Unreal Tournament 2003




UPaint 1.0.2 self-installing patch

upaint-patch-1.0.2.exe | 2.76 MB

that: - These two files are all that is needed to trade characters with other users. - To share source art (so you can continue to paint and edit) you'll want to use the .UPP and .UPT files. - To delete a skin, just delete its [name].UTX and [name].UPL files. Texture data in the generated .UTX files is now compressed (DXT3) automatically.




Unreal Tournament 2003 Windows Demo Patch

ut2003-demo-patch-1.exe | 3.24 MB

Fixed a possible DoS attack in the server code. - Fixed a few other minor potential crashes. Gogogo!




Unreal Tournament 2003 Windows Retail Patch 2186

ut2003-winpatch2186release.exe | 12.51 MB

show up on DM scoreboard at end of match - FPH doesn\'t change after match ends - shock combos now work after going through static meshes, and at all angles. - Fixed when entering a painzone you take double the damage/second in the first second and the correct amount thereafter. - added exec function SwitchToLastWeapon (bound to E by default) - fixed megaspeed DMMutator game option. - improved bombing run AI (better AI reset between scores) - fix for CTF flag can\'t be picked up - fixed showing flag icon on scoreboard even if holder not relevant - fixed throwing out minigun screwing up assault rifle - added server option bBrightSkins to [UnrealGame.DMMutator] (and in the game rules menu). Setting it to true makes player skins brighter. - fixed rocketlauncher can lock onto invasion monsters (bonuspack) - change weapon sound pitch when berserk - added bPreloadAllSkins config option to UT2003.ini, in the [UnrealGame.UnrealMPGameInfo] section. Its false by default. If true, all skins and character models referenced in .upl files are preloaded. Only set this option to true if you have a lot of system RAM (512 MB or more). This option reduces the hitch experienced when new players join a multiplayer game during gameplay. - only allow restartgame() to be called once. - added a GetWeaponStats exec function, which writes weapon info to the log for tracking down weapon problems - Fixed VoiceMenu Acknowledgements to use the abbreviated versions if available - other clients hear rockets being loaded - fixed local stats for instagib - fixed domination hud for spectators - added the exec command \"specviewgoal\" that will attempt to show the current goal (be it the flag/ball/dom point or the guy holding it). - made flak shell more visible - dropflag works in net games Mod support: - GameRules.NetDamage() always called in team games, and GameRules.ScoreKill() not called twice - momentum is passed as an out (by reference) parameter in GameInfo.ReduceDamage() and GameRules.NetDamage() - moved teammate momentum reduction to TeamGame.ReduceDamage() - added ClientReceiveCombo() to xPlayer, to allow replication of mutator combos. - Mod authors can now add keys to the config menu. See XInterface.GUIUserKeyBinding for info \"how to\". - added support for pushing skins and meshes down from the server, with the PlayerRecordClass Use PlayerRecordClass to push down player skins and meshes from the server. For example, if the Reaper clan was running a server, and had their own clan skin in ReaperSkin.utx, here\'s what they\'d need to do: Create a new ReaperMod.u file, with the class Reaper in it. The package name must be the class name with \"mod\" appended. Reaper is a subclass of PlayerRecordClass, with all the default properties set appropriately to setup up the character. Clan members will need to have a .upl file with the same character definition. The server will need to have both ReaperSkin and ReaperMod in its serverpackages. Networking: - improved cheat protection - spectating improvements - single pass through actor list for first pass relevancy determination for all connections. Improves server CPU utilization by 20% to 30% for servers with large numbers of players - hide passwords in URL - added bAdminCanPause configurable property to GameInfo. It\'s true by default. To change it to false, add bAdminCanPause=false to the [Engine.GameInfo] section of your UT2003.ini file. - fixed precision problems with ping calculation - fixed adminsay bringing up MOTD on clients - fixed bots not properly losing player enemies when players log out of net games. - Fixed LAN broadcast bug which caused problems in the LAN tab when multiple UT2003 servers were run on the same machine - TcpLink/UdpLink eventReceivedBinary fix. - Fixed Bug in CheckIPPolicy - fixed port swapping bug. - maxspectators can be passed on command line - Fix for Admin\'s Managed Groups - Fixed Admin names showing multiple times when in multiple groups - Added several game options to Web Admin - Fixed Web Admin SetPlayInfo so that it won\'t be called twice on DMMutator - Fixed MutatorFillPlayInfo so that it chains. Do not override MutatorFillPlayInfo, just override FillPlayInfo - Fixed MD5 package protection so that it would stop resetting all RevisionLevels to 0 on loadup - Fixed Web Admin Friendly Fire defaults - Fixed Kick Command in AdminINI - Changed the seperator character for the in-game admin menu from | to ESC - Made Extended Console stop complaining when a MusicManagerClass wasn\'t defined. - Fixed UTServerAdmin so it would pass PreQuery and PostQuery calls to mods - fixed banning someone in internet games bans all spectators Demo Recording: - Fixed occasional (!Closing) crash on playback - fixed shock beam on client-side demos - When recording demos on a client, listen server or single player, the demo file only records demo frames at the frame rate specified in NetServerMaxTickRate in the [Engine.DemoRecDriver] section of UT2003.ini. This does not effect the frame rate, only the rate at which frames are written to the demo recording file. This solves the problem of slow demo playback of client-side demos on machines which are not as fast as the recording machine. - fixed bug where ?timedemo was accidentaly including the precaching time Menus/Interface: - LowSoundQuality option is saved properly. - maps listed alphabetically - Added Map name to loading screen - fixed bug where menu mouse resolution was dependent on direction - added \"MouseX/YMultiplier\" to scale raw mouse input in [WinDrv.WindowsClient] in your UT2003.ini - added support for up to 8 mouse buttons - Fixed some Accessed None spam in the UI - fixed \'half op\" status for IRC client - display channel topic for IRC client - For custom game types, have seperate \'Custom\' tab with combo box in the server browser. OpenGL: - fixed bug which caused game to reverted to D3DDrv after patching - added code to disable specular if neither ATI_texture_env_combine3 nor NV_texture_env_combine4 are exposed (Linux DRI drivers) - worked around fog related driver bug in older ATI drivers - added code to switch back to desktop resolution at exit (Win98) D3D: - fixed bug related to OverrideDesktopRefreshRate option - added workaround for HW bug on certain older NVIDIA cards - changed code to handle D3DERR_DEVICELOST on initial device creation Sound: - updated DefOpenAL32.DLL with latest version from Creative Other: - fixed big memory leak caused by garbage collection problem with certain levels (occurred on level change) - fixed occasional crash which occurred during garbage collection on level changes, or when joining a server - fixed sporadic karma physics crash - performance improvement: frame rate based culldistance for player shadows - Benchmarked botmatches require ?attractcam=true to be appended on the command line after ?quickstart=true to work like before




UT2003 2136 Source Files

ut2003-2136source.zip | 9.59 MB

in this package also.




Unreal Tournament 2003 Windows Patch 2136

ut2003-winpatch2136release.exe | 10.29 MB

supercedes the editor fixes that have been previously posted - applying those fixes to this patch will break the patch! This patch is completely network compatible with the retail version. Patched clients can connect to unpatched servers, and unpatched clients can connect to patched servers. This patch will overwrite your user.ini and ut2003.ini files, because it adds some important new properties to these configuration files. To use it with windows dedicated servers, rename it to ut2003-winpatch2136Release.zip, open and extract it to a temporary location with winzip, and copy the system directory (subdirectory of UT2003patch) into the system subdirectory of your server installation. We will be releasing an updated version of UDebugger and updated .uc files for mod developers shortly.[/quote]Update! (10-05-2002) If you are using the Maya plugin in Unreal Ed, you need to update the pluging to be compatible with this patch. [url="file.info?ID=7433"]Grab the update here[/url]




Windows Patch 2111

765_ut2003-winpatch2111beta2.exe | 7.49 MB

new settings.




UnRealEd update for UT2003

editorupdate.zip | 1.26 MB

editor on Windows 98. We should have a fix for this problem posted shortly. -Steve[/quote]




Unreal Tournament 2003 Windows Patch 2225

ut2003-winpatch2225.exe | 12.34 MB

section of your user.ini file: PlacedCharacterName="aname" where aname can be "Gorge" (the default), "Sapphire", "Malcolm". "Mokara", "Rapier", "Brutalis", or "Roc" - fixed no instigator bug with goop and grenades if killer was blown up before making kill. - added new mutator "DelayedSpawn". This mutator delays the initial spawning of superweapons and super powerups (like UDamage, superhealth, and supershield) - fixed sporadic problem with giving assist credit to players not involved in flag capture in CTF - fixed sporadic problem with pawns not animating on clients - Fix adding in an extra bot when you've chosen custom bots and are spectating. - custom bots stay on the teams they were put on, and ignore team balancing in standalone games. - The player who changes the color of the DDOM point scores the 5 points, not the last player. - fixed bug where could sometimes translocate into static meshes - spectators can only chat with spectators if bPartitionSpectators config option is true. This option is false by default, and can be made true by adding bPartitionSpectators=true to the [Engine.BroadCastHandler] section of your UT2003.ini file. - support for new brighter teamskins (set by bright skins option in the Game Rules tab). You must have BrightSkins patch downloaded for this to work. (brightskins is client-side only) - fixed displaying name of player who returned flag in flag return message - announce name of scorer in bombing run - "use map bot count" always adds at least 3 bots for team games - no time limits in LMS or Invasion - fixed joining LMS server as spectator after match has started not limited to only spectator slots - added configurable GameInfo property LateEntryLives. Defaults to 1. This is how many lives another player can have lost and you can still join, for a maxlives game like LastManStanding. - fixed IronDeity shield spawning - fixed CTF-DoubleDammage camouflage mesh - fixed weapon throwing on listen server clients - projectiles can affect dead bodies in net games - improved scoreboard support for long names - server side control for turning off weapon viewshake by adding the following line to the [engine.gameinfo] section of your UT2003.ini file: bWeaponShouldViewShake=false - new configurable property to prevent shield stacking of small shields. To disable shieldstacking, add the following line to the [UnrealGame.DeathMatch] section of your UT2003.ini file: bNeverShieldStack=true - zoom supershockrifle firing through multiple people now configurable (true by default). To change, add the following lines to your UT2003.ini (server side): [XWeapons.ZoomSuperShockBeamFire] bAllowMultiHit=false - no superweapons in mutant - fixed auto-slope. Since this wasn't functioning before, you may have it turned on accidentally. - added configurable property to control screen flash brightness, with values between 0 and 1 (1 is the default). To modify this property, add the following line to the [Engine.PlayerController] section of your user.ini file. ScreenFlashScaling=+1.0 - added new mutator "UTClassic" ,with its own server browser icon. Modifies the weapons to feel more like the original UT's weapons: All weapons do more damage. Slower weapon switching. Shieldgun charges faster, slightly longer range, less self damage for impact jumping Minigun firing modes switched, no lockdown effect Shockrifle regular fire slower, does more damage. Combos take less ammo. Slowed down rocket firing rate. Sniper rifle faster firing, no secondary hit damage. Bio charged up damage relatively lower (countered general weapon damage increase). Flak alt fires up a little more. Translauncher more ammo, recharges faster, transbeacon fired up more FOV and eyeheight adjusted - added configurable properties to UTClassic to control double jumping. These are all enabled by default. To disable, add the following section to your UT2003.ini file: [UTClassic.MutUTClassic] bCanDoubleJump=true bCanWallDodge=true bCanDodgeDoubleJump=true Setting bCanDoubleJump to false turns off all double jumping. Setting b CanWallDodge=false turns off wall dodging. Setting b CanDodgeDoubleJump=false turns off doublejumping after dodging. Weapons - added option for visible centered weapons. - added option to have smaller first person weapons. Off by default. This option is found in the Settings|Player menu, or can be changed in the user.ini by adding bSmallWeapons=true to the [Engine.PlayerController] section. - fixed inaccurate replication of remaining translocator charge, causing players not to be able to fire when they seemed to still have charge - all projectiles and shock beam centered with hidden weapons - fixed shieldgun autofire misfires - added more weapon not firing debugging. If your weapon stops firing, type getweaponstats at the console. Then, continue trying to fire your weapon, so more stats can be gotten. Both client and server must be upgraded to this patch. - fixed shield gun fire effect when weapon hidden. - fixed transbeacon leaving flare behind when crushed by mover. - telefragging always gibs. - ion painter warms up a little faster - added configurable property to have translocator aim up more like original UT. This client-side option can be enabled by adding the following line to the [xGame.xPlayer] section of your user.ini file: bClassicTrans=true - fixed lightning gun muzzleflash positioning in third person - improved redeemer guiding - sniper rifle zoomed visible area expanded - custom weapon crosshairs: You can specify custom crosshairs and crosshair colors for each weapon. To do this, add the following lines to the appropriate weapon section in your User.ini file: CustomCrosshair=7 CustomCrosshairColor=(R=255,G=255,B=255,A=255) CustomCrosshairScale=1.0 where CustomCrosshair can have any value between 0 and 13, and the Crosshair color is in 8 bit RGBA format. You can also use your own custom textures (after importing them into a utx) by adding CustomCrosshairTextureName="package.texture" (where package is the name of the UTX package, and texture is the name of the texture in the package. HUD/Scoreboard: - 4 digit fph AI: - fixed bot auto skill adjustment - added custom bot AI configuration menu - bots don't try to link with you if you are linking with them - only use bots with upl menu strings "SP", "DUP", or "UNLOCK" - performance improvement when trying to find path to dropped flags or bombs. Also added NotReachableBy() event to Decoration, so flags and other game objects can be notified if they aren't reachable. - improved bot AI for mutant game - fixed low-skill AI problems in DOM-Junkyard - fixed bots don't change weapon at end of match, and always play victory anim if winner Performance/ Engine fixes: - fixed xEmitter memory leak - Improved bPreloadAllSkins for team games. - set bShouldPreload (in [Engine.LevelInfo] section of UT2003.ini) to true on initial configuration for systems with over 512 MB of memory. This makes these systems preload all skins, reducing hitches in network play. - no CD check! - fix for name table corruption crash (which caused the reproduceable crash reported when AccessControlClass=XAdmin.AccessControlIni in ut2003.ini, as well as other intermittent crashes) Networking/Servers: - fixed occasional crash when switching levels for servers with bots - vampire mutator shows up in server settings - dynamic netspeed adjust to deal with connections with variable effective bandwidth. Can be turned off in the settings|network menu. - fixed distance fog based network relevancy culling. - fixed addnamedbot exec function. This is used by web admin, so adding bots through web admin now works correctly as well. - fixed client upstream bandwidth not always capped properly by server - added -nocheat parameter to commandline to disable cheat prevention - added ability to disable the security fix in networking (for testing purposes) [IpDrv.TcpNetDriver] DisableKSecFix=True - only allow netspeed changes from console once every 15 seconds - server version displayed in server browser and ingame server info (F2). - fixed ghost players on server - fixed Invasion not ending if server side demo recording - fixed redirected download file size and percentage indicator - fix for players falling of ledges client-side only (so the client thought they were in a different place than they actually were - New Mutator function OverrideDownload giving servers the chance to override a redirect URL on a per-user basis, eg to give priority redirect access to your clanmates. - To customize bots without using the custom bot config menu, add a [UnrealGame.CustomBotConfig] section to your UT2003.ini. Then add lines like this one to the section: ConfigArray=(CharacterName="Gorge",PlayerName="The_Reaper", FavoriteWeapon="xWeapons.RocketLauncher",Aggres siveness=0.400000,Accuracy=0.000000,CombatStyle=0.400000, StrafingAbility=0.765789,Tactics=0.000000,ReactionTime=0.000000, bJumpy=True) where CharacterName = the bot character you are modifying PlayerName = the name to override the character name with All the AI settings range from 0 to 1, with 0.5 as the default value. - fixed server browser having hidden filtering options still enabled when filters looked cleared. - fixed disconnected/kicked players taking a long time to have their connection closed - more networking improvements, particularly for higher ping clients Spectating: - moved "now viewing" in spectator mode to right side of HUD - show proper HUD color in first person view when spectating in network games - fixed link gun alt-fire obscuring view in spectate behindview 0 - show proper score in DM network games in top left hand corner of HUD /behindview 0 - fixed spectator showing up on scoreboard on server with no players - show flag messages in first person view when spectating another player - fixed invasion spectating when join as spectator Mod support: - fixed adding multiple CustonKeyBinding bug - Exposed many internal karma simulation constants for mod developers to tweak: Gamma (Relaxation Rate), Epsilon (Constraint Compliance), Penetration Offset and Scale, Contact Softness, Max Contact Penetration, Max Karma Timestep, Max Karma Speed and Max Ragdoll Speed. Use KSet/GetSimParams inside Actor to modify them. NOTE: Changes to these take affect until you quit the game! - use %20 in URL redirects for files with spaces - umod installer AddIni fix - added bNeverSever property for DamageType - added PreventSever() to gamerules - weapon config menu uses actor skin if different from default weapon skin - User logs now save to UserLogs - Added force feedback support for devices other than mice (thanks Jason Fleming of Immersion). * Gamepads, sticks, wheels and mice usable as force feedback devices * Wheels (1-axis) devices can play 2-axis effects, rather than failing (IFC23.DLL) * Feedback device not initialized if all feedback settings disabled at startup * Shutdown feedback system by unchecking all feedback settings in menu * Start feedback system when first feedback setting checked in menu - added unique sunlight actor icon (for editor) - The Loading Map screen is now configurable for mods (GameEngine.LoadingClass) - added -USERLOGO=, .BMP must be in Help - added ReplicationViewer and ReplicationViewTarget to LevelInfo. These are valid during replication, showing for what viewer replication is currently occuring. Useful for creating more complex replication conditions. - fixed not being able to do same taunt or othe AnimAction twice in a row - fixed invisibility on pawns with more than 2 skins on their mesh (up to 4 skins now supported - they must all be referenced in the skins array). - Added PokeTerrain function to TerrainInfo. PokeTerrain( vector WorldLocation, int Radius, int MaxDepth ) All values are in world units. It pushes a squashed sphere into the terrain at the location specified. Negative MaxDepth values will raise the terrain at the specified location. Note that you should perform a trace first and ensure a TerrainInfo is returned. Call the function at the trace's hit location. Static projectors such as tree shadows have their data precomputed and the shadow will not move if you dig a hole in terrain beneath them. Sorry! WebAdmin: - Added check to prevent webserver from being spawned on client - Addressed some cleanup issues with QueryHandlers - Fixed bug with special characters in game settings (&, , etc.) - Added reverse sorting to player listing - Fixed bug with sorted lists that caused new items that were added to be dropped under certain circumstances - Fixed bug that only allowed a managed group to be removed from a user if the user was a member of that group - Fixed bug with IP Policies not reflecting whether policy was "Accept" or "Deny" policy - Fixed bug with webadmin not allowing IP addresses containing wildcards to be added to the banned IP list - Fixed bug that allowed IP addresses with more than 4 octets to be added to the banned IP list - Fixed links in webadmin remaining active if admin does not have any privileges applicable to that Query Handler - Addressed webadmin textboxes not allowing values longer than the width of the textbox - Added support for custom skins for webadmin (documentation coming soon) - Added fix to prevent admin privileges from "leaking" across threads (very very rare) - Added support for creating outgoing connections from within webadmin (to easily include remote content in webadmin) - Fixed bug with giving users privilege to change bot skill level - Updated bot page so that you can add bots with stats enabled if there are still bots in the game - Implemented "Kick Bots", "Change WebAdmin Skin", and "Game Status" privileges - Added Game Status readout to Current Game page D3D/OpenGL: - Fixed fallback materials for DM-Rustatorium and DOM-Junkyard - Fixed OpenGL bug causing degrading performance after level changes with the NV_VAR/ APPLE_VAR codepath (thanks to Thomas Fortier @ ATI for pointing it out) - Fixed gamma for Editor if running on DX9 system - Fixed bug in D3DDrv which caused it to never release the D3D device - Added "nogamma" commandline option - Fixed "firstcoloredmips X" for DXT textures Sound/Music: - Updated DefOpenAL32.dll - Add MusicSkip console command to skip tracks in OGGPlayer - Fixed possible problems with OGGPlayer - Add "Play List" button to player setup - Fixed audio spatialization (thanks to Daniel Peacock @ Creative for the fix) - Fixed sound precaching bug




Unreal Tournament 2003 Linux Dedicated Server Patch 2186

ut2003lnxded-2186.sh.bin | 2.59 MB

already have [file="6139"]this file[/file]!





defopenal32.zip | 61.13 KB




Unreal Tournament 2003 Windows Patch 2166

ut2003-winpatch2166.exe | 12.39 MB

with this recording stuff now, here's the list of fixes, enjoy the patch! [u][b]Retail Patch v2166 Fix List[/b][/u] [b]Demo Recording:[/b] Demos can be recorded either on a server, or in single player, or as a client in a network game. For demos recorded as a client in a network game, you cannot cycle between players in the match. [b]Recording:[/b] To record a demo on your server, start the server with the ?demorec URL parameter. For example: ucc server dm-gael?game=xgame.xdeathmatch?demorec=mydemo Will record the game to the demo file mydemo.dem. If you leave off the "=mydemo.dem", the server will record a demo with a unique filename starting at demo0001.dem, demo0002.dem etc. You can also use the "demorec" console command at the server console to start recording a demo after a match has started. For example, "demorec mydemo" or just "demorec". [b]Playback:[/b] Use the "demoplay" console command. For example, "demoplay mydemo". During playback, pressing Fire will cycle between the players in the game and a free spectator camera. Pressing Alt-fire will switch between first and 3rd person. "demoplay mydemo?loop" will cause the demo to loop infinitely until the "stopdemo" console command is used. Normally demos play back capped to the frame rate at which they were recorded. To remove this cap, use "demoplay mydemo?timedemo". This will play the demo back as fast as possible and dump the average fps to the console at the end of the demo. If a demo recorded at a higher framerate than your computer is able to play it back, the demo will play in slow motion. The frame rate dedicated servers use when recording demos is adjustable in UT2003.ini in the [Engine.DemoRecDriver] section. Change NetServerMaxTickRate and LanServerMaxTickRate. The default values are 30 fps. Increasing these will increase your server CPU utilization. [b]GamePlay:[/b] - friendly fire kills affect team scores - made players a little brighter - allow weapon throwing with weapon stay on (but can't pick up thrown weapon if already have that weapon), plus added configurable gameinfo property bAllowWeaponThrowing (default true) - don't spam "you are ready/not ready" messages to console before game starts - fixed FFA DM overtime end conditions - Ability to have custom announcer voices. Make a new announcer voice pack (with the same sound names as the original AnnounceMain.uax), named NewPackName.uax (where NewPackName = whatever you want to call it), and put it in the ut2003\sounds directory. Then, in the User.ini file (in the UT2003\system directory) change: [UnrealGame.UnrealPlayer] CustomizedAnnouncerPack="NewPackName" - fixed strafe toggle - support longer playernames on scoreboard/HUD - show FPH in scoreboard - fixed flags sitting on ground in CTF-Citadel - more minigun ammo - really fixed 4 rocket bug - Fixed DM-TokaraForest flags showing up - fixed CTF-LostFaith KillZ - spectating maintains view - when a player dies it continues to view the player when they respawn. - improved texture precaching, removing a few early hitches - moved arena mutator config and maplists from user.ini to ut2003.ini - update .ini files without overwriting them! (except for settings added or changed since we shipped) - fixed bug when had more than 16 bots total on custom teams - improved translocation (less failures) - link alt no blood - don't lose adrenaline if switch teams to team with less players - added Gameinfo property bAllowBehindView, server option allows behindview in net games if true (default false) - made lightning gun recharge match up better recharge finish (it was playing too long) - reduced delays between allowed voice messages - scaled weapon and powerup pickups down some to match player size better - spectators can go through doors/movers - fixed catching weapons in mid air - added DropFlag command - adjusted distance fog in some levels to make them look crisper/higher contrast - if weapons are invisible, firing is centered - added PipedSwitchWeapon exec function, to allow you to bind to weapons to a single key by editing your user.ini, e.g. "e=pipedswitchweapon 5 | pipedswitchweapon 7" allows you to switch to and between the linkgun and the flakcannon. - added configurable option bShowMessageText to TeamVoicePack, controls whether text of non-taunt voice messages is shown. To change this value from its default of true, add the following lines to your user.ini file: [UnrealGame.TeamVoicePack] bShowMessageText=false [b]HUD/Menus:[/b] - added in-game personal stats (bound to F3) - Added Server Info which includes MOTD and Rules (bound to F2) - Added In-Game Chat Client (Similar to IRC) - made team section of HUD scaleable - Mouse acceleration threshold now in the menus - FOV settings 80 to 100 in menu - FOV defaults to 85, set it to 90 to feel more like UT - Press f10 to cancel added to connect message - "Blob shadows" option added to menus - Change "corrupted connection detected" to "incompatible game files" - Add name of weapon you are switching to to hud - Fixed DisplayProgressMessages to only show MOTD once - Added color codes to text messages - Fixed MOTD to be able to handle more than 4 lines - Add up/down key history to IRC input - Allow double-clicking 'unreal://' and 'http://' URLs in IRC chat. - Add colour to IRC (nicknames, join/leave messages, links etc.). - Ctrl-C in server browser copies selected server URL - Extra game-type tabs created automatically for installed game types (from .int file). - Add extra fields to server browser filter - 'dont want this mutator', translocator, weaponstay. - fixed blue team preference not being saved - added configurable HUD option to not display enemy names under your crosshair HUDbDeathMatch.bNoEnemyNames [b]AI:[/b] - fixed bot aiming link shaft at crouched opponent - BR AI improvements - CTF AI improvements - improved skyline bot AI - improved bot use of ion cannon [b]Networking:[/b] - make sure ClientNetSpeed can't get set to 0 - improved client ping measurement - fixed client location synchronization problem that could happen when you fell out of a crouching height only area - fixed bug where lost ability to fire - fixed weapon idle animations on net clients - fixed GetLocalPlayerController() on net clients - fixed BR-Skyline airship in netplay - improved smoothness for high ping clients - fixed minplayers+stats coexistence - admins can pause net games - fixed combo effects showing up in net games - *really* fixed redeemer firing bug - Fixed bug that caused garbage collection not to occur between level changes - Gamestats class is now configurable via ini - Security actor is now configurable via ini - Add ClientReplaceMenu in Playercontroller - Added Admin command NextMap - Applied fix for bug where some string checking in Web admin failed - Fix bug in Web admin that causes "WebAdmin:" to appear twice - Added security level checks to web admin's ServerChangeMap - Applied fix for linux Web Admin regard hard-coded IP addresses - Applied fix for Admin kicking via XAdmin - Closed security hole where admins could look/set security info - reduced ConnectionTimeout to 15 seconds - allow players to enter as spectators in games with maxlives>0 that have already started - replicate weapon reload sounds - allow admins and spectators to use behindview [b]Mod support:[/b] - added ModifyVelocity() event to Pawn, to allow mods to modify physics behavior - its called by the physics code after the velocity is updated, but before it affects the Pawn's location. - added mutate() replicated function for use by mutators - fixed teamgame ReduceDamage() allows mutators to override even if instigator==None - added skeleton option to .upl player descriptions (for user created models with different skeletons) - Add -MainMenu= command line param - Fixed several internal hardcoded menu links - Fixed GUIController to always use the ini set MainMenuClass - Propagate LevelChange() through the interaction and gui system - Add MutatorFillPlayInfo to allow mutators to add web admin settings - Added bContactingLevel output variable to KarmaParamsCollision. - fixed umod installer [b]Engine:[/b] - Memory leak fixes: Explicitly destroy KarmaParams in Actor::PostScriptDestroy, and - 'new' KarmaParamsSkel instead of using BeginObject - Fix for crash with per-tri karma collision with static meshes with no collision data [b]D3D/OpenGL:[/b] - fixed z- pixel fog and favored it over vertex fog - worked around vertex fog driver bug on ATI cards - added workarounds for S3 cards like the Savage 4 - added OverrideDesktopRefreshRate option (defaults to false) [b]Audio:[/b] - fixed occlusion if EAX 3.0 is enabled - play own footstep sounds with weaponbob false unless set [UnrealGame.UnrealPawn] bPlayOwnFootSteps=false in user.ini - more sound prioritization improvements




Updated Direct3D Driver

ut2003-d3ddrv-110702.zip | 111.52 KB

fixes a bug in conjunction with z- pixel fog and works around a driver bug with vertex range fog on ATI cards which should fix the \"brownout bug\" in e.g. CTF-Face3. These fixes will be included in the next patch.[/quote]




Unreal Tournament 2003 Linux Retail Patch 2186

ut2003lnx_full2186.sh.bin | 2.7 MB

you need for a dedicated linux server.

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