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Proximo Arena Mod | 138.96 KB

plate updates, and optional syncing between all teammates - Main Assist setting and syncing, shown by yellow outline on current Main Assist target. - Optional New Enemy and Low Health announcements via Chat, Party, RaidWarning, SCT, or MSBT. - Optional Focus setting via right click. - Optional Mana bars. - Optional Party Targets. - Minor frame customizations: size, font, texture, header, etc... Where did it come from? - After using ArenaMaster for a long time, I decided to make my own Arena based mod based some some ideas from myself and friends. How do I use it? - Unzip Proximo into your interfaceaddons directory. For more info on installing, please read install.txt. Type /prox test to see a test frame when not in arena. Alt+left click header to move. Right click header for options. What happens if an enemy is first seen after combat starts? - They will still be shown and synced, however you will not be able to target them by clicking on their bar. This will be designated with **\'s around their name (ex. ** Grayhoof ** ).




BG Flag UI | 12.58 KB

\'At Base\' next to the icons at the top. -If the flag is dropped, it will say \'Dropped\' next to the flag icon. Useful if you are at a standstill for quite some time and you forget who has either flag. Instead of having to scroll through lines of chat to see what the Warsong Gulch Herald has to say about the flag status, just look at the top of your screen! Also, if you click on the player\'s name and they are in range, it will (as of v1.8) target that player. Useful if there\'s a big battle and you can\'t seem to target the player running through tabs, or if you\'re a priest and want to select for Mind Vision. Usage /bgflag enable /bgflag disable /bgflag clear - In case the display is somehow erroneous /bgflag lock - Prevents the frame from being moved /bgflag unlock - Allows the score and text to be moved /bgflag reset - In case you lose the score frame and want it back Known (unavoidable) imperfections If you enter in the middle of a game and someone already has the flag, it will (as of 1.9) display \'Unknown...\' if the flag is not at the base. But when another action happens (return, score, drop, pick up) then it will adjust itself correctly. This is the closest to a correct display as is currently possible with modding. Upcoming plans/possibilities -Localization for German (I need a German translator, read comments below) -Hover over the player\'s name for information (much like in the Battlegrounds score screen) This is my first mod, and though I have tested it extensively, there obviously may be problems. Please leave any feedback and I will attempt to fix the errors.




AV Timer UI | 1.91 KB




Dopie\'s Arena Mod | 9.4 KB

battlegroup database file and your up to date with the latest info! Is that mage your playing a fire or ice spec? How far down into holy/disc is that priest? Find out with Dopie\'s Arena Mod! The mod is 100% legal and uses the WoW UI script. The UI mod will append the armory information to your tooltip. It also supports tinytip (its real nice with tinytip!) If you hold down the CTRL key while you target someone, it will popup a window with the opponents information. You can have up to 5 windows open at a time. The windows will remeber where they were, so place them in a spot you like and they will always come up there. Important In order to get the UI\'s data, you MUST go to [B] /B this is a server I have setup that extracts the armory data nightly. From this site, you select which battlegroup you belong to, then download its data file. This is the file my ui mod uses to display the opponents armory information from within WoW Upcoming Changes: I plan to make the display of the arena mod a little easier to see when in arena\'s. I am going to fully make over the ui portion and make it functional kinda like BGGladiator. Expect to see a new updated version in a few weeks! I [/quote]

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