (like the Spelunker droid), the LA Clone Wars series (Cad Bane, tactical droid), and the older game Galactic Battlegrounds (from the Clone Campaigns missions - Sev'rance Tann, Echuu Shen-Jon). It's nice to see several new models used, as this mod does, although the models (or retextures) range in quality from the better (Durge, Plo Koon) to the worse (Alderaan Guard, Wat Tambor). The units are often fun and a nice change of pace, but I would like to see a bit better balance on some of the maps. I remember playing through a couple maps and noting how egregiously imbalanced the battle was in favor of one side (the favoring of the CIS on Felucia stood out in my mind here). While it is nice to see new characters, those are - in my mind - mostly fluff anyway (in any mod they're in), and the real meat of the mod is always what it brings to the table in terms of new gameplay. For that reason, it's always great to see a new set of maps like this mod offers, although, like the characters, they range in quality. I think the better of the maps are Rhen Var, Kashyyyk, and probably Saleucami. Thule is nice too, but it (in addition to Geonosis: Arena) relies so heavily on Pandemic's "Clone Wars" models to create the setting, it's hard to tell what credit should be given to the mapper and what should be given to the modelers at Pandemic. I like the effort made with all the maps, and I think some could be really neat, but on some of the maps simple things like planning and object placement hold back the maps. There were a couple new modes added for this. The most notable is "weapon conquest," which is really a minicampaign that uses a group of four clone commandos as the playable characters (with a hero available as well). This objective-based mode is always simple, but I don't think it needs to be complicated, necessarily, to be enjoyable. I would like to see a bit more of this as it stood out. There were a couple of other hunt modes, and then a "Jedi Hunt" (which was essentially hunt with a different name). Hunt modes are usually neat asides, and they were here too, but Jedi Hunt was notable in the fact that it quickly became a chore because of the overpower-ed-ness of the droids whenever they clumped together. There were also several more generic bugs that could be found scattered through the maps and sides - award weapons bugs (particularly annoying when they cause a freeze), floating objects, objects with missing polies, missing sounds, missing localizations, floating HUD icons - there are still many things to be fixed before this can be considered close to "bug-free." There's a lot of neat new stuff in here, but for me, at least, I have a hard time enjoying it because there are a number of bugs to be found. I'd love to see these get fixed up and get this mod polished up, but for now this is certainly worth at least a try to see what the Battlefront Zero team has been working on. -Mav




The Dark Times

thedarktimes.exe | 84.6 MB

"Dark Times" era to most (if not all) shipped maps. This era takes place between ROTS and ANH; the "dark times" as Obi-Wan recalls to Luke. But that's only the setting... the actual essence of this mod is the full-blown injection of The Force Unleashed into Battlefront's blood stream. What am I talking about, you ask? Well, in simpler terms, Mav has recreated some of the characters and Force powers from TFU for Battlefront and has given the game a whole new twist. But that barely even begins to describe the amount of content packed into this mod. [b]Conquest:[/b] Conquest plays as it normally does, with the Empire and the newborn Rebel Alliance serving as the two opposing factions. However, it's been completely revamped with brand new units all across the board. Not a single one has been untouched, including the heroes. Some of the changes include new characters, new skins, new models, new weapons, new power-ups, new effects, and new Force powers. Each time you play a Conquest match you'll be given a randomly selected roster of special units and heroes, so it sort of feels like you're never playing with the same characters twice. [b]Hero Assault:[/b] Like Conquest, Hero Assault features brand new Force powers such as Pummel, Crush, and Repulse, and new heroes such as Starkiller, Shaak Ti, and a Shadow Guard. In addition to that there are new attack styles and saber combos for each character. Each one has their own attack style in addition to their own unique combination of Force powers, so you may have to do a little experimenting to figure out which ones you like best. The new Force powers are fun, but take a bit of getting used to, especially if you aren't even sure what they do. I think my favorite new power is Force Pummel; there's nothing quite like playing as Yoda and hurling rocks at opponents from the Mos Eisley rooftops. [b]Duel:[/b] Duel is essentially Hero Assault, only you don't have any Force powers. All you can use is your saber, so you'll have to rely on your saber combo skills and maneuvering to do well here. [b]Space:[/b] As someone who doesn't normally enjoy space maps I found the four new space maps (Dantooine, Corellia, Raxus Prime, and Nar Shaddaa) included in the mod to be pretty fun. First of all they feature brand new ships like the TIE Vanguard and the BLT-B Y-Wing (as seen in the new Clone Wars series). Brand new ships are always fun to play around with, but even the old ships have had some readjustments to keep things interesting. Secondly, there are new units and weapons, most notably the nifty-looking Kel-Dor mercenary. And finally, Mav has cleverly distanced the capital ships in each map so that the battles are more geared towards dogfights. This is the way the space maps should have been, as opposed to dodging dozens of auto turrets and flying around in circles while bombing Spot A and Spot B of the enemy capital ship. Boring! If you want a real space battle experience, you'll find one here. [b]Wave:[/b] Wave is obviously a new game mode specifically developed for this mod. If you've played any other war or military video games then you probably have an idea of what it is. You battle wave after wave of enemies (hence the name), surviving as long as you can (until you're killed) or until you achieve a goal. In this case, Mav has put together some objectives for you to accomplish in each individual map featuring wave mode. Much like Hunt, Wave mode is different for each map its featured in, meaning you play as different characters, fight different enemies, and have different objectives depending on which level you choose. On Felucia you play as Starkiller and battle Felucians and baby rancors. Yeah, baby rancors. On Hoth you're part of a team of mercenaries battling swarms of wampas while trying to repair your ship. Wave mode is fairly challenging, and requires you to use a bit of strategy rather than relying on your gaming skills. It can be frustrating... but addictive. Oh so very addictive. There's not much more that I can add to this review. The Dark Times is a great mod that brings a lot to the table for you to enjoy. It's thoroughly detailed and polished, and it pushes the limits of the game, as we have come to expect from Mav. This is a must-play! ~Era




Clone Wars Conversion

clone_wars_conversion.rar | 46.6 MB

Coruscant. First of all, as he states in the readme, the balance has indeed been kept. But with this mod most weapons(from both factions) do far more damage than their original counterparts. Although this does make it more realistic it also shies away from Battlefront's ego-shooter mentality. Matches and lives will come and go much faster. One other side effect of the overall weapon damage increase include heroes dying much more quickly. Be aware before you play that it's a different type of gameplay. "Ruler" does make good use of available custom weapon models and technologies. The dual pistol(Kudos to Mav' for original) are a tad bit overpowered, but fun for novelty if only. And even though I'm not a big fan of the "14th Legion" Clone skins they don't look [i]too[/i] bad. I'm not one of those people who really enjoys side mods, but this one was well put together and kept it balanced. As with any side mod please remember to back up the files you intend to replace BEFORE you replace them. :) [b]-Saitek009[/b]




302nd Conversion (GCW beta) | 139.62 MB

This iteration of the mod is simply the visual changes made to the GCW sides. As a result, this version/part of the mod [i]is[/i] online-compatible - only textures are replaced. It's not a huge file, but for what amounts to some simple texture changes for (only?) the Imperial side, it seems pretty big. Alliance sides are included, but I didn't see any visual changes made to them. The textures themselves are fine - nothing too obtrusive or garish, just a different take on the stormtroopers we know and love. The Imperial officer's texture isn't my favorite - at first I thought its texture was missing, but then I realized it was just a really, really dark texture. Anyway, if you like what you see in the screenshots, and you want something new but still want to have online compatibility, go ahead and give this a download! -Mav




-SMD- Expansion Pack | 48.93 MB

Expansion," "Big Gunz," and "Dream Teams." All three of these are added in through separate addon folders - which, to be honest, I wish the author hadn't done, because it makes for a very untidy addon folder (it adds 31 separate folders!) - it would be nice to see them grouped together in a single addon, or at the very most three separate folders. In any case, they load stock maps through separate mission .lvls (which is why they are only "sort of" a sides mod), so you don't have to overwrite anything. The first third(/mod) is "Jedi Expansion," and contrary to what you might think, it doesn't technically expand any of the Jedi. What this mod does is add a few stock units to each team; for example the Rebels get a stock Jedi (one of the Knightfall ones), a Jet Trooper, and a Gungan. To be honest, it doesn't seem all that exciting, since none of these units are new or modified. It does add a bit of a twist when playing old maps, but it was more often than not confusing (since the "new" units stick out a lot from the stock sides). The second mod is "Big Gunz," and - again contrary to what you might think - doesn't really have large or more powerful weapons. In fact, the biggest change I noticed was that all the units had a lot more health, which made the "gunz" much less effective than normal. This seemed more frustrating than anything, since all(?) the added maps with this were CTF, so it was essentially futile to play CTF defense (since the opposing team just wouldn't lose the flag). It just means that I have to race the other team to score, which... isnt' all that fun in SP. If anything, it might be better here to err on the side of "too little" health, since that would speed up the pace of the play. This mod also added some of the Jedi featured in the next part of the mod. The third part was "Dream Teams." I didn't play all of this (or all of any of them - there were quite a bit of missions, as mentioned above), but from what I saw, this essentially added a lot of new Jedi. Err... new saber-wielding characters, at least, because most of the units were stock models with sabers added on (like Gungans and Wookiees - these always seem so odd to me when they have lightsabers). They all have different saber combos, which is nice to see, but on the other hand, they seem very odd (switching from one saber to two sabers). And like in the last part of the mod, all these characters seem to have much more health than normal, and the game is once again CTF - which means that again, fighting the enemies is more or less futile as you can't stop them from moving the flag forward. There were very few bugs I could see in this; I only noticed a couple (and the first is the only one really obvious). First, nearly everything was missing localization. Second, if you have the 1.3 patch, some missions will crash, because it tries to load geometry that doesn't exist (the Imp gunner geometry). It's nice to see that this is relatively bug-free, but it does use a lot of stock material. Fix up that localization and maybe come up with a workaround to the 1.3 compatibility problem, and it'll be great. In any case, it's a mod with a lot of content, but to me, it didn't feel really "new" and it didn't seem as fun (probably also because it felt so much like stock material). However, it does have a lot and it's not a lot to download, so give it a try and find out for yourself! -Mav




Realistic Weapons Mod

27placeholder.txt | 83 B

incurred by the player in comparison to the stock sides. Whether it is entirely \"realistic\" is, I suppose, a matter of opinion - in mine, I would call it something more along the lines of the \"everything has lots of push\" mod. I\'ll be forthright and say that I simply don\'t care much for mods that increase the level of damage of the weapons to \"realistic\" levels - SWBF2 is, after all, a large-scale class based arcade shooter and not a small-team tactical shooter where something like that would be more appropriate. So, going in, my anticipation was that I wouldn\'t care much for the mod. I was surprised to learn, though, that there\'s really not a whole lot changed. I couldn\'t really tell whether weapons did more damage - for the most part, everything looked and felt pretty much the same. Grenades do noticeably more damage, which is well and good, I suppose, but for the most part all the blasters seemed pretty normal. There were some weird things going on with the special class weapons and hero weapons, though. Force lightning is out of control - it\'s a one-hit kill on infantry that also pushes them, and there\'s no energy drain. As the Emperor I could just walk around holding down the secondary button, and I was effectively invincible. Not really my cup of tea. Force push is also pretty silly - it pushes way past the bounds of \"realism\" and simply gives a ludicrous amount of push to Force push, and to top it off, it also explodes back on your unit. Which makes sense, of course, because every time in the media anyone has used Force push, they\'ve also been immediately expelled backwards by the simple force of it (or is it the other way around?). Some of the special unit weapons seem a bit overpowered too. The Bothan\'s incinerator inexplicably pulls? units, and the Dark Trooper\'s Arc Caster is a one-hit kill uncharged. And on a completely separate issue, the heroes could just jump in the air forever. That too screamed \"realistic.\" All in all, I suppose that most of my issues with the mod have more to do with the name than the content. I\'m not a huge fan of overpowered weapons either, but I can recognize that there are plenty that do like them, and for you, this is probably worth a shot. Just be aware that it may not be \"realistic\" so much as it is \"high-damage.\" -Mav

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