Anno 2070




Anno 2070 v2.00 Patch | 969.95 MB

Patch Changes:

Most important changes
• The stability in creating multiplayer games creation was improved
• The achievement “Training completed” now works properly
• Overall stability was increased
• This patch provides compatibility between Anno 2070 and the add-on Anno 2070 – Deep Ocean

Further changes
• Several text and icon related bugs have been fixed




Anno 2070 v1.01 Patch | 532.13 MB

Patch Notes:

The most important changes:
- Stability of multiplayer mode has been improved
- Stability of campaign mode has been improved
- Stability of missions has been improved
- In rare cases it was impossible to defeat „F.A.T.H.E.R.“ in the last mission
- Stability of item slots has been improved
- A save game error which led to a warehouse being able to delete a nearby ark from the map was fixed

Further changes:
- Intro video: Eve’s first audio played too quietly, even at maximum volume
- Achievement unlocking has been improved
- Sometimes the wrong quantity of goods had been loaded when trading
- Improved damage animation for pirate base and Sokow branch office
- Music could have occasionally been missing from the mission outros
- Errors with World Council actions were corrected
- Wheel of needs did not automatically update when changing from one residence to the next
- Added additional “Back” function to the “World statistics”, “Message archive”, “Profile data” und “Daily events” sub-menues
- “Return to C.O.R.E.“ scenario: Increased incidence of fertility for algae
- Improved the animation of the B 13 Condor in hover mode
- Various minor graphical errors have been corrected
- Text overlaps & errors were corrected
- Rare problems occuring during ANNO 2070 registration on were fixed
- Problem with disproportionately large campaign save games was fixed
- The problem causing the serial key to be demanded twice was fixed

Balancing adjustments:
- Unlocking of the “Firebird” Bombers adjusted to Tech level “Lab assistant”
- Cost of the Construction plan for the „Hydro-electric dam“ increased to 5 generators. 3 maintenance units and 1 prototype were also added to the cost.
- Cost of the emergency equipment for extinguishing oil rig fires reduced to 1500 credits and 20 tons of tools.
- Cost of the effluent pump reduced to 5000 credits and 15 tons of tools.
- Damage done by the “Colossus” warship increased to 60.
- Damage done by the “Colossus” depth charges increased to 260.
- „Hovercraft“ hitpoints reduced to 350, damage against ships reduced to 25, number of item slots reduced to 2, loss of speed caused by damage increased.
- Military AI optimized.




Anno 2070 v1.06 Patch | 951.72 MB

Most important changes

Some formulas require less prototypes to be researched
Appearance probability of tornado reduced even more
Recyclable materials can now be mined endlessly at Underwater Recycling Stations
Overall game stability was improved
Saved games with more than 600 hours of play time are reacting normally again
Potential campaign dead ends have been fixed
An exploit was fixed which allowed building material being credited whilst demolishing building in pause mode
The impact of rare global ark items was increased

Further changes and bug fixes

A bug in the achievement with “The Entire Tech Tree”
A bug when inviting players into a multiplayer coop game was fixed
The missing ornamental “Small cross-hedge” was added to the construction menu.
A bug concerning express delivery in coop mode was fixed
Did a host set a running game session to public and clicked “OK” he was deleted from the session and it was set to closed. An error message appeared telling the player he was already part of this session. This bug has been fixed.
By accepting an invitation to a multiplayer session during an intro video, the mouse pointer disappeared. This bug has been fixed.
The effect of some items concerning ornamental buildings has been adapted.
Guardian 1.0 and Sentinel 1.0 are no longer neutral buildings. Faction bonuses are having an effect on these buildings now.
A bug concerning vehicle holograms has been fixed.
The ship limit points for the “Erebos” submarine were lowered.
The single player mission “Free Market Economy” was missing two diplomacy actions by Rufus Thorne. This has been fixed.
In some scenarios after an extinguished Black Smoker on underwater islands had coal as a resource. This has been fixed.
After unlocking Researchers the resource tab for the fourth civilization level was shown. This has been fixed.
Several text bugs have been fixed.
Several icon bugs have been fixed.
Several smaller issues have been fixed.
Smaller balancing adjustments in diplomacy action, construction and research costs as well as expansion speed of third parties

Domination Mode

New maps added with additional bonus points for very hard missions.
Team chat implemented.
Replay function was added.
Several interface improvements implemented.
Usability was improved.
Balancing adjustments on existing missions.




Anno 2070 v1.02 Patch | 520.04 MB

Patch Changes:

• First Ornamental Buildings for Ecos and Tycoons implemented.
• Stability and performance improved for several system specs.
• Unit limit increased.
• Fixed an issue in the winning screen of several campaign missons.
• Fixed a severe graphical issue that occurred on Windows XP with graphics cards of the ATI-Radeon-HD 2000 and 3000 series.




Anno 2070 v1.05 Patch

Anno2070_offlinepatcher_1_05.exe | 788.89 MB

Most important changes in overview:

The logic for random map generation has been modified to allow for more variety in maps. WARNING: Five digit map numbers from before 1.05 will generate different maps than before
The full screen menu of statistic buildings has been optimized
The Continues chapters game settings now have an additional option ‘rare’ for ‘Quests’
Ready-to-build warehouses and depots on the mouse cursor now automatically change to deep sea warehouses and underwater warehouses when you move the mouse cursor to the open sea or underwater. The right-click menu and the construction menu have been changed accordingly
F.A.T.H.E.R. world council action ‘Robotic workforce’ now only reduces maintenance costs by 25% (former 50%) for 15 minutes (former 30 minutes)
Pipette cannot be used to copy other players buildings in multiplayer games anymore
The Continues chapters game settings now have the option ‘Starting Faction’ that lets players start the game with both factions unlocked from the beginning
Protests now also has an impact on the productivity of the laboratory
The maximal capacity of goods slots in trading routes is now 150t instead of 60t. This does not work in saved games from Version prior to 1.05
An exploit has been fixed, made it possible to keep additional inhabitants from the media buildings even after changing to a different channel
An exploit has been fixed, made it possible to duplicate items and goods by simultaneously trading them and throwing them over board
The coloring of existing buildings while building city centers and depots has been optimized
The unit limit has been increased for ecos and tycoons and reduced for techs
Chance for and movement of the tornado have been further optimized

Further changes and bug fixes:

License costs of several items have been revised
Diplomatic reactions of third parties have been further improved
Trading ships of non expanding third parties now gradually regenerate hit points after being damaged by tornados
The hidden achievements ‘Restricted Area’ and ‘Through Hell’ can now be gained again, since the nuclear disaster is counted correctly again
All items that affect submarines now correctly affect the submarines bought from Hiro Ebashi as well
Deep sea warehouses and underwater warehouses will display correctly in the statistic buildings full screen menu now
An exploit has been fixed, that allowed players in multiplayer games to buy more than one ship at their ark
A bug has been fixed that caused the tornado to do damage to underwater buildings
The ‘Start the Map again’ button is not displayed after multiplayer games any more
New colors have been implemented for non player ships that are spawned for quests, to improve distinguishability between player ships, third party ships and quest ships
A bug has been fixed, that prevented the black tide from displaying correctly in saved games on some operating systems
When starting ANNO 2070 in offline mode, additional login in game is not required any more
The faulty fire animation on work-in-progress monuments that were burning while upgrading from one to the next level has been fixed
Uplay achievements will now more be blocked by other interface element or messages
The player will now be notified when one of his ships on an escort quest is being attacked
The statistic buildings menu will no longer display a placeholder when the islands inhabitants drop to zero
On quests that require the player to pick up and deliver flotsam, intermediate steps will not count as completed when a player only has picked up part of the flotsam but another player has picked up the rest
A bug was fixed that triggered certain quests in the single mission ’Return to C.O.R.E.’, that could not be finished due to way the mission is designed
The second Uplay action now awards Uplay points correct again
Trading at third parties warehouses is now correctly limited to four slots
A display bug in the tooltip of the item ’Multifractal positioning system’ in the academy menu has been fixed
A graphical issue has been fixed, that occurred in the diplomatic menu after using the ‘Trading route writ of protection’ with Hector and then selecting another third party
Hovering the mouse cursor over an aircraft while having selected a submarine no longer triggers the attack cursor to appear
A bug has been fixed, that occurred after clicking the left mouse button while holding down the right mouse button on a drop-down menu
Quests that require the player to not carry out another third parties quest do no longer spawn possibly irritating target markers
Airport and missile launch pad now correctly lose hit points when they are not controlled by the player anymore
Goods transport on the quest ’Hoodwinked IV’ from Vadim Sokow now works correctly again
A bug has been fixed, that caused problems when special characters were used in ship or island names
A bug has been fixed, that prevented the shield generator from shielding some types of buildings
Titles of your contacts will now be displayed correctly after entering a comment to the contact
All ships now have a correct extinguishing animation when using the item ’Emergency equipment’
A bug has been fixed, that occasionally displayed the wrong gender on titles in multiplayer games
A bug has been fixed, that caused the right-click menu to display barracks of the hosts faction in multiplayer games
Mistakable side effects of the senat bonus from ‘Resolution on regulation of world trade’ have been removed
Thor Strindberg does not build his first airport in the first couple of minutes of a session
A graphical issue with the express delivery in conjunction with the ark model ‘F.A.T.H.E.R. 1.0’ has been fixed
It now is not possible to relocate two players arks to the same position in multiplayer games anymore
In the single mission ’Free Market Economy’ an ark that was positioned to close to an island has been moved to not interfere with building space on said island
The tooltip of the resource filter on the strategic map does not overlap with the other filters buttons any more
A bug has been fixed, that caused custom buttons in the action bars to be displayed on the winning screen
The quest ’Last Chance’ in the bonus mission ‘The long way there’ does not automatically fail anymore when demolishing a warehouse to settle on another island
Various text issues have been fixed
An unfitting audio message from Hiro Ebashi has been removed
A graphical issue with the loading menu has been fixed, that occurred on certain hardware combinations
A crash has been fixed, that caused occasionally caused a crash when trying to build a unit in a saved game from version 1.03 or older
A bug has been fixed, that caused multiplayer sessions to go out of sync on certain operating systems when one of at least three players was in the save game menu while another player left the game

Conquest Mode OPEN BETA:

The new map ’Long Run’ has been implemented. The notably tougher missions on this map will grant extra points.
The ’Surrender’ buttons in the game creation menu and the mission overview have been removed. A session can now only be surrendered in the ‘My active Sessions’ area
The session management has been optimized to improve usability
The notebook icon next to the mini map will now be highlighted when new text entries from other players are available
The tab ‘My active Sessions’ is now greyed out and can not be clicked when the player does not have any active sessions
An exploit has been fixed, that allowed manipulation of the time limit per day
The license missions on the map ’Hegemony’ now start with the correct player faction
The rotating ’Public Slots’ have been replaced by a new icon
When trying to join a mission that a team member is playing, the joining player is notified of his sending a request to the currently playing team member
A bug was fixed, that caused the checkboxes in the create session menu to slightly move upwards every time the menu was opened
Options for time limits have been revised
Various balancing optimizations have been made




Anno 2070 v1.04 Patch | 710.64 MB

Detailed English changelog coming soon.




Anno 2070 - The Domination Mode

Anno_2070_The_Domination_Mode.mp4 | 110.58 MB

Two teams with up to five players struggle to control missions on various maps.




Anno 2070 v1.03 Patch | 595.19 MB

Main changes:
- Additional ornamental buildings added
- Implemented ‘Instant pickup’ feature
- Military balancing refined
- The feature that lets you choose environmental influences in the Continuous Game settings does now work properly
- The single mission ‘Return to C.O.R.E.’ does not support Coop play anymore, due to complications with the NPC slots
- Increased the probability of a tornado disaster and the interval at which they can occur

Additional changes:
- Refined license balancing
- Rebalanced diplomatic actions ‘Stock trading’, ‘Research money’, ‘Investment’ and ‘Shady deal’
- Improved residence interface
- Improved rewards for Disaster Quests
- Explosions that are caused by disaster rather than player actions, do not destroy roads anymore
- Considerately increased the effect of the media channels ‘Check Up – The Consultation’, ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ and ‘Safety in Research’
- Increased building costs of the ‘River sewage treatment plant’
- Rebalanced energy and building costs of the ‘Deep sea warehouse’
- Fixed a graphical issue in 1600x900 resolution
- Fixed an issue where a Production Chain was still displayed in the Building Menu after the Ornament tab was opened
- Fixed an issue where Keto reappeared hours after she was defeated
- Fixed an issue with the display of the amount of inhabitants the Warehouse interface
- Fixed an issue with the build blocker of the Offshore wind park
- Fixed several minor text issues in tooltips, menus and achievements
- Fixed a minor graphical issue with the numbering of stacked items
- Fixed an issue where two items that affect all buildings of a certain faction had no effect on some buildings
- Fixed an issue where the ingame chat of a previous session was occasionally still displayed in a later session
- Fixed an issue where the camera would not change the zoom from under water to above water after clicking on a newsbar entry that related to an above water event
- Fixed a minor graphical issue with mobile buildings that occurred when the player did not have enough resources to build them
- Fixed a wrong mini map ping in one of Hiro Ebashis quests
- Pressing the ‘shift’ and ‘u’ while selecting another players residence buildings does not prompt the ‘Cheat discovered!’ message anymore
- Fixed an exploit that let you infinitely stack item effects on a single ship
- Fixed an exploit in the single mission ‚Free Market Economy’
- Fixed an issue where the wrong portrait picture of another player was displayed in multiplayer
- Fixed several issues in the Mission Ranking screen
- Improved third party reactions to trading with foes and friends
- Fixed an exploit that allowed unlimited gain of Influence with Tori Bartok by building and demolishing the same Academy building
- Multiplayer stability further improved




Anno 2070 - Deep Ocean Launch Trailer

Anno_2070_Deep_Ocean_Launch_Trailer.mp4 | 53.7 MB

Hidden in the depths of the oceans for centuries, the Techs finally succeed to find a solution for all energy problems. Thanks to this new technology it is now possible to produce and distribute energy in a whole new way. But every advancement is accompanied by new challenges and risks.




Anno 2070 PC Demo | 1.03 GB

The latest in the award-winning strategy series, Anno 2070 offers a new world full of challenges, where you will need to master resources, diplomacy and trade in the most comprehensive economic management system seen yet in the Anno series.

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