Absolute Force Online




Absolute Force Online Client V1010 (Open Beta)

Absolute Force Online Client v1010.exe | 539.08 KB

Absolute Force Online has everything a player wants in a MMOFPS.




Absolute Force Online Open Beta Client v1016

Absolute Force Online Client v1016(Open Beta).exe | 528 KB

What's new in the latest version:
version 1016 adds an anti-hack system following the server maintenance.

1. Changed back 3rd person camera.
2. Added flag system for players to choose their location in the game.
3. Added M134, PPSh-41, QCW05, QBZ-03, M16, Victory, Tennis Grenade, and Valentine’s Day weapons in the shop.
4. Added a new map (Vegas Casino).
5. Modified the Sound system.
6. When you enter your account and password, you’ll go to the lobby directly. 7. In Domination, pressing E to remove the machine gun won’t cause damage to others.




Absolute Force Online v1013 Client (Open Beta)

Absolute Force Online v1013 Client(Open Beta).exe | 528 KB

Version 1013: fixed some bugs in the zombie mode and made the game much more interesting!




Absolute Force Online Client V1006

Absolute Force Online Client V1006.exe | 539.08 KB

Game Features

Exclusive Hero Battlefield Mode
After a certain number of deaths, the character will be able to turn into a Hero with highly increased power and abilities.

Deep Customized Armory
The enhanced AVATAR system allows creation of the amazing and unique characters.
More than 40 options for users to create their own character which means almost all part of the character body are customizable, realizing each player`s ideal style.

Ultimate Fighting Experience
With the option to switch between 1st and 3rd person, the game greatly enhances the shooting experience for all types of fighter. By taking into account the various control habits of players, this special design also aims at displaying diverse game visions from different perspectives.

Multiple Game Modes
5 featured game modes await players to take on all challengers and work to earn better weapons. No matter which one you chose, the Deathmatch focuses on the individual’s ability, Team Deathmatch pays more attention to teamwork, and with the Capture the Flag, Bomb Mode, and Zombie Mode, each will have you experiencing the thrill of battle at its best!




Absolute Force Online Open Beta Client v1017

AFO_P2P_V1017.exe | 528 KB

What's new in the latest version:
Fixed some bugs and the game has been made much more interesting.




Absolute Force Online v1000 Client

AFO_V1000.exe | 2.22 GB

Built on the Unreal Engine 3, this game has luscious graphics that perfectly displays full-motion video effects, which help usher it into a new era for visual experiences in network gaming.

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