Team Fortress 2




Alternative Heavy Weapons Guy Pack

alternative_heavy_weapons_guy_pack.rar | 29.94 MB

colour. -Natascha: Like the minigun, dark green chain. -The Killing Gloves of Boxing (Both teams): Black, with team logos. Hope you like it, enjoy! Be sure to read the readme below!




Team Fortress 2: Heavy Weapons Guy Camouflage Skin

heavy_camouflage_pants.rar | 3.7 MB

distance, but the author is not sure it made much of a difference in that regard.




Team Fortress 2: HWG Terminator Style (v3.0)

tf2_terminatorstyle.exe | 2.97 MB

get: [*] Moved Faceplate in line with right eye [*] Improved the stretching problem with metal on arms [*] Improved a Leg problem to make it look more realistic [*] Created normal mapping on areas to improve detail [*] Added more detail to metal areas and overall body [*] Matching HUD image [*] First person view hands [*] Third person view hands ( Was 'VERY' difficult to get lined up and looking right !! ) [*] Invun. mode skin for Uber Mode [*] Blue Lasor eye for blue team included (user choice, red = default ) [*] Custom terminator style Mini-Gun Crosshiar [*] Added changes to Spy class to fit in with terminator skin (includes mask and HUD changes) [*] Added matching heavy Gibs [*] Added Bullet holes and Rip in jacket for added vissual's

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