Supreme Commander




Blackops: Unleashed Unit pack

blackops_unleased_unitpack.exe | 53.88 MB

trying to make this longer) but he has changed the name because the old one was more about himself and I quote [quote]this is hawksmod v3. the name was changed to reflect the greater variety of team members that now contribute. [/quote] so their you have it why the change (I like to think it was my reviews talking about boring names but....) so down to what this dose. if you have ever played hawks mod then you know what this is about so start downloading [b]NOW[/b] but if not you can read on this mod adds new units as well as balancing some of the old ones to the new ones. this also changes game play and style because of the changes but they are good. for a full list of changes you can look at the read me because I dont know every thing they have changed my self. here is a vid I found on youtube if you dont know what it is about (note I dont know what version this is so it could be old but still..:o ) - Eluvatar




Forged Alliance 7 | 248.9 MB

buildings, and in limited form some experimentals too, even it takes ages... CYBRAN - cloaks, and stealths and it worths it... SERAPHIM is generally stronger, easier buildup, lambda field shield, stellar gateway, fast-teleporting T3 engineers... ALL sides get a ton of units and buildings, some experimentals can be built in the Gateway




FA Siege Shields Update | 2.56 MB

update provides compatibility for the Supreme Commander Expansion pack, Forged Alliance, that we all know and love, and obviously own by now. Additionally, some stats of the actual generators have been tweaked, as well as build times and costs. Installation is fairly simple, just drag and drop the .scd file into your gamedata folder in your main supcom directory. Some notable changes are the decreased build time, but increased cost. One thing I really like was the decreased shield size. I realize that they are supposed to be huge, but not that huge. It was a gift from the balancing gods in my opinion. As for my opinion on the mod, it is fairly useful. I\'m not a big fan of turtling so it\'s not really for me, but if some of you like hauling yourself up to a side of the map and making a huge base, by all means, download this addition to your defenses. I just think the game gets a little boring when no matter how hard your assault is it always gets stopped by spammed T3 defenses and now a huge, overpowered shields. However, I\'m sure a lot of you will like it regardless. Good mod and I can\'t wait to see more. -WindowsVistaGeek19




Blackops Unleashed | 94.47 MB

and fun with friends.




Experimental Wars | 28.44 MB

please write here or on the mod's topic forum. Thanks :) Good Game for all :) miscellaneous fix ( for all ) - Commanders can fire from the transports ( no nuke / no overcharge on the transports ) - Overcharge changes damage vs ACUs is 660 (from 100), vs buildings 1080 damage (from 500) and damage radius is 2.5 ( from 2 ) - Air engeneer can build mass extractors - Energy Storage now costs 160M 2000E (from 120M 2400E), stores 5000E (from 2000E). - Energy Storage explodes deals 1500 damage in a 5 radius (from 500 damage 3 radius), and has 650 health (from 1200). - Tech 1, 2, 3 Naval factories : Collisions bug fixed. - Tech 1, 2, 3 Air factories ( when they are build on water or land ) : Collisions bug fixed ( NB : The seraphim air factory is hover ) - Tech 1 Torpedoes defense : Cost decreased by 40%, build time by 30%. - Tech 1 Experimantal Units ( land and air spaceships ) : Build time -40% and cost by 10%. - Tech 1 Elite Naval Factories : Collisions bug fixed. - Tech 1 Elite Air Factories ( build on water or land ) : Collisions fixed( seraphim Elite Air Factory is hover ), build time change 2min, cost increased 15500E 1300M ( from 7500E 1000M ). - Tech 1 Elite Sea Factories : build time change 2min, cost increased 15500E 1300M ( from 7500E 1000M ). - Tech 1 Elite Lands Factories : build time change 2min, cost increased 15500E 1300M ( from 7500E 1000M ). - Tech 1 Elite Subs Factories : build time change 2min, cost increased 15500E 1300M ( from 7500E 1000M ). - Tech 1 Sea Factories : Cost decreased - Tech 1 Sub-Marine factories : cost change 2200E 230M, Collisions bug fixed and build perimeters fixed . - Tech 1 Elite Sub-Marine factories : Collisions bug fixed and build perimeters fixed . - Tech 1 Naval Mass Extractor : ( no need mass point same mass generator ) Collisions bug fixed, min depth change 5 ( from 6 ). - Tech 1 Naval Hydro Generator : Collisions bug fixed, min depth change 5 ( from 6 ). - Tech 1 Elites submarines : normal, medium, heavy : collisions fixed - Tech 1 Elites Air Factory : Cost Changes 15500E 1300M ( from 7000E 1050M ), build time ( with t1 engee ) 2 min ( from 4 ) - Tech 1 Air Transport : Cost changes 1600E 80M. - Tech 1 Point Defense : Cost changes 1800E 180M, build time 35sec ( with tech 1 engee ). - Tech 1 Flying Point Defense : Cost Change 2000E 200M. - Tech 1 Anti Air Defense : Cost changes 1800E 180M, build time 35sec ( with tech 1 engee ). - Tech 1 Flying Anti Air Defense : Cost Change 2000E 200M, build time 35 sec ( with tech 1 air engee ) and health increased to 1500 ( from 1200 ). - Tech 1 Mass Extractor : Health decreased to 600 ( from 800 ) - Tech 2 Sea Factories : cost decraesed for the tech 1 => tech 2 : 35000E 2900M ( from 40000E 3050M ), time to build change 3min10sec ( from ... too much ) - Tech 2 Air Factories : cost decreased for the tech 1 => tech 2 : 35000E 2900M ( from 40000E 3050M ), time to build change 3min10sec ( from 4min10 ) - Tech 2 Lands Factories : cost decreased for the tech 1 => tech 2 : 35000E 2900M ( from 40000E 3050M ), time to build change 3min10sec ( from 4min10 ) - Tech 2 Orbitals Defenses : Removed. ( i will transform them later ) - Tech 2 Anti Air Defense : cost change -20%, build time -20% - Tech 2 Arty installation : Cost change -20%, max range +30%, rate of fire x2, health -40%. - Tech 3 Air Factories : cost decreased for the tech 2 => tech 3 : 175000E 8500M ( from 175000E 11800M ), time to build change 4min35sec ( from 13min10 ) - Tech 3 Land Factories : cost decreased for the tech 2 => tech 3 : 175000E 8500M ( from 175000E 11800M ), time to build change 4min35sec ( from 13min10 ) - Tech 3 Sea Factories : cost decreased for the tech 2 => tech 3 : 175000E 8500M ( from 175000E 11800M ), time to build change 4min35sec ( from 13min10 ) - Tech 3 Naval battleships -35%/45% - Tech 3 Navalnuke subs -35%/45% - Tech 3 NavalAircraft carier -35%/45% - Tech 3 Strategic Nuke Launcher weapon cost : Missile cost 750000E and 8000M ( From 1350000E and 12000M ) - Tech 3 Nuke subs marines weapon cost : Missile cost 900000E and 9000M ( From 1800000E and 15000M ). Max radius 250 ( from 1024 ) Min radius 0 ( from XXX ). - Tech 3 Anti Nuke Defense weapon cost : Missile cost 288000E 3240M ( from 360000E and 3600M ) - Tech 3 Arty Installation : Cost decreased by 40% and time to build 30% - Tech 3 SAMs costs reduced significantly from 1400M 12000E to 800M 8000E UEF : - Tech 1 Elite Heavy Submarine : Water effect fixed. - Tech 1 shield structure : build time /2 - Tech 1 Craft Launch ( navy transport ) : Add ! - Tech 2 Naval Shield Boat : Increase Shield ship cost by 30% from 1040M 10400E to 1300M 13000E - Tech 2 Support Bomber : Tower drop cost inscrease by 10% ( , health x4 ( 2060 from 515 ), plane cost increase by 10%. - Tech 2 Craft Launch ( navy transport ) : Add ! - Tech 3 Missile Mobile launcher : Weapon fixed, damage 800, max radius 180 ( from 80 ), cost increased by 100%. - Tech 3 Nuke Sub-Marine Cruise Missiles weapon changes : 6 missiles 350 damages at 0.05 rate of fire. Max radius 180 ( from 175 ) - Tech 3 Arty installation new weapon test ;) ( if it is good i will do the same for each faction ) - Tech 3 Air transport : cost decraesed -30% - Tech 2 Craft Launch ( navy transport ) : Add ! Aeons : - Commander : Shield fixed. - Tech 1 Experimental Hover tank : Build perimeters fixed - Tech 1 Experimental Spaceship : Build perimeters fixed, Anti air weapons decraesed by 10%, cost decrasead by 10% ( 90000E 5850M). - Tech 1 Naval Hydro generator : Min depth fixed 5 ( from 0 ). - Tech 1 Craft Launch ( navy transport ) : Add ! - Tech 1 Air engeener size reduced. - Tech 2 Craft Launch ( navy transport ) : Add ! - Tech 3 Nuke Sub-Marine Cruise Missiles weapon changes : 4 missiles 700 damages at 0.05 rate of fire. Max radius 180 ( from 175 ) - Tech 3 Experimental Defense Center : Cost decraesed by 30% ( 635000E 175000M ) - Tech 3 Craft Launch ( navy transport ) : Add ! Cybran : - Tech 1 Experimental Missile Launch Bot : Deploy and weapon fixed. - Tech 1 Craft Launch ( navy transport ) : Add ! - Tech 1 Cybran engeener icone : fixed. - Tech 2 Support Bomber ( 5 rihnos ) : Drop cost increased by 30%, plane cost by 10%, health x7. - Tech 2 mobile stealth generator Increased speed, acceleration. - Tech 2 Craft Launch ( navy transport ) : Add ! - Tech 3 Nuke Sub-Marine Cruise Missiles weapon changes : 3 missiles 600 ( destroy = 3 mini rocket ;) )damages at 0.05 rate of fire. Max radius 180 ( from 150 ) - Tech 3 Experimental Anti Nuke Defense : Cost -20% and build time -30%, rate of fire decreased by 150%, now the weapon need 15000E to firering. - Tech 2 Craft Launch ( navy transport ) : Add ! Seraphims - Tech 1 Craft Launch ( navy transport ) : Add ! - Tech 2 Craft Launch ( navy transport ) : Add ! - Tech 3 Land Mobile Nuke Missile launcher : weapons cost changes : 1000000E and 10000M and max radius change 250 ( from 200 ) - Tech 3 Nuke Battleship : weapon cost : Missile cost 900000E and 9000M ( From 1800000E and 15000M ). Max radius 250 ( from 1024 ) Min radius 0 ( from XXX ). - Tech 3 Craft Launch ( navy transport ) : Add !




AlsComboPack | 171 KB




Sorian AI

sorian_ai_mod_1.9.7.exe | 726.67 KB

of the most popular mods for all of Supreme Commander, some of the nice features include, chat commands, map ping commands, and much more.




Multiplayer Save Mod V1.1 | 61.17 KB

map (units, structures, ACUs, etc) into the prefs file so the game\'s state can be recreated later by loading the file. The mod adds a save/load UI option to the multiplayer menu that gives a user friendly file selector to handle save file management. The only things I added to Spliff\'s original mod are the following: -Having active shield units on the map caused a fatal crash on save -Buildings and units now correctly resume construction/upgrading on load -Commander enhancements are saved -Strategic missile defense ammo is now saved I essentially polished it up and made it usable.




Infinite Wars V2 | 59.62 MB

change in FA ? A.1) Infinite War is mod whose is to emphasize the features of each faction. Q.2)How the features of each faction will be emphasized? A.2) With a lot of completely news units, and they'll have a unique niche to fill. Q.3)Who can be interested by the mod? A.3)ALL players, rusher, turtle ect can be interested by it, because we will add some units on all tech. Q.4) How many new units will add ? A.4) For the first release we will add 3 news units for each faction. Q.5) Is yours spaceships wars mod's spaceships will present in this mod ? A.5) No. Q.6) Is the mod will beta release for its first release ? A.6) No. We are 5 testers and we will balance it before the first release. On third : I'll give you a lot of details of the mod.




Diamond V3

diamond_v3.rar | 59.17 KB




Orbital Wars | 7.5 MB

you can also build Anti Spaceships defense to fight a lot of spaceships.




Experimental Wars V2.0 | 66.28 MB

: ( will be subtitled later )




Supreme Shields | 4.71 MB

to not make them overpowered - but inline with the rest of the experimental units, a Supreme Shield Generator just has enough regeneration to tank one rapid fire artillery installation, maybe a bit more.





brewlan_029b.7z | 9 MB

SVN. Some of the things in the screen shots might not have made it into this release.




BewLAN Mod

brewlan_02b.7z | 12.37 MB

to use the Blackops mod again, and not to do another T1 only match without first fixing the frustrating balance bugs and removing/creating ways of countering exploits. And so the T1 Balance Mod was born, which grew into the BrewLAN mod; named after Joshua Wilsons BewLAN party where we first played a match with the first alpha. __ _ _ __ _ _ __ ___ __ __ __ / _)( )( ) ( ) ( ( )/ _)( _)( ) / / _) ( (_ )__( /__ ) (( (/ ) _) )(__( () )( (/ __)(_)(_)(_)(_)(_)_)__/(___)(____)__/ __/ All changes by Sean Wheeldon (Balthazar) unless otherwise stated. __________.__________ 2009-10-03|0.2b * Commented out build locations on unfinished units for public beta release. They can still be accessed for whatever reason ingame via the spawn menu. __________.__________ 2009-10-02|0.1.9a * Made the Aeon Quantum Optics Facility drag buildable and reduced the footprint. * Fixed the build menu location of the Cybran T3 Transport. * Gave minute omni range to all T1 land scouts (range of 2) as an unlisted ability. * Added 'Aspis', Aeon T1 Shield Genorator. * Unified the Wall Section build icon priorities to that of the Cybran Wall. * Fixed the unitdescription.lua file hooking. * Added build descriptions for all custom units and all modified units. * Raised the vertical offset of the seraphim T1 Shields. * Added a place holder Aeon T3 Air Transport. * Raised the max health of Galactic Colossus by 1. * Changed the UEF T1 Shields footprint plan. * Started work on the Cybran Sniperbot. __________.__________ 2009-10-01|0.1.8a * Fixed the UEF T1 Gunship, Engines now rotate transport hooks T1 only. * Fixed, finished, and rebalanced all factions T1 Light Artillery. * Fixed the icon reference for the mod, broke on file rename. * Changed back to a fixed filename, for the sake of not having to update URL's between versions. * Created the Night Skimmer, Cybran T3 Heavy Air Transport. * Halved the Omni range of the T3 Observation Satelite, formerly T4 Defence Satelite. * Made Cybran T3 Aircraft auto stealth from creation. * Created the Seraphim T1 Shield and made it upgradable. * Fixed the glow position on the UEF T1 Shield. __________.__________ 2009-09-28|0.1.7a * Changed name listings; removed 'balance' and added version from/to the name. * Fixed the script for the UEF T2 Mass store for correct fill anims. * Made an attempt at fixing the Emitter location on the UEF T1 Shield Gen; sort of worked. __________.__________ 2009-09-25|0.1.6a * Added the UEF and Aeon T2 Mass Storages. * Accidentally listed it as 0.1.3a instead of 0.1.6a in mod_info. __________.__________ 2009-09-19|0.1.5a * Bilmon created the Seraphim and Cybran T1 Artillery, using the T2 meshes. * Started translating Seraphim for the sake of naming conventions. __________ 2009-09-20 * Created a custom mesh and icon for the Cybran T1 Artillery. * Changed back the file structure changed in prior release. __________ 2009-09-21 * Added the Cybran T2 mass storage. __________ 2009-09-23 * Added the Seraphim T2 mass storage. __________.__________ 2009-09-04|0.1.4a * Bilmon started contributing to the mod. * Bilmon changed the pokers stats to be more inline with the other T1 units. * Bilmon added the Charis Aeon Tech 1 Artillery useing the Aeon T2 atrillery mesh as a placeholder. * Changed the modded FA units to a single modded .bp file. * Added an icon and a custom mesh for the Charis. __________ 2009-09-06 * Readded the files for the Salvation and the Defence Satelite; mods weren't working right. * Renamed the T3 Seraphim Gunship to the Vulthuum from Vulthuulth, thuum appearing to mean 'big' on other units. __________ 2009-09-09 * Attempted to add 'Wilson', the Cybran T2 Combat Engineer, using a modified Engineer mesh. Didn't appear ingame. __________ 2009-09-14 * Finally finished the mesh for the UEF Experemental Point Defence, 'Doomsday Machine', and got it mosty functioning in game. __________ 2009-09-15 * Started texturing the Doomsday Machine. __________ 2009-09-16 * Corrected the spelling of 'Experimental' on the Salvation and the still unfinished Doomsday Machine. __________ 2009-09-17 * Added the 'Vishuum', Seraphim T3 Heavy Air Transport. __________ 2009-09-18 * Failed at getting any new units to work. __________ 2009-09-19 * Changed the file structure of the mod. __________.__________ 2009-09-01|0.1.3a * Changed the Pigeons unit code from BUA0105 to BEA0105 for correct categorisation on the spawn menu. * Fixed the firing and aiming for the Respirer. * Added the Poker UEF Tech 1 Artillery. __________ 2009-09-02 * Fixed the firing script for the Poker * Added the LSD - Pulse, Aquatic Tech 1 Light Shield Generator for the UEF. * Modified the Novax Center to be a Tech 3 Observation Satelite Station and reduced its cost by around 10 times. * Replaced the Pigeons mesh from after I accidentally exported over it. * Made the Aeon Rapid Fire Artillery an experemental unit, only menu position effected. * Renamed the mod to the BrewLAN Balance Mod to accomadate for it now extending out of Tech 1. * Created the Vulthuulth, Tech 3 Seraphim Heavy Gunship __________ 2009-09-03 * Properly texture mapped the Vulthuulth, created custom texures and build icon, fixed AA gun. * Replaced mod icon. __________.__________ 2009-08-29|0.1.2a * Created a custom mesh and texture for the Pidgeon. __________ 2009-08-30 * Renamed the Pidgeon to the Pigeon. __________ 2009-08-31 * Accidentally exported over the custom mesh for the Pigeon while creating one for the respirer. * Created a custom mesh for the Respirer. * Broke weapon systems of the Respirer whilst attempting to split the cannons. __________.__________ 2009-08-27|0.1.1a * Created Changelog. * Fixed the Pidgeons size, weapon animations and damage. * Gave the Pidgeon its own icon, instead of sharing the T2 Gunship icon. * Added the Respirer, Aeon Tech 1 Light Gunship to the game, a retextured resized Specter. __________.__________ 2009-08-26|0.1a * Added the Pidgeon, UEF Tech 1 Light Gunship to the game.




Orbital Wars 0.36 | 4.37 MB

you had sub, naval, air, land and now with expe war you have sub, naval, air, land, hight altitude. To do a big war you have 3 spaceships for each faction. - Anti spaceships class : this class is create to destroy all spaceships but not good to kill the orbitals fighters - Anti Orbital Fighter class : this class is create to destroy a lot of orbitals fighter but not spaceships - Ground Support Class : this class is abble to firering the land units or naval units. So you have - 1 heavy orbital defense : can destroy all spaceships - light orbital defense : can destroy orbital fighter - 1 new factory : to construct the spaceships Well :) good game for now :)




Chain of Command | 498.05 KB

Assassination game mode (only when it is active in mod manager, otherwise assassination mode is unchanged) victory conditions so that all Commanders and Support Commanders must be destroyed. I felt this was more fitting to the style of the game, as when a Support Commander is warped in it is another human being on the battlefield. The change basically turns the Assassination game mode into a 'Destroy all Humans' type of mode, where once the Support Commanders and Commander are destroyed the game ends. I have tested multiple times and it is fully functional. On a side note, if while you are playing you check game info via the button on the top of your window, under victory conditions it will/should say 'Assassination (Chain of Command Mod Active)' and the description should also be changed to include support commanders, if they have not been changed under this window, it is likely that the mod isn't functioning for some reason. That is all, I hope some of you enjoy this new game mode, I personally like it, Assassination has always been my favorite and this is a way of giving yourself extra lives I guess. Have Fun!




Agemennon T3 defence turret | 4.5 MB

more info :P.




Seraphim ACU in Campaign (FA)

ark_seraacucampaign_fa.scd | 2.04 KB

enabler[/url]. and from what I can tell it works fign the only problem is in the first mission you cant see your acu. but in the other missions you are fign and as for finding your acu you can see upgrades so when you start just build an upgrade and you can see him. other then that it is funny to play as the seraphim in the campaign killing the other seraphim. - Eluvatar




Unit Cap Increase | 308.43 KB

those who installed the mod using the executable... Just click on the Remove Unitcap Mod shortcut on your desktop... For those of you who manually installed this mod no need to download v0.03... No Changed was made to the UnitCap-Increase Mod... Repackaged the way the Mod is installed and Uninstalled... The Uninstaller will now Delete Only this mod and wont uninstall any other mods I create... I also changed how the Shortcuts function... The shortcut will no longer launch the game... 1. Disable UnitCap Mod Shortcut: Will Disable the UnitCap-Incrase mod that way you can play others who dont have the mod or Tournaments... 2. Enable UnitCap Mod Shortcut: Will Enable the UnitCap-Increase mod... 3. Remove UnitCap Mod Shortcut: Removes 01_UnitCap_Increase.scd file from Gamedata folder and all other files the executable installed... I am not sure if the script will run in Vista or if you have the game installed in a different directory... Just extract the executable and manually copy the mod into the gamedata folder...




Mass Fab Fix for (No Campaign Restrictions FA) | 2.45 MB

from -3500 / sec to -1000 / sec. This has not been extensively tested and I have not yet gotten to Hex5, so please excuse me if this doesn\'t work. I am not a modder by any means, only someone trying to make a quick fix.




BIG B unit cap mods | 311.92 KB




BIG B terraform mod | 7.29 MB

engineer or acu to go onto their t3 menue and there is a list of terraforming things if you go right to the end of the menue(its not hard).




QAI main mods | 58.78 MB

systems Aeon got teleported - buildings, and units with this ability can be stopped by anti-teleport towers only Seraphim have lambda shields, teleporting engineers (the only side who haven\'t got flying ones), and a manual necro tower A lot of surprises. Disclaimer: It\'s easier to say, that nothing from these is my work. I\'ve ruthlessly modified other people\'s work, to being able to use them together. Any bug, glitch, and error hereupon is not their responsibility. If you have ideas, or found anything funny, obsolete or buglike, tell me. I believe that people are clever, emotional beings.




first try to make a mod (1.1) | 10.92 MB




Orbital Wars v1.00 | 7.55 MB

with anti air structures and units Now there are 3 Spaceships factories ( tech 1 2 3 ) :) Good game




my first try to make a mod | 6.35 MB

fun sorry for my bad english.....




Area Shields | 9.65 KB

check every 5 second to keep the game from coming to a crawl. -If a unit comes within range that isn't already enhanced, the PSU adds it to the table, adds a shield to that unit and bumps up it's own energy usage. -Units that move out of range within the next check, have the shield destroyed, the unit removed from the PSU's table and the energy cost of the PSU lowered. -If a unit is destoyed, it will be removed from the PSU's table upon the next check. (Simple and clean) -If the PSU is destroyed, all units held with the PSU's table have their shields destroyed.




Invisible Wars | 22.48 KB




Experimental Wars 1.95 | 32.63 MB

Wars, you must rediscover the game and forget the fine details of the original game. In the 1.92 you discovery the naval bases and the news 3 engeneer ( air / land / sea ) and the new naval ressources system. But in the 1.95 you will discovery the Heroes Commanders, those one can come in the game in the tech 1. Have good game :) If you want more informations come in the mod's topic :)




Experimental Wars | 32.63 MB

:) [code] Experimental Wars 1.95 Patch Notes New : All faction have now one heroes commanders and one Quantum Gate ( tech 1 ) All Spaceships have news engine effect Commandeurs upgrades ( tech 1 => tech 2 => tech 3 ) fixed. UEF Tech 1 air transporter fixed : Now it can transport the commanders Tech 1 Quantum Heros Gate : With it you can call the UEF heroes commander AEON Tech 1 Quantum Heros Gate : With it you can call the Aeon heroes commander Tech 3 EMP mobile missile launcher : Missiles cost -75% Cybran Tech 1 Quantum Heros Gate : With it you can call the Cybran heroes commander Seraphimes Tech 1 Quantum Heros Gate : With it you can call the Seraphimes heroes commander Experimental Wars 1.96 Patch Notes Seraphim, aeon, cybran commanders can build tech2 strutures [/code]




Ultracrete | 2.57 MB




4th-D Phased Aeon Units Beta | 144.85 KB

advantage to this is that a unit so enhanced can avoid a percentage direct fire weapons by allowing them to pass thru it harmlessly! While protected from direct fire projectiles, a Phased unit is still very vulnerable from laser weapons, damage over time weapons, and projectile with significant splash damage. T1 Units: 33% phasing, 33 energy cost T2 Units: 50% phasing, 50 energy cost T3 Units: 75% phasing, 75 energy cost Installation Install it the same way your other 4th Dimension files are installed. Notes This is a Beta mod it isn't an offical 4th-D release yet and Optimus has nothing to do with it directly. (He has given consent for me to release a Beta though) As such, please do NOT post about this mod within the regular 4th-D thread. All bugs and balance issues should be posted here. Resin




Supreme Shields | 5.94 MB




Supreme Shields | 4.32 MB

System" for the Cybran which I think is very, very useful.




Advanced Jamming

advanced_jamming_beta.rar | 39.25 KB

Note: Omni does not clear away the holograms as they are seen as real units! -Holograms will pass thru most structures. -They can be targeted by both players and AI... Enemy units will attempt to engage them as if they were real units. Players can spot the holograms because they use a different shader then the "real" units. This is only true if the player has a true line of sight to the hologram as they can't be revealed via radar indirectly. This is why the players will have to "micro" their forces to ensure their forces are attacking the right units and not holograms. -When shot the holograms will disapear and the projectile will pass thru them harmlessly. Holograms are disrupted by the projectile passing thru them and do not give veterancy to the units attacking them. Note: Destroyed Holograms are instantly respawned by the jamming / parent unit. -Holograms will attempt to patrol around the jamming unit that created them if it's a unit or they can be set to a targeted area to form a fake base. (Second part i havent started working on unit as the unit version is important to do first) Whats left to do: I have most of the scripting issues solved so far.. Only have to work on: -Hologram formations. (creating via script) -Unit / hologram collisions. (preventing so th holograms dont play bumper cars with each other) Please report any bugs or game play issues via GPGnet forums. Resin




Aeon Super Shield | 1.6 MB

fit its purpose. the super shield will be in the experimentals build options area and its stats are as follows: Health = 12000 ShieldEnergyDrainRechargeTime = 5 ShieldMaxHealth = 50000 ShieldRechargeTime = 24 ShieldRegenRate = 150 ShieldRegenStartTime = 1 ShieldSize = 100 (original game Light shield size is 20, and heavey shield is 35) It will cost: Build Energy = 750000, Build Mass = 550000, Build Time = 30000, Consumption of Energy = 3000




Experimental Wars | 27.37 MB

veterancy upgrade at 40kills - All Submarines factories have theirs collision bug fix If you see any problems ( bug or other ) please notify it on the forum topic (see link above). Thank you.




Pillar weapon modification

pillar.rar | 652.24 KB Resin_Smoker




Time To Tech | 6.88 KB

thread, it was put together in a hurry. My version of the mod is now ready, I've named it "Time to tech". Thanks to Meredith by the way, our little brainstorm session was very useful! This name is not half as lame (if it is) as some of the other names I came up with... What does it do? All players start with access to tech 1 only. As time passes progressing tech levels become available. 2 minutes after the game began a vote starts, to decide the time interval between progressing tech levels. There are 4 options to vote: 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes and random. Notes - Only human players get to vote. When observing an AI game the time interval defaults to 15 minutes - This mod respects unit restrictions set in the lobby - It appears to work in conjunction with Phantom-N although I did not test this combination extensively - Didn't test online play over GPGnet Known bugs - Sorian AI 1.9.2 to 1.9.9c (and possibly later versions) have a bug that cause the game to lock up after 4 to 15 minutes. I recommend using Sorian 1.9.1 or a version newer than 1.9.9c instead.




Advanced Command Units | 12.62 MB




AutoGive (with unit/res donation) | 9.32 KB

that provides two different functions. The primary function is that it detects when a game is started with the Assassination victory condition and automatically begins monitoring the commander's health. As your commander loses health, you will be notified. Then, upon death, all assets are automatically transferred to the first surviving ally. You can also assign AutoGive to the ally of your choice (details below). The secondary function is that it allows you to easily give resources or units to an ally at any point during the game. AutoGive was inspired by One Key Unit Donation (OKD) by Jiver and LazyShare by SvartfaR. Each of these mods provide the ability to give resources/units to allies during the game. I used what I considered to be the best features from each one during the development of this mod, with permission, of course. Also, since I used the ally-to-key mapping method from OKD, I worked with SvartfaR to include compatibility with LazyShare, for those that prefer his way of mapping allies to keys. [u]Compatibility[/u] [b]* One Key Unit Donation: INCOMPATIBLE[/b] The unit and resource donation functionality provided by this mod is very similar to what is provided by One Key Unit Donation. Running both would be redundant, so One Key Unit Donation is considered incompatible. [b]* LazyShare: COMPATIBLE[/b] The way that allies are identified by LazyShare is unique in that players are assigned an identifier that is indicated on the scoreboard. Since some users may prefer this over the static user assignments that this script uses, this mod has been made compatible with LazyShare. At the time of release, AutoGive is not known to be incompatible with any other major UI-mod. [u]Installation[/u] If you got it from the Vault, it's already installed, so you just need to enable it via the Mod Manager. Otherwise, you need to place the AutoGive folder in your mods directory, and then enable it via the Mod Manager. Once enabled, start a game or replay and bring up the Key Bindings menu (normally by pressing F1). You will be asked if you would like to set the AutoGive default keys. Choose "Yes". You'll find the defaults listed below. You may reassign them if you'd prefer something else. [u]Usage (without LazyShare)[/u] If LazyShare is not installed, the following default keys are assigned: [b][Shift-Fx] donates 50% of stored mass to ally x [Ctrl-Fx] donates 50% of stored energy to ally x [Ctrl+Shift-Fx] donates selected units to ally x [Ctrl+Alt-Fx] establishes AutoGive to ally x[/b] So, what is x? x is a number from 1-6 that is used to identify which ally you are choosing. The ally numbers are determined from the order that your allies are listed on the Diplomacy Menu (normally accessed by pressing F4 in game). So, for example, if you want to give 50% of your stored mass to the 2nd ally listed on the Diplomacy Menu, you would press [Shift-F2], or, if you want to give all of your assets to the 3rd person listed on the Diplomacy Menu when your commander dies, you would press [Ctrl+Alt+F3]. [u]Usage (with LazyShare)[/u] If LazyShare is installed, the following default keys are assigned: [b][Ctrl+Alt-Numpad1] establishes AutoGive to ally 1 [Ctrl+Alt-Numpad2] establishes AutoGive to ally 2 [Ctrl+Alt-Numpad3] establishes AutoGive to ally 3[/b] If LazyShare is installed, the key assignments for donating resources and units are controlled by LazyShare. This mod simply adds the AutoGive functionality. If you are using LazyShare version 1, this script will always AutoGive to ally #1, as assigned by LazyShare. However, if you use the latest version of LazyShare, you may choose which ally you would like to AutoGive to using the key assignments above. These key assignments correspond to the ally IDs assigned by LazyShare. [u]AutoGive Notes[/u] If you're playing an assassination game, AutoGive is automatically enabled, and you will see a message at the beginning of the game indicating this. As such, if your commander dies, all of your units/resources will be donated to the the first non-dead ally on the list automatically. However, if you would like to AutoGive to a specific ally, you may press the corresponding key assignment any time before you die to reassign AutoGive. Once AutoGive has been manually reassigned, the key assignment becomes a toggle, so pressing it a second time will disable AutoGive. It should also be noted that if your chosen ally is already dead, AutoGive will automatically revert to using the first non-dead ally in the list. AutoGive can not be used in non-Assassination games. [u]Miscellaneous[/u] This mod remaps some of the user debug keys in order to make room for it's standard default keymapping. If you use the debug features in FA, take a look at hookluakeymapdefaultKeyMap.lua to identify the changes. This is a UI only mod, which means that you may use it in multiplayer games regardless of whether anyone else has the mod or not. Bug reports welcome. [b]Also available from the Vault. Search for AutoGive.[/b] Enjoy! falcontx




Advanced Command Units | 12.62 MB

nice ACU mod and even better it's made by the black ops team. this mod adds more upgrades for you ACU, it allows you to pick an ACU that is more like you're playing style and fits the type of game you like to play. for each race they have a engineering upgrade one branch gives you resource allocation and the other branch generally gives you more firepower, as well as upgrades build speed and tech level. and each of the other parts have different options for each race but they have mostly the same types of play for each race. long live FileFront[/quote] UPDATE: I just received a message from the author that this version also includes support for the campaign enabler mod.




Advanced Command Units | 11.87 MB

even better it's made by the black ops team. This mod adds more upgrades for you ACU, it allows you to pick an ACU that is more like you're playing style and fits the type of game you like to play. for each race they have a engineering upgrade one branch gives you resource allocation and the other branch generally gives you more firepower, as well as upgrades build speed and tech level. and each of the other parts have different options for each race but they have mostly the same types of play for each race. long live FileFront[/quote]




Advanced Command Units | 11.87 MB

the type of game you like to play. for each race they have a engineering upgrade one branch gives you resource allocation and the other branch generally gives you more firepower, as well as upgrades build speed and tech level. and each of the other parts have different options for each race but they have mostly the same types of play for each race. long live FileFront




Experimental Wars | 25.99 MB

: The Elite Land Factory is now corrected Seraphime : The Elite Air Factory is now corrected Seraphime : The Elite Air Fighter is now corrected Seraphime : Torpedoes launcher did not crash the games Seraphime : Sonar did not crash the games Cybran : Air Elite Fighter is now corrected Experimental Wars Adds : ( for each factions ) - 2 news engineers : Air and Naval Engineer - 1 new normal factory : Submarine Factory - 4 news Elite Tech 1 Factories : Air, Land, Navy, Submarine. - 2 news Tech 1 ships Normal : Arty Ship and Aviso ( light boat ). - 2 news Tech 1 submarines class : Heavy and Light - 4 or 5 news tech 1 Elite Lands Units - 2 or 3 news tech 1 Elite Airs Units - 2 or 3 news tech 1 Elite navys Units - 3 News Tech 1 Elite Submarines. - 2 News Experimental Tech 1 Units - 2 News Resources Naval Structures : Naval Power Gen and Naval Mass Gen. - 2 News Air Tower Defenses : Point Defense and AA defense - Some news others units and structures smile ( over 150 units in the mods ) Differences between the 1.89B release - Mex Cost Upgrades are now on standard




Hotstats UI Mod | 420.08 KB

right? :p well some of the new stats you can get with this mod are: units still alive energy rate mass rate total kills total units built total lost total killed and each type (air land navy building t4 of each stat) You can look at the pictures to see exactly what this does. and the best part is that you can play with it online :p




Faction Diversity Mod | 1.93 MB

fires torpedoes at naval units. Aeon T3 Depth Charge Artillery. Slow and fragile, but fires depth charges at far away anval targets. Lethal against subs at a distance. - Eluvatar




Faction Diversity Mod | 1.43 MB

TMD -Seraphim Cruise Missile Sub -UEF Carpet Bomber -more!!!




Super SACU

super_sacu.rar | 4.01 MB




ShipWreck mod for FA | 4.66 KB

the name :p) and it has been updated for FA




Faction Diversity Mod | 15.54 MB

long range cybran are fast and use stealth with weak units and cost allot seraphim are very strong have less unique units but cost allot but this is just an example it goes allot more into it in the readme so read on :p - Eluvatar




Water World

waterworld01.rar | 1.17 KB

buildings include: Mass/Energy Storage Power Gens Mass Gens Shields T3 Anti Nuke It is made using Category filters, so will be compatible with modded units like T3 Point Defence for other factions if the right categories are there. Thanks to Legion Darrath and Atlis for their water mods.




No Crash | 2.09 KB




Experimentals Wars | 62.13 MB






imba_mod.exe | 39.83 MB

getting me started on unit modding "I think it took overhand" I couldn't have done it without them. To start the mod just run the IMBA_MOD.EXE file.




Experimentals Wars 1.8 | 51.1 MB




Commanders Revenge | 9.51 MB

teleport. he also made the Cybran arty midrange (not sure if that's farther or shorter) but it's a nice update and I hate to see this be the end but... oh well who knows someone else may take it up :p - Eluvatar




Commanders Revenge | 9.48 MB

better (thou the author said he is going to change it back in the next version) and now the AI will use upgrades (thou I think its with sorians AI only, dont quote me on that :p ) - Eluvatar




Commanders Revenge | 9.45 MB

names guys!! but this is nice) but realy this is a cool update it adds the [b][u]seraphim!![/u][/b] (even thou it was in 0.37 I dont care :p )other then that who cares really? ok well if you do care it fixes some bugs with the uef weapons (not sure what but oh well...) a manual attack bug (I thought this was teh uef bug...) and he removed the seperation of the extreme edition (yaya less uploading and downloading woot) and he also changed some stuff with the folder naming so you will need to remove your old version look in the read me




Experimentals Wars 1.6 | 37.55 MB

so if you liked the previous Experimentals mod then you must download this one as it fixes all the bugs and problems found.




Experimental Mobile Weapons Platform | 2.35 MB

wrong grammar please tell me :). This is obviously not my native language. See the readme below for more info.




Commanders Revenge Extreme Edition | 7.02 MB

it made me wait 15 min to download this cause I had just downloaded the non extreme edition of this mod. note to author next time just upload it to ff :D. ok rant over..... ya new guns bug fix and compatibility with black ops:o ([url=""]screens[/url]) - Eluvatar




Commanders Revenge | 7.02 MB

bugs. now I know we all love this mod but where are the [u][b]seraphim[/b][/u] come on buddy I want to pown some one with teh seraphim tech :p ([url=""]Screen shots[/url]) - Eluvatar




Experimentals Wars | 7.8 MB

them, but the Spaceships defences are disable to firing the lights Air units ( fighters ). All anti air defenses can attack the spaceship but the anti spaceships defenses can only attack the spaceships




Commanders Revenges Extreme Edition | 7.51 MB

allot less balanced but what ever I dont care I just want to go crazy. :p (for screens look at the other copy)




Commanders Revenge | 7.51 MB

not to say that your game will still not be balanced your com will just be more of a worrier then before. now unfortunatly because this is still a beta he has not made anything for the seraphim :( but he says it is coming so look at the pics for some ideas.




4th Dimension | 26.88 MB

about a bug fix.....




mozza mods | 8.61 MB

commander to how he should be ... the best. Has few modified units to experimentals. Pluss changing of few wepons and stats.




BLUE's Naval Unit Pack | 17.68 MB

readme and some of pictures. - Eluvatar




Phantom: Pirates vs NInjas | 9.78 MB

for this mod it fixed an error that he had missed in the last version that made the mod unplayable. for more information about this mod cause frankly I am not cut out do explain this mod cause it is very complicated. you can look [url=""]Here[/url][/quote]




Phantom: Pirates vs NInjas | 9.78 MB

cut out do explain this mod cause it is very complicated. you can look [url=""]Here[/url]




Phantom: Pirates vs NInjas | 9.98 MB




4th Dimension | 26.59 MB

makes things clearer about what they changed. well now I am just rambling...... - Eluvatar




Custom Faction Support mod

customfactionsupport.rar | 30.47 KB

factions are compatible with each other. Also makes it possible to enable or disable new factions through the mod manager. Detailed info in the readme file included in the download.




BLUE's Naval Unit Pack! | 4.69 MB

Advanced Attack Frigate (T2) Equipped with a short range Quantum Auto-gun, a medium range Oblivion Cannon, and anti-torpedoes, the Veil is bigger, faster, and stronger than other frigates. It is designed for ship-to-ship combat and lacks AA. Mire Class Rocket Boat (T2) The Mire is designed to get in, destroy targets, and get out. It is small and fast, with a personal stealth field to close in on the target. The Mire is equipped with dual Iridium rocket packs which deal incredible damage, but fire very slowly. A group of these can destroy even the largest ships. Vergra Experimental Cruiser (T4) The Vergra is a massive ship designed to provide support and bombardment capabilities to a fleet. Any plane that flies near it is immediately swatted down with a powerful rapid-fire Losaare auto-cannon and a Sinn Unthe Cannon modified from the Ythotha. It is also equipped with a tactical nuke launcher and a Phason beam, adapted from the Ythotha. tnx for the new ships -Eluvatar




Nuke collide

nuke_colide_with_sheild_v2.rar | 4.27 KB

up :beer: - Eluvatar




Nuke collide

nuke_colide_with_sheild.rar | 4.26 KB

the ground. very simple but still a nice add on by our favorite author





phantomn_1_0.rar | 2.41 MB

this isn't it lol) basically a phantom game is a game where everyone starts out as allies with teams unlocked (you will want to break them later) and after 8 min 1-3 players becomes a phantom (only the phantom knows who he is). now I also know that you don't know what a phantom is, a phantom gets extra income which makes it hard for him to hide and he needs to hide because all the people that are not phantoms (innocents) are trying to kill the phantoms, so if they know that a person is a phantom then they will try and kill him but if he hides and points fingers at other people then he may be able to get the innocents to kill each other and then kill the people left and win the game, because the objective of the phantom is to kill every one (including other phantoms). so that's it now get downloading what are you reading this for:furious: - Eluvatar




Sorian AI | 203.9 KB

you pc) now note that because the ai is smarter it is also better and stronger so the game will be harder. but that is not the main feature of this mod. the main feature is support by mods if you use this ai with a mod that says it supports "Sorian AI" then that means that if you use his AI they will build the new units and building like they should (note this also makes the game harder :p ) another cool feature is that you can tell your AI allies where to attack and respond to map pings. they also support chat so if you say "target bob" and you are playing with a player named bob then your allie will start to attack him. you can read more about it in the read me. but come on lets start playing already. - Eluvatar




4th Dimension [FIXED] | 26.5 MB

nothing has changed in the way of game play but they should have fixed most of the mods. if you want to read what I said about the mod last time you can read it here [quote]well finaly 4th Dimension is out for FA *cheers* ok well as far as the changes from 1.9 original and now the new FA edition their are almost none *crys* so because their are no changes. I will make this short...... Here is a vid [/quote] - Eluvatar




4th Dimension | 24.97 MB

make this short...... Here is a vid -Eluvatar




T3Engineeringstations | 3.09 MB

but I think that I will be using it in lan partys for now :P




Lordmaniac'sFAMod | 8.3 KB

mod that makes the commanders build everything in 1second. I did not add any high health like in my other mods 4 the first supcom. Have fun makeing big armies in mins.[/quote]




Community Balance Patch | 117.47 KB

like the name people don't have any creativity :p ) the game. it also has the "COMUNITY BUG FIX PATCH" in it so if you want both just download this one (well that's nice of them :thumbsup: ) umm ya that's about it just go download this already :eek:




Gilbot-X's ModPack with Resource Networks | 288.51 KB

before but only for supcom not FA and here it is *cheers* now for thos of you who have not seen it what this dose it makes adjacency bonus have a longer range but lower bonus the longer it is. the all purpose slider control factory toggle ect... (their is a long list look at the home page^^)[/quote] look in the read me for new stuff -Eluvatar




Gilbot-X's ModPack with Resource Networks | 285.34 KB

range but lower bonus the longer it is. the all purpose slider control factory toggle ect... (their is a long list look at the home page^^)




Owning Experimental Units

owning_exp_v3.1.rar | 1.91 MB

an average factory. Due to lack of modelling skills you will find this factory looks like the Quantum Gateway, for future versions of this the developer is therefor asking for help regarding the creation of a new model. If you can help out please contact him via the details given in the readme. Download is definately recommended.




No Campaign Restrictions FA | 1.5 KB

about a campaign enabler ;) - eluvatar




Useful and Unique, Fatboy and Scathis | 3.21 KB

25) Fireing Randomness is now 0.1 on main cannons Muzzle Velocity on Main cannons is now 50 Scathis: Now costs 81,000 Mass 945,000 energy to build Buildtime is now 27,000 Firing randomness is now 0.7 Max Radius is now 330 Min Radius is now 50 Muzzle Velocity is now 45 and that is it :D later guys -eluvatar




T3 Mobile AA

t3maa_v32.rar | 4.57 MB

every thing (if you had never played you would not know they were new) well you dont want to here me talk look and the pics or go [url=""]here[/url]




Fixed unit restrictions

added_restrictions_v2.rar | 1.7 KB

every one cause they don't build nuke defense cause nukes are disabled, And as an added bonus the strategic nuke defense is disabled so if you forget that you are playing a no nuke game you don't waste time building it even you don't need it ( and yes I have done that once). done with the fun part now down to the official stuff with no nukes enabled you can't build: [list] [*]T3 nukes [*]T3 nuke defense [*]T4 seraphim nuke [/list] with no game enders enabled stuff to be disabled you can't build: [list] [*]T3 nukes [*]T3 nuke defense [*]T4 seraphim nuke [*]T3 artys [*]T4 mavor [*]T4 Scathis [/list]




TotalVeterancy | 68.58 KB

up but as I said it got lost so :r here is the new stuff TotalVeterancy Core V1.16 -Fix for Shield buffs -Vision buff now affects cybran soothsayer -t3 mobile arty muzzelvelocity increased to match the range gain by veterancy -removed fuel buff to fix some problems with non mobile units gaining xp TotalVeterancy UI V1.3 -Shield current and max hp are now displayed TotalVeterancy AutoXp -Soothsayer now gain one level all 4 minutes - eluvatar




Owning Experimental Units

owning_exp_v3.0.7z | 1.51 MB

mod for FA and its here I included the PD from the past and added in one for the Seraphim. some of the things that I will be fixing in the future are more balance adding the shields and maby adding an experimental unit to the Seraphim cause they only have 3 and the rest have 4 ;) that's about it leave me some ideas at the bottom and I will look into them. - eluvatar




Totalveterancy | 49.64 KB

level your units are at rather than guessing. the style for going up is different you have to get 4x the amount of health killed than your unit (is that right ;)) or 4x damage taken. so your unit has 100 HP and if he takes 400 damage he goes up a level. now I know that sounds... odd but because the unit regens it all works out. or if he gives 400 HP damage he goes up a level. another cool feature is shields gens increase veterancy as they take damage as well their are also more changes read the readme. thanks for making Eni cant wait for the next one - eluvatar




Totalveterancy | 26.3 KB

level your units are at rather than guessing. the style for going up is different you have to get 4x the amount of health killed than your unit (is that right ;)) or 4x damage taken. so your unit has 100 HP and if he takes 400 damage he goes up a level. now I know that sounds... odd but because the unit regens it all works out. or if he gives 400 HP damage he goes up a level. another cool feature is shields gens increase veterancy as they take damage as well their are also more changes read the readme. thanks for making Eni cant wait for the next one - eluvatar




Build Template Rotator UI | 1.43 KB

middle mouse button.




FA Airstaging Firebase Update | 1006.65 KB

expansion pack, Forged Alliance. However, the structures still only apply to the original 3 factions from the first game. Overall, there isn\'t much that\'s exciting about this update. I would have enjoyed an update with a Seraphim firebase as well. However, it is pretty fun to play with one of my more favorite mods in the expansion pack. Still, everytime I turn the game on, I long for the Seraphim Airstaging Firebase. So everyone must now get down on their knees and beg for him to release another update. While not included in the readme, I think installation is obvious. Just dump the .scd file into the old gamedate folder and viola! You\'re done! So, in the end, if you want to play with the mod in Forged Alliance, feel free to download and enjoy to your hearts content. Hopefully, Resinsmoker will release an update with a Seraphim base and we\'ll all live happily even after. It\'s still a great mod, regardless. -WindowsVistaGeek19

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