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List: -Chatter -ButttonFacade -ButttonFacade_Sleek -DBM -Dominos -Gladius -OmniCC _Quartz -Recount -RemoveDefaultRaidFrames -SatrinaBuffFrames -SexyMap -XPerl




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complete rewrite of PoeticDragon\'s Aspected mod in order to work with the 2.0.1 patch of WoW. Notes * Regarding CT_BottomBar, that addon is coded to hide the \'Class Bar\' if the character\'s class is not a rogue, warrior, or druid. To make the Aspected bar visible by default on hunters (or shaman or priests), edit CT_BottomBar_Addons.lua, search for \'WARRIOR\', and add the string \'[\'HUNTER\'] = true,\' before the \'}\'. Please make a copy of this file before changing, in case you need to undo the change. This change is known to work with CT_BottomBar version 2.0. * Versions of Aspected Again prior to remapped the keybindings to the ShapeshiftButtons. Starting with, this behavior has changed. If you are upgrading from an older version of Aspected Again, please go to the key bindings in-game and make sure \'Special Action Button 1\' through \'Special Action Button 10\' are bound correctly. The default bindings for these actions are CTRL-F1 through CTRL-F10. * Regarding Bartender3, the Aspected buttons won\'t appear when you log in unless you reload the UI in-game using \'/console reloadui\'. Annoying, I know. Version History * Changed binding functionality to use override bindings instead of remapping the existing shapeshiftbutton keybinds. * Fixed to work with CT_BottomBar (see note above) and Bartender3 (see note above). * Added localization for French and German clients. * Fixed to work with MoveAnything. * Fixed a bug in determining the order of the spells to assign. * Fixed a bug displaying the pet bar if only one MultiBar is on. * Fixed a bug passing the wrong argument to Aspected_GetShapeshiftInfo(). * Fixed a bug with determining the proper spell rank of spells. * Fixed a bug that caused the pet action bar to get shifted down when clicked. * Fixed to work with Bongos UI. * Removed that ugly gray thing in the background. * Initial Release.




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better. It uses predefined attribute weights calculated by Arcazua on TKASomething, but you can easily modify the values it uses to suit your own needs. Green text indicates points gained from enchants. White text indicates points gained from gems and gem bonuses. Sets bonuses are displayed on a second line. /haep to update weights Default Attribute Weights Agi - 10 points Int - 5 points AP - 6 points CR - 8 points HR - 13 points MP5 - 20 points Thanks Arcazua on TKASomething for formulas lythrdskynrd, Nazkur on TKASomething for testing and feedback Jubei\'s Mod for original inspiration Jerry from ACE Mods for ItemBonusLib and support

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