Warcraft III




Ultimatum XP Deathmatch

download.zip | 2.39 MB

Melee attack X- Booster C- Repair for 100 gold Weapons are in your inventory




Ivan's Crossing

ivans_crossingnew.w3x | 684.02 KB

players) and "The Forces of Light" ( 2 Night Elf, 1 Human players) dish it out with the structures and units already added in for the players. Kinda takes the fun out of building your own forces, but it's cool. Although everything is laid out nicely and balanced for each side, the heroes that given to players however, is not. Some heroes, are unbalanced against others, which ruins the game since one hero can come in and stomp others. On the bright side however, it does have AI added in, so if you feel lonely, you can skirmish with them. Other than the things listed, it has what you can expect of a modified melee map. Interested? Get to it!




World Of Warcraft

world_of_warcraft_v1.4d.w3x | 233.19 KB

real WoW game - Level Cap at level 60 - PvP and Non-PvP on the same map - Plus Much More! V1.4d - A few minor terrain improvements. - A few bug fixes. - Custom models removed. It wasn\'t worth such a dramatic increase in map size so that these custom models could be occasionally viewed in \'some\' games.




Murgul Oasis

8extraraces1.6murguloasis.w3x | 492.48 KB

melee) Night Elf Sentinels (same as standard melee) Burning Legion Draenei Refugees Forsaken Cabal Naga Covenant Stonemason Union Bloodscalp Tribe Elemental Force Pandaren Empire




Bigger is Better

ww3_bigger_is_better_v1.1.zip | 7.88 MB

count...allowing unlimited units. It is freeform, and there is no one way to win. The gameplay and concepts are simple, but the most amazing and original part is the zoom-camera map expansion. By proportionally shrinking every buildable unit and zooming in on the map, The developer has more than tripled the maximum space on a WC3 map.




The Battle for America

the_battle_for_america_1.6_creepless.rar | 371.47 KB

Lakes regions. Ally whatever country you want to or declare war on other countries. It\'s your choice.




The Battle for America

thebattleforamerica13.zip | 350.75 KB

U.S.A, or Native Americans. Did I mention the map was huge? Because it is. Since this map is in a beta state, there are some issues that came up. The first thing I noticed is that you cannot ally with other nations; it's pretty much a free-for-all. There are also creeps inhabiting the map which are at fairly high levels. In this kind of game, I didn't expect them.




Footmen Frenzy 4.0

footmen_frezny_4.0.zip | 108.62 KB

Map you pick your hero and spawn units to fight against your enemies in hope of leveling your hero before the others. With a well picked hero and a decise strategy you will be sure to rule all of Battle.net in no time....




Undead Assault

undead_assault.zip | 83.82 KB




Base Gates

base_gates_v0.78beta.zip | 113.01 KB

Towers, The fact that the items get's better during the game.




Base Gates

base_gates_v0.72beta.zip | 111.29 KB

gets damaged and you open and close it, its health gets reset, then again, I suppose thats like repairing it. Computers will not work with this map, so only download if youve got 3 other people to play with you.




LotR: The Ring Wars

ringwars_beta_19.zip | 3.63 MB

general now, which means no more barren places of the map, but that also means computer requirements have shot up. DO NOT play this map if your computer has anything less than 512 ram, or else your computer will choke on all the stuff. You should also consider not playing this map if you have a 56k modem, as you will lag like crap when the massive amounts of units get to moving or fighting. That aside, this is one of the best maps ever made, GET IT.




The Simaria Forest

4the_simaria_forest.zip | 112.8 KB




Footmen Frenzy River Crossing

footmenfrenzyrivercrossingv12.5.zip | 126.82 KB

obsolete. The map is pretty fun to play, especially with the death sheep hero :p. Download if youre into mass unit games.




Creep Wars

creepwarstftrelease11.1protected.zip | 373.64 KB

bosses. Pretty good map, very detailed in terrain so you wont think its bland or that no work was put into it.




The Capital

thecapital.zip | 352.33 KB

map also has 2 additional neutral heros you can get (if you can get past all the creeps guarding the taverns) which are great, except for the fact that you can get lots of them because the map dosent count them towards your 3 hero max. Great map if youre looking to take on a giant city full of creeps, but if youre looking to just fight another player, better stay away from this one.




LotR: The Ring Wars

lotrringwars.zip | 3.38 MB

previous versions is that all the bugs have been fixed. Some spells have also changed, such as the nazgul's darkness wave has had damage reduced, and grima's poison knife thing now is a whole lot more powerful and will kill some heros if the hero isnt healed. If you want this polished version of Ring Wars (and you really should) get this now.




Naval - Black Citadel

4blackcitadel.zip | 87.98 KB

Shipyards was added to all four races. In this series, however, the ships seem to be the only addition, unlike Sea Battle's 25+ additions. FINAL WORDS: Simple changes made to a melee map to add more playability. RECOMMENDATION: Download this map only if you always wanted to fight with an emphasis on ships. -KillR NOTE: Screenshots Coming Soon




Sea Battles

sea_battles_v.02.zip | 171.11 KB

played the actual melee game, we found that the only actual ships are Transports purchased at shipyards scattered about the map. This is where Sea Battle's first change takes place; the ability to build ships and harbors. You can build Transports, Frigates, and Destroyers, all build in the Warcraft style, not hired. Also, to be able to build the harbor and additional buildings and units, an Advanced Worker is required. This leads to the first problem; in order to access anything new, you must play as the Humans. This means no fierce Human vs. Orc Sea Battles. Despite this, you get access to such buildings as walls, observatories, vaults, and elven barracks. You also get access to units like Archers, Swordsmen, Pack Horses, Explosive Horses, Pheonix's, etc. Another good point here is that the food limit has been raised to 200. This allows large scale battles across land and air. The bad part here, or good, depending on how you look at it, is that there is no food for ships. This means an unlimited amount of sea battles, but may cause lag. Another flaw is that the Archer uses Night Elf upgrades. Since these upgrades require upgraded Trees of Life, you can only research the first level. Finally, every gold mine has its gold amount increased to an immense amount of gold. This means the action can go on for hours! FINAL WORDS: A map that falls into the medium category, due to its flaws, but otherwise has a good concept. RECOMMENDATION: Download this map only if you like to have additional units, and the ability to build navies. -KillR




Conquest of the Farland Islands

farland_islands.zip | 2.29 MB

realistic. What happens to the lumber and gold from there? Conquest of the Farland Islands creates a completely new way of resource gathering, one that will hopefully catch on. You begin the game in a port with only a boat. All you have is a magic harbor in a box, 3 picks, a sword, and ship plating. You then move out to find an island to claim as your own. When you build you harbor, you gain access to 3 villagers and a pack horse. Then comes the first new step. The villagers can't do anything, but when given a pick, become a peasant, or when given a sword, a footman. This is where the second new step comes in. After you build a lumber mill and start cutting wood, you're lumber will increase. This lumber is standard lumber, and can be used to build things. However, if you place a peasant into the lumber mill, you start producing Lumber as Items, so it can be loaded onto a ship. The ship can return to one of two ports, where you then recieve payment for it. Ore works the same way, expect you must buy a mine. Then the Ore can be used to make items such as picks and swords, or be sold. Another new idea implemented here is that when you kill any Naga, they become slaves for you, or you can purchase them. Here lies the first problem; the slaves can't build, but can only work. And another problem; to receive villagers, you must wait until 12 o'clock game time, and you recieve them based on how many houses you have. If you currently have more food than you can support, then you don't receive any villagers. Another problem is when you enter a port with Ship armor or Ship weapons, you have to sell them when you enter. Another point is that the map is small, and when you're playing with eight people, leaves little room for expansion. And the final problem I'm gonna mention is lack of items. The only items in the map are portions of a treasure map. The treasure map is one of three ways to win, but are very hard to find, especially with eight players at one time. KillR's Final Words: A good, balanced map that shows new meaning to resource gathering and unit training. KillR's Recommendation: I strongly suggest downloaded this map. It is one of the most inovatative and immersive maps available for Warcraft 3 these days. -KillR NOTE: Screenshots coming shortly.




Battle Arena

battle_arena.zip | 50.68 KB

were some shops or a tavern or maybe even some mercenaries to hire because just making a bunch of units and throwing them at the enemy does get a little dull without shops or mercs to spice it up a bit. But this is the map makers first attempt so I\'ll give it a decent grade in the hopes something better will come.




LotR: The Ring Wars

lotr-the_ringwars_beta16.zip | 1.53 MB

of changing a lot of stats, so the gameplay is practically unchanged from Beta15, except that the Nazgul get back Minas Morgul, since a lot of games ended after Mordor ended due to the evil sides heavy dependence on that player. But the thing you'll be oooing and aahing at are all the new models and skins! And there are a LOT more custom models and skins now, hence the whopping size of 1.5 MB now. Basically all the fellowship have custom skins (with the exception of Legolas, the Shandris skin suits him perfectly :D ) some better than others, but when I saw them ingame I must've spent at least 10 minutes just gawking at the Fellowship's new skins. There are more skins, of course, so you'll have plenty of eye candy to look at while playing. Note of caution: This map is very unfriendly to slow computers as well as 56k modems. If you have a computer that barely meets the WC3 requirements and a 56k modem, I'd advise you not to play this map on battle.net for your sake and the sake of other players.

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