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ShadowSeer | 31.58 KB

affects raid damage 3. An extensive overview of your trinkets/set bonuses/procs, detailing how they affected your damage 4. How extra damage, haste rating, crit rating and hit rating would affect your damage, based on the gathered data Basically, everything a warlock needs to make solid gear/talent choices and optimize their spell use. ShadowSeer is still under development, but all features are in now. There is no language support for other clients (probably will be on hold until after the WoW combat event system revamp) This is not a fully fledged synching damage meter, there\'s plenty of those. This one will just tell you stuff those things will not. basic commands: /ss help /ss on /ss off /ss show /ss hide /ss clear All tooltip data can be reported to party, raid or via whispers now, using hotkeys. new in v093a - fixed trinket reporting. Thanks sinnocence! new in v0.93 - fire spells are monitored too now - darkmoon trinket fixed, hopefully (still untested, as I don\'t have it) - gui has been cleaned up a bit




RaidSummon | 42.24 KB

Summoning\" action. Casting \'Ritual of Summoning\' will then summon the first player in the queue and - if the ritual succeeded (RaidSummon detects failures) - remove him from the list. Casting again will summon the next player and so on. Additionally, using the \'Ritual of Summoning\' action while targeting a raid/group-member will perform a normal \'Ritual of Summoning\' on him - preferring the target over already queued raid/group-members. It is also possible to automatically summon all raidmembers that are not currently in your zone by using the action when nobody is queued or targeted. For further options and configuration right-click on the \'Ritual of Summoning\' spell. Features: * detects failed rituals, can alert the raid (and you) * flashes \"Ritual of Summoning\" action-button while players are queued. * can announce rituals to the raid * queues players when more than one summoning request received * can summon everybody not currently in your zone automatically * can redirect summon requests to other warlocks if player is in an instance while requester is not and other warlocks are still outside. also works when afk, out of shards or have a full queue. * can decline requests when too many players are queued or a minimum amount of shards is reached * can hide accepted summoning-requests from chat * can select language different from clientlanguage for player interaction * tracks number of summons per player * much more




ShardTracker | 266.82 KB

show you everything you need to know. Definitely download for your lock!




Necrosis | 330.86 KB

functions. Soulstone Use 1: Create Soulstone Use 2: Apply to target Healthstone Use 1: Create Healthstone Use 2: If target is player initiate trade, otherwise use on self if hurt Spellstone Use 1: Create Spellstone Use 2: Equip Spellstone Use 3: Unequip Spellstone Firestone Use 1: Create Firestone Use 2: Equip Firestone Use 3: Unequip Firestone (Note: If you enter game/refresh ui with a Spellstone/Firestone equipped, it will search through your bags for and off-hand item to switch with.) Options menu for total customization of addon. Soulshard Management Enable|Disable - Move Soulshards to the designated bag. Enable|Disable - Destroy Soulshards when the bag is full. Spell Management Tells you when soulstone has worn off. Tells your raid/party to right click when casting Ritual of Summoning. Enable|Disable - Alert me when I enter Shadow Trance and show button. Enable|Disable - Display spell timer button and list. (Partially complete; in development) Enable|Disable - Display stone buttons. Demon Management Enable|Disable - Send heal request if my demon is low on health. Enable|Disable - Have demon initiate attack when I enter combat. Enable|Disable - Have your demon use it\'s spells automatically. (Partially complete; in development) Enable|Disable - Have demon follow my focus in combat. Enable|Disable - Have demon avoid breakable spells, fleeing, and immune targets.

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