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Interstate Nitro - Open Beta

Interstate_Nitro_OB2.exe | 301.57 MB

The development behind the popular Interstate 1982 Mod, Tarmac Studios has some very exciting news for Battlefield 2 Mod fans.

Tarmac Studios would like to invite you to our open beta test hosted by us with our modification, Interstate Nitro. It is a total conversion mod using the Battlefield 2 engine that have been in development for some time. It is based off of the Classic game Interstate 76, for a funky good time!

Head on over to Homepage to report bugs or to leave comments. The beta server is:

Beta 1 is offically over and Beta Two is available now! Go the Planet Battlefield Gamespy webpage on Interstate Nitro Beta 2 for more info.

* Added AI for co-op and single player
* Bulletproof windshields
* Made AI more deadly than before
* Fixed collision bugs
* Lots more, find them on




Interstate Nitro Sneak Peak #1

isnitro_sneak_peek.rar | 27.18 MB

A little teaser from the Interstate Nitro team. They've started with bare pages for the 10th time and it's time to mark their progress with this teaser.

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