Star Wars Battlefront 2




SWBF MSH Viewer | 2.06 MB

through with a simple and easy to use interface.[/quote] This is an upgraded version of Tipam's Mesh Viewer. As I said in the previous review, this is a fantastic tool, and it'ss only been made more fantastic with the integration of features like VRML->MSH conversion. This is quickly becoming a "must-have" tool for any SWBF/SWBF2 modder. Check it out! -Mav




Free Cam Mode | 4.55 MB

player and multiplayer maps. This allows you to boot any player not showing up in the in game player list. Please note that there are a few issues with this, however they aren't anything painstakingly big. [b] Known issues: [/b] [quote]After exiting Freecamera mode, your hud may disappear. To see it again, enter then exit the pause menu. While controlling your character in freecamera mode, if you are in 1st person view, your player's skin will disappear. Switch to 3rd person view to make it reappear. Constant switching from Freecamera mode to normal mode may cause dismemberment to some or all players. There is no fix. Textures and models may disappear while in free camera mode. There is no fix. Extra textures may be seen while in free camera mode. There is no fix.[/quote] Also note that Free Cam mode is unsupported and is recommended to only use the Fake Console commands in MP if you are the server host. Enjoy!




Campaign Saves | 3.75 KB

campaign instead of starting at the beginning. Ahandy hint for you: for the space and land missions (such as Kashyyk and Space KAshyyk) when you load those you should get a space mission, to play the land mission mentioned in it, click "bypass space" to go to the land mission.

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