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PoisonSwapper | 29.66 KB

than 5 seconds remaining. This allows you to use a damage poison, like Wound or Instant as is appropriate to your spec in order to achieve maximum throughput. Developed by; Antiarc




Sabella | 2.67 MB

based on. Inspired from HolyHope Sabella 3.00 utilizes an extra sphere for nothing but poison related actions. I (Isognomy) really hope that everyone enjoys this new build. I worked for quite awhile on it and am very excited about releasing it to the public. Due to major changes, please remove the following folders in your InterfaceAddons Directory; Sabella, SabellaOptions, and SphereLoader. I hope everyone enjoys this build and am looking forward to your feedback! I\'d like to give a big thanks to my bro Scotsclan for doing the Isognomy logo in the middle of Sabellas primary sphere. Sabella is split into 3 mods. Sabella - The primary sphere SabellaOptions - Options dialog SabellaPoisons - The secondary poison sphere SphereLoader - Load sphere addons based on class To Install : Extract all the contents of the .zip/.rar file to \'Your WoW DirectoryInterfaceAddons\'. Run WoW and enjoy. Use of Sabella 3.00 ------------------- Primary Sphere => Configurable Left/Right click abilities => View tooltips about what\'s in your bag => See current lockpicking skill Poisons Sphere => View tooltips about what poisons are in your bag => See current poison skill Sphere Circle => Energy => Health => Experience Sphere Text => Combo Points => Health => Energy Buttons => Potions/Healthstones (Right/Left click to use) => Food (basic)/Food (cooking/buffs) (Right/Left click to use) => Thistle Tea (Right click to use) => Bandages/BG Bandages (Right/Left click to use) => Hearthstone/Mount/Flying Mount (Right/Left click to use) => Stealth Menu (Left click to open) => Configurable action button 1 (Right/Left click to use) => Configurable action button 2 (Right/Left click to use) => Configurable action button 3 (Right/Left click to use) => Instant Poison (Right/Left click to use; only on Poisons sphere) => Crippling Poison (Right/Left click to use) => Deadly Poison (Right/Left click to use; only on Poisons sphere) => Mind-numbing Poison (Right/Left click to use; only on Poisons sphere) => Wound Poison (Right/Left click to use; only on Poisons sphere)




Poisoner | 18.26 KB

Warcraft\\Interface\\AddOns\\Poisoner\\Poisoner.toc and so on. Usage ----- When the addon is installed, a small button is displayed near the minimap. Click and drag the button to move it to a desired location. To apply poisons to your weapons, click the minimap button and a menu of the buttons in your packs will pop up. Click the poison type with the left mouse button to apply it to your main hand weapon, and with the right mouse button to apply it to your offhand weapon. The following commands are provided: /poisoner enable Enable display of the poisoner button. /poisoner disable Disable display of the poisoner button. /poisoner lock Prevent the poisoner button from being dragged. /poisoner unlock Allow the poisoner button to be dragged. Poisoner is enabled by default for Rogues, and disabled by default for all other classes.




Rogue Logic | 7.07 KB

enabled ** Smart Targeting in RAID or Group (actively looks for target while still in combat) ** AutoAssist Option To install, simply place the 'Rogue Logic' folder in to your Interface\AddOns folder.




Energy Watch | 3.19 KB

you first use some energy - no way I can think of to avoid this...

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