Starfleet Command III




SFC1 Unified Patcher | 9.45 MB

if you install SFC1 to default path. So I made a new unified patcher to patch all versions of SFC1 installed anywhere. You need to have SFC1 installed first, and run the game at least once to check which version of SFC1 it is. Features: - detect your Starfleet Command path automatically. - can patch 1.0, 1.01 and 1.021 versions of SFC. - can patch your SFC1 no matter where you installed it. - post patch spec fixes included. - winxp cd fix included. - elite missions for gorn and hydran included. - special missions for fed, klingon, romulan included. - remove patch files automatically after patching completed. - Gamespy registry fix included. Requirements: - Star Trek: Starfleet Command, installed from your CD. - At least run the game once to make sure which SFC1 version you have. (the version number is at the right-bottom corner of the race select screen.) Instructions: - install SFC1 to harddrive. - double click to run the patcher. - If the patcher can not detect where your SFC1 is installed, browse to it manually. - Choose your SFC1 version, it may be 1.0, 1.01, or 1.021. - The patcher will extract patch files and update your SFC1, wait a few minutes for it to finish. - After patching finished, you should be able to play updated SFC1 v1.03.

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