Anno 2070




Anno 2070 v1.01 Patch | 532.13 MB

Patch Notes:

The most important changes:
- Stability of multiplayer mode has been improved
- Stability of campaign mode has been improved
- Stability of missions has been improved
- In rare cases it was impossible to defeat „F.A.T.H.E.R.“ in the last mission
- Stability of item slots has been improved
- A save game error which led to a warehouse being able to delete a nearby ark from the map was fixed

Further changes:
- Intro video: Eve’s first audio played too quietly, even at maximum volume
- Achievement unlocking has been improved
- Sometimes the wrong quantity of goods had been loaded when trading
- Improved damage animation for pirate base and Sokow branch office
- Music could have occasionally been missing from the mission outros
- Errors with World Council actions were corrected
- Wheel of needs did not automatically update when changing from one residence to the next
- Added additional “Back” function to the “World statistics”, “Message archive”, “Profile data” und “Daily events” sub-menues
- “Return to C.O.R.E.“ scenario: Increased incidence of fertility for algae
- Improved the animation of the B 13 Condor in hover mode
- Various minor graphical errors have been corrected
- Text overlaps & errors were corrected
- Rare problems occuring during ANNO 2070 registration on were fixed
- Problem with disproportionately large campaign save games was fixed
- The problem causing the serial key to be demanded twice was fixed

Balancing adjustments:
- Unlocking of the “Firebird” Bombers adjusted to Tech level “Lab assistant”
- Cost of the Construction plan for the „Hydro-electric dam“ increased to 5 generators. 3 maintenance units and 1 prototype were also added to the cost.
- Cost of the emergency equipment for extinguishing oil rig fires reduced to 1500 credits and 20 tons of tools.
- Cost of the effluent pump reduced to 5000 credits and 15 tons of tools.
- Damage done by the “Colossus” warship increased to 60.
- Damage done by the “Colossus” depth charges increased to 260.
- „Hovercraft“ hitpoints reduced to 350, damage against ships reduced to 25, number of item slots reduced to 2, loss of speed caused by damage increased.
- Military AI optimized.

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