Warcraft III




Pyramid Escape

27pyramidescapev3_2.w3x | 743.19 KB





ninja duels advanced 2.2

ninja_duels_advanced_2.2.w3x | 1.25 MB

[hidden="Changelog"] version 1.1 added -ma , -repick updated team victory system fixed bugs version 2.0 added random on hero selection added 2 new arenas rebalanced units remade blink ability fixed bugs version 2.1 added sand ninja added text tags to hero selection and blood thirst ability added game mod and team players detector changed blood ninja model added team glow to stealth ninja added -cam , -mana rebalanced spells remade hide in shadow ability fixed bugs version 2.2 fixed dialog system added (restart) in the end of the game and fixed team victory fixed bugs [/hidden] [hidden="Map info"] ** hero and arena selection system with arrow keys . ** revive system will revive the ninja in a safe place away from enemies , so you don't get killed when you revive. ** custom teams that can be set by the host from inside the game , so it can be more than 2 teams . ** in teams mode the game will end when team kills reach the max kills limit. team kills is the sum of the kills of all the players in that team. **ninjas in the same team cant attack each other. **map arenas : 1)Felwood 2)Outland 3)northrend ** ninja classes : Sand Ninja (new ninja concept) Blood Ninja (new ninja concept). Undead Ninja (new ninja concept). Fighter Ninja. Stealth Ninja. Trickster Ninja. Counter Ninja . ** Blood Ninja spells : 1) Vampire Form : The blood ninja will transform into a vampire that moves faster ignoring every thing in it's way . Level 1 : +20% ms .Lasts 10 seconds. Level 2 : +40% ms .Lasts 14 seconds. Level 3 : + 60% ms .Lasts 18 seconds. ** this ability make the ninja ignore path types , so he can walk through trees and walk over cliffs . 2) Blood Seeker : Show all ninjas in the map . Level 1 : for 1 second Level 2 : for 2 second Level 3 : for 3 second 3) Blood Thirst : Level 1 : gives 1 hp every 3 kills. Level 2 : gives 1 hp every 2 kills. Level 3 : gives 1 hp every 1 kill. Max hp is 5 ** hp will get back to 1 and kills counter for the spell will get back to 0 when the ninja dies . ** Undead Ninja spells : 1) Dark Hook : Launches a dark hook which will grab the first unit which comes in range of the hook head and Will stun the hooked ninja. Level 1 : stun for 1 second. Level 2 : stun for 2 second. Level 3 : stun for 3 second. ** Range and speed will increase with each level 2) Falling Sword : 3) Act Dead : Fools the enemy by acting dead . Level 1 : become invisible for 5 seconds , -50% move speed and dodge an attack Level 2 : become invisible for 7 seconds , -30% move speed and dodge an attack Level 3 : become invisible for 9 seconds , -10% move speed and dodge an attack ** enemy ninjas will see an image of the undead ninja dies making them think that you are dead . ** Spells in the original ninja duels that have been changed : 1) Falling Sword : now the ninja can jump over cliffs and trees , using a safety system that wont let him get out of the arena . 2) Mirror Image : now the ninja becomes invisible and make an illusion in the ninja's place , enemy ninjas wont even notice that you have casted the spell . 3) Hide In Tree : now the spell can be triggered by hotkey or right click on a tree , and making the ninja invisible not changing his color like old ninja duels maps . 4) Throw Shuriken : now the Shuriken will keep moving even if it hits a ninja , targeting all ninjas in its way and will stop when reach the range limit. 5) Homing Shuriken : the Shuriken will follow it's target and now it kills all ninjas in it's way . 6) blink : now the ninja wont be able to blink in buggy places of the arena . 7) hide in shadow : now the spell is casted and not auto activated when stealth ninja stop's. ** and rebalanced other original spells . ** Hot keys : Z X C V F . ** game commands : -repick : will allow you to repick your ninja , works only one time and in the 1st 10 minutes of the game. -ma : will show you what have other players picked. -cam : lock and unlock the camera on your ninja. -mana : host set the max mana for all ninjas. [/hidden]




Counter Strike Assault

cs_assault_1.2.2.w3x | 793.92 KB

hunt them down. Battle it out for the best of 10 rounds and see who is crowned champion! This game is quite unlike many that I have played in the past. It has all new weapons such as guns and knives and tests your abilities for both teams. If you choose to be a terrorist fight your way through the maze of passageways and dead ends to hunt down the hostages. If you choose to be a counter terrorist you will risk life and limb to protect the innocent civilians! Counter Strike




Pyramid Escape

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Pyramid Escape

pyramidescapev3_1.w3x | 724.08 KB

Runes - The Overgrowth - Tower Walkway




Tom and Jerry 2011

tom_and_jerry_2011_v1.8.w3x | 744.54 KB

you chose from 6 different cats.You need to build base, harvest cheese and lumber, hunt all enemy mouse and kill them. When all mouse are dead you win the game. If you get killed you can revive in your main building for cost of some gold and lumber.You lose if all players from your team are dead. Jerry\'s team: You start game like 1 mouse, you need to make base quickly and surround it with barricades so cat cant reach you. Then you need to harvest cheese and lumber, make strong army and kill all cats.Remember cat can revive, so it is the best to destroy cat\'s main building. If you get killed your friends can save you by attacking cage where you will be captured.Cage is always located in center of map. Shops: 4 shops with very useful items are located at the center of the map. Some stronger items from this shops can turn game in you advantage. Credits: Special Credits go to: Lotor.t, Djordje99 and Misha Model and icon creators: D.O.G, KelThuzad, Bigapple 90, Callahan, Anachron, 67 chrome, NFWar, General Frank and Maxor_gun. This map is protected!




Mortal Kombat Tag 0.4

mortal_kombat_tag_0.4.w3x | 3.43 MB




Grand Battle v2.01 AI

grand_battle_v2.01.zip | 1.01 MB

for all who is better. Type: Hero Arena Map Size: 128x128 Suggested Players: 2v2,2v2v2,2v2v2v2, AI Credits inside the map (F9).




Uther Party Ultima

8_uther_party_vultimav.w3x | 284.62 KB

person in first will receive more points than the other players getting second, third, ect. The player who receives first place will be given the ability to pick mini games for everyone else for some post game grudge matches. Uther Party has been famous on Battle Net, and for good reason. The mini games are original and fun. Such favorites include: Red light, green light, Find the Shimmerweed, Drink and Bow, and many more. The whole list of all the mini games would literally be too big for this description! See for yourself why Uther Party is so popular.




Mario Party

mario_party_v1.16.w3x | 558.63 KB

will play out in the order which they were picked. After each mini game, a winner will be picked. Depending on what place the player comes it, the more points the player receives. At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins. Mini games include racing with boats, dodge ball, shooting pigs, feeding a hungry abomination, and many more. Each game is unique and fun. It's great to play with friends to see who is the "party king". Get your party on now!




Peon Olympics

8peonolympics.w3x | 84.76 KB

to complete all events wins! Try this map and see why its one of the most popular battle net games around! This mini game is unlike ones that I have tried in the past, it requires quick thinking and a quick hand on your mouse. See if you can beat your 8 opponents through all sorts of events such as rock smashing, lumber and gold harvest, and tons more events to test your Warcaft 3 skills. Good luck to all who try this, you WILL need it! Game on!!!!




Ice Festival

icefestival2.3a.w3x | 1.11 MB

to play 4, 8 or 12 games, and the winner will be able to choose half as many free games after that. There are currently 24 games in the pool of minigames, and all follow the ice theme. There are no filler games, they are all supposed to be fun! Many of them are also very unique from what you\'ve seen in other maps. [b]Some of the changes in this version include:[/b] All games are not icy Games that couldn\'t be made icy have been replaced with similar ones. New cinematic when the game is finished New minimap preview (again) vLonger description texts before games Refer to the readme for more information.




Ice Festival

icefestival2.1d_beta.zip | 1.42 MB

sure....you won't be bored playing this! Ice Festival will allow you to compete against other players in different minigames. You will have the option to choose to play 4, 8 or 12 games, and the winner will be able to choose half as many free games after that. There are currently 22 games in the pool of minigames, and most of them follow the ice theme. There are no filler games, they are all supposed to be fun! They're also very unique from what you've seen in other maps. Refer to the readme for more information.




Heroic Arena

heroic_arena_gurubashi_arena_2v2.zip | 428.87 KB

developer has stated that this version has been thoroughly tested, and is 100% bug free; In order to be able to play this mini-game, there must be four players ready to join, if you start with less than four players, the game will automatically close. Get your [i]game playing[/i] strategy skills ready, once you are in this Heroic Arena, you will have to put your cunning, planning & tactics abilities as well as some great team effort to use in order to be victorious, and walk away with bragging rights. Refer to the readme for additional information.




The Dalaran Games

4thedalarangamesv2.zip | 4.86 MB

monitor as you do battle with your enemies and make tough decisions--such as who to ally with, all the while keeping your eyes peeled for other surprises that the developer has left for you. As choice is a great thing to have, JosephHolley has made it part of this game...there are four different types of arena gameplay available to you to choose from: [*]Defense [*]Capture-the-artifact [*]Team offense [*]All-out-melee You will also have the opportunity to buy potions, scrolls, wands and more; Spicing things up is always fun, so changing alliances and other surprises will keep you on your toes! This map also comes with ten minutes of Cinematics/Tutorials, which you are able to skip, if you wish. [b]Some of the changes in this version include:[/b] Diamonds phase completely rehauled: maze is gone, new capture-the-flag gametype implemented. One minute trips to town put between phases 1&2 and 2&3 so players can buy items. Major hero revamps: selection narrowed to four units, abilities tweaked, new ’summon units’ abilities available. Eye of Sargeras now features a much more prominent roll in the story. Hearts phase arena changed significantly. Added meteor strikes and rune explosions to break up the gameplay. Players now always begin town phases in the area North of the arena (nearer to merchants). Path connecting the Northern and Southern parts of the map closed. Merchant in the Southern part of the map moved to the Northern part. Various small bug-fixes. Refer to the readme for additional information.




The Dalaran Games

4thedalarangames.zip | 4.38 MB

you do battle with your enemies and make tough decisions--such as who to ally with, all the while keeping your eyes peeled for other surprises that the developer has left for you. Once your hero selection has been made, you will be on your way to enjoying four different types of arena gameplay; These will include: [*]Protecting buildings from your enemies [*]Running a maze [*]All-out melee You will also have the opportunity to buy potions, scrolls, wands and more! This map also comes with ten minutes odf cinematics, which you are able to skip, if you wish. Refer to the readme for more information.




Micro Battle Arena

8micro_battle_arena_v1.1.zip | 637.82 KB

your time with this...be sure to choose correctly, move on to your spawn unit and finish up all the hard work of making decisions with the selection of your hero; Now that this has been completed, it\'s time to battle it out in four rounds of magic and mayhem! In between fighting for your survival and bathroom breaks, you can checkout the many items that are available to purchase, and enjoy the highly variable gameplay with a variety of game options! Some of the features that will be found in this game are: 4 upgradable races 16 heroes 12 unique spawn units Includes (almost) fully working AI Will you walk away with bragging rights?




Pudge Wars

pudgewars.32.zip | 116.75 KB

triggers for it himself. A fun game, definately worth the price of a free download! Download and enjoy!




Footman Wars: Ladies Night

footmanwarsladiesnight.zip | 4.09 MB

bounty to upgrade your units. Upgrades are available at your tavern. -The object of the game is to destroy all enemy taverns. -Use upgrades to strengthen your units. There are 30 upgrades per type. -Use your hero to capture circles of power. Who ever owns a circle of power will spawn ranged units. -Players can swap the circle freely, so be sure to allow your allies to take possession of it once in a while. -Circles of Power can only be captured by heroes. -Those with the same shield type as your Drunk Chicks are your allies. This is not the case with Off-Duty Soldiers. -Towers heal 50 HP with every kill. -Towers can be upgraded twice each. -All heroes can summon Harem Girls. Each hero spawns 3 when they die. Heroes respawn at their taverns after 90 seconds. -Falling too far behind your enemies? You can hunt down neutral enemies in the city for good money. Police Women respawn at random areas of the city after death. However, this is not the case if they are mind controlled. -Have more units then you could ever need and want to reduce lag? Send extra units to the jails in the corners for additional gold. -On your last leg and surrounded? Waitresses can put up a great fight when your army has been decimated. -As research levels get high, you may need to buy items to keep your hero up to par with your units. -All heroes can summon Heram Girls at start, but when a hero reaches level 15 (max level) he/she can then also summon Body Guards. -In a full-house game, every 5 minutes the two players who are the lowest on the leaderboard will receive donations of 1000 gold from the city citizens (out of pity ^_^). -Max unit limit per player is 150. -Good luck and have FUN!




Grand Canyon

5_grand_canyon.zip | 172.49 KB




Azeroth GrandPrix

8azerothgrandprix.zip | 1.78 MB

mightiest of combatants with its no-rules-barred arena.




Flag Tag

flag_tag_11.4.zip | 51.77 KB

of all CTF is based more on strategy than it is on stealth and speed. The Flag Tag map is very small instead of large allowing more exitement and running for your life!. The second difference is that in capture the flag a runner may be able to take out one or two people even if hes standing right next to thier flag! the concept of this is completely changed in flag tag. In flag tag you are seperated by a nuetral zone where noone can tag anyone. crossing this border makes you vulnerable, one wrong move could put you in jail (I'll get to that now). There are two reasons to go to the other side. A to get the flag and B to rescue your fallen (jailed) teammates. Flag Tag forces you regardless the danger to go for it. This means less camping and more action! This leads to the third reason making this all the more exciting. When your teamate is jailed killed in CTF he is auto revived. In Flag Tag if you are killled you are jailed. The jail is on the other teams side so you'll have to run for it to get there. The jail concept also puts more focus on teamwork. A team that can't work together will lose all its players as they one by one march in and are killed going for the flag. A well organized focused team will stage diversions, assign jobs and balance priorities(such as "is it worth risking the heavily guarded jail for two people or go for the unguarded flag"). This unique formula takes the boring sitting around out of CTF. I hope everyone finds this game fun and interesting. from the last version I added better music. I also fixed a music glitch that made the music play over itself. If you want to edit this map I'm fine with it as long as you keep my name on the title screen (anywhere). I'm extremely proud of this map so please, if you change it do a complete job and make sure you say it WAS edited. I hope everyone can enjoy this fast paced exciting game!




The Weakest Link

the_weakest_link_v1.0.zip | 849.16 KB

round by round proving each time you are not The Weakest Link. Enjoy more than 700 different sounds from your favorite Warcraft III characters, authentic sounds from the actual Weakest Link game show, 2 difficulty modes, and more... How To Play - Listen to the sound when it is played, then click on the unit you think made that sound. - Each response is worth up to 3 points if you can answer correctly on the first try. - Type \"-repeat\" to have the sound repeated. - Wrong answers subtract 1 point from the potential 3 points you could earn from each sound. - There is no penalty for not answering at all. Rules - Every 5 rounds one person is declared The Weakest Link. - If there is a tie, the player with the most wrong answers is The Weakest Link. - If the tied players have the same number of wrong answers, they will play Sudden Death to determine who is The Weakest Link. - If a winner has not been found after 5 rounds of Sudden Death, one players will be randomly declared The Weakest Link. Difficulty Normal Mode - All 710 sounds are available to be played at random. Expert Mode - Only the harder sounds are played.





dominatorsv11.01.zip | 243.7 KB

dont happen to have a full house. Definently download worthy.




Evolution Tower Defense

evolutiontdv1.0.zip | 526.55 KB

origin of the species. Download if you want to play a tower defense and learn some stuff. However if you are very religous, this will most likely offend you.




Egg Hunt

8funnybunnysegghunt.zip | 2.91 MB

Players: 4 to 8 Size: Medium Tileset: Lordaeron Summer




Sheep Tag Behh Edition

sheeptag_8.3_be.zip | 62.25 KB

because the shepards are a lot faster than the sheep so the sheep will have to just build walls of farms and try to outwit the shepards. Download if youre into tag games.




Worldcup of Warcraft

wow1.1.zip | 903.68 KB

for almost an hour with comps this is so fun, and with people it should be even better because the comps are programmed to act like people who know what they are doing, but with clumsy players, this map should give you a laugh or two. I recommend this map to everybody, since anybody can play it and have fun.




Worldcup of Warcraft

worldcup_of_warcraft.zip | 859.51 KB

compare it to, but this map is very fun and it even has a custom skin for the soccerball. This map is the first good soccer map for WC3, so GET IT NOW!!!

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