Battlefield 1942




Galactic Conquest: Mod v5 to v5.3 Patch

galacticconquest5-3patch.exe | 50.88 MB

This is the latest update for Galactic Conquest updating it to version 5.3 from release 5. Read below for more information on this Battlefield 1942 modification patch.




GCX SP/Coop Patch 5.3g Full | 19.21 MB

Achtung: Die Installation findet das Battlefield-Verzeichnis nicht, der Pfad muß von Hand angepaßt werden!

- Judicator single player support on main level. Bots can't use elevators or trams effectively -- but not needed in single player. Classes are added so bots can use a variety of weapons.
- MonCal single player support. Bots only use the watercraft and only go for the CPs at the ocean bases. Has Amphibian and Waveskimmer.
- Top turret position added to ATST and ATST-v.
- Prototypes of new vehicles: Arc170 (Xwing variant), and Scimitar (Imperial bomber variant) with a space torpedo are both on Tannab.
- Storm (On Tanaab) can lay spacemines which explode after a few seconds.
- Speederbike model with rear gunner has a pivot post now for the gun.
- Slave1 added to Dantooine for bot testing. (spawns in the air above the Imp main base).
- AI support for all maps except the race map.
- Bots can pilot ATATs now, with extra turrets for AA defense.
- Big improvement to Tank and artillery AI.
- Big improvements for Hoth AI
- Big improvement to stationary turrets - most noticeable on Hoth and Deathstar.
- M. Falcon bot turrets are deadly now. Bots will defend itself against attacking Ties.
- And new vehicles just for GCX.
- ATST uses the side gun well now. Also added a top gunner for AA defense. No more easy pickings on ATSTs from behing when they are fully manned.
-ATST-v changed rocket weapon to heavy laser and works well with bots. When fully manned the ATST-V delivers considerable firepower.
- Rebgun flies easier now and more like a slow plane. Pilot has laser and bombs. Co-pilot has rockets. Bubblegunners laser changed. Bot pilot attacks with pilot laser. Still working on getting other postions to fire.
-Probedroid easier to pilot, but still not enough for decent bot use.
- Gain-135 has rear gunner weapon with full 360 degree arc of fire.
- Other misc. minor tweaks and changes.

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