Warcraft III




Warcraft III Model Editor By Magos

warcraft_iii_model_editor_v1.07.zip | 2.87 MB

texture formats *.bmp, *.tga, *.png, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.pcx and *.blp Can import other model formats (importers stored in DLLs) Ability to convert between the model formats Ability to convert between the texture formats MPQ Browser (very fast loading) Support for custom listfiles Support for custom MPQ filters & icons Extras Loading Screen Creator A tool to create colored text for Warcraft 3 Supported Importers md2 (Quake 2) ms3d (Milkshape) Not Yet Implemented Geoset Editor Rendering Ribbon Emitters War3 Model Editor is as the name suggests a Model Viewer and a Model Editor dedicated to Warcraft 3. It supports both loading and saving of *.mdl and *.mdx model formats which are used in Warcraft 3. It also supports *.bmp,*.tga, *.png, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.pcx and *.blp texture formats. *.blp is another format used in Warcraft 3 and was created by Blizzard Entertainment. You can register the supported extentions with this program so you just have to double-click the file to make it open automatically in this program. If you don't want to register the extentions you can at least register an "Open With" command added to when you right-click on a file. There is a buildt-in MPQ Browser that allows you to browse any MPQ archive, which also includes Warcraft 3 map files (*.w3m and *w3x). There are quick links to the standard Warcraft 3 MPQ's so you don't have to spend time browsing your filesystem in search for them. The MPQ Browser has been optimized for speed and is very fast to load and use. The Browser uses filters to filter out certain filetypes to help you find the files you're looking for more easily. The Browser is customizable so you can add/remove your own icons and filters. All files in the browser can be exported and the supported types can be opened into the Editor directly from the browser. Certain MPQ archives lacks a listfile which is required to see its contents. The MPQ Browser solves this by allowing custom listfiles to be used. Don't expect this program to be in the same league as 3DStudio or the other leading commercial products. It was created as a simple (and free) alternative!




War3 Sh4peshifter

war3_sh4peshifter.zip | 1.21 MB

back to the beta models of units if you want.




Power MPQ

powermpq_v1.1.zip | 251.52 KB




Power MPQ

powermpq.zip | 220.72 KB

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