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Smart Buff | 150.91 KB

it. Use the options menu to configure it you like, as example: buffs, raid subgroups, pets, etc. Run the mod when ever you wish, if nothing is buffed, there is no penalty or cool down. - Features - · Supports all classes · Supports all clients · Checks buffs and rebuff you, raid/party members, raid/party pets · Setup your own buff templates (Solo, Party, Raid, Battleground, MC, Ony, BWL, AQ, ZG, Custom 1-5) · Auto switch templates · Individual setup for each buff · Supports group buffs: 'Gift of the Wild'/'Arcane Brilliance'/'Prayer of Fortitude'/'Prayer of Spirit', incl. group size and reagence check · Supports class buffs: all greater blessings of the Paladin · Supports self buffs · Supports weapon buffs (individual for main and off hand): Shaman, all poisons (Rogue), all stones and oils, incl. reagence check · Supports character level based buffs · Supports tracking abilities · Reminder if a buff is missing (Splash/chat/sound) · ReBuff Timer · Scrollwhell or only one key is needed · Fast and easy to use · FuBar support · Titan Panel support - Usage - Minimapbutton: Left click: opens SmartBuff options frame Right click: enables/disables SmartBuff Alt-Left click: SmartDebuff Shift-Left click: move minimap button - Chat - Type /sbm for options menu in game Type /sb [command] or /smartbuff [command] in game - cast buff toggle - Toggles SmartBuff On/Off menu - Show/hide options menu rbt - reset buff timers sdb - SmartDebuff sync - synchronizes the buff time left with the UI rafp - reset all frame positions - Options frame - Right click on buff checkbox: opens buff setup frame




Tank Helper | 72.24 KB

chance to will be hit crushing - total avoidance - mitigation through armor what to come: --------------------------------------- - major cosmetic changes - buff(BS/CS)- and debuff(DS/TC/SA)-tracking - monitoring of "oh-****"-buttons such as SW, LS, trinkets and pots installation: --------------------------------------- as most wow-addons simply copy the folder "TankHelper" in your 'world-of-warcraftinterfaceaddons folder' and activate in the addons-menu. how to use: --------------------------------------- at the moment quite simple :) just type "/th" or "/tankhelper" in your console window is drag'n'drop-able




LockPickingSkill | 11.83 KB

the needed skill. So, it works on looted containers (eg Thorium Lockbox), fished containers (eg Battered Chest), and pickpocketed containers (eg Sturdy Junkbox) If you are a rogue, it will tell you :- what the minimum skill needed is, what your current skill is, whether you can unlock the box. If you are not a rogue, it will tell you how skilled the rogue you ask for help must be, or what skeleton key could be used instead of using a rogue. At the moment, it works on :- * containers already in your backpack * containers that you see in the chat channels (eg \'Looking for Rogue to open [Mithril Lockbox]\') (You must click on the container in the chat channel to see the skill data) * containers in your loot window, whilst you are looting them

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