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Team Fortress 2: WWII Skins | 5.62 MB

Rank Patch, Green Uniform [b]Scout(101st Airborne Trainee/Scout):[/b] Airborne Vest with 101st airborne text and screaming eagle badge, Private Rank Patch, Green Vest [b]Demoman(SAS Explosives Expert):[/b] Red Beret/Cap, Camo Sleeves, Removed Undershirt, Corporal Rank Patch [b]Engineer(Airborne Engineer Battalion):[/b] Green Shirt, Staff Sergeant Rank Patch, Airborne Engineer Patch [b]Pyro(US Army Flamethrower Soldier):[/b] Green Overcoat, Corporal Rank Patch, Grey Gas Tank, Grey Gloves [b]Medic(US Army Medic):[/b] Fully White Trench Coat, Red Cross Arm Band [b]Heavy(Russian Machine Gunner):[/b] Green Shirt, Soviet Flag Patch, Private Rank Patch, Criminal Tattoo [b]Sniper(Australian Sniper Battalion):[/b] Green Shirt, Australian Army Patch, Sergeant Rank Patch [b]Spy(British Secret Agent):[/b] Black Suit, Blue Tie, No Mask [u][b]Installation:[/b][/u] Extract to TF2 Folder and enjoy. Note: If you dont want the soldier to have a moustache just delete [i]soldier_head[/i] in the soldiers materials folder. Also if you want the spy to have a mask again just delete [i]spy_head_blue[/i] from the spy materials folder.

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