World of Warcraft




IceHUD | 715.26 KB

This has been confirmed to be an issue with older versions of Grid or QuestsFu. If you are seeing any strange issues, please try disabling those addons (or running the game with only IceHUD turned on) before reporting. IceHUD v1.5.12 is fully compatible with WoW version 3.2.




Skinner | 460.45 KB

Exit and restart, the Addon will then be skinned All the files from AddonSkins can be put into SkinMe with no detrimental effect. If you don't have the Addon loaded then the skinning code will be removed from Skinner's memorypool.




Alchemy/Herbalism Ultimate PaK | 4.24 MB

ArkInventory Not one of these are created by me, I have simply put them together as a pack for all the Alchemist/Herbalist out there in wow land. I use and recommend all contained within my PaK. New one click install All Folders contain Readme files for each addon.




Revelation Interface | 555.11 KB

Frame, Target Frame, Party Frames, Cast Bar, Minimap, Chat Frames and Chat Edit Box. Revelation Interface Is light on memory and combines everything into a clean and easy to use interface. Using Revelation Interface Chat Frame: The chat frame may be incorrectly set up when you load the addon, this could be caused if you have your chat settings locked or set to simple chat. To rectify this problem just turn off Simple Chat and Lock Chat Settings in the interface menu. Once the addon aligns the chat correctly you can then lock the chat frames again. To scroll chat frames just use the mouse wheel. holding ctrl will scroll faster. To scroll to top or bottom hold shift. Backpack Button: Right click on the backpack button when you want to modify bag slots or need to click your keyring button. Minimap: You can zoom in and out of the minimap with the mouse wheel button Popup Stat Menu: By clicking on the texture above the top 8 action buttons, this will display a hidden menu that will have all sorts of useful stats suck as, XP Bar, Current XP, Rested XP, Latency, Framerate, and Server Time. Credits Thanks for all the support and testers who tested this addon. 90% of these textures were designed by a member of the old Discord Mods website. So a big thanks for the design which inspired me to create this theme.




LevelMaxBars | 6.59 KB




Price Master | 458.44 KB

items, and grows as more users submit their data. PriceMaster also allows browsing of the stats of every item found, via the /pricemaster command. You can link, or try on any item previously seen by any user who has submitted their data for your server. PriceMaster uses an incredibly simple display method, and after an hour of using it you will forget it is even an addon. Also, the method PriceMaster uses to collect data makes it nearly imposible to collect a broken link. Check the website for updates. PriceMaster runs off a database of items that is submitted by users. Please support this database by submitting your prices and item data. You can do this by copying the 'PriceMaster.lua' file in the 'World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/[Account Name]/SavedVariables/' directory and e-mailing it to . Printable commands list Patch Notes 8.21 -- - Added a bit of code to cut down on the database size. No changes other than a small memory footprint decrease. 8.2 -- - More database optimizations (You should notice a difference in speed) - Many more items added - !pm feature updated, it should be perfectly stable now. - !pc feature added. When somebody types !pc[ITEMLINK], you will whisper them the vendor price of said item. - Added support for crafted item links. Known Bugs with this version No known issues




Atlasloot | 714.01 KB

the border of the auction house frame) The Auction house frame is scalable with /ahe size [number between 0.5 and 1.5] Example: /ahe size 0.7 /ahe reset to restore the AHExtend default scale and position (the auction house frame must be visible). Patch Notes 1.7 - Fixed a bug with Auctions tab. Tab now really shows 17 auctions. :) Known Bugs with this version No known issues




CoolWatch | 4.94 KB

racials), which is just about all of them. How do I use it? The first time it runs, you should see the options window. If you don\'t, just type \'/coolwatch\' or \'/cw\' to pop the options up. The top list shows all the spells/abilities in your spellbook, the bottom list shows what abilities are being \'watched\'. Simply click a spell in the top list to add it to the \'watched\' spells, and click a \'watched\' spell to remove it from the list.




RogueHelperSE | 4.5 KB

RogueHelperSE) /rhse [lock|unlock] (make RogueHelperSE window unmovable/movable) /rhse back [on|off] (make RogueHelperSE windowbackground visible/invisible) /rhse reset (remove saved settings)




Titan Panel | 440.5 KB




UI Addon Kit

interface_addon_kit_windows.exe | 1.6 MB

the wow install, and extract a tutorial from itself. 1) Install WoW (Presumably you\'ve already dont that) 2) Download custom interface kit 3) Unzip custom interface kit 4) Run custom interface kit 5) Follow its directions and pick what you want to extract 6) Look in your WoW install directory for the extracted code




CT Addons Fix | 425.03 KB




AutoGroup | 6.21 KB




CTMod | 163.73 KB




Titan Panel 1.24 | 109.18 KB

bottom of your screen. Definately a good thing to have.




CT MovableParty | 2.25 KB

of the group member you wish to move.




Advanced TradeSkill Window Levels (plugin) | 676.11 KB

window, be happy from now on[/b] I always wanted to see the recipe\'s levels and skills next to its names on our known recipes list. I asked to the original coder to add it, but didn\'t reply me about it. So this time I decided to do myself. Many thanks to #wowi-lounge people, you guys helped a lot This mod have 3 possibilities : 1 - shows the character\'s level required for using the crafter item 2 - shows the profession skill level required for using the crafted item 3 - does not show anything before recipe\'s name when the crafted item doesn\'t have a required level or skill to be used I hope you guys like it and it be as helpfull as It is for me everyday PS : This mod NO LONGER requires Advanced TradeSkill Window to work, so it\'s an optional dependency PATCH NOTES Version 1.3 - changed \'lv\' to \'lvl\' to stand for \'level\' - changed \'pr\' to \'prf\' to stand for \'profession\' - added localization code - added german localization > I need a tester - need french localization string - someone have it? - removed the blank spaces because the \'space\' character doesn\'t have the same pixels width as the \'number\' character, which causes a funky display on the list. So I\'d rather keep clean and easy to read, and decided to put back the zeros until I find a solution for that. * for the ones that still want the spaces instead of zeros, go to the ATSW_Levels.lua file and change the return lines: return \"[lv \" .. string.format( \"%03d\", l ) .. \"]\"; to return \"[lv \" .. string.format( \"%3d\", l ) .. \"]\";




myClock | 7.49 KB

time. [b]Install [/b] Extract the files into your ..World of WarcraftInterfaceAddOns directory. [b]Features[/b] * Movable/Lockable * Time offset from server time * Show/Hide Day/Night button * 12/24 hours time format * Options window * Options saved per character * Localization (english, french, german, spanish) * Low memory usage (~0.06MB) * myAddOns support [b] Usage[/b] To setup the clock, right click on it. The default options are: - Half-hour Offsets = No - Offset = 0 Hour - Show Day/Night Button = No - Time Format = 12 Hours (24 Hours for DE and FR clients)




FlightTime | 12.23 KB

This mod was lost a few months ago and I never got time to update it :( Now it\'s back! Thank you for all of your input at my site making the concise list of saved times. Unfortunately right now there is too much data to compile on the fly anymore. I WILL be incorportating these times into the core of the game as soon as all of my mods and UI situations are resolved. For now, if you do not have saved times, you will have to get them the normal way, by recording them. Type /ft or /flighttime in game for a list of options. This mod SHOULD work with all languages.




OmniCC | 19.98 KB

anything that uses standard cooldown functions, which is basically everything except CT Mod. A configuration GUI is included, and can be shown via /omnicc or /occ




Nauticus | 163.32 KB

to show all vessels as an icon on the world/mini map in real-time. To track a transport requires that you (or someone else running this addon) have taken the route sometime earlier. Nauticus uses a hidden sync channel to share transit information between players.




SilHUD | 203.78 KB

health, mana/rage/energy Pet health (if any) Target\'s name and health Target of target\'s name It has two styles, a brighter, more Warcraft-like style I called Tropical Fruit, and a more subdued, clinical style based off the HUD of a fighter jet that I called Minty Green (I prefer Minty Green, myself). These are selectable through slash commands. MobHealth3 is supported. Also available is a context-sensitive fade. It is defaulted to off, but it can be enable via \'/hud fade\'. The HUD will then fade to 1/4 of your set transparency when you are out of combat and at full health and mana.




Titan Panel | 367.92 KB

a great core set of features Easy to use Options to change features on the fly Added Categories for Mod Authors to make finding there Mod easier inside Titan and help with Menu overload Included Addons Titan Ammo Titan AutoHide Titan AuxAutoHide Titan Trans Titan UIScale Titan Volume The Following can now be removed or turned off Titan Bag Titan Clock Titan Coords Titan LootType Titan Money Titan Performance Titan XP Titan Regen Titan ItemBonuses Titan Repair Titan Rider Titan Stancesets Fully support plugins system. All modules on the panel are plug-n-play. [/quote]




X-Perl UnitFrames | 484.22 KB

the original Nymbia code. Range Finder (combined with optional health check) for all frames based on spell or item range test. HoT Monitor will highlight units clearly that have your own active Heal over Time spells. Debuff Highlighting in standard debuff colours on all friendly frames. Priority given to show debuffs that YOU can cure first. Raid Frames, buff icons, MT list units and some other portions or X-Perl are Created on demand. Saving a lot of time and memory at system startup. Defering the creation of many parts of X-Perl to when they are actually required. And of course, most often outside of raids they are never required and are never created. Raid Target icon support for Target, Target\'s Target, MT Targets. Unit tooltip will show much CTRA information, with the addtion of combat rezzers available (druids with Rebirth ready (or very soon available) and any normal rezzers out of combat) if you bring up tooltip of a dead person. \'In-combat\' indicators for Pet, Target, Target\'s Target, Party, Party pets, Raid, MT Targets. 3D Portraits for player, pet, target, focus, party. Optional. Of course this may degrade your framerate somewhat because you are displaying more 3D character models that without this option. But some like it pretty, and it does look cool. Red and Green combat flashes for frames when player, pet, target, party, partypets, raid take damage/heals. Useful indication of things happening. Added time left on party member/target buffs/debuffs when in a raid, these depend somewhat on CTRA/oRA/oRA2 sending appropriate information over the addon channel, although some of it can be determined at run time by X-Perl, when a player gets a buff for example, we know how long it should last, and therefor when it should expire. Totally new options window including all X-Perl options and access via minimap icon. Configurable colours for borders and backgrounds. Including class coloured names, and configurable reaction colours. Much care has been taken with code size, memory load, memory usage per cycle and so on. LuaProfiler/OnEvent mods used extensively and regularly to ensure that X-Perl does not do more work than is absolutely necessary. With that in mind, the event system was totally re-written, and is as kind to system performance as possible. The majority of events are disabled while zoning to alleviate any event backlog issues. And where most addons use 1 event handler per unit frame, which although standard, the alternative has improved X-Perl\'s performance. By using single main event handlers, we can route the events to appropriate units. So, for example, when a single UNIT_HEALTH update is fired, then just a single raid frame or party frame etc. gets the event, rather than 40 raid frame\'s handlers, 4 party and so on. Nymbia\'s Perl used to do a lot of crazy full frame udpates all over the place, eating away at CPU cycles. This was all fixed to only update what was necessary based on events. Liberal usage of local functions to cut down compiled code size, and increase speed since functions are called directly rather than by name. Every time you have a global function, you have a global string name associated with it, so size in the global environment saved where possible. XPerl_RaidHelper sub-addon Assists View Will show anyone from raid assising you with your target, and can also show healers or all plus known enemies targetting you. Tooltips for the same also available (on player and target frames) if you prefer to not use the main window. MT Targets Replaces CTRA/oRA2 MT Targets window, and doubles as a replacement for the Perl RaidFrames warrior targets. Indicator shows which target you are on. Frames will be coloured to show if tanks have duplicate targets. XPerl_RaidMonitor sub-addon (WORK IN PROGRESS) Casting Monitor Shows selected classes in a list (much like the MT List), but with some differences. Shows mana bars and cast bars on left. Their targets on right. Health bar as normal, but a secondary small red bar on targets which shows the maximum single hit this unit has received since entering combat. The secondary bar will extend downwards from their current HP level down to as far as zero. A green name on the targets indicates this is the same target that you have. You can click on casters or their targets as expected. All bars can be re-sized in X-Perl main options (Monitor section). Totals can be toggled (from the \'T\' minibutton at top of frame) which gives overview of raid mana status. XPerl_RaidAdmin sub-addon (WORK IN PROGRESS) Raid Admin Save/Load raid roster setups Only does direct save and load for the moment, but more to come (templates and such). Item Check Replacement for /raitem /radur /raresist /rareg. Use the old commands before, or drop items in the left item list. Query button will perform /raitem on all ticked items (query always includes dur and resists) and you can then view and review all the results whenever, without having to re-query each item. Includes everyone in raid, so you don\'t have to work out who doesn\'t have items, it\'ll list them with 0 instead of no entry. Active Scanner to check raid member\'s equipment for the item selected. So you can be sure that people actually have the item worn (Onyxia Cloak for example), without having to go round single target inspecting everyone who \'forgot\' to install CTRA for the 50th raid in a row. XPerl_GrimReaper sub-addon The Grim Reaper remembers the most recent combat events for each unit in the party or raid, so that you may mouse over someone and immediately see the kind of damage/healing they took prior to death. /grim for options Right click Reaper for menu (when un-docked) Alt-Mousewheel to scale the reaper window (when un-docked) Supported Addons CT_RaidAssist, oRA2. Shows tooltip info and player status, replaces MT Targets List, improves raid frames, shows player status, resurrection monitor, buff timers aware. MobInfo-2 / MobHealth3 - Shows target health from MobHealth database. DruidBar and SimpleDruidBar - Shows druid mana bar from DruidBar when shapeshifted. Clique compatible. And any other click cast addon that uses the same communication method. (see below) -- X-Perl UnitFrames by Zek - Bloodhoof-EU




Pratr | 465.09 KB

Prat in your addons folder. Prat is a light framework for chat modules based on Ace2 libraries. The Prat system consists of the core (Prat/Prat.lua) and a number of integrated Prat modules in the modules folder (Prat_Modules/modules/*). The core only provides a root slash command (\'/prat\') and registers a data file (PratDB). Each Prat module is a self-contained unit of functionality. You can choose to use some or all of the Prat modules depending on your individual needs. If you do not want to use a particular module, you can delete its file from the modules folder or you can toggle the module on/off as desired from inside the game. The entire focus of the Prat system is to add chat related functionality to World of Warcraft. If you are looking for a feature or function that is not currently listed here as available or planned, then please take a moment to let the Prat Development Team know. Why the name Prat? That\'s a great question that I\'ve seen asked quite often on the IRC channel. In theory the word Prat loosely translates to Chat in swedish. The system itself has nothing to do with Sweden, however inspiration for the name was drawn from thoughts of The Swedish Chef (Bork! Bork! Bork!), IKEA, Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate (Mmm..), Swedish Meatballs (Mmm..), and Swedish Swimsuit Models (Mmm..). It may help users to accept the name if they, too, think of these things. ^^ If you are a developer interested in contributing to the Prat project, please contact a team member. Note that there is also a basic skeleton module which can be used as an introduction and template: blank-module.lua, and a library PratPlugin_1.0. Integrated Modules These modules are included in the Prat folder: AddonMessages by Sylvanaar - Toggles display of hidden addon channel messages (default=off). Alias by Fin - Allows IRC/Unix-like aliasing of slash commands (default=off). AltNames by Fin - Allows linking of alts to main names for display in chat messages (default=off). ChatButtons by Prat Development Team - Toggles the chat menu and chat window buttons on and off (default=off). ChannelNames by Prat Development Team - Shortens channel names in the chatframe. ChannelColorMemory by Sylvanaar - Allows channel coloring by channel name instead of number (default=on). ChannelReordering by Sylvanaar and SlackerJer - Reorders channels to your specification (default=off). ChannelSeparator by Krtek - Separates various channel options in the Blizzard UI (default=on). ChannelSticky by Prat Development Team - Enables channels to be sticky (default=on). ChatLangButton by Derkyle - Toggles the language dialog button that displays on the right of the ChatFrame (default=off). ChatLink by Krtek - Enables item linking in all channels (default=CHATLINKmode). ChatLog by Prat Development Team - Automatically turns chat/combat logging on/off (default=off). Clear by Fin - Adds a /clear command for clearing the contents of currently selected chat frame (default=off). CopyChat by Sylvanaar - Options for editbox position, width, and backdrop alpha (default=attachedTop,widthChatFrame1,visibleBackdrop). Editbox by Prat Development Team - Options for editbox position, width, and backdrop alpha (default=attachedTop,widthChatFrame1,visibleBackdrop). EventNames by Roartindon - Toggles appending of the blizzard event name to each chat line (default=off). Fading by Prat Development Team - Toggles the fading in chat windows on and off (default=off). FontSize by Prat Development Team - Sets the font size for chat windows (default=12). History by Krtek - Expands chat history options. Justify by Curney - Sets the justification for chat windows (default=Left). Keybindings by Krtek - Adds keybindings for different chat channels. PlayerNames by Prat Development Team - Color player names by class, set brackets around player names (default=angledBrackets). PopupMessage by Sylvanaar - Displays chat with your name in a large popup frame. (default=off) Scroll by Prat Development Team - Enables mousewheel scrolling for chat windows (default=on). Sounds by Prat Development Team - Plays sounds for certain chat types (default=off). ServerNames by Prat Development Team - Formats the the server name in player links seen in the battlegrounds(default=off). Substitutions by Sylvanaar - Provides basic chat substitutions (default=off). TellTarget by Prat Development Team - Adds a slash command (/tt) to send a message to your target (default=on). Timestamps by Prat Development Team - Adds timestamps to chat windows (default=on). UrlCopy by Krtek - Makes URL copying easy (default=on). First public beta.




Atlas Quest | 314.68 KB

if possible include a link to the source.




Smartbuff/Smartdebuff | 220.07 KB

over, and even now I'm sure I've missed some things. Plus you can customize its behavior based on whether you're solo, in a party, or in a raid. Getting together with your guild this weekend? Then download this mod! [quote]!!!NEW!!! SmartBuff goes also SmartDebuff A movable frame with debuff buttons for all players in solo/party/raid. Binds your debuff spells to left and right click (left = blue, right = red) on the debuff button. Highligths the debuff button blue or red on the player that needs to debuffed. SmartBuff is a buff addon, to cast buffs ease and quickly. All classes are supported. Bind a key, scrollwheel or use the action button and it checks if you, a party/raid member, also hunter and warlock pets, needs your buff and cast it. Use the options menu to configure it you like, as example: buffs, raid subgroups, pets, etc. Run the mod when ever you wish, if nothing is buffed, there is no penalty or cool down. FAQ Q1: How can I cast group/class buffs, instead of single buffs? A1: Select both checkboxes, assign the classes, use following options the play around "Grp buff check", "Grp range check" and "group size"/"class size" slider Example, if you set the group/class slider to 3 it will only buff the greater buff if 3 or more units not have it. Q2: How can I move the frames and buttons? A2: Use Shift-Left click and drag them arround Q3: How can I assign a trigger key for buffs? A3: Use the Blizzard interface -> keyboard layout to define the trigger key for SmartBuff. Open and close the SmartBuff options frame and it will remap this key to the new SecureActionButton Q4: How can I assign a key for debuffing? A4: During the new Blizzard secure UI is this not longer possible! Q5: How can I disable the scrollwheel buffing? A5: Disable the "Buff on scroll" in the SmartBuff options frame, close it and rebind scrollwheel to whatever you want Q6: How can I cast buffs in combat? A6: If you want to cast a spell in combat, the you have to check also the "in combat" option in the main options frame (on the right of "Buff on scroll"). Be carfully with this option. In combat is no logic allowed, so SB sets your first "combat"-buff on your key before combat, but in combat it can't do any actions to prevent to cast during the restrictions. It only can show you when do you need a buff, but any time you hit the key in combat it buffs. Thats also the reason why the "in combat" is per default "off". Q7: SmartDebuff casts the wrong debuff on a player, is this a bug? Please watch carfully in which color the debuff button is highlighted, this is very important! You have to click the button with the correct mouse click Highlighted BLUE = LEFT click Highlighted RED = RIGHT click Features: - Supports all classes - Supports EN/DE/FR clients - Checks buffs and rebuff you, raid/party members, raid/party pets - Setup your own buff templates (Solo, Party, Raid, Battleground, MC, Ony, BWL, AQ, ZG, Custom 1-5) - Auto switch templates - Individual setup for each buff - Supports group buffs: 'Gift of the Wild'/'Arcane Brilliance'/'Prayer of Fortitude'/'Prayer of Spirit', incl. group size and reagence check - Supports class buffs: all greater blessings of the Paladin - Supports self buffs - Supports weapon buffs (individual for main and off hand): Shaman, all poisons (Rogue), all stones and oils, incl. reagence check - Supports character level based buffs - Supports tracking abilities - Reminder if a buff is missing (Splash/chat/sound) - ReBuff Timer - Scrollwhell or only one key is needed - Fast and easy to use - FuBar support - Titan Panel support Usage: Minimapbutton: Left click: opens SmartBuff options frame Right click: enables/disables SmartBuff Alt-Left click: SmartDebuff Shift-Left click: move minimap button Chat: Type /sbm for options menu in game Type /sb [command] or /smartbuff [command] in game toggle - Toggles SmartBuff On/Off menu - Show/hide options menu rbt - reset buff timers sdb - SmartDebuff Options frame: Right click on buff checkbox: opens buff setup frame Please send me a mail or write a comment if you discover Bugs or have Suggestions. Contact:[/quote]




EzDismount | 6.81 KB

to right click a node two times and start to loot it. Also, when you visit a flightpath NPC it will dismount you automatically. You can also have the mod drop druid shapeshifts when you talk to NPCs (Bear, Cat, Travel form & Moonkin supported), and also have it cancel the Shaman GhostWolf spell when talking. After installing it, type /ezd for the options or /ezd help for command list Available macro functions : - To force a dismount : /script EzD_getdown();




CTMod | 218.41 KB




Titan Panel [Quests] | 23.33 KB

number of PvP quests - number of regular quests (non elite/dungeon/raid/pvp) - number of quests in log currently completed Right-click to see a color coded list of current quests. When hovered over a dropdown menu will appear with a list of quest objectives, add to Blizzard\'s Quest Tracker, share quest, abandon quest, open quest details and link quest to chat. Clicking on the quest will open a window with full quest details. The Options menu allows you to sort and groupthe quests by level, zone, or by title. You can also apply a filter to view only dungeon, elite, complete, incomplete, or regular quests. Can toggle MonkeyQuest, QuestHistory, PartyQuests, QuestIon and QuestBank if these AddOns are installed.




Move Anything | 18.43 KB

about, some things you will have to code yourself) on your UI. There's tons of options and it makes it extremely easy to move them around and anchor them exactly where you want it. Highly recommended if you like things in certain places and out of your way!





myshowbid_0.2.0.rar | 2.29 KB




Smart Target

smarttarget11.rar | 9.56 KB




Titan Battleground | 190.99 KB

mod! Required Mod: [file="45113"]TitanPanel[/file]




CT Mod Addons | 466.97 KB

windows anywhere, even your bank bags CT_MapMod - make notes on your game map and even mark where minerals and herbs are ... and many more! This update fixes a few minor issues and brings it to the new patch.




FlexBar | 152.52 KB




Gatherer | 132.27 KB




Titan Panel | 112.08 KB

concerning money, bag space, ping, fps, honor, and more... all on the top or bottom of your screen. Definately a good thing to have.[/quote] My review for 1.24




TitanClassTracker | 6.46 KB

helpful when I want a quick check to see what I\'ve got at hand. :)




Gyro: Get Your Raid On! | 14.17 KB

raid, disabling them when you\'re done. It\'s easy to set up: put commands you want to be run whenever you join a raid in the GyroStartRaid macro, and the commands you want to be run whenever you leave a raid in the GyroEndRaid macro. (Gyro creates these macros for you automatically.) For example, if you want CT_Timer to only show up when you\'re in a raid, use these macros: GyroStartRaid: /timer show GyroEndRaid: /timer hide More details are in the Readme file that comes with the mod.




Guild Re-Rank | 12.14 KB

don\'t want to have to manually adjust the rank of each and every member. This add-on can be easily localized, but I would need someone to translate for me. Currently supported localizations: - German To open Guild ReRank, use /grr or /guildrerank. More info in the included /Doc/ReadMe.html file. Dependency on Chronos, which is included.




All Purpose Buttons | 5.29 KB

target the party member it is next to. The corresponding buttons in each bar are identical as to what spells will be cast. The bar will only appear for existing party members. If you join a raid the buttons will be hidden if your party frames aren\'t visible. Buttons are not visible until you open and save the SetUp panel. To set up which spells are to be cast and to set how many buttons you want, enter the command /apb to show the SetUp panel. Enter a 1, 2 or 3 in the lower box to set the number of buttons you want to use. A one button config uses button 1, a two button config uses buttons 1 and 2. Type the spellname exactly as it appears in your spellbook in the appropriate box. You can also specify the rank of the spell to be used if you want. Healing Wave(rank 1) for example. Empty slots are ok. Settings for the number of buttons and the specified spells are separate for each character you have. Each bar has a small identifier on the left end, so if you move them away from the party member frame you can keep track of which party member they affect. To move a bar left click on the identifier and drag after using the unlock command. P = Your character 1 = Party member 1 etc. COMMAND MENU /abp - Open the SetUp panel. /abp menu - Display these commands. /abp lock - Locks all frames in place. /abp hide - Hides the buttons. /abp unlock - Allows frames to be moved. /abp show - Shows the buttons. /abp remove - Clears the SetUp panel and hides the buttons.




SimpleCoords | 37.86 KB

or characters in the game. SimpleCoords also allows you to enter coordinates and display them on the minimap.




\"Hits Mode\" Combat log | 38.15 KB

damage, or to summarize your combat in other ways. World of Warcraft doesn\'t offer this! Now you can configure your combat chat! HitsMode makes your combat chat much easier to read, filter, and display in various ways. Take a look at the screenshots to see what HitsMode can do. The name HitsMode comes from EverQuest\'s wonderful /hitsmode command, which does some of the same things this add-on does.




BUFX | 93.6 KB

but keep in mind that non-party targets will display their health as a fraction (in hundredths, e.g. 38/100) unless you have another addon that tracks mob stats. [quote]Blizzard Unit Frame eXtender Uses Ace2 This is the latest stop on my never ending quest for my perfect unit frames. Heavily inspired by Gypsy Unit Frames, BUFX gives the default unit frames health and mana readouts for player and target, and health readouts for party members and your pet. Also included are options to replace the default textures with square frames (on by default), perfect for users of Adapt, as well as an XP/Rep bar (off by default) beneath the frame. BUFX also allows the player and target frames, and the party member frames to be scaled Commands: /bufx Credits: Gypsy - for doing it first FuXPFu - From which I was able to make sense of the whole XP/Rep bar thing Gello - for the code to change the Party Pet frame textures Known Issues: Haven\'t gotten around to changing the focus glow on the target frame, so it looks a little weird. Change Log: 1.7.20003 - Updated toc to 2.0.3 (finally) - updated Ace2 to r28160 1.7.20000 - Updated for WoW 2.0 - Added in healthbar fading, as requested by many 1.6.11200 c- Updated to Ace 2 revision 15896 1.6.11200 b - Updated to Ace2 revision 13682 - Added Ace2 to OptionalDeps 1.6.11200 - TOC updated for 1.12 - Updated to Ace2 revision 10255 - tweaked the health text colour transition 1.5.11100 - Added option to show health and mana deficit on all frames - Updated Ace2 1.4.11100 - Implemented Feature request 1142 - Added MobHealth3 support 1.3.11100 - Implemented Feature 1135 - Party pet frames now get square textures. 1.2.11100 - Implemented Feature request 1128 - still mostly untested. Seems to work ok though 1.1.11100 - Updated Ace2. Hopefully no more Bug 1752 1.0.11100 - Initial public release[/quote]

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